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Inspired by the scenic Red River, a contemporary custom home takes full advantage of the views A MEMORABLE ENDEAVOUR A breathtaking new mural, Canadian Hero, helps us remember the sacrifices of those who protect our freedom

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Volume 25, Number 1 Winter 2020

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4 Going with the Flow Inspired by the scenic Red River, a contemporary custom home takes full advantage of the views 36 A Memorable Endeavour A breathtaking new mural, Canadian Hero, helps us remember the sacrifices of those who protect our freedom


18 Stepping Out With Style 32 Styling the Stereo 33 On the Bookshelf 34 An interview with Christine Hanlon 35 The New Generation

CUISINE DU JOUR 20 Delectable Dining 22 Top Tables do Take-out 24 Recipes


29 Fab Mind & Body - Local fitness guru shares lockdown workout tips


38 Home accents, gifts & more

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HOMES & NEIGHBOURHOODS 41 Flawless home has it all 47 Tranquil river living 51 Top condo options feature function & style


55 Virtual showroom tour 56 Permit tips for renovators 57 Three season prescription


59 Luxe looks & design ideas from the pros


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EDITOR Rita van Leeuwen ART DIRECTOR Paul Butters EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Lea Currie Julie Germaine Kelly Gray Randal McIlroy Quentin Mills-Fenn Donna Minkus Leigh Patterson

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the agenda Like many other businesses, Style Manitoba felt the scourge of the pandemic this year. In spite of that, our team has managed to put forth another issue for readers to enjoy. As always, we are proud to feature the fabulous home designs, products and services of Manitoba companies on our pages, and are extremely grateful to the clients who have continued supporting us throughout 2020. May the peace of the holiday season be with you now and into the New Year… Can you believe it’s December already? At writing time, fresh snow has just fallen, covering the gray in-between of fall and winter under a crisp blanket of white. Up and down the streets in my neighbourhood, many homeowners have decked out their properties in holiday style, lights cheerfully blinking out seasonal tidings as we count down to Christmas. Although it’s exactly what people need right now, that spirit of holiday joy might be harder to come by this year. I don’t generally get into political issues in my message, nor do I wish to sound gloomy - but oh - what a year 2020 has been! Manitobans have endured months filled with uncertainty, followed by the deep concern October to November brought to our province, leaving a sense of bleakness pervading almost every corner of our lives. In fact, with record-breaking daily COVID19 case counts (the highest in the country per capita) and subsequent death rates due to the virus, it’s difficult to feel anything but despondent - and yes - even afraid. On a personal note, my family lost several members to COVID-19 earlier this year, while other relatives are currently working on the frontlines in healthcare, as do family members of other Style staffers (shout-out to Lindsay van Leeuwen, Cam Green, Kendell Haas, Ellison Brown & Andrea Farrell). I think of them and all medical staff in Manitoba every day with growing apprehension, knowing they are regularly exposed to and / or treat people who have tested positive for the virus. We owe them

our utmost respect and support. In fact, it’s the concerns of those in healthcare we should be listening to most carefully right now. Many of us have questions as to why certain steps weren’t taken sooner by the provincial government, why the COVID command centre in Manitoba was essentially deactivated prematurely in the midst of this pandemic, and why our provincial leaders failed to implement badly needed measures to protect its people in a timely manner – particularly its most vulnerable citizens and our seniors. Understandably, this is new territory for the government with many unknowns and mistakes were made along the way, but one still needs to ask why expert medical advice was ignored despite strong warnings about the imminence of a second wave. If it weren’t for open letters from many doctors and nurses to our premier and health minister, not to mention Reddit posts from paramedics (I cried when I read the paramedic’s post about their horrifying experience at Maples Care Home) and concerned medical staff province wide, the situation would be undoubtedly worse. Thank God for social media, for truths exposed by whistleblowers and the media attention that ensued, along with in-depth responsible reporting by journalists as the situation continues to unfold here. There always should’ve been contingency plans in place: more nursing and medical staff hires for hospitals, increased ICU bed capacity, more personnel hired for contact tracing, wider spread testing, appropriate contingency plans for Personal Care Homes – the list goes on. It would seem that our provincial government has demonstrated complacency, poor leadership, and serious lack of action and preparedness, all of which has led us to this bleak place. Indeed, some medical experts across Canada have actually been appalled at the Manitoba government’s mismanagement of the current crisis.

A quote from Dr. Brent Roussin on Oct 30, 2020 reads: “We’ve seen, certainly, a lot more cases than we wanted to. There is no surprise with this virus. It’s being transmitted exactly the way we thought it would and the manner in which we thought it would.”– Dr. Brent Roussin Those words from Manitoba's Chief Provincial Public Health Officer should resonate with us all. The lives of our people – especially the seniors who perished due to lack of protection and care - should trump all else, including a balanced budget. This is the time to loosen the purse strings for healthcare spending – not a time to maintain significant cuts already established. Moreover, politics should not be steering pandemic response mechanisms – experts in the medical field should be the beacons guiding the government, facilitating decisions and actions that need to be taken – not the other way around. Our leaders need to listen to them seriously and carry out what’s deemed necessary to contain this virus. Manitoba needs more than last minute damage control to attain that goal. At writing time, new restrictions were finally in place. Hopefully, with strict adherence to the guidelines by all Manitobans, we will see a flattening of the curve and reversal of the case numbers reported daily. Maybe by some miracle this decrease will happen before Christmas is upon us. Regardless of what the future brings, hold your loved ones close this holiday season. Be grateful for what you have and don’t take anything for granted. Be kind to yourself and to one another. Above all, mask up and be safe. We all need a brighter outlook for the New Year - let’s hope for an effective vaccine in early 2021.


Going with

the flow

Inspired by the scenic Red River, contemporary custom home takes full advantage of the views


Location, location, location. The familiar real estate expression certainly applies to this stunning 5,500 square foot walkout bungalow, designed and custom built by Irwin Homes on the banks of the Red River north of Winnipeg. An equally appropriate phrase might be this: view, view, view. 4 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

Taking full advantage of the location and the accompanying views was the challenge the clients presented to the Irwin Homes team, as they began their 10-month design/build journey in May 2019. Among their specific must-haves, the homeowners – a professional couple with university-aged children living at home – desired a walkout lower level, synergy between the

Supplied and installed by Durabuilt Windows & Doors, 14-foot-high windows run nearly the entire side of the home facing the river. Motorized blinds from Advance Blinds & Drapery are ingeniously concealed in a metal trough installed in the ceiling when retracted.

exterior and interior, tons of natural light, and unobstructed views of the river, all while maintaining energy efficiency. Attention to detail was critical to bring their vision to crystal-clear reality. “As with any custom home, these clients interacted with our design team throughout the process,” says Krista Koop, senior design consultant with Irwin Homes. “Occasionally, clients come to us with their own plans, but most of the time, as with this home, our draftsperson created the plans from the clients’ wish list.” “We provide the expertise and experience to bring it all together.” Following several meetings between the clients, the design team and Irwin Homes, the build process could get underway. First and foremost, the Irwin Homes team addressed the clients’ desire for maximized, multiple views of the river and surrounding property: a private lot with mature trees. This site influenced every part of the home’s design and build. “For example,” notes Krista, “we purposefully situated the house to be centred on the sunset as the house faces west.” The home’s fresh, clean and modern good looks start – quite literally – from the outside looking in. Tyndall stone installed outside at the front entryway flows seamlessly into the inside foyer thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows framed in black to provide contrast. The great room, situated directly across from the entrance, has floor-to-ceiling windows as well. This means that even from the front door, there is an unobstructed view of the river. A topless glass stairway railing leading to the lower level also sets the stage for the home’s light, airy interior.

A driveway flanked by post-mounted lights creates a welcoming entry to the home, which boasts an attached three-car garage with doors from Wallace + Wallace designed to complement the exterior façade.





It has been a long time coming since the area of East St. Paul has been able to boast a unique luxury development. Irwin Homes presents Gateway Point, a well thought out development that highlights the lifestyle of the area. *

Generous lot sizes


Lower property taxes


Superior location


Ample green space


Tyndall stone installed outside at the front entryway flows seamlessly into the inside foyer thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows framed in black to provide contrast. A topless glass stairway railing from Fort Rouge Glass leads to the lower level and contributes to the home’s contemporary interior. In the formal living area, Curtis Carpets installed the hardwood in a herringbone pattern with a linear edge. This creative technique delineates the space without interrupting the visual flow in the open concept main level.




Visit your local Durabuilt Design Gallery, and discover your dream home. 8 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

Made for entertaining, the kitchen is ultramodern yet understated with its blend of sleek black matte custom cabinetry from Superior Cabinets and gold hardware. The island’s porcelain countertop from Keystone Granite conceals an induction cooktop. The overall result is a clean, uncluttered look desired by the homeowners.

And what an interior it is! The combined kitchen, dining, formal living room and great room spaces exist harmoniously together in the open concept main floor. Most striking are the use, number and sheer size of the windows – supplied and installed by Durabuilt Windows & Doors – that run along nearly the entire rear elevation that faces the river. With some windows as tall as 14’ high, structural steel was required to bear their weight. Motorized blinds from Advance Blinds & Drapery control lighting and privacy; when retracted, they are ingeniously concealed in a metal trough installed in the ceiling. Designed in close concert with the homeowners, the kitchen features matte black MDF cabinetry from Superior Cabinets and a dark porcelain countertop on the island. “The porcelain allowed us to install an induction cooktop product called InvisaCook underneath the counter that is totally invisible and 100 percent functional,” notes Krista.

The stainless steel, double-wall oven is the only appliance that can be seen; the rest, including the fridge, are hidden behind the custom cabinetry. This creates the clean, uncluttered aesthetic desired by the homeowners. To balance the black cabinetry and dark countertop, the Irwin design team opted to use a much lighter “Empira White” by Caesarstone countertop along the kitchen’s perimeter. They also selected a white paint colour for all the walls, ceilings and baseboards. Gold hardware adds touches of sophisticated glamour and is echoed in the linear light fixture installed above the island. The unique LED lighting fixtures suspended above the formal dining area provide a subtle visual transition from the kitchen. All fixtures in the home, including the potlights, were sourced from Total Lighting and are strategically used to add dimension and define spaces. “We don’t use anything other than LED lighting, both for its energy efficiency and its flattering colour properties,” explains Krista.

The unique LED lighting fixtures from Total Lighting float above the formal dining area to provide a subtle visual delineation of the space.


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The main level deck area is partially covered in zero maintenance Longboard aluminum siding from Red River Siding. Real teak flooring was installed by Transcona Roofing to complement the siding and weather the elements. Glass railings allow an unobstructed view of the surrounding property, which was professionally landscaped by Mayer Landscaping Design. Looking through the large windows of the dining area, there is an outdoor deck surrounded by topless glass panels from Fort Rouge Glass. Again, this glass feature permits an unimpeded view of the river beyond. Accessed from both the dining room and master bedroom, this deck area is partially covered in zero maintenance “woodlook” Longboard aluminum siding. Real teak flooring was used to complement the siding and weather the elements. Since the homeowners wanted a clean, modern look that did not feel cold, the Irwin design team helped them select warm, natural materials like the smoked oak hardwood flooring supplied by Curtis Carpets throughout most of the main level. In the formal living area, Curtis Carpets installed the hardwood in a herringbone pattern with a linear edge. This creative technique delineates the space without interrupting the flow in an open concept space designed for entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, a wet bar installed between the formal living room and the adjacent great room—complete with built-in bar fridge – is another thoughtful convenience. And it’s as beautiful as it is functional: the homeowners brought a custom glass countertop with them from their previous home that Irwin Homes was able to integrate. It’s one example of the builder’s ability to expertly blend unusual elements into the design to create a truly personal living space.

A marbled fireplace feature wall installed by Keystone Granite in the great room consists of nine separate pieces fitted together for one seamless look. To “anchor” one end of the large main floor living area to the other, the builder incorporated a black fireplace feature wall in the great room that echoes the dark cabinetry found in the kitchen. Made of a countertop product called Dekton, it took a four-person crew from Keystone Granite

five days to perfectly install the nine separate pieces for one seamless look. A linear gas fireplace set into the feature wall has a specific clearance that allows for a flat screen TV to be added directly above it at just the right viewing height. WINTER 2020 | STYLE MANITOBA | 11

Providence® Woven Wood Shades

We’re the leaders in light control, energy efficiency, operating systems and motorization, which makes your home smarter, your days easier, and every room more beautiful.

advance blinds&drapery


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Summer 2019


Capturing the beat of the city

Style Manitoba



style A











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Buffy Sainte-M l music & art works up with insightfu shaking things M A


Summer 2019

Hidden Storage




Sleeper Dexter Media The Dexter takes and stretch out. into Plug-in, unwind, transforming next level, effortlessly you need comfort to the for everything hidden storage with a sleeper with always connected of all, you’re to get cozy. Best built-in USB power. Built-in USB






lity, FOR LIFE pose functiona CUSTOM FIT with multi-pur Custom designed expectations on every level this home exceeds RT - CITY CLOSE COUNTRY COMFO subdivision has much to new La Salle’s exciting a serene country lifestyle offer those seeking









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Proud to work with Irwin Homes on another amazing project




2019 $5.50

RN Custom built bun TWIST for livin g in style galow is fully

Regen t 1580 Regen t Avenu 204.66 e West 9.4466


St. James 1000 St. 204.78 James Street 3.6400




still l, still a diva & NATIVE SOUL arie - still beautifu

rge A place to recha —literally.

Mayer Landscape specializes in custom landscape design and construction throughout Winnipeg and surrounding cottage country





Style Manitoba


Let Mayer Landscape bring your dream yard to life


1740 St. James Street Wpg. MB


ed HOMES & NEIG MHBA builders HBOURHOOD finest for & deve S lope the Fall 2019 Para rs roll out their HOME de of Hom AWAY es FROM A new HOM cust ultimate om cabin build E escape from life’s provides the hustle & bustle

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Replete with modern comforts, the master bedroom’s ensuite features a glassed-in, curbless steam shower enclosure from Shodor, elegant plumbing fixtures from Robinson Bath, a standalone soaker tub, heated tile floors and warm walnut-finish cabinetry from Superior Cabinets. It’s a private oasis where one can enjoy vistas of the surrounding trees and river framed by large windows.

Rounding out the main level is the luxurious master bedroom and ensuite. The ensuite manages to be both sleek and comforting. It’s where a glassed-in, curbless steam shower and standalone soaker tub live in harmony with heated tile floors and warm walnut-finish cabinetry. It’s a private oasis where one can enjoy vistas of the surrounding trees and river framed by large windows.

The lower level is an expansive space complete with three bedrooms, games room area, glassed-in sauna, and a bank of windows to let in tons of natural light. A full walkout leads to a covered patio with a natural gas fire feature and outdoor hot tub from LCL Spas.

The home’s lower level has an expansive space complete with three bedrooms, games room area, glassed-in sauna, a wet bar with built-in beer taps, and a TV room with a 100” wide linear electric fireplace. A bank of windows lets in tons of natural light, and of course there is the requisite full walkout leading to a covered patio with a natural gas fire feature and outdoor hot tub. A driveway flanked by post-mounted lights creates a welcoming entry to the home, which boasts a three-car garage designed to complement the exterior façade. The clients wanted to utilize the space underneath the garage for a swim spa and workout area, so the Irwin Homes team took the opportunity to use hollow core construction for this project. “Hollow core is a commercial structural product normally used in high rise and multi-family construction projects,” explains Krista. “A clear span is required so that the space underneath can be developed without any obstruction (i.e. no need for teleposts).” The hollow core needed to be craned in and then was grouted together

with a concrete topping poured on to finish the slab. The last step in the build process was to landscape the property in a way that complemented the exterior. Berms were built to create visual interest, prairie grasses added for texture and evergreens for privacy and year-round greenery. The landscaper also suggested building a smaller patio close to the river, which has become one of the clients’ favourite spots to enjoy their coffee or a glass

of wine. Lastly, underground sprinklers were installed throughout the yard to achieve a lowmaintenance property. This project was completed this past March. Krista says the clients are thoroughly enjoying their nature-inspired retreat; one that reflects their vision both aesthetically and functionally. “The home works just as the homeowners envisioned, which is always our goal.”


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Style Manitoba Autumn 2019

urban contemporary design, the Starmore ls the show! Its blend of wood and acacia nts the natural, grainy character. You can more with an integrated storage drawer d of the tabletop.









CLASSIC COMFORT WITH A MODERN TWIST Custom built bungalow is fully loaded for living in style

Autumn 2019 $5.50

Avenue West 6

HOMES & NEIGHBOURHOODS MHBA builders & developers roll out their finest for the Fall 2019 Parade of Homes HOME AWAY FROM HOME A new custom cabin build provides the ultimate escape from life’s hustle & bustle



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About the Builder You could say that Irwin Homes has been 50 years in the making. Founder Irwin Koop established the small, family-run company five decades ago. Irwin – who got his start as a framer, then as a highly respected small custom homebuilder – later passed the torch to his son Andrew. Along with his wife and senior designer Krista, Andrew has continued the family tradition of homebuilding excellence ever since. It’s a tradition that includes more than creating dream homes: the Irwin Homes team also prides themselves on building solid relationships with their clients, local suppliers and tradespeople. Some of their trades have been working with them for more than 30 years. Client relationships often start from word of mouth and referrals from previous clients whose dream homes came to life, thanks to the builder. Irwin Homes employs a close-knit professional team of about a dozen people who work in the office or on site. Together, they design and build everything from starter condos, to large custom homes to condo buildings and townhomes, as well as entire land developments. They are also involved in the renovation market.

cottage country, Irwin Homes continues to excel with every project, while staying true to namesake Irwin’s original standards and individualized service. With a motto of “Designed for Life,” Irwin Homes is dedicated to building homes that will stand the test of time and for

After a half-century of working throughout Winnipeg and surrounding area, including

every stage of life. Whether for a single person, a young family, a multi-generation household, or empty-nesters, the same custom service and high-quality products go into every build, no matter the square footage.

If you were to imagine a place where you can truly be yourself, enjoy the company of those you love and find solace from the hurried pace of daily life, chances are that place is home. Your home. And while your focus is what’s on the inside,


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Stepping Out with Style By Quentin Mills-Fenn Throughout these challenging times, there’s solace to be found in music, art, and knowledge. And it’s important to support local artists and institutions. They need you. But keep in mind that details, times, and occupancy can change quickly, so confirm before making plans. And please look out for yourself and others.

MUSIC The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Asper (A)bsolute Classics features Horn Concertos by Mozart and Strauss. If you watched Patricia Evans perform both of the concertos as part of the WSO @ Home Friday Matinee Recitals online this summer, now’s your chance to see them performed live, along with a reflection on harpsichord music by Domenico Scarlatti written by Canadian composer Rodney Sharman – a work last played by the WSO for the 2003 Winnipeg New Music Festival. The evening ends with Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4, inspired by a trip to Italy. Daniel Raiskin, Conductor (Jan 15, matinee & evening, Jan 16 evening) Next, the warm sound of the cello reigns supreme with works by Tchaikovsky (Variation on a Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra) and Glazunov (Chant du ménestrel for Cello and Orchestra) featuring WSO principal cellist Yuri Hooker. Plus, the Sinfonietta for Strings by African American composer Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson and Dvorák’s charming Czech Suite. Daniel Raiskin, Conductor (Feb 12, matinee & evening, Feb 13 evening) In the (B)eyond Classics series. IranianCanadian composer Iman Habibi’s “Jeder Baum spricht” is paired with one of the most familiar compositions in classical music, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. Throw in the rarely performed but brilliant Concertone for two Violins and Orchestra by Mozart, to shine the spotlight on the WSO’s Karl Stobbe and Jeremy Buzash, and Samuel Barber’s Mutations from Bach. Daniel Raiskin, Conductor (Dec 4 & 5) The Winnipeg New Music Festival features Montreal-born composer Samy Moussa’s Kammerkonzert for chamber orchestra as well as John Adams’ sequel to Chamber Symphony – Son of Chamber Symphony, natch. Records from a Vanishing City is an autobiographical 18 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

tone poem based on Jessie Montgomery’s own recollection of the music that surrounded her growing up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Plus, Iscariot by the late Christopher Rouse, filled with riveting intensity but also extreme sorrow. Daniel Raiskin, Conductor (Jan 23)

The Asper (A)bsolute Classics Series features an evening of music by Beethoven and Bach featuring Gwen Hoebig, violin; and Daniel Raiskin, conductor. Photo: Sean Philips

Meanwhile flute fans get what they crave with Concerto for 2 Flutes & Orchestra by Domenico Cimarosa. Plus Mozart’s Symphony No. 32, Fauré ‘s Suite from Pelléas et Mélisande, Bartók’s Hungarian Peasant Songs, and Canadian composer Violet Archer’s beautiful Divertimento. Daniel Raiskin, Conductor, Jan Kocman, flute, and Alex Conway, flute. (Feb 26, matinee, Feb 27, evening) As for the Pops series, it’s a Holiday Celebration with an intimate and traditional concert featuring soprano Andrea Lett, with her “sweet sincerity” and “clear voice soaring to stratospheric heights” (Opera Canada). Julian Pellicano, conductor (Dec 11 & 12, evening, Dec 13, matinee) Then things warm up with the Papa Mambo Trio, with Chilean-born classical guitarist Rodrigo Muñoz. Papa Mambo started out as a spirited party band, but soon became recognized as one of the most exciting and important innovators in Canada’s Latin music scene. Rodrigo Muñoz is joined by Victor Lopez and Amber Epp for some sizzling and Latin rhythms in a symphonic style with the WSO. Julian Pellicano, conductor (Jan 9, evening, Jan 10, matinee) Next, Pops travels the Danube River, as WSO Associate Conductor Julian Pellicano leads soloists and the orchestra for a celebration of musical treasures from the region that connects people around the world through song, dance, celebration and, of course… the Viennese waltz. Julian Pellicano, conductor. (Feb 5 & 6, evening, Feb 7, matinee) Meanwhile, BMO Night at the Movies brings you Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™ In Concert, originally part of the 2019-20 season, now rescheduled to Feb 19 & 20 for two evening concerts. Julian Pellicano, conductor All WSO concerts at the Centennial Concert Hall. Fancy something more contemporary? Not Seeing is a Flower, with Guest Curator/cellist Leanne Zacharias is GroundSwell’s first live concert of 2020-21, with video work by Lesandra Dodson (Fredericton), stop-motion video by Christine Fellows (Winnipeg), and the premiere of a new chamber concerto by Nicole Lizée (Montreal), plus additional works by Travis Weller (Austin, TX), Andrew Norman (NYC) and Michael Oesterle (Montreal). (Jan 17, matinee & evening performances; Rachel Browne Theatre, Crocus Building) The next show features Quatuor Bozzini, an original voice in experimental and classical music. For its first appearance with Groundswell, Quatuor Bozzini will perform newly commissioned pieces by Alissa Cheung, and Manitobans Jim Hiscott and Kristen Wachniak. The virtuosity, shimmering colours and timbral explorations of

composers Sky Macklay, Egidija Medekšaite, and Tanya Tagaq will showcase the full palette of the quartet. (Feb 16, Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, U of W) Feliz Navidad from the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra and Trio Bembe! In many Latin countries, the arrival of the holiday season is marked by street festivals with colourful lights, food, fireworks, and music in celebration of Christmas. Trio Bembe joins the WJO for a holiday concert for a musical tableau of Latin American Christmas. (Dec 12 & 13, matinees, Muriel Richardson Auditorium, Winnipeg Art Gallery. Plus, regional concerts are being planned now, so check with local arts centres) Then, get Cheek to Cheek with vocalist Charito. Her highly personal, expressive vocal style reflects the breadth of her musical interests, from straight-ahead soulful ballads to hard-swinging grooves, all to celebrate Valentine’s Day. (Feb 14, matinee & evening performances, Muriel Richardson Auditorium, WAG)

DANCE Looking for ballet? Swan Princess Odette and heroic Prince Siegfried fall in love, but will they have a happy ending? Not if the wicked sorcerer Baron von Rothbart has anything to do with it. Swan Lake, full of light and dark, devotion and betrayal, with music by Tchaikovsky, might just be the most famous classical ballet ever produced. (Choreography by Marius Petipa, Mar 3 - 7, matinee & evening performances, Centennial Concert Hall) Meanwhile, the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers has commissioned new work from Dora Mavor Moore award-winner Jera Wolfe, choreographer and performer of Métis heritage and Associate Artist with Red Sky Performance. Featuring a cast of Winnipeg dancers and lighting design by Hugh Conacher.

(Dec 3 - 6, matinee & evening performances, Rachel Browne Theatre, Crocus Centre)

Impulse, Action, Opening, by Bill Rademaker (Feb 19 - Mar 2, 2021).


St. Boniface Museum/Le Musée de SaintBoniface Museum is currently open for walkup visits. The original Grey Nuns’ Convent opened to the public in 1967 as a keeper of Francophone and Métis heritage. Not only is it an unavoidable reference point for researchers, a key experience for teachers and students, and a must-see for tourists, it’s also a touchstone for our communities’ families and a part of Winnipeg’s cultural landscape (494 Tache Avenue).

Over at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, In Place celebrates a selection of recurring themes relevant to Manitoban artists over the past 50 years. Drawn from the WAG’s permanent collection, this exhibition is a study of the ways in which identity, culture, and material are, in many ways, set “in place.” It’s an idea more relevant than ever during this period in which we “shelter in place.” With work by Jackson Beardy, Aganetha Dyck, Marcel Dzama, Calvin Yarush, William Eakin, Daphne Odjig, Norval Morrisseau, Eleanor Bond, Wanda Koop, and many more (to Jan 17, 2021). Meanwhile, Inuk Style presents a dynamic range of clothing items spanning the Western to the Eastern regions of the Canadian Arctic, drawn from the collections of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Government of Nunavut’s Fine Art Collection in a celebration of fashionable accessories and jewellery from generations past (to May 2, 2021). Nuliajuk’s Story explores the importance of storytelling in Inuit Culture in the tales told over generations about the sea spirit known by many names and how artists from different communities have expressed them (to Jan 3, 2021). And Salon Style: Reimagining the Collection continues, with nearly 200 WAG favourites displayed the way art used to be presented, close together, floor to ceiling, creating fascinating juxtapositions of style and period (ongoing). New shows include Simply Splendour, featuring a diverse range of art making – from porcelain to silver to pen and ink on paper – covering four centuries (Nov 7, 2020 - Jun 13, 2021), Born In Power, presenting Indigenous and Black representation in photography, film, and text from a self-determined lens (Nov 7, 2020 - Apr 11, 2021), and Maud Lewis: Paintings for Sale, showcasing the colour, charm, and cheer of Atlantic Canada through the eyes of one of Canada’s most beloved folk artists (Feb 13 - May 2, 2021). All shows at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. And don’t forget WAG at the Park. Exhibits include Terrains and Botanicals pairing landscape paintings by Walter J. Phillips with the botanical illustrations of Linda Fairfield Stechesen, in the John P. Crabb Gallery, The Pavilion, 2nd floor (to Feb 21, 2021) and Looking Through: The Silhouettes and Cutaways of Ivan Eyre, in the Ivan Eyre Gallery, The Pavilion, 3rd floor. Both exhibits boast free entry. Cre8ery Gallery and studio is an independently owned commercial gallery located on the 2nd floor at 125 Adelaide Street. There’s still time to catch Out of this World, Into My Eye, with work by Roger Sutherland and Ruth Kamenov (to Dec 8). It’s Not All Black and White presents the detailed, realistic graphite drawings as well as coloured pencil drawings by Alice Smith (Jan 22 - Feb 2, 2021). Plus Retired + Reawakened with work by Lynda Gilchuk (Feb 5 - 16, 2021), Transcendence by Jacobus van Houdt (Dec 10 - 22), group show Space (Jan 8 - 19, 2021), and Ciao – Creating

Manitoba Museum’s exhibit Strike 1919: Divided City runs to January 29, 2021. The museum’s Urban Gallery, created to depict Winnipeg 1920, is transformed back to 1919, with digital architectural projections of strike scenes, authentic artefacts from the Strike, photographs, archival interviews with Strike participants, and audio creations of “discussions” between Winnipeggers of 1919. The Welcome Gallery & Prairies Gallery open January 15. The Welcome Gallery foreshadows the visitors’ journey through the Museum, the history of nature and ecology of humanity. Meanwhile, the iconic bison diorama has been refreshed and reinterpreted with new panels describing the fate of the bison, a story integral to the history of the Métis Nation while a new, animated map orientates visitors to Manitoba’s landscapes, showing the dramatic changes of the last 18,000 years. The Planetarium is open with reduced theatre capacity, but the Science Gallery and Museum Shop are closed. Did you know the last syllable in Dalnavert is pronounced like the one in ‘divert’ with a hard T? Book ahead for an intimate-scaled tour of the small downtown mansion with a big history. The Dalnavert Museum and Visitors’ Centre is tucked away at 61 Carlton Street. Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art is a leader in Aboriginal arts programming. Gallery hours and occupancy are limited. (290 McDermot Ave) The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has several current exhibits spotlighting past and present issues. Proclamation 1982 is an augmented reality experience that takes you on a journey to a historic moment on April 17, 1982. This was the day Queen Elizabeth II signed the Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982, which established Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms as part of the country’s new Constitution (to Feb 2021). Time to Act: Rohingya Voices features the story of the Rohingya people of Myanmar who are in the midst of a massive displacement of families and communities to refugee camps in Bangladesh, and captures their call to the world to recognize Myanmar’s effort to dehumanize and eradicate them (to Mar 28, 2021). Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War traces the journey of two girls from Uganda who were abducted and held captive for years by a rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). After

their ordeal, they discovered the power of using their voices to find healing and seek justice for women who survived captivity with the LRA (to Dec 2021). Strength in Numbers: The Polish Solidarity Movement demonstrates the power of collective action during one of the largest labour uprisings in modern times, when 16,000 workers at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, went on strike in 1980 after decades of state oppression and denial of workplace rights (Jan 2020 to Aug 2024)

THEATRE Need a laugh, and maybe learn something as well? Winnipeg Jewish Theatre brings back Becoming Dr. Ruth by Mark St. Germain by popular demand, starring Mariam Bernstein. Karola Siegel fled Germany on the Kindertransport, joined the Haganah as a sniper in Israel, survived as a single mother in New York City, and eventually became North America’s most iconic sex therapist: Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Told with heart and humour, this play delivers a tour-de-force performance chronicling the life of an extraordinary woman (Jan 30 - Feb 7, 2021, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, C 148-123 Doncaster St) More laughs, along with great tunes, can be found at Celebrations Dinner Theatre. Pitched Perfect Golden Girls is the story of the ladies of the Maple Oaks Seniors home. They might have missed out on their college years, but thanks to a loophole in the Collegiate Singing Group Competition’s eligibility guidelines… it may not be too late. (to Jan 31, 2021). Next, it’s Night at the Museum of Rock Stars. What happens at a museum when the crowds have gone home? When the icons of popular music are on display, get ready to rock and roll. (Feb 5 - Apr 18, 2021. Shows run Wednesday through Sunday. Celebrations Dinner Theatre, 1824 Pembina Hwy, in the Canad Inns Fort Garry) The Manitoba Theatre for Young People presents the world premiere of Frozen River, co-written by Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters and Carrie Costello. Grandmother Moon tells the story of two 11-year-olds, born under the same blood moon, but in different parts of the world. Set in a forest, destined to become Manitoba, this new play follows their stories as they meet, and that of their descendants in the present day. A broken promise from the past can be righted when there is finally an openness to learn from those who have protected and honoured the waterways for centuries. (For ages 5-12, Feb 5 - 14, 2021, 2 Forks Market Road, directly across from the main Forks Market) Remember things can change, so check venue and event websites for updates. And be on the lookout for new shows and exhibitions announced after we went to press. Above all, stay safe.


Delectable Dining Two restaurants, one address BY KELLY GRAY | PHOTOGRAPHY: JOHN JOHNSTON

The Charleswood / Tuxedo community has a new kitchen. In October, 3670 Roblin Blvd reopened under the Wow Hospitality umbrella as a two-in-one concept. The restaurants opened as Bluestone Cottage, a breakfast, brunch and lunch site, and Alena Rustic Kitchen, a woodfired fine-diner with an emphasis on Italian comfort cooking and great wines. The restaurants’ kitchens are run by Chefs Michael Dacquisto and Kelly Cattani, both culinary pros who are among the city’s best-known kitchen hands. “We are Charleswood people. We wanted to do something in our home community,” says Chef Michael Dacquisto. He mentions that he was working alongside Chef Kelly when they broached the subject of the location on Roblin Blvd. “Next thing we were talking to the landlord and coming up with a business plan. We saw that to make this location work during this crazy period in time, we would need to have two concepts in one location to maximize all the day-parts,” he explains, mentioning that once the pieces were in place, they brought in Wow Hospitality as a third partner on the project. Both restaurants have attracted the attention of the local community. According to Dacquisto, they have seen regular customers enjoying breakfast at Bluestone Cottage, and then, a day or so later, the same folks are dining at Alena Rustic Kitchen. “We have also built a strong take-out component for both restaurants with Bluestone and its pick-up counter as a focal point,” he says, noting that walk-in trade has been strong, up to lockdown. “We could see how great the location is with proximity to a lot of residential development as well as green spaces that invite an after meal walk.”


Alena Rustic Kitchen Alena’s currently offers seating for 36 people at 12 tables (half capacity) and can spread out the guest pattern utilizing tables at Bluestone Cottage if need be. The menu is built around Dacquisto’s love of simple, uncomplicated Italian fare. The list offers starters, pasta, grilled and forno oven meats, and wood-fired pizza, along with salads and a lovely chocolate zucchini cake, as well as other dessert selections. We tried the Braised Wild Boar and Beef Meatballs with a San Marzano Marinara Sauce as a starter. The plate was ample and the dish was juicy - a great intro to the rest of the meal. Next, we sampled the Veghead Pizza and discovered a new favourite. The pizza crust was tasty and chewy with a hint of wood flavour. The toppings were generous, and the veggies still had some zing not hidden behind the tomato sauce. We also

tried Alena’s Little Ears, a pasta dish made using Cacio e Pepe style orecchiette and served with an Eggplant Cream and Salsa Verde. The earshaped pasta was perfect, and the eggplant cream screamed flavour. We loved this dish. Our plans for our next visit include the Traditional Porchetta and the Eggplant Parmesan. Dishes are available to order for take-away. Items are prepared quickly and come well packaged. For example, a Bruschetta and the Tuscan Cannellini beans were ordered as take-out and arrived at home hot and in good shape. Hours are 5:00 to 10 PM (Weds-Fri); 4:00 to 10:00 PM (Sat); and 4:00 to 9:00 PM (Sun). Due to changing public health restrictions, call or visit the website for details.

Alena Rustic Kitchen 3670 Roblin Blvd Phone: 204-944-8748

Bluestone Cottage The Bluestone Cottage side is open and airy with a row of comfy banquettes, as well as center room tables and tall chairs facing the windows. While Chef Michael Dacquisto heads up Alena Rustic Kitchen, Chef Kelly Cattani is behind the Bluestone section of the business that is described as being fresh, vibrant, and seasonal. The menu is brunch with a large selection of traditional breakfast items and fresh takes on classics like Eggs Benedict. There is also a selection of handheld lunch items in addition to salads, pastries (fresh daily) and tonics and smoothies. We phoned in a take-out order to Bluestone and had it in hand in 15 minutes. Our order included the restaurant’s signature Smashed Avo Benny, Cattani’s take on the ever-popular avocado toast. The dish featured a house-made toasted biscuit with avocado, a poached egg, spinach and Hollandaise. My wife told me it was hands down the best Eggs Benny she ever had. I ordered the Harissa Beef Burger. This item comes with a harissa (chilli, garlic and oil) infused burger patty that is bench-made and massive. I like the fact that it was simple, yet packed with flavour. The burger came with a delicious Vegan Caesar Salad that was large enough to be a main dish and proved to be a perfect accompaniment to the meaty burger. We finished it all off with a couple of Afterparty Tonics that featured watermelon and lime juice with a hit of mint and cane sugar. Hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Bluestone Cottage offers a full catering menu. Due to changing public health restrictions, call or visit the website for details.

Bluestone Cottage 3670 Roblin Blvd Phone: 204-944-8751 WINTER 2020 | STYLE MANITOBA | 21



n these challenging times, the vast majority of us have stayed home, often enjoying too much couch time and quite possibly too much home cooking. And, as good as home cooking can get, the flavours of a limited pantry and a revolving menu can become tired after a month or so in lockdown. Fortunately, Winnipeggers have a ready antidote to battle kitchen inspired blahs. The city is home to over 1,100 restaurants, with some offering the highest level of culinary art available for pickup and delivery. Once upon a time in the not too distant past, it was nearly unthinkable to consider a top table for take-out. White tablecloth establishments built their reputations on beautiful plate presentation and gorgeous dining rooms, not to mention chef-inspired menus that delivered flavour, flavour, flavour. “In the restaurant trade, you have to adapt or fail,” says Chef Scott Bagshaw. Bagshaw operates Maque, Passero Corto, and Enoteca, three Winnipeg fine dining establishments that have earned top culinary marks. “We have been adapting day by day as this pandemic unfolds.” He reports that they had to make some alterations to menus at Passero and Enoteca because some items do not travel well. Maque’s Asian influenced menu was easier to convert to offsite dining. “We are also concerned about the presentation when the customer opens the packaging. Fine dining is a very controlled environment where professionals attend to every detail. Doing takeout options makes this more of a challenge for sure,” he says. Bagshaw points to customer favourites such as a gourmet Mac & Cheese, a dish that was returned to the menu because it works well as a take-out entree. At Enoteca, customer kudos have also gone to the Truffle Butter Gnocchi and the Fried Buttermilk Chicken. At Maque, people are loving the steamed buns, the fried rice and miso truffle noodles. Passero is offering a special DINNER FOR 2 that comes with a vegetable dish, a meat or seafood item, a pasta and a dessert. Select wines are included in the prix fixe offering that runs $85. Visit for more information on all three restaurants.


At Mitchell Block in the Exchange, chef Sean McKay tells Style Manitoba that they have also had to pivot in the face of pandemic considerations. “We are creating a new menu that is based on traditional New York-style Italian dishes. The new menu will be more responsive to the requirements of take-out meals. We had looked at third party delivery options in the past, but felt they could not provide the quality assurances we demanded as a fine dining establishment,” he says. According to McKay, they will still offer bench made pasta dishes, but for take-out, they will look to more substantial noodles that can travel. “We also just bought a high heat oven that will allow us to offer classic fast-fired pizza,” he says, noting that Mitchell Block is well known for its made-from-scratch kitchen where items such as pasta and sausages are produced inhouse. “The new menu will feature more in the way of comfort food at a more approachable price point,” he says, adding that their menu is available on Skip the Dishes, UberEats, and DoorDash as well as by direct contact with the restaurant. Check out for more info on the menu. At Fusion Grill on Academy Road, owner Scot McTaggart reports that their menu is constantly changing with the seasons. “We were right in the middle of menu planning when COVID first hit. We have continued to plan accordingly as conditions change.”

types of containers, but we have gone with the best options available. This is fine dining and we are all about the details,” he explains. Popular now at Fusion Grill is their unique take on Paella, the seared duck confit and specials such as their Chef ’s 1/2 lb. Burger. The burger is made using grass-fed, ground chuck steak, VSOP duck pate, and smoked Gouda cheese, as well as Berkshire bacon honey jam. Order this burger Tuesday through Saturday (3:00-5:00) and receive a free local craft beer. In addition to brew, Fusion also offers one of Winnipeg’s best Canadian wine lists. Visit for more on their menu and location. WOW Hospitality Concepts operates several leading white tablecloth restaurants around Winnipeg. These include marquees such as 529 Wellington, Peasant Cookery, Carne Italian Chop House, and Prairie’s Edge, as well as the newly opened Alena Rustic Kitchen in Charleswood (see our story in this issue). Like others, they are peddling hard to stay on top of current challenges. According to WOW Hospitality President Doug Stephens, they have done some menu editing to accommodate take-out, geared up for things such as virtual events and seen some menu items such as charcuterie boards take off in popularity. “Our philosophy is ‘no disappointments’ and this extends to all the dishes and services we offer for pick-up or delivery,” he says.

At Fusion Grill, they are using aluminum pans with compostable domes to package items that are delivered by McTaggart personally. He reports that they have been using third-party delivery since 2014, but when the pandemic hit they renegotiated their delivery contract to allow Fusion’s staff to be to only ones who deliver their menu. This exclusivity meant their delivery costs dropped and their ability to ensure quality remained high. “Delivery fees and tips come back to us, and I can redistribute this to our in-house team.”

WOW Hospitality ( has stepped up its already considerable game with innovative services that now include groceries and ready-to-heat meals. Stephens reports that Prairie’s Edge in Kildonan Park offers full menu take-out and delivery, as well as readyto-heat meals that make weekend cooking an easy affair. Peasant Cookery in the Exchange now offers Peasant Pantry, a site that provides groceries in conjunction with the great menu at the restaurant.

“Packaging is important,” says McTaggart. “Presentation has to be there when the customer opens the package. It’s pointless to save a few pennies on containers. Food must arrive warm and nice. We want dishes to be the very best they can be. I’m still interested in seeing new

“For now it’s really one day at a time for all of us as we work through these COVID-19 challenges,” says Stephens, inviting Winnipeggers to fight off the home-cooking blahs by dialing up top drawer takeout and making a date with delicious.



Make Ahead Eggs Benedict Casserole


10 slices cooked bacon (or thick deli cut ham) – diced 6 English muffins cut into one-inch cubes 8 eggs 2 cups milk (500 mL), or half & half cream 1 tsp (5 mL) salt ½ tsp (2 mL) pepper Chopped parsley for garnish HOLLANDAISE SAUCE 4 egg yolks ½ cup (125 mL) half & half cream 2 tbsp (25 mL) fresh lemon juice 2 tsp (10 mL) Dijon mustard ½ cup (125 mL) butter, melted 1⁄ tsp (.5 mL) cayenne, or more to taste 8 Lightly grease a 9 x 13-inch baking pan. Sprinkle half of the bacon (or ham) in the dish, then add the chopped English muffins; top with remaining bacon. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper. Pour over the top of the English muffins and bacon. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Preheat oven to 375°F (180°C). Bake (covered with foil) for 35 minutes. Uncover and bake another 10-15 minutes longer or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. While casserole is baking, prepare the Hollandaise sauce. In a saucepan on medium heat, whisk together the egg yolks, cream, lemon juice, mustard, and cayenne until blended. Continue to cook (whisking constantly) until mixture has thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon. Reduce heat to low and slowly whisk in the melted butter. Drizzle over the casserole, and garnish with chopped parsley (if desired). Serve immediately. Makes 8 servings

Spice Cake with Maple Buttercream Frosting 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

3 cups (575 mL) all-purpose flour cup (250 mL) white sugar tsp (5 mL) baking soda tbsp (15 mL) ground cinnamon tsp (5 mL) ground nutmeg tsp (5 mL) ground ginger tsp (5 mL) cloves tsp (5 mL) salt cup (250 mL) packed brown sugar 2⁄ cup (190 mL) shortening 3 1 cup (250 mL) buttermilk 3 eggs 1⁄

Buttercream Frosting: ½ cup (125 mL) shortening ½ cup (125 mL) butter, softened 1 tsp (5 mL) maple flavoured extract 4 cups (1 L) icing sugar 2 tbsp (25 mL) milk

Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C). Grease and flour two 9-inch cake pans or one oblong pan. In a large bowl, sift flour, white sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and salt together. Add brown sugar, 2/3 cup shortening, and buttermilk. Beat 2 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Bake at 350°F (175°C) for 30 to 35 minutes in cake pans, or oblong pan for 45 minutes, until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool. Frost with Buttercream Frosting.

To make frosting: Cream butter and shortening together. Add maple flavouring. Gradually add icing sugar. Add milk slowly and continue beating until light and airy. Add more milk if necessary. Decorate as you wish. Makes 12 servings For nutrient analysis visit


Freedom H Y P N OT H E R AP Y

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PROVIDING AN AFFORDABLE PROTEIN THAT NEVER CONTAINS ANTIBIOTICS OR ADDED GROWTH HORMONES Lean, nutrient-rich pork provides Manitobans with a tasty and versatile protein that is packed with key vitamins and minerals, providing excellent value for your grocery dollar. For quick and healthy meal ideas, go to


Pork Tenderloins Stuffed with Bacon, Mushrooms, Spinach & Brie 2 pork tenderloins, well-trimmed, about 12 oz / 0.375 kg EACH

1 With a sharp knife, butterfly pork tenderloins

by slicing horizontally to, but not through, the opposite side. Open tenderloins as you would a book. Flatten slightly with palm of hand. Cover tenderloins with plastic wrap and set aside.

3 slices bacon 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 shallots, chopped


1 ½ cups / 375 mL sliced fresh mushrooms

In large nonstick skillet, fry bacon over medium heat until crispy.


With tongs, remove bacon from skillet to a plate lined with paper towel. Set aside.

2 cups / 500 mL coarsely chopped fresh spinach

skillet. Sauté garlic, shallots and mushrooms until softened, about 5 minutes.

2 ½ oz / 75 g brie, chopped

2 Tbsp / 30 mL chopped walnuts 1 tsp / 5 mL dried thyme leaves Salt and ground black pepper to taste

With sharp knife, roughly chop reserved bacon. Add to stuffing mixture; stir to combine. Season stuffing with salt and pepper according to taste.


Spoon half of the stuffing onto one half of each tenderloin. Fold over other half of tenderloin to enclose stuffing. Tie with butcher string in 3-4 places.


In large nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Sear stuffed tenderloins on all sides until nicely browned.


Preheat oven to 375°F. Roast tenderloins on parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet for 15-20 minutes or until instant-read thermometer registers 155°F.


Remove tenderloins from oven onto a clean cutting board. Tent loosely with foil and let tenderloins rest 5 minutes.


Remove butcher string. Slice to serve.

4 Discard all but 2 Tbsp bacon fat from

2 Tbsp / 30 mL red wine ½ tart apple, unpeeled, chopped



Add spinach and sauté briefly just until it starts to wilt.


Deglaze skillet with wine, scraping up any browned bits from bottom of skillet. Remove skillet from heat and allow mixture to cool, about 30 minutes.


Add brie, apple, walnuts and thyme to mushroom-spinach mixture; stir to combine.

1 tsp / 15 mL canola oil

Find more delicious recipes at

Serves 4-6 Watch how to butterfly pork tenderloin here:






64 , 650




™/®The Genesis names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned or licensed by Genesis Motors Canada, a division of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. All other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. *Purchase price of $64,650 available on new 2021 Genesis GV80 2.5T Select AWD models. Price includes fees, levies and all applicable charges (excluding HST; GST/PST). Price excludes registration, insurance, PPSA and licence fees. Offers available for a limited time and subject to change or cancellation without notice. Inventory is limited. Visit or contact your Genesis Distributor for complete details.


Just checking up on you, because, well… 2020. Could you have imagined a year like this? We are living history and, unfortunately, our lives may never be the same again. The impact of the shutdown affects each of us in some way, whether it’s financially through lost wages or ruined businesses, emotionally through stress on relationships and unsure futures, and even physically as a result of sedentary-living during quarantine and a change in eating habits. We are going through a lot together! The key word I want you to take away from my sad intro is “together.” You are not alone in your struggles. Yes, you may actually be alone, given Manitoba’s recent return to isolation, but there are many ways to interact with others and help yourself cope with circumstances to improve your mental health and overall wellness. As an online trainer for over a decade, I would love to offer up a few workouts you can do in the comfort of your home with only exercise bands! Taking just 30 minutes a day to get moving will release endorphins into your system that will elevate your mood and reduce cortisone stress levels. Glute bands and mini exercise bands are available for purchase on my website, so don’t stress if you’re having a hard time finding some.

Lower Body Home Workout: Squats with Band (10 repetitions) Step-Ups onto a Stable Chair (10 each leg) Bridge Top Taps (10 each leg) Kneeling Glute Kickbacks with Band (10 each leg) Standing Calf Raises (10 reps) - Repeat exercises 3 times

Upper Body Home Workout: Push-Ups from Toes or Knees (10 repetitions) Dips using a Stable Chair (10 reps) Single Arm Pull-Downs using Mini Band (10 each arm) Concentration Curls with Band (10 each arm) Bicycle Crunches with Band (20 reps) - Repeat exercises 3 times



Don’t feel like exercising today? No worries – rest days are also important! I would suggest soaking in a hot bath and then taking 15 minutes to stretch out your body, focusing on leaning forward from a standing position to ease back pain and reverse the tension that can occur in your butt and legs from too much sitting. Some simple reverse arm circles and forward neck rolls are super effective to promote better posture.

Proper nutrition is absolutely vital to optimal health, so here are some easy-to-follow tips to boost your energy, help you resist high-calorie temptations, and enhance your quality of sleep. - Drink plenty of water. Sip on sugar-free fluids all throughout the day to help your body function at full capacity. - Ensure your protein intake is adequate. I recommend eating a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

- Have a bedtime snack. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a myth that eating before bedtime causes you to gain body fat. In reality, when you are at rest, this is when your body needs calories to perform muscle repair to keep your body healthy. Choose low-carb, high protein options, like non-fat cottage cheese with berries, an egg white omelette, or a chocolate protein shake and a handful of nuts. Julie Germaine is a Certified Fitness Expert & Prenatal Trainer, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is also a new mother and a worldclass fitness champion who has been featured in and contributed to numerous fitness magazines. Her virtual coaching program supports men and women to lose belly fat in 4 weeks with just 30-minute workouts! Reach out to her to book your free coaching call via her website:


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The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean and Organized Home There is a Science to It!

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Unit C - 236 Osborne Street South 204-956-2096 watsonworkshop Studio open to the public Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 to 5

Having a clean home is a huge boost to a person’s sense of wellbeing. In fact, Take Time’s clients often say there’s no better feeling than coming home after the cleaner has been there. But what is it about a clean, well-organized space that makes people so satisfied? Apparently, keeping things clean and organized is good for you, and science can prove it. A study led by associate professor Nicole R. Keith, Ph.D., research scientist and professor at Indiana University, found that people with clean houses are healthier than those with messy houses. Keith and her colleagues tracked the physical health of 998 Americans between the ages of 49 and 65, a demographic known to be at an increased risk for heart disease. Participants who kept their homes clean were healthier and more active than those who didn’t. In fact, home cleanliness was even more of a predictor for physical health than neighbourhood walkability. In 2011, researchers at Princeton University found that clutter can actually make it more difficult to focus on a particular task. Specifically, they found that the visual cortex can be overwhelmed by task-irrelevant objects, making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently. The human body is made up of thousands of integrated biological and neurochemical systems, all of which are – yes – organized. Many of our cells operate on strict schedules, or circadian rhythms. Even at the atomic level, we are well-regulated and well-organized. Without this organization, our bodies would collapse into chaos. Maybe we crave symmetry and cleanliness in our homes because it supports our physical state. Whatever the reason, staying clean and organized helps us feel better about ourselves, keeps us productive and may very well keep us physically fit.

For a clean and organized home, call Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services. Be sure to inquire about their Covid fogging, safe for all surfaces.

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STEREO R e v i e w e d

b y

R a n d a l

M c I l ro y

NUCLEUS & IAN CARR Torrid Zone – The Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975 (Esoteric – import) Jazz-rock is a desperate billing for what Scottish trumpeter/composer Ian Carr achieved with Nucleus. By 1969 he was already an adventurous player, but he yearned for different grooves to lure younger ears. A small, agile group with electric guitar, electric piano, ace saxophones and a hip rhythm section, devoted to shapely compositions and daring improvisation, was the answer. Torrid Zone collects the first nine Nucleus albums – only a few of which were released in Canada – on six discs, and much of it still trembles with invention. For balladry, check “Summer Rain,” with Dave McRae’s keening electric piano. For full-throttle rush, there’s “Torso,” and its funky conclusion in “Snakehip’s Dream,” with outstanding solos from Carr and burly saxophonist Brian Smith. The thrilling free-for-all in “Sarsaparilla,” with Gordon Beck’s dizzying keyboard, leads to the sexy “Feast Alfresco,” warmed considerably by Bob Bertles’s baritone saxophone.

SUNGJAE SON Near East Quartet


Looking for Lake Property? Stunning sunsets & sandy white beaches 1 hour drive from Winnipeg on the Eastern Shore of Lake Winnipeg

(ECM) Dramatic, cavernous and beyond comfortable classification, this Korean quartet is well worth investigating. Understatement rules. Leader and main composer Sungjae Son is assured on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, but he’s often happy to play low in the shadows, as if to compensate for a missing bass, and it’s midway through the record before he opens, and then mainly to prove how well he plays in relaxed tempo. Guitarist Suwuk Chung masters a slow and sometimes sinister drift; on “Ewha” he’s Robert Fripp in slower time. The band’s two women are more to the forefront, with singer Yulhee Kim as much a searchlight for direction as eerie, whispering presence, and Soojin Suh’s big, rolling drums, handsomely recorded, keeping everything from being insinuation. In “Mot,” one of three traditional songs – English translations are provided – voice, bass clarinet and guitar hum are one richly threaded hum. “Baram” is startling, with guest Sori Choi adding clashing traditional Korean percussion. The closing “Jinyang” lets the tension uncoil at last.

CARLA BLEY Life Goes On (ECM) • Paved road to driveway • Walking access to beach • Along the Trans Canada Trail • Close to SNOMAN trails

• Access to Belair ATV Club trails • Across from Lester Beach Sports Field Park • Boat Launch nearby

Phone: 204-809-9638 32 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

Ideally, the jazz trio is mathematics and balance in motion. Bill Evans knew that needn’t preclude heart, and that’s an appreciation Carla Bley herself knows well. The pianist/composer’s trio with Andy Sheppard (saxophones) and Steve Swallow (bass guitar) is wise, warm and witty after 25 years together, and if the title track of Life Goes On suggests resignation for Bley, now 84, the music is spry and unpredictable. What begins as a droll blues soon glides into double time after stately musing, before becoming a pensive waltz. The sinister melody and deadpan quotes of “Beautiful Telephones” and the wry banter of “Copycat” draw rabbit-quick reflexes from all.

On the

by Quentin Mills-Fenn

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BOOKSHELF Angry Queer Somali Boy (University of Regina Press) by Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali

Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali has an important story to tell, a story everyone should hear. Kidnapped as a child from his birth mother by his father and raised by his stepmother in the United Arab Emirates, then The Netherlands, Ali ended up in Toronto with an absent father and abusive stepmother. Despite Canada’s reputation for opportunity and multiculturalism, Ali found it difficult to fit in as a gay Muslim immigrant with addiction issues. Written while the author was homeless in downtown Toronto, it’s frank, blunt, honest, irreverent, and powerful.

How to Pronounce Knife (McClelland & Stewart) by Souvankham Thammavongsa

After publishing award-winning poetry, Souvankham Thammavongsa has published her first story collection. Born in a Lao refugee camp in Thailand, and raised in Toronto where she now lives, Thammavongsa writes about the lives of new Canadians and others who wonder what they have to do to belong and get by. The title story opens the book, and it’s a stunner, and the quality carries on throughout the whole collection. The writing is gem-like in its precision and beauty. Remember her name: You’ll be hearing more about her, she’s that good.

In Praise of Paths (Greystone) by Torbjorn Ekelund

After an epilepsy diagnosis ended his ability to drive, Torbjorn Ekelund ended up walking everywhere, from the streets of Oslo, Norway, where he lives, through nature trails in the forests of Norway, to paths around the world. Subtitled Walking Through Time and Nature, this is a memoir about the paths we choose to take and the things we might see on the way. He also writes about others who work their way, from the widow who walked the entire Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine, to modern pilgrims on Spain’s Camino de Santiago, and even that humblest of travellers, a garden snail. Translated by Becky L. Crook.

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(Talonbooks) by Larry Tremblay This is a novel about Antoine, a philosophy professor: cranky, self-assured. His wife, best-selling novelist Alice Livingston, has died, leaving him to deal with her legacy and final work, neither of which he has much interest in. But there’s publicity to deal with, so he reads the book and must confront their sophisticated, civil, relationship. And yet, how much of what we read is true? Impurity starts quietly, and then gets under your skin: a funhouse of dark mirrors, a spider web of a novel. Translated by Sheila Fischman, this is a novel that hits with a wallop.

250 Dufferin Ave Winnipeg MB Canada R2W 5J1 1-204-586-8097


Interview with Christine Hanlon Ever wonder what used to be on the corner of Ellice and Vaughan? Why does that apartment building at Assiniboine and Carlton have columns? What was Happyland? Where did those pillars in that little park just west of the Granite Curling Club come from? Old Winnipeg: A History in Pictures by Christine Hanlon shows you the answers to those questions and more than a hundred others.

Manitoba author brings architectural history to life

By Quentin Mills-Fenn

Photography: Michael Roberts

“I realized that those ‘blocks of concrete’ I had noticed on my drive home from work every day were actually ornate pillars from the Dominion Post Office,” Hanlon says. “It was on Portage Avenue for half a century! That made me wonder how many other ‘lost’ buildings and places in Winnipeg there might be to discover.” Hanlon - bestselling author of Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens, co-author of The Manitoba Book of Everything, and curator/writer of Everything Manitoba: The Ultimate Book of Lists - decided to do some investigating. The result is a handsome collection of photographs of buildings lost to fire, progress, and time. “I spent my entire winter vacation at the Archives of Manitoba last year and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every day I showed up when they opened at 9 am, stayed until they closed at 4 pm, then relocated to the Legislative Library where I could do some reading about some of the places I had chosen to feature in the book,” Hanlon says. “Along with the Legislative Library and the Local History Room at the Millennium Library, my go-to place for research was the Manitoba Historical Society website. That led me to the Facebook page Manitoba History: A Public Discussion Forum of the MHS, through which I did some crowd sourcing,” she adds. “At that point I was starting to get worried about all the places that should be in the book but that I didn’t know about. After all, these places are not just found in the archives, they reside in the collective memory of the people who live in Winnipeg. The response from the crowd sourcing was astounding! I soon had dozens and dozens of new leads.” Old Winnipeg is more than just a photo album from the past. It’s also a history lesson that goes down easily. “I didn’t want this book to be a random collection of photos of buildings we have lost. I wanted the photos to tell a story, the story of the evolution of Winnipeg from the days of Upper Fort Garry to the recent launch of the Market Lands project in the Exchange District where the old Public Safety building used to be,” Hanlon explains. “The photos take you from development of the city’s political institutions,” to Winnipeg’s rise as the Gateway to the West for the immigrants who populated the prairies, to the boom years 34 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

as seen in the majestic banks, hotels, educational institutions, theatres, and amusement parks,” she adds. “As to how I decided what to include, I started with the obvious,” she notes. “Eaton’s, the old airport, the old stadium, the old arena, Upper Fort Garry. While I was looking for photos of those in the archives, I stumbled across so many places I had no idea had even existed.” If you ask, she’ll point you to some of her favourite buildings and photos. “I have a real soft spot for the Old Market that used to be near Old Market Square in the Exchange. In the photo, you can see the old ‘gingerbread’ city hall in the background – there’s also a separate photo of that of course,” states Hanlon. “And I can’t help but love the photo of the old pontoon bridge connecting Portage Avenue to

Assiniboine Park that the city used to build every spring and take down every fall so it wouldn’t get swept away by the ice. Never mind ice, in the photo there are so many people on the bridge that I’m surprised it didn’t collapse under their weight.”



f you’re looking to own a one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewellery – whether it’s a custom designed treasure, a unique model that catches your eye, or maybe you want to redesign an existing piece that carries some sentimental value – you need look no farther than Watson Workshop, located at Unit C-236 Osborne Street in Winnipeg. Watson Workshop is the new generation of Roger Watson Jewellers, a well-established business of 40 years that has operated in Osborne Village for the past 20 years. John Watson took over the business when his father, Roger, retired a few years ago. He has been working to revamp the business to adapt to changing times, and has rebranded under a new name, a new look and an evolved mission. A new website is being rolled out as part of the rebranded business. “The time was right to change the focus of the business back to us,” John says. “We have always been a custom manufacturer of fine jewellery but we also carried lines from other manufacturers. After working for 20 years in the business, I developed my own passion and I wanted to create our own product line that reflects that style of Canadian local made quality.” Aptly named, Watson Workshop has a full manufacturing studio on site, where John Watson and his team of goldsmiths design and create jewellery for all types of customers. “We pride ourselves on the service that has been the hallmark of our business, and now we

Watson rebrand features own line of jewellery

offer an additional level of personalized service in the individualized pieces that we create for our customers,” John explains.

expertise to design and model manufacture, and we are doing it locally as artists who are dedicated to their craft.”

A graduate of Gemological Institute of America, John creates images by hand as well as designs jewellery using the latest computer aided technology. The workshop environment allows him to involve customers in the design process, he states, adding that he designs the pieces on site with the client’s participation.

Technology plays a big role in supporting the evolution of the business on a number of fronts, including the manufacturing process.

“I meet with customers to get an understanding of what they are looking for in creating pieces that are beautiful and have a sentimental value,” says John. “For example, one client might want me to create a new piece of jewellery that reflects a particular taste, while another might want to redesign a piece of jewellery that becomes even more meaningful because we incorporate something of a loved one into the design. It’s a highly involved process but it is very rewarding,” he adds. “When the client sees the piece for the first time – there are lots of smiles and sometimes even tears – it’s an awesome experience.” In addition to manufacturing custom end pieces, Watson Workshop has created its own line of handcrafted jewellery. “Watson Select is our own line of ready-to-go-jewellery, which customers can purchase in the showroom or order online.” John says his team of five goldsmiths are proud to create a top quality product that can compete on any level. “We have the knowledge and

“Being able to combine the latest technologies in 3D printing and computer design with our traditional techniques has opened so many windows for us not only in production and precision, but in creativity and design,” explains John. It also improves marketing capabilities. “In this pandemic climate, we have been using zoom to customize pieces,” he says, adding that Instagram provides great feedback, and Ecommerce is available for those who want to order on line. “Through Ecommerce, we can now offer customized jewellery as well as our own brand to clients across Canada,” he says. “Our business is evolving and adapting to changing times,” John concludes, “but we will continue to offer a selection of exquisite diamonds and gems in our showroom, as well as provide jewellery repair and related services. We are rounding out our services to include personalized designs and opening up to a new audience.”


A memorable endeavour By Kelly Gray

| Photography: John Johnston

Putting names to the faces (L-R) Captain Megan Couto is a serving officer with the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry. She is currently employed as Aide de Camp to the Governor-General of Canada. In 2017, Captain Couto made history by becoming the first female infantry officer to command the ceremonial Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Private Lester Brown was with the Queen’s Own Rifles in 1944 when he stormed the beach as part of D Company during the ‘D’ Day invasion. Private Brown was wounded in the action but carried on to marry, have a family and live to the ripe old age of 92. Lester Brown was a member of Nova Scotia’s black community, and was, until his passing in 2013, the last surviving person of colour who was a member of the ‘D’ Day invasion force. Today, his family still lives in Nova Scotia and has plans to travel to Winnipeg to visit the mural. Captain Jennifer Casey was a member of the Snowbirds aerobatic team when her aircraft malfunctioned this past May. She was killed in the


he Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans Association (ANAVETS/ ANAF) has been around more than a few years. The group is the oldest veterans’ organization in Canada with an anecdotal history that dates back to the 1700s. Over these years, they have provided places to fraternize as well as sites to honour our service people. ANAF 283 in St. James Assiniboia (3585 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg) is continuing this recognition of service with a new mural on its east-facing exterior wall.

Prince. As well, the artwork shows details such as HMCS Winnipeg, a WWII armoured tank, a WWI biplane and a Peacekeeper’s medal, as well as the ANAVETS impressive emblem.

The mural, titled Canadian Hero, is a breathtaking work completed by Winnipeg artists Mandy van Leeuwen and Franklin Fernando. The pair took on the 12-foot by 85-foot expanse of wall beginning in late September (2020) and put their brushes and paints away by midOctober, just in time for the early snowfall and ahead of Remembrance Day.

The idea came about after a Saturday afternoon gathering at the club. It was mentioned that Take Pride Winnipeg had funds for mural projects to beautify buildings and neighbourhoods. The club had a wall that had been defaced by graffiti. SJ liked the idea of a commemorative mural on the space. And, when ex-club president Bill Stradder told Take Pride Winnipeg the club didn’t have dollars for this in the kitty, SJ agreed to pony up funds of her own to get the project underway. She remembers that she went home with the idea percolating in her head.

The work features four portraits that include Captain Megan Couto, Private Lester Brown, Captain Jennifer Casey, and Sergeant Tommy


The idea for the project came from the mind of ANAF 283 club member and retired Manitoba art and music teacher, Shirley Jean (SJ) Feasey. SJ brainstormed with club executive as well as Take Pride Winnipeg to come up with the overarching plan and then met with mural painter Mandy van Leeuwen to fine-tune the concept.

“I sat in my Lazy Boy and thought of what the mural should incorporate. I have no military background, but I do have a long-standing respect for our service people and saw this project as a good way to help us all remember their sacrifices. I knew I wanted to see two men and two ladies, as well as a ship, a tank and an airplane. The next time we met, I was even more committed,” she says. SJ met with Tom Ethans of Take Pride Winnipeg and artist Mandy van Leeuwen at the site. “We looked at the wall. Tom and Mandy suggested it would cost more than we thought to cover the huge surface. As I said, I was committed, so I agreed to take on the additional cost,” she said, mentioning that her son Scott helped with a contribution and club members Bill and Barb Stradder also came forward with additional monies to help with some of the expenses. Next, she arranged for another meeting with Mandy. “We got together a couple more times to discuss ideas such as multiculturalism and how important it was to Canada’s identity. We

subsequent crash. Captain Casey was a resident of Halifax but was based in Moose Jaw with 431 Air Demonstration Squadron before her untimely passing. She was the Squadron’s Public Affairs Officer and held Bachelor degrees in Arts and Journalism as well as Interdisciplinary Studies (MA). Boyfriend Scott Boyd has said that Captain Casey was passionate about art and would have been honoured to be included in this work. Sergeant Tommy Prince, the great, great-grandson of Saulteaux Chief Peguis, was a Manitoban of legendary renown. Prince fought in both WWII with the 1st Canadian Special Services Battalion and the Korean Conflict with

thought the mural should offer this element. I wanted the ANAVET’s crest in the center, and club members suggested the Peacekeepers’ medal because they are so often forgotten in the mix.” Mandy van Leeuwen is a contemporary realist painter and is a Manitoba mural artist with more than 60 works on display on walls in Winnipeg and other centres. On the ANAF 283 piece, she states that goals were to embody images that showed Canada standing together in all her multi-cultural glory.

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He was presented with many medals for his considerable service. Indeed, King George VI summoned him to Buckingham Palace for the Military Medal of Honour for his work with Special Services. Prince also received the Silver Star on behalf of the US President and was accorded six service medals (1939-1945 Star; The Italy Star; The France and Germany Star; The Defence Medal; The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal; and The War Medal 1939-1945). He was accorded the Korea Medal (Canadian) as well as the United Nations Korea Medal, and is entitled to posthumous laurels with the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea.

Dimensionally it was very good and the surface did not require any treatment beforehand.”

and forth takes a lot of time and we only had about two weeks of good weather,” he says.

Mandy reports that she contacted Franklin Fernando, an artist she has collaborated with in the past, to work alongside her on this project because of his skill with portraiture.

“Mandy is an artist that works to bring out the best in her collaborators. She allowed me to be myself. Together we thought about the blues and oranges, and blended and experimented before we hit the right balance. For example, we looked at three different paint combinations before we were satisfied with the colouration of the Jennifer Casey image. It was the same with the placement of each face. We discussed equality and gender balance for quite some time before any paint went onto the wall. I felt we created a very strong, positive message that tells a story,” he says.

“Franklin and I each have unique styles. I wanted to see how we would let each other’s individuality come through on this work,” she says, adding that they played with colours until they got the exact right balance and then went with it freehand.

“The past meets the present in this piece,” she says, noting that she and fellow artist Franklin Fernando worked from the center ANAVETS crest outward using Nova Color Artists’ Acrylic Paint, a specialty product made in California that holds the surface well and resists fading and wear.

“This is different from what I normally do in art. I love the fact that murals represent an intersection of art and community. This piece is all about ‘unity’ and connecting people,” she says.

“I love this paint. It can handle our climate and has a ‘glow’ to it that is unlike other paints we have used. The wall also worked in our favour.

According to Fernando, they used a projector as a timesaving aid. “The faces are six feet tall and we paint freehand. Without a projector, you have to get down from the scaffolding and go far away from the work to view it. The back

Mandy agrees. “SJ gave us a good starting point from where we could let the art unfold. In the end, what we achieved is a surreal image that is tacked to the reality of Canadians’ commitment to multi-cultural values and service.”


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Gorgeous 3 stack geometric wide band in two-tone gold with natural brilliant cut diamonds. Designed and made locally. Watson Workshop Unit C-236 Osborne St South Instagram @watsonworkshop

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Custom Building Quality Homes for 44 years




nce the boxes are unpacked and the house is finally a home, there are always little things you wish you could change. More cabinets in the kitchen. A bigger bathroom as you jockey for the sink. Extra storage to keep things in relatively organized fashion. Until now.


Arlt Homes has created a flawless home that has it all – even things you don’t even think you need until you’ve settled in. The 2,068-square-foot home in Sage Creek boasts a kitchen larger than most, an ensuite bathroom designed for two and a mudroom with ample storage. And that’s just the beginning! “For a home to appeal to a client, the layout must function the way the client envisions that they will live in the home, and as such, function is always a primary consideration in the design stage and cannot be overlooked,” says Jason Arlt, owner of Arlt Homes. “The concept is a modern family home that is functional and has thoughtfully considered details while using quality materials.” The open layout design with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths has clean lines and an airy feel. Oriented towards the backyard for the best views, large windows in the great room and kitchen bring in lots of natural light. The main area, consisting of the great room, kitchen and dining room, is laid out to feel connected, but each room is also a distinct space.





Visit our state of the art showroom located at 1040 Waverley Street, Winnipeg 42 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

The larger-than-most kitchen is loaded with high-end features like built-in gas cooktop, oven and microwave, and extra counterspace. The range hood is cleverly concealed with cabinetry to add an integrated look. The island’s gunmetal blue cabinetry and contrasting quartz countertop make it a statement piece as well as a fully functional space for meals and homework. The white flat-panel cabinetry, quartz countertops and backsplash make the statement-making black horizontal handles and pair of hanging pendant lights from Superlite pop. “Mixing light and dark elements and textures adds interest to the home,” says Arlt. “While the overall palette is more neutral, we stepped up the feeling in the space by incorporating interesting pieces, combining textures and making quality selections. The idea was to scatter strategic focal points around the home.” One of those focal points is the eye-grabbing fireplace with gorgeous custom-designed surround that was created with three different dimensional tiles. The fireplace-turned-work of art is visible from all areas of the main floor. The sizeable great room also has large windows on two walls, which will be the envy of anyone who visits. Another jaw-dropping room is the ensuite bathroom. The expansive space was designed with a floating vanity with double sinks set in the quartz countertop. The massive freestanding bathtub will see plenty of use for long soaks,

while the shower has a linear drain for a level (no curb) entry and custom tiles. The shower also has a niche for easy storage. The whimsical floor tile adds impact to the space.

to contrast the lighter walls and white millwork in the home,” says Arlt of the lighting, which was provided by Superlite. All lights are LED with clean lines and an architectural feel.

Throughout the home, the darker lighting pieces add dramatic flair. “The lighting pieces are meant to add impact to the space and are black

On the practical side, the home boasts tons of well-designed, built-in shelving, including custom-built shelving units in the pantry, master


Building the builder’s future.

n e p O ow

N 1820 De Vries Avenue


Marvin Windows & Doors are inspired by how people live.

Explore our three product collections organized by degree of design detail, flexibility, and customization possibilities AVAILABLE AT:

Contact Diane Lambert 1820 De Vries Avenue 204-661-1055


540 Caron Road 204-453-6563

bedroom walk-in closet and great room with up lighting. Perhaps the most notable storage area in the home though is the much soughtafter mudroom. Located off the garage and easily accessible via the kitchen’s walk-through pantry, this family friendly room has a cubby system with shelving and integrated bench. As many families can attest, there is never a shortage of jackets, shoes and bags floating around, and this room can tackle the clutter before it can enter the main area of the home. Other quality features are the wire-brushed white oak engineered hardwoods throughout the main floor and the gorgeous staircase with maple railings and glass inserts “All our suppliers are experts in their respective fields and guide clients toward choices that are in line with their overall vision for their homes. We use a consistent group of trades for each home we build, so the level of quality in our showhome is the level of quality you can expect in your own home,” says Arlt. One of those suppliers is Springhill Lumber, which contributed all the lumber and finishing materials for this home. Arlt Homes is a small custom builder that limits the number of homes it creates each year to ensure they are fully accessible to clients.

manager or myself, the owner,” says Arlt. “We strive to be accessible and provide timely communication. This, along with our solid reputation and consistent craftsmanship, sets us apart.”

“We offer personalized customer service. Our clients can directly contact our construction

Arlt creates functional homes that consider how families live and move throughout the

home, and all of the features you want, including those you don’t realize you need, have been included in this lovely home. Plus, it’s just plain gorgeous! View the showhome at 74 Tanager Trail or visit the website:



Project Built By:





Matelux glass door on toilet room with complete wet room enclosed with 10 mm shower glass


Tranquil River Living


ort Rouge Glass is proud to introduce a new project built by the team at Concept Builders LTD. We spoke with the owner, Dean Ateah. “Fort Rouge Glass has always been our glass provider but when we learned they expanded their window and door options, we jumped on the opportunity, knowing we would receive the same high quality products we have grown to expect. FRG has always fit into our philosophy of reliable, tried and trusted trades and suppliers. Ironically, during the build, my windshield cracked, and they took care of that as well,” laughs Ateah.

Custom oversized mirror with light cut out.

“Dealing with one company for all the glass needs allowed us to streamline the way the project was organized. We are a hands-on builder / renovator and working closely with our suppliers, trades and the client is important to us. FRG is a great asset to our team,” he notes. “Fort Rouge Glass was professional, and they had a genuine interest in ensuring both the builder and client were satisfied with the final product,” adds Ateah. In fact, Concept builders LTD and the homeowner could not be happier with the end product.

Two panel frameless glass on tub surround.

Brendan Berntt, owner of Fort Rouge Glass, says he was excited about the project. He notes that features in the space include the Matelux (frosted) glass on the toilet room for privacy, large oversized mirror with light cutouts, a frameless glass door in the main tub surround, and the large windows throughout which allow you to see the river from many viewpoints, along with mirrors that provide reflections from the great outdoors. The windows have a classic black frame on the outside with a clean white frame on the inside, and are a great design accent.

Custom stair and guardrail glass in a custom powder coated baseshoe for a seamelss look. WINTER 2020 | STYLE MANITOBA | 47

L a s t c h a n c e to b u i l d o n ly a fe w lots left! Stringent health & safety measures are in place allowing you to visit these amazing show homes safely.


Fa mi l ies a nd Fr ie nds hips Bridgwater is designed with community mind with ice rinks, parks and over 30 km of part trails to explore nature and fun is always close to home.

b r i d g w at e r n e i g hb o u rh o o d s . c o m WINTER 2020 | STYLE MANITOBA | 49

Local Builder With Heart Over 500 homes sold, over 43 communities built and 30 years in the business Fueled by creativity and inspired by modern living, StreetSide brings Qualico®’s strength and expertise, customer commitment, and proven history of doing the right thing to our multi-family offerings in Winnipeg. As Winnipeg’s leading condominium developer we’ve set ourselves apart over the past 3 decades with successful projects sprawling across Winnipeg. As a local builder with heart, we’re here to make sure you get the home that you love. Our communities embody balanced living in an aesthetically modern space where design, value and quality are paramount. From the little things to the big things, we stick by your side. One of the most important decisions we will make in our lives is likely where we choose to live. We’re big fans of Winnipeg and it’s diverse, amenity-rich neighborhoods. If we’re not building there now, we most likely will be soon. When we hand over the keys, we hand over a promise for a quality home. We believe that promise and hold each other accountable to delivering on it every day. It’s not easy, but it’s what we’d expect if we were the owner of the StreetSide condo – and many of us are.


StreetSide Developments




elcome to The Rise by StreetSide Developments The Rise is a modern collection of concreteconstructed condominiums soaring seven storeys high – the highest peak in Bridgwater. Set within the appealing Waverley West neighbourhood of Bridgwater Centre, The Rise is a special address that offers what you desire today and all you might hope for tomorrow. These 1 & 2 bedroom suites feature prairie views, elegant interiors and offer modern finishes including glistening quartz counter tops, luxury vinyl plank flooring, private balconies & heated underground parking. Unbeatable resident amenities at the Rise Condos’ are an extension of your home and provide additional space for evening entertaining in the lounge, a swim in the outdoor pool with courtyard or a vigorous workout in the fully equipped fitness studio. Express yourself through open plans that have been thoughtfully designed to offer flexibility for busy lives. The Rise is a lifestyle opportunity not to be missed. This is home. This project is Certified Energy Efficient by Efficiency Manitoba’s New Buildings Program Learn more at THERISECONDOS.CA


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for Day or Night

DESIGN TIP Hang the mirror so the bottom sits 44"-46" from the floor.


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Hang the mirror so the bottom

Hang the mirror so the bottom sits 44"-46" from the floor. sits 44"-46" from the floor.

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featured: Pim Collection, élan LED mirrors

featured: Pim Collection, élan LED mirrors

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Anyway you look at it, Vue Taché is a new way to see your world


oth on the tip of the vibrant St.Boniface neighbourhood and adjacent to Winnipeg’s downtown, Vue Taché links you to a bustling residential community while steps away from the urban epicentre of the city. StreetSide Developments newest condominium is set to bring a wide range of luxurious, riverfacing condos to a historic neighbourhood. The homebuilder’s latest project, Vue Taché, will begin construction in the spring of 2021 with an anticipated completion date of late 2022, bringing yet another luxury-living option to this sought-after Winnipeg neighbourhood. Enjoy river-facing views and captivating urban skylines from Vue Taché’s top floors, or uplifting sights from any of the seven storey concrete building’s sprawling patios. “The wow-factor of this project is right in the name – the views, ‘Vue,’ and neighbourhood ‘Taché'. Located downtown riverside, this project gives people the unique opportunity to capture arguably one of the best views in the city.” said Kelli Roach, Sales & Marketing Manager, StreetSide Developments Winnipeg.

Wide-spanning windows overdeliver on views from every suite, while one to three bedroom designs responds to you and your needs from anywhere between 700 and 1,900 square feet.

kitchen and bar, underground heated parking, StreetSide's first outdoor pet run and a window-lined gym with a view to inspire you while you sweat.

Every square inch of your suite and common areas at Vue Taché have been carefully designed and debated, including a common lounge outfitted with a state-of-the art host's


The WOW Factor


Get the best view with DUXTON Windows & Doors. Get a virtual showroom tour! Register at

45 Higgins Ave. Winnipeg, MB | 204.339.6456 | 54 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

Windows & Doors:

Virtual Showroom Tour


ust because home shows are cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t do your home renovation research! This year Duxton Windows & Doors is launching an all-new platform for bringing homeowners into the showroom… virtually! “Many homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes this year,” comments Chris King of Prairie Windows & Doors. “With so many people working remotely, people want to make their homes more comfortable, and more of an oasis. They want great insulation, natural light, and really nice-looking finishes from their windows and doors.” Normally, when a homeowner notices it’s time to replace windows and doors, a great starting point is to visit the local home show, wander the different exhibitor booths, get the look and feel of the different products, and meet the professionals to ask some key questions.

“We have shot footage in our showroom demonstrating all the different product types, performance, and options. It’s a really exciting way for people to feel as though they are right there. They can almost reach out to touch and feel the products for themselves,” comments Al Dueck, owner of Duxton Windows & Doors. With video footage, you can actually see a multi-point lock in action – and why this allows for better security and warmth from a swinging door. You can also see the slim, modern window frames up close, and how the style truly updates the home. You can visualize the impact of black contemporary interior finishes or warm real-wood options. After the showroom tour, Duxton will be showing impressive Before & After

B Y AY N S L E Y D U E C K examples – some substantial remodels, and other very simple replacement projects – to help homeowners understand what they can accomplish at any budget. Lastly, Duxton will be connecting homeowners with certified installers, who are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Duxton’s local installation partner is a family owned and operated business called Prairie Windows & Doors, with 15 years experience in the industry. Combining an excellent cold-climate fenestration product (proudly made in Manitoba!) with high quality installation provides the best effort all the way through. Register for a LIVE upcoming session here:

This year, we are all learning to use technology to adapt. A virtual setting is a tremendous help in making important decisions for your home, with the professionals walking you through it, step by step. Research can be done from the comfort of your home – less the driving time, show entry fees, parking costs, babysitters, “magic brooms” – just valuable insights into design tips and best practices!


Planning a Home Reno? Manage Your Project Using Permits Online In 2020, people stayed home. And because of that, many people looked at their home with a different lens. Suddenly, it was also an office, a daycare, a classroom, a gym, and a place to unwind. As a result, many Manitobans invested in home improvements. For those with a home renovation on the horizon – whether it’s a DIY venture or a project managed through a contractor – the City of Winnipeg wants you to know that homeowners are legally responsible for obtaining building permits for relevant projects. A permit ensures that any construction project is built with your family’s safety in mind. Specially trained staff review plans for compliance with applicable Codes and By-laws, and City inspectors conduct audits on building projects. “We know that homeowners take great pride in their homes and often plan renovation projects to create more comfortable homes for their families – whether it’s an office space or a place to play,” says Alana Crocker, Manager of the Development & Inspections Division with the City of Winnipeg’s Planning, Property & Development department. The increased interest in home renovation projects has kept those who work in permits and inspections extremely busy. The emphasis on families wanting to have more fun at home has translated into a lot of queries related to the building of pools and hot tubs. “Our team has been extremely busy this year,” says Crocker, “and with COVID-19, we pivoted to offering more services online to meet the needs of our customers.” She adds that 2020 has given her team a good opportunity to look at ways to streamline the permit process to assist homeowners and contractors with managing their construction projects. “In fact, we have a dedicated process improvement team that works on these types 56 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

of projects on an ongoing basis,” says Crocker. Home renovation projects, like many things in life, go more smoothly with advance planning. “With projects of any type, it’s always cheaper to do it right the first time,” says Crocker. To help Winnipeggers ‘get it right’ when managing renovation projects and associated permits, the department’s permits webpage ( has a number of how-to videos in addition to other information to help homeowners start projects on the right foot. The City offers the following permit process checklist: • Plan ahead. Prepare all of the project details in advance of permit application. • Know your role. Homeowners are ultimately responsible for permits and inspections. When a contractor is hired to take out a permit and complete work, homeowners are obligated to ensure the work is carried out per the conditions of the permit. • Does the work require a professional architect, engineer or a licensed contractor? Prior to submitting a permit application, there are opportunities

to book an appointment with department staff to ensure that you have all of the information that you need to prepare your application. • Read your permit when it is issued to understand all conditions of approval, fees and charges. • The permit process is not a single step. It’s a process that needs to be managed. The easiest way to monitor your permit is through Permits Online. Permits Online is a tool that Winnipeg homeowners can use to manage the permit process. “It’s a one-stop-shop to manage your active permits and applications,” says Crocker. “Having a Permits Online account enables you to manage your permit from the comfort of your home. In the spring of 2020, we expanded Permits Online to enable even more permits to be applied for online.” Once you activate a Permits Online account, you’ll be able to view and manage your active permits and applications by tracking the status, submitting documents, and making payments.

When your project is ready for inspections, the City has expanded its inspections service to include virtual inspection options using a smartphone or tablet. An online inspection request form provides information about inspection types and options, and allows you to schedule your inspection in advance. ONLINE PERMIT RESOURCES For more information on permits, to view how-to videos, and to learn about what projects require a building permit, go to: To learn about how the Planning, Property & Development department is streamlining processes: If you’re planning on buying or flipping a home, it’s a good idea to complete a permit search to ensure there are no open permits. Go to: For any questions about the permit process, please call 204-986-5140 or email:

Three season prescription


mid these challenging times, a Glastar sunroom from SunShade can be just what the doctor ordered. SunShade’s designs bring the outside in and allow Manitobans to enjoy a longer fall and an earlier spring. And, they can do it regardless of travel restrictions or quarantine rules. “So many people are not travelling right now because of COVID-19 restrictions,” says Steve Sarens, President of SunShade. “We are seeing homeowners who have travelled regularly to winter destinations to escape the cold weather now looking for options closer to home. A sunroom gives you at least an extra month on either side of winter

that allows you to enjoy more of the outside experience without having to leave the comfort of your home.” According to Sarens, their business has been brisk since the onset of the pandemic. “People started to think about home improvement and making homes more comfortable in the face of things like lockdowns and quarantine. Since May, we have been seeing record-breaking monthly sales and are now selling into next year,” he says, mentioning that their largest source of new business comes from customer referrals. “We have the most experience in sunrooms in Winnipeg, and our teams achieve a very

high level of customer satisfaction. For example, we recently completed a unique 380 square-foot sunroom that was built on the second level of the home to maximize the view and allow access from the lower lev-el to the back yard. We were even able to offer a design aspect that allowed the homeowner to have their BBQ just outside the sunroom but under the cover of the roofline,” he states, adding that a SunShade sunroom can deliver the outside to interior spaces even when temperatures hit minus 15ºC. Discover this three season prescription to battle our tough climate by visiting the website:


Established in 1985

Specializing in custom countertops, tile installation, and more!


Design: Design Shop Photography: Kait Gibson Creative

491 Warsaw Ave



URBAN HOME STYLE CENTRE Flooring winnipeg since 1965 . Showroom Location - 893A Redonda, Wpg., MB Ph: 1 204 222-8797 • Email: 58 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020





eramics and manufactured and natural stone are among the most versatile building products. While many of us typically think of these materials as being great for kitchens and bathrooms, there are so many more applications that work for tile and marble. “We have products that work for cladding and feature walls, as well as for high traffic front entrance areas, fireplaces and other design elements,” says Carrara Tile & Marble salesperson Matt Vaccaro. Carrara is one of Winnipeg’s most experienced companies when it comes to natural and manufactured stone as well as tile. They have more than 35 years in the local market and they do it all, from sourcing and warehousing a huge product assortment, to manufacturing and shaping to design and installation. Vaccaro mentions Neolith as a great example of a product that has a range of design applications such as fireplaces. Neolith is a glazed manufactured stone product that replicates marble.

natural stone, the weight for fireplace cladding would be significantly more, and this can create demands on walls and floors. This aspect is just one of the reasons Neolith has been so successful in the market,” he says, adding that they have been the exclusive dealer for Neolith for about 10 years. “This gives us a lot of experience.” Carrara Tile & Marble offers Winnipeg’s largest retail hard surface showroom. The company is a family business that understands the local market and the products that work for Manitoba lifestyles. He reports that Carrara is a onestop-shop for countertops and innovative new tile designs, as well as beautiful natural stone slabs and manufactured products. “We are open now by appointment during COVID 19. Our crews also use best practices and work using full PPE to keep our customers safe. Even though these are challenging times with these current health concerns, we can still keep projects on track,” he says, inviting Manitobans to visit to discover the great look and versatility of stone and tile.

“It’s lighter and less costly,” says Matt, mentioning that this sintered stone product is fabricated to specification in the city at their shop. “If this were WINTER 2020 | STYLE MANITOBA | 59

DESIGN &DECOR Technology At Your Service

Wake up to the sun each morning without lifting a finger. Save money and energy by ensuring shades are open to warm up a room in the winter or closed to keep it cool in the summer. Stop unwanted eyes from peeking in by lowering your shades even when you’re not at home. It can all be done with Hunter Douglas’ Powerview automated shades. “App control is a wonderful convenience and can make your home more efficient and enjoyable,” says Heather Unger of Advance Blinds & Drapery. “It is our expertise in automation that sets us apart.” The window treatment company specializes in Powerview Automation from Hunter Douglas, which allows homeowners to control their shades from an app or smart-home compatible system. The technology works with all Hunter Douglas shades, including this Provenance Roman shade. Its woven-wood design brings a warm, comfortable feel to the room, while an extra liner – housed within the headrail that operates independently of the shade – allows for varying degrees of light and privacy. The liner has a honeycomb construction that also provides improved energy efficiency and sound absorption. From design selection to installation, Advance Blinds & Drapery has been dressing Manitoba windows for over 40 years. What was once a small business attached to the family’s home has become one of Manitoba’s largest Hunter Douglas dealers.

Vinyl That Will Floor You

The choice between hardwood and vinyl is much debated by homeowners, but vinyl plank flooring has quickly become the top choice, and it’s easy to see why with this gorgeous Fuzion Dynamix option. “Fuzion takes real wood-look visuals and transfers them to waterproof vinyl surfaces making the durability and wear higher than natural wood flooring,” says Ryan Nemis of Ken’s Carpets & Urban Lifestyle Centre. Not only does it look amazing, it’s also low maintenance, easy to clean and built to last. This flooring option is also waterproof so it can be installed in all areas of the home including bathrooms and kitchens. “We install Fuzion planks in newly built houses along with cottages and renos, and especially in basements where the floors are concrete, as Fuzion planks make a warm, soft floor that can withstand moisture,” says Nemis. Ken’s Carpets is Winnipeg’s oldest flooring store, serving clients since 1965. It supplies and installs a wide range of flooring options from vinyl and hardwood to tiles and carpet, as well as area rugs and window coverings for homes and commercial buildings. “Our buying power is huge because we buy full containers direct from the manufacturers, which cuts out the middle man,” says Nemis. Learn more about why vinyl plank flooring is right for your home at



Kitchen Inspiration BY LEA CURRIE


very home chef has differing tastes and opinions on what makes an ideal kitchen, and finding one that pleases all is next to impossible. Until now. The kitchen featured here is one that everyone can agree on - you can’t help but covet this timeless look created by Kitchen Craft. “We worked closely with Taylor Ridge Homes to create a space that offered both form and function. It has an overall warm and inviting feel that complements the rest of the home, while the use of drawers, open shelving and built-in microwave offer many storage solutions and conveniences,” says Alex Scheiermann, Kitchen Craft designer. The cabinets use Kitchen Craft’s beautiful Salem door style in maple with a warm whitecap paint on the perimeter and darker charcoal for the island. The simplicity of the Salem door works well in most any setting and can be dressed up or down. This beautiful look proves that cabinetry can be more than storage. The quartz countertops were also done in two colours to complement the cabinets as well as the rest of the home from Taylor Ridge Homes.

The pièce de résistance is that remarkable oversized island at over three feet deep and 10 feet long flanked with custom-built columns for that craftsman look. It becomes not only an extra workstation but also a gorgeous focal point. “Kitchen Craft really does have something for everyone. We are able to accommodate any design request. Taylor Ridge Homes was instrumental in working with us on all finishes and design. This truly was a collaboration that resulted in a kitchen that is reflective of the style Taylor Ridge is wanting to achieve,” says Scheiermann. Kitchen Craft is a true local success story. The company was founded in Winnipeg over 45 years ago and its products are now sold in stores across Canada and the US. The company manufactures high-quality cabinetry for all rooms of the home, not just kitchens. In 2002, Kitchen Craft became part of the MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. family and now offers other cabinetry from stock to custom work. Whether you’re a home chef or more into mac-and-cheese meals, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it must be as personal as it is functional. With a multitude of wood options, door styles, finishes and paint colours, Kitchen Craft can find a look to reflect you and your home. WINTER 2020 | STYLE MANITOBA | 61



innipeg just got an upgrade. This past June, Cosentino, a global leader in innovative surfaces for architecture and design, opened their newest showroom and distribution centre in the Manitoba capital. Located at 200-3020 Red Fife Road in the Brookside Industrial Park, the 3000-square foot centre will showcase leading Cosentino products such as Silestone quartz, as well as Dekton, Sensa and Scalea granite. “At any given time, we have over 1,500 slabs stocked in our distribution warehouse, allowing us to show actual full-size slabs to our customers. This is a unique service that we’re able to offer that our competitors do not,” says Scott MacKenzie, General Manager, Cosentino Winnipeg Centre. He comments that they are eager to connect with Winnipeg’s architects, designers, general contractors and consumers to offer them the chance to experience the wide range of Cosentino products. The new showroom features a warehouse, a sample room, a space for continuing education and events, and various surface installations. The site even has an outdoor kitchen concept showing Dekton’s outdoor capabilities and a ventilated wall façade display. According to MacKenzie, the new Winnipeg location will provide market support for the prairie region. Cosentino now has six centres and two showrooms across Canada with locations in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, in addition to Stanstead on the Quebec US border. In the past, the prairie business was handled out of Alberta. Now, prairiebased trades, designers, architects and the public can more easily access innovative surfaces for counters and other areas. 62 | STYLE MANITOBA | WINTER 2020

New Silestone Loft Collection adds a unique touch A great case in point of product innovation is the recent introduction of five new colours to the Silestone quartz range. These new colours in what is known as the Silestone Loft Collection, have been inspired by iconic neighbourhoods in the global community and are the first to be produced using Cosentino’s exclusive HybriQ+ technology, a process where reused raw materials are used. Loft Collection colours include Camden, Poblenou, Seaport, Nolita and Corktown. According to the company, the inspiration behind the collection dates back to the mid-20th century, a decade when abandoned factories, large workshops and warehouses were turned into loft apartments. The deliberately unfurnished look of concrete, cement, exposed beams, and pipes created the industrial design trend that is still prevalent today. For example, Silestone Camden looks back to the community’s history where exposed brick gave façades their distinctive appearance to the London area town. Camden features a soft, delicate and consistent grey, with a fine grain and subtle white veining. Coloured a versatile cement grey, Camden can be easily incorporated with any décor. Silestone Poblenou takes its inspiration from the industrial revolution in Barcelona. Poblenou offers a warm shade of grey with subtle veining and a sandy background that brings brightness and provides a comforting texture and familiar ambiance.

Silestone Seaport looks to a small seaside community in southeastern Manhattan. Here, the past coexists peacefully alongside docks, restaurants and shops. Seaport’s colour is similar to dark, worn cement with striking white shades that blend in perfectly with its background. Silestone Nolita also turns to New York for its inspiration. Nolita is a neighbourhood just north of the city’s ‘Little Italy’ and is known as a site of unique distinctiveness with Avante Garde appearance. Look to Nolita for a cold, Industrial feel, blended with shades of whites and light greys that work to create elegance and fine lines that are free of strong contrasts. Silestone Corktown is all about the light and shade of Detroit’s Corktown neighbourhood. The streets of Corktown offer iconic historic vistas that harken back to the city’s heritage as Motorcity. Silestone Corktown gives the most intense, solid and deep black of the Silestone Loft collection. Its dark background blends beautifully with intense brown touches and an extra matte finish. The colour’s effects are evocative of worn surfaces that have experienced the passage of time. Visit for more information on products and locations.







KITCHEN &BATH State of the Art

When the majority of kitchen walls are covered in cupboards and you can’t hang artwork, you turn those cupboards into fine art. These gorgeous maple cabinets from Springfield Woodworking are finished with a glaze that is hand brushed in very fine, articulate strokes, producing a one-of-a-kind work of art. Beyond the beauty, the cabinets are filled with accessories including a pullout garbage/recycling centre, spice and utensil inserts, and pullout towel rack under the sink. The island features 12-inch deep storage concealed under the overhang. “The client spent a lot of time planning and designing this customized kitchen to meet her needs, and we are pleased that we were able to achieve her wishes to her satisfaction,” says Ms. Kleinsasser of Springfield Woodworking, which also created custom cabinetry throughout the home, including baths, office and bar. “Our cabinets are all uniquely designed and custom built to fit your space and your appliances. Each home gets custom measured to ensure a wellfit set of cabinets. Springfield Woodworking takes pride in our outstanding team of professionals that boast many years of experience and knowledge in the cabinet industry,” says Kleinsasser. The company uses solid workmanship to create high-quality, high-durability products. In addition to the premium work, Springfield Woodworking has customer service down to a fine art with dependability, promptness, clear communication and competitive prices.

Make Your Kitchen Shine

As much as the kitchen is a practical room for cooking, the technical need for good lighting can go beyond utilitarian with dazzling fixtures that light up the room in more ways than one. While these chandeliers were chosen for their practical application, the contrast of black in the predominately white room immediately draws you in. “Lighting truly does tie a room together as can be seen in this kitchen. These specific fixtures add character, contrast and visual appeal,” says Adilia Silva, general manager for Total Lighting Sales. “They are also versatile and can be considered both modern and vintage due to the various materials and style that has been incorporated.” The 14-inch Percy chandelier by Eurofase (also available in a 36-inch model) has a black chrome base with vintage-style LED Edison bulbs that are energy efficient for the best of both worlds. The finish complements other accents in the kitchen, such as the chrome on the chairs and the black of the oven, while keeping with the clean and contemporary aesthetic of the room. “The set of three were used rather than one larger fixture to break up the space and avoid overwhelming it,” says Silva. Since 1975, Total Lighting, located at 347 William Avenue, has been casting Winnipeg homes, commercial spaces, businesses and neighborhoods in the best light.






From left to right: Coventry Lantern for Visual Comfort, Belterra Chandelier for Tech Lighting, Whare Sconce for Generation Lighting, and Cirque Ceiling Fan for Monte Carlo

Project Built By:



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