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As another year comes to an end, there is a chance you are busy preparing for guests or a gathering, gift buying, home decorating, or whateverelseisonyourtodolist.Donotallowwhatcouldbeafuntime tobeastressfulone.

Takeamomentandfocusonwhatreallymatterstoyou Isitpossibleto accomplish all you have on the list with no stress or anxiety? Is it worth thetrouble?

Step back and pay attention to what truly matters and ensure you fully enjoy the holiday season. There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself and your wellness. They should be front and center. Always. So, I hope this holiday season you are able to enjoy and celebrate whichever way it feels right for you Without any stress or aggravations insight Justlove,peace,laughter,andtonsofjoy


Tillnextyear, ReginaCorrea

FromtheEditor 1|RicheHomeandLifestyle
Regina Correa Designer/Editor Image: by Jason Cohen
05 12 03 Minimalist Holiday Decor Ideas. 2|RicheHomeandLifestyle AMontanaGuesthouse alldecked outfortheholidays! Local Art Home Tour My Favorite Things ThemusicalartofMarcusAkinlana 'Tistheseasonofgivingandshopping local! 07 December ‘22 Simpleandeasyideastodecorateyour home.

Minimalist Holiday Decor Ideas

The end of the year comes with the expectation that people must decorate for the holidays, which can be overwhelming. Some like to go all out and decorate their entire home top to bottom Thereis

absolutely nothing wrong with this choice I can appreciate the grandeur of a beautifully decoratedhomewithlayersthattotallytransform ahome decoratingfortheholidaysisarealtime commitment.Manysimplyskipitbecausethetask seems too daunting to tackle For those in the “I might just skip it this year” category, the good news is, it is possible to add a few sprinkles of holiday cheer here and there and still get its beautifuleffectinyourhome

Theideaoftheholidaysistoturnourinteriorsinto warmer, cheerful spaces since it is cold outside You can warm up your home by adding a few simple touches that are easy and quick to do For the sake of simplicity and easy implementation, we are foregoing a tree. With that in mind, considerthefollowing

Garlands are my absolute favorite greenery to decoratewith Theirlookisveryimpactfulandyou can add a few things to them if you wish From pine cones to contrasting ribbons, to ornaments, just about anything goes beautifully on them I prefer natural garlands to artificial ones. You can hang them just about anywhere: over doors, beams, light fixtures, mantels, tables, and mirrors The natural garland will add a lovely aroma to the space

Wreaths arealsoveryeasytouseinyourdecorfor a minimalist look. Since these come in a large variety of materials or get a fresh one they are super easy to decorate with You can hang differentsizedandshapedonesinmanyplaces:on doors, above a mantel or fireplace, on a bookcase, oronwindows

Ornaments and lights are the added layers that beautifullyenhancegarlandsandwreaths Youmay also simply swag or hang them in clusters or individually on windows or door openings, fill a bowl or jar with them and display it on a table or sideboard.

Decor can also enhance the look and feel of the holidays There are many out there but to keep minimal I’ll recommend lanterns, a wire basket withlogsinit,fauxfurthrowsorpillows,andplushy faux animal skin rugs These certainly will add warmthtoyourhome.

Candles are always something that will instantly enhance the holiday feel get your preferred holidayscented candle and you are set. Personally, I love anything with woodsy notes like Frazier fir, balsam, or cedar They make for excellent holiday scents Find your favorite and light up a few of themaroundthehouse

I hope these ideas will get you excited enough to stayoutofthe“Imightjustskipitthisyear”group Implement two or three that will help you create a simpleandmeaningfulholidaydecorinyourhome HappyHolidays!


Holiday Decor Inspiration

Garlands & Wreaths

SarahBartholomew MikeGarten
FrancoisetMoi JananKissler
Serena&Lily MatthewWilliams Magnolia
5|RicheHomeandLifestyle My Favorite Things Enjoythissmallsamplingofsomelocalmerchants Keepinmindyoucanalwaysgiftaclutter freegiftsuchasa membership, aclass,somethingconsumable,and giftcards! Local Gift Guide KitchenTowels BonbonBox NewOrleansCollection CeramicCandle DoorHangers CocktaillsWoodSigns TripleGoddessPrint LoveBirdsAcrylicTray Home Malone Home Malone Home Malone Nola Boards Olé Orleans Wine Piety & Desire Chocolate Orleans Home Fragrances
Miss Muffin AlwaysKisstheCookApron Nola Boards
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7|RicheHomeandLifestyle Home Theentrywaywelcomesyouwithfreshgarlandsanda wreathadornedwithpineconesandanadorablefurry host Anoversizedwreathwithagarland swagadornthewindowinthis sittingarea,addinglifeandextra warmthtotheroom Greeneriesarestrategicallyplaced aroundart,inarrangementswith popsofredonthetable,and on thefixtureaboveit ElleDecorneverdisappoints. dreamyguesthouseinMontan holidays
8|RicheHomeandLifestyle Tour Garlandinthebedroom?Whynot?! Itaddsanicepopofcolorandlifetothebrownandgray huesinthebedroom Thekitchengetsanoverloadofgarlandsaroundwindowsand beams Agorgeousoversizedflowerarrangementontheisland completesthelook Thelavishlyadornedfireplacestealstheshowinthiscozysittingarea Enjoythetourofthis a,alldeckedoutforthe . Images:DouglasFriedman Article:ElleDecorcom


Drapery Length

Neverletadraperypanelhangaboveground.Unlessyouabsolutelyhaveto! AdraperyPoolingonthefloor(above)isusuallyseenasalush,romanticstyle depictingamoreformallookandfeel.Keepthisinmindwhenselectingyour draperypanels.You'llbebetteroffwithlongerthanshorterones. Always!

Design Note

Enjoy the beauty of the Holidays in New Orleans

From hotel lobby decorations to home tours, their beauty and grandeur always impress!

PRC’s 47th Annual Holiday Home Tour

Tourtheinteriorsandgroundsofsixstunningprivatehomes andonebonuspropertyalldressedupfortheholidaysinthe historicGardenDistrict.Festivitiesalsoincludelivemusical performances,afestiveboutique,booksignings,designtalks, andmore!Thisbelovedeventreturnstoitspre-pandemic format!

Saturday&Sunday,Dec.10&11 HomeTour:10a.m.—4p.m. Boutique:9:30a.m.—3:30p.m.

The Lobby at The Roosevelt Hotel

“FromourTeddyBearTeatothelightingofthe WaldorfWonderland,thebeautyofourdécorand ourrichprogramminghasbecomeaholiday traditionformanyfamiliesspanningdecades.The joyandmagicatTheRooseveltispalpableatthe holidaysandwearehonoredtoshareitwithour community.”

The Lobby at Royal Sonesta

"ChristmasTreeLanelinesthelobbyand hallways,fillingtheairwiththesmellofreal Christmastrees.Garland,holly,poinsettias, andmoreaddtothedisplay.EnjoyChristmas choirseveryweekdayatnoon."

LizJurey Paul Broussard

To Travel is to Live

I know many are skeptical about traveling solo. This month, I am sharing Travel + Leisure's 20 Best Countries for Solo Travelers inhopesthat it will encourage anyone who hesitates to get on a plane or train to experience living. So, solo or not,wherewillyougonext?!

Image by: CanvaPro
12|RicheHomeandLifestyle Local Art Marcus Akinlana Describeyourartinthreewords Bonefunkysolos! Describeyourselfinoneword Electromagnetic What do you love the most about creating art in New Orleans? What particular part of your immediate environment, in your neighborhoodspecificallyinfluencesyourwork?IlovetheAfro CaribbeanmulticulturallaissezfairecultureofNewOrleans Describe your creative process. Are there any rituals or rites of passage you exercise before you begin a new piece? Meditation,prayersandyearsofformaltrainingandpractice. Where do you draw inspiration? My inspiration is drawn from the African Diaspora, the culture of New Orleans and world culture Jibara Grand Marshall & Diva Shotgun In Paradise II "I approach an empty surface in the same way a jazz musician approaches a saxophone. My paintings are my solos which I try to make as funky as possible." Whoareyourartisticinfluencesorgurus?Theworld’sgreatestmuralists,world artists,andgreatculture InNewOrleans,artandmusicgohandinhand.Whattypeofmusic,bandor songlyricbestdescribesyourwork?Worldmusic,Akinlanamusic,KhariAllen LeeandtheNewCreativeCollectiveandeclecticmusic. Wherecanwefindyouwhenyouarenotcreatingart?Inthemusicstudio, trainingthecommunityinmartialartsorattheOrisaVudushrine Info +Images:

Bornandraisedin SãoPaulo,Brazil, ReginaCorrêacame tovisitNewOrleans in1999andnever left.Sheholds degreesinInterior DesignandArt History,lovesred wine,travelingthe world,architecture, museums,music, natureandwalking aroundourbeloved CityPark.

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