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LONDON 2014 / 2015

Letter from the President 2 Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues, I still vividly recall the first time I landed in a foreign country as a young person. My senses felt overloaded; everything was utterly different. And my world changed. The impact of study abroad on a young person’s life is immeasurable. Years later, while living in Italy with my family for 8 years and working in the field of international education, it was part of my job to know the college study opportunities available in Europe to English speaking students. I also learned to determine the truly exceptional schools; ones that would be an outstanding experience for any student. Back then my work was with secondary students; high school students living abroad and choosing a college soon. Once my family and I returned to the U.S. my interest in education abroad focused on options for college students and it was evident that opportunities were limited and difficult to reach. As a result, in 1995, I began to build SAI, with the goal of making it possible for all students to experience study abroad; especially at these exceptional schools I’d come to know. For 18 years now SAI Programs’ hands-on approach has enabled us to serve our students with the finest study abroad programs in Europe. SAI students understand that SAI Programs is an organization known for providing programs and services of distinguishing quality and always with a personal touch. As President, I am committed to maintaining SAI Programs as a small, personalized organization with staff who care for students and respond to their academic interests, cultural curiosities and career goals. As an intentionally small organization we are able to help each individual student feel comfortable in a new cultural environment. And as a small organization, we pay attention to the smallest details, allowing students the greatest access to learning and cultural exposure. SAI Programs is dedicated to introducing students to opportunities that encourage creative interaction among disciplines; communication, science, technology, art and design, economics and social sciences. In this way we seek to help students develop both the breadth and depth of creative thinking, cultural knowledge and professional skills. So when they return from their experiences, they have a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. We believe this will provide an advantage to them in their chosen careers and for the rest of their lives. I invite you to learn more about SAI Programs by visiting our web site Michael Cruciano, President SAI Programs

London at a glance

SAI Program Features • Academic courses offered in English; no language requirement • U.S. academic credit: 12-21 credits per semester; 3-12 credits per summer session (credits vary by program)

Pre-departure Services • Admission services: course enrollment through housing assignment from our U.S. office providing friendly, professional assistance

University of the Arts London

• Online student groups to acquaint you with other SAI students participating in the program • A helpful student handbook delivered to you before departure

CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS (CSM) Subject Intensive Semester Elective Semester

• Support and assistance through the SAI online “live support/chat” feature

$17,390 $18,100




• SAI T-shirt (semester students) • Student Visa consulting • Optional Student Visa processing service (fee)


Subject Intensive Semester


On-site services • Airport pick-up and transportation on arrival days • Program Coordinators and Advisors on site dedicated to providing personal assistance throughout your study term • Welcome reception and events

$18,200 $18,900


• Welcome bag upon arrival containing items to kick-start your experience abroad • Health insurance: HTH student health insurance, including medical coverage and medical emergency evacuation • Student housing: carefully selected living accommodations in clean, pleasant city center apartments

3 week: 3 credits 5 week: 8 credits (LCF Only) 6 week: 6 credits (CSM Only) 8 week: 12 credits (LCF Only)


Dual City 4 week London/Milan: 6 credits


• Semester program-inclusive 3 day excursion

Dual City 4 week London/Barcelona: 6 credits


• Weekly cultural activities; a rich calendar of events and excursions

For summer cost updates visit: HOUSING Student shared apartments

• Orientation: comprehensive introduction to your city and program • Cell phone: free incoming calls & texts. Free of rental fees • 24 hour emergency support telephone

• Farewell evening with all students

Re-Entry services • Paid registration fees for re-entry conferences • Ambassador Program with paid internship opportunities in California office

University of the Arts London (UAL) has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate courses in arts, communication, and design. Join alumnae such as Stella McCartney and others in studying at this outstanding 150 year old institution. Comprised of six colleges, SAI students select the UAL college that best suits them.

• Alumni Network

HOUSING • Shared Apartments: Standard or Premium SAI student apartments are located in buildings shared by local residents and are within a 30 minute walk, commute or combination of both to school. Although room sizes vary, SAI offers private and shared bedrooms and all apartments are clean, comfortable and well equipped; including basic furnishings with a kitchen, living area and bathroom/s. Premium housing is offered in some cities with a supplementary fee. Premium housing include weekly cleaning and laundry service. • Homestays Offered in Sorrento, Siena, Florence, Rome and Paris. Students may choose a private room or shared room. Homestays are a terrific way to ensure your language skills and cultural knowledge grow.


About SAI Since 1995, SAI has been dedicated to providing students with an exceptional cultural and educational experience abroad. We offer you the opportunity to enroll in some of the very finest schools available to English speaking students in Europe. There are NO language requirements for SAI programs; all courses are taught in English (as well as some in the host language) and students receive U.S. university credit for all courses SAI offers. Choosing SAI means you will benefit from our 18 years of expertise. Our programs are designed to allow students the opportunity to know their host city and country on a deep level; its history, culture, geography, food, art and people. • All courses are taught in English; many are also available in the host country’s language • Program cost includes accommodation in student-shared apartments and homestays are available • Students from any school, affiliated or non-affiliated, can attend SAI Programs • Students from any nation can attend SAI Programs

At SAI we are committed to exposing students to education abroad opportunities that encourage creative interaction across disciplines. This interaction of creativity and innovation is especially visible in cities noted for art, culture and design. At SAI we establish programs in these dynamic “smart cities” that inspire personal creativity and success in students. This is part of the mission that guides SAI, as well as our decision that SAI will always remain small enough so the personal hands-on care that is primary to our mission is nurtured and maintained in all SAI experiences. SAI currently offers programs in London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Milan, Sorrento and Siena. Students will find that SAI programs offer nearly all areas of study; from business to design; art history to environmental studies; studio arts to political science and more. The combination of world-class academic course work with the cultural treasure of your host country brings personal growth and a lifetime of memories.


SAI’s vision is to provide superior academic, living, social and cultural experiences that allow students to enjoy their time abroad, while nurturing their talents and challenging their minds. You will experience a blended educational and cultural environment that stresses academic integrity, high impact learning, leadership development and global awareness. The result is uniquely enhanced knowledge and skills for students preparing to enter the work world, graduate school, career advancement or professional development.

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information about studying abroad;

Today’s increasing globalization places new demands on students and decision-makers, and for this reason many undergraduate programs require study abroad. It is critical for today’s student to understand the interconnection of world affairs and to experience, through living abroad, cultural difference and diversity. Educational institutions must prepare today’s student to face a world made smaller by rapid communication, shared commerce and the facility of travel from one place to another.

By discussing issues and making friends from around the world, students begin to see themselves and their homeland from a global perspective. Study abroad students undertake an unforgettable personal journey and SAI is there every step of the way to enhance the experience and encourage our students.

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Professional Associations SAI is a member of: • NAFSA – Association of International Educators • The Forum on Education Abroad • Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) • Association of American Study Abroad Programs, UK (AASAP) • Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) • International Council on Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE) • International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) • National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) • European Association for International Education (EAIE) • American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI) • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)


U.S. Credits


It is important to continue communication with your academic advisor on campus to help you in selecting the courses that will fulfill your degree requirements and may help you in your future career and graduate school paths. Study abroad is considered to be a life-changing experience. Both the SAI Admissions Counselors and the SAI staff abroad can help to enhance this defining moment in your life. No question is ever unimportant at SAI. You can email, phone, or establish communication through Facebook, Twitter or SAI’s live chat website feature. The answer to your question is never out of reach.

Every semester SAI plans a 3-day excursion, included in the Program Cost, along with a rich program of cultural activities and excursions. A variety of optional excursions are also offered. Check with your Admissions Counselor or on the SAI website for specific excursions during your term of study.

Upon arrival you will participate in an orientation program, intended to familiarize you with the local environment. You will learn some of the local customs to help make your stay in your new city successful. Host school and SAI program policies are thoroughly reviewed during orientation.

All students enrolled in SAI programs receive U.S. or internationally recognized credit for their courses abroad. SAI students attending any University of the Arts program receive a U.S. transcript from Fairfield University, in the U.S. Alternatively, students may choose to receive only the UAL transcript. Fairfield University is located in Fairfield, Connecticut and has been a credit sponsoring partner of SAI since 2002.

Our onsite Program Coordinators and Advisors hold daily office hours and are always available to offer assistance with personal issues that are common when studying abroad, as well as academic problems that may arise. The Student Services Program, an ongoing and reassuring presence, includes an active calendar of social events and excursions, culminating in a farewell dinner at the end of each term. SAI encourages students to participate in these activities as another way to learn about the country and culture.

Advising & Orientation Begin the process as early as possible. SAI stresses the importance of meeting with your academic advisor at your current school to discuss how to “save” or “bank” courses to take while abroad. Get to know your academic advisor and the advisors in the study abroad office so when questions arise, you know where to turn. From the moment that you express interest in SAI programs, there is someone who is there to help you. SAI Admissions Counselors are knowledgeable about the programs, courses, cities and countries where the host schools are located, and have extensive experience in helping students transition from their colleges and universities in their home countries to the SAI schools abroad.


Student Housing Learning to live in a new environment is an important part of your study abroad experience. You will make new friends and build relationships for the future. We recognize the importance of living and learning abroad and aim to create inspiring and comfortable living environments. SAI has earned an excellent reputation in providing superior housing for students and offers, in most locations, both homestay and private apartment living. At SAI we are proud of our student housing; the result of our 18 years of experience. SAI encourages students to make new friends by choosing to room with classmates from other campuses but also recognizes that some students wish to share these life-changing moments with friends from their home campus. SAI will accommodate roommate requests when requests are mutual. SAI student apartments are assigned as single gender housing, (all male or all female). Students seeking male/female shared housing options should contact SAI to discuss their needs. A housing request form is included in the application. SAI provides ongoing support and assistance for students to create and sustain safe, comfortable living environments. Our staff will greet you and orient you to your new housing and city. SAI and our partner schools interview and screen host families. Our well-equipped shared student apartments are in convenient locations near SAI host schools.


LONDON ACCOMMODATIONS In London, SAI student housing is offered in shared apartments with shared occupancy bedrooms. Apartments are located in convenient, safe neighborhoods of London and include kitchen facilities and bedding.

Special Airfares Through an agreement between SAI and Waldorf Travel Service, students benefit from the lowest available student airfares. Waldorf Travel has provided SAI students with discounted airfares for over 10 years. You will find the Waldorf Travel contact information listed within the application packet, or contact Waldorf Travel at 800-328-7266.



Scholarships SAI is pleased to offer scholarships to deserving students each academic year. Scholarship details, eligibility requirements and application can be found on our website. Scholarships can only be awarded to students enrolled in our regular full program, with housing. All students submitting scholarship applications are considered for all scholarships that apply to their enrollment and therefore do not have to specify a particular scholarship. An independent selection committee reviews applications that meet all criteria and requirements. Awards are announced 30 days after the scholarship application deadline. Scholarship application deadlines Fall Semester: June 1 Spring Semester: October 1 Summer Session: March 1 Semester scholarships are available for both Fall and Spring terms to applicants that are a U.S. university student or U.S. resident (unless otherwise noted): for any SAI program: Chiara Scholarships • $2,500 Semester Scholarship • $1,500 Semester Scholarship • Two $1,000 Semester Scholarships

Summer Session Scholarships • Two $500 Semester Scholarships

Non-U.S. Student Scholarships • $1,500 Semester Scholarship Applicant must be a non U.S. student residing outside the U.S.

Service Learning Scholarship • $500 Semester Scholarship Applicant must also be participating in service learning during their term abroad. Offered in the Spring semester only.

For these specific SAI programs: Florence University of the Arts (FUA) • $5,000 Semester Fellowship This scholarship requires 5 hours per week of internship in the SAI office on site. Duties include assisting SAI Program Coordinator and lasts the duration of the term, except for holiday or midterm breaks. • Two $2,300 Semester Scholarships

John Cabot University (JCU) • $5,500 Semester Fellowship This scholarship requires 5 hours per week of internship in the SAI office on site. Duties include assisting SAI Program Coordinator and lasts the duration of the term, except for holiday or midterm breaks. • Two $2,500 Semester Scholarships

Apicius Career Certificate program • Two $1,000 Semester Scholarships

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) • Two $3,350 Semester Scholarships

Sant’Anna Institute (SA) • $2,000 Graphic Design Semester Fellowship Applicant must be a Graphic Design Major in Junior or Senior standing and submit one printed page with sample of work. The recipient will also be required to complete a minimum of 5 hours of design work per week throughout the term. • $1,000 Semester Scholarship • $500 Summer Scholarship

Siena Italian Studies (SIS) • $1,000 Semester Scholarship • $500 Semester Scholarship • $500 Summer Scholarship

Theta Sorority Discount

fore your application is considered complete. If your financial award is not sufficient to cover the full Program Cost, the difference must be paid by the final payment date.

• Thetas receive a $300 Semester Program discount. Offered both Fall and Spring at any SAI program.

Affiliate Student Discount • Students enrolling from an affiliate school may receive a discount. Office to confirm.

Application Fee Discounts • SAI is pleased to waive the application fee for families enrolling two or more family members to the same term at any SAI school.

Multiple Term Discount • Students pay only ONE application fee when applying to more than one term at the same time, in one application. Second term application fee is waived.

SAI Alumni Discount • Returning SAI students wishing to apply to another SAI program, will not be required to pay the application fee.

Gap Year Discount • $1,000 discount for high school graduates seeking to study abroad for one academic year (two consecutive semesters) prior to beginning college. Student must submit high school transcript and have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0. Discount does not apply to a single semester enrollment. Discount applies only to Full Program enrollment, which includes housing.

Financial Aid Students currently receiving financial aid through their home institution are usually permitted to use their aid to attend SAI programs, by way of a Consortium Agreement. For more information on financial aid and Consortium Agreements contact the SAI Business Office. All application materials, including financial aid matters, should be sent to the California office of SAI. Students using financial aid are required to pay Application Fee, Confirmation Deposit, Security Deposit and Private Room Supplement (if applicable). Written verification of financial aid award or loan approval must be sent to our office in order to delay, until disbursement, the balance of program fees and be-


Student Visas U.S. citizens studying in London for less than 6 months are not required to obtain a student visa. All other students should contact our office so we can assist you with the information you will need to obtain a visa.


Please check with your school study abroad office or the SAI Business






The School

At UAL students are encouraged to challenge the prevailing ethic and become leaders and innovators. UAL is determined to sustain and enhance quality to provide an unrivaled opportunity for students to select their career pathways, enabling them to realize their potential and make a significant contribution to the 21st century. UAL believes that their graduates - artists, performers and designers - have strategic roles to play in setting the agendas by which we shape our lives, not only now but in the future.

SAI offers students the opportunity to study at University of the Arts London (UAL), Europe’s largest university for art, design, communication and the performing arts. UAL has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate courses in arts, communication and design. Join alumnae such as Stella McCartney, Galliano and others in studying at this outstanding 150 year old institution.

However it is not only formal cultural institutions that are important to UAL students. Just as vital is the informal street life and the network of events, clubs and galleries that students contribute to, develop and organize themselves. By creating art, design and performances, and presenting these to the general public, UAL students learn by doing and enrich London in the process.

UAL is comprised of six internationally renowned colleges, offering students semester and summer programs: • Camberwell College of Arts (CCA) • Central Saint Martins (CSM) • Chelsea College of Arts (CHELSEA)

Former UAL staff and students include some of the most important British and international artists working over the past 150 years, from May Morris, the daughter of William Morris, and William Lethaby who founded the Central School, to Lucien Freud and Frank Auerbach, who studied fine art at St. Martins in the middle of the 20th century, to the latest wave of exciting British fashion designers including John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, who changed the face of international fashion in the 1990s. Many well-known actors including Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan also studied at UAL.

• London College of Fashion (LCF) • London College of Communication (LCC) • Wimbledon College of Arts (WCA)

Photo by Katherine Yidian Long

Photo by Katherine Yidian Long


London is an extraordinary city, full of art and culture, while also being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. With the efficient subway (or “tube”) it is easy to traverse, and sites on the European continent are an easy weekend trip away. Because of its cosmopolitan environment, students will likely get to know people from around the world without struggling through a second language. The city’s exciting daily life and cultural institutions are an important part of the learning environment for students. The school’s main central London buildings are within walking distance or a short underground ride of the British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Britain and Tate Modern. The SAI program at University of the Arts London offers excellent courses in many areas of Art, Design and Communications. UAL is considered one of the top universities in the world for Design, and its graduates can be found at major design houses around the world.


CCA is in the heart of the artistic community of Southwark, one of London’s most vibrant boroughs and over the years has launched the careers of some of the foremost figures in the arts today. CCA offers programs in the following: 3D Design Curation & Conservation Film, Photography & Sound Fine & Applied Arts Graphic Design & Illustration CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS (CSM)

CSM has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate courses in arts and design.This outstanding 150 year old institution is considered the world’s top school for Fashion Design and Theatre. CSM offers programs in the following: 3D Design Curation & Conservation Fashion & Textiles Fine & Applied Arts Interior & Spatial Design Theater & Performance


The CHELSEA campus, just a few steps from Tate Britain and overlooking the Thames, challenges, inspires, surprises and stimulates students. The College has created a close community of cuttingedge artists and designers, with different disciplines informing and contributing to each others’ practice.


The City


CHELSEA offers programs in the following: Fashion & Textiles Fine & Applied Arts Graphic Design & Illustration Interior & Spatial Design London College of Communication (LCC)

LCC is a world leader in media and design courses that prepare students for successful careers in the creative industries. The college specializes in graphic design and advertising, photography, film and animation, journalism, publishing and public relations, sound arts and design and interactive and spatial design. LCC has extensive exhibition space, photographic and television studios, darkrooms, interactive media and animation suites, broadcast and print newsrooms as well as specialist printing, printmaking, bookbinding and letterpress workshops. The College is also home to the famous Stanley Kubrick Archive and the much acclaimed Laptop Orchestra. LCC offers programs in the following: Film, Sound and Photography Graphic Design and Illustration Interior and Spatial Design Journalism, Publishing and PR Media Studies LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION (LCF)

LCF is the only college in the UK to specialize in fashion education, research and consultancy. LCF offers a unique portfolio of courses that aim to reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry. Whatever a student’s passion, the philosophy of all our courses is to offer creative development alongside a strong vocational slant. LCF offers programs in the following: Fashion & Textiles WIMBLEDON COLLEGE OF ARTs (WCA)

WCA, founded in 1890, is a small specialist art college with an outstanding reputation in fine art and theatre. It has a close-knit and friendly community, international in outlook, far enough away from the center of London to have space to think and work, but just a 15 minute rail journey to the city’s rich cultural center. WCA offers programs in the following: Fine & Applied Arts Theater & Performance

SAI 12

Semester Programs UAL faculty are practicing artists, designers and communications professionals who have an outstanding reputation for their level of teaching, which has been officially recognized by the Quality Assurance Agency, the UK’s quality watchdog for Higher Education. Semester students have the option of enrolling in subject specific programs or free elective programs, while summer students have the option of several 3 – 8 week programs. SUBJECT INTENSIVE PROGRAMS (SIP)

Study abroad students enrolled in an SIP program are fully integrated into the degree courses and study alongside UK degree seeking students. Since the study of art and design is different in Europe, students will find they are working more independently than at their home schools. In addition, students are encouraged to take a hands-on, project oriented approach to learning. Professors offer guidance and support to visiting students in order to help them fit seamlessly into their program of choice. Students will earn 15 U.S. credits per semester. Each subjectspecific semester program at UAL is designed with the goal of maximizing the student experience; both in terms of providing a framework for academic inquiry, as well as offering each student the opportunity to work under the mentorship of leading industry professionals. Upon acceptance, students will be placed, for the semester, in either Year 1 or 2 of the program, depending on the student’s portfolio. ELECTIVE PROGRAMS

Students wanting a diverse course curriculum may choose to enroll in the Free Elective Program, which allows greater latitude in course selection. Each program consists of a set curriculum with the chance to choose from several elective courses for a total of 18 credits. Courses are offered in Fine Art, Fashion, Graphic and Interior Design. Please see Course List on page 14 for a list of courses within each program.

Summer Programs SAI offers several summer programs at UAL, ranging from 3 to 8 weeks. Central Saint Martins (3 weeks/3 credits)

CSM offers two summer terms geared towards beginning art and design students. Students choose from a variety of art and design courses. London College of Communications (3 weeks/3 credits)

London College of Communication is introducing a new three week summer program starting 2014. This program will focus on the core areas of study offered at LCC; Media and Communications. Media, Culture and Communications Communications for Advertising and PR Photography London College of Fashion

LCF offers 4 summer programs: 5 week Styling 8 week Fashion Businesss 8 week Fashion Design 8 week Footwear Design styling

(5 weeks/8 credits)

This course will provide you with an in depth insight into the life of a stylist. You will gain a thorough understanding of the key roles and responsibilities of a stylist, hair and make up artist, designer, photographer, and art director. As well as learning about trend analysis, the importance of networking and relationships with PRs, and creating a targeted portfolio; you will develop a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of styling on a photo shoot / film. The program, most suitable for beginners, includes a fashion and culture field trip to Paris and is composed of the following units within the styling course: Fashion Styling Fashion Photography Deconstructing the Fashion Image - Makeup, Taste & Style Fashion Business

(8 weeks/12 credits)

This program is made up of six units which combine to create one program. The program, most suitable for beginners, includes a fashion and culture field trip to Paris and is composed of the following courses for a total of 12 credits: The Fashion Business and Product Development Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies Fashion Entrepreneurship & Marketing Styling Fashion Media Visuals for Fashion


Fashion Design

(8 weeks/12 credits)

This program is made up of six units which combine to create one program. The program is most suitable for beginners, includes a fashion and culture field trip to Paris and is composed of the following courses for a total of 12 credits:


The Fashion Business and Product Development Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies Collection and Portfolio 3D Design and Experimentation Styling Visuals for Fashion FOOTWEAR DESIGN

(8 weeks/12 credits)

This program combines traditional design principles with innovation and creativity, an overview of CAD technology and an opportunity to experience the traditional craft of shoemaking. From the start, students will gain a concentrated and superior knowledge of the footwear product, with a strong emphasis on design and inspiration, the use of CAD technology (an introduction to rapid prototyping and foot scanning) and product realization (students will make a basic court shoe). The program, most suitable for beginners, includes a fashion and culture field trip to Paris and is composed of the following courses: Footwear Design Footwear Making Introduction to Rapid Prototyping & RHINO for Footwear

Summer DUAl city program: LONDON / MILAN During the summer, SAI offers a London/Milan Dual City Program. This unique collaboration between Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan enables students to study in two of Europe’s most inspiring cities, taking complementary courses in the fields of Fashion and Interior Design. Students will take courses for two weeks in each of these two cities. Courses are offered in the following:

summer DUAL CITY PROGRAM: LONDON / BARCELONA London and Barcelona are both world-famous for art and design. They are exciting international cities that attract visitors from all around the world, enticed by the rich heritage and cool, contemporary culture of the cities and their creative practitioners. Whether you are interested in fine art, design, retail, media or history, both cities are packed with places to explore, find inspiration and immerse yourself. SAI students begin at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, in London for two weeks. Following that, students move to Barcelona, continuing their studies at Elisava for the last two weeks. Courses are offered in the following: Event Design & Pop-up Stores Furniture Design Interior Design for Retail Visual Merchandising

Program Inclusive Excursions* All semester terms • Welcome Event • A Private Evening Tour of the Tate Modern • An Evening of West End Theatre • A Day Trip to Greenwich • The East London Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Fashion Styling and Image Creation Fashion Journalism Fashion Business, Branding & Marketing

• Paris (Available only to London College of Fashion Students) • Farewell Event

Fall only • Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire (1 night/2 days) • Thanksgiving Dinner

Spring only • Bath, Somerset and Stonehenge (1 night/2 days) • Wine Tasting

Summer • Welcome Afternoon & An Evening at Shakespeare’s Globe • Paris Fashion & Culture Field Trip (available to London College of Fashion students only. Number of days varies depending on program) • Farewell Event

*Please note that events are subject to change based on availability and weather.


SEMESTER SUBJECT INTENSIVE PROGRAMS Each program below is comprised of pre-determined full time course work in that field of study. Specific courses for each program can be found online at • Camberwell College of Arts • CCA • Central Saint Martins • CSM • Chelsea College of Arts • CHELSEA • London College of Fashion • LCF


• London College of Communication (LCC) • Wimbledon College of Arts • WCA

Media Studies

Media and Cultural Studies......................................LCC Interactive Media . ...................................................LCC Theatre and Performance

Acting .....................................................................CSM Directing .................................................................CSM Performance Design and Practice............................CSM Theatre: Costume Design........................................WCA Theatre: Costume Interpretation..............................WCA Theatre: Design for Performance.............................WCA Theatre: Set Design for Stage & Screen...................WCA Theatre: Technical Arts and Special Effects..............WCA

3D Design

Ceramic Design.......................................................CSM Jewelry Design.........................................................CSM Product Design........................................................CSM 3D Design................................................................CCA Curation and Conservation

Criticism, Communication & Curation: Arts & Design............................................CSM


Mandatory: Research: A Cultural Navigation Cultural Studies Studio Art 1 Studio Art 2

Fashion and Textiles

Fashion Communication with Promotion ................CSM Fashion Design with Marketing ...............................CSM Fashion History and Theory ....................................CSM Fashion Knitwear ....................................................CSM Fashion Menswear . ................................................CSM Fashion Print ...........................................................CSM Fashion Womenswear ............................................CSM Textile Design...........................................................CSM, CHELSEA Film, Photography and Sound

Interaction and Moving Image..................................LCC Film and Television...................................................LCC Film Practice............................................................LCC Live Events and Television........................................LCC Photography............................................................CCA, LCC Photojournalism ......................................................LCC Sound Arts and Design............................................LCC Fine and Applied Arts

Drawing ..................................................................CCA Fine Art ...................................................................CSM, CHELSEA Fine Art: Painting . ...................................................WCA, CCA Fine Art: Print and Digital Media ..............................WCA Fine Art: Sculpture...................................................WCA, CCA

Fashion Design

Mandatory: Research: A Cultural Navigation Cultural Studies Fashion Design 1 Fashion Design 2 Graphic Design

Mandatory: Research: A Cultural Navigation Cultural Studies Graphic Design 1 Graphic Design 2 Electives for above CSM Programs:

Mixed Media Painting Typography Concepts fo Editing Photography: From Analogue to Digital Fashion Jewlery & Accesories Fashion Styling Fashion Illustration Fashion Design with Textiles Graphic Illustration Art Criticism and Communication

Graphic Design and Illustration

Graphic Design........................................................CCA, CSM Graphic Design Communication..............................CHELSEA Illustration.................................................................CCA Graphic and Media Design......................................LCC Illustration and Visual Media.....................................LCC Animation.................................................................LCC Games Design.........................................................LCC Design Cultures ......................................................LCC Interior and Spatial Design

Architecture: Spaces and Objects............................CSM Interior and Spatial Design.......................................CHELSEA Spatial Design .........................................................LCC Journalism, Publishing and pr

Advertising...............................................................LCC Journalism...............................................................LCC Magazine Publishing................................................LCC Media Communications...........................................LCC Public Relations.......................................................LCC Sports Journalism....................................................LCC Photo Journalism . ..................................................LCC

CHELSEA COLLEGE OF ARTs Interior and Spatial Design

Design Module 1 – Site Specific Practice Design Module 2 – Critical Spatial Practice Design Module 3 – City Studio Theory Module 4 – European Modernism Theory Module 5 – Invention of the Architect Field Trip Module 6 – Barcelona Field Trip Module 7 – Paris, Berlin, Rome Practice Module 8 – Model Making Practice Module 9 – Digital Practice Graphic Design Communication

Design Language 01: You are Here Design Language 01: Mapping the Territories Design Language 02: Research as Critical & Creative Practice Design Language 03: Moving Image / Exploring Narrative Design Language 04: Independent Project Contemporary Typographic Design



The London Contemporary Art Theory

Art – Key Ideas I Theories in Art – Up until now… Art – Key Ideas II Thinking Through Sculpture Art & Photography I Art & Photography II Artists’ Practice – ‘The Trans-Disciplinary’ Art and the Audience – Galleries, Museums, Art Fairs Contemporary Art in Europe – Exploring the Zeitgeist



Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies British Cultural Studies Theoretical Fashion Studies Fashion Design

Draping The Design Process Corsetry Making Sustainable Textiles: Shibori Creative Footwear Design - Style to Street Shoe Making Creative Leather Accessories Mastering Millinery Styling European Fashion Studies Fashion Drawing Fashion Speed Sketching The Perfect Mood board The Perfect Photograph Fashion Business

Buying & Product Development 1 Buying & Product Development 2 Fashion Image Creation, Photography & Film Fashion Public Relations Styling Fashion Drawing Visual Merchandising British Retail & Fashion Futures Style Journalism Fashion Marketing in the UK Fashion Entrepreneurship Fashion Forecasting The Perfect Mood Board Fashion Speed Sketching The Perfect Photograph

SUMMER COURSES CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS Art History, Criticism & Communication Contemporary Fine Art Practice Experimental Fashion Knitwear Fashion Design and Communication Advanced Fashion Design Fashion Design Graphic Design Interior Design Textile Design London College of Communication Media, Culture and Communications Communications for Advertising and PR Photography LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION styling

Styling (comprised of the following units): Fashion Styling Fashion Photography Deconstructing the Fashion Image - Makeup, Taste & Style Fashion Design

The Fashion Business and Product Development Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies Collection and Portfolio 3D Design and Experimentation Styling Visuals for Fashion Fashion business

The Fashion Business and Product Development Historical and Contemporary Fashion Research Studies Fashion Entrepreneurship and Marketing Styling Fashion Media Visuals for Fashion Footwear Design

Footwear Design Footwear Making Introduction to Rapid Prototyping & RHINO for Footwear












Accessories & Jewelry Design





Health & Sport Sciences

Accounting & Finance

Hospitality & Tourism Administration Mgm’t


Human Resources




Industrial Design



Art Education/Conservation


Interior Design International Business/Economics/Finance

Arts Management

International Relations/Politics

Asian Studies

Italian Language


Italian Literature


Italian Studies

Business Administration and Mgm’t





Legal Studies

Classic and Classical Studies











Marine Biology

Communication Studies


Computer Science


Cool Hunting

Media Studies

Creative Writing

Mediterranean Studies



Migration CSM

Music Education and History

Curatorial Studies

Natural Sciences


Performing Arts

Decision Sciences




Photography/Photojournalism CSM







Digital Art, Communication and Multimedia

Political Science




Ecology and Environmental Studies

Product Design




English Composition/Studies

Public Relations





European Studies


Fashion Communication


Fashion Design



Religious Studies Restaurant Management


Fashion Marketing/Merchandising

Retail Design LCC

Social Sciences

Film Studies Finance

Sports Management/Marketing CSM




Spanish Language/Studies

Fine Arts

Spanish Literature

Food & Beverage Management


Food & Culture

Sustainable Development

Family & Consumer Sciences

Textiles & Design


Food Communications



French Language/Studies




Travel & Tourism Management


Urban Studies

Geology Graphic Design Greek



Cognitive Science

Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences


Interactive Design CCA

Art History

Culinary Arts


Wine Studies CSM




Women’s Studies


Visa Procesing Fee (optional)

Private Room Supplement & Premium Appartment Fee - EACH (optional)


Security Deposit (Refundable)

Application Fee (Non-Refundable)


SCHOOL CODES: CCA = Camberwell College of Arts CSM = Central Saint Martins CHELSEA = Chelsea College of Arts LCC = London College of Communication LCF = London College of Fashion WCA = Wimbledon College of Arts

Confirmation Deposit (Non-Refundable applied to Program Cost)

COSTS & CALENDAR 2014 / 2015


SEMESTER PROGRAMS COSTS University of the Arts London (All Schools) Semester at CSM: Subject Intensive Program (15 credits) Semester at CSM: Elective Program (12-18 credits) Semester at LCF: Elective Program (16 credits: Includes Paris trip) Semester at CCA, Chelsea, LCC & WCA: Subject Intensive Prog. (15 credit) Semester at CCA, Chelsea: Elective Program (15 credits)

$90 $90 $90 $90 $90

$500 $500 $500 $500 $500

$300 $300 $300 $300 $300

$16,665 $18,100 $18,800 $17,500 $18,900

$4,115 $5,500 $5,300 $4,115 $5,500

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SUMMER PROGRAMS COSTS University of the Arts London (All Schools) 3-Week Program (3 credits) 5-Week Program (8 credits - LCF ONLY) 6-Week Program (6 credits - CSM ONLY) 8-Week Program (12 credits - LCF ONLY) Dual City Program: 4-Week London/Barcelona (6 credits) Dual City Program: 4-Week London/Milan (6 credits)

$90 $90 $90 $90 $90 $90

$500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

$300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300

SEMESTER PROGRAMS CALENDAR LONDON: University of the Arts London (All Schools) FALL SEMESTER 2014 - ELECTIVE PROGRAM (CSM, CHELSEA, & CCA) Sunday Tuesday Saturday

May 15 September 9 December 20

Application Deadline Arrival / Program Start Departure / Housing Checkout

FALL SEMESTER 2014 - ELECTIVE PROGRAM (LCF) Sunday Saturday Saturday

May 15 August 23 November 29

May 15 September 26 December 13

Saturday Tuesday Saturday

November 1 January 4 April 11

Application Deadline Arrival / Program Start Departure / Housing Checkout


Application Deadline Arrival / Program Start Departure / Housing Checkout



Application Deadline Arrival / Program Start Departure / Housing Checkout

Saturday Friday Saturday

November 1 January 2 April 11

Application Deadline Arrival / Program Start Departure / Housing Checkout


November 1 January 4 March 28

Application Deadline Arrival / Program Start Departure / Housing Checkout

SUMMER PROGRAMS CALENDAR University of the Arts London (UAL)

Dual City Programs


Dual City: London / MILAN 4 Week

Please view our website for current calendar information for all the summer programs listed above:

Please view our website for current calendar information:

Dual City: London / Barcelona 4 Week Please view our website for current calendar information:

SAI 18

APPLICATION PROCEDURES PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: • Minimum 18 years of age • Official transcript reflecting minimum GPA. Semester programs: 3.0 GPA, Summer programs: 2.5 GPA (LCF 2.8) • Personal statement, one page in length • Portfolio (for semester courses & LCF Styling Summer) • One letter of recommendation (semester only - two letters are required for all LCF programs including summer)

Among our program choices, certain sites are better equipped to assist students with disabilities than others. As this may be a factor in choosing which SAI program abroad to attend, notify us of any and all disabilities before applying.

APPLICANTS FROM SAI-AFFILIATED SCHOOLS Students from affiliated schools should discuss their plans with the study abroad office at their home school. Some affiliate schools require students to pay all fees directly to SAI while others do not. Be sure to discuss this with your study abroad advisor in order to be clear about the procedure your school uses in their affiliation with SAI. Affiliate students receive credit for courses taken abroad from their home institution. While affiliated schools guarantee credit, this does not guarantee every course will transfer or that it will transfer into your major area of study. Students are responsible for meeting with an advisor to verify transfer credit before beginning their SAI program.

HOUSING Housing assignments are sent by email 5-10 days before the term begins. Students requesting a private room are required to pay the private room supplement fee prior to our processing their single room request. Students electing to make their own housing arrangements will receive a reduction in the program cost. Since this differs from school to school, contact the SAI office for the exact amount of reduction.

If you are uncertain about your college or university’s affiliation with SAI, drop by your study abroad office to discuss it with an advisor or contact the SAI office. You will find a list of current affiliates on our website. Students from affiliated universities MUST obtain approval from their study abroad office prior to submitting an application. APPLICANTS FROM NON-AFFILIATED SCHOOLS SAI welcomes students from any school. All students attending non-affiliated home universities will receive U.S. course credit from the U.S. school of record for their SAI program. For information on the U.S. school of record for your specific program go to the Services link on the program page of our website and click on “U.S. Academic Credit”. SAI automatically processes non-affiliate students through the U.S. school of record; no additional fee is imposed. All questions and correspondence should be directed to the SAI office in California. Upon completion of course work, transcripts will be issued by the U.S. school of record with U.S. credits. These credits are transferable to any school, though it is the student’s responsibility to confirm that specific courses will transfer by speaking in advance with their school advisor or study abroad office. DISABILITIES POLICY SAI is dedicated to providing education abroad opportunities to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of disability or handicap. If you experience any emotional, mental, physical or learning disabilities which may interfere with your ability to successfully pursue an academic course, and which you wish to be taken into account, please notify SAI as soon as possible. As always, advance planning is important in order to ensure the best possible experience abroad. Although we may not be able to require our partner schools abroad to provide accommodations, SAI can offer understanding, respect, and support, and we will do our best to assist students in finding reasonable accommodations similar to their home institutions. Regarding physical disability, it is important to note that Europe’s infrastructure and ability to accommodate disabled individuals differs from what is available in the United States. SAI will do its best to reasonably accommodate all students’ needs.

STUDENT VISAS U.S. citizens studying in London for less than 6 months are not required to obtain a Student Visa. All other students should contact our office so we can assist you with the information you will need to obtain a visa.

DEADLINES STEP 1: Submit Application By: Fall Semester: May 15 Spring Semester: October 1 Summer terms: 60 days prior to check-in NOTE: Late applications are accepted on a space available basis. STEP 2: Acceptance/Confirmation Deposit Notification of acceptance status will be sent to you by email within one week of application. Within 2 weeks of receiving the email acceptance a $500 NONREFUNDABLE confirmation deposit, a $300 security deposit and private room supplement fee (if applicable) must be paid to secure your enrollment. Acceptance letters will include instructions and program payment dates. If you have requested housing and have not paid the single supplement, you will automatically be placed in shared-room housing. Step 3: Payment 1 - Equal to 50% of your total Program Cost Due by: Fall Semester: May 1 Spring Semester: October 1 Summer Programs: 90 days prior to check-in date Step 4: Payment 2 - Balance of Program Cost Due by: Fall Semester: July 1 Spring Semester: December 1 Summer Programs: 60 days prior to check-in date NOTE: Students confirmed after Payment 1 / Payment 2 due dates will receive an email from the SAI business office regarding further program payments now due. Either 50% or 100% of Program Cost will be due within 5 business days, based on your acceptance date.

Payment Options: 1. Personal check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to “SAI Programs”. Mailed to: SAI Programs, 7160 Keating Avenue Sebastopol, CA 95472. 2. Online Payment by Visa or Mastercard and E-checks: SAI is only able to accept Visa or Mastercard. Credit card payments and E-check payments may be made directly online. Credit card payments include a 2.3% convenience fee. There is no charge for E-check (electronic check from your checking account) payments. 3. Bank Wire Transfer: For wire instructions please contact our California office at (800) 655 - 8965. SAI will mail one billing statement to your permanent mailing address which will include due dates. Failure to meet any payment deadline will result in course registration being placed on “hold” until paid. Transcripts will be withheld if accounts are not paid in full with SAI or the host school. Housing requests may be withdrawn by SAI if payments are not received by their due date. FINANCIAL AID Fall and Spring Semester students using financial aid are required to pay the Application Fee, Confirmation Deposit, Security Deposit and Private Room Supplement (if applicable). Written verification of financial aid award or loan approval MUST be sent to SAI in order to delay the balance of program cost and before your application is considered complete. Students attending Summer Session and receiving financial aid are required to make payments by their regular due dates. SAI will sign Consortium Agreements, allowing the use of financial aid funding, however Summer Session students are not permitted to defer payment until after receiving their financial aid. Summer Session students planning to use financial aid to cover costs must pay all program costs when normally due, and will receive reimbursement when financial aid is paid to them. NOTE: If your financial aid award is not sufficient to cover all Program Costs, the remainder must be paid by regular payment deadline dates. Financial aid monies will be applied last and any balance must be paid by their earlier due date. SAI will delay the final payment amount (based on your financial aid award) until the date your aid disburses.

After acceptance, you will receive by email a Financial Aid Form that must be completed and signed by you AND your school or financial aid provider, and returned to the SAI office. Financial aid students who do not submit ALL required documents by the following dates will be withdrawn:


PAYMENTS Costs may be combined in one payment. All payments, including wire transfers, should list the applicant’s name. A copy of your wire receipt must be faxed to our office before we can process your application. If you are enrolling for more than one term, fees and deposits for ALL terms must be paid at the time of application. A separate Security Deposit must be paid for each term (refundable at the end of that term).


• Fall: July 1 • Spring: November 15 If you intend to use financial aid, check with your school to determine if a Consortium Agreement must be completed between your college and SAI. Students receiving financial aid from their home school may be able to transfer these funds to SAI for payment of their Program Cost. Contact SAI if you have further questions. PROGRAM CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY PLEASE NOTE: Financial Aid students remain responsible for ALL cancellation penalties that apply, even if program fees have not yet been paid. Failure to pay cancellation obligations will result in referral to a Collection Agency. Check-in day is considered the start of the term. The Confirmation Deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE at any time. Further Program Cost liability is based on the date on which a formal cancellation request is received in writing (email or fax). If a cancellation notice is received 60 days or less before check-in day, students are liable for the following charges: • 60 - 46 days before the start of a term: 25% of the Program Cost • 45 days or less before the start of a term: 100% of the Program Cost. No refund is available. HOUSING-ONLY CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY If an enrolled student chooses to cancel their SAI housing request and seek private housing on their own the following penalties will apply, based on the date a housing cancellation is received by SAI: • 61 days or more before start of term student is liable for 10% of Housing Cost. • 60 days or less before the start of term the student is liable for 100% of housing cost. No refund is available. Mailed application materials and payments should be sent to: SAI Programs 7160 Keating Avenue Sebastopol, CA 95472 • USA If you have additional questions email us at

7160 keating avenue • sebastopol • california • 95472 toll free: 800.655.8965 • tel: 707.824.8965 • fax: 707.824.0198 email: LONDON_BROCH 14-A

London Brochure 2014/2015  
London Brochure 2014/2015