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A celebration of gratitude Big Media USA - More Than a Podcast Company


t’s Official! Edison Research, tells us that 24% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. Not only that, the popularity of podcasts continues to rise. To say that podcasts are “on the rise” would be a great understatement. The most popular podcasts fall into the categories of either business, news, or self-help. Like best friends they have become a place where audiences go to gain knowledge and grow. Experts and industry leaders abound on the networks and podcasts offer us all a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information to our audience. Podcasts venture into waters far beyond short-form content like social media or blog posts, a podcast’s long-form format allows you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your audience and grow your reach to new listeners at the same time. Our Big Media USA International family prides itself on offering a variety of excellent stations, channels and podcast shows. If you are considering starting a podcast, we would love to hear from you and become your media partner. Here are five reasons we have had relayed to us as why many begin with the podcast opportunity for themselves. 1. It is easy. Starting a podcast can appear to be a complicated venture, but in reality it requires a minimal up-front investment and is surprisingly easy to implement. At Big Media USA we also offer training so you will not be left hanging wondering about your net steps. 2. A podcast allows you to produce long-form content. We’ve all felt it, “information overload.” We are constantly bombarded with short-form content. It’s all there in our face every day - Tweets, blog posts, news articles, and videos all meant to provide audience’s with quick bursts of information and play a vital role in creating continued touch points between businesses and their audiences. But where blog posts and social media are limited to a few hundred words, or 140 characters, a podcast allows you to go deeper into your content. According to Salesforce, “Three percent of monthly podcast consumers listen to the beginning of a podcast only. By and large, podcast listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the full episode.” This means that there is an enormous opportunity here to showcase your expertise in a way that other formats can’t accommodate. For businesses with complicated products of a long sales cycle, such in-depth content may allow consumers to make buying decisions more quickly. 3. With a podcast you are supporting your partners. The most common format for a podcast is an interview. As the host of your own show, bringing guests on to interview allows you not only to expand the information you’re providing to your audience by tapping into your guest’s expertise but also to support industry partners. By asking someone to be a guest on your show, you’re giving that person access to your audience, potentially helping your guest grow their reach. Likewise, if your guests promote the episode to their followers, you also tap into their audience. Both you and your guests can benefit from the added exposure, and by thinking of them as a guest you may also deepen your professional relationship with them as well. 4. Podcasts build a personal connection with your audience. Successful exciting and informative podcasts are very rarely scripted and only lightly edited. As such, the host’s personality has a chance to shine through in a seemingly unfiltered way. Much like a video, podcasts are one of the quickest ways to build personal connections and trust between a host and an audience. At a time when we have endless options for all of our purchasing decisions, trust is essential to building brand loyalty, and giving people a voice and a personality to connect to your brand helps to foster that trust. 5. Podcasts provide a repeat “touch point” for your audience. At Big Media USA, we touch often on the value of our digital Informed People Magazine in providing consistent content complete with links to your podcasts. With this valuable tool, you’ll be able to stay at the top of minds and continue to develop trust and personal connection toward an even deeper level of brand loyalty. In Closing: There are countless benefits to starting a podcast. If you have the content you wish to share and some time to dedicate toward recording and promoting your content, a podcast can go a long way toward growing your brand, and getting you and your message seen and heard. Be in touch with us today, and lets get started!

LuAn Mitchell LuAn Mitchell President




NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2020 PUBLISHER Big Media USA, Inc. FOUNDER/CEO Tony DeMaio PRESIDENT LuAn Mitchell VP OF COMMUNICATIONS Mark Miller VP OF PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Angelika Christie VP OF INTERNATIONAL CONTENT Nina Michalchuk D’Ambrosio DIRECTOR OF GLOBAL STRATEGIES Cheryl Womack CREATIVE DIRECTORS Lanna Monday Emmett Angelika Christie LuAn Mitchell PUBLICATION DESIGN Lanna Monday Emmett PRODUCTION CONTRIBUTOR Tusculum University Department of Art and Design CONTRIBUTING WRITERS LuAn Mitchell Dr. Pauline Long Angeline Benjamin V. Cheryl Womack Reverend Louise M. Smith Angelika Christie Laurie H. Davis Sally Navarrete Ada Gartenmann Tony DeMaio Lanna Monday Emmett ADVERTISING & SALES Mark Miller MARKETING DIRECTOR Mark Miller

Big Media USA salutes Dr. Pauline Long for her tireless endeavors to promote peace, help women and inspire others

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She Inspires Me Awards, created to celebrate amazing male and female leaders

Know your Worth Meet Ada Welcome home Cheryl How to prosper in love and relationships The gift Self-gratitude is always in season Hot books MISSION STATEMENT

Big Media USA is a marketing company with a digital communication platform geared toward helping businesses, professionals, non-profit organizations, and individuals expand their online presence. Big Media USA was founded in 2006, long before companies, non-profits and individuals realized the value of online marketing. During the last 14 years, we have seen our clients shift major portions of marketing budgets to online efforts, away from traditional marketing. During these years, we have developed preparatory marketing strategies and have produced quality content helping our clients build their businesses and brands efficiently in a cost-effective partnership. PLEASE NOTE: The print and video content, views, information, ideas, expression, advice, suggestions, and ideas expressed in this magazine are soley in part, or wholy of the individuals providing them, which do not reflect the opinions, ideas, or advertisement of INformed People Magazine, or its’ parent, affiliates or subsidiary companies. Tell us what you think about INformed People Magazine. Please email any comments, story ideas and submissions for potential inclusion to or visit us online at: Big Media USA

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LuAn Mitchell

You are valuable and you have purpose. You are valuable and you have purpose.

Copyright Reverend Louise M Smith

M Smith You Copyright were bornReverend to solveLouise a problem.

Live by wise principals. Be honest and have integrity. Create a plan. You will be led to the right people who can help you get Live by wise principals. Be honest and have integrity. Create a


plan. You will be led to the right people who can help you get Never allow anyone else to determine your value. must know You were born toYou solve a problem. there. your worth to allow demand yourelse worth receive it. value. You must know Choose your friends wisely, be persistent, and have perseverance. Never anyone to and determine your your worth to demand your worth and receive it.

To know your worth is to know your gift. Your gift determines your worth. To If you your gift, you know your true knowdon’t your know worth is to know your will gift. never Your gift determines your If you don’t know your without gift, yousorrow. will never know true worth. Your makes you wealthy When youyour know worth. gift makes you wealthy sorrow. When “This you know your gift, you Your will know your source and without from which it came. is your gift, youLord.” will know your source and from which it came. “This is the heritage of the the heritage of the Lord.”

Know the difference between source and resource, your source is

Know the difference between source and resource, your source is

from above and your resource is from the earth. We are all born

Always time with GOD for and He have is theperseverance. one who gave Choosespend your friends wisely, be (YAH), persistent, you the gift to make it happen. Sharefor your freeone at every opporAlways spend time with GOD (YAH), Hegift is the who gave you the to make happen. freegive at every tunity. Thegiftmore you itshare, theShare more your valuegiftyou it andopporrememtunity. you share,You the cannot more value it and remember that The GODmore is rewarded. beatyou his give giving, “I dare bertothat GOD is rewarded. You cannot beat his giving, “I dare you try.” - Louise M Smith Louise M. Smith you to try.” - Louise M Smith Louise M. Smith

from above and your resource is from the earth. We are all born

with a gift; some may have more than one, but we all have a gift

with a gift; some may have more than one, but we all have a gift

that is unique to us and to us only.

that is unique to us and to us only.

All have gifts and many persons may never seek to know their gift

Tune to Watch WatchSho Sho Tune in in now, now, to

All have gifts and many persons may never seek to know their gift

nor arenor they that they havehave Most people willwill spend areaware they aware that even they even Most people spend

their whole life never knowing their their worth (value,) theythey willwill only op-optheir whole life never knowing worth (value,) only erate from As long as you areare working eratetheir fromskills their and skillsnot andtheir not their As long as you working from your will determine whatwhat youryour worth is. Your skills fromskills your others skills others will determine worth is. Your skills areyou what you been have been trained to for do,instance, for instance, your education are what have trained to do, your education level,choice your choice of study, onjob thetraining job training technical skills. level, your of study, or onorthe technical skills. in some your can skill also can also be your however your Yes, inYes, some casescases your skill be your gift gift however your skill is your job, where your gift is your work. skill is your job, where your gift is your work.

For your gift, you go to bed thinking about it, wake up thinking

For your gift, you go to bed thinking about it, wake up thinking

about it, and excited to do it. Your gift is your worth. It will bring you

about it, and excited to do it. Your gift is your worth. It will bring you

peace, fulfillment, and wealth while at the same time helping others.

peace, fulfillment, and wealth while at the same time helping others. Your gift will always be involved in helping others.

Divine Purpose Channel

Divine Purpose Channel Christian Network Christian Network Network Woman’s Woman’s Network

Your gift will always be involved in helping others.

When you operate from your skills there is a limit on your value and

When you operate from is a limit on your and others can tell youyour whatskills you there are worth because theyvalue can always

others train can others tell you you are because they can to always to what do your skill. Noworth one else will ever be able train for train others to do skill. given No one else able can to train your gift as your it is GOD and onlywill forever Others try tofor imitate they cannot it, it will a counterfeit. have your gift asit,itbut is GOD given have and only foronly you.beOthers can tryYou to imithe original. Your have gift is it, priceless no one be trained You for it.have tate it, but they cannot it will only be acan counterfeit.

the original. Your gift is priceless no one can be trained for it.

Now is the time to get to know your purpose, know your strength.

chase or money. Know your gift your and strength. money will Now isDon’t the time to success get to know your purpose, know

chase you; be unique this is what makes you valuable. Always do

Don’t chase success or money. Know your gift and money will

more than what is required of you. When you find or determine

chase you; be unique this is what makes you valuable. Always do what your worth is, stand boldly not arrogantly, be unmovable.

more than what is required of you. When you find or determine

what your worth is, stand boldly not arrogantly, be unmovable.

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Big Media USA celebrates Nobel Peace Prize winner

Dr Pauline Long .


She is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, media mogul, public speaker, peace activist, mentor, TV producer and presenter who has been listed on the Black Women In Europe Power List, named the most outstanding woman of the year (2016) and Europe’s most powerful woman for changing many lives through BEFFTA. The graceful humanitarian and peace activist is the most celebrated African woman in Europe with 7 Lifetime Achievement Awards and over 200 awards given to her for endless service to the society. She is a strong advocate for human love committed to bringing communities together.

4 Informed People Magazine

Dr. Pauline Long


She is a global ambassador for Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Governor at Academy Of Universal Global Peace based in New York. She is the owner and founder of Europe’s biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in showbiz and leadership - BEFFTA where she has transformed thousands of lives. She is a serial entrepreneur who owns two award winning film studios East End studios, she is the founder of the beauty pageant Mr. and Miss East Africa UK, a pageant that encourages the youth to become entrepreneurs and humanitarians. She founded FEED THE STREET CHILDREN CAMPAIGN where she engaged her team to provide food to thousands of children who live on the streets in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Dr. Pauline Long is a popular TV presenter on Sky Channel 175 who has transformed lives through Pauline Long Show by giving platforms to the voiceless and fight global injustice such as abuse, extreme poverty, bullying. She is the president of Pauline Long Entrepreneurship foundation where she supplies sewing machines, food and agricultural products to women in different parts of Africa. Through the foundation she takes care of over 60 old and widowed women in Kenya and offers scholarships to 120 students in Malawi, Zambia and Congo. She also founded Dr Pauline Long Super Cup Football tournament to empower youth from deprived backgrounds. She is currently building a multi-purpose women and community center in Malawi. She mentors

6 Informed People Magazine

several youth through Pauline Long Empowerment and mentorship club both in UK and Africa. Her persistent and long-term support for women has led her to establish these two powerful projects: GAWW (Global Africa Women’s Week) and WAW (Women Appreciating Women). She is also the founder of Diaspora Commonwealth Community Leaders (DCCL), a program that brings community leaders from over 30 commonwealth countries to build stronger communities and offer lasting solutions to problems faced by those in the Diaspora. Dr Pauline Long is an ambassador and patron for over 20 charities and organizations including ambassador of The Nelson Mandela Book Of Tribute. She is the global chairperson of the multicultural global organization LOANI (Ladies Of All Nations International) a women’s organization represented in over 70 countries. Dr Pauline Long sits on the executive board of the Women’s Economic Forum and she is also the Chairperson of the Forum for Asian, African and Caribbean Women in Politics (FAWP).

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8 Informed People Magazine

SIMA’s mission is to recognize and celebrate inspiring leaders who are making a huge difference in their own communities across the globe through their humanitarian efforts and big hearts from all walks of life, continents, sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds and professions – singers, actors, entertainers, public figures, philanthropists, visionaries, single mums entrepreneurs, teachers and change-makers...

Big Media USA Vice President of Program Development, station owner, and host Angelika Christie had the opportunity to learn more about SIMA and its founder, Ada Gartenmann. Click the link to the right to view the podcast!


INSPIRING by Ada Gartenmann

around the world

At the beginning of 2020, amidst the global pandemic crisis, a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur and inspiring humanitarian, Ada Gartenmann came up with an idea to create a special community for women and men from around the world to inspire, uplift and appreciate one another in these highly challenging and uncertain times. And so She Inspires Me Awards was born. Our Awardees are extraordinary women and our Ambassadors are extraordinary men who make a real difference in their local communities as well as globally. We recognise and celebrate leaders from around the world, from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds and professions – singers, actors, entertainers, public figures, philanthropists, visionaries, single mums entrepreneurs, teachers and change makers.

Our first official She Inspires Me Awards ceremony was originally scheduled for 18th of September 2020 in Miami, Florida. It is with a heavy heart that we’ve made a difficult decision to cancel the ceremony due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to help keep our staff and awardees safe. 2021 nominations will be open end of December 10 Informed People Magazine


2020. Only 40 women will be selected to receive the Award and only 10 men to receive Ambassador Award in 2021. The full list of awardees will be announced on the 31st of March 2021. She Inspires Me Awards 2021 ceremony is currently scheduled for 23rd of September 2021 in London, UK. We are really looking forward to meeting our amazing Awardees, Ambassadors, friends and fans face to face on this occasion to celebrate in style! It will be the final day of London Fashion Week - one of the best times of the year to visit and enjoy London! She Inspires Me global movement (the new greatest movement of life and light, SIMA) is very much focused on collaboration, networking, diversity and inclusion, mutual support and uplifting one another in these highly challenging times and beyond. SIMA movement is growing really fast thanks to Ada and her dedicated creative team who are currently working on several exciting projects under SIMA’s umbrella (SIMA Academy, Books, Conferences, Music, Fashion, Film Production and Entertainment) to ensure its positive message of unity and hope continues to inspire long after this global crisis is over.


12 Informed People Magazine

Congratulations Dr. Pauline Long & LuAn Mitchell as recipients of the well-deserved She Inspires Me Award 2020!

You are the most amazing inspirational women who are making a real difference in your local communities as well as globally. The list of your achievements is truly impressive to say the least! We are extremely blessed and grateful to have you as much valued members of She Inspires Me community! Thank you so much for all your support, advice, creative input and positive energy. We can’t wait to welcome you at our first official She Inspires Me Awards ceremony in September 2021 in London, UK! SIMA is currently supporting three charities and their programs: Fundacion Santaines (Nutrition and Education program) Mothers Helping Mothers Inc. (Education and empowerment of teen moms) Mauricio Amuy’s Foundation (Christmas Presents for underprivileged kids) Click logo to learn more about SIMA!



Entrepreneur, investor, and founder of SIMA My name is Ada Gartenmann. I am an award-winning Founder of She Inspires Me Awards (SIMA), London (UK). I am a serial social entrepreneur, inspiring humanitarian, beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert with over twenty years of experience. I hold BA in teaching, MBA Degree as well as ITEC, CIDESCO, CIBTAC and numerous other prestigious qualifications and memberships in beauty therapy, as well as holistic therapies, such as Reiki and aromatherapy. I am also the CEO of Kensington Skincare London - aesthetic medi spa business that I created over 15 years ago. I’ve been one of industry leaders for over 20 years now. I have been featured in several popular national TV programs and magazines. I am also a seasoned international investor focusing on well-established beauty, fashion and entertainment businesses worldwide. In 2019 I received my latest humanitarian award - Changing Lives for the Better Excellence Award from LOANI. I have also recently received 100 Successful Women 14 Informed People Magazine

in Business Award from Global Trade Chamber, Florida (USA). As a social entrepreneur and healer, I’ve been helping, supporting and empowering women to overcome various crises in their lives, such as emotional trials, relationship issues, mental health issues such as depression and various eating disorders. Over the years I met so many women and I discovered that my true mission in life is to help women in particular and humanity in general. Due to massive inequality issues that women have been facing for centuries, they do require a lot of healing, compassion and love. That was one of the reasons I came up with an idea of She Inspires Me Awards (SIMA) concept. It was at the beginning of 2020, amidst the global pandemic crisis, when I created SIMA movement. SIMA’s mission is to bring women and men together from all over the world to inspire, support and appreciate one another in these highly challenging and uncertain times. This truly unique project has been a guiding light in the lives of hundreds of

women and men across the globe. SIMA movement is growing really fast thanks to my dedicated creative team. We are currently working on several exciting projects under SIMA’s umbrella (SIMA Academy, Books, Conferences, Music, Fashion, Film Production and Entertainment) to ensure its positive message of unity and hope continues to inspire long after this global crisis is over. I believe in power of creating balance in life and therefore we include men in our community and we have a special CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY Ambassador OF QUARENTENA AND BEYOND Award to AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! honour men who empower and support women.

The Super Sally Channel Join Super Sally for a fabulous podcast featuring author, entrepreneur and SIMA founder Ada Gartenmann on the inspiration for many of her projects including her new book, Quarantina and Beyond I.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Super Sally’s interview with Ada Gartenmann in Spanish

competition. This vision has also inspired me to come up with an idea of ‘Quarentena and beyond’ book. I wanted to give an opportunity to She Inspires Me Awards Nominees, Awardees and Ambassadors to share their remarkable stories of personal transformation, growth and achievement during the times of hardship and uncertainty. The book includes 47 stories of inspirational leaders from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise from all over the world. I truly believe that these stories will help readers to get truly inspired and motivated to use the crisis of 2020 to their advantage, to transform and dramatically overhaul their lives. I want our readers to find strength and motivation to move forward and use lessons of this pandemic, adapt fast to the new environment and create a brand new, successful and abundant life they truly desire.

Only together we can build a healthy, balanced society. Collaboration is the key to success, not Emergence Secrets: Unleash Your Life A much needed fun and playful show which includes Powerful Wisdom and challenges taken from interviews with “Unleashed” and Free Flowing Emergence Secrets; a re-entry and rediscovery into the garden(s) of Eden, (Like you’ve never seen them before!) In this episode, LuAn Mitchell interviews SIMA Award Winner Dr. Cortesha Cowan. She is an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LuAn Mitchell’s interview with Dr. Cortesha Cowan

One of Gartenmann’s current projects is a new collaborative book compiled by Jossine Abrahams titled Mending the Broken Hearted.







Ada Gartenmann came up with an idea of ‘Quarentena and beyond’ book to give an opportunity to She Inspires Me Awards nominees, awardees and ambassadors to share their remarkable stories of personal transformation, growth and achievement during the times of hardship and uncertainty. This idea came to Ada amidst the global pandemic crisis of 2020. It is in times like this we all need support, encouragement and a source of inspiration to move forward. The book includes 47 stories of inspirational leaders from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise from around the world. These stories will help readers to get truly inspired and motivated to use the crisis of 2020 to their advantage, to transform and dramatically overhaul their lives. We want our readers to find strength and motivation to move forward and use the lessons of this pandemic, adapt fast to the new environment and create a brand new, successful and abundant life they truly desire. CLICK HERE


Quarentena and Beyond I 16 Informed People Magazine

100% of all sales proceeds from this book will be donated to three carefully selected non for profit charitable programs. Please visit for more information.

Robbie Motter and LuAn Mitchell CLICK HERE FOR







Helping Heroes USA is dedicated and committed to assisting our military veterans, first responders and others combating PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) with a variety of innovative and substantiated solutions .




18 Informed People Magazine






Looking for opportunity in adversity is a skill that can Copyright Tony DeMaio Tony DeMaio beCopyright honed. Learning to look away from the problem and explore other out of the box solutions is key. Looking for opportunity in adversity is a skill that can be



you can fight it and prolong change or embrace change and put it

you can fight and prolong change or embrace change and put it Looking for opportunity in look adversity is atheskill that and can explore be honed. to work forityou now. Learning to away from problem other out of AsLearning an ex-football coach, I isspent many the out of to work for you now. to lookthe away from the problem and years exploreinother box solutions key.

always happen; you can fight it and prolong change press box calling plays. One of Ithe Asisan ex-football coach, spenthardest many yearsthings in the press box calling I founded Big Media USA Inc in 2006 there was no real social methe box solutions key. orfounded embrace change and put it topeople workthought for you now. dia, not many internet users many the internet plays. Oneto ofdo the is hardest thingsaway discipline toAs discipline yourself to look fromyourself Big to do is I to Media USA Incand in 2006 there was no real social mean ex-football coach, I spent many years intothe press box calling was a fad. I never changed my mission of giving people an inexlook away from whereto thesee ball is goingplayers and look to see how players where the ball is going, look how dia, not many internet users and many people thought the internet plays. One of the hardest things to discipline yourself to do is to Whenpensive I founded Mediatheir USA Inc in 2006 therethewas platformBig to promote business. I have adjusted on of the the backside of are the play are reacting and what opportunities onlook theaway backside play reacting, and what was a fad. I never changed my mission of giving people an inexfrom where the ball is going and look to see how players no real plansocial many times to keepnot overcoming Podcasting media, manychallenges. internetToday users and they give you to run other plays. opportunities they give you to run other plays. pensive platform to promote business. on the backsideAdversity of the in play are reacting anda catalyst what opportunities has become thought mainstream and their we have prevailed producing over the business can become many people the internet wasIby ahave fad.adjusted I never to make you look at plan many times keep overcoming challenges. Today Podcasting 17,000 qualityto podcasts. they give you to other run other plays. options and maybe develop a different changed my mission of giving people an inexpensive Adversity in business can become a catalyst to make has become mainstream and we have prevailed approach to accelerate by producing your progress. Adversity in business can become a catalyst to make you look at platform to promote their business. I have adjustedover you look at other options and maybe develop a Embrace adversity don’t get sucked into following the problem. 17,000 quality podcasts. other options and maybe develop a different the plan many times to keep overcoming challenges. One day I walked into the officeprogress. my assistant stood in doorway Learn to look away from where the ball is going and see what opdifferent approach toasaccelerate your Today podcasting mainstream and we approach to accelerate yourwe progress. and gasped, have a huge problem it’s raining so hard the water portunities are in thehas otherbecome direction. -Tony DeMaio Embrace adversity don’t get sucked into following the problem. have prevailed by producing over 17,000 quality is coming into through theoffice, roof into my your assistant office. The opportunity “free One day, as I walked the One day as I walked into the office my assistant stood 2inchoices. Learn to look away from where the ball is going and see what opdoorway podcasts. rent” yes there was a problem that presented One let it stood in doorway and gasped, we have a huge and gasped, wetake have huge meaout problem of my it’sfor game plan raining so hard the day

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Tony DeMaio

and get the are in the other direction. -Tony DeMaio waterinto the absorbed problem. It’s raining so hard the water is coming problem. Two stay on whatThe I hadopportunity planned and see the benis coming through the roof intofocused your office. Embrace adversity don’t get sucked into following through the roof into your office. The opportunity: “free efit of free rent. look away from where the ball rent” yes there was a problem that presented 2 choices. One let it the problem. Learn to Watch Now on “free rent.” Yes, there was a problem that presented Tony DeMaio Tony DeMaio DeMaio is going and see what opportunities are Tony in the other take me Real out of Estate my game Law plan Expert for the day and absorbed plan into the two choices: One, let itof take ofget my Be careful owningme the out problem don’t game focus so much on what direction. Channel problem. Two stay focused onyou what I had planned and seeOr, the benwon’t work that for the day and get absorbed into can’t seethe whatproblem. would work. There are people Click Here efit of free rent. that can tell you in length things won’t work. They are experts two, stay focused on what I hadwhy planned and see the Watch Now on of what won’t work. They have spent so much time examining what benefit of free rent. Real Estate Law Expert won’t work they can’t see the solutions. Be careful of owning thethat problem don’t focus so much on what Channel won’t work of thatowning you can’tthe seeproblem. what wouldDon’t Be careful so people work. focus There are Put in a difficult situation, one is likely to be inspired to create a Click Here much ontell what won’t work you that can younovel in length why that won’tcan’t work. see Theywhat are experts or ingeniousthings solution. would There arehave people cantime tell examining you in what of whatwork. won’t work. They spentthat so much Tony DeMaio length why things won’t work. They are experts of happen; Brenford A.V. Christi tie e Necessity the mother of invention. Change will always won’t work that they can’tissee the solutions. what won’t work. They have spent so much time examining whatsituation, won’t work seetothe Put in a difficult one isthat likelythey to becan’t inspired create a solutions. Put in a difficult situation, one is likely to be novel or ingenious solution. inspired to create a novel or ingenious solution.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Change will always happen;

Necessity is the mother of invention. Change will

Tony DeMaio



Brenford A.V. Christi tie e






Copyright Nina Michalchuk d‘Ambrosio Big Media USA - VP of International Content

Like mother, like daughter... Like Mother like daughter-

“The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far the “The apple doesn’t fallFrom far from theTree,” tree.” Brittany Michalchuk daughter of Nina Michalchuk D‘ambrosio shares valuable wisdom on social marketing.

How To Market and Brand Yourself on Instagram

Click Here to watch the Show

Tony DeMaio 20 Informed People Magazine

LuAn Mitchell


Nina Michalchuk D‘Ambrosio

av A g ai re la at bl e gif on t i Am dea az , on !

You know how life sometimes throws speed bumps in your way?

LuAn Mitchell got the Everest Variety.” The Woman is a Doll. A Paper Doll, to be precise. She is a Headliner. LuAn, or LA as she is often called, is the Paper Doll. She builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down. In this life-altering book, paper is used as a metaphor for what we are all made of when we are walking one by one. A single piece of Paper can be burned. Have you ever felt like you were burned? Maybe you were crumpled up and stepped on or blown away and destroyed. Time for us all to rise together because a ream of Paper Dolls has some heft! Together we are building a Global army of Dolls, one reader at a time. We are taking charge and writing our own headlines— and the storylines that go under them. Becoming the Woman God designed you to be will cost you friends, relationships, plans and material things. Become her CLICK TO HEAR Anyway. You are worth LA putting it all “on the line.” LUAN MITCHELL ON Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Don’t just dream THE PAPER DOLL CHANNEL your dreams and tuck them away out of sight—get up and make them come true. They are yours! Take hold of them now! This book is your “Dream Come True” claim ticket. Click here to get your copy President, Big Media USA

LuAn Mitchell


34 Informed People Magazine 22

Contact: Mark Miller, VP Big Media USA (403) 952-8031

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Contact: Mark Miller, VP Big Media USA


24 Informed People Magazine

Contact: Mark Miller, VP Big Media USA (403) 952-8031

Contact: Mark Miller, VP Big Media USA (403) 952-8031



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Big Media USA Podcasts & INformed People Magazine

Special Fundraising Edition The Big Media USA INformed People Magazine adds value by providing additional content and exciting visuals to each podcast. Podcast interviews are linked from corresponding articles in the magazine to the Big Media USA Platform. Organizations can use the INformed People Magazine “Special Edition” as a fundraiser to assist companies to grow and get their message out on the Big Media USA Digital Platform.

What makes this fundraiser different? This is the only fundraiser designed to drive business to your supporters and gets your organization’s message out digitally.

Why is the timing perfect for this fundraiser? The pandemic has increased businesses’ needs for additional exposure on the internet. It has also increased the number of people that use the internet to conduct business. So many businesses and non-profits are looking to gain market share by using digital marketing. The program is affordable for any business to participate, and there are NO upfront fees for your non-profit organization. Tony DeMaio Founder/CEO

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HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS: A Big Media USA Program Consultant is assigned to your project and assist your organization in filling the magazine with ads and articles. The consultant will also assist you in the Podcastinterviewing- process. This turn-key program helps promote your organization and supporters, while it can also raise funds.

Big Media USA, founded in 2006, has produced nearly 20,000 podcasts to assist businesses and non-profits grow and raise funds. For additional information contact:

Tony DeMaio

Founder/CEO 818 233 5357

INformed People Magazine


Some of our previous covers:

28 Informed People Magazine

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by Laurie H. Davis


Imagine 14 months behind bars. Separated from family, friends, your business and everything familiar to you. Leaving the environment of a privileged life to one without any privileges. How scary is that? Es-pecially when you have been rail roaded using trumped up accusations to build a case against you. It happens every single day in our criminal justice system. Cheryl is a remarkably successful businesswoman and knows how to make money and be prosperous. But these are often the targets of dis-crimination and injustice. In the past 40 years the number of female incarcerations has increased by 800%. Cheryl Womack came out of prison prepared to do something about it all. A beautiful mature woman has come along to support a muchneeded segment of our society that has been totally ignored. Women in prison are all too familiar with the changes that need to take place. For the next while Cheryl will be dedicating her time and energy to empower and support women who are on their way to jail, in jail already and those getting out. 30 Informed People Magazine

During our interviews I could feel the passion with which Cheryl has embraced her next assignment in life. Many women in prison left babies and children behind. Aging parents, partners families and friends who also have experienced a tremendous loss with having their Mom, daughter, sister

According to Cheryl, at this point in time there is nothing in place to educate women on any of it.

put away are included in that. Prison is a dangerous environment and it’s a fact that some can get killed in there. So, what is in place to prepare us to stay safe and alive so we can get home in one piece?

one day present herself to Congress. In the meantime, she has taken steps to create an organiza-tion to provide hands on support to the women in her area and surrounding states. One tool she created was a

“How do we tackle it all” I asked her, in our Big Media USA show episode. Cheryl’s ultimate goal will be to




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book written to support Mom’s and their kids to explain that the love is still there even though Mom had to go away for awhile to camp. A series of training materials and workshops are being developed to educate, empower, develop self-worth and to let the women know that there are people who care and that they matter. Cheryl was one of the lucky ones. She was already established in business, had a loving husband and sons who were there for her throughout her time. Not everyone is so fortunate. Families often abandon the member as a result of the separation. It is extremely difficult to hold a family together without communication and a woman is allowed only one phone call per day if she is lucky.

I asked Cheryl how we support Women of Worth wow efforts. What can we do? When we purchase a children’s book the organization donates a second book to a Mom in prison. You can order the book on the website www. Once the structure is in place, we can donate money to help secure housing and basic

needs once ladies are released. Many of these women come out and have lost everything, they have no one to turn to and no where to go. Prison reform is required and man-datory. Yes, this is a hard road ahead. However, in the meantime we can work together with Cheryl and other women who have had similar experiences to make a difference.

Laurie Davis and Cheryl Womak discuss the origin and in inspiration behind the site that includes products, programs and services including everything from books, to programs and locations for housing women when they get released who do not have a place to go. Click below to hear the FREE podcast and learn more! CLICK HERE FOR


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WOMEN OF WORTH A M I ST A KE SH O UL D N O T D E FI N E Y O U Incarcerated Women in America are an invisible group of society H e l p i n g Wo m e n b e f o r e , d u r i n g a n d a f t e r t h e i r i n c a r c e r a t i o n Women of Worth works on women’s needs prior to incarceration up through their time after release. The need is great as this population has grown 800% over the past four decades. By putting faces, names, and life stories out in front of these women, we bring these women back into focus. The general public needs to understand why they should want to know more.

W W W. WO M E N O F WO R T H WO W. O R G Women of Worth raises awareness by providing information, resources, and support for previous, current or past incarcerated women and their families. These women are part of an invisible society. We need to raise awareness that women are going to jail in larger numbers then ever and start a conversation about why this is happening and options.








This organization will partner with others to provide detailed information on the needs for incarcerated women. They need to prepare before they go in, they need help while serving their time, they need help knowing how to navigate the various parts of the prison bureaucracy. In this experience you deal with several different groups within the system. We need to realize women are serving time and what kind of women are.

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There is an old saying, “You

cannot care or love for others until you do the same for yourself first.” Only you can make the choice to work on you, and there is no better time than right now! No matter who you are or your current position, there are free resources at your disposal. To begin, click the link on the facing page to learn how to begin the journey to being a stronger “YOU.”


HOW TO PROSPER IN LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS Copyright Angelika Christie Do you believe that relationships are the most difficult things in life to deal with? Of course, this can only be so for unsatisfying, difficult, challenging, and even abusive relationships, right?

Not really. All relationships require much attentiveness because relationships change; some in minor and others in not so minor ways. Is it not true that the wrongdoing of someone you trusted created the wounding you still carry inside of you? I believe that every one of us needs to bury a ‘sword’ and forgive old hurts and make peace with long-standing “enemies.” Since almost every aspect of life is a relationship, knowing how to let go of the burden you are carrying with you and learn how to prosper more in your relationships would impact your life immensely. Yes? The path to happiness in your relationship is less about learning more; it is the willingness to wake up to yourself and what you want in your relationship. It comes down to awareness and choice. I know that many want to find out more about Karmic relationships. Do you believe that a karmic relationship means finding your flawless life partner, your Soul Mate? There is much to say about Soul Mates; I have a whole workshop dedicated to this interesting and controversial theme that you can request from me. But I believe that many of our relationships are karmic, at least to a point. When we speak about karmic relationships we have to accept that our Soul chooses many different situations and settings for specific reasons on earth. In other words, we need at least allow the possibility of multiple lifetimes. I also believe that everything that happens to any of us is through an agreement of sorts. Yet not everything we experience during our lifetime is for our purpose. Your Soul may have agreed to suffer or enjoy

3626 Informed People Magazine INFORMED PEOPLE MAGAZINE /

situations. In other words, play the role of the perpetrator or victim for the benefit of others because of a karmic relationship. Those are soul- agreements. Doesn’t this suggest that you are never a victim in your relationships? We create and co-create each moment. This is how it manifests: Out of nothing, something is created first with a thought--- and followed by a feeling that propels us to act on our thought and feeling. Each action triggers a reaction as a matching consequence.


This is an immutable law of the universe. It cannot be bent or disregarded; It favors nobody and punishes nobody either. I know it bothers me too that some seem to get away with murder (so to speak) and others do not. This is only an illusion that fits into our current state of awareness. But I can say with clarity that stems from my 30 + years of professional expertise and personal experience that we come into each lifetime with a purpose that attracts us to and attracts to us the relationships we have agreed to encounter in our lifetime.

Whatever you think, feel, say, and do manifests in a certain pattern. Those patterns are living entities that send out signals. It is those calling signals that attract to us the situations and people who resonate with our powerful frequency patterns without being visible.

Are our thoughts and feelings that powerful? Yes they are and you may know this; many of us know it and yet few of us consciously use that knowledge. Did you ever notice that whatever irritates you in others you may need to look at and examine in yourself? You may be in a relationship right now that you do not understand and wonder why, or why you seem to attract the same type of person that you experienced such grief with in the past? Think about a relationship you have right now…just one, the first that comes to mind. Ask yourself this: “Why am I in this relationship?” Take 3-5 Minutes to write down the reasons why you are in a relationship with the person that came to mind first. ---------------Was this exercise revealing?

want some of that happiness back from our mate. I am not saying that you should go into a relationship without any expectations, yet…If you could let go of most expectations and learn more about yourself; become the observer and choose your actions with great care and in alignment with your Soul’s desire for this lifetime, you would experience happiness for no particular reason. How so? Because it is already in you. You are Happiness. Nothing to add, only to let go of. Strip away everything that covers it up and engages a false sense of lack. Let’s start a conversation about how you can peel away everything that is not of your natural Love Essence. Let’s start a conversation about how to fall in Love with YOU first so that your love frequency can attract the person that resonates most perfectly with who you are. That’s how you prosper in Love. -Angelika Christie Ready to book a discovery call with me?

Angelika Christie Angelika Christie ND


Often we want something in particular from a relationship. It could be financial security? Maybe you look for a sisterly or brotherly relationship? Or do you want a buddy for sports, for entertainment, for sex, for travel, to study and share knowledge with? Maybe you’re looking for a partner to create a family with? Or a partner that can build a business empire that up-levels your social standing? And some of us are restless and have many relationships while others hold on to the one they want to grow old with. We are tribe people by ancient nature and need relations to learn, grow, and thrive. So relationships should be easy since they are deeply rooted in our evolutionary history. Yet relationships have become less primal in our modern time and therefore we are more confused about their meaning than our ancestors were. Would you agree that we all have open and hidden agendas in our relationships? Sometimes we feel lucky and at other times we feel like we deserve better, and occasionally we feel punished and do not know how to stay and make it better--- or let go and leave a relationship without feeling sorrow and guilt.

When a relationship ends we often question how this could have happened? We are quick to judge and quick to blame and even quicker to establish our right to be upset, disappointed, feel unjustly penalized, and betrayed! It can be quite an emotional turmoil and rollercoaster of endless internal dialogues. Here is what this means: your expectations have not been fulfilled and you are waiting for something to change. But what are you waiting for? Do you want a better relationship?? Do you think that the responsibility lies with the other person to fulfill you? Nope, …it is a false responsibility that especially we women put onto our men because most of us have been burdened with providing happiness to almost everybody around us. We were told that in doing so we were more lovable, or more deserving of love. So we

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thought leaders on Heroic Self-Love from Ben Winkler to Aaron Kleinerman. This is your opportunity to delve in for amazing, free content to start bettering your relationships, from self to others. Click page to listen!

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SUPER SALLY by Araceli Navarrete (Super Sally)

I am a single mother, I have one beautiful daughter, two very special sons, and one dear sweet grandson. I always begin by introducing my creator, The Lord, Jesus Christ, because of Him, I am alive to be heard of and ready to be known all around the world. Now, I want to continue to share that I have worked in Banking and Finance for 15 years, this was my first primary job, in which I always kept as number one. Followed by all jobs in the essential plane and I always carried more than two jobs throughout my life, to keep myself independent and worked as hard as an ox. As I was left struggling with small children alone after a marriage break down.

Department’s Community Police Academy #2

• EW Certificate N “Spaniof shCompletion Spotlightfor ” Childcare and Child Development aven onCare EarFor th The ShoElderly, w • HeIn-Home I took care of private clients and work for In-Home agencies With HOST: “Supmy er first Sallbook y” during these days of I am writing Quarantine. The book title is subject to change, Como la Reina Lati tin na but for now it will be From: Survival To: Revival. My Second book:OThe f Jaw-dropping Experience. eavworking en andforEaHollywood-Vancouver-New rth I amHalso York

I kept on soaring as high as an eagle reaching the unlimited skies and other challenges and obstacles I faced like the lion, courageously, and with bravery. I enjoy working for the police department as a 911 operator, public safety dispatcher saving lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with Truth, Love, and Integrity. Agency ( H-V-N Talent Agency) and currently I Coming SOONTalent : am a channel owner and show host with Big Media I have obtained many certificates and awards in the USA. I am Very Proud as a channel owner and I know area of community service and involvement creating A Big Misedpossible ia USA Exabove clusiveand beyond. anything togetherness: •

Community Emergency Response Team Training to become a member of the President’s Citizen Corps P.C. 832 ARREST (P.C. 832-A) Certificate of Completion from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center Certificate Of Completion Award for Executive Protection Specialist (NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Johnnie B Woods Security Training Certificate of AchievementDesert Hot Springs Police

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Click to hear: Super Sally hosts the Big Media USA Spanish Spotlight Channel: Why it’s Awesome to be Latina



NEW “Spanish Spotlight” Heaven on Earth Show NEW “SWpiathnH isO hSSTp : otlight” Heave oenr ESaalrlyt”h Show “Snup Como inO a SLaTti tin WlaitRheH : na “SupO erf Sally” Heaven and Earth

Como la Reina Lati tin na Of A Big Media USA Exclusive Heaven and Earth

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Angeline grew up in Indonesia during a tumultuous time. In high school, she was gifted the opportunity of a lifetime to come to the United States. Knowing only a few English words, she overcame many challenges, received a scholarship for higher education, and found mentors that invested in her and gave her valuable guidance. Often said to herself, What do I have to lose? She accomplished goal after goal and went on to work in her field of passion as a microbiologist. Throughout her lifetime, she finds and values mentors and coaches who encouraged her with their valuable insights. She encourages you to find proper guidance. CLICK HERE TO WATCH


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by Georgene Summers

By the time I had become an adult of a certain age, I understood the real meaning of a Gift. It was something that the Receiver wanted or needed, given with unconditional love and without the Giver having an expectation of getting anything in return. The year was 1996 and I embarked on a dream of mine, to go on a Safari in Africa. That dream became my reality

after seeing the movie “Out of Africa” and hearing “I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills…” Now, I was on this dream trip alone with my Guide. That day I was visiting a Boma in the Masai Mara, and little did I know then that life as I knew it would change forever. A Boma is a cluster of cow dung huts surrounded by brush stacked together to keep the wildlife out. During my visit, I chatted with some of the Masai children

and their parents. Two boys stood out and I began to talk to their father who told me that he could no longer afford to send the boys to school. I had a bag of Kenyan shillings, so I made an offer he couldn’t refuse. If he would promise to send the boys to school, I would give him the shillings. I can still see their father, a wizened man, younger than he appeared and bent over from



the exhausting work he faced daily. He was grey long before his years and wore the red plaid traditional Masai outfit. He promised to send them and I handed over the princely sum of $150.00 in shillings. Fast forward to the year 1997 when I received a note asking about plans for the boys continuing education. I failed to think about anything beyond handing over the shillings to pay for that previous school year. There were no bank

accounts held by Masai Tribal people and one couldn’t send cash, so what now? I always say there is a solution to every problem, so I reached out to the owner of the Safari company, and asked for help. He agreed and each year I sent Steve money for the boys’ schooling, uniforms, books, and other expenses and one of his Guides would take it to the school. Over the years I received notes from the boys and was kept abreast of their progress. In 2002 I lost track of the boys when I moved alone to South Africa, however, I continued going on safaris and helping with the schooling of other children. In 2010 I received a message via Messenger from Pilot, one of the young men I initially put through

Georgene Summers

52 Informed People Magazine

school. It began “I Leperes of Masai Mara n Symon Kisurkat wonna hear from You since lost ur conctacts 4 many years.” It connected us in a way I never thought possible. Pilot had become a Guide in the Ambroseli and wanted to thank me for giving him the gift of school. I was speechless. Over the years that followed I have been witness to some amazing things; To the growth of our relationship; To the gift Pilot has given to me, to us; To the number of lives my small donation touched; To the gift that Pilot and his wife give to others every day; To the unselfishness of this young man; To the dedication and love for his family, which now includes two young boys. I have a family in Nairobi; A young man who calls me Mum and my husband Papa, two adorable little boys, and his wife Seleina. These two amazing people are paying it forward, with their small Foundation that educates Masai girls. Donations come from clients he serves on safari and us.

Pilot’s sons

33 53

you have nothing and can still give something, you are truly blessed.

Recently, they used some of the donations to buy three water tanks and mattresses for the school. Once a month I receive a call via Facetime from Pilot, dressed in Masai garb, which is brilliant. He is a gifted Guide who takes incredible photographs he shares regularly with me. Nearly every week we text each other on the smaller treasures and happenings in our lives. Pilot: “More than kisses to you & Papa. Memusi doing good. Your saw cute kiss dear” On Mother’s Day I got this tome: “Happy Mum’s day. Ur my Hero” I replied with tears still running down my cheek: “Thank you honey. You are so sweet. Oxoxoxxo” When I told him I was sending a little money to him: “He replied: “Don’t worry Mum, u might give much with no love is not helpful, but give penny with love is helpful Yours always very very helpful and not small in my heart it’s big. I will b Grateful Mum.” The tears ran like a broken faucet that day. (Posted exactly as written hence some spelling and grammatical 54 Informed People Magazine

errors.) Yesterday after seeing some pictures Pilot had taken I decided to name him the Wildlife Whisperer because that is what he really is. Over the years, through our many texts, there have been the “God Bless You’s” and the “Kiss Honey” followed by the “Thank you Mum” and “Jambo Mum” (I used honey as a term of endearment and of course over the years Pilot picked it up and I don’t have the heart to tell him it is probably not appropriate. I find it innocent and actually lovely. There have also been tears of joy and heartache; Times of gratefulness and sadness; Times to be thankful and those to just pray and hope. Through it all, I have learned the most important lesson and that is the gift I have gotten from these amazing people is so much greater than any gift I have given to them. I have learned so much about giving, loving, and hurting; About sadness, pain and sacrifice; I have learned that abundance comes from the heart and that when

I often think back to that fateful day in the Masai Mara 24 years ago, when I noticed two young boys and a hunched over, wizened man with a large walking stick in his hand. What if I had not gone over to him and started to talk? What if I had never been interested enough to ask questions? What if I had never offered to send the boys to school? What if I had never even noticed him at all? So many people might have walked right by ignoring the gift. So many what if’s and so many years of no what if’s, thankfully. I have been blessed to have this family in my life and all I can say is engage, don’t walk by, don’t ignore the unknown, don’t be afraid to reach out and embrace it with all of your heart and let whatever happens, happen. It will be your Gift! Big Media USA’s Angeline Benjamin had the opportunity to host Survivor’s Gillian Larson on Live the Life You Want With Gusto! Click below to watch the podcast! CLICK HERE TO WATCH



Post Covid

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Offer available to everyone interested until December 30th 2020 with a 3 year window to use. You take a dream trip of a lifetime as funds raised helps Michelle’s Place clients have a lifetime of dreams when they beat cancer. Full FAQ’s available to make informed decision -

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Self-gratitude is always in season!

by Lanna Monday Emmett As we approach the winter holidays, a season most often associated with the word “gratitude,” it is important to cover all the bases. That means not just family, friends, colleagues and bosses, but all of the folks who play in our lifetime sandbox... and that includes yourself. People may come in and out of your life by choice, necessity or accident, but you are stuck with “you” for your entire lifetime. So, shouldn’t you treat yourself well? I have to admit, growing up I don’t ever remember my parents talking about self-gratitude. I was raised to be a people pleaser like a lot of kids, looking for a pat on the back from family and friends. I wanted to make my parents proud, and yes, I desired to have my peers like and respect me. What kid doesn’t? I was taught to express my gratitude for others who did nice things for me by always saying “thank you” and finding a way to give something back or pay it forward, even though we didn’t use those phrases so much back then. When I first heard the term “self-gratitude” years ago, my initial thought was envisioning an egotistical but well-groomed 56 Informed People Magazine

maniac with an over inflated opinion of themselves. It kind of seemed to have a vain and selfish ring to it. Then, I had momentary mental throwback to Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live reciting his affirmations and recounting how the audience would laugh at his naivety. Yeah, that’s not me... As adults, we often go through stages in our life, some when we feel really good about ourselves, others not so good. In my late 30’s, I realized that I was struggling with my own self-confidence, and had no clue where to begin fixing it. It wasn’t that I didn’t respect myself, but as a divorced, single mom at the time, I felt if I could just do over the top, super, Wonder Woman-ish things to illustrate my worth and savvy, that would somehow magically fix me. Then I’d be just perfect and happy, right? It wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I fully understood the importance of appreciating thy self. Unfortunately, it took a family member being diagnosed with dementia to do it. Anyone who has dealt this awful disease knows how it can completely alter a person’s personality, and that is just what happen to my ex “biggest fan.” I witnessed a mindset shift to a negative state, and gradually I could do no right.

Lanna Monday Emmett

I did a lot of inner exploration facilitated by discount bookstores where countless professional development and wellness books lined the shelves. I surrounded myself with positive people who were of a different mindset while I distanced friends that were negative or seem like their lives were in a constant tumultuous state. I felt guilty about it at first, but misery loves company, and that’s not the company I wanted to have over weekly for drinks and dinner. It was awkward and a little scary at first. At times I didn’t know if I was on the right track. I introduced new habits that would eventually contribute

to my own positive mindset, happiness and well-being. Changes evolved into new health and lifestyle choices and giving myself permission to appreciate my own mind, body and soul, even if the three amigos weren’t perfect. At least I could make them a work in progress. And, I also realized that if you can’t be in your own corner, you can’t expect others to be in your corner with you. There are numerous studies that tout the benefits of practicing gratitude. Research has linked the practice to lessening depression, better mental health and lasting positive effects on the mind and body. In a study by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami the psychologists found emotional benefits to writing about gratitude. In the 10-week study, subjects were divided into three groups: The first group wrote daily about events they were grateful for, the second, about things that irritated them and the third about events that were neither positive or negative. At

the end of the study, the group that wrote on the subject of gratitude were generally happier and healthier, with fewer doctor visits. In today’s fast-paced society, we know how easy it can be to place those small words or acts of gratitude on the back burner with good intentions. What’s even worse is when we stop taking the time to express gratitude to ourselves. Practicing selfgratitude can help the mind recenter its focus and foster wellbeing. I have learned that there is nothing selfish about practicing self-gratitude. In fact, it is likely that the majority of people would be more content if they did. If you find yourself not feeling genuinely appreciative of all that you do and how you feel, it is likely time to reset. One of the best methods of restoring selfgratitude is to create habits that reinforce those positive vibes and emotions. It may seem awkward at first if you’ve been out of practice for a long time or have never tried it before, but there is no time like the present. And, with COVID-19 still on the

make, who can’t use a little old happiness. Consider trying a few of these techniques: Start a gratitude journal or diary. Each evening, assess the day’s activities and find at least five things you are grateful for and make at least one of them focused on self-gratitude. Are you grateful to yourself for pushing through on those extra reps at the gym, for sending a card to an old friend, or not allowing yourself to overindulge in wine? Take some time to meditate and focus on your body and breathing. Visualize your ideal self and what life would be like if you were in that position. Celebrate your accomplishments. If you worked hard for something, no one should celebrate more than you. (Yes, a toast is permissible.) When receiving a compliment, receive it with self-confidence. You are worth every compliment that comes your way and more. When you haven’t heard one in a while, compliment yourself. According to science, you only had a one in a trillion+ chance of being on this earth, so that makes you truly special. When the holiday season gets too busy, remember it’s your holiday too, so take some time for yourself. Order that cute top online or run that hot bath. No one deserves it any more than you do.


Any season is a good time to practice self-gratitude. (Holidays, especially included.) 57

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