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big adventures, big skies, and big career opportunities There’s plenty of adventure to be had in Shetland, but you might not realise what great career opportunities there are too. Because of our location and population size, there’s a chance to get hands on in a host of roles including planning, health and local government. You can build up your skill set with a really wide range of experiences and progress your career faster than you might get to do elsewhere. It’s a great place to live and work. So if you’re thinking about a fresh start, start here.


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Spring fashion................................................4-10


Dead Pixels interview....................................12-13


Grace Carter interview...................................14-15


Spring in the city............................................16-19


Morganway interview....................................20-21



Instagram’s most wanted...........................22-26


Guide to the next step................................27-46


Jack Barry interview....................................48-49


Shetland lives...............................................50-51


See Scotland on a budget............................52-53


Sophie Scott interview......................................54


Guide to part-time employment................56-59


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Get fit for Spring – for free.........................64-66


Spring Beauty...............................................68-71

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natty NEON There’s a lot riding on having a certain Summer-looking glow to pull off the neon look but when it works, it works. One of the many benefits of flourescent clothing is that it helps accentuate your tan. The queen of pulling off dark skin and neon yet somehow looking like a high priestess has got to be Kim K.

The It lady has shown us time and time again that there are plenty of ways to stand out in the crowd. A great tip for those not prepared to go all the way with a such a bold fashion statement, is to opt for neon nails instead. Subtle, but effective. HANNAH AHMED guides you through...

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combine with plain bottoms, and vise versa. Feeling a bit more daring? Try combining ‘problem patterns’. There is officially no such thing as clashing this season. The more unusual, the better. So if it doesn’t make sense, it makes sense! See what I mean?

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Have you got a problem with alcohol? “Only YOU can decide”

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Alcoholics Anonymous has over 4,440 Groups throughout Great Britain, designed to help those with a drinking problem. Through mutual support, sufferers assist each other in coping with their problem. There are no fees for membership of Alcoholics Anonymous and anonymity is carefully preserved.

Calls will be kept strictly confidential For information: PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green, YORK YO1 7NJ Tel: 01904 644 026


SO, let’s see. How many words for sex and genitals are there in Dead Pixels? Alexa: I know. There’s so many we’re literally saying them all the time. There’s a moment in episode six where my character refers to her privates as her ‘granny in the basement’. It’s really funny and it felt like such a safe environment to say all these words and phrases. Will: I didn’t think it was that crude. It is elaborate some of the descriptions. I found it hard to get the words out of my mouth. Like when Meg talks about how she needs ‘valuable zinc deposits’. Alexa: It’s just like breathing saying all these words in the script. Charlotte: (laughs) It’s the awful mind of John Brown. Alexa: (laughs) I feel like I use them a lot more now like ‘nubbin’. Will: (laughs) And I think it fluidly moves in between talking about masturbation and gaming. HAS gaming been a thing for any of you? Alexa: It’s always been a part of my life. I shared a PS2 with my sister and played Airblade (extreme sports) and Burnout (high-speed racing) and it’s evolved with me as I’ve grown. I’ve got an impressive collection of gaming equipment from PS’s to Nintendos and Nintendo Switch, although hopefully now I’ve said that I hope nobody’s going to rob my house. For me it’s been really lovely game-playing. IF you’d had the choice, what avatar would you have chosen in Dead Pixels? Charlotte: (my character) Alison doesn’t get involved. It’s a bit like a lot of your parents feelings for game-playing. Alison feels it’s a huge waste of time and would rather read a book or play the flute. I’d love it if my character developed and either got annoyingly good at it or so bad at it that she had a breakdown. To her the game-playing of the others is a sweet obsession. Charlotte, your character plays the flute in Dead Pixels. Do you play in real life or did you need to learn for the show? Charlotte: My sister plays the flute and I hadn’t played it but in secret I borrowed it. Alexa, what about an avatar for you if you chose it? Alexa: I love Greta (avatar) but if I was choosing I’d maybe choose a woman in streetfighter to look strong and powerful and Amazonian-looking. Maybe not wearing bikini-clad boobs like Usman’s but more like Emily Blunt’s character in Edge of Tomorrow. AND an avatar for you, Will? Will: I would go with what Nicky my character’s done. With more of myself in it. With a bionic arm. It’s kind of weird that Usman’s avatar’s a wizard that’s a little boy.


Nicky and Meg house-share and their bedrooms are next door. Though she chats up other guys miserably, Nicky and Meg kind of have a will they/won’t they feel about their relationship… Will: There’s definitely a ‘will they, won’t they’ with Meg and Nicky. I don’t think they understand their feelings. Alexa: It’s a lovely idea of two introverts coming together after talking through a wall.

At the top

of their game GAMING and animation in a TV show is clearly a viewer-pleaser thanks to last year’s popular E4 drama Kiss Me First. Now Dead Pixels takes E4 into the computer animation comedy realm and centres on office worker mates Meg (Alexa), Nicky (Will), flatmate Alison (Charlotte) and friend

THE show looks like it’s going to be plagued with embarrassing seduction and chat-up storylines that have the potential to go horribly wrong. Has that ever happened to any of you in real life? Alexa: Oh, too many I wouldn’t want to mention or know where to start. Will: (to Alexa) It sounds like you had a wealth of stories. Charlotte: I did once try to seduce someone by showing all my books! We were studying and I remember he was going to leave the room and had pulled the zip up on his red anorak and I got my books out on Space and then he unzipped his jacket. He wasn’t up for me being a nerdy type but when I got the Space books out… Are any of the embarrassing scenes in Dead Pixels ones you’d prefer family not to see? Alexa: In episode six there’s a lot of costumes. It’s Meg, Nikky and Russell and I remember trying on the costume and

Usman, whose world revolves around their obsession for a massively popular fantasy role-playing game. Susie Daniels chats to Alexa (Raised by Wolves), Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) and Will Merrick (Skins, Poldark) about the hilarious new comedy and its strong preference for toilet humour...

the show producers are there and I remember being very embarrassed. I hump a chair. There’s quite a few embarrassing moments in that episode. I’m going to advise my parents to not watch that one. Because we filmed it a year and a half ago but it’s coming out now it’s remembering bits and bobs and thinking, ‘oh, my nan can’t watch that’. Charlotte, if you were chatted up by Dead Pixels phrases such as there’s a ‘stirrin’ in the nobbin’ would that be acceptable patter? Charlotte: It would be less bad if I knew the person and I suppose it depends on the context but if it was just someone I didn’t know trying it as a chat up then I would tell them where to go. The great thing about the script is it’s not gratuitously stupid. There’s funny comments like Meg’s ‘granny’s in the basement and she needs her porridge’.

DO you girls feel there’s a wave of comedy dramas such as Catastrophe and Raised by Wolves that have led to uninhibited woman being the new woman? Alexa: Massively. I never properly noticed it before. I’ve been lucky to work on Raised By Wolves and Harlots in feminist roles so talking about our bodies felt normal. It didn’t register when Meg talked about her body because I’m used to it but the men would giggle. WAS it odd reading and learning all those sex-chat lines knowing a guy had written it? Alexa: I’ve been in shows where a woman talking about her anatomy’s only been written by women but writer Jon Brown (Fresh Meat) didn’t shy away from writing it. I loved the fact that he never held back. Charlotte: It’s great when people are honest about their mind.


Dead Pixels is coming soon to E4.



y m n e e b Music’s


USIC and her mother have been the constants in Grace Carter’s life that have ilihelped her maintain stab to ty, love and a confidence believe in herself. west The soulful singer from a London, who sounds likenne cross between Jess Gly has and Rebecca Ferguson, with kept it real while touring n I more BRITS winners tha Lipa care to mention from Duato Rag (below) and Jorja Smith n Bone man. And it’s all thanks to her ed constants who have help save Grace. Being abandoned by a had a parent from a young age nkfully tha detrimental effect but ch Grace joined a choir whi of a t helped her become par lise rea group, feel loved and nt. she had a special tale nt Over the years her tale 14 was nurtured and at only ing she was already perform She lic. her own material in pub and ege then joined music coll the piano taught herself to play thanks to YouTube. prise So it comes as no sur d rne that Grace has just retu from headlining the BBC W in SXS introducing stage at Austin, Texas. itive Grace explains the pos life: impact of music on her that “Music is the one thing saved me. “I started writing when I was 12 years old. When I was a tiny kid it was very hard. “My dad had left at a young age and at school you see a book with a family – a mum, dad and kids – but it was just me

GRACE CARTER’S the perfect example of how your past experiences shouldn’t define you. She’s faced struggles as a child but has used the best therapy available to her to overcome any demons – her song-writing. The London-born singer/songwriter may still be young but she has a lot to say about life and from the sounds of it, a long soulful journey ahead of her. It helps that she’s signed to the same management label as double-Grammy and Brit winner Dua Lipa. Grace tells Susie Daniels all about music choir, Brighton and her bestie Dua...

and my mum. “Song-writing made me understand myself and my feelings. “I wasn’t academic at school. I was never in a good grade class so it that I was going to uni. wasn’t When I got to 15 years old I tho ‘what am I going to do? ught, ’ the one thing that had Music is changed me so much.” The talented singer, who was influenced by mu sica soulstresses like Lauryn l Nina Simone and ErykahHill, Badu, has written many sad, refl songs on rejection and ective abandonment including Wh y Me, Silence and Ashes Her Not sings with believable senand on a par with Adele and timent Emeli Sande though perhap s not quite with the same range. Though her music isn’ t it’s been cathartic for Gra cheery ce and for fans, so many will tap into that feeling. Grace says: “With my music (the lyrics) it’s not in a res way. I’m trying to get ove entful everything so at the end r my music there’s the lighof it in t. “I’ve always done the writ but we all have our dem ing ons. I had therapy my who le life. Everyone should do it (therapy). One hundred per cent. “Though song-writing is the most therapeutic thing for me.

It’s just me in my room writing, getting it all down.” At the age of nine Grace’s mum moved away from west London to Brighton. Although she didn’t leave the country it was quite a culture ia to an shock from inner suburb just and English seaside resort struggle like most kids, it was a meet at the start to fit in and feeling new friends, especially so out of place. ups Grace recalls: “There’s y awa and downs to moving you built from the place where , the a family. In West London very school that I went to was don Lon diverse. I moved from nine to Brighton when I was years old. the “Where I moved to I wasclass. my only mixed race kid in a very My mum is white. It was different life. but “I didn’t have any friends it’s ir and I started a church cho ple like the first time I met peo rests. inte me that had common singing.” We did harmonies and The female artist doesn’t , e now miss a paternal influenc hardly as it’s been so long she recalls it. a In fact, she’s had such e in her strong feminine influenc matter. to ms life it no longer see him (my She explains: “I knew know to father) enough as a kid g I didn’t mind him not bein t. stan there. He wasn’t a con

e c a r G g n i sav


All my mum’s friends hav always been round me e and powerful and inspirationa are l. The biggest rock in my life - it not be the cool answer might but it’s the real answer - has been my mum and my managers. My managers hold it down for me. Every time I write I give a piece of myself away.” Last year someone tweeted to Grace, ‘I think you will be a really popular , amazing singer that everybody loves’ but it’s the love she needs for not herself, more for her music. Grace explains: “I don ’t know if it’s important for eve ryo love me. I want my mu ne to sic to connect to everyone and for it to have an effect.’ Her friendship with rec BRIT award and double ent my winner Dua Lipa (co Gramllab ration with Calvin Harris) ohad another positive effe has ct on her career. ua’s father orchestrated a music festival in Pristina to put Kosovo on the music fest map and invited Grace ival to sing at the event. Things seem to get bigg and better following her er an tour, the SXSW per Europeformance and her nomination for the BBC Sound of 2019 this yea r. Grace says: “Every day something new is hap pening. I toured with Dua Lipa on of my first tours. She is one such a good friend. “Seeing people react to her music is so rewarding. I’m so proud of Dua. The fact she won two Grammys blows my mind. “She’s from Pristina in and her father threw a Kosovo festival there for her last year and I played. It was amazin g!”



Grace Carter will pla y The Blue Arrow in Glasgow on March 28t h.


WHAT’S ON WHILST the simultaneous sparking of a few thousand Swan Vestas matches wouldn’t generally be encouraged in our major cities, the Beltane Fire Festival shows how such a spectacular flame show can be enjoyed responsibly. The re-imagining of the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane will mark the changing seasons with “a wild mix of drums, fire and physical theatre on a scale not seen anywhere else in the world”. That’s the official line by the way! Expect to look on in awe as the May Queen and Green Man lead a cavalcade of characters in a procession which culminates in the lighting of a bonfire to signify the inception of summer. Oooh, warm glows.

Copyright Neil Barton for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved.

Hollywood Babble-On






o Calton Hill, April 30. Tickets from £5.50.

Beltane Fire Festival

Colouring books, crosswords and boardgames have all recently come back into fashion. But not to anywhere near the extent of Lego. The colourful bricks have always been popular amongst kids and big kids alike, but ten years ago it would have been difficult to imagine that Lego

Edinbrick would have spawned an A-list film franchise, several cartoons and TV shows as well as a number of competitions and exhibitions around the world. If you have held on to your childish sense

of imagination and love the satisfying feeling of inventing countless, colourful creations then this is the place to be. An event for Lego builders of all ages looks to bring people together who share an admiration for the brilliant little bricks. o Potterow, May 18. £3.

THE creator of legendary independent film Clerks, Kevin Smith has gone on to write and direct a host of films featuring A-list stars such as Elizabeth Banks, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and John Goodman. Throughout his career his comments on the showbiz life and the filmmaking process have often been controversial. Alongside him is comedian and voice actor Ralph Garman who has appeared in Family Guy, Ted and The Lego Batman Movie. Podcasts have become one of the main outlets for comedians and writers. While many of them are recorded in the privacy of the performers’ own homes or studios, this is the opportunity to be in attendance for the recording of a podcast that will cover topics like showbiz, comics and film-making. o Usher Hall, May 14. £30.80 – £38.50.

spring in the city

LUKE HAWKINS’ GUIDE TO what’s on in glasgow & edinburgh

Robotics and digital technology have been at the heart of many of the developments that have transformed everyday life. If the films Terminator, Ex Machina and Transformers are to be believed then these leaps forward in technology are absolutely fine and definitely won’t end in the destruction of humanity or near apocalypse. For now though, our trusty robotic friends are keeping us fascinated – taking the form of uncanny cyborgs and AI avatars. This exhibition not only allows you to see and interact with the cutting-edge technology of today, but also shows the early beginnings of robotics as well as a glimpse into the definitely not nightmarish future.


o NATIONAL Museum of Scotland, until May 5. £9 If you’re a crafty type (and have the patience of a saint) then you may be interested in the niche art of origami. All levels of ability are welcome at this meetup event for those who appreciate the ancient and enigmatic Japanese artform in the not so ancient or enigmatic Starbucks. Origami is a peaceful and reward-

Edinburgh Origami Meetup ing craft, where the biggest dangers you will face are papercuts and your own frustration. This fortnightly meet can be the place to pick up advice or gain inspiration.

Newbies and seasoned hands can come together and share tips, tricks and ideas. o Starbucks, every fortnight. £TBC.

MoonWalk Scotland

THE MoonWalk Scotland is an annual event that brings hundreds of people together to power walk through Edinburgh…in their bras. The reason for this is to help in the fight against breast cancer. Walk the Walk’s event encourages as many people as possible, men and women, to turn up wearing a bra (the crazier decorated the better) and march through

Edinburgh. There are four distances that participants can choose to walk, ranging from just under seven miles to just over 52 miles. Whatever level you are able to complete, it is all for a fantastic cause so spread the word, get the paints and sequins out and get marching. o HOLYROOD Park, June 8. £15 – £49.50. seventeen







Comic Con

It’s hard to imagine that comic books and their characters were once quarantined to the dark basements and bedrooms of teenagers and kids looking to escape mainstream culture. Marvel and DC Comics have become humungous franchises, not only continuing with comic books but also creating some of the biggest grossing films of all time. Guests from these franchises and other sci-fi stars are one of the biggest attractions of Comic Con. Actors from Doctor Who, Overwatch and The Walking Dead have all made appearances in the past. The costumes that are on show are just as much of a draw. Be prepared, the fans in attendance are enthusiastic to say the least. o ROYAL Concert Hall, June 29. £8 – £20.

THE stop motion icons have won plenty of accolades including an Academy Award. The loveable duo has been getting into all sorts of exciting adventures for decades now, in TV shows and feature films that have become critically and commercially acclaimed all over the world. Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels sees the pair feature in a musical extravaganza for the first time. The show is sure to keep all of the charm of the original animated series in a way that will push all the buttons of those looking for a sense of nostalgia, all the while offering up something completely inventive and original that will please fans old and new. o ROYAL Concert Hall, June 9. £20.70 – £46 eighteen

Wallace & Gromit’s Musical Marvels


True OriGINs Gin Festival NOW, I’m more of a lager man myself but I understand that gin has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent times. Well, trends come and go so if Mother’s Ruin (ask your grandma) is your tipple of choice then an afternoon sharing stories with like-minded, ahem, afficianados might be just the thing for you. True OriGINs promises tastings, masterclasses and workshops and also what they describe as a “multi-sensory journey”. No, I don’t know what that is either. You even get to keep the gin tasting glass that you paid for as part of the entry fee. This one’s strictly for over-18s only. Obviously. o THE Briggait, May 31 – June 1. £12.50.

Glasgow Coffee Festival HONESTLY, where would us students be without those magical roasted beans and their associated properties? Late-night essay-writing sessions? No chance. Exam revision until 4am? Forget it. Coffee – and more accurately the concentration-boosting caffeine contained within – has been good to us and we should pay our respects by checking out the festival dedicated to its powers.

THE dysfunctional Hoover family have to make an 800 mile trip to California to enter their daughter into a beauty pageant. The peculiar story (and equally peculiar character) were the basis for the Academy Award-winning film, Little Miss Sunshine. The film was then transformed into an off-Broadway hit, and is now on a European stint. Olive and her family all have their own unique problems to deal with and all seem to go about dealing with those problems in exactly the wrong way. Join them on their madcap journey to experience one of the weirdest feel-good shows to make its way onto the stage this summer. o KING’S Theatre, July 1 – 6. £13 – £48.90.

Around 55 exhibitors will be there with demonstrations, interactive workshops and a range of other features among the aromatic attractions. Be warned, though – it hasn’t been made clear whether or not you’re expected to supply your own milk and sugar. o THE Briggait, May 4 & 5. From £13.50.

Little Miss Sunshine

NICOLE, you were once a circus performer. How did you make the transition into music? Nicole: It has always been music for me, the circus thing came out of the blue. I had just graduated from violin-making school and I didn’t really have anywhere to go, when a classmate invited me to go and join a circus in France. The show was to be created from scratch. We hollowed out a huge tree from the forest with chainsaws and built a rig on the back of a lorry. The story was about selling your soul to the devil and there was voltige (horseback gymnastics) silks, trapeze, music, dancing and crazy horses and carts bombing round the audience in the dark with people jumping in between them lit by flame torches. I played fiddle and double bass. It was all lit by gas and there’s nothing that focuses your mind as a performer quite like seeing the silks blowing in the wind much too close to the flames as someone is high up above you doing insane tricks and you are trying to remember the rhythms of Eastern European folk tunes. I did get hit in the leg with a giant metal pole. It was ridiculously danger-

ous, I can’t believe we got away with it, it was awesome. Ultimately though I’m not cut out for the circus. Physically I loved the hard work and now have a handstand obsession, but mentally I struggled, you have to be so tough and fight for everything and that’s not me. It was a brilliant experience but all I really want to do is harmonise. You released your first single ‘Frozen In Our Time’ mid-Feb. What’s that about? Callum: Well, winter weather puns aside…what the song itself is about is really down to the listener. I feel there’s a beauty in the struggle we all face in coming to grips with the time we are given. And songs, like paintings, photographs, films...whatever art we create is frozen in its time. Jackson Browne has said he still likes calling a record a record, regardless of whether it’s on vinyl or not, because it’s ‘a record of events’. In many ways we’re all doing this and for me, the song holds a mirror to that.

What will your album, due for release this Summer, be called and what can we expect from it? Callum: This is our debut album, and we don’t really wish to single out one track, so simply calling it ‘Morganway’ says it all so neatly, directly, and honestly too. We have long progressive builds, but we also have three minute pop songs, foot-stomping folk numbers, heavy rock tracks and songs about finding something spiritual, or perhaps UFOs on a hill. ANY particular songs you can tell us about and what the narrative is? Callum: Extra terrestrials aside, we have a song called London Life, which I think is all about the capital from an outsiders perspective. It follows a young man who initially thinks he has it all figured out, and then gradually loses it. He watches as his girlfriend, his wife, and then his ex finds herself in a city where so much happens, while he ultimately gets left behind. He doesn’t resent her for it, he knows she’ll do well, and he knows if anyone deserves it, she does, but he grows to resent the alienation he experiences in the big city: “Some nights I can’t stand it, I freeze up

Circus lit the flame twenty

Americana band Morganway, founded by twin brothers Callum and Kieran Morgan, are a Norfolk six-piece inspired by classic 80s bands and artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Lead singer Nicole J Terry, a former circus performer and violin-maker, has a similar vocal sound to KT Tunstall so it’s fair to expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from Morganway. Their debut single Frozen in Our Time was released this month and a debut album is due out this Summer. The band speak to Susie Daniels about UFO songs and handstands... inside / these people judge you, for all the things you like”. The song is very upbeat sonically, but I think the narrative it tells is one of our saddest. Kieran and Callum, what first got you into music, how long have you been song-writing, singing and playing music? Callum: Our dad is a singer, and I’m certain watching him perform in bands gave us the bug. I started writing songs as soon as I could play a few notes. I think the first good one was called “Up My Sleeve”, aged 13. It featured a three-note riff that my guitar teacher at the time thought was good, which to me was divine praise indeed! Kieran: I started playing guitar when I was 11 and I was very lucky to have an incredible teacher called Dave Morrison, an American living in North Norfolk who is the best slide guitar player I know and to this day, still one of my biggest influences. My next ‘guitar hero’ was John

Frusciante, who used to be in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, his tone and the way he puts so much emotion into the guitar hit me hard; he can play just two notes and still say so much. I’ve stuck to that in my philosophy; it’s as much about the notes you don’t play as the ones you do. I got into music because of how songs make me feel, and I don’t get excited about playing something just because it is technical. HAVE collaborations like Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus’s ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart and the transition of artists like Taylor Swift helped bring Americana and country into mainstream music? Callum: I think that song, first and foremost, is a great pop record and great pop records will always bring people together as they enter into the mainstream. SJ: I was just starting to write songs on my guitar at school when Taylor Swift brought out her first album, she was a

big influence on me and got me into many other modern country artists. I’ve always loved how she tells a story through her songs, and it’s great how country and Americana are now becoming more popular in the UK. DO you see yourself going down that path or are you interested in doing that if the music takes you there? SJ: We are always writing together and developing as a band and we’re already excited about getting started on album number two! Callum: I think you have to keep an open mind at all times. Don’t do something that doesn’t feel right, but don’t set yourself rules if they stop you from seeing what’s out there. Morganway will go where Morganway will go, there’s no crystal ball.

under Morganway twenty-one


Insta Record stores in general make for cool pictures. There’s a reason why they are used a settings in movies so often. Le Freak Records is no exception. Located in the West End, its bright yellow and

Le Freak Records,

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh THIS trendy bar is home to an eclectic menu and cocktails, live music and even cabaret rooms. The décor is a mix of exotic and vintage, so don’t be scared to capture as many photos as you can!


FEATURE When it comes to the best places for photography in Scotland, there are the obvious choices, like Edinburgh Castle and Glasgow. However, we’re instead going to focus on relatively lesser known spots for interesting pics to spruce up your Insta feed. Think less touristy and more aesthetically pleasing. HANNAH AHMED is your guide...

Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop, Inverness Just like record stores, bookshops and libraries make frequent appearances on the big screen, and with good reason. Nothing is more calming than a spacious bookshop.

Leakey’s is renowned not only for its impressive collection of second-hand books, but for its captivating layout. It’s ideal for bookworms everywhere.

gratif ication blue exterior is hard to miss. Whether you choose to capture a pic of you looking over the records, or just a simple snap of your favourite vinyl, you really can’t go wrong.


Naf Salon, Glasgow

NAF is one of the most trendy nail salons about, being frequented by the likes of Glasgow youtuber Jamie Genevieve. Obviously the décor is deserving of its own place on your Insta feed, but the nail deigns they offer are too. They offer a variety of designs, from a classic French mani, to the most creative nail art you can imagine.


FEATURE Victoria Street, Edinburgh

OK, so this one’s not exactly an under the radar spot, but still Insta worthy none the less. The colourful buildings make for the perfect background or standalone picture. The street also played a part in inspiring Diagon Alley, for any Harry Potter enthusiasts out there.

ee Flame Tree Cafe, Dund offers THE Flame Tree Café something for everyone, ary no matter what your diet needs. Whilst they are mostly ls for known among the loca their handmade rainbow

an bagels, they also have menu. interesting and varied Don’t miss out on their classic drinks, including your re milkshakes and the mo daring ‘blue latte.’

Gym Salon, Aberdeen

NOT only is this hair and make-up salon stunning blue with its pretty pink and as décor, but it also doubles e. a gym, hence the nam tes So, after enjoying a pila


of or dance class with one , you their fitness instructors new can treat yourself to a hairdo. few And of course, snap a at it. mirror pics while you’re

Ashton Lane, Glasgow Okay, this isn’t exactly an ‘unknown’ spot, but any keen Instgrammer knows that fairy lights make for the prettiest pics, and Ashton Lane is not lacking in that department. After getting your perfect photos, you can pop in to any of the abundant bars, restaurants or cafes the West End has to offer.


Tigerlily, Edinburgh Boutique hotels are often popular with keen Intagrammers, and Tigerlily is no exception. It also has a separate bar and restaurant if you are an Edinburgh native. The modern decorations and flower wall make it a hotspot for Instagram lovers everywhere.



Underworld Cafe, Dundee NOT really a café, this bar is known for its vintage décor and captivating cocktails. It does actually serve food during the day, not transforming to the allusive bar until the after-hours.

Also, the retro exterior of the building makes for a pretty groovy pic in itself. Located on Perth Road in Dundee’s trendy West End, so you won’t be far from other Insta opportunities.

Botanic Garden Kibble Palace, Glasgow Another signature choice for the background of plenty of instagrammers is greenery. That makes Glasgow’s botanic gardens, especially Kibble Palace ideal for capturing scenic pics. Kibble Palace is also ideal as you can have a photoshoot no matter what the weather.

DCA ‘The Dreamer’, Dundee Dundee Contemporary Arts itself offers plenty of Insta opportunities, with its rotating art exhibitions and old timey cinema. But out back, ‘The Dreamer’ by Sofia Site makes for the picture. Whether as a standalone photo, or as the background for you selfie, it will definitely make for an interesting image. twenty-six

Okashi, Glasgow OKASHI is a fairly new Kawaii-inspired café, located in the already super trendy Finnieston. Whilst the décor will make for plenty of cute pics, with its flower wall and plush pastel chairs, the food is Insta worthy in itself. They offer a variety of delightful drinks including ‘floffee’ and cute cakes that taste as good as they look.



#2 The Stress Never Ends You might think no more exams means no more anxiety. Not entirely true. Whilst no one would ever argue that exams are better than full-time employment, no one would say that full-time employment doesn’t come with its own set of stressors. If you’re doing any task for a prolonged period of time, it gets inside your head and consumes you. At work, you get tangled up in a kind of deadline and a new kind of assessment. The obligatory kind that pays the bills. And, that’s just the stress that comes with being in a job, being between jobs is far more distressing. Nonetheless, normally job stress isn’t the kind you

take home with you, not to the extent of being up till 3am cramming for an exam the next day. But there are jobs out there that do require you to work from home sometimes, so for some the stress of homework never dissipates. The hours you’re required to put in are more than you’ve ever devoted to anything in your life … even studying. And, a 9 to 5 every work day of the week is exhausting, it just is. You’ll miss the free hours between lectures and the late starts and early finishes of some college or uni days. To be fair, you won’t miss all the studying that usually filled those hours though.

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things no one told you about life after graduation

GOT your grades? Got your gown? Got your tissues? Because the crying’s not over yet. The freedom which comes with graduation is slightly tainted by the fencing you’ll notice running the parameter in the distance. You go from a smaller cage to a bigger one. You’re the free-range variation of free and the cage feels more like a battle ring. There’s a degree for everything and everyone has a degree, so let the Games begin! HANNAH McLAREN talks you through it...

#3 Life Stops Being About Hitting Those Milestones You learn a lot more and much faster as soon as you walk out of those library doors. Something that you’ll quickly realise is that real life requires a lot of patience and that most things take time. After hitting deadline after deadline, year after year, going through the motions since you were a little kid of first primary school, then secondary school,

uni and a job, you’re stunned by the limbo you suddenly fall into the months following graduation. It’s immediately clear that you can’t plan everything and little goes to plan. There’s no shame in not hearing back from that application and no failure in not finding graduate employment within six months. It’s a tough world. Many graduates learn that hard work doesn’t always pay off, not right away anyway. And, sometimes success takes a different shape than the one you envisioned all these years. Very few think they’ll be married with a house and kids at the age of 25 anymore, and that’s because the reality is the majority won’t. And, that’s okay. Security doesn’t always look like a sandstone, red-bricked detached house, in a nice area, lined by a nice white picket fence. The wonder of the 21st century and the open access we have to so many tools and so much information is that you can now create your own solid ground to build on.

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#1 Your Dream Job is a Nightmare OR, at least, it has nightmarish qualities. You’ve spent years working towards this goal with a perfect image in mind, only now to realise that there is a list of negatives to the job that you could never have imagined in the classroom. It’s not uncommon for graduates to realise they’ve picked the wrong degree … and that’s after graduation for some. Many return to further study, or never use their degrees at all. However, it’s not all bad. If you’ve landed your dream job, you should be a little bit more relieved than the hundreds of graduates each year who don’t. Many find themselves in managerial positions or training in grad jobs that don’t match the visions they had for their life. You might be one of the lucky few who made the right choice at 17-years-old, and are enjoying your chosen career path. However, to those who don’t feel part of that celebratory party on Graduation Day, don’t worry, you are not alone.

GRADUATION SPECIAL #4 Income Envy Although you were all once struggling students, scraping change for one last £1 vodka and eating the cheapest thing on the menu, you’ll start to see a shift in your friendship circle. There will be those who want to go on all the holidays and buy all the things and then there will be those who are still unemployed and can’t even make that one night out. Being a skint student is the norm and a funny meme when you’re still finding your feet at college or uni. But when you’re in your twenties and you suddenly have a list of bills to pay and all your cash flow goes towards life’s necessities, it becomes a huge inconvenient demotivator.

#5 Grades Don’t Always Equal Success WE’RE already familliar with the phrase, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Well, unfortunately this becomes very real when you exit through the front door as a big person for the first time. At some point, you may be snubbed for that perfect job in favour of someone the boss already had lined up. More than once, you won’t hear back from those places you wrote to or applied to. Often, people you never imagined could succeed will overtake you on the way out of those ceremony doors. What a lot of university students forget to acquire is experience alongside those As and Bs. Those who did the placements, shadowed the professionals and made the contacts are far more likely to get the job than you are.

Those with lower grades often compensate by having a far more efficient set of networking skills, which can sometimes be enough depending on the minimum

requirements. Practical skills are invaluable and that’s something you can only pick up far beyond a lecture hall. When Exams are a measure of book smarts, but the

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ability to adapt, innovate and compromise are what employers are really looking for. it’sWelcome over to the real world!


Enjoy 3 course meal and a glass of fizz for only £26.95pp Graduate eats



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Terms and Conditions: *Graduate eats for free with 3 or more paying guests. Must be booked in advance and quote “Student Rag Magazine” when booking. The package includes a three course meal from the prix fixe menu and a 125ml glass of sparking wine. Subject to availability.

La Bonne Auberge at Holiday Inn Glasgow Theatreland, 161 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2RL

ne n o B La

e g r e b u

GRADUATION SPECIAL What to Expect...and How to Handle There’s not many days more exciting and more terrifying than your graduation – I should know, I’ve done it once already. It’s the culmination of four years of hard work (and sometimes hard drinking) and you deserve to make the most of every minute of it. That said, there are some key pieces of advice I wish I’d had ahead of the big day. While most of my slip-ups have turned into funny anecdotes to tell at parties, some people still look back on their graduation days and shrivel with embarrassment or, even worse, seriously regret some aspect of it. I’m Laura Ferguson (that’s me second from the right!) and this is my guide to getting through the day without disaster and having the best possible time.

Don’t Throw Too Much Caution to the Wind IT can be very easy to get swept up in the madness of graduation and that’s a good thing – to a point. Just try to remember that this is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. The last thing you want to do is look back and think ‘what the hell was I thinking?’ This can take many forms. Don’t go for a dramatic hair cut or dye job the day before the ceremony. If it goes wrong then there’s not much you can do, and even if it goes brilliantly and you love it, I still wouldn’t recommend doing anything too ‘out-there’. I spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to decide on what hairstyle was the least likely to look ridiculous in twenty years time. Only time will tell whether I made the right decision. Also try to avoid getting maybe that little bit too drunk and hooking up with someone. I have a particularly painful story on that theme. Going into it in too much gritty detail will only lead to renewed feelings of deep, deep shame. All I’ll say is it involved rather a lot of alcohol, staying up till sunrise and a situation in which I (accidentally) almost lobbed his chin off. Don’t be like me.

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Be Prepared IT sounds so obvious but every single year without fail there are people that find themselves panicking because they haven’t ordered their graduation gown in time or they don’t have their outfit prepared. It’s simple things but it’s the difference between smooth sailing and last minute panics. Make sure you know how the ceremony will unfold. Every institution has slightly different traditions so it’s always good to know exactly how your university’s graduation day works. Lastly, check, then double check and then triple check that you have the date of your graduation right. The alternative is something


Pace Your Alcohol Intake ONE of the great parts about graduation is all the free alcohol you’re given. And not just any free alcohol – nice free alcohol. I’ve never been provided with so many bottles of champagne all at once. After four years of learning to tolerate wine that, let’s be honest, tastes like mid-range vinegar it’s a serious treat to be given so many delicious drinks all at once. But be warned. Graduation Day is a marathon, not a sprint. If you accept every glass of champagne offered to you then there’s a very good chance you’ll find yourself out of the game by 4pm. So take it slow, be sensible but be sure to still enjoy the fact that your parents, bursting with so much pride that they seem to have temporarily misplaced any sense of moderation, continue to buy bottle after bottle of champagne at

your graduation dinner. That also isn’t to say that you shouldn’t let your hair down. Heaven knows the vast majority of my friends and myself weren’t exactly pictures of propriety from dawn till dusk. Just remember you’ll always have the evening and beyond for

that. You certainly don’t want to find yourself at the garden party, talking to your favourite professor, flanked by your Grandma and Grandad and concentrating very hard on not throwing up on their shoes or – dramatically worse – actually throwing up on their shoes.

Choose Your Outfit Carefully you don’t even want to consider. In a rather extreme example of this, one of my friends had a family member who, it turned out, wasn’t in fact graduating as he hadn’t passed his final exams and he’d never bothered to check that it had all gone according to plan. I can think of no more excruciating scenario than turning up to your graduation with your mum and dad dressed up in their best attire only to find out that you wouldn’t be graduating that day… or possibly ever.

You may think you look utterly fabulous in your tight dress and toweringly high heels or that you can get away with trousers that are a bit too long for you and I’m sure you do and can. Just please, please bear in mind that you’re going to have to walk across a stage in front of hundreds of people: your fellow students, their families, your professors…the lot.

Few things are more excruciating than falling flat on your face right at that moment of pomp and circumstance. And even if you have dressed in the most sensible option available to you, practice. You may be thinking ‘but how can I possibly screw up kneeling down then standing up again?’ but it’s easier than you think. One person I know

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suffered an extremely unfortunate fate at his graduation: just at the crucial moment where the hood was tossed over his head, he stood up too quickly, hit himself in the face with it and toppled back down to the ground. The entire room erupted into poorly controlled chuckles. Nobody wants to be that person when they graduate.


This Day Isn’t Just for You (but it’s still mostly for you)

and support and congratulate them it’ll make not just your Graduation Day but also the entire week so much more fun. There’s nothing better than having your best friends there waiting for you when you leave your ceremony and if you can do the same for them, it’ll mean the world to them. Having said all of that, remember the day is still mostly for you. So if, for example, you have a sibling You Don’t Need a Professional Photographer that’s being difficult you’re allowed to Aside from the mandatory ‘one for the of them meaning that you’ll get much speak up and overliving room wall’ photo, I don’t think hiring more natural shots. rule their griping. a professional photographer for the whole Plus, they’ll probably capture the perfect Or if you have day is the way forward. mixture of serious photos and fun candid parents that are split It’s expensive, time-consuming and shots. up, make it clear that there’s a strong chance you may end up it’s very important Virtually all of my friends went down with a lot of wooden photos as you force to you that they try this route and were all delighted with the yourself to pose for a stranger. their hardest to make results. Instead, you’re far better off asking one this day special and Not only does it save a hell of a lot of of your friends with a good eye for photreasured. money, it also means that one of your tography and a nice camera to take your After all, it’s not friends gets to play a really lovely role in graduation pictures. every day you finish making your day special. You’re more likely to be relaxed in front university.

When you graduate there is probably going to be nobody more proud of you than your mum, dad and family. They’ve been there from day one and are now at the other end watching the tangible evidence of all that you’ve achieved. So let them enjoy that. If you hate getting your photo taken with a fiery passion, grin and bear it for this one

day as your family goes snap-happy on you. If you hate being the centre of attention, try your hardest to cope with your family fawning all over you and just try to remember that they’re beaming with pride. There’s another important aspect to it not being entirely about you: you’re graduating with your friends! If you can attend their graduations


3-course Graduation Celebration Menu Starters Zuppa Minestrone alla Casalinga Cozze Crèma OR Cozze Marinara Bruschetta Napoletana Arancini con Mozzarella e Basilico Pate di pollo livornese Ravioli Aragosta


Lasagne al Forno Penne Al’ Amatriciana Farfalle Salmone Pesce del giorno alla Provenzale Pizza Margherita Beef Stroganoff Risotto con Funghi

Desserts 0141 331 1397 32-34 Bath St

Cheesecake Vanilla ice cream Profiteroles Tiramisu


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303 Sauchiehall St. Glasgow G2 3HQ Email :


LACE is a classic when it comes to graduation frocks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to make it your own and stand out. ASOS have a whole host of lacy dresses and jumpsuits, with this blue one being a favourite. The off-the-shoulder look is great for the warmer months without being too revealing, and the crochet detail is especially eye catching. l Paper Dolls Crochet Lace Midi Pencil Dress £60


Alongside Urban Outfitters, ‘free people’ is the go to for anyone with a more ‘boho indie’ type of fashion sense. They have a great selection of looks, with diverse silhouettes and shades. This green piece had a midriff slit which gives the illusion of a two piece, which has become increasingly popular for formal gowns. l Vroom Vroom Midi Dress £58

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard. You deserve a treat. Let your parents bring you to Wee LOCHAN to celebrate your graduation. We’re friendly, relaxed and serve delicious Scottish fare. Our food is cork-poppingly good. Choose from the fixed price graduation menu (2 courses £15.95, three courses £18.95) or our regular a la carte. We’ll even take a photo of you all if you ask...

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Yellow is another great colour when it comes to graduation outfits, as it is bright, cheerful and flattering on all skin tones. This missguided number is the perfect shade of mustard to leave you looking like the belle of the ball rather than a bumblebee. l Mustard Satin Cowl Front Midi Dress £25

1st CLASS FASHION Prom. Graduation. Just those words could bring on a migraine. It’s a night to celebrate all your hard work over the last few years and let loose, but crucially, the night when you’re most likely to find your photos plastered all over social media. Such an event calls for the perfect outfit, ensuring you feel as fab you look. Here’s HANNAH AHMED’S key looks for the Big Day.

l Bardot Layered Frill Detail Mini Dress boohoo. com £20

it’s a red wrap

THIS Boohoo dress is a fairly safe bet, given that red is obviously a classic colour. In China it also symbolises good luck, which is perfect as you’ll need all the luck you can get in your

post-college or university endeavours. The additional frill detail is perfect for taking a simple dress to the next level, and paired with some bold earrings, can create a timeless look.

Graduation Menu Soup of the day with crusty bread roll Ham Hough and chicken terrine with piccalilli and brioche Smoked mackerel salad with dill crème fraiche and toast Breaded goats cheese with beetroot toasted walnut and fruit chutney

3 Courses & Glass of Fizz £15.00pp

Pan fried sea bass with Caesar salad with avocado and potato croutons Char grilled chicken with wilted greens, baby potatoes and mustard cream Spinach and ricotta tortellini with pesto and peas Char grilled flat iron steak with fat cut chips and roasted tomato (£6 supplement) Selection of cheese and biscuits Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream Fruit crumble with custard Fresh fruit sorbet

Great Western Road, Glasgow

0141 334 8161

Available daily from 12.00pm onwards, pre booking required. Menu subject to change

GRADUATION SPECIAL CHECK MATE Check print is definitely the easiest option for those who want to make their suit a bit more interesting than the basic black suit and tie. If you want to make it even more adventurous, try a coloured suit, like Burton’s blue check suit. Checks give you that edge of refinery, style and sometimes quirkiness so have a good rummage in the stores to find the perfect one that suits you.

l Two piece 1904 Sinatra Blue Skinny Fit Check Suit £140

just because you happen to be male doesn’t mean prom night isn’t a big deal. And it certainly doesn’t give you the green light to chuck on your ‘best’ Converse, denim and bomber combo. Make an effort boys – ditch the hoodie and pull on your best threads. It doesn’t require a big-money investment to look the business and there’s always the option to hire rather than buy your way to graduation night success.


Block colours, especially of the pastel variety are also a fairly safe bet for suits. If you and your mates are seriously committed, you could even try coordinating, so you all have your own colour. It will definitely make for more interesting group photos. Like the Avengers, but with a lot more student debt. ASOS have an abundance of them, with every possible shade, hue and tone to fit your desires. l, Two Piece Raspberry Stretch Skinny Fit Suit £69


l Moss London Skinny Fit Blue Gold Leaf Jacket £99

Patterned suits are a little bit more adventurous, but definitely the most interesting. Floral patterns in rich colours is a great way to stand out! Look to the likes of Harry Styles and Alex Turner – both have mastered the art of making a patterned suit

look more masculine and less intimidating. If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe just go for a luxurious patterned tie paired with a classic plain suit, that way you get the best of both worlds! l M&S Collection Luxury Pure Silk Paisley Tie £25

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G R A D U AT I O N BALLS The Glasgow Marriott Hotel is the perfect venue for your graduation celebration. With a range of function suites that can hold from 100 to 550 guests for a banquet, and a spacious private bar perfect for your arrival drinks, we guarantee to deliver the glam and glitzy evening that is a must for any graduation celebration. Our all-inclusive graduation packages have got it covered so you can rest assured that every detail is catered for. For a set price per person, you can offer guests a 3-course dinner, along with centrepieces and chair covers to help create an unforgettable night. Take the first step towards planning the perfect party. Contact our Events team on 0141 226 1514, or via email at, for more information or to check availability.

GLASGOW MARRIOTT HOTEL 500 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8RR T. 0141 226 5577 *Minimum numbers of 120 people. Dates and function spaces subject to availability


Red carpet Glass of sparkling wine on arrival Complimentary room hire until 1am Complimentary stage and use of projectors - Three course set menu - Coffee - Glass of wine - Fairy light lantern centrepieces - White table linen with chair covers - DJ with dancefloor

UPGRADE YOUR PACKAGE WITH THE FOLLOWING BOLT ON OPTIONS:- Ceilidh band: £300 - Photo booth hire: £450 - Upgrade glass of wine to half bottle of wine: £5.00 per person

GRADUATION SPECIAL Keep calm and graduate. THE Graduation Ceremony is one of the last big events in student life, and is a huge, traditional celebration of your achievements as an academic. Some people don’t care much for it, but others see it as the terrifying last hurdle before the inevitable transition into adulthood. Really, there’s no need to panic. Graduation is exciting, but you may not be so excited about the prospect of leaving university. It’s ok to be

freaked out by the future; the future is scary. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by thoughts of what you’re going to do when you leave university, or any uncertainty that lies in your future. Your graduation is a celebration, and you should celebrate. You’ll have lots of time to worry later, but for now, take a day to enjoy yourself and revel in your achievements. KATIE CAMPBELL presents a guide that will help you keep your cool at your graduation.

Why I Joined the RAF Having studied Computing Science at Robert Gordon University and worked in the Oil Industry in Aberdeen for 5 years it became evident that working 16 hours a day was the norm with no real time for social or sporting activities. Rowing at a high standard for Aberdeen Boat Club I was keen to take this further and achieve greater recognition for my love of the sport. The determination to inspire and drive change led me to look at other career options that were physically demanding, diverse and rewarding as well as offering opportunities to further passion for sport. The Royal Air Force fitted the bill perfectly – initially joining as a Training Officer I was focused on enhancing and developing personnel to better themselves. Working alongside fully qualified instructors at RAF Cosford it was my role to assure the standard of training that new

GRADUATION SPECIAL What to Wear Your university or college will have a dress code for your graduation, which you’ll be able to find online. This usually comprises of a dark suit or tux for men and a blouse and dark skirt for women. If you are or were a member of the armed services, you also have the option to wear your military uniform under your gown. It’s a good idea if you’re wearing a blouse to make sure it has buttons on it, as this will give you something to attach your graduation hood to. It’s also wise to have some safety pins to hand, as you may need something to keep your hood or gown in place in case it slips off. Light make-up is advised in case your ceremony gets a bit warm – there’s nothing

worse than going on stage to receive your degree with your heavy eyeliner slowly making its way down your face towards your chin. Sensible footwear is an absolute must. If you elect to wear heels, make sure they’re heels you can walk in. You don’t want to trip in your heels going to accept your degree and end up taking a tumble in front of all your fellow students – very embarrassing! You don’t need to dress up for your graduation ceremony. Remember you’ll have your gown on, so dress smart but comfortable. Many universities will not allow you to go to your graduation ceremony wearing jeans or trainers, so avoid wearing those at all costs.

– Fie Padbury’s Story Aircraft Engineers were receiving. After a short time in that role it was evident that having a technical degree opened the door to other avenues that were certain to enhance my career. Being proactive, innovative and keen to make stuff happen it was clear that a career as a Communications and Electronics Officer was for me. The practical application of science and maths to solve problems and see projects from an idea on a page through to completion brings a great sense of achievement. As an engineer you need to be incredibly creative when confronted with challenges of modern life. Traditionally engineering is seen as a male dominated industry however females need to understand that term engineering does not necessarily mean dirty overalls and grease everywhere! My role is predominantly office based and the team I lead work alongside industry partners such as Atlas, HP and BT to provided assured communications to support

three operationally focused Typhoon Squadrons and the day to day running of a Main Operating Base. It is my responsibility to identify emerging and existing communication requirements for new builds and projects, allocate resource, plan budgets and ensure the welfare of my 20 Airmen is looked after. The Military will not only develop you as an engineer but present you with a rewarding and fulfilling career with a vast number of personal and professional opportunities. Currently working towards chartered engineering status, leading the RAF Lossiemouth STEM

Outreach team and representing the RAF Mountain Bike Team at numerous racing events is an absolute honour. The pace at which you can develop and gain additional skills is limited only by your own ability and depth of commitment. I only wish my career as an Engineering Officer had begun at a younger age. The RAF train all their personnel to the highest standards and offer University scholarships and sponsorships to support high quality candidates work towards a full time career in the RAF.

Fie Padbury Fie Padbury, Communications Electronics Engineer, RAF Lossiemouth


Friends and Family Your graduation ceremony is likely to be the first time your parents will be with you at university for an extended period of time. Remember that you’ve been there for a few years and are likely all-too familiar with the university’s layout, but your family are not. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and chaperone your parents

around for the day. They’ll want to see the place you’ve been spending so much time over the past few years, so indulge them for at least a little while. Be prepared also to pose for a lot of photos with your family and answer calls from far-flung relatives wanting to wish you well. Your family will likely be very excited all day, and

want to get involved in proceedings as much as possible by talking to the faculty and your university friends. That’s the lovely thing about your graduation it’s the day when these three aspects of your life will come together and merge. On the other hand, this may well be the last time you are together at university with the friends you The Ceremony

The ceremony is, of course, the most important part of your graduation. It’s where you receive a tangible copy of your degree in front of all your friends and family. It’s best to know beforehand where you and your family are sitting, and the times for both the guests to be seated and the ceremony starting. The ceremony takes quite a long time, so it’s a good idea to have a big lunch before you go in. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ll be having some alcohol at your graduation ceremony, and

it’s not wise to drink on an empty stomach. Above all else, remember that the ceremony is a celebration of your achievements at college or university. Everyone there – your parents, the faculty and your fellow students – are immensely proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself. So enjoy yourself. Accept your degree with a smile, and think of all the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead of you, and of all the great times you’ve had.

made there, so be sure to spend as much time as you can allow soaking in the last of your time there together. After graduation, you’ll still see each other, but your lives may be moving in different directions away from university. Remember, however, that like you they will also need time with their family, so plan accordingly. When it’s Over

When Whenit’s theover ceremony’s finished, you will likely want to celebrate in style. You may not have eaten in a while, so a celebratory dinner with family or friends might seem like a great idea. There’s a possibility that you might even be invited to eat with your old faculty, which would be a lovely last-hurrah to your university career. Like the ceremony, this day is all about you. If you want to spend it eating in a fancy restaurant or in a bar with your friends, it’s completely up to you. Just remember that it’s a celebration for you, so you should celebrate however you see fit. Enjoy a special meal out with your friends and family and don’t forget you’ll still have your graduate ball to look forward to, where you can dress up to the nines and have a great night with your college or uni pals.

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in 10 easy steps

Job hunters across the UK are at risk of jeopardising their career opportunities by making small yet notable mistakes on their CV. This is according to the latest research from CV-Library, which found that many candidates’ CVs include spelling mistakes, unrelat-


ed skills and irrelevant information, which is pushing businesses to breaking point. According to the study from the UK’s leading independent job board, which surveyed 200 recruiters on their CV pet peeves, the top 10 areas which put organisations off a candidate straight away, are:

Speling mitsakes

“An ‘ability to smell fear’ is a quality I’ve bever seen listed on a CV before.”



List of unrelated skills

22.6% Too many jobs over a short period of time

Being massively underqualified for the role


A CV that is more than two pages long

A CV that is ‘too creative’


“OMG, our perfect candidate! 23 mutual friends, digs Hootie and the Blowfish, and loves bacon! Thank you, Facebook!”

A CV littered with buzzwords



No cover letter, even when the application requires one

No social

1.9% media presence

Graduation Special Page 18

14.2% A picture

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Brasserie on the Square GRADUATION MENU Soup of the day Chicken, apricot and pancetta terrine served with apple and ale chutney with toasted sourdough bread

Goats cheese and red onion tart served with a rocket salad and a duo of pesto

Oven baked salmon served with basil potatoes with a sauce vierge

Roasted chicken supreme served with glazed carrots, pomme puree and a coq au vin sauce

Spinach and riccotta tortellini finished with an olive and tomato cream

Sticky toffee pudding served with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate tart served with chantilly cream and an orange sauce

Vanilla pannacotta served with fruit compote and raspberry sorbet

2 courses £22.95 (inc glass of prosecco) 3 courses £26.95 (inc glass of prosecco) Flat accommodation rates of £69 bed and breakfast (single occupancy) are available throughout the month of July on quoting your student number. For further information and reservations please contact us at: or 0141 332 6711



A pair of Cineworld tickets PLUS food & drink combo

Fancy a cinema day out to remember? Cineworld Renfrew Street Glasgow have teamed up with Student Rag magazine to offer you the chance to enjoy a brilliant evening at

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THE world-famous Beltane Fire Festival is the largest event of its kind in Europe. The festival – on April 30th – gives Summer a warm welcome with a dazzling display of fire play, acrobatics, drumming, and

COMPETITIONS A pair of tickets for the Beltane Fire Festival immersive theatre. With 300 performers taking part, and a capacity of 9,000 on the top of Edinburgh’s Calton Hill, it’s an incredible spectacle. And we have TWO pairs of tickets to give away.

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Closing date April 5

Closing date April 5

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Head to our Facebook page, LIKE Student Rag Magazine, SHARE our competition post and TAG a friend to be in with a chance of winning.

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STUDENT RAG magazine is offering student journalist posts. Do you have an inquisitive mind? Can you research and write great features? If so, walk this way! At Student Rag – the country’s top student publication – we can offer valuable experience which will seriously enhance your CV. Not only will you develop your writing skills but your published articles will build a portfolio of your work demonstrating your writing ability. The range of features you cover will enable you to pick subjects you have

a genuine interest in writing about. Though it’s unpaid, we offer gig, festival, theatre and other venue freebies – for review purposes obviously! Luke Hawkins, Hannah Ahmed, Eilidh Stewart, Eilidh Akilade and Mireille Crocco all write for us and we’re constantly adding to our team. Interested? Then drop us an email at glasgow@ and include your name, course and areas of interest. We’re waiting to hear from you...

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Parents’ sex life just became part of the routine. #therapynow YOU claim on your Twitter feed you’re a sexy guy. What’s so sexy about you? I’m just trying to be funny. Obviously it’s a joke. I’m a bit overweight, I’m going bald, I’m very sweaty. Sounds like you’re preparing your dating profile to me… (laughs) You’ve done McCoys crisps adverts on tv which you describe as the ‘pinnacle of any comedian’s career’. Your face is on the crisp packet. Now that you’ve climbed the crisps advertising Everest what’s the ultimate product you’d like to conquer (by making loads of money from advertising?) I’ve been on quite a few TV adverts. 118 and the Co-op too. I’d love to get free stuff. I have such bad clothes and dress sense so the face of a clothing company would be great so someone can dress me. I loved the simple dressing life when you just wore a uniform every day when you were at school or what if you are an astronaut and didn’t have to worry about what to wear! You mentioned people you hadn’t seen since your schooldays called

you up out of the blue when they saw you on the McCoys crisps packets. Have you ever gone to a reunion at college/uni or school and what was it like? Like you say, I’m mostly famous for the crisps. People don’t even know I’m a comedian. I’ve been to a couple of reunions and I think they think I’m the guy who works in adverts. You’ve delved into crisps advertising so should Gary Lineker – the face of Walkers Crisps TV adverts – have a go at comedy? Gary, he’s a funny guy. I would like to meet him and have a crisps fight to the death. McCoys versus Walkers. Gary Lineker’s my arch crisps nemesis like The Joker and Batman. What’s your comedy show Tango about? I did Tango in Edinburgh at The Fringe and am touring with it. It’s all about sex which is something that people can get on board with. Embarrassing stories about my own sex life and tips is what it’s mostly about. I talk about when I was a student and I lost my virginity. I found, at that

point in my life, it felt like everyone was having sex for a very long time so I was embarrassing myself talking about sex and didn’t know what I was talking about. It’s probably something most young people can relate to. I didn’t get told any sex education by anyone when I was younger than that, just what I was taught at school so now I can offer a bit of help! Actually my mum did try to talk to me about sex once when I was a teenager but I was like, ‘p*ss off mum’. The person I talk about in my routine who I lost it to for the first time didn’t know they were the first – that’s how embarrassed I was I couldn’t even tell them. SO what made you decide on sex as a tour theme this time round? My parents were married a long time and when my dad retired it put a strain on their relationship. I would speak to them one on one about sex and then pass on messages to the other like a sex therapist mediator. I had details of actual sex they’d been having! I heard things no grown boy (I was 28 or 29 years old) should ever hear about their mum and dad. It was in discussing that with my parents that I realised it would be good to talk about. People can be a bit prudish. YOU started doing comedy at the University of Leeds with comedy club Tealights. Of course the most famous university comedy club is the Cambridge Footlights. Are they the ultimate student comedy rivals? Pretty much. The Footlights are the most famous comedy university group and were the ones I heard of when I was a kid. I applied to Cambridge but as it turned out I was too stupid! Lots of comedians I know become famous from being in the Footlights. Ellie White, Charlotte Ritchie (Dead Pixels), we were all doing comedy at out own unis at the same time and then saw each other on the circuit.

YOU KNOW when puberty’s about to hit and your school and parents think it’s acceptable to totally embarrass you by discussing sexual bodily functions and actual, real life, having sex? And you know how you shrug it off like the worst icicle shiver ever that you hope will melt and drip into an abyss never to return? Imagine 10 years post-puberty. Your parents decide to talk to you again about sex but this time it’s the sex THEY’RE having! I know. It’s a sick, twisted, depraved world gone mad scenario...or just another episode of The Inbetweeners. Well a real, live person went through this very scenario and then, being a comedian, he decided to write a show and tour it as a comedy routine retelling again and again the time he became his parents’ sex therapist to save their marriage. Susie Daniels talks to comedian Jack Barry about embarrassing sex, embarrassing parents’ sex and embarrassing dating profiles...


YOU have an interesting theory in one of your comedy routines on how to boost the economy. Perhaps a tip for The Chancellor of the Exchequer? Yeah. Having drug that are illegal makes them more dangerous. We’re so skint in this country why not tax the drug dealers? AS a student in Leeds you studied Chinese. Do you speak fluent Mandarin and what might you have done with it? I can speak fluent Mandarin and lived in China for three years. I feel guilty I’m wasting my useful degree in Chinese. I was always interested in China. When I graduated most of the jobs linked to my degree seemed to be working for banks. WHAT sort of Chinese-linked jobs did you apply for? I had a job interview to be a spy. I applied to MI5 to be a Chinese analyst. The application form asked, ‘Have you ever taken any drugs?’ I listed every drug I’d ever taken because I thought it was a test to see how honest I was. I got a phone call not long after from a woman linked to MI5 who interviewed me about every drug experience I’d ever had. I’m a chronic over sharer so it’s probably just as well I didn’t get the job. ANY countries you’d love to do stand-up in but haven’t yet and why? I’ve done stand-up about China before. It’s such a fascinating and interesting country. If I can talk someone into paying me to tour there and do a show it would be great but the difficulty in China is the government. They don’t like being seen as stupid. I’ve done a few gigs in Europe. They loved me in Amsterdam. (laughs) Maybe they were all stoned. Mostly UK gigs I’ve done. Weirdly in Hereford they didn’t get me...


Tango: Jack Barry is on at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on March 24.


TRAVEL Mention the word Shetland and you might conjure up pictures of small ponies, knitwear and puffins. Perhaps you’re aware of the islands through the recent BBC drama series featuring Douglas Henshall as DI Perez, or you’ve seen coverage of Up Helly Aa, the Viking themed fire festivals which take place across the islands each winter. Shetland is home to breath-taking scenery and spectacular wildlife, but it also has a thriving economy supported by decommissioning, oil, fisheries and aquaculture, but with strong renewables, tourism, creative industries and even a budding space sector. It’s frequently rated as one of the top places to live in the UK, providing unrivalled quality of life, but what’s it really like to live there? SUSIE DANIELS asked some locals...

Shetland? It’s a Helly Aa place to live & work SOPHIE Pic: River Thomson



Emma & Kaylee Emma works as a specialist paramedic, while Kaylee works as a senior maritime operations officer at the Shetland Coastguard. Both have recently appeared on Island Medics, the BBC programme about Shetland’s health and rescue services. Emma says: “Lerwick has more options than ever. Mareel [the local cinema, music and arts centre] was a big thing when it opened a few years ago. “And this summer has seen new places open, like The String and The Dowry, where you can get a cocktail and good food, and see live music. It’s been this sort of domino effect.” Kaylee adds: “It’s definitely become more competitive. There’s more of a sense that things are happening, and people are going out more.”

Sophie Originally from Northumberland, Sophie is a designer and maker at Shetland Jewellery, creating pieces inspired by the Shetland Landscape. She says: “Despite there not being as much clubbing as I was used to in Newcastle, there is a lot of partying. “Every weekend we were out doing something – meeting people, listening to music. Doing something creative in such a beautiful place was always the draw, and it’s still so inspiring to me being here. “My friends here are just amazing. They’re always there for me, and up for going on little adventures. People here are really welcoming, especially with new people. “No one likes you feeling left

FLOORTJE Pic: River Thomson


AKSHAY Pic: River Thomson

out, so you’re welcomed into peoples’ homes, invited to weddings, that kind of thing. Everyone just wants you to feel welcome, and wants you to be part of it.

James Local football star James works as agent at LHD, a local operations firm who help run the daily fish market auction, as well as providing management services for Shetland’s fishing industry. “People think we sit in our houses and drink cups of tea and knit Fair Isle jumpers,” he smiles. “So many people at uni would ask me: Is there working internet? But, actually, there’s loads going on, from the gigs and other events at Mareel to the galas and festivals in the summer. “And the sporting facilities are brilliant: where we train and play football, there’s a brand new gym, and a brand new indoor training facility. It’s brilliant.”

Akshay Hailling from Goa in India, chef Akshay is co-director and chef at The String in Lerwick, creating delicious fusion combinations using the freshest and best local produce. “When I first saw the ad for a job in Shetland, my first thought was: Where the hell’s that?” he laughs. “Basically, I saw lots of pictures of sheep, hills, a couple of ponies, Fair

Isle ganseys [knitted jumpers], and a few people. I thought, ‘I’m going to be so bored here! “There’s actually so much to do, and not just the obvious outdoor stuff like cycling, walking or kayaking. “There are yoga classes, fencing classes, MMA, squash, you name it. Just about anything you’d find in a big city, you’ll find it here, it’s just that you don’t have to book. I’m busy all the time. “I thought people would have their own groups, and that I’d be all by myself, but it was the opposite. “From the start, people in Shetland have treated me like family. In the months leading up to Christmas, I’ll get so many people inviting me round to their family homes for Christmas dinner. “You can just walk into people’s houses and get something from the fridge – it’s that kind of place.”

Floortje Photographer Floortje works as Programme Manager for Shetland Arts, bringing exciting new artistic product

to the isles. She says: “I’d picked up a camera in Glasgow again after a long time and taught myself to take pictures. “When I came home to Shetland, I saw something completely different in the place I’d grown up. “Suddenly I became interested in the landscape, and saw the light and the land differently, through a whole year of seasons. The land and the changing light became my main source of inspiration. “I used to get a bus and the underground in Glasgow. If I was lucky, I’d cycle, but even that was pretty stressful. “When I came home to Shetland, I remember just feeling so lucky that this beautiful drive was my commute, watching the light change every day. “We take turns to drive, just so that one of us can just look out the window. It lifts me in the morning and de-stresses me at night.”


TO meet more locals, and find out what it’s like to live and work in Shetland, visit www. fifty-one


Play, Pie & a Pint

Hostelling is one of the best ways to explore Scotland. From private and en-suite rooms to a comfortable bed in shared accommodation, youth hostels are the perfect choice for anyone travelling on a budget – perfect if you’re planning a weekend escape or staycation. From cities to islands, beaches to hills and mountains, you can find a great choice of unique hostels in some of the finest locations around Scotland. SUSIE DANIELS has a closer look...

CITIES Explore Scotland’s cities and discover an exciting mix of cultural attractions, shopping and THE BEST nightlife. Spend a weekend in Glasgow, the UK’s friendliest city, and visit free museums like Kelvingrove Art Gallery and The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel. Hang out in Finnieston and Ashton Lane in the city’s vibrant west end with a fantastic range of pubs and restaurants to choose from. Heading north? Aberdeenshire has some of Scotland’s most famous and dramatic castles and is home to some of the country’s finest distilleries. Stay in the city and explore the traditional and unspoiled fishing village of Footdee. Visit the famous Ashvale chip shop in the city centre and take on the Ashvale Whale Challenge – see if you can eat a 1lb haddock


fillet! Wash it down with some ‘Fierce Beer’ – one of the city’s most popular craft beers. Discover Scotland’s capital city and visit The Elephant House, famous for its connections with a certain young boy wizard! Visit Edinburgh’s most famous close, The Real Mary Kings Close, which sits beneath the Royal Mile and uncover the city’s hidden history. Home to the world’s largest arts festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe is not to be missed – this year it kicks off on August 2nd and runs until August 26th. Whether you’re into music, dance, drama, arts, cabaret, books, or comedy, the Fringe has got it covered. Make sure you book your stay in advance as affordable accommodation is hard to find at this time of year.

From the Cuillins to the Cairngorms, Scotland’s hills and mountains are natural playgrounds for those looking for a little adventure in their lives. To experience the ultimate Munro head to Fort William in the UK’s Outdoor Capital and scale the UK’s highest peak Ben Nevis. Head further north and discover the rugged corries and tumbling waterfalls of Torridon’s spectacular hills – the ideal remedy for those that want to switch off from the pressures of everyday life. The North West Highlands is


Journey of discover y! TO find out more about Scotland’s popular destinations visit:

BEACHES & ISLANDS Scotland has some of the most stunning beaches in the world – it even boasts the highest sandy beach in Britain at Loch Morlich in Cairngorms National Park, known as ‘the beach in the mountains’. Achmelvich Beach is one of the finest beaches in Scotland. Sitting on the famous NC500, the sheltered white sands of this beach are the perfect starting point for stunning coastal and hill walks, with miles of unspoilt coastline and wildlife waiting to be discovered. The crystal clear waters make this area a popular base for water sports. Affectionally known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’, the Isle of Arran is a great place to explore and easy to get to from Glasgow. Jump on a train in the city centre and connect to a ferry – a crossing of less than an hour.

Arran is famous for its local produce and you can easily taste your way around the island sampling locally produced and award-winning cheese, beer, oatcakes, chocolates, ice cream and whisky! Local food and drink aside, there’s plenty to do on the island – from hiking and cycling to water activities and spotting local wildlife. The Isle of Skye’s dramatic landscape has been used in many film and TV productions, including The Land That Time Forgot, The BFG, Stardust and cult classic The Wicker Man. Visit this island, off Scotland’s north west coast, and find out why so many film makers have been inspired by Skye’s epic mountains and chosen this remarkable setting as the backdrop for their films. Go hostelling and discover the most beautiful country in the world!

HILLS & MOUNTAINS famous for its breath-taking scenery and the mighty Liathach mountain with its two munros, towering above the local Torridon Youth Hostel is no exception. There’s lots to do in the area – from hiking to mountain biking and kayaking. With one of the finest natural larders in Scotland there’s always time to relax and enjoy some of the local food and drink! fifty-three


Headstands, noises and bad’s the wonderful world of Sophie & the Giants SUSIE DANIELS talks to Sophie Scott of Sophie and the Giants We’re looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow in March. When’s your next album out, what will it be called and what can we expect from it? Our next release is dropping very very soon! We can’t give away too much, but it’s much more anthemic compared to our previous releases. We are so excited for everyone to hear it!

er – why was it important to write that song? I had a lot of anger as a kid, I really let stuff get to me and I wish I hadn’t let it affect me so much. I wasted so much time not liking myself and having no confidence. I think now more than ever I want to make up for all of it and appreciate and be happy with who I am and do things that make me happy.

YOU guys met at college – What did you all first think of each other? The first time I ever spoke to Toby, it was to ask him if he was Scottish... turns out he’s Welsh. So he probably thought I was a bit dumb and I thought he was Scottish. With the others, there is no one like Chris, he’s always been a very unique specimen that we love and young Bailey was our nerdy punk boy and always will be.

WHAT else would you tell yourself about boys, life and embarrrassing situations if you could talk to your younger self? Live it and just keep learning. If I hadn’t experienced the harder times, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Just don’t dwell, get up and keep going.

WHAT were you studying and what would your plans have been to do with your degree if the band hadn’t taken off? Me and Toby were studying Songwriting and Chris and Bailey were both studying drums. I think we would be playing live a lot no matter what and I’d still write for others and myself. YOU wrote Monsters with Jon McLure of Reverand and the Makers which is about telling yourself not to worry when you were young-


HOW did the name Sophie and The Giants come about? When the band started it was just me and James (the original drummer) and he was much taller than me so it started as Sophie and the Giant and then stuck forever more. It’s funny now though because the guys are really not that much taller than me at all. WHAT’S your first memory of being into music. Probably when I was a really young kid and whenever I’d go on long car journeys with my family they’d always blast Blondie and Queen on repeat. Since then I’ve wanted to be in a band and write music. I loved it so much.

IN interviews I’ve seen mostly you chat and the boys sit and listen. Is that because you like chatting, they don’t like chatting or they’re happy for you to chat? The boys talk a lot more recently. I’ve always kind of led the way, mostly because I get most of the questions directed at me. But now the guys get a lot more involved. We all love taking part in interviews together though. I wouldn’t say any of us particularly like or dislike chatting more than the other. TELL me a funny thing that each of the boys do. Chris does a lot of headstands. Bailey makes a lot of sudden noises and Toby’s the dad that looks after them both and tells bad jokes. WHAT’S the most unusual thing that’s happened since being at Universal? People asking us to sign their phone with permanent pen. It’s awesome and complete madness, permanently putting your names on the back of someone’s phone. And just being recognised in general.


SOPHIE and the Giants play The Garage in Glasgow on March 23.

Go Hostelling! With over 30 hostels* in stunning locations around the country there’s no better way to discover Scotland. From cities to islands, beaches and mountains - and all points in between! Choose from a great mix of affordable private rooms, en-suites, or shared accommodation for you and your friends! Get out there to explore and experience all that Scotland has to offer. Book direct for the best price guaranteed! *All of our youth hostels are VisitScotland accredited

Scottish Youth Hostels Association (also known as SYHA or Hostelling Scotland) is a registered Scottish charity No. SC013138 and a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland, No. SC310841. Registered Office, 7 Glebe Crescent, Stirling FK8 2JA

AT the end of term many students will be searching for work in the hope of making some pocket money or filling the gap that SAAS has left. There is a whole range of industries that young people find themselves working in; all of which have pros and cons that you’ll want to be aware of as you are crafting your CV and perfecting your personal statement. LUKE HAWKINS helps you navigate the maze that is part-time employment.

Retail THE action-packed shelf-stacking, barcode-scanning, stockroom-searching world of retail is one of the most popular options for young people looking for work. The more glamorous will be attracted to fashion retail while supermarkets will take on any hard grafters.


Colleagues: Many of the people you will be working alongside will be in a similar to position to you outside of work – other young people who you will have plenty in common with, including the same ups and downs from work. This can see the blossoming of beautiful new friendships. Or at least someone you enjoy talking to on your break or while out of the boss’s view. Hours: People go shopping during the day and that’s good news for the people working. Even if you are on backshift, you will probably be able to be home and in bed by a reasonable time. Or you might even have time to make an appearance on a night out. The only exception to this is 24-hour stores. You are a brave person if you want to go for one of those positions.


Customers: It may seem harsh labelling the general public as a con, but anyone who has worked in retail will tell you that it’s deserved. Although there will be the odd customer who genuinely brightens up your day, there are plenty who see complaining as a sport. They will mistake you for the CEO of the company and demand you solve their non-problem as you daydream about what you’re going to eat when you get home.


Hierarchy: Pretty much all jobs have a hierarchal structure, but in retail you will regularly be dealing with supervisors and managers. The people occupying these roles can make or break this job. If they’re cool, everything will run smoothly, and you might even look forward to your shift. If, however, you get stuck with a supervisor with all the intelligence, charisma and skill of a cabbage, then shifts can really drag on.


Works for me... the BAR

to get a job ght fancy trying rs already and mi in a bar, be warned: being on ba th wi r ilia ll be fam working good points to the drinking side. Many of you wi there are some there. Although of the bar is a lot less fun than e rs the working sid variety of customewill Punters: The a bar with will be l be interacting in of amateur : Most applicants like wil u yo Atmosphere es of bars they all sorts ensure you meet teurs, hustlers and applying for the typ rs and most bars will me dians, racon sto me cu co as to ing the go plicants who suit weirdos. be looking for ap it’s a perfect match. r depends on the ; The type of punte style of the place you find yourself r. ba s of e an typ me This can with your kind of Choose wisely. working in a place people and your kind of d kin ur yo , music o is just genof atmosphere. the odd person wh con. You will get involved. a d an pro a it’s ol is yes, Punters: Yes, ckside but for the most part, alcoh y drunk, the aggressive drunk, the erally a pain in ba urself face-to-face with the weep preferable type. a yo ere isn’t really You might find noxious drunk. Th usual if you loud drunk, the ob 4am won’t be un Getting home at ! hts nig rly ea to odbye e bars and clubs Hours: Say go t the majority of lat take on bar work. bars will close around midnight bu wee small hours. the Some pubs and mopping up and restocking in you in cities will see




the OFFICe Probably the most professional looking role you could take on. But looks can be deceiving. Offices may not always have the most exciting atmospheres, but with a clever bit of spin, the work can make you and your CV seem pretty impressive.


Comfy: Although there will be some darting around the office and probably a fair few coffee runs, an office job is unlikely to see you doing quite such physical work as you would be doing in retail or hospitality. For the most part you’ll be indoors with a seat, a desk and whatever snacks are floating around the office that day.

Good for your CV: Whatever industry you’re looking to get a career in, there will likely be some department that requires office workers. Even if your part-time role sees you simply making copies, sending emails and fetching coffee, this can turn up on your CV as “displaying skills in communication, organisation and logistics.” The office can be a great way of getting your foot in the door of a company you really want to work for.

Cons Corporate: It obviously depends on the type of company you are working for, but many office jobs will feel very corporate. Fairly strict systems will be in place and you will need to adhere to them. You will regularly answer to management and will be expected to dress and conduct yourself in a certain way. Claustrophobic: Many offices have gone the way of Facebook and Innocent and tried to make the space as fun and stimulating as possible. Nonetheless, for many people, a few beanbags and games consoles aren’t enough to satisfy the need to be in amongst the action. If you’re an outdoorsy type or feel the need to get your hands onto something, then office work might Commercial kitchens can be frantic places but can also give not be for you. you knowledge and skills that will stand you in good stead in everyday life. Although often loud and fast-paced, you’re unlikely to come across any Gordon Ramsay type maniacs. Probably.

the kitchen


Vocational: It’s not unusual to hear of people taking on a part-time job in a kitchen only for them to find that they develop a real passion for what they are doing. Every top chef you see on TV has started their career scrubbing pots and pans or peeling tatties. Useful skills: Whatever role you take on in the kitchen, you will be in the right place to pick up new cooking skills. Whether it’s the preparation of certain foods, new recipes or helpful hints the head chef can give you, new cookery skills will always be useful.


Conditions: If it’s your first time stepping into a role in a kitchen, you will probably be doing the washing up as a kitchen porter. This can be grubby work and you will be clearing up other people’s plates – that gives some people the shivers. If you end up in a more interesting role where you do some of the cooking, you won’t be doing quite such manky work but will still be in hot, sometimes cramped conditions. Pace: Keeping busy is always a good thing and makes a job more enjoyable. However, at service times, work in the kitchen can be pretty full-on. The pace will increase and there will be a relentless amount of orders coming in. fifty-eight

charity WORK Give something back to the community, either through a sense of genuine good will or because you have a guilty conscience. Charity work will keep you busy and give you experience but you probably won’t add to your savings.


Good cause: Feel the halo float above your head as you know you are doing something good for the community. As people come in and spend their hard-earned cash, you can rest easy that it is going towards a good cause rather than some ruthless corporation.


Quirks: Charity shops see all sorts of unusual items go in and out the door whether that’s retro clothing, kitsch household items or the odd bit of hidden treasure. Being around these items can be inspiring to someone with a creative eye for design. You could even have first dibs on them and purchase them for yourself.

Unpaid: Charity shop workers are almost exclusively made up of volunteers, and that V word means you won’t be taking home any money at the end of the day. If you can afford to live off savings or some other type of income, then charity work is well worth doing, but picking up a wage is an absolute necessity for some. The charity guys in the street get commission but everyone hates them. Muddle: Colleagues and systems in charity shops can sometimes be a bit disjointed. This could turn out to be a bit frustrating and you could find yourself buried under a pile of cardigans and flares. fifty-nine

COMING SOON TO A PLACE NEAR YOU... Looking for a gig and don’t know where to go? LUKE HAWKINS can help you out with that.

Kaiser Chiefs Kaiser Chiefs rose to prominence during an indie surge that saw dozens of bands move from their garages to stages to festivals. Having been a judge on The Voice, Ricky Wilson looked to raise the profile of the band among pop aficionados. Although many of the band’s songs would most likely have already found the ears of pop crowds. With catchy choruses and bouncy hooks throughout their sets, Kaiser Chiefs’ live performances have become a big draw up and down the country. Ruby and I Predict a Riot are amongst a whole host of high-energy, poppy indie classics that have come from the Leeds band. l KAISER Chiefs play the Barrowlands in Glasgow on June 6.

Sam Fender Fresh-faced but showing fierceness, Sam Fender is aiming to deliver something interesting and timely early on in his music career. His pop-rock sound is clearly already doing the business amongst mainstream critics, with Fender being named one of BBC’s Sound of 2018 artists alongside the likes of Sigrid and Scotland’s newest favourite son Lewis Capaldi. Songs like Dead Boys and That Sound have also seen him named BRITS Critic’s Choice winner for 2019. Although these awards are no guarantee of success, Sam will be looking to grasp the opportunity that is currently laying in front of him. If you are looking to catch a big name before they blow up into stardom, then Fender playing at Queen Margaret Union could be a good bet.

thirty sixty

l SAM FENDER plays the QMU in Glasgow on May 3.

Flamingods Hailing from London and Bahrain, Flamingods sound is both exactly what you would expect and completely unpredictable. There is no shortage of drums and sitars that leave you in no doubt that the band have picked up instruments and musical styles from around the world. There is a huge wave of psychedelia sweeping over everything that the band does. Kamal Rasool’s vocals are as much chanting as singing and only add to the swirling, middle-eastern soundscape. With the band’s sound being so experimental, it is difficult to judge the crowd that will attend. An unlikely mix of an audience can sometimes bring the most interesting atmosphere and along with the psychedelic music, the night is assured to bring on good vibes. l

FLAMINGODS play Broadcast in Glasgow on May 16.

Rita Ora

Having worked with some of the biggest names in pop, EDM and hip-hop, Rita Ora is a mainstay in the charts and plenty of house party playlists. Her breakthrough performance came on DJ Fresh’s Hot Right Now, which, believe it or not, came out way back in 2012. Since then, she has supported Coldplay on tour, appeared in Jay-Z and Drake videos and released Girls featuring Cardi B, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha. Despite her obvious hunger for fame and featuring in some hit songs and hanging around with some huge names, Rita herself hasn’t quite broken into the A-list of pop performers. l RITA Ora plays the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on May 29.

Stealing Sheep THE electronica trio from Liverpool have been enjoying plenty of airplay on 6music as well as plenty of endorsements from other musicians. Stealing Sheep straddle the line between folky indie and electronic pop with a sound similar to the likes of Metronomy and Ladytron. At their lighter moments they could sneak their way onto Radio 1 playlists while at their darker moments they tilt A RARE opportunity to see towards the experimenthree of the biggest names in tal gloom of Fever Ray rap in one night. and The Knife, although Wu-Tang Clan, Public not to such a substanEnemy and De La Soul play tial, artistic extent. Joking Me features at the Hydro this spring. The luscious beats that could legends have contributed pound through any keystone songs to the world dancefloor whether in of hip-hop. Among their an indie bar or a packed nightclub. The trio’s harmonies float over sliding synth and glistening percussion. Rather than hiding behind a few dozen keyboards and laptops, the inclusion of live guitars and drums gives their performances an added dimension and an altogether fuller sound... l STEALING Sheep play Broadcast in Glasgow on April 25.

Dropkick Murphys

Formed in Massachusetts in the 90s, Dropkick Murphys have been punting their Irish-American punk for a long time now. The mix of bagpipes, bodhrans, mandolins and accordions gives the band a distinctly celtic sound. Throw in some electric guitars, aggressive drums and husky vocals and the influence of the like of The Ramones, The Clash and Sex Pistols becomes clear. There are other inevitable influences such as The Pogues and Stiff Little Fingers that come with the territory of celtic punk. I’m Shipping Up to Boston is probably their best-known song, thanks to its appearance in Martin Scorsese’s Boston-set blockbuster The Departed. Songs like The State of Massachusetts and Flannigan’s Ball tell modern folk tales through a maelstrom of distorted punk guitar noise. l DROPKICK Murphys play the O2 Academy in Glasgow on April 22.

Gods of Rap biggest hits are Wu-Tang’s Gravel Pit, Public Enemy’s Fight the Power and De La Soul’s Me Myself and I. Politically charged lyrics, innovative production, artistic sampling and fierce performances have seen many artists imitate, but fail to

match, these three obelisks of hip-hop music. Any heroes of hip-hop today owe their success to these guys. l GODS of Rap play The SSE Hydro in Glasgow on May 12.


Jungle Although at its essence a duo, Jungle expands to become a comprehensive musical collective during live performances. Their brand of music rubs funk all over some pop and northern soul sounds and has appeared in countless adverts, TV shows and videog-

ames. Busy Earnin’ is arguably the band’s most well-known single to date, and perfectly demonstrates the bass and brass-filled modern soul that Jungle strive towards with each one of their glistening singles. Although their sound is somewhat experimental, that doesn’t mean it is

inaccessible in any way. Danceable, singable and upbeat, Jungle can help set the mood for a good night out in the early days of summer. l JUNGLE play SWG3 in Glasgow on June 6.


Amongst the most pretentious of indie bands, Foals have been offering their Oxford-born math rock through a number of albums and EPs over the past few years. While they have plenty of tracks that the hipster indie elite will be able to geek out on, they have also penned a few more accessible songs such as Hummer and Spanish Sahara. In typically obtuse fashion, Foals have released their latest album Everything Not Saved

Sean Paul AFTER his initial foray into mainstream consciousness, Sean Paul seemed to fall out of favour for a few years. Early on, his singles Get Busy and Temperature, as well as his appearance on Beyonce’s Baby Boy and Blu Cantrell’s brilliant R’n’B hit Breathe seemed to point towards him being a fully-fledged star in his own right as well as a go-to collaborator. Then the pop industry parked the Jamaican on the sidelines for a while. Since re-emerging, it has been collaborations once more that have thrust him back in the limelight. The Saturdays at the peak of their pop powers featured him on What About Us?, a song that would go on to top the UK charts. Since then Sia, Little Mix and Clean Bandit have also borrowed Sean Paul’s vocals. l SEAN Paul plays the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on June 2.

Will be Lost in two parts…with separate release dates. Part one is already out with the second half scheduled for release at some point in Autumn. As we will be in the deeper part of Summer, weather permitting, Galvanizers Yard at SWG3 could offer up a great, sun-bathed evening. l FOALS play SWG3 in Glasgow on June 18.

Olly Murs WITH a number of top ten hits under his belt, including a few number ones, and regular appearances on every TV show under the sun, Olly Murs has found himself as one of the more successful acts to have come out of the X Factor. He’s certainly done better than a lot of the eventual winners. Hits like Heart Skips a Beat, Dance with me Tonight and Troublemaker pull in fans of all ages. X Factor seeks to be cross-generational TV and Olly Murs embodies that perfectly. The occasional presenter has been carving out his pop career for nearly a decade now teaming up with the likes of Flo Rida, Demi Lovato and Rizzle Kicks along the way. l OLLY Murs plays the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on May 3-4.


30 out of 30 – best pizza in Scotland




tam cowan, sunday scottish sun



Paesan0 PIZZA Our Artisan woodfired pizza ovens have been built for us by Gianni Acunto of Naples, who have been making traditional ovens for 4 generations. Our pizza is a hybrid yeast and sourdough proofed for over 24 hours. The long proofing time together with cooking at an intense heat of 500OC produces a moist, light, soft, digestible crust which is aromatic and delicious.

sides and desserts also available

1 Tomato sugo with garlic, oregano and evoo


2 Tomato sugo with mozzarella, fresh basil and evoo 6 3 Tomato sugo with capers, olives, anchovies,

mozzarella, garlic and evoo

4 Spianata spicy salami from Calabria with

tomato sugo, mozzarella and evoo

5 Prosciutto cotto (Italian cooked ham) with

mushrooms, tomato sugo, mozzarella and evoo

6 Roasted red peppers with spinach, tomato sugo,

mozzarella, ricotta and evoo 7 Fresh Tuscan Fennel sausage with sugo, mozzarella and evoo 8 Mushroom, spinach, mozzarella, ricotta, oregano, garlic and evoo (no tomato) 9 Grilled aubergine with tomato sugo, garlic and fresh Parmesan

94 MILLER ST GLASGOW G1 1DT T: 0141 258 5565

471 GREAT WESTERN RD GLASGOW G12 8HL T: 0141 370 0534

(no bookings)

7 8 8 7 8 8 7


Leftover Christmas chocolate, pancakes and then chocolate eggs. There are certain holidays and celebrations that point you in the direction of the sugariest of sugary snacks. If you’ve over indulged at any point and feel like you need to get moving, then there are plenty of ways you can get a spring in your step without having to set foot in a gym or part with your cash for the latest trendy piece of fitness equipment. Remember Shake Weights? LUKE HAWKINS talks you through your options...



Parkour! Parkour might have had its heyday a few years ago now but just because it isn’t fashionable anymore doesn’t mean it isn’t still good exercise. The French call it parkour, the British call it free running, others call it jumping around stuff. No matter what level of skill you have, there will always be a lot of running and jumping involved in parkour so you will definitely get a real workout. When done well, the sport can look seriously impressive and it encourages a high level of stamina, agility and core strength. Parkour can be dangerous but if you know your limits and practice in safe places such as Movement Park sports complex in Glasgow, you can enjoy one of the more unique ways to exercise. Parkour!

IF you’ve got a pair of sturdy boots and some good waterproofs, then why not get some friends together and go for a hike? If you are a fairly experienced hiker then you might look at trying to bag some Munros. A Munro is any mountain in Scotland that is over 3000 feet. Of course, you need a certain amount of skill and knowledge to tackle these mountains, and the best idea is to go along with someone experienced. Your reward for making it to the top is that you get to see some of the most stunning views that Scotland has to offer. Ben Lomond is the closest Munro to Glasgow and overlooks Loch Lomond. If Munros are a bit out of your com-


fort zone then you could try some Corbetts. Corbetts are over 2500 feet but less than 3000 feet. If you fancy a day trip, then the summit of Goatfell on the Isle of Arran offers great views of the west coast of Scotland.

walking / jogging hardcore hikes sound a bit too treacherous? Then perhaps the gentler activity of walking or jogging might suit you better. Ambling along to your friends’ place or staggering from bar to bar doesn’t count.

Put a Spring in your step

Make an effort: get yourself going at a good pace and stride along with real purpose to burn off some calories. Glasgow canal to the north of the city, riverside paths cutting right through the centre of town or the countless parks dotted around the place provide ready-made routes for you to carve out your favourite path. Otherwise, you can design your own routes. It could be through the most picturesque places round about you or it could even be your commute to and from work, college or university if they’re within reasonable distance. The key to making this work is to open your eyes and use your imagination.


roller blading Get retro with your fitness routine! Admittedly you don’t see many people out roller blading in the streets these days. But this form of exercise is still alive and well. If you’re feeling tough enough and fancy gritting your teeth, you could look into roller derby – a brutal, fast-paced, physical sport with plenty of women’s teams up and down the country. Glasgow Roller Girls are based in Glasgow Caledonian’s Arc Sports Centre. If this doesn’t appeal to you then there is an altogether more funky, sparkly version of roller blading you could take part in. Rollerstop CIC is Glasgow’s home of roller disco. Skate around, cut sixty-five

fitness some shapes, pretend you’re in a 70s crime thriller, fall over, skate around some more. Whether you’re ruthlessly barging your opponents out the way in roller derby or dissing on some jive turkey at the roller disco, this could be the alternative to jogging that you forgot existed.

calisthenics Calisthenics is basically another word for bodyweight exercises. That means you will need minimal to no equipment to perform them. The most common calisthenics exercises include sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and planking. With push-ups, the degree of difficulty can be adjusted. Go on your knees to make it easier or elevate your feet (on a box or bench) to make it harder. There are numerous other variations of push-ups and all the other aforementioned exercises to adjust the difficulty or target different muscles. There are also much more advanced calisthenics exercises. We’re talking superhero stuff here. L-sits, back levers and human flags are all hugely impressive and can take months, if not years of training. A huge number of calisthenics exercises can be performed at home. Or you can be that guy that does them in the park, feeling the gentle breeze against their face and hearing the not so gentle insults hurled towards you by the local young team. Don’t be that guy.

ROCK CLIMBING IF you really want a full-body workout that tests your strength and agility, then get yourself up a massive rocky wall. This is definitely an activity that does require some supervision. Start off in some of the indoor centres that are around such as The Glasgow Climbing Centre or The Climbing Academy. These places alone should keep


you entertained and challenged for a good amount of time. Once you do make the leap up in difficulty level, you’ll probably start craving bigger and better challenges and that means heading outdoors for the real thing. Once you’re out in the big, bad, craggy, rocky world then the need for safety increases but so does the level of adventure, achievement and ability. There are many outdoor groups that have instructors, transport and some of the more peculiar bits of gear required for certain climbs. Having started out just trying to get a little bit more active, you could find yourself with a whole new hobby that you can share with a whole new group of people.

boxing Stressed out? Angry? Tense? Take out all your frustrations on a variety of equipment designed to be punched. Boxing is open for anyone at any level, but if you get really into it, the sport can be one of the most intense exercises out there. Strength, stamina, agility and balance are all tested in boxing training. Get out the skipping ropes for some cardio, head to the punching bag to practice technique or hit the weights to build up your strength. Boxers are in phenomenal shape for a reason – their training is as tough as it gets. If you fancy yourself in the ring, you can look for classes that will eventually see you going toe-totoe with a sparring partner. This is completely safe and supervised and purely for the sake of putting your training into practice, with neither participant throwing full-force punches. There are classes and gyms out there that take the combat element out of boxing, so the punchbag is the toughest opponent you’ll face. It always helps when there aren’t punches coming back at you.

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Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette £25 Bourjois Bronzing Powder £7.99

desert delights , Summer means sun r’s especially after last yea t’s prolonged heatwave. Tha why it is no surprise the SS19 runways had an abundance of boho desert-inspired makeup and hair looks. To get the look at home, keep your skin Perfecting looking healthy and Skin Tint fresh with a lightweight foundation or tint, or £20 dab a even opt for just of concealer. g Don’t be afraid of goin nzer, overboard with the bro just so long as you’ve not invested in one that’s ’t end too orange, so you don pa up looking like an oom loompa rather than Coachella. For your hair, a sea salt spray or texturizing mist is ideal for creating effortless waves that will have everyone thinking you just arrived from the beach. t Cool Hair by Sam McKnigh ure Mist Girl Barely There Text .50 £20





Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil £24

Morphe The James Charles Artistry Palette £39

Nars Climax Mascara £21

Milky Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover £10

HEALTH AND BEAUTY beauty looks. And why not mix it up a little. Wear the desert colours look at a club, pout in pink on the beach, put a face mask on to go round to your bestie’s and glitter glam yourself to go shopping. Who says where you should wear the look? You do. Here’s Hannah Ahmed to tell you how to get that Spring/ Summer vibe...

KYLIE JENNER wears every look well. Glitter gal, sexy shimmer, desert delight and she can even rock the face mask look! (it’s a new look that I didn’t just make up). In fact, take a selfie of yourself (who else would you take a selfie of?!) rocking every look, create a collage on your Instagram account and call it ‘Instagramable-moi’ and you’ll be totally up to date with this season’s

Get yourself in the Kylie mix Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Ballerina Blackout £16

pretty in pink

IN the wise words of Legally Blonde’s iconic Elle Woods, whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. That has never been clearer than on the runways this season, where pink make-up was seen everywhere; Erdem, Anna Sui

I Heart Revolution Fixing Spray Guava & Rose £6

Kevin Murphy Angel.Masque £30

and Rodarte. What makes it even better for you, is how easy it is to add more pink into your beauty regime. The easiest way is obviously for the classic pink lipstick or lip-gloss, but you can make it a little more interesting by opting for a pink lippy with a blue undertone, rather than the traditional nude. Pink is also easy to wear as blush, eyeshadow, even highlighter. If you are seriously prepared to commit, then try going down the Kylie Jenner and dying your hair, either pastel or hot pink. But if that’s too much though, you could always try a wig.

Urban Decay ‘Naked Cherry’ Eye Shadow Palette £42


health and BEAUTY

fashionable face masks Face Masks have had a boom in popularity in the last few years, and that status isn’t going to diminish any time soon. Though once seen only in expensive spas, these days you can pick up a great face mask from your nearest pharmacy. Like most things, social media has no doubt had a role in facemasks’ surge to the top of everyone’s beauty wish lists. Posting a selfie with a facemask on has become insanely trendy, so not only are they capable of boosting your Likes, but they also have many benefits for your skin. No matter what issue you are trying to target; dryness, dullness or acne, there is a face mask for you!

Milk Make-up Watermelon Brightenign Face Mask £20.50 Dr Jart Rubber Mask Firm Lover £10

NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Jelly Mask £7.49

“ My name’s Amy. I couldn’t stop” on my own. ” MY name is Amy and I’m an alcoholic. I don’t remember my first drink – sometime in my teens, just something sessions, clothes customisation everyone else was doing. of my mind. Gradually every– day became Like shopping? and much more including the For years I drank socially. That con- Like discounts? like the one before myself most anticipated Student chance–topromising win a car, and an after tinued into my marriage; The when I was that today the Shimmy day I would Night Glasgow with a would party be at The Club. pregnant, I gave up my job andinretired to is back change bang at Buchanan Galleries on things.It only happens once a year, be a mum. I knew I couldn’t stop on my own. Friday 25 September, offering so don’t miss out! Suddenly my work life disappeared. I My husband arranged methe tonight? attend excellent discounts of Can’t makefor it on was stuck in the suburbsstudents and feeling a treatment centre. I stayed for seven up to 30% off brands including Don’t worry – Buchanan Galleralone. weeks taught me about the H&M,inadeRiver Island, Levi’s, Fredand they ies offers a range of excellent I began increasingly to feel illness there was Perry, Oasis, Man-of alcoholism discounts,and just that for students, all quate, a failure, depressed and Warehouse, very, the From twelve step go and Boux Avenue. a way out based year on round. 15% offproin very lonely. gramme of Alcoholics Anonymous. Doorsto open at 7.30pm and Quiz to 20% off in Levi’s, check It occurred to me one evening have going to my local AA meeting. close at 10pm, giving youI started two out www.buchanangalleries. a glass of Sherry at 6pm while cooking I wanted what the sober women in the and a half hours to shop your dinner. heart out and see whatmeeting else is see them all and save some For the first time, it wasn’t a social They seemed content and happy to be going cash. drink but purely to change the on. way I felt. sober. AndIifhad you pre-register at www. With over 80 stores, BuA few weeks later, I realised I’ve made good and long-lasting friends,, chanan Galleries offers the drunk half a bottle the night before. shared common bond, we can trustWith not slight only willshock you securea your best shopping in Glasgow. I remember to this day the each place, butand you’ll also get fast other. everything you need under one and thinking I should control this tracktoentry on the night and be roof, from fashion brands and tucked the thought carefully the back in with a chance to win a £500 makeup to technology and gifts Buchanan Galleries gift card to and gadgets, the centre is a To find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous and ourone services, please spend on the night. stop shop - nocall matter what well ashelpline shopping, you’re looking for. ourAs national onthere 0800will 917 7650 be bars and DJs, freebies, comoffers the best shopping in or visit petitions, complimentary styling Glasgow, with over 80 stores


health and BEAUTY Another look that’s seen a serious sprinkling this season is glitter. Whether on the eyes, face, lips or even hair, glitter is everywhere. Pat McGrath, one of fashion’s favourite makeup artists, uses plenty of sparkles and metallic hues at Versace. There is no such thing as too much glitter but for some it is easier to go for a more subtle take. A classic highlighter on the cheekbones, or shimmery shadow on your eyelid is probably the easiest way to do it. Looking for something a little more unconventional? Try Cover FX’s glitter drops. They work great on their own, but can also be mixed into any other liquid make-up product, from foundation to eyebrow gel, whatever you feel like making sparkle! So glow Tinkerbell glow.

glitter, shimmer and sparkle

Dior Addict Lip Maximiser – Collagen Active Lip Gloss £28

I Heart Unicorns Heart Eye Shadow Palette £6.99

Milk Make-up Glitter Stick cultbeauty. com £25.50

I AM wearing a suit, cuff-links and polished shoes. I look like someone preparing notes for a meeting – little does anyone know the clothes mask my truth. I am an alcoholic. Nobody forced a drink down my throat. I didn’t choose to be an alcoholic. The only reason I knew there was a problem was that I knew that I couldn’t stop drinking. I was irresponsible, paranoid, angry, fearful, bitter and dishonest. I would engineer rows with my wife to justify storming out and not coming back. My head would race, I could see only negatives. Drink was not my problem – living was. I treated my condition with alcohol. It worked through university and my burgeoning career. I had just been head hunted, but at all times I had to drink. Six months later I was sacked. I am a lawyer. I did a job for a man who was working with social services. He was sober through AA. He didn’t drink. He could cope. Like the swan on the surface, I looked ok. Inside where nobody

ELF Stardust Glitter Eyeliner superdrug. com £5

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma £24

I’m Paul. I don’t need to drink.

sees, I felt dead. I did something I never thought I could do. I called him and asked for help. I went to my first AA meeting in 2000. Today I don’t want or need to drink; today, I am part of the world. The prison in which my soul was held has gone. I am free to enjoy and see the world. I try to live a good life today. If drink is causing you a problem, give AA a go. You have got nothing to lose.


Profile for Student Rag Magazine

Student Rag Issue 33 Glasgow edition  

Student Rag Issue 33 Glasgow edition