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Volume 3 | No. 06 | Cagayan de Oro City | September 12-18, 2015

Exclusively at Seda Centrio:

Mix-and-Match Dips for the Ultimate Misto Oyster Bar Experience All photos by tom udasco photography


he Pinoy’s penchant for eating everything with a favorite sawsawan (sauce) is legendary. It can indeed be considered a truism that one can’t hope to triumph over the mercurial vagaries of the Pinoy palate without the help of a tried and tested sawsawan. see full story/PAGE 3

Take your choice of baked or fresh oyster complete wtih a suite of six delectable dips to mix-and-match.

Cagayanon’s daughter is Miss Earth England 2015 Interview by MARK FRANCISCO Photos courtesy of KATRINA KENDALL

“I am from Bayabas, in CDO, where I noticed the love of Karaoke. It’s lovely to hear people singing freely!”

THE daughter of Floramae Manaya, a Cagayanon who migrated to England a few years back, was crowned as Miss Earth England 2015 at MacDonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Katrina Kendall, 26, represented Southwest London will compete at the Miss Earth pageant to be held in Vienna, Austria this December. Fresh from her win, Ms. Kendall granted this writer an exclusive interview. The following is the transcript: 1. According to one of my acquaintances here who claims to be a classmate of your mom in CDO, she said that your mom originated

from CDO and migrated there. What year would that have been that she migrated and married your dad? - My mum married my dad in CDO in early 1987. They moved together to the UK later that year. 2. How many siblings do you have? Can we mention their names/ ages/profession or stud entry? - I have three lovely sisters. We have a unique set of names; Kaarina (27), Katrina (26), Kerrica (18) and Kammara (16). My elder sister, Kaarina, is a model, actress and writer. She is a very beautiful and creative person. 3. As a kid, have you

had beauty pageant experiences? What about in your teen life? If so, who were your idol beauty queens then? - Miss Earth England was my first pageant experience, I came across it online in search for a way to channel my care for the environment. I really believe in its cause and am so thrilled to be a part of this journey. As my first pageant, I had to work and prepare incredibly hard for it, and it paid off. My family helped and supported me throughout the lead up to the final. I would say a mixture of their love and support and my natural talent that won me the crown. I couldn’t do it without them.

Before Miss Earth England I didn’t know much about the pageant world, so growing up my beauty idols were the beautiful women in my family. I’m learning everyday and my experience so far has been great. I have met some inspiring young women and hope to meet more in Austria at the final. 4. After college and now working as a scientist... prior to the Miss Earth England pageant, can you enumerate the beauty tilts that you were into and the respective awards that you’ve reaped? - I am a scientist by nature, always curious about the world and a kendall/PAGE 2

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 12-18, 2015


protection, what advocacy will you from page 1 espouse in England before embarking on the problem solver. In line Miss Earth pageant in with my advocacy, I Austria? am now working as a - My advocacy is to charity ambassador and environmental volunteer inspire and empower people to make change where I am dedicating through learning and my time to making a raising environmental difference in the world. awareness. For people 5. What are your other to truly take action it passions/hobbies? is important they know - I love music and not only how to make dancing! I can play a difference but also the piano. I really understand why. enjoy eating healthily I believe that it is and spending time in essential to focus on nature. Since I was our children and young small my family always people, as they will shape went walking and the world of tomorrow. spent a lot of time in In order to do this I am the countryside and a charity ambassador in outdoors. England, where I work 6. Besting other bets with young people and from all over England, children in schools to what were your inspire and encourage emotions at the exact environmental science. I moment your name was am also working towards announced? - The adrenaline that becoming an EcoSchools Assessor where ran through me was immense, I was shaking! I will help encourage I had my family there to schools to incorporate support me. My thoughts sustainability and environmental practice were, “I don’t want to into their curriculum. let my family or myself This enables children down. I want this so to develop good eco much, I have to do this. Please let it be me.” Then habits at school that can positively influence their when my name was homes, the community announced I burst into tears. A wave of disbelief and ultimately the entire country. A true and sheer joy hit me. It movement towards a has taken some time to greener world! sink in that it is real! 8. Can you tell me what 7. Since Miss Earth is Filipina traits in your a pageant that lobbies mom that the British will for environmental

worth emulate? - My mum is a very resourceful and practical person. She always finds a solution which is a wonderful trait. For example making lovely meals from a mixture of random ingredients! Like my mum, Filipinos have a real sense of pride for their nation which I think is beautiful. 9. Personally, what can you identify in you as a Filipina? - I am a passionate and emotional person which I believe is a

real strength. I’m not afraid to laugh and cry, Filipinos know how to enjoy life! Like most Filipinos I am a very hard working person and will chase my dreams. I also love food and much prefer being in warm weather (England can get very cold!). 10. A ny plans of visiting the hometown of your mom Cagayan de Oro? - Yes, I am planning to visit this December after the Miss Earth Finals. I can’t wait! 11. A ny impressions

about CDO or the Philippines in general? - The Philippines is full of smiles, laughter, food, singing and dancing! I am from Bayabas, in CDO, where I noticed the love of Karaoke. It’s lovely to hear people singing freely! In CDO I have also been white water rafting and spent time in the mountains. It is really beautiful there and it is a great escape from the city where you can get lost in nature. 12. A nything that i’ve

missed feel free to add. - I would like to thank Mark for sharing my story and everyone for your amazing support. I am so proud of my heritage! To join me on my journey please ‘like’ my page at www.facebook. com/misskatrinakendall for pictures and updates. Thank you! Regards, Katrina :) Ms. Kendall appears in this interview courtesy of her sponsor Mama Nature, a natural skincare company.

Primavera Developer sets P242-million IPO in 4th qtr Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), the Italian-Filipino green property developer of Primavera Residences, sets its planned listing of P242-million initial public offering (IPO) on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) on the last quarter of 2015. Recently, IDC filed on August 28 an amended prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company plans to raise P242 million from the offering of 57.622 million primary common shares to the public, priced at a maximum of P4.20 per share. The number of shares to be sold, according to the prospectus, is equivalent to 26% of the company’s outstanding capital stock and 74% is under the names of the current shareholders. Its major shareholders include Jose Leviste, Jr. (49.67%), Italian architect Romolo Nati (40%) and Jose Leviste III (4.76%).

IPO proceeds will finance Italpinas Development Corporation’s upcoming mixed-use sustainable development in Cagayan de Oro, Primavera City. After Primavera Residences, a new elegant high-rise and eco-friendly building in Cagayan de Oro offers the distinctive quality of living in an Italiandesigned building with metropolitan standard development. Primavera City aims to be the landmark in sustainable developments as the combination of natural ventilation, solar energy, external louvers, water recycling, rain harvesting, and other green features exudes the exteriors and interiors of the property. IDC will have a market capitalization of P930.8 million post-IPO from the current P480.68 million. Unicapital Inc. is appointed as the issue manager and sole underwriter of the transaction. The expected net

proceeds of P220.8 million after listing related expenses and taxes will supply the capital expenditures (capex) for new projects (P120.68 million); land banking acquisition (P47 million); retirement of existing loans (P20 million); and general working

capital (P33.12 million). Proceeds of the IPO will be used in the fourth quarter of the year up to 2016. Primavera Residences EDGE Certification Recently, Autif Sayyed, Regional Green Building Specialist for the East Asia Pacific Region at International

Finance Corporation (IFC), visited Primavera Residences to complete the stages of the building’s EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certification as he recognized the building’s outstanding initiation and implementation of the

green features. EDGE is a new building resource efficiency system created for emerging markets, providing clients with technical solutions for going green and captures capital costs and projected operational savings.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 12-18, 2015

Exclusively at Seda Centrio:


Mix-and-Match Dips for the Ultimate Misto Oyster Bar Experience All photos by tom udasco photography

The Pinoy’s penchant for eating everything with a favorite sawsawan (sauce) is legendary. It can indeed be considered a truism that one can’t hope to triumph over the mercurial vagaries of the Pinoy palate without the help of a tried and tested sawsawan. Which is why Seda Centrio Sous Chef Jade Burden is leaving nothing to chance when the Misto Oyster Bar opens for the first time this weekend. To make the Misto Oyster Bar Experience not only delightful but truly unforgettable, he’s come up with not one, not two or three...but six dips of guaranteed nirvana! Of course, as Seda Centrio F & B Manager Mike Gayoso will tell you, there’s no better way to enjoy your fresh oyster than kamayan style or eating with your hands, preferably al fresco in Misto’s outdoor tables beside the hotel pool with a cool breeze in your face and the taste of the ocean in your tongue. What ambience places in context, Chef Jade’s Oyster Dips opens up an unlimited spectrum of taste: from acidic to spicy, from sweetish soya to sourish tomato and acrid vinegar bases, that you the honored guest and mixand-match to your palate’s content. If your taste buds lean towards the sweetish soya base that mirror Chef Jade’s extensive track record in Japanese restaurants, you can choose between the milder, acidic Calamansi Punzo which is Japanese Soy Sauce with a counterpoint of local calamansi limes; or go for the more adventurous Asian

Dressing which is spicier with Light Thai soy sauce blended with ginger juice and finger chilli. Or, you may prefer to have your oysters with tomato-based dips like Passata Centrio, which is Cagayan Tomato with aromatic garlic and sweet basil; or the Harissa with its lovely local chillies infused with tomato, turmeric and cumin for that spicier kick. Not the least, if you’re like most Pinoys who can’t live without suka (vinegar) in his sawsawan, fear not; Chef Jade has just the dip for you with the truly acidic Mignotte which is red and white wine vinegar with black pepper corns; or raise the roof with

Iligan’s favourite Pinakurat Cocktail starring its tamisanhang Pinakurat coconut vinegar with a hint of apple tidbits. Seda Centrio’s Misto Oyster Bar opens 6PM this Friday evening and will be open all day on Saturday and Sunday and all weekends thereafter. A platter of Fresh Oysters is only PhP 360, and one of Baked Oysters PhP 450. You can also buy oysters per piece from the bar to go with your dinner buffet (prices subject to service charge and tax) For inquires/ reservations please call (088) 323-8888, 0917-5775910 or visit the Misto at the 4th level of the hotel. Bon appétit!

A closer look at the delectable offerings of the Misto Weekend Oyster Bar at Seda Centrio.

Fresh, juicy oysters flown in from Bulacan and Kalibo, Aklan

The Misto Weekend Oyster Bar at Seda Centrio is now open 6PM every Friday and all day Saturday and Sundays and all weekends thereafter.



CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

Women over 65 more prone to hypertension than men September 12-18, 2015


n the United States, one in every three adults has high blood pressure. While women are as likely to have this condition as men, they are more prone to acquiring it during their twilight years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men and women both have the tendency to develop hypertension—the medical term for high blood pressure— during their lifetimes.

However, women over 65 years old are more prone to acquiring it, particularly those who passed through their menopausal stage. High blood pressure or hypertension is a common condition which triggers the heart to pump blood excessively. Having the heart pump more blood and narrower arteries, it is likely to result tohigher chances of having high blood pressure. Today, hypertension

has become one of the major contributors to the global disease burden, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, since it causes health problems such as cardiovascular disease. AmadoI. Nazal, medical director of Pharex Health Corp., said that women who passed through their menopausal stage are at an increased risk of having hypertension because of hormonal changes and increase in

de Oro


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Health Corp, the most prescribed generic brand of medicines, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing optimum health among women

who belong to this age bracket to keep hypertension at bay before it leads to heart failure. hypertension/PAGE 11

Education: Exploration of Life By Rose Mary D. Sudaria, Ph.D.

Education is ver y important to be attained by a person. It is through it that he will more realize his core functions to be served as he live in this world. Neglecting education is like placing yourself inside the box and embrace it as your comfort zone. You will never see life beyond it. You will never see sunshine, mountains, trees, flowers, rain and several others. And you know that these are the things that keep life colorful and make you enjoy life as it is. Without these things, you will never appreciate life has to offer. L e ar ni ng is ab out uncovering the covers and discovering more

about a certain matter or phenomenon. Attaining education is also digging out the best of one self. It is an exploration of interests, unknown talents and hidden skills. People would not know what the career best suit them until they finally know where they good at. Schooling is like making yourself adapt to changes. Having a different home, people to interact with and new things to know is quite hard for a person but learning to deal with changes like these is recognizing the essential growth of oneself. Education is significant. It unravels the secrets of life.

European Powerlessness


CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly

body mass index that comes with age. “As a woman ages, her chances of acquiring hypertension becomes greater than a man’s,” Nazal said. “Hormonal changes relative to menopause can lead to weight gain, making blood pressure more reactive to salt. Eventually, this leads to hypertension.” Effective control of hypertension should be a priority among healthcare providers. This is why Pharex


t breaks my heart. My heart bleeds while watching the international news. More and more refugees are making their way to Europe - of course! - and the continent is overwhelmed. All of Europe? No. Germany is confronting the powerlessness because it can and it must, says i.e. international TVcommentator Rob Mudge in Brussels. The refugee drama escalated yesterday (Saturday - I am writing this piece on Sundayafternoon September 6, 2015). And yes, unfortunately Europe-bashing also increases. Voices of outrage grow louder: at best, the European Union is being criticized for the lack of action and at worst, it is being accused of incompetence and powerlessness when dealing with the refugee crisis. During the Greek crisis, one meeting of ministers followed the next, and special summits were held on a weekly basis. But in the refugee crisis, nothing

has been done for weeks. In August, officials in Brussels went where they always go: on vacation. And even now, the sluggish bureaucratic system in Brussels is still moving along slowly. The EU has yet to come up with coherent and effective answers. Everybody knows: Brussels can’t do everything alone! On the other hand, it’s unfair to blame just the EU. Brussels cannot take care of the decisive question – where the numerous refugees will be accommodated. The sovereign EU states have reserved the right to regulate such matters on their own. They are failing on a grand scale with regard to reaching at least one agreement on a voluntary refugee quota. Many member states despite the European canon of values – just don’t want to accept any refugees. You can’t beat that mix of powerlessness and cynicism. The Greek crisis has already shown that individual states are more reliable than the EU Commission and the

Brussels circuit when it comes to addressing issues in a halfway acceptable manner. And let’s not delude ourselves: the approval of all 19 euro nations was officially needed to pass the bailout measures for Greece - but without Germany’s guidance, it would not have happened. And that is why the current refugee crisis, which is much more dramatic on a humanitarian level than Greece’s financial and economic crisis, shows that no answers can be expected from such a large alliance of countries. Of course, this comes as no surprise, as interests and egos within the EU vary, just like their finances and state structures. Personally, I learned that many Germans want to help though it’s expecting more than 800,000 refugees this year. Some others calculate already up to one million. When these figures were made public, they were first met with the usual whiny cacophony of responses

H ave M y Say

Klaus Doring

like: How is that going to work? Or: Germany is already overwhelmed and anyhow, what about the others? What are they doing about the situation? But look at the touching images from Munich especially yesterday and today (Sunday!) – the storm of helpers who are providing assistance to the newcomers. That is how a country that can and must help should react. Other countries admire the Germans’ commitment, especially Great Britain, whose prime minister emphasized for days that his country would not accept more refugees. Allow me to ask: Why doring/PAGE 11

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CARD Bank in its 18th year of uplifting Filipinos September 12-18, 2015

CARD Bank, a member institution of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), celebrated its 18th founding anniversary with the theme “18 years of fulfilling a bright and stable future for every family” held in SM City San Pablo Atrium on September 1, 2015. The 55 CARD Bank pioneering members, executive committee members and staff of CARD MRI graced the said event. CARD Bank’s President and CEO Dolores M. Torres recognized all people behind the success of the institution especially its members. “This celebration is for every members of CARD Bank who trusted the institution in improving their life conditions,” said Torres. Simultaneously, CARD Bank is also celebrating its savings month this September. Chuchi Fonacier, the Managing Director for Supervision and Examination Sub-Sector III from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), encouraged the audience to develop

savings habit. In her speech, Fonacier opened the mind of the audience on the opportunities of saving in a financial institution. Entrep Champion Paulo Tibig awakened the entrepreneurial spirit of CARD Bank members for them to understand the most possible outcome of being a successful entrepreneur –an improve quality of life. A negosyo forum from some of the successful microentrepreneur (ME) members of CARD MRI was also done to serve as an inspiration. Afterwards, product demos from these MEs were presented and they gave free samples of their products to the audience. Jim Paredes, a wellrespected Filipino singer and song writer, also attended the event to facilitate an interview with the leaders of CARD Bank–Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, Dolores M. Torres, and Lorenza DT. Bañez, the Chairman, President, and Executive Vice President of CARD

Bank respectively–to better understand CARD Bank’s role in poverty eradication. “Our desire is to see our members and their families continually growing and improving their quality of life,” shared Bañez. While Alip dreams of establishing a museum showing poverty as just part of the history in the country and CARD MRI’s role in it. Paredes commended the institution for its mission of helping the poor communities in the country. It was also timely that a book entitled 89K (Kababaihan or women) was launched to honor the first 89 members who trusted the institution for decades while CARD Bank was still an NGO. It contains the life stories of the members and how CARD helped them in their personal and financial growth. Raffle draws where CARD Bank gave away umbrellas, t-shirts, printers, LED televisions and cash prizes to the pioneering members added excitement to the

event. CARD Bank has also partnered with the SM Department Store for the CARD Bank members and savers to enjoy discounted shopping at SM San Pablo from September 4-10, 2015. While for the whole month of September, they can also avail discounts at Red Ribbon–SM City San Pablo branch. CARD Bank is a member of CARD MRI

that aims to provide the poor with various financial and nonfinancial services. To date, CARD Bank has already 61 branches serving more than 1.5 million clients all over the country. The CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions like CARD SME Bank, CARD Leasing and Finance Corporation, Mga Likha ni Inay, CARD MRI Information Technology, CARD

MRI Insurance Agency, BotiCARD, Rizal Bank, CARD Pioneer Microinsurance Inc. and other private institutions like CaféLandia, CNM Advertising Services, Expedite Solutions, Transfast–Worldwide Money Transfer, SM Store San Pablo, Red Ribbon-SM San Pablo Branch, and Open Space Technology sponsored the event to make the celebration for CARD Bank members possible.

(L-R) Mr. Jim Paredes, Dr. Jaime Aristotle Alip, Founder and Managing Director of CARD MRI, Ms. Dolores M. Torres President and CEO of CARD Bank, and Ms. Lorenza Bañez, Executive Vice President of CARD Bank.

BSP lauds CARD Bank for pushing country’s financial-inclusive system During the celebration of CARD Bank’s 18th anniversary and Savings Month celebration, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) expressed appreciation working with CARD Bank in crafting relevant and

responsive policies, which are supportive to financial inclusion. Ms. Chuchi Fonacier, the Managing Director for Supervision and Examination Sub-Sector III who represented BSP in the event, delivered the message.

“Fulfilling a bright and stable future for every family: Making financial inclusion a reality” was the theme of the anniversary as it aims to strengthen its advocacy in savings consciousness. CARD/PAGE 11

Eighteen Years of Empowering Women. Ms. Chuchi Fonacier (2nd from right), Managing Director for Supervision and Examination Sub-Sector III of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), graced the 18th year anniversary and savings month celebration of CARD Bank, Inc. on September 1, 2015 at SM City San Pablo. Ms. Fonacier discussed the opportunities of saving in a financial institution to hundreds of individuals jam-packed in the venue. BSP also lauds CARD Bank for its significant contribution towards achieving inclusive financial system in the country. CARD Bank is a microfinance-oriented rural bank and a member institution of CARD MRI, a social development organization that aims for poverty eradication in the country. In the picture are (L-R) Ms. Lorenza Bañez, CARD Bank’s Executive Vice President, Ms. Dolores M. Torres, CARD Bank’s President and CEO, Ms. Josephine Abdulrahman, BSP’s Manager, Managing Director Fonacier, and Dr. Jaime Aristotle Alip, CARD MRI’s Founder and Managing Director. (CARD MRI Photo)

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 12-18, 2015

Care for Our Common Home: Cagayan de Oro By Archbishop Antonio J. Ledesma, S.J.

(Homily at the Concelebrated Mass, Feast of St. Augustine, Metropolitan Cathedral, 28 August 2015)

Pope Francis’ recent encyclical, Laudato Si’, enjoins all of us to care for our common home, the earth. More directly, we are also challenged to care for our common home, the city of Cagayan de Oro. During fiesta time, we celebrate the gift of family, renew friendships, and strengthen the bonds of community. During the time of Typhoon Sendong, affecting the entire city, we showed how we could all work together to help dislocated families who lost their houses and loved ones. A home is not only a house where a family lives; a home is built by the love that is shared by all members of the family. So too with our community; our “City of Golden Friendship” is built by the spirit of solidarity and concern for the common good. It is in this light that we can look at three challenges confronting our “common home” mentioned in Pope Francis’ encyclical. Lately, a People’s Council of concerned citizens, including residents of affected subdivisions, have voiced their concerns on the problem of pollution coming from the city’s basurahan. The garbage dumpsite poses an immediate

threat to the health of nearby housing areas. There has been a persistent clamor for a sanitary land fill and for solid waste management practices. The goals of zero waste can be achieved through reducing, recycling, and reusing waste materials. Last week, together with several ministry workers of the Archdiocese, I visited the J.R. Borja City Hospital upon invitation by its administrator, Dr. Ramon M. Nery. We were glad to see the marked improvements not only in the physical structures, but more so in the hospital management’s policies of accommodating the needs of all indigent families. However, we were told that the foul odor from the basurahan could be felt in the afternoons whenever the wind direction changes towards the hospital. Clearly, the city’s garbage issue can be solved if the city’s executive and legislative officials can work together and go beyond partisan politics for the sake of the common good. But it is also a challenge for all of us, to do our part in making sure that our surroundings are clean and hospitable. A second challenge

mentioned in Pope Francis’ encyclical is the issue of water. There are a number of housing areas, including Typhoon Sendong relocation sites, that still do not have regular access to clean drinking water. And yet, as Pope Francis remarks, “access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right, since it is a condition for the exercise of other human rights.” (LS, 30) Water scarcity may be a constant problem in some areas of the city. On the other hand, too much water in times of heavy rains can severely threaten the city, as what happened during Typhoon Sendong. Hence there is the call for watershed protection which extends to the upland area of north-western Bukidnon. Since 2010, we have formed a Cagayan de Oro River Basin Management Council (CDORBMC), of which I am co-chair together with the regional directors of DENR and DILG and the city mayor. As a multi-sectoral group involving government agencies, LGUs, academe, business, NGOs, and church communities,

the Council has undertaken the tasks of rehabilitation of watershed areas, mobilization of local government units, community development, and resource management. The ongoing fluvial procession as we celebrate this Mass is not only a way of honoring our patron, San Agustin, and his mother, Sta. Monica, but also our Birhen sa Kota sa Cagayan de Oro (Our Lady of the Fort of Cagayan de Oro). Her protective image on the river should remind us that she is also our Birhen sa Kinaiyahan (Our Lady of the Environment). Here again, all of us are asked to do our share in protecting and conserving the environment by such practices as treegrowing, proper waste management, etc. Pope Francis’ encyclical stresses that environmental ecology is closely linked to an “ecology of man.” Our relationship to the environment stems from our relationship to one another. This then is the third challenge we face: the peace and dis-order in our society. Over the past two weeks, in our city, we heard about the senseless killings of two

young persons – 14year old Stacey Villar on August 13th, and 9-year old Cairistian “CJ” Balguin on August 21st. These two innocent persons were killed by perpetrators who were allegedly high on drugs. The problem of drugtrafficking is another form of pervasive pollution that threatens the well-being of our residents, whether in guarded subdivisions or in slum areas. The majority of city jail inmates, we are told, are there for crimes related ultimately to drug addiction. Once more, we appeal not only to law-enforcing authorities but to all of us to be vigilant in detecting and reporting instances of drug trafficking. On a larger scale, the peace process in Mindanao needs our understanding of its historical context and a re-examination of our biases and prejudices. Notwithstanding several changes being introduced in Congress to the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law,

ultimately the crafting of a meaningful BBL accepted by both sides still offers the best chances of winning a just and lasting peace for Mindanao. We are all stakeholders in this process. Pope Francis points out the need for an Integral Ecology – that encompasses Environmental and Social Ecology. Our three concerns over Pollution, Water, and Peace bring out this interconnectedness of all living creatures with Mother Earth. Highlighting this interconnectedness and as a response to Laudato Si’, the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro is launching a Season of Creation, starting this August 28 until October 7, 2015, the Feast of our Birhen sa Kota – Our Lady of the Rosary. The six Sundays of this season will focus on various themes related to our care of the environment and our human society. May our City of Man follow closely the vision of St. Augustine’s City of God.

Gov. Bambi Emano leads the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the Techno-Transfer Terminal in Talisayan, August 24, 2015, lead by Mayor Rommel Maslog. The provincial government Turned-over a P4-M worth of Road Concreting project leading to the terminal proper. photo courtesy of governor bambi emano’s facebook page

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

September 12-18, 2015


11 Rugby players finish the first ever Level 1 Match Official Course in Northern Mindanao By Noel Villa

On August 28, 2015, Cagayan de Oro City hosted the Match Official Course provided by the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU), the governing body of Rugby in the Philippines. The Course, which is internationally recognized and accredited by the World Rugby, was conducted by Cassie Umali, a member of the L ady Volcanoes Philippine National Team. She is a licensed World Rugby Educator for Coaching and Match Officiating, and the only female with these

Beyond Business—LBC Makes It Easy for Customers To Give Back Poverty, global development, and societal issues. While governments debate these matters and consider what they can do to manage it, there are others who are already taking the first step. LBC Express Inc., for instance, while a private business entity, is already making an effort to alleviate these issues with partnerships with relevant organizations and customers who want to do their part for initiatives. “We have recently partnered with two important organizations based in Canada—the Philippine Cultural Community Center (PCCC), which is focused on providing support and services to the Filipino communities in Canada; and Answering The Cry of the Poor (ANCOP), which provides community development as well as humanitarian relief,” explains Rafael Policarpio, LBC North America’s Area Head.

Rafael Policarpio, LBC North America’s Area Head, with Joseph Franco, PCCC’s Secretary, Treasurer, and Spokesperson

PCCC is focused on continuous education information, planning and direction, health care and social services, and social integration for migrant Filipinos in Canada, while ANCOP is a global Catholic community present

Policarpio with Ricky Cuenca, ANCOP’s President

in over 100 countries geared towards poverty alleviation through effective child education and various development programs and values formation. For the partnership, members of each organization will be given

LBC Community Partner Cards, where LBC will donate $2.50 to their specific organization’s cause for every transaction. The initiative, which will begin in August, runs through November this year and is available to all members of the said Canada-based organizations. The intent is simple, the process is uncomplicated, but the end result can move many lives. “Ultimately, it’s a means by which LBC can give back to the community with the help of our loyal customers, while at the same time providing them the kind of service that they deserve,” ends Hugo Bonilla, LBC North America’s Senior Vice President. For more information on LBC, please visit http://www.lbcexpress. com; or call the hotline at (888) 652-2522.

credentials in the country. Eleven players of Cagayan de Oro Rugby Football Club (CDO RFC) finished the first ever Match Official Course (Level 1) in Northern Mindanao which was held at the Golden Glow Village in Pueblo de Oro. The participants were not only taught the basic laws of the game but were also made to understand how the sport must be played. CDO RFC made another milestone by setting a record of most players from a single

Club to attend the said Course. It is important to train local Match Officials for Rugby who will be available for inter-school tournaments that CDO RFC plans to have in the near future. This is another step towards the Club's goal to sustain the growth of Rugby in Northern Mindanao. CDO RFC is currently recruiting new players, boys and girls aged 15 and above. For more information about try-out sessions, please visit cdorugbyclub, like the page and send a private message.

Araneta Group Streamlines Franchise Operations with SAP Business All-in-One Taguig, Philippines – SAP AE (NYSE: SAP) has announced that Araneta Group, a pioneer in entertainment and leisure development in the Philippines, has implemented SAP Business All-in-One to streamline operations, logistics, and financial systems of its food group Philippine Pizza Inc. This implementation was spearheaded by Fujitsu Philippines, SAP’s channel partner and Questronix, an SAP reseller. According to Kenneth Mondero, SAP project leader and SVP for Finance at the Araneta Group, Philippine Pizza Inc. had individual legacy systems for each of its food franchises namely, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Dairy Queen. “SAP Business All-in-One gives us the upper hand now. We are able to access reports and timesensitive information across finance, logistics, and operations departments. There is definitely a quicker turnaround in decisionmaking.” Mondero also noted that this implementation enabled larger savings. “SAP Business All-inOne has allowed us to take a consolidated view of our expenses and optimize decisionmaking. Higher accuracy is another important advantage of this implementation.” Today, SAP Business All-in-One is an important part of the Group’s technology investments across its various businesses. This includes the Philippine Pizza, Inc., to leisure innovator Araneta Center Inc. that houses Gateway Mall, Farmers Plaza and Ali Mall, as

well as Uniprom Inc. which handles Smart Araneta Coliseum, Ticketnet, Gateway, and Ali Mall Cineplex. Araneta’s relationship with SAP has grown in strength due to the direct and indirect benefits the Group has realized over the last few months. Speaking on the implementation, SAP Philippines Managing Director Ryan Poggi said, “As one of the most important and diversified Philippine conglomerates, the Araneta Group needed a simplified solution for accurate reporting, reduced financial inconsistencies, and better delivery efficiencies. We are glad to have delivered this yet again, this time for Philippine Pizza Inc. Our relationship with the Araneta Group is a significant example of our efforts in delivering strategic advantage through a strong combination of customer vision, subject matter expertise, and superior technology.” Mondero concluded, “Before SAP Business All-in-One, we had different legacy systems for each of our businesses. Every day, our accounting teams extracted and encoded data for their respective businesses. The work was tedious and hard to manage. With SAP Business All-in-One, we now make strategic business decisions faster. With SAP streamlining processes across business functions and companies, we can now focus our time and efforts on creating winning food and leisure experiences for our customers across the Philippines.”

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September 12-18, 2015

The biggest BPI AutoMadness ever kicks-off this September! MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES—The much awaited car sale from BPI Family Auto Loan is back this September with crazier offers and more venues than ever! The biggest of its kind yet as it runs online via and spans to 8 shopping malls and 8 BPI branch venues in major cities across the country. It is also the longest running as the special car offers are made available from September 1 to October 15, 2015. Car buyers will go crazy over the super low loan rates, free comprehensive insurance and over 500 car models offered during the BPI AutoMadness “With the successful turn-out of our previous BPI AutoMadness events, we are committed to continuously come up with better offers to make car ownership more affordable and very convenient to every Filipino family. We want to make the best happen for Filipinos planning to buy their brand new car, may they be here or abroad.” says Pepe Carlos, VP and head of BPI Family Auto Loan Division. The whole family can have an enjoyable experience shopping for their new car by visiting the BPI AutoMadness events happening in strategic locations around

the country namely, Ayala Center in Cebu City from September 3 to 6; Robinsons Place in Bacolod from September 10 to 13; Robinsons Place in Ilocos, Abreeza Mall in Davao, CSI Mall in La Union and Pacific Mall in Cabanatuan City from September 17 to 20; Centrio Mall in Cagayan De Oro City; and Robinsons Place in Dumaguete from October 1 to 4. BPI Family Auto Loan also holds the BPI AutoMadness in select BPI branches to make the offers more available nationwide. Clients can catch it at BPI Tacloban City and BPI Tagbilaran City from September 1 to 4; BPI Magsaysay-Naga City from September 1 to11, BPI Santiago-Isabela City from September 16 to 18; BPI Vigan from September 21 to 25; BPI Plaridel-Roxas City from September 24-25; BPI Kuliat-Angeles City from October 5 to 14; BPI Tarlac Highway-Tarlac City from October 7 to14; and BPI Candon City from October 12 to 15. For those far from the venues or outside the country, BPI Auto Loan makes the BPI AutoMadness accessible to them 24/7 from September 1 to October 15 through the website www.bpiautomadness. com. All the participating car brands and special

car offers can be accessed anytime and anywhere through any web-enabled smartphones, PC, tablets or laptop for truly convenient car shopping. For more information on the most affordable and convenient way to own a car, simply log-on to www.bpiautomadness. com. Bank of the Philippine Islands l 6768 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 PH l (02) 816-9289 l ABOUT BPI FAMILY AUTO LOAN BPI Family Savings Bank is the Philippine market leader in auto loans, growing at a pace faster than that of the Philippine automotive industry. The bank’s auto loan portfolio covers about 30% of financing for car acquisition. The BPI Family Auto Loan makes buying a car fast, easy and convenient through its competitive market rates, promotional discounts and other unique offers. It is the country’s only auto loan product that offers a three to eighthour turnaround time. Prospective car buyers may easily apply for a loan at more than 800 BPI/ BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide and at over 300 partner auto dealerships in the country. For more information on BPI’s loan products and services, log on to www.

Absences affect pupil performance By Rica Joy V. Tapungot Teacher II Patrocinio Elementary School

Zumba Masters Robert Lopez, Winston Fuentes & Jonathan Ruelan lead participants at the Zumbathon 2015 held August 29, 2015 at One Oasis Cagayan de Oro, Rosario Limketkai Drive, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro. Toni Madero emerged as the Grand Winner ff by Archie Diones and Tin Tenchavez. To the left of the participants is the One Oasis CDO Clubhouse while Bldg 1 of the OOCDO is shown in the background. It will be the first major condominium project in downtown Cagayan de Oro to be turned over to its unit owners this quarter. Zumbathon 2015 is co-sponsored by BusinessWeek Mindanao and Mindanao Daily News. (photo supplied)

The grade of a student is assessed based on how understands the lessons, participates in class activity, engages in discussion and behaves inside the class. Needless to say, most of the learning is gaine d inside t he classroom. Class attendance i s i mp or t ant am ong children. Learning inside the classroom can be productive activity for a student because there are efforts coming from both teacher and fellow classmates. The school also provide an appropriate environment that responds to learning needs among students. So, if a student fail to come to school, possibility is his learning performance would downgrade.

When a child starts to have absences, he will a miss a lot of learning opportunities in school. He will not be able to listen explanations from teachers. Then when he decides to cope with the class, all he had at home are books that only presents data. Upon going back, the child will be lost in the middle because there are basic important lessons that he missed. In result, there would be no understanding and effective learning. The sources of abseenteism might be hard to overcome. However, in their young age, pupils should be taught and informed on how class attendance is important because it is the best basic avenue to succeed in their literacy phase in life.

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st The


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September 12-18, 2015

New batch of winners emerge at the 65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards

In keeping with its tradition of celebrating literary excellence in the Philippines, the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature (Palanca Awards) honored 57 Filipino literary artists at the 65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature Awards Ceremony held at The Peninsula Manila in Makati City, September 1. This year’s batch of winners saw many firsttime winners, coming from different localities within the Philippines and abroad, making literary history alongside veteran authors, some of which have already earned their place at the Hall of Fame like Edgardo Maranan and Peter Solis Nery. Also, two young women fictionists copped the Grand Prizes in the bi-annual Novel and Nobela categories. Nobela Grand prize winner Charmaine Mercader Lasar for her winning work entitled, “Toto O.” and Victorette Joy Campilan in the Novel category for her work entitled, “All My Lonely Islands”. Now on its 65th year, the most prestigious and longestrunning literary contest accepted 895 entries in 22

categories, with the Novel and Nobela categories open this year. Entries for each category were evaluated by select panels of judges especially chosen for their contributions and excellence in their respective fields of literature. The Palanca Awards was named in honor of businessman and philanthropist Don Carlos Palanca, Sr. It aims to develop Philippine Literature by providing incentives for writers to craft their most outstanding literary works as well as serve as a treasury of Philippine literary gems. The Sponsors also bestowed the distinction of the Gawad Dangal ng Lahi, on Dr. Gemino H. Abad. This year’s guest of honor and speaker, is a professor emeritus of literature at the University of the Philippines, Dr. Abad has established himself as an eminent poet, essayist, fictionist and editor of several literary anthologies, helping shape the larger corpus of contemporary Philippine literature by contributing his own body of work and mentoring to many students of literature.

The 65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature (CPMA) Nobela Grand prize winner Charmaine Mercader Lasar (fourth from left) accepts her gold medallion for her winning work entitled, “Toto O.” at the 65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature awards ceremony held at The Peninsula Manila on September 1. Lasar, 20, is flanked by (from left to right) Mr. Jun Cruz Reyes, Ph.D., Mrs. Sylvia Palanca-Quirino, Mrs. Criselda “Dang” Cecilio-Palanca, Mr. Carl Anthony S. Palanca, Ms. Susan S. Lara, and Ms. Ligaya Tiamson Rubin.

Victorette Joy Campilan (fourth from left) receives the Grand Prize in the recently concluded 65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature held at The Peninsula Manila. Campilan, who won in the Novel category for her work entitled, “All My Lonely Islands,” is joined on stage by Mr. Jun Cruz Reyes, Ph.D., Mrs. Sylvia Palanca-Quirino, Mrs. Criselda “Dang” Cecilio-Palanca, Mr. Carl Anthony S. Palanca, Ms. Susan S. Lara, and Ms. Ligaya Tiamson Rubin.

Carlos Palanca Foundation, Inc. Vice President Carl Anthony Palanca (leftmost) and Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards (CPMA) for Literature Director General Sylvia Palanca-Quirino joins Dr. Gemino H. Abad on stage, who was conferred this year's Gawad Dangal ng Lahi during the 65th CPMA Award Ceremony recently held at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City.

65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards’ guest of honor and speaker Dr. Gemino H. Abad, a professor emeritus of literature at the University of the Philippines, delivers his speech with his short essay “The Poem Is What You Will” which is his humble tribute to Don Carlos Palanca held at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City.


For the complete list of winners for the 65th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature please log on to winners-for-2015-65th-carlos-palanca-memorial-awards/

Actors perform on stage during the Award Ceremony of the 65thCarlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature the play entitled “Looking for Ulysses,” directed by Rosauro “Uro” Dela Cruz. Looking for Ulysses is the second prize winning entry submitted by Jose Elvin Bueno under the One-Act Play category of the country’s most prestigious and longest running competition.

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Hypertention... from page 4

“The most important consideration every woman ages 65 and older needs to make is to recognize the importance of having a healthy lifestyle as the key to preventing hypertension and other health conditions as well,” Nazal said. He added, “It’s easy to start improving one’s lifestyle; the challenge comes in making it a habit. This specifically applies to people who already have the disease—for people diagnosed with hypertension, the best practice is to always consult the doctor and comply with the medication schedule even when symptoms are not surfacing.” Nazal said that constant visits to the family doctor, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking prescribed medication already go a long way in saving one’s self from more chronic diseases. “Taking your medication exactly as it is prescribed by your doctor is an important part of your recovery,” Nazal noted. “Without complying with your

therapy, your health will eventually deteriorate, leading to a lower quality of life—or even death.” He concluded, “Women who are already in their post-menopausal stage need to start taking care of themselves especially when their metabolism slows down. Embarking on a lifestyle journey is not a onetime travel—it is a life’s worth of adventure you can give to yourself. And someday, you’ll thank yourself you did.”

and fear a renaissance of strong nation states. They do not wish to tolerate unilateral action - and certainly not from Germany. These critics, however, have overlooked that fact that unusual events require a different approach, one that does not correspond to the EU’s supranational norms, but - despite all the problems and adversities - is and will be more effective than any half-hearted and timeconsuming compromises that would have come out of EU-wide negotiations. from page 4 I am saying this not not? David Miliband, as German national, former foreign secretary but: Germany should and Cameron’s old and must lead the way rival, tweeted an image in the refugee crisis, of German soccer fans which will be for a long in different stadiums while, perhaps years. The holding up banners with scope of the situation words of solidarity for the is still unclear. But in refugees written on them. retrospect, history will Miliband had two words show that Berlin, and not for this picture: German Brussels, made decisions leadership. Of course, to move ahead and took Cameron’s mostly antithe necessary measures. Europe position is known Here, I really agree since long time. with many European That is exactly the commentators and men problem: The others are of the people. unable or unwilling and +++ Germany does indeed Email: doringklaus@ have the funds and the or follow me means. This irks Brussels in Facebook or Twitter or centralists who are vistwww.germanexpatinworried about overall thephilippines.blogspot. European structures com.



also cited the key accomplishments of from page 5 CARD Bank in terms of outreach and financial “CARD Bank is assistance. To date, an industry leader CARD Bank has a total and therefore plays of 1.5 million clients a significant role in served with total loans building an inclusive outstanding of P4.6 financial system in billion and total savings the country,” said Ms. of P4.4 billion. Fonacier adding that the 18th celebration of CARD Based from the BSP’s National Baseline Survey Bank is a significant on Financial Inclusion, milestone especially for only four out of ten women members as it is likened to the traditional Filipino adults currently have savings. Of such, Filipino coming-of-age 68% keep their savings celebration. at home and the rest in Ms. Fonacier also banks. Sixty-five percent talked to hundreds of of those who do not individuals jam-packed save in banks cited lack in the venue about the of enough money as opportunities of saving in a financial institution. the main reason for not having a bank account. “Saving money in banks is way more advantageous According to Ms. than keeping it at home,” Fonacier, with the help of microfinance institutions, she said adding that banks protect our money they are seeing positive from theft and safeguard results in terms of microit from disasters and from deposit accounts. An increase of 80% or two pests or insects. million accounts were She also said that recorded in 2014 from banks have ATMs so 1.1 million in 2012. In we can have easy access terms of value, the total to our money anytime. amount of micro-deposits “Saving in a bank is the grew by 70% to P4 billion first step to avail other in 2014 from P2.3 billion financial products such in 2012. as credit and insurance,” she added while stressing Ms. Fonacier further shared that aside from that our money in banks ensuring the availability is insured by Philippine of appropriate, affordable Deposit Insurance and accessible financial Corporation (PDIC). services is to promote Ms. Fonacier


greater awareness through financial education, capacity building and personal finance management. “No matter how small or big our income is, if there is no discipline in saving, then we will really find it hard to put aside some money to save,” she added encouraging everyone to put savings in banks or other formal financial institutions. “On our end, we will remain committed in promoting financial inclusion and implementing the tactical plans in the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI), which was launched on July 1, 2015,” Ms. Fonacier emphasized highlighting CARD as a trusted partner in championing financial inclusion. Established in 1997, CARD Bank is a microfinance-oriented rural bank and a member institution of CARD MRI, a social development organization that aims for poverty eradication in the country. “Let us keep the communication line open so we can collectively move the banking sector forward and make financial inclusion a reality,” Ms. Fonacier concluded.



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CDOTIMES September 12-18, 2015  

CDOTIMES September 12-18, 2015

CDOTIMES September 12-18, 2015  

CDOTIMES September 12-18, 2015