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Volume 3 | No. 11 | Cagayan de Oro City | October 17-23, 2015

Prizes and surprises abound at Isuzu Fair 2015 Story and Photos by MARK FRANCISCO, Lifestyle Editor


EBU Southern Motors Philippines Inc., also known as Isuzu Cagayan de Oro, held the very first Isuzu Fair 2015 last October 10 at their showroom along Gusa highway.

The event, which used to be called Isuzu Family Day for the past six years, was renamed as Isuzu Fair so participating families can also invite their friends to see for themselves on how an Isuzu user bonds together with his and her family. Of course, family is still the central theme of the activity. Participating families were grouped in six teams and each team joined a total of five competitions during the whole-day affair.

The f lagship tilt was Load Up wherein participants were judged on how they can maximize the space loading a Crosswind Sportivo with five passengers inside. The next contest was Tire Change wherein a female participant of each team was judged on how lesser time she could accomplish changing the tire of the Crosswind Sportivo. Isuzu Cagayan de Oro sales supervisor Rommer Rojales said females were chosen for this segment so they could

familiarize themselves on the features of the Crosswind Sportivo. Then there was the Puzzle wherein

participants were made to join an image of an Isuzu model. There was also a dressing up of your vehicle contest

aptly called Pimp Your Isuzu featuring an AUV, a pickup truck and an SUV. The last contest was for any of the

participants who could present The Oldest Isuzu purchased from the dealership. fair/PAGE 7

Mayor Oscar Moreno signs the Executive Order acknowledging the People’s Council of Cagayan de Oro as a partner in the city’s development. The creation of the People’s Council is a people’s initiative aimed at supporting the LGU executive, legislative and bureaucracy with the People’s Development Agenda. Its creation was supported by the Asian Development Bank. photo supplied

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

October 17-23, 2015

Mountain communities could help rebuild diverse, climate-resilient crops


orld leaders left New York having agreed a framework for the world’s sustainable development, but for mountain communities around the world this action can’t come quickly enough. Climate change is already here, threatening their food security, nutrition and livelihoods. Indigenous groups and traditional farmers from 21 mountain communities in 10 countries gathered recently in Tajikistan to assess climate change impacts and develop responses to this crisis. The meeting was organised by Asociacion ANDES (Peru), the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the Aga Khan Foundation’s Mountain Development Support Programme.1 Ahead of the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) biennial International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resource for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) meeting on 5-9 October, 2 the meeting developed solutions that will aid the implementation of the Treaty’s objectives on in-situ conservation and enhance the resilience of indigenous famers in the face of global warming threats.

The implementation of Farmers’ Rights is a key issue on the agenda for the FAO Treaty3 Governing Body meeting in Rome next week. Farmers’ Rights are increasingly being eroded by the introduction or strengthening of intellectual property rights (IPRs) for plant breeders, since farmers often have no equivalent protection in many countries. 4 As a result, traditional farmers are facing serious challenges and a lack of incentives for sustaining their diverse genetic resources for food and agriculture. The Tajikistan meeting found that mountain communities are already facing drastic changes in their food and farming systems due to extreme and unusual weather patterns, and that these impacts have worsened in the last 18 months. Many are suffering from reduced water availability and increased pests linked to decreasing rainfall and increasing temperatures, however the meeting has already been able to provide some steps towards tackling this. Local crop varieties are often resistant to droughts and pests, unlike the modern, introduced varieties sold by agricultural institutes and multinational companies.

In Tajikistan’s Jafr community, only local fruit trees can survive the worsening drought conditions and heat. In Thailand, wild bees are more resilient to increased heat than introduced varieties. Traditional knowledge and practices are also becoming increasingly critical to survival. Diversification is another important response to reduce the risk of crop failure, in terms of the plants themselves, the landscape they are farmed in and mixed production systems. Traditional farming landscapes provide living gene banks where crops can continue to evolve and shift across ecological niches to adapt to climate change. For example in the ANDES-supported Potato Park, Peru, six communities conserve 1400 different types of potato and work with scientists to test them in different parts of the landscape. Alejandro Argumedo from ANDES said: “In the Jafr community, a traditional farmer has collected and tested local fruit trees from across the region, has adapted potatoes from Peru through selection over five years to enhance diversity, and has grafted tomatoes onto potatoes to enhance productivity.” The meeting resulted in the creation of an International Network of Biocultural Heritage

Territories for insitu conservation of crop diversity and holistic adaptation to climate change at landscape level. This network will support the establishment of new biocultural heritage territories in centres of origin and diversity of crops in several countries, using successful models like the Potato Park in Peru, which is managed by six Quechua communities. The meeting also established an International Network of Community Seed Banks and initiated a related farmers’ seed exchange programme. KrystynaSwiderska, IIED researcher said: “Community seed banks are vital for preventing the loss of crop diversity

and ensuring seed access for poor farmers. They are also an important response to climate change, enabling recovery from climate disasters.” The international seed exchange programme has already begun, enabling similar mountain communities to access more resilient local varieties and diversify their crops. But communities need support to ensure that seed exchange is diseasefree and complies with relevant legislation. Alejandro added: “Communities with seed banks should be allowed to become members of the FAO Treaty’s Multi-Lateral System to facilitate legal seed exchange with other communities, using the

FAO’s standard Material Transfer Agreement. The Potato Park has deposited its potato seed collection, supported by the Treaty’s benefit-sharing fund, in the Svalbard Seed Vault, which places its collection alongside national gene banks”. The meeting culminated in the Tuggoz Declaration5 which calls on governments to recognise that traditional knowledge has equal and complementary value to western science, to respect the cultural and spiritual values, worldviews and languages of indigenous peoples and traditional farmers, and to protect Farmers’ Rights and indigenous peoples’ intellectual property rights. Help/PAGE 7

The mountains of Misamis Oriental

Higaonon tribal leaders in Lantad

A typical dwelling in the mountain fastness of Digkilaan Parish

Search for Exemplary Pantawid Child 2015. The Department of Social Welfare and Development-10 hails Angel Anne Marie Jabian (center) of Lawaan, Aloran, Misamis Occidental as the Regional Exemplary Pantawid Child 2015. Meanwhile, Rosa Bianca Galos (2nd from right) from Camiguin and Regine Dablo (2nd from left) from Misamis Oriental bag the second and third place respectively. The Search for Exemplary Pantawid Child 2015 aims to recognize the children beneficiaries of the program who set excellent examples at home, in school and in their community.(RTP/PIA10)

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

October 17-23, 2015

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

October 17-23, 2015

Hypertension need not lead to strokes


ore than 1.56 billion people worldwide are expected to have hypertension by 2025,

making the disease more alarming to healthcare providers. However, most people diagnosed with the

condition have no signs nor symptoms of the disease until they reach its life-threatening stages.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in every five adults with high blood

Monsanto connects with farmers and customers through website and mobile service Leading agriculture biotechnology company Monsanto Philippines launched its website (www.monsanto. ph) to provide information on their products, services, and its people through an online platform. Corporate Engagement Lead Charina Garrido-Ocampo said that the website strengthens Monsanto’s commitment to transparency and responsiveness to their various stakeholders, and promotes their goals towards sustainable food security. Monsanto also launched its SMS-based platform “Dekalblink” as part of their integrated solution in providing assistance to corn farmers from seed to feed. “Dekalblink” allows farmers to increase their yields by availing of necessary and timely information regarding seeds, fertilizers, and pests by texting “MAIS” to 3456 for free. According to Ocampo, Monsanto pushes forward its contribution to the development of the country’s agricultural sector through these platforms. (In photo L-R) Monsanto Philippines Farmer Services Lead Aristotle Aaron N. Cano, Regulatory Affairs Lead Gabriel O. Romero, Country Lead Sandro U. Rissi, Marketing Lead Maria Pamela Faye Mallari-Valenzuela, Human Resources Lead Cherie Lou P. Ocampo, and Corporate Engagement Lead Charina Garrido-Ocampo.

pressure—a more general term for hypertension— is unaware of his or her disease, making prevention to deadly consequences such as stroke more difficult than ever. “Hypertensive patients may experience frequent headaches, shortness of breath or nosebleeds, but these signs won’t occur until their blood pressure rises to its peak,” said Dr. Amado Nazal, medical director of Pharex HealthCorp. “When left untreated, their high blood pressure may cause them serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke.” About eight out of ten people who had their first stroke are diagnosed with hypertension, which is responsible for worsening the quality of lives of some 14 million Filipinos, according to the Department of Health (DOH). “You can have high blood pressure for many years without symptoms surfacing every now and then—what people don’t know is that the disease comes like a thief in the night,” Dr. Nazal said. He added, “This makes regular

monitoring of blood pressure all the more important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important whether you are already hypertensive or not; the challenge comes recognizing the disease and taking action before it leads to stroke.” Uncontrolled high blood pressure may trigger excessive pressure on a person’s artery walls, damaging the blood vessels and the body’s organs. This is why Pharex HealthCorp., the most prescribed unibranded generics, emphasizes the vital role of lifestyle change in keeping high blood pressure at bay. Dr. Nazal said, “The first step to achieving lifestyle change is to set an appointment with your healthcare provider. If you suspect that you have hypertension, nothing comes more important than having your blood pressure checked to address it immediately.” Furthermore, prioritizing lifestyle modifications such as quitting smoking and staying physically active will go a long way in preventing high hypertension/PAGE 7

What could be a Christmas Gift? CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly G The

de Oro



The CAGAYAN de ORO TIMES newspaper is published weekly at Tanleh Bldg., Abellanosa Street, Consolacion, Cagayan de Oro City. It is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region 10 with Certificate No. 01801884, and with Business Registration Plane No. 17211 with Business License Certificate 2014-00691. TIN No. 311-982-549-000 Tele/Fax #: (08822) 74-53-80 Find us on Facebook: CagayandeOroTIMES email us at Member: Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (Oro Chamber)

ift giving and receiving and Christmas simply but surely go together. Many times it’s incurring our indignation. Many of us defer the most important decision during the most jolliest season of the year. What is the best Christmas gift for our loved ones??? Is it really an important decision, or does it delete the real meaning of Christmas? I am sure, many of us know the real answer. The giving spirit of the holiday season seems to fade in the light of necessary obligations and finances, along the painful dilemma of giving gifts to those who want to buy for as opposed to those for whom you should buy! Let’s think about it: To whom are we obligated at Christmas: our boss, our cousins, our parents, our partner or our children and friends as well?

What about the children? Should they give presents to people either then family members? How about the innumerable large families especially in the Philippines, because of economics, resort to name drawing process at Christmas. For me firstly Christmas is spirit. You can always find ways to give gifts without expenses. The most well known and always remembered gift is to do to someone like giving time. In my family we do this mostly during the season holidays. But if I look more around, mmh, sad to say, that “time as gift” doesn’t satisfy most of all.Well, it’s okay. There are so many ways to use your mind in terms of giving someone other things than putting Peso or Dollar notes. I am sure you know, that home made gifts can be also a very good idea... .

Sure, there is etiquette of gift giving at Christmas and also other occasions. Homemade gifts are most appropriate especially as Christmas gifts, according to Stuart E. Jacobson, book author of “The Art of Giving”. Allow me to quote Jacobson, “Homemade gifts are wonderful. A gift of imagination, a gift of creativity, a gift, that shows (also!) time was put into it. A created time is a wonderful present.” When considering a homemade gift, instead of tumbling through crowded shopping malls (as I tried again yesterday!) and getting a headache (I really got!)! While stumbling from one mall to the next, I found out again, that the real and whole essence of giving a gift is to bring pleasure to the person receiving it.Jacobson says in his book, “Homemade gifts are also ideal for children to give

H ave M y Say

Klaus Doring

as presents. Kids can create things because they have unique imagination. Children should feel free to give something to anyone they spend a lot of time with. No monetary value should be placed on what a child should give to someone.” Very well said. I am just afraid, that it seems more or less impossible nowadays in these modern times... . +++ You can email me: doringklaus@gmail. com or follow me in Facebook or Twitter or visit www.germanexpatinthephilippines. or www.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

October 17-23, 2015


How A Cybercriminal Might Infiltrate Your Corporate Network By Anthony Giandomenico, Senior Security Strategist, FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet

Security is no longer an afterthought. It’s a major component to the success of a business. This means that the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need a spot at the executive table to ensure the IT security plans align with the business goals and objectives. We are all connected to the Internet which is great; however being connected also means that we are all in a very large ecosystem. It’s important to realize that anything happens with one company will often affect many other companies. Direct business partners will be affected and even the most remote company can be affected. For example when a breach happens in a company, often times personally identifiable information (PII) data are stolen. The data can not only be sold for use for identify fraud, but also for use in much more believable phishing attacks. The more information an attacker has about you, the more they can make that email look real and get you to click it. Many of the attack techniques used today are similar to the attack few years ago such as compromising weak passwords, phishing

attacks and malware downloads from browsing infected websites or advertisement sites. However, there are some mounting cyber problems that are enabling the attackers to deliver their exploit more effectively and stealthier. One of them being social media and on-line services. Everyone today is using some form of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as online dating sites. Because of this, attackers are shifting their entry points into user’s devices via these sites via social engineering, preying on the human emotions side. Social Engineering concepts are the same, but the attack vector or surface has changed. Next is the evasion techniques used by the attackers. The ability for the attacker to conceal themselves continues to advance. Because of this often times just having traditional anti-virus is not enough. Amongst the new hacking techniques, phishing attack is most likely the number one way to gain unauthorized access to company networks. A phishing email will attach a piece of malware or a malicious link, and is created to look legitimate and enticing

for users to click the link. Another technique used by the hackers is the driveby attack. The attackers will compromise a website and install a malicious java script that will redirect an unsuspecting user to another website containing malicious payload (malware) that will then be downloaded in the background to the user’s device. In a targeted attack, the attackers will spend many months researching websites that companies or industries will frequent and infect those websites. The next technique used is malvertising. This attack is similar to the drive-by attacks except for the attacker will focus on infecting the advertising sites. An attacker can infect one ad site which in turn could infect 1000s of other websites. More bang for your buck! Last but not least, the mobile attack. Many attacks against mobile devices are similar to the above listed attacks; they are just targeting the mobile device. In addition, malware can be delivered through SMS messages or they mask themselves as other fun applications such as games or even pornography. Once the attacker has

successfully breached a network and is sitting on a user’s device such as a laptop/ desktop or mobile devices, the attacker now needs to download more malware and tools to complete their missions. Usually the data they are looking for is not on the workstations; it’s in the servers/databases and such. The following are some high level steps an attacker will take once inside the network: 1. They will download other tools and malware for further network compromise. 2. They will map the network to find other servers to find the data they are looking for. They will also look for the Active Directory server which contains all the usernames and passwords. If they can crack that then they have keys to the kingdom. 3. Once they find the data they will usually find a staging server to copy all data they are looking for. The ideal server for this will be one that is stable (always stays up) and has access out to the Internet. 4. That data will slowly be sent back to their (attackers) servers which many times are on a cloud server somewhere making it harder to block the source. If the cybercriminals are

inside the network for a long period of time, they will be able to obtain any type of information that is available. Most company data are stored electronically. The longer they are in the more of a chance they have in learning your business processes and data flow. An example of this is the Carbanak attack. In this attack, the bad guys were able to track down the admin’s computers to get access to the video surveillance cameras and watch how the bank tellers worked and record every last detail of their process which in turn they mimicked to transfer money out through their own systems. As I mentioned above, the usual entry point into the network is through users clicking on malicious links. Once the user device is compromised, the attackers infiltrate/PAGE 7

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October 17-23, 2015

Gov. Emano submits 2016 budget M isamis Oriental Gov. Bambi Emano submitted the 2016 budget to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) as required by the local government code and despite election related distractions, Friday. Section 318 of the Local Government Code mandates that the last day for the submission of proposed budgets is October 16 every year. Called the “executive budget” until approved by the legislative body of the province, it has a total appropriation of some P2,031,553,096.00. “It is a lean budget; an honest reflection of what the province can afford without sacrificing basic services,” Gov. Emano said. The top five (5) budgetary allocations are still on the priority programs of the Governor that include infrastructure development, economic enhancement programs, health and social services, staff

development and livelihood promotion programs. Several appropriated amount in the 2016 budget will still go to the payment of some parts of the debt left by the former administration which

totaled to some P1.2 billion. Through the initiative of the Governor, the province has already paid some P72 million of the statutory debt incurred by the previous administration.

“We are just being consistent with our set of priorities as outlined at the very start of our terms a few years back,” Gov. Emano added. It is expected the SP will act on the budget with dispatch through its finance committe

Governor Bambi Emano proclaims Enan Emano as Tagoloan’s Mayoralty bet. photo courtesy of governor bambi emano’s facebook page

CSOs back institutionalization of Pantawid Pamilya Cagayan de Oro City — Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Northern Mindanao expressed hope that the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Pantawid Pamilya) would be institutionalized to ensure its continuity even with changes in leadership. During its monthly regular meeting here, 18 CSOs passed a resolution declaring its support to the institutionalization of the conditional cash transfer of the national government. In a three-page resolution number 0012015, the organizations headed by its chairman Francisco Mabaso Jr, president of the People Power Volunteer for Reform (PPVR) Bukidnon, also expressed its assistance to DSWD in conducting the family development sessions with Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries on active citizenship. The resolution said, “CSOs deemed conditional cash transfer to beneficial to its partner beneficiaries considering the upshot on partner beneficiaries’ status of well-beingfrom survival to subsistence (82.03%) and

headed by Kag. Jabi Bernaldez, a newlyminted Padayon Pilipino member, the party of the Governor. The Governor’s calendar last week has been full but he always took some hours daily to meet with his financial

from subsistence to selfsufficiency (0.198%) as of April 2014.” Aside from Mabaso, signatories of the resolution include Elvie Parel, vice president of CSOs and president of Pilipina; Eden Jacinto of GCAMFI; Michael Cagulada of GROUP Foundation; Jonathan Mongcal of Citizens Watch on Good Governance; Dr. Rosalina Huerbana of Safer River Life Saver Foundation of Liceo de Cagayan University; Rizalina Amesola of Ranao Women and Children Resource Center, Pastor Crispin Dura of NACPHIL; Adelina Sales of GTAPWo; Rufiniano Lindongan of NACPHIL; Noel Resma of MROFI-NAC MRP; Gil Salavaleon of Farmers Federation; Jimmy Oco of ALEMA Organization; Brenda Caberiana of MALISA Home; Christian Flores of Values Restoration Advocate for Mindanao; Felipe Tangcalagan of Philippine Task Force Movement; Roseller Bastillada of PHILCARED Inc.; and Virgelia Demata of Philippine Island Kids Foundation. Along with beneficiaries, the CSOs

will gather signatures in support for the institutionalization of Pantawid Pamilya. The House Committee on Poverty Alleviation has already approved the consolidated bills institutionalizing the Pantawid Pamilya. Tarlac Rep. Susan Yap authored House Bill (HB) 154 or “An act institutionalizing the Conditional Cash Transfer program of the government to reduce poverty and promote human capital development and providing funds therefor.” HB 154 or the “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Act “seeks to provide assistance to the poor, break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, promote gender equality, achieve universal primary education, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health, which are also the part of the government’s Millennium Development Goals.” Lawyer Araceli F. Solamillo, Regional Director of DSWD Field Office 10, welcomed the support of the CSOs. Given the success of

the program in reaching out to the poor, Solamillo said there is a need to ensure sustainability through an enacted policy. Today, there are 283,150 Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries in Northern Mindanao. Under the bill, qualified household beneficiaries will receive conditional cash transfer of P500 per month for health and nutrition expenses, P300 per month per child for educational expenses, and a supplementary education grant of P300 for each child who maintains passing grades in all subjects after the first year of implementation of the program. A maximum of three children will be allowed for each qualified household beneficiary. The bill will limit the time span of beneficiaries to avail the assistance to seven years and provides programs that would ensure that said beneficiaries will remain non-poor after the time limit. According to a study conducted by Dr. Celia Reyes of the House Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department, school Pantawid/PAGE 7

managers in order to get the budget done on time. Vice Gov. Joey Pelaez commended the punctual submission of the executive budget to the SP by the Governor. “This is part of the intriguing personality of the Governor. His being a tickler for details is making our job easier. Timeframes set by law are not for nothing. I take off my hat to Gov. Bambi,” Vice Gov. Pelaez. By adhering to the schedule, the Vice Governor added, Gov. Emano shows his great respect for the law as well as for the SP members who also have their own schedule to meet. Gov. Emano asked the committee of Kag. Bernaldez to expedite the discussoin of the said budget and not be distracted by the 2016 election-related issues. “All the chaos related to the elections are temporary. Focus on the task,” the Governor instructed his financial team in one of the meetings. (PIO/MisOr)

GSIS offers emergency loan to members, pensioners in 3 N. Luzon provinces Government Service Insurance System is offering emergency loans to 28,035 members and 5,019 old-age pensioners in Benguet, Kalinga, and Abra, which were recently hit by typhoon Ineng. GSIS allotted over P584 million for emergency loan in Benguet and Kalinga, and more than P197 million in Abra. Active members working or residing in the affected provinces are eligible to borrow if they are not on leave of absence without pay, have no arrears in paying premium contributions, and have no loans in default. First-time borrowers may apply for a Php20,000 emergency loan. Those with existing emergency loan may borrow Php40,000, from which their loan balance will be deducted. The loan is payable in three years or 36 equal monthly instalments at 6 percent interest per annum. It is covered by a loan redemption insurance, which deems the loan fully paid in case of death of the borrower, provided that the loan repayment is up to date.

The deadline for application is October 31, 2015 for Benguet and Kalinga, and November 1, 2015 for Abra. Active members may apply for the loan through the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (GWAPS) kiosks in any of GSIS’s 42 branch offices, 14 extension offices, and 58 service desks; provincial capitols; city halls; municipal offices; large government agencies such as the Department of Education; 27 Robinsons Malls; and SM Super Malls in Manila, Pampanga, and Cebu. Old-age pensioners are required to apply in person to avail of the Php20,000 pension emergency loan. If they are also active members, they may borrow only once. Loan proceeds are electronically credited to the borrower’s GSIS eCard or unified multipurpose identification (UMID) card. Interested applicants who have further inquiries may call the GSIS Contact Center at 847-4747.

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October 17-23, 2015


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There were also side games for kids such as Roleta, Stop & Throw, Ring Toss and Strike! These kids were given free cotton candy just like in a typical country fair. The Isuzu Fair 2015 brought with it huge discounts for spot buyers for any Isuzu unit and 30 percent discount for parts. A Samsung phone and an mu-X Miniature were also raff led off. If you haven’t been to the Isuzu Fair 2015, you can still check out the wide array of new models such as mu-X, D-MAX X Series and Crosswind Sportivo at their Gusa highway showroom, Cagayan de Oro City.

Help... from page 2

This was the second learning exchange of the International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples which includes communities from Bhutan, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand and the Philippines. The FAO Treaty recognises the enormous contribution that local and indigenous communities and farmers of all regions of the world have made, and will continue to make, for the conservation, development and use of plant genetic resources as the basis of food and agriculture production throughout the world. Its objectives are the conservation of plant genetic resources, their sustainable use, and the equitable sharing of benefits from their use. It has 136 contracting parties. Yet, according to the FAO, genetic resources are being lost at an alarming rate. The Sustainable Development Goals require urgent action to address this – goal 2 “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”, target 2.5 “by 2020 maintain genetic diversity of seeds, cultivated plants, farmed and domesticated animals and their related wild species”. Examples include those provisions under UPOV ’91, (the Convention on the protection of new plant varieties) which can limit the rights of farmers to save, use, exchange and sell farm-saved seeds (which are recognised by article 9 of the FAO Treaty).

providing monthly cash million children in grants to households the country are sent from page 4 complying to it. to schools through the blood pressure and its The studies also program. complications. disclosed that most of Last March, a total “Hypertension is the parent beneficiaries of 333,673 high school both preventable and who are poor belong to beneficiaries nationwide treatable, only if you the categories of those were able to graduate follow the right treatment who did not finish their through the program. procedures as prescribed studies or out of school Some of them by your doctor,” he said. youths (OSYs). continued their studies “When you’re at home, Through the in college through it is best to cut down program, parents learn scholarships and on salt, eat a balanced the value of good health graduated with honors. diet, and avoid harmful and education to their More than 4.4 use of alcohol. More children’s future and million poor households importantly, taking its effect in the struggle in the country are your medication to curb against poverty. benefiting from the hypertension will help At present, over 10 program. you minimize it.” For hypertensive adults, there is an abundance of highquality medicines at very low prices that they need to adhere to. If patients will not comply with their medication, Dr. Nazal said that “their quality of life will pay the price.” He concluded, “Non-compliance to your therapy will cost so much more. Once hypertensive patients learn how to control their blood pressure, it will be easier for them to go back to their normal lives without the fear of having stroke or other chronic diseases.” Republic of the Philippines

Infiltrate... from page 5

will start moving about the network to find the data they are looking for. This is where network segmentation becomes extremely important. One, it helps reduce the impact of the breach since a company can isolate the breach to a specific location while not affecting the rest of the network. Also, it allows for sensitive data to be zoned in a higher security area which will give the bad guys a tougher time to exfiltrate data. Lastly, “You can’t protect and monitor everything within your networks”. The networks are too large and complex; so find the critical data, isolate it and put more granular focus on monitoring the avenues of approach to that data.

Pantawid... from page 6

attendance rates of children six to 11 years old from Pantawid Pamilya household families were higher compared to children from non-Pantawid families. This marks the positive impact of the program to school participation of children at the primary level. Pantawid Pamilya invests on the health and education of children by


REGIONAL TRIAL COURT OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL 10th Judicial Region Branch 25 Cagayan de Oro City

Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT REGIONAL TRIAL COURT OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL 10th Judicial Region Cagayan de Oro City





Upon extra-judicial petition for sale under Act 3135 as amended, filed by HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND or PAG-IBIG FUND, Mortgagee, with address at J.R. Borja Street, Cagayan de Oro City, against GUILLERMO B. OCAY, Mortgagor, married to MARY JOCELYN A. OCAY, with postal address at 037 Camp Alagar, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City/ Lot 4, Block 15, Pag-Ibig Citi Homes Phase 2, Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental, to satisfy the mortgagee indebtedness which as of April 28, 2015 amounts to THREE HUNDRED NINETY THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED EIGHT PESOS & 07/100 (P393,608.07) inclusive of interest and penalty charges and other charges that may accrue thereafter, plus the foreclosure expenses, the undersigned Sheriff will sell at public auction on November 10, 2015 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning or soon thereafter at the main entrance of the City Tourism Hall, City Hall Compound, Regional Trial Court Branch 25, Cagayan de Oro City, to the highest bidder for CASH and in Philippine Currency, the property mentioned in the said mortgage which is described as follows:

Upon Extra Judicial Petition for Sale under Act 3135 as amended by Act No. 4118. Filed by HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND (Pag-IBIG Fund), a government financial institution duly organized and existing under and by virtue of Republic Act No. 9679, with principal office at The Atrium of Makati, Makati Avenue, Makati City, and with branch office at Pag-IBIG Fund Bldg., J. R. Borja St., Cagayan de Oro City, against SHAYLET GRACE D. GERMAN, single, of legal age, Filipino citizen, with postal address at Lot 20, Blk. 12, SILVER CREEK SUBD., Puli Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness which as of August 27, 2015 amounts to SIX HUNDRED FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FOUR PESOS and 21/100 ( P 604,134.21 ) Philippine Currency, inclusive of interest and penalty charges, exclusive of attorney’s fees and other necessary fees and expenses of Extra-Judicial Foreclosure and Sale, the undersigned Sheriff will SELL at Public Auction on November 13, 2015 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning or soon thereafter at the main entrance of RTC Branch 40, A. Luna St., Capitol Compound, Cagayan de Oro City, to the Highest Bidder, for CASH and in Philippine Currency, the real property mortgaged together with all improvements thereon, to wit:

TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO. 136-2013000085 “A PARCEL OF LAND, Lot 4, Block-15, PSD-10-059077, portion of Lot 2, PCS-10-003972, located at Malanang, Opol, Misamis Oriental, Island of Mindanao. Including all improvements existing thereon, containing an area of ONE HUNDRED TEN (110) SQUARE METERS, more or less. Registered in the name of GUILLERMO B. OCAY, married to MARY JOCELYN A. OCAY:” All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated date, time and place. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date for whatever reason, the same will proceed on the following working day, without further notice, posting and publication. Prospective buyers/bidders may investigate for themselves the title of herein above described property and encumbrances thereon, if any there be. Cagayan de Oro City, September 30, 2015

TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NO. 137-2011001484 Registered in the name of SHAYLET GRACE D. GERMAN A PARCEL OF LAND ( Lot 20,Block 12, Psd-10-053352, portion of Lot 3891-P-2, Psd-10-050786) Situated in the Barangay of Canitoan (Now) Carmen, City of Cagayan de Oro, Island of Mindanao, Bounded on x x x, Beginning at x x x ; Cad – 237, Cagayan Cadastre, containing an area of EIGHTY (80) square meters more or less. Prospective buyers/bidders may investigate for themselves the title herein-above described and encumbrances thereon, if any there be. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated date, time and place. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date for whatever reason, the same will proceed on the following working day, without further notice, posting and publication. Cagayan de Oro City, October 7, 2015



CT: October 17, 24 & 31, 2015

CT: October 17, 24 & 31, 2015


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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

October 17-23, 2015

DOST – ICTO,, and 1337 Ventures to run first Alpha Startup Bootcamp in the Philippines


OST – Information and Communications Technology Office, in partnership with 1337 Ventures and, is set to run a preaccelerator program for startups in their early ideation and validation stages. The Alpha Startup Bootcamp will be on its pilot run in the Philippines this November, kicking off with a boot camp in Cebu City on November 9 – 13, 2015. The inaugural 5-day Bootcamp will feature workshops on customer and product development, pitching, mentoring sessions, and networking sessions that will help startups advance from idea generation to developing viable products and business models. To conclude the Bootcamp, startups will get the chance to showcase their outputs in a demo day that will be attended by key investors. “This Alpha Startup Bootcamp will help early stage startups get off the ground by teaching them the basics of building a digital business. This is a gap we currently see in the Philippine startup ecosystem that this initiative will help address,” said DOST-ICTO Deputy Executive Director Monchito Ibrahim. In response to such gap, the DOST – ICTO has partnered with TechTalks. ph and Malaysiabased accelerator, 1337 Ventures in this Bootcamp. Champions of startups in the country’s grassroots communities and the ASEAN, respectively, and1337 Ventures see the first Alpha Startup Bootcamp as an opportunity to meet promising Philippine startups they can potentially work with to further develop the startup communities in the country and the

ASEAN region. Startups that successfully graduate from the program will have a chance to receive microfunding and resources that are helpful for their startup as well as gain priority admission into funding programs run by 1337 Ventures. More importantly, they will become validated startups with stronger pitches and will be more ready to pursue business ventures. Entrepreneurs can now apply for the Bootcamp at http://alphastartups. co. A one-minute video pitch must be submitted as an entry point. Phase 1 of the registration will close on 19 October and Phase 2 on 26 October. Qualified entrepreneurs will be notified of the application results by 2 November 2015. The Bootcamp is open to 50 startup founders and cofounders of early stage startups who have initially started conceptualizing innovative ICT startups. The Alpha Startup Bootcamp is part of the ICTO’s larger initiative of promoting technopreneurship and innovation in the country through its seedPH program. Towards this, seedPH leverages the use of ICT for relevant economic and social change through establishment and unification of the Philippine startup ecosystem and the proliferation of innovative ICT businesses. Key projects under seedPH include Startup Weekends, Startup Workshops, the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups, and the annual Philippine Startup Challenge. For inquiries on the Alpha Startup Bootcamps and seedPH, follow us at digitalPH2015 or email karla.legaspi@

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CDOTIMES October 17-23, 2015  

CDOTIMES October 17-23, 2015

CDOTIMES October 17-23, 2015  

CDOTIMES October 17-23, 2015