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t’s Official! Edison Research, tells us that 24% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. Not only that, the popularity of podcasts continues to rise. To say that podcasts are “on the rise” would be a great understatement. The most popular podcasts fall into the categories of either business, news, or self-help. Like best friends they have become a place where audiences go to gain knowledge and grow. Experts and industry leaders abound on the networks and podcasts offer us all a unique experience to provide valuable, in-depth information to our audience. Podcasts venture into waters far beyond short-form content like social media or blog posts, a podcast’s long-form format allows you to cultivate a deeper relationship with your audience and grow your reach to new listeners at the same time. Our Big Media USA International family prides itself on offering a variety of excellent stations, channels and podcast shows. If you are considering starting a podcast, we would love to hear from you and become your media partner. Here are five reasons we have had relayed to us as why many begin with the podcast opportunity for themselves. 1. It is easy. Starting a podcast can appear to be a complicated venture, but in reality it requires a minimal up-front investment and is surprisingly easy to implement. At Big Media USA we also offer training so you will not be left hanging wondering about your net steps. 2. A podcast allows you to produce long-form content. We’ve all felt it, “information overload.” We are constantly bombarded with short-form content. It’s all there in our face every day - Tweets, blog posts, news articles, and videos all meant to provide audience’s with quick bursts of information and play a vital role in creating continued touch points between businesses and their audiences. But where blog posts and social media are limited to a few hundred words, or 140 characters, a podcast allows you to go deeper into your content. According to Salesforce, “Three percent of monthly podcast consumers listen to the beginning of a podcast only. By and large, podcast listeners are loyal and committed to hearing out the full episode.” This means that there is an enormous opportunity here to showcase your expertise in a way that other formats can’t accommodate. For businesses with complicated products of a long sales cycle, such in-depth content may allow consumers to make buying decisions more quickly. 3. With a podcast you are supporting your partners. The most common format for a podcast is an interview. As the host of your own show, bringing guests on to interview allows you not only to expand the information you’re providing to your audience by tapping into your guest’s expertise but also to support industry partners. By asking someone to be a guest on your show, you’re giving that person access to your audience, potentially helping your guest grow their reach. Likewise, if your guests promote the episode to their followers, you also tap into their audience. Both you and your guests can benefit from the added exposure, and by thinking of them as a guest you may also deepen your professional relationship with them as well. 4. Podcasts build a personal connection with your audience. Successful exciting and informative podcasts are very rarely scripted and only lightly edited. As such, the host’s personality has a chance to shine through in a seemingly unfiltered way. Much like a video, podcasts are one of the quickest ways to build personal connections and trust between a host and an audience. At a time when we have endless options for all of our purchasing decisions, trust is essential to building brand loyalty, and giving people a voice and a personality to connect to your brand helps to foster that trust. 5. Podcasts provide a repeat “touch point” for your audience. At Big Media USA, we touch often on the value of our digital Informed People Magazine in providing consistent content complete with links to your podcasts. With this valuable tool, you’ll be able to stay at the top of minds and continue to develop trust and personal connection toward an even deeper level of brand loyalty. In Closing: There are countless benefits to starting a podcast. If you have the content you wish to share and some time to dedicate toward recording and promoting your content, a podcast can go a long way toward growing your brand, and getting you and your message seen and heard. Be in touch with us today, and lets get started!

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Pink Ribbon Salute: In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we salute the one in eight women diagnosed with cancer this and every year

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An invitation to awaken the power to heal yourself from Angelika Christie

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We are Suzie and Karen and would love to be known as hair gurus in the best possible light. We are actually 2 hard working women who have joined forces to help men and women resolve an age old problem of not having enough hair. Suzie comes from a family of doctors and chemists who had male pattern baldness as well as Suzie experiencing sparse and fine hair. In desperation, she went to Geneva, Sweden to meet with a hair scientist, and as a result the formula for the specialized grow vitamin known as Hairgeniks was born. Karen was a health and fitness professional as well as a medical assistant for a prominent 5th Ave. Manhattan plastic surgeon for several years. In those days she literally ate, slept, breathed and lived health and beauty. Her mission was for everyone to be happy to be ‘the best they could be.”

Her contribution was to add an ingredient to the formula that promotes and enhances the growth of one’s eyelashes, which has been incredibly successful. Karen and Suzie joined forces to help resolve a common problem that millions experience. As well any of our clients are also chemotherapy patients struggling with hair issues. Hair loss is an epidemic and no one seems to know exactly why!! Harvard studies attribute hair loss mainly due to a stressful lifestyle, as well as hormones, poor diet and lack of sleep are key reasons for hair loss. Visit us at

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Left: The young man pictured here came to us devastated due to his appearance as he was experiencing premature male pattern baldness. Right: Two months later his results were impressive. This was an amazing and quick growth result.


Compassion Fatig u e by LuAn Mitchell

In an excerpt from my best selling book, Paper Doll; I share this message about how I felt being a caregiver to my now, dearly departed husband.

It was a long, slow recovery. There was the worry of organ rejection for several months, but Fred was alive and he had a healthy new set of lungs. A new light shone from his hazel eyes. We had beaten the odds—again! “More Than a Game.” During Fred’s long recovery from the transplant surgery, I faced several challenges. I was single parenting a toddler, and making endless trips to the hospital with my two year old in my backpack to visit with Fred and help with his rehabilitation. Once the crisis passed and it was clear that Fred was returning to good health, I began to get a bit restless. Those were agonizing and long, lonely days. Sometimes I longed to escape. I cried a river—I am sure the San Francisco Bay rose to new levels with the flood from my aching heart! So, I planted some seeds. I put all that water to good use and I created my own escape by returning to our dark bedroom. I kept our baby son close beside me on a blanket that I laid out on the floor. After the baby was asleep, I lit a small lamp and I began to write and create just like back in my teenage days. I put all my worries and racing thoughts into my Love Sieve and I asked for a fresh perspective; I prayed for vision and hope. Then I looked at my baby who was so peaceful and I quieted my mind and got settled. I sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed as I leaned my back on the frame and ideas began to flow. Only this time it was not story poems, this time I invented a board game called “Save the Planet.” My Love Sieve healing had guided me away from worry and refocused my thoughts into constructive ideas. 4 Informed People Magazine

A flow began that came to me like dictation from an angel. My hand began to write out the details for how the game was played and how many cards were needed, etc. The idea for “Save the Planet” was linked to a passion of mine—my fervent environmentalism. I envisioned the future world my child would be inheriting. I wanted to be of service and do my part in a global healing. I wondered how I could create a greener planet while also enjoying a new creative outlet for myself. I realize now that creating this game was an important coping mechanism for me in the aftermath of such a grueling time. Gradually, the game took shape. I designed it for children so families could play it together and learn about conservation and ecology. Once I had the concept, I started working with a talented Bay Area designer who created a colorful board for the game and an attractive outer box. I would bring the game with me into the hospital when I would visit Fred. He was able to sit up in a chair now, so we would sit and play the game together. Save the Planet became an outlet for us to take our mind off the stress of his health challenges. We began to smile more and we would look forward to our time together as though they were actually dates, not just hospital visits. One day, while visiting Fred at the Stanford Medical Center, I met a man whose wife was waiting for a transplant. The man was Dennis Hayes, founder of Earth Day. Another divine intervention! These Earth Angels kept showing up in my life like clockwork after I began forgiveness Love Sieve practices for both myself and for others. I was seeing all these new friends constantly appearing in my world at just the right time in my life, over and over again. It was truly miraculous. Mr. Hayes took one of my games, later telling me in a lovely letter how much he and his staff enjoyed it. Save the Planet even garnered me some attention among the ladies who lunch in Beverly Hills. When I had lunch with some high-profile Hollywood wives to promote my game and Kids for Saving Earth, a non-profit organization for which I served as the volunteer National Advisor for North America. Our picture ended up on the cover of Beverly Hills Today. I was in discussion with a large toy maker to market Save the Planet on a national scale when Fred’s family problems escalated. I shifted my priorities and put my game on hold. I learned that you don’t always have to answer when opportunity knocks. Sometimes it can be a knee-jerk reaction instead of a thoughtful decision we need to prioritize. Sometimes, the opportunity is there but the timing is wrong. Instead I donated the game to the United World Colleges. At the time, their Chairperson was a woman I greatly admired, Queen Noor. The game was put into their integration program for international studies with my blessing and compliments. Kids for Saving Earth was given the children’s version of 5

I envisioned the future world my child would be inheriting. I wanted to be of service and do my part in a global healing.

the game as a gift to use as a tool to help children understand how they can help the Earth. Now, instead of wondering, “What if?” I see “Save the Planet” as another seed for good that came out of Fred’s health challenges. Our world needs care for it’s own heart and lungs (oceans and forests), I thought, and so did Fred. Instead of playing the blame game, it all starts with me—the best I can do—and perhaps, it will catch on. That’s the answer when you put your questions into what I call in my book, a “Love Sieve.” Family members who want to make sure their loved ones’ needs are met give the gift of love and unselfish caring. Caregivers like I was in those trying days, with my husband do things like shop for groceries, prepare meals, pick up and set out regimented prescriptions, assist with bathing, grooming and even dressing - in other words - they pull it together and do it. Caregivers make it their mission to do everything they can to make a loved one more comfortable during healing and if necessary at the end of life. Caregivers often times burn the candle at both ends and develop something called compassion fatigue.

6 Informed People Magazine

Compassion fatigue occurs when caregivers become stressed from caring for others. According to San Francisco psychotherapist Dennis Portnoy, “Compassion fatigue is caused by empathy. It is the natural consequence of stress resulting from caring for and helping…suffering people.” Compassion fatigue can be thought of as extreme burnout. I know now that I suffered from this during my time as a caregiver, when my late husband journeyed through the horrors of cystic fibrosis then a heart and double lung Transplant. It is in large part what motivated me to write my inspired international best selling book, “Paper Doll.” Compassion fatigue doesn’t just happen overnight. Days, weeks and months (in some cases even years) march on with mounting responsibilities, and stress factors caregivers become overwhelmed physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Patricia Smith, founder of the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project, said: “Every day in our caregiving role, we empty out in order to be present to those in our care. If we continue to empty out without filling up again, we place ourselves in harm’s way.”

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Resiliency is Tremendous

by Dr. Tracey C. Jones




You know how life sometimes throws speed bumps in your way?

LuAn Mitchell Got the Everest Variety.” The Woman is a Doll. A Paper Doll, to be precise. She is a Headliner. LuAn, or LA as she is often called, is the Paper Doll. She builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down. In this life-altering book, paper is used as a metaphor for what we are all made of when we are walking one by one. A single piece of Paper can be burned. Have you ever felt like you were burned? Maybe you were crumpled up and stepped on or blown away and destroyed. Time for us all to rise together because a ream of Paper Dolls has some heft! Together we are building a Global army of Dolls, one reader at a time. We are taking charge and writing our own headlines— and the storylines that go under them. Becoming the Woman God designed you to be will cost you friends, relationships, plans and material things. Become her Anyway. You are worth LA putting it all “on the line.” Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Don’t just dream your dreams and tuck them away out of sight—get up and make them come true. They are yours! Take hold of them now! This book is your “Dream Come True” claim ticket. Click here to get your copy.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Living in the northeast part of the United States, autumn is a spectacular event that spans several months. Fall is also the time of harvest where we reap what we have sown. This year presented an interesting couple of seasons. In mid-March, I, like the rest of the world, had to pivot with purpose, not with pain, as our world took a very different turn. My father, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, wrote a bestselling book in 1965 that has never gone out of print. The title of this motivational classic is Life is Tremendous, and in it, he extols the virtues and transformative power of enthusiasm. After dealing with the events of 2020, I think it’s safe to say that even when life is not tremendous, we can make it so by our inherent resiliency. There’s a term in leadership literature called adaptive capacity. A person can make lemonade when life gives them lemons. I can remember growing hearing that we were nothing more than evolved animals subject to fight or flight instincts when faced with a challenge or crisis. But we are so much more than that. True greatness lies not in the ability to go on the attack or run away, but in humankind’s ability to adapt. Our adaptive capacity enables us to turn a mess into a blessing, a test into a testimony. But this transformation doesn’t happen automatically. The very same thing that kills some makes others stronger. The reason for a victorious emergence from any degree of hardship occurs when you awaken the Imago Dei, the God seed, within. When we unleash our innate great, amazing things begin to happen from the inside out. Have you acknowledged and owned your regenerative nature? Click here to visit




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Pink Ribbon SALUTE

Breast cancer has not stopped, even with the COVID-19 pandemic. Each day, women across the country and the world are still being diagnosed with this often preventable disease. Even though many of our daily routines have changed, we cannot afford to let our guard down when it comes to cancer. Even if you are afraid to visit a doctor during the pandemic, remember that the only way to prevent it is by having regular screenings by a health professional. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the following pages are dedicated to the one in eight women who have been or will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the next year. The amazing survivor stories are an inspiration for many women throughout the world. Big Media USA supports research education, scientific research and supportive partnerships and collaborations and invites our readers to share their stories.

LuAn Mitchell President, Big Media USA

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Breast cancer does not discriminate—just ask mother, actress and singer Olivia NewtonJohn. Here, she shares her story of facing fear and winning.

few years later, a third girlfriend got it—three women from my immediate group—all in their 40s. A housewife, a flight attendant and me. Unbelievable.

Q: Did you ever think about breast cancer before your own diagnosis in 1992?

Q: Did your friend’s diagnosis motivate you to conduct selfexams?

A: A dear friend of mine was diagnosed only three months before I was, and our little circle immediately said, “Oh my God! She’s got cancer!” There’s something about the word itself that’s so scary. So when I got it, I had to come to the realization— and it took awhile—that cancer isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Millions of women go through it and then lead productive, healthy lives. But at the time it felt overwhelming.

A: I’ve always had regular exams, because I’ve had a few [benign] lumps before—you know, cysts— so I went periodically to my surgeon for check-ups. But this particular time, I didn’t feel right—I just knew something was wrong. I had a small lump and it hurt. The mammogram came back negative, but my doctor was persistent—we both had a feeling. We did the biopsy and I found out that I had breast cancer, the same weekend my father died.

Q: So, you and your friend were facing it together.

Q: How did you possibly handle that?

A: Yes. She’d had surgery and was already going through chemo when I was diagnosed. Then, a

A: I think we compartmentalize things, deal with what we have to. I had so little time to mourn. I went

10 Informed People Magazine

through the surgery, then started chemo— Q: Immediately? A: Pretty much. I was comfortable with my care—which is so important—and I trusted my oncologist. When you’re first diagnosed, people are pulling you in every direction: Do this! Do that! You really have to gather yourself, because you’re the one who has to make the hard choices. I researched a lot and felt satisfied with my course of treatment. It was sort of an East-meets-West approach. Q: You mean the spiritual as well as the physical? A: Yes, both. I meditated every day, did yoga, used homeopathy, ate well—I boosted my inner strength as much as I could. When bad thoughts came in, I pushed them right out. I had what’s called a modified radical mastectomy with reconstruction done to my breast immediately—a woman can


Click to visit Susan Gl Komen! be traumatized waking up with nothing there. Q: How long did your treatment last, and how long have you been cancer-free?


A: Treatment lasted nearly a year. It was difficult, but I focused on staying positive. I’ve been free of it for five years now. Some say, “Oh, you’re in remission,” but I answer, “No, this is over and done. It’s behind me.” Part of my motivation to speak on the subject is because I don’t want my daughter, Chloe [12], to go through this. Q: Is there a history of breast cancer in your family? A: No, not at all. When Chloe asks me, “Am I going to get it because you did?” I want to be able to tell her, “No!” with absolute confidence. Why is it so prevalent? Is it environment? Let’s find a cure, but let’s also find out the “why.” Q: You’re a committed environmentalist. Do you think there could be a connection? A: There might be. I’m the national spokesperson for Children’s Health Environmental Coalition—it looks at the link between environmental toxins and the increase in cancer and other illnesses in children. We need more research. I’ve never smoked or drank, I’ve taken good care of myself—so what caused my breast cancer? Q: With the re-release of Grease and a new album coming out, Back With a Heart, you’re obviously more than surviving— you’re thriving. A: I feel great. And I’m turning 50 this year! You know, I used to fear getting older, dying. 12 Informed People Magazine

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I’ve known women who want to pretend their fiftieth isn’t happening. This experience has really changed me. Now I wake up and I’m so grateful for each and every morning. I’m thrilled to get older. And I’m no longer afraid. —As seen in Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Self, Allure and Conde Nast Sports for Women, May 1998

Top: Original album cover of Grease soundtrack; right: John Trovolta, Grease costar, and Olivia Newton-John; far right: Olivia Newton-John singing at a performance in Las Vegas

I meditated every day, did yoga, used homeopathy, ate well— I boosted my inner strength as much as I could.

—Olivia Newton-John

” 13

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Don’t Stop Believing With candor, humor, and warmth, legendary musician, actress, activist, and icon Olivia Newton-John reveals her life story—from her unforgettable rise to fame in the classic musical Grease to her passionate advocacy for health and wellness in light of her battles with cancer. Perfect for fans of Tina Turner’s My Love Story and Sally Field’s In Pieces, this international bestseller is an extraordinary can’t-miss memoir. For more than five decades, Olivia Newton-John has been one of our most successful and adored entertainers. A four-time Grammy Award winner, she is one of the world’s bestselling recording artists of all time, with more than 100 million albums sold. Her starring roles in the iconic movies Grease and Xanadu catapulted her into super-stardom. Her appeal as a performer is timeless.

14 Informed People Magazine

In addition to her music and screen successes, Olivia is perhaps best known for her strength, courage, and grace. After her own personal journeys with cancer, she has thrived and become an inspiration for millions around the world. A tireless advocate for countless charities, her true passion is as the founding champion of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Olivia has always radiated joy, hope, and compassion—determined to be a force for good in the world. Now she is sharing her journey, from Melbourne schoolgirl to international superstar, in this deeply personal book. Warm, candid, and moving, Don’t Stop Believin’ is Olivia Newton-John’s story in her own words for the very first time. Order your copy on Amazon!

Blessed to be Alive by Lisa McCarthy

Whatever you do; be your own advocate! I suspected, intuitively that something was wrong and yet, nothing was detected until it was almost too late. Breast Cancer Awareness to me means, that you are doing everything you can to prevent or treat this life altering diagnosis. My advice to all women is to not only do mammograms but ask for things like; ultrasounds, MRI’s, do the tests that show genetic disposition to the various types of cancers that can affect women and men. For me, in spite of 25 years of regular mammograms, they missed a tumor that was over 6 centimeters and I ended up at stage 3B, having to endure chemo, radiation and a lot of fighting for good healthcare due to insurance denying even basic care. Going

through a cancer diagnosis during a pandemic of epic proportions, also made the experience treatment even more challenging. In the initial stages USC could not provide any protection for their staff or their patients. I literally skipped a chemo session, bought a bio-hazard suit, a face shield and managed to locate 2, N-95 masks, so that I could complete the treatment. What I have learned is that this is important for every person on the planet. 1 out of 2 people or someone they love will be diagnosed with some type of cancer directly. We must all do the best we can to be proactive, avoid sugar whenever possible and exercise to keep your body strong. With over 181 different types of cancer it is imperative that we do what we can to stay healthy, get checked both mentally and physically and do our best while on the planet to make a positive impact. I feel blessed to be alive!

Click here to learn more about Lisa’s invention: Affirmations Mirror by MeyeVU Interactive. It is a talking mirror that you program with the messages you need to hear. Left: Lisa McCarthy with Big Media USA President LA Mitchell (Wicked Queen) and Lisa McCarthy (Snow White) preparing for Shark Tank interview; above, Lisa McCarthy celebrating another birthday 15


Bitter Sweet Turning by Christine Boisvert Survivor

No one in my family had ever been diagnosed with cancer. Imagine my horror to find out that I would be the first, and breast cancer at that! Thirteen years ago my life was changed forever. When I arrived at the clinic for the mammogram, I was asked to take everything off the top and put on a robe. After the mammogram, (which had horrible outcomes) the clinician asked me to stay in the robe just to be sure that she had clean and clear images. My heart was racing as I waited, and I noticed that all the ladies there with me had light mauve colored robes. So then, why am I given a pink robe to wear? One by one ladies were leaving after their “squish” experience. But I did not leave, no, I was staying. Soon after woman’s voice softly called my name and motioned to me. I went with her and once seated in the little room she took me to she said she needed to try the test again. Now I was scared. I wanted to run out of the waiting area but was told with a much sterner voice this time, to “stay put.” A young gal came out and motioned to me again, as a few more ladies came and left. On this adventure we went to a completely different testing room. “We are going to do an ultrasound just so you don’t have to make 16 Informed People Magazine

another trip here.” I was watching the same visual they could see as the nurse was looking at the screen, I saw a dark shadow. I started to slowly come to the realization that the “pink robe” and having to stay for the second mammogram, and now the ultra sound meant that this was serious. I went home shaking in my boots. The next day the doctor called me. He asked me to come into the office and that I needed to bring my husband with me. I told him I already knew, this would be a team appointment. My doctor said that he needed to speak to both of us when he delivered the news and that he would not tell me any more over the phone. I found out later that he had already made an appointment with a surgeon; it was that fast! What followed was the loss of one breast, chemotherapy, and radiation. I had no immune system left, and extreme hair loss. There would be no going back to work anytime soon, and this was just the beginning. My self-esteem, body image and sexuality took an all time dive in destroying my ability to look at myself, much less love myself ever again. The recovery was very painful, on so many levels. My mind was racing and my body was in

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Christine Boisvert

excruciating pain everywhere. Six months later whenever I looked in the mirror an eerie stranger was staring back at me. Once as I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection looking back at me, it had morphed into a stranger who was playing tricks on me, it had turned into a woman I could not identify, someone I did not know. This woman was older than me, she looked exhausted and had no beautiful dark hair, like I used to have. This stranger living in my mirror, like a scene from some horror movie was unrecognizable to me. I had never seen her before.

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She had no long eyelashes, no bushy unibrow that needed to get waxed; there were dark circles and wrinkles around her tired eyes. Expressionless, with a poker face she stared back at me, almost mocking me. This tragic image might have looked like me if I was in a time machine, and 10 or 15 years older. I dropped to my knees and I wailed in memory of the poor girl I remembered who once was so proud of how she looked, and was comfortable in her skin. From that point on, my mind began playing nasty tricks on me, I knew instinctively that the next step was to deal with the mental anguish that came with it all. I started the process and paid plenty of good money to see counselors. I wondered, how could they know what I knew, reconstruction was a joke. The scars are always there to remind me 24 hours a day. It’s always right there in my face, what I have gone through, what my body has gone through. Sadness, depression and grief had taken me over, and the wonderful, positive, playful, me that I once knew had gone missing. She was nowhere to be found. Little did I know, another tragedy would be waiting for me after all of this horror in my life. Soon after, I lost my pregnant daughter and her partner in a freak sledding accident; this crushing blow left me feeling both helpless and hopeless. Then I met Laurie Davis and the rest is history. Thirteen years later I do have my life back and I will be forever grateful for her process called Reclaiming My Self Worth. The workshops took me step by step in the right direction to get my life back. I am living proof with the right kind of medical care, mindset and support we can survive just about anything that life throws at us.

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Robbie Motter

KEEPING A POSITIVE MINDSET WHEN WE GET BAD NEWS CAN HELP US GET THROUGH ANYTHING! by Robbie Motter I remember the day I got a call from my doctors’ office after I had a breast ultrasound and a biopsy asking me to come into the office. I had a terrible feeling that the news was not going to be great. I showed up for the appointment and was in the room when my doctor came in; she walked over to me and hugged me. Then she told me that I had Breast Cancer. I cried, and she continued hugging me. She told me it was in the early stage, and it would all be okay. I was sad when I left, and usually, I am more of a holistic medicine person, but I told myself I did not have time for this, and whatever I had to do, I would do and get rid of it, so I had the surgery and had the 18 Informed People Magazine

left breast removed so I am now eight years cancerfree. At the time of my surgery, I was the President of a Women’s Club in my town, and so two days after I had my breast removed, I tied the tubes and ran a board meeting. Everyone was shocked to see me since I just had surgery, but I said I have a responsibility to the group; I take my job seriously. I also looked at the positive side of things. My doctor does not just believe in mammograms. She had an ultrasound done, and that’s where it showed up. It was near the breast bone and probably would not have shown up on a mammogram for a long time. I would have been in greater danger if it had

progressed to another stage. Another positive thing is I did not have to do Chemo or Radiation; God was watching over me. It did not get into my lymph nodes! Draining the tubes after surgery was a task, but we women can do anything, so we do it and move on like any task. My doctor was very supportive and got me scheduled right away for the surgery. To this day, I make sure that I have my blood tests checked for the cancer markers. That way, I am sure that Cancer has not returned anywhere in my body. I ended up with other surgeries after a reduction on the breast. I did not take out and added implants, so again, the tubes were an issue. I became great at pinning them and getting dressed up and kept SHOWING UP at events and meetings. Each day I write in my gratitude journal all the things I am grateful for, including all the beautiful women in my life and in my networks that I get to help. When one is going through something like this, or

any diagnosis, they should surround themselves with positive people. Positive persons who care for you, keep you uplifted, and who remember that you matter. This support helps you to get through it. So I say to each of you: stay healthy, get your mammograms done annually, and, if you get bad news, keep a positive attitude; keep your head up, and know you can get through anything. I empower, inspire, educate, and connect women to become successful entrepreneurs and soar to greater heights than they can imagined. Motter is CEO/Founder of Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs, an author, radio host, certified national speaker. mentor and coach She is the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs Marketing/PR Consultant. Vist Motter at globalsocietyforfemaleentreprenuers. org and Her most recent podcast can be heard by clicking the buttons below: PROSPER ON PURPOSE PODCAST


Robbie Motter’s 84th Birthday party in March 2020


Friend A True

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by Angeline Benjamin

Kathleen Murray was my roommate when I was in graduate school at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

She was a great roommate and a true friend since 1975. She never missed sending me a birthday card and called me to wish me a happy birthday. We were guests at each other weddings. We have been keeping in touch through phone calls, cards, and emails for many years. In April 2000, I received a phone call from her, and she told me she was diagnosed with a breast cancerstage 2. Kathleen was a young 48 years old. She sounded very calm as she slowly and gently told me the details. She had seen a specialist, and she was going to have a lumpectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I remembered my dear friend Kathleen as a healthconscious person, she exercised regularly. She went to have a breast exam when she felt pain in one of her breasts. Her doctor told her although

Angeline Benjamin

the size of the cancer was very small, they did not want to take any chances. Although there was no sign of any cancer when she had a mammogram a few months earlier.

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“Fast Forward to 2020,” Kathleen is now 68 years young and no sign of cancer! She is a powerhouse, a leader and a breast cancer survivor! This wonderful woman has been very diligent in having her mammogram scheduled and carried out every year, She continues to eat well and stay healthy as well as exercise regularly. Kathleen is now retired, and doing some volunteer work at a senior center, she makes a point of taking more vacations.

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Kathleen Murray

The last time we saw each other, was at Robbie Motter’s 84th birthday party, with many special and inspiring cancer survivors March 8th, 2020. (See previous article)

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COL R THER PY A NATURAL HEALING PROCESS Color Therapy, also called chromotheraphy, is a method of treating ailments or bring a peaceful state of mind by using colors.. Color therapy can be done when we are shinning an appropriate color on the particular area of the body, or bathing in colored water. It is also experienced when the eyes look at, or we imagine a particular color. Another method is to ingest colors in our healthy foods. Color therapy is a complementary therapy and not an alternative to medical care.

LuAn Mitchell has taught color therapy and uses this practice in her own life. Here: In an exclusive Big Media USA Inc Series she interviews impressive guest in podcasts and she has written a fiction shared in phases in INformed Magazine introducing wonderful characters on an adventure through colorful garden, only available here in INformed magazine.

THE STORY OF THE EMERGENCE… Seven Secrets of Magic and Healing from the Garden of Eden A Healing Color Therapy Fantasy— by LuAn Mitchell Sent back by her Heavenly Father, she was born by fire into a magical garden—a fragrant colorful garden of Eden—A galaxy away, it was place Filled with mystery and magic, her name was Phynx, she knew things, important things. Phynx was sent here to lure beasts out of hiding and blend the magical gardens with the light of truth. She was ONE with all life, in the gardens, with the creatures all Nature and God’s own People as ONE LIFE rooted in ONE TRUTH. She was sent many varied messengers, all one with her Heavenly Father, brothers with powerful information that she is destined to weave into the delicate fabric of her mission the very chemistry of the planet is in jeopardy until LOE LIVES in ALL ~ a new Vision is taught and accepted, and when her task was complete Miracles would become just a natural part of the new normal.



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To be or not to be

all in

by Michelle Bergquist We’re told from the “experts” to take risks and bet everything on this or that. You gotta “go for it,” and you need to have “skin in the game.” If you’re not risking it all you can’t succeed at it all. On the flip side, we’re also told to be more cautious, more strategic, more conservative and to not gamble on anything before we assess the risk. I don’t know about you, but to me this advice flip flop is super confusing! So exactly how much should we be “all in” to something? And more importantly, what does being “all in” mean for us as women in business? When I think of being “all in,” I think of a mindset, a mantra on life and business, not the level of risk versus safety, or consequences versus results, or even success versus failure. I think being “all in” is about Michelle Bergquist taking on a commitment to risk in your life, and in business, and to realize that nothing is ever perfect or a sure thing. Bigger than

that, we don’t always find success right away from being “all in.” We can, however, be “all in” to the process of trying new things, taking more risks, being more persistent. The end result becomes satisfaction of excellence rather than perfection. And honestly, ladies, don’t we all know that our success in life and business is about the journey, not the destination?! So many times I’ve been in conversations with women who feel they can’t and won’t take risks and go “all in.” They’re worried whether they’ll fail, or that the worst will happen. They might be ridiculed or accused of being dumb, or stupid, just for trying. So why not try something new and take a leap of faith knowing that you learn as you go. My hope, for us, as women in business is to never give up, always be brave, and commit everyday with a mindset to do better, be better and strive for growth, rather than success.

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How to make the

a better place

by Serena Bufalino

and be part of the change we ask all beings to donate one day of their talent back to humanity and together we can use ourselves for the greater good of others and help make the world a better place.

How to Make the World a Better Place Want to make the world a better place? Want to learn how to think, act and be in the world especially when the world is suffering so much? It all begins with you and your ability to heal your mind, body, and spirit so that in turn you can be a better human to yourself, your family, friends, and all beings everywhere. Together we can Help Heal Humanity one student, community, country, and project at a time. Welcome to the Help Heal Humanity family where EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible. Help Heal Humanity (HHH) is an internationally registered charity mindfully designed to provide the world’s most at-risk populations with access to education, food, community, and love. We build the infrastructure, develop programming, and foster the global connections necessary to support the agency and future of the people in our project countries. Currently, HHH is operating and running various programs throughout Canada, USA, Haiti, Spain, Cambodia and

Serena Bufalino

soon to be Kenya. Through unconditional giving, Help Heal Humanity achieves its mission of empowering, inspiring, and loving those in need in a compassionate and sustainable way. Help Heal Humanity’s vision is to awaken hearts, inspire humans, and heal humanity. To get involved

No matter what your skill set and or talent we want you: from Education for Humanity to Yoga and Sports for Humanity, Travel and Mission Trips for Humanity, Dining and Feeding for Humanity, Art and Music for Humanity, and Business and Corporate for Humanity we would love to work and collaborate with you. It’s never too late to get involved and leave a legacy behind that will leave the world a little better than you found it. If you are interested in joining our team, becoming a volunteer, or collaborating together to raise funds and awareness for Humanity then please message us at info@ and visit our website at www.helphealhumanity. org to learn more about our charity and the great work we are doing. Yes, yes, yes. Click here to hear Serena Bufalino’s podcast on how to heal the world on Big Media USA.


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HONORING your service

To all of the thousands of female military members and veterans, we recognize and salute you for your service, bravery, and patriotism. August 26th was the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing and protecting women’s right to vote. According to the Department of Defense, women now make up 20 percent of the Air Force, 19 percent of the Navy, 16 percent of the Army, and almost nine percent of the Marine Corps. Helping Heroes USA and Big Media USA thank you for your dedication and for blazing the trail for others to follow. The Women in Military Service for America Memorial (Women’s Memorial) is the only major national memorial honoring all women who have defended America throughout history. To learn more about the memorial, visit


awaken heal

Your invitation to

the power to

by Angelika Christie

You can awaken and embrace the power within to heal yourself at a deep level; deeper than any physician could ever do for you. I can show you how. I have done this for myself many times.

Do you want to know what disease is? And I mean, all disease? Disease is nothing but disharmony and chaos in our body. Giving the correct environment, the body’s divine design and intrinsic intelligence knows how to get back into equilibrium… which is balance and harmony…which is HEALTH We are the only species on our planet that have the capacity to self-regulate our biology. Let that sink in for a moment… Humans are the only species who have the capacity to create by will and desire a better or worse condition within the body, within our mind, and within our spirit. · We can choose to create a greater immune response to the outside world for resilience · We can choose to create a greater mental capacity for resilience against outside 30 Informed People Magazine

manipulation · We can choose to create …I say create because no animal can do this, but we can create resilience in our physical, mental, emotional, and in our spiritual body. The tool for resilience in our spiritual body is belief and faith, FAITH is beyond belief. Did you know that Your belief creates your reality?

Whatever you believe creates a chemical reaction in your physical body. Your body believes everything you say, feel, or imagine. Your body has no clue what is real or what is imagination, nor what is past or future; It is all in the present moment. Close eyes for a moment…focus on the inside of your mouth… imagine as vividly as you can that you bite into a very juicy very sour and tangy lime….your mouth is filled with lime juice... open your eyes. Was that real? NO…but your


imagination made it real for your body. That’s why I say that everything you feel, every emotion creates a biological reaction in your body. No matter if it’s real or not. When you imagine it, when you believe it, it is real for your body. That’s how placebos work. Be aware of Fear. FEAR creates an acid environment, it’s a chemical reaction that triggers stress hormones which can overwhelm your body. Anxiety and Fear contract blood vessels and restrict oxygen distribution, which is paramount for healthy tissue. Cancer thrives in oxygen-deprived tissue. Feeling overwhelmed and confused stresses us mentally and emotionally. Many cannot handle it and consequently, their health deteriorates.

Angelika Christie

31 25

Our world has changed dramatically this year. It takes work to change the way we were taught to think. We are clinging to an idea of the world from the past; most people want the world to get back to how it was before Covid-19. This is not going to happen. We sense it and it stresses us out. For many, the stress gets too high, which lowers the immune system. Cancer, and especially breast cancer can be often traced back to emotional overwhelm.

Expectations of going back to the so-called “normal” can paralyze and prevent us from seeing the gift in what is now. I believe that we have an invitation to expand our capacity to love more. Would you agree? We need to go within; it is there that we discover our true values and find joy in collaborating with likeminded people. We can create better communities, even without knowing the exact outcome now.

your perfect life, which is radiant health in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

NOW. Join me, you will be in great company.

You can willfully regulate your biology. We do not have space here to go into how to do this. But if you are serious about creating not only your own best physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, but also desire to be the change-maker who co-creates a new and better family, a better community, a better world, then you must heed the call, listen to your internal signal to start the most exciting and profound journey of your life. The time is

Let’s get you resilient and healthy. Click the link for a discovery call with me. My Gift to you. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE

DISCOVERY CALL WITH ANGELIKA CHRISTIE Copyright: Angelika von Canal Christie, ND RMT C.H.T 1-242-359-5550

Expectations of going back to the so-called “normal” can paralyze and prevent us from seeing the gift in what is now.

We do not live in a world anymore where competition and manipulation are advancing our causes. Something new, something profoundly meaningful and empowering is waiting to be born. Like imaginal cells that know how to create a more perfect human. We are in different stages of the metamorphism from the Caterpillar to the Butterfly. I ask you to go within, like shielding yourself from outside manipulations and opinions. Go within into a cocoon of protection where you dream and imagine your greatest desire for 32 Informed People Magazine

—Angelika Christie


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Dr. Asif Rafi, MD




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Did anyone ever tell you that you have greatness inside?

“You Know How Life Sometimes Throws Speed Bumps in Your Way?

The fact may have never crossed your mind, you may have refused to acknowledge it, or you may have grown up with others telling you just the opposite. So many people go through life unaware or unwilling to accept the realization that they can and will be great.

LuAn Mitchell Got the Everest Variety.” The Woman is a Doll. A Paper Doll, to be precise. She is a Headliner. LuAn, or LA as she is often called, is the Paper Doll. She builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down. In this life-altering book, paper is used as a metaphor for what we are all made of when we are walking one by one. A single piece of Paper can be burned. Have you ever felt like you were burned? Maybe you were crumpled up and stepped on or blown away and destroyed. Time for us all to rise together because a ream of Paper Dolls has some heft!

What is hindering you from becoming what you can and need to be? How can you take the obstacles in your life and turn them into opportunities? There are five essentials that every successful and resilient person on this planet uses to unlock their inner greatness. The tremendous news is these steps work for every single one of us in every individual situation one hundred percent of the time! SPARK gives you the blueprint to unfolding and perfecting the highest version of yourself. The world needs you to deliver on all that you can. Once you open this book and begin this process, you will never be the same! Learn more

Together we are building a Global army of Dolls, one reader at a time. We are taking charge and writing our own headlines—and the storylines that go under them. Becoming the Woman God designed you to be will cost you friends, relationships, plans and material things. Become her Anyway. You are worth LA putting it all “on the line.” Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Don’t just dream your dreams and tuck them away out of sight—get up and make them come true. They are yours! Take hold of them now! Learn more

Nationally acclaimed author and award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Bergquist set out on a mission to ask men what they think women do that sabotages their success in business. Most business books for women are written by women. There are books by women who have overcome great obstacles. Women have written best-sellers sharing their leadership journey to greatness. Still other books showcase successful women and describe how they advanced to senior-level positions. Since men currently hold the power positions in business and industry, has anyone ever asked men what they think women should do to advance in business? How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business provides honest, practical, credible advice on how more women can advance in business. You’ll learn how to: • Play the game of business • Show results • Get your brag on • Search for mentors and advocates • Know and describe your worth • Be visible so you get promoted • Be you and learn to adapt Learn more 37

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COL R THER PY TESTIMONIES Emerging back to the magical world and wonder of childhood When I was a child, the world around me was often filled with wonder. There was so much to explore, and to accommodate my curiosity, the days often seemed endless. Unfortunately, as I got older and become preoccupied with school, work obligations, making payments, building, and maintaining my home, my days not only became shorter, but my world seemed to have left the magical sparkle that it once had. I think back to that day in high school when my Biology teacher taught me that the common clover plant belongs to the genus Trifolium which, by definition means it has three leaves. As I was walking home from school that day, a little girl ran up to me and proudly announced, “Look Mister, I found a four leafed clover”. Her name was Lou-Anne..

LuAn Mitchell’s Color Therapy course was so much fun! I truly enjoyed it. My biggest take away was the breathing exercises and the “I love you” aspect. We are our own authors of OUR story and OUR journey. I loved how LuAn added humor to our gardens and shared personal stories. Thank you LuAn for taking the time to journey with us through the gardens. Tanya Wiggins Executive Director Saskatoon Interval House, Inc.

Years later, a woman by the name of LuAn came into my life bearing, what she claimed to be Emergence Secrets. She shared the wonders of the world in which we live. I will forever be grateful to that woman for showing me that our world is far more beautiful than one can ever imagine. ~ Bryan

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NEW “Spanish Spotlight” eav“eSnpaonnisEharStphoStlhigohwt” NH EW HeaveW n ioth nH EaOrSthT:Show “W SuitpherHSOaSllTy:” Com“oSulapeRreSinaallyL”ati tin na Como la ROefina Lati tin na HeavenOafnd Earth

Coming SOON:

Heaven and Earth

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y r t Poe

Seeking faith, trust, strength, love and conviction? Look no further than within, make self-first your addiction. In order to love you and all that you are, make peace, be free of your emotional scar Do it for yourself and not for another, Forgiveness is freedom from self-draining power. To find liberation from the shackles you carry Abandon stories which keep you from being visionary Until you are prepared to let go of excuses For why you are held in the grip of abuses You’ll continue to suffer the path you choose Break free from smoke n’ mirrors, hopeless thoughts, drugs and by Christina Nathalie Smith booze Olympian, Author, Speaker 2020 No need to be outspoken or aggressive to be heard If push back, stay on track, ignore the mockingbird Gifted with skills, intelligent brain in my head. If you choose to modify your image with cosmetic procedure Will to succeed, hard work ethic, well read. It’s your choice to transform to butterfly from your caterpillar Gender differences lacking choice and chance. Your life is your journey, your vision, your dream Why discrepancies exist globally for Mind not of judgement, do what you equal stance? chose for esteem Why must we raise our voices in Do your due diligence of safe declaration? measures, procedures Acting aggressive to raise eyebrows, Do changes for you, not for those stir foundation. who impose pressures We must stay in our truth as the There should exist acceptance for all people we are sisters and brothers Not all aggressive, some soft No matter cultures, languages, spoken, with tattoos and/or scars. beliefs, body size or skin colors. Can’t life be in harmony celebrating If pride is your inside, a she to he or diversity? vice versa Uplifting one another in the face of adversity? Importance is your human footprint to sustain Mother Gaia Strengthening ally-ship for those risking omission Find yourself, be who you are, love every inch of your being Championing their equity, ethnic mosaic and inclusion Will to surrender and dispose of debilitating thoughts are freeing Where have cultures derailed causing such imbalance? Meditate, tap into prayer, soul energy worldwide tribe Is Mother Earth not equal home to vagina and phallus? Live ethically, with integrity, confident human bona fide Worldwide human suppression select powers dominating. Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, pescatarian, halal or keto Must leadership be through muscle and clenched fist dictating? Live and let live, love and forgive, drop the ego Human spirit unite in equal choice and opportunity. Unrest amongst beliefs, planet jeopardy, starvation, When connected we create strength in global community. children trafficking Our power is via human and social capital. Save humanity, world resources, work together, reduce the Population control and restrictions causes outcry as panicking radical. Resist fear of speaking out, avoid despair in times of doubt Change imposes fear to those wanting maintenance of Have faith, voice conviction, views, and strength of clout power. Advancing blindly with purpose, set goals, life meaning Wake up people, look within, it’s always been there, do No matter size of the impact, forward thinking, succeeding not cower. Despite challenges, hurdles, blood, sweat and tears Feel enlightened to know what you seek resides inside. Persevere, you are worthy, overcome your fears No need to force, you already own it, you Give birth to your vision, no matter how big or small simply Mindset, future bright, pick yourself up if you fall decide. With success comes jealousy, unkind actions, rejection To Live with conviction, stay strong, set course of intention Get a sneak peek of embrace Be the change, forge ahead, obstacles devoured Christina’s new book your inner Shine bright my earth angel, you are empowered. here! energy and the power About the author: of global unity Smith is one of the world’s pioneers of the extreme winter sport of women’s Allow yourself to thrive bobsleigh. Smith was Canada’s first bobsleigh pilot at the inaugural Olympic Winter in leadership and Games in Salt Lake City in 2002 with brakewoman Paula McKenzie. The Montreal community. native and raised Calgarian won Canada’s first ever official World Cup bronze medals at the 2000 and 2001 events. Smith began competing in bobsleigh in 1992 To overcome the and was part of the sport’s international expansion and development. stigma that lies Smith retired from international bobsleigh competition in 2004, however, has been between your thighs, active in the Olympic Movement ever since. She worked with media at the Olympic Be unique, don’t Winter Games with NBC TV in 2006 and as a commentator with CTV in 2010. downplay self to your Christina was a former co-host of an Olympian & Paralympian weekly Radio Show; 2 x author and international speaker. She currently hosts a poddcast on Big Media demise. USA and is an advocate of brain injuries/concussions and the development of Ignite your inner spirit, emotional intelligence. stand in truth, feel high-powered. CLICK TO HERE FOR Don’t condone weakness, baby steps CHRISTINA NATHALIE SMITH’S PODCAST SERIES: may be required



“ Change imposes fear on those who wish to maintain power.”

Christinia Nathalie Smith

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by Christina Nathalie Smith Olympian, Author, Speaker 2020 (translation by Sally Navarrete)

Dotado de habilidad, cerebro inteligente en mi cabeza. Voluntad de éxito, ética de trabajo duro, buena lectura. Las diferencias de género carecen de opciones y oportunidades. ¿Por qué existen discrepancias a nivel mundial para una postura igualitaria? ¿Por qué debemos alzar nuestras voces en declaración? Actuando agresivamente para levantar las cejas, revuelva la base. Debemos permanecer en nuestra verdad como las personas que somos Para nada agresivos, algunos de voz suave, con tatuajes y/o cicatrices ¿No puede la vida estar en armonía celebrando la diversidad? Animarnos unos a otros ante la adversidad ¿Dónde se han descarrilado las culturas causando tal desequilibrio? ¿La Madre Tierra no es un hogar igual a la vagina y el falo? La supresión humana en todo el mundo selecciona poderes dominantes. ¿Debe el liderazgo ser dictado con músculos y puños cerrados? El espíritu humano se une en igualdad de oportunidades y opciones. Cuando estamos conectados, creamos fuerza en la comunidad global. Nuestro poder es a través del capital humano y social. El control y las restricciones de la población provocan un clamor tan radical. El cambio impone miedo a quienes desean mantener el poder. Despierta gente, mira dentro, siempre ha estado ahí, no tapar.(te tapez) Siéntete iluminado al saber que lo que buscas reside en tu interior. No es necesario forzar, ya lo posee, simplemente decide. Abrazar tu energía interior y el poder de la unidad global. Permítase prosperar en el liderazgo y la comunidad.

Para superar el estigma que se encuentra entre tus muslos, sé único, no minimices tu propia muerte. Encienda su espíritu interior, manténgase firme en la verdad, siéntase de gran poder. No tolere la debilidad, es posible que se requieran pequeños pasos. ¿Buscas fe, confianza, fuerza, amor y convicción? No busques más que en tu interior, haz de ti mismo tu adicción. Para amarte a ti y a todo lo que eres, haz las paces, libérate de tu cicatriz emocional. Hagalo por useted mismo y no por otro, el perdon es la libertad del poder autodrenante. Para encontrar la liberación de los grilletes que llevas. Abandona las historias que te impiden ser un visionario. Hasta que estés preparado para soltar las excusas por las que estás bajo las garras de los abusos. Seguirás sufriendo el camino que elijas Libérate del humo y los espejos, los pensamientos desesperados, las drogas y el alcohol No es necesario ser franco o agresivo para ser escuchado Si retrocede, mantén el rumbo, ignora al ruiseñor Si elige modificar su imagen con un procedimiento cosmético Es su elección transformarse en mariposa de su oruga Tu vida es tu viaje, tu visión, tu sueño No te preocupes por el juicio, haz lo que elijas por estima Haga su debida diligencia de medidas seguras, procedimientos Haz cambios por ti, no por los que imponen presiones Debe existir aceptación para todas las hermanas y hermanos.No importa culturas, idiomas, creencias, tamaño corporal o colores de piel. Si el orgullo eres tú por dentro, una ella a él o viceversa. Importancia para tu huella humana para sostener a la Madre Gaia. Encuéntrate a ti mismo, sé quien eres, ama cada centímetro de tu ser. La voluntad de rendirse y deshacerse de los pensamientos debilitantes es liberadora. Meditar, aprovechar la oración, la energía del alma de la tribu mundial. Viva éticamente, con integridad, confianza humana de buena fe. Vegetariano, vegano, kosher, pescatariano, halal o ceto Vive y deja vivir, ama y perdona, deja el ego isturbios entre creencias, peligro para el planeta, hambre, tráfico de niños Salvar a la humanidad, los recursos mundiales, trabajar juntos, reducir el pánico Resista el miedo a hablar, evite la desesperación en momentos de dudaTener fe, expresar convicción, puntos de vista y fuerza de influencia. Avanzar ciegamente con propósito, establecer metas, significado de vida No importa el tamaño del impacto, la visión de futuro, el éxito A pesar de los desafíos, obstáculos, sangre, sudor y lágrimas Persevera, eres digno, supera tus miedos Da a luz a tu visión, no importa cuán grande o pequeña sea Mentalidad, futuro brillante, levántate si te caes Con el éxito vienen los celos, las acciones desagradables, el rechazo Viva con convicción, manténgase fuerte, establezca el rumbo de la intención Sé el cambio, sigue adelante, los obstáculos devorados Brilla mi ángel de la tierra, estás Empoderado.

“ El cambio impone miedo a quienes desean mantener el poder.”

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