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communication for rural india

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Construction worker •  Construction workers are part of rural Indian but most of time they have been ignored due to constant migration as per the availability of work, and they have remained far from any developmental programs. •  Their work is of migratory nature and full of insecurity, as a result of which their children suffer a lot. •  Educating their children is beyond their imagination and can never be a priority in the struggle for survival.

demographics •  LOCATION : Ahmedabad •  RELIGION: Hindu, Muslim, Jain •  LANGUAGE: Gujarati. Hindi

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Lifestyle •  Travel from site to another for work and to escape poverty •  Live in temporary settlements made from waste rags, tin or aluminum sheets. •  Most of them are either illiterate or on an average of 10th pass. •  Neither training provided nor any skill enhancement. •  Family is devoid of any social security and even kids suffer in seeking proper education •  Due to their nature of temporary settlement.

Living Condition •  Payment not given on time. There is insecurity of wages. •  Dangerous working condition. No safety gear provided in terms of safety helmets, masks, uniforms etc. •  Have to carry heavy loads and walk around the site. •  Payment is either given on daily wage basis or at a stretch of 15 days. Payment varies from Rs.200 to Rs.500. •  Work timings are from 9am to 5pm. In case of overtime, extra wages are provided. •  In case of any injury, only one time expenses are borne by their employer. •  Masons have a significantly higher incidence of skin diseases like viral infections and scabies. •  These skin diseases can be taken as an expression of poverty, overcrowding and occupational hazards of the construction industry. •  Consumption of liquor is quite rampant among workers; incidences of HIV are more among construction workers.

Lack of Basic Amenities •  Laborers have to stay with their families in temporary settlements. •  These temporary shelters are made from materials such as tarpaulin, aluminum sheets, bamboo sticks etc. They have the least of facilities inside meaning just a space for a stove for cooking and sleeping mattress. •  There is nothing like “Home”. These temporary settlements are always constructed and deconstructed. •  Their shelters are neither provided with sanitation nor electricity. •  No proper water facility. •  Sites also do not provide with toilet or bathroom facilities and neither with clean drinking water. •  No privacy for the families. •  No safe space for children to play or to be taken care of. •  Site is infected with cement particles, mud, poisonous fumes, and harmful particles thus exposing their families to an unhealthy living. •  Lack of awareness regarding worldly developments.


Improper development of children: •  It was observed that even till the age of 5, children were not admitted to regular schools. •  When mothers went to work, children were seen wandering here and there, with no one to take care of them apart from their siblings. •  Children have no proper play area. They generally thrive in scorching heat and dust.

NEED •  A Plan that ensures dignified life and bright future to kids. •  A healthy and manageable lifestyle. •  Care of female health and well being.


Vision Maya wishes to leave a considerable impact on the efforts to alleviate of alleviation of poverty by increasing access to educational opportunities, good health and an exposure to vocational trainings to most ignored communities of migratory and construction workers.

Mission “To provide an exposure to basic education, health and hygiene to the kids of migratory and construction workers under the age of 12, thereby ensuring a dignified life and bright future.�

Provides them

uSER PERSONA Name: Ishita shah Age: 35 yrs Designation: Founder of Maya foundation and fashion design City: Ahemdabad She started Maya foundation with the aim of educating construction kids about health and hygiene, by giving them education with exposure to vocational studies, She is proud that she is able to achieve the goals which she stated and even expanded it from 2 schools to 12. Her things here Ngo has positively made impact on kids when it comes to health and hygiene. But she feels it can be really more effective if their parents start believing in small family better family concept instead of having big family.

Name: Joyti Thakker Age: 33 yrs Designation: Teacher City: Ahemdabad She is a teacher in Maya foundation at Bopal construction site her aim is to educate kids along with spreading awareness about health and hygiene and give them vocational studies, She is working under this foundation from the first day and it has became heart and soul to her. From her experience she says that its difficulty in convincing workers to not through their small kids responsibility on elder kids due to that is it difficult for kids to concentrate on studies and even changing their thought of not having more than two kids.

Name: Sagar Hingu Age: 25 yrs Designation: Construction worker City: Ahemdabad ( origin: Kolkata) He is a working on this site from last one and half year and going to continue to work for more two years or till time projects get over. His family has four kids two daughter Radha (3 yrs) and Gauri (8yrs) and two son Hari (10 yrs) and Kishan (5yrs) out of them three kids goes to Maya foundation every day in morning 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Eldest daughter has responsibility of taking care of house and other children so she is not able to mange studies. He has done is studies till 1st and then started working. But he encourages studies and thinks Maya foundation as boon to his kids and him. He is happy that his kid s getting educated. But he believes that having more kids is beneficial in future though just now they have hard times but it good t have more kids as he himself have seven siblings and all work and earns and have big family.

Name: kavita devi Age: 22yrs Designation: Construction worker City: Ahemdabad ( origin: Rajasthan) She is a working on this site from last four months and will migrate when she get other project Her family has three kids one daughter payal (3 yrs and two son mohit(6 yrs) and ravi(2yrs) out of them no one goes to school foundation in trying to convince them but she thinks this all doesnt help much its wasting time as their four father use do same so are they doing and even their kids will do same studying for some months cant help changing them instead of it kids gets distracted by what they teach them and has the same thoughts for having small family.

Name: Uma Age: 7 yrs Designation: student City: Ahemdabad (origin: Bihar) She is very sharp and shy personality. she is studying since 9 months she writes 1 to 70. Read two languages she is eldest in house and has to take care of little brother (2 yrs). she comes with her to school makes her sleep in cradle and studies sincerely. She like studies and drawing both. She don’t like playing much instead of it she read books she writes seeing in the booker else she hesitates. She has all the responsibility of he sister and her mom is pregnant again. Only father is earning so sometimes they have to sleep without having evening meal even if her mother health is not well then also they have to manage by eating whatever they get from neighbor hut.

Name: reema Age: 16 yrs City: Ahemdabad (origin: kutch) She is very shy and matured personality. She is not studying as she has to take car of whole family and her mother health is not well since last two years after giving birth to a child. She has four siblings Brother raj (2yrs) meera and mahesh (7yrs) rupa(10yrs) durgesh (13yrs). She thinks everybody their lives like this only so it is not bad.


PROBLEM STATEMENT Misunderstanding the concept of family planning

Aim Desiging a program which can help in changing their physiology of having big family

PLAN •  Targeted age group: 16 yrs to 35 •  Workshop will be conducted once in a year by teachers of Maya school with the help of doctor to make them believe that family planning is beneficial and safe. •  Workshops will be conducted by dividing target group in three parts A) For kids of 16 years and above (who is still not married) and their parents. B) For newly married couple and for the couple who still have one kid only. C) For those who have two or more kids. •  Designing a deliverables which can help them to believe in the message of family planning.


â€˘â€ƒ Teacher/social worker will explain that it is in your hand to choose your livelihood with the help of above poster and small play.

Play characters •  Doctor •  Construction worker - Ramesh •  Ramesh’s wife - Geeta Scene 1: In midnight Ramesh is sleeping on a floor and then suddenly he wakes up as he has seen a bad dream looks little worried thinks for a minute realizes that it was just a dream he went back to sleep. On Second day morning he wakes up and he was still looking worried. His wife Geeta keeps on noticing his behavior but was not able to understand what’s going on. Geeta [thinking]: What is wrong with him? Why is he getting ready at this time? Where is he going this early? Ramesh: Bye Geeta, I will meet you at work in sometime. Geeta: But where are you going this early? And why? Ramesh: It’s a long story, I will tell you in evening while having dinner. [Left home] Geeta [still wandering] Scene 2: Ramesh went to nearby health center and talks to doctor about the dream he saw at night. Ramesh: Doctor. I saw a weird dream at night. Doctor: What dream? Ramesh: I saw that i was surrounded by four kids of mine and I don’t have money and my wife’s health is not good due to this many deliveries and I am not able to manage proper food, clothes for my family and even not a place is sufficient for all of us to stay which given by builder. Actually i came here to know is there anything like family planning. I have heard about it. Doctor: Yes there is a thing called family planning. Ramesh: what is it? Doctor: Family planning is about when, how many children you want to have. Ramesh: Really i can decide what kind of family i want to have? Doctor: Yes have the power to decide it and your wife too. Doctor: So are you married? How many kids you have? Ramesh: Yes I am married, just before three months and we don’t have children yet.

Doctor: Oh that nice. Does one thing bring your wife also I will explain you both what family planning is and why it is beneficial. As it is crucial for both of u to know that. Ramesh: will that help in not having a miserable life as I saw in my dream. Doctor: Yes it will help you both in many ways you won’t be just saved from having miserable life but will lead to have healthy life. Scene 3: Ramesh comes back to health center with Geeta. Doctor: HI Ramesh, so she your wife? Ramesh: Yes doctor Doctor: She is beautiful. Geeta: thanks Doctor: Oh, let me explain you both what is family planning. Doctor will explain every one family planning and its benefits with support of this story boards and a book on family planning.

Ramesh: Thanks Doctor for helping us by telling us about such a nice program of family planning. Geeta: But is it safe? Doctor: Yes it is 100% safe.

Note •  This play will be conducted for A and B GROUP. (Not included C group as it can be taken as a criticism to there livelihood.)


Note •  This game board is for group A kids as while understanding all situation with fun is easy to remember do and don’t of family planning and accept it.

activity-3 â€˘â€ƒ Group c will have interactive session with doctor and doctor will make them understand the importance of family planning and about sterilization.

activity-4 & 5 •  Posters •  Banner

activity-6 A book as a take away.

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Communication for rural  
Communication for rural  

CommunicatIon designed for construstion workers which help them in changing their phsycology/ misconception about big family happy family