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BOI’s IPP Roadshow hits Cagayan de Oro Volume IV, No. 038 web portal:



July 3, 2015


By CHENG ORDONEZ, Associate Editor

AGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The Board of Investments (BOI) held a forum on the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) 2014-2016, here, yesterday, at the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel. See FULL STORY, page A2

Luistro wants to wipe out out of school youth By MARK FRANCISCO Staff Member

CAGAYAN de Oro City -Total eradication of schoolchildren malnourishment. Equal number of facilities in both urban and hinterland schools. High school students graduating from tech-voc track granted NC II certification from Tesda. Wiping out OSYs (out-ofschool youth) all over the country. Speaking during the opening dinner of the Mindanao Education Summit held Wednesday evening, Education Secretary Armin

nounced that a city in Mindanao would be the first to be declared by the Department of Education (DepEd) later this year as OSY-free. “In the province of Batanes, they have done it earlier this year. Now a city in your place will be declared as OSY-free soon. We are just collating all the data,” Luistro revealed during the event, which also served as his fifth anniverLuistro sary in office as education Luistro unveiled his plan secretary. for the last 12 months of In an island of 27 cities, the Aquino administration. Luistro did not name the This, even as he anSee wants, page A11

Saguisag calls complainants against peacemakers ‘bully’; Abueva, La Viña ask SC to dismiss petition vs. CAB

-- “Bully.” This was how described the complainants former senator and human against the members of the CAGAYAN de Oro City rights lawyer Rene Saguisag government peace panel, members of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) and Sec. Teresita “Ging” Quintos Deles of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) who are all facing treason and inciting to sedition charges in court. “No congressman should be allowed to bully any citizen with charges of treason and sedition,” Saguisag stressed, referring to Representatives Jose Atienza Get your BWM Loyalty Card NOW for only P350.00 valid for one year, (Buhay partylist) and Jonaand avail of discounts to more than 150 participating business establishments. than dela Cruz (Abakada By BONG D. FABE Contributing Editor

partylist), who along with lawyer Jeremy Gatdula, filed the complaints against the “peacemakers.” “We are talking law, not layman’s loose rhetoric.

What inciting to sedition? In a democracy, we trade in ideas in the market place. More speech, not less. We are to tolerate even ideas we despise, in a democracy,” he

said. According to Saguisag, Deles and company “are not criminals” but “wellmeaning fellow citizens See dismiss, page A11

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BOI’s IPP Roadshow hits Cagayan de Oro C


AGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The Board of Investments (BOI) held a forum on the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) 2014-2016, here, yesterday, at the Mallberry Suites Business Hotel. Some 150 participants from various chambers of commerce, business support organizations, the academe, local goven-

rment units, members of inter-agency committees, non-government organizations, consumer organizations, and the

media were briefed on IPP’s tool for industrial development and economic growth and specific economic activities that are strategic or critical to advance a particular industry or improve the product’s value chain. BOI Resource-based Service Director Nestor Arcansalin presented IPP and it s Impl e me nt i ng Guidelines at the forum.

The IPP 2014-2016 is a rolling three-year plan, reviewed annually for effective implementation. Arcansalin described the IPP feature as having ensured continuity, consistency and predictability -- factors seriously considered by domestic and foreign investors. This year’s IPP also intro duced innovative features, such as the prin-

ciple of geographical application, which takes into consideration the impact of an economic activity in the particular region, province, or cluster of local govenrment units, such as in the generation of decent and quality jobs for the targeted locality. It also promotes Inclusive Business (IB), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Good

Corporate Governance as tools for development, Arcansalin said. The preferred lists of activities include manufacturing, agribusiness an d f i s h e r y, s e r v i c e s , economic and low-cost housing, hospitals, energy, public infrastructure and logistics and PPP projects. This IPP year’s theme is “Industry Development snd Inclusive Growth.”

Improved abaca varieties to turn PHL into top exporting country Abaca, known worldwide as Manila Hemp, is an economically important crop indigenous to the Philippines. It is the lifeblood of more than 200,000 farming families from 56 abaca growing provinces in the country. Abaca is also a top export commodity of the country with an average of US$80 million annual export earn-

ings. In global trade, it boasts of high demand as raw material for cordage, textile, handicrafts, and specialty papers. Just recently, it found its niche in the automobile industry as the “strongest natural fiber material” for dashboards and car interiors. Supplying 85 percent of the total world abaca fiber

production, the Philippines prides itself as the world’s top producer of abaca fiber. Despite its dominance in the world market, however, the country is confronted by the reality that abaca remains a poor man’s crop. The small farmers get meager income from abaca production, and this eventually forces them to shift to other crops. Confronted by these con-

cerns, coupled with many industry problems, abaca production in the country declined in the past years. As Ecuador tails behind in terms of production and with Indonesia’s aggressive abaca reforestation program, the Philippine abaca industry is put in a precarious situation. If not addressed, the Philippines might lose its leadership in the abaca global scene in the future. The government, through the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD) and its partners, is pushing several S&T interventions to address poor technology adoption of farmers, lack of high-yielding and virusresistant planting materials,



22nd/31st Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City


and prevalence of pest and diseases pressures – most notorious of which is the abaca bunchy top virus (ABTV). One of the major initiatives is the development and promotion of improved abaca varieties to strengthen commercial production. After many years of research and field tests, researchers from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) led by Dr. Antonio G. Lalusin were able to develop high yielding and ABTV-resistant abaca hybrids. These hybrids are more vigorous, could produce a yield of 1.56 mt/ha/ yr, and give 20-30 percent higher fiber recovery than traditional varieties. Since traditional varieties are very susceptible to the dreaded ABTV disease, the new resistant hybrid abaca

of UPLB is considered very promising in rehabilitating abaca plantations affected by the ABTV disease. The high yielding and ABTV-resistant hybrids project is an R&D initiative under PCAARRD’s Industry Strategic S&T Plan for Abaca. Specifically, it is expected to contribute in achieving a higher fiber yield from 0.527 mt/ha to 1.2 mt/ha and increased fiber recovery from 1 percent to 1.5% percent by 2020. The project on abaca production is a collaborative work among UPLB, Visayas State University, University of Southern Mindanao, Bicol University, Western Mindanao State University, University of Southeastern Philippines, Caraga State University, and Catanduanes State University. Abaca | page A6

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Some people have money to burn! Every time I observe them, I feel that their money is going down their drain. Yes, “money talks”. The more money you have, the more you might become avaricious. Every time, we have to dig deeper into our pockets, we might longing to be like those people, who don’t see the difference between a 500 or 1,000 bill. I am really not rich! I also wouldn’t hesitate to say, that I would like to be so! Being rich means having wealth! Wealth is abundance, opulence and affluence. Affluences becomes quickly influence. Dyed-in-thewool millionaires or even multi-millionaires over lose their view of reality many times. They can’t even see the horizon, which could be the demarcation of their real estate. They even don’t recognize the wonderful flowers growing and blooming in their gardens. Money calms down! Sure. No doubts at all! We all need an income to survive for our daily needs - and, maybe, a little bit more. Many of us struggle through life and work like slaves for a pitiful daily minimum wage. If you’re rich, you might be on the top. But believe me,

Have my say

Klaus Doring

once you are on top, you will have some unwelcome, mostly acceptable companions such as loneliness, socalled friends (!), parasites and free-loaders. These companions will let you scream in pain, because you will start missing things, you have expected from them: real friendship, love, care, comprehension, understanding, sympathy, appreciation... .Remember such things? Miss such things? Yes, money can give you a wonderful sleep, and you might stay in one of the most luxurious beds - but being awake, while your poorest neighbor sleeps better and more peaceful on the floor. There are many sayings about money.

Today, I am giving my space to a letter emailed to me by one of our readers. I personally do not know Lt. Col. Babilonia. However, I believed he needs an outlet to express his personal feelings and emotions. I am publishing his lengthy open letter without changes..

I like this one: Money can buy books but not brains. You might study a lot and get a lot of experiences; it’s just a pity, if you don;t use them at the right time for the right people in your surroundings. Money can buy food but no appetite. Who reaps the benefits of it? A full to overflowing store room will never be satisfying, if sour free-loaders join your table and push away your real friends. Our last earthly dress has no more pockets. The remembrance on how we acted and lived together with our fellow creatures will remain forever. With money, we might be able to let the devil dance. But, money alone doesn’t make us happy. Money kills more people and friendships than a cudgel. The more money, the more problems. The more money, the more we have to pay and the higher our bills become... . +++ Email: doringklaus@ or follow me in Facebook or Twitter or visit or


Peace and Development, the Greatest Revenge (An open letter in honor of the late Mario T. Okinlay) By LtCol Lennon G Babilonia

felix santillan ROEL CATOTO “I do not know the dig EDSEL BANTOL Provincial Editor-Surigao Layout Artists nity of his birth, but I do PAT SAMONTE know the glory of his death.” irene dayo CHRIS PANGANIBAN - Gen Douglas MacArthur Reporter-NorthMin Regional Editors-Caraga I have not been privileged to know personally the late JOE PALABAO MARLON GAYOG Rene Michael BaÑos Regional Editor-Davao Mayor Mario T Okinlay of Regional Editors-Northmin Impasugong, Bukidnon. I AL JACINTO JOE FELICILDA Regional Editor-WestMin Editorial Consultant ATTY. MARIO T. JUNI NOTARY PUBLIC- JUNI LAW OFFICE CELL NO: 09352379999/ (088) 8573595 CRUZ TAAL ST., CAG. DE ORO CITY Legal Counsel ---------------------------------------------------------------

bureau and mktg staff

candy macabale - 09161326483 RIZA O. ARES - 0915-9753277/0920-9600223 MISOR - LOLONG NABONG - 0906-875-8650 GINGOOG CITY-MANNY ANSIHAGAN-0936-287-7788 North Buk. - DAHLIA S. BENEMERITO-0936-303-0410 VALENCIA CITY - PHILIP PHIL CALUMBA-0905-652-5407 KIBAWE, BUKIDNON - ROSEMARY GENON MARAMAG - TITA FINA CUALES - 0926-336-1585 Iligan City - JEFFREY OPONDA-0936-1174378 tubod - louie bukod-0948-1323348 bobby mag usara-tangub city OROQUIETA CITY - PJ TREMEDAL-0919-3452375 ARMM - Sony Sudaria-0947-4810371 cotabato - ANALISA ESPAÑOLA-0916-9351714 davao - MARLON GAYOG-09276314995 davao - tom a. caballero-09105783126 davao - tomas canoy avancena jr.-09177017010 davao del norte - sarah castor - 09263988293 davao occidental - alma ORTIZ - 09058532215 davao city/island samal - jessie palabao -0935-874-9825/ -0946-242-6672 digos city, dvo sur & kidapawan - romeo d. sanchez davao city - flaviano mahinay davao city - rene s. arias (Photo Journalist,) butuan - PAT SAMONTE-0912-8091093 san frans - CRIS PANGANIBAN-09277974193 San Francisco - deding PANGANBAN-0927-7974193 Pagadian City - GRACE FRANCISCO Member: ORO CHAMBER Philippine Press Institute

Partisans’ love

No limit in the sky

have heard of his popularity among lumads and, of course, his closeness to military officials. It was only on July 2, 2014 when interest struck me on finding out more about the good mayor. It was the day he was ambushed by the New People’s Army (NPA) in Bgy Bontongon, Impasugong. It was the day when Impasugong lost a father and a friend. It was the day that the province of Bukidnon lost a hero, a courageous and charismatic leader. On July 22, 2014, I was assigned as the battalion

commander of the 8th Infantry Battalion stationed in Impasugong, Bukidnon. From the time I stepped in to my new headquarters, I knew the case of Mayor Okinlay will be one of my immediate biggest challenges. It was not hard to know where to start looking for the real perpetrators. The NPA thru their spokesperson Allan Juanito immediately admitted killing the mayor. Also prior to the incident, several pronouncements have been made by the NPA blaming the mayor for being counter revolutionary and for grabbing the lands of the poor. However, in spite of this admission by the NPA, three civilians were immediately identified behind the killing which later turned out to be innocent persons.

Cris Diaz

In the course of our own investigation, we uncovered a web of suspects who are either closely linked to or are actual members of the Guerrilla Front 89 of the North Central Mindanao Regional Committee of the CPP-NPA-NDF operating in Impasugong. Thru the efforts of the honorable Councilor Julia Okinlay, the late mayor’s wife, warrants of arrest were issued to these suspected killers almost eight months after the incident. This time, we can be certain that these are the real killers and not fall guys. It’s been almost a year now and the real killers are still at large. Not until these people are put behind bars, See diaz, page A11

A deeper view

Jesse E.L. Bacon II

The partisans’ love for Vice President Jejomar Binay could be likened to a mother’s love for her child endowed with looks only a mother can love, so to speak. The Senate investigation and the probe conducted by the Office of the Ombudsman into allegations that Binay has become so corrupt so far have painted a picture of the man with a disfigured appearance. If such appearance finds its way in the movies, it would surely fit in a horror movie. Despite all these, however, many still profess to love Binay not discounting the fact that many may have professed love for the unlovable Binay because they want to have a share of the billions of pesos that the Anti-Money Laundering Council says they have monitored from his numerous bank accounts as well as that of his dummies and friends. Let us admit that there are really those who truly love Binay despite the figurative disfigurement of his entire being because of what had come out in the Senate investigation and the Ombudsman’s probe picturing Binay as perhaps the most corrupt politician who ever walked on the country’s political landscape. These Binay partisans who love the guy despite all his alleged transgressions against the Filipino people are the ones who could be likened to a mother loving her child whose looks she can only love. If Binay now stands convicted in the bar of public opinion of all the crimes attributed to him both in the Senate and the Ombudsman, blame no one else but Binay. Never forget that up to this writing Binay refuses to proffer any incontrovertible evidence that’ll exculpate him from the charges hurled against See bacon, page A11

Daily Inspiration Reason For Hope Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping--believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, “That’s how many descendants you will have!” Romans 4:18

Juvy Sarraga

Imagine receiving a promise from God and waiting some 25 years to see if fulfilled.

Yet, against all odds, Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 when she gave birth to Isaac! Abraham’s faith remained strong amidst those obstacles, believing that God was good. Would your hope fade against the tests of time and practical knowledge? God loves you so much and will not take back His promises. Stay strong in your hope.

Across Mindanao Mindanao Daily A5

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Clenro: Remaining Oro’s forest can avert disaster Bukidnon • Camiguin • Lanao del Norte • Lanao del Sur • Misamis Occidental • Misamis Oriental

By URIEL C. QUILINGUING, Contributing Editor

Cagayan de Oro’s City Environment and Natural Resources Office (Clenro) yesterday urged upland dwellers to do everything they can to secure the remaining forests in eight barangays within the Iponan watershed to avert a potential natural disaster. Clenro acting head Edwin I. Dael said massive flooding which could result to destruction of properties and loss of lives in downstream barangays along Iponan river during rainy season is not remote if nothing is done to protect about 4,000 hectares of forestal lands. Speaking during a gathering of tribal leaders in remote sitio of Birhin in barangay Dansolihon, Dael said every resident in upstream barangays must be mindful that there are thousands of Cagayanons in 12 barangays who would be adversely affected if nothing is done to restore the vegetation and protect the forest cover. The estimated 4,000 hect-

ares of lands with secondary growth forests are situated within the borders of barangays Besigan, Dansolihon, Pigsag-an, Taglimao, Tagpangi, Tignapoloan, Tuburan and Tumpagon. “The remaining forest cover is our last hope and we must protect it aside from planting more trees, both hardwood and fast-growing as well as fruit trees not only for ourselves but for our children,” the Clenro head told the Higaonon council of elders. Tribal leader Roberto “Datu Makilala” Cabaring said they welcome the government’s National Greening Program (NGP) where people’s organizations who are holders of community-based forest management (CBFM) te-

nurial instrument are to be involved in the planting of high-value crops in identified 3,000 hectares within the Iponan watershed. Cabaring said six of the eight CBFMs, which used to within a 16,000-hectare timber license agreement (TLA) in Dansolihon, would be sharing the P1.8-million funding grant from the Fiber Industry Development Authority (FIDA) for abaca planting in sitios Bulahan and Pulang Lupa which started November last year. Aside from this, he said they have also planted November last year rubber seedlings in 15 hectares and about 60 percent of these survive the dry spell during the first half of the year. But tribal council member Ruel Hagunao expressed dismay over the alleged neglect of a personnel who was supposed to monitor the progress of their 40-hectare See disaster, page A11

A WELCOME VISIT FROM THE DEPED FAMILY – VICE GOVERNOR JOEY G. PELAEZ (center) and Provincial Board Secretary Atty. Ernesto R. Sotto, Jr. (extreme right) receives Department of Education (DepEd) Assistant Secretary for Legal and Legislative Affairs Tonisito M.C. Umali, Esq. (2nd from right) who was accompanied by DepEd Region X Officer-In-Charge Atty. Shirley Chatto (2nd from left) and Mrs. Minda Yamut (extreme left). Atty. Umali expressed his happiness for Vice Governor Pelaez who was elected to public office straight from DepEd. The DepEd official also thanked Vice Governor Pelaez for continuing his advocacy on improving the quality of education for the students. Vice Governor Pelaez is the former Executive Director of the Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs of DepEd and Atty. Sotto is also its former Officer-In-Charge. photo supplied

1. ML Iligan 1 Branch 1. ML Bacolod Branch 1. ML Malabang 1 Branch 1. ML Maranding 1 Branch Quezon Avenue, Iligan City Purok 3, Poblacion Bacolod, Camp Jas, Malabang, Salvador Road, Maranding Lanao del Norte Lanao del Sur Lanao del Norte 2. ML Iligan 2 Branch 2. ML Camague Branch 2. ML Malabang 2 Branch 2. ML Maranding 2 Branch Corner BS Ong and Badelles Sts., Macapagal Ave., Camague, Chinatown, Malabang, National Highway, Maranding Iligan City Tomas Cabili, Iligan City Lanao del Sur Lanao del Norte 3. ML Iligan 3 Branch 3. ML Tambacan Branch 3. ML Malabang 3 Branch 3. ML Tubod 1 Branch Mercado Street, Pontoy Bldg., Purok 11, Poblacion Malabang, Crossing Poblacion Tubod Iligan City Tambacan, Iligan City Lanao del Sur Lanao del Norte 4. ML Iligan 4 Branch 4. ML Linamon Branch 4. ML Malabang 4 Branch 4. ML Tubod 2 Branch B. Labao corner Sabayle Sts., Poblacion Linamon, Campo Muslim, Malabang, Quezon Avenue, Tubod Iligan City Lanao del Norte Lanao del Sur Lanao del Norte 5. ML Iligan 5 Branch 5. ML Marawi Branch 5. ML SND 1 Branch 5. ML Baroy Branch San Miguel Street, HRM Bldg., Amai Pak-pak, Canete Bldg., SND, Purok 5, Nat. Highway, Baroy Iligan City Marawi City Lanao del Norte Lanao del Norte 6. ML Iligan 6 Branch 6. ML Malutlut Branch 6. ML SND 2 Branch 6. ML Salvador Branch Nunez Bldg., Quezon Avenue, Basak Mautlut, Marawi City Poblacion SND, Poblacion Salvador Iligan City Lanao del Norte Lanao del Norte 7. ML Iligan 7 Branch 7. ML Balabagan Branch 7. ML Lala Branch Autida Bldg., Roxas Avenue, Poblacion Balabagan, Purok 2, Lala Proper Iligan City Lanao del Sur Lanao del Norte 8. ML Tibanga Branch 8. ML Daguan Branch 8. ML Malingao Branch National Highway, Tibanga, Daguan, Kapatagan, Purok 5, Malingao Iligan City Lanao del Sur Lanao del Norte 9. ML Quezon Aballe Branch 9. ML Kapatagan 1 Branch 9. ML Maigo Branch Quezon Avenue Extension, Public Market, Kapatagan, National Highway, Poblacion Villaverde, Iligan City Lanao del Norte Maigo Lanao del Norte 10. ML Lugait Branch 10. ML Kapatagan 2 Branch 10. ML Kolambugan Branch National Highway, Mabini St., Gymnasium, Kapatagan, Purok 2, Poblacion Kolambugan Lugait Misamis Oriental Lanao del Norte Lanao del Norte 11. ML Manticao Branch AREA C Poblacion Manticao, AREA D Misamis Oriental 12. ML Naawan Branch AREA B Purok 6, Poblacion Naawan, Misamis Oriental Commencing on July 21, 2014 at 9:00 A.M. Commencing on July 20, 2015 at 9:00 A.M. those establishment above will set a public AREA A those establishment above will set a public Commencing on July 17, 2015 at 9:00 A.M. auction all overdue pledges in the same up to auction all overdue pledges in the same up those establishment above will set a public aucFebruary 2015. Patrons are enjoined to verify Commencing on July 16, 2015 at 9:00 A.M. those to February 2015. Patrons are enjoined to tion all overdue pledges left in the same up to their receipts. establishment above will set a public auction all oververify their receipts. February 2015. Patrons are enjoined to verify due pledges left in the same up to February 2015. their receipts. MANAGEMENT Patrons are enjoined to verify their receipts. MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT Sa Hulyo 21, 2015 sa mga alas 9:00 sa Sa Hulyo 20, 2015 sa mga alas 9:00 sa Sa Hulyo 17, 2015 sa mga alas 9:00 sa buntag ang tanang butang naremati, isubasta Sa Hulyo 16, 2015 sa mga alas 9:00 sa buntag ang buntag ang tanang butang naremati, isubasta buntag ang tanang butang naremati, isubasta diri sa tagsatagsa, nga buhatan nga ginganlan tanang butang naremati, isubasta diri sa tagsatagsa, diri sa tagsatagsa, nga buhatan nga ginganlan diri sa tagsatagsa, nga buhatan nga ginganlan sa itaas. Tanang Butang penerenda nga wala nga buhatan nga ginganlan sa itaas. Tanang Butang sa itaas. Tanang Butang penerenda nga wala sa itaas. Tanang Butang penerenda nga wala malukat hangtud sa Pebrero 2015, maapil sa penerenda nga wala malukat hangtud sa Pebrero malukat hangtud sa Pebrero 2015, maapil sa malukat hangtud sa Pebrero 2015, maapil sa subasta. Giawhag ang tanang suki sa pagsusi 2015, maapil sa subasta. Giawhag ang tanang suki subasta. Giawhag ang tanang suki sa pagsusi subasta. Giawhag ang tanang suki sa pagsusi sa ilang resibo. sa pagsusi sa ilang resibo. sa ilang resibo. sa ilang resibo.



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NFA submits samples of alleged synthetic rice for lab analysis D AVAO CITY -- Result of the laboratory analysis that will confirm the quality of an alleged synthetic rice emanating from a complaint in Barangay Mintal will be out today, July 3.

Dianne Silva, regional manager of the National Food Authority in Davao Region said samples were sent to the Food Development Center in Manila from the complainant.

“It is the sample of the rice being complained about,” she said. Silva admitted the NFA is having a hard time determining the consumer-trader link in this complaint.

However, she stressed that using common sense, a consumer can determine if a rice or any food is unfit for human consumption. Pending the result of the laboratory test, she advised consumers to inform the authorities particularly the NFA and the police once they come across with rice that is questionable. Silva told complainants to provide samples of a raw

and cooked rice so that they will be checked accordingly. “They must be able to point where they bought the rice so that an investigation that would establish its veracity can go on. We have to determine if it is locally produced or otherwise,” she said. Silva said basic information can be drawn from the sack of the rice. (PIA 11-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

Army ready for NPA retaliation COMPOSTELA VALLEY -- “Kung meron mang retaliation, we are very much prepared for it.” (If there is retaliation, we are very much prepared for it.) 10th Infantry Division Commander Major General Eduardo Año declared in a recent interview that the military is ready for any retaliation that will happen following their successful neutralization of Leonardo Pitao alias Kumander Parago on Sunday (June 28). Major General Año said that

they owe it the people of Davao and the Philippines to continue the keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of the populace particularly of Davao. “Mas lalo pa naming ipagbabayuhin ang aming pagseserbisyo at pagpabantay sa kalinaw sa Davao,” Año said. He said that Task Force Minions is a collective effort of the whole team and the community. “Hindi ito magbubunga kung hindi rin sa suporta ng mga tao sa

Paquibato,” Año said. (This will not yield if not with the support of the people in Paquibato.) He added that when the encounter started, information from the ground kept coming and they acted on all of it. Gen. Año urged the rebels to surrender because he said “hindi natin titigilan yan habang hindi pa natin napupuksa ang mga teroristang armado na yan.” (we will not stop until we will destroy those armed terrorist.)

“Pwede naman silang lumaban ng walang armas. Andyan ang eleksyion, andyan ang demokrasya. Pero pag gumamit ka ng armas at dahas, hahabulin ka ng Armed Forces of the Philippines at ng Philippine National Police,” he added. (They can fight without weapons. There is the election, there is democracy. But if they will use weapons and force, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police will run after them.) (PIA11, Michael Uy)


as Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Leyte, Southern Leyte, Northern Samar, Western Samar, Davao Oriental, Davao del Sur, Surigao del Sur, and Sulu. Once fully commercialized, 1,568 hectares of abaca farms is

targeted for rehabilitation out of the project. By rehabilitating abaca farms with high yielding and virus-resistant hybrids, PCAARRD and its partners hope to usher more and better opportunities for the local farmers, proces-

sors, and other industry stakeholders. Through the adoption of these UPLB hybrids, the government aims to ease the plight of poor abaca farmers and help improve their income and social status. As competition for lead-

from page A2

Currently, the research team is now mass producing and promoting the use of hybrids in major abaca producing provinces such


• •


Learn to Drive now in 5 days at 2 hrs. per/day

Office Hours: 8:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M. Monday to Sunday Email Add:


(088)-327-3188 Cellphone: Globe: 0915-2171132 TM : 0935-4479393 SUN : 0925-8449393

Door 4, Poldo’s Town Center, Vamenta Blvd., Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

MDN: May 29-June 29, 2015

RUSH SALE 12 Hectares of Land about 80% planted with Benguet/Carribean Pine Trees.

Location: Patpat, Malaybalay, Bukidnon For details call Rory 09062282483

PhilHealth to launch ‘Alaga Ka’ in Davao DAVAO CITY – Around one thousand Modified Conditional Cash Transfer – Indigenous Peoples (MCCT-IP) beneficiaries are expected to benefit from PhilHealth’s intensive information drive for poor families dubbed Alaga Ka, Para Sa Maayos Na Buhay, on July 3, 2015, at Upper Kibalang, Marilog Proper, Davao City. Alaga Ka, otherwise known as Alamin at Gamitin Para sa Kalusugan is a multi-sectoral campaign of the agency in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH), dedicated to providing 14.7 million indigent members and their families with greater access to health care services. According to PhilHealth, the identification and enrollment of indigent families to the government’s health insurance program is not the tail end of the project. The goal is to increase awareness and utilization of benefits in the poor sector, especially among IP beneficiaries and those in remote areas. Since its nationwide launch in 2014, Alaga Ka has been making the rounds in the region and the agency is delighted to bring the program to more poor families in the city with the support of the City Government of Davao. The Alaga Ka campaign basically aims to provide its beneficiaries with a clear un-

derstanding of their rights to quality health care benefits and knowing how, when and where to use them. Hence, this one-day activity will involve an orientation on PhilHealth’s Benepisyong TSeKap, an expanded primary care benefit package which covers preventive services, screening tests and outpatient medicines for particular illnesses and other benefits for maternal and infant health, malaria and tuberculosis treatment, among others. Also highlighting the activity is the allocation of PhilHealth’s Per Family Payment (PFP) worth P2.1 million to the local government which will be used to improve facilities, purchase medicines, pay for the health care professionals for TSeKap package providers and generally, to sustain the availment of indigent members to the primary care services. Other agencies such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO), Local Civil Registry (LCR) and City Health Office (CHO) will also be present during the ground activity to extend their respective services. (Philhealth-XI/Kleah Dublin)

ership in abaca production tightens, the government takes on the challenge of stepping up the game in the global market and keeping pace with other rising abaca producing countries. PCAARRD’s commitment to agriculture will be showcased by the Council when it participates in the National Science and Technolog y Week with the theme, “Philippines: A Science Nation Innovating

for Global Competitiveness,” from July 24-28 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. PCAARRD adopts the theme Strategic Industry Program for Agricultural Growth (SIPAG) ni Juan to bolster PCAARRD’s commitment to agriculture, the first of eight outcomes which DOST focuses on to help achieve sustainable national development via science and technology. (S&T Media Service)

Lot for sale at Tia-ao, Agusan, Mis. Or. adjacent Pepsi Cola Plant, 7,182 sq.m., clean Title, taxes updated. With clean clear underground water (deep well), overlooking Cagayan de Oro River. Contact 09177192866. MDN: JUNE 15-JULY 14, 2015

MDN: Mar 28 - Apr 27, 2015


Kimberlite Pawnshop will be having an AUCTION SALE on all items that expired on May 2015: AUCTION DATE: July 21, 2015 Estrada Bldg., Fortich-Don Carlos Sts., Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Kagay-an Festival 1st Oro Lechoneros Encuentro Champion

for Orders, Contact Yoyong:

09354145759 09169249371

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DENR cites local exec for NGP Bottoms-up Budgeting scheme


ENR-13 Regional Director Nonito M. Tamayo has commended the 33 mayors of the different municipalities and cities in Caraga Region for their active role in the National Greening Program (NGP) through the Bottoms-up Budgeting scheme of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). BUB is a program in which the community and the LGU are engaged in

area. Through the BUB, the community is given the privilege to participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the projects that were identified based on their needs. “This is clear manifestation of the vision of the the formulation of plans President on the first day and budget to arrest the of his duty when he said problem of poverty in their that the people shall be in-

volved in the planning and implementation of needed projects in their community” Director Tamayo said. Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur had the most number of local executives participating in the 72 BUB projects region wide. The DILG has funded this environment projects in their respective localities with a total of P 46,508,903.68 in

Caraga RDRRMC observes 2015 NDCM, sets various activities BUTUAN CITY – The Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) chaired by Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Caraga regional director Liza Mazo will be holding different lined-up activities for this year’s observance of the National Disaster Consciousness Month (NDCM). Government agencies, partner stakeholders and academe will be joining together as said observance will kick-off on July 2 with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Regional Office-13 at Camp Rodriguez, this city and a motorcade going to the Provincial Capitol Covered Court, where a short program will be held and followed by

a press conference. According to director Mazo, from July 2-4, the Caraga RDRRMC will be conducting rescue exercises among local emergency responders in the region to be held at the Capitol Covered Court here. The PNP-Caraga will also lead the Search and Rescue (SAR) Training on July 1-4, 2015 at Santiago Training Center in the municipality of Santiago, Agusan del Norte. On July 4, the OCD will spearhead the Coastal Cleanup at Masao Beach, Butuan City, and the Basic Course on Incident Command System (ICS) for the Department of Health (DOH) personnel on July 6-10, 2015. “Among the lined-up activities for this year’s ob-

servance of the NDCM, the member-agencies of the RDRRMC will also hold the following: 1) Forum on the Modified Public Storm Warning Signal and Updated Tropical Cyclone Classification; 2) Briefing on Hydromet Hazards on Agriculture; 3) Orientation on Evaluation for Earthquake; 4) Refresher Course on Damage Assessment and Reporting Systems (DARS); 5) 5-Day Basic Safe Hospital Training; 6) National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill; 6) Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) Training for Agriculture; 7) NDCM Culmination Ceremony and Regional Gawad KALASAG Awarding; and 8) 2-Day Consultative Workshop on System Development and Management Operation

(an inter-local Health Zone Approach during Health Emergencies and Disasters),” disclosed Mazo. Mazo further called on the general public to stay alert, vigilant, and active in DRR-related activities in their respective community. Pursuant to Executive No. 137 dated August 10, 1999, the month of July is declared as the month of National Disaster Consciousness Month. This year’s observance is anchored on the theme: “Pamilya at Pamayanang Handa, Katuwang sa Pagunlad ng Bansa.” (JPG/PIACaraga) NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that the intestate estate of GERMINIA GACUMA CULOB and NESTOR CULOB, who died at Butuan City on October 7, 1990 and August 9, 1985, respectively, consisting of a parcel of land (Lot 1069-A, Psd-10-006055) situated in the barrio of Libertad, City of Butuan, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-3783 containing an area of 192 square meters, more or less, is the subject of an EXTRA JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF THE STATE OF GERMINIA GACUMA CULOB AND NESTOR CULOB made and executed by Germinia Gacuma Culob and Nestor Culob’s surviving legitimate children and heirs, namely, Jessica C. Rosario, Patria C. Gabor, Allan G. Culob, Jean C. Bayano, Nerissa C. Gemota, Mary Joy C. Villareal, Rosita G. Culob, Erlinda G. Culob, Wendelyn G. Culob, Susan G. Culob, and Gloria G. Culob, dividing, partitioning and adjudicating among themselves above-described property extrajudicially in equal share pro indiviso, per Doc. No. 335; Page No. 65; Book No. XXXVII; Series of 2013 of the Notarial Registry of Dionisio P. Nadala, Jr., Notary Public at the City of Butuan. MDN: June 26, July 3 & 10, 2015





In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012(IRR on R.A. 10172). Notice is hereby served to the public that JESIEL C. BUCAG has filed with this Office, a petition for correction of entry in sex from “MALE” TO “FEMALE” in the Certificate of Live Birth of JESIEL C. BUCAG who was born on OCTOBER 14, 1993 and whose parents are CANUTO P. BUCAG AND JULIET C. CAPAROSO. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than July 10, 2015.

In compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-4 Guidelines in the implementation of the Administrative Order No. 1, series of 2012 (IRR of RA 10172), a notice is hereby served to the public that FELMAR G. RAMIREZ has filed with this Office a Petition for CHANGE OF GENDER(SEX) from “FEMALE” TO “MALE”, in the Certificate of Live Birth of FELMAR G. RAMIREZ who was born on August 8, 1990 from parents MARIO RAMIREZ AND FELISA GERONGGAY. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than JULY 10, 2015.

(Sgd.) MYRNA V. SAMILLANO Signature over printed name of the C/MCR

(Sgd.) MYRNA V. SAMILLANO Signature over printed name of the C/MCR

MDN: July 3 & 10, 2015

MDN: July 3 & 10, 2015

2013-2014. “The NGP through the BUB program has generated 4,856 jobs benefiting 7,105 in the five provinces of the region” Regional Director Tamayo said at the opening day of exhibits showcasing the gains of the BUB held at the Robinson Atrium in Butuan City on Monday. Mayor Yulie Ruaya of Dapa, Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte said “The BUB strategy has provided potable water systems for the people in a community frequently visited by typhoons”. The development of mangrove and beach forest along the shores through the NGP had served as seawall against storm surges” he added. The Cabinet Cluster on Human Development and Poverty Reduction Action team has identified at least 300 to 400 poorest municipalities enrolled in the BUB which focus on rural development and the

conditional cash transfer programs. Aside from the DENR, the other agencies involved are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, DSWD, Department of Education, Department of Health, TESDA, and the Department of Trade and Industry. During the program , the DILG Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning Josefina Castillo Go assisted by Director for Caraga Region Lilibeth A. Famacion has release about P 245 million to three cities and 50 municipalities to fund 101 potable water system, 6 local access projects, 70 projects under the Disaster Risk Reduction which include flood control, drainage and river canals, seawalls, evacuation center and rescue equipment, and 4 infrastructure projects including the improvement of terminals and markets. (ERIC GALLEGO)

Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS MARITIME INDUSTRY AUTHORITY MARINA R.O. XIII PP/Lt. Mario B. Portus, Jr., PPA Compound, Surigao City Tel. No. (+6386) 231-7622/Telefax No. (+6386) 231-7622 / Email:

Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS MARITIME INDUSTRY AUTHORITY MARINA R.O. XIII PP/Lt. Mario B. Portus, Jr., PPA Compound, Surigao City Tel. No. (+6386) 231-7622/Telefax No. (+6386) 231-7622 / Email:

RE: Application for the Issuance/Renewal/Amendment of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) to operate a tramper service in the operation of its ship/s in its/their applied route for the carriage of passengers and to charge deregulated rates pursuant to Republic Act No. 9295 and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations.

RE: Application for the grant of a Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) to operate a Liner service in the operation of its ship/s in its/their applied route for the carriage of passengers and/or cargoes and to charge deregulated rates and to operate under a deregulated scheduleRepublic of oftrips pursuant to Republic the Philippines OF TRANSPORTATION COMMUNICATIONS Act No. 9295DEPARTMENT and its RevisedANDImplementing Rules INDUSTRY AUTHORITY and Regulations. MARITIMEMARINA R.O XIII

LALAINE P. KERN. CASE NO. SUR 15 –077 ABELIO D. FABIO CASE NO. SUR 14-065-R LOU L. DIZON CASE NO. SUR 14-081-A Applicant/s. x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x

Tel. No. (+6386) 231-7622/Telefax (+6386) 231-7622 / Email: NO. JP SHIPPING LINES No.INC, CASE SUR 15 – 076 RE: Application for theApplicant. grant of a Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) to operate a Liner service in the operation of passengers and/or cargoes and to charge deregulated rates x - - -its ship/s - - in-its/their - - applied - - -route- for- the- carriage - - ofx and to operate under a deregulated schedule of trips pursuant to Republic Act No. 9295 and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations. 2nd ORDER


This refers Applicant. to the Application for grant of x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -of - - - -Public -x Certificate Convenience (CPC), to operate 2nd ORDER the vessel/s MV “FORTUNE ANGEL 1 & FORTUNE This refers Application for granttoof RA Certificate9295 of Public Convenience to operate the vessel/s MV ANGEL 2”to thepursuant and its(CPC), R-IRR under “FORTUNE ANGEL 1 & FORTUNE ANGEL 2” pursuant to RA 9295 and its R-IRR under the following schedule of trips: the following schedule of trips:


This refers to the Application for issuance/ renewal/amendment of Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC), to operate the vessel/s MBCA LAKE NOPE TRAVELLERS-2; MBCA FABIOLOUS & ML SEA EXPRESS-2 pursuant to RA 9295 and its R-IRR as service for hire/tramper for hire (for the carriage of passengers only) in the route/s: Surigao City to Surigao del Norte to any port of Dinagat Island and vice versa. The applicant shall cause the publication of this Order once in any of the five (5) major newspapers of national circulation in the Philippines or in a newspaper of local circulation, as applicable. Applicant shall present the jurisdictional, qualification and documentary requirements in a hearing to be conducted on 08 July 2015 at 8:30; 8:45 and 9:00 o’clock in the morning respectively at the MARINA, Regional Office, PPL/Lt Mario B. Portus, Jr. PPA Compound, Surigao City. The Applicant shall be required to make a written Formal Offer of Evidence (FOE), afterwhich, the application is deemed submitted for resolution/ decision, upon acceptance of such FOE and declaration that the cause is submitted for decision. WITNESS, the Honorable MARINA Administrator, Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. PhD, this 29th day of June 2015, Surigao City, Philippines. BY AUTHORITY OF THE BOARD:

PP/LT MARIO B.FORTUS Bldg., PPA Compound, Surigao City

(SGD) ENGR. EMMANUEL B. CARPIO Regional Director

CASE NO. SUR 15 – 076



Dapa, SDN. Surigao City Surigao City Dapa, SDN

5:30 am 11:30 am 5::15 am 10:30 am



Surigao City. Dapa, SDN Dapa, SDN Surigao City

8:30 am 2:30 pm 7:30 am 1:45 pm


RATES PER PASSENGER: Php 220.00 RATES PER PASSENGER: Php 220.00 TheThe applicant shall cause the publication of this Order once in any the of the fivepublication (5) major newspapers of national applicant shall cause of circulation in the Philippines or in a newspaper of local circulation, as applicable. this Order once in any of the five (5) major newsApplicantofshallnational present the jurisdictional, qualification and documentary requirements in a hearing to be conducted papers circulation in the Philippines or 08 July 2015 at 9:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the MARINA, Regional Office, PPL/Lt Mario B. Portus, Jr. PPA inonCompound, a newspaper of local circulation, as applicable. Surigao City. Applicant shall present the jurisdictional, The Applicant shall beand required documentary to make a written Formal Offer of requirements Evidence (FOE), afterwhich, the application qualification in a is deemed submitted for resolution/decision, upon acceptance of such FOE and declaration that the cause is submitted for hearing to be conducted on 08 July 2015 at 9:00 decision. o’clock in the afternoon at the MARINA, Regional \WITNESS, the Honorable MARINA Administrator, Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. PhD, this 29th day of June 2015, Office, PPL/Lt Mario B. Portus, Jr. PPA Compound, Surigao City, Philippines. Surigao City. The Applicant shall beBY required to make a AUTHORITY OF THE BOARD: written Formal Offer of Evidence (FOE), afterwhich, ENGR. EMMANUEL B. CARPIO, MMSA Regional Directorfor resolution/ the application is deemed submitted June 3, 2015 decision, upon acceptance of such FOE and declaration that the cause is submitted for decision. WITNESS, the Honorable MARINA Administrator, Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. PhD, this 29th day of June 2015, Surigao City, Philippines. BY AUTHORITY OF THE BOARD: (SGD) ENGR. EMMANUEL B. CARPIO Regional Director

MDN: July 3, 2015

MDN: July 3, 2015

PRA Form No. 10.1 (LCRO) Republic of the Philippines LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE PROVINCE OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL Cagayan de Oro City NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a NOTICE is hereby served to the public that ZENNINIA E. SEGUAR has filed with this office a petition for the change of first name from “Z” to “ZENNINIA” in the Certificate of Live Birth of ZEMPASIS SEGUAR who was born on January 4, 1983 in Cagayan de Oro City and whose parents are REYVENOS CAGANDE SEGUAR and LUCILA SELMA EMPASIS. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than July 5, 2015. (SGD) NORMA S. DIPUTADO City Civil Registrar MDN: June 26 & July 3, 2015

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DENR-10 Echoes Pope Francis’ Call to Sustain the Environment

With the recent news about the encyclical letter of Pope Francis on climate change, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 10 backed the Pope in addressing the impacts of climate change. In his encyclical let- we are undergoing, and its ter entitled Praise Be: On human roots, concern and the Care of Our Common affect us all,” said the Pope. Home, the Pope called out He cited that climate change everyone to make urgent is not just a scientific issue action to care for our com- but also an issue of moral mon home, the earth. He and ethics. Pope Francis stated that the Mother Earth added that each behavior is harmed because of the must be changed swiftly in human’s irresponsible be- order to sustain the environment. havior. The Pope said that the Regional Director Ruth challenge to protect the M. Tawantawan said that the earth should include ev- DENR 10 firmly supports the cause of the Pope to eryone. “I urgently appeal, then, take urgent action in the for a new dialogue about mitigation and adaptation how we are shaping the of climate change through future of our planet. We making relevant programs need a conversation which and projects that will adincludes everyone, since the dress the climate change in environmental challenge the national and local level.

The National Greening Program (NGP) which aims to plant 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares in six years is one of the DENR’s efforts to respond to the call of protecting and conserving the environment, Director Tawantawan said. The NGP is not just simply planting and growing of trees but also addressing the core issues of society with its goals to reduce poverty, promote food security, conserve the Philippine’s biodiversity, environmental stability, and to enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation, explained Director Tawantawan. The Mindanao’s accomplishment on “TreeVolution: Greening MindaNow” that reached the peak of Guinness World Record marked

a significant result of the collective effort from all sectors of the society. This only shows that all can unite in achieving one common goal of protecting the land from its environmental deterioration and make it verdant again, Director Tawantawan added. The TreeVolution activity planted 2,294,629 trees in 29 different areas in Mindanao which was participated by the 122,168 participants on September 26, 2014. According to Director Tawantawan, the NGP plantation in region 10 can sequester 6,748,248 tons carbon dioxide (CO2) in one year with the assumption that a one hectare plantation of fast growing species such as Falcata and Brazilian Fire Trees with the density of

500 trees with two meters height has the potential to sequester 104 tons of CO2 in one year. Carbon sequestration is a way of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. It is a significant process of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions which is a major contributor to climate change. Through carbon sequestration, air pollution can be reduced. Director Tawantawan mentioned that the geohazard assessments of the Mines and Geo-sciences Bureau (MGB) and the effort of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) to support the solid waste management implementation are some of the appropriate actions to make the solution on

climate change a reality. Director Tawantawan also remarked the intensive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) advocacy campaign of the region with the EMB and MGB in raising the public’s awareness and participation to combat the impacts of climate change in the regional level. Director Tawantawan agreed with Pope Francis that there has to be a paradigm shift on climate change. From the scientific and technological approach, climate change has to involve social mobilization through educating the humanity with their role of stewardship to the environment, said Director Tawantawan. (jessaannmahartin/ RPAO # 07-219-2015)


CIVIL CASE NO.2015-048

MARK ANTHONY L. ESMEDIANA AND SHIRLYN A. TAMESIS-ESMEDIANA, Petitioners. X- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - / ORDER Before this Court verified joint petition for the approval and registration of the Divorce filed by the petitioners and alleging among others. That petitioners are husband and wife respectively in a marriage performed under Civil rites on April 25, 2015 at Iligan City, they converted to Islam faith, of which conversions to Islam were duly registered with this court, both of them can be served with summons and other legal processes relative to this case at their residents at Purok 4 , Samburon, Linamon, Lanao del Norte and 1106 at. Purok 14-A 542, Pala-o, Iligan City respectively; That said marriage did not last long due to lack of love and affection until the relationship manifested incompatibility and sustained misunderstanding between petitioners and reached the point of irreconcilability and they separated for more than six (6) years already, they decided to separate live physically in bed and board, thereby, executed Memorandum of Agreement in order to formalized their separation. Since their separation, they had never been communicating or supporting either financially or emotionally to each other, neither minding each other,neither minding each other affair’s; Petitioner’s seek judicial decree of divorce, thereby, severing their marriage bond on April 25, 2015, so that they will have free hand to do what a single man or woman could do without marital burdens. Reconciliation between them had already been diligently employed but all proved futile. WHEREFORE, finding this petition to be sufficient in form and substance, set the initial hearing of this case on July 10, 2015 at 9:00 a.m at which time, date and place. Any interested party may appear and show why the petition should not be granted. Let copy of this Order be published in a news paper of General Circulation in the City of Iligan once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at the expense of the petitioners. SO ORDERED. Iligan City, Philippines, this 17th day of June, 2015. (Sgd.) HON. OSOP M. ALI Presiding Judge MDN: June 19, 26 & July 3, 2015

NOTICE OF LOSS & SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY NOTICE is hereby given that MANUEL B. LUCAS of Butuan City, based on his Affidavit of Loss, states that he is the authorized person of Allen B. Legaspi per a Special Power of Attorney, that he has declared lost Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT-42140 covering a certain parcel of land located at Butuan City owned by Allen B. Legaspi; that all efforts were done to locate the said Title but proved futile as the same were nowhere to be found hence considered lost. Dated June 25, 2015, the document was signed, subscribed and sworn to before Atty. Ernesto M. Brocoy, Notary Public at Butuan City under Doc. No. 5241; Page No. 1048; Book No. 05; Series of 2015. Mr. MANUEL B. LUCAS, by virtue of a Special Power of Attorney issued by Mr. Allen B. Legaspi as principal, is authorized to act in behalf of the principal and perform the following functions or duties in administering Mr. Allen B. Legaspi’s land located at Barangay Tandang Sora, Butuan City, covered by TCT RT-42140, Tax Declaration No. 08-03-0003-00566 with an area of 1,125 square meters: to sign, submit and receive documents of legal matters relative to aforesaid land but not to sell, mortgage or sell such property; to represent the principal in a complaint filed in any legal forum, regular court and Barangay Office of those illegally occupying or erecting any structure in the land without the principal’s permission; to ask assistance and protection from the government or private securities in any lawful activities of the principal’s authorized persons within the said land premises; to eject all illegal settlers occupying or destroy all illegally installed structure in the said land area; to secure the necessary permit from the local government of Butuan Ccty to fence the said land area or construct or install a building for residential or office in the said area; to engage the services of a lawyer or lawyers in the filing of petition in a regular court for the loss of the Original Owner’s Copy of Title of said land; to attend court hearing and to execute a Joint Judicial Affidavit needed in the Court Petition regarding the issuance of a new title of the said lost Oriiginal Owner’s Copy; to cancel the Special Power of Attorney the principal previously issued to Pastor Bernardo S. Ren and Atty. Gil Sembrano. The Special Power of Attorney is notarized by Atty. Ernesto M. Brocoy under Doc. No. 3382; Page No. 694; Book No. 02; Series of 2015. MDN: June 26 & July 3, 2015

Agutayan Watchtower and Light House Project is inaugurated today at the Agutayan white island in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. photo supplied

‘See for yourself. The records are clean’ - DENR DENR 13 Regional Director Nonito M. Tamayo has took exception to a “highlyspeculative” perception of some sectors about the special retrieval permit granted by the DENR to certain lumads as “a maneuver of corrupt DENR officials, local politicians and illegal loggers to circumvent EO 23”. “See for yourself, the records are clean”, he said. “The retrieval of those typhoon Pablo-damaged logs in Esperanza and La Paz, Agusan del Sur have undergone thorough process, inventory and evaluation for a period of time before Sec. Paje gave the go signal” Director Tamayo said. “We are hiding nothing” he said. “Every individual who are interested to examine the records and documents of the DENR on this matter are free to do so” he

said. Director Tamayo has likewise rebuked criticism about the program. “Unless these speculations are backed up with hard evidences and proofs, those fabricated reports must be stopped, otherwise, it will only destroy the reputation and integrity of the agency undertaking a program that seeks to help the poverty-stricken lumads in the countryside” he said. The DENR has placed safeguards in the retrieval process of these typhoondamaged logs to discourage irregularities while transport is in progress until the forest products reach an authorized wood processing plant. Forest Officer Romeo Luengas of the DENR Enforcement Division said that only accredited wood

processing plants are authorized to buy those logs otherwise they are declared illegal. The proceeds are placed on a trust funds being managed by the local officials. Luengas said the retrieval permit has been classified “special” because it is only good and applicable for 6 months duration which started on January 3, 2015 and ends on June 30, 2015. There were however, some leaders of the lumads who have suggested that the privilege be extended for a brief period after its deadline but the DENR official is firmed about the instructions. “There will be no extension” Director Tamayo said. “ The lumad were given time to extract and dispose all the inventoried typhoondamaged logs found in

their ancestral domain and the DENR believes the IP leaders are capable of doing the job given such a short period” Director Tamayo said. The operation is strictly monitored by DENR officer for Agusan del Sur Roberto Oliveros with OIC, CENR Officer Jerome Albia of Bayugan City and OIC, CENR Officer Luis Gonzaga of Talacogon in coordination with the local executive officials and the leaders of the lumad. The Memorandum of Agreement made among the LGU officers of Esperanza , La Paz, NCIP, DENR, DSWD and leaders of the IPs in the concerned area has stipulated that only those typhoo-damaged logs which were inventoried by the DENR team are allowed See clean, page A11

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The Looming Talent Crisis: Research Shows Companies Unprepared for Future of Work TAGUIG, Philippines—June 30, 2015—Businesses are facing the most diverse work environment that the world has ever seen with five different generations working together, across geographies — each with different skills, experiences and work habits. More of these workers will be freelancers and long-term contractors. All of this represents a major opportunity for productivity, talent development and employee engagement, but according to new wide-scale research from Oxford Economics, most companies are unprepared to capitalize on it. As revealed in Workforce 2020, an independent, global study by Oxford Economics with support from SAP SE, most companies recognize the importance of managing an increasingly international, diverse and mobile workforce. However, the majority lack the strategy, culture and solutions to do so. Oxford Economics surveyed more than 5,400 employees and executives and interviewed 29 executives in 27 countries, finding that two-thirds of businesses have not made significant progress toward building a workforce that will meet their future business objectives. The announcement was made at SuccessConnect 2014, being held September 9-11 in Las Vegas. “To gain advantage in the future, businesses must understand the workforce of tomorrow and its importance to bottom-line success — today,” said Edward Cone, managing editor of Thought Leadership at Oxford Economics. “Our research shows that the C-suite is out of touch with HR on business strategy and priorities, and workers are not getting what they want from their employers in terms of incentives, benefits and training.”

Top Six Workforce Issues Facing Companies The study’s findings challenge the prevailing wisdom and highlight the most critical issues facing HR professionals. At the top of the list: 1. Compensation Matters Most According to Workforce 2020, competitive compensation is the most important attribute of a job to two-thirds of respondents — 20 percent higher than the next highest benefit. Retirement plans, flexibility and time-off rank well ahead of amenities such as fitness centers, daycare and subsidized food. If compensation is what motivates employees, what they are most afraid of is being left behind as a result of insufficient skills and inability to keep up with the latest technologies. “Becoming obsolete” is the biggest concern for today’s worker, twice as concerning as being laid off. 2. Millennials are Misunderstood Although 51 percent of executives say that millennials entering the workforce greatly impacts their workforce strategy, fewer than one-third say they are giving special attention to millennials’ particular wants and needs — primarily because executives do not understand how they think. Much has been written about how millennials are different in their use of technology and their attitudes toward work than past generations of workers; however, the Workforce 2020 study shows that they are surprisingly similar to their non-millennial coworkers when it comes to workplace priorities: • Millennials and non-millennials alike cite compensation as the most important benefit. Additionally, 41 percent of millennials and 38 percent of non-millennials say higher

compensation would increase their loyalty and engagement with the company. • Contrary to popular thinking, millennials are no more likely than non-millennials to leave their jobs in the next six months. • Millennials and non-millennials have similar priorities in areas such as meeting career and income goals and meeting goals for advancement. The two groups have similar views on the importance of corporate values and achieving work/life balance. “Millennials are a major challenge for companies. As the single largest and most tech-savvy workgroup, they also represent a significant opportunity,” said Mike Ettling, president, HR Line of Business, SAP/SuccessFactors. “Companies that can excite millennials about work, train them to fill in gaps on experience and adapt to their style of working can build a workforce that can successfully execute on the objectives of today and adapt to drive advantage for the business of tomorrow.” 3. The Talent Gap is Widening Few companies, however, are properly supporting their workers, including millennials. Less than half of employees surveyed as part of Workforce 2020 say their company provides ample training on the technology they need, and less than one-third say their company makes the latest technology available to them. The need for skills like analytics and programming/development will grow sizably over the next three years, but employees doubt the opportunity to gain proficiency in these areas. While executives cite a high level of education or institutional training as the most important employee attribute, only 23 percent

say they offer development and training as a benefit. Incentives for pursuing educational opportunities are also uncommon. 4. Leadership is Lacking Unfortunately, supporting growth among employees is creating a leadership void. Lack of adequate leadership is cited by executives as the number two impediment to achieving their goals of building a workforce to meet future business objectives. Almost half of those surveyed say their plans for growth are being hampered by lack of access to the right leaders within their organizations. Only 31 percent of executives interviewed say that when a person with key skills leaves they fill the role from within the organization. Surprisingly, less than half indicate that their leadership team has the skills to effectively manage talent or inspire and empower employees. 5. The Workforce is Changing As the economy evolves to a state where nearly everything can be delivered as a service, companies are increasingly tapping external expertise and resources they need — and on an as-needed basis — to fill skills and resource gaps and to accommodate rapidly changing business and customer demands. That means more temporary staff, more consultants and contract workers, and even “crowd-sourced” projects. In fact, of those companies surveyed as part of Workforce 2020, 83 percent of executives say they will be increasing the use of contingent, intermittent or consultant employees. 6. Compensation Models, Development and Technology Must Change This changing nature of employment

is affecting workforce strategies. Of the companies surveyed: • 46 percent say they will require changes in compensation plans • 45 percent say they will require increased investment in training • 39 percent say they will result in changes to technology policies to support mobility, bring your own device, etc. Additionally, 41 percent say they will drive new investments in HR technology that can better support their changing strategies and needs. Investments in HR technology will move beyond traditional core HR systems designed to manage the employee record and drive compliance toward emerging technologies that support recruiting, talent and performance management, learning and enhanced employee engagement. While more than half (53 percent) of executives say workforce development is a key differentiator for their firm, they do not have the tools and organization to back it up. Just 38 percent say they have ample data about their workforce to understand their strengths and potential vulnerabilities from a skills perspective, and 39 percent say they use quantifiable metrics and benchmarking as part of their workforce development strategy. Only 42 percent say they know how to extract meaningful insights from the data available to them. “When it comes to preparing for the future of work, knowledge is power,” Ettling said. “Tomorrow’s workforce will be more diverse and work differently. Companies must understand this and develop new strategies that support diversity and foster a new level of employee engagement and collaboration — or

they will ultimately remain stuck in the past.” To learn more about the global results of Workforce 2020 and the future of work, visit lhttp:// oxford-economics-workforce-hub-pr. html. SAP will share more detailed views of the findings from a regional perspective and at the country level over the coming weeks. Follow the #futureofwork conversation on Twitter with @successfactors. For more information, visit the SAP News Center. Follow SAP on Twitter at @sapnews. About Oxford Economics Oxford Economics is the world leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis for business and government, and the most trusted resource for decision-makers seeking independent thinking and evidence-based research. Headquartered in Oxford, England, with offices in London, New York, and Singapore, and elsewhere around the globe, the firm employs more than 90 professional economists, industry experts and business editors—one of the largest teams of macroeconomists and thought leadership specialists. For more information, press only: Bri Vellis, SAP, +1 (650) 6452544,, PDT SAP News Center press room; Adam Novak, PAN Communications, +1 (617) 502-4300, sap@, EDT

Ramadhan Message Assalamu Allaikum Waramatullahi Ta’Allah Wabarakatuhu!!! Peace be upon us…. On behalf of Official Dum of Local Government Unit of Madalum, Lanao del Sur, my employees, supporters, friends and my family would like to greet this very special occasion to all Islam believers who are now celebrating this long-month of Ramadhan. This very momentous celebration of Ramadhan by fasting is one of the five pillars of the Muslims to surrender themselves and have strong faith in Allah, the most merciful. I always believe that having strong faith will rebound stronger governance. Mabuhay tayong lahat….

Hon. Sultan Usman Tantao Sarangani Sr. Former Secretary, Assemblyman Graduated Mayor of Madalum Lanao del Sur

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Please bring your child to the church Special Gospel of the day (July3, 2015-Friday) John 3:1-8”Now there was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews; this man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we know that You have come from God as a teacher; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.” Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born, can he?” Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. “Do not be amazed that I said to you, `You must be born again: 1 Corinthians 12:13”For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit. Is a child included in this sacrament? The answer is yes since a child is a human also like us. Take note, no one can inherit the kingdom of God unless

Biblical reflection

Bro. Edcel L. Closas baptized. This means that this sacrament is a very vital for our salvation. The instruction of Jesus for his disciples to minister baptism must be done to all people; both adults and children categorically. This is our doctrine in our Roman Catholic Church, to include little children in the kingdom of God because they have that legal right. Matthew 19:14”But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Please bring your child to the church for baptism because if it will die without this sacrament, you have a liability to your child for being negligence: Printing paid by: Neneth Ranoa - Bobong BalinoEdith Ranoa, PhD- Tony Jordan – Cagayan De Oro: My new number: 09187148435: God loves you!!!

A Positive Discipline Instructional Leader By Elsa B. Buenavidez PSDS Ozamiz City Division

At the helm of educational reform process, leadership in schools is always dynamic to address the quality of learning to all schooling children. School heads, District Supervisors and Education Supervisors are instructional leaders having strong personalities imbued with their educational philosophies and leadership styles. Their concern to deliver the best for learning in schools is something in common, but each one allows differences in school management. An approach to become

effective instructional leaders is to practice positive discipline in dealing with people in the learning community, the teachers and school children. The approach of positive discipline in everyday teaching as introduced by Joan Durrant (2010) shed light among instructional leaders to embrace the concept of positive discipline in the performance of instructional supervision in schools. It is in the practice of positive discipline in school supervision that school heads and teachers are provided with “warmth” and “structure” in responding

to the long term goals in their profession. Teachers would have the warmth if they were listened, appreciated and respected in their teaching performance as well as in their life situation. While the provision of “structure” to school heads and teachers explains the reasons of rules and policies, makes good decisions, fixes mistakes, and gives them all information they need to succeed. In the level of experience, the provision of warmth and structure creates changes and affects the behavior of the individual. A smile makes a person comfortable, and

individual students and have a better understanding of the various strengths that, they neglect to go to and challenges faced by each student, for them to school again. Thus, it is important that meet the student and their teachers should conduct family in a relaxed setting. Educating youngsters home visitations. There are many possible goals for these home visits including: bridging cultural barriers, reporting on academic progress, enlisting parental support to increase academic achievement, and giving parents the tools to do so. This meeting is important because it helps the parent and student become acquainted with the teacher in a non-intimidating way. This visit can also help teachers find out about the needs and interests of

Home Visitations

By Mary Grace C. Cuizon Teacher – I Lazaro MES Bonifacio East District

Teachers have more responsibilities aside from teaching students how to count, write or read. More than that, they are assigned to observe the behaviour of students, and from that, strategized a best method on how to instill knowledge and encourage them to appreciate learning. There are times, however, that classroom interaction is not enough to make students appreciate the beauty of knowledge. Students fail, make a number of absences and more saddening than

CIRCLE A WORD pinoy fishes

alakaak apahap bangus barakuda barilis

dalagang bukid danggit espada igat kanduli

karpa kitang maliputo matang-baka pampano

salay-salay sapsap talakitok tambakol torcillo

the warmth interactions among colleagues can move mountains in doing challenging task. The making of a positive discipline instructional leader is a way of increasing the interest of school heads and teachers to perform their multifarious tasks and strengthening their motivation to achieve and promote personal and professional success. The new perspective by the instructional leader radiates goodness to the students in their aspiration to learn. To my colleagues, let us practice positive discipline! involved understanding the life that they live and how they grow as a person in entirety. It takes so much time and patience, but it is significant for them to be taught easily and effectively.

SUDOKU How to play the game? Fill in completely every rows, columns and diagonals of each puzzle without repitition

of the same digit.

Yesterday’s Answer

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Bacon... from page A4

him and his family. Why he is not proffering any evidence to protect his good name is baffling. Or is it because there is really no evidence to prove his innocence? Is this the reason why Binay adopted the strategy of ignoring all the charges against him through his sweeping defense that these are all politically motivated? And now that Binay on his own could not exculpate himself from these corruption charges leveled against him, he is turning the tables against his benefactor of five years, President Aquino and his administration. Binay who used to be part of this administration for five years until last week when he realized he could never get the anointment of Aquino as his successor in 2016 is now its number one nemesis. While in the Cabinet Binay was all praises for the Aquino administration. Now that he is out of the Cabinet, this administration has all of a sudden become bungling, inept and insensitive to the plight of the people. I expected this from Binay. I know his obsession to succeed Aquino so that he can expand the landscape from which he could pursue his corrupt ways, this is according to the Senate and the Ombudsman, not just in tiny Makati but the whole country will surely push him to do even the most unthinkable. That is what obsession could do to any person. Look at Janet Lim Napoles. Because of her obsession to be ultra-rich, she did the unthinkable. And for doing the unthinkable she is now in jail. I personally believe based on the findings of the Senate and the Ombudsman that if blindfolded lady justice be allowed to work freely without any human intervention on Binay’s case, Binay and his entire family will end up in jail just like Napoles and the three senators now in jail also because of the pork barrel fund scam that reports say was engineered by Napoles. From a layman’s assessment of the proceedings specifically in the Senate, I can say without fear of contradiction that Binay has been found guilty based on the evidence so far gathered by that august body in their on-going investigation of numerous anomalous transactions in Makati. What I could not explain rationally is that why are there still well-meaning Filipinos willing to lend support to Binay’s political obsession. Have these Filipinos become so callous that they could not put the country’s interest before anything else? The truth is that tinimbang na si Binay ngunit kulang ang kanyang moral na kakayahan na mangulo sa bansa. Sadly, there are

still well-meaning Filipinos, though they are just a small minority, who earnestly believe in the guy. I can forgive the politicians who have no place in other political parties like Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan to support Binay. They have no other choice but bite the bullet. But for well-meaning Filipinos to support Binay is unforgivable because the nation’s interest is paramount over the political obsession of one man. (Reactions to jelbacon@ or jelbaconii@ Read me also at www.raconteurme.blogspot. com)


from page A4

no justice will ever be felt by the family and friends of the late mayor. Not until these people are arrested, the people of Impasugong and the entire Bukidnon will not feel a sense of security in their areas. But will putting these killers to jail really end the misery of the family, friends, and the people of Impasugong? And of Bukidnon? On July 13, 2010, NPA members shot and killed Hon Mateo Biong, Jr., a former mayor of Giporlos town, Eastern Samar. The NPA claimed responsibility, saying it was carrying out a death sentence ordered by its “revolutionary people’s court.” On August 6, 2011 the NPA abducted Mayor Henry Dano of Lingig, Surigao del Sur province, and was released October 9, 2011. He was accused of offenses ranging from maintaining a private army to “frontline participation” in recruiting militiamen. On May 28, 2014 Mayor Reynaldo Navarro of Laak town in Compostela Valley province was killed in an ambush by motorcycleriding gunmen believed to be NPAs. Navarro’s killing came six days after Ka Aris Francisco, spokesperson of the NPA- Comval-North Davao South Agusan Subregional Command, issued a statement that Navarro is a member of the “Big 4 logging lords” and that local reactionaries like Navarro who continue to violate human rights of peasants while plundering the forests are legitimate targets. Many other political and civilian killings by the NPA have been reported and documented for the past years. While some perpetrators were either killed in military combat operations or arrested thru warrants of arrest, the NPA still continue to terrorize and sow fear among the populace and to exact justice through their kangaroo court. No matter how many political officials, civilians, or even soldiers and policemen they murder, it will not really help the nation at all but will instead generate more anger and disappointment

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from those who have lost and who will lose their loved ones. There are people who manipulated the death of Mayor Okinlay and the death of the struggle he has been fighting for. Eliminating or arresting the gunmen is only a small step in battling the “people” behind the killing and perhaps in uncovering the real picture of insurgency that has now evolved into a plain dirty business of an “organized group”. The assassination of Mayor Okinlay was a cowardly and heinous act. He helped the people of Impasugong to defend democracy. He looked after the rights and privileges of the poor and the lumads. He brought development in far flung barangays while preserving the rich culture and traditions of the indigenous people. Mayor Mario was the embodiment of courage and reconciliation. His passing left an emptiness not only in his family’s lives, but more so to the people of Impasugong and the many others whose lives have been changed through his fight for peace, justice and freedom. We will not rest until justice is served. But I am morally convinced that the greatest way we can put justice to his death is to continue what he has started and let the people of Impasugong rally behind the truth - that killing, kidnapping, and threatening public authorities who are honestly serving the communities are not the ways of a genuine patriotic selfless group that are claiming to be pro people. Peace, happiness, and development will be the greatest revenge we can give. Nothing can drive the leadership of this terroristic “organized group” more insane than the people being happy and moving on successfully in spite of the atrocities they have committed. All of us who admired the late Mayor Okinlay must carry on his struggle. The support of the 8th Infantry Battalion to him and his family will remain unshaken. To Mayor Mario Okinlay, thank you, you have selflessly done all that is good, noble and honorable for God’s people.

Disaster... from page A5

falcata plantation project in sitio Tangili, the planting of which was also in November 2014. “The seedlings were not in good condition when we received them and we were asked to rush the planting and after several days many of these just wilted because there was no rain,” Hagunao said. He said that while they were paid P2,500 per hectare in planting they are also worried that only a few of the seedlings survive the drought. “We replaced those that did not survive, but not

all since we have no more seedlings. Now we’re waiting for the weeding budget,” he added. Those tasked by government in projects like this must be mindful that people’s taxes were used and that these must deliver the benefits, not only for them but also for the general public, the tribal leader concluded.

Clean... from page A8

to be disposed. A total of 12,171.45 cubic meters were inventoried in Esperanza and 15,884.75 cubic meters in La Paz. The leaders of the lumads particularly Datu Sagani Sumobol, Datu Mandumaguing, Datu Saludyuan Laguinao, Datu Makalantas Langbayan, Datu Makatumpag Santos Sag-or,Jr., Barangay Captain Salug Amando M. Balan, Barangay Captains Erwin Dumaguing, Polimer O. Pincalan, Gala P. Lindahug and Gregorio L. Quinamapy have proposed to utilize the trust funds from the proceeds of the typhoon-damaged logs deposited at the bank in several projects. These are the development and other livelihood programs as identified in the Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Protection Plan (ADSDPP) of the lumads, the mini-nursery of highvalue crops, reconstruction of multi-purpose hall, reforestation, construction assistance and purchase of farm postharvest facilities. (ERIC F. GALLEGO)

Wants... from pageA1

city yet pending the official evaluation of data. This, even as the university president-turnedCabinet member ordered all the five regional directors present in the affair to scout out all the nooks and corners of their respective jurisdictions searching for out-of-school youth who are willing to graduate basic education to enrol them under DepEd’s various programs. “Account for all the street kids, all the kasambahays in your area and encourage them. We have the Kariton Klasrum where we reach out to remote areas. We will also be institutionalizing senior high schools exclusively for each indigenous peoples tribe where lessons are suited to their culture,” Luistro said. Also in the offing is the alteration of the school calendar to best suit farming communities. “We are currently studying to vary the schedule of classes in areas where farmers plant and harvest their crops at a specific month,” he announced. Luistro is also planning to replicate in Mindanao his successful program at the Bilibid Prisons in Manila where detainees get sentence commutations, both for enrolling and teaching at the prison. “Walang Pilpino na bobo.

We will reach out to you. We will be rolling out IT packages in each school in Mindanao for the next 12 months, whether you are located in the rural or in the urban areas,” he continued. For this, the education department will be handing out 1,222 bicycles and 512 boats for students to use in rural areas so they could pedal and ride respectively to their schools. “But first, students must undergo seminars on road safety first,” Luistro emphasized. Last year, the number of out-of-school youth nationwide decreased at 58 percent. Secondary school enrolment increased to 7 percent, bringing a total of 7.2 million students. A total of 18,1323 new classrooms were built in Mindanao since 2010. A total of 8,837 new teachers were hired in the island in 2014. Ten thousand more will be hired in 2016 as the senior high school program in the K to 12 curriculum will go underway at the time. From a P170 billion budget in 2009, DepEd received P375 billion budget in 2015.

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working very hard to give our people a better life.” “[They] may see BBL as a rotten egg. So let them lay a better one, which is not by bullying well-meaning fellow citizens working very hard to give our people a better life. They are not criminals,” he said. The feisty human rights lawyer and former senator said Atienza and company’s charges are example of “another disincentive to public service.” “[The] complaints on its face [have] no basis,” thus, the “treason case against the peacemakers should be dismissed right away,” said Ateneo School of Government Dean Antonio La Viña. Meanwhile, University of the Philippines (UP) professor emeritus of political science and public administration Dr. Jose Abueva asked the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) what it has “done lately to help build a functional democracy and promote good governance under our 1987 Constitution?” Philconsa and former Negros Oriental congressman Jacinto Paras have filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to declare the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) and the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) unconstitutional. Such move, Abueva said, is “plainly obstructive” while Saguisag called it “premature” and “unripe.” “Philconsa and its co-petitioners are plainly obstructive in asking the Supreme Court to declare repugnant and unconstitutional the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (which was signed in Malacañang in March 2014) and the

Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro, even as Congress is deliberating on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) to ensure its constitutional validity and full effectiveness,” Abueva said. The CAB and the FAB are the basis for the legal document called BBL that is now pending deliberations before the House of Representatives. The BBL is the product of 17 years of negotiations between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and is seen as the vehicle towards lasting and genuine peace in Mindanao. “Many more know and believe in the valid and timely role of the proposed BBL in achieving genuine regional autonomy and lasting peace with justice,” Abueva pointed out, adding: “It has taken over 17 years of conflict and peace and regional autonomy talks to reach the present level of progress.” Saguisag also said that the petition against the BBL is “premature” and “unripe” because Congress has not yet done deliberating on it. Meanwhile, government peace panel member Senen Bacani said they remain optimistic that the draft Bangsamoro law will pass the legislative hurdle, pointing out that the BBL has the full support of the President and the leaders of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. “Hopefully, with a fuller discussion of this law there will be a better understanding of what is in there for everybody. We’ve always said that we’re relying on the collective wisdom of the members of both houses [Senate and House of Representatives] to come up with a law that will basically satisfy the aspirations of the Bangsamoro and one that will be in accordance with the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB),” he said. “We know that there is no such thing as an overnight process. What is important is the implementation of the law. And what is even more important is the spirit of the law. (And) how do you change the mindset of people? That cannot be done overnight. There has to be a new way of thinking,” he added. Bacani also said that the prejudices and biases against the Moro people should not be made into stumblingblocks in the approval of the BBL. (Bong D. Fabe)


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July 3, 2015


Himugso Fashion Show features homegrown talents Story and Photos by IRENE JOY DAYO Staff Member

GAISANO City Mall, through its own clothing brand Ciao Bella, held its Himugso Fashion Show as a way of celebrating 117th Philippine Independence Day last June 12, alongside with the theme created by the city government of Cagayan de Oro, dubbed as “Himugso: Birthing a City, Birthing a Nation, Birthing Tomorrow.” Talents, being tagged ‘Elite Models,’ coming from Cagayan de Oro Talent Center and Mindanao Talent

Center, and Gaisano print ads models, colored the event. They wore pieces coming from famous brands that made house inside Gaisano. Kids that have also finished the Summer Talent Workshop sponsored by the mall also walked their finale performances during the fashion exposure. Marketing Manager Gabby Bacarro said that this is just one of the events set to be participated by Gaisano. A lot of surprises are prepared for the malls’ customers

aside from the product discount sales, which one is Himugso Sale

happening during the celebration. Gaisano will be having a Special

Make-up Workshop and ‘Once a CDOTC, Always a CDOTC’ Special Workshop. The mall also set to host Higalaay Fashion Events by Ciao Bella for the city fiesta this coming August. The marketing manager also added that Gaisano Stores, not just the ones located inside Cagayan de Oro but also other Gaisano branches, will be participating in various fiesta celebrations. Example for this is Gaisano Butuan branch’s participation for the upcoming Balangay

Festival in Butuan City. He further shared that a lot and bigger will be expected from Gaisano, especially from Ciao Bella Collection, as it celebrates its second year. Ciao Bella is a brand owned by Gaisano and has started in Cagayan de Oro City. Now, it has expanded in four regions and is continuing to gain name in other key areas. During the fashion show, participants were given gift packs coming from the sponsors.



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