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JUNE 2-8, 2014

Volume 2 No. 41 CdeO


CdeO’s Coach


Noel Villa Merging Green Solutions with Home Hunting Ease.

June 2-8, 2014

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Its More #FUN




ilipino brand, MyPhone, launches yet another model in its MyPhoneRIO Series, the MyPhoneRIO FUN! And FUN was indeed what MyPhone gave the more than 100 Media (TV, Radio, Print, Online) People who was asked to ride the #RIOFUN bus and unknowingly was brought to the Sky Ranch in Tagaytay last May 27, 2014 (Tue) to have (guess what?) #FUN!!! #LiveLifeinColor is what MyPhoneRIO Series is all about! Surprised was the Trending Word uttered by all the guest at the unexpected Out-of-Town Carnival Outing set by MyPhone. Clowns ushered the media and was greeted by Mr. John Luke Chica, Head of Marketing to the guest delight!


Indeed a Colorful Event befitting the MyPhoneRIO FUN which boast of a 5 inch display, Dual Camera and 8 different colors that will suite everyones mood and style. Young and Old, all our Media Guest attempted to atleast take a chance at having #FUN by riding the death defying Theme Park Rides like the Giant Wheel, Flying Bus, Carausel and the Viking which, let me guess, was everyone's favorite! :-) The MyPhoneRIO Series has been groundbreaking in terms of its Market Acceptance in the Philippines according to Mr. Richie de Quina, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development. Huge Market demand for



RIOFUNLAUNCH-MyPhone President Jaime Alcantara

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the RIO made it a HOT COMMODITY amongst the Mobile Phone Addicts. One Major Problem? We are Out-of-Stock for all the RIO Series (RIO and RIO LITE) said Mr. De Quina. Now its the MyPhoneRIO FUN's time to continue the tradition and provide the Filipino People with another Value-For-Money Product that will surely dominate the market with its Php 2,999.00 price tag. The MyPhoneRIO FUN will be is already available Nationwide! Run to your nearest MyPhone Dealers Now! For more information about MyPhone Rio Fun and other MyPhone products visit www. or like


rs e winne CH-RAffl rd de Quina N U LA N a RIOFU P Rich Phone V with My


June 2-8, 2014

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hich dress should I wear today? What should I have for lunch? Should I quit my job here and go abroad? Will it be a yes or a no? Every day we make a series of choices. We have to evaluate, decide, and draw conclusions. Frank Borham said “we make our decisions and our decisions make us”. The quality of our life will be determined by the quality of decisions we make in life. One day a young business man went to an executive to ask for his wisdom. He asked ...What is the secret of a successful business? The executive said “wise decisions”. “How will I learn to make wise decisions?” “Experience” How do you get experience?” dumb decisions.”It’s a fact that because we are all humans we make many mistakes in life. It’s either our decision is too much or it’s lacking. We make decisions every now and then but have you ever got to a point when you can’t simply decide? How do we make up our minds? James talks about making decisions. He gives us the problem, the prescription and the promise from God. Our problem is indecision. James 1:8 says “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. I’m sure we all felt that way at some point when we try to do two things at the same time. We are not sure what we really want. Double-mindedness is devastating, debilitating. It makes us unstable. The word is translated "confused" in many parts of the Bible. It's used to describe a drunk who's staggering, reeling, unstable in all his ways. He's saying, “If you can't make up your mind it produces an unstable lifestyle. All your ways will be unstable. Indecision gives us unstable emotions. We can’t sleep nor eat. By then we often ask ourselves if we did the right thing or not? It creates emotional instability in our lives when we can’t make up our minds. Indecision also gives us unstable relationships. Lack of commitment destroys any relationship especially marriages. When we can’t decide to be in it or out of it, we switch back and forth with our careers, we say one thing and do the opposite then most likely we give double messages. It causes instability. Many times it takes more energy deciding than it does doing it. Once we do it it’s a snap, but the actual key is deciding. Indecision also develops unstable Spiritual life. It blocks our prayers. It keeps us away from God’s blessings. Some of us ask “Why God does not answer our prayers?” Maybe we’re not specific enough. Double mindedness can lead to a double life. When we want to do our will and His

will, we know what is right but still we do the wrong anyway. When we try to live for two people, on Sunday we sing Hallelujah but throughout the week we just forget about Him. Double mindedness produces a double life. It causes instability in all our ways and unstable lifestyle. So what is the solution? James says “get wisdom”. Not just any wisdom but God’s wisdom. How? James gives three practical steps - admit, ask, anticipate. Let us admit our need because we all lack wisdom. Wisdom is different from knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge put into practice. It is seeing life from God’s point of view. Wisdom is making decisions the way God would make decisions. It is the ability to make decisions the way God would make decisions. Pride blocks wisdom. We can’t learn anything when we think we know everything. When we admit that we lack wisdom then it’s the beginning of wisdom. After admitting our need then we should ask for His wisdom. You will never get His wisdom with cosmopolitan magazine, watching TV or taking smart pills. God’s word said we can get wisdom when we ask Him. Proverbs 2:6 "It is the Lord who gives wisdom, from Him comes knowledge and understanding." Anticipate and expect an answer in Faith. "When you pray, if any of you lacks wisdom he should ask of God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him. But when he asks he must believe and not doubt."If we want wisdom we have to go to the right person and ask in the right way—in faith, believing, not doubting. The key to wisdom is prayer the condition is faith. Perhaps we have gotten to a point when we prayed and ask but at the back of our minds doubt is already there that it’s too impossible or we can’t make it. God says if you can’t believe then don’t waste time praying. Pray in faith, believe and thank God in advance. Doubt hinders God from working in our lives. Are you going to make up your mind now? Perhaps we are in the same boat today so let us focus on God , believe and take a leap of Faith. The promise is... “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.” ~ James 1:5-6

June 2-8, 2014

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esterday, I did what I've never done before except at lunchtime in a food court -- queue for more than the time it takes to perfectly boil an egg or wait for a line of ants to carry off a piece of gum. Anything that starts and sustains for a time with sweat, oil, and other bodily fluids thrown into the mix can always end well if the ending fills, like a tray at a canteen on a midday. That fill, it was what I wanted and expected when, after giving up twice, I sucked it up and stayed in line at a ticket booth for a Disney movie. Said once again, it was a Disney movie. But since it starred Salt, a Girl, once Interrupted, perfectly goth and chic in black horns on the poster, I figured she wouldn't do anything close to ice-skating around singing "Let it Go". Horrible song, that one, by the way. Maleficent was going to be a complex, character drama, a play on that weighty matter called love and hate, evil even. I thought this wasn't wishful thinking, not once upon a dream, because I knew Lana del Rey is part of the soundtrack. Everything she's involved in was dim-lit, complicated, and heavy. The narrator let it slip right away how the plot was going to end with two kingdoms united, and so a happy ending. This didn't distract from the anticipation of havoc because the landscape of the moor, Maleficent's territory was beautifully disturbing. It looked like a drop of seawater under a microscope with hovering and slow moving tentacled creatures, with colorful fair-folk here and there. Gnarly, walking and talking plant-life in a movie can never disappoint. Tree men have become more and more interesting since I first saw them in Pocahontas as mother willow, and even better as

Tolkien ents. These were the young Maleficent's companions and all was well in the beginning. The story fills in the gaps before and in between the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. It introduces a young bright-eyed, sweet-mannered Maleficent, more likable than the three bickering fairies who are to be Aurora's caretakers. A human boy strays into the moors and becomes Maleficent's best friend, and soon, young love. The boy does not return until he becomes a king's guard at the neighboring castle. After an unsuccessful attack of the moors under Maleficent's protection, the king decree that anyone who kills her will have the crown. As betraying lovers do, Stefan steals Maleficent's wings, becomes king, and fathers Aurora. All else flows in the vein of the original Sleeping Beauty except that the fairy godmothers weren't charming little ladies, but fumbling idiots in wings and flower dresses. A high point in the movie happens on Aurora's Christening when Maleficent curses her with the deathlike sleep. This green smoke, thunderbolts, and lightning moment was perfectly executed. Jolie spit metaphorical fire in her eyes. I didn't know until then that hate can come through in a subtle chin tilt. Maybe it was the prosthetic cheek bones or the unplaceable accent. Jolie looked amazing in the part. Whichever plane memorable villains come from, it does something for iridescent skin and fashion sense. Maleficent slinked out of that party, black dress trailing reptilian by her feet. High moment and key scene done, the plot dies a slow death like the plant life of Maleficent's moors after she declares revenge and paints the town black. All we see

afterwards is her mothering the safe housed Aurora for 16 years, from a tree, through a window, or behind a bush. The villain makeup done on her seemed wasted on the stonefaced but soft-eyed looks she wore on the job as invisible nanny, if she's not peeking through window grills or behind doors. What a waste of built up audience empathy. The character conjures this effectively in the beginning of her heartbreak. She has just lost her wings, a rather contrived but acceptable metaphor for the paralysis one might experience in the throes of loving and trusting. She limps to a dark place and cries. And then, the thrilling transition in her internal dialogue, the cackle that's become her laugh. We all hang on the edge of our seats. Beware the wrath of Maleficent! This is love turned to hate! These are the dark clouds of impending doom! Then, she employs a crow to take shifts with her in childcare. I therefore stood in line for an hour smushed up against somebody's oily bald spot to see a declawed, defanged, sterilized, and hypermotherized Maleficent. All the sleek black, the seething, and other accouterments were merely decorative. Had more care been given to character consistency (her name is after all Maleficent, evil) and not so much on making another Disney princess, nobody would feel cheated. Like what Maleficent said herself, "There is evil in this world." Where was it in the film? It didn't prop that theme up as it could have. Instead, the movie shifted on both feet - one, adolescent angst, another, a sad ex-girlfriend. This time, I am the girl, interrupted.


June 2-8, 2014

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hings on local television have gone from soso to oh no. That is one main reason why my TV at home never got to feel its importance these days. A few years back, I had the habit of turning on the TV during breakfast time and when I get back home after work. However, I always feel agitated whenever I hear negative news on the economy, environment and politics. Then there are sickening news of showbiz starlets and their scripted life stories that are packaged as very important news items. Aside from that, we have been bombarded by so many advertisements that we end up watching more commercials than actual content and then of course, we have to endure storylines of television soap operas that are just recycled from other soap operas. What is wrong with TV these days! So now, I rarely use my TV at home. It only comes to life when I have to play a film on my DVD or when I need to watch something of national importance (and nope, not about Kris Aquino). When the TV is not turned on, I get too appreciate other things instead. I have listed them down for you and I hope you can add more if you can: 1. I now have the chance to listen to various music genres via an online music playlist. Music has filled the void and replaced the noisy mumblings of just beautiful-but-not-really-actors moving around the TV screen. 2. I can now concentrate on chewing my food than mercilessly attacking the person or scene I am seeing on TV. I used to stop in the middle of my meal just to harp on how bad the storyline was

or what is wrong with a news anchor and why is Kris Aquino still on TV. These days, eating meals at home is a meditative state, a moment to enjoy without any distraction. 3. I am happy that I don’t know or have watched any of the new teleseryes or reality shows or my borderline hypertension would have escalated to a full blown one. I have no plans to take maintenance medicine just because one guy wanted to have two bedroom buddies or one teener wants to get into the pants of another inside a house full of other oddballs. 4. My electricity bill is on a low. I am of course using energy efficient home appliances but of course when you watch TV, you have to turn on the floor lamp or the ceiling light plus the fan and then when bored watching will slip a snack on the oven to heat. That’s a happy result from TV abstinence indeed. 5. Lastly, I am happy that I am left out of conversations about what is going on in TV land. It makes me look like a complete cave man to them but to me, I feel like they have missed out on more essential stuff in life. There are more to the world than what you see on TV. Real life has more drama, suspense, comedy and action. There are more stories that matter, more moments to explore away from the couch. I know you know all these but as long as you become a slave to the remote control and still habitually turn on the TV every day, it is time to slow down and try walking away from that flat square thing and make your own adventure instead of just watching one.

June 2-8, 2014

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June 2-8, 2014

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Seven ways to jumpstart an exciting School Year


he long, worry-free days of summer vacation may be winding down, but this does not mean your good times should end, too. After all, the coming school year presents a lot of opportunities to take on new challenges, discover and develop your talents, as well as meet new friends who share your interests and passions. Here are seven ways to jumpstart an exciting school year and make sure you’ll have an epic ride: 1. Rank your subjects and determine which study habits work for you. Here’s the time to look at your last report card and see which subjects you should prioritize this time. And then, assess whether

you’re the type who covers more things at crunch time, or the type who needs a relaxed pace to absorb new concepts. Do you work better alone or in study groups? Do gadgets help you or distract you? School life is a balancing act and determining which methods work for you is key to your academic success. 2. Sign up with school organizations. Learning should not be confined within the four walls of the classrooms or buried in the pages of textbooks. If you are good at sports or have talent singing, dancing or acting, take the chance to join school clubs or organizations. Being part of school groups not only enhances your talent and skills, but also helps

you tap into your inner leader. Also be discerning 3. Expand your social circles. Having your own close-knit group of friends should not prevent you from connecting to even more people. Meeting new people who share your passions and beliefs opens doors for interaction, and helps you build on your social skills. So get out there, meet new friends with whom you can share your knowledge and experiences. 4. Join school competitions. Nothing helps you bond more with your peers than a school competition. The long hours of rehearsals and preparations can be a challenge, but the fun and fulfillment that comes with working toward a single goal is all worth it. 5. Get into volunteer work. If you’re passionate toward a cause and itching to make a difference, don’t hesitate to join volunteer groups. Whether it’s for teaching public school students basic Math or simply cleaning up your community, volunteering opens your mind to the concerns of the people around you and allows you to make a real difference in their lives while inspiring others to the same. 6. Connect with the rest of the world. Today’s technology allows for a quick flow of knowledge and information. Aside from doing research online, take a step further by collaborating with your counterparts from different parts of the world using social networking sites or online groups, as well as engaging in discussions with experts and leaders. 7. Arm yourself with the right tools. It’s not just about

having a complete set of school supplies and gadgets. It’s also about making sure you have the right SIM card on your handset for all your communication needs – from connecting with your new peers at school to tapping ultrafast internet on your device so that you can surf for school work and stay active on your social network accounts at student-friendly rates. Available at only PHP15, the Smart Jump-IN LTE SIM is specially designed to give you a wide array of exclusive offerings for call, text and data services that certainly won’t make a dent on your school allowance. For example, you may take advantage of Jump All Out 50, which gives you sure load for five days for only PHP50: Each day you may enjoy 30 minutes of calls to five barkada numbers on Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun, unlimited texts to all networks, and 10MB of data surfing - by simply texting JUMP50 to 5867. What’s more, your unused call minutes and data allocation shall also be carried over to the following day so you’ll make the most of your load. Smart Jump In also gives you exciting perks in its lineup of school activities, fairs and competitions throughout the year– all geared toward inspiring you to let go of your hesitations and jump in to life’s moments. For more information on Smart Jump In offerings, as well as Smart Jump-In activities for the youth, simply like the Smart Jump In official Facebook page (www. or visit www.smartjumpin. com.

June 2-8, 2014

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-22 & 27-29. See posters for details. SM Men Specials up to 50% from Men's Wear Department on June 1 -30. SO SHOP NOW! Avail these exciting treats this month of June.


June 2-8, 2014

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Cover Story


CdeO’s Coach


“It always seems impossible until its done” ~Nelson Mandela

he inclusion of Rugby 7s in the Olympics 2016, the Philippine Olympic Committee - Philippine Sports Commission included the game to the Philippine National Games (PNG) starting 2012. The first Rugby 7s game for the PNG was held in Laguna where Coach Noel Villa, competed with his previous team, the Raging Bisons, got the Silver medal for the Bowl Division. This year, under the banner of the Cagayan de Oro Rugby Football Club (CDORFC), Coach Noel and the team took home the most coveted cup in the Rugby 7s Shield Division. Let’s get to know Coach Noel a little better: 1. What was it like playing against the opponents there? Toughest one? “Most competitive all-Filipino competitors, with players from all over the country, have gathered in one venue. National players from the Philippine Volcanoes based in Manila played for teams such as Alabang Eagles (the reigning PNG Cup Champion for 3 years in a row), Clark Rugby Club, CBRE Mavericks and Cebu Dragons so therefore makes them the more superior teams. Most participating teams have also been playing in the local leagues for quite a time. CDORFC is the latest addition to the growing number of teams participating in the PNG and in fact, it was the

team's debut in the PNG.” 2. How did you manage to get CDORFC to what it is today? Challenges? “Back in the United Kingdom where I stayed for 27 years, I grew up playing rugby for my school. I love how the sport teaches discipline, strategy and team work and of course, the show of strength and agility which every sportsman can relate. When I came home to the Philippines for a vacation in September 2011, I was lucky to find a rugby team to train with. My first team, The Raging Bisons, won 2nd Place in the Plate Division during the first ever Rugby 7’s in the 2012 Philippine National Games. I later joined the Globe Immortals Team and have contributed to Rugby 101 program to teach the sport at the Ultra grounds, which I find quite fulfilling.” “I started the Club with no funds and had to rely on friends to share some of their precious savings so I can run the Club with integrity. There were paper works to accomplish, fees to pay and plenty of unanswered questions such as, “Where shall we train the kids?”, “Where do we get the balls, crash pads and cones for training?”, “How do we produce the kits?”, “How do we recruit players?” or “Where do we get the budget for rugby development?” and so on. Most of the answers to these questions actually cost me my own savings

Coach Noel Photos: Courtesy of CDORFC

June 2-8, 2014

and precious time.” “Our first competition was in February 22, 2014, the CDORFC took part in a historic event as they compete with the Cebu Dragons and Davao Durians at the Pelaez Sports Complex during the kick-off games of the VisMin Rugby Football League.” 3. What sets rugby apart from other sports? “In my opinion, it's the only sport that allows you to play with other clubs anywhere in the world and be accepted in their local circle. It can be a tough, physical game but it's also the only sport wherein opposing teams can still enjoy a beer together after the game.” 4. Aside from rugby, what other sports do u play? or like watching? “I've always been into team sports like rugby, football (soccer) and basketball but I do like competitive full contact sports like MMA and boxing.” 5. How do you train your team? “I train the team regularly three times a week; however the venue for training has always been a challenge for us. We do not have a permanent playing field and whenever we train, we have to cover the cost from our own pocket. Training the team also required extra hours for gym visits especially for strength and body conditioning; and fitness and agility training in the morning which are required to be done in the early hours of the day to avoid extreme warm conditions in the afternoon.” 6. What's the next step for cdo rugby club? “Hopefully the team's success in the PNG will prove that Rugby has a place in CDO and Northern Mindanao. I am also looking for more potential players that will grow with the sport and welcome any athlete looking to cross over from another sport. (A very good example for this is the Alabang Ibons whose team members consisted of former basketball players who won Gold in the Plate Division for the 2014 PNG.

Likewise, some CDORFC players have crossed over from other sports and are now members of the Team such as Luis Banaag III, who got the Shield Division MVP medal was a former soccer player and played Rugby for only two months before playing for the PNG); Josephus Valentino and Miguel Alfonso Murillo who are current Mindanao Powerlifting Champions.” “The Team shall continue training for future games and hopefully get more talented players in the men's team and finally have a full team for women's and Juniors. We shall likewise continue to conduct Get Into Rugby Free Clinics within CDO and Northern Mindanao. Lastly, we shall continue with our community outreach programs, "Help Change the Life of a Child" (where we teach orphans and less-privileged children the sport that we love along with a feeding program) and "Give Blood and Play Rugby" (where the Team donate blood as our way of helping others in need)” Coach Noel is thankful for all the support he got from friends, sponsors, and more friends… “CDORFC is thankful to our partners and sponsors who made our PNG experience and milestone more meaningful: the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU), Healthy Cells Nutrition Club, TriStar Paints and Construction Supply and the CDORFU Board Members Dr. Drex Nacalaban, Mae Dizon and Engr. Rosello Bagundol.” “We also would like to acknowledge our Club Partners such as Great White Water Tours, Sprint Multisport, Parasat HD, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Primavera Residences, BigyBoi Convenience Store, Smart, Del Monte Phils., The Cagayan de Oro Times, Mindanao Daily News, Sun Star Cagayan de Oro, ABS-CBN Northern Mindanao (MOR, TV Patrol and Pamahaw Espesyal) and other blogsites who all have contributed to the grassroots rugby development in CDO.”


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June 2-8, 2014

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Herbals that work from people who care C

ertainly big words but they were readily and truly substantiated by sterling product performance, excellent quality, affordable price, and customer satisfaction by one company that started it all: HERBCARE. And the visionary behind it all that made the difference. “A great product that truly responds to the real healthcare needs of our people, marketed responsibly and at affordable prices,” is what aptly defines Herbcare Corporation, begins Lito Abelarde, Herbcare’s indefatigable Chairman. “It should serve the needs of the people, the general public. We designed our products based on the prevailing health conditions many of our fellowmen are suffering from. The diseases that are due to unhealthy lifestyle, environmental toxins and pesticide-laden food that we eat, and contribute to mounting debilitating health conditions over time like high blood sugar, joint pains, high cholesterol, low immunity, too much toxins in body, hyperacidity, chronic fatigue and life-threatening diseases like cancer.” Driven by a compelling desire to help assuage diabetics’ weakening health, Abelarde plunged into the exhaustive research and manufacture of ampalaya tea after learning that ampalaya was hailed

by the Department of Health (DOH) as among the top ten Philippine herbs, vegetables with medicinal properties and remedy for known and common ailments. “The lowly, bitter Ampalaya was given imprimatur by no less than the DOH. Finally, relief is soon to come for innumerable diabetics suffering too long!” A PIONEERING EFFORT Undoubtedly, Herbcare has earned untarnished rights as an industry pioneer and leader in the Ampalaya food supplement category with a series of “firsts” that are unparalleled milestones. Herbcare Corp. is the first company to launch an FDA-registered Ampalaya food supplement product in the Philippines under the brand name “Charantia,” now a by-word in the country. Charantia is also the only Ampalaya Food Supplement that the FDA has officially allowed to claim that it is "for the Diet of Diabetics." It is also the first company in its category to put its brand under clinical scrutiny to confirm its safety and potency, and also the first and only herbal product officially endorsed by the Association of Municipal Health Officers of the Philippines (AMHOP), a national medical organization that operates the country’s health centers. In 2001, AMHOP and Herbcare

Corp. jointly launched a pioneering and vigorous nationwide campaign called “Operation Diabetes” aimed at helping curb the further spread of the dreaded disease. The program helps establish diabetic clubs all over the country to act as support group to bring diabetes awareness and lifestyle reforms in the community. The Herbcare staff worked closely with these clubs, consistently supporting the needs of the members by conducting mass aerobics, fasting blood-sugar clinics, and a determined information dissemination and promotion drive. Then in March 2007, Herbcare launched another ground-breaking initiative together with the Manila Adventist Medical Center, dubbed as the "Charantia 30-Day Challenge," where the contenders were employees or staff working in a corporate setting. “Just like Operation: Diabetes the emphasis was to help diabetics working in an office environment to learn valuable lessons on diet, exercise, lifestyle modification, weight management and blood sugar management, in close collaboration with attending doctors and nurses.” Abelarde posed this challenge to the participants: “You are what you eat. Lifestyle Diabetes or type 2 diabetes is acquired, not inherited. Therefore you can and must take full responsibility of your disease.”

June 2-8, 2014

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June 2-8, 2014

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Liceo U Welcomes New Deans and Administrators Academic Year 2014-2015 begins with positive changes in Liceo de Cagayan University as she ushers in seven newly appointed deans and administrators into her dynamic team of brilliant personalities: 1. Director, Research & Publication Office – Dr. Lesley Lubos 2. Dean, School of Graduate Studies – Dr. Ma. Chona V. Palomares 3. Dean, College of Law – Atty. Carlo Antonio B. Almirante 4. Dean, College of Music – Mr. Charles L. Abing 5. Dean Emeritus, College of Music – Mr. Rudolf Caesar P. Golez 6. Dean, College of Nursing – Ms. Judith Dalman 7. Dean, College of Radiologic Technology – Mr. Edzen Espina The new members of the institution’s administration form part of the university’s drive to sustain its goals to provide quality education and excellence towards total human formation. Founded in 1955, Liceo U will be celebrating her 60th Diamond Jubilee come February 2016. To know more about the university and other updates, log on to, or (088) 8584093 to 95 local 0.

Performers from the Liceo U’s elite dance group NEXT MOVES, show off their masterful grace during the recent Liceo U Summer Caravan at SM City CdeO, May 30. Photo by Shaun Uy


June 2-8, 2014

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The Primavera partnership: merging green solutions with home hunting ease


n all successful partnerships, it’s essential that both parties find a common goal and that they play off each other’s strengths to reach it. And what better way to show this than through a collaborative effort that addresses a timely issue for both the public and the environment? For architectural and design eco services provider Italpinas Euroasian Design and EcoDevelopment Corporation (ITPI) and leading real estate classifieds website, the issue was simple: sustainable living, and the need to spread awareness of it. Working together accomplishes ITPI’s aspiration to deliver affordable green developments to the right market and MyProperty. ph’s desire to expand their online offerings to properties that go beyond the usual in catering to a seeker’s needs. “We see as allies in sharing and spreading our vision of the real estate industry moving towards a greener and more environmentally sensitive future,” ITPI president Atty. Jojo Leviste said. General Manager Butz de Castro agrees, saying “With organizations like ITPI, MyProperty furthers its goal to be in tune with industry players who are not only after profits but also, and more importantly, means and ways to build projects that will contribute to sustainable living conditions for the public.” As an eco-conscious business, ITPI believes in the importance of practicing green living. But to them, it’s not enough to simply create homes that promote the lifestyle; it’s also essential to let people know that sustainable living doesn’t have to burn a hole in one’s pocket. “Generally, people perceive green buildings as expensive to develop,” ITPI executive chairman & CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati explained. “We at ITPI offer smart solutions that serve both the customer and the community – affordable and energy efficient real estate projects that also contribute to the local economy.”

Case in point: Primavera Residences, which leads ITPI’s residential portfolio. Located in the Pueblo Business Park, Cagayan de Oro City, Primavera Residences is a sustainable vertical development designed to maximize air ventilation and natural lighting to make unit ownership and maintenance financially convenient. Its energysaving design features result in up to 20% savings in energy consumption. Photovoltaic solar panels to be installed on the rooftop will provide enough energy to power the common areas, resulting in lower association dues. Primavera Residences was recognized as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines by the prestigious International Property Awards in the Asia-Pacific Property Summit last May 9 in Kuala Lumpur.’s mission, meanwhile, is to give visitors information and products to aid them in their search for their dream home. And by listening to the market and evolving to go with the public’s constantly changing needs, is able to do just that. “We are very much in the middle of making our users armed with useful information and a wide variety of quality choices for properties, property developments, and news from and for all the industry’s stakeholders; the property developers/sellers and the property buyers,” De Castro explained. Units at Primavera Residences are ready for occupancy, and are available for purchase or rent. To inquire, visit its website at www. or call +63 917 7921080. In fact, recently unveiled a revamped website with a new look as well as easy-to-use features that will make the home hunt and selection much easier. Moreover, the release of the website’s quarterly print version at the start of 2014 is enabling them to reach a wider audience to bring them the latest news and information on local real estate.

June 2-8, 2014


THE TEST of the things we think, say or do

1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


RC Golden East

TUESDAY 12 Noon Philtown Hotel 6:00PM Mindy’s

RC East CDO RC Uptown CDO

WEDNESDAY 12:30PM Thai Me Up 7:00 PM Sentro

RC Metro CDO RC Kalayaan

THURSDAY 12 Noon VIP Hotel RCCag. DeOro 5:30PM Dynasty Court Hotel RC East Urban 7:00 PM Country Village RC Carmen Valley West FRIDAY 12 Noon VIP Hotel 7:00 PM Inilog Grill 7:30 PM City Grand Hotel 8:00 PM Casa Azucena

RC West CDO RC Bay Area RC Centerpoint RC CDO North

SATURDAY 5:00PM River View Hotel 6:30PM Buffalo Grill

RC South CDO RC Carmen Valley

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June 2-8, 2014

| The Cagayan de Oro TIMES


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The Cagayan de Oro TIMES Magazine Vol2 No41


The Cagayan de Oro TIMES Magazine Vol2 No41