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Spring 2018 Edinburgh #30




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BRITAIN’S SCOTT TALENT Calum Scott interview.........17

ON THE LINE Call centre girl tells all.18-19

COVER STAR Plebs new guy..............20-22

GRAD SUPP Guide to the next step.....23-40

WALKER ON WILD SIDE Tom Walker interview..........41

WHATEVER NEXT Coming soon to you.........42-43

FUNNY GUY Larry Dean interview.......44-46

CHANGED BAYS James Bay interview........48-49

GAME ON Kiss Me First..............50-51

SIX OF THE FEST Summer festival guide......52-55

GOOD VIBES Body positive diary........56-59

ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL Spring beauty tips.........60-62

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FASHION l Red Bardot Cross Front Shirred Crop Top £79.99

l Semi-Sheer Raincoat £29.99

l Guns ’n Roses T-shirt £18

l Adidas Originals Bumbag £20 four


L A V I T S E F FEVER THE ultimate festival look this year involves looking as stylish and effortless as the celebrities being papped at Coachella, whilst being prepped for the mud and the madness of UK festivals. As important as it is to spend your money on enough drinks to last the weekend, try and spare some cash for the key staple pieces for

festivals featured here. Replace the open toe shoes with a pair of Dr Martens, the light-weight kimono with an edgy rain mac, and designer bags with an essential waist bag. Now it’s time to enjoy the music! EILIDH STEWART will talk you through it...

l Red Bardot Cross Front Shirred Crop Top £79.99

l Light Before Dark Camel Teddy Jacket l Ditsy Shorts l BraletZip-through £75 £35 £26

l Abstract Print Rain Mac £25

llLight BeforePascal Dark Camel Dr Marten Teddy Zip-through Wonderlust BootsJacket £135 £75


FASHION l Chiffon Blouse £17.99

l Hailey Baldwin

l Dior Collection SS18

l Femme Frill Sleeve T-shirt £32

From Paris With Love

THIS trend will have you feeling a strong case of deja vu from runway collections to high street stores. The S/S 18 runways featured collections that were dominated by Parisian fever, like Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger S/S 18 ready to wear collection! This trend is perfect for keeping it casual, like Hailey Baldwin’s street style during New York Fashion Week, by pairing a striped slogan cropped top with a pair of distressed denim shorts this summer. Anything with runner stripes, French slogans and a whole lot of blanc, bleu and rouge is your go-to for a casual Summer.

l Appliqued Coat £99.99

l Hidden Button Cotton Blouse £20 Top l Bonjour Long Sleeve £19


l Hilfiger Collection SS18


It’s in the bag l Leopard Purse Belt £32

THIS season you will see the waist bag on the runway as much as you will off it. Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Rihanna have all already been spotted sporting this accessory, combining it with a range of different styles. This is so much more than your standard day-to-day bag, it has versatility. Wear it around the waist like Rihanna or update your style and wear it across the body as seen on Kendall Jenner. If you have not been won over already, forget juggling your bag and your phone, this hands-free style makes Instagramming a breeze.

l Black Studded Bum Bag £24

l Black Contrast Neon Trim Bum Bag £15

l Fanny Pack £15


FASHION l South Beach Coral Washed Cotton Beach Bag With Sequin Stark £15

l Animal Zen Beach Bag Black £29.99

l High Leg Waist Swimsuit £16


NO, it’s not too soon to start packing for your Summer vacay. This guide will sort you out for your beach days as well as hitting the clubs with your golden tan. Beachwear on the runway has given us serious 90s flashbacks with hip-bone grazing swimsuits, along with cut-outs and draped kimonos.

When heading out, your wardrobe will not be changing too much with a ‘barley there’ look being a massive prediction. Many designers have been collaborating day and night with mesh and silk fabric, like Isabel Marant throwing a metallic maxi over a swimsuit. Welcome to your Summer style guide.

FASHION l Watermelon 2-In-1 Towel Bag by Jaded London £38

l Cutout Swimsuit £18

Beach Fiesta

l Snake Flared Kimono £25

l Glamorous Midi Skirt £22

l Mesh Ruched Bandeau Mini Dress £30




I THINK I hear the sound of something being milked for all it’s worth. Narcos was a huge hit on Netflix and captured the often easily-distracted mind of the average Netflix viewer. The rise and fall of crime lord and cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar has enthralled the world ever since the coverage of the story in the news during the 80s. Since then, many a film and TV show has been inspired by the life of Escobar. This May two of the men partly responsible for the creation of Narcos will be holding a conversation at the O2 Academy. Former DEA agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy were in action at the time as they brought down Escobar and his Cali Cartel. The two were heavily consulted for the Netflix production and now take their stories and insights on the road. Make sure to take a pen and paper. If either of the speakers let slip some



sensitive information, you’ll know where Escobar messed up and therefore you’ll be able to run your

own cartel much more successfully. o NARCOS is on at the o2 Academy on May 9. Prices from £34.25

Carnival of Light GET your face paint out, your high-vis on and light yourself up like a Christmas tree on holiday in Vegas. This is a club night that will leave you needing new retinas the next morning. Of course not. The Carnival of Light celebrates all things illuminated. The night will include house and garage music from beginning to end, Chinese dragons, acrobats, body painters and lots of other dazzling displays to keep you up until the early hours of the morning. The festival also includes some things called “light inspired puppets”.

Presumably these are well-crafted, high-tech, complex pieces of craftsmanship as opposed to someone just setting fire to a Tickle Me Elmo. Either way, what a spectacle. At a time of year when many a festival is just around the corner, why not get yourself to one that doesn’t require a three-day commitment, is indoors making the weather irrelevant and is happily affordable. o THE Carnival of Light takes place on April 1 at the o2 Academy. £19.99



Harlem Globetrotters AHH, the clowns of the sea. No wait, that’s dolphins. The clowns of the basketball court on the other hand, The Harlem Globetrotters, will be visiting the Braehead Arena this May. The exhibition basketball team have been touring for decades (with several changes to the lineup due to the aging process of human beings) and will stop off in Glasgow this year. Fun fact: The Harlem Globetrotters didn’t play a game in Harlem until the 60s, around 40 years after the team was formed. Think of it as being a combination of the circus, Stomp and some other kind of public performance… a basketball game I guess.

Expect to witness the ridiculous skills of the likes of Thunder Law and Cheese Chisholm. I’m as jealous of their names as I am of their ability on the court. Also their

THE Witches of Pollok – doesn’t that just send a shiver down your spine? I mean think about it. Pollok. The thought alone has given me the heebie-jeebies (it’s a serious medical condition). I kid. During the 17th century, the Witches of Pollok were burned at the stake. This night looks to re-enact the

height. I’m jealous of that too. o HARLEM Globetrotters come to Braehead Arena on May 24. From £20.35.

The Witches of Pollok wicked goings on of that time. Experiments and performances from mind readers and experts in witchcraft will seek to intrigue and beguile you. Join Cara Hamilton and Ethereal Fearchara (I want to see a birth certificate) at Pollok House to indulge

your inner witch. Head further along Pollokshaws road on either of those nights and you’re bound to see some equally disturbing sights. It’s your choice. o THE Witches of Pollok is on May 4-5. £15.50

Mobile Kitchens CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) is always a good bet for some sort of quirky experience or another. Situated on Sauchiehall Street, the gallery/workshop/ venue/café offers a space for those looking to immerse themselves in the renowned artistic side of the city, either as a creator or just an appreciator. This event looks to understand cooking as an artistic, creative, educational practice. The idea is to bring in influences and perspectives

from a broad range of cultural backgrounds, and to learn the different methods, recipes, sources and stories behind the dishes that make up those cultural backgrounds. Culture will always be inextricably linked with the artworld, and there are few more impactful signifiers of crossing cultures than gastronomy and the processes that go into creating it. o MOBILE Kitchens is on at CCA April 16. Free, ticketed. eleven





The Age of Perfection: Bodies, Social Media & Lifestyle

IT may have escaped your notice, but it turns out that most of us have well and truly bought into the ‘selfie’ obsession. I for one won’t leave the house without Instagramming my Shreddies-based breakfast routine for the world to see. And probably mock.

But in a world in which we’re bombarded with constant messages about physical standards of ‘perfection’, is it any surprise that we make bad choices from time to time? Think excessive gym use and dieting, use of unnecessary supplements and misuse of illicit drugs.

These issues will be explored as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival. Smartphone banned. Probably. o THE Age of Perfection...takes place at 12.30pm on April 7 at the National Museum of Scotland. From £6.50.

The Amazing Science of Bad Language CRUMBS, heck, blast, dang, poppycock, balderdash. It’s unlikely that any of these will be included in this purely scientific analysis of sweary words. Real, genuine science folk believe that swearing could, in fact, be good for our health. This begs the question: why is Scotland suffering such a health crisis? Much better and more interesting questions will be addressed in The Science of Bad Language, and you’ll come away with plenty of fun facts about the nation’s favourite pastime. Having spent so much of your academic life in lectures, attending a discussion might not seem like the most appealing thing in the world. But if you fancy an excuse to indulge in some top-class, scientific cursing then this could be a worthwhile education. o THE Amazing Science of Bad Language takes place on April 5th at Summerhall. £8.50. twelve

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Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Bank Holiday Special 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Benefit in Aid of Abused Men In Scotland 8:00pm Viva La Shambles 8:30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9:00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Andrew Ryan & Chris Kent: The Fully Corked Tour 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Bona Fide 8:30pm Lee Kyle: Folly 8.30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9:00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Adam Hess & Glenn Moore 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Rob Auton – The Hair Show 8:30pm Topical Storm 8:30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9:00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Carl Hutchinson – Live! 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Anna Morris: Bitchelors 8:30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9:00pm Comedy Kids 2:00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Tony Law’s 2018 Absurdity for The Common People Tour 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm

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Simon Munnery – Renegade Plumber 8:30pm Viva La Shambles 8.30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9.00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1.30pm Bank Holiday Special 8.30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Bona Fide 8.30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9.00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1.30pm Joe Bor – A Room With a Jew 8.30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Dan Antopolski – Return of the Dan Antopolski 8:30pm Tropical Storm 8.30pm The Thursday Show 9.00pm The Friday Show 9.00pm The Saturday Show 9.00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Barbara Nice: Raffle 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Angela Barnes – Fortitude 8:30pm The Thursday Show 9:00pm The Friday Show 9:00pm Comedy Kids 2:00pm The Saturday Show 9:00pm Stu and Garry’s Free Improv Show 1:30pm Bank Holiday Special 8:30pm Red Raw 8:30pm Bright Club 8:30pm Best of Scottish Comedy 8:30pm The Thursday Show 8:30pm




IF you’re wondering how best to satisfy the nine-year-old in you who occasionally wants out, why not try hurtling yourself through a giant inflatable obstacle course? Gung-Ho! at The Meadows gives you the opportunity to test yourself against something that looks like the final of a 90s kids’ TV show. The difference is that the kids probably weren’t covering five kilometres on their obstacle course. The winner gets a load of Gung-Ho! merch and a sense of accomplishment that will make you consider whether you could be a professional obstacle course runner. You’ll quickly remember that that isn’t a thing and move on with your life. All of this is with the events charity partner, Children in Need, in mind. So dust off your gym gear, eat too many sweets and take part in something fantastically childish all for a good cause. o GUNG-HO! is on at The Meadows on May 12. From £36.93.

Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival I FEEL like it’s obligatory to suggest something that involves having a drink at some point. This time it’s the Edinburgh Beer Festival. You know the drill when it comes to craft beer: grow a beard, wear a check shirt and pull a “Hmm, what an interesting balance of flavours” face every time you take a drink. Craft beer seemed to come out of nowhere, but it looks to have stood the test of time rather than ending up a short-lived fad.

Hidden Door

This year’s festival could see the emergence of the next big thing in the hoppy world of craft beer. On a weekend in May there are surely few more appealing ways to spend your time than sampling some of the finest brews around, complemented with bucketloads of your preferred salty snack. o THE Craft Beer Festival is on from May 25-27 at various venues. From £35. HIDDEN Door is a great concept where unused buildings and public spaces are given a new lease of life and used as venues and galleries to display the work of musicians, painters, illustrators and plenty of other artistes. Thinking about the amount of unused space in Glasgow and just about every other city in the UK, this concept will hopefully spread throughout the country. Hidden Door could even become its own festival in time. Anything that gives a space to a range of artists is welcome; when potentially unused buildings then get a reboot and an opportunity to be rejuvenated then the idea becomes all the better. o HIDDEN Door takes place at Leith Theatre and Old State Cinema from May 25-June 3. Prices vary.


Devon Vale, Tillicoultry, FK13 6HQ 01259 752 100 WWW.STERLINGMILLS.COM

Calum’s gone from BGT pup to top dog THREE YEARS ago recruitment officer Calum Scott was wondering if his life as a singer would ever materialise into anything more than the pub circuit. Later that year he was pipped at the post during Britain’s Got Talent’s final by Matisse the performing dog. No, really. But Calum’s career has gone from strength to strength with a number two hit in the UK and Australia. Calum reveals to SUSIE DANIELS he’s got Nile Rodgers in his sights and is shaking off memories of small-minded kids who couldn’t accept his sexuality. Take it away Calum...

IT’S your 30th this October. Prefame how would you celebrate it and how will you now celebrate it? When people remind me of my old life and the 9-5 job working in an office staying in the city it’s very surreal. I kind of don’t want to make changes. I would have gathered a load of family and friends and have had a big blow out party. Hopefully now it will be the same the only difference is I would like to take everyone to Las Vegas but it will probably cost me and arm and a leg. YOU’RE THE REASON was released in January this year and the video was filmed in a beautiful location – where was it? It was filmed in Kiev in Ukraine. Frank Borin was the director and he was capturing the essence of the veins of the song. I got a lot of input into the video. The song was a tribute to my grandma. She was integral to the video and there’s a scene where a grandma passes away in the video as a memory of her. AFTER your sexuality being thrust in the public eye can you just get on with the job of performing music without it being an issue? Definitely! Many of my songs are about me coming out. One of the lines of my songs is ‘If our love is wrong I don’t want to be right’. It’s thanks to Ollie from Years and Years and Sam Smith as there’s not

that many people who will talk about it. If it gives one thing to anyone hopefully it’s more confidence. WHICH songs are you most proud of on debut album Only Human? The whole album is my life so they all mean something. You Have a Reason is dedicated to all the people who mean something. Only You I wrote with Kodaline celebrating the friendship of my best friend Dan who was there when I was abandoned by my previous friendship gang. I was 13 or 14 when I talked to my mates about being gay. It was too much for them. That taught me a lesson about myself to never put up with that attitude. YOU have Nile Rodgers as a main image on your Facebook page. Have you worked with him or is there anything in the pipeline? I would LOVE to work with him. I met him in New York for Grammy week. He’s such a sweetheart. Nile said, when he was introduced to me, ‘Yeah, I know who he is’. He’s got so many amazing stories and I sat at his table for dinner! HAVE you ever been mistaken for anyone else famous? I’ve been told I have a resemblance to Adam Levine from Maroon 5! (laughs ) It’s the beard and the dark features. He’s gone blond now!

COULD you be any more excited about your debut album released this (March) month? I’ve got new muscles in my cheeks (laughs)! This is the first time this side of my career writing for myself has opened up. I did a song Give Me Love for producer Don Diablo and have worked with Naughty Boy, Jonas Blue and duetted with Leona Lewis and with Matrix and Futurebound last year. With my own album it means I can look forward to my own project. It’s very easy to get caught up in the writing bug. I wrote over 17 songs for Only Human. WHEN and how did you first learn you could sing? I’ve always loved music. My mum always played Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, George Michael and Fleetwood Mac and when I got into school I was a drummer. My music was super happy and I would play all night. But I left school and got a job. My sister’s always been a singer and a dancer. When she was out one day I jumped on her recording equipment and blasted my heart out. She entered me into a singing competition. On stage for the competition I felt this passion and that was it! My sister’s going to open for me in the UK on my European tour.


Calum Scott will play Glasgow’s O2 ABC on seventeen April 13.

Confessions of a call centre girl... WHAT began as an unceremonious firing turned into an unusual job find which led to an unexpected promotion. MIRIELLE CROCCO shares her insight into the inner workings of a call centre worker.

The place... I WORK in an office that takes up an entire floor – it consists of two big rooms separated by a canteen, toilets, training rooms and a long hallway. The main areas are populated by pods and a mishmash of different computer screens, office chairs and supervisor desks. It looks a bit like something out of a low-budget 90s film. eighteen

How to get a survey...

e mindset to continu IT takes a certain violently hung up ing be er aft , dialling lly cow”, or worse on and called a “si ing be repeatedly. ople don’t like As it turns out, pe e by someone blu the called out of even if they aren’t they don’t know ho would’ve (w ing yth an selling known it?). people You’d think more e me their would want to giv litical opinions on the po try or un climate of the co rnment ve take part in a go that has sponsored study lp their the potential to he . business, but no t people Half the time I go take part n’t telling me they ca ally busy “re because they’re as we all know, just now” which, ”. is code for “f*** off negotiation This is where the s intimidating at first thi comes in. I found nt to come off as wa because I didn’t . coercing anyone t people are more likely But I learned tha a snapapproached with en to say yes wh n delivered in a tio uc rod int int py to-the-po d casual manner. confident voice an ly mismatched combiing em se a s at’ Th many surprised at how nation but I was up getting with enough d achievals I ende hing in this area. practice and coac


How I got here... LAST March, after coming home from a movie date with my boyfriend, I had the extreme misfortune of suddenly finding myself jobless – fired via email. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this just so happened to be an extremely busy time for me academically – I was juggling a cascade of deadlines on a number of challenging assignments and was already up to my eyeballs in stress. Not exactly the ideal time for a job hunt! After almost two weeks without an income, I finally landed on something – “market research interviewer”. To be perfectly honest I had no idea what kind of a job it was, but it sounded promising, so I went in to the orientation day. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I would be cold calling in a call centre. While the idea of my doing this was uncomfortable at best, I had no choice but to swallow my pride and give it a solid go. After all, that mobile bill isn’t going to pay itself.

The job... THE gig is market research – surveys upon surveys. We are not selling anything, we don’t ask for bank details, in short we are not a scam. The job oddly reminded me of my time as a film/TV extra in New York – show up and follow directions, almost insultingly simple. However, unlike the cushy NYC sets with their crafty tables and makeup teams, this job actually required a certain degree of negotiation skills and resilience.

Never did I know how many different kinds of telephone surveys could exist on such a variety of subjects targeted at businesses, private landlines and mobiles alike. These include organisations wanting to make sure their service is up to par, the government trying to get some feedback to see how they can help businesses in the future, political monitors, TV studies, etc...etc...etc... Basically, you show up, find your pod and seat, plop yourself down, log in, and start dialling. Easy peasy depending on the job you’ve been allocated to but it’s not always as simple as that.

My rise to glory... I GREW bolder the more achievals I got and started talking to respondents with authority, borderline bossy (while keeping it professional, again another mismatched combination). That made the whole thing seem that much more important than it actually was. And it got results. What’s more it got me noticed. I began getting requested for certain projects, and praised for my professionalism and about six months into the job, I got my first promotion – from humble telephone interviewer to big-shot assistant project supervisor. Living the dream, like.

Conclusion... WHILE it’s not my life’s passion to work in a call centre, I must admit that as far as student jobs are concerned this one is golden. The flexibility is amazing and what’s more the only people I have to deal with are fellow employees, most of whom I’m either on good terms with or have never talked to ever. I also managed to build up some valuable skills here, especially since my promotion, which has helped me fluff up my CV and I also learned something pretty neat – sometimes getting fired will get you promoted. nineteen


MY NAKED IT COULD be the most daunting point of Jon Pointing’s career. Take over from Plebs’ infectiously funny actor Joel ‘Stylax’ Fry and you’d be right to feel exposed and anxious. But that’s not the only exposing Jon had to experience when he joined the cast for the brand new series of Plebs. Thankfully, Jon took the role in his stride, although his poor feet may have suffered as a result.


T’S NOT not often you’re told to strip in your chosen field of work but that’s exactly what happened to Jonathan Pointing when he was offered a lead role in one of most popular comedies – Plebs. Obviously he jumped at the chance and from the offset he was aware a ‘no nudity’ clause wasn’t an option! Jon explains: “There’s a lot of nudity in this series. We got to do some nudity in front of a hundred extras. “It was just a case of head down and get on with it! There’s a scene when we’re in a bath house like a spa day we’re all having and we get our clothes incinerated and have to make our way home. “In another episode the boys run a bar together and I’m trying to steal a recipe from a barmaid at another bar and see the recipe book post-coital so my character grabs it and runs as fast as he can, leaving his clothes there.” Plebs has reached such dizzying comedy success heights that comedy actor and producer Seth Rogen is set to develop a US version of the show. In the UK, the fourth series is out on ITV2 next month and the show, which has widely been described as The Inbetweeners in Ancient Rome, still follows Romans Marcus (Tom Rosenthal) who works in admin for a grain company and his slave Grumio played by Ryan Sampson. Sadly the loveable Stylax, who was played by Joel Fry, has exited the series but new character Jason, played by comedian Jon Pointing, steps in. The new series can expect the usual hilarious scenes and takes off with Edinburgh Fringe stand-up regular Jon’s character Jason, along with Marcus and Grumio, attempting to buy an abandoned toilet from a dodgy property



AMBITION! developer and convert it into Rome’s hottest hangout – The Crown and Toga. Jon says his character’s not as brainy as the other two but is more of a positive influence on them. He reveals: “Jason’s very positive and infectious and happy-go-lucky. He’s not an over-thinker. “When the producer chatted to me about the character there were a few references to Love Island-type people – the perception that they’re just out for a good time. “Jason’s motivation is to get with girls. It would be interesting for him to get a back story and a funny past.” So was there pressure knowing Jon had effectively stepped into Joel Fry’s Roman sandals? Jon admits: “I’m a little nervous or apprehensive because it’s already an established series but I’m excited. “I tried not to overthink it. I didn’t know any of the other actors and Tom and Ryan made me feel really comfortable really quickly. “I met Tom, who came to see me at my Edinburgh Fringe show previews, then we did a pre-rehearsal for Plebs in London and when I was back in Edinburgh Tom visited me and we went out at night. e had a week to go over the script and then we were out filming in Sofia in Bulgaria. The studio was so big. “It’s a typical dream job working somewhere like that. There are definitely times when you’re sat comfortably around talking with friends in a scene and it’s nice. “Of course the other side of it is you can be filming at 11 o’clock at night in the nude freezing with your exposed feet all cut up!” Jon’s route into comedy followed his course in Drama and Performing Arts at Winchester University. A group of students two years above him put on a comedy night and so his comedy career began. Jon says: “That was my first experience of seeing live comedy. I ended up in a sketch double act with the guy who’s now my brother-in-law! “I still never feel like I made a fully conscious thought, ‘I’m going to be a comedian’. “I’ve always loved comedy and wanted to be a performer. When I was very




young the first thing I was probably into was Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura and The Mask. It was the perfect age for me – I was ten years old and there was something anarchic about his characters. “It was like being stupid for a living. I was probably annoying when I was younger as I liked to imitate Carrey. I also liked Big Train, Smack the Pony, Alan Partridge and The Office and I’m a big Vic and Bob fan – it’s not comedy I’m good at but I liked to watch it.” Jon starred in Pls Like the BBC mockumentary about Vloggers, has written some short films and done stand-up at the Fringe since 2014. His most recent show was about creep Cayden Hunter who takes a

cringe-worthy acting masterclass. The show welcomed rave reviews at the Fringe last year. Jon says: “Cayden came about because I’ve met lots of different people through various workshops and studying it and men in general that are like that. “They see themselves as sensitive, worldly and profound but they’re actually shallow individuals. Blokes who are narcissist and stand up and say, ‘I’ve got all the answers’. “One time someone in the audience was fooled into thinking the spoof acting class was for real. “I did a work-in-progress, a free Fringe show late at night in the worst venue which suited my show really


well. This Danish guy in the audience came up to me at the end and apologised that the rest of the audience were laughing. “Another time two people turned up thinking there was an actual acting workshop! “I have a mock website with a contact number which people have tried to contact. On the Home Page it says, ‘I’m not interested in an actor being good, I’m interested in them Being’.”


WE’RE giving away TWO pairs of tickets to see Legally Blonde at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow on April 23. For a chance of winning a pair of tickets, answer the following question:

WHO PLAYED ELLE WOODS IN THE FILM VERSION OF THE SHOW? TO enter go to Facebook @studentragmag

Closing date March 30 Editor’s decision is final.

PLEBS will be returning for a fourth series on ITV2 in April.



WE’VE got together with our friends at Slanj Kilts to give away TWO kilt hire outfits OF YOUR CHOICE for your graduation – each worth £100. For a chance of winning £100 worth of kilt hire, answer the following question:

Closing date March 30. Editor’s decision is final.


TO enter go to Facebook @studentragmag

T&Cs apply – get in touch with Slanj for further details and full conditions. Check out Slanj’s Facebook page.



#4 Sign on

e SH OU LD numbers thre and 10 in this list not go to plan then here is the alternative. Signing on is a great way to keep yourself afloat financially and get help finding some sort of employment. The Job Centre will keep you motivated, either because of the pressure the officers will put on you to intensively look for employment or because you’ll get sick of going there. Don’t get into the habit of signing on for any length of time but do use this resource which is there to help you should you need it.

#5 Spread Your Wisdom NOW that you’ve completed whatever year of whatever course it is you’re doing, you have more knowledge than you did at the start of the year (whether it feels like it or not). As noble as it would be, I’m not recommending you become a tutor. It’s just that now you are in a position to give undergraduates some potentially priceless advice. Would you genuinely recommend the course/college/uni? Which lecturers should they cross their fingers and hope to avoid? Where can they get the best steak bakes? All vital gems of wisdom you can now impart to the next generation. You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama to dish out sage advice and priceless nuggets of wisdom. Bear in mind, however, that he’s unlikely to be strong on Gregg’s baked products.

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Things to do Now You’re Finally Free

WHETHER you’re at college or uni, you are fast approaching your last required use of academic brain power and then the Summer is yours! Assessments, exams, graded units and dissertations are handed in; tears

are shed, goodbyes are said, and dozens of web browser windows are finally closed. That being the case, LUKE HAWKINS gives you 10 things you are now free to do over the course of Summer.

#1 Leave This Place

#2 “Socialise” OBVIOUSLY plenty of “socialising” goes on throughout the academic year anyway, but you’ve now got enough blank spaces in your diary that you can “socialise” with everyone and anyone you like. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs in town where you will be able to “socialise” until closing time. Please “socialise” responsibly, don’t “socialise” and drive and no “socialising” for the under 18s.

PACK your bags and disappear to a different country. From posing for Instagram at a full moon party in Thailand to gruesome lads/lasses’ jaunts in Magaluf to bar work in Australia, only you know what form of temporary emigration would best suit you. Money permitting, there is no end to the possibilities of where you could end up in the next couple of months. Money not permitting, you’ll probably find yourself in a Wetherspoons in Newcastle.

#3 Get a Job NOW that your studies are done, SAAS and Student Loans will abandon you like they never loved you. In fact, the only time you’ll be hearing from them again is when they come to get their loan back. Without this income you’ll need to get into the world of work. You’ll likely have heard stories of recently graduates struggling for work, but this doesn’t apply to all. It might not be your dream job, but bar/ kitchen/retail work could well tide you over.

#6 Binge Watch ANYTHING! NOW that you have some stress-free time on your hands you can treat yourself to some much-needed alone time with the couch. It’s time to make a beautifully crafted ass groove in the couch cushions

rather than your desk chair. Netflix, Amazon Prime and good old-fashioned TV will look after you. Of course, you haven’t been bingewatching instead of doing coursework the entire year anyway, right?

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GRADUATION SPECIAL #7 Embrace Your Inner Housewife/husband IF you do find yourself spending more time at your own place rather than cafeterias and takeaways then why not become the domestic God/Goddess that you have the potential to be? This could be your time to become a star in the kitchen. I mean look at Gordon Ramsay, he seems pretty happy most of the time he’s in the kitchen, right? You could stick to the healthy detox (see number 8) or go full-on pastry chef and whip up cakes that are an affront to Mary Berry herself, the choice is yours.

#9 Prepare for your Graduation Ball

you AS SU M IN G sick haven’t gotten rned bu of everyone, and all your bridges ss left your last clain a blaze of ex ry, glo pletive-laden n ball then graduatio g hin can be somet to. d to look forwar t The ball will no the only give you d chance to spen an too much on ll outfit, but it wi e th also give you catch to opportunity rmer up with your fo ess tn classmates, wi t ge the quiet ones k un surprisingly dr r and then neve of y see the majorit ain. ag these people

#8 Detox WE all have our weekly routines, most of which are based around our timetables. This can have a serious impact on our eating, drinking, sleeping and overall lifestyle. For example, going for a vape between every class or drinking one coffee per 100 words typed or, in my case, having a diet that mainly consists of steak bakes and chicken wings. Now that the timetables are out the window, we have a chance to get into some sort of decent routine. Either that or the lack of structure will see us descend into bewildered cattle-like creatures that eat everything in sight.

#10 Get Work Experience IF you’re determined to step straight into work that actually has something to do with your course, then work experience might need to be your first step into whatever industry you’re looking to be a part of.

More and more courses are encouraging or even integrating work experience throughout the year. If this is the case on your course, then you’ve got yourself some connections and some of that gold

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dust called experience. If not, then you’ve now got plenty of time to get yourself the odd week in a working environment, which will always have the potential to lead to much bigger things.

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GRADUATION SPECIAL How did your Kibbutz experience change you as a person? AS you would expect, the main attribute that my sister developed over the course of the year was independence. You suddenly have to do everything for yourself that you would never really need to do at home and your parents aren’t around to lead you through life anymore. It’s a shock to the system and this is heightened by the fact you are now also adapting to life in a different country. One way the Kibbutz life provided some familiarity and comfort was in the supportive nature of the group and of the Socialist life in general. There was a strong sense of family and encouragement within the group she lived with and that meant that everyone could depend on each other when in difficulty or stress. She also added that her experiences opened her eyes to new ways of living and gave her a clear view of the workings of Socialist life. What were the biggest challenges you faced? AS childish as it may sound, sharing was a big challenge for everyone on Kezia’s gap year. It was difficult to see people wearing your clothes and having to be around the same people all day every day became gruelling. You shared all facilities and the space you had to yourself was very limited. It was clearly a lot to adjust to. The fact that many people

felt uncomfortable to begin with meant that the group had to establish boundaries which proved to be difficult as well. Going back to the idea of being around the same people all the time, Kezia also found that it was a big challenge to learn all the annoying traits of her peers and what actions or words will upset each person in order to keep everyone as happy and comforted as possible. What aspects of Kibbutz life did you enjoy the most? I WASN’T surprised when Kezia told me she enjoyed the craziest parts of her gap year the most. It should be noted that my sister has rainbow coloured hair – the craziest coloured hair you could possibly imagine. Yes, that’s her on the left showing off her multi-coloured locks! Kezia loved meeting new people and finding herself being toured around where they live and being in ‘another world’ so to speak.

She loved finding herself in the most incredible areas of Israel that go unappreciated due to not being a tourist attraction. Israel is a Jewish country, however there are many other religions which are active and thriving in the country and Kezia found them fascinating to learn about. It’s clear that moving to a new country for your gap year will surprise you in many ways and you will learn about new people and places that you would have never known about otherwise.

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GRADUATION SPECIAL HAVE you ever considered escaping education and travelling across the globe to ‘find yourself’ and discover what’s out there while you have the chance? Would you rather live independently but still focus on your education and avoid breaking the bank? Of course you would. So to help you along, JEMIMA DOVER (that’s me on the left of the picture on the right) will impart some wisdom on everything you need to know before embarking on a Kibbutz adventure.

It’s a Kibbutz life for me MY 19-year-old sister Kezia (she’s the one on the right of the picture above) spent nine months living in Israel with a socialist Zionist organisation called Habonim Dror. She lived on Kibbutz Revivim in the South West of Israel for the first three months and then moved into a house alongside 20 Brits, Americans and Canadians in Hod Hasha-

ron in the North of Israel. Fresh out of her life as a high school graduate who was not quite ready to take on the world, my sister left home in September 2016 with five other Brits and headed off to Israel. The thought of taking a gap year had hardly crossed her mind yet, relatively unprepared for what is considered a huge life decision,

she completely changed her life’s path three weeks before she was due to start college. The opportunity was too incredibly special to pass up. With Kezia’s decision being ridiculously rash, it may have been beneficial for her to receive the advice that she has imparted on me for this article.

What did you learn about yourself while on your Kibbutz experience? KEZIA learned that she was able to live in close proximity with a group of new people. She hadn’t known her housemates for very long and she had only met the Americans she was living with at the start of the gap year programme. Living with housemates is not the same as living at home with your parents and siblings. When you live at home and you’re accustomed to having

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things done for you, you get worried that you won’t be capable of functioning for yourself once you leave home. You develop on your gap year; you learn how to look after yourself, you give up bad habits and pick up new ones and generally function as an adult. Being pushed into that environment where she suddenly had to become an adult and look after herself made her realise that she is able to live independently.


Would you Recommend a Kibbutz? YES. Now that Kezia is at university, she can see how much of an impact her gap year had on her self-confidence and independence. In hindsight, she sees that she was not ready for college or uni a year earlier and through her gap year, she has the life experience and knowledge to think ‘yes, I can live away from my family’ ‘yes, I can do this’. This has meant that she is a much happier person living in Leeds now than she would have been without

taking the time to mature and develop into a more confident person in Israel. Most importantly, gap years are fun! You meet friends that will stay with you for life and make memories that will last a lifetime. There will be crazy and confusing times and you will have dramatic relationships and many, many, hilarious moments. One thing in particular that I loved hearing about when talking to Kezia

was this activity called ‘Shnat (the gap year programme she was on) Confessions’. This was held at the end of the year, where all the housemates sat together and read out anonymous notes about the most terrible and unforgivable things they had done over the course of the nine months. An example of this is when two of the girls made soup for one of the vegan housemates and didn’t tell him they used a chicken stock cube!

What Qualities Are Essential for Kibbutz Life? BE open! You have already opened yourself up to a completely new life When so it is essential that you keep your mind and heart as open as possible. You also need to be open to share. You send your clothes off to laundry and you may What Did You Have to Keep Reminding Yourself About PUSH through all the hard times because they will get easier. Life in a Kibbutz – and gap years in general –can be difficult. It’s so fulfilling and incredible and life-changing but it won’t always be easy. You have a lot to get used to; the people, the living conditions, the separation from your family and old friends. There will be times

where you don’t think you are capable of staying away from home for the whole duration of the programme but you can do it. It will take time and you will need support but it is fully within your capabilities to push forward and make the most of your time away.

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not get it back, everyone puts their money together and everyone earns the it’s over same amount. It’s an alien concept at first which is why you need to be able to be patient and adjust to your new and very different way of living.

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HALF PAGE WRITE ABOUT: Fashion, Music, Films, Comedy, Travel, Health & Beauty, Tech...


WELL FIT REVEALING killer legs while achieving a dainty, sassy look is hard to pull off. If you’re confident about your arms and legs then a tight fitted dress to waist length and a satin-style flowing skirt at waist level can trick the eye into only focusing on key areas on your body. Looking good and feeling great – tick, tick!

WHAT is it about the timeless appeal of lace? Once dressed on every table as a statement of fancy dining amongst the granny generation, thanks to Emma Watson, J Law and Ms Stone, lace is now classy, sexy and sophisticated. Keep accessories plain so that the detail in the dress is not diluted. Hinting flesh is more appealing than baring assets! l Blue Short Sleeve Lace Dress £65

l Lipsy VIP Lace Top Placement Print Dress £140

Efters Efters Efters Sticky toffee pudding served with vanilla ice cream Stickytoffee toffeepudding puddingserved servedwith withvanilla vanillaice icecream cream Sticky Apple Tart a tan served with vanilla ice cream. AppleTart Tartaatan tanserved servedwith withvanilla vanillaice icecream. cream. Apple SaltedCarmel Carmel& &chocolate chocolate praline tart, served with highland toffee ice SaltedCarmel pralinetart, tart,served servedwith withhighland highlandtoffee toffeeice ice Salted & chocolate praline cream. cream. cream.

Graduation Menu Graduation Menu Menu Graduation Afore Afore Afore

course menu served with a 125ml glass of Prosecco a bottle course menu served with 125ml glass Prosecco bottle 333 course menu served with aa125ml glass ofofProsecco ororaaor bottle ofof of Coors light. Coors light. Coors light.

Chicken ininaaaDalwhinnie Dalwhinnie sweet &sour sourglaze glazeserved servedwith withmango mango Chickenchaat chaatin Dalwhinniesweet sweet&& sour glaze served with mango Chicken chaat and pineapple salsa. andpineapple pineapplesalsa. salsa. and

£26.99 £26.99 pppp £26.99 pp

Home Made Scotch brothsoup. soup. HomeMade MadeScotch Scotchbroth broth soup. Home Haggis neaps and tatties served withhhaaawhisky whiskysauce. sauce. Haggisneaps neapsand andtatties tattiesserved servedwit wit whisky sauce. Haggis

During During Cumin smoked haddock servedwith withKedgeree, Kedgeree,spinish spinish&&& Cuminscented scentedsmoked smokedhaddock haddockserved served with Kedgeree, spinish Cumin spiced coconutcream cream spicedcoconut cream spiced (spicydish!) dish!) (spicy 8oz cooked to yourliking likingwith withhand handcut cutchips chipsand andsteak steak 8ozfillet filletsteak steakcooked cookedto toyour with hand cut chips and steak 8oz garnish. garnish. £7.00 supplement for steak steakadd addaaasauce saucefor for£2.50 £2.50 £7.00supplement supplementfor add sauce for £2.50 Chickenbreast breastserved servedwith withhaggis bonbon’s bon’s mash potatoes and Chicken served with haggisbon bon’s,,,mash mashpotatoes potatoesand andaaa Chicken sauce. whisky whiskysauce. sauce.

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GRADUATION SPECIAL l Gold Fatima Maxi Dress by TFNC £65

1st CLASS FASHION PROM. Graduation. Just those words could bring on a migraine. It’s a night to celebrate all your hard work over the last few years and let loose, but crucially, the night when you’re most likely to find your photos plastered all over social media. Such an event calls for the perfect outfit, ensuring you feel as fab you look. Here’s SUSIE DANIELS’ key looks for the Big Day.


THE Oscars are well and truly over but shimmering gold is a great look not just on the little statue but also on you! Why not look like a goddess in a dress that ensures you look out of this world but doesn’t cost the Earth? A gold maxi dress that nips and tucks in all the right places and appears to glide over your body. That’s what I’m talking about!

l Red Bardot Foldover Wrap Midi Dress £30


IT’S an illusion that will have everyone wondering all night – the strapless wrap dress that appears to hover. It’s definetely one for the more confident among you but will en-

sure eye-popping looks from admirers. The bigger-chested among you may need to glance down a few times to ensure you’re not revealing more than you intended.

Mains Mains Mains Rassander Tawa Rassander Tawa Rassander Tawa

GraduationMenu Graduation Graduation Menu Starters Starters Starters Spiced Onions and Poppadum’s Spiced Onions and Poppadum’s Spiced Onions and Poppadum’s Prawn Poori Pan fried prawns cooked with mushrooms, peppers Prawn cooked with mushrooms, peppers in in a a PrawnPoori PooriPan Panfried friedprawns prawns cooked with mushrooms, chilli, soya sauce chilli, soya sauce chilli, soya sauce Aloo Tikki Aloo Tikki Aloo Tikki Famous Indian potato cakes crispy the outside and succulent Famous cakes crispy onon the outside and succulent onon FamousIndian Indianpotato potato cakes crispy on the outside and the inside the inside the inside Amritsari Fish Pakora Amritsari Fish Pakora Amritsari Fish Pakora This amazing starter seasoned traditional spices and cooked This seasoned ininin traditional spices and cooked in in Thisamazing amazingstarter starterisisis seasoned traditional spices and light batter aaa light batter light batter Vegetable Pakora Vegetable Pakora Vegetable Pakora Selection seasonal vegetables fried until crispy and golden Selection vegetables fried until crispy and golden Selectionofofofseasonal seasonal vegetables fried until crispy and golden Chicken Pakora Chicken Pakora Chicken Pakora Scotland’s favourite Indian starter served with salad and Scotland’s starter served with aa rocket salad and Scotland’sfavourite favouriteIndian Indian starter served with a rocket rocket salad and chutneys chutneys chutneys Fish Tawa Fish Tawa Fish Tawa Fish marinated Punjabi spices and cooked with garlic ginger and Fish spices and cooked with garlic ginger and Fishmarinated marinatedinininPunjabi Punjabi spices and cooked with garlic ginger and fresh coriander, served fresh served onon a ahotplate freshcoriander, coriander, served on a hotplate hotplate

Marinated Scottish lamb cooked aarich spicy sauce Marinated Scottish lamb cooked in aininrich spicy herbherb sauce andand Marinated Scottish lamb cooked rich spicy herb sauce and served aa tandoori hotplate served on on aontandoori hotplate served tandoori hotplate Butter Chicken Masala Butter Chicken Masala Butter Chicken Masala Smooth creamy sauce aarich masala flavour Smooth and creamy sauce with rich masala flavour Smooth andand creamy sauce withwith a rich masala flavour South Indian Garlic South Indian Garlic South Indian Garlic dish cooked with fresh green chillies, garlic and host A spicy dish cooked withwith fresh green chillies, garlic andand a host of ofof A spicy dish cooked fresh green chillies, garlic aahost fresh herbs fresh herbs fresh herbs Tikka Masala Tikka Masala Tikka Masala marinated in specially specially prepared spicy masala baked Chicken marinated in specially prepared spicy masala baked in aininaa Chicken marinated in prepared spicy masala baked deep charcoal oven. deep charcoal oven. deep charcoal oven. Cooked with mild creamy sauce garnished with almond flakes Cooked with a mild creamy sauce garnished withwith almond flakes Cooked with aa mild creamy sauce garnished almond flakes Chicken Tikka Chicken Tikka Chicken Tikka Marinated chicken cooked tandoor oven. Served with rice, Marinated chicken cooked in ainintandoor oven. Served withwith rice,rice, Marinated chicken cooked aa tandoor oven. Served sauce and salad sauce andand salad sauce salad

Desserts Desserts Desserts Gulab Jaman and Ice cream, Strawberry Cheese Mango Kulfi Gulab Jaman andand IceIce cream, Strawberry Cheese or Mango KulfiKulfi Gulab Jaman cream, Strawberry Cheese ororMango

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JUST because you happen to be male doesn’t mean prom night isn’t a big deal. And it certainly doesn’t give you the green light to chuck on your ‘best’ Converse, denim and bomber combo. Make an effort boys – ditch the hoodie and pull on your best threads. It doesn’t require a big-money investment to look the business and there’s always the option to hire rather than buy your way to graduation night success.

WHO ever said your bignight clobber has to be a permanent purchase? Nobody, that’s who. And that’s why kilt hire was invented, to kit out people like you on a onenight only basis. The bonus is that you simply hand it all back and let them deal with the rest.


l Grey Slanj With Light Grey Crail £99

THERE’S no rule when it comes to suit wear but remember smart can also be comfortable with lighter-style and coloured suits, grandad collar shirts or plain-coloured long-sleeved tops. It’s that ‘I’ve made the effort but I’m still edgy’ look and will ensure you don’t feel stuffy or restricted for your all-day celebrations.


l Old Rose Skinny Fit Suit Trousers and Jacket £104.98 (for both)

FEELING brave? Then why not impress your soon-to-be former class mates by stepping out in a lesser-seen pink suit? There will come a time in your life when you wouldn’t entertain such a

bold suggestoin, but now is not that time. Now is the time to express yourself via the medium of High Street fashion retailers, in this case H&M. Go on, you won’t regret it, although you might.

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l Light Blue Crosshatch Skinny Suit £130

Ypeople, a registered Scottish charity, supports vulnerable groups and individuals whose lives have been affected by homelessness, care experience, and issues around wellbeing.


POSITIVE CHANGE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES? Our services: • Supported accommodation, outreach support and access to housing for people affected by homelessness • Counselling and mentoring for young people • Out of school care for primary school aged children

Types of available paid positions: • Support Worker (Level 1, 2, Senior) • Project Worker / Development Worker • Childcare Worker • Childcare Coordinator • Volunteer / Mentoring Coordinator • Youth Counsellor • Office-based roles, such as HR, Finance, Administration …casual and volunteer positions also available!

For more info visit: or find us on social media




Ypeople is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland with Company Number SC394447 and is a registered Charity with Charity Number SCO17093, with its registered office at Ypeople Building, 15 Dava Street, Glasgow, G51 2JA.

GRADUATION SPECIAL Hands up those who volunteer

OKAY, so it’s charity work: don’t expect great hourly rates – or any payment at all – but these opportunities are guaranteed to give your CV that boost you need to get into the job market. And, if you’re not planning

on going to uni or college, these positions are perfect for you to meet others just like you. Sounds good? Then grab your bucket and get ready to give, give, give and hopefully get some experience in return. EILIDH AKILADE investigates...

#1 Street Fundraising WE’VE all seen them: young people milling about Buchanan Street drowning in their oversized, charity logo raincoats with their too bright smiles, considering the ten times they’ve been ignored in the last minute. Right, it doesn’t seem ideal but being a street fundraiser for a charity – Oxfam, Marie Curie, Barnardos, you name it – can be a genuinely rewarding experience, promoting a cause you genuinely care for, meeting new people, encouraging others to give. Usually, street fundraisers

work in a team allowing you to really get to know your colleagues-soon-to-be-friends. Yes, it may be miserable being snubbed by busy shoppers but just think of it as…character building. And, most charities offer payment for this kind of role! Don’t expect to be rolling in the cash anytime soon but, with flexible working hours and well above minimum wage hourly payments, this is a perfect opportunity to save some money and gain experience and skills in many different fields all

Why I Joined the RAF HAVING studied Computing Science at Robert Gordon University and worked in the Oil Industry in Aberdeen for 5 years it became evident that working 16 hours a day was the norm with no real time for social or sporting activities. Rowing at a high standard for Aberdeen Boat Club I was keen to take this further and achieve greater recognition for my love of the sport. The determination to inspire and drive change led me to look at other career options that were physically demanding, diverse and rewarding as well as offering opportunities to further passion for sport. The Royal Air Force fitted the bill perfectly – initially joining as a Training Officer I was focused on enhancing and developing personnel to better themselves. Working alongside fully qualified instructors at RAF Cosford it was my role to assure the standard of training that new

GRADUATION SPECIAL #2 Glasgow Women’s Library Internships and Volunteering FANCY yourself a bit of a feminist? Or a book worm? Or both? If so, the Glasgow Women’s Library is calling your name. The library is dedicated to spreading awareness and educating others on issues concerning women and gender equality. Internships – usually lasting between one to six months over a minimum of two days a week, although mainly offered to students and graduates – allow you to fully immerse yourself in the community of the library. You gain a range of skills such as helping to host events, working front of house, organising and cataloguing books – the list goes on! Volunteers are also at the heart of the daily running of the library with many giving a few hours of their week to contribute their skills. Both the volunteer and intern-

ship programme are, although usually unpaid, perfect to gain experience in areas you may have a real passion for – something Glasgow Women’s Library greatly values.

So join a community of cool, progressive women, all there to better the world and read some good books. Sounds like my cup of tea.

– Fie Padbury’s Story Aircraft Engineers were receiving. After a short time in that role it was evident that having a technical degree opened the door to other avenues that were certain to enhance my career. Being proactive, innovative and keen to make stuff happen it was clear that a career as a Communications and Electronics Officer was for me. The practical application of science and maths to solve problems and see projects from an idea on a page through to completion brings a great sense of achievement. As an engineer you need to be incredibly creative when confronted with challenges of modern life. Traditionally engineering is seen as a male dominated industry however females need to understand that term engineering does not necessarily mean dirty overalls and grease everywhere! My role is predominantly office based and the team I lead work alongside industry partners such as Atlas, HP and BT to provided assured communications to support

three operationally focused Typhoon Squadrons and the day to day running of a Main Operating Base. It is my responsibility to identify emerging and existing communication requirements for new builds and projects, allocate resource, plan budgets and ensure the welfare of my 20 Airmen is looked after. The Military will not only develop you as an engineer but present you with a rewarding and fulfilling career with a vast number of personal and professional opportunities. Currently working towards chartered engineering status, leading the RAF Lossiemouth STEM

Outreach team and representing the RAF Mountain Bike Team at numerous racing events is an absolute honour. The pace at which you can develop and gain additional skills is limited only by your own ability and depth of commitment. I only wish my career as an Engineering Officer had begun at a younger age. The RAF train all their personnel to the highest standards and offer University scholarships and sponsorships to support high quality candidates work towards a full time career in the RAF.

Fie Padbury Fie Padbury, Communications Electronics Engineer, RAF Lossiemouth

GRADUATION SPECIAL #3 Local Support Charities IT’S likely that in your area there’s a least one local charity which supports children and adults with additional support needs. For example, where I live in East Renfrewshire there’s Cosgrove Care, an outstanding charity which has been working hard to support those with additional support needs for many years. These charities usually have a real sense of community, with staff, volunteers and those they assist all working together to create a safe, loving environment helping many, who could not otherwise, to live independent lives. Sounds lovely, right? Well, there are many ways you can get involved: either as a volunteer – working in their shops or with people with additional support needs – or for paid employment, such as a support worker. Being a support worker allows you to work one to one with both adults

and children to better their lives. These charities tend to really value those who can work to be a part of a family, and the charity’s wider community, to change someone’s life. Working in such a role is a highly

rewarding experience as it allows you to see the difference you’re making first-hand. Push yourself outside your comfort zone, widen your view of society and learn that there’s more joy to life than you thought.

#4 Animal Care worker OKAY so it wouldn’t be for me – I’m only really a cat person, my cat being the love of my life – but I know animal care is a dream job of many. Dogs Trust, Cats Protection, okay maybe I’ll rethink this one, and other animal shelters across the country are always looking for care workers. Usually these positions don’t require qualifications, merely experience – you can volunteer with any of these charities – and with decent

starting salaries, you have the opportunity to work your way up if desired. If you’re not so much of a people person, this kind of work is perfect – just imagine those gorgeous little fluffy faces smiling up at you each day. It’s a bonus if you’re an animal lover as you’re getting paid to work with your favourite furry friends and make their over lives When that bit it’s better. So if you can stomach the less fluffy aspects of the job then grab your dog treats and start looking for a role that suits you. #5 Oxfam Internships THEY’VE had some bad press recently but let’s not tar the charity with the work of a few when there’s such amazing work by the many. Oxfam offers internships ranging from three to 12 months for a few days a week and is the perfect opportunity to gain experience with an organistaion. Interns can work in departments such as human resources, IT and media, allowing your time there to be perfectly suited to your chosen career path. It’s an incredible charity helping so many across the globe. With so many

Graduation Special Page 16

passionate, driven people working for such a great cause, Oxfam really offers its interns an opportunity to grow and hone their skills in a creative environment. Of course, it’s an internship so it’s not paid. But, remember, with it being only a few days a week, you can easily work part time elsewhere while gaining this vital experience. If this sounds perfect for you then hop on to their website and change your life while helping to change the lives of so many others.

Joe Connolly, Ypeople CEO: THE last year has been an important one for Ypeople, and for the people of Scotland. Culturally, politically and economically we have collectively witnessed massive societal change, which has brought uncertainty and instability. The largest refugee crisis in our lifetime, the shockwaves of war reverberating through our own country and overseas, and political decisions and appointments that were previously unimaginable, only reinforce to me how important Ypeople’s work is to those people who have been marginalised in our communities amidst such unrest. Times are tough, and the seas are rough, but Ypeople have weathered similar storms for over 190 years, providing a constant source of support to some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. The Scottish charity sector is an exciting and vibrant place to work; charities are often at the cutting edge of research and practice, working creatively and innovatively to find new ways of supporting people to achieve their potential. Ypeople is no different. We have championed new approaches, and invested in research and learning, to ensure that we are continually developing and improving the support we provide.

‘Ypeople has changed my life’

“I clicked with my Key Worker straight away and knew I could trust her. It wasn’t easy but I eventually started to work through my issues and now I feel really hopeful for my future.” – Ypeople homelessness supported accommodation service user When describing Ypeople as an organisation, we talk of our people,

rather than our services. In the last year we have developed a number of new services, such as the Ypeer and intandem Mentoring, which match volunteer mentors with young people in care. This is an exciting new area of work for Ypeople, demonstrating continued investment and commitment to our younger generations, and it leads me to reflect on the mentors I’ve had over my career and throughout my life. From time to time, perhaps through an act or through a few words, certain people have had a lasting impact on me, helping me through times that may be important or difficult. It’s likely that they didn’t

realise the effect their words or actions had, and now it’s likely they never will. It strikes me that sometimes our staff don’t realise how important their input can be; that one act of kindness or those few encouraging words that can have a lasting positive impact on someone who may well be going through the worst time of their life. “The support for me has literally been life-changing. Before I was supported by Ypeople I was in a bad place, getting into trouble and was on a bad path. Now I’m looking forward to moving on with my life, and can’t wait to see what happens next!” – Ypeople counselling service user

Y PEOPLE is a Scottish charity, which supports people of all ages to make positive changes in their lives. We provide care, accommodation and support to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, with services in the central belt, Highlands and Orkney, including: • Supported accommodation and outreach support for people affected by homelessness • Support for children and young people who are in care • Youth wellbeing services, including counselling and mentoring support • Affordable out of school care for primary school aged children

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JOB hunters across the UK are at risk of jeopardising their career opportunities by making small yet notable mistakes on their CV. This is according to the latest research from CV-Library, which found that many candidates’ CVs include spelling mistakes, unrelat-


ed skills and irrelevant information, which is pushing businesses to breaking point. According to the study from the UK’s leading independent job board, which surveyed 200 recruiters on their CV pet peeves, the top 10 areas which put organisations off a candidate straight away, are:

Speling mitsakes

“An ‘ability to smell fear’ is a quality I’ve bever seen listed on a CV before.”



List of unrelated skills

22.6% Too many jobs over a short period of time

Being massively underqualified for the role

CV that is more 16.1% Athan two pages long A CV that is ‘too creative’


“OMG, our perfect candidate! 23 mutual friends, digs Hootie and the Blowfish, and loves bacon! Thank you, Facebook!”

A CV littered with buzzwords



No cover letter, even when the application requires one

social 1.9% No media presence

Graduation Special Page 18

14.2% A picture

INTERVIEW YOU were on a salad diet last year and lost a couple of stone. How’s that going? It’s not. I got bored with it. There’s only so much salad you can eat! This tour in the US has been a music and food tour. We did go to one amazing vegan restaurant serving organic food and things with coconut (laughs). Apart from that it’s been burgers and coke! WHERE do most of your family live in Scotland? My parents are fully Glaswegian and we lived in Kilsyth and Cumbernauld but we all moved from Scotland as a family though my gran lives in between the two places now and my uncle lives down the road from her. I don’t remember Scotland as a youngster as I was only two when we moved away but I’m back twice a year to see my gran after a gig to eat some square sausage and see my uncle and cousins. WHAT will you do after your Glasgow gig on the 29th of this month [March]? I’ll be driving from a gig in Manchester to arrive in Glasgow on the day of the gig. I’m going to stay for a few days after the gig and probably pop into the town centre. I’ll visit the Chippy Mahal – (laughs) I love that name – in Kilsyth for a bit of nostalgia and some pizza and beers and then spend time with the family. YOU were chatting last year about how overwhelmed you were that a string quartet was accompanying your music. Anything topped that this year? That was pretty special. I have been recording on API desks in Rak Studios in London, the same studio where Sam Smith recorded so that’s pretty special. I’m in Grand Central Station in New York at the moment, I’ve been to Salt Lake, LA, you name it in America. It’s so cool. I love going to LA and New York, especially New York as it reminds me of London.

SIX GUYS crammed into an SUV touring America doesn’t sound that appealing for so many reasons – mostly lack of personal space, hygiene and questionable air quality. The guys are The Script and man of the moment Tom Walker who are touring. Tom chats to SUSIE DANIELS about life on the open road, coconut-flavoured vegan grub and Lanarkshire’s hidden treasures.

Walker’s up and running

JAKE Bugg recently got really wound up when the crowd chanted ‘Jakey Jakey Bugg’ during a gig in Glasgow. Anything like that ever happen to you on stage where you got annoyed? I don’t really care. If people pay money for a ticket to see me I’m not bothered what they do at the concert. I once played with Jake Bugg at a concert and it was a charity gig and the crowd were rowdy and he told them to ‘shut the f**k up’. It was a bit much.

I mean that’s not the sort of reaction that’s needed. I don’t want bottles thrown at me but there’s no point in taking life too seriously if the fans are just having a laugh. DO you feel you’ve had a whirlwind tour or did you get to see the sights? When you’re doing it all on tour you don’t get to see it all. As a young person I’d love to have spent four months touring. I’ve always wanted to go to Vietnam and Thailand. All my mates went and I never got the opportunity. YOUR debut album’s out this year – any name or release date yet for your eager fans and an EXCLUSIVE for Student Rag? It’s going to be called ‘What a Time To Be Alive’ and hopefully will be out in September. Sorry but I can’t tell you any more.

YOUR voice is not dissimilar to the depth of Rag n Bone Man or Jack Garratt. When did you first realise you could sing? I started singing when I was 19. I was singing before that but I was crap. I kept singing until I found my own style. I always loved playing guitar and I was in a band called Plastic Highways. The singer in that used to sing all the songs. I sang once and after I sang everyone said ‘you should sing live’. WHAT artist did you dream of emulating or were you inspired by when you were younger? Sting! I really liked Sting and The Police. I was a big fan of them. I guess I really loved their tunes and the lyrics without realising it.


TOM Walker plays Oran Mor in Glasgow on March 29th.

COMING SOON TO A PLACE NEAR YOU... Looking for a gig or new release and don’t know where to go? LUKE HAWKINS can help you out with that

Kimbra KIMBRA is probably still best known for featuring in one-hit-wonder Gotye’s song Somebody That I Used to Know, or possibly for providing Fifa with a couple of songs for its soundtrack, but she is well worth a listen in her own right to say the least. Her voice is as impressive as anyone in the charts and although she demonstrates the same vocal acrobatics as Christina Aguilera and Jessie J, she manages to do so in a way that doesn’t pierce your brain unlike the latter. Among the many producers on her latest album Primal Heart are Skrillex and Grammy winner John Congleton. It seems Kimbra’s label is really willing to push her now – better late than never. l PRIMAL HEART is out on April 20.

Katy Perry THERE is a theory circulating on social media suggesting that whatever took over Miley Cyrus’ brain for a few years has since been implanted into Katy Perry. Judging by her constant transmogrifying and bizarre performances, choreography and music videos it’s not a bad theory. Having said that, Swish Swish was a massive hit at the end of 2017 and Chained to the Rhythm seemed to get endless airplay on the radio and music channels so whatever she’s going for, it seems to be working for her. The former Mrs. Brand has been on her Witness world tour since last year and is stopping off in Glasgow this Spring. Expect plenty of screams from different generations of devoted fans echoing around the SSE Hydro.


l KATY PERRY plays the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on June 24.

GOSSIP’S singer was impossible to ignore as the frontwoman of the ferocious American indie band. Ditto was a firm favourite of NME in the 2000s and has since graced the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week and collaborated with MAC cosmetics. Admittedly a lot of this has very little to do with music. As much of an immediate impact as Gossip had with songs like Standing in the Way of Control and Heavy Cross the music ended up taking a bit of a backseat with Ditto’s looks and fashion sense being the main focus “AKALA, Akala wherefore art thou? The black Shakespeare and the secret’s out now.” That was the line that first introduced me to Akala a few years ago. The England-born half-Scot half-Jamaican emerged thanks to his Shakespeare references, his Radio 1Xtra appearances including a Fire in the Booth performance and his cerebral take on hip-hop that is all too often found missing in the scene since the days of the Native Tongues collective. Akala has since spent time commenting on the current shape of politics; lending his

Harry Styles

Dua Lipa HAVING opened for Coldplay and Bruno Mars and picked up numerous awards from MTV Awards to Brits, it is fair to say Dua Lipa has garnered fans from right across the music spectrum. Her dancehall-inspired synthpop has given her commercial and critical acclaim. Last year her single New Rules gave her what is surprisingly her only UK number one to date. 2018 has the potential to be a huge year for Dua Lipa despite her album having already dropped last year. This has turned out to be a pattern for many pop stars who go on to dominate the charts: release a well-produced album, gain plaudits, get some chart hits under your belt, collaborate with big name American producers or performers and before you know it you’re Rita Ora signed with Jay-Z’s label. Or you’re Jessie J working with Ariana Grande or you’re Ed Sheeran taking over the world

HARRY Styles released the huge ballad Sign of the Times last year and even the most determined of critics couldn’t bring themselves to hate it no matter how much they may have wanted to. The track harked back to Robbie Williams at his peak, borrowing from classic rock ballads and not hiding behind swathes

of electronic wizardry. If Harry Styles keeps releasing that level of material, then he will not only be a legit solo artist but one that can even pique the interests of the snobbiest of music snobs. There, I said it. l HARRY STYLES plays the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on April 14.

(I’m still baffled about the whole Ed Sheeran thing to be honest). Dua Lipa has the vocals, the look and the following to go on to make herself a star in the US and hit all new heights. l DUA LIPA plays the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on April 12.

Beth Ditto of much of the coverage received from music magazines and The Guardian. It is her looks, her politics and her energy however, that keep her core fans close and in awe of the magnetic frontwoman. Given that she started off life eating squirrels in Arkansas (honest), it’s fair to say that Ditto has come some way to have made the impact that she has in the music and fashion worlds. l BETH DITTO plays the o2 ABC in Glasgow on April 25.

Akala support to Jeremy Corbyn and appearing as a panellist on Frankie Boyle’s politically slanted TV shows. With the blunt force of grime gaining all the headlines, Akala is an altogether more considered artist but that’s not to say his music is lacking power or energy in the slightest. In fact, his rapid-fire delivery is something special and something worth going to see live; you have your opportunity on April 19th. l AKALA plays the o2 ABC in Glasgow on April 19.

THERE was a period of time when Arcade Fire were my favourite band in the world. The albums Neighbourhood, Neon Bible, The Suburbs and Reflektor were exhibited to interested and not so interested friends as evidence as to why they were so brilliant. That spell has passed and I’m not alone, with many of the band’s early fans feeling the same indifference towards their newer material. After a lot of elaborate hype and promotion including teaser trailers and cereal boxes Everything Now, the lead single from the album of the same name was just too easy to ignore. The sheer momentum of the band

will make it easy for fans to forgive or forget this underwhelming release (if they do in fact find the new material underwhelming). With so many massive hits among the crowds of outsiders and alternatives Arcade Fire are indie royalty, and have made a huge dent in the consciences of their most loyal fans and casual festival goers for around 15 years now. Many consider the band’s live performances akin to a religious ceremony. Arcade Fire will be converting and enlightening the masses of Glasgow in April. l ARCADE FIRE play the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on April 16.

Arcade Fire



BELMONT HOUSE: A private school in a posh suburb

BAIRDS BAR: A proper pub in Glasgow’s tough East End


EARD THE one about the guy who killed someone in self-defence and ended up in prison? No? Want to hear a joke about it? You will once you know that it’s hilarious, cheeky chappy comic Larry Dean who’s telling it. Before you’re up in arms about how killing someone isn’t a laugh-a-minute, be calm in the knowledge the joke’s about Larry’s best mate. Phew! But more of that later. The award-winning (a Moose award is still an award! – see below) Glaswegian comic attended exclusive Belmont Academy High School in a posh suburb on the south-side of Glasgow – the same school attended by the Biffy Clyro boys – but clearly isn’t your typical private schoolie. First off, his dad’s family are fae the East End and Larry’s idea of looking good in his teens at the weekends was to don a ‘classy’ silver Sellic (Celtic) ring and snazzy silver watch. Larry explains: “My family on my dad’s side are from the East End of Glasgow but I grew up near Shawlands. “A mate of mine owned Bairds Bar near the Barras. So how did I end up in a private school? I moved around a lot when I was younger. “My mum was a teacher and around twenty years ago when property prices were doing well she realised if she did a house up and painted it she could make a lot of money. It was a good way of looking after three kids. So she sent me to Belmont. “The main reason I went to Belmont was basically I was thick as f**k! I still left there with only a B in Art and a C in Music forty-four

so it’s either draw a picture or play the guitar for the rest of my life! My brother and sister sound proper south-side though I don’t. “When I’m doing stand-up, Scottish audiences don’t mind a posh accent but I find myself, when I’m overseas, changing my accent. I’ve subconsciously learned to tone down my voice.” His voice may be toned down but not the 28-year-old’s sense of shock value. Hence the name of his comedy tour is ‘Fandan’. If you’re Glaswegian you’ll be sniggering right now and if not why don’t you go, preferably loudly, into a crowded shop in the middle of Glasgow or Edinburgh, and enquire what Fandan means. arry laughs: “Fandan means someone who’s a bit of a f***y or ladies part to be nicer. “It’s a Glaswegian term so tends to be only us who know what it means. I may have gone to Belmont School but my dad would take me on trips to Celtic Park and it was much more of an eclectic trip. You know, a lot of swear words and other things being shouted out. “I thought it would be really funny when I was interviewed by posh English people on the radio or TV and they would say ‘tell me about Fandan…’ (laughs) “The show’s about my mate Zane (not his real name) who went to jail for killing someone in self-defence. “I met up for a cup of tea with him and his mate who he met in jail. Fandan’s about that conversation and about acceptance. “There’s also a sub-plot about Brexit and about my other half who lives in Australia. (laughs) There’s also a bit about



Private, aye? Larry delivers more than killer lines BY SUSIE DANIELS having (or not) a wa*k in Dubai. “They’re against gay people there so it’s also about how to try and accept other people’s opinions. It’s basically an hour of me being funny and silly. I took it to the Fringe last year and it’s on tour until June. I’ve already started on my new material for this year’s Fringe and I’ll probably do wee bits here and there in the Fandan show.” Larry has learned a lot of lessons along the comedy road including some personal beauty tips. He explains: “I had a haircut that made me look like one of the guys from Dumb and Dumber. I learned don’t get a £100 haircut the day before your photo-shoot because I looked like an absolute eejit!” The southsider, who was nominated for best newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 and won the Amused Moose award at the Fringe in 2016, radiates ‘ease’ on stage. Obviously years of honing his skills and testing the water in dank venues has worked a treat. A Scottish audience, even after downing a few drinks, is notoriously hard to please and quick to poke fun at a drowning guy on stage if he shows any fear or weakness. But that ‘I’m still in the pub’ rapport with the audience works a treat and Larry reveals there’s no pre-performance mantra to relax before going on stage. Larry says: “I’ve been jammy the past three years with great reviews for my shows in Edinburgh. “Am I nervous? I’m screaming inside.

It’s weird, I’m not exactly really laid back before I get on, I’m terrified. “But if something makes me laugh just before I go on it’s okay. I guess if you’re laid back you don’t describe yourself as it.” His comedy heroes include Jim Carrey, Richard Pryor, Omid Djalili and Billy Connolly. “The usual silly jokes made me laugh. When I left school Kevin Bridges was doing the Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow on television,” he says. “There was nothing else like it I’d seen as a comedy show on stage. Comedy was really big during that time and I loved making people laugh. t school I used to practice in front of the mirror making funny faces and going over a joke I wanted to tell everyone. “I did a comedy show at school run by the PE teacher who doubled as the show organiser. “I was told by the PE teacher I was funny and it was a bit of a weird thing but I treated school days like a gig and would think to myself ‘I can make that joke funnier and that one was weaker’, or ‘I didn’t get many laughs from that one’.” After school and before stand-up took off, Larry worked as a cleaner and a pizza delivery boy. “I was cleaning toilets and offices and delivering pizzas,” he laughs. “The toilet cleaning wasn’t the hard job, everyone knows the difference between white and yellow but the pizza company’s slogan was ‘we’ll deliver anywhere in Glasgow’ so they’d tell me an address and I had ten minutes to get from some



where like Merrylee to Kilmacolm! “It was a great place to work and all the workers would take the absolute p**s out of each other.” Being a ‘straight’ gay man features in Larry’s shows partly because he’s not a camp Craig Hill and mostly, he explains, because he’s a twenty-something male who wants to discuss and dissect relationships just like any straight comedian would. He says: “I’d not even thought of making my comedy a gay topic. “A lot of comics talk about their straight relationships and I find it’s a natural thing talking about it in your twenties if it happens to be what you do. “It’s fun to play with people’s perceptions. It obviously features in my stand-up. “Some audience members and fans have said, ‘I came out because of you’. “One woman told me her dad asked her why she watching a gay comic on video and he said, ‘is it because you are gay?’ and she said, ‘yes, I’m a lesbian!’.” Larry’s partner’s an actor whom he describes as ‘a bit of a pretty boy’. Larry says: “I think countries have different things they see as camp. “I met him in Australia and I could tell he was gay but there was no gaydar coming off him. When I showed a picture to my



LARRY Dean is appearing at The Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow ON May 13 and at The Stand in Edinburgh on May 23. We’ve got TWO pairs of tickets for each gig to give away. For a chance of winning a pair of tickets, answer the following question:


TO enter go to Facebook @studentragmag forty-six

Closing date March 30. Editor’s decision is final.

friends they could tell right away. In Australia they have issues with homophobia in wee towns. It tends to be campophobia. “It’s a terrible compliment I get but someone said to me, ‘I hate gay people but I don’t mind you because you don’t act gay.” When Larry came out the reaction he received certainly wasn’t what he was expecting. He recalls: “I did stand-up before I came out and was chatting about it a wee bit on stage and another comic said to me ‘you should never tell an audience more than you would tell your friends or family’. “My dad began to think I was gay when I started wearing the ring and watch. If you’re a guy and you wear anything silver that is the sign for my dad!” ne of his past routines talks about how he was brought up in a strict Catholic family in the east end of Glasgow and he tells his parents he’s gay and his dad walks out of the room. He thinks that’s it, his dad doesn’t want to know him. A few minutes later his dad returns and hands his mum a tenner and the penny drops with Larry. His family were playing a waiting game until he came out. Larry reveals: “At the time my brother was training to be a priest so he was a bit weird with it. “My mum was great. She used to be an engineer years ago and was very protective and (laughs) no-one messes with Mary-Jane!”



LARRY Dean will play Glasgow Stand on May 13th and Edinburgh Stand on May 23rd.


e h t o t f f o Hat’s I

T’S HARD to admit it’s over. Someone’s moved on in your life and you’ve been left behind. They’ve changed but you remain the same. It’s even worse to see them looking great. Somehow sexier. They’ve changed their image but not much is happening in your life. This is how Hat feels now that James Bay has ditched him. It isn’t quite as bad as a ‘dumped you’ text but James admits: “A lot of people have asked me about the hat. Where it is now. It’s done. I woke on a Tuesday and it had left. It’s time to call it a day and set if free. Let my head finally be free.” To be fair, following the success of Hold Back the River in 2014 the soulful song was almost played to death on the radio. And after what felt like a lifetime of video plays on music channels hat’s popularity was beginning to wear a bit thin like a stray thread. Maybe James’ forthcoming album Electric Light writes about his past relationship with hat? If so, he’s not letting on. The all new sexier singer has turned a musical sheet in his life. Though he’s ditched his Memphis hat he’s not turned his back on the music associated with the greatest sound on the planet – Soul. Rather, he’s gathered other music genres and artistic influences along the way from Prince and Bowie to Blondie and The Strokes. This is reflected in the varied sound of his eclectic second album Electric Light. It had to be brilliant, there was no doubt about it. After being showered with so many accolades for Chaos and the Calm, Bay’s debut album in 2015, a massive hit has to be followed by yet another. Electric Light has sexy, pop, gospel and even a country slither to it. Is it possible to have the blend of Prince, Emeli Sande and Bryan Adams in one album? Why not?


Track Wild Love has a sultry Prince vibe which young male teenagers will know doubt thank Bay for in a few years time. Just for Thought has a country Bryan Adams feel, Pink Lemonade is quintessential Eighties pop and Us has an Emeli Sande gospel persona. So does Bay crave the longevity of these massive music icons? He says: “I’ve only existed for a couple of years mainstream. It takes time. I’ve been exploring. “The reality is nowadays artists aren’t given as much time to make it. It’s the ‘now’ attitude. Pop music exists in that way. “I have recognised I have a new confidence as a writer more than I did before partly because of the success of my first record and also you start to get comfortable in this way of life. “I’ve learned how to have a good time more than when I


man of the moment JAMES Bay’s debut album reached number one in the UK Albums Charts in 2015 and his biggest single Hold Back the River was played again and again alongside the discussion of his hat and hair. So now that he’s cropped his hair and ditched the trademark hat will the focus just be on the started out – I was a rabbit in the headlights!” James finished touring at the end of 2016 and as soon as he stopped his quest began to make new music. The 28-year-old from Hertfordshire spent four months recording the album tracks in a basement studio round the corner from his house. He recalls: “On the second of January last year I woke up and looked in my diary and thought ‘nothing’s in there’. “There’s a little basement studio round the corner from my own house and I went there nearly every day for days and days. ohn Green, a good friend of mine, who is a talented writer, musician and producer, spent time working with me in that studio and in that little studio Electric Light was born.” After touring his songs from Chaos and the Calm for four years James was listening to David Bowie, the Strokes, Blondie, Frank Ocean, music he hadn’t listened to that was now inspiring him to put pen to sheet for his second album. He says: “I was also exploring LCD Soundsystem. That’s why it (the album) sounds the way it is. “The changing sound and look come hand in hand. I came up with my new look. I laugh when some people say, ‘This look isn’t you’. “I’ve never been asked if I feel sexy. I guess I do.” Bay had been binge-watching his favourite Netflix series Stranger Things and had a light-bulb

music? And will he now feel exposed physically and mentally with the release of his second album Electric Light? James chats to SUSIE DANIELS about his new album and how nervous he was meeting the star of his favourite TV show...

moment about how the music video should be designed. James recalls: “Around the time I was releasing Wild Love I was flying everywhere. I had an idea for the video. I’m not a good actor but thought wouldn’t it be awesome to use someone everyone person would recognise in the video and then put them in a different environment. “I’m a massive Stranger Things fan so we contacted Natalia Dyer


(Nancy) and she said she loved the song. It was a day of shooting in LA and then she went back to filming in Europe. “I was nervous on a million levels before we had even started shooting face to face. We’re in touch but she’s busy doing her thing.” As nervous as Bay was of meeting Dyer, nothing else apart from an onscreen smouldering was ever going to come of the meeting as the singer is happily holed up with his girlfriend back in Islington. Bay says of his relationship: “It’s

nice to be back home. The madness [in the music industry] is the greatest thing to make life difficult. “It’s easy and hard for the two of us. My girlfriend has a job and her own life. It’s wonderful but you have to navigate. “Of anyone that keeps me grounded my girlfriend is top of that list. Also, my oldest friend I’ve know since I was three, Tom, is my bass player. He’ll give me that look if I’m ever too over the top. He gives me that look nearly ever day!” And for all music enthusiasts studying music or playing for passion James has some great advice: “If you want to be a song-writer and performer the best way is to get out there and do it! “I spent thousands of hours listening to music videos. No matter how full or empty you are with ideas, practice makes perfect! “Try and write a song every day. Quantity can help with quality. “I studied a GCSE in Music but I can’t read a note. Some musicians can’t read but they can play. I then went to music college in Brighton for 18 months. “Music is a passion project. It’s what you put in you get out. “I played in lots of bands and the experiences were amazing. Initially I was never a frontman, I played guitar on the sidelines. “Then I started my own band and eventually I was playing six nights a week living in Brighton while I was working in a bar at the weekends.” l JAMES Bay will play TRNSMT on June 29 at Glasgow Green. Electric Light is out on May 18th. forty-nine


AID TO dress up as an actress during the day, in the evenings she’s performing as a drag king and at weekends you can find her in cosplay. So it’s hard to visualise the line where acting stops and reality begins for Tallulah Rose Haddon. Yet again she’s role-playing but this time she has a dual role in a Channel 4 series where her character has to make some serious choices. The Living and the Dead and Taboo actress knows a thing or two about unusual life choices so playing the role isn’t a break from the norm. She relished the lead role as Leila, a shy 17-year-old who is addicted to online virtual game Agora. Leila meets Tess (Simona Brown), an extrovert, confident party girl who harbours a dark secret and Leila assumes her identity once she goes missing. Tallulah talks about the excitement of her new role: “I’m very excited about playing Leila and I was excited about virtual reality and becoming my avatar, Shadowfax. “Leila is shy and doesn’t really socialise much. She’s quite isolated and becomes a different

person in the game and does all sorts of stuff she wouldn’t do in real life like flying. She’s generally more physically active as an avatar and her voice is more confident. “She’s been playing for several years and done everything she can do in her avatar kingdom. “I’m not really into the gaming scene though I quite like playing Mass Effect. It’s a sci-fi action role-playing third person video game. “It’s about making your own journey. Agora is similar to Max Effects because you choose what you do in the game. “Tess’s avatar Mania kind of shocks Leila. She’s never been intrigued by another character and Mania’s arrived uninvited into her world and has provoked Leila’s avatar Shadowfax to follow her. They’re very different. “I actually wanted to audition for Tess as I think I can relate more to her! Simona (Wizards vs Aliens) and I feel we’re playing the wrong characters! “It feels with Leila everything that’s happening is happening internally – she’s still creating an internal world. “I like sci-fi and magical realism because it’s a way of commenting on political situations and talking round things by making them entertaining. “I like the subtlety and sense of wonder of some sci-fi when the reader or audience realises what’s really being said. I really like reading sci-fi like Octavia E Butler. I’m part of a feminist sci-fi reading group based in Glasgow. “If I could design an online game it would be Mutant Underground Lesbians and they are trying to defeat patriarchy. Like teenage ninja mutant turtles they live in sewers and caves. I’m quite into underground passages.” Filming Kiss Me First was a challenge as it was difficult for Tallulah to visualise anything while surrounded by a white screen so she found a way to focus and build up the virtual world in her mind. Tallulah explains: “In between takes I made some playlists of game sounds when we’re doing the VR. It’s bizarre because we’re in a white room with bizarre outfits, it’s like doing a play with no props so I kind of found a weird techno track to listen to.” If you Google Tallulah’s name you will find some weird and wonderful images of blood dripping from her mouth, dressed

SINCE the release of the sci-fi fantasy film Avatar nine years ago and the onset of the gaming world since, there has been a gap in TV drama for something to satisfy teenagers’ quest for the virtual world. The film Nerve captured the zeitgeist of the danger and thrill of interacting with games online. Could a TV drama take it to a ground-breaking new level? Kiss Me First is adapted by Skins co-creator Bryan

Elsley from Lottie Moggach’s novel, into a six part thriller exploring online virtual reality gaming, social media and self obsession. Teenagers in the real world get to be anything and do anything they want in the virtual world via their avatars. Tallulah Rose Haddon talks to SUSIE DANIELS about her avatars and how her life revolves around alter egos and dressing up...

Tallulah’s a real game changer in a green latex-type dominatrix suit, part nudity and a kaleidoscope image of electrically charged neon colour painted on Tallulah from head to toe for the film Spaceship. These are images that Tallulah embraces with open arms as a scrapbook of her colourful life. She says: “I think that’s quite a strong part of me. I find it interesting in how to portray yourself. “I’ve been online for a long time and a lot of my friends have similar pics. I guess the more exposure you get the better. “I really like dressing up. Me and my friends like to go as someone like Frida (Kahlo) and Diego. I once dressed up like that with a massive pillar attached to me! “I think it’s a crossover – being in charge of your own art and own characters feeds into acting in a more

conventional way. In a sense performance makes you speak different languages. “I’ve always been fascinated with cosplay cos to me it’s dressing up which makes you immediately confident as a person. “If I was going to a fancy dress party I’d dress up as Snot Girl, the green girl from Deadpool.” Tallulah was influenced by performance art from a young age. Her mum produced live art for ten years and would take a young Tallulah to performances with her. Tallulah explains: “I guess I felt a little bit strange when I was younger how my references have been different to other people. “I never felt anything was forced on me. It became clear that I was different from other teenagers.” The actress from south London

breaks a stereotype by being one of the few female beatboxers. When Tallulah’s not filming for television you may find her performing in London as a drag king called Private Hole or Susie Swallow – the ‘youngest cannibal in Europe’ – who has a soft mouse-like squeaky voice, beatboxes and likes to eat human flesh. Tallulah enthuses: “I perform Susie Swallow and Private Hole in London at various venues so they’re still going. I think the next thing I’d do is Trump, the drag act. “There’s a lot of material and a lot of comedy in that. I’ve not studied clown but I’d like to do bouffant – the art of mockery.” KISS Me First is coming soon to Channel 4.

WHAT: TRNSMT WHERE: Glasgow Green WHEN: June 29-July 1 and July 6-8 NOW in its second year, TRNSMT has Liam Gallagher, Stereophonics and The Killers headlining for your aural pleasure. I’d buy a ticket just to hear ‘Mr Brightside’ live. If you’re a festival newbie then this non-camping one’s a great place to start: no mud clogged tents, no hangovers worsened by a cold sleeping bag and you can shower before getting sweaty all over again the next day. And remember Scottish rain is guaranteed to cool you down in any mosh pit. PROS: City centre setting great for access, accommodation, etc. CONS: No camping option so get yourself sorted on AirBnB NOW if you’re planning to stay the weekend. TICKETS: Range from £59.50 for day pass to £409 for five-day VIP access.

THIS festival with its dreamy fairytale vibe is hilariously out of place, nestled between mountains and rivers in south west Scotland. Knockengorroch offers a family friendly festival – a perfect opportunity to release your inner child – with music ranging from folk to rock. Peculiar in the best of ways, Knockengorroch is an explosion of

WHAT: Reading & Leeds WHERE: Reading & Leeds, obvs WHEN: August 24-26 WITH Glastonbury taking a holiday this year, Reading and Leeds is where it’s at. These twin festivals are the place to be for the year’s biggest acts. Think crop tops and shorts and hanging out with a bunch of friends, rolling out of a tent each morning and forgetting all your troubles. Kendrick Lamar, Kings of Leon, Fallout Boy and Panic! at the Disco headline this year. Oh and it’s in England so you’ve got less of a chance of catching hypothermia. PROS: Twin sites means you get to pick your party. CONS: Twin sites means you have a decision to make. It’s Reading, right? No, Leeds. No, wait... TICKETS: From £69.50 for day ticket to £205 for weekend pass.

WHAT: Knockengorroch WHERE: Dumfries & Galloway WHEN: May 24-27 colour and creativity with abstract art and performances in every corner. Trust me, you’ll find yourself in garishly bright clothes, sitting

around a campfire with new best friends from last night’s ceilidh – aka complete strangers – and completely let go of normality. PROS: Didn’t you read the last bit? CONS: You might make too many friends. TICKETS: Too many options to count.


FEST FESTIVAL season is fast approaching and there’s a whole lot going that you most definitely don’t want to miss. From the biggest festivals everyone’s already got their tickets for to those hidden gems, slightly more quirky and alternative, worry not because

we’ve got you covered. There’s something for everyone here: camping and glamping, affordable and bank breaking, indie and mainstream. So what are you waiting for? Grab your wellies, your raincoats and a whole lot of glitter for this summer’s best festivals. Here’s EILIDH AKILADE’S guide to Summer ‘18.


WHAT: Lovebox WHERE: Brockwell Park, London WHEN: July 13-14 THIS non-camping music and arts festival is filled with unique, fresh, exciting acts. Skepta, Childish Gambino and N.E.R.D top the bill this year. Bursting with colour and excitement, this one’s going to be perfect for that Summer Instagram theme you’ve been lusting over. If you want to feel cooler than you actually are, grab some sparkles and a bunch of friends and find yourself in a park transformed into a carefree yet edgy haven. PROS: No one’s judging you here – anything goes. CONS: You might feel too ‘normal’ at times. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it and you’ll emerge a better person. TICKETS: From around £45 for day ticket.

THE Beeb have gone nuclear this Spring by taking their annual free bash and multiplying it by four. Then adding on ticket prices. Depending on your musical taste/ location/motivation you could be enjoying anything from Radio 2-friendly jazz favourite Jamie Cullum to alternative rock heroes Wolf Alice to all-conquering singer-songwriter Ed Sheran over the course of the festival. With over 175,000 tickets available

“My name’s Amy. I couldn’t stop” on my own. ” MY name is Amy and I’m an alcoholic. I don’t remember my first drink – sometime in my teens, just something sessions, clothes customisation everyone else was doing. of my mind. Gradually every– day became LIKE shopping? and much more including the For years I drank socially. That con- Like discounts? like the one before myself most anticipated Student chance–topromising win a car, and an after tinued into my marriage; The when I was that today the Shimmy day I would Night Glasgow with a would party be at The Club. pregnant, I gave up my job andinretired to is back change bang at Buchanan Galleries on things.It only happens once a year, be a mum. I knew I couldn’t stop on my own. Friday 25 September, offering so don’t miss out! Suddenly my work life disappeared. I My husband arranged methe tonight? attend excellent discounts of Can’t makefor it on was stuck in the suburbsstudents and feeling a treatment centre. I stayed for seven up to 30% off brands including Don’t worry – Buchanan Galleralone. weeks taught me about the H&M,inadeRiver Island, Levi’s, Fredand they ies offers a range of excellent I began increasingly to feel illness there was Perry, Oasis, Man-of alcoholism discounts,and just that for students, all quate, a failure, depressed and Warehouse, very, the From twelve step go and Boux Avenue. a way out based year on round. 15% offproin very lonely. gramme of Alcoholics Anonymous. Doorsto open at 7.30pm and Quiz to 20% off in Levi’s, check It occurred to me one evening have going to my local AA meeting. close at 10pm, giving youI started two out www.buchanangalleries. a glass of Sherry at 6pm while cooking I wanted what the sober women in the and a half hours to shop your dinner. heart out and see whatmeeting else is see them all and save some For the first time, it wasn’t a social They seemed content and happy to be going cash. drink but purely to change the on. way I felt. sober. AndIifhad you pre-register at www. With over 80 stores, BuA few weeks later, I realised I’ve made good and long-lasting friends,, chanan Galleries offers the drunk half a bottle the night before. shared common bond, we can trustWith not slight only willshock you securea your best shopping in Glasgow. I remember to this day the each place, butand you’ll also get fast other. everything you need under one and thinking I should control this tracktoentry on the night and be roof, from fashion brands and tucked the thought carefully the back in with a chance to win a £500 makeup to technology and gifts Buchanan Galleries gift card to and gadgets, the centre is a To find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous and ourone services, please spend on the night. stop shop - nocall matter what As well as shopping, there will you’re looking for. our national helpline on 0800 917 7650 be bars and DJs, freebies, comoffers the best shopping in or visit petitions, complimentary styling Glasgow, with over 80 stores


WHAT: Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend WHERE: Perth, Belfast, Coventry & Swansea WHEN: May 25-28

WHAT: Tiree Music Festival WHERE: Crossapol, Tiree WHEN: July 11-16

across the sites in Perth, Coventry, Belfast and Swansea, there truly is something for WHAT: Download everyone here. E: Donnington Park WHER WHEN: June 9-11 PROS: The sheer mind-boggling variety on offer. CONS: It’s not free this year. Damn you, BBC controller. TICKETS: That’s a tricky one. It all depends on which site you’re heading to and how long you’re staying. To be safe, check out the BBC website.

I AM wearing a suit, cuff-links and polished shoes. I look like someone preparing notes for a meeting – little does anyone know the clothes mask my truth. I am an alcoholic. Nobody forced a drink down my throat. I didn’t choose to be an alcoholic. The only reason I knew there was a problem was that I knew that I couldn’t stop drinking. I was irresponsible, paranoid, angry, fearful, bitter and dishonest. I would engineer rows with my wife to justify storming out and not coming back. My head would race, I could see only negatives. Drink was not my problem – living was. I treated my condition with alcohol. It worked through university and my burgeoning career. I had just been head hunted, but at all times I had to drink. Six months later I was sacked. I am a lawyer. I did a job for a man who was working with social services. He was sober through AA. He didn’t drink. He could cope. Like the swan on the surface, I looked ok. Inside where nobody

THIS one requires a bit of a pilgrimage – a four hour ferry to be precise so pack seasickness tablets – but the location on the Isle of Tiree in the Hebrides is most definitely worth it. For folk music lovers this festival is perfect with the biggest names in that genre – this time around Skipinnish, Skerryvore and Hannah Rarity are among those pulling in the punters. Not only does a ticket to Tiree offer the best of folk but also the best of Scotland as it’s acclaimed as the ‘Hawaii of the North’. Yes, think white sand beaches, blue skies, the lot. Due to its somewhat isolated location this is set to give you that social media break you need. PROS: Stunning backdrop showcases the best of Scotland. CONS: The best of Scotland usually comes with rain attached. TICKETS: Free if you’re under eight. Otherwise from £60.

I’m Paul. I don’t need to drink.

sees, I felt dead. I did something I never thought I could do. I called him and asked for help. I went to my first AA meeting in 2000. Today I don’t want or need to drink; today, I am part of the world. The prison in which my soul was held has gone. I am free to enjoy and see the world. I try to live a good life today. If drink is causing you a problem, give AA a go. You have got nothing to lose.




Mascara Madness

CONFESSION time: it wasn’t even an hour into the day and I looked in a mirror. In fact, I completely gave in to my insecurities and guiltily applied some mascara as I do daily – my makeup abilities are humiliatingly limited. It’s so silly – for some reason the thought of my peers seeing me without slightly darker eyelashes made me feel like I’d be walking about without a layer of skin. And it’s hardly as if the swipe of mascara would make me look like Beyonce anyway. Maybe it’s a security blanket? Or a placebo effect? Either way, it’s enough to make me worryingly dependent on it.

Play, Pie & a Pint

Diary of my 10:00 WALKING down the road, I found my head turning to an empty car’s window every now and then. It seems to be some kind of twisted innate behaviour that whenever I register the opportunity to fifty-six

Check Me Out check my appearance I immediately do so. Every time I caught myself doing it, I quickly snapped my head back, reminding myself that image isn’t everything. It’s going to be a long day...


Out of the Loop



mirror image ON the bus, I sat feeling oddly disconnected. Everyone else seemed to be sat huddled around the precious blue light of their phone, scrolling Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. There was almost paranoia settling in within me as if everyone but me was in on a joke and they could all see how pathetically out of the loop I was. Of course, no one was thinking that. But somehow my mind cycled round and round, manic without its usual toy to occupy it.

SURELY it’s not difficult to avoid body image pressures for one day? No mirrors, no social media, no selfies and no telling myself I can’t eat all the cake. Easy? Not exactly. As soon as I woke up I reached for my phone. My thumb hovered over the Twitter icon before I remembered and mentally cursed my past self for thinking this would be ‘fun’. By EILIDH AKILADE...

Crazy Hair Day #8678 OH so lucky gal that I am, I was blessed with a temperamental head of hair to say the least. Think of a bird’s nest filled with medusa tangles – very frizzy and very curly. With this comes a lot of hair product, a lot of hair styling and a lot of worry. Like every morning, I took my hair out of its twist outs, with an almost laughable degree of caution, but without a mirror. I played about with it until I felt it resembles the usual tangled mess. And it was going fine, I could manage this, it wasn’t a big deal…but, soon I got tired. My arms began to ache after trying to manage the curls. I was bored of playing about with my image – and I didn’t even have a mirror. There’s no point in trying to tame an untameable being. My hair has a life of its own – one that seems to fluctuate only between being drunk and hungover, I’m sure- and maybe that’s okay.



12:30 15:30

Time for Reflection

USUALLY, I’d check my appearance in the bathroom mirrors around lunch time. Ever tried avoiding mirrors in a room full of mirrors? Surprisingly difficult. To be honest, I ended up feeling a little sad. Perhaps part of my self love routine, whether I realise it or not, is playing about with my hair in the mirror or putting on some lip gloss.

Home Truths

WALKING home, I was faced with torrential rain, heaving winds and bitter coldness. I anticipated my dishevelled, weather beaten reflection as I returned home. But, when I went to check in the mirror, I realised that today I got a day off from its harsh judgements. It was a relief. It’s nice to not have to worry about what I looked like walking up the road. I didn’t have to worry because I didn’t know and because I didn’t know it didn’t matter. Does that make sense? In a weird way, I was happy not to see myself. There was no pressure to fix my hair or wipe away any smudged mascara – I could just get on with my life. What was this madness, this witchcraft?


myself I CA N’T deny I found t missing the curiosity tha on comes with checking up my usual social media. d But, honestly, I realise paring that today I wasn’t com – my less than perfect skin ent you apparently spots torm – to the for life, not just puberty


Anti Social

agram inhuman, flawless Inst toshop, skin, complete with Pho e sort a ‘natural’ filter and som of ethereal lighting. ities At the root of my insecur le seems to be my insatiab elf to hunger to compare mys be a good others. And that can’t thing.


WE’RE giving away TWO pairs of tickets to see Thriller Live at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow on May 23. For a chance of winning a pair of tickets, answer the following question:

WHICH SINGER RECORDED THE THRILLER ALBUM? TO enter go to Facebook @studentragmag Closing date March 30. Editor’s decision is final.



Having my Cake...and Eating it AS it got darker, I found myself planning out my evening, about five episodes of Stranger Things thank you very much, and then the cravings kicked in. Usually, I’d ignore it: eat some fruit, have some herbal tea, make a smoothie. Not today. Today I wanted cake and I went all out, doing it DIY. Whoever said you shouldn’t eat raw cake mix clearly missed out on the

spiritual awakening in their formative years. Even better than the cake mix – okay, that’s debateable – is Stranger Things perfectly accompanied with the finished product. And not worrying about notifications inbetween mouthfuls made everything that bit better. Bliss. There’s something so therapeutic about letting yourself just enjoy food: no guilt, no calorie counting, no stress.

22:00 Conclusion

AN interesting day. The social media break definitely did me a world of good. By the end of the day it was the last thing on my mind. I went to bed less stressed with a mind that wasn’t running riot with the usual paranoia. That’s me a new, enlightened woman now. And the cake only added to that. Yes, food is there for all the boring nutrition stuff, but it’s also there for us to enjoy it – don’t mind if I do. Avoiding my image all day was a whole different story. For me, my image means a lot, whether it’s about expressing myself through clothes or understanding my mixed race identity through my frizzy mane. Not seeing my reflection seemed to make me feel not myself, as if I was completely disconnected from my body. I guess moderation is key: you don’t need to have a mirror in hand 24/7 but you also don’t need to avoid your reflection like the plague. Body image pressures are everywhere – that much is clear – but maybe it’s not so much about ignoring them as learning to deal with them.



WE’RE giving away TWO pairs of tickets to see Titanic The Musical at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow on May 30. For a chance of winning a pair of tickets, answer the following question:

IN WHICH CITY WAS THE TITANIC BUILT? TO enter go to Facebook @studentragmag Closing date March 30. Editor’s decision is final.

HEALTH AND BEAUTY BLUSH Blush is Back MOST of us have focused primarily on contouring and highlighting, with blush being overlooked. The Michelle Williams of beauty products, if you will. But the SS18 runways proved that this underrated gem is set to make a comeback. A cream blush is a great way to dip your toe into the colourful world of blush. It also avoids making your make-up feel too heavy in the warmer months. Instead it provides a wash of colour that adds subtle definition to your face and easily sinks into your skin. Glossier’s “Cloud Paint Blushes” are buildable, and have the cutest paint tube packaging. There are four shades, so they can RIHANNA’S “Stunna Lip Paint” cater to a variety of was formulated with all skin skin tones and pertones in mind, so this shade will sonal preferences. be flattering on everyone. Glossier Cloud Paint Blush As with most liquid lipsticks, it £15 can be a little drying, so make sure to prep with lip balm. It also has amazing staying power, so you don’t have to worry about it transferring or having lipstick-stained teeth. Rihanna clearly put a lot of thought into creating a lip colour that could suit everyone no matter what their skin colour, which is impressive, as the same can’t be said for a lot of other makeup brands. So, if you buy just one new lipstick this year, let it be this one. After all, this is Rihanna’s world and we’re all just living in it.

LIPSTICK Rihanna Red

Fentick Beauty Stunna Lip Paint £10



S’mug Coffee Bar, 167 Great George Street, Glasgow, G128AQ (Next to M&S)

HEALTH AND BEAUTY IT is hard for designers to go wrong with Spring and Summer beauty. This year was no exception. From aquamarine eye shadow at Chanel to rosy pink cheeks at Simone Rocha, there was a clear theme of bright colours.

I know you may be thinking, bright colours? For spring? Ground-breaking! But many make-up companies have launched new products to help make classic looks feel new. I’m HANNAH AHMED and this is my guide to all that’s good and beautiful this season.

On the bright side FOUNDATION You Go Glen Coco GLASS Skin is defined by Christine Chang as “when your skin is so healthy, even-toned, and plumped with hydration that it’s almost translucent, like a shard of glass.” Obviously, as with all skin based beauty trends, for the best effect, you should focus on your skincare routine. However, most skincare products take weeks, even months, to reach full effect. So, while an acid toner and vitamin C serum would be helpful in your quest for glowing skin, there are plenty of products that will allow you to fake it till you make it. Becca’s Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation provides the luminosity of their cult favourite highlighters, except with a more natural sheen. If that still isn’t providing enough radiance for you, then try Marc Jacob’s gel highlighter, as you can use it in the usual ‘highlighty’ places and mix it into your foundation! Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation £34

Glossier Boy Brow £14

Fenty Beauty Blotting Paper harveynichols. com £13

Kailijumei Jelly Lip Stick £9.99

Makeup Revolution Concealer £4

NYX Butter Lip Gloss £5.50


HEALTH AND BEAUTY Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara £18.50

HAIR 90s Hair Circa 2018

have been IT may seem like the 90sthe last five for ck eba com a making years. prior decades, That’s because unlike not be easily can the fashion of the 90s a huge bank of summarised, providing . from ose cho to trends es are having Right now, the hairstyl 90s hair t’s their moment. And wha urful and without all the cute, colo le, hair accessometimes…questionab sories? this season, Designers featured it alland stretch tic elas k thic h bot saw we the ones that comb headbands (yes, 5th period, by gave you a headache okay.) pretty hurts sometimes e resurgence There was also a hug sites like Etsy in hair clips, and with genuinely and ASOS, you can findnot just what, cool ones that suit you ire’s has to offer. ever your nearest Cla

90s Butterfly Clips £4.50 plus shipping


EYE LASHES Butterfly Fluttery Lashes

A THICK layer of foundation combined with the Summer heat, sweat and humidity can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. When your skin gets more tanned, it looks healthier and any existing acne or scars aren’t as noticeable. So, take especially hot days as a chance to let your skin breath. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any makeup. A popular choice for designers Rodarte and Etro this season was a simple and fresh base paired with thick and curled lashes. If fake lashes are your go-to, Ardell’s Wispies are cult favourites. You could also get lash extensions, which will last you several weeks. If you want your natural eyelashes to be longer, try putting coconut or castor oil on them every night, as this penetrates the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth. Fairydrops’ mascara is also great at providing thick lashes, especially if you use an eyelash curler beforehand. Ardell Wispies £5.49

EYE SHADOW Eyes are the Window to the Shadow

AS its name suggests, Kat Von D’s “I Am Divine” palette was inspired by the legendary and iconic drag queen Divine. With the rise of shows like “RuPaul’s Drag Race” drag queens, have become as close to being mainstream as a subculture can be. Drag queens are beyond influential when it comes to make-up trends – they invented contouring, cut-creases, baking and over lining lips. Not to mention Kat Von Dee’s shadows are known for being *Manny MUA voice* so pigmented! Whether you want to go for an everyday subtle look, or want fully-fledged Bianca Del Rio-esque drag mak-eup, this palette is perfect.

Student Rag Issue 30 Edinburgh Edition  
Student Rag Issue 30 Edinburgh Edition