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t. This is my is Sisters-Spider Knows Bes The novel that is my favorite she left her y wh and r the mo her s about favorite novel because, it tell no one but , s to get the story out of her with her grandma. She trie pider er-S Sist y wh is s out on her own. Thi tells so she decided to find tells of d kin k boo this e aus el. Also bec el Knows All is my favorite nov nov s Thi r. to find out about her mothe . a risk that the girl will take girl the for s new d there’s bad and goo also comes to a point where J. ri book. —Juka This is why it’s my favorite

My favorite book is Amazing Grace. I like Amazing Grace because it is about a girl who loves her Nana’s stories. Nana is her grandmother. After she heard each story, she would act them out. This story wows me because it’s saying that when she grows up, she wants to be an actress just like me. Grace was just a talented young girl. This story reminds me of the time my mom used to talk about me as a little kid. My sisters and brothers and I would just laugh. We all would just laugh about the funniest things. I love telling about stories and listening to all of them. I think that Grace is a wonderful young lady and can do anything she puts her mind too, like ME! —Danisha W. My favorite book character is Matilda. She is very smart and loves her family. Her parents don’t pay that much attention to her. She’s always going to the library to check out new books. I like this book because it’s pretty interesting and it gets my attention. Her parents don’t like her because she’s smart and what’s the matter with that? —Adilenne G.


My favorite book is Keysha’s Drama. My favorite book is Keysha’s Drama because it’s so real like it’s very realistic in my opinion. What else I think about the book is that it’s about real life issues. What happens in this book Keysha’s Drama is that Keysha’s mom leaves her in the house by herself with narrowly nothing to eat, and also Keysha was having ups and downs with her boyfriend. Everything was all wrong. After a while, Keysha signed her own self up for school and did everything she had to do on her own. Nevertheless, Keysha was on her way home, but when she got there no one was there, and she found out that her mother went to jail. After her mother went to jail they had to put Keysha in a foster home. After all, while Keysha was in the foster home they were telling her that her father was coming to pick her up and that she was going to live with him. The next day came and Keysha’s father was very rich with a big house with his wife and his son which is Keysha’s new brother. —Ronisha H.

My favorite spot to read is in my bedroom because it’s quiet in my room and a lot of space. I like reading in quiet spaces and it gives me time to think. —Emoni M.

My favorite book is Ali. I like this book because Ali tells facts about the life of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Growing up in early years he was a fan of boxing, he watched it all the time. Muhammad didn’t always want to just watch boxing he wanted to be one so he signed up for kids boxing which he was very good at. Becoming a rising star around town he became noticed and soon became famous, then went pro. Finally his long life dream became true. —Martin R.

Everyone should read Punkzilla. That’s because it can relate to you in some way. It relates to me because Jaime, the main character, is 14. I’m 14 as well. On the other hand, you can relate to it if you have someone you know who does bad things like steal, smoke, or things like that. If you write to someone like how Jaime writes to his brother, this book can teach you how the world really is. That’s why I think people should read this book. —Daniel O. My favorite type of book is Bluford series. I love to read Bluford series books because it has lots of drama in it. This book entertains me in many ways because it tells people’s life stories. This book is mostly about teens that attend a school called Bluford High. These teens have a lot in common because they all have a story and go through some kind of struggle. A Bluford series book I’d also read was called The Test. The Test was about a teenager that grew up fast and her dad abandoned her family for years. The theme is based around a girl that’s 16 years old who struggled with raising a child on her own. This teen made a big decision and dropped out of school. She ran away from home and had no place to stay, so at the time she stayed at her cousin’s house who has also dropped out of school because she had a baby. The younger hated her mother and father. I loved this book because I love a book that can tell a story I can also learn from it. There are lots of Bluford books and lots of stories to tell. That’s why I chose to write about this book. —Jatorra W.

My favorite book is Brothers in Arms. Brothers in Arms is one of the Bluford Series books, and the theme is based on bullying. The book is about a boy who was torn between gang life or doing the right thing. The reason why this is my favorite book is because I know a lot of people who want to be bad because of their friends and they want to fit in. But really they are not, some even go to church on a regular basis. People think I’m bad, but I’m not, and I tell others not to bully. —Dante D. The title of the book I recommend and I think people should read is Home Again. It is a novel written by Kristin Hannah. The book is really good and includes a lot of details to get the reader’s attention quickly. The book is about this famous man who tries to get his life back after abusing drugs and alcohol. After he had his heart attack they inform him that he needs a heart transplant. But he does not want one. The doctor he gets is a lady who he was once with when they were young. He will try to get the love she had for him back. But will he? —Cristal J.

There was a point in time when I wanted to just give up on reading. If it wasn’t for Ms. Dydo and Ms. Lewis, I would have just stopped reading a long time ago. There was one point when I thought I could not read. But Ms. Dydo told me not to give up. I was reading a book too hard for me and Ms. Lewis noticed that I was having a hard time reading. So she gave me a book that was at my level. If it wasn’t for my two favorite teachers, I wouldn’t be reading at all. —Erika H.

My favorite book is Guiness World Record Book because it has incredible and almost impossible records. Also it has the tallest building I might visit one day!! How awesome is that?! —David O.


Summer 2014

The title of the book is Twisted, and it was written by Laura Halse Anderson. It is about a guy named Tyler on probation because over the summer he was involved in doing graffiti and other bad things. By the time he was on probation, his parole officer decided to get him enrolled in a high school. When he got to the high school, everybody started to bully him because he was the new kid. Tyler knew that they were doing it for fun, but they don’t know his background and why he’s there. —Nathaly R.


The Fault in our Stars can teach a life lesson. This book taught me that a person should not be looked at differently just because of how they look or because of what kind of health problem they have. This book is very tragic and sad. You get to see what the characters go through in their everyday life. Someone can learn something from reading this book. I did. —Michelle R.

The name of the book is called The Lorax. I like this book because the Lorax is an encouraging fictional creature that helps you understand the meaning of life.

My favorite book is Schooled because this boy named Leonard was having problems in school. He couldn’t read and he couldn’t write and he really wanted to be a basketball player at school and one day in the N.B.A. He also wanted to impress his dad that he was doing good in school because his mom left the house on tour in the Army. His teacher Mrs. Henderson is pressuring him to pass his class because she knows he can do it. Leonard would not study because of his inability to read. Then he asked his younger sister, Kendra, to help him read and write like her. When he went back to school he impressed his teacher and also made his friend Andrew jealous. Then basketball tryouts started on Wednesday; he was there at tryouts. The Principal came and took him out and then he ran out the school in a bit of rage and went to his friend Andrew’s house. Finally he started doing good in school, so the Principal allowed Leonard to be on the basketball team. In conclusion this book is my favorite because it taught me that many people have different ways to learn and not many people are on the same level, but always stay in school and do your best all the time! —Terrance M. Summer 2014


I’ve read The Diaries of Vladimir Tod, and I understand the main character (Vladimir Tod) pretty well. I would like him to be my friend because he is literally lightning fast, extremely strong, has the power to read others’ minds, and extraordinarily powerful and brave. He’s a half-vampire, half-human, for heaven’s sake. What I find interesting about him is that he never knew his father and yet the very reason that he was born was the cause for his destruction, which would be to give his father ultimate power. That is why I think he would be a good friend. —Luis M.

The character I’m about to tell you about is an old and elderly lady. She is one of the main characters in The Witches. My favorite character is the grandma of the little boy. There are many reasons why I like her, but I’m only telling you two. The first reason why I like her is for her personality the author describes. The author kinda describes she’s reliable and responsible. It shows that by taking care of her grandson after her son and daughter-in-law died. Also because she tries

The title of the book I recommend is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. The reason people should read this book is because the characters in the story are or can be relatable. A reason I think this is because at times in the book you might feel the way they do. —Daniel V.

to protect and do the best for him. That is my first reason. Now let’s start on reason two. The last reason is that she does or tries to do the best for her grandson. She tells him that witches are real. She also tells him what to look for in a witch. She tells him that witches look like ordinary people so he needs to look for women who wear wigs, long gloves, clawlike nails, square feet, blue spit and more. That is how Grandma looks out for her grandson and why I like her. —Emily A.

I like this book that is called Dogs of War. It says war in it so that means that it is going to be about war. I like this book because it has a lot of details of how the war started and how the dogs saved them from being killed. —Alejandro G.

James and the Giant Peach is my favorite book because when I got the book I read it so much that I almost know the book by heart. My teacher would say take out a book. I would read that one. I love this book. —Jada P.

the story I think that Bud from a good be uld wo ddy Bud, not Bu Bud ny. friend because he is fun He n. atio gin has a childish ima m mo his ce sin rs, nne has good ma d is Bu . life his of st mo him raised fought a also a good fighter; he , even him n tha er kid who was old ng to goi s wa he w kne though he good be lose. That’s why he would P. nio nto —A to have as a friend.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing book. Charlie, the main character, suffers from depression. His aunt and one of his friends pass away which has a negative effect on Charlie. Throughout this hard time he meets his best friends, Sam and Patrick. With them he experiences a lot of firsts like smoking, drinking, and even a first date. This book will take you on an amazing journey! —Andrea A.

Aria G.


One of my favorite characters is Junie B. Jones. She’s outgoing and super funny. She is a unique character. My first grade teacher used to read me and my class books about her each day. Junie B. Jones was very silly in her books and through the stories Junie B. Jones would have new friends or even characters in each story. I would love hearing about each story of Junie B. Jones. If I could rate these books from a scale of one to ten I would say “ten” because these stories in my opinion make me laugh out loud, they amuse me, meaning they keep me distracted when I read them. In my opinion I find these Junie B. Jones books a “wondrous sensation” of fun, laughs, and it gives you the chills because you might not know what comes next and you just can’t wait to find out what you will see that will happen next. These are the reasons why I think Junie B. Jones is a very fantastic book in my words, and I would also recommend it to others. —Katia G.

Leo V.

Wally from the story Grind would make a good friend. I believe that he would make a good friend because he is a very kind, helpful, and supportive boy. In the story they are always skateboarding. Sometimes his best friend falls off and hurts himself pretty badly. Wally doesn’t just stay there and laugh at him. He actually goes up to him to check if he’s alright. He makes sure his friend is ok and not hurt. That’s the kind of friend I would want to have. Wally is a good boy, so I’m pretty sure he could be a good friend. —Jesus P.

Apple White is my favorite character. She is my favorite character because she is sweet and stylish. She is a lively character. She is from The Storybook Legends of Ever After High. She can make your day. Apple White is pale. She has rosy cheeks. She has long blond hair. She likes to cheer people up when they are feeling down. She’s a good character. Apple White is my favorite character. I think you’ll like her too. She has a great destiny for a royal. You should find out what type of character she is. Just read Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends. —Alyssa S. Sonia Rodriguez from The Secret Life of Sonia Rodriguez would make a good friend. She is responsible and caring. She is nice to all her friends, even if they are different. Their culture is different, and she accepts that just like they accept her. She also would be a good friend because she is loving to all her friends, and her joy gives joy to others. This is why Sonia would make a good friend. —Ismael A.

Jade, from the book The Dead and Buried would make a good friend. She is loyal, smart and knows what is right and wrong. Also, she is outgoing and is nice and kind. She is so thoughtful; she would make sure that one person is happy no matter what. She is not judgmental. Even if people talk bad about a specific person, she will still hang out with and talk to that person. She doesn’t like to leave people out. —Carolina H.

My favorite author is Margaret Peterson Haddix. She writes good stories. The books she has written are very interesting, like the series of Shadow Children. Joel is my favorite character from Caught. That book is about when time stopped, because JB stopped it. —Horacio G. In the book Angel, Max would be a good friend because she would stand tall beside you and fight unti l the end. In the book, she went to a rally of a bunch of kids who were following the “One Light” to protect them from destruction. Instead they were following the Light to the destruction. Max can also be a goo d friend by comprehending you and understanding your opinion towa rd something. Max also keeps her opinions at the end because she wants to understand you before she gives her opinions out. So these are some ways that Max can become a good friend. —Stephanie S.

The title of the book I read is The Fourth Stall. In this book there are many different characters, and they are all interesting in their own ways. The character that I would like to be friends with is Mac. The reason why is because he seems like the most interesting out of all the characters, and he seems really friendly. Another reason I would like to be friends with him is because he could help me with any problem I have because he’s a problem solver. He could also help me get a lot of money because of his business. Those are some of the reasons I would like to be friends with Mac. —Francisco M. Santiago would be a good friend from Red Midnight. He’s been through so much that he can handle anything you throw at him. Any kind of problems or situations you have, he can help or understand. His village was burned down completely, and soldiers have killed his entire family except him and his little sister. In a dangerous situation, he can survive and has many skills to help or teach to others. —Adrian V.

A reason why The Hobbit would make a good friend is because he’s smart, loyal, brave and fun to be around when you’re having an adventure. He will always be there for you when there’s trouble ahead through good times and bad times. He sometimes gets serious, but always tries to find a way to make things fun. He sometimes gets scared when he’s surrounded by monsters, but he always outsmarts them by using his head. —Nayeli R.


I would persuade a friend to love reading as much as I do by reading fairy tale books like Cinderella because I could imagine myself in that beautiful dress. Also I think that you should read Magic Tree House books because it takes you to a different adventure in a different place too and somewhere you have never been before. Examples are when they went to San Francisco and the desert.

In the book Saving Zasha, the character in the story is a German Shepherd. He would make an awesome friend since he is really smart and strong. If someone was ever to attack you, he would defend you. He is very loyal and would never leave your side. He can also run super fast, since he has 4 legs. —Osmar M.

I think Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars would be a good friend because she can help you throw eggs at your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend’s car. Also, she’s funny and has a great personality. She knows how to drive, and she can take you places. Also, she is always going to be there for you. —Adriana G.

Isabela G.

My favorite book to read with my family is Magic Tree House because it educates me and my family and it tells about the past. This educates my family because they might not know something and it is the same thing for me. It tells about the past because Annie and Jack have these books on their journey so when they have a problem they can look in the book and tell about it. The Magic Tree House educates my family and me because the Magic Tree House takes them to different places like China and talks about the culture and population and the food. Reading the Magic Tree House with my family is fun! —Kenzo J.

Daniel, or Danny, from Mexican White Boy, would make a good friend because he is dedicated to his work. Daniel worked hard at being a pitcher. He worked hard to have the fastest throwing rate. First he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle because he wanted to be more like his father. When Daniel was sent to live with his uncle he had a major enemy, but at the end his greatest enemy became his greatest friend. —Jorge Z. The main character in She’s Got Game would make a good friend. Her name is Jamie. She is a Latina and very fun to be around once you actually get to know her. At the beginning she might be a bit mean. Once she realizes that you’re nice and not so spoiled she will be nice back to you. She also loves hip hop and is a great dancer. She has gone through a lot of things, especially the part in her life where she has to move from her house to somewhere else and has to transfer into a rich school where no one likes her because she isn’t as rich as them. She always has said she’s from the hood and is proud that she is Latina. I think she would also be a good friend because she could teach you some life lessons. —Stephanie R.

nd has been taken from mi Writing is an idea that den sud a kes stri ’s mind to paper. When a person . need to write it down y the , ius gen chance of nd genius it sits in my mi When I have a stroke of w. t have the chance to gro and festers, it does no it er. p from mind to pap It doesn’t make the lea en we bet p in a constant loo gets stuck in between, nka” and “what was I thi ide ng “this is an amazi ngs thi e som down, and ing?” I write some things : say I and k bac k later I loo I sketch out. A month es com it es etim som t t? Bu Are you serious, Vincen . me back to —Vincent M.


My favorite book to read with my family is The Ugly Duckling because it makes me feel sad that he was the last one to be born, also because they did not like him and they were mean to him because he was purple and the other chicks were yellow. He was treated badly because the other ducks were pushing him and poking him. The mom was nice until she started to be mean to him. She pushed him so he can walk faster with the other chicks. The other chicks did not like him. My family and I love this book because we don’t believe in people being treated badly. —Marix S.


Ponyboy Curtis, the main character from The Outsiders, would be a good friend to have. He is real chill and calm. Also, if you need someone to do something dangerous and/or crazy, you know who to call. Lastly, he is always going to “Stay Gold.” —Sebastian G. In the book Freak the Mighty Freak would be a good friend because he would risk his own life to protect yours. He saved Maxwell. He will also help you with your homework because he is very intelligent. He would also be a good friend because he can get you out of a bad situation. For example, Freak and Maxwell went into the lake to get away from the gang. —Esau D.

Big Nate would be a good friend to me because we both are messy, we both love junk food and we’re both staring at the clock in school, we both have dads that can’t cook, and we both love football. —Keegan All of us should read books. It is very important to read because it’s goo d for your brain. You could read anywhere ! Books, books everywhere! So right now go get a book and read! Ther e are three different kinds of books: easy level, medium level and chapter boo ks like Amelia Bedelia, Flat Stanley and Junie B. Jones. Go ahead and read ! —Julia K.

Summer 2014

Mark J. The book I read is called Perfect by Sara Shepard. Everyone should read this book. I found it very interesting. This book has to do with the Pretty Little Liars show. So if anyone likes that show then I recommend them reading this book. I think the book is better than the show because it describes in detail what the characters are thinking when they are about to do something, and why they did that action, unlike the show where they just do something and we are left not knowing why. Therefore, this book is better than the show because we could understand more about what is happening. I like this book because I like the show and I’m sure anyone or everyone else would like it too. —Anahy M. Kobe from 2014 All Stars MBA would make a good friend because he is dedicated to what he does. What he does is play basketball. He will motivate you to do the things you want to do. He will make you challenge yourself and try hard for what you love doing. For example, basketball is great, but it can be anything you set your mind to. He is a funny outgoing guy. Kobe would be a very good friend. —Alex M.

I would recommend everyone read Identical by Ellen Hopkins because it’s an amazing book. You’ll be able to stay involved throughout the whole book. This book is great for anyone since many people are able to relate to it in many ways. Raeanne and Kaeleigh’s parents neglect them. This story also involves many problems such as sexual abuse, drug abuse, and relationship problems. In the end you’ll be so involved in the book that you’ll need to finish it. You’ll end it with great satisfaction because you would have never expected the ending. —Mariana J. One of my favorite books is Charlotte’s Web. If I had to rate this book I would give it a 4 because it has two character traits: sad and happy. I think that this book seems happy because it was nice of Fern to help out a pet which is a pig. Also Fern is a character in the story. —Amanda A.

Every person shou ld read this book . Why? It says bad words, but that is not the good part. The good part is that it shows a lo t of mood. You will learn a lot of lessons abou t what to do or what not to do. The book is ve ry fun to read. If you read it, it will keep yo u interested and in touch with the book. YOU W ONT LET IT GO. —Rafael G. My favorite book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians because it has a lot of action, and it leaves you with mystery and lots of questions. —David D. This book is called The Batboy. This book is about how a young teenager gets to work at his dream job in the summer which is to be the Batboy of his favorite professional team, the Detroit Tigers. During the summer at his job he struggles to become friends with his all time favorite baseball player Hank Bishop. No matter how hard he tries to become friends with him something always irritates Hank. At the end of the regular season Hank gets into a big slump and struggles to hit his 500th homerun. It wasn’t until when Brian gave him tips to hold his bat and his swing, he finally gets those homeruns and Brian gets a new friend. —Luis G. C

My favorite place to read is in my room at home. The first reason why is that it’s so so so so so so so quiet in my room. Reason #2: There are really no more quiet places in my house at all. Reason #3: My house is very small. Reason #4: My sister is very annoying to me. Reason #5: My dog barks a lot. Reason #6: My mom and dad sleep sometimes. Reason #7: My dad snores. —Anja H.







My favorite book is the Camp Confidential series. I also like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I like Camp Confidential because it shows how girls get along and miss each other at home and at camp. I also LOVE Diary of a Wimpy Kid series because Jeff Kinney writes so funny—also great because his books show how 11-yearold Greg has to live with a secret crush, bullies, and worst of all.....his FAMILY! That is why I LOVE Camp Confidential series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series! I love BOOKS! —Bella-Rose K. K

Jacob J.




3:04:38 PM

The book I finished reading is called The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes. I recommend this book because it has two main characters, Calvin and his imaginary friend Hobbes, who’s a tiger. This book is funny and entertaining. It shows how a little boy will act and what they might be thinking. They go on imaginary adventures or simply go to school or mess with their babysitter. This book will make you laugh and entertain you. That’s why I recommend this book. read d shoul You . Hunt Lottery Rose is by Irene —Marcos M. she s detail many the of se becau this book not se My favorite book is The Magic Tree House. It’s my favorite uses to describe her characters, but becau is book because it has a lot of adventures. The book has very of the story that is being told. The poor kid being abused by his mom’s boyfriend. He has interesting parts. It’s also my favorite book because most nobody to run to. Not to mention his biological of the books talk about the past. Some Magic Tree House mom is getting drunk all the time. —Anais N. books teach you about things you don’t know. One of the Magic Tree House books I like is Dark Day in the Deep Keeping Safe the Stars’ Pride would make a great friend. There’s some connection Sea. You should read it. It is a fun book. —Kimberly M. I see between us. She seems friendly and helpful in the book. She’s kind and helps around the house and takes care of her sister and brother, since her mother died. I’m pretty sure Pride would be that friend I could talk to. I would share a lot with her and that’s why I think Pride would make a good friend. —Litzy R. Reading is important because you could learn about history and important places. Some books about history, like wars, tell you about the war and tell you what happened. It also tells you about where it happened and when it happened. It also helps the readers to understand what he/she is reading. If they want to know about an ocean, they could look in a book and discover the ocean. I think if readers read a book in order to discover, I think they would become better readers and writers. —Leonardo V.

My favorite author is Dr. Seuss. My favorite book is The Cat in the Hat.


Everyone should read Fahrenheit 451 because it is a classic novel. This novel is well written and well thought out. The plot is interesting. I also enjoyed the characters in the story. The main character, Guy Montag, is a normal person, but throughout the story he starts going crazy. The setting is in the future, so they have new interesting technology. They have mechanical dogs with spider legs and TV walls. It is also interesting how people act towards books. Books are illegal so they get burned by firemen. The ending is also really good. It is one of the best books I’ve read, so check it out. —Joel R.

The title of the book that I recommend is For Keeps by Natasha Friend. Josie seems like the type of best friend that is silly, curious, and can never make you sad in anyway. Her mother had got pregnant by her “father” (Paul) at the young age of sixteen. Josie and her mother, Kate, have a really close relationship. I would have thought the story would have been better if Josie, Kate, Paul, and the Weiss-Longo’s would have gone on a family vacation. —Carolina B.

My favorite book to read with my family is fairy tales because fairy tales are cool and fun to read and I look at the pictures. Reading a fairy tale helps me imagine that I am a princess. I make plays for my family and I read out so my family can hear. It is fun to make plays for my family because my family and I love fairy tales. Also I learned that fairy tales are not true but I have fun with fairy tale books and they always live happily ever after just like me. —Andrea K.

I would recommend What My Mother Doesn’t Know to teens who don’t really like to read because it is a very interesting book. It has a lot of drama that boys and girls like to read (I’ve experienced this myself). For example, it has drama but conflicts too. It has love, popularity, parenting, and friendship problems. The book also has many funny parts and it has a thing in the story that’s different from all the others because it makes you feel awkward throughout the story. —Julissa C.

You should read My Bloody Life because it is a good book. I think it is a good book because it is based on a true story. The setting is Chicago, so if you live in Chicago, you might be familiar with the places or streets the author mentions. I also think you should read this book because it can teach a valuable lesson. —Aldo M.

The first book I have ever loved is Bugs Bunny—Too Many Carrots. I like it because Bugs Bunny eats 19 carrot pies. He never wants to see another carrot again but his friends give him a carrot cake, carrots and carrot candy! —Cora


The first book I have ever loved is called Secret of the Caves. I like how the Hardy Boys have a lot of fun on their adventures. They even saved a girl from drowning. When they see the man and the cave.... It’s a mystery. I like that too! —Nina M.

My favorite place to read is at the Chicago Public Library because they have my favorite books like science, weather, volcanoes, dinosaurs, ghosts, baseball, hockey, basketball, state books, country books, hills, rivers, islands, plains, valleys, lakes, cookbooks and books about clocks. It has many other books that I like too. It is good to read at the table because you don’t have to hold the book to read and there is a lot of space to read. —Aiden M.

My favorite place to read at is the library because it’s quiet. It’s so peaceful. I can not read when it is loud. I sometimes read for 1 hour and 30 minutes. I like anywhere but it has to be quiet. When I go to the library I can see lots of interesting books. You learn about the Civil War and lots of other things. Books have lots of information. Books can make you read better and write better. —Carlos M.

This book is called Angel by James Paterson. I think one should read this book if they are interested in fantasy. It keeps you involved. It talks about how these people are creations. They were made with wings. Now they need to save their own kind. The book is very detailed, so when you’re reading, it feels like you’re part of the book. —Jocelyn F.

Reading is important because you will learn more when you read, also because it will give you advice. If you are in art class it will show pictures of art, and if you want to be a geologist you could read about rocks. If you love books you should have a library. —Reese W. Summer 2014

The first book I ever loved is Poppy the Panda. I like it because it is funny and they try to pick something to wear to go to sleep. The first thing they tried was to wear an umbrella. The second thing they picked was shoes that don’t match. The third thing they picked was a shower cap. The fourth thing they picked was a towel. The fifth thing they picked was to wrap themselves in tissue paper. Poppy said, “I don’t think this is right.” —Sephora T. The book everyone should read is Divergent by Veronica Roth. Everyone should read Divergent because it is an action-packed Quidditch, owls, dueling book. There was never a part in the book that made me bored. Tris awesome, epic, sad, happy Priors’s adventures make you get the chills. Also, the romance begross, magic, imaginative tween Four (Tobias) and Tris and their love is so romantic and cool. Tris is so brave and kind, and she has to use it during her time at Voldamort Dauntless. With the help of Tobias they will save Abnegation, and —Genna S. end the simulation. —Tabitha P.

People should read Birds because it tells you about birds’ life. This story tells you about birds and how they live. It tells you about when they hatch and how they feed their babies, life in the nest, when they learn to fly, when they find food, how to stay safe, taking care of their babies, and more. —Alejandra C. I think everyone should really read Blue Bloods. The book is very interesting. There are many mysterious things going on like who killed Aggie, was it a blue blood vampire, was it a silver blood vampire, was a silver blood controlling Dylan, why did it want to kill Schuler? There were many questions and mysteries to be answered or solve, and I love this book. I really recommend this book to someone who is into mysteries and vampire things. —Alejandra N. Books are fun when you read them in the sun. Books are fun when you read about a ski run. Books are fun if read your book while eating a cinnamon bun. Books are fun. Books are fun because you’ve already won. —Ryan P.

Pigs and the The Three Little e wolf came to Th f. Big Bad Wol blew down the the woods and house. —Kevin

Summer Flamenco Dance Classes Tuesdays~July 15- August 19 Ages 4-6 6:00-6:45 pm beginners

Ages 7-12 6:00-7:00 pm beginners

Ages 7-12 7:00-8:00 pm intermediate

773-442-5916 Dog Day is my favorite book because it is based on a true story. It is about a dog that ran away and got kidnapped. The owners cannot find the dog. The dog’s name is Benjy and it was a boy. —Camron My favorite character in a book is called Nine. Nine is a very reckless, careless, but funny person. Sometimes he does get creative with words though. If Nine was in real life, I think I would like him because I would want to be like him, except less creative with the words. —Lleyton C. I like to read under the bed because it is private. I like to read under the bed because I can’t hear anybody talking to me so I just continue reading. So I love to read under the bed. —Ariana

$85 per student

Classes are held on the Northeastern Illinois University Campus, J Building Studios 5500 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago, IL 60625

* Art gallery * Art classes

for children and adults

* Birthday parties * Event rentals * Open studios Art is meaningful. Art is courageous. Art is important. Art is alive. Art is generous. Art is empowering. Art is healing. Art is jaw-dropping. Art is fancy. Art is organic. Art is raw. Art is legitimate. Art is non-judgmental. Art is classic. Art is hip. Art is life. ART IS SMART. 3501 W. Fullerton—Logan Square—Chicago 773*772*9808 —

The book I that I recommend is Divergent by Veronica The Fault in our Stars Roth. A character in the story who would make a good Augustus Waters would make a great friend is Four, or his actual name, Tobias. He would make friend. Even though he found out he had a good friend because if you’re in danger or trouble he’ll cancer on his whole body, he wouldn’t tell defend you because he’s dauntless. For example, he de- you so that it wouldn’t ruin any plans. He fends Tris (another character) from her attackers. It would would give up anything just to put a smile be great for him to defend me like he did with Tris when I on your face. Augustus would enjoy every need help. Another reason would be because he’s caring. moment with you as if it would be his last He’s caring because when Tris gets attacked he takes her to day alive. He seems like an outgoing, nice, his room and takes care of her injuries. Afterwards he lets and trustworthy person to make memories her stay in his room for her own safety. The character Four with. —Maureen V. would make a good friend because he’s brave, will defend you, and is caring. —Vanessa G. The book Witches ended dreadfully when the grandma died at the hand of the young Diary of a Wimpy Kid boy who turned into a mouse. I think it Character: Greg Heffley should have ended after the witches died. Greg is funny and cool. His personality is different from He should have turned back into a regular others. He’s a friend to mess around with. You might little boy and tried to take care of his grandargue with him, but at the end he is a supportive and ma before she died to try to make her feel good friend. It’s an amazing book to read and share with better. —Daniel C. others. The story is relatable and funny. I think the story should have had a different ending by the cheese touch A book everyone should read is Somespreading on to Patty. —Miguel R. one Like You by Sarah Dessen. Everyone I’ve read the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. To be honest, it’s one of my most favorite books. You should read this book if you like fast-paced, action-packed, and romantic books. There are many action scenes through the book. There are gun fights and hand to hand combat situations. The main character, Beatrice, or Tris, and her instructor “Four”(as the dauntless refer to him) fall in love towards the middle of the book. It is also a fast-paced book because in one chapter you’re in one place, like the Dauntless compound, then you are being attacked or fighting someone somewhere else. —Javier R. How Where the Red Fern Grows ended was when Billy’s dogs died. Old Dan (one of his dogs) got attacked by a puma or a mountain lion. Little Ann didn’t eat or drink anything because she was depressed that Old Dan died. A few days later, Little Ann died as well. I think the story should’ve ended with Old Dan and Little Ann winning the National Hunting Dog Championship. Or the dogs had a litter of puppies. That’s how I personally think the story should’ve ended. —Jonathan R. Tuck Everlasting is an interesting book because it’s about this family that finds water in this forest that gives them immortal life. When they drink the water, this man in a yellow suit watches them drink, and he keeps on following them. He’s been watching them and follows the Tucks. —Juan T. Najara from the book Culdcept would make a good friend. She puts others first before herself. She would literally risk her life, even if it means her own life is in danger. Also, Najara would make a good friend because she is downright hilarious. She is smart and knows what to say during the times where trouble is brewing. If Najara is assigned a job, you can count on her to get it done. For these reasons, I believe Najara would make a good friend. —Jose S.


should read this book for many reasons. One reason is that many can relate to this book. This book also teaches about many things involving girls getting pregnant early, friendship, and relationships. This book is very entertaining in many ways. It’s funny, it’s romantic, but overall it’s a great read. The main characters are Scarlet and Halley. Scarlet gets pregnant at 16 and instead of Scarlet always being there for Halley, now Halley has to be there for Scarlet. But can she do it? —Isis J. The book I read was Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Rowley is a good friend to Greg and would be an excellent friend because he is caring, respectful, and loves anything that has to do with animals. He also loves the singers that side with people who think that you have to respect your parents. —Bernabe C. The character in Flipped, Julie Baker, would be a good friend because she’s very caring. You can trust her with your secrets. But if she trusts you, you have to trust her. You have to respect her. She’s really nice. She really cares about this tree. If you’re her friend, she would want you to climb the tree and watch the sunset with her. She’s a very brave girl. She will keep fighting until she gets what she wants. In the story she really likes this guy named Brent, and she would want you to help her talk to him. All you guys could sit on the tree and watch the sunset. —Lissett Z.

What my Girlfriend Doesn’t Know To be honest only teens should read the book. The reason why is because it’s about a teen boy. It’s about romance, and it is kind of funny. Also, it keeps you entertained. It is easy to read, and you can relate to it. —Marco B. Isabelle, the main character from the book Perfect, would make a good friend. She would make a good friend because she’s not the type of person to make fun of others. She knows she’s not perfect or better than anyone else, and she doesn’t put people down. Isabelle is like a regular teenager who has insecurities and, at times, problems. She seems like a nice person in the book. This is why Isabelle would make a good friend. —Karina V. The title of the book I recommend is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. This book is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer. Hazel’s mom sends her to a church cancer support group to make friends. There she meets Augustus Waters. They end up falling in love. Hazel shows Augustus her favorite book, An Imperial Affection, which the author never gave an ending to. So Hazel and Augustus use a wish foundation to travel to Amsterdam, where their love flourishes. I strongly recommend this book. I cried throughout it. It is so good. And it’s not a sappy girly love story. It’s smart and funny. Despite the ending of the book making me cry and leaving a hole in my heart, the way Hazel acted made the story seem not as sad. This book is great for everyone. —Esmeralda O. In the book The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson would make an awesome friend. He is really fun to be around. He has powers that give him the ability to be underwater and control it as he pleases. Talk about a beach day. We could be playing tag underwater or hide and seek in the ocean. We could be riding along on sharks, and it would be a blast. —Heriberto G.

The Fault in Our Stars This book ended with Gus dying and leaving Hazel there. It’s pretty sad and upsetting, so here’s how I would have ended it: Hazel gets a really bad pain in her chest. She quickly gets rushed to the hospital. Her dad and mom are crying. Hazel doesn’t know what is going on. One thing she does know is that Gus’s funeral is tomorrow and she might not make it. The pain increases, and now Hazel is crying out with pain. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice, such a soft and tender voice. It is Gus’s voice. The pain increases and Hazel closes her eyes. When she finally opens her eyes, she sees Gus in the distance. He looked healthy and happy. “It’s okay to go to the light, Hazel Grace,” he says holding out his hand to her. The pain stops and Hazel smiles and says “Okay.” This is how I would end The Fault in Our Stars. —Annisette N. The book I read is called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It should have ended by Dumbledore using the Time Turner to go back in time when he met Tom Riddle, also known as Voldemort. Then, he should have helped Tom be a good wizard. That way, he could have saved hundreds, even thousands of lives. Harry still could have his parents to raise him, instead of his cruel aunt and uncle, and he could have still met Hermione and Ron and be friends. Although this would not make a good story, it would be very interesting to see happen. This is still a good read. —Francisco M. The book everyone should read is Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The book is better than the movie; it gives more imagery. This book is really interesting and is about Greek mythology. Percy Jackson discovers he is the son of Poseidon, a god. Percy then finds out he has some powers to control water. Percy is soon targeted for stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt. Percy goes on a journey with two of his friends to find it. —Marcello S. Summer 2014

We all have our own infinities, these little things that make it okay, 313 pages of innocence, the people we loved that didn’t deserve to go, and life is unfair, people come and go out of our lives, we cry, we mend, we mourn, and we end up moving on. Sometimes our mind goes faster than our heart and we believe that we’re bad for moving on, this is not true, it’s not healthy to live under a shadow of guilt even when you have brought it upon yourself, love takes its own path, and if love decides to live forever even when the person you loved is gone then it lives forever, I think most of us have accepted the fact that we’re all going to pass away someday, we learn that you need to live your life to the fullest every day like it’s your last, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because some infinities are bigger than others. —Chloe P.

The book people should read is Divergent. This book has a lot of different elements. It contains action, drama, romance, and overall it’s really suspenseful. Divergent is the first book in its trilogy. I deeply recommend all of the books which are Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. This book is for everyone and anyone. It’s a personal favorite of mine. —Angel V.

The reason why I recommend this book to someone is because this is one of my favorite books. It’s really well written and gets you thinking. When I was younger I never read books because I was really picky. I know a good book when I see it. It’s a beautiful, tragic, romantic, unbelievable story. This is one of those books that you will cry. I highly recommend this book to teens who like romantic novels. —Britney A. Someone should read My Bloody Life because it’s a powerful memoir about a dangerous time in someone’s life. Not only will it inform you of the streets and gang life, but hopefully it will help you make a good decision in life. This book will also help you realize what might be happening in your neighborhood and what kids are getting into these days. It will help you open your eyes before it’s too late. —Humberto S. I think Naruto from the Naruto series would be a great friend. He is very athletic, hilarious, brave, and most of all is trustworthy. That is all I find in a friend, mostly because that describes me. I love adventuring, so dose Naruto. He is not very respectful but honorable mostly describes him. Another reason he would be a great friend is because he is young, and I get along with kids in their youth, I feel like I can relate to them and be his role model. Being athletic is my kind of thing! Naruto wants to be a ninja and has to practice everyday; I would love to practice with him. And that’s why I think he would be a great friend. —Javier M. Summer 2014

This book is called The River. This book is about Brian and Derek trying to survive in the wilderness while Derek is recording how to survive. He does it for teaching people like the army how to survive, where to go, what to get, and what to build for shelter. At night Derek gets hit by lightning in his hand. Brian then tries to go to the nearest building to go for help. He builds a raft and heads down a river. At the end he finds it and gets help. —Kevin C. A really good book that I read was Divergent. If you love action or romance novels, this is the book for you. This book also shows the great relationship a community of people can have when they work together. The book Divergent also allows you to relate to them or what they are going through. Divergent also brings thing when you least expect it, it comes as a shocker. That is why you should read this really good book Divergent. —Ariana V. The book Monster was written by Walter Dean Myers. The way it should have ended was with the movie from the script that Steve Harmon wrote about everything that was happening in his life at that point. Instead, it ended with the verdict. —Luis M.

Everybody should read A Deep Dream of the Rainforest. This book is a really The book I’m reading is called Divergent. I think that it is a good book because it’s really good book, and I enjoyed it. I think this interesting. Someone who I would like to be friends with is Christina because she seems to is a good book because it’s about a boy be the kind of person that would stand up for you. The story should have ended with them following his dream. Everybody should saving both factions and them making another faction called Divergent. follow their dream. I think following your —Stephanie D. dream is good to do. Everyone needs to read this book because they can learn Savannah from Dear John would make a great friend. She is sensitive. She knows what she is how to follow their dream. doing and what she wants in the future. She is brave and strong (emotionally). I would totally —Delilah J. love her as a friend. —Brenda P. People should definitely read Divergent because it’s filled with adventurous pages that include a ton of action, drama, and suspense. It takes place in a futuristic Chicago that is nothing compared to how we know it. Everybody is divided based on their beliefs on the world and violence. In this story a girl has to choose with which group she’ll decide to live for the rest of her life. All of that information relies on a test that surprisingly gives her strange results. This book will have you staying up all night in the thrill of the action in it. —John A.

I would recommend The Fallen, which is a Bluford series book, because you can relate to everything they say in this book. It teaches you to make good decisions in life. These stories are very emotional and strong. On the scale of 1-10, the scale breaks. It is that good. It tells you about what getting into gangs leads you too. It can cause death and many more problems. Once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to stop. —Daniela S.

People should read Divergent because it’s a book that shows you how they predict Chicago is going to be in the future. It’s a good book if you like to read about the future. It’s also filled with action, romance, and suspense. I think people should also read it because it will take you to a whole different world that you had not experienced yet. Everyone should also read it because it will help you understand how people go through very hard things and how it’s hard to confront them. It will also help you to try and overcome your fears that you have. I guarantee that once you’re done you will want to hurry up and read the next one. —Erika M. The Fault in Our Stars should have ended differently. The book ended with Augustus dying of cancer and Hazel reading the letter Augustus wrote to Peter Van Houten. The book should have ended with Augustus living a longer life, fighting off the cancer, and getting healthy again. Hazel and Augustus should have stayed together for as long as the cancer allowed them too. Instead of it ending with Hazel reading the letter Augustus wrote to Peter Van Houten, it should have ended with her reading a letter Augustus wrote for her when he thought he was going to die. —Kimberly B. Something Upstairs is one of my favorite books. I think you should read this book. It is a very confusing book to understand in the beginning. This book has a plot twist that makes your mouth drop to see the ending connect from the beginning. I really enjoyed how the author used imagery to describe the characters and how they look like. I really would like you read this book. —Noel M. I think that people should read Heartless because it has a very nice plot, and I also love the mystery that Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer have. I think that people would enjoy trying to put the pieces together and try to find out who A is. People will also enjoy it because it talks a little about witches and spirits. Once you finish Heartless you’ll realize that you want to read the series to learn more about it. —Atzyri E.


My favorite subject is writing! The reason is that writing is fun! I could write all day if I could. It is a way to express what I feel and what is happening in my life or what already happened. Writing makes me happy! I don’t just love it because I’m good at it! It’s fun! —Briyana B.

Welcome to our special CPS Pride section...where students share what they love about their school in words and pictures. We also recognize some special sXp sponsors—CPS vendors— listed below. Along with our other sponsors, they made this section (and this issue) possible. Thank you!

America SCORES Chicago 312.666.0496 The Art Institute of Chicago 312.443.3600

I love my school because it’s great. —Deniana

Saniyyah F.

helps me with I like my school because it very —A . nds frie having new

I like my school because I can play at the Art Table. —Trishia I like my school. I like to play puppets. —Danny

I like to play in Listening Center. —Alex

ing with my friends.

We are doing jump rope and we are laughing and playing. It is so fun. I love it. —Daja H.

I like my school because I like play —Briana

Benefit Express 847.637.1550 B.I.G. Baseball Academy 312.794.5520 The best thing that happened to me at my school is when my teachers Ms. Lewis and Ms. Dydo told me don’t ever give up on yourself and keep trying hard. I love them for being there for me when I didn’t want to do my work. —Rhamell M.

Chicago Department of Public Health 312.747.9884 CircEsteem CircEsteem 773.732.4564 773.732.4564

I love to come to school in the morning to eat breakfast. Next, when I go to class I enjoy being with my classmates. Math is my favorite subject because I like to count. Also going out for recess is very enjoyable for me. —Nyesha T.

Ta t

ya na

Chicago City Soccer Club 630.251.6257

I like the after school programs that Westcott offers. I participate in the after-21st century and cheerleading. In the after school I get additional individual help. My grades have improved and I understand what my teachers are teaching. When I graduate from Westcott I will miss the teachers, staff and activities. —Tamera W.

Marissa W.

The best thing that happened to me at school was when I go my report card and I had good grades. My mom was proud of me and how my grades were. I found out that I was on the honor roll. My grandma was proud of me and my aunt was too. She gave me a hug. I got on the honor roll because I study hard and I worked for it. I was so happy about what I did. This is my first time. It was beautiful. —Caurie H. Kayla R.

The best thing that happened to me at my school is I got invited to a Christmas party. We had pizza, we danced, we played games. I love my school Westcott. We do the best things. —Kiara W.

My most favorite subjects in school are gym and reading. I love to think about going to gym because of the fact that we get to exercise and play fun sports. Gym helps us be active during the school day. It can help us have fun and learn many other sports that we don’t know about. I love reading as well. Reading helps us learn new things about books and purposes about them. Reading is a fun subject because of two reasons: 1. We get to read new things that we haven’t learned about. 2. It can keep us learning and expanding our growth of learning and that’s what is most important about my favorite subjects. —Flor G. I love my school because it helps me so much and I should give them some help too. The help I am going to give them is love. —Mariah M. William

I like my school because I like to play with the blocks. —Mia I like to get on my iPad and get on math games. I like to do math work. I like to draw stuff for my teacher and be good. —Arquis

I like school because Victor is my best friend.

I love my school because it has a playground and I can play on it when it gets hot! I love the playground because I can run and play. —Tiauna R.

Drew S.

Gionne S.

What I am proud of at my school are my teachers for being there for me and helping me get to where I am now and for helping me understand things I don’t know. —Daquina J.

I am proud of my school because of gym. The gym floor is blue. The gym is big. The gym teacher is sometimes nice and sometimes mean. —Jalen M.


Ensemble Español 773.442.5916


Excel Sportswear 1.800.784.8857 Holiday Home Camp 262.245.5161

What I’m proud of is my good grades, I work hard for them. I know that they will help me later in life, so I can go to a good college and get a good job. —Steven N.

Andre W.

Language Stars 773.935.7827 Open Books 312.475.1355 Teamwork Englewood 773.488.6600 Topweb LLC 773.975.0400 Wendella Sightseeing Company and Chicago Water Taxi, 312.337.1446

I am proud to be a part of CPS. It’s filled with incredibly smart students and teachers! All of the teachers make an encouraging environment. Everyone is so devoted to learning and making the school and community a better place. CPS has done a lot of great things, leading to an amazing city, filled with educational schools. I am proud to be a part of CPS! —Taylor P.

My school is amazing, and it is a really fun place to go. I can search near or far, but I will always know that my school is a star. —Lily R. Alcott is a great school The kids there are very cool Even though the school food tastes like gruel Our sports teams will make you look like a fool The teachers are intelligent Even though the students like to vent The pencils are often lent But, they are teaching us how to pay our rent Like the rest We are a part of CPS Put Alcott to the test We are still the best! —Ethan F. School. It’s every kid’s worst nightmare. 7 hours of work, 7 hours of new assignments, 7 hours of learning. But, if you think about it school isn’t that bad. 7 hours of fun, 7 hours of being with your friends, 7 hours of exploring the world. This is what school really is. —Bailey H.

I love my school We talk too much Even if it isn’t lunch Recess is fun Even if it is not in the sun Reading and writing are the same And in Math I love it when we play a game And in Social Studies we learn a ton This is why Alcott is so much fun Science is always fun —Eliza B.

That’s your alarm. You just woke up and you’re getting ready to go to school. Once you’re done getting ready you either walk, drive, bike, or take the bus. When you get to school you get ready to learn. You get unpacked and go in class. When you get into your homeroom you’re ready for a whole other day of learning. —Mia S.

My favorite su bject is math. I like square roots, times ta bles, plus, divi sion, multiplication, and su btraction sign s. I like 2s, 4s 6s, 8s, 10s, 12 , s, 14s, I like to count by 2s. —Javante

~LIVE ~ STRETCH ~ BREATHE ~ PLAY ~ GROW~ Join your new friends at Holiday Home Summer Camp for a summer full of fun in the sun! Don’t think you can afford summer camp? Call us! Many of our campers qualify for camp scholarships making camp affordable to everyone. We pride ourselves on never turning campers away!

When you think of CPS, you think of school. Then you think of everything you do at school. For example, you learn a lot of new things. Your vocabulary expands. You may also learn new and different languages. The best part is you get to make new friends and you can help each other out. We should all start thinking about what CPS does for us like gives us books to learn new things. Gives us dictionaries to expand our vocabulary. Lets schools be open to the public so we can have friends learning with us. Best of all, CPS lets us have teachers so they could help us learn. I have big pride in CPS and so should you. —Eliana H. In school you might think it is really loud. Really school is a learning place that will show us what the future is like. After we pass through elementary school we go on to the tiny experience of what the world is like, High School. I do not think people like to think about the little things like how kids get hurt by other kids, but more about getting them to the next level. —Katrina O.

Jamarius J. is that at the end of the quarter we have a celebration for the upper grades and are able to have recess, spa or movie. Also, I like to hang out with my friends and talk to them. Also, one of my favorite subjects in school is Art because we can draw and always do cool projects. It’s also fun to learn new things that I didn’t know before. —Kendra D.

I love going to school every day because I know that my teachers will help me learn something new. They will help me have a good future. Even though school is sometimes hard, I try my best. The teachers who work at CPS want me to succeed. I also like going to school because all of my friend are there. They make school even better and a lot more fun. Going to school is great, and the fact that I go to a CPS school makes school better. —Evelyn S.

My gym class is super fun. Every 3-4 weeks we play a different sport. Right now in my gym class we are playing kickball. It’s super fun. You kick the ball and run around the bases until you get home. Maybe sometime you should play kickball too. Also now if you ever feel like you want to play a sport that you want to, go ahead and try it, because if you put your mind into anything you will be successful. Now that’s my idea of gym class. —Sam S.

CPS has the best schools Even though most don’t have pools Although students do have fun And smile brighter than the sun! CPS has the smartest students Smarter than most humans You won’t ever see them tense And they always make sense! If you’re looking for a school CPS schools are just so cool They have cool chalk And of course, they rock! —Isabella S.

School is very very awesome School is where you meet your best friends Some people say school is boring But they are extremely wrong At school you make cool memories That last forever in your mind Literacy and Science too Math and Social Studies, how fun! I go to a CPS school where fun and memories are made. Some schools have specials like Music, Chinese, Art, Drama, Computer, Gym and more until three o’clock When we are done. —Isaac M.

job done, Working together to get the lot of fun. ole wh a t although homework isn’ whole day, the out ugh thro Seeing your friends lway. hal ry waving to each other in eve you don’t understand, The teachers are there when you might have planned. and when the test isn’t how e right, They help you get the job don ss, kne dar saw y when you onl t. ligh the you d we sho they grades stay high, Quizzing the students so our never a lie. are test the on the answers ry day, eve des gra d goo g ttin Ge can play you so e will give you more tim L. yn eel —K

I’m proud of my school because the school gives us a lot of time to do work, and I’m proud of my school because we get prep and music, art two times, gym, and Mr. Bowens. —Arnetta

My school is great They have fun activities that I want to do What I learn decides my fate It’s impossible to hate Never in my bed do I hide I love my school They taught me things, like the golden rule I’ve got CPS Pride How about you? —Brantley L.

Science is an interesting topic filled with temperatures cold and tropic. I learn about weather, from my teacher Heather, and observe the macroscopic. Devin M.

What I’m proud of is my grades. My grades get better every grade and even sometimes during each quarter. I’m always trying to work hard every day at school and to increase my grade. My goal is just to complete school and high school then college to get a good career. —Jonathan A. My favorite thing about school is seeing my friends. I like seeing my friends because I could come to school telling them stories. At recess, it’s fun hanging out with them. Also, I like to learn new things and have challenges. I like learning new things because then I feel smarter. Math gives me a challenge with equations such as percents. —Claudia G.

I learn about global temp and warming, and how our land is deforming. I am informed about disasters, and how they can overmaster, the times when our people swarm. —Grace L.

because the teachers are all nice and all very smart and talented. They are good at explaining subjects and problems. —Ryan M.

I love my school because it is a safe environment. My favorite subject is math. I think it is interesting and it is fun to learn more things. I like learning new equations and formulas. So out of all of my subjects, math is my favorite. I like learning pi/circumference the best. I like learning it because then I like knowing that I know how to do it. —Lily B.

ya m Ja

I love my school because you lear n a lot and there are a lot of fun activ ities. First of all you learn a lot of cool stuff in all subjects, and every three wee ks we have a celebration day. —Mahmood K.

Angel G.

I get mad working Noise makes me stressed and mad I don’t like schoolwork Recess can stress me Sometimes I read to relax I like math at school —Max B. My favorite subject is Math. In Math I learned shapes, bar graphs, picture graphs, time, and measurement. I didn’t know measurement, but I wanted to learn measurement. I didn’t know what bar graphs and picture graphs look like, but when I got the paper I knew and understood what a picture and bar graph look like. So that’s why I like Math. What’s your favorite subject? —David B.

The best thing about school is not lunch, recess, or fun It is the experience, the friends, the knowledge You can learn more and feel it You can meet new people but the best part is it changes every year —Anna S.

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If I had to choose a friend from the characters from the book The Fault in our Stars by John Greene, I would choose Augustus Waters. He just seems like a nice person to have around. He’s nice, charming and honest. My favorite thing about him is how he doesn’t judge anyone by their appearance, which is a good quality in a person. —Emely G. The story Snitch ended with this girl Julie doing anything and everything to be with her boyfriend. So they join a gang, and it turns out that he’s a NARC. When he’s supposed to get killed by the other gang members, she’s the one who gets stabbed. Then she moves to another city and everything goes on as if nothing happened. I didn’t think that was a good ending to it. How could so much happen and then later on just move and change schools like nothing ever happened. It should have been something like her boyfriend moves, but then comes back for her to rekindle their love or something. Not something that wants you to read the next book when in reality, there isn’t a next book. That would only work if the book had a series to it or an actual next book not just keep you wondering when there is not a next book. —Kassandra Z. I think My Bloody Life is a great book. It’s an amazing autobiography about Raymundo Sanchez. To be honest I personally don’t like reading, but when I was reading this book I was loving it. This book is about Raymundo’s life as a teen. It was crazy because he was gangbanging in the streets of Chicago. This book is very interesting because it has great details and it’s shocking how hard his life was. It’s very shocking but amazing finding out about it. I really think you should read it, and I’m sure if you do you won’t regret it. —Francisco M. People should read Diary of a Wimpy Kid because it’s funny. It might not look cool, but wrong. It’s actually really funny. People shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In my opinion it’s the best book I have ever read. It’s about a kid who goes to middle school, and it’s hard for him to make it on his own to the top of the list. —Joshua C. Detective Marshmallow was at the cotton candy stand when he heard the news. The Marshmallow Rock Candy Treasure was stolen! How was he going to find out who stole the precious relic? The next day, Detective Marshmallow was thinking hard. His assistant, Bon Bon, gave a suggestion. “What about going to the library? Books have very useful information!” “No, that is not a good idea,” Marshmallow answered. “Books are not cool at all. They are for phony detectives.” Bon Bon, after thinking very hard, left the room in search of a library. He headed toward the Dark Chocolate Library that was on Sweet Street. He entered the building. “Hello,” said Mrs. Ice Cream Sandwich, the librarian. “How may I help you?” “I am looking for books on the Marshmallow Rock Candy Treasure,” he responded. She showed him where the books were. “Thanks,” he said, and got right to work. He leafed through every book in the section. Then he spotted something. A note! It read, “The detectives are looking into the crime. We will think up a plan. Let’s meet up at 7:00 on Treat Lane today. From, Lime Tart.” Lime Tart! He was always up to something or another! That night at 7:00, Bon Bon snuck up to Treat Lane and hid behind a chocolate cookie house. Right then, Lime Tart arrived. Who was also in on it? Gumdrop Gummy showed up! “So, what should we do, boss?” asked Gumdrop Gummy. “I don’t know,” replied Lime. “But we’ll think of something.” Then, Bon Bon jumped out of his hiding place along with several gingerbread policemen who had been called. They looked into Gumdrop’s bags and found the relic. The two got arrested. By looking through the books, Bon Bon also found out what the two wanted with the Treasure. It could grant wishes and make all your wildest dreams come true. But it was too powerful to be of use to anyone, even the Gummy King. So it was locked up in a museum. Bon Bon became a very famous detective because he was wise enough to look at the different options of finding out how to solve crimes, including books. —Linnea S.


I recommend others read Divergent by Veronica Roth. In my opinion, it is very adventurous and full of action. It is actually set in the future in the city of Chicago. It is pretty interesting to see how the characters live in a place where I grew up. I like how the character Beatrice (nicknamed Tris) changes throughout the book. She becomes stronger by learning about herself and facing her fears. There are some shocking things the characters discover and experience as the plot grows. I also recommend this book because it makes you think about yourself, finding more about your personality and what you believe in, like bravery. —Janet N. I think Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars would make a good friend because he sounds like he could understand people and the thoughts that they have on life. He is a cancer survivor who falls in love with Hazel Grace. He meets her in a support group. He loves talking to her and likes what she says. I think he would make a great friend because he is polite, caring, lovable, and understanding. —Alexis Q. The Fault in Our Stars Hazel Grace would make an awesome friend. She’s very nice and smart. This means that she could help with your homework. Although she has cancer, she overcomes everything and tries her hardest to be an amazing friend. She’s also a book lover so you can connect with her and talk about books you’ve read. Hazel is also very unique and will be a friend that you’ve never had. Hazel Grace would make an amazing friend. —Leslie L. I would recommend Divergent. If you have read the Hunger Games series, you will love this book. I read this book, and I couldn’t put it down. It is amazing. Also, it’s a trilogy, but I think the book was better than the first Hunger Games book. If you liked the Hunger Games you will definitely need to read this book. —Brandon G. I think everybody should read Sonia Rodriguez. It’s about a girl who is in high school, and she is having trouble getting good grades. People can actually relate to this book because the character’s family crossed the border and came here for a better life style. I can relate to that. This book contains lots of emotion. That’s why I really recommend this book. —Cassandra Z. I think someone should read The Hunger Games because it’s about a teenage girl named Katniss Everdeen who volunteered to take her sister Prim’s place at the reaping. The Hunger Games is where kids fight each other to the death, but only one can win. In the end she comes back home alive with her partner Peeta Melark. The setting in the story only has two places: in District 12 and in the Hunger Games. This story did keep me involved because it was very interesting with the action and the violence. You can see imagery in the story because the author put much detail to see what’s going on. I would recommend this book to somebody because it’s a good book and interesting. I would also recommend to read all the books then go see the movies of the Hunger Games. —Cynthia S.

The Book of Awesomeness!! —David O.

People should read The Hunger Games because it has a few literary elements in it, such as suspense. Also it has romance, action, and more, that will take a few people to figure out. Also, there are some parts that people find intriguing or sad or simply just neutral. Some people enjoy these parts, though to some readers it will leave them confused, but where is the fun in not understanding a book quickly? —Rogelio D. One of my favorite books that I have read is called Until We Meet Again. I really, really liked this book because at the end Hakeem surprised Darcy by flying to California all the way from Detroit when she most needed someone. The only thing I disliked was when Darcy’s grandma died. She was really important and special to Darcy, but this showed Darcy who her real friends were and who really loved her. Brian just played her. That’s one reason why I liked this book. —Jenny A.

Summer 2014

have two book suggestions for you. The books’ topics are completely separate. They are my favorite books of 2014 so far. The first one I read was The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. The second one I read was Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. I liked these books because they both tell really good stories with great detail. I would definitely read these books if I were you. The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak, is a realistic-fiction book. The book is about an adopted girl who lives in Nazi Germany. Ever since she discovered her first book, she loved to read. She steals many books over the time you read the book. She meets a Jewish fist fighter, a naughty boy, and many more people in her story. The story tells what life was like in Germany during World War II. Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder, is a non-fiction book. The book is about a man named, Dr. Paul Farmer who goes to many different countries and helps with the countries’ health problems. He runs and works at a hospital he created in Cange, Haiti. Dr. Paul Farmer has dedicated his life to help those in need of health care around the world. It is an inspirational book. I hope you will take the time to read at least one of these amazing books. — Ethan F. Well, they are wonderful things that you can read over and over or as many times that your heart desires. Why would you read them so much? Books can carry you away into your dreams and into your imagination. In this short essay I will tell you the meaning of books and how it started. In the beginning books were handmade by people, mostly monks though. They were beautifully made with thick leather bound covers and golden manuscript. They took forever to make, if there was one mistake the entire page would be ripped out and started over. Because they took so long only the rich could afford to buy books so this led to many people unable to read and write. These people mostly included poor people and peasants. Then a man named Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. This allowed people to print books quickly and mass produce them. With this invention books became cheap enough for everyone to buy. More authors and writers leapt up in towns and cities of the medieval world and this led to more creative books. Books comforted people in times of trouble, made them happy, and carried them away in their own imaginations. When film and the movie industry was invented people’s favorite and classic books went to the big screen. People watched their dream carrying characters move in real life before their eyes. In the 50s and 60s came the invention of television and people watched their favorite characters from the comfort of their homes. Later the VCR and DVD would do the . na A same. But all these ways of showing books in moAlen tion still didn’t beat the hard or soft cover book. People still read classics over and over and read new books that they loved the same way. I personally love to read and I read books every day because I love them. If you have ever read The Book Thief, I love books like Liesel. If you know what I mean. me —Jack O. ad at ho I like to re yvia —Lata

Morgan F.

Summer 2014

Mia M.

name is Ashley. I have discovered something incredible. The book. I had just found this book in my room. I had never seen it before. I was cleaning my room and I found it. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, so I opened it. And well, it glowed. Why? I don’t know. How? I have no clue. All I know is that it glows. And I can’t tell anyone about it. Why? Because no one believes me. I tried with my sister, Jenna, she usually always trusts me. She laughed and thought I was joking. Now she’s annoyed because she thinks I’m making up lies. I don’t want to be humiliated so I’m not going to try with anyone else. Even my friend thinks I’m crazy! I want to show them, but Jenna just walks away and I don’t want other people to see at school. I don’t even know how or why I have this book. I just hate reading and don’t like books. I didn’t before, and don’t now. I got rid of almost all my books—not like I had much anyway—so I don’t know how this one is here. The only ones I kept were chapter books from school, in case I need them again. I’ve decided to ask my mom about it, but I don’t know when or how to. I’m going to try today, if she’s in a good mood. I need someone to talk to, and this time I will show my mom the proof. My dad’s on a business trip so I can’t talk to him. I only have my mom to talk to. I go through a boring day of school then walk home. I basically run home because I really need to talk to my mom. I unlock the door with my key and hear that Jenna is already home. “Mom is working late at work today so she will be home in about an hour,” Jenna says. “Ok,” I say and run upstairs. Mom is NOT happy when she has to work late. I guess tonight won’t be a good night to show her. I go and find the book. I open the big book again and it glows. I gasp then close the book. I open it again, and just like before it glows. I open the book all the way and it’s as bright as the sun. Well, not literally. I close the book because it’s so blinding. I put the book on the ground and get a sheet of paper. I open the book, fully, and put the paper on top of it. The paper disappears. I gasp. I bring my hand towards the book but then I hear foot steps. I shut the book and throw it under my bed. “Ugh! But Mom!” Jenna yells. Oh, it’s just Jenna, I think. I get the book back out and open it again. The light is very bright but I’ve actually gotten used to it now. Yup, I’ve opened this book many times. I stare at the bright light then move my hand towards the book. I put it on the book, but instead of falling on top of the book, I fall through the book. Something pulls me under and then I’m fully in the book. I look around myself and see a little race, all set up. I see the start line but don’t see the finish line. I head closer to the race and see a Tortoise and a Hare racing. Aw, poor Tortoise. The Hare runs off, I follow it then see it rest against a tree. What’s it doing? I think. It falls asleep and the Tortoise passes it. I get closer and see that the Tortoise is now about an inch away from the finish line. The Hare wakes up and gasps. It runs as fast as it can but is too late. The Tortoise wins the race. Huh, I think. Where am I? As soon as I say that I am sucked up into a cloud and only see blackness. I land on the ground and see a small house. I gasp as I see three bears walk into the house. I get closer and see a little girl sleeping in the house. Oh no! The bears go into the house and I quietly follow them. As the bears go around the house, they complain about their eaten porridge and their broken rocking chairs. This is their house! I think. This is crazy! Then the three bears go upstairs. Uh-oh, this can’t be good! They find the girl sleeping in the little bear’s bed. The older bears are angry, but the little girl and little bear become friends. What is happening in these places?! I am again swept up in a tornado. Instead of landing in a forest or by a house, I land on a hard floor. Where am I? I look around and see I am in an office. I look up and see an older lady. “Hello Ashley, how did you like those stories?” the woman says. “Well, they were funny, unpredictable, cute, and pretty happy all at once. Anyway, who are you?” I ask. “My name you need not to know, but I will say that I am the leader of this book. Also known as the author. I make sure all the stories go on like they’re supposed to. So you liked those stories? Well all books are similar to that. They all are either happy, sad, angry, funny or a bunch of mixed emotions. They will be unpredictable and they can be cute. There are a bunch of amazing books all around, it is for you to pick which are your favorites,” the woman says and then disappears. I find myself in my room again. Books! Books are so amazing! I wish I had some, they are better than I thought! I don’t know why I never liked them! Oh how I wish I had some. I get up and look at my bed. I see a present on top of it. I sit on my bed and grab the present. There’s a note on top that says, “Here are some books. Pick your favorites, pick your least favorites, pick the ones that make you laugh,” —Author. I open the present and find four books inside. —Isabel S.


Books help people learn new words and new things that they can do. They also learn new words that they will use a lot in the future. So you will get smarter just from reading books. Some books can also lead you to a good life. —Grant D. Red, yellow, orange, blue. Mr. Hyde presents the clue Laughing, Jumping, Flying And hushed crying. Hopping, skipping, JOY One Hero girl or boy? Hero riding to new adventure. Is it a mystery or a clencher? Reading is a novel. A path to take. an adventure to unravel. —Aanika P. Books can take you on a journey. Books are kind of like a carriage, because they can go without gas. Books can take you to any place, books can take you to paradise, in your mind away from siblings. If you want to go anywhere, with anyone at any time, all that you will have to do is, open a book and start to read. —Isaac M.

Lucas H.

Books are a thing that could take you to magical places. They could entertain. They could inform. They could tell stories that are far from reality. They could also tell true stories. Biographies, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, and science fiction are all types of book genres. Read books to educate and entertain yourself. —Eliana H. I like Lily Rules. She is funny and very smart —Kayla R.

Books are things you read in bed, You think and visualize them in your head. They come to life with plots for you, Thinking of new adventures the characters might do. You sit there wanting to know some more, So many new ideas for your mind to soar. Books are fun, made just for you. Reading is something everyone should do —Bailey H.

Hi! My name is Chloe. So today I am going to teach you the perfect time, place, and where is a good place to curl up and read a book. When: A great time to read a book is when you have 30 or 10 minutes before your bed time. But my favorite time is in the afternoon at 2:30pm. Where: Well a good place is in the living room or outside on a blanket with a great book that you love. T. Place: I just told you, you pick! —Chloe K. amariyon rary. —D b li e th t a ad I like to re A book is like a door Books give knowledge. It will carry you into a faraway place Games make your mind numb. Each page like a ticket to another world You need books to get into college. Don’t read them in haste They are even healthier than a plum. You might miss a great part Please read, it will help you out. The words, in your head they swirl Just buy one don’t pout. They reach into your heart —Alex D. And have you begging for more —Brantley L.

My favorite book is Tre es Grow. —Quintence books are the fun of life millions of books, millions being made Eragon, Divergent and many more are all very interesting books the characters are attaching the plot is perfect these are good books you must have conflict raising action falling action an intro this is what you need to make a book all books have this but some are better than others — Anna S.

Books are fun and very exciting when you are done. They get you to read more and more. They can get so good you can’t walk out the door. You won’t be complaining because books are amazing. Katniss Everdeen from the book, The Hunger —Clinton W. I love to read books Games would make an awesome friend beThe ones with good hooks I like to read at my cause she is not afraid of anything. That inhouse. —Emir They place you in a new world cludes danger. Also, she will be really helpBooks are everything ful with anything you need and will be smart —Oliver S. about the way she helps you. The other thing why she makes an awesome friend is because I had a dream that she will protect you and give up her life for the Cat in the Hat you in a dangerous situation. The last reason and Abraham Lincoln why she will make an awesome friend for anyhad a sleepover. one is because she will defend you from any—Treyshoun thing, especially since she knows how to fight and hunt with awesome aim. —Jonathan P. Books take you on an exciting journey! They can be magical My favorite book is The Cat in the Hat. My favorite or suspenseful, dramatic or place to read is by the fireplace. —Jashay sorrowful. They are fun to read and experience. There are many great book Tris (from Divergent) is my favorite character. I like series like: Divergent, Harry her because she is brave and fearless but yet still Potter, Sisters 8, Twilight and compassionate for others. Ever since reading Divermore! —Mya C. gent and learning about this, I’ve wanted to face all my fears. I also like her because she shows that it doesn’t matter what people say to you or doubt you. a Crook. —Taron My most favorite book is Junie B. Jones is Not You just got to do it. And you might be better at it

Daja H.

Every time I open a book I go read. A book is something I will always need. The book is one of the best things in the world, for men, women, boys, and girls. My book has the front and back, and I read the words that are printed in black. The book is something for everybody, just like me. Books changed my life like the ones I read when I was a baby. —Daniel L.

than them. —Ella R.


Summer 2014

My favorite book is a book called Icefire. The company has many series. The book is my favorite because the story is about these mystical clay dragons. They have some sort of magical spell; they are very interesting. If you get really interested in this book then you could really get sinked in and it’s like you’re in the story it happened to me. I love these series. I’m on the next book The Fire Within, and I have already gotten far in it. I’d recommend this book to everyone unless you’re under the age of 7. —Caleb B. Book open a passage-way door that leads you to a world and so much more. Books can help you learn and improve your knowledge, then help you into a good college. Books open up your mind, there are so many that you can find. —Ashley S. What I think about books is that books are ways of learning and expanding your own knowledge. Many books out in the entire world are very amazing because of the fact that books use so many other words that we don’t even know about. I like to think about books as miniature movies, because of the fact that if you read and get into the book then you can be able to see what is going on in your mind. Like for example the book Divergent leaves a good imagery setting in your mind that can just entertain you in many ways. Books are the center to expanding our knowledge of vocabulary and that’s what’s important. —Flor G. I love books. My favorite book is Dolphins at Daybreak by Mary Pope Osborne. This is my favorite book because I like dolphins. —Vontae

Ciara M.

I personally love books. My favorite books are The Giver, Smile, and I am Malala. I am currently still reading “I am Malala.” It’s a non-fiction text about a girl named Malala, and she is fighting for women to be able to get an education. It tells the obstacles she faced and how she almost got killed by the taliban tribe. —Destiny C. s —Jamal

I like dinosaur book

Books are a muse, a distraction from the real world. They’re more than just words on a page a teacher assigns. It connects people. Books are the two worlds our one planet holds; imagination and reality. Books are my oxygen, they’re my way to get through the days without being overwhelmed with reality and the tragic things it holds. Books are more than a cover, they’re what the world needs to keep its population to not suddenly disappear. And I don’t live in either world, I choose to live in between them. —Glorimar L.

I like Flat Stanley because he is flat and funny. Flat Stanley travels every day. Flat Stanley is flat. Flat Stanley gets a brother. —Darion D.

and My favorite book is Little Blue Little Yellow. —Mohogany

Books are wonderful, There are so many genres Such as adventure. Books are fun to read, Books can take you to fun places They help you succeed. Authors, publishers, Illustrators and writers Make books what they are.

Why I think people should read is, well, there are a lot of reasons. One is there are people out there that read so maybe you should be with them too. Two is your brain will get bigger which means you will get smarter. Three, your grammar will get better. Four, because it’s so fun. And five, just be a hero. —Liam G. a book has pages, pictures and words, about people, animals, things and birds, whether short or whether long, a book can be expressed in a kind of a song. curled in a corner with a book in your hand, noticing it didn’t end just as you planned.

Everyone should read, To me books are important Books help shape our world. —Nell T.

My favorite book is Winn-Dixie. It is a really sad book. Some parts are interesting. My favorite part is when Opal finds the dog. She names it Winn-Dixie after the supermarket. It is a funny part because all the people could not catch it because it was really fast. I love this part. —Lorena P. I think that someone should read the book House of the Scorpion since the book involves much science fiction. It also takes place in the future. The setting is in future Mexico—Atzlan, and involves the use of figurative language to describe the landscape/geography of the land. The comparison to the old Mexico is interesting. People get a kick out of figuring it out. The book’s science fiction comes from the fact that the main character Matt is the clone of a powerful drug lord, El Patron. Plus, he always gets into situations that would leave many other kids dead, and goals that would leave kids sitting down on the ground and crying. His fierce and determined efforts are what push Matt to become the new drug lord of Opium—the land El Patron owns in Atzlan. —Christopher C.

would be a perfect Julie Baker from the book Flipped tricks and activiof lot a do to how friend. She knows her friends how or you ties. She would be able to teach time for all of has She . nice ys alwa s to have fun. She’ ys there for alwa s she’ her friends. When they need her, creatures. g livin to ngs feeli ul derf them. She has won ld always wou she that She has the passion for a tree it down. cut they day one l unti set sun climb to see the dug a ds frien her of one No one helped her save it. But her. The for tree the ted plan and yard hole in her back more tree. name of the special tree was the syca —Daisy B.

Camille H.

My favorite book is The Cat in the Hat

Books are what make you think and grow. That’s where you get all the things that you know. Look in a book and you will see, words, magic and mystery. When you look in a book you will find, sense and nonsense of every kind. So, look in a book and you will know, all the things that can help you grow. —Mirabella A.



Isabella B. u imagine Books make yo e and not tru things that are you off into true. They take ld. You can your own wor time. read them any —Sophia T.

My favorite place to read is outside by the beach or even sitting down on the grass by the park, that’s when all of my imagination starts to come out. It’s almost as if my book starts to come to life. The feel of the grass and the way the water feels by the beach. “Ahhhh....” This is the best place to read my book! —Kiearra L.

My favorite book is the 5 Little Pigs . My favorite part is when they ran in the last pig’s house. —Mysean B.

I like Big Red Barn because I like the drawing.

many plot twists and turns, as the mains character finally returns. books take you to a place only you know, and whether you read fast or read slow,

real I like stories about rainbows. —Lo

Divergent is my favorite book it starts out with an awesome hook the people are split in 5 different ways no one would ever stay the same and then there’s Tris from abnegation who tries to bring peace to this nation when she chose another faction the people had a shocking reaction the name of the faction she chose was dauntless she became selfish then her normal selfless —Ellory P.

There have been several times when I find that I am completely intrigued in a certain book. Often, I like to share my love of the book with another person. Solving this, I walk around and ask people whether they have read the book or not. The answers people give are quite assorted, but in my opinion the strangest answers are the terrible ones in which the people say that they have seen the movie instead. To my great disappointment, these answers are quite frequent and are from many people. They leave me in total awe at the people that don’t read the book before they watch the movie. Imagination is a wonderful asset. It gives you the freedom to picture anything in your head as you think it would be, to create a world absolutely different from your own. As you read a book, you can use your imagination to your advantage, making the story’s illustrations up in your mind. However, while watching a movie, you have the whole entire picture right in front of you. With this little to imagine, for me it becomes a boring thing to see. I believe that books exercise one’s brain, and that is very important. To be settled down, reading a book and picturing dozens of people, places and things is a great joy. Books have many wonderful ideas and descriptions to enjoy that movies would never have. —Kate B.


I like books about anima —Emmanuel

books are a way to make you forget, they might frighten you to the point that you sweat. just remember that reading is fun, and it can be done by anyone. —Keelyn L. acey I like books about mermaids. —Tr

I like the story Munch! Munch! Munch! by Candace Fleming. He tried to catch the rabbit. The rabbit kept stealing the food. —Jalen M.

My second favorite place to read is under my bed. My first favorite place to read is the living room. —Martin C. I love Twilight because I’m into stuff like vampires and werewolves. —Debra S. My favorite type of book is car manuals because I like step by step instructions. I also like cars. That is why I like car manuals. I like other non-fiction as well. —Trevor H. Summer 2014

I like a book I read in second grade about the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman. I like this book because it was a really interesting way to explain the Underground Railroad. The stories are all different scenes about the Underground Railroad. They are very fun to read and learn about Black History. I wish I owned this book for my es. —Nakaiyah My favorite book is The Five Princess entertainment when I’m bored. The stories are so cool. I don’t Books are amazing remember much of it but I know Books are like time machines, there were some kids and a time They can take you to any place or era, machine was involved. Each day They can be mysteries, of the story was different scenes Or simply be about a girl named Clara, of the adventure of the UnderThey can take you to ancient Egypt, They can teach you about anything you would like to know, ground Railroad. —Marshay They can explain about science and the eclipse, They can take you anywhere you would like to go, They require a skill, An important skill, Once you can read them they are a thrill, Don’t stop reading!

at home is in my bed with my reading lamp on. At school, I like to read in class and at recess. I like to read both fiction and non fiction. My favorite types of books are fantasy and sci-fi. I like reading magazines, and my favorite is National Geographic. Reading is important because it makes you smarter. The first chapter book I read was Chronicles of Narnia. I really would like to read The Red Pyramid and Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan over summer break. —Keiran B.

Books are like machines Books are like machines, Although they may not have an engine, Melody K. Or a touch screen, They can still take you more places than Google Earth, Or give you more information than Bing, And they can also be a magical thing, They can whisk you off to worlds you may have never imagined, They may not have a keyboard, But they are more reliable than any iPhone you will ever have —Marley K. The book I read was The Col or I Am. I like this book because it talks about a girl who gets bullied because of the color she is. I can relate to this because I got bullied because of the way I look. —Nicayra

Angel G.

Books take you to a world of wonder Once you start one, You can never put it down. They take you to magical places, Filled with amazing things, Things you would never have imagined. Books will surprise you, Disappoint you, Hook you, Confuse you, And many more. But the power of books will never fail to amaze you! —Taylor P.

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Books are fun! The character in Brian’s Winter would make a good I love chapter books! friend. Brian is very independent and creative. He My favorite is The Agency! is also really brave. He has a good attitude and I love going to the library! always is in a good mood. He is also really calm. Books give knowledge! When there’s a problem he doesn’t panic but stays Books are very important! calm and thinks of ways to solve it in a positive way. I love reading books to kids! Brian plays around when things are bad and makes Sometimes the book is better than the movie! them seem not so bad. He also thinks things very Books are very detailed! carefully. For example, he had to make a choice Books are amazing! to go back home with his family or to stay with Books are creative! the people that helped him and took care of him Books gives you ideas! like they were their family. That’s why I think Brian Books help express feeling! would make a good friend. —Johnathan R. Books help you learn! Books help you expand your vocabulary! Books help you become a better reader and writer! Books are for all age groups! Books help you interact with people! —Makenna E.

I love them. If I am really bored one day, my favorite thing to do is pick up a book and start reading. There are multiple types of books for example, fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, etc. I personally love fiction books the best. But even though I love fiction books the best, I still read other great books that aren’t fiction. Books are great! —Kyle N.


. —Amiya

I like stories about princesses

Books, books, books, They always have great hooks; Books are amazing, Some of them are glazing; Nothing can beat the power of books and their good looks, Especially a Nook; The point is, books are great, So head over to the library and get a book, They’re great, you’ll see, just wait. —Devin C. I like books about animals. —Marcus

I like

s in castles. —Kayla J. books about princesse

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a love story about a girl diagnosed with lung cancer and a boy with a rare disease which causes his leg to be amputated. This story tells how two young people found complete happiness in each other with the numbered days they have on this earth. This story makes you find hope in the little things in life. It teaches you to take advantage of what little time you have. Sometimes someone can come into your life and make the dark days bright. —Erin S.

I like the story Pepito the Brave. —Christin People should read The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. He is one of the best authors, in my opinion. This book is great because it is action-packed and very adventurous. It’s a great book if you like Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology is very cool and very interesting. —Gerardo H.

My favorite book is the Junie B. Jones book where she rid es a helicopter. —Donte W.

The Giver by Lois Lowry inspired me to never give up and to try to make a change because Jonas tries to change his community and he never gives up. —Celia W.

t volcanoes. I like to read abou —Pierre

My favorite book is Enders by Lissa Price. This book is full of science fiction adventures. I love sci-fi and the futuristic world. It made me really think about the meaning and purpose of life. —Ben C. I think everybody should like this book, because they made it and it is new, funny, and has teens and favorite characters. People say that Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hard Luck is funny and has many pages. Greg writes details in his diary for people. He also writes poems and information and has a bully and also friends. It is the final book in the series. —Saul H.

The Lord of the Flies is a story about children who are stranded on an island, and have to fend for themselves. This book made me realize how much our mentality affects our personalities and our appearances, as the boys go crazy without any civilization. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good overall themed book. —Ian C. Books are amazing creations, they can take you to any destination. Books can take you, far and wide. You can even go on a unicorn ride!!!


Books are really cool You can learn new things They are fun to read. —Lily R. I’m going home with my sister and we are going to read. —Trenton

The Magical Marvelous Coat. The giant came from the sky yelling. He was yelling my head is hot. The girl gave him the button that said cold and he cooled down. Serenity F.

The book Son by Lois Lowry taught me that anything is worth risking for your family. In this sequel to The Giver, we follow Claire as she does anything to find her son. There is only one problem...Claire doesn’t remember anything except her name and her son. —Sally W.

Shyann H. Bennett M.


Summer 2014

I am under my bed reading a book called Come Out and Play Little Mouse on Sunday. Deshawn F.

The book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo had a strong impact on me. I’ve always admired how Edward changed and learned different emotions throughout the book. This book made me cry and showed me how someone has the capability to change. The book taught me a life lesson, one character can bring amazing happiness to everyone he meets. “Once there was a china rabbit who was loved by a little girl…” —Vivian A. I feel like Gerald Nickleby from Forged by Fire would make a good friend because he’s been through a lot in his life such as having a druggie mother then living with Aunt Queen. She raises him as a strong and responsible young lad. For some time in his childhood his mother serves her time in jail for child abandonment. She has a daughter, the sweet and innocent Angel, and has a new man, the abusive Jordan, who is now Gerald’s step-father. Gerald and Angel quickly get along as they now have a brother/sister relationship, and Aunt Queen dies, which means he must leave the warm and comforting environment of Aunt Queen and live with his mother and Jordan. As he grows up he is the protector of Angel and must deal with Jordan. With the help of the Washington family he fights with Jordan and gets locked up. Gerald learns about life with new experiences and friends and finally confronts Jordan in a house fire. I guess he has finally forged a new future with his family. The sayings are true; God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers (Gerald being put through a lot in his life) and family first. —David N.

Winter 2013

Imagination flies off the pages of your book. It takes you away with its magic hook. You can get these magic books at libra ries, have fun. With many friends to read the story. You can read many stories, and go to plac es of glory. —Noah A.

One of my favorite books is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, about a little girl who steals books and learns to read and write with her foster family. —Nicole P.

Once upon a time there was a book. He was the only large book. All the others were comics. They always laughed at the big book, Jim. They called him a nerd and said he was fat. This really made Jim sad. He never stuck up for himself. He went home every day saying “It’s okay. Don’t listen. Just be yourself.” He always went to bed at 6:00 and just thought. The next day he went to school. A dictionary, the wisest of all, said “We have a test. It is on everything.” “Well,” Jim said to himself. “Yes, I am non-fiction. I have information.” So he got the test. He put his name and date and he started. All the comics flipped page after page for information. They were fiction so they found no useful stuff. But Jim finished first. He got 100%. Then he said, “All the learning paid off. I’ll never take learning for granted again.” —Fischer S. You should read the book The Greatest Muhammad Ali because it is full of action. It talks about his boxing career and his life growing up. He began to love boxing and what he went through when he was growing up. When he was growing up there was a disease called Parkinson’s disease, and he had to learn how to fight through it when he was small. When he started fighting, he became the best fighter. He was taught well and he never backed down from anything. When he went down he came back up and fought. He had to fight against the best fighter, and it was good for him because he would sometimes win the fights. That’s why I think someone should read this book. —Jesus E. The Life of Frederick Douglass was about a slave who escaped to freedom and learned to read and write while he was still a slave. This was inspiring to me because even though he didn’t have any rights and was a slave, he still managed to learn and live life by running away to freedom. —Aileen G.

Books are all different yet really all the same. They each make you feel something and as your turn each page a relationship is being developed. Each time you close the book you take the emotions with you and bring them into your own life, but when you open the book again, new feelings arise. So every time you read a book, think about how it makes you feel. —Nicholas A.

My favorite place to read is in my room. I like to read in my room because it’s my own space and if I want to be alone I go to my room or the bathroom but I don’t think it’s natural to read in the bathroom next to the toilet. So instead, I use my room. —Amaris F.

I like books about animals and flowers. —KenJoshua


One book that moved me emotionally and is one of my favorite books of all time is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not only was this book very well written, it was also very interesting and thought provoking. It made me feel really good and I liked how it showed me how although life may seem bad at times, there is always a bright side. —Daisy C.

This book is called Zlata’s Diary. This book should have been about peace. In the book Zlata’s Diary, many innocent people died. The soldiers would throw shelling, or bombs, everyday. I think that the soldiers should not have done this to the people and Sarajevo. There shouldn’t be wars because many innocent people die. In the book, people died of shelling, hunger, thirst, and injuries. That’s a terrible way to die. Zlata and her parents survived but some of Zlata’s friends and loved ones died. —Ingrid D.


I like The Cat in the Hat because it is funny.

My reading routines are to read every night weekdays. I am currently reading Divergent. It is the best book I’ve ever read. I read until ten every night then when my parents are asleep I go in my closet, turn on the light and read even more. So far I am 70% done with it. I love reading and it should be a part in everyone’s lives. —Ella R. I like to read in the car. While you’re reading, you can see the beautiful extraordinary sights and listen to sweet, calm music. —Aniah K.

Nicholas T. I have a book recommendation for you this summer. It’s called Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. I recommend this book because it is funny, interesting and it takes place during the summer. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about a kid named Greg, who is always having rotten luck, but every once in a while a little good luck comes his way. My favorite place to read is the Barnes and Noble bookstore. It has all of my favorite books, like Worlds Collide, a series of graphic novels. It also has good snacks, fun toys and tablet games. I like reading books because it sends you on adventures that you will find nowhere else. —Jelani C. The Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. showed a lot of hardships King encountered and how he dealt with segregation. The book showed how King had so much compassion in his speeches and even though whites were racist and violent towards him, he was still a peaceful man. —Joshua S. A book that made me think about something differently was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green because it made me realize how some people have it much worse. The main characters both have cancer but are still making the most of the time they have left. It also makes me grateful for my life and the opportunities I have that they didn’t. John Green really captured my attention with a bittersweet story of love and hope. —Maddy A.

Read more. You learn new words. Light up your imagination! —Micheal G.

I have read many books in my time but one of my favorites is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. I didn’t like the book because it was a good book, I liked it because I think it symbolizes modern society. The Lorax is an allegory about how industrialism is destroying our natural world. This book is enjoyable as a picture book for little kids and enjoyable for adults as an allegory. —Teddy H.

The Last Apprentice is a story of one little boy against death itself. Tommy has the support of his friends and family, but needs to get to the safe attic before it is too late. It is up to Tommy to save himself. Will he die horribly, or live? —Jacob W. The first book I loved was The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. “The Thief Lord” was a very interesting and adventurous book. —Alaina P. I think Wen (the main character) from the book Red Thread Sisters would make a good friend. She will keep the promises she makes to her friends and accomplish them, no matter what. She will be loyal to you and never stab you in the back. Wen is also very honest, so she will never lie or keep things My favorite book to read with my family is...Harry Potter. from you. Also, she is kind and generHere’s why: First of all, it is a fantasy series. Fantasy is ous because she will always help you my favorite type of series. Second of all, it has action. I with your needs before hers. Wen will like action because it’s not boring. Next, it has memo- always be there for you through good rable characters such as Hermione Granger. Memorable and bad, through thick and thin, becharacters are good because they help you like the book cause she never lets her friends and more. This is why the Harry Potter series is my favorite family down. —Katherine C. book to read with my family. —Hannah H. I think Dante Quintana from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe would be a great friend because he’s a thinker. Since he’s a thinker he’ll take his time to listen to your troubles and try to help you out. Dante likes to talk a lot. Even if you don’t want to talk to him, he’ll be okay with that. He’ll just say what he wants and won’t pressure you into anything. He’ll respect you for it. If Dante trusts you, he’ll tell you his secrets. Dante

Deandrea D.


My favorite place to read is in my bed. I read to my sister every day. I love to read The Babysitters Club, but I like Junie B. Jones books too. —Amari

This book is called Prison Break. This book is about two brothers, one named Michael, and the other named Lincoln. Lincoln gets sent to Fox River for a crime he did not commit, and Michael purposely robs a bank to get sent to Fox River to break out his brother because they were going to execute him for a crime he didn’t commit. Michael didn’t want his older brother to die for something he didn’t do, so he wanted to break out as soon as possible before they executed him. Michael had to break out a few people also. If not, they would tell the pope, and his plan to escape would fail. Michael ended up running from the cops for a while until they got enough evidence to make them free. —Jovanny R.

usually gets lost in art and in poetry, and that is great. He’s not afraid that people will see he has a sensitive side. Dante will know when you want your distance, and he won’t urge you to do something if you don’t want to. Dante is really respectful, and he cares for animals. He’s really funny, too. These are reasons why Dante Quintana will be a great friend. —Giselle G.

Reading is important because it helps you with school or becoming a better writer. It can also help you with ideas. I can prove this because Picasso (famous artist) saw illustrations and thought of an idea. Another way was when I read a book and it had something to do with class president. I thought of that idea and had a couple of meetings with our principal, gradually that process developed and until next year we’ll have student council. But if you like sports you can read guides about sports books, actual settings that take place with sports and how you can become a famous sports player. They may also help you with interesting words that other people might not clarify, the words that you know. It can also help you with your job in modern day life. Or if you like math how will you be able to write a number sentence? Or how will you even be able to read a simple word? According to my information it’ll be hard for that person to learn from education. Or to achieve academic success. You wouldn’t be able to say words that can blow people’s mind. Or let’s say you want to become a chef, how will you be able to read a recipe? Or when you go to the store, you probably have to read the back to see what’s in it, what if you don’t know how to say it or even what it means? —Abdul Summer 2014

Everybody should read this book because it’s very interesting. It keeps it real. It isn’t like those other books where the characters don’t act like a normal teen would. Other books make the characters seem so innocent and fake, when in reality it isn’t like that. This book keeps it real, and it shows the life of a dude in high school. Somebody his age or his brother’s age could connect to this book. —Javier E. The title of the book that I recommend is Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers. Mr. Hooft seems like a best friend who is funny and interested in many things. In the book he goes to hospital because he’s old and needs help. This guy from jail helps Mr. Hooft because the guy in jail has been doing a lot of crime. He does his time by helping Mr. Hooft clean his cell, and he asks him if he needs anything. —Julian I.

I like Beauty and the Beast because it teaches the readers a lesson. That lesson is look for what is on the inside rather than the outside. —Duwan M.

People should read The Fault in Ours Stars by John Green because it teaches that you should never judge a book by its cover. If you like sad/romantic stories, this one is for you. I really like this book because it gets you thinking, and you could imagine things that you read your own way, and it’s just an amazing book. —Marissa B.

The reason I recommended the book The Fallen is because it’s an interesting read and it shows violence is not always the answer. It talks about a boy named The title of the book is Boy by Roald Dahl. A character that I Martin whose little brother was killed in a drive by shooting that was target- would like to know or be friends with will be the main chared for his friend Frankie. Martin feels he should avenge by killing the person acter that is Roald Dahl so that we can connect our story life who did it and when he backs out Frankie and Martin’s old crew are coming from now to back then and what they did for fun. I also like to get Martin while Martin has his little brother’s murderer still on the street. to see how he spent his life. —Diego T. —Jose C. I think many young adults should read Perks of Being a Wallflower because it relates The title of the book is Ender’s Game. This would in- to our generation. It shows how teenagers these days are. It also shows how high terest readers because it’s about an alternate world school is. The book tells us about love and friendship. It’s interesting because it’s where they had to fight invasions. A little boy be- something we will all go through and how you have to be careful with what you do comes the head of military intelligence. He befriends and who you trust. —Evelin N. My favorite place to read people at his school to move up. The commanders is a car. —Marchello teach them like teachers, but instead of teaching them I recommend everyone read The Hunger Games, esmath or reading, they teach them how to battle and pecially if you love action and adventure. Also, the My favorite book is the kill. —Anthony M. characters in the story have traits that make the story Gingerbread Man. One more interesting. For example, Katniss Everdeen is a day the old man and the Everyone should read the book Divergent by Ve- very strong and intelligent teenager. The story might old woman made a gingerronica Roth. It’s a pretty good book, in my opinion. be a bit confusing for a younger grade level because it bread man —Jashya A. It’s one of those books that makes you want to keep can cause the reader to think a lot, and the choice of reading without stopping. I also say people should words that the author uses can be confusing. The story read it because while reading the book, you can is very well detailed, so that will hopefully keep you place yourself in the character’s shoes. —Azael N. interested in the book. —Ayah A. Johnny from The Outsiders is a good character, and he would be a good friend to have. He is a good character because he is cool, fun, nice, kind, and brave. At the same time, he doesn’t like starting problems with others, especially with Socs. In the end, Johnny is really strong and brave. —Mohammad A. The main character in the book Meet You at Harry’s would make a good friend. I think she is a nice person and kind. Another reason is that you could have a long conversation with her. She has problems, and she always finds a way to solve them. She loves her family and her friends and is very supportive with friends and family. —Crystal M. I love to read books. —Lole tte I like the book George Brown Class Clown by Nancy Krulik because it has volcanoes and science projects.

Devin M.

The very first book I loved was Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Some reasons are that it is funny and the illustrations were funny and cool. The reason that they were so funny was that they were detailed. Another thing is that they might even give you comics. Those are the reasons why I love Diary of a Wimpy Kid and you should read them too. —Tyler R.

I like to read.






¡me llamo sam!


I like all types of books: chapter, poem graphic books and more. But my most favorite book is Chicken Soup For The Soul. I like this book because my old teacher used to read it to us every Friday after school and we would read a different Chicken Soup For The Soul and it brings back memories. And that is why I want to keep reading books. —Mia S.

Jayveon W.

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