Reopening St. Viator Elementary: August 2020

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Welcome, St. Viator Families! Reopening St. Viator Elementary School 2020

Mrs. Lisa Rieger, Principal

Prayer A Prayer for Peace During Hard Times Lord, when my heart is overwhelmed, Overwhelm me with Your peace. Lead me to You, my rock. Guide me to Your word which gives me strength and refuge. Help me not to run to lesser things. Draw me to run to You first . Help me to get in the habit of taking my overwhelmed and placing it under Your will. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Welcome Welcome to our new families! Welcome to our current families! Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Grateful for your questions and thoughts that helped shape this presentation.

Virtual Meeting Protocols Please mute yourself during this virtual meeting. Please use the comment function to ask questions during the meeting. Close your camera if you need to walk away for a moment or don’t want your background to show.

Reopening with Trust Please note that this virtual Google Meet will be recorded so that parents and families who cannot attend the live meeting will be able to view it at a time convenient for them. Thank you!

St. Viator Elementary School will reopen the 2020-2021 school year on August 19, 2020 under the guidance of the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) and their coronavirus task force, the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Key Principle: The Cohort Model Under a cohort model, the students and staff are grouped by homeroom. Average classroom size runs between 17-25 students plus the teacher (and aides in Kindergarten & preschool) These groupings are as static as possible, having the same group of students stay with the same staff (all day and as much as possible) When staff other than the teacher enter a classroom, they must socially distance 6 feet from students.

Classroom Set-up Classrooms will be set up with students as distanced as possible, ideally facing the same direction, with desks in rows. Lower grades that utilize tables will be as distanced as possible. All classrooms will have hand sanitizer in the room. Students will use the sanitizer upon entering the classroom.

Masks & PPE All individuals in our school building (students, employees, visitors/ volunteers) must wear a mask at all times unless they are under 2 years of age. Families that are having their child utilize reusable masks should purchase at least two masks, and masks should be laundered each day. Families that are having their child utilize disposable masks, should discard their mask each day. Masks should not contain messages or images that would distract from the educational environment. Face shields have been purchased for teachers and students that may be used in limited situations where facial expressions are important (e.g. Preschool and Kindergarten teachers, speech therapists, etc)

Masks & PPE Masks may be removed in special circumstances: When eating or drinking When engaged in outside activities or instruction When removing masks, students and employees must remain distant by 6 feet When masks are removed, they should be store in a paper bag that is labeled with the owner’s name. Students and staff will receive training on proper maskwearing.

Wellness Checks Specific grades will be assigned to specific doors for entry and exit to limit cross-contamination between cohorts Students will be assigned a “cohort� arrival and dismissal area at school closest to their door. St. Viator faculty and staff will perform wellness checks of all students as students enter the building or as they gather in their cohort space. TEMPERATURE CHECKS: A temperature check of each student will occur. Any student with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit must be sent home (as per infection protocol). HAND WASHING or SANITIZER CHECK: Students should either wash their hands or receive hand sanitizer (from an adult or stationary dispenser). St. Viator staff will ensure that such hand cleaning occurs. MASK CHECK: A check of each student will take place to ensure that masks are present and properly worn. SYMPTOM CHECK: Students will be asked the following questions every day: 1. Do you feel sick in any way? 2. Do you have a cough or fever? 3. Any student who identifies as feeling sick should be sent home. Parents and guardians should not enter the school building or escort their students to/from classrooms at arrival and dismissal.

Arrival & Dismissal All St. Viator doorways will be identified by grade and cohorts will only enter and exit through those assigned doorways. Parents should not congregate around the school doorways. For preschool and Kindergarten: A “first day� process is being created for each class to allow for parents to walk their child to class as a family safely and without congregating.

Internal Traffic Flow Hallways: Students and staff will be directed to “stay to their right� when walking through the hallways. Arrow markings on the floor and signage throughout hallways will be displayed Students and teachers will have specific schedules for: Bathroom times (capacity will be restricted to three students and students should be masked) Outdoor learning experiences Recess We will be limiting student movement in the building to avoid crosscontamination of cohorts.

General Facility Cleaning, Hygiene & Shared School Supplies St. Viator will continue to utilize a professional cleaning company for nightly disinfecting and cleaning. Cleaning solutions used in our school by the cleaning company are non-toxic and approved by the EPA. Spray bottles of cleaning disinfectant will be available in each classroom. Frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, desks, tabletops, light switches, pencil sharpeners, hands-on learning items/manipulatives, backpack areas, sinks & faucets on a daily basis. Cloth toys that cannot be disinfected should not be used in the classroom. Students will be given time to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before their lunch period. Food and drink should not be shared (including student snacks, lunches, birthday treats). Food should remain covered when not being consumed.

Core Classrooms Classroom space will be used to maximize student distance. Desks will be arranged so that all students face the front of the room. Frequently clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces daily

Early Childhood Considerations All guidelines from “core classrooms� will apply Classroom supplies may be shared, given the unique educational practices of early education (preschool). Supply sharing should be limited to essential use only and cleaned frequently. Naptime: Cots will be assigned and nappers will continue to be for individual students. Students will be spread apart as much as possible. Masks may be removed if students are six feet apart.

Specials Classes Specials teachers will go the classroom to meet the children and remain 6 feet away from the students at all times. Music: Classes will avoid singing and no woodwinds or brass instruments will be allowed. Gym will be help outdoors - weather permitting Plan to implement “Peaceful Playground� - more information to come on this. Library: Classes will not be held in the library for the time being. Ms. Heidi will be going to classrooms to offer story time for our preschool through third graders to start.

Lunch Students will eat in their classrooms as we begin school. Once we have settled in, there will be an opportunity for scheduled use of the lunchroom (limit 50, socially distanced, including lunchroom staff)

Recess Preschool & Kindergarten: Playground schedule will be created for an “every other day” use of the playground equipment. 1st-8th Grade: Recess schedule throughout the day Implementation of “Peaceful Playground’s COVID-19 Socially Distanced Recess” - more information to come.

Medical Care for Students St. Viator will continue to provide the administration of approved medicine and prescriptions and basic first aid. Staff will wear gloved when providing medical that involves touching a student.

Student Travel We are discouraging families from traveling out of town. There will be a form to fill out if you must travel during this pandemic. Students should remain home for two weeks after traveling to another country or to states that are experiencing significant COVID-19 outbreaks (as determined by the CDC). Parents/guardians should inform the school if their child displays COVID-19 symptoms.

Extended Care St. Viator will continue to offer Kid Care We will utilize our school hall, library, upstairs gym, and separate students from different cohorts. Students and staff must wear masks and maintain distancing. All extended care rooms will be cleaned before and after use.

Extra-curricular Activities Athletics is on hold until we receive additional guidance from the state. More information to come. Special programs: choir, Christmas programs, etc., are on hold until further notice.

Response to COVID-19 Symptoms Students: If a student has a fever and two or more COVID-19 symptoms while in school, the student will be brought to our nurse’s office/counselor’s office and the parent will be called to pick up their child. Parents should take their child to the doctor for an exam. If the child is diagnosed with COVID-19, they must remain home until they are fever free for three days, 14 days from the first day of symptoms, and symptoms have improved by 75%. When two or more cohort members are diagnosed with COVID-19, the cohort must quarantine for 14 days and implement e-learning. Communication will go home to families when a cohort member tests positive for COVID-19. If several cohorts are affected by COVID-19, the Office of Catholic Schools will be notified and a decision will be made about a school-wide closure.

Remote Learning St. Viator cohorts will implement remote learning when a cohort has 2 or more members who have tested positive for COVID-19. The classroom teacher will pivot from in-person learning to remote learning using Google Classroom, Google Meets and/or Zoom for synchronous learning, and emails to communicate with parents. If a teacher is sick, a substitute teacher will take his/her place. The Principal will be in contact with the Office of Catholic Schools for continued guidance and communication. If more than one cohort is affected by COVID-19, the Principal will contact the Office of Catholic Schools to discuss the possibility of a school closure. Parents will receive communication via email from the school office. (COVID-19 Exposure Letter) The quarantine period is set at 14 days unless the state of Illinois mandates otherwise. Students and/or staff that are affected by COVID-19 should isolate at home. Students will be allowed to complete their school work (barring sickness) from home and turn it in using Google Classroom.

Thank you! May God bless each of you and keep you healthy and safe!