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Volume 2 | No. 35 | Cagayan de Oro City | April 27-May 3, 2014

Honda CDO Launches All-New City By Mariejo Indira Ghandi L. Saligumba and Roque L. Salvo Jr. Liceo U MassComm Interns


onda Cars Cagayan de Oro officially launched the 4th generation sedan of its bestselling model the All New Honda City, April 25, Friday evening. Living up to their tagline, the Power of Dreams, Honda sets the standards of cars to a whole new level as the All New City is bound to let its costumers “Touch Tomorrow” with its futuristic concept that utilizes cutting-edge driving innovations and delivers outstanding comfort features.

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Social Climbing: Redefined CITY


The All-New Honda City. Photo by ROQUE SALVO JR.

By Greanne Trisha Mendoza Liceo U MassComm Intern

t takes a small group of mountaineers to change the way we think about

social climbing. The journey to the climb of their lives began on the morning of April 17th…. With the weather on their favor and their unquenchable thirst for adventure, the Social Climbers were all geared up to conquer the fourth highest mountain in the country: Mount Kitanglad. Located in Impasug-ong, Malaybalay City, Mount Kitanglad is a constant attraction for thrill seekers; and Team Social Climbers is a first time challenger of the famous giant.

And the challengers are: Val Martinito Jr., Chuck Fuentes, Rodjin Garcia and wife Joanna, Philip Radaza, Vandolph Penales, and Anamie Arcillas. From the starting point in Barangay Intavas it takes two hours just to get to the base of the mountain. And from there, it takes another 6 hours to get to the top, and that’s if you’re an experienced climber. And the challenge continues. The team had to endure thick, humid forests, treacherous trails, difficult rocky terrain, and searing heat.



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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

April 27-May 3, 2014

DOT accredits hotels, restaurants for safety In answer to the notion that accredited hotels and restaurants are expensive, the Department of Tourism (DOT) Regional Office 10 assures accreditation of tourism establishments are done to make sure tourists are safe and secure. DOT Regional Director

Catalino Chan III said, “Dili mabayran ang safety sa tourist.” (No amount of money can pay a tourist’s safety.) Through DOT’s accreditation be it five star or one star, the tourist can feel safe and assured of comfort and services. Chan said that to be accredited, the facility should

meet the minimum requirements of the department. Hotels should have a wheelchair ramp and a number of rooms friendly to Persons with Disability (PWDs), he said. There should be a fire exit, sprinklers in case of fire, among others. Chan said that if a tourism


establishment has better facilities, then it also has higher standards. He said that other than accreditation, DOT also conducts training for tour guides, taxi drivers, and tour operators among others. Meanwhile, the Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant

Association (COHARA) trains and handles Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) students during their summer On-the-Job training (OJT) required by their schools. Compared to other members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Philippines is more complete

with accreditations, he said. In terms of negative comments from foreign tourists, DOT is open to critics and addressing this negative aspect. There are 104 accredited tourism establishments in Northern Mindanao.

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

April 27-May 3, 2014

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

April 27-May 3, 2014


The Financial Doctor

ala mode

by Dr. Adonis P. Agcopra

Power, Responsibility and Road Traffic Enforcement in CDO


he implementation of Task Force Hapsay Dalan to strictly enforce traffic discipline initially in the Divisoria district of Cagayan de Oro as per City Ordinance 105512007, though met with skepticism from some sectors, has been quite a success. Kudos to Mayor Oscar “Oca” Moreno, the city traffic czar Atty. Jose Edgardo “Egay” Uy and all constituents of the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA). If done effectively, efficiently and true to its purpose, it could easily be duplicated in all parts of the city. With great traffic discipline implemented skillfully within the bounds of the entire City of Golden Friendship, this could even become a good model for many other localities to adopt for their own benefit. Power always comes with responsibility. Whatever our status, each one of us wields power by virtue of our position or profession. A business owner has great power over his employees. And with it comes the great responsibility of acting

like a responsible father to them all. Physicians have great power by virtue of the high level of trust given to them as a privilege. Anytime a doctor shirks away from the big responsibility of taking care of his patients, it could easily mean one life lost at perhaps an inopportune moment. My friends doing Neurosurgery as a calling would certainly agree - it is too tempting to think that at times they feel like "gods" for one wrong stroke of the scalpel could easily mean the end of one person's life on the operating table. An ordinary pedestrian can have the power to hinder the smooth flow of traffic. Imagine if someone suddenly goes berserk and thinks it funny to feign having an epileptic fit and falls flat in the midst of C. M. Recto highway. What a great traffic jam he would indeed create, all to his satisfaction and enjoyment! What about a jeepney driver stopping to pick up passengers in the middle of nowhere,


CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro


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by Owen Jaen

On Losing and Gaining


ave you ever had weight problems? I do. This is my conflicting battle that I have been trying to win for years. Sometimes I get the upper hand but most of the times I am on the losing end. Right now, I have been more conscious of my health since I get a certain sense of unease when people begin to notice that I have significantly gained. It used to be a laughing matter and I try to just go with it but as of late, I know this is no longer something to kid about. I am no longer getting any younger and soon time will run out if I do not take the courage to change. I am not offended though that they tell me I have gained more weight, I feel their concern instead. Now is the time to step up and take care of myself even more. I know that I need to lose some pounds in order to gain back much of my self-confidence and of course, fit right back into my favorite shirts and trousers, too! This is an uphill battle, especially that I am living independently here in Cagayan de Oro and eating out is the quickest and most practical solution to hunger pangs and an alternative to meal preparations. However, I have found ways to survive in the situation and hopefully I will

Before she says I do...


or the past Two years I’ve been singing for my Highschool batchmates’ weddings and some were surprised that truly I became a singer. As we talk details we get the chance to reminisce the good old days and the best part is ,their wedding become the reunion of a certain class. When I get into such moments it brings me back to those days and I can’t help but be amazed of what a certain batch mate had achieved in his/her journey. Time flies as we say and this year my highschool bestfriend is getting married. Aside from being her Maid of Honor I’m also privileged to host her bridal shower. I’ve organize many events myself ever since I was in college but this is my first time to handle a bridal shower. Good thing we have the Internet for various Ideas and detailed steps on how to do it. Since weddings will be around


have the drive to fully accomplish this until the finish. Knowing what you are eating, what not to eat and when to eat are truly helpful in this journey towards the reshaping of a better version of me. I have tried some supplements, teas and diet fixes but they do not seem to work. Then I realized that it was not them, it was me. I now have to start committing to a turning down sweet temptations and then getting my buttocks off the chair more often to do more activities in one day. The road to a better waistline and a optimum body weight is a rigorous work in progress and sometimes I see myself trying to go on a detour but I always have to remind myself to keep my eyes on the track or else I would be rolling down the hill panting, huffing and looking more upset than ever. Trying to look good is a choice and it is up to you how fast and how slow you would like to get on with it but one thing is for sure, never do it for the satisfaction of others but for your own sake. To enjoy life further, we must have to always try to put into consideration our own well-being. When you lose some, you gain some. To all of us who are on an adventure towards a better life, cheers!



every now and then and good friends are always there too, here are some tips I’ve gathered for throwing a bridal shower. 1. Talk to the bride - That is if you don’t want a shower that’s a complete surprise. To avoid the general fuss of a wedding, it may be best to talk to the bride. You want to avoid inviting people who are not invited in the wedding itself. Ask for the best date and time as well. 2. Choose a location - Now comes the best part! Whether it's the beach, a restaurant, or fancy hotel, the location of the shower can change everything. If you do decide to go with a specific theme, your location should reflect this. 3. Decide the date – Let the bride decide. You don’t want to interfere in their wedding preparation. 4. Compile the guest listGet the invitees from the bride herself. It saves you from a lot of stress. 5. Communicate with the guests – to make sure of their

coming and headcount for your food and prizes. 6. Pick a theme - It will help direct both the mood of the shower party and can even impact the gifts. 7. Set a budget - Bridal showers can run from the very inexpensive to the extremely pricey, depending on your location and number of guests. 8. Shop for decorations, dining ware, and other party necessities. After all, what's a theme without decorations. Balloons, crepe paper streamers, banners, table center-pieces, plates -- the list of available items goes on and on. 9. Prepare the program – Make it memorable. It’s exciting to throw a party for someone who has been important in our lives over the years. The party maybe simple or lavish but it’s the thought and the effort that mostly counts. It should be heartily given and heartily done.

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Knowledge is a gift no one can take away by JULEE BOURGOIN, Liceo U MassComm Intern


hey can take away everything except our knowledge. Imagine this: you’re sitting in a coffee shop, sipping a frappe and your favorite song comes on. It takes you back. You are brought back to your pre-adolescent years. You just climbed out of bed and you smell bacon and eggs cooking on the range. You loved your mom’s cooking. Your dad is watching the news as you climb onto his lap to say good morning. He proceeds to mess up your already-messy hair and says a long word you don’t recognize. He tells you to repeat what he said. Of course in your just fell out of bed state, you stumble on the word because it doesn’t roll off the tongue easily. Your dad says another word, you repeat it. It’s a fun little game that goes on during breakfast as your mom looks on lovingly. He does this everyday and you can’t help but wonder how many long, strange and hard to pronounce words does he know? Fast forward, you are fifteen and looking down at a notepad with ten long division problems waiting to be solved. You already finished writing down the multiplication tables that your dad made you memorize. It’s agonizing. Your friends are waiting for you


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grossly disregarding the obstruction he causes to all other motorists? Such chaos he would create. And what great power to stop the flow of traffic he has! And what about our friendly (and some unfriendly) RTA enforcers standing on the wayside? Quite great power they wield. If an RTA enforcer knocks on your window, I bet not just one among you would have sudden skipped heart beats with the incessant thought pounding your minds: "What wrong did I do now?" About a month ago, an acquaintance of mine parked at a Divisoria district street side at about past ten in the evening, and went inside one of the fast food chains to buy food. A few minutes later, she emerged finding her vehicle's front wheel getting clamped by an RTA enforcer, apparently because she inadvertently positioned her vehicle in the motorcycle parking slot. A few days later, when reporting to the RTA office to settle her due penalty, she found out that not only has she been charged with parking in the motorcycle slot, but to her surprise two other violations were cited but which were never mentioned on the scene. Indeed, they were quite bothersome to hear - "parking at the corner" and "driving

to come out and play but you can’t—not until you’ve finished the task given to you. You groan and dip your head and start to work. It’s hard but you can’t help but feel proud as your dad looks over your work and marks them all correct with a flourish. Your work is done and now you can play. But after play, a spelling quiz is waiting. The spelling quiz doesn’t take long; you love it. All twenty words are spelled correctly. After a reward that comprises of ice cream and TV, geography lessons are waiting. And so is your dad, with the world map, the globe and the flags of the world. This is another subject you love and can’t get enough of. That’s because it isn’t taught in school. What a shame. All these lessons you get from your dad is kind of like home school/tutor/ supplementary learning because your dad seems to think that the education system was just not enough. Fast forward to today. You are back in the present; your frappe has melted, leaving an unpleasant bitter taste in your mouth. The bitterness awakens you and you realize something. You smile to yourself and say “My dad was right.” Even though you hated these lessons because they got in the

with tinted license plates." Definitely, she thought, parking about twenty meters away from the intersection of the curb lines (and obviously a contradiction if she were caught parking within the motorcycle slot itself!) cannot be served a "parking at the corner" violation. And secondly, unless the RTA enforcer was wearing extremely dark shades, she swore never in the world could anybody declare her vehicle's license plates to be tinted in any way whatsoever. Plain and simple, I sensed some kind of power abuse. On further investigation with the RTA, such abuse of power was admitted by no less than the involved traffic enforcer himself. At times some lessons are learned the hard way. It was good that he made no further excuses for such an errant and abusive behavior, otherwise things would have gotten more complicated. Traffic enforcers, like police officers, have the preemptive duty to warn motorists of a possible infraction of the Traffic Code the moment they see one. When a motorist mistakenly thinks a street side slot is appropriate to park though it's actually not, a visible traffic enforcer could always approach him and give the much needed warning to


way of playtime, you are so thankful for them and thankful to have a father who cared enough to teach his kid a little bit more than what is taught in school. You are now armed with knowledge that many others did not get the opportunity to learn. You now have an advantage over others. Things like English now comes naturally to you, without having a “lag time” when your brain processes a thought and translates it to English then back to bisaya. You are fluent and proficient in speaking. Life has taken so many things from so many people. Even people take things away from other people. But no one can take away the knowledge that you have. Your dad is a very smart man. He taught you more than math and English, he taught you how to be practical and how to make your own decisions and even suffer the consequences of these decisions. But most importantly, he taught you something without really realizing it. He taught you that the knowledge that he has in his brain cannot be taken away because it is abstract and intangible yet, it can be passed on, making it immortal as well as his legacy. It is now your task to pass it on to the future generation.

relocate. If he gets hardheaded and doesn't heed the call, then he can be served a citation in obvious violation of the traffic ordinance. But if traffic enforcers keep hiding in the shadows, showing up only when a violation has been made whether willfully or not, and plainly with the sole intent of just issuing a traffic citation ticket for the motorist to settle with its corresponding monetary penalty, then I sense something amiss. In 2007, the Cagayan de Oro city council formalized a compendium of the city's Traffic Code under City Ordinance No. 10551-2007. Apart from stipulating all other details of the proper enforcement of traffic rules within the city, part of its provisions under Section 210 also specified the sharing of the proceeds of the administrative and judicial fines. Apart from the 50% share which the general fund of the city receives, Section 10.A.c more specifically states that “in case the arrest was made by a member of the Barangay Police, elected barangay official, RTA enforcer and deputized private individual traffic enforcer, twenty percent (20%) shall be given to the arresting person.”


CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

April 27-May 3, 2014



by Jhan Tiafau Hurst


Cleaning Other People’s House

hink a minute…A man walked into a crowded store in a small town. It was noisy and full of people. Everybody was talking and going about their own business when suddenly a woman yelled out loudly to a man: “Hey two-timer! Did your wife finally forgive you?” That store which was loud and noisy suddenly became amazingly quiet. Why? Because a nice, juicy bit of gossip was just thrown out and nobody wanted to miss it! Someone said that when we gossip about others it’s like forcing our way into someone else’s house to clean it for them. We do it not because we’re being kind and helpful, but so we can make them look bad and show everybody else how dirty that person’s life is. The worse we make them look, the better we think we will look in comparison. But it’s usually the opposite. People usually know how good you are by what you say about others, not by what others say about you. Do you remember the rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” It’s not true! Many people have been hurt far more by criticism and gossip than by sticks and stones. Even if it is true that a

Perhaps this was originally meant by the city council to encourage greater enforcement compliance since some amount goes into the enforcers' pocket. If you are fined P1,500 for a "no parking" violation even if you're in an area that you're not familiar with, then the dictum "ignorance of the law excuses no one" still applies. However, if the conspicuous RTA enforcers were present to forewarn you of a possible infraction, then you would have been guided effectively to perform your role as a law-abiding citizen in good faith. But if they opted to be inconspicuous, hiding it out in the corner while waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting victim to commit a violation with the malicious intent of issuing a citation ticket for the 20% "commission" they are going to receive, then this ought to ring warning bells of potential abuse. Imagine an RTA enforcer issuing total tickets amounting to an average of PhP7,500 a day (or 5 citations each worth PhP1,500) for twenty days a month, that could easily amount to a net of PhP20,000 on top of the regular RTA pay! To Mayor Oca Moreno and all the leaders in the city council, I pose these questions: 1) Do you think this

teenager got into trouble, or that man committed adultery, or that person said something very wrong, they may have learned from their mistake and changed already. But our cruel, unkind gossip about them is wrong and evil, and something we ourselves need to start changing today! The only person’s life you have the right and responsibility to correct is your own. That other person’s life is their own problem. It is not your job or right to talk about it to others. Remember, “What goes around comes around.” So the same bad things we told about others might also happen to us! Then, guess who people will be gossiping about? You. So if you’ve been hanging around with people who gossip and criticize others, you can decide right now to stop. If you will just ask Jesus Christ to forgive you, He will. Then Jesus will give you His powerful love for others, so instead of hurting them you will want to help them. You’ll even defend and stand up for them when others talk badly about them. Then, someone just might do the same for you when the gossipers are talking badly about you. Just Think a Minute…

"commission" scheme for RTA enforcers is actually working for the good of the general public? Or does it offer a room for potential abuse, like what has actually been exhibited by the RTA enforcer issuing the ticket to an acquaintance I mentioned as an example? 2) Do you think this provision needs to be revised? How come in Section 210.A.b of the same Code, it also states that if the arrest was made by a city policeman, all remaining 50% of the administrative fine accrues entirely goes to the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office "as the city's financial support thereto for its operational funds"? Does this translate to less motivation for the policeman to perform his job then? As the Irish statesman Edmund Burke once declared, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." As concerned citizens, let's all do our share and assume power as responsible pedestrians and motorists. However, we should also be always vigilant for potential abuses of power. Let's all create a more "hapsay" Cagayan de Oro! [Dr. Adonis Agcopra is a practicing Neurologist and financial consultant. He also writes an opinion column, "The Financial Doctor."]

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

April 27-May 3, 2014



THE TEST of the things we think, say or do

1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


RC Golden East

TUESDAY 12 Noon Philtown Hotel 6:00PM Mindy’s

RC East CDO RC Uptown CDO

WEDNESDAY 12:30PM Thai Me Up 7:00 PM Sentro

RC Metro CDO RC Kalayaan

THURSDAY 12 Noon VIP Hotel RCCag. DeOro 5:30PM Dynasty Court Hotel RC East Urban 7:00 PM Country Village RC Carmen Valley West FRIDAY 12 Noon VIP Hotel 7:00 PM Inilog Grill 7:30 PM City Grand Hotel 8:00 PM Casa Azucena

RC West CDO RC Bay Area RC Centerpoint RC CDO North

SATURDAY 5:00PM River View Hotel 6:30PM Buffalo Grill

RC South CDO RC Carmen Valley

An industry leader for providing quality and affordable homes for the Filipino families, has recently established its Mindanao Operations and has opportunities for a COMPETENT Individual to lead and manage its new projects. JOB OPENING:



LICENSED CIVIL ENGINEER An output-oriented Team worker with a good positive attitude, organized, reliable, and trustworthy At least 3 years intensive experience in building construction (preferably housing construction) holding supervisory (or higher) position. Must be very good in details and bears proficient/competent skills in Construction Planning/Scheduling, estimating (quantity take-off and costing), MS Office, and software applications related to engineering/construction and development.

Interested and qualified applicants may email their application and complete resume addressed to: The HR Manager MCDC - Ecoverde Homes, CDO Email: For inquiries, please call (08822) 745-755/732-345.

A Week for Others by Frances Vyne A. La Victoria, Liceo U MassComm Intern

One week to change your life. To change other people’s lives. Summer Service is an activity for students who wants make a real difference in their summer days. The University launches the first Summer of Service 2014 organized by KKP Social Involvement Office headed by Psychology and Computer Studies, officers and volunteers of the different co-curricular and religious organizations and student body organizations. The Xavier University gives not just a typical youth conference. It provides powerful worship through serving the people of Cagayan de Oro to show God’s love in practical ways. Xavier University partners with different local institutions

where the participants will be spending three weeks of community works in the areas of values formation, capacity buildings, trainings and other tutorials for children. It aims to give students an opportunity to grow closer to God while giving a heart to serve and render services. Xavier University’s summer services started with a basic orientation and skills training seminar. Participants were trained on facilitation, organizing and promotion to prepare them for their working are. The summer services will be until May 16. The University students chooses to spend their summer in a remarkable way by rendering services to the young ones.

The output presentation will be on May 10 where the participants will showcase the highlights of their engagements in the community or institution they have been assigned to. And, followed by a Synthesis Seminar on May 17 for a day of deepening and reflection of the experiences and learning from the summer program. Over the course of the week, students will be on outreach programs and activities everyday extending kindness and generosity to the young ones of Cagayan de Oro City. It is hoped that through this effort of deepening social responsibility, they will be able to take part in their University’s mission of forming “men and women for others.”

K+12 draws different reactions, students confused by Frances Vyne A. La Victoria Liceo U MassComm Intern


espite the Department of Education’s (DepEd) formal launching of the K+12 program for schools this year, the formal implementation and recognition of K+12 in the educational structure has yet to materialize. Until the legislative signs the K+12 Bill into law, educational institutions around the country still have time to plan exactly how to adjust.

As part of the worldwide change of K+12, Region 10 is also undergoing a major renovation to cope up with education systems worldwide, starting with the K-12 sector. This change to domestic education policy has farreaching consequences and is important for international e duc at iona l inst itut ions to consider when looking for potential new young employees. Region 10, Division School Superintendent, Ms. Cherry Mae Limbaco quoted, “Because it is now passed as one of our Laws here in the Philippines. We have no choice but to implement it here in our region. We give massive mass trainings to teachers who’ll teach subjects on K+12. We deploy them to major training grounds like Cebu City and Metro Manila. We equipped them to be better teachers.” The go a l of t he ne w curriculum is to give Filipino students enough time to master skills and concepts so that they are ready for tertiary education when the time comes. “It’s basically good that it is implemented because we’re the only Asian country who doesn’t have this kind


of curriculum. It prepares students to be skillful and job ready.” Ms. Limbaco said. On the K+12, it calls for a re-introduction of vocational and technical education in high schools, which has been designed to give students pr a c t i c a l s k i l l s t o g ai n employment after graduation. The new curriculum is attacking the high youth unemployment rate in the Philippines, which k+12 is referring to. “There’s no changes at all. The old and new curriculum is likely the same. The only difference is that records are now kept on online programs and teachers were given certain minutes and number of hours to teach. Grading system also now varies on per subjects since the new curriculum is under the spiral approach.” she added. Spiral Approach offers basic education but caters integrated way of learning for it teaches subjects from the higher year levels to the lower ones. The curriculum will enable students to acquire Certificates of Competency and National Certifications. This will be in accordance to TESDA training regulations.

“Kind of confusing because here in our school we don’t have enough facilities to assist the senior year. So, we need to transfer to another school for our senior year. It’s a big hassle for us and I’m not giving my big thumbs up for this law.” said one of the Grade 8 students of Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive High School (MOGCHSs). The Senior Year will allow graduates to have middle-level skills and will offer them better opportunities to be gainfully employed or become entrepreneurs. “For me, I find it interesting because in the other way around, my parent will no longer send me to college because after senior year, I have the skills and the certificates for employment already and I will able to find a job and help my parents” said one of the students of MOGCHS. Parents also is one big factions of this implementation, but not all parents were able to approve and gives their full support to this k to 12 law of our government, “Instead of expecting our children to graduate earlier, with K to 12 implementation, it ends up that they will take longer years in their education. We find it costly and it adds burden to us parents. But, since it’s already a law so we will try to cooperate and support them fully. We just hope it’s for the benefit of all” said 41-year old mother of two, with ages five and ten. The two years extension of basic education does not

connect with the parents especially those who parents or guardian work hard just to send their children to school. According to the Department of Education (DepEd), the aim of the K to 12 program is to provide affordability to students. But, there are some of the teachers of also who don’t give credits to this law, “It added two years instead of four years, it is an additional cost to parents also because sending their children to school is not actually just the tuition though it’s free but we also have to consider the transportation fees, school projects and mostly the daily food allowance of their children.” said Ms. Pura G. Villar, teacher of MOGCHS. For now, parents whose children will be part of K to 12 program are not in agreement with the DepEd’s K to 12 implementation. But, the DepEd said that they will work hard to provide quality and quantity education to children who will be affected of this K to 12 Law. Ms. Cherr y Mae L. Limbaco said it will surely be a success. Region 10 is looking ahead of the success and adaptation of this new curriculum. Considering that our country has a growing population and a budding economy, the demand for quality teaching and education is highly needed. Many Filipinos welcome the basic education reforms and hopes to look forward to more opportunities for the youth.

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McDonald’s opens at CDO Puregold April 27-May 3, 2014

By Roque L. Salvo Jr. Liceo U MassComm Intern

McDonald’s at Puregold Cagayan de Oro. Photo by Roque Salvo

Dance to Express S

by HARLEY S. DAACA, Liceo U MassComm Intern

ummer season is the best time to go on adventure. But here’s another way to spend your summer vacation more productive and in a healthy way. Liceo de Cagayan University conducts a dance workshop for young teenagers who have in passion into dancing and who are willing to learn. This Dance Workshop encourages teenagers to indulge in this kind of activity to prevent the young people from engaging smoking and drugs and any other vices. With this workshop it can build good relationship with one another and make friends. The Organizer of this dance workshop Mr. Roger Odron from the Cultural and Public Affairs aims to help the young ones to improve their skill and ability in dancing. “First is to help the skills of young performers and to help them realize that dance can be used to reach their dreams especially in education.” Mr. Roger Odron said. Liceo U offers scholarships to those who are willing to study under non-academic program and thus dance department of Liceo U are extending its mission in helping youth to reach their dreams. Liceo U Next Moves dancers under Mr. Roger Odron are the ones who trains the teenagers in proper gestures and dance steps. Next Moves aims to teach the young ones to improve more in their skills be more confident and boost their self-esteem and to have fun in dancing during this summer season. The dance workshop is open to all participants and is for free. Most participants are coming from Gusa Regional Science High School, Bulua National High School, Iponan National High School, City National and even the out of school youth. Training session is at Rehearsal Hall HB building and Rodelsa Hall from 2pm to 5pm, Liceo de Cagayan University. The Dance Workshop starts on April 7, 2014 until May 2, 2014 and will conduct a recital at Rodelsa Circle, Macasandig Cagayan de Oro City, 3 PM.


REGULAR Fries for 1st 100 customers. There are numerous Kagay-anons visit their grand opening, joined their activities and avail to their Promos. Kagay-anons are very happy especially those from C.M. Recto Avenue, Lapasan CDO because the McDonald’s is near to them. They can have a break and enjoy every moment with their families and love ones there at McDonald’s. It’s a good thing to know that Cagayan de Oro is progressing and improving. More and more investors are willing to invest in our City and because of these there will be more job opportunities to our fellow Kagay-anons who are seeking for a job especially those fresh graduates. Hooray for Today!

CDO is Home to the 2014 PACSB Annual National Conference

The participants enjoying their dance workshop. Photo by Roque Salvo


eventy five stydents from the Liceo de Cagayan University College of Pharmacy will participate in the 2014 White Coat Ceremony to be held at the main function hall of Grand Caprice in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City this coming April 29, 2014 at three in the afternoon. Gracing the affair is Ms. Marilyn Y. Tiu, former Chairman of the Board of Pharmacy. The White Coat Ceremony is a fairly new tradition in

McDonald’s, known currently for being the largest fast food chain in the world is finally opened at CDO Puregold. April 25, 2014, Friday, marks their grand opening. T h e M c D o n a l d ’s Puregold branch is the 7th store of McDonald’s in Cagayan de Oro, 2 in Divisoria, 1in Cogon, 1 in SM Mall, 1 in Limketkai Mall and 1 in Centrio Mall. The manager of this McDonald’s branch is Ms. Jan Leigh Magarin. They opened at exactly 8:00 am and they have so many fun activities and promos like: FREE Big Mac for 1st 100 customers, Drum and Lyre Band Performance, Motorcade, FREE Cheeseburger for 1st 100 customers, Photo booth, Meet and Greet with Ronald McDonald, FREE Sundae Cone and

the pharmacy schools in the Philippines and is recognized and supported by the Young Pharmacists Group - Philippines (YPG) and the Philippine Pharmacists Association. The solemn ceremony is done to inculcate the values of humanism and professionalism among the future practitioners and allow them to have an ease in transition from students to professionals. Recently, one of the students


of the college of Pharmacy Mr. Francis Cornelio Gallarita emerged as number 2 in the 2013 Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Pharmacy Board Exams. To date, the college continues to grow and anchors its thrust in the university’s mission and vision of total human formation. The Liceo College of Pharmacy is headed by its dean Dr. Mercedita S. Aquino, RPh, MS, PhD.

The Philippine Association of Collegiate Schools of Business (PACSB) will hold the 42nd Annual National Conference here in Cagayan de Oro City this coming May 1-2, 2014 at the posh Limketkai Luxe Hotel with the theme: “Opportunities, Prospects and Challenges for a Borderless ASEAN Community: Education, Business and Tourism” The two-day affair is expected to gather more than a hundred personalities and members of the esteemed association and will discuss key issues in relation to the upcoming ASEAN integration. The 2014 Conference Chairman is Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, past president of PACSB and president of Liceo de Cagayan University. Highlights for this year include a Keynote Address by Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, J r. a s w e l l a s t i m e l y presentations on T h a i l a n d ’s To u r i s m Perspective vis-à-vis ASEAN Integration by M r. J eroen Schedler, Assistant President for

Internationalization of Rangsit University –Thailand as well as the Australian Qualifications Framework vis-à-vis ASEAN Integration by Mr. Benjie Garcia of t h e A u s t r a l i a n Tr a d e Commission. Also sharing insightson the education and business climate in Singapore is Dr. TSOI Mun Fie Raymond, the Managing Director of MFRTraining Consultancy (Singapore). Paper presentations from Dr. Rogel Limpiada (Manuel S. Enverga University) and Dr. Virgie Yacapin (Xavier University) are also expected to enliven and enrich the annual meet. The PACSB Annual Conference is rotated in the three major Philippine island groups ( L u z o n , Vi s a y a s & Mindana) and this 42nd edition here in Cagayan de Oro is the fourth in the city. The first time it was held here was in 1983. The organization was organized in 1962 and at present has more than 300 members.

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April 27-May 3, 2014


A Secret Shared


amiguin Island is amazing if you witness it up close, but to see the island from a bird’s eye view will take your breath away. Imagine yourself in a two-seater 2009 American Champion SuperDecathlon, prepping for take-off. The pilot talks you through customary aviation mechanics. He tells you to fasten your seatbelt as he flips a switch and pushes a button that makes the propeller start turning. The wind rushes through your hair and the butterflies stir in your stomach. “Camiguin flight tower, this is Zeta niner-niner, ready for take-off ” says the pilot’s disembodied voice through the headphones that you have on. As the plane taxis down the runway, the sheer speed on it pushes your back against the seat. Adrenaline spikes through your body as you feel the vibrations from the tires grinding in concrete, and then finally, take-off. The adrenaline subsides as wonder takes over. It’s a calm day and flying feels like silk. You can see familiar buildings and landmarks down below. The land is a patchwork of green rice fields, some of which are golden and ready to harvest. You look down and see the runway shrinking beneath you as the pilot banks the aircraft to the left. He follows the gentle curve of the shoreline as you head west, towards White Island. You are five hundred feet above as the pilot circles over the sand bar, which is alive with sun bathing tourists. White Island is magical because it changes shape with the tides but only from above can you appreciate the magic behind its transformations. You can see the swift flow of current as it cuts around the sand bar, leaving a deep, royal blue gash to its side, betraying the ocean’s true depth. The adjacent side is shallow, with water so clear that you can see the sand below it and the sea anemones swaying in time with the waves. The little two-seater plane flies onward to the Sunken Cemetery. The majestic cross that dwarfs you at ground level is now a tiny white object at the mercy of the waves. The ocean around it is gloomy, for under these waters lie tombs and coffins that rest in peace on land reclaimed by the sea. Clouds obscure your view of Daang Bulkan, giving it a mysterious aura. The life size statues of the Stations of the Cross are little white specs as you glide over the mountain. The plane shudders as turbulence caused by a swift north-east wind that hits the over-head wing, but it is mild. You glide over more mountains and through valleys and you admire the shades of green and the vast expanse of trees that Camiguin has, the occasional river cutting through the green landscape from the highest valley to the seashore. The pilot pulls the plane up higher and you can feel the pressure build and your ears pop. You are approaching Mt. Guinsiliban which is covered with clouds. The pilot, who is an aerobatic flyer, swerves and maneuvers the plane, looking for an opening in the clouds to get a better view. You can see farms everywhere in the foothills, cultivating everything from corn to mango trees. In the crevasses of the valleys, you see channels cut by water which flow


By Julee Bourgoin Liceo U MassComm Intern

from some unseen source. Waterfalls flow into ponds and ponds into rivers that trickle their way down to the ocean. The Lagoon in Benoni is a sight to behold. A perfect semi-circle caused by magma coming into contact with seawater. Seafood restaurants line its perimeter and a zipline cutting across it from up high in the hill above it. The little plane moves on to Mantigue Island, where the same as White island, you can see its raw beauty from above, steep drop-offs where crystal clear waters merge with deep blue with almost no transition, and shallow waters so clear that you can see corals and starfish clusters hiding in the seaweeds. As you head back to the town proper, where the runway is located, you can’t help but smile. It’s been an amazing and eye-opening journey. Camiguin has so much to offer. It is rich in agriculture and wildlife. Natural phenomena like the Lagoon, the transforming island, and waterfalls are nothing short of wonders. As the plane touches down on the concrete once more, you are taken back to reality. You jump out of the aircraft with unsteady feet, you are dizzy and full of excitement and wonder. This is an experience you’ll surely remember. And the secrets that Camiguin Island has shared with you will stay in your heart. These memories are too precious to let go.

The 2009 American Champion SuperDecathlon plane

This writer with the The 2009 American Champion SuperDecathlon plane.

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he magical land of Ooo has found its way to Manila as Ayala Malls brings Adventure Time characters for an exciting journey filled with awesome games and surprises this April to July. Cartoon Network’s unstoppable hit, loved by kids around the world reaching 131 million global viewers, is brought to life with the Adventure Time Live on Stage that takes viewers on a trip to Finn’s candytinted world. Adventure Time takes place in the Land of Ooo, a postapocalyptic wasteland filled with magical creatures where series heroes Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, battle against a pastiche of geekish villains. Join Fann, a mad Adventure Time fan, as he attempts to write a totes radical Adventure Time fan fiction story that will turn into a real life adventure, where Finn and Jake are sucked through a wormhole between the Land of Ooo and Fann’s bedroom closet. Get ready to groove, bust a tune and sing your heart out at the Royal Karaoke as you help them accomplish their mission: rescue Fann and his friends in the audience by helping them to come up with a story that doesn’t sting. Witness the premiere of Adventure Time Live on Stage, meet and greet the cast and fast track time to create the most hardcore, epic fan fiction adventure story of all time at the different Ayala Malls:


 April 26 & 27 at the Glorietta Activity Center palm Drive, 1:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00 pm  May 2, 3 & 4 at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center, 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm  May 9, 10 & 11, at the Centrio Mall Activity Center, 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm  May 17&18 at the Fairview Terraces Activity Center, 1:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00 pm  May 24 at The District Imus 2F Activity Center, 4:00pm and 6:00 pm  May 25 at The District Dasmariñas Activity Center, 5:00 pm  May 30, 31 & June 1 at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00 pm  June 7 & 8 at the TriNomaActivity Center, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00 pm  June 13, 14 & 15 at the Market! Market! Activity Center, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 6:00 pm  June 17 at the Pavillion 2F Activity Center, 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm  June 20, 21 & 22 at the Alabang Town Center Activity Center, 11:00 am, 3:00pm and 6:00 pm  June 27 & 28 at the Harbor Point Activity Center, 11:00 am, 3:00pm and 6:00 pm  July 5 & 6 at the Marquee Mall Activity Center, 1:00pm, 3:30pm and 6:00 pm Have a one great Adventure Time with your kids and head down to the Ayala Malls this season!

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Dehydration was definitely a factor. One of the climbers, Anamie, recounted her experience, “I felt so drained. My co climbers said they could literally see the color drain out of my face.” The Kitanglad giant definitely knew how to test the climbers’ spirits, but they trod on. And after an excruciating 8 hour climb, they finally reached the top. They finally beat the giant. When asked how they felt about conquering Kitanglad, the Social Climbers seemed to be at a loss for words, and with very good reason. “Heaven is kissing earth” True enough, nothing could compare to the picturesque beauty seen beyond the horizon. Cloud formations were a masterpiece on the sky canvass, with the sun’s gentle rays shimmering through the rifts. The cold brisk air pleasurably stinging the skin, and as colorful flocks of birds fly across the mountain tops, one cannot help but sigh at the sight. The view. The view was endless. The island of Camiguin as tiny as an ant, while the oceans shone in the distance. All the pain, the trials, and the sacrifice were worth it. The Social Climbers realized, they did not climb Kitanglad, but worked their up to claim their front row seats to God’s divine creation and handiwork.

About Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Cartoon Network, the number one kids’ channel in Asia Pacific, offers the best in original animated entertainment while also drawing from the world’s most iconic cartoon library of Warner Bros., MGM and HannaBarbera titles. Original series showcased on Cartoon Network include the international hit franchise Ben 10, Emmy-winning Regular Show and BAFTA-winning comedies The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time. Cartoon Network is available in 27 countries throughout Asia Pacific and is currently seen in more than 75 million pay-TV homes. Online, Cartoon Network reaches nearly three million unique visitors a month in the region. In Asia Pacific, Cartoon Network is owned and operated by Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc., a Time Warner company. Their website is at

Malaysian Hotels Offer Supervisory Course The Malaysian Association of Hotels Training and Education Centre (MAHTEC) is inviting hospitality management, hotel and restaurant management and tourism graduates to enroll in a six month supervisory program in Malaysia beginning in June of 2014. Participants will undergo an intensive 30-day program before participating in a full time supervisory internship allowing them to be Certified Hospitality Supervisory Programme (CHSP) awardees. The program is ideal for holders of relevant degrees in the hospitality and tourism sectors, below the age of 26, and wishing to obtain supervisory


skills training. The certificate offered will be advantageous, as both Malaysia and the Philippines, head towards the ASEAN integration in 2015. MAHTEC is owned and managed by the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH). As the training arm of the Association, it is committed towards human resources development and strongly believes that investment in human resources is the key factor for growth, sustainability, productivity and profitability in the hospitality industry. MAHTEC has opened its training facilities and programs to students and young professionals from other

countries. In the Philippines, it has tied up through, it's training partner AXSEL Management International Sdn Bhd and local company, Selrahco Management & Consultancy Services to offer service training opportunities. Hospitality institutions and local universities are welcomed to offer the supervisory course with its internship program, allowing its students to gain international experience. Hotels and resorts may also wish to send qualified staff for supervisory training in a proper and reputable academy. For inquiries, please email or contact 0922 859 6363.

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April 27-May 3, 2014


Pastoral Letter

To: The clergy, religious, lay leaders and the People of God in the archdiocese

Arising to Fullness of Life Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, SJ, D.D. Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro

Christ has risen! The message of Easter is not only about Christ’s victory over death. It is also a promise – and a task – for all of us to work towards fullness of life. The Easter vigil symbolisms of Light, Word, Water, and Communion touch the various facets of this fullness of life – embracingthe light of our faith; listening to the narratives of the history of our salvation; cleansing ourselves with the waters of baptism; and entering into communion with the Resurrected Christ and with one another. Two recent developments in Philippine society challenge us to continue striving towards this fullness of life. The first was the recent ruling of the Supreme Court on April 8, 2014, on the “Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012.” In unambiguous terms, the Court concluded that “the life of a new human being commences at a scientifically well-defined moment of conception, that is, upon fertilization.” (Decision, p.48) It also reiterated its stand against abortifacients. This is defined by the RH Law itself as “any drug or device that induces abortion, that is, which kills or destroys the fertilized ovum or prevents the fertilized ovum to reach and be implanted in the mother’s womb….” (Decision, p.51) While declaring the RH Law as “not unconstitutional,” the Supreme Court struck down eight provisions as unconstitutional on the ground that “the State should not use coercive measures (like the penal provision of the RH Law against conscientious objectors)….” (Decision, p.102) It is in this light that our ongoing ministry on Responsible Parenthood and All-Natural Family Planning should be affirmed and strengthened. Our All-NFP program follows four pastoral guidelines that are consonant with much of the Supreme Court’s decision and provides a positive alternative to the RH Law’s focus on contraceptives: (1) We are Pro-Life. We are at the service of life from the moment of conception (i.e., fertilization). We are against abortion as well as abortifacients. These are also proscribed by our Constitution. (2) We are for Responsible Parenthood as our goal. We help parents to be aware of their rights and their duties in the procreation and education of their children until they reach the age of independence. (3) We are for Natural Family Planning as the means, in consonance with the moral teaching of the Church. Our promotion of NFP includes all modern, scientifically-tested NFP methods as a pastoral imperative. (4) We are for enabling couples to make an Informed and Morally Responsible Choice. This requires values formation and adequate information on all NFP methods to help couples form a right conscience and make an informed choice. With regard to planning their family, “it is the married couples themselves who must in the last analysis arrive at these judgments before God.” (Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes, 50) The second recent development, with particular reference to Mindanao, was the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) on March 27, 2014, in Malacanang. In a “Conversations on Peacebuilding in Mindanao” held in Davao City on April 9-10, Catholic bishops and educators viewed the signing with optimism, but also with a renewed commitment to be involved in this quest for peace as our shared responsibility. At no other time perhaps has Christ’s resurrection greeting of “Peace be with you” sounded with more immediacy than at this moment. The drafting of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), its passage through Congress, and eventual referendum are still works-in-progress. But for us the call for peace-building starts now – within ourselves and in our small communities. We can engage in inter- and intra-religious dialogue, peace education in our schools, peace communication through an accurate understanding of the CAB, and participation in the various stages of the drafting and finalization of the BBL. In the spirit of Easter, we can keep in mind Pope Francis’ words: “the message of peace is not about a negotiated settlement but rather the conviction that unity brought about by the spirit can harmonize every diversity.” (EvangeliiGaudium, 230) Acknowledging the tri-people composition of Mindanao, with its diversity of cultures and religious traditions, we are asked to build bridges of dialogue and friendship, with open minds and hearts, and resonate with Pope Francis’ vision: “Diversity is a beautiful thing when it can constantly enter into a process of reconciliation and seal a sort of cultural covenant in a reconciled diversity.” (EG, 230) Building peace and helping form the human family are thus the two challenges for us in promoting the fullness of life. Filled with joy and hope, may the Easter promise bring us closer to the prayer of St. Irenaeus: “Gloria Dei homo vivens” (The glory of God is man fully alive).

The City Museum:

REDISCOVERING OUR CULTURE by roque l. salvo jr., Liceo U MassComm Intern

Nowadays, museums are less attractive to people because most of them are busy going to Malls, Hotels, Resorts, to their Work place, and any other destinations. They don’t spend time to visit museums or art galleries because for them it’s just a little thing. ORO CITY MUSEUM or simply known as CITY MUSEUM. The City Museum is located at Gaston Park near St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral. The City Museum is formerly a water tower but was improved into a museum. The water tower was constructed in 1921 and completed in 1992. It’s served as the reservoir of the local fire department for many decades. This is the city’s oldest concrete structure and it survived the bombings during World War II and several big earthquakes. Cagayan de Oro Historical and cultural Commission realized that CDO should have a city museum that will showcase the Kagayanon culture and history. They started conceptualizing on having a city museum on 2006. In 2008, the City Mayor Constantino G. Jaraula had the water tower renovated and on December 1, 2008, it was finally inaugurated as the city museum of Cagayan de Oro. When you visit at the City Museum you can see there the history of Cagayan de Oro and the people who carefully furnish the city. At The first floor of the museum it shows there the Filipino American history. The gallery was supported with the initiative of Mrs. Lourdes Maestrado y Chavez - Dela viña- the daughter of the late Don Ramon Chavez - founder and owner of Cepalco. When you go up to the Second Floor you can see there the gallery of the old Cagayan de Oro. The third floor exhibits the old artifacts that were use by the native Kagay-anons. The curator of the City Museum is Archeologist. Paulita R. Roa. The City Museum doesn’t have an entrance fee but they accept donations. As for now, they don't have new discovered artifacts because current administration shut down the museum operation for 2 months. The CdeO Historical and Cultural Commission only receive minimal support from the government. That’s a one reason why this museum lacks improvements. Honestly Speaking, this museum is very historical and educational; it reflects the origin

The Cagayan de Oro City Museum. Photo by Roque Salvo

of our city but unfortunately, this Museum is forgotten by many. Most Kagay-anons don’t know where this museum located is, in other words, this museum was always been ignored. There are only few Kagay-anons visit this City Museum because majority of them are on the malls. It’s okay to have fun but sometimes we should spend time to visit our very own historical places in our city because these places are not permanent. Time will come they will be vanished. We Kagay-anons should be proud that we have this kind of museum because this museum will be our pride and artistic weapon to compete with other countries. If all Kagay-anons are very much willing to visit this museum then improvements will come ahead. Despite of all the modernization and advancement of our city, we should remain loyal and proud to our oldest spots like the Cagayan de Oro City Museum. We should take back our attention to this museum because time will come this will be gone and we regret it for ignoring and not appreciating our CITY MUSEUM.

Opol to hold 1st Kabaybayonan Festival by Mariejo Indira Ghandi Saligumba, Liceo U MassComm Intern

OPOL, Misamis Oriental— M u n i c i p a l To u r i s m a n d t h e Local Government Unit of Opol on Friday and Saturday will hold its 1st Kabaybayonan Festival 2014, a sports and music festival that will showcase the talents and athleticism of the townsfolk. On April 25-26 the 14 Barangays of the municipality along with some barangays of Cagayan de Oro City will


compete in a volleyball open tournament, fun games, shore dance competition and battle of the bands. A 5K Fun Run will also be held on Saturday morning. It will be open to all interested participants and running enthusiasts. GMA-7 stars Bella Padilla and Benjamin Alves will be guesting on the festival in the GMAKapuso Festival Night.

“ We w a n t t o f e a t u r e the long beaches of Opol. We w a n t t o l e t t h e p e o p l e know that we can hold these kinds of events.” Said Noemi Cinco, To u r i s m O ff i c e r L G U Opol. “ We c r e a t e d t h i s f e s t i v a l to advertise our beaches and to have a sustainable tourism industry in Opol.” Said Municipal Mayor Maximino B. Seno.

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Primavera Residences unveil finalists for Earth Day Photography Contest April 27-May 3, 2014

Primavera Residences, the first ecofriendly condo property in Cagayan de Oro, recently picked the 10 finalists vying for the top prize in its Earth Day Photography Contest. The contest was in celebration of Earth Day and called for amateur photographers in Cagayan de Oro to send entries that capture the theme of green living and sustainability. The first round of judging ended in April 25 and entries that made it to the 10 finalists are as follows: • Entry #5: "Salvaged Wood Revolution" Photo by: Arch. Marianne Basa The photo features a local artisan crafting a wooden bowl taken from salvaged fallen trees. The artisan is part of a local community that transforms fallen trees into handicrafts and furniture pieces, as explained by this finalist. • Entry #6: "Solar Energy is Bright!" Photo by: Harry Sio The photo beautifully captures rows upon rows of solar panels laid out in an open green field. • Entry #8: "Combating energy crisis by utilizing green alternative source of energy" Photo by: Angelie S. Azcuna According to this finalist, a wind farm is sustainable, clean and cost-efficient as reflected in her entry showing the Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte. • Entry #30: "Ground Green" Photo by: Kim Zaldivar A beautiful bird's eye view shot of the inner courtyard at Primavera Residences. • Entry #37: "Living life without its complications" Photo by: Krizzia Demetilla For this finalist, living life without its complications is "embracing the warmth of the sun, inhaling the freshest air, and delighting in life’s little surprises." Her entry features a profile shot of the cantilever at Primavera Residences, a significant green feature of the property that provides shade against the intense heat of the sun. • Entry #42: "Geometry in Nature" Photo by: Dr. Carlo Romero, M.D. The photo shows starfishes lined up on a grassy shore against a backdrop of a setting sun. • Entry #43: "A New Beginning" Photo by: Dr. Carlo Romero, M.D. A beautiful representation of a new life, featuring a young plant growing on a marshland CITY

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The All New City presents itself with values that exceed customers’ expectations - a design that embodies premium and sporty feeling, comfortable and spacious interior, high level of dynamic performance and improved fuel efficiency. The All New City is the first Honda model locally that bears Honda’s new “Exciting H Design.” The new H design represents three key elements - High Tech (innovative spirit),High Tension (pursuit of a beautiful body structure and layout) and High touch (finely-honed surfacing and texture), that focus on overall pleasing human experience. As the curtains were raised, the audience was awed and captivated with the sleek design of the modern steel metallic color of the

amidst grown trees. • Entry #45 Photo by: Michelle Fernando According to this finalist, a tiny organism such as an ant plays a major role in the ecosystem. "They are one of the most efficient decomposers on the planet," she said. The photo shows a black ant perched on a branch of weed. • Entry #46: "Fishing for a living" Photo by: Victor Francis R. Orencia A black and white photo entry that shows two fishermen preparing for a day of fishing. • Entry #48: "Uyapa, Fishermen's Home" Photo by: Victor Francis R. Orencia This entry features colorful slippers lined up on a rocky shore that connects to a narrow bridge made of bamboo. The team of judges that carefully selected the finalists include Arch. Romolo V. Nati, CEO and executive chairman of Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corp. (ITPI), the developer of Primavera Residences; Mr. Ranke Lim, a well-respected hobbyist photographer in Cagayan de Oro who is also an architect; Mr. Shaun Alejandrae Uy, a local professional photographer, filmmaker and media person; Mr. Froilan Gallardo, a veteran photojournalist in Cagayan de Oro, Mr. Michael Ray Ungab, a professional Cagayan de Oro blogger and founder of top-ranking blog,; Mr. Timothy Glenn Palacio, a professional photographer and Fuji brand ambassador; Mr. Butch Enerio, another veteran local journalist; and Ms. Judee Dizon-Chaves, a promising photographer who currently works as Public Affairs senior officer at Smart Communications. Photography enthusiasts and contest participants can view the 10 shortlisted entries in a photo exhibit at Primavera Residences booth in SM City CdO until May 3. The final round of judging started in April 25 and will end on May 3 as well. The three winning entries will be announced at a gala dinner starting at 6PM in the function hall of Primavera Residences.

Primavera Residences General Manager Cheryll Barriga formally relaunches their booth at SM City Cagayan de Oro, April 25, with a ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. It was attended by staff members, guests, and sales teams. Photo by Frances Vyne La Victoria, Liceo U MassComm Intern

The Primavera Residences Earth Day Photography Contest exhibit and the top 10 finalists were unveiled during the relaunching of their booth at SM City Cagayan de Oro, April 25. Photo by Frances Vyne La Victoria, Liceo U MassComm Intern

Primavera Residences is a new mixed-use green property in Cagayan de Oro offering residential, commercial and office spaces. It recently won in the Asia Pacific regional competition of the prestigious International Property Awards for best mixed-use development in the Philippines. The official announcement of the award will be on May 9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

new Honda City. Honda prides itself with their breakthrough styling. The angular lines and sharp creases design guarantees that the car glides through the air with utmost efficiency. The result is a headturning shape that stops a person in its tracks to have a second look at the car. It gives a statement of luxury and sophistication. The All New Honda City is offered with Honda’s improved 1.5 liter i-VTEC that can make short work for any urban challenge. The 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine is mated to a new 5-speed Manual Transmission and developed under the Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology, new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT with 7-speed paddle shifters). The All New Honda City


pushed the bar of excitement higher as they the first of its kind to have the touch technology. It offers first in class features such as the 7-inch touch screen display audio, the application of such equipment minimizes the use of buttons making it easier to operate while radiating a premium feel. The 7-inch touch screen display audio features functions such as hands-free telephone (HFT) and audio streaming via Bluetooth connectivity and voice recognition control. For added convenience, the audio and Bluetooth HFT can be operated via the controls mounted on the leatherwrapped steering wheel. Just below the display audio unit, is the automatic airconditioning system that also comes with user-friendly touch panel.

Another addition the advanced dashboard design is the push start button. The Smart Key with Push Start System intelligently locks and unlocks the doors without even touching the smart key and a push button to start or turn off the engine. To cope up with the market’s demand for better fuel efficiency, Honda equipped the All News City with an ECON mode which adjusts vital systems that affect fuel economy such as throttle, shift mapping and air-conditioning. “The All New Honda City is not just about design and innovations we also value the safety of the costumers.” Said Sky Aungon, sales manager of Honda Cagayan de Oro. The new models of Honda are equipped with driver and passenger SRS

airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD). The top of the line variant comes with additional safety features such as side airbags, side curtain airbags, vehicle stability assist (VSA), hill start assist, child seat anchors, 60:40 rear seats, and driver and front passenger seatbelt reminder. The All New City comes in four varieties plus one limited edition, the Honda City Modulo. The models are available in five colors New Gold Brown Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Taffeta White. An audience said “This is definitely the car of my dreams, so far. Its features and specifications are new and I would really want to buy one.”

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CAGAYANTIMES Lifestyle Weekly de Oro

April 27-May 3, 2014

Most Affordable QUAD-CORE HD SmartPhone in the Country has arrived! MyPhone RIO

MyPhone offers more exciting, colorful phone lineup Filipino mobile phone brand, MyPhone, lets you live your life with color Pioneering Filipino mobile phone brand, MyPhone, releases MyPhone Rio, their newest android phone that will surely give more color to your lifestyle. With colors red, blue, orange, and white, MyPhone Rio is sure to excite the young market, as well as the older ones, especially for the upcoming festive summer season. You can express your moods and personality well with different colors every day. MyPhone Rio boasts a wide 5-inch HD touchscreen. Its highdefinition display flashes vivid colors and graphics making it a colorful phone inside and out. You can enjoy watching your favorite series or movies, simply view your photos and videos, and play your high-definition games with this wide and lively screen display. Keep your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook friends and fans updated with your #OOTD and your choice of #MOTD or MyPhone of the day with the sharp 8-megapixel back and 2-megapixel front cameras. You can easily capture every moment with back camera’s autofocus and zeroshutter delay capabilities. Lowlight scene is not a problem with the built-in LED flash. Backing up its good camera is its exclusive Magic Camera feature. Magic Camera is a builtin camera app that lets you create extraordinary photos with your phone. It has functions such as cinemagraph, object eraser, and


face beauty. You’ll be able to capture these amazing photos easier than a click away with the camera’s voice capture and wave to capture functions. Get to take those precious shots simply by saying “cheese” or “capture”. MyPhone Rio doesn’t just go with your colorful lifestyle, but to your fast-paced life as well. Rio is packed with a 1.3 GHz Quadcore processor, as well as a 1 GB RAM which should keep your applications up and running all the time. And with its Android 4.2 Jellybean OS, there are hundreds of applications in the Playstore to choose from. Of course, MyPhone Rio is packed with your basic features and applications. It still has a Dual-SIM function that lets you contact all of your barkada with no network barriers to worry about. And as you hang-out with them, enjoy endless sound-tripping and partying with the MP3 and FM Radio players. The MyPhone RIO is yours at a very affordable price of Php 4,999.00! A phone that truly is Value-for-Money and MyPhone has made that into reality for millions of Filipinos Nationwide. For more details about MyPhone Rio and other MyPhone products, visit www.myphone. and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and type myphoneofficial

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CDOTIMES April 27-May 3, 2014  

CDOTIMES April 27-May 3, 2014

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