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Rakell D.


I believe in the

Black Eyed Peas.


You’re never too young to set goals.....




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The benefits of training at H.M.D. Academy Chicago include Physical strength and coordination M e n t a l a c u i t y a n d d i s c i p li n e Emotional calm and confidence

Our students achieve measurable goals whose lessons last a lifetime.

Congratulations to our newest Black Belt Promotions:

Blair Sarkiss, Master Instructor, 5th Dan Phil Russo, 1st Dan Philip Russo, 1st Dan Madison Burger, 1st Dan

H.M.D. Academy is currently providing programs at Nettelhorst, Alcott and at 1803 W. Byron

The Bridge between Goals and Accomplishment is Discipline.

Winter 2011


Winter 2011

everyone is capable of accomplishing important goals in their life. I believe that

Winter 2011

I believe that

in Music.

books shouldn’t be judged by their covers.

I believe that

Winter 2011

the power of creativity.

I believe in

I believe

in friendship.

Winter 2011

Winter 2011

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Winter 2011

Winter 2011


Art and writing from preK - 8th-grade students in Chicago schools.