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{Dilemma, dilemma... } I’ve been wrestling with a dilemma. When the first issue of Style Sample Magazine was released in April, it was determined that as a bi-monthly publication, that would be the April/May issue. The problem is, that meant the months wouldn’t be evenly spaced throughout the year--there would be three months to cover at the end of the year (October, November, December) instead of the usual two. What to do? As you can see from the cover, we stuck with the two-month format and you’re currently reading the October/ November issue. We’ll take the month of December “off” to redesign the website, experiment with new projects, tweak the magazine’s design and layout, and work on bringing you even more fun and informative features and articles just in time for the new year! Meanwhile, there are some things that aren’t up for debate, like the spot-on style of the bloggers featured in this issue: Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere talks about why she started blogging and models some of her favorite fall looks; we tag along on a day in the life of fashion magazine designer Jenni during New York Fashion Week; Online boutique owner Mimi explains why running Brook&Lyn is so rewarding; Chelsea of Addicted shows us how to create gorgeous photo collages--and there’s so much more!


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Be sure to check out the new features, too: Fashion is Art explores the intersection of fashion and art as seen through the eyes of a group of art students, Style in My City provides an insider’s view of style in two different cities, and Singular Style highlights one blogger with an excellent eye for fashion. There’s also a new general email address: (the old one still works if it takes you a while to update your contact list). I’m always interested in your feedback and ideas, so feel free to contact me and don’t forget to subscribe at to keep up and stay in touch! See you in January!


Hanna A. Oh, Honey. No. Hanna rambles about style and how it affects your relationship with yourself over at ohhoneyno.wordpress. com. Sometimes she makes sense, sometimes she doesn’t. It’s a crap-shoot.

Tiana Reid So Right Now Tiana Reid is a university undergrad, a writer, and a quintessential city girl who alternates her time between Montreal and Toronto. Her kaleidoscopic influences are found on her frivolous and escapist fashion blog, SORINO.

Chelsea Asher Addicted Natasha Rao Fashionalities I moved to New York after college and internships, determined to get a job at a magazine. I got a job at Saks Fifth Avenue in their marketing department. Although this was a dream job right out of college, I decided I couldn’t give up my dream to work at a magazine and decided to start Fashionalities.

Chelsea is a student and aspiring stylist with a flair for design from British Columbia, Canada. Outside of school she works at Aritzia, runs her fashion blog, ADDICTED, and makes jewelry for herself and friends.

Michelle Nickolaisen Decline Designs Decline Designs is about fashion, but not following trends. Michelle focuses on things like figuring out your personal style, learning to love it, and lots of shoes, with occasional forays into other areas.

Maddie Magscher Sprinkle Diary I started blogging to find like-minded, creative people, & I basically share my photography, writing, art, & personal moments. I live in the Midwestern United States, but I hope to someday reside in a big city, chasing my dreams.

Lauren Cooke A Typical Atypical Lauren Cooke is a freelance writer, blogger, fashion and shoe addict. Committed to eBay, fashion errors and vintage clothes, she spends far too much money with reckless (budgeted) abandon, and likes nothing more than letting complete strangers share in the life of a totally normal weirdo.


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The latest happenings from around the blogosphere and what to check out online.



Featuring Champagne & Marshmallows, I Want You to Know, Sincerely Jules, and Lips of London.



The talented group of illustrators behind xAZD Design talk about the relationship between art and fashion. By Maddie Magscher of Sprinkle Diary




Highlighting the amazing style of Lynn of All Things NYC.


Follow Jenni of Daily Work It behind the scenes as a magazine designer and at New York Fashion Week!



Vicky of Elle Victoire shows us around Vienna, Austria; Becx of Fashion Platz explores the fashion scene in Melbourne, Australia.



Six hot bloggers fall in love with Fall fashion. Edited by Natasha Holstein of Fashionalities



Mimi of Brook&Lyn talks about how she started her successful online boutique. By Hanna A. of Oh, Honey. No.



Cowgirl Heaven designer Houstina Summers dishes about her line and how she got started in fashion design. By Michelle Nickolaisen of Decline Designs



California girl Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere talks about why she started blogging and how she stays true to her style. By Lauren Cooke of A Typical Atypical







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Detailed information about your blog statistics can help you get more traffic and earn more money. By Valerie of Beauty and the Budget



Stunning visuals keep your readers coming back--here’s how to create a gorgeous photo collage. By Chelsea of Addicted



One Question, Three Bloggers with Christina of Candybox, Ronke of The Musings of Ondo Lady, and Connie of The Heartbreak, Inc. Edited by Tiana of So Right Now


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NEWS The latest happenings in the blogosphere

PR Couture Founder speaking at 140 Character Conference


Calling all fashion bloggers! If you think you’ve got style, here’s your chance to put your skills to the test: Bluefly & StyleList are looking for America’s Most Stylish Blogger. Eight contestants will be chosen to participate in five weekly challenges where they will be sent a clothing or accessory item to incorporate into a unique look. Their photo and the accompanying 140 character blurb explaining their choice will be voted on by readers, who will automatically be entered in the Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 Bluefly Shopping Spree. The big winner will claim the title of America’s Most Stylish Blogger, $1000, and their own weekly column on Register before October 12th if you’d like to be considered.


Send your tips and information to with “News” in the title.

If you’re lucky enough to be in or around L.A. this month, keep your eyes and ears open for the 140 Character Conference, October 27-28, 2009. Crosby Noricks of PR Couture will be part of the panel scheduled to discuss the retail industry and its efforts to build social communities through venues such as Twitter (the inspiration for the conference’s name). Crosby recently attended New York Fashion Week on behalf of Microsoft Windows Phone and was featured in the September issue of O’Dwyer’s PR Report.

Blogger Scores Book Deal

Aside from the runways, fashion followers have something new to look forward to this fall with the official release of Closet Confidential: Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way on November 9th. Winona Dimeo-Ediger, the spunky personality behind the blog Daddy Likey, extends the same tone of her blog to her first book, but with added extras such as quizzes, illustrations, and other sidebars. She hopes to create something great, and “to provide real fashion advice for real women with real budgets and hopefully make them laugh along the way.”

RENT-ADRESS? WHY, YES!, the online retail community created by Christin Chan and Katie Camacho, is striving to bring both international and domestic customers unique and affordable designs by allowing members to rent clothing from the site. “Women love fashion, and when we can’t afford quality, it can also be one of our heartbreaks. We wanted to change that, and those women are the inspiration for” This may be just the type of service aspiring stylists need.


Tamia and Hayley talk to celebrity stylist Mariel Haenn about how to start a career in styling, how the styling process works, and the top 5 attributes you need to reach your dream. Read it here!


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BLOGS TO WATCH Fresh faces and unique concepts in the world of blogging

CHAMPAGNE & MARSHM new styles, the more unexpected and exciting fashion and bloggin’ will get.

Why did you start blogging? I have always had a passion for style and fashion, and I’ve wanted to be a model since I was 12 years old. This is a way for me to do both. I wanted to go

Whats your favorite part about blogging? Hands down my favorite part has to be connecting with stylish people from all around the globe, meeting other fashion bloggers, and somehow helping those who need answers to questions about Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising or anything else they are interested in. Most of my readers have an interest in attending F.I.D.M, and being a Visual Communication student at F.I.D.M myself, it’s nice to help them with answers they wouldn’t otherwise know.

Julie, Los Angeles SINCERELY, JULES Why did you start blogging? I wanted to venture out into new things and do something that I wasn’t familiar with. I started following several notable blogs religiously and thought this would be a great way for me to showcase my style, thoughts, and personal inspirations. I was always a diary kind of girl while growing up, but did not keep up with my diary as I got older, so this blog takes me back to when I used to have a diary! It helps me keep up with fashion related topics and be part of a movement that is making its presence known in the fashion world. I love that! Who do you hope to reach? I don’t have a particular crowd or person that I would like to reach. I would love to reach anyone and everyone who is just as passionate about something as I am about fashion and creativity. The more people are open to new things and


w w w. S t y l e

Nicky, London

LIPS OF LONDON LipsOfLo Why did you start blogging? Nowadays people think so badly of the teenage society, especially in England. I wanted to prove that although there are many issues that need to be solved, teens still have a voice and ideas that need to be heard. Obviously, there is a strong teenage stereotype, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t creative or passionate about out hobbies. On my blog I can express so much more about why I love fashion and the significance it has in my life. Deep but true. Who do you hope to reach? Anyone and everyone! My blog isn’t select it’s for anyone who wants to listen. It’s always great to talk to new people and hear their views, too!





to school for fashion design, but I actually ended up being a Math major. By blogging, I am able to keep fashion as a hobby. Who do you hope to reach? I want to inspire people and give them new ideas and new ways to wear their clothes. What I wear depends on the way I’m feeling that day--anything from girly to rocker to hippie to classic. My outfits are usually casual, and I try to follow the latest trends. I love mixing different styles, and I try to be creative when I’m putting together my outfits. What’s your favorite part about blogging? The photoshoots are so much fun! I love getting all dressed up and modeling the clothes. I also love being able to share my style and my ideas with people all over the world. What’s your favorite part about blogging? I love knowing that people out there actually want to hear my ramblings! I’m always inspired by the people who read my blog and other amazing fashion bloggers (cliche I know ) out there. Oh, and of course the chance to have extremely eccentric photo-shoots with my friends and basically scare my neighbours!

I WANT YOU TO KNOW Why did you start blogging? Personal fashion blogs only started to cross my mind after reading a Teen Vogue article roughly a year ago. Before that, my blogroll was limited to The Cut and Perez Hilton! Gradually, I became hooked and was really intrigued to see how real people interpreted fashion with a variety of resources, and I was tempted to start one of my own to express my own fashion viewpoint. After braving the hectic Angels Warehouse Sale in London (think thousands of vintage garments in randomly assort- e d boxes with as many fashion-hungry participants wanting a bargain), I decided to take the plunge by starting a blog, sharing my purchases with the world, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Mainly, I post things I want, buy and try to make, butI also talk about also inspiring designers--particularly knitwear, as that’s what I study.

, Kristabel London

Who do you hope to reach? Since my blog is subtitled ‘A stream of fashion conciousness,’ I could be posting about anything remotely related to fashion, so it’s basically for anyone who can put up with my randomness! I hope to express the things I like in my own unique way, without sounding pretentious or inaccessible. I’d like to reach people with all kinds of outlooks on fashion, as I can appreciate the variety that’s out there, and to learn about the style of others as well as letting others learn bits about mine. The blogging world has really broadened the way I dress and put outfits together. Hopefully in the future I can showcase my designs, and see how things develop.

What’s your favourite part about blogging? Receiving lovely comments! Apart from that, I really like how having a blog is like having your own personal magazine, and it’s nice to have total control and to share interesting fashion discoveries. It also helps me with the contextual part of my degree, as I now have a variety of places to look for inspiration and information. Now things seem to be getting more exciting, as I’ve been going to some amazing events and meeting fellow bloggers. I’ve really started to take part in the community aspect of blogging, and I’m enjoying connecting with like-minded people locally and from all over the world.


If you’d like to be considered for “Blogs to Watch”, complete the online submission form at!





Meet Alice, Zoe, & Daphne, the three students behind illustration blog xAZD. By Maddie Magscher of Sprinkle Diary Alice Taranto, Zoe Kestan, and Daphne Taranto describe themselves as “students showing their portfolios in progress and other fashion-related artwork!” Together, they blog at xAZD, a website where they share their inspiration, amazing artwork, and up-andcoming fashion line along with their adventures in New York City and style aspirations. It was my pleasure to interview the girls and ask a few questions about their take on art, fashion, and the combination of the two:

Zoe: Art and fashion are one and the same. Fashion and clothing design is simply another media. When separated into two different worlds, I feel that there are only certain designers that connect their roots to the fine arts. The real interaction between art and design is when you find a designer who thinks differently, someone who thinks about shapes and silhouettes based on of the idea of a blank canvas. Looking at it from the other direction, we’ll also sometimes see art inspired by the beauty fashion creates with its connection to the human body.

Q: What inspired you to begin blogging as a trio?

Z: I try to wear things that make a statement. I’ll sometimes wear major statement clothes, or comfortable clothes that give off a relaxed, yet, I-did-this-onpurpose kind of vibe. The other day I actually The coat in Alwore a vintage neon green Body Glove scuba top ice’s illustration to school with a black bandage skirt! I had been was inspired by orchids. thinking about those photo spreads from a few years back when models walking through New York City wearing scuba clothes with heels were everywhere. Why couldn’t I do that? I use everything I find as inspiration.

Daphne: When we started our collection, we had all of these sketches, inprocess photos of the garments, pictures of us sewing, designing, etc. We knew we wanted to somehow share all the hard work that went into it, and thought that others might appreciate and be inspired by it. Where better to do that than the Internet? Now we post our different forms of art, whether that’s sketches, actual garments, or paintings. Fashion illustrations; a watercolor portrait of the trio.

Alice: At the time when we were preparing for a fashion show and realized we needed to start networking and getting ourselves out there. Blogging seemed like a very accessible way for people from all over to see our work. I had also had an itch to start a blog for a while, probably inspired by bloggers like Sea of Shoes, Igor + André, and The Glamourai. Q: How does art affect the world of fashion, & vice versa?


w w w. S t y l e

Q: And how is it that this artwork & inspiration translate into your everyday wardrobe?

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in fashion illustration? A: Look up fashion design summer programs, like Syracuse, Rhode Island School of Design, FIT and other schools and colleges. Maybe start a blog of your own creations—people have seen tons of blogs that are commenting on the fashion world, but would pay attention to a blogger that displays his or her own work. Keep a notebook or pad with you (always!) to write down ideas that come to you randomly—being creative means your mind is working 24/7 and not just the moment when you put pencil to paper, and you wouldn’t want to miss a great idea!


Lynn Laguardia Location: New York, NY Occupation: Systems Analyst Blog: Name:

ABOUT ME: I always find myself shopping at Century 21 because the designer selection and deep discounts drive me crazy! I never leave home without my camera to take spontaneous NYC moments. A perfect day for me involves good food and wine, watching a Broadway musical, and scoring designer clothing for a steal! The last thing that made me laugh out loud was realizing how small the world is. Almost everyone we meet at random is connected to someone we already know. When I was little, I wanted to be a singer! Learn more about Lynn on her blog, All Things NYC




LIFE: of Daily Work It!




takes us on a whirlwind ride complete with magazine editors, photographers and NY Fashion Week. I’m Jenni! I moved from Wisconsin to Manhattan four years ago and worked my way up from an intern to an art assistant and now to a designer at one of the major women’s magazines. I have always loved fashion, and being surrounded by it everyday inspired me to start, which documents the everyday style of me and my coworkers. Here is a day in my life:


After pressing snooze for two hours I roll out of bed and face my overstuffed armoire (for those not in Manhattan, due to ridiculously small apts and lack of closets, clothes storage is quite the task).

9:00am It is New York Fashion Week so I know I have to wear an outfit that transitions from day to night, and shoes that will not kill my feet when running to shows and events. Final outfit: Anna Sui for Target top bought at the pop up sale last weekend, high-waist Forever 21 skirt, and my most comfortable black strappy wedges. I finish off the look with a vintage Swiss watch necklace and gold bangles.

9:30am Hop on the subway uptown, listening to the new Jay-Z album on the way.


My fave part of the morning: My giant Starbucks iced coffee. Do not speak to me before caffeine is in my system.

1 0

w w w. S t y l e

10:00am Staff meeting promptly at 10. We go though every story for the next three months and discuss the status. I love to take this moment to check out everyone’s duds…

10:45am Ah, back to my desk where I check my latest and greatest technique to remember what I need to accomplish: Post-its, Post-its, Post-its. I do a quick lap around the blogosphere and scan the sites to see what my fave bloggers are up to.

11:15am Time to get designing! I start on a new layout that needs to be done by 3:00 today. I put all the art on the page and starting piecing it together in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way--that is the goal, at least.


I am off to a meeting to brainstorm some of the greatest style moments of the year. Kate Gosselin’s hair is not one of them.

1:00pm Lunch! One of my coworkers is back from vacation, so the girls and I head to an extended lunch to catch up, chit chat, and all that jazz.

3:00pm Time to present the layout I have been working on to the Editor-In-Chief. Only one minor change, whoo-hoo!

4:00pm Another meeting to discuss how a photographer should shoot clothing items for an upcoming story. I arrange and snap Polaroids to give the photographer an idea of what we are looking for.

5:00pm I make a quick lap around the office to look for trends among my coworkers and snap some outfit pics for my website. Today’s trend: Black and white.

6:00pm Check and post yesterday’s outfit before heading out the door.

7:00pm First stop for my coworker Liz and I: The Generation Arts show, where there’s a ton of amazing new talent.

8:30pm Next is the Temperley presentation where I run into Kat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance. LOVE HER!!! Chat with her about how she styles herself for the show, so chic!

9:45pm Liz and I meet fellow bloggers Christine from and Carolyn from at the Walter after party. We snag ourselves some VIP wristbands and hang out at “The City” table for a bit.

11:00pm Quick stop by the G-Star party. Sadly, no La Lohan spotting)

12:00am HOME AND BED!

VISIT JENNI ONLINE and read more about her New York adventures at




Style in my CITY Insiders give us the scoop on style in two very different cities

VIENNA, AUSTRIA Vicky, 16 of Elle Victoire


ienna is more famous for its culture, musicians (think Beethoven and Bach) and old European buildings than its fashions and trends. It may not be one of the leading metropoles in fashion like London, Milan, or New York, but it does act as a lovely canvas for developing personal style.

“Melbourne style is perhaps more eclectic, androgynous and European.”

The local style bends towards elegant and cute with lots of Longchamp bags, adorable ballerina flats, and converse sneakers. The city is full of interesting individuals brimming with talent, modeling their adorable outfits while walking down the street. An afternoon walk through the inner city shows that the buildings aren’t the only things that look beautiful and worldly. A lady sits at a café table on the

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Becx Long, 28 of Fashion Platz


here is nothing more satisfying than leaning in to a tent-side dictaphone in Berlin, Stockholm or Tokyo and whispering,“It’s a Melbourne label.” It’s enough to make a fashion blogger trawl her Palba for an atlas. Despite its domestic repute as the nation’s style hub, thanks in part to its two annual fashion weeks, Australia’s second-largest city maintains an image abroad as an outpost. The high glamour down under stories that do cross the seas - Sass & Bide is exporting six or seven zeroes worth, Kit Willow Podgornik’s Willow has just done New York Fashion Week, and you may have seen a Collette Dinnigan on Halle Berry - fail to capture the unique sartorial spirit of the nation’s southernmost capital. “The people of Sydney and Melbourne have incredibly distinct style,” says

1 2

w w w. S t y l e

Emilia Terzon, editor of “Sydney is definitely more label and high-end focused, whereas Melbourne style is perhaps more eclectic, androgynous and European.” As noted street fashion photographer Scott ‘Sartorialist’ Schuman, on a recent visit: Melbourne women have an “intellectual” aesthetic. Black is always the new black. It makes sense, then, that local retail therapy channels Descartes, not Dior. Where else would you find indie stores on the fourth floor of a run down RMIT University building, or a swish shrine to Australian designers in the city’s one-time postal centre? Or labyrinthine cobblestone alleys, seconds from Pragucciermes, where unsigned salons cultivate quiet cult followings with their subterranean and first-floor sites, and lesser-known labels? “I think a lot of Melburnians love to wear some new emerging label that nobody else knows about, whereas in the mainstream Sydney fashion scene it is very much the opposite,” says Terzon.

sidewalk, wearing elegant dark-blue ballerinas and a long Matthew Williamson-esque dress while sipping her coffee. A girl wearing aviators is walking briskly on the other side of the road, wearing an immaculate navy blazer, a white slip dress and a Le Pliage bag from Longchamp. On her feet, she’s wearing a pair of dirty white converses.

countless cocktail dresses from Topshop, even some customized evening gowns from a seamstress in Thailand. By outsourcing their fashion finds this way, the chances of someone else wearing the same thing as you is about the same as me being published in a magazine (pretty low, but hey, its happening!).

Fashion addicts here shop everywhere. Since Vienna is not really that big, the chances of someone wearing the same H&M shirt you bought is really quite high. That is why many people I know tend to shop abroad: half a dozen t-shirts from Abercrombie in London,

This prejudice explains a boom in local start-up labels running self-designed artwork and a mobile phone number in street press paper Fashion Journal. TV, Cassette Society and Emily & Leo are among such labels, racked in fledgling retail enclaves throughout, and fringing the CBD. Perhaps this sprawl and subtlety explains Melburnians’ preference for flats, and layers that can be peeled in a dimly-lit café and replaced at the tram stop. Destination Acland Street, St. Kilda, Sydney Road, Brunswick, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, or the commercial end of outlet mecca Bridge Road, Richmond, where you might pop in to Exentrix for a one-off by Elsje. Better spell it for the bloggers. Becx Long has worked as a magazine journalist, fashion publicist and stylist in her native Melbourne and Europe. She is currently freelancing and running fledgling blog Fashion Platz, covering avant-garde fashion from northern Europe.

There isn’t a huge array of stores here, mostly international chain stores and bigger designers like Gucci, Escada, Jil Sander and Chloe, which can all be located on Kaertner Street (always brimming with tourists). Personally, I like to shop at H&M and Zara--they have absolutely everything I need, and at a reasonable price as well. I also like to shop online--two of my favourites are 80’s Purple (they have an amazing sunglasses collection) and Topshop. For amazing bargains and outlets, I like to head to Parndorf, a shopping village about 30 minutes drive away from Vienna. There is a wide variety of shops there that can satisfy the needs and styles of

many: Ralph Lauren, Mango, Stefanel, Escada, Tommy Hilfiger and Falke, to name a few. My best bargains there included a 17 Euro peach-colored dress from Stefanel and a boarding school style blazer from Ralph Lauren for 20 Euros. Definitely a great place for inexpensive quality clothes. Fashion events are scarce in the Austrian city. The up-and-coming Vienna Fashion Week takes place in the Museums Quartier, where many Austrian designers are shown. Once a year, there is the Life Ball, Europe’s largest and more spectacular charity event dedicated to raising support for the fight against HIV and AIDS. The opening’s finale is a fashion show, which has presented Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and Agent Provacateur just to name a few. Many world famous personalities and artists have also supported the Life Ball, including Eva Longoria, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Liza Minnelli. The involvement of these artists, models and volunteers serves as a statement of humanity, hope and understanding. Vienna is definitely not one of the major fashion cities, but there is so much about it that is chic and elegant. The city is scenic, with lots of greenery and mountains, making it one of the healthiest places to live in the world. Now, just add some well-dressed individuals to the picture and you’ve got yourself a real-life fairytale.




SHOE SMITTEN DV Dolce Vita Nathan boot,


CHOCOLATE FASHION Odeon GM Bag, Louis Vuitton

A classic bag that’s roomy enough for a mini-laptop, magazines, my notepad, and cell phone. You can never go wrong with classic luxury.

-----------------Finsbury heel, L.A.M.B

Green is the new black fall and this forest green pump falls right in line. I love the comfort and elegance of this heel that can work with a dress or a pair of jeans.

1 4

w w w. S t y l e

The over-the-knee boot is the trend to try this fall! Pick one in a versatile color (not patent leather), and stay away from high stilettos and platforms. I prefer to cover up and wear them with leggings.


LAVISH MAG Earrings, Rachel Rachel Roy

I cannot live with out my Rachel Roy “Love” hoops from the Rachel Rachel Roy line. Got them at the pop up shop in Soho!

----------------Floral dress, Forever21

I can never seem to let summer go. One of my favorite pieces is this cute little floral number of a dress. I’ve seen similar items all over the celebs and even on some fall runways.

What fashion bloggers have at the top of their list this fall, from things they’re reusing to must-haves to wear all season. Edited by Natasha of Fashionalities




KEKE COUTURE Studded ankle boot, French Connection


Boots are fabulous for fall, and this season any height will do, from ankle boots to over the knee styles. I absolutely have to have a pair of studded ankle boots this season. They are the perfect way to take an outfit from day to night.


Leather jacket, Forever21



This fall it is all about edge and my must have piece is a feminine leather jacket. They look chic with just about anything, from floral dresses and ruffled tops, to a plain white tee and jeans.

Walter floral mini, Gilt

This patterned shift dress is another great transitional piece. I’ll wear it with a blazer and tights or belt it and wear it as a blouse with jeans or leggings.

Pour La Victoire Fanny Platform, Amazon

My #1 Transition piece: big cut-out platforms. I’ll wear them with tights for an entirely new look!

Leopard cardigan, Gap I absolutely adore the throwbacks to the 70’s punk trend. Leopard print makes a bold statement so I don’t wear it as an entire outfit, but prefer to mix and match it with softer pieces.

----------------Jeans, Intermix

Washed denim is one of my must haves for the Fall. I’ll smack on some red lipstick for some extra fierceness!






New online boutique Brook&Lyn mixes designer and vintage fashion for everyone. By Hanna A. of Oh, Honey. No.

I basically want to keep everything...and that’s my husband’s greatest fear!


rooklyn-based e-boutique owner, Mimi Jung, knows what it’s like to have too much of a good thing. “When I was a teenager,” she recalls, “My father used to take me on these massive shopping sprees fueled by divorce guilt, and at the end of the week I would grow numb to all the new items I acquired. If you can buy everything, then nothing is special.” That’s why her online store, Brook&Lyn (, is less focused on keeping up with the latest dime-a-dozen trends, and more focused on providing clothing, shoes and accessories waiting to be stamped with your own personal twist. “I don’t expect my customers to buy something every week, but to be able to treat themselves once in a while to something truly unique and not blow hundreds of dollars doing it.”

Items sold in the Brook&Lyn boutique; top, Mimi in her office.

The seeds of Brook&Lyn were sown two years ago, when Jung, frustrated with her career as a graphic designer, decided to indulge her passion by creating an online zine that captured the intersection of fashion and culture. Unfortunately, lack of funding meant it never got off the ground. So Jung started a blog instead. Slowly, she won a steady readership with her edgy personal style and a constant stream of engaging content. Then one day, after buying a pair of Nina Ricci boots in the wrong size, she decided to try selling them on her blog. Within the first hour, the shoes were gone. “Naturally, my head started spinning with other items I could possibly start selling,” she says. “But I wanted to do it right,

1 6

w w w. S t y l e

with the best images and styling I could produce.” That quest for perfection led to six months of hard work to get her boutique launched, and since then, the pace hasn’t let up. Jung’s days are a storm of emails, sourcing for new inventory, shipping orders (complete with handwritten notes and doodles), blogging, photo shoots, and bookkeeping – when she isn’t advising clients as part of her other role as a personal shopping consultant. Each item on Brook&Lyn bears Jung’s unmistakable touch, from an intricately patterned yellow Anna Sui dress, to a sky-high pair of Opening Ceremony wedges in pale grey suede. The downside to imbuing so much of herself in the store, of course, is having to part with it all. “I basically want to keep everything,” she says wistfully, “And that’s my husband’s greatest fear!” Fortunately, the world is full of treasures yet to be discovered and avenues yet to be explored -- and Jung is more than up to the challenge. A jewelry collection is being primed for a debut in the coming months; a clothing line could soon follow. Yet, it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping anytime soon. “Whatever I put into it is what I get out… so at the end of the day, there is nothing as rewarding as this.” Check out Mimi’s blog at and visit her online shop at




Designer Tina of Cowgirl Heaven creates fun and feminine clothing and accessories. By Michelle Nickolaisen of Decline Designs With students all over campus clamoring for her to make one for them, she quickly earned the name ‘Campus Couture’. The growth to a complete collection was fairly organic from there.


os Angeles-based designer Houstina Summers creates lovely versatile clothing and accessories that can be dressed up or down. Her line, Cowgirl Heaven, has a fresh and youthful feel that’s still classy and chic. Lace, roses, and v-necks all make appearances in this designer’s repertoire.

I was known as ‘Campus Couture.’

Among the offerings for fall are a gorgeous v-neck halter dress with a lace skirt that has a bustled effect in tones of beige and cream, a flirty belted mini-dress in yellow, black, and white, with a rose accent (trust me, it’s gorgeous!), and a maxi halter dress in shades of gray with a lace overlay. Cowgirl Heaven is created in the colorful streets of Los Angeles, where Tina has lived her entire life. Her mother was a seamstress, which might have set her on the design track at an early age. As a child, she dreamed of being a princess and would tuck scraps from her mother’s workstation into her pants, making a huge rag skirt that made her feel like a queen. But her real fascination with design started when she took a sewing class in college and made a purple ruffled tutu - it was a hit!

When asked about her favorite material to work with, she chose taffeta because “I like the way it feels and looks. It’s easy to contour to a women’s body and its stiffness is useful when I want to experiment.” Her latest collection features several dresses with taffeta peeking out from under sultry skirts. Cowgirl Heaven clothing and accessories can be found in her Etsy shop, www.cowgirlheaven., and at Taylor’s Joynt Boutique in Sherman Oaks, CA. Definitely check out Tina’s designs - they’re fabulous! And don’t forget to take a peek at her blog too! Shop Cowgirl Heaven online at, and visit Tina’s blog at

Pieces from Tina’s current collection.



Sweet 1 8

w w w. S t y l e

Thing LA-based fashion addict Emily Schuman is the stunning author of one of the most tempting fashion blogs around. By Lauren of A Typical Atypical


upcakes and Cashmere is a blog choc-abloc with beautiful fashion pieces, mouthwatering recipes and other such fodder for hungry readers. It is a collection of all of the things that make Schuman happy, whether that is redecorating her bedroom into a cool airy paradise, or the most beautiful pair of heels that she simply must wax lyrical about. The images and the fashion make for a beautiful combination that is less about blogging and more about sharing her findings with the world at large.

Life Offline

As a writer at heart, Cupcakes and Cashmere was a natural extension to the creative and exciting life that Emily leads when not reading and writing in the digital world. Having come from an impressive start with Teen Vogue and Domino magazine, blogging was a way to fill the creative gap left behind when she transferred over into online sales. With a clear writing ability and undeniable fashion taste, the progression from magazines to blogging seems to have happened easily and naturally.


I think as long as you’re doing something you enjoy and find your own voice, people will be drawn to what you have to say.

Emily’s following is as varied and committed as her career history, and she claims that what began as “merely a fun hobby, morphed into an absolute obsession with fashion and food”.

Stylish leanings

The fashion obsession running through Cupcakes and Cashmere is a mere tribute to the stunning collection of clothes owned by this passionate blogger. Practicing what she preaches, Emily’s photographs track a vast collection of sexy smart blazers, enviable heels, and cute yet carefully planned outfits. As with any author who loves planning her outfits, Emily explains how writing in her own environment has “been an amazingly rewarding experience that has also taught me a lot about myself and dressing in a way that makes me happy”. The resulting style combinations demonstrate remarkable flair with subtle shades, and reveal soft girly fabrics paired with edgier buckles, studs and deep black accents.

2 0

w w w. S t y l e

More than just clothes

Blog advisors tell you find your niche. Schuman has done just that, by eschewing the typical style blog tendencies and allowing herself to talk about everything that makes her happy. Her best advice is “I think as long as you’re doing something you enjoy and find your own voice, people will be drawn to what you have to say”. People will probably also be drawn to the decadent foodie pictures that litter her posts, featuring elegant cakes and pies as well as restaurant reviews and more. A multi-talented woman, Cupcakes and Cashmere is a true glimpse into her life, and something of a bible to fashion addicts and food junkies around the globe. Just a quick glance at her “featured in” lists show that Emily’s niches are clearly pushing a number of enthusiastic buttons within the fashion press at large.

Her multiple creative leanings have produced not only a hugely popular blog, but a cute Etsy shop stocked with stylish girlie necklaces, and even a trip to New York Fashion Week courtesy of the iconic brand Coach! I have no doubt that this gal’s luck will just keep getting better and better, and that her life-long ambition to be a writer full-time will be fulfilled. With her ever-growing following and the determination to make it work, this is one to watch out for in the fashion world.

Visit Emily’s blog at


Thankfully, Emily manages to be a true inspiration both in and out of the blogosphere.



Using Google




by Valerie Warrington of Beauty and the Budget




ver wonder who is looking at your Web site? Where are your visitors from? How many people view your site on a daily basis? Google Analytics can answer all of these questions and more. It is the most indispensable tool for site owners today, and it is imperative if you’re trying to monetize your site or blog. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a tech savvy diva. Google Analytics is user friendly, and it’s completely free! Here’s what you need to do:

Install the Application To install the program, simply create an account with Google Analytics. Then copy and paste the generated code segment under the </body> tag of your homepage.

Access your account After the installation, make sure it works. Do this by accessing your Analytics account, which will take you to the account overview. A green check-mark next to your site name will indicate that the code is working.

Check Regularly Once everything is installed, keep a regular check on the most important features of Google Analytics. Each day, Google Analytics generates a detailed traffic report. Check this report daily and note any changes in site traffic. It will help you adapt your site to meet the needs of your visitors.

Everything you need is located in the Dashboard, which gives you a general summary of the various traffic reports. There are three areas of the Dashboard that are the most important: Visitors, Traffic Sources, and Content. These areas are vital to your site because they will help you cater to the needs of your visitor. Visitors The Visitors section shows how many people view your site. Pay attention to the bounce rate, which indicates how many people leave your site from the landing page. If the bounce rate is high, it generally means that the content is not valuable to your visitors.

Traffic Sources Traffic source reports indicate what sites are referring your visitors. It will help you realize where to network. Does most of your site traffic come from Twitter or Facebook? This report will let you know!

Content The Content report tells you what content is generating the most views. Did a particular topic generate a lot of views? Maybe you should write about it more often.

Navigate around the site to discover all that Google Analytics has to offer. It will help you obtain knowledge about your site that is relevant for monetization, and it will boost your confidence to know that someone somewhere is looking!

2 2

w w w. S t y l e



Create a Gorgeous Collage by Chelsea of Addicted


reating photo collages is essential for fashion bloggers. As visual people, we tend to find inspiration in the many things we see throughout the day. Posting a collage of runway looks, street style photos, artistic works, and other inspirational images adds depth and visual interest to your blog and acts as eye candy for your readers. Here’s how to create gorgeous collages that will keep everyone coming back for more:



Open a new document in whatever image-editing program you’re using - my personal preference is Photoshop. Depending on where you’ll be posting the final product, the size is up to you, but always start with a white or transparent background.


CHOOSE ONE OR TWO BACKGROUND PHOTOS Black and white always tends to be a good option as it leaves lots of room to play with color. Make sure that the pictures are high resolution and not too busy. The key to a good collage is keeping it simple enough that the reader can distinguish everything. Keep in mind that you can always rotate a photo or make it smaller.




different options in mind because you probably won’t end up using them all, and some just won’t end up working. I like to cut out the backgrounds of most of my photos so that they aren’t too choppy. If you use Photoshop, click ‘filter’ and then ‘extract’ and highlight the edges of whatever you want to cut out.



When you’re finished, save the collage as a .JPEG file at maximum quality, and then voila! *Tip: Never close a collage until you’re completely finished! If you save and then reopen it multiple times it will get blurrier and blurrier, and you won’t be able to move anything.


Start placing photos. This is the fun part--play with different angles, vary the sizes of your photos, and just let your imagination run wild! Everything is up to you at this point, so just spend some time experimenting and getting used to your photo editing program.



One Question, Three Bloggers

Which city has the best street style?

Different perspectives, shared experiences Edited by Tiana of So Right Now




Christina, CANDYBOX


The city that embodies my favorite street style is London, simply because anything goes and you don’t need to be rich to look stylish. Walk around London and you’ll see people wearing anything from high street and designer labels, to vintage, second-hand and retro. It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it. That element of individuality is what I love so much about London street style.

The first city that springs to mind is New York City. I love NYC street style because it’s so diverse everywhere you look. The city is in such a rush and I love how people throw things on while still looking fabulous. Everyone wears what’s comfortable to them, which expresses part of who they are. I’m inspired by people who wear whatever they like, without paying attention to what others think.

Sydney is a blogger’s dream when it comes to contemporary street style. There’s something inherently risky and uniquely Australian about Sydney’s sartorial approach. There is the Woodstock vibe at Manly Beach, the eclectic mix of vintage and DIY clothing at Darlinghurst and Paddington, and the subdued classics and structured tailoring of Pitt Street. For me it’s their “who cares?” attitude that set Sydneysiders apart.


Funny/interesting/thoughtful comments from the blogosphere

“I want to become an international superstar that gets invited to galas, just so I can wear those beautiful dresses.” A Little Splendor, Dapper Kid

“cashmere + hot chocolate...i die!” First Frost, Delectable Swank “This is a great city full of remarkable talent that is deserving of proper representation and a ‘real’ platform for exposure.” Addressing the Continuing Failure Over Vancouver’s

Fashion Weeks, Demi Couture

Style Sample Magazine Issue #4  

The October/November issue of Style Sample magazine

Style Sample Magazine Issue #4  

The October/November issue of Style Sample magazine