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This issue marks the first anniversary of Style Sample (or close enough—the first issue was released in April 2009). While I decided up front to take it seriously and give my all to producing the magazine, I honestly had no idea if I’d still be doing it over a year later. Sure, I had vague notions of becoming a cross between Anna Wintour and Oprah Winfrey, but really, who hasn’t? Some of the best advice I’ve ever received centered around perseverance. Technology advances so rapidly now that people expect so-called overnight success. It’s not impossible, but many of the most successful people have been honing their craft for years, and not every idea they tried resulted in triumph. The idea here is not to give up before opportunities present themselves. I firmly believe that if you keep improving and make it through The Dip—a temporary setback that will get better if you keep moving forward— you can be successful. Speaking of success, there are plenty of worthy examples in this issue. Fashion design student Mary Catherine Moody lets her creativity flow through her designs, illustrations and photography. Illustrator Brooke Hagel’s feminine figures have led to several commercial commissions, and vintage aficionado Shae left her online clothing boutique to pursue photography, with beautiful results.


w w w. S t y l e S a m

If you love shopping and styling (and really, who doesn’t?), be sure to read about a day in the life of Topshop visual merchandiser Steph, whose dream-worthy job entails both. Interested in the business side of fashion? Ceri of Heathcote Communications talks about what it takes to run a fashion marketing firm, while Melissa of Fashion Trend Guide and Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly give great advice on conducting professional reviews and creating video blogs—two tactics guaranteed to help you expand your brand. Read on for inspiration, and remember that your dreams, too, are possible. Keep growing, keep learning, stay flexible, and be prepared for opportunities, because when you’re true to yourself and willing to work, they’ll be there. I’m always interested in your feedback and ideas, so feel free to contact me and don’t forget to subscribe at to keep up and stay in touch!



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Maristella González of PYT IN PTY is a graphic designer, fashion-obsessed blogger, streetstyle photographer and 1/2 of a sister team working hard on opening a new kind of fashion boutique for trendsetters and fashionistas in Panama City.


Italian, recent graduate and part-time blogger. My blog is about fashion and glam lifestyle on a student budget, but in a “made in Italy” way! @STUDENT_FLAIR



Fashion Intel

Marvelous Things

Natalie is the creator of Fashion Intel, a blog that investigates the intersectionality of fashion and politics. A Women’s Studies graduate from UCLA, she enjoys musing on fashion, feminism and sex.

A just-shy-of eighteen fashion blogger with a love for coffee and all things Marc Jacobs.





Vanessa Laraine is a freelance fashion and lifetsyle writer from Melbourne Australia. By day she masks as a hard nosed HR lady, but at night indulges in two endless love affairs: writing and African drumming.

Lindsey is the blogger behind Saucy Glossie, which covers her latest obsessions, interviews with designers, fashion events, & personal style on a budget. She also travels the country providing style tips on morning television shows.

Saucy Glossie

Hallowed Be Thy Name





Gabrielle is an Indianapolis writer, blogger and cheese aficionado. When she’s not writing for her fashion blog or her column in Indianapolis Business Journal, she can be found sampling wine and cheese, watching Law & Order or reorganizing her closet.

Kristina Medhus is a full-time medical student by day and fashion blogger by night. Her blog, Pretty Shiny Sparkly, is an unabashedly girly haven of fashion & style. She loves skinny jeans, pink tutus, and crisp white oxford shirts.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Haute in the Heartland





Melissa Poster is a southern California-based fashion blogger and trend spotter. In her free time, you can find her riding her bike, scouring local thrift stores, organizing her overstuffed closet, or reading stacks of fashion magazines.

Carolina, 23, fashion enthusiast & avid blogger. While her day job in the financial industry has little to do with fashion, she is actively exploring the field in hopes of building a career where business and fashion can converge in a meaningful way.

Fashion Trend Guide


w w w. S t y l e S a m

Closet Full of Nothing



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One Question, Three Bloggers with Tiffany of Tuolomee, Precilla of FashionArtExpression, and Rachel of Polkadot Stripes. Edited by Giorgia of Student Flair





The latest happenings from around the blogosphere and what to check out on the web.


Featuring MyFashDiary, Fashion Hippie, Queen of Hearts, and Unconventional Morning.


Highlighting the style of Shannon of DirtyHairHalo.

w w w. S t y l e S a m


Steph of Walk the Sand takes us on a midnight romp through the world of Topshop visual merchandising. Carolina of Closet Full of Nothing shows us around Vancouver, Canada; Maristella of PYT in PTY explores the style scene in Panama City.


Six stylish bloggers show us how to ride the wave. Edited by Lindsey of Saucy Glossie


Fashion illustrator Brooke Hagel of Fabulous Doodles talks about her drawing inspiration. By Jessica of Marvelous Things






Shae of Everything Style has transitioned from selling vintage wares to exploring fashion photography. By Natalie of Fashion Intel Highly passionate design student Mary Catherine Moody is the real thing. By Tamia of The Style Sample


For Ceri of Style Eyes, a career in fashion marketing was just a click away. By Gabrielle of Haute in the Heartland



London-based student Shini Park is taking the British style world by storm. By Vanessa Laraine of Hallowed Be Thy Name






Video blogging is a powerful way to expand your brand online. Here’s how to do it. By Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Stop Traffick.

Writing professional reviews can help you get noticed and drive traffic to your site. By Melissa of Fashion Trend Guide

Take a small step toward big change. Shop 7

NEWS The latest happenings in the blogosphere


Pour Porter Shop opened quietly with a small, thoughtfully selected inventory. With a mix of recognizable pieces from designers and brands featured on the Pour Porter blog, owner Noel plans to add two new designers in May and June while regularly posting news updates and new items each month. Click over to for a look.


Fashion Stake will allow you to directly invest in fashion designers by browsing online collections and buying a stake in a collection in return for credits to buy clothes. Patrons can also share ideas with designers and vote on collections. The brainchild of a Harvard Business School student, the site will help emerging designers find funding and bypass retails buyers while giving fashion-conscious consumers access to lesser-known designers and collections. “Why should we leave it up to just a couple of people to decide what the public wants?” asks Fashion Stake CEO Robert Gulati. “It’s not a one way type of logic anymore.” Read more about Fashion Stake at


Send your tips and information to with “News” in the subject.


w w w. S t y l e S a m


Presented by Joonbug and, PROM 2010 is billed as the first fundraiser for the Society of Independent Fashion Journalists, with the proceeds funding the fashion week coverage of 14 bloggers in New York, London, Paris and Milan. Hosted by designer Rebecca Minkoff and Jared Eng of Just Jared, the event will take place at Espace on May 8th from 10pm - 4am and includes a panel of celebrity judges, live performances, and artfully prepared cocktails. Get your tickets at


Started as a way to address the clothes and shoes that were “starting to eat up room” in her apartment, Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit opened online boutique Shop The Haute Pursuit. Stocking trendy and edgy gently worn clothing and accessories, her goal is to provide quality customer service and great consignment for people looking for affordable and green alternatives to traditional shopping. Vanessa also plans to host garden party shopping get-togethers in Vancouver to meet readers and sell items in person this summer. Looks like it’s time for a trip to Canada! Browse at ShopTheHautePursuit. com.

THE MOST BEAUTIFULEST is on the lookout for the next Beautiful Fashion Blogger! The first Beautiful Fashion Blogger contest aims to capture “the true insiders and tastemakers” who set the trends in the fashion world online. You can showcase your style and share your stories and inspiration by submitting your pictures to the website starting May 12th. The top 25 finalists will have the opportunity to be listed in the blog, where they will be featured and voted on by a panel of key tastemakers in the fashion and beauty industries. Winners will receive an opportunity to appear on “A Fashionable Life” radio show, two nights and dinner for two in New York City, a haircut at Frederic Fekkai, a Rebecca Minkoff bag, and more! To find out more, visit




question  THREE

 

Different perspectives, shared experiences Edited by Giorgia of Student-Flair


bloggers 

Is there a style from the past you wish would make a comeback?




The whole hip hop ‘80s and early ‘90s look, with the outrageous clothes and the boomboxes!

One trend that I would definitely love to come back would have to be the 1920’s Parisian showgirl look.

I love it when people play with colors and patterns. Some of the colors were a little bit of a pain in the eye (more than a little bit, actually!), and some clothes were just wack. What can I say, I do tend to have a wack sense of style. But you gotta love it!

In a time when it was thought risqué to show off your ankles, girls proved it was always better to leave it to the imagination in gorgeous billowing masses of endless fabric. Hopefully, the return of the bra top will make way for the rest of this glorious era!

A lot of my favorite trends from the past have made a comeback, like high-waisted skirts and oxford heels, but a trend I really love that still has yet to resurface is pillbox hats. Jackie Kennedy used to wear them with gorgeous day dresses and always looked classy and elegant. I have seen some recent fashion editorials that include pillbox hats, but they still haven’t made a big comeback.


Funny/interesting/thoughtful comments from the blogosphere

“I think there is a lot of pressure to keep up financially and sartorially, but that leads to homogenizing of the blogoshpere..” ~Seen on Finance & the Fashion Blogger: Ignore-ance, Dramatis Personae

“[the photos] almost make my eyes feel a bit funny… but in a good funky way.” Seen on Lomography, Models on Duty, Style Slicker



blogs 

MyFashDiary Myfashdia


Fresh faces and unique concepts in the world of blogging

Alan, Vancouver

take pictures, or even shredding a tshirt. I just want them to be inspired.

Unconventional Morning Unconventionalmorning., @alan_li

What is your blog about? It’s mainly about my personal style and random things in my life that I like to talk about. There are also posts about runway shows, models and other celebrities. The main purpose of my blog is to inspire people. I want my readers to get up and do something after they have read my blog—whether it be thrift store shopping, going to


w w w. S t y l e S a m

Why did you start blogging? I kind of got peer pressured into blogging because of Almost everyone had a blog! I didn’t want to feel left out so I decided to start one myself. In the beginning I was skeptical, but I fell in love with blogging ever since. Thank you, Lookbook users! Describe your style in five words or less: Hipster scum meets runway. What do you call people you’ve “met” online, but not in real life? I’m not very sure what I call them, but the people I have met are very inspirational! I’ve met some very cool people through fashion communities such as and Chictopia.

What is your blog about? My blog is basically my online fashion diary—I blog about fashion brands that are worth knowing about, talented people in the industry, my personal style, my favorite trends and everything in my life that relates to fashion. Why did you start blogging? I’ve been an avid blog reader for a few years, even before the whole blogging craze begun. I naturally thought of starting my own, but didn’t feel like I had enough time to commit to it. In October 2009, I locked myself at home and that’s when MyFashDiary was born! Who do you hope to reach? I started the blog thinking it was only going to be read by my friends and the people I knew who loved fashion - I now have readers from over 120 different countries! I also had Christian Louboutin and Alice Temperley check out my blog! I just hope international readers continue to enjoy my blog.

Fashion Hippie,, @myfashdiary

Tala, London

Where are you from? I’m originally Syrian, born in the US, grew up in Dubai, and currently living in London!

Zoe, Canada

Queen of Hearts, @zoebadley What is your blog about? Honestly, some days I don’t even know! My blog is still a baby and growing each day, so at the moment it’s mostly about fashion and outfit posts. I have done the odd product review, thrown in some rants, and given some hair and skin care advice.


Anni, Germany

What is your blog about? I blog about my daily outfits. Why did you start blogging? A long time before I started blogging I read other blogs. One day I thought, “Hey, I can do this too!”

Why did you start blogging? I’m currently enrolled in a Journalism program at college, and surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of room for creativity. I wanted to create a space where I could write about anything, improve those skills, and not have to worry about grammar or spelling mistakes. The blogging world seemed like the perfect spot! It wasn’t until a few months later that I decided to specifically make it a fashion blog.

Describe your style in five words or less: I really like the hippie, bohemian, vintage look.

Who do you hope to reach? Anyone! The fact that I have the amount of followers I do surprises me. I’m just a typical girl that’s passionate about everything, especially fashion. So, of course I love being able to express and share those passions with different people around the world, no matter who they are.

What do you call people you’ve “met” online, but not in real life? Bloggerfriends! But it’s so amazing to meet them in real life, too.

What’s your favorite part about blogging? Hands down, the community! I’ve only been blogging for a few months

and I’ve already met (via email) some really incredible people. Everyone is supportive and honest with his or her posts and comments, which is super refreshing to see. What are you usually doing when you’re not online? Thinking about being online, and I’m not even joking!



If you’d like to be considered for “Blogs to Watch”, complete the online submission form at!




Shannon Licari, 26 Location: Minneapolis, MN Occupation: Service industry Twitter: @dirtyhairhalo Name:


w w w. S t y l e S a m

SHANNON SAYS... I always find myself shopping at thrift stores because $4 deals drive me crazy!

The best advice I’ve ever received was "Watch out for the sh*t, ladies" while at Bonnaroo.

I never leave home without sunglasses, handbag,

My favorite candy is black licorice, because it's

A perfect day for me involves direct sunlight, funk rock and cold beer.

Learn more about Shannon on her blog, Dirty Hair Halo

cell phone, and iPod.


If I had my own clothing line, it would be called Outre, because I appreciate the bizarre.



A Day in the Life

Steph of Walk the Sand takes us on a midnight romp through the world of Topshop visual merchandising.


’ve worked in Topshop, Edinburgh for two years as a top level Visual Merchandiser specializing in accessories and working on new trends. Aspiring to a career in fashion design print, I also wanted to get a real look at what the buying public really wanted—and what better way than to work on the Great British High Street? I do not believe in blindly following trends, but prefer to incorporate catwalk influenced pieces into an outfit that oozes personal style. I get a lot of inspiration from my mother, a very chic woman who dressed to suit her body shape perfectly, all within a sensible budget. I also source a lot of fashion blogs for outfit inspiration, and covet the style of Kate Bosworth, Helena Christiansen, and Alexa Chung. Designer styles I love to emulate include Alexander Wang and Burberry Prorsum, and nothing beats a fabulous vintage find!

8:20 PM

11:00 PM

Get ready for work. Although I work in Topshop, which is considered to be very fashion forward, the amount of running around means I cannot cut about in a pair of heeled clogs. We’re up ladders in stockrooms, dragging rails, and wheeling stock, so I need to be comfy! My staples? Jeggings, flats, oversized tees, and loose blazers and cardigans.

Check reports relevant to specialty areas. The most important of these is the Best Sellers Report, where we monitor what our customers are loving and make sure we have it available so that they can easily shop these pieces in all sizes and colors.

10:00 PM

Place all of the best sellers on a rail, sorted by color range. These are then split into two-to-three color stories. For example, cream with black, lilac and mint green; white with navy, pink and grey; dark yellow-y cream with coral, khaki and red. It’s all about defining the same look but with different colors, since different colors work with different skin tones.

Arrive at work and go through the delivery, pick new lines, and place them into our trends or departments. On a night shift, this means re-merchandising the whole place, launching new trends, debuting a collection or giving the place a refresher. The whole team does a walk-round where we all critique and come up with new ideas for an area, and decide on the best plan of action.


w w w. S t y l e S a m

11:30 PM

ru m c p

The amount of unning around means I cannot cut about in a pair of heeled clogs!

5:00 AM MIDNIGHT Time for outfit building, which means displaying pieces that could be worn together in the same area. Shorts and a vest top with a jacket nearby is perfect, as long as it looks good. Next, I think about the balance of colors: we don’t want a black skirt with a black blouse and a black cardigan all together.

1:00 AM Lunch, if you can call it that! I make a quick trip to the late night McDonald’s for a Diet Coke, some porridge and a seat to recharge my batteries for an hour.

2:00 AM After the wall I’ve been working on is completed, I fill in the extra merchandise, stand back, and sign it off. We get a lot of fragmentation pieces (items that may not belong to a current collection) in Topshop so we have to make sure these are “hidden” at the backs of the displays neatly, yet still available to be shopped by a customer.

4:00 AM I make sure our best sellers are focal points. Putting myself in the customer’s shoes, I walk around and see what I spot first.

Work on sourcing relevant shoes and accessories to complete the trend look, which we call ‘dressing the shelves and prongs’.

6:30 AM Standards, standards, standards. I make sure everything is on the right hanger, hanging neatly, and looking brand new!

7:00AM Head to Manchester to preview Topshop’s highly anticipated make-up range. It rocks! From core products like skin tints and blusher, to trend-led items such as feather face art, this collection screams color and creativity, all wrapped up in gorgeous packaging. The meeting allows me not only to try awesome stuff, but helps me develop a plan of action on how to train the staff, set up the window launch, market the product to our customers, and set up the huge illuminated makeup stand we will have in the store.

8:00 AM I make the short walk home and head to bed! Unfortunately, I sometimes end up sleeping through the sun...





style 


 in my

An insider’s view on style around the world.

“...a cultur-

ally diverse city filled with fashion enthusiasts”

Vancouver, CANADA Carolina, 23 Closet Full of Nothing


ther than having the title of the most liveable city in the world and being the recent host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver is also famed for its diverse display of style. It’s true that one cannot define our style by a single notion, as Vancouver is a playground for cultural emergence. Above: Gastown, Dream boutique; Top & beloww: Robson Street.

International Influence

While many Vancouverites dress to suit the West Coast lifestyle—laid back casual-cool—the international influence also brings an assortment of unique styles to an already colorful palette. The overall mix reflects a culturally diverse city filled with fashion enthusiasts who daringly play with colors, shapes, and proportions. Whether you are a lover of shopping malls, high-end retailers, vintage shops, or unique boutiques,


w w w. S t y l e S a m

Vancouver has everything you need. In the heart of the city runs the famous Robson Street. Offering a variety of stores in an urban strip stretched over a few blocks, you’ll find all the big international brand names like Zara, BCBG, Banana Republic, and many more. Expect to see a flock of fashionistas strolling through the street embracing the latest trends.

Fashionista Heaven

Only 15 minutes away is one of the oldest neighborhoods, Gastown. This delightfully charming area is home to an array of small and unique boutiques featuring local designers and hard-to-find brands, and attracts the most fashion-forward bunch in the city. The cobble stone walkways are filled with edgyto-avant garde shoppers hopping between clothing, accessories, and furniture stores. Vintage seekers will find themselves spending hours on Main Street and

“Food has a way of bringing people together!”

Panama City, PANAMA Maristella, 25 PYT in PTY


anama has always played a strategic role in global transportation. Have you heard of a “little” thing called The Panama Canal? Well, all of this coming and going of people has made Panama City quite the melting pot and a very interesting metropolis! In the past years, I’ve seen my city grow faster and larger than I could’ve ever imagined.

Beach Culture

in the Commercial Drive area, just outside of downtown Vancouver. The abundance of secondhand boutiques attracts those truly creative souls living in a retro time warp. From vibrant prints to oversized accessories, these stylistas are experts in finding distinctive pieces for the best of mixing and matching. Most people come to Vancouver for the great outdoors; however, if you get a chance to shift your focus away from the breathtaking scenery, you will find many stylish people in this city of great inspiration. We welcome the world and embrace the multiculturalism that defines the style in Vancouver, where nothing is ever too peculiar, and everything is accepted.


CAROLINA of Closet Full of Nothing is a fashion enthusiast and avid blogger. She hopes to build a career where business and fashion can converge in a meaningful way.

Our strong beach culture is reflected on our population’s style and music taste. Surfing and skateboarding are practically the national hobbies, while more punk and rock bands are adding Panama City to their tour list of the Americas, resulting in a very California cool/Australian laid-back fashion scene. If that’s your style, then go straight to the Casco Viejo, our old city and the cultural heart of Panama. The Casco has been home to some of the best events in the city, such as the Panama Jazz Festival, MACRO Fashion, Art and Creativity festival, and Pecha Kucha Panama. There are also lots of cool little spots. One of the most outstanding is definitely Diablo Rosso. Part emerging art gallery, part design shop and part café this is both a place to see and a place to be seen! They stock local label Varela La Mar’s beautiful handmade bags, and Panamanian designer Janet Albornoz’s kitschy pillows. Other musts at the Casco Viejo include Platea jazz bar, Habana Panama salsa club, Gran Clement artisanal ice-cream shop, year-round concert venue La Casona, the Casco Viejo Flea Market on Sundays, and

the cafés and restaurants of Plaza Bolivar.

Electric Feel

There is also a very prominent electronic music scene that comes with a whole other aesthetic. If dancing on tables in the clubs of Calle Uruguay is more your thing, I suggest heading over to Multiplaza Mall in Punta Pacifica where you can find Spanish favorites Zara, MNG and Adolfo Dominguez, or walking over to the luxury aisle and swooning over Jimmy Choo shoes and Chanel bags at their respective flagship stores. From left: Maristella, End your shopping trip Panama City’s with a bang by visiting skyline, Studio Moda, Studio Moda store in Diablo Rosso. Samuel Lewis Avenue. They stock Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Elizabeth and James, and many other “it girl” favorites. One place where you’re sure to find the best of both worlds is definitely Maito Restaurant in Coco del Mar. Food has a way of bringing people together! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re ever in town and we’ll chat over a glass of Malbec, enjoy a tasty Grouper Ceviche and top it off with a magical strawberry cheesecake before we hit the town and party in my city!


MARISTELLA of PYT IN PTY is a graphic designer, fashion-obsessed blogger, street style photographer and 1/2 of a sister team working hard on opening a new kind of fashion boutique for trendsetters and fashionistas in Panama City.





Emma Emme



Chi-Chi (says Robyn)



The Obsessionista


Metallic sandals, Burberry

Swimsuit, Melissa Odabash

The perfect shoes for the beach: flat, comfortable and very chic. Straight from the catwalk in metallic leather. These are fun and glamorous!

You’ll shine into the waves with this amazing cutout swimsuit. It’s perfect for surfing or even a cocktail party. Sporty and fashionable!

Tie-dye dress, Need Supply

Claw necklace, Odette NYC

I may be East Coast born and bred, but even I can channel some West Coast cool in this edgy tank dress. Wear it over a pastel tank or your favorite swimsuit!

You don’t have to wrestle a shark to earn your beach-tostreet cred. Wear this fierce claw necklace with anything and everything to maintain your chic, tough girl image.

Color blocked dress, Lisa Marie Fernandez

Wave spray, Frederic Fekkai

Channel your inner Bond girl in this black and lime green neoprene color-block dress. The ultimate in surf chic, it’s a look that is athletic, bold and undeniably sexy.

w w w. S t y l e S a m

You don’t have to spend a day at the beach to get fresh-offthe-beach hair. Catch a wave or create them with Frederick Fekkai’s Wave Creating Spray for that tousled surfer-girl look.

Ride the wave with pops of neon, tie dye, and sporty color blocking.



Lala New York City



Ou Est La Mode?


JENNIFER Red Sole Diary

Edited by Lindsey of Saucy Glossie

Headband, Cynthia Rowley

Parka dress, Barlow

We all want to be sunkissed and chic this spring. This Cynthia Rowley for Roxy headband will keep pesky flyaways out of your face and keep you looking refreshingly cool.

We all want a dress that’s easy enough to wear over your bikini and cute enough to skip off to lunch with friends. Barlow has the perfect option with this parka dress in silk jacquard.

Lip paint, Barry M.

Gladiator jellies, Topshop

Add a splash of Proenza Schouler color with a bright lipstick, such as this green Barry M. shade.

Color-blocked shopper, ASOS

The bright colors of this bag will add the perfect flair to your summer wardrobe. Colorful bags are a great way to liven up a basic summer outfit.

Clashing colors is a major feature of the Surf trend, so pair your lipstick with a pair of blue jelly shoes.

Tinted moisturizer, Amore Pacific

I love this SPF tinted moisturizer. It is a great way to even out your skin tone without having to wear heavy makeup in the summer, all while protecting against the summer sun.






Blogger and illustrator talks about artistic inspiration and what she’d do for Rachel Zoe.

Brook Hagel

By Jessica of Marvelous Things

Right: Brooke’s “Mariell” illustration


w w w. S t y l e S a m

I think the two things that inspire me most are my friends and the people I spot around me.


ashion does not solely consist of runway shows and clothing. It’s art! And art is exactly what Brooke Hagel creates. Brooke, 29, is a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and a freelance fashion illustrator currently based in Manhattan.


I majored in Fashion Design. As a fashion design major, you learn every aspect of design. They have a 1-year [Associate’s Degree] program, [which I took]. It was very Project Runway: design a dress and make it by tomorrow, sleeping on the tables in the school, etc. Then I went on for two more years to earn a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design with a Specialization in Art.

NOW WORKING AS A FASHION ILLUSTRATOR, WHAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST? I think the two things that inspire me most are my friends and the people I spot around me.

ARE YOUR FRIENDS GENERALLY THE SUBJECTS OF YOUR ‘GIRLS’ SKETCHES? I often refer to my friends when I need to draw a dress or something and think about what a friend wore out last weekend. I love my friends’ styles! It’s also how I started the bridal illustrations.

OTHER THAN YOUR ART COMPILATIONS, WHAT ARE SOME ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT YOU ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF? It’s always really exciting to see my work published! My fashion illustration career highlights are seeing “my girls” on sites like Timex and Cherry Picked. I also won an illustration contest last year when a coat I designed was created and added to Vaute Couture’s fall line. Then, I found out it was purchased by Ginnifer Goodwin!


My “Rebecca” illustration is used as the background for an iPhone app. I’ve also been featured in a couple of bridal magazines!

From top left: “Allie,” “Michele,” and “Paige.”

IF YOU COULD COLLABORATE WITH ANYONE IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY, WHO WOULD IT BE? It would be amazing to work with someone like Rachel Zoe. Every time she dressed someone for [an event], she could have me [complete] an illustration of them, for them.


I’d really love to expand by licensing my work and collaborating with big brands such as Le Sportsac or a stationery company. I’d also like to do more Hollywood related projects.

You can catch up with Brooke on her blog, Fabulous Doodles.



Photo Mojo f


w w w. S t y l e S a m

Shae Detar has transitioned from selling vintage wares to chronicling her adventures in the world of photography. By Natalie James of Fashion Intel


hotos are created every second, but it takes an artist to make a beautiful image. Shae Acopian Detar, 32, is the photographer behind the whimsical blog Everything Style. Currently living in Greenwich Village, Detar has transitioned from selling vintage wares to chronicling her adventures in the world of photography. Her mix of Victorian, Vaudeville, and Parisian schoolgirl style is a breath of fresh air in a sea of fashion blogs that cater to only the latest trends. Her skills for styling are undeniable and her photos illustrate her innate talent of the craft. It is no surprise that she was just accepted into the photography program at The School Of Visual Arts.


Last June I quit my business of selling vintage clothing online (Lullie Vintage), which I had done for 5 ½ years. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life in terms of a career and I was trying to figure out what direction I would take. I started taking street fashion photos, and during Fashion Week I met Karl Edwin Guerre of Swagger 360, Gunnar Hämmerle of Style Clicker and Craig Arend of Altamira. They gave me advice on blogging and photo composition. I left that day filled with a new excitement about cameras and photos.



w w w. S t y l e S a m


I find a lot of my inspiration from art history. Impressionist paintings are incredibly fascinating to me; the lighting on the faces, backgrounds and overall composition are amazing. Vintage clothing and children’s books inspire me a lot as well.


I collect and love old tintypes from the 1800’s! They are so inspiring to me. I adore photography from the Art Deco era and the 1920’s 1940; some of those photos were so cheeky! Photographers whose images I think are stunning include Eudora Welty, Dorothea Lange, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Manual Alvare Bravo, E.J. Belloce, Brill Brandt, Walker Evans, and John Gutmann. There are so many I could name and they are mostly from times past; this seems to be the story of my life. I was born in the wrong era!


I was just given excellent advice myself from a photographer in my family: She said to try and photograph something every single day for a minimum of 20 minutes. This ‘photographic exercise’ has helped me so much! I am beginning to let the photos happen more organically, instead of planning every single aspect of the shot. This is a great source of discipline for me.

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Highly driven design student Mary Catherine Moody is the real thing.


irmingham native Mary Catherine Moody has been designing and sewing for as long as she can remember. She’s come a long way from her first real garment, a cream colored skirt she made in home economics. “It makes me cringe to remember how horrible it looked!” These days, the University of Alabama senior creates beautifully structured and feminine pieces featuring exquisite embroidery, trim, and special pleating techniques. Having started out using upholstery material due to the limited number of fabric stores in Alabama, Moody is drawn to beautiful and ornate fabrics for her designs. “I was lucky enough to be able to intern one summer in New York with a very prominent fashion designer. They gave me a lot of amazing fabric that I used for my senior collection, which I am very thankful for!”

Learning the craft

After starting college, Moody became absorbed in her fashion design classes and wholeheartedly applied herself to learning the craft of sewing and couture. She was so enthralled by the design and creation process that she spent an entire summer sewing practically non-stop, and wound up creating thirteen dresses, all completely sewn by hand. Her ambition cost her a relationship and much of her social life, but Moody attributes those sacrifices to being extremely driven. “Fashion, art, and design are my life at the moment, and I am completely fine with that!”

Fashion, art, and design are my life at the moment, and I am completely fine with that!

Her love of design and desire to create stem from having taken private art lessons for eight years, and the lifelong influence her mother and grandmother have had on her appreciation for style. “To me, fashion is an art and a way of personal expression - not just about pretty models wearing pretty, expensive clothing,” says Moody. Her love of luxury clothing is evident in her designs, which she describes as “classic and elegant femininity.”


w w w. S t y l e S a m

Creative calling

From top: A happy Mary, designs from her senior collection.

A career in fashion design is her goal, but Moody indulges her creative side in other endeavors as well. Calling herself “a huge computer nerd,” she cites a passion for graphic design as well as a number of artistic pursuits—from photography to acting to listening to live music—as creative inspiration. “That’s my favorite outside-of-school activity to do: go watch bands play.” While Moody doesn’t have a business up and running just yet, her ultimate goal is to have her own successful clothing line available in retail stores. She acknowledges how tough it is to get started in the industry, but says “The day one of my dresses appears on Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl or is in Bergdorf Goodman, I will know I have succeeded!” As a designer with a true passion for her craft and the recent recipient of the “Outstanding Senior in Apparel Design” award from her school’s design program, her dream can’t be far behind.

View Mary’s portfolio online at, vist her blog at, and follow @ marycmoody on Twitter.



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For Ceri of Heathcote Communications, a career in fashion marketing was just a click away. By Gabrielle of Haute in the Heartland



ashion marketing is a niche market. It’s so specialized, in fact, that once upon a time designers, retailers and the like had to travel to a fashion hub to find such an agency. Reaching the correct audience for a specific shoe, handbag or anything else is an art form worthy of a plane ticket. But as online social media becomes an increasingly important aspect of a company’s marketing plan, especially in the highly social fashion industry, a fashion marketing firm can be anywhere. Like, say, a small British town just outside London. That’s how Ceri Heathcote was able to start her own fashion marketing business, Heathcote Communications, without leaving her hometown of Bath, United Kingdom, or even her house for that matter. For a little over a year, Heathcote has been running the business from a home office, employing only three freelancers. All via e-commute, the stylish quartet builds and maintains clients’ web content and blogs.

I have to listen very carefully to who my clients’ customers are.

While Heathcote has always been interested in fashion, she didn’t always work near it. She was an operations manager for a management training and executive coaching company when she started her first fashion website, Designer High Street, during maternity leave in 2007. That led to her blog, Style Eyes, and eventually to a contract writing for a price comparison website. She never returned to her “day job,” and by the end of 2008, Heathcote Communications was born.

Attracting clients

Heathcote began attracting clients by bidding for freelance marketing jobs on sites like and sending newsletters to businesses she thought would be interested, but notes that many clients found

her through her company’s website and her blog. Now working with companies in the UK, United States and Australia, her clients are mainly online fashion retailers. Having never set foot in the US aside from a layover en route to Belize, Heathcote admits that properly gauging her clients’ aesthetic and client base is one of her challenges. “I have to listen very carefully to who [my clients’] customers are. Some have a slightly older mar- Heathcote at work, a ket, so I offer more style tips than cut- bag. ting edge fashion. I also have to base the writing around the products they sell.”

Carving a space

For anyone else looking to carve out a space this niche market, Heathcote suggests loading up on blogging and online marketing experience by volunteering for a charity or fashion-related company. Sending a regular newsletter, she said, is also key in building a database of clients. “Your business will mainly be online, but remember to network offline too. Attend lots of fashion events,” she said.

Visit Ceri’s site, Heathcote Communications, and follow @HeathcoteComm on Twitter.



Park& Cube London-based blogger and graphic design student Shini Park is taking the British style world by storm—completely by accident. By Vanessa Laraine of Hallowed Be Thy Name


w w w. S t y l e S a m


here’s nothing more “in the moment” than a fashion-slashstyle blog with an ambiguous name. Team that with a girl-next-door literary style, and a dash of creative and quirky inspiration (who else would stick her head in a bush full of spiders?), and you’ve got the recipe for the next “big gun” blog. Having said that, Park & Cube is basically firing with the biggest, and if you didn’t know this you’re either stuck under a rock, or from Australia— which, quite possibly is the same thing. (Please note, writer is Australian!) Listed in the UK’s top 100 fashion blogs for 2009, and third only to Kingdom of Style and Style Bubble, Park & Cube has received a staggering amount of media attention in the last twelve months, both print and online. From French Vogue to Vogue Girl Korea, Shini’s quiet, yet conspicuous style has nosed it’s way in to some of the world’s best publications. So, Park’s recipe for success? If only it were as simple as loading a few DIY images to Wordpress and conjuring a cool name (more on that later) we’d all be rubbing shoulders at Seoul Fashion Week and mingling at exclusive London blogger events.


It does help that Park possesses a quietly confident beauty, a slender, yet gorgeously proportioned 5’5” frame, and a truly distinct and original style. Though many comparisons have been drawn between her and Susannah Lau’s Style Bubble, these are unfair. Park, in her own right, has a unique and admirable look. Her images may represent a certain juxtaposition of ideas, yet a summary of Park’s style goes something like this: sharp but sweet, quirky yet chic, edgy but innocent, and inconspicuous yet worldly. The inspiration for her style comes from a myriad of places, even the most unlikely: “Even regular Londoners on the street inspire me.” Park continues, “I love color. My favorite is yellow. I feel it represents my personality, you know, there are elements of hazard and danger.”


w w w. S t y l e S a m

Interesting. Behind the carefully observant, yet always wistful Jane Austen half smile, those elements are impossible to detect.

Born and Raised Born in Seoul and raised in Warsaw, Park relocated to London to undertake graphic design studies at the famed Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Now, at the tender age of 23, Park’s penchant for blogging as a “tool for chronic procrastination” has catapulted her to celebrity fashion commentary status. Yet this is something she is uncomfortable with, and doesn’t wish to pursue seriously. “Blogging is purely a hobby. Even after a year, it’s a delicious distraction. And I’m determined to never let it become more than that.” How disappointing for her admirers. We can only hope that infinitely

greater things arise from her graphic design career.

The Name Game Something Shini is asked often, and surely it’s the question burning your lips too, is “what’s with the name?” Of course Park is her surname (cute), but cube? Please explain. “It’s fairly corny really” she concedes, “and the answer is somewhat metaphorical. Fashion blogs can be rather materialistic, so I was determined to give this blog some depth. I took the idea of a typical square image, and transformed it in a physical sense. So a 2-D, flat or ’shallow’ element gains depth and becomes a 3-D cube.” Park & Cube’s content certainly reflects this philosophy. Whereas the internet plays host to an ironically ‘deep’ sea of narcissistic fashion blogs, this one

Blogging is purely a hobby. Even after a year, it’s a delicious distraction. And I’m determined to never let it become more than that.

is different. Always creative, each post is thoughtfully constructed and engaging. If the blog was borne as a tool for diversion, one can certainly spend hours languishing in the same activity. Readers can choose from 14 different categories, from DIY (“do it yasself”­—look for the cool knit-your-own-mohair-shawl story), to Adornation (jewelry), to Excursion (uber-cool designer studio outings). Park & Cube is so full of inspiration, it is impossible not to spend hours poring through the extensive monthly archives. What is highly notable, is the transformation in Park’s commentary over the 18 months since the blog’s inception. Ultimately, Park & Cube has become a brand that represents a laissez-faire, yet supremely chic attitude towards fashion. What is particularly amazing is the blog’s accessibility—it speaks to a wide cross section of readers, possesses a unique tone and style, and is always believable. Certainly this has been Park’s recipe for success. Her anniversary post, where she gave away an All Saints fringe necklace, amassed 673 responses. And strangely enough in that post, she thanked these people for following her “good for nothing blog”. Well, if procrastination is good for nothing, then Park & Cube is very good for something.

Visit Shini online at, and follow @parkncube on Twitter.




Create a video blog and your own YouTube channe by Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Hey, Fashionista. You’re no social clam. You’re fearless! You broadcast your fashionable opinion all over the internet, s about anything online, right? Wrong. It turns out that most fashion bloggers have yet to tap into a really wonderful med sive and it’s visual—three very important concepts in the world of fashion. So why the dearth of fashionable vloggers A vast majority of the “lifestyle” vloggers out there hail from the Beauty world. It makes sense, because when it comes to the latest eye shadow or nail polish color, seeing it in action is practically a requirement. These gals and guys have taken YouTube by storm, generating millions of views (and tons in revenue) in the form of beauty “how-to” videos and product reviews. I say it’s about time you partake in a piece of this pie. In fact, it’s mainly because of my YouTube channel, which is linked from my homepage, that I was tapped by HSN (you know, the Home Shopping Network) by their on-air talent coordinator. Opening the doors for new opportunities = very, very cool beans.



Set up your Google account if you haven’t done so, and register at Your channel will automatically be created, and you can change your logo, background, and other branding on your Channel Design page.

You’re already creating media

I’m not the world’s most outgoing person, but I do love creating media. Like many fashion bloggers, I post my outfits on my blog, Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Imagine how much more fun an outfit post would be if you added in a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot. Or if, as with my current project, you took your video camera out on the town with you running errands, grabbing coffee, visiting with friends, playing ping pong—looking stylish the entire time, natch—and then put it all together with some indie music. You’ve got yourself a trendy video that would do well on your About page or as an intro for your newlycreated YouTube channel.


This is the fun pa cord, what you w your built-in webc use), or a pocket v

A few I recomme the brand new Fli cell-phone-style c 4 hours of HD.

Your very own channel

Ah, the YouTube channel. It’s not just for experts or professional vloggers, and it’s super easy to set up! All you need is a Google account (which I know you have, because, let’s face it, even my Chihuahua has a Google account). Vlogging is just another method of expressing yourself and your individuality. Besides, who says the camera always has to be trained on you? Go out and interview fashionable friends, or ambush stylish streetwalkers. Go forth, create, and have some fun!

Step by step

Just follow my steps and you’ll be on your way in no time. If you have any difficulties along the way, I’d rather you send me an email at than pull your carefully coiffed hair out in frustration. Let’s get started!


w w w. S t y l e S a m


I highly recomme a 270-degree swiv shoot video of oth



I use iMovie because it’s super easy with fessional results, but you can use Wind MovieMaker or go more pro with FinalC Pro or similar programs. Add a title, music whatever you like!

One tip: always cut a “scene” shorter than think you should. Think about movie trai and how they capture your attention beca to a new clip literally every second. Mimic too much.


so it’s safe to say that you would do just dium: video blogging. It’s fun, it’s express?



iMovie makes this incredibly easy by syncing to your YouTube account and exporting it with the proper formatting. For other programs that aren’t so userfriendly, check YouTube’s official recommended settings. If available, select “Prepare for Internet Streaming” and choose “Fast Start” from the drop-down menu. Navigate over to your YouTube account page after your movie has finished exporting, go to My Account, and select New Video Upload. You’ll get a screen that looks like this Click “Upload Video”, then find your video and watch as it begins uploading! Note: even though your upload has completed, YouTube still needs to process it for different sizes and internet connections, so it will look terrible at first (YouTube will display a notification that your video is still processing). Depending on how long your video is, it should clear up within a few minutes to several hours.


art! Think about what you want to rewant to say, and go for it! You can use cam on your computer (which is what I video camera that shoots in HD.

end are the Flip Ultra HD (US $150), or ip Slide HD (US $279), which features a clamshell screen for playback and shoots

end the Sony Bloggie (shown), which has veling lens so you can shoot yourself, or hers. Mine is hot pink. Need I say more?

prodows Cutc, or




Once your shiny new video has finished processing, click the Share button and send it to friends & family. More importantly, you can click “Embed,” then copy and paste the html code into the code-view of your “New Post” screen. Now you’re officially a vlogger! Welcome to the club! I’d love to see what you come up with. Visit and say hi at my PrettyShinySparkly YouTube channel so I can check out your videos!

n you ilers, ause they’re switching c accordingly—but not




Write professional reviews and get noticed


he beauty of being a blogger lies in its ability to give you an outlet to express your ideas and opinions. If you’re a fashion or style blogger, you naturally write about the merchandise, designers and retailers that you like. That may include writing reviews of designer lines, mass market collaborations, line previews, or fashion shows.


In my three years as a fashion blogger, I’ve strived to maintain a professional website and writing style in order to attract new readers and gain the respect of industry professionals. Never one to shy away from a trendy designer/mass market collaboration, I’ve been writing reviews of Target’s GO International collections for about two years now. My reviews include information about everything from fitting room photos, to observations on quality, price, and fit, to overall opinions on designs.


Lately, I’ve found that popular sites such as Racked and The Huffington Post have linked to my reviews, and I consider it an honor. With the rising popularity of fashion blogs, it’s important that fashion bloggers be taken seriously as journalists. Who knows? It’s likely that designers, fashion editors, publicists, retail executives, and other bloggers will be reading your review!


So why write reviews in the first place? Among other things, you may want to share your opinions, provide feedback to fashion industry professionals, connect with like-minded fashion enthusiasts, expand your journalistic experience, and attract new readers. Here are some tips for compiling a professional blog review:

w w w. S t y l e S a m

Expressing your opinion in a clear, objective manner can help drive traffic to your blog. By Melissa of Fashion Trend Guide


DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE DETAILS. A well-written review often includes specific details such as fabric content, prices, merchandising strategy, the designer’s inspiration, and so on. Be sure to take notes on details that you may forget later, so that you can refer to them while writing your review. 2. TAKE TIME TO USE THE RIGHT TOOLS. If your

review is going to include photos or video, then use the best tools that are available to you. Sometimes blurry cell phone photos won’t cut it, so consider using a camera that takes quality pictures.


You’re more likely to be taken seriously if you write in a professional tone – so no texting shorthand or slang, unless it fits in with the tone of your blog and your audience expects it. Some of your readers may not know what “TTS” means. Also, use keywords instead of abbreviations in the title and first few sentences of your post in order to improve search engine results.


HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Your review is an expression of your opinions, and should reflect an honest yet diplomatic point of view. I’ve found that the best reviews reflect honest opinions, yet they are not insulting or demeaning. If you don’t like something, then explain why in a mature, professional manner. 5. REVIEW AND REVISE.

Your review and your blog will look more professional and authoritative if you take time to check the spelling and grammar.


PUBLICIZE IT. Once you’ve written your review, share the link with bloggers, publicists, designers, and anyone may be interested via email, social networking sites, or comments on other blogs. This can help to drive traffic to your site, and soon others will be linking to your review!







w w w. S t y l e S a m

Profile for Style Sample Magazine

Style Sample magazine Issue 7  

Issue #7 of Style Sample magazine is filled with interesting articles: a midnight romp with a Topshop visual merchandiser, surf-inspired sho...

Style Sample magazine Issue 7  

Issue #7 of Style Sample magazine is filled with interesting articles: a midnight romp with a Topshop visual merchandiser, surf-inspired sho...