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Dear Readers, love Chicago! I love that my children are growing up in such a wonderful place, surrounded by people from different backgrounds and different lifestyles—where they can freely be themselves, while experiencing all the city has to offer. I also love Chicago for me—for what it offers creatively. I am continuously inspired by the art, the businesses and—most importantly—the people. When I see, read or hear about someone doing something positive in the city, it inspires me, and there are countless examples. Speaking of positive, I am quite positive you will enjoy this issue of StudentsXpress. We have really grown since our first issue last year. This “City” issue will make its way into 15 schools, for a circulation of 10,000! My ultimate goal for StudentsXpress is for it to reach all CPS schools (from preK-8th grade), for a circulation of over 300,000! Though I like to dream big, the reality isn’t so positive. StudentsXpress has been able to grow to this point because of local advertisers (please check out the businesses that placed ads—they are the businesses that have stepped up to support this publication) and donations. If we are to continue to grow, StudentsXpress will need more advertisers and/or additional donations. I’ve also been on the lookout for a major corporate sponsor who would be interested in backing this project as it grows. It can only be positive for business, the communities, the schools and—most importantly— Chicago’s youth. If you are interested (or if you know of a business that might be interested) in contributing to the continuation and growth Along with the students, various Chicagoans of StudentsXpress, please contact me at and Chicago natives weigh in with their opinions In the meantime, I hope you throughout the entire issue. enjoy this issue! Cover art by Liam


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The city is busy to and from cars and buses bikes and pedestrians joggers and walkers everywhere to go The city is wild weather windy and sunny rainy and foggy stormy and serene cold and hot all in one day The city is loud a cacophony of sounds horns and sirens bars and restaurants helicopters and planes street cleaners and garbage trucks The city is diverse locals and tourists Americans and Europeans Latino and Asian young and old all in one place The city is full of art for everyone’s palates statues and buildings pictures and graffiti museums and art fairs festivals and parties The city is never empty or boring sleepy or lonely small or contained harsh or evil calm or collected The city is one organism with a vibrant heartbeat always moving full of energy everlasting full of joy —Rowan M.


“It’s the diversity that makes this a great city.” —Walter Burnett, Alderman, 27th Ward

“The food, people, sports teams and wide variety of things to do….there is something for everyone in Chicago!” —Kerry Wood, Chicago Cub

“Chicago has some of the best restaurants and the most diverse cuisine in the country. And I also love the lakefront. There’s nothing more beautiful in Chicago than a crisp, bright, sunny day driving or walking along the lake.” —First Lady Michelle Obama

“ There’s jus city for m t no place else li ke e The peop to really realize h it on earth. It to ok movin le, ow gt way abou the food, the exc much I truly lov e my hom o another t it that itement , the cult e you just everythin ure. It’s g Chicago. can’t des g is easy o c t r t ib a —Melis o sa Forma get to. Don’t m e. Everyone is fr certain iendly an ake me m n, Co-hos d ov t of “You & Me This e again!” Morning ”

“I like to think of Chicago as one big classroom by exploring theaters, museums, concerts, festivals, art, architecture, parks, and so much more that the loop and neighborhoods have to offer.” —Eric Delli Bovi, Executive Director, Urban Gateways

“With its many neighborhoods and the vibrant communities and traditions that reflect Chicago’s diversity, Chicago is the most American of American cities. Young people can take advantage of the renowned cultural institutions downtown or explore the world through their neighborhood libraries. Chicago is constantly offering new plays, new art collections, new musical acts and new children’s activities. Our great City always rewards those who take the time to explore and expand their horizons.” —Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Aniah K.


Fall 2012

out Chicago, numerous things I like ab d ue log ta ca I’ve life e tir ore Drive “Having lived here my en say the drive up Lake Sh to ve ha uld wo I w no ht o rig skyline comes into view but to highlight just tw when that vista of the h, ut so e th or rth no e be the beaches. To have either from th ion piece to that would an mp co e th d an lar cu politan city with it’s just specta is the tip in. A big metro ive Dr e or Sh ke La ing sandy beaches lin p that?” “Chicago beaches, how can you to is a ty ali on rs Pe dio Ra li ves here great place to li —Garry Meier, Chicago ve, becau in its Cu ltu se —Pasto r Corey B re, Character an the world d r o Church o C f Chicago oks, Founder of N uisine!” and Proje ew Begin nings ct HOOD .

“Chicago has many qualities that make it one of the greatest cities in the world. We have world-class theater, restaurants, arch itecture and universities. Our museums and parks are among the best anyw here. I do believe though, that Chicago’s greatest asset is its people. The diver sity of our neighborhoods and the many cultures that thrive in our city fasc inate me. One can learn so much about people by enjoying their culture; their food , their history, their dance and the language they spoke before coming to the United States. One can take a trip around the world by just visiting our neighborh oods.” — Jesse White, Secretary of State

“The beauty of this city and the kindness of its people never ceases to amaze me. Can you imagine a more beautiful setting for a city? Our skyline is stunning! It’s expanded so over the years. A friend of mine remarked recently that we actually have two skylines these days—the conventional one, remarkable in and of itself. It’s the one which includes the Hancock building, Willis Tower, Water Tower Place, the Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building and the new Trump Tower. But now there’s the South Loop area too, which is stunning in and of itself. Add to this the fact our spectacular lakefront extends the length of the city and can, on any given day, host anything from white, wind-tossed waves to the mirror-smooth waters of Lake Michigan and you realize we live in a very special place!” —Tom Skilling, WGN-TV Chief Meteorologist

ks English. like you or spea s ok lo ne yo er where not ev ve got not only eat, diverse city ory buff, and we’ st hi e a I’m . ty “Chicago is a gr ci ful ings. And we ar solutely beauti teresting build in lly ra tu ec Chicago is an ab it ch lakefront.” tiful city, but ar , free and clear en op a physically beau an d an s inland park t blessed to have Board Presiden e, Cook County kl in kw ec Pr ni —To


“My wife has always wanted to live in Chicago and, after living here for a year, I can certainly understand the attraction. Chicago is an amazing, world-class city that is accessible and boasts all of the amenities of a large metropolitan city. What I find impressive is that you can own a home in the city with a backyard and be just minutes away from some of the best theater, museums and restaurants in the world.” Jean-Claude Brizard, CEO, Chicago Public Schools ...of ny favorites, about Chicago: “My favorite idea, among ma the right and friends, but if you’re in course people, loving family pick up the wind are just right you can spot and the weather and Garden.” a in y Cit ; Urbus en Horto: scent of the Ancient Prairie r —Jack Sullivan, CPS Teache

Fall 2012

Max G.

“Chicago is a beautiful city with the best of everything and there are few cities in the world that can compare. But what makes it a great place to live for me are the people who live here. Chicagoans are friendly, dependable, hardworking, no-nonsense, tough but not mean, fun and funny people... and they give this city its unique character—a big city with the heart of a small town.” — Jeanne Sparrow, Co-host of “You & Me This Morning”


Life in the city makes you a whole new person than people that live in the country. City is loud and the country is relaxing. But there is one thing about the city—it is Sydney H.


—Phoenix M.

Diego V.

. There are so many people is that Chicago has a big city feeling like lly ecia esp I gs thin the of e “On uages. So, even when nt backgrounds and so many lang ere diff y man so and es plac y man from so ertainment, lots of t here in Chicago. There’s lots of ent righ ng veli tra I’m , oad abr ng veli I’m not tra exciting city for me. of this makes Chicago a very, very different kinds of music here. All to see that they’re at such an early age. It’s a lot of fun Children in Chicago now are learning ures themselves. These are the sounds I hear: the sound of dealing with new languages and cult erent neighborhoods. Each up in Chicago. We lived in many diff cars that pass through the street, the sound I was born in St. Louis, but I grew of songs, rhythms, rhymes of children skipping to the beat, of the music od to another, there’d be a new set rho hbo neig one from go d we’ e tim playing out in the street. and games, and new friends.” m —Ella Jenkins; From the window I see buildings, rooftops, and beautiful trees. Children playing in the playground, couples walking holding each others’ hand.

is beautiful to me. I love riding the trains, watching the Cubs home games, the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, but most of all enjoying the company of family and friends...this is life in the city. —Gabriel H.

is exciting living here in the city. I see many great things such as museums, architecture and stadiums. The first museum to go to in Chicago from my point of view is the Museum of Science and Industry because every time I go there it has wonderful exhibits. Last time I went, I went to the water place, weather exhibit, MythBusters exhibit, and the future exhibit. One of my favorite places for architecture is Frank Lloyd Wright’s home because I saw his studios and they were amazing. I loved his work with the stained glass windows. The top stadium to go to is the United Center because it has the best halftime show. I went to see a Bulls game and the halftime show was much better than the Blackhawks’ halftime show. The Bulls’ halftime show is better because the Bulls’ acrobats do amazing dunks. I get the Time Out magazine for kids. It has what is going on today and this weekend. That is how I know the events for each weekend. I learn about concerts going on at Millennium Park from that magazine. There are many different kinds of restaurants like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American etc. My favorite is American and the food I like the best is burgers and fries. There are great sports teams in Chicago such as the Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls, Sky, Wolves, Fire and Rush. My top three favorites are the Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks. Go Chicago, the best place to live in the whole United States! —Theo B.


—Camden Z.

Life in the city can be good, and bad. City life is adventurous, it seems like you’re always moving. Life in the city, there are always people driving, riding bikes and crowded sidewalks. People drive around to jobs, homes, and stores—always moving. People ride bikes to work, for exercise, and fun. People walk places when it’s warm. In the city gas is almost up to $5. A parking fee is up to $30. In the city prices are big because the city is big. City life is making money, having fun, and living. —Lavelle B. Erin

Fall 2012

When I think about Chicago, I imagine my feet walking a million miles, everywhere I’ve gone in this beautiful city. I mostly have memories of sidewalks—cracked sidewalks, with litter and chain fences on the side, my bright shoes the only pop of color in a gray landscape. Or maybe pretty sidewalks, swept, walked on by lots of people every day, lined by green grass in straight lines. I can of course remember the sidewalk in front of my house, my feet must’ve traced this ground a million times. Playing foursquare, sprinting, racing, stained with our blood and dirt and juice spills. Whether I am walking a journey I know so well that my feet think for me, or I am guiding myself to a new place, the sidewalks of Chicago are an ever loyal grid. My feet have hopped, jumped and skipped everywhere I can allow them—the beautiful beaches, with sand between my toes; running, cart wheeling, and playing on green grass. Darting across streets, dancing in the square. In rain, in snow, in sunshine; in boots, in sandals, in soccer cleats. These are my footsteps of Chicago. —Violet O. Life in the city

Every day I wake up to the sounds of the city, The cars speeding past, The trains going by, These sounds mean that I’m at home. There may be buildings, There may be highways, But without sound, life in the city isn’t the same, The sirens of police cars, The ringtones of cell phones, These sounds mean that I’m at home. The city has nature, But the city also has technology, The fingers on keyboards, The singing of sparrows, These sounds mean that I’m at home. Some people like quiet suburbs, But the life in the city is filled with noise, The voices of people, The feet of animals, These sounds mean that I’m at home. —Lauren S.

people think it’s so pretty but I look at it with pity life in the city

Life in the city keeps me really really busy because at night I’m out like a light Life in the city it really. really smells Can’t you tell? Life in the city the buildings are tall it makes me feel really small.

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Life in the city you can’t look down from the Willis and say “hey there’s Phillis” because we are all so small and the buildings are tall. —Colette L.

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razy drivers elping people ntense ars

Visit any one of our Chicagoland locations!

—Dindi O.

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mazing parks reat popcorn

1000 W. Washington Blvd. | Chicago, IL 60607 | 312.829.4800

rganized streets

30 S. Wabash | Chicago, IL 60610 | 312.726.8400

—Megan W.

3200 N. Southport Avenue | Chicago, IL 60657 | 773.665.8100 707 Church Street | Evanston, IL 60201 | 847.570.0100 726 W. Lake Street | Oak Park, IL 60301 | 708-358-8200

Stan H., Jr.

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in the city is like a lot of people and a lot of people like to play sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, running and more. There is a lot to do and the schools in Chicago are very good. The teachers are very nice and they help the students a lot and school in Chicago is fun because we play a lot. —Dylan

—Emmy B.

City life is waking up to cars honking. City life is knowing there are so many restaurants to go to. City life is enjoying the different people and cultures. —Renee R.

Jocelyn O.

My life in the city is great. I play baseball, football and softball. I have an awesome life here in the city of Chicago. I have family who cares and pets who care. I have four brothers a sister and many cousins. I have two chihuahuas. I go to a great school with a lot of nice people and I have many friends. My mom has a great job and I am proud of that because that is where my shelter, food and water come from—her and her money she gets from working so hard for us. —Tatyana W.

When someone says “Life in the city” lots of words may come to mind. These may include crowded, social, or dirty among others. Some find it known for a special place, some for the city as a whole. Some love the majesticness of the structures, some love the sturdiness. But for me one word comes to mind and one only, home. —Ben C.

Chicago Noisy, busy Polluting, building, buying Exciting, playful City

My life in the city is great. I live in a nice neighborhood in a nice house. My life is easy because my family is nice to me. At school I have lots of new friends and old friends. I also have nice teachers that help me when I need help. My family tries to make me happy. They live in the city of Chicago. My mom buys me what I want, but I have to earn it. —Junior M.


“Of the many th ings I love abou t living in Chica Park to watch Alina go, my favorite fireflies. There’ is taking summ s a little grove blinking in the er of trees beside darkness unde the playground time twilight walks through r the branches —Christine H Lincoln ne se ar my apartmen em eppermann, Aut t, and the firefl hor of “City Chi magical, like fairies gatherin ies g ckens” for a dance.” The symphony begins: Urban spectacles nourish the shouts and drunken howls exhales the allegro Cabs with horns that blare out into the night The women in heels commence the rhythm Ribs are so tender. Rusted metal machines scrape and abrade Ribs are so sweet. Clocks strike the hours, They’re my favorite thing for it only matters for some in the city to eat. The harmony of foot traffic never terminates They’re the best food ever to eat. The symphony never ending They are so good. —Maya D. —Michael M.

Drew Fall 2012

Chicago is one of the best places for food. Like Chicago hot dogs, Filled with great foods, Onions surrounding the dog, A nice sprinkle of cheese, Mustard glazing the dog, and to top it all off, a bell pepper.

Taxi Driver slow, old talking, shouting, running tired, exhausted, sad, nervous Cab Driver —Eric D. Charlotte

Chicago also has great restaurants, Like Billy Goats, and their motto: “Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!” “No fries. Chips. No Pepsi. Coke.” The burgers are big and juicy, the cheese is marvelous, and there’s so many toppings. The chips are great, and the best part about them is it’s their store brand. The Coke is so amazing, it feels like I could never stop drinking it. The thing that Chicago is really famous for is the pizza. A nice deep dish pizza that’s huge, Cheese right in the middle of the pizza, with a nice crunchy crust on bottom, and finally a big thing of sauce right on the pizza. Chicago’s foods and restaurants are awesome.

Chicago, Chicago It’s the place to be, but only for me. Chicago, Chicago The sun shines and shows beautiful skylines. Chicago, Chicago Is a big, big city just like New York City.

—Bob B.

Chicago, Chicago It’s a whole lot of fun! As you sit on the beach and bake in the sun.

Bridge. This is where of the Michigan Avenue le dd mi e th is rld wo e and sky. This is where “My favorite place in th of buildings and water ny ho mp sy a in , me for er d wild onion on the Chicago comes togeth found skunk cabbage an o wh s uin nq go Al e th g of rth products, the past whispers, tellin their word for those ea e sit is th to d xe affi d ver an st non-native banks of the Chicago Ri man who became the fir k ac Bl e th , ble Sa du the Fort iste Point bank in the 1780s; of checagou; of Jean Bapt ern rth no s er’ riv e th er’s flow ilt a cabin on ses who reversed the riv niu settler here when he bu ge g rin ee gin en e th 1812; and of in the winter and with Dearborn Massacre of the river jammed with ice e Se . an cle n iga ch Mi rt of the attraction.” in 1900 to keep Lake day, and that too is pa ry eve s ge an ch w vie e ty and Author boats in the summer. Th perman, Radio Personali pa ws Ne go ica Ch n, ga —Rick Ko

Chicago, Chicago As you go to Navy Pier and ride the Mystic Blue Cruise Ship, Baby, I have NO FEAR!!! —Chunese M.

Life in the city. Is not a pity. It has so much beauty. Also so many duties.

“Beep, Beep!” I sit up a little stunned Then I sigh, just another day in Chicago. It has so much light. I hear a car alarm That shines at night. then the sound of construction. So there won’t be fright. I hear eggs sizzling on You won’t have to hold your teddy tight. the stove. Life in the city. A group of pigeons fly by Is not a pity. leaving white goop on It has so much beauty. my window. Also so many duties. A man yells, a baby cries, a woman calls to her child I can never miss. stopping him before It has a twist. he gets hit by a car on It gives a kiss. his little trike. With a squirt of mist. Looking out my window Life in the city. it all looks so dangerous Is not a pity. I really get the term It has so much beauty. “concrete jungle,” just another day in Chicago. Also so many duties. —Anna K.-C. ­— Kira F. Fall 2012

Garret’s yummy, delicious buying, eating, going excited, hungry, smile, glad Popcorn —Veronica F.

Bus Driver fast, careful speeding, slowing, looking afraid, tired, sleepy, excited City Helper

Subway delicious, quick talking, chewing, eating, full, fantastic, great, wonderful Sandwiches

—Devin J.

—Kye R.


Do you live in a suburb?

Do you live on a farm? If you do, have you ever tried life in the city? I must tell you about the city. There is a lot to say. There are tall buildings, huge apartments, and other sights to see. If you ever come to the city, expect to get hurt. The sidewalks are made of concrete everywhere. You can probably expect to bump into someone, too. The city I live in has over eight million people. I live in Chicago, Illinois with my mom, dad and sister, Mary. The whole family has been to the Willis Tower, one of the most well-known buildings in the city of Chicago. I went there with my neighbors when I was approximately 5 years old. I like the Chicago Cubs. We live near Wrigley Field, where they play. Mom likes the Cubs so much that going to the baseball game isn’t a special occasion. The Cubs are not doing so well this season. There is a myth about a man who owned a pet billy goat. He tried to get it into a tavern, but the owner said it was not allowed. Legend has it that the man put a curse on the Cubs and they have never won the World Series ever since. I love living in the city. It is very nice. All the bustle, noise, honking of cars, people talking, even the polluted air is home to me.

Life in the city is well better than life in Pennsylvania. But life in the city is great because I am four blocks away from school. I also have a lot of nice friends in the city. I also like going to the Lego store. I like going swimming. —Stephen C. Life in the city with chirping birds. Crispy winds. Life in the city is fun. There are parks, playgrounds, schools. Life in the city is like you have friends everywhere. I love my life in the city because I love the sunsets and the beautiful clouds. I love my life in the city because everyone can get along. I love my life in the city because I most importantly get to be with my...FRIENDS!! —Samantha S.

—Kate B. Chicago is a city Almost like all things, It is very noisy, Lots of different bangs. There are tall buildings, Different stores and all, It is so crowded, It makes me look so small! I ride on the bus Then I see Gus, He is a friend of mine. He lives in the city, He says it will shine! So I think it is clear, Cities are great. Nobody would give it A big fat hate! —Mary B.


My life is in two dimensions. Each and every day I go from the ghetto of the west side to the happy and friendly people of the north. It feels like I live on the border and I can t decide which side I want to go to. It s hard because living in the city gives me many options and many opinions to choose from. I know eventually I will have to choose a side but for now, I am only a 13-year-old boy with an indecisive mind. —George C. l

Noah H.


The city is like a zoo of people Everybody has their own home and it can protect them from others We all live in a community and help each other out Except for times when you have a doubt Kids play and adults talk It’s a simple life in the city with stores here and there You can walk out of your house with $20 and come back with a wardrobe full of clothes Or you can just buy food and have a great steak meal There are no worries about a house because you don’t own it The city is all anyone could need —Shane H. Fall 2012

It has been there half my life. It has guided me and made me a better person. It is like the brother I never had. I have had my ups and downs. But at the end it’s always good because it has always been there for me standing high and tall. My time has come to part, But I’ll visit. I will be there, And it will be there for me. —Mike C. Many people live in the city. People of different languages, of different races. Many people from different places. Houses and buildings are built close together some buildings are very high, often built high into the sky.

Megan W.

Semi city, pt in the real world

The lies and the truth The fake and the real If you can tell me how it works You have my ears This city ain’t caught up to be how you think Live it one day And you’ll see Blood on the walls Crypts in the grave And all this is an average day Arrests in the morning, crimes at night No matter how hard you try You just can’t fight A young man died, his mother cried And the pain was true But the sad thing is I cried too For the violence And the hate Happening every day Hopefully I can escape The terrible fates

There are tons of jobs for moms and dads For high school drop-outs—for college grads People here have lots to give, in this city where I live. —Desmond A.

“I truly be liev move som e Chicago to be the ewhere wa best city in t rm stretch o f shimmer er otherwise. I thin he USA—I would in k g water on about the Shore Driv e can see e.. when drivin gorgeous west and .and the wonderful g on L nor neig and our lo th to south...I think hborhoods that sp ake yalties to an east to a bout our lo com deep-dish y slice it, th munity and to each alties to our teams ere is a co other. Ho that make hesio weve st — Dina F his city spectacula n and pride among r you acklis, Ch Chicagoan icago Perfo rly unique.” s rmer, Writ er and Dir ector

So many guns so little survivors This city’s like the rest Humans are dying I prefer to stay back and acknowledge the good So you just do you and Ima do doughy —Marquees M.

The beach is calling us all, To come and enjoy a nice cold ice cream on a hot day. Look at all of the lights in downtown, And maybe even see fireworks from Navy Pier! Watch the air show in the summer, And take a nice long swim on a sweltering day, And make sand castles near the lake! The beach is calling us all. —Lev K.

Fall 2012

Life in the city is like no other lifestyle. Every day there’s something new to do, somebody new to meet, something else to try. Every day there’s a new shop with exciting and new foods or goods. Every day there’s many new people to meet, make memories with, and treasure forever. The city is always fresh, new, and exciting. I wouldn’t have it any other way. —Darby L.

Living in the city is a beautiful place, with breathtaking views. Great big skyscrapers that touch the clouds. The cold air blows through your hair with the snow on the tip of your nose. Trying to catch that single flake on your tongue. The first sip of cocoa to last as you warm up by the fireplace. I feel the cold ground as I fall into a perfect winter snow. The best sound to me is when a car races by, laughter of kids playing in the white snow, and the sound of birds chirping as they awake! But none of that compares to the hot pies I smell as I go to get the mail. Living in the city is a beautiful place!!! Sammie S.

Life in the city, is never really easy. Traffic on the streets, people stomping their feet. Beaches are packed during the summer, but haunted during the winter. Sirens everywhere you go, No one will know what happens next. Life in the city is unpredictable. —Alanna C.

Life in the city is busy. All of the loud buzzing and humming sounds make me dizzy. People are hurrying, scurrying and worrying, You see the traffic lights changing and cars zooming through the streets. People having picnics. People on their bikes. The sun will be shining bright and big That’s life in the city. —Jamiya T.

You get many feelings and beautiful wonders. The best places are here too. You can go to downtown where you can do endless shopping. No one can stop you until you feel like it. You can also go to one of the millions of parks in the city. Where you can take endless pictures. You can eat and eat until you get a stomach ache. In the city you can see many different things. Such as tall, huge grey buildings. The humongous Willis Tower is one of them. But what I love the most is the city during the summer. All you can see is beautiful trees. Green all shoved up your face. You can find people anywhere, and everywhere! All wandering and free. Every year I go to different places in the country. Nothing can compare to what I see in the city. Other places have just plain boring grass fields. Every time I go to those boring places I yearn to go back to the city. I miss the barking dogs, loud horns coming from annoyed drivers, loud yelling from kids, and the best smell coming from fresh green grass. Chicago, this city is where the best things lay. Any time I see this place I know this is where I belong. Even if I move to a different place I’ll still remember Chicago, my city, because this place is my home. —Danela A.


I like life in the city. It’s interesting!!

Life in the city is eating at Five Guys. Life in the city is swimming. Life in the city is going to the library. Life in the city is fishing. Life in the city is eating ribs at Friendship Café. —Jack F. Where a story starts and where a story ends a boulevard filled with burning cigars and there the fire begins People seem to like this place like a civilized rainforest a big step for the human race only the biggest and boldest Like a desert with only sand but a sand you can drink it’s almost like a sacred land everyone just trying not to sink

Noel H.

Enjoy Chicago! —Jaiden L.-S. There are lots of park districts in the city. There are a lot of people in the city. There are a lot of houses. There are lots of pools in the city. There are parks in the city. My favorite part about the city is the sky scrapers. —Mikey T.

We are an army of ants so occupied and rushed rising for the best cookie, so enchanted our victory is so lush

In Chicago, I can......

See many people walking their dogs, jogging, laying in the park. I hear many motors on planes flying over my head. Motorcycles, cars, trains, buses, zooming right next to me. I can taste the good old, deep dish pizza. The yummy cheese and tomato sauce. I can touch the one out of a lot of sculptures. The bumps, the thin edges. Last but not least, I can smell the city air. The grass, trees, the hotdogs walking past Wrigley Field. —Kaelin H.

I live near the school, I live near the store, I live near the el. When I need something I can go and get it, Because I live near it all. The bike trail is only 5 minutes away And the lake not too much more. —Lev K.

This is the urban decay gradually submerged every face, every voice just scurrying off, day by day

Life in the city is marvelous. The amaz-

Learn and discover every street and every block Tokyo, New York, Chicago to France don’t hesitate to unfasten your clock capture and conquer when life gives you the chance for you may not know what lies beneath the edge —Tiffany K.


In the city of Chicago, many people see things, hear things, taste things, touch things, and even smell things. Here is what I see, smell, touch, hear, and taste.

What you need when you want it

But we seem to be absent in the moment why can’t they just take a step back and seize your very most important commitment then maybe their life wouldn’t be so black

Towers of gray no bales of hay more than one face in this popular place the food is fine, it’s not straight off the vine plenty to be seen but not too much green lots of noise lots of toys everywhere is full there is no bull it is sometimes cold this city is old parking isn’t free but this is the place for me. —Piper M.

I love to sketch the stars in the sky. The thing that I like the most of Chicago is the Cubs Stadium!! I also like the Chicago Bears! (football team) If you are new in Chicago I think you should go to the Art Museum.

Chicago, what can I say, it’s the city. The city can be good or it can be bad. People walking, running, and even walking dogs. People smiling, having a good time everywhere— Navy Pier, Sears Tower, and at Lake Michigan. That’s The Windy City for ya. —Alan L.

ing views from massive skyscrapers. I can hear planes roaring across the sky, cars zooming to their destination. Even the bright white seagulls squawking tells me that “Chicago is my home.” I smell the fresh air and magnificent lake. ­—Faiz I.

City busy, crowded people talking, annoying, smelly gas excited, good, glad, nice Chicago Sadie H.

Life in the city is best Don’t just be our guest In the spring You can hear the bells ring You can play in the dark But do it in the park. When you’re awake Take a swim in the lake Go by the zoo To hear the cows moo It’s good to fish And try deep dish If you never had a french fry You will likely try Life in the city is great It depends on what you ate —Danica T. Fall 2012

When you look out the window you see trees When you look out the window you see kids When you look out the window you see open field When you look out the window you see a new day When you taste your breakfast it takes you to another country When you walk out your door you feel all the fresh air When you go for a walk you smell the trash When you do those things you tell yourself this is my life... My life in the city Chicago —Brandon B.

In the city you can see skyscrapers, street vendors and some of your favorite stores. In the city there is a lot to see. There are many tourist attractions, many museums. In the summer you can go to a beach and see the sunset. In the city there is a lot to hear. You can hear people chanting “Go Cubs.” You can also hear thunder on rainy days. Also you can hear cars honk. You can smell Chicago hotdogs. Yummy. You can feel dogs walking by. You can taste deep dish pizza. —Maria M.

The city is loud. The city is crowded. The city is diverse.

Being in the city is hard. matter It has its ups and downs. icago great. It doesn’t Ch ke ma at wh are le op Lots of people, so many people. “The pe aid.” will always come to your What am I going to do? where you live someone Librarian Should I go to the ball park —Jeneva Ingram, CPS or stay here? When you have your life in the city Then I see my mom. The city is in your life. Oh sweet mom how I missed You’re used to the honking and traffic you so much. all night Now I’m in the city with my loving family. And you walk on a red light Good night City. I’ll see you tomorrow. not caring at all —Christian B. You have life in the city Let’s go to the mall! When your life’s in the city You’re always chatting with others and always speaking loudly You have life in the city The city is in your life

Archie M.

Life in the city is way cool, especially the city of Chicago. My favorite parts are at I hear a car horn. night when you see all of the lights on the skyline. I see lots of people. When you look at the Sears Tower you see that the I feel many cultures. antennas have lights in them and they change different colors. When I’m walking I hear and see people playing The city is familiar. the saxophone for money. I can smell the bakery. It The city is where I live. smelled delicious and I can feel the glass. The city is mine. —Claire F. —Desmond W.

When your life’s in the city You’re used to tall buildings everywhere When it’s life in the city You’ll know how to get anywhere Your life is in the city And the city is in your life When your life’s in the city There are shops all around And there are playgrounds And fairs and merry-go-rounds The shops are always full And there is a big crowd It’s life in the city Be loud and be proud —Ella B.

Zaniya K.

I sit in the car and observe the beautiful city of Chicago The bright sun shining on the city. A man wearing a dirty white shirt and holey sneakers walks up to the car and asks for change. The strong smell of old fish flows past my nose from garbage in the alley. Young teens walk down the street, pants down to their knees, as the car stops at the red light. A pregnant teen wobbles across the street with feet that look like she’s in pain. Fall 2012

Life in the city is going to Starbucks every day, Life in the city is seeing your best friend when you play. Life in the city is going shopping on every street, Life in the city is going to the food court when you eat. Life in the city is hearing a lot of noise when you sleep, Life in the city every day is hearing a car go BEEP! Life in the city is dropping your keys in the sewer, Life in the city is always getting an iphone that’s newer. Life in the city is cool! —Roberto B.

Manuel I.


Diana T. Mary was sitting in her parents’ car. “Do we really need to move?” she asked. “Yes,” her parents replied. Mary did not want to move. Soon, she and her parents made it to their new house. She started to regret what she had said earlier. “Wow!” she said. “Look at all of the buildings and nature! Don’t forget all of the museums!” “We knew you’d love it,” said her mother. Mary started imagining how her new life in the city will be. She imagined her and friends hanging out, roller skating near the lake, going to the museums. She finally had a home she’d love. —Persefoni S.

magine a place not so amazing, whose streets are raggedy with potholes just waiting to bust your tires. Potato chip bags, plastic, glass bottles clumped together in the streets. There are distinctive smells in Chicago at different times of the day. In the morning, it sometimes smells like rain, or it may smell like a garbage truck came through your neighborhood. In the afternoon, it may smell like grass and plants. You can hear crickets and beetles chirping in the dis-


tance. The parks are usually filled with children, running around like ants in search of food. Mothers try to catch their children as they scramble around. The tall, sleek buildings of Chicago’s downtown slowly sway back and forth as the wind blows, their only purpose being to make you feel small. It’s nothing like the South side. Its streets don’t have potholes and are not all that dirty. Perhaps, Chicago is not all that bad. —Neveatia S.

When I was 9 years old I moved to this huge city...Chicago. When we got here I was as quiet as a church mouse. Then I went to Elihu Yale Elementary. It was very weird the first time I set foot in class. It soon began to change. I changed. Chicago changed. I was quiet as I told you before, but now I am loud and different. Out of these 3 years I experienced in Chicago I’ve seen a major change in this community. Chicago has become a great disaster. I’ve seen many fights and heard many arguments...actually I’ve been in quite a few. But Chicago taught me a lot. I’ve learned that if some of these crazy people leave it will be better. Because Chicago is a great disaster with these people. I’m 12 years old and yes I know a lot about Chicago and as I wrote this prompt I know that many people that read this will think yes this used-to-be suburban girl has changed into a whole new type of girl. City Girl!!! Chicago!! —Keyanna G. As the sounds of the sirens echo throughout the mean streets of Chicago, I walk in silence. I watch the flowers bloom, and the birds fly free. I watch the children playing in the trees. I watch the sun light up the streets, with nice weather and big green trees I walk home in the beautiful Chicago spring. Chicago—my kind of city. —Rakeem M.


Chicago is a place where dreams come true and you can eat the best pizza and hot dogs in the world! When you live in the city you can go to museums and see skyscrapers. Even though it may be crowded, the city is a wonderful place to live, especially Chicago. —Clare A-M

I look out the window, It’s a beautiful day. I wonder what I’m going to do. Maybe I should walk my dog, or stay inside, maybe sing, maybe talk. Talk? To who? To everyone on my block, What will you tell them? Well, it’s time to change. What do you mean? It’s time to change. Change the way we hurt our community. We need to make a difference, recycle, save animals and most of all save yourself. If you don’t change and make a difference now, if you don’t, I mean, who will? So let’s change, make a difference and show your green thumb to those who don’t have one. —Alexi D.

I see me and my friend going to the candy store and people out of the window and people going somewhere in their car. Darius M.

Fall 2012

I am from the city of Chicago, from a place that has the best hot dogs ever. I am from a place that I call home, from a place that was meant for everyone. I am from the Willis Tower, from a tower that is older than me. I am from the Chicago Bulls, from the long lasting seasons. I am from the Chicago White Sox, from the home runs. I am from the Chicago Blackhawks, from the ice that has been scraped up by the players’ ice skates. I am from the boat rides, from the water splashing in my face. I am from the Lake, from the most quietest place ever. I am from Navy Pier, from the amazingly huge Ferris wheel. I am from the Arcades, from amazingly addicting games. I am from the Art of Pizza, from the food that has a long lasting taste. I am from the Chicago flag, from the four red stars that were placed on the flag. I am from the basketball court, from the aggressiveness that is trapped on the court. This is the city I’m from. —Habert L., Jr.

Camron W.

n a warm spring day, my cousins, my sister and I were walking to the bus stop to go to a store called “The Water Tower.” When we got to the bus stop we got on the bus, and the bus pulled off. The bus was so crowded, it was so loud, and we had to stand up on the bus. The bus was clean and it smelled like a freshening spray like Febreze. The smell was a wonderful smell. While we were on the bus we talked about what we were going to buy. My sister was buying five outfits and one pair of shoes. One of my cousins was buying four outfits, some socks and some shoes. My other cousin was buying accessories and a pair of shoes. I didn’t know what I was buying, but I bought a pair of shoes and seven outfits. When the bus arrived downtown we all got off and went into the store. It was so crowded I could barely see anything. When we walked in the store we went up the escalators. They were so shiny and clean. When we reached the top of the escalators we got off and went into the “Miss Match” store. The Miss Match store had a few people in it. We went in to buy some socks. When we bought some socks we left out of the store. We went to many different stores. We stayed in the Water Tower for one hour. Then we left and got back on the bus and the bus took us to the bus stop on 79th Street. When the bus got there we got off and walked to my cousin’s house. —Diamond W.

“Insurance rates are already on the rise. Coverages are being limited. I can help you level the playing field.” Contact Michael Rice, CIC to help you with your insurance needs. A proud Nettelhorst parent.

(312) 254-1500

Buckingham Fountain is famous because the fountain was commissioned in 1927 by Kate Buckingham to honor her late Clarence. We can take pictures in front of the fountain. We can throw coins and make a wish. At night we can watch the water change colors. It was made in 1927. It is a beautiful place to visit, and it is free. —Adrianna

Navy Pier slow, wonderful walking, spinning, ice skating dizzy, excited, nauseous, sick Carnival —Olivia B.

“Every city is different. Some have skyscrapers, some have parks and beaches, some have unique little neighborhoods, some have world class architecture, some have championship sports teams, some are known to have the top universities, some have the best theaters and comedy clubs, some are known for their food, and some are celebrated for their diversity where people from different cultures all over the world come together to make a new colorful, eclectic, beautiful community. Chicago is the only city in the world with all of that!” —Billy Dec, CEO and Founder of Rockit Ranch Productions I would most like to visit Buckingham Fountain because it lights up at night. I think it is cool. —Maggie

Yareli V.


It is one of the oldest museums. Come and learn about the human body. Explore a jet plane. Stainless-steel passenger train. It was built in 1933. Someone would want to visit this attraction to learn about science and industry.

Fall 2012

Emma H.

“The greatest thing about working out in Chicago is not only the diversity of its occupants but also the diversity of the workout atmospheres; the lakefront for running with an uninhibited shoreline, the parks for the grass and hills, the forests for all of the nature you can’t see because of the high-rises, and lastly, the skyline at night is the best against the lakefront.” —Tony Battle, Chicago Fitness Coach n a hot and dry summer day I was walking to the train station with my family. We were on our way to U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. I was so excited to go to my first baseball game! As my family and I entered the train station it was lovely. We saw a mural of the city. It smelled like bubble gum and cherry perfume. I heard people shouting and talking. The train station was very clean. Then I went to the bottom of the train station and got on the train. The train had a delightful smell, it smelled like berries. I really was surprised to see nobody on the train. When I touched one of the seats it was hot. Finally the train stopped at U.S. Cellular Field. As I got off the train I walked up the stadium stairs. It was filled with people. The stadium had wonderful smells like hotdogs, hamburgers and nachos. The stadium seats were very soft. Before the baseball game started I got a hotdog with ketchup, mustard and relish. The hotdog was the best I ever had. The game started and my dad caught one of the baseballs. At the end of the game one of the baseball players autographed my ball. The baseball game was marvelous. I will never forget that day—it was the best experience of my life. —Symone R.

Fall 2012

Chicago—don’t shed any tears. We have Wrigley Field who’s been here for 97 years. We also have Soldier Field but we need Jay Cutler to lead. The White Sox— an amazing team who make the whole city beam. The Bulls—another great team but they need Derrick Rose to close. Lastly we have the Blackhawks—who have talented men who just won the Stanley Cup in 2010 —Aaron G.

rew T.


Life in the city is quite grand, and it’s practically in the palm of my hand. Home of the Sox. Home of the Cubs. The Cubs win by a little nub. It’s pretty cool, it’s pretty grand, yet still it’s in the palm of my hand. Bears vs. Packers, Packers the Lackers, Packers the Lackers But best of all, it’s unbeatable. You know what it is, of course. It’s Nettelhorst! Nettelhorst! —Dyson S.

“Chicagoans fully embrace the diversity that makes our city unique. From the businesses to the neighborhoods to the people, Chicago thrives on its diversity. And, most importantly, I love the Cubs. As long as they are in Chicago, I will be in Chicago.” —Sara Feigenholtz, State Representative, 12th District


Tess K.

On the Willis Tower Feeling like I have so much power Can see soldier field There is tons of signs to yield Nobody in Chicago likes cauliflower —Andrew T.

Chicago active, phenomenal slowing, running, speeding happy, fast, awesome, grey City

I love living in the city It is pretty There are lots of sports teams Like the Bulls and the Hawks There are lots of city blocks The food is the best It is the home of Kanye West —Ben. R.

—Alexandra B.

The Willis Tower stands tall. Chicago is fun for all. United Center basketball Wild birds chirp and call Stand in the sky boxes You will not fall. The Bean is big and bold Every winter it is very cold Chicago Cubs 102 years Every loss 100 tears Chicago White Sox Humber’s perfect game A great city You know the name

Chicago!!! —Aidan B.

wake up, prepared for new experiences. I live in Chicago. I know what it has to offer. Chicago has enriched my life! Chicago has a rich history. It is a garden, which continues to flourish. It expands infinitely. The sights and sounds change every day. The emotions, however, are always vibrant. Chicago is known for its architecture and opportunities. Since the past, Chicago has been given amazing architects, such as during The Chicago Fire, where countless lives were ruined. In the fire’s ashes, we gained the Willis Tower. This represents America. We will always rise from ruin. —Justin S.


—Ivan C. How homeless people live in the city. Homeless people sleep anywhere to get rest. Some homeless people try to ask people do they have change to spare. —Marquez H.


When I go to school I see the street lights go from green to yellow to red. I see the sun through my window when I get out of bed. Sometimes I go to the Shedd Aquarium. Or maybe once or twice to a park called Millennium Some days I go to restaurants to eat a Chicago dog. But not on the days when Chicago’s filled with fog. Downtown there was a statue of Marilyn Monroe. There’s also a theatre where you can see a show. So many people live in Chicago’s town. And there’s so many sights to see, it’s hard to show a frown. —Julianna H.

Can’t you hear the train whistles? Hotdogs have everything but ketchup. I can see the skyscrapers and Lake Michigan. Courtyards full of art. Always in a hurry. Go to the symphony, or to Millennium Park! Outside, there are places to go. Chicago Loud, Huge Busy, Driving, Competing Beautiful and Really Fun Windy City —Anna L. Life in the city is loud, busy and rambunctious. But most of all living in the city is living life in a really fun and pretty way. It’s kind of like finding a genie, but instead of 3 wishes, you get all of them. You discover new things like on a scavenger hunt. But instead of just finding the items on your list, you find the unexpected. And with those wonderful things, you find that there’s more to life than eating, sleeping and school. If it’s going to the beach, living a punk rockish life or downtown, they’re all in Chicago. Chicago, an amazing and complete city. Where you live life. —Caroline C. Fall 2012

On my way to school I get on the bus and it’s raining. I see clouds, rain and butterflies.

I see people walking and talking. I see kids running to school. I see the garbage man picking up the trash. I see cars, buses and bikes. I see airplanes Rainbows, stop signs and trains. From the time I got on the bus to the time I got off I saw a lot of things. Now it’s time for me to go inside my school to learn. —Breanna W.

drives me to school every day. I like going to school. My dad School is special because I get to see my friends. Math is fun with my teacher Mrs. Woo. We get to see a movie on the smart board and then we do the lesson with her in our workbook. I like my school in the city. —Ryreanna S.

“Chicago’s diversity is second to none: our people, our array of art and entertainment programs, the number of higher educational options, and the variety of our housing stock…the list could go on. With so much to see and do in our city, our students should be inspired by where they are growing up and being educated, which is why it’s important to create opportunities to connect them with all the city has to offer. I love living in a city where there are people and organizations that work to make Chicago as accessible to students as possible.” —Kimberley Rudd, Communications Manager, Communities In Schools of Chicago

I ride with my grandma to school on the bus. On my ride looking out the window, I see the pretty city I live in. I see lots of cars drive by me as I look out. My favorite part of the city is being able to take the bus to Westcott School. —Ryah W. Every morning on the way to school I see a big car. On the way to school I see a food mart. On the way to school I see a pet store On my way to school I see a police car. On my way to school I see a new school. —Dion H.

I step outside and breathe in a lungful of air. The smell of pollution hits my nose and I reel backward. I sigh and walk down the alley I cross the street to a chorus of honking car horns. I am jostled down the street by a crowd of rude citizens I cross the last street and almost get crushed by a smelly truck I burst through the school doors and groan, realizing I have to do the same thing on the way home.

Great! —Sophia W.

You don’t wake up to the rooster out of your window. Instead, you wake up to the alarm clock and cars passing by. On my way to school I see the cops. Sitting in the donut shop taking a break from the busy life in the city. —Jadyn D.

—Dylan H.

Fall 2012



is only one word, and that word is adventure. When you’re in the city you have lots of experiences, and different sights everywhere. One of my favorite landmarks in the city is downtown. There are a lot of buildings. And lots of different lights at night. They have carnivals and festivals. I guarantee you, you will have the best time there. My favorite neighborhood is Portage Park. That is my favorite district because me and my sisters grew up there. They have a big park there that just got remodeled. I know a lot of people around there. Everybody is very friendly. My favorite street is Hutchinson. That’s my favorite street because my friends lived next to me, all the neighbors were friendly. The apartment was a block away from my school. I grew up on that street. And my sisters both grew up in the house. I will never forget that district and street. Life in the city is a great experience. There’s so much to do and beautiful sightings. Overall, you will have memories you will never forget. Life in the city is all up to you. —Brooklynn M.

Edgar G.

in the city

Chicago, it’s like a puzzle. Like every little piece looks like something different, has individuality, and every piece is just as important as another. But then, you look at it as a whole, and it has a new meaning, that the little pieces created.

My Life in the City: Where I Belong Life in the City might not be as open As farmland in another state. Life in the city isn’t so constantly lively As some tribe parties deep in a forest. But life in the city is where I am. Where I made friends, new adventures, Faced the fears I want conquered.

Chicago it has a life. A personality, a certain air, certain smells, and sights, and sounds. It’s unique and fun, and so wonderful. When the sun goes down, the city comes to life.

When you live in Chicago you get to look at the puzzle, and meet its personality. When you live in the city, it’s like you know Chicago. —Alex K.

Cities are full of life may or may not come true Whether the life is good But when you live in or not. the city City life promises there is always a promise of hope. a promise of The hope something new. —Claire T.

Life in the City is where I belong. Moving to my new environment would take years to Get used to. It may not be as important to the people in England, or the people in Hawaii. Even if I was the only person on the PLANET Who loved his home, my vote counts. Life in the City is life. Your life. Not anyone else’s. Just you. One person is as special as five hundred people. Don’t worry if no one else thinks your life matters. All you have to do is remember: “Life in the City is where I belong.” —Matthew B. Cultures, Arts, Ethnicities, A bit of the world Contains all the world Connected

in the city real people real art real ideas a real world in a bit of the world

Things just seem more real

It’s nice to feel reality While being able to dream —Xander G.


—Zipporah M. In the city I see Tall buildings surrounding me No matter where you are You see a car

Downtown is a wonderful place Tall buildings and lots of space Going shopping at any store You’ll just wanna buy more

Playing in my favorite park Whether it is light or dark Playing basketball in winter, summer, spring or fall

In the city I see A little girl smiling inside me No matter where you are In the city you are a star

It’s nice to live in a city, especially Chicago, where the sun’s shining like a light bulb, where it’s always nice and WARM! But not in the winter when it’s cooler than ice (-19˚). But the people are great and very nice. When you walk outside everyone says HI! Not like New York when people just pass you by. This is Chicago! The place everyone likes. Well almost everybody. P.S. We got a huge lake! —Julian C. Fall 2012

Fall, the sports season. The Bulls, Hawks, and the Bears start their games. The pretty leaves start falling. The cold starts coming. Winter, the longest season in Chicago. The grills go away and the snow starts coming in. Get out those jackets, snow blowers, and start calling dibs. Spring, the home of the Chicago Cubs. Start taking out garden gloves and going shopping for flowers. It’s planting season! Get on those computers and start signing your kids up for camp. Summer, the best time of year. No school for 12 weeks and time away from the kids. There are those fabulous ice cream carts you have been waiting for. The beach seems nice too.—Ava S. Misaki T. I felt the warm breeze on my skin. The leaves are colored light green in the spring. The tall buildings are colored brown and black. The lake is glimmering while the sun goes down. People are filled with interest as they walk in downtown. The sun goes down and the night has come. The building lights shine in the night. What a wonderful day in the city. Chicago. —Misaki T.

Life in the city of Chicago At night the city just glows Snow falls Covering the walls Bells echo in the night What a beautiful sight Hail small as pebbles Naughty kids get coals Red and white Not very light And has a big glow At day the city warms up Life in the city of Chicago —Joe S.

Tall buildings leaving my cheeks before getting crushed reach toward red and windburned. by my feet. the sky, Chicagoans offer Lights dress up towering over a smile buildings everything. even hunched and sprinkle The sky swirls against the color on the streets. gray and black. cold. Winter in Chicago The chilling Snowflakes dance is anything but breeze slaps around trees dreary. my face, and bushes —Jillian K. Hi, my name is Shelton. I think life in the city is really awesome. In the summer it is always hot but it’s still alright. Because you can get ice cream, go to the beach and you don’t have to wear all those clothes, also you can go to water parks—all kinds of cool things. In the winter you can’t do all that. The beach is closed because the water is frozen, but you can stay inside, watch TV, cover up with a blanket and drink hot chocolate in or on the couch or bed. In fall you can see all the leaves red, orange, purple and sometimes blue. You enjoy your seasons. Bye. —Shelton J.

Fall 2012

A gentle cool summer breeze. It goes through your head, blowing the leaves off trees. The scent of the night fall breeze. The dim light of the street lamps. Cars going back and forth. Until it all leads back to the cool summer breeze. That is Chicago. —Trey Q.

Winter is cold. Summer is not. Everything is sold. Everything is bought. The summer’s warm breeze Smells like ice lemonade. The winter’s cold freeze Makes nothing cold is sold. The days get old. The leaves are grown. Fall is near. Kids make piles and start jumping in, then remake them, and again.

Eulalie K.

Life in the City (a poem)

Life in the city is oh so pretty when flowers are blooming in spring. Yellows that smell nice, purples are so bright, reds that are tall and still growing. Flowers are the most beautiful thing when you’re thinking of life in the city in spring. In fall the leaves are changing to oranges, browns, reds and greens as they all fall down from each and every tree. The trees are now empty, the leaves they litter the ground You can hear them crunching as everyone’s feet scrunch them down. In summer it is so hot out as you stare at the very bright sun. The sunglasses, sunscreen, and flip flops are flying at everyone. All the kids are splashing all around the pool. They are all excited because there is no more school! In winter all of the snowflakes are fluttering down to the ground. Everyone’s coats are blowing in the cold wind that freezes us now. Everyone’s hands grab hot chocolate as they all walk down the street. But that is life in the city and everything you will meet. —Zoe G.

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand about Chicago, it’s how its citizens are always talking about the weather. Rather, they’re always complaining about it. In the summer, it’s too hot and muggy. In the winter, it’s too cold. The spring and fall are never long or short enough. This is Chicago. We all know what to expect. Nothing extreme or out of the ordinary is either. At the same time, Summer is so fun I go to c I absolutely love how people respond when the seasons amp in s ummer “Let’s go change. After a long winter, when the first 60-degree to the po ol.” —Paili B. day comes, the bars and restaurants open up their windows and layers of clothing are shed as the sidewalks come alive with human interaction again. It seems everyone is in a fantastic mood like we all just won the Living in the city in the summer is like a grapefruit. On the lottery (and won’t have to pay taxes on it). The same outside it is bitter and tough, like paying for parking and having to sit thing happens when it begins to cool down. There’s a in traffic in the hot sun. But, once you dig down deeper and get used to it, it is great and sweet. For example you can go see fireworks at Navy tribal celebration over football season and a necessary Pier or have a picnic on one of the many great beaches here in Chicago! change in wardrobe; new boots, cool jackets.... I love this Even though Chicago is sometimes bitter, the sweetness makes you city for its bipolar weather and how its bipolar citizens totally forget about it, so you can enjoy your time here! Living in the remain so bipolar about it.” city in the summer is bittersweet and we all know it! —Sydney V. — David Himmel, Author of “A Camp Story” y. s all da r camp e ity. m c m e u th S ves in lo g d n Hats a e city. I love th y R. —Samm


I jog down my front steps and make my way to the side of my house, where my red and black bike waits for me. I hop on the seat and pedal slowly, towards the smooth, new street, where I start to speed up. I turn onto another side street and bike for a few blocks. I drift to the left and I’m in the park. I see a buddy, and we swing for a while. When I swing as high as I can get, I jump off, wind in my face, cooling me down from the sizzling summer sun. I smile. This is my kind of neighborhood. —Thomas P.

a vast array of familial and “Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Small communities with With all these different cultural backgrounds is what gives this city such a unique flavor. sum of all the parts. backgrounds, the unifying theme throughout is the pride in the s with the people who breathe Chicago is beloved by people all over the world, but that start it in every day.” — Dan Gargan, Chicago Fire Let me tell you about my city! On my block I see trees, a park, and a playset. I smell pizza cooking. I hear people laughing. My eyes are like melted cheese when I eat pizza. I love eating scorched sausage and touching fluffy dogs. This is my city! —Adam

Unabridged, a heaven on Earth There are many things I like about my neighborhood. First, I like the plants and trees. So many animals come like birds and squirrels. We have a lot of flowers in our front yard. Next, it is so close to Target. We can just walk to it. It is one of my favorite stores too. Last, I like my neighbors. They always talk to me. Their names are Cicly, Cash and Niko. My neighborhood is nice the way it is. —Veronica F.

What I love most about my neighborhood is I get to make new friends because of all the houses and people. I also like the trees and grass and all the green space. Also, the animals that live in my tree and all the other ones in the neighborhood. —Dylan N.

A place with daring sword fights, magic spells, and of course the romances of the century for saps like me.

spells that make even the most frightening of ogres run away.

Where the geekiest of girls can become a spy with just the turn of a page.

But most importantly, it’s what reminds me of home.

That one bookstore, That one page, That one home, Where the class clown can cast For ME

—Julia M.

I love the park because I can see ducks near the water. I can also play on the baseball field doing catching and hitting. I can also play in the park on the swing and slide. —Trey V.

Parks gigantic, loud helping people live, helping people exercise, helping people play, eager, ready, scared, tired, Chicago —Trey V.

What I like about my neighborhood is that the houses are packed with people and my neighbors are fun. My neighbors have squirt guns and we do also. Once we squirted each other. It was fun! We have good ones. —Devin J.

Caurie H. Parks enjoyment, safe running, skipping, zooming excited, cheerful, hyper, strong Playground —Diego C. E.


Fall 2012

What I love most about my neighborhood In my streets all I hear is drama You know, like the drama from your baby mama Drama about this person owin’ somebody money Drama about who messing around wit’ who It’s crazy how a little girl knows all these things But what’s even crazier is that she’s been through the same things These streets is not somethin’ I would call home but somethin’ that’s just wrong When I step outside the door all I see is the color red The color of blood Where I live, it’s a war zone Everything I breathe smells like weed —Gina B.

is that I live near a lot of stuff most houses don’t have. I live near 3 parks, 2 friends and 2 restaurants! —Drew I.

Brady Y. This is how I feel in my neighborhood. I can touch exploding nerf guns. I smell the leaves blowing into tornadoes. I can taste lemonade blowing around in my mouth. I see the trees moving the wind in my direction to make me fast as lightning. I hear the wind blowing straight through my ear. That’s how I feel in my neighborhood.

“Like NYC, Chicago is a walking city, and I love to walk (we don’t even own a car). Chicago is also a city of neighborhoods. My neighborhood, East Lakeview, always has a fun snap, crackle, and pop. One of my favorite things to do is to take the CTA a few miles out in any direction, and then walk all the way home. I always discover interesting new smells, sounds, foods and people. How lucky are we to live in a city where you can travel the world in an afternoon?” —Jacqueline Edelberg, Author of “How to Walk to School.”


hat I love about my neighborhood. I love all of the super duper nice friends that live in the neighborhood. For example, Sammi, Katie and Ava. I also love my house. My house is a nice size house. It is not too big and not too small. I once had a dozen size fish tank. That’s the last thing I love about my neighborhood. —Megan W.

I touch flowers and trees too. The sight of houses.

The sound of wind blows.

“I love that I can step out my front door an d walk ten yards in one direction and wa tch a movie in the pa rk, ten yards in the other direction and go to a street fair, an d on the way to eithe I will see art and hear r music. Best city in th e world!” —Angie McMahon, Resident Artist, Ch emically Imbalanced

I like going to the park to play. I play with my friends at Morgan Park. I play on the swing and slide. It is fun to play with my brothers and sister. —Mayounghai K.


Warren Park is special to me because you can almost play every sport including cricket. And there’s so much grass you could run around anywhere unless there’s a baseball game.




Simon O. Fall 2012


In the morning, it’s always silence At night there’s too much violence Kids are dying or being killed Wondering when they’re going to eat their last meal Or how can your mother afford their last bill But people are really getting ridiculed because of their shoes Kids are wondering if they’re getting their last hug Many people are on the corners with drugs, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, are what you need to learn But if you’re being bad, sometimes it burns Some family members are being killed with a knife Others want to be like them when they need to get a life, These days people are simply haters, But very intelligent people say they can’t fade us Now they really want to test, ’Cause they want to be infused with the best So now they want to get up there so they can be the greatest. —Ammari J. Why do we have so much violence? Nowadays you can’t even sleep in silence, without hearing a police car or siren. When we turn on the news, somebody’s been raped or killed. This is supposed to be our time to shine, instead of committing crime. We have the potential and knowledge to succeed, But in order to proceed, We need to create a dream; we thought we’d never dream. We need to come together and forget the negatives and think about the pros, Because who knows when it’s our time to go? Let’s pick up a book instead of a knife. Think about plans in life. Why would a person rather be in prison? Why wouldn’t they want to work in an office running their own business? It’s like this world is coming to an end. Some people are scared to leave their homes. We need to start showing consideration and love for our neighbor, as a sister or brother. Life is too short to be afraid of it. It’s time to come as one because, We don’t know when our time will come. So let’s stop the violence to make it a better place for YOU and ME! —Deonna B.

I’ve been told, “You could be at the wrong place at the wrong time” But violence has gotten so bad there’s no right or wrong place I hate to see the expressions on mothers’ faces When their child has been gunned down in the streets We have grown men trying to look young and cool But in reality they look like old fools The youth are continuing to copy what they see Some knowing and some not knowing what they are copying is not the right thing Life is a game that only has one chance You can’t keep dying and coming back This is not Pac-Man Boys think being on the streets is attractive and cute But when they walk up to me I simply put them on mute Throwing up gang signs and being on the so called “Block” is nonsense Some people just need to stop they make no sense You can’t always blame it on being in a bad home Or no father figure You have a choice, you choose your future Maybe I should stop before I get too deep There are more things that will knock you off you feet I’m going to keep going because there are more things that I need to get off my chest All this violence needs to be put to rest. I’m going to try to lead my family and friends down the right path Because when they get caught, their friends are going to sit back and laugh Violence is something that needs to be stopped It’s not going to be up to some of the cops I’m speaking about how I feel Some of the cops are involved in the violence and Have no reason to kill There’s no need to see me differently because of my opinion. I see us blacks at the bottom of a deep hole It is something like the Grand Canyon Maybe and hopefully in the near future the violence will become extinct Blacks fought for over a 100 years to be free and Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of peace! —Bria H.

Violence, violence is not the key for you to get your degree. Violence, violence is a crime and you really don’t have the time. Violence, violence is making our precious world come to an end. Violence, violence, life is too short for violence, so live your life to the fullest. Violence, violence, little kids are disappearing everyday because of violence. Violence is very bad, violence makes people mad.

—Alexis H.


Fall 2012

Don’t die, please don’t leave. I know a 16-year-old girl with a dying son at the age of 3. Looking in the mirror; staring into my eyes, feeling sad because right outside my door a little infant baby just died.

How are the streets a competition to you? When bad things happen that’s when people act a complete fool. I look at each and I see the devil on each side. As someone starts to approach, I look away and feel sad. Who died? When? Why did it happen? Those questions still remain on the streets of my city.

Life isn’t a game You only have one chance You can’t keep playing with fire If you do, your life will expire Violence, Violence This world of Violence This life, this life This dangerous life Please, Jesus help the world Because I am a lovely girl I abhor seeing violence Around my world I pray, I pray I pray to you Now that I know The violence is dangerous I hope my dreams will come true Violence, Violence God is watching this violence How can this world be full of violence? Violence isn’t good for a world like this Violence, Violence This world of Violence I hope it stops today This world full of Violence —Dreniqua B.

I don’t go outside because of my fear. Gun shots firing close and near. Gangs against gangs, now it’s a war. They hit the homeless and even the poor. Blood is dripping head to toe. Nowhere to run, nowhere to go. Ambulances are coming from everywhere. I start to cry; I start to care. I’m sad for the moment that happened today. Things happen anytime any day. My first day outside I’m scared to death. I start to cry and take deep breaths. First thing I felt was a tap on the head. A few seconds later; now I’m dead. Mom and dad I’ll meet you in heaven. Even though, I died at the age of seven.

I guess it’s life, when you’re out on the streets. I want violence to stop and put the bad people back on their feet, so they can live a good life and stay out of the streets. When bullets are shot they hit the wrong people, even kids who are playing in the park. They even make sure it’s well past dark.

I am only four. I don’t have a lot of things because I’m poor. I was on my way to bed when I had a gun held to my head. I was praying to God to keep my life. If I die now, I would never be someone’s wife. I was thinking about my mother, How could she live if she has already lost my brother. Please Lord keep me alive. I would do anything to survive. He hit me with the gun in my head twice, It hurt like ice. I am bleeding. What is it that this guy could need? I remember seeing his face somewhere. He is killing me inside; he must not care. I feel a sharp pain in my chest. He tried to kill me, but he didn’t try his best. My heart is beating really fast. I’m thinking which breath I’m about to take will be my last. I was good; I wasn’t bad. I didn’t do anything to end up dead. I’m only a little girl. I wasn’t ready to leave this world. He committed a crime. When will he do his time? It’s cold outside and it’s really dark. There are a lot of children playing in the park. You hear kids playing, screaming and joyful noise. Right around the corner you see a group of boys. The boys have guns in their pockets and selling drugs. And the young girls are giving out hugs. You wonder when your life is going to end. It’s not over, it just began. Tears are rolling down your face. It’s like your death is here; it’s an end of the race.

The streets, the streets are nothing nice. I wish people would stop hanging in them and get a life. Please think twice about the decisions you make. Don’t hang with the wrong crowd because trust and believe when you look back it’s going to be a BIG mistake. —Jalissa H.

Kids are seeing teenagers making deals. They are wondering when they’re getting their last meal. Thinking about your last day on earth is hard. Knowing that you got shot before and made it this far. When I saw that gun, I was scared. So I closed my eyes, I thought he was going to put the gun down. But I got a surprise; I heard a loud noise I was praying to God That it was just a toy, it felt like someone punched me in my arm. I hear something that sounds like an cow from a barn. It feels like someone spilled water on me. I don’t know what’s going on because my eyes are still closed And I can’t see. Wait, I think I just got shot! I am in pain, please make it stop. What did I do to deserve this? I didn’t know what to do because I was nervous. If only I could’ve seen his face everything would be fine. I would’ve saved someone else’s life because He would be doing time. It feels like I am about to die. There is nothing I can do, but cry. I hear voices, but I can’t see a thing Now I see what violence brings. I have a life that I would like to live, But if I die I would have a heart to give. Right now it is silent, why did the world have to be so violent? I am only five years old. All this blood makes me feel cold. Will that man get caught and get turned in? Because he knows he has committed a sin. I wanted to grow up and go to school, But I might not be able to do that because of this fool —Dejah W.

—Armann J.

Fall 2012


Throughout the night, What’s on are The city lights.

While it’s dark. The sky’s blue, Birds flying through it, Some of them are born new.

Some cities are old. Others are new, And many cities are cold.

Living in the city is taking a bus to work. Saying good morning to your neighbor. Helping your neighbor. Living in the city is more than an individual. When everyone works together Living in the city is my new adventure, where I make friends, where I have a family who understands. Living in the city is the New chapter in my book Living in the city is where I can be free and fly like a bird.

The day is bright, You hear a whizzing sound above, It’s a plane in flight! The dogs bark, In the night,

Go to the game of basketball, It’s fun for the players, Who are all tall. Go shopping, All day long, Then in the night bar hopping. —Jessica D.

Colors..., colors..., throughout the city, all over the place. You just need to find them to enjoy them. There might be flowers all over the place, there might be an ad on a billboard that might interest you. You might hear the birds chirping a song if you listen intently. The city is filled with trash no doubt and it really stinks. Life in the city!!!!! —Anonymous

—Anya N.

“Chicago: a go-to city. Chicago is the best of cities and the worst of cities, bar none. Liberty suffuses our argot, but discrimination muddies the stream of our behavior, implicit and real.....You would do a service to your readers and yourself opening Nelson Algren’s classic little book, “Chicago: City On the Make.” (15 bucks, U. of Chi. Press) Open it almost anywhere and Chicago comes at you as the mixed-up broken-nosed monster it is.” —Art Shay, Photographer and Writer






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Life in the city is so much fun! There are lots of buildings in the city! The city is really big! The city has lots of cars. Buses are in the city. There are parks in the city! There are lots of people in the city. I love Chicago!! —Stephanie J.

Cameshen H.

n P.


I love living in the city. Chicago is my favorite place in the world. I love my school. I am going to stay there until I graduate. I love the zoo. I love all the animals that we have. I love the Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. I LOVE OUR CITY! —Audrey I.

Caroline C.

The city

is big and full of skyscrapers. We have so many things in the city that other places don’t have, like big museums. The city also has zoos. But my favorite thing to do in the city is to explore. In the city there are always new places to go to and new things to see. That’s why I love the city. —James L.

“I love living in Chicago because there is a such a world-class variety of cultural activities going on every day. We have amazing theaters like The Gift, the Red Orchid and Steppenwolf, the Chicago Symphony, fantastic museums, wonderful summer festivals, great dance companies. There’s something for everyone. And any night of the week you can see incredible musical performances in venues like the Old Town School of Folk Music, Schubas, The Hideout, and more. I love living in this city.” —Justin Roberts;

In the city there are lots of people. It is crowded and there is lots of stuff to do. I like the city because I like lots of commotion. The city is great. —Jeremy L.

Chicago is a great city Many people there are witty The Sears Tower stands tall It may be high but it won’t fall. I love Chicago a lot Even when it gets too hot The weather is very crazy It can get a bit hazy. Everyone should visit this place In Illinois it’s like the face The Water Tower, Marshall Fields When you drive, you’ll need to yield. —Graham B. Fall 2012

Chicago, the Windy City The best city to me Hooping in the streets Eating McDees Going downtown Looking at Chi Town Swimming at the lake Having fun My hometown It’s #1 —Craig B.

The city that works is what I love The sound of the trains on the tracks Lets me know that this is my home The people downtown show me that you can work and play There are so many things that you can do for days My hometown is different and cannot be remade Chicago is the place I know will always stay the same and true to my heart —Nicolette T.

Tyler R.


The city is known for many things It’s known for fashion and art paintings It’s known for buildings standing tall It’s known for birds singing their call It’s known for having many people It’s known for people sharp as a steeple It’s known for cars rushing downtown It’s known for children running around Buildings, apartments, Chicago is like any other city. The city is known for many things ago is different, and cars wasting their gas, but Chic The city is amazing! zing sculptures to its ama its everyone can see it. From —Ava B. Park. —Margaux R. amazing shows in Millennium Life in the city is hard. Life in the city is always hard. Life in the city is hard because you always have to do something. You always have to work so you can have a job. And when you have a job you have to pay the bills around your house. And you need money to buy food and care if you have kids. Life in the city is hard because you pay money. You need to pay money because everything costs money. You need to buy clothes, bed, food, refrigerators and all that stuff. And you need to pay because if you don’t you’ll be poor. Life in the city is hard because you have to take care of children. You need to take care of your children because nobody wants the kids dead. And because it’s also against the law. And you need to take care of them because they’re your responsibilities. Life in the city is always hard. Life in the city is hard because you have to have a job, you always have to pay, and you have to take care of your children. —Jonah W.

Life in the city is me. It has always been me. The windy city is filled with museums and monuments that will always be remembered forever. Farmland is not for me and is not my type. The city is my happy place and nothing else is. No other city is my type. Chicago is my only one to stay in my memories forever. —Alexander P.

Charming summer city Huge, 3rd biggest city in U.S. Incredible city to be Causes traffic on week days Amazingly cold in winters Good Chicago Pizza Odd events occur such as Lollap

alooza Chicago, Chicago day and night try to take in all those wonde rful sights. Four seasons just like I like. Chicago, Chicago so big and so bright. —Ani L.

Looking Through Burley I can see green trees, leaves absorbing the sun’s light. I can see John Hancock and the Willis Tower on the wide blue horizon. I look through the open stained window, counting the minutes left until gym. I look around the room to see the same, stone hard look on each 202 student. So silent, but each full of words. —Hunter V. hicago is huge! as cute dogs! wake up from birds chirping! an’t usually find cats. bbey is a popular name. reat tag games! Come and play! h my, isn’t Chicago great! Abbey

A irplanes B ears C ubs D og walking E xtravagant F lashing lights G reat H igh rise buildings I ntelligent J oggers K id-friendly L incoln Park Zoo M illennium Park N avy Pier O z Park P ublic transportation Q uite exciting R estaurants S oldier Field T raffic U nderground subways V endors W rigley Filed White So X Y elling Z oo —Zoe P.


Chicago Chicago Chicago cunning, strong gigantic, windy giant, windy running, murdering, lurking robbing, killing, brawling outlaw, cunning, brawling Going through it all City of multiplicity City of action Supportive Evil Stunning —Aaliyah P. —Timothy S. —Jalen J. Chicago Chicago Chicago windy, big big, busy big, noisy fighting, shooting, outlawing walking, talking, standing building, caring, loving A city with violence A very busy city Everybody having fun Belligerent Abound LOVE —Joshua W. —Tynia H. —Kenyatta S.

“Tell them that a city is defined by its people—not its bricks and mortar, that this city of tribes is a garden of messy vitality and grace as well as sadness and cruelty—there is a richness of culture beyond measure—and a poverty of spirit as well—it is the whole human comedy. To be part of the city is to be aware of its sadness as well as its joy. And that for there to be more joy it will require their participation....Don’t sell them the empty and cheap Boosterism the tourist brochures rattle off. This is a living, shape-shifting entity that is only as good as those who people it. Let them know they are responsible for their neighbors—we are our brother’s keeper, and that Community demands participation.......” — Tony Fitzpatrick, Chicago Artist


Chicago is so much fun Go relax at LaLa in the sun There are other things to do Maybe you can go to Lincoln Park Zoo. Go to see the Shedd Aquarium fish. After that get a deep-dish dish We have a team called the Chicago Bulls On that team we have Derrick Rose. When you are at Millennium Park Stop by and see the fantastic art. —Teddy H.

We’re All City Children We’re all city children. With our hip trends, and shopping temptations, we make up the bodies of Chicago. Not just physical bodies, but mental bodies that all find passion in sports or competition. Children keep Chicago alive.

I am a city girl. My keen sense of direction guides me through my day. Communication fills my life, going along with the extra curricular activities. The sight awes my eyes. Skyscrapers fill the view of Chicago But it doesn’t stop there. Our famous Chicago hot dogs Never let us down. Not only are we proud of the appearance of Chicago, but the taste of Chicago. We are all Chicagoans. We join hand in hand to become experts of our city. Our diversity doesn’t hold us back, but yet pushes us forward. Not only do they love it, but we love. There’s no doubt in our minds that we are city children. We are Chicagoans. Moses C.

—Maddie R.


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StudentsXpress Fall 2012  
StudentsXpress Fall 2012  

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