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{Perfection is overrated } I recently posted an entry on my personal blog titled “Feel free to f*ck up”. Besides the alliteration (always fun), the idea of screwing up on purpose gave me permission to let go of the need to achieve that elusive, magical perfection. It’s tempting to get caught up in the idea of the perfect shoes, the perfect outfit, the perfect site, and taking perfect pictures, all in order to achieve the so-called ideal. The most accomplished people don’t worry about conforming to someone else’s version of success. They let their creativity lead them wherever their hearts demand. They try new things because the desire and curiosity are there, even if those activities don’t fit into the mold of what “should” happen. If you need inspiration in this area, I suggest reading the profiles of La Carmina and Jessica Kane—from foregoing a career as a lawyer to become a gothic Lolita blogger and travel TV host (La Carmina), to starting multiple business ventures doing what you love (Jessica), these ladies are examples of the way to take creative risks in the name of pursuing your passion. If your passion happens to be fashion marketing, I suggest picking up the print edition to get the inside scoop from industry professionals, as well as sound advice on getting your foot in the door.


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In addition, make sure to read the Day in the Life feature for a detailed look the fun two sisters have managing a retail boutique, start working on the step-by-step instructions detailing how to design a badge for your blog, and learn how to make money (and enhance your site) with affiliate display advertising. I’m always interested in your feedback and ideas, so feel free to contact me and don’t forget to subscribe at to keep up and stay in touch!


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My name is Shauna Ehninger. I am married to a multi-talented artist named Andrew whom I adore. We live amongst the cottonwoods of Salt Lake City, Utah with our Siam-Tabs cat, Lucy.

Christina Jones is a marketing professional and editor of Trend Alert. She informs stylish young professionals how to wear fashion trends inspired by the runways, and posts frequent blog improvement tips.

Trend Alert






Ronke is a marketeer by day and a blogger by night from Kent in England. Her blog covers global pop culture in the form of music, films, fashion, TV, books and magazines. She has a love of travel, chocolate and diet Pepsi.

Is of Guacamole & Toast is a highschool senior and aspiring veterinarian with a passion for writing and photography.



Emily is the creator of the personal style and fashion blog, ChiqueChic. A self proclaimed minimalist, she is based in Sacramento, California, and is Sacramento’s first fashion blogger.

Catherine is a student living outside of Philadelphia. She spends her free time blogging, making vegan food (often desserts), and enjoying life spontaneously with friends.

Guacamole & Toast

The Musings of Ondo Lady




Silhouette Girl




My roots, My style!



Shomara Roosblad is the writer behind My roots, My style! where she writes about the way fashionistas’ background influenced their style. She has a passion for fashion, writing, dancing in the living room, and Los Angeles.

w w w. S t y l e S a m

Daisy Dayz


I’m young, Welsh and restless. I have a degree in Journalism, but at the moment my blog is where I love to pour all my spontaneous ideas and thoughts about fashion and crafts.



I am graduating from the University of Pireaus department of Informatics, but my true love is fashion. I love attending fashion shows, organizing photo shoots, and altering my home decor­—often.

Armed with her trusty Macbook, a pair of pink platform sandals, and a love for words, Hannah blogs at Mademoiselle Hannah.

Fashion Algorithms


Mademoiselle Hannah




I love all things vintage and I hate it when people judge others based on their interests. I would sell my soul for a pair of Louboutins. And I love ice cream.

Paulette Wilson is the writer of the Baltimore based fashion blog, Ms. Charm’s Chic. Like a fashion buyer and editor, she is always searching for fashion designers and fashion items.

Candid Couture

Ms. Charm’s Chic



Statements in Fashion

I am a Freelance Writer from Michigan with an emphasis on Fashion Journalism. To me, all aspects of fashion are addictive and I am “passionately addicted” to them all. @COLLETTEOSUNA


Fashion Rocks

I come from a small country called Croatia. Fashion is one of my biggest hobbies and loves. Besides that, I adore travelling and learning languages. I study French, Russian, and English.








12 8




The latest happenings from around the blogosphere and what to check out on the web. One Question, Three Bloggers with Autumn, Anuli, and Jennifer. Edited by Hannah of Mademoiselle Hannah





New Discovery: Votre Vu






Featuring The Magpie Girl, The Scent of Obsession, Deux Fashion, and FriChic.


CREATE COUTURE WINNER Chatting with DIY maven Carly of Chic Steals. By Catherine of Silhouette Girl

w w w. S t y l e S a m

Mila of Fashion Rocks talks about Croatian style; Katerina of Fashion Algorithms explores the scene in Athens, Greece.


Gearing up for Fall with books and bullets you can wear.






Highlighting the style of Jessica of Vintage Virgin.

Sisters Mary Chris and Catherine of Pretty Pleased share their adventures managing a brick-and-mortar boutique.






Enterprising entrepreneur Jessica Kane of FatshionChic.





Six stylish bloggers show how to borrow from the boys. Illustrator Chrissy Lau of Decipher the Day talks about her elaborate line drawings. By Paulette of Ms. Charm’s Chic

24-year-old Claudia Susana is already making her mark on the world of fashion photography. By Chantele of Daisy Dayz Law school grad-turnedGothic Lolita blogger La Carmina. By Ronke Adeyemi of The Musings of Ondo Lady

Pleasure Doing Business’ Simone Gonzalez always knew fashion was her calling. By Alexis of Candid Couture Amy Scalia of Cincy Chic built a business with her own dime in mind. By Is Jimenez of Guacamole & Toast


32 32


Relative newcomer Sandra of Five Inch and Up is already a favorite among the online style community. By Shomara Roosblad of My Roots, My Style





Creating a badge for your blog is easy when you understand these basic design principles. By Shauna Ehninger of Meowsk



If you love fashion and working with designers, a career in fashion marketing might be for you. But what does it really involve? (Available in the print edition at

Affiliate display advertising is an attractive way to monetize your site. How It Works By Christina Jones of Trend Alert Getting Started By Emily Allred of ChiqueChic

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NEWS The latest happenings in the blogosphere Edited by Collette of Statements in Fashion

NINI’S STYLE + NHÃ KHANH EVOLVING INFLUENCE Fashion bloggers reached new prominence in 2010, but this is only the beginning of an industry-changing movement. Kick off New York Fashion Week with a day of seminars hosted by Independent Fashion Bloggers, when eight pioneering experts will join IFB on September 9 to share in-depth information about how their blogs catapulted them to new career heights. Whether you want to become a major player, monetize your blog or just get inspired, IFB has the resources you need. Visit for details.

The collaboration between Khanh Nguyen and Nini Nguyen began with mutual sartorial admiration. They worked together to develop Nini’s wedding gown, and in the process, their unlikely partnership was forged out of mutual respect for each other’s style. The input of both women and their belief in “opposites attract” perfectly expresses the complex qualities of a woman, and Khanh soon enlisted Nini to come on board as the line’s Creative Director. The result of their collaboration, Nhã Khanh’s first Ready-To-Wear collection, will debut on October 20, 2010 at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. Visit for more information.

A SPRITZ OF FANCY FRENCH COLOGNE Fancy French Cologne is an online boutique inspired by the classic San Francisco style: easy, wearable pieces. The boutique carries fashion-forward labels with clothing, bags and accessories, and offers a range of sophisticated handmade items customized just for the store. Each style is hand-selected by owners and former band-mates Christine Bolghand and Carly Schneider-Clark. To learn more, visit the blog at fancyfrenchcologne. will officially launch on September 15, 2010, with the launch party taking place at San Francisco’s Casanova Lounge on September 23rd.


Send your tips, press releases, and information to with “News” in the subject.


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T LOUISE OF BLOG LE PETIT PETI OPENED FRENCH-INSPIRED SHOP LEPETITPETIT.COM BLOGGERS STYLE LOOKBOOK, HELP CHARITY As a result of the success of Black Mary Jane, bloggers Randolph and Ebony Black are styling the official Fall/Winter 2011 look book for fashion designer Lency B. Whitaker’s FEMI line. In addition to overseeing the production and design of the look book, styling the models, and directing the shoot, the team will also handle publicity and consult on the creative direction of the line. Future plans for the pair include producing a print version of the blog in December 2010, with 100% of sales proceeds donated to charity Proud Mary Jane. They also hope to continue to collaborate with additional designers. Visit for further details.





question  THREE

bloggers 

 

Different perspectives, shared experiences Edited by Hannah of Mademoiselle Hannah

Which celebrity’s wardrobe would you love to raid?




I’m sure my answer would change with each season. Styles change, trends emerge and celebrities adapt their style as they age. Recently, I’ve had my fashion eye on Nicole Richie. Her style is often referred to as bohemian chic, but I like to think of her wardrobe as glowing and girly. I love how she pairs pieces from her own jewelry collection, House of Harlow, with long, flowing gowns.

I would raid Ms. Diana Ross’s wardrobe. In my fashion fantasy, her closet would be nothing short of a fabulously delicious time capsule of the best fashions: the chic-ness of the 1960s, the eccentricity of the 1970s, the boldness of the 1980s, and the best of everything else since then. I’m in awe of her beautiful hair, too!

Joanna Newsom’s or Karen O’s, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Joanna’s easy 1970s style and floaty dresses are wonderful. I love her penchant for Rodarte and Comme des Garçons. I admire Karen’s talent for pairing unusual pieces together, even if I wouldn’t wear them all at once. Can I have a bit of both celebs’ styles? They’d make a great soft-yettough mix!

Y! R E V O C S I D W E N CHAMPAGNE KISSES Puckering up has never looked or felt this good. Who knew applying lip balm could be so sophisticated?


Brilliant duo of luxurious hand creme and moisturizing lip balm. Did we mention it smells like yummy salted caramel?

Fellow product junkies turned us on to this relatively new line of botanically based skincare: Votre Vu. We got in touch with a Brand Ambassador and picked our favorites: ATTENTIVE NIGHT CREME

Smooths and soothes even the most sensitive skin—all while you sleep.


Small enough to fit in your purse, this energy drink packs enough punch to make a big difference. All available at



blogs 


The Scent of Obsessio


Fresh faces and unique concepts in the world of blogging

Ivelina, Bulgaria


Describe your style in five words or less. Urban chic. However, I love mixing my style with dresses, vintage, and bon ton. Sometimes I’ll wear something casual with special accessories., @frichic Why did you start blogging? At first I wanted to be part of this blogger community, to connect with people and to jot down my fashion ideas. In the process I realized how helpful it is to have a style dairy—you can step aside and see yourself through the eyes of others. Then the blog took on a life of its own, and now it constantly surprises me. Who do you hope to reach? Other people like me as I was two years ago—crazy about fashion but with a huge need for inspiration and structure in their style.

Where are you from? I’m from Italy, and I live in a small town Novara. There is not much here for young people, but fortunately it is near Milan, which I love!

Magpie Girl, @themagpiegirl It also includes anything that inspires me, be it art, editorial photography or even music--and there are a couple of sneaky pics of my little pugs in there too!

Describe your style in five words or less: It used to be rocker chic with a twist but now I am exploring new ideas. However, rocker chic is still a safe zone for me.


Why did you start blogging? In February 2010, The Scent of Obsession started as a personal blog. It started because I have been obsessed with style, and originated as a place to share my thoughts about the world of fashion from my unique perspective. I admit that fashion has always been part of my life—as a child, I dreamed about becoming a designer!

What’s your favorite part about blogging? Meeting new people and being part of a community that is united around a passion. Also, being able to inspire others in a positive direction.

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging to give myself a creative outlet that I felt I was lacking. I finished a degree in fashion and went straight into working for a fashion agent (which I love), but I missed the creative side of my degree like writing, experimenting with photography, and sketching. So, I thought I’d create a blog to share what I love with other creative people.

What are you usually doing when you’re not online? Even when I am working, I am always online. So in these rare cases, you can find me reading books, cooking or watching TV series and movies.

Who do you hope to reach? Like-minded fashion obsessed girls who love nail polish, heels, pugs, red hair and pretty photography. Girls who might not be able to afford designer brands, but make it work by

w w w. S t y l e S a m

What is your blog about? My blog is my very own fashion journal where I blog about what I wear and what trends, designers and high street pieces I like or have bought.

Sophie & Emma, US

on, , Nicoletta Italy

Deux Fashion, @deuxfashion What is your blog about? Our blog discusses anything fashion. We like to share our current obsessions, inspirations, and personal outfit photos. We like to think of it as digital journal; an outlet for us to share our current ideas with others and in turn be inspired by their blogs.

putting a twist on high street fashion.

Vicki, Ireland

What’s your favorite part about blogging? Being inspired by other blogs and finding new ideas, new designers and new trends that I may have never come across without blogging. And of course the lovely people I’ve made friends with! What are you usually doing when you’re not online? I like learning photography, traveling, reading, walking my pugs, and relaxing with my boyfriend Dave and friends, preferably over a cuppa tea and cupcakes! Where are you from? I live in Hillsborough, a small town in Northern Ireland, up a country lane with nothing but farms and fields around me.

Why did you start blogging? As sisters we have a shared interest in fashion and had always been avid readers of other fashion blogs, such as Who What Wear, Fashiontoast, and the list goes on. We decided to create our own blog as not only a creative outlet for our thoughts, but also to further immerse ourselves into the “blogosphere”. Who do you hope to reach? We want to reach anyone who has an interest in fashion and inspire them to see the sartorial world through our eyes, encouraging them to find different things for their unique style. Describe your style in five words or less: Emma is funky, feminine, accessorized, babacool. Sofie is bohemian, rock ‘n roll, carefree, eclectic.

What’s your favorite part about blogging? We love being able to share something that we are so intrigued and inspired by with others. We love that feeling when you find the most amazing photo, editorial, outfit, or pair of shoes and get to share it with not just one person, but with a whole world of people who can relate. What are you usually doing when you’re not online? When we’re not online, besides attending school, we love to create DIY projects, such as jewelry, purses, and other pieces of clothing and accessories. We also enjoy going to the movies, going out to eat and hanging with friends and family. Where are you from? We are from Paradise Valley, AZ, but Emma is a studio art student at University of Texas in Austin, and Sofie will be attending school at Parsons in New York City for Fashion Design.



If you’d like to be considered for “Blogs to Watch”, complete the online submission form at!



Jessica Virgin, 28 Location: Houston, TX Occupation: Stay-at-home mom Blog: Name:

SINGULAR STYLE JESSICA SAYS... I always find myself shopping at Family Thrift because everything costs 50 cents .

I can's stop listening to Cannibal Corpse.

I never leave home without my oversized sunnies.


My guilty pleasure is reality shows, ahhhhhh! When I was little, I wanted to be an international

superstar in the 60's. 12

w w w. S t y l e S a m

My favorite candy is ring pops because it's tasty The superhero I most identify with is Beast Boy

from Teen Titans.

Learn more about Jessica on her blog, Vintage Virgin

e Coutur Create



CREATIVE COUTURE By Catherine of Silhouette Girl

What plans do you have for Chic Steals in the future?

Many of my readers have expressed interest Above, left to right: in having all of Carly, DIY Rodarte, my tutorials avail- materials, Carly in her able in book form, creations. so I’m working on putting that ideas (thus my fondness for DIY’ing together (proposed release in Novemdesigner items!), as well as influenc- ber 2010). Coming up once New York ing me to be creative within confined Fashion Week commences, I have a double giveaway of two gift bags filled criteria. with items from last Fashion Week. more outfit photos? Guest posts? What is your favorite creation of Plus, We’ll have to wait and see!

Carly, the talented lady behind Chic Steals, has been blogging for almost two years, but her passion was born when she was a mere nine years old. She currently resides near Portland, Oregon and is a stay-at-home mom who manages to squeeze in time for her blog. How did you begin Chic Steals? Back in Fall of 2008 I was writing a series of weekly posts for the lifestyle and fashion website entitled “Carly’s Chic Steals and Fashion Deals of the Week.” The following January, I began Chic Steals to collect all of my articles in one place. It just grew organically as I added other shopping picks, fashion info and news, my own designs, and do-it-yourself tutorials, and has now grown into a resource that I love being able to share with others.


Probably the pair of Christian Louboutin for Rodarte super-spiked heels that I recreated—one of my most expensive projects to date. I was pretty proud of how they turned out! Plus, all the men’s shirts that I’ve made over into dresses, tops, and the like have been super fun... What influences your creativity? it really forces me to think outside the box to refashion a boxy old shirt into I was most influenced living in Japan. something feminine that fits well, and I lived there for six years total, and it to use almost the entire shirt to do so! had a profound influence on how I view the appropriation and improvement of

Anything else you would like to say to readers? Thanks so much for reading! It’s because of each and every one of you that I have the privilege of this interview, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!



A Day in the Life

Stylish sisters Mary Chris and Catherine of Pretty Pleased express their love of fashion through retail boutique Hallelu.


atherine Yearwood and I (Mary Chris) are sisters living in the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Being a boutique owner has its challenges, but Catherine will testify the perks far outweigh the trials. Our boutique, called Hallelu, has brought so many new opportunities to both of us. With her life as a retailer and my work as a blogger, marketing manager, and new mommy, our days are chock full of business, family, travel, and the occasional surf session! The common thread running through it all is our concerted love of fashion. What began as an upper-end trade boutique on a shoestring budget in 2005 has blossomed into a thriving shopping destination with a growing online clientele. Together, I would say our style is an infusion of bohemian eclectic meets classic glam! Catherine ensures that merchandise remains on the forefront of cutting edge trends with frequent buying trips to New York and LA. I am happy behind the scenes, managing the marketing, event coordination, and our most recent project, blogging! Pretty Pleased developed as a natural extension of our daily life, and is a fun outlet for expressing our interests, sharing inspirations and connecting with the amazing online community!

7:00 AM Mary Chris: Get up before my son wakes and beeline to the French Press for a mega mug of Italian Roast. Squeeze in a quick quiet time then spend the hour replying to emails and uploading the most recent blog post to Facebook, Twitter, and Chictopia if it’s an outfit or style on the street post. Set up the day’s agenda and spend the last bit of peaceful morning time browsing and commenting on our favorite blogs. Catherine: Struggle out of bed and impatiently wait for the espresso machine to drip out its frothy goodness. Dig into some much needed quiet time & bible study. Reply to emails and browse accessory lines for the store. My mornings are dedicated to ordering to ensure Hallelu always has an influx of fresh merchandise!


w w w. S t y l e S a m

8:30 AM Mary Chris: Rouse my 3-year-old and proceed with the whirlwind of breakfast and getting us both dressed before dropping off Cohen at preschool. Stop by caterer to confirm delivery for a weekend Trunk Show at Hallelu, then head back to the home office to prepare for tomorrow’s phone meeting with a rep from an up-and-coming clothing line. Research the brand and jot down a few collaboration ideas for our blog. Confirm afternoon meeting with photographer for Hallelu’s Fall photo shoot before browsing several trend spotting sites for blog inspiration. Find a yummy recipe at Cupcakes and Cashmere and make mental note to stop at grocery for ingredients!

9:30 am

4:00 PM

Catherine: Head down to Hallelu to meet a furniture designer who is allowing us to use her adorably refinished pieces as merchandise displays! I am so excited about the interior face lift that I end up rearranging and merchandising way too long.

Lattes and a few spicy cashews later, we’re revived! Spot a few fashionable ladies waiting for their coffees and snap a few pics for our Style Files.

12:30 PM Mary Chris: Meet up with Hubby for a quick lunch. He gets preschool pickup duty and I head to Hallelu to meet Catherine for an outfit post.

1:00 PM Catherine: Where did the time go? MC shows up for an outfit post. I’m still a bit disheveled from all the furniture moving and am in need of a break before getting my pose on! Forgot to bring a change of clothes so I pull something together from Hallelu’s new arrivals—one of the perks of being in the boutique business! We outline the week’s blog posts and sort through newly arrived shipments, selecting a fantastic cropped motorcycle-inspired jacket for a Pretty Pleased giveaway.

2:00 PM Head out for a site visit with our brilliant photographer, Joshua Curry. So glad MC could join and provide input! She helps my visions come to life with story boards and mega-creative ideas. Dream up an ethereal, Anthropologie-esque photo shoot underneath the canopy of massive oak trees and an almost eerie Victorian mansion. Pore over looks from past shoots and cull the storyboard: models, looks, lighting, dates. Take a few pics of the pretty stables and horses for our own files and beeline for a coffee break.

Head back to Hallelu to pick up a few items for tonight’s sponsored fashion event. Quick meeting with “Our days are Hallelu website director Carissa chock full of busito discuss updates to our online ness, family, travel, and the occasional store before heading home to surf session!” change for the evening.

6:00 PM Meet up for fundraiser and Style Swap hosted by our friend in fashion and local stylist Jess James. Enjoy mini cupcakes and bubbly sips while cheering as the Hallelu dress is auctioned off for a great cause. I even win a pretty basket of goodies from my favorite home décor boutique!

8:00 PM Mary Chris: Head home and sneak a goodnight kiss from Cohen, then start packing for next week’s trip to Vegas trade show. Hit the sofa with a cup of tea, reply to afternoon emails, check planner, and finish tomorrow’s blog post. Cap off the day with a few minutes of Bravo TV and off to bed!

9:00 PM Catherine: Event was a blast! Review last minute travel details and book my appointments for the Las Vegas trade show. A bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done before we leave, but jam packed days make for a great night’s sleep. Already dreaming of my early morning espresso...




style 


 in my

An insider’s view on style around the world.

Split, CROATIA Mila, 19 Fashion Rocks

“You will find the most beautiful people in Croatia.”

I come from a small country. Some of you have never even heard of Croatia, right? On the surface, Croatian street style may not seem special, but you can always find some quite interesting and creative individualism if you look a little deeper. Most people do most of their shopping at stores such as Zara and Topshop, and vintage and secondhand shops. I was always convinced we had no vintage or secondhand shops here in Split, until a couple of months ago I found out about a really great vintage shop on Mažuranićevo Šetalište. I was so happy that I immediately bought a couple of blazers! Above right: A popular hotspot; Above: Zigman, Ivica Skoko, Sever; Right: Mila


w w w. S t y l e S a m

There is one interesting point: Most of the boys and girls here basically look the same! If you want to see a lot of hair extensions, black tights, basic tees, and white Lacoste sneakers, come to Croatia.

“A smile will be waiting for you—Greece is the country of hospitality.”

Athens, GREECE Katerina, 20 Fashion Algorithms If you tried to describe Athenian style, you would end up rather confused! When it comes to style, Athenians really know what they are talking about. From preppy to hippie to punk to trendy, you will see a little bit of everything just by wandering around different neighborhoods.

Shopper’s Heaven Ermou Street is a shopper’s heaven, as here you can find local brands such as Toi&moi, as well as international brands like Zara. No matter how big your budget, this is definitely your

Talent & Style

What we are very proud of are the many young and talented designers from Croatia. Some of the most famous include Robert Sever, Linea Exclusive, Hippy Garden, Ivica Skoko, Ivica Klarić, Amarie, ELFS, Zigman, Boudoir, and Boris Pavlin. They all have different styles, from romantic to rock ‘n roll. These are brands that are mostly seen on our local celebrities. We may not have a lot of a-list brands, but we have something else: You will find the most beautiful people in Croatia. If you don’t believe me, come for a visit. While you’re here, make sure to visit our beautiful coast and clean, clear sea. Those are the biggest prides of my dear, irreplaceable country.


destination­—it’s the street version of a giant mall. To finish your shopping, head to Monastiraki where there is a flea market with new and used things. My favorite store in Ermou is Shop, which carries brands such as Twenty8Twelve, Miss Sixty, Pepe Jeans and many more. I love it for its wonderful interior design and the always fresh windows.

Designer Love If you want to shop famous designer brands, you should visit Kolonaki, where many luxurious stores are located. Think Luisa, Eponimo via Solonos, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. Here, you can also find many tiny, cute stores that hide little treasures, handmade shoes and accessories, and other unique pieces. If you happen upon one of these little shops, just keep your eyes open and don’t hesitate to walk in! A smile will be waiting for you, because Greece is the country of hospitality.

Above: Luxury shops; Below: Athens Xclusive Designers Week, the busy street, Katerina

Home Base

As the capital of Greece, Athens is also the base of many popular contemporary new designers. Stelios Koudounaris is a promising Cyprian designer that has a studio in Athens, and popular Yiorgos Eleftheriades recently created his magnificent YEshop Inhouse there as well. For a more alternative point of view, Filep Motwary and Maria Mastori and Celebrity Skin are the answer. Also noteworthy are Mariaflora P, who creates breathtaking jewelry with plexiglass and Swarovski crystals; and accessories designer Dukas for the amazing handmade sky high heels.




BULLET GIRL JEWELRY The gold-plated 357 Magnum ring gives killer accessories a whole new meaning.

CHELSEA SUTRISNO The young designer’s Fall collection—this mesh-back faux leather blazer in particular—makes us wish the cold would hurry up and get here. ChelseaSutrisno. com

Stuff we

LOVE Bullets & books & blazers, oh my!

CLAUDIA E.’S FALL COLLECTION The combination of girlish charm and masculine sensibility makes Ecuadorian designer Claudia E.’s Fall collection a standout.


w w w. S t y l e S a m


Even if back-to-school reading lists are no longer a concern, Out of Print’s tees make Modern Lit seem like fun!

A little bit of Fresh... A dash of Fly... Mixed with the style of your own Energy.

K. Voler Voler K.

Spring/Summer Collection 2010



Mad Mens {


Styliciously Social



The Art of Accessories





Pure Lipstick in Black Tulip, Yves Saint Laurent

British Tweed blazer, Boden

Plum yum! From the boardroom to the dance floor, plums rule this fall. Most skin tones can wear this neutral look.

Tweed blazers are so versatile and can create so many different looks. I would pair this jacket with a short brown or black mini and stilettos.

Shawl collar sweater, Gap

Booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Faux-fur trapper hat, ASOS

XXL Pro Extensions mascara, Maybelline

I love the menswear inspired look of a shawl cardigan. Make it more feminine by pairing it with a full skirt and colorful tights.

A lot of fur can be seen on the runways at the moment, so why not wear it as an accessory? The look is a little edgy, but also unique and different!

w w w. S t y l e S a m

I love a chukka boot and this Marc by Marc Jacobs bootie is a hybrid between a chukka boot & a clog. Absolute perfection with tights and a skirt or pants.

A simple mascara can have a great effect on your eyes, but still makes you look natural and free!

swear DIYA


In Her Stilettos



Wonder Girl

BECCA Fashion Train


Borrowing from the boys never looked so good.

Gold bezel strap watch, Firetrap

Unbalanced shirt, YUKI for Topshop

All Hail McQueen nail polish, Butter London

Somerset silk dress, Rag & Bone

I love this futuristic watch because it will look classic peeking out from under a blazer or a trench coat.

This new color is in honor of the late, great McQueen. A wearable neutral shimmery taupe, it goes perfectly with military-inspired fall trends.

Bobbi denim shirtdress, Missguided

Every girl needs an oversized denim shirt in their wardrobe. Worn with plain black leggings, a checkered shirt, and brogues, it’s menswear worn by a woman at it’s best!

Like a classic button-up shirt you usually borrow from your boyfriend, but cut and draped for your figure!

Fall day-to-night dressing at its best. Wear it with a cardigan and tights to the office, switch out the tights for high heels and red lipstick for after-work cocktails.

Carola brogues, Linzi

Brogues are a key staple for your wardrobe this season. Black shoes go with everything, right?



Top, left to right: Sultry Bird Lady, Panda Head (Gary Pepper Vintage), Nose Bleed. Above, left to right: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes (Gary Pepper Vintage), Mint Tea, Conjoined Heads


w w w. S t y l e S a m

{ The ART of Style }


ll fashion starts as an art piece on a piece of paper. Chrissy Lau sketches all sorts of characters with their own fashionable personas on her blog, Decipher the Day. Chrissy, 26, is search engine manager and freelance artist hailing from Sydney, Australia. By Paulette of Ms. Charm’s Chic How long have you been illustrating? I have been illustrating professionally for the past five years. Prior to that I was busy completing a boring law degree. I have been drawing all my life and never really thought I could do it as a profession. I always thought I had to do something ‘proper’. It wasn’t until my degree bored me so much that I decided to use drawing as an escape.

How do you come up with ideas for your illustrations? It’s definitely a mixture of my mood, people-watching, and everything around me. For example, I have a really sore nose at the moment so I decided to draw a beautiful girl contrasted with a bleeding nose. It’s a little gory and a little cheeky.

I love all the stylish personalities I see on your blog. Are you inspired by fashion?

I would say my illustrations do have a seam of fashion running through them. I’m not entirely sure why because I wouldn’t class myself as super fashionable. But, I am knowledgeable about fashion. I read a few fashion blogs (such as Gary Pepper Vintage). I think the visual look of the clothing and the way it flows really appeals to me. It’s an art form in itself with the colors and patterns.

What has been your favorite illustration you have done for Gary Pepper Vintage? I have a few favorites, but I would have to say Panda Head, which now graces Gary Pepper’s swing tags. It’s cute and whimsical.

Above: Chrissy; an image from the Gary Pepper Vintage collaboration

I would love to do a real life sitting with Lady Gaga. There is an haute couture feel to her outfits. They’re a little quirky, full of shapes and patterns. From an artistic and creative point of view, she is very intriguing. She looks like a cartoon character sometimes! I think I would just sit there, draw what I see, and add my signature lines and patterns.

You can catch up with Chrissy on her blog at

Here goes the question I have been dying to ask you. If you could draw anyone you admire, who would you choose and how would you illustrate their style?




Model: Pablo Solano, Higher Models


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O Susana! Talented photographer Claudia Susana from Cincinnati, Ohio is only 24 years old but already has an extensive portfolio of beautiful work. By Chantele Cross-Jones of Daisy Dayz


I’ve found that sometimes you just have to act on impulse.

Model: Fernanda Navarro, Paragon Models Makeup: Chëla Olear

Model: Courtney Blanton, Pinnacle 10


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Model: Rebecca Phemister

How long have you been a photographer? It’s been about two years. I’m a copywriter at an ad agency full time, but I devote all of my spare time and attention to photography.

What led you to become a photographer? It just sort of happened! I don’t have any formal photography training, but ever since I was a child, I’ve had an intense desire to create. One day, I decided to invest in a digital SLR camera, and the rest is history.

Where do you get your inspiration? I draw inspiration from what surrounds me: literature, culture, color, fashion, cinema, secrets, the environment, the lovely people that have come and gone from my life... all of it.

What is your favorite camera to shoot with? Do you use any editing software? On the digital side, I shoot with a Nikon D90 and a few different lenses, and I spend hours on post processing in Photoshop. Honestly, it takes a great deal of work to strike that balance between artistry and craftsmanship, while not going overboard with the edits. On the film side, my two favorites are my Ricoh AF-5 and my Yashica T4. I don’t do too much editing aside from basic color correction as I’m a sucker for that raw, grainy look only film can genuinely yield.

You say you are a huge traveler—which place has inspired you the most? Mexico is my number one place of inspiration. My mother is from Mexico City, and I spent every summer there from the time I was born until I was 17. Since then, I’ve only been able to visit for 3 or 4 weeks every year, but I make the most out of it. Everything about it is beautiful...the light is other-worldly. It’s always an amazing experience.

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers? Make a lot of noise. You can’t expect to get anywhere just by thinking about what you’d like to do. We spend too much time thinking about the future and where we’d like to be years from now. I’ve found that sometimes you just have to act on impulse. No one got anywhere by waiting around for something to happen.

See more of Claudia’s work online at





a Carmina is a woman of many talents: style blogger, travel TV host, author of three books, and writer for and Lip Service. Her self-named blog, La Carmina, covers Japanese Gothic fashion and subcultures. The site is so popular that it has been featured in major publications such as The New Yorker, WWD, and the LA Times. It was my pleasure to ask the Yale law school graduate-turned-goth-stylista a few questions about blogging and her ever so funky style. By Ronke of The Musings of Ondo Lady How did you get started blogging?

I find style inspiration in Japanese and Gothic nightlife fashion, and especially from my “spooky” friends. They’re so creative in making their own accessories, applying makeup and simply being walking works of art. I always pick up tips and tricks through them.

Around 2006, I saw personal style blogs emerge and I thought this might be a neat way for me to share my obsessions with Japanese Gothic fashion and subcultures. From the start (September 2007), I was What led you from law school to hooked. where you are now? Was there a La Carmina has branched from fash- specific “a-ha!” moment? ion into cute cooking, travel videos, pop culture and rock music. I’ve More like a “wahhh” moment! I was not never run out of inspiration, and still a happy camper while in law school. I get excited to post and answer com- knew I had to switch gears in order to get into a creative field and do what I ments every day. loved. I gave blogging and the fashion How is your style influenced by world a try, and it clicked. your personal experiences?


w w w. S t y l e S a m

What motivates you to try so many different things? I’m an OCD type; I’m fascinated by so many fields and mediums of expression. Travel, cute bentos, Gothic design, nightcrawling...why limit yourself when you can do it all? One wonderful aspect of the Internet is that you can do it yourself for next to nothing—so I say give it a go. Tell me about your wackiest experience as La Carmina. I wrote a book called Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants, which is about Japan’s extreme theme cafes—think maids, monkeys, cats, vampires. I was the guide for the “Bizarre Foods Tokyo” show on Travel Channel. Taking the host to a Shibuya prison theme restaurant and slurping blood from a fake decapitated head was pretty wacky! What’s the most important thing you’ve learned on this journey? Put yourself out there, without fear. Experiment wildly, approach people, and roll with whatever comes. It’s the only way to turn the journey into a fantastical adventure.

See more at and follow @lacarmina on Twitter.


essica Kane of FatshionChic (and a million other projects) has ideas galore and isn’t afraid to execute them! Here, the curvy founder of Skorch Magazine, Clique Mixers, and Kane Kreative chats about how she manages to do it all—with style. FatshionChic is your personal take on all things curvy. What led you to start blogging? I felt like I had a unique perspective to share that I couldn’t effectively share via SKORCH Magazine. Plus, I didn’t relate to any of the plus fashion bloggers out there. I just thought that maybe there were more women who felt the same way and could relate to me and my life. The online fashion community is gaining influence. What’s your take on the opportunities that are out there? I think it’s fantastic! It’s so great to that so many opportunities are becoming available, however it does have a long way to go for the plus size community. We get thrown a bone once in a while, but we (plus size bloggers) aren’t

JESSICA KA NE being offered a Times Square billboard like one of my favorites, Fashiontoast, or opportunities to design Coach purses like four popular ‘skinny’ bloggers. So yes, there are some little opportunities, but we have a long way to go. How is your style influenced by your personal experiences (and vice versa)? Honestly, I have no idea why I style myself the way I do, I just like it! I love clean, chic and simple as well as classy and functional. I often have business lunches for one hour and have to go to the kiddie gym the next. And I love it. Between Kane Kreative, Clique Mixer, FatshionChic, SKORCH, and—oh yeah, a family—how do you find the time and energy to do it all? I have no idea! Thankfully, I have a supportive and loving husband who believes in me and trusts me to devote my time as necessary. I am careful to take Sundays off, deplug from the “matrix” as I call it, and just chill. I just really love what I do and honestly am living my dreams. I’m doing exactly what I want to do and that keeps me

motivated. You obviously have a knack for not only developing ideas, but also for making them happen. What’s your secret? I do preach execution, and without that you have nothing. I refuse to not fully execute a great idea and see it through. So many have the idea, but have no idea to make it happen. I honestly think that’s my best quality, to see the big and little picture and work with both. What else is on the horizon for you? What’s next? I love blogging, it’s so much fun! I feel like I finally have my own voice, so much of what I’ve done has been to give a platform to others voices. I also have been taking my skills as a magazine designer to help other indie magazine publishers produce a professional publication under my company KaneKreative. I am just loving life and am so thankful to be lucky enough to do what I love. I hope to get to do more!

(Try to) keep up with Jessica online at and follow @Fatshionchic on Twitter.



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Simone Gonzalez of Pleasure Doing Business always knew fashion was her calling. By Alexis J. of Candid Couture


esigner Simone Gonzalez started Pleasure Doing Business with a small business loan from her mother; she designed a prototype for her first skirt and sold to small boutiques around LA. She has certainly come a long way—today her clients include the uber-stylish likes of Rihanna, Mary Kate and Heidi Klum as well as us lesser-known fashionistas. However, what most people don’t know about is Simone’s previous work in the industry. She interned at Bloomingdale’s while in college, styling windows and parties, creating trend reports, and attending the odd fashion show here and there. Simone says, “It definitely exposed me to the glitzier side of the business, not to mention living within the hustle and bustle of NYC is something that I will never forget.” She also spent a year assisting the creative director for KVM International, which showed her the sales and business side of the industry.

The path to design In high school, Gonzalez studied photography. So how did she end up as a designer?

“ 30

“I’ve always wanted to be a designer; it was something that just came naturally to me. Photography was a way for me to get in touch with the outside world and expand upon my creativity. It helped me acknowledge the artist within me, which was a stepping stone towards my future in design.” Her signature banYou can’t successfully dage pieces are not run a business if you only gorgeous but don’t know what you also, dare I say, crazy comfortable. They want it to look like. cinch your waist in and cling to your curves in all the right places. If that wasn’t enough, the reasonably priced designs are all-occasions friendly. Her mission statement is to create an “all-inclusive line for the modern young woman that enables her to feel confident, feminine and sexy, while still allowing her to remain unique and stand out among the crowd.”

w w w. S t y l e S a m

Above: Designer Simone Gonzalez; pieces from the collection

Crazy days Simone shared what a day in the life of a super busy, everso-successful designer is like: “Crazy! It definitely ranges from hunting for materials and drafting designs to laying the groundwork for photo shoots or discussing next season’s collection. Either way, I choose to be involved in every step of the process, because the collection becomes your ‘baby.’ You have to be involved in the nurturing process in order to see it grow and develop.” Pleasure Doing Business is Gonzalez’s dream come true and she says that she can’t imagine doing anything else at this point in her life. Her advice to aspiring designers is to “Get as much experience in as many aspects of the industry as possible. It helps to be well rounded. At the end of the day, you also need to have a vision that you’re trying to accomplish. You can’t successfully run a business if you don’t know what you want it to look like.”

Visit to view the complete collection, and follow @PDB_LA on Twitter.



BLOGGER  business    

with a

Amy Scalia of Cincy Chic built a business with her own dime in mind. By Is Jimenez of Guacamole & Toast



ednesday may be the dreaded and dreary, not-yet-over-the-hump plague of many a workplace, but the middle of the workweek signals innovation and cooperation at its finest for the dedicated staff of the Ohio-based health, beauty, and fashion hub that is Cincy Chic. “My favorite ‘typical day’ is Wednesday,” admits founder and editor in chief Amy Scalia, who allots the entire morning for staff meetings covering topics ranging from sales to philanthropy.

The downturn presents us with a greater chance at creativity than ever before.

On her own dime

Work/life balance

Despite the ongoing success of Cincy Chic, Scalia recognizes the importance of separating work and life by not allowing one to overtake the other, especially in a field where ‘work’ is not always dull and passion is a part of the job. Her biggest work-related challenge is handling the changes that come with a fluctuating economy and the constant evolution and mobility of technology. When at home, she aims for quality, distraction-free time with her husband and her dog. “I have recently started shutting off my computer on the weekends,” she says. There is no fail-safe business strategy, and the recession has made nearly all new plans into endeavors of risk. Yet, Scalia believes that the downturn presents us with a greater chance at creativity than ever before—the absence of any inherently ‘safe’ business model throws to the wind the concepts of convention that often hold back would-be entrepreneurs.

Tired of working for ‘someone else’s dime’—a phrase Scalia borrows from singer-songwriter Jewel to describe her stint at a Philadelphia healthcare company Above: Scalia in front of the Cincy Chic offices; that ‘promoted mediocrity’—the with Cincinnati Fashion Week founder Nathan Hurst; hard at work. ambitious blonde embarked on “The recession has given a lot of a mission to address and cater to people an ‘out’ – people who are out of work have more the ‘Sex and the City-ish woman’ in her hometown of time to think…and they realize ‘no one is going to do it Cincinnati. Utilizing her experience with launching an for me.’” online publication and juggling over-cautious investors with the unpredictable nature of starting a business in Visit, and follow @CincyChic on Twitter. a recession, Scalia launched in 2007 as a resource for the modern woman. Since then, the company has only grown, propelling itself into spheres beyond online media by staging charity benefits and advertising events, as well as sponsoring the debut of Cincinnati Fashion Week.










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From a little girl who was more fascinated by her Barbie’s clothes than the actual dolls, to a fashion icon in the blogosphere. By Shomara Roosblad of My Roots, My Style



Twenty-two-year-old Sandra Hagelstam of 5 Inch and Up was born to love fashion. Her blog went online in February 2010, and things are already going extremely well. “I am positively overwhelmed about how well the blog has taken off in such a short time,” she says. It’s easy to see why. She caught readers’ attention with her talent for mixing and matching divergent styles as well as her incredible shoe collection. But what’s the story behind the girl?

Spice up your life Sandra comes from Finnish-Swedish origins and grew up in the countryside of Finland. The people around her back then were not really interested in fashion, so she saw it as her own thing. “I was just always the one that felt the need to change outfits numerous times a day and to play dress up all the time.”


w w w. S t y l e S a m

I am a huge fan of street-style and inspiration blogs, but feel personal style ones are the most influential at the moment.

In elementary school she became a huge Spice Girls fan, and the era of girl power changed this country girl for good! “When I finally got my first heels, a pair of black leather chunky wedges, I never wanted to wear flats after that.”

She advises aspiring bloggers to invest in a good, quality camera. “I am a huge fan of street-style and inspiration blogs, but feel personal style ones are the most influential at the moment,” she notes.

Sandra currently lives in London, where she is a full time Fashion Design student and does some personal shopping and styling jobs on the side. Her move to one of the world’s fashion capitals has definitely influenced the way she dresses. “Moving to London has encouraged me to be more confident and to trust my own judgement,” she asserts.

Although many in the blogosphere flock to Sandra’s blog to see their favorite style icon, she finds it difficult to see herself as a bona-fide fashionista. “I don’t really think of myself that way, though when I was introduced to the Spice Girls and chunky platforms in elementary school, I felt pretty cool!”

Conservative versus eccentric According to Sandra, the typical way of dressing in Finland is very sophisticated and conservative, while London is known for a more eccentric look and extraordinary vintage finds. With a natural eye for colors and silhouettes and an innate talent for combining diverse aesthetics, this lady knows how to rock both very different styles! The result is her signature look: bohemian pieces, high-heeled ankle boots, oversized sweaters, and a lot of black. Even though her granddad is a goldsmith—there was always a lot of jewelry to play around with—she prefers shoes to jewelry. Influenced by her roots in sophisticated Finland, she believes that the trench coat is one piece that will always be in fashion. Given Sandra’s predilection for classic styles, her style tip to the world is to invest in classic items. “When shopping, don’t repeat your self too much. So instead of buying another leather jacket, buy something unexpected that renews your wardrobe!”

Style? Check. Camera? Check! Reading her blog, it becomes obvious that this girl knows fashion! So why does she want to share it with the rest of the world? “I find personal style blogs fascinating, so I decided to join the crowd. I wanted to create a personal site about the things I wear and the shoes I love.”

If there is one person she looks up to style-wise, it is ELLE’s Kate Lanphear. “I always look forward to the things she wears,” she confides. Sandra remains quite humble, but why wouldn’t she? Her beauty secret reveals that she is committed to keeping her routine is as simple and effortless as possible. “I have wavy hair, and the only thing I ever do to it is go to sleep with wet hair—that way it is at its best when I wake up.”

Fashion dreams Besides looking at fashionistas, Sandra finds inspiration in the creations of her favorite Finnish and UK-based fashion designers. Her favorites in the UK are Aminaka Wilmont, Stella Mccartney, Giles Deacon and Christopher Kane. From Finland she loves Katri Niskanen, I Know Why No, and Finsk shoes. She hopes to some day be known for her designs as well. “I would love to work for a designer and later create my own line and label.” Right now she is continuing to do what she does very well: Inspiring others by keeping her mind on blogging.

Visit Sandra online at 5 Inch and Up, and follow @5inchandup on Twitter.



HOW-TO Create a badge for

With the myriad of banner ads that we all encounter day-to-day while perusing the Internet, de task. Don’t fret! You can create an attractive 125x125 standard badge in a few simple steps.


hile an ad exchange like Indie Style Media can be a great way to promote your blog, the challenge is to keep basic principles of design in mind, as described in Design Language by Tim McCreight: BALANCE We instinctively value balance because it is necessary: stand, run, escape. From this primal physical reality we derive our general preference for balance in composition. PROXIMITY Proximity functions in design like the force between two magnets. When far enough apart they have no effect on each other, but when they come close together the pull is so strong they become one unit. COMPOSITION Though composition requires parts, it cannot be considered except as whole. Composition is to elements as ingredients are to a recipe—you can’t make cookies without flour, butter and sugar, but having those ingredients poured into a bowl is a whole lot different than cookies. CONTRAST Contrast is used to draw attention to an area, to provide stability or clarify in a composition, and to affect the figure/ground relationship, either by clarifying it or confusing it. I will show you how to design a 125 x 125 ad using these principles:


w w w. S t y l e S a m







Open a new 125 x 125 pixel document in your image editing program. I prefer Photoshop, but you can download The GIMP for free. Use whatever suits your fancy so long as it edits images. Set the resolution at 72 pixels per inch and use the RGB color setting.

Start with your background image. I like to use high contrast photos to create interest, and crop them so that just a bit of the photo or graphic isn’t visible to pique the viewer’s curiosity.

Optionally, you can stylize your background image to really push the color and contrast and create a sense of surrealism using Photoshop or photo filtering software such as CameraBag or Poladroid. I used Poladroid in this example.

your blog

esigning your own eye-catching ad can seem like a daunting . By Shauna Ehninger of Meowsk ADD SOME TEXT



Decide on text for your ad. Keep the text to a minimum with just the name of your site, and possibly a tag line. Remember, you are trying to attract the viewer’s attention and entice them to click, not tell the whole story.








CameraBag camerabag

Choose a bold typeface that mirrors the look and feel of your site—the one used in your header will create a sense of consistency. Next, select a text color that complements or matches your site—I like using Kuler when I need some color inspiration.

To finish, I like to add a subtle Outer Glow to my text to make it pop on the photo. Now you’re finished!








aking money from your blog, or blog monetization, is becoming increasingly popular. More than ever, bloggers are connecting with retailers to promote their brands and inventory to make a commission. One of the most common ways to monetize is by running ads. Joining affiliate marketing networks is a great option for new bloggers and bloggers who need to grow in order to partner with online retailers before attempting to contact them directly. The following tips will provide you with information on how affiliate marketing works, how it will help improve your blog, and how to join. 38

w w w. S t y l e S a m

By Christina Jones of Trend Alert

CHOOSE RELEVANT ADS If your blog’s niche is fashion, you likely write about fashion. You publish content relevant to the market you are targeting. The same goes for your ads. Choose retailers and brands that are relevant to your market to increase your chances of making a profit. Build enough affiliates and drive enough traffic, and it can add up.

CHOOSE YOUR ADS CAREFULLY Did your mom ever tell you to choose your friends wisely? The same goes for the ads you decide to display on your blog. Some ads generate higher commission rates than others, or are more aesthetically appealing with the style of your blog. Choose ads that would you pique your interest as a reader and prompt you to click and buy.

Real success doesn’t happen overnight. While you are going through the process of increasing your readership and developing relationships in your niche, it is important to stay focused on your goals. Keep your expectations high, but remember it will take time. Try to brainstorm ways to get your ads noticed, and promote new products from the retailers you are advertising for in your posts. Darren Rowse of Problogger advises, “Play with using different ads and affiliate programs in a variety of ways and positions on your blog (for example in your RSS feed, in posts, in your sidebar, in your header etc).”

JOIN A NETWORK Now that you know how to be an effective affiliate marketer, it’s time to get started. Join affiliate networks like Commission Junction, where you can apply for programs as a publisher, or partner with giant online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Networks like Commission Junction will pay you per 100 clicks in a 7-day or 3-month period. Once you are approved, you can start making money!


Affiliate display ads are more attractive than text ads and present an opportunity to make money with your blog.



Getting involved with an affiliate program is a lot easier than you might think.

Sign up for an account with an affiliate marketing network. My two

By Emily Allred of ChiqueChic


ffiliate advertising is when a company pays you a commission for sending customers their way. Some affiliate relationships are harder to build than others. The higher end a company is, the more selective they are about the sites they connect with (think Neiman Marcus versus Old Navy). The selection process depends on how much traffic your blog brings in and how long you have been blogging. Getting started is relatively simple:

favorites are LinkShare and Commission Junction (CJ). There are others out there, but these two are the most reputable and have more than enough companies to offer.

Search for advertisers you want to work with. Browse LinkShare and CJ. Some will instantly accept your application, while others will have to approve it.

Blog it! Now it’s time to

write about your affiliates. The easiest way is to either pick a company or a topic on which to focus. Let’s say you’re going to write an affiliate article about Steve Madden. You browse through Steve Madden’s website and find some shoes you want to write about. Now you can search for the HTML/ JavaScript code on Steve Madden’s affiliate page on CJ.

Now copy the code and paste it into your blog post. If you know anything about HTML/JavaScript, then you know it will only show up as a link or a link and a picture in your blog post. Important: If you don’t use that code to link your readers to the product, then you won’t get credit (and no commission).

Count the clicks

Now just sit back and wait for someone to click the link and buy something so the commissions can start rolling in! In reality, you will want to take a more proactive approach by embedding banner ads onto your site (also available on LinkShare and CJ). Currently LinkShare doesn’t have a minimum earning amount before they’ll cut you a check, while CJ requires a minimum of $50 in earnings before they will send anything.



Featuring four pages of personal insight from professional fashion marketing consultants from LA to New York, the feature includes: • The best way to get experience • How to start small from where you are, right now • The types of services fashion marketers offer • and more! If you’re interested in marketing, you don’t want to miss this feature!



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