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ISSUE 03.09 // SPRING.2

May 2009


WE CANNOT TRULY LIVE, IF WEPRODUCTIONS FEAR DYING. The fear of dying causes anxiety. Anxiety causes doubt. Doubt gives way for failure to pursue and or observe. We then go through the motions of life literally avoiding experience with fearful anticipation hence creating a 'living death'. As in the case of omitting foods, destinations and traveling, childbirth etc. Fear must be relaxed and released as we do in slumber. In death nothing remains, no regrets, no ‘too late’. It is only the time of death that we realize the unimportance of what we thought was important. Make life worth living and experience it. The inspiration for this issue came from the global stage that the Bahamas will be hosting in a few short months through the Ms Universe Pageant hosted on Paradise Island. Within 24 hours of press time the judges would have selected a queen to represent these 700 islands against the world. Theodore Sealy and his running mate Camille Kenny have an impeccable chance to be our chosen royalty. Special thanks to: Bodine Johnson, Ray Armbrister, Frontline La Familia, The Clones and Diplight Media. Help each other.

Nik Barnes Frontline La Familia



ISSUE 03.09 // SPRING.2

ISSUE 03.09 // SPRING.2







Photo by Jonathan Groenweg



In a sport known for its sub-zero temperatures and its high mountain p e a k s Ko r a t h ' Ko r y ' Wright <http:// > is something special. The Bahamas born, but Canadian raised snowboarder has been making waves ever since he decided he was going to become the first Bahamian to ever participate in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Kory as he is commonly known has faced alot of scrutiny and questioning by the Canadian public and media alike since he is a

world-class snowboarder (he placed 3rd at the S n o w b o a r d i n g Championship). According to his official website "Kory was born August 26th 1985 (shout out to the 85 babies) in Nassau, Bahamas at the Princess Margaret Hospital (another shout out is in order). He left the Bahamas at age 1 and moved to Canada with his mother. Kory began participating in local half-pipe events at the age of 14 and slowly moved up the ranks to the point where he is training with the Canadian, British and Dutch Olympic

snowboarding teams. Ko r y c o u l d ' v e e a s i l y joined the Canadian snowboarding team but he wanted to re-connect with his roots and land of his birth and represent the Bahamas. Jamaica had a bobsled team, The Bahamas now h a s a s n o w b o a r d e r. Make sure to check out the entire documentary " O f f i c i a l l y Wr i g h t o n Kory's Facebook Group Page. Look out for Kory at the Vancouver 2010 Winter games he will be the sole and the first athlete to rock aquamarine, gold and black as he carves a path of history down the

slopes of Vancouver. All the best Kory and you have the support of an entire nation as you go for GOLD! Be style not fashion. LV ADDERLEY, USA UPDATE YOUR WARDROBE

Fashion in the Bahamas is forever changing. You have to be able to keep up with the trends, because Bahamian girls are bringing it! This summer it’s definitely all about the buffalo plaid shirts, ripped (distressed) denim, draped leggings, Harem pants and fabulous dresses! For shoes, the


ISSUE 03.09 // SPRING.2

ISSUE 03.09 // SPRING.2


WRITEME must haves are “Caged In”, “Gladiators” (flat or high), and “Cuffed” Stilettos. Fashion in the Bahamas hasn’t always been forward but I’m glad to see my fellow Bahamian women are stepping it up…for those who aren’t, read and take notes. Get the latest on how to update y o u r wardrobe...Stylezine is where it’s!!!! Karissa Smith, BAH SUMMER TRENDS

Its summer and this year it's all about bright colors, bold patterns, and of course the bling (in moderation). Punch up your wardrobe with bights, citrus and primary colors are a must, but add in cobalt, hot pink, turquoise, coral, and as alwayscrisp whites. Another trend is global inspired patterns, prints, and textures. Anything from earthy rich textures, beading, to woven embroidered patterns. Think wooden or cork platforms, leather and beaded cuffs, shells and even feathers. Bring your culture or another’s as inspiration. African, West Indian, Latin, and have course Caribbean. Last but not least it's all about metals. Don’t go overboard, even if you have the swagger you are not a rock star or should I say hip-hop

artist. Make a statement with your choice, silver clutch, gold strap sandals, jewelry of course, even in your make up, lose the mattes and opt for shimmers for lips, eye, and body. For the guys, a jaw dropping silver watch is the way to go. Jamie paige, TX BIG GIRl LOVIN’ In the fashion industry, it seems as if the concentration is only on those who are on the p e t i t e s i d e . Fa s h i o n should be shared among full figured persons as well. We are from a country where “peas & rice, fried fish, potato salad and macaroni” are considered to be a wellbalanced meal at least one day of the week. There will be some persons who are going to gain some pounds more than usual. I feel that some outfits that are made will look better and be promoted more on full figured individuals. (That’s my opinion) If they would share their work among the petite and full figured persons it is guaranteed that they would receive more promotion. Variety is needed greatly and I am sure that once this in place support as well as appreciation would follow. Obie Bowe - BAH A JUNGALESS I love Jungaless! [Plural: Jungali]. They never let me down; from the pink,

green, purple and blue “strips of weave”, to the Skittles-inspired clothing to the awe-inspiring eye shadows and lipsticks that match every single color in the daring outfits that always seem to, ahem, “hug” every curve of their voluptuous bodies. What would a night at the Fry be without a Jungaless to make your night? I’d bet you wouldn’t even go! Forget the great food, heart-pounding music and endless drink choices; the main attraction is the JUNGALESS! Don’t you just love to see them and they’re perfectly, choreographed dance to the melodious sounds of Aidonia and “Hundred Stab”? Now what I don’t appreciate from the bland, boring, and normal masses is their neglect to realize the hard work and dedication of the Jungaless and how they actively contribute to our s o c i e t y. D o w n t o w n strolls would be a mindnumbing bore of grays and blues and shopping days at the Mall would be nothing but LacosteWearing-CollegeGraduate-MarthaStewart-Collecting Preppies. Being a Jungaless takes hard work, so why don’t we give to these hardworking individuals what is due to them? ATT E N T I O N ! D o y o u know how difficult it must be to coordinate an

outfit for every day of the weekend? It takes a lot of guts, not to mention confidence, to wear purple, green, orange and pink, all at once, and feel good about you. It takes a certain type of individual to not care how their clothing may offend people. It takes a unique character to feel free to express them through apparel. Who is this special someone? You guessed it, a JUNGALESS. Maccara Fowler, BAH IMPRESSED I have to say that I am truly impressed with the quality of work you and your team of creative individuals have been putting out these last few issues. Truly makes me proud to see our Bahamian people working together and be able to put out this level of work. I’m looking forward to seeing more issues and hopefully seeing some day the printed matter in stores here and across the world! Michael Riddim, BAH


AMELIA J Graphic Designer










Catering to the career woman’s need for:

I n o u r TA I LO R MADE issue, Theodore Elyett, fashion designer, hair stylist, makeup artist, pageant director turned model? Photographed at Heaven of Rest, Nassau, Bahamas by ScharadL.

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I was at a so called “classy” restaurant but I thought to myself, they REALLY need to start screening these employees more carefully. Some are just clueless! I am never one to turn down food, if I do something is either wrong with it or I am sick. So I get my meat and it was tough beyond belief!! I usually don’t send food back to the kitchen (for obvious reasons), but I could not masticate it and had I swallowed, I would have surely choked. So the waitress comes with the proverbial "Hi , everything ok?". I'm like "yeah besides the fact that this meat is kinda tough and the knife could barely cut it". So she in tern says "oh, I'm sorry about that, you want me to bring you another KNIFE?!!!"


Welcome to what we like to call the “Season before the summer”. You know, that special time of year when you attend all the events your mom drags you to right before you attend the events your friends drag you to. And while we would all prefer to spend those last precious weeks getting in some last minute stomach crunches before bikini season, we cannot escape those family get-togethers, old lady tea parties, black-tie events, and the oh-so-popular spring weddings. It is for this reason; we have decided to focus on the one good thing that comes from said events...THE OUTFITS. Just last week we attended the wedding of a dear friend of ours. Unlike most of the snooze-fest fiascos we normally attend, this one actually kept us entertained. However, in the midst of the grand soiree, we w e r e

THE SEASON BEFORE SUMMER completely shocked to see a guest appear at the reception wearing a white, backless, sateen mini dress. Like WTF was she thinking wearing a WHITE hoochie dress to a WEDDING?! Tempted to fine her

for worst wedding blunder of the year, we instead decided to ensure that such a travesty never occurs again (at least not on our watch). Over the next few clicks of your mouse, we will peruse the appropriate dress codes for the various events that occur during the pre-summer season. We’ve scrounged up a few tidbits from our favourite “What Not To Wear” co-star, Clinton Kelly’s book – ‘Freakin’ Fabulous’ to aid in our mission. So follow along closely and you will never be guilty of spring event fashion faux pas. Words Tara Bastian & Kristina Major



Over the ne xt few click s of your m peruse the ouse, we w appropriate ill dress code various even s for the ts that occu r during the season. pre-summer


Whatever your fashion needâ&#x20AC;Ś funky or conservative,

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Evening weddings are much more fun because chances are, the couple who are tying the knot are probably very chic, glamorous, and totally the couple you want to be. This is when you can break out that sexy LBD from Halloween that you look so awesome in. You are expected to dress classy, sophisticated and chic. If you show up looking like Barbie goes to a Malibu wedding, people will think you’re on some acid trip and offer you a Xanax.



So, let’s say on one of your many fabulous shopping trips, you came across an amazing white or ivory dress that fits your body like a glove and the most stunning accessories to go with it. If you think that you can rock this ensemblé to your girlfriend’s wedding, think again. Not only would you be a total “BATCH” for doing, but you would also be dubbed incredibly tacky. Your only justification for such an act would be if the bride just happened to be the same skank who stole your greatest love while you were sick with swine flu (sorry H1N1 to be politically correct and fair to Babe the pig).


DAY WEDDINGS It’s pretty much safe to say that when attending a wedding in the day time, the overall ambiance will be light, airy, and sickeningly pastel. So it makes no sense showing up in that lacy black Goth dress you bought last Halloween because you just look awesome in it. While very sexy-vamp, it is also very INAPPROPRIATE for broad daylight. You are basically giving the impression that you feel the bride and groom are headed for doom and gloom from the moment their first dance is over.


BLACK TIE EVENTS Black-tie events call for tuxedos and gowns. While some events are not as stuffy as others, and guys can get away with wearing a black suit and tie, the preferred option is and always will be a tuxedo. And for the record guys, no matter HOW broke you claim to be, it is always better to invest in one good black tux than to rely on some ill-fitting rental. Like seriously, do you really want to wear a suit that’s had more turns than a doorknob and smells worse than recycled B.O.? Ladies, gone are the days where long gowns were precedent. But, if you are attending a hoity toidy affair where the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane, then we suggest you limit the amount of skin you show and stick to a fashionable yet conservative outfit. BT OPTIONAL


“Black-tie optional” is the ultimate read-between-thelines dress code. It basically means, “We are giving you the option of wearing what you want, but in actuality we want you to wear exactly what we tell you to wear; but it’s totally optional whether or not you do; but we prefer you do; if you want.” So to be on the safe side it is better if you just follow the rules for standard black-tie events. After all it’s always better to be a tad bit overdressed than underdressed.





We love when someone invites us to an event and tells us to “be creative”, but for some people it can be a nightmare. For the ladies this means opting for that fabulous couture (or couture-like) gown you have been dying to show off along with those killer heels and insanely gorge clutch. For the men, unfortunately, this is mostly about the ladies, but you can step outside your comfort zone and sport a fabulous pair of European shoes, a silk vest, or for the very adventurous; a silk ascot. Personally for us, guys who knowhow to wear an ascot are totally SUAVE.

Chances are, there won’t be many guys attending these events, but if so, opt for soft button-down shirts, linen pants (NOT COLOURFUL LINEN SUITS WITH MATCHING SHOES), and loafers. For the females, that adorable dress you wore to the daytime wedding can double as the foundation for your tea time outfit. What we love about tea parties are the sinfully unapologetic old-English accessory options (think Titanic with a modern twist). Jazz up that dress with vintage lace gloves, gorgeous hats (circa My Fair Lady), and delicately embroidered or sequined clutches. After all, tea parties aren’t really about the tea and tiny cucumber sandwiches, but rather about how you look while daintily consuming them.

FAMILY GET TOGETHERS Ok so we know it’s family, but seriously, you don’t have to wear the smoky jeans from the previous night’s club hopping along with that wrinkled graphic tee you found at the bottom of your laundry basket that you still haven’t put away from three weeks ago; you know what we’re talking about, we’ve all been there (personally we blame college). So give Grammy something to comment on other than your uncanny ability to gain weight overnight and try wearing a nice sundress or cute capris with a tank for day or a maxi dress and cardigan for night. Just remember to keep it cool and clean, Grammy doesn’t want to see your latest tat or piercing showing through your skin-tight clothing.




Email your ideas to

Hopefully we’ve reassured or enlightened you on the importance dressing appropriately for all pre-summer occasions and you all feel confidant and excited to attend your next snooze fest (laughs) we mean fun event. Remember, a guest who is appropriately dressed is considered one who cares enough about their host to take the time to choose an outfit that is fitting for the event and just downright fabulous. If there are some topics you would like MODA to discuss please email your ideas to and we will be happy to acquiesce to your requests. See you next issue!

“A guest who is appropriately dressed is considered one who cares enough about their host.”

A “she-sneak” (Female version of a male sneaker head). As writers of Kicks, James and I are constantly getting positive feedback on the emphasis of the Bahamian sneaker culture. Male reader’s curiosity ranges from location of sneakers for their collection to how do I clean certain sneakers. Surprisingly though as of late we have been bombarded with calls and emails from young ladies about our prejudice column!!! Ha Ha yes I said it prejudice not in the sense of a racist “free my people” type of vibe but we have been excluding. It seems that these rowdy women readers have emphasized that we have been neglecting a large part of the sneaker culture which is the feminine population. Long gone are the days when the tennis was just for the “tomboys” or the “back of the motorcycle girl” with the “poom poom” shorts. Sneakers have become increasingly popular with the divas and models not only for its comfort level but more and more designers have been embracing them in their line.


From the urban lines of babyphat and pastry to the high-end fashions of Gucci and fendi there is no doubt that the increasing popularity of sneakers is evident. Ladies no longer have to suffer in the stereotypical stilettos or flat sandals as the sneaker seems to be the perfect fusion of these two. A big plus for the female line is the designer is also able to be a bit more flexible with styles, pattern, color, material as the wide scope and tastes for women aids in the creativity. Personally I have seen sneakers range from Animal prints to full leather or occasionally a stiletto heal combination sneaker ladies the world is yours man. So as a promise to all of our female readers we are going to break down the walls and barriers of sneaker exclusion. No need to burn bras or in these case sneakers as for every issue we will include our beautiful women.

Email your ideas to Jamal Smith

All product images are referenced from online websites like., &


Ya'll already know the deal with loafers, boat shoes and style (for those that missed, see previous STYLEZINE issue). This summer though the big thing is colored loafers. Brown, tan and black loafers won't cut it this go around. Neither will those "safe" colors get you any looks with your boat shoes. Just like your sneakers it's time to get loud with your loafers!




DRIVING LOAFER Founded in 1963 by artisan Gianni Mostile, who shared a passion for both racecars and hand-made shoes, Car Shoe is best known for its signature moccasin whose sole boasts tiny rubber nubs. The inventive footwear even earned a patent from the Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade and a following among powerful men known as style icons Giovanni Agnelli, JFK and Roberto Rossellini, to name three. Prada acquired control of Car Shoe in 2001, opening flagship stores in Milan and Capri in the next two years and introduced the line into over 200 major boutiques internationally. This brand above all others is the hottest this summer for loafers with bright eye-catching color. For all my Fraternity gents out there, you can represent for your Frat in style. Retailing between $400 up to $1000 (for those crocskins), Car Shoe Brand loafers are for the impeccable man with impeccable taste.

MIXED COLOUR Summer is here people! Time to put on your shorts and get your sneaker-game correct! For those who are into the clean look, stock up on the classics in all-white. Adidas Shelltoes or Stan Smiths and the Converse Chuck Taylors low cut will keep you looking oh so fErsh and clean! For thse like me who like to make a statement with their footwear...BREAK OUT THE COLORS BABY!! Yessir! Colors colors and more colors! From monochromatic schemes to hyped-up mish-mashes, colorful sneakers ar the statement makers come summertime. Adidas, Bape, Nike, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, Vans and PF-Flyers are the core choice brands. For those of us on the upscale side of things, Creative Recreation, Gucci, D&G,Prada, Ed Hardy, Polo, Ralph Lauren and Clae Provide that "cut-above" status to your footwear. But the sleeper brand for this summer is Asics. Thats right you read correctly, Asics. Coming in arguably the widest variety of styles and colors outside of Adidas, Asics, the old Japanese Brand has that hotness that will set you apart. Don't wait untill everybody and their mother is rocking em either. Get yourself a pair or two (or three!) NOW!



Theodore Elyett Sealy is no child of destiny or even luck. When it comes to his c a r e e r, h i s f u t u r e i s deter mined from the patterns he alone cuts. He s t a n d s s o l i t a r y, n o comparisons. He is a fashion designer; make up artist, hair stylist and founder of one of the most prestigious pageants in the Bahamas, Theodore Elyettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Miss Teen Bahamas World. He is the epitome of precision, discipline and style. He is truly â&#x20AC;Ś

wordsnbarnes imagesscharadl


Government Name? Theodore Elyett Sealy…not Elay…or Elite… Sealy’s Dictionary pronunciation [eh-l-yeh-t]

Celebrity comparisons; I have been held up in the airport, stared at in restaurants, mistakenly approached for autographs and constantly stopped on the streets of Toronto for my stark resemblance of Fonzworth Bentley. Currently working on…

As of late it seems as though I barely have enough hours in one day to accomplish everything that I would like to get done but I enjoy the adrenaline rush and that’s what keeps me pumping so here’s the rundown of what keeps me on the go 24/7; Ms. Camille Kenny, a contestant in the Miss. Bahamas Universe pageant. I serve as her image consultant & designer. In addition, my company Theodore Elyett Productions is sponsoring Ms. Channa Cius in Miss. Bahamas World 2009.

At which age did you get involved in pageantry? What role has your family and close friends played? When most teenagers were trying to come to

grips with the transition from adolescence to the awkward teenage years, I somehow found my mind engulfed with a different array of ideas - far beyond the trivial thrills of the tick “yes or no if you like me cards…” passed under the desk in high school’s 6th period just after lunch. Rather, artistic and farfetched ideas that I don’t think I ever dreamed would someday become a reality…

The future of the art industry is…

I grew up in my mother’s sewing factory on Shirley street; rummaging through fabric boxes as an infant, breaking tons of needles on those industrial machines as a toddler, as a young child I would take every piece of fabric I could find and created little “slam bam dresses” for my sister and then as an adolescent I just continued to hone the skills that somehow seemed intrinsic. It was kind of inevitable that Fashion would be my life’s passion.

(Thinks) This is a tough one, because while we have numerous artisans promoting their product both locally and abroad, there is still a widespread notion where art, whether it be through song, dance, painting, clothing

At 13 I had my first front row seat to an experience that I doubt I will ever forget…an experience that served as the cornerstone of my undying passion for fashion and pageantry. It was a front row seat to the Miss

We are also gearing up for the 2009 season of Theodore Elyett’s Miss Teen Bahamas World pageant, which commences June and culminates August 9th. THEODORE ELYETT >

construction or pageantry and entertainment, still has yet to gain the respect it so rightly deserves. Now I’m specifically an advocate for Fashion & Pageantry because I feel as though these art forms are not only unappreciated for their value, but they are also gravely misunderstood. Until there is a paradigm shift in the mindset of Bahamians to grasp that we are a country to revolves around the arts…The Future of art locally is looking pretty dismal.




After this brush with destiny I made my debut as a Fashion Designer at 13 when my high school best friend Ashley Miller requested that I sketch up a design for her national costume in a local modeling competition. It was from that point on that my career as a Fashion Designer, Clothing Engineer, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Pageant Director and Trainer took flight.


Bahamas Pageant 1996 where my sister walked away with the coveted crown and title; affording me the opportunity to travel to the prestigious Miss Universe Pageant…my teenage world was changed forever!


An art form behind the scenes mostly associated with females, what made you interested in turning this into a career? In life, when one realizes their worth as an individual, it’s very hard to allow societal norms, ideations, criticisms and negative heckling to deter their progression. In this trend of thought I would have to say that choosing Fashion and the realm of Pageantry as a male was an easy choice…There is nothing more orgasmic than watching a slender model rip the runway, it sends chills down my body. There is nothing more exhilarating than styling an 8 hour photoshoot, nothing more breathtaking than creating a 2 Dimensional illustration and creating the 3 Dimensional forms. Fashion is in my blood man, something I just can’t run away from. John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, to name a few. MASTERMINDS in Fashion. ALL men….the list can go on. I honestly think men master Fashion better than our female counterparts, that’s just my 5 cents. Thus far which artist would you say most influence your craft of design? Gianni Versace! His appreciation for color, his excellence in cutting, his eccentric designs, unique taste of mix-matching patterns that the average designer would never think twice about using together, his confidence in pushing the margins of the fashion arena, his attention to detail and quality garments. He’s a pure GENIUS!



Life! This thing we call life is so diverse, it truly serves as the palette and motivation for my collections. Life is full of color, full of characters moments of excitement, downfalls, disappointment and the list goes on. For every experience, every emotion, every visual pleasure, every story that unfolds; I use them all to inspire me.

opposed to, “an opportunity to put the country on the pageant map.” The blame for unpreparedness also falls on some National Directors as well. They crown these girls and give them no sort of mental preparation, wardrobe provisions or any training. How can we expect different results if we continue to do the same thing every year? What struggles have you met or criticism have you faced being involved in pageantry?

Worldwide the standard for Pageant queens has risen over the years, what do our

This is Nassau, The Bahamas, a male with a little flare or difference is like a UFO descending from outer space. With criticism,

crowned queens need to be able to compete in the global community?

I’ve learnt how to gauge exactly what to receive or reject.

Money, a mental readjust and TRAINING! If there is one thing that is really lacking when it comes to our National Queen Ambassadors it is full support from the Bahamian Government. There is absolutely no reason why our Bahamian beauties have not made it into the top positions in the Miss. Universe pageant. Local pageant organizations in other Caribbean islands like Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago are fully supported by their governments which affords them a pool of money and other resources totally over $40,000.00 for adequate preparations. What the Bahamian government fails to realize is that whenever the title “Miss. Bahamas” is on stage, it’s an avenue of Pageantry Tourism; therefore advertising dollars should be pumped into her.

You have picked Camille Kenny as your running mate for the next Ms Bahamas Universe. What preparation and evolution has gone into preparing for the next level of competition?

Now while the government needs to take their role more seriously in promoting Pageantry. You often find that these young ladies look at their international pageants as a “free trip” as


In the creative field most artists see high and low points in creativity. Where do you get your motivation from?

I wish I could simply answer this question with a series of pictures that document the chronological events that transpired since my initial meeting with Camille because I just do not feel that words can adequately describe the countless hours of preparation and the drastic image revamp and training that has been undertaken to present one of the best candidates in the running for the Miss. Bahamas Universe 2009 title. From the moment Ms. Kenny and I sat down to chart the way forward I made it very clear that if this was something that she really wanted to pursue with her whole heart it would be hard work. Our goal is to compete on an international level, so every time we



train or meet to develop ideas on how she will present herself at various pageant events, it is never about competing as a contestant in Miss Bahamas Universe, rather we stick to the notion that guides us to compete as if we are already on the international stage – head and shoulders above the rest. Is preparing for Ms Bahamas Universe different from preparing for Ms Teen Bahamas? Nah, I think they’re all the same. You set your ground rules and establish lines of respect and the journey begins. Of course the teens will ALWAYS test their limits but that’s what being a teenager is all about. So you’d find that in training sessions we train our teen contestants just as hard as I would train a private client for the Miss Bahamas Competition. We give them the same question and answer drill exercises, body evaluations and image consulting. A teen delegate should appear more youthful and fun-loving, while the Miss contestants can adapt a more sexy feline approach to flaunting their beauty. Has any of your past queens been difficult to work with? Do they ever get swollen heads, which has caused you to not want to work with them anymore? I would never pin-point anyone as a problem or a difficult character to work with. I would admit I’ve had my challenges, but that comes along with the territory. I’m only human, of course there are times I would wish never to be bothered with ill-mannered and ungrateful ladies, but again I have to readjust and realize that they are only teenagers and in this field of business, everything is about learning and doing better for next time. Your 2007 pageant sparked a lot of controversy, you ended up stripping 2 queens of their crowns, what was that experience like? A learning one! The disciplinary measures taken are things of the past, we are all actually still in contact with one another and are pretty good acquaintances.

Has any of your past queens been difficult to work with? Do they ever get swollen heads, which has caused you to not want to work with them anymore? I would never pin-point anyone as a problem or a difficult character to work with. I would admit I’ve had my challenges, but that comes along with the territory. I’m only human, of course there are times I would wish never to be bothered with ill-mannered and ungrateful ladies, but again I have to readjust and realize that they are only teenagers and in this field of business, everything is about learning and doing better for next time.

“There are times I would wish never to be bothered with ill-mannered and UNGREATFUL ladies.”

To date which Ms Teen Bahamas winner/ contestant was your most memorable to work with and why? Tiffany Williams, 3rd runner up in MTBW 2006. One of the most remarkable and humble young ladies that I have ever had the opportunity to work with since my pageant organization was launch in 2005. She entered Miss Teen Bahamas World as a Family Island contestant. Hailing from the island of Abaco, Tiffany was one of the shortest contestants and had one of the heavier bodies within the pageant bunch that year, but despite the odds she put her best foot forward and competed.


Weeks later, to her surprise, Tiffany placed 3rd runner up and that was just the boost of confidence the quiet young lady needed to assure herself that indeed she was a lady of worth. Which of the seemingly budding Bahamian artist society would you like to collaborate with in the future? Tracey Ann Perpall. She’s an upcoming singer, poet, magazine contributor and I know in the future she desires to dominate the airwaves with a television show, perhaps the “Oprah Winfrey” of The Bahamas. I see lots of potential, she has drive and determination


because I HATE bad breath and my Nokia cell phone which will last a lifetime.

If you could choose any profession to be involved in right now besides your current job description what would it be?

Who does better makeup application? You or your renowned sister Nestaea Sealy?

I’d have to still stick in an industry that keeps my adrenaline pumping so it would have to

I don’t believe in or support the whole notion of sibling rivalry. We are both artists in our own right and our style is very different. I leave that

“ You find that people often RIDICULE what they cannot comprehend.” be a singer (lol) yeah I can hold a note or two…and those butterflies before every gig would give me that sweet injection of adrenaline that I live for! < THEODORE ELYETT

What’s in your survival pack when you have long days at TEP headquarters? A working cell phone with minutes, delivery food, runway music, A laptop, MSN and FACEBOOK! Last but not least, my sister always has to be there with me. We’re really tight! We often pull all nighters together laughing until our stomachs cramp and our tear ducts are dry. Do you consider yourself a sex symbol? Not at all… How do you like your women, shaken or stirred? I like um Stirr-aken… ill of both!

observation to the critics. Any final words? I really would just like to say that anyone out there that has a dream…pursue it wholeheartedly. Never let the critics and the noise in the market deter you from your goals. Especially to all of the males out there who find themselves devastatingly addicted to Fashion. NEVER be afraid to follow that passion, follow it until you’ve attained nothing shy of success. You find that people often ridicule what they cannot comprehend, and it’s okay to be misunderstood because you’ve only got one life to live and living it for the “masses” will never bring a sense of fulfillment. Someday our culture will fully embrace the difference of separating a profession from a sexual preference but Bahamians will someday swallow that huge pill called maturity and by the looks of things, that’s going to happen just seconds before the clouds open for the coming of Christ!

Naturally, people expect you to be trendy, so what are the 5 gear fresh items you never leave the house without? I do not consider myself trendy at all but I am very particular that I never leave home without my measuring tape, Visine for the overworked eyes, 212 Cologne, Dentyne Ice



and I think as her personal stylist we would make an excellent team.






BEATS by DR DRE Headphones It's not always easy to get excited about a pair of headphones on first glance. Generally, the listening experience, which is gathered only after putting a set on and sitting down with some favorite music, is what draws people in. Not so with the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, a sweet-looking set that will relieve you of $350. While their sound quality is nothing to scoff at, their appeal as eye-candy is undeniable. For audio enthusiasts who are tired of the same old look, the Beats are a must. The Monster Beats may not be all about style, but you wouldn't know that just by looking at them. If you wear these headphones in public, you will turn heads. The thick and padded glossy black headband descends seemingly seamlessly into the circles that hold each earcup, which are oblong and padded in a cushy leatherette material. (They also swivel slightly in their supports in order to provide a comfortable fit.) Closer inspection of the headband discloses a seam on each side where it expands, revealing the metal support band within. This same metal accents the inside of the headband and rings thinly around each earpiece, which also features rings of deep red accenting. The outside of the earcups also feature a metallic disc containing a red "b" (the one on the right will mute your music when pressed). The overall effect is a sleek and stylish design that is not ostentatious. Read more about the beats by dr. dre at Taken from


Our rating system is easy to follow. We are using a system of starfish. The more shells you see, the better the album. We hope you enjoy some of these albums you would have normally never picked up! SWIZZ BEATZ - The Artist It amazes me how creative people really are. Sometimes we seem to forget that talent is not limited to one particular thing. I'm not surprised that SWIZZ does paintings but more that his art is actually very good. In my opinion better than some of his earlier works in the record industry. But none the less I'm a huge fan of both his talents. Live in the moment and let your creative juices flow and some day it might slip through the cracks. Don't be afraid to do what you are inspired to do and sometimes traveling the road of oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talent leads you t o t h e p a t h o f a n o t h e r. Experimentation feeds discovery.

By far my most anticipated album of the year so far. Somehow between his last project and this new one Rick Ross evolved. He has remained consistent from features to mix-tapes. In my opinion he has found a way to feed off the energy of other East Coast Legends and still remain true to his southern roots. Regardless of the attacks on him he remains unfazed creatively. At the end of the day my thing is this is all entertainment and good music is just that ... real talk. Ross has become somewhat a hybrid. East Coast Swag Dirty South Mind Frame and West Coast Attitude. This brings us to Deeper than Rap. His latest opus that sounds like a soundtrack to a modern day American Gangster where tracks are like scenes in an epic flick. It reminds me of the passion I herd in Biggies voice on Life After Death. He chooses his words carefully and sounds focused & hungry yet determined to get his point across by any means. Weather you do or not you just wants to believe every word. He is a force on the mic. Ross is on top of his game at this point in his career despite the sales and all the media episodes. This is his best creative work to date. They definitely took a few chances on this record & the game is missing that element, that creative energy, energy that inspires. It's like a breath of fresh air to see him not follow the crowd creatively opting to pave his own path. He sounds comfortable on this road and I think he shall continue to travel it and see were it leads. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not Lil' Wayne, Biggie, Pac, Snoop, or Uncle Luke but one thing is for sure he is THA BOSS!




This new series from the makers of PHRESH will showcase 5 of The Bahamas’ best dressed males. See insight on their style and how they put these unique styles together.



DC: When did you first get into fashion? GK: As early as 6-7. Mum would always buy our clothes from brand stores and dress us alike but in different colors. Added to that, our daddy is a legend in Nassau for his character. Even if my mommy didn’t

stop to compliment me and I’m like thanks. I really appreciate it but it’s not like I go out asking for it. DC: How do you deal with the whole stereotype in Nassau that because you don’t dress like the typical male, you are a homosexual? GK: That’s just the typical closed minded person. It doesn’t bother me at all because I know I love women and I’m not homophobic. So I shouldn’t have to convince anyone or try to please people who show no growth personally other than getting stupider. Just because I don’t look like you, you think I’m gay?

“Just because I don’t look like you, you think I’m gay?” do it I would’ve still inherited it naturally. DC: Real talk, I remember walking in the office one day and seeing ya daddy in his dress shirt, flat front khakis driving loafers with no socks just chilling and being like damn, I have to take notes. GK: Exactly, if your mum had you step correct from diapers and your daddy knows nothing else but being fresh, what more would you expect from me? DC: What’s your motivation when you’re getting ready to go out? GK: Nothing really. I just look in my closest, pull something out and get dressed. If you have to try to be fly, chances are you’re not. If you’re not fly naturally, attempting to be so won’t change much. DC: Do you notice a reaction from people when you go out? GK: Yeah, I could see people staring or pointing. Often enough girls will

DC: So what are your must have’s right now?

“Bey c’mon nah, I don’t know. Think of something fresh and put it there for me!”

DC: Aristotle said, We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, Excellence is then not an act but a habit. GK: Damn that was fresh! I don’t force myself to be this way or I’m this way to impress someone. I’m human and natural just like anyone else. I’m always reading blogs, go to the gym to stay healthy, eat certain foods, listen to certain music and go certain places because this is who I am, no faking or façade. DC: Big word homie, any last ones? GK: (laughs) thanks man, chec it in the dictionary. I’d like to alter a line

“How the hell am I suppose to get fly, if everybody else can’t even dress up?”

GK: V neck tees, Orisue Jeans, Nike Blazers, Cardigan sweaters… Heritage preferably, Crooks and Castles, Supra’s, Guess Jeans, shirts with epaulets, Fitted hats, rosaries and sunglasses. DC: What do you think about dudes who brag about the cost of their outfits?

from a Kanye West first. If people think I’m fly, I’m honestly doing me, effortlessly. But I’m rephrasing a question Kanye asked, ‘How the hell am I suppose to get fly, if everybody else can’t even dress up.” ×

GK: If you have to name drop to state how fresh you are, you’re not fresh. I’ve put an outfit together for less than $100 and got way more compliments than the dude in the Polo shirt that cost $90. It’s not about what you have but how you use it.



< Military Oxford with tie-ups.

< Military Oxford with epaulets. < Stripped Cardigan

Rosary Necklace >

Double Breasted Cardigan >

< White G-Shock

< Rosary Charm Bracelet

ALDO leather strap-ups >

< Nike Blazers


Some things should be made official, others should be made extinct. What’s right in and what should be left out! •

Dirty/Over worn Sneakers- Outside of your watch, a cunning female will take notice of your feet to check if your kick game is insane like David Beckham. Last issue, the resident sneake rheads, Smitty from the City and James “the freshest bully in primary school” gave you tips on how to give your shoes a proper cleaning. Outside of that note the following:


Summer shorts- How often do you wear shorts and they’re not basketball jersey, jeans or baggy cargos. This summer step up that boss status you’re always claiming. Streetwear brands such as Stussy, LRG and Levi are offering some comfortable cotton, linen and other lightweight fabrics that will go perfectly with whatever your shoe game calls floor and will definitely get you on that Styles P tip the ladies long for, ‘A Gangster and a Gentleman.’

Track Jackets/Hooded Pullovers/ Sweaters during the summer – Our guest contributor Kedar Clarke noted this last month and I just thought I should reinforce. Unless it gets under 70ª in your hood, leave it home. Nothing is more frustrating that sweating in a polo and some dude walks past you in a the middle of June!

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses- They first gained popularity in the 70’s and are dominating the international seen presently. They provide an updated look to the wayfarers, aviators and gradient lens that have been staple since 2006. Why? Other than the wayfarers there hasn’t been any new development in male sunglasses since 2006. So for those who know it’s time to step there spectacle game up, these are a safe bet. But be warned, these will separate the boys who match from the men who dress!

Modern WatchesC’mon, there is no certificate of authenticity for that Cartier, big face Breitling or that Rolex you’re wearing. But that’s ok, that serves as a simple reminder to hustle harder to afford the real one sooner than later. For those who refuse to wear variants but still want to be phresh, there are a whole lot of offerings by Nixon, Fludd, Nooka and the legendary G-Shock! Ladies claim they can tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. The next time you proclaim you’re real and she isn’t buying it, check your wrist game!

about the one standard of men’s MUFF WRITES… fashion that never changes, formal A B O O K R E V I E W. E V E R Y G U Y attire (hence permanent fashion).In SHOULD READ… this in depth oversight Alan Flusser Know what else is phresh? A young denotes the history of permanent man that reads! Forget females for fashion which a second, it is very fresh when as a male you can hold a conversation with your boys over a couple of beers talking about m.c.c(money cars and clothes) and switch it up to discuss the social ills prevalent in your society and what are your attempts to correct them. Still don’t believe me, the girl that was grinding up on you all night in the club is hot but she’s no comparison for that chic corporate female that you know got her own. Now how are you going to wife her when you can’t share her trepidation of the growing unrealized losses in her stock portfolio and how she wished she took a more conservative strategy. If you’re still dumbfounded (lost) by that last sentence then you’re definitely in the right place. The issue’s review is, “Dressing The Man: Mastering the art of Permanent Fashion,” by noted brand owner Alan Flusser. I pulled the ISBN number online and ordered the book through C.O.B’s Chapter One bookstore. The book was approximately $45 and worth every penny. From the cover’s close up shot of Cary Grant’s meticulously crafted blazer exposing his timeless cufflinks I knew I was in for a treat. Even the clerk behind the counter was in awe by the cover. If nothing else, this book makes for an interesting coffee table piece.

i s actually suit and other formal attire. For those who don’t think they are capable of reading a 275 page print on fashion, don’t fret because there are many pictures to keep you focused and the font is enlarged for easy viewing. What I didn’t like about the book is the pictures notes an oversight by Flusser and his editors/publishers. A guide such as this would be followed by men of all ethnicity and this book is predominately filled with Caucasian males. Also, staying true to his This treasure chest of knowledge t h e m e F l u s s e r k e p t w i t h t h e once opened reveals many secrets permanent theme which worked


well in other places but left a yearning for more in others. The Foot Decorum chapter was not the strongest because it was not updated with the footwear deemed fashionable since the turn of the century. Also, with all of this information, a how-to guide or supplement would reinforce all the k n o w l e d g e contained in this book. Some consolidation of the various chapters to highlight what the exact complete package would be wasn’t completely evident thorough out the novel. This book has enough history, jargon and names to impress even the oldest player you know with your newly a c q u i r e d knowledge. Featured are Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Windsor, Ralph Lauren and the legendary Fred Astaire to name a few. All in all, I give these book 3.5/5 stars. A great read for those who understand that seeds turn into plants and boys should grow into men, because even grass grows!

Need more tips? Send me an email:


K.C.’s Rules of Phreshness 1. As the climate changes, and if you’re wearing a button down, start leaving three of your top buttons loose. This lends and ire of sexy and cool. Seek a woman’s opinion first just to make sure you don’t look like an old pervert. 2. Cologne law! Guys, our fragrances are more complex than a female’s. During the daytime wear a citrus based or lighter fragrance that compliments your body. Only, I repeat, only wear a musk or stronger fragrance during the evening. Remember, this is a law! 3. A man should never try hard to look nice. That basically makes you a douche-bag. Make your style effortless and consistent. Switching from punk rock to preppy shows that you’re “trying to fit in”. 4. If you’re going to wear an open-toe shoe, a pedicure is mandatory. Every spa in the Bahamas caters to men as well. Treat yourself one day! 5. Accessories are the new clothing essentials. If worn well, some accessories can make the same outfit look different. Invest in some unique suspenders, a rosary, hats, belts, etc. even some jewelry pieces can take your look from day to night! Need more tips? Send me an email:


Tailor Made  

Theodore Elyett Sealy is nochild of destiny or evenluck. When it comes to hisc a r e e r, h i s f u t u r e i sde t e rmine d f rom thepatte...

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