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Happily Ever After Making dreams come True It is believed that the true key to happiness is having dreams, so the key to success is making your dreams come true. Being a big dreamer is often looked down upon but not taking taking the steps to make them reality is when you should really be considered a failure. This issue was inspired by the helping hands behind the scenes of successful event happenings. They work tirelessly to pull off your visions and often go unmentioned standing in the shadows as you go on to live Happily Ever After. The catalyst is as equally responsible as the result. Love it or Hate it.

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New Year! New Things! (and who doesn’t like NEW things?) New Attitudes! 2012 is here people! Fresh out the box with that new shoe smell! Last year, a tradition was started with our premier LOVE/HATE Edition. This being our second Love/Hate Edition of Kickz we decided to add a little twist and include Things I Love to hate. I’ve got a few on my list, here goes....

LOVE- ALL ADIDAS EVERYTHING You cannot achieve the proper look without a pair of classic lace-ups. You can chose between black or brown, or have both. Brown hints at luxury while black lends itself to practicality and a chic cool. A pair of brown shoes are the perfect accessory to a navy blue suit or for dressing up a casual look for everyday coolness. Black makes certain outfits more sleek, especially more formal night-time affairs. A decent pair of oxfords can last you many years.

LOVE - RALPH LAUREN POLO BOOTS - It was a long time Ralph Lauren’s boot collection was not too hot as it consisted mainly of duck boots. Ugly Duck boots at that. However old Ralph Lifshitz looked to the past for inspiration. The Ranger Boot sparked a resurgence of Polo boots that took the city of New York by storm! Many bought them because of the nostalgia they conjured up, images of times past when such boots were ultra rare and only the Flyest guys wore them. Today Ralph Lauren’s line hosts an assortment to chose from, EVEN some awesome looking duck boots which are extremely practical if you live or go to school in very snowy areas. My personal fave’s are The Ranger, Radbourne, Wakely and Tenard. Im hoping Old Man Winter hangs around long enough I can get a pair and take a trip to some snowed in city and stomp around in em all fly-lumberjack like!



LOVE - GREY FOOTWEAR - I won’t front, I’ve been waiting for grey to make a return on the footwear scene! No, no Im not talking about sneakers either, I mean boots, leafers, oxfords you name it! Currently Im only working with some grey campus II Adidas, but trust me Im gonna get some more grey in my footwear wardrobe! From The Polo Ranger Boot, to Timberland’s classic 6 inch premium boot, to boat shoes, to loafers, not to mention the tons of grey colorways of sneakers being put out! Everybody needs to get some grey in their closet!

HATE - RED SNEAKERS - No it’s not even because I don’t like red. I happen to like the color red as it looks pretty awesome on me. Im talking about guys wearing Red sneakers and then all of a sudden feeling as if they are somehow now members of The Blood Gang originating out of Los Angeles California. It’s so bad I see guys posting facebook pics of their sneakers with a bunch of red accessories to match with a caption that says “suuuuu=woooop” or “Blood Nation All Day” or some other stuff they have no idea the meaning of. Listen, do any of you realize you are perpetuating and making more popular a culture that has cost many young men their LIVES?!?!?!? All because you all follow behind your favorite rapper of the moment who happens to say “Oh Im Blood affiliated” just to get some street credibility on a record, and now far to many of you follow behind said rappers doing the same ignorant foolishness. Oh I’m being dramatic you say? Well I’d like for you all to youtube or google the name Jomo “Rosemo700” Nambia. He was a 26yr old Blood gang member who was murdered over his involvement in a beef ignited over comments made by feuding rappers on TWITTER. So you see, my irritation with this “trend” has some grounds.  Please, If your going to wear red sneakers just wear them because you like red, this gang stuff is out of control and needs to stop. Sorry to get so serious, but I hate to see lives lost over bullsh&*t. HATE - ANIMAL PRINT - Sure this trend has stuck more to fashion but Ive seen it creeping in on some footwear for men and I cry FOUL! I cringed looking at Kanye and Swizz in their all animal print jackets this season. I thought it was a sexy look on women though, but on dudes? LAME. ESPECIALLY on men’s footwear. Started seeing leopard print loafers (wait.. that might get a pass), zebra pattern sneakers, fur lined boot tongues, lions tigers, bears oh my! Some may love it...but this guy right here HATES it.

LOVE/HATE - BROGUES - Classic wingtip and oxford shoes beefier brother, Brogues have made a BIG return on the footwear scene! If you don’t know what brogues are, look em up expand your footwear acumen, most likely many of you will like them. Im stuck in a love hate relationship with Brogues though.  I love the more classic colored incarnations, however brands like Prada and some of the newer street brands are putting out some colorful versions that just look like high fashion CLOWN SHOES. EPIC FAIL!

Draped in the gown of your dreams you stand astonishing, on a balcony overlooking a beautiful two-toned ocean on the picturesque bays of Nassau, Bahamas. The choir offers your favorite tune from the terrace below while the sun like an artist paints the sky’s harmonized shades of gold, yellow, and orange, and in just a few moments, you will join the one you love. Gazing into the full-length mirror before you, you think to yourself: could this moment be anymore perfect? Tears flood your eyes, but careful not to cry a knock breaks the silence and the person who made it all possible walks in with a smile and says,

“It’s time…….

Happily Ever After W o r d s : S h e r r o n Yo u n g . I m a g e s : S c h a r a d L



Everyone when planning an event aspires to have the event of all events! We are all wired to aim for perfection. So when extraordinary is at the top of your list, your options begin to eliminate themselves. Five Seasons Events, however stands firm amidst its competition pressing play on services such as: Flower Girl baskets and Ring Bearer pillows, Designer Wedding Gowns by leading designers such as Lazaro, Jim Hjelm, Alvina Valenta, Justin Alexander, Allure, Jasmine, Watters, Kenneth Pool, Sottero & Midgley, Vera-Wang, and many others, Unique Invitation Designs, Music for any and every event, Event Décor, Limousine Services, Photography, Flowers, Favors, Programs and Cakes to suit every occasion. They also carry Evening Gowns for the annual Cancer, Red Ribbon Balls & High-End Birthday Parties and Anniversaries. Five Seasons is also trademarked to provide a special unexpected something on the day of your event. Compliments of Five Seasons as a token of thanks for choosing them to plan your event, you are provided with your very own Wedding/Event Assistant to ensure that you are catered to in every way. Five Seasons was designed to be a “One Stop Shop “, a complete solution for every event, encompassing all event types… Birthday Parties, Christenings, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties, Wedding Proposals, Vow Renewals and Corporate (Business) Parties. Stylezine was awarded the great fortune of speaking with Five Season’s Chief Event Coordinator & Certified Bridal Consultant, Ms. Tennille Laurette Darville. In doing so I was magnetized to her personality in that she provided several very valuable elements that make this company so unique. It was evident that passion played an intricate roll here, Tennille remained composed for most of the interview, but her excitement slipped through the cracks when discussing the finer details like the shoes on her shoe inspired Christmas tree, the detailing of a dress and trinkets to add to her invitations that speak to a specific bride. Her whit coupled with her ability to envision, organize and plan makes it’s easy to see why her clients are drawn to her like a moth to a flame. It was lucid that she, although very professional, carried fixed emotions relative to this business that she couldn’t fight. For her it’s more than going to work every day, it was also finding that special ingredient that would place 24







a genuine smile on the face of each client. For many event planners, having met my full share, passion is often replaced with a dollar bill; service, with speed and a lack of efficiency and a connection to their client with the need to completely eliminate the client from the assortment. Having examined the passion firsthand, I decided to shop candid for the service… Stylezine got to speak with Christine Maria Clarke turned Johnson on the day of her wedding! Filled with emotion and with tears in her eyes, she offered Stylezine this brief yet powerful statement…

A BRIDE’S REVIEW “There are so many things that a bride forgets and cannot see coming to fruition with budgets and financial restrictions. Five Seasons took the baton and walked me through what easily for a bride seems a dark maze filled with obstacles. They made my experience as a bride effortless, and things that we forgot or simply overlooked, they saw that they were there! Words cannot provide a full display of what I feel today. I am thankful I made Five Seasons my choice, I couldn’t and wouldn’t have it any other way.” Stylezine: Tennille, it’s anyone’s guess, what is unique about Five Seasons? What sets you apart from all the other event planning firms? Five Seasons: The most definitive feature that sets Five Seasons apart from the rest is our element of accommodation. We are not a nine to five company and intentionally so because we realize that most people get off after 5:00 pm and realistically cannot facilitate an appointment that begins at 6pm not adding to the equation the few that try to fit a consult in on a lunch hour! When shopping for the perfect dress, time is needed, and we offer that to our clients. After fighting traffic to get from point A to our office, there is always that need to rush through ideas making way for intricate details to be forgotten. I have made it my business to ensure that every client leaves having watched their dream unfold as it was envisioned, anything less is below standard here. In order to accommodate the working client we take appointments from 12:00 pm through 8 pm in an effort to provide our clients with a decent consultation without time being a factor. Putting a price tag on a memory can prove impossible. Romeo and Juliette set the bar of love too high to reach with death preferred than to live without… 28


Brides are famous for attempting to plan their own wedding and those that find it necessary to hire an event planner find themselves with planners whose eyes are primarily fixed on profit and not that wow factor that Five Seasons effortlessly applies to each event. Some find themselves in the hands of foreign planners who try to muscle five or six trips to and from the USA to pick a dress, fit their dress, shoes,

“…take into account after spending money on ticket, hotel, car, gas and food, you’ve spent well over $1500 and that’s not the cost of your DRESS!” TENNILLE DARVILLE 5 SEASONS BRIDAL

accessories, purchase event décor etc. Discarding the element of fun that should be associated with getting married, the overwhelming feeling that accompanies the anticipation of your special day! Five Seasons: We desire to help Bahamians come to realize that while it may seem less expensive or more effective to travel to have these things done, if one were to take into account after spending money on ticket, hotel, car, gas and food, you’ve spent well over $1500 and that’s not the cost of your DRESS!! Consider the possibility of having everything here, in Nassau at your fingertips, have someone collect your dresses, your bridal gown, shoes, accessories, etc. and to top it all off the first event planning company to be able to provide such a lavish variation of designer gowns like Lazaro, Jim Hjelm, Vera Wang Alvina




Valenta, to Bahamians and in the Bahamas! Do away with being a couch potato and watching Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Catherine Middleton and other A-Listers walk down red carpets in their diamond encrusted gowns. Wear the same dress, experience the same ambiance and never leave Bahamian soil! Is it really that difficult to imagine that you’ve got the talent here at home? That you’ve got Bahamians here who can hook a girl up! Why would you entrust your wedding or event to someone whom you have never met than to simply conceive that there might be Bahamians here that are equally and in many cases more capable

“I was pampered from the dawn of my wedding day to completion and then some. The crew over at Five Seasons with special highlight on Tennille gave me a service I couldn’t fathom. She was excellent!” than a foreign selection. Five Seasons: We want Bahamians to know that we’ve got the tool’s right here in the Bahamas to fulfill their dream may it be hi-end, middle class, or an intimate affair. A former bride of Five Seasons, Shaundica Edwards had already begun planning her wedding; she had gone as far as to even appoint a planner of her own. The need for invitations led Mrs. Edwards to Five Seasons where, despite her already previous investments chose to indulge having also experienced that ‘it factor’ that Ms. Darville and her team offers in both personality and knowledge of product.

A BRIDE’S REVIEW Shaundica: They went above and beyond to meet my desires and delivered on every promise in a timely and professional fashion. They made me feel comfortable, and confident that this wedding would pan out as if I were steering the wheel myself or better. For christenings, birthday’s you name it, Five Seasons will plan my life’s events hence forth! Five Seasons, is a licensed retailer for high end names like Aruna Seth (out of London), Badgley Mischka and Nina evening shoes direct out of New York City. OUCH LADIES. An expert in the field, Jonique Dames a former bride of Five Seasons offers of Tenille Darville.

A BRIDE’S REVIEW Jonique: After a wedding, it’s not uncommon to see a sweaty bride and in many cases even before the reception. It’s because they work on their wedding day! Well not me!!!!!! I had an assistant that remained with me to powder my nose, to fix my dress, she was my right hand girl and her job description was to make me happy and assist in any way I needed. I was a princess that day and a princess is exactly how I felt. I was pampered from the dawn of my wedding day to completion and then some. The crew over at Five Seasons with special highlight on Tennille gave me a service I couldn’t fathom. She was excellent! Stylezine: Could you see yourself using Five Seasons again for other special events/moments in your life? Jonique: (She laughs with confidence) “Without a moment’s pause!” I had no worries, on a day when every bride worries… how do you pay for that? Stylezine: Tennille, if you were to offer your clients one intricate piece of advice what would it be? Five Seasons: Be wise about budgeting, obtaining a loan to pull off your ideal event is not practical. To be honest, it’s not something most event planners would say to their clients because we’re in it to make that money right? But this is another feature that Five Seasons prides itself by; a candid approach and one that is in the best interest of our clients. Sure! We’re 32



“Here at Five Seasons, we make it a point to dig a smile out of every budget.” TENNILLE DARVILLE 5 SEASONS BRIDAL

super excited about extending our services to the client that can pay for the Five Star Event but these types of weddings are costly and it is just as possible for one to accomplish the wow factor and NOT GO BROKE doing it! You will find yourself regretting having ever made the decision to overextend yourself! Here, at Five Seasons we make it a point to dig a smile out of every budget! It’s a funny this thing, LOVE! It’s a ball of fun and smiles until the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” falls from his lips. Suddenly…someone presses fast forward and your standing trembling, heart warm, the tears flowing, daddy’s got you, but this one somehow daddy’s once firm hand simply can’t soothe… gazing deep into a cathedral brimming with friends and loved ones all teary-eyed and anticipating your walk. The only hand that can calm this storm stands before you some 20 yards beyond too awaiting his precious bride…and life as Mrs. Begins! Five Seasons is here to take the cap off your dreams and make them real. We are the perfect blend of elegance & professionalism Five Seasons Events and Bridal Boutique Designer Wedding Gowns Indoor and Outdoor Ceremonies & Receptions Destination & Local Events Themed, Traditional or Contemporary Twitter @fiveseasonz Facebook Five Seasons Bridal





Happily Ever After


He quickly swapped his smile for an intense frown as he watched his ex-girlfriend pull into the spot that his girlfriend’s Mini Cooper had just vacated. Although the love he shared for his new lady completely eclipsed the hate he had developed for this black-hearted being, he hadn’t seen the Wicked Witch Of The East since the day she messaged him the infamous ‘break up email’ –so naturally his emotions were on edge at the sight of her. He could never forget the words that put him in an emotional valley for two years. Nor could he forget the meal of jasmine rice and Asian braised short ribs that he was preparing with such love and delicacy when the message came over his Blackberry - “I’m sorry it’s not you it’s me. I’ve been seeing someone else for a few weeks now and I don’t want to continue with this anymore…”.



What the #@%&*! She had never been to his restaurant, but today’s visit was obviously well-strategized as his little boulangerie became her runway.. His heart pounded with emotions and he wondered how to react when they would be face to face. And then it happened – we were en face and nothing! Absolutely nothing!! All the rage, hurt, pain, and anxiety were all gone.  The love had conquered the hate. Even a smile surfaced as he welcomed her like every other guest to his restaurant. She was confused by his sincerity, but his smile broadened, signaling that he had genuinely moved on -far beyond the reach of her selfish actions to a place of selfless love with a real Lady worth her salt – Kosher salt, might I add!!

5 things all “Foodies” should do in 2012 1. Dine out at least once a month and blog about it. Help us all enjoy more good food this year. 2. Add me to yah BBM list for daily food tips and all things food. Go to my Facebook page for details. RECIPE Jasmine Rice w Asian Braised Short Ribs As a chef I must say that rice can be the most daunting task for even the most experienced cook, but the following is more of a “how to” guide than a recipe.  Use your favorite brand rice and filtered water to make this dish. Bring four cups of water to a rapid boil. Add 4 tablespoons of EVOO and a large pinch of kosher salt. Honestly different brands, types and measurements carry different volumes, so to make the best jasmine rice fill the pot with rice to where the water barely covers the grains.

3. Commit to not eating or buying frozen fish as we are blessed to be surrounded by water and endless fresh seafood, including an amazing variety of fish. 4. Visit a farm and/or a farmers market at least once a month this year. 5. Support the movement of “from farm to table” that I and like-minded souls are advocating this year.

Then immediately cover it with plastic wrap and turn to a low flame. Do not stir or open. The steam created is what truly cooks the rice. Perfectly cooked jasmine rice is done in ten minutes flat. If it needs longer, it is not right and should be discarded!! And for serving: Plate in individual wooden bowls and garnish with cilantro, toasted sesame seeds or green onions- according to what the rice is accompanying of course! For the short ribs go to the Asian supermarket on Carmichael Road after Faith Ave., headed west (free plug guys!!). Purchase some hoisin sauce, chili paste, fresh ginger, teriyaki sauce and fresh garlic. Take 5 pounds of fresh beef ribs, cut flank style and marinate with a 1/2 cup each of all the ingredients. Refrigerate for a minimum of 12 hours. Remove the excess marinate and wrap in foil. Place in a 225 degree oven and cook for 3 hours. Garnish with green onions and serve.








ECHOES OF SILENCE TheWeeknd I don’t know if people realize how much of an awesome artist The Weeknd is. I’ll admit that without Drake’s OVO push it might have taken him a little longer to get to the mainstream but one thing is for sure. He would have gotten his acclaim regardless of the means. I’ve heard of artists getting signed and discovered through Youtube but he is the only artist that I can think of offhand that put up videos as an unknown and within one to three days had millions of views and comments. This happened with three songs from his first project “House of Balloons”. He posted just three videos to Youtube with no explanation, promo or warning and had a hasty and unbelievable response just by word of mouth and other people sharing his music for him. Awesome right? I know, but enough about his past. The most recent release from this music 46


bully titled “Echoes of Silence”, which is the last of a three-mixtape series which includes “House of Balloons” & “Thursday” has been heavy on replay all throughout the music world and has been “chopped ‘n screwed”, reworked and remixed multiple times and by multiple people. Artists and fans alike have praised this mix-tape as if it were an album, so just imagine what he has in store for when his actual album is released sometime later this year or next year. The intro track, a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” titled “D.D.” is one of the best, if not the best Michael Jackson Cover I’ve ever heard and starts this mix-tape off perfectly. The Weeknd’s voice and style come through awesomely on every song, so much so that it can be very difficult to choose favorites with this tape. But, I’ll give you two that may outweigh the others just barely. “Next”, which is kind of a “back then you didn’t want me” kind of track but super soulful & then you have “Same Old Song” which has the tape’s only feature, Juicy J doesn’t actually do any rapping which I think is best for this particular tape. Juicy is featured at the end of “Same Old Song” letting you know what he’s about to do and hitting the tape up with a few jokes. Though there are only nine songs on the tape, which is basically half the amount of songs on a regular mix-tape, by the end of the tape you wouldn’t even have noticed; since you’ll be too busy hitting the replay button. This tape has some of the best work The Weeknd has ever done, so hit up the link for the download and see what you’ve been missing if you haven’t heard it yet. I’m sure you’ll love to love this one.

The tape contains ten strong tracks from Offshore, each with its own special feel and each showing Offshore’s growth as an artist. This is one of the few Bahamian tapes that have been released lately that can get a straight play through as “Mr. Brown” tells the story of an island boy trying to make it to the top of the game. For those of you that only know of Offshore through his feature spot on So$aman & MDeez hit single “Shawty”, let it be known that this top Bahamian artist has a whole lot more to offer the world musically.

INTERNATIONAL HUSTLA OFFSHORE Sometimes it can be a little hard to put bahamian mix-tapes on par with what gets released from overseas, but the fact remains that Bahamians do in fact have the talent & ambition to put out good projects. Though this tape was technically released overseas, Offshore reminds his listeners throughout the tape exactly where it is he’s from and where he nurtured his talents as a lyricist. Released late last year Offshore’s “International Hustle: The EP”, rivals his previous project “Mr. Brown” and boasts better production as-well as a slew of much improved verses and hooks. Even Off’s artwork has improved since the last time we heard from him.

A lot of Off’s tracks are self-produced and selfrecorded giving him the creative control he needs to get the music out the way he wants you to hear it. Out of the ten tracks that Offshore dropped on this project there are definitely some standouts that you’ll notice when you give it a play through. Some of the standouts are the intro track “International Hustler” featuring Amber which is a soulful and just all round dope intro to the tape, “Everything Sweet” featuring Jiggy & “Caribbean Dream” Featuring D.T. & Craig Palmer; all of which display the witty wordplay and punch lines that Offshore is known for. For now the tape is available for download on and available for purchase on iTunes & Go out there, cop the tape and show your support whether you buy or just cop the free download. Also check out Off’s Reverbnation account & his Youtube channel for updates & more music from this island spitter.

These are one of the groups from back in the day that had real music that could just make your woman quiver and make you pick up and do a little shuffle. If you don’t know about them, just mention the name to your parents. In 1977 The T-Connection Burst on the scene with the hit single “Do What You Wanna Do” (A personal favorite) from their album “Magic” which made the some of the first Bahamians to grace the Billboard Hot 100 charts with a peak position at #46 which is an awesome accomplishment for anyone let alone a group of Bahamian boys. Around 1965, in the beginning of it all Theophilus “T” Coakley was performing with another band playing the maracas and decided he wanted to do something different; so in 1975 he hit up his brother Kirkwood “Kirk” Coakley and a few of his friends Berkley Van Byrd, Monty Brown, Anthony “Tony” Flowers & David Mackey and left to begin what what would turn out to be a world renowned band...T-Connection. In 1976 the group headed to Miami and signed to TK Records. The group released a total of eight album throughout their career, four with TK/Dash Records and four with Capitol Records; most of which spawned memorable hits. Their first album though will always remain a classic



{ from the Mayor of the city} So its not secret that the start of the new year is also the start of most new relationships for couples getting dumped right before Christmas, so its rebound time. Breathe, stretch, shake, let it go and start the new year right. This time go for a real REAL woman that is not all about the flash and prefers the “little things”. Its the careful attention to little details and putting meaning into them that will make them love you. So guys here are some tips of what you can do to at least enjoy 10 - 11 months guaranteed with no nagging. You can thank me later.

• Cook for her. Instead of taking her out to an expensive dinner and buying her affection, make her favorite dinner instead. Don’t let her ask you for it, just pop to the nearest food store for some ingredients and have it prepared until she arrives. Trust me her fingers wont be the only thing getting licked after dinner. • SMS and BBM. Let these two become your best friend. A woman always wants to know her man is thinking about her. It doesn’t always have to be a raunchy message either because that gets old quick. Send her a text message saying “i miss you” or “i wish you were here right now”. FREE pass to keep out of the dog house. • Take the drivers seat. If she is going off the island without you, offer to take her to the airport and pick her up when she returns. A special gift will be on that plane when she returns. And guys don’t think it will be the new PS3 game but think lace and strings. • Date night. Every week set aside a day or a time just for “OUR TIME. For example lets say Friday at 8pm when its just you and her, no phones, computers, kids in some cases or friends. This is good especially if you have busy work schedules. • Hot Oil and Candles and Massages! Oh My! Start this hot session off by taking a shower together and even wash her hair. Lead her out to a room only lit by candle light with the hot oil on the night stand waiting. Take your time, nice and slow, and don’t leave any part of her untouched as you cover her in the warm oil. This will keep you out of hot water and fix any bad decisions you might make throughout the year. Don’t do this to often as it becomes routine which is never good but keep this ace for the right time.



{ t h e M a y o r ’s a d v i c e } Get RID of the price tags that usually only serve as trophy pieces and end up being retired with you after you ‘mess up.’ Create memories that will always last and remember the most precisous gift you can give a woman is T-I-M-E.











Here’s what we think are the next hot gadgets on the market. This will satisfy any tech’s tastes buds and keep you “in” on what’s hip.

INSTAGRAM The evolution of smartphones has enable the average man to become master of his universe, through an endless array of applications. These apps allow your phone to become a small command centre with some pretty amazing capabilities. Probabily one of the prime features that make a smartphone so cool are the high quality cameras that manufacturers are being able to stuff inside these tiny devices. Now with Apple’s iPhone, millions of developers have tried to create apps that would turn a monkey into Lebowitz. There is APP in particular catches our eye and that’s INSTAGRAM. Its an amazing photo sharing app with cool features like filters and borders that can make the most random moment seem like a Picasso painting. The key thing about this APP is that its like Facebook and Twitter but without all the drama. You can connect with friends locally or abroad through images, locations, likes and comments.


If you have an iPhone 3gs, 4 or 4s, then you MUST download this APP. Sorry BB and Droid users, this is only for the iPhone (for now) #teamapple




known skater store) annual 100K event, which honors every employee that was able to bring in over $100,000 in sales from the previous year. Weezy’s was set only to perform at the event, but ended up unveiling his new line “Trukfit Apparel” in grand style. Wayne explained the name “Trukfit”, by telling a story about growing up and hearing about and seeing people selling fake clothing out of the back of trucks and the people that bought them being called “Truck-fit” where he grew up.

>ARTISTWATCH LIL WAYNE TRUNKFIT CLOTHING Ever since the release of Lil Wayne’s rock crossover album “Rebirth” in 2010, there have been a whole lot of rumors building about his ideas for creating a fresh new clothing line based on his new found passion and love for the the “Rock-star” lifestyle. In 2011 with Wayne’s style turning more and more toward the punk rock kind of style and his (seemingly female) Jeggings becoming a trending topic after his performance at the VMA’s, it was becoming apparent that if he did release a rock styled clothing line inspired by his newly found fashion sense it most likely wouldn’t sell too heavily among his hardcore fans unless it was one or two pieces of clothing just for the memory of something Tunchi did and not necessarily because anyone actually liked it. Well, a whole lot of people were wrong. Weezy’s brand new line called “Trukfit”, inspired by by his new enthusiasm for skateboarding and not rock; was premiered at Zumiez (A well 62


The clothing line is far from what most thought would be a rocker’s style. The line includes everything from tee-shirts, long sleeve tees & fitted hats to skateboard decks and is pretty dope as far as what has been released so far. Just two days after the show at Zumiez (January 12th), Wayne officially celebrated the launch of the line with a party during Market Week in New York City and announced that the apparel would be sold strictly on and in Zumiez stores. Check out some of the clothing on the official clothing site where Wayne says the line was “Born out of passion and inspired by the streets” and also check out his promo for his new baby “Trukfit” to see if the line embodies your lifestyle. Even if you’re not much of a skater, it looks like Wayne pretty much has something pretty nice for everyone. Trukfit available in Zumiez stores and on Karmaloop. com now.

>SOUNDTOYS When it comes to music, gaming, movies and all other aspects of media; the main thing is now to make it better and more interactive for everyone. Well, heres a new toy from Sony to totally enhance your viewing and listening experience. The Sony HMZ-T1 or Personal 3D/HD Viewer is one of the coolest tech/visual/sound toys I’ve seen so far this quarter. It’s not just for the movie junkie in you, the ultra gamer or the listener searching for that extra sensation when playing their’s for everyone. This ultra sleek and easy to use device comes with a Sony HDMI “Pass Through” box, that helps a whole lot with the adventure of using this toy. You simply plug your PS3, TV or Blu-ray device into the back of the box and then plug the HMZ-T1 headset into the front and you’re off to a running start. The Personal Viewer comes equipped with 5.1 channel surround sound that Sony says “simulates the feeling of being in your very own movie theater” as-well as two built in HD OLED displays for amazing brightness and clarity. Just imagine playing some of those super high quality graphic PS3 games through this device. awesome right? I know. This device is reminiscent of something straight out of the “Minority Report” movie...another super cool invention from Sony. One of the only faults I found with the Viewer and the box combo is that in order for two people to enjoy the capabilities of this you need not just two headpieces but two boxes which is kinda expensive but it’s worth the experience I’d say and it’s kind of meant for a personal experience anyway right? so thats not much of a big downfall. You can cop this Personal Viewer for just under $800 directly from Sony and at other electronics dealers for around $900, which is pretty cool considering how awesome this technology is. Check out the Sony website for more specs and details on this futuristic toy.










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Stylezine was awarded the great fortune of speaking with Five Season's Chief Event Coordinator & Certified Bridal Consultant, Ms. Tennille L...

Happily Ever After  

Stylezine was awarded the great fortune of speaking with Five Season's Chief Event Coordinator & Certified Bridal Consultant, Ms. Tennille L...

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