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Annual Report to the Community — 2014 –2015

Welcome This is our fifth annual Stratford Hall Report to the Community. This year’s report focuses on data, information and statistics relevant to the Stratford Hall community of August 2014 to June 2015. It also features a new look and feel and is, for the firsttime ever, being delivered digitally. As always, if you have any questions or concerns that are not covered within the report, please drop into the office or email Community Development at



Profile of a Stratford Hall Graduate

Stratford Hall educates students to the highest global standards, through the programmes of the International Baccalaureate. Excellence and confidence are developed through a challenging academic curriculum with further emphasis on creativity, action and service. We foster a strong pluralistic community built on integrity and respect.

Stratford Hall strives to be a global leader in the International Baccalaureate community. Our students will gain a deep understanding of the world around them, and they will act on their connections to the outside community. They will excel to the best of their abilities, and graduates will be equipped to achieve their chosen goals. This is accomplished by acquiring and retaining the best teachers and by a commitment to a balanced and enriched curriculum. The success of Stratford Hall is deeply rooted in the establishment of a supportive, knowledgeable and committed community.

Our graduates will: • Be successful at their post-secondary endeavours; • Be principled in their work and personal lives; • Be curious and continue to learn throughout their lives. • Engage in local and global issues, for the betterment of all; and • Demonstrate balance in their lives.

Message from the Board of Governors

“It is the goal of the school to ensure that every student at Stratford Hall is given every opportunity to succeed in the IB Programmes.”

On behalf of the Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to present the 2014–2015 Report to the Community. This year the Annual Report is a slightly condensed version of what you will receive in future years. We will also aim to streamline the process so that this report is sent to our community in the early months of each new school year. The 2014–2015 school year was a major transition year as we said farewell to our Founding Head of School, Dr. Jim McConnell, and welcomed our new Head of School, Jason McBride. Following best practices, the Board continued to work on many initiatives, especially our five-year strategic plan and our five-year financial projections, but it was imperative that we had final input from Mr. McBride before we ratified both these vital documents. As always, we will move forward being financially strategic and from a student-centred perspective. There was much celebration and, in all honesty, relief when we were finally able to occupy the MYP building. This was a major undertaking by the Foundation Board, and I owe them much gratitude for their hard work and perseverance.

It is the goal of the school to ensure that every student at Stratford Hall is given every opportunity to succeed in the IB Programmes. With that in mind, two new resource teachers and one learning specialist were added to our team, bringing the total number of staff employed to provide additional student assistance to seven. I encourage you to read this report in its entirety as it will answer many of your questions, including the two most common: “How are our graduates doing and which universities are they attending?” Thank you for your on-going commitment to Stratford Hall. Sincerely,

Beverly Ginder Board Chair, Stratford Hall

Message from the Head of School

“This Report to the Community is our school’s report card on the progress we have made toward achieving our mission and vision.”

It is a privilege to welcome you to our Report to the Community for the 2014–2015 school year, our fifth since we began this high-level, annual review of the school’s successes over its previous 12 months. The Report is an important publication in that it serves not only to celebrate our achievements, but to also hold the school accountable for delivering on its mission, vision and values in a quantifiable, public way. While no student, program or school can be reduced to numbers alone, the facts and figures in this document serve to tell a story about the year behind us so that we can strive to make the following year even better: educationally, financially and operationally.

students to the highest global standards. Over the 2015–2016 school year, I welcome the opportunity to ask questions that lead us further down the path of pursuing that goal. Our strong culture primes us for even greater things to come.

As my first Report as the new Head of School, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in making Stratford Hall what it is today. From the founding Lee and Leung families together with Dr. McConnell, through to our past and present Board Members, senior leaders, teachers, staff, parents and most especially, Stratford Hall’s students, you should be proud of what this school stands for and has achieved. It is an honour to have inherited such a wonderful community culture with people who are committed to delivering upon our mission to educate


This Report to the Community is our school’s report card on the progress we have made toward achieving our mission and vision. It also measures our success in creating young adults who reflect the Profile of a Stratford Hall Graduate. We hope that you enjoy reading about where we are in order to set the stage for the release of the school’s new Strategic Plan in the second half of the year.

Jason McBride Head of School

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” — Sir Winston Churchill

School Governance

The Stratford Hall Society is the school’s official regulatory body and oversees the appointment of the Board of Governors. It is comprised of founders, active and former Board of Governors including: • Bev Ginder • Cindy Leung • Jeremy Leung • Harry Lee • Elaine Lee • Graham Kedgley • Aiyaz Alibhai • David Scott

The Stratford Hall Board of Governors is voted on or appointed by the Stratford Hall Society. The Board is responsible for overseeing the operation of the school: setting priorities, approving annual budgets, and appointing the Head of School. The Head of School is responsible for ensuring that the school runs in a manner that supports Stratford Hall’s mission and vision. The Board meets approximately five times per year (more frequently if required) and includes a subset of three committees: Finance & Audit, Governance and Head of School Relations. The 2014–2015 Board included the following members: • Bev Ginder, Chair • Aiyaz Alibhai, Vice-Chair • Harry Lee, Secretary • Cindy Leung, Treasurer • Elaine Lee • Chris Nicolls • Wendy Keenlyside • Vickie McDonnell

A third governance component to the school, also under the Society’s Act of BC, is the Stratford Hall Foundation – the school’s Board of Trustees. The Foundation holds major capital assets, holds mortgages and owns any process of land acquisition and construction. The Board of Trustees are: • Harry Lee, Chair • Ming Jang • Fayaz Manji • Bev Ginder

Stratford Hall by the Numbers


FACULTY: 73 73 Number Number of of Students Students Enrolled Enrolled by by Program Program

232 232



Average Number of Years at Stratford Hall

6.9 206 206





GR 5

GR 10


North Vancouver


Sunshine Coast

Vancouver West

Vancouver East



New Westminster







Years of Service to Stratford Hall









Faculty Post-Secondary Degrees


Maple Ridge





Port Coquitlam Coquitlam


Learning Specialist in Education Technology

Resource Teachers in total


Port Moody


Staff K-12

GR 12

Catchment Area: percentage of school population West Vancouver




New Students



Additional Resource Teachers



Surrey Delta



5 Langley

1-3 yrs. 0

4-6 yrs.

7-9 yrs.

10-12 yrs.

13-15 yrs.

Stratford Hall by the Numbers

Curriculum & Academic Performance

2014–2015 Provincial Performance

June 2015 Provincial Course Passing Rates Stratford Hall

An IB Continuum School

Grade 7 Foundational Skills Assessment 100









100% 100%














Students Meeting or Exceeding Expectations Students Not Yet Meeting Expectations












Beyond academics, Stratford Hall is committed to helping students embody the IB Learner Profile as a set of characteristics that define what it means to be an internationally-minded person. We believe that schools exist not only to facilitate academic success, but to create well-rounded human beings that act with confidence, respect and integrity as they pursue their chosen goals.

Grade 4 Foundational Skills Assessment


Stratford Hall offers three International Baccalaureate® (IB) programmes (PYP, MYP and DP) that provide a level of individual challenge and academic rigour most adults today would not have experienced in their formative education. Proven and recognized internationally for its exceptional approach, the IB organization aims: “to do more than other curricula by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed.”



English 10

Math 10

Science 10

English 12

Stratford Hall by the Numbers

DP Highlights The 2014–2015 academic year was a year of growing both our human resources and our facilities. Most notable, was the addition of our state-of-the-art science lab in the DP basement, which was generously donated by a long-standing Stratford Hall family. In addition to expanding our facility, we also expanded our course offerings to include DP Geography HL, as well as the following online courses: French Ab Initio, Spanish Ab Initio, Business and Management HL/ SL, Economics HL, Math HL and Self-Taught Italian, Russian, Persian and Mandarin. Two additional resource teachers and one learning specialist supported the Senior School students immeasurably by creating windows of opportunity to deepen and enhance learning. The graduating class of 2015 also marked the first time we have had a Visual Arts HL graduate at Stratford Hall. We also had a record six students partake in the DP visual arts exhibition, demonstrating that academics and the arts are alive and well at Stratford Hall.

University Stats

Programs of Study Architecture



University Acceptances


Two graduates are travelling.


University Placements

$8,750 GPE Scholarships


Biomedical Sciences

Cognitive Sciences Two graduates are submitting post-grad applications in January.

P2EP Scholarships

Computer Sciences Engineering Film Health Sciences Kinesiology Life Sciences


in Scholarships outside BC


in scholarships within BC

One graduate is working in a provincially recognized photography company.

Political Science Product Design Visual Arts Science

Universtity Placements Bowdoin College (US) Dalhousie University Kwantlen Polytechnic University Ontario College of Art & Design Queen’s University Simon Fraser University Trinity Western University University of British Columbia McGill University University of Toronto University of Victoria University of Waterloo University of Western Ontario

Stratford Hall School Society & Stratford Hall Foundation

Combined Statement Of Revenues, Expenditures And Changes In Fund Balances For the year ended June 30, 2015

Government Grants


Operating Funds $



Revenues Tuition fees Government grants Fundraising Discretionary programs Interest and rental

Society Income 2014-15

Capital Assets Funds $

Restricted Funds (Sch.1) $

2014 $

2015 $

8,421,770 1,425,258 10,177 197,094 56,465 10,110,764

– – – – – –

– – 756,485 – – 756,485

8,421,770 1,425,258 766,662 197,094 56,465 10,867,249

7,657,147 1,340,321 653,314 192,686 72,288 9,915,756

7,621,391 – – 7,116 886,925 84,030 428,439

– 1,330,224 18,900 – – – –

– – – 92,390 – – –

7,621,391 1,330,224 18,900 99,506 886,925 84,030 428,439

6,616,032 995,612 – 195,766 661,407 91,275 (70,247)











1,777,321 171,902

3,791,281 522,995

585,835 (694,897)

6,154,437 –

4,728,526 –






Expenditures Discretionary Programs


Tuition and Related Fees


Rent, Facilities and Maintenance


Tuition Assistance




Society Expenditures 2014-15

Operating expenses Amortization: tangible capital assets Amortization: financing fees Fundraising Interest Tuition assistance Change in fair value of interest rate swaps

Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenditures Fund balances, beginning Interfund transfers Fund balances, ending

*Stratford Hall is a non-profit school. Surpluses will be used to create contingency, capital asset management and sinking funds reserves. Program Costs


Salaries and Benefits


These reserves are treated as restricted line items in order to ensure the long-term financial stability of the school. Surpluses beyond these three funds are held in interest-bearing accounts or in cash to be used for the following year’s capital purchases and/or to minimize tuition increases where possible.

Stratford Hall School Society & Stratford Hall Foundation

Combined Balance Sheet For the year ended June 30, 2015

Operating Funds $

Assets – Current Cash Short-term investments Receivables GST rebates Prepaid expenses & financing Interfund advances Long-term investmets Tangible capital assets

Long-term debt Capital lease obligations Interest rate swaps Fund Balances – Unrestricted – Restricted

Restricted Funds (Sch.2) $

2015 $

2014 $

1,520,956 1,855,000 61,837 101,326 56,367 3,681,022

– – – – 75,600 (4,000,000)

86,055 150,000 – – – 318,978

1,607,011 2,005,000 61,837 101,326 131,967 –

1,940,029 3,434,000 22,680 139,130 185,727 –

7,276,508 – –

(3,924,400) – 30,530,569

555,033 – –

3,907,141 – 30,530,569

5,721,566 1,170,000 31,058,422

7,276,508 Liabilities – Current Payables and accruals Deferred revenue Educational investment deposits Current portion of long-term debt Current portion of capital lease obligations

Capital Assets Funds $





779,341 2,407,522 – – – 3,186,863 – – 1,057,559 4,244,422

– – 7,213,536 1,029,202 92,545 8,335,283 15,193,657 112,077 – 23,641,017

– – – – – – – – – –

779,341 2,407,522 7,213,536 1,029,202 92,545 11,522,146 15,193,657 112,077 1,057,559 27,885,439

1,212,401 2,559,552 6,565,000 4,994,222 80,644 15,411,819 15,632,610 122,002 629,120 31,795,551

3,032,086 – 3,032,086

2,965,152 – 2,965,152

– 555,033 555,033

5,997,238 555,033 6,552,271

5,568,602 585,835 6,154,437






Stratford Hall School Society & Stratford Hall Foundation Schedule 1 & 2 For the year ended June 30, 2015

SCHEDULE 1 — Restricted Revenues,

Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balances

Revenues Fundraising Expenditures Fundraising

Annual Giving $

Capital Campaign Fund $

Parent Association Fund $

Bursary Endowment Fund $

Total $









290,725 42,753 (193,478)

90,105 10,075 (100,180)

128,515 295,901 (401,239)

154,750 237,106 –

664,095 585,835 (694,897)





SCHEDULE 2 — Schedule of Restricted Funds

Annual Giving $

Capital Campaign Fund $

Parent Association Fund $

Bursary Endowment Fund $

Total $

Assets – Current Cash Short-term investment Fundraising

61,395 – 30,193

– 150,000 (150,000)

23,177 – –

1,483 – 390,373

86,055 150,000 318,978









Excess of revenues over expenditures Fund balances, beginning Interfund transfers Fund Balances, Ending

Fund Balances Restricted

Spotlight on Junior and Senior School Academics

As in the DP, the PYP and MYP programs spent 2014– 2015 focusing on increasing staff to support improved performance academically, as well as creating unique and powerful learning experiences for Stratford Hall students. The addition of Resource and Learning Specialists also made high-impact projects, such as the formalization of Senior School Study Centres, a reality. While the Senior School neared capacity, the Junior School was all but full with 318 students and waitpools at several grade levels. The PYP enjoyed a facility enhancement in 2014–2015, with the creation of a brand new music room as well as additional instruments and supplies, thanks to funds raised by the Gala. The music room is well-loved and well-used. Last year also saw the successful introduction of Buskerama during Arts Week and the MYP SMASH! Fair: an event that integrates science and math at Stratford Hall. The school was also represented at several prestigious academic events including the American Math Contest, Canadian Open Math Contest, University of Waterloo CEMC Contest, UBC Physics Olympics and the Model United Nations.

Ten Stratford Hall students attended the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations conference this March, where one of our own students, Trenton Sewell, was recognized with an award for top delegate. He was also the Provincial Champion for Debate. Jotham Chow was Deputy Secretary General of the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations and won the 2014 Junior Achievement Award as well as the Deloitte Inspirational Award.

An area of focus for the MYP has been on increasing academic rigor in order to prepare students for the challenge of the DP. We believe we have accomplished this in a variety of ways, with student support being paramount.

Spotlight on Outdoor Experiential Education & Field Trips

Spotlight on Service Learning

Service Learning is intentionally designed to promote student learning, address human and community needs, and foster reflection as a key component. Not only does Service Learning provide leadership opportunities, it also improves confidence, develops a more mature understanding of diversity and empathy for others and helps build our students’ resumes for University and employment applications.


Opportunities for service

511 Students took part


Care packages to Vancouver shelters

Our urban school experience lends itself to a myriad of opportunities that complement the IB curriculum. In addition to benefiting from a location at the heart of one of Canada’s most loved cities, Stratford Hall’s close proximity to the mountains and ocean provide the ideal setting for ‘education beyond the walls’. The extensive OEE program available at Stratford Hall is one of the aspects that makes our school so unique.


Different OEE activites offered


Field Trips from K-12

7, two-night camps

4 expeditions

Spotlight on Athletics

Senior School Highlights Avery Lee-Pii won the GVISAA Junior Girls Cross-Country championship. Kiera Lee-Pii won the GVISAA Senior Girls’ Cross-Country championships. Bryan Yu and Taylor Goldblatt made the Provincial finals in their respective swimming events. Our Junior Girls Basketball team went undefeated in the regular season and post-season, winning the GVISAA championships.

Junior School Highlights Both the Junior and Senior teams made the Ultimate BC Provincial Championships. The Juniors went in seeded 11th and finished 8th, and the seniors went in seeded 16th and finished 8th. The Senior team also made the Canadian High School Ultimate Championships, arriving seeded 15th and finishing 8th overall.

The Grade 6/7 Boys Soccer team won silver at the ISEA Championships. In Cross-Country, our Grade 4-7 Boys finished 3rd overall out of 11 schools, and Daphne Meng placed 1st overall for Grade 4 girls at the ISEA CrossCountry Championships. This year, Stratford Hall had over 60 participants in Grade 3-7 swimming. In Track and Field, Stratford Hall finished 3rd out of 13 schools at the ISEA Track and Field Championships and 4th out of 9 schools at the UBC Elementary Track Meet.

The Grade 7 Boys Basketball team finished 2nd overall in league standings and won silver at the ISEA Basketball Championships. The Grade 7A Girls wrapped up their season with a record of 6-2 and finished 3rd at the ISEA Championships. The Gr 6/7 A and B teams won gold in Ultimate at Sabrefest (Vancouver Elementary Ultimate Championships) and the Grade 6/7 Sabres (A team) finished 3rd at Spring Reign in Burlington, Washington.

Spotlight on Performing & Creative Arts


• Arts Week continues to be a continuum-wide success • Buskerama was launched and became an instant hit • The Stratford Hall production of “Spy School” sold more than 250 tickets • Vancouver Tap Dancers host a show on campus • Theatre trips including an overnight to ‘Whose Live Anyway?’ in Bellingham • Yearbook 2014–2015 is produced by a student-led team • Grades 9 and 10 Taiko performed at the Vancouver Island Children’s Festival and at several other independent schools • Choir performances, music workshops and more

Performances & Concerts

Spotlight on Student Leadership

The eight Prefects from Stratford Hall’s 2014–2015 graduating class did an outstanding job in promoting school spirit and connecting students across the continuum. In fact, they did so well that we had 28 Grade 11 students apply for prefect roles this spring—9 of which were chosen to lead in 2015–2016. We would like to thank the following 2014–2015 Prefects for their services to the school: Prefects of Creativity

Prefects of Service

Prefects of Action

Prefects of Community

• Michael Choi

• Aliya Jessa

• Faizaan Shajani

• Jennifer Gilmore

• Jodie Leung

• Jotham Chow

• Lauren Ehrhardt

• Celia Zuberec

In addition to our Prefects, we would also like to thank our Grade Leaders, House Captains, Ambassadors and our special Grade 7 Leadership students, whose help as tour ambassadors, lunch or crosswalk supervisors and as assembly helpers is a cornerstone of Stratford Hall.

Spotlight on Community

Spotlight on International Trips

Stratford Hall is well known for its supportive community, and each year we see that enthusiasm grow as we bring new families into the fold. Whether due to the parents who volunteer to organize community-building events or the support of our After School Care program designed to meet the needs of a working parent community, 2014–2015 generated record numbers:

The international trip program at Stratford Hall serves to support the IB goals of international mindedness. Students in the senior school have a variety of international trip opportunities in which to participate, each with a unique focus and experience.

• 350 people attended the Gala

• Kenya: A group of Grade 11 students painted and refurbished two classrooms at Kipevu, and donated supplies to Nuru Orphanage and Port Reitz Home.

• 300 people attended the PYP Winter Concert • 262 Grandparents came to Tea • 250 people watched “Spy School” • 150 people came to the Welcome Back BBQ

In 2014–2015 Stratford Hall students participated in the following international trips:

• Costa Rica: Sixteen Grade 10 students explored the rich cultural and ecological heritage of Costa Rica and performed service work in a rural school. • Japan: Nine students attended our first trip to Tamagawa IB School in Tokyo where the students experienced a rich home-stay and cultural experience. • Germany & Poland: 12 students visited Berlin and Krakow to explore the countries’ cultural and historical aspects to enrich their DP history course.

Spotlight on Clubs

Each year, Stratford Hall strives to offer a variety of clubs and activities that help our students to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Our 2014–2015 Clubs included: • Science • Sports/Hockey/Gr 5 Ultimate • Math Club/Economics • Imagination Fabrication • Cooking Club • Choirs/Music/Singing/Musical Theatre/Rock Band • Scrapbooking • Board Games/Cards • Piñata Club • Global Humanitarian/Model UN • Knitting/Nail Art • Speech/ Debate • Wood Working • Yearbook/Sabre Source Student Newspaper • Young Entrepreneurs • Art • Junior Achievement • Digivations

Spotlight on Parent Support

Shaping the Stratford Hall Story The Stratford Hall Annual Fund (SHAF) launched for the first time in 2014–2015, creating a new avenue for our families to support the students and teachers with resources beyond those provided by tuition and government subsidies. It also allowed us to consolidate our fundraising to include monies raised by SHPA and Gala.

A common analogy for an Annual Fund is that it is like owning your home. Tuition fees cover your fixed home expenses (property tax, mortgage, electricity) and the Annual Fund covers any home improvements you would like to make or opportunities that arise. All of it adds value to your property. By contributing to the Annual Fund, you will help to ensure that we are continuously improving the quality of education our students receive.

Donations to SHAF help us ensure that our academic programs have the very best resources in order for us to provide the most dynamic IB programme possible. SHAF also helps to fund professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, provide financial assistance to those families who demonstrate need and complete renovations to existing facilities.

Education Investment Deposits To date, more than 50 Stratford Hall families have donated their EIDs. While not as visible as physical donations – 40 printers as a fictitious example – pledging your EID helps reduce the school’s liabilities against our debt financing, which then frees up revenue for other educational spending — all while providing significant tax benefits.

We are delighted to welcome the following families to the Stratford Hall 2014–2015 EID Leader Circle: • Crispin and Yujie Horng • Byron and Josephine Jung • Jeremy and Claire Sicherman • Anonymous

Spotlight on SHPA

In 2014–2015, the Stratford Hall Parent Association (SHPA) continued to be a cornerstone of the Stratford Hall community. Under the guidance of our new parent group president, Angelique Schnerch, SHPA organized many events for Stratford Hall students and parents that focused on growing our community spirit. This year, SHPA decided it would consolidate its fundraising efforts and direct all monies raised into the Stratford Hall Annual Fund.

Some of the highlights from the year include: • Our annual Welcome Back BBQ and second annual SHAF KiDZ fair were another huge success! • Four Fun Friday activities and the 5th annual Fun Fair. • Angela Siu coordinated four Teacher Appreciation Lunches for staff to enjoy on collaborative planning afternoons.

• Three-hundred and fifty Stratford Hall parents and community members attended the 2015 Gala – Mumbai Lights. The gala committee was chaired by Jen Gunasekera and her team including Anna Schmidt, Karen Dosen, and Victoria Prevot. Assistance from Maegan Leishman, Barb Womersley and Joanne Gam helped the colourful evening raise over $135,000.

• Two successful uniform consignment sales were organized by SHPA volunteer, Shannon Goddard. The proceeds from the sale go to Kipevu Primary School.

Spotlight on Alumni This year we checked in with a few of our more vocal alum to see where in the world they were and what they were doing. Here’s a look at what they had to say.

Geffen… graduated in May from Dalhousie with a double major in English and Creative Writing as well as a minor in Russian studies. Geffen travelled first and is now back in Vancouver working as a writer for Momentum Magazine.

Allison… graduated five years ago and has completed her degree in Communications at SFU. After traveling across Europe and Asia, she now works as Marketing Associate for a Vancouver startup, Vidigami.

She is also an Editorial Assistant for the Nabokov Online Journal and does some blogging for the nonprofit PurpleDirt.

is currently backpacking around Europe and learning all about how far you can stretch a Euro if you really try.

graduated in 2010. She is a content strategist at the startup Undeveloped within the Rockstart accelerator in Amsterdam. When she’s not working, Saskia is playing semi-professional rugby.

Michael… Fion…



graduated from Stratford Hall in 2011 and is currently doing her Master’s Degree in Internet Science, concentrating on Big Data Analytics and Technology Regulations at the University of Oxford, UK.

graduated in 2014 and has taken this year off to work and save up for a trip across Europe. He is also currently working on a Youtube channel called Conscious Encounters that should be up and running in a few months! When he goes back to school, he will likely be entering the field of Neuroscience.

Katherine… while working for the Arthritis Association of Canada, BC Division this summer, she conducted a study to determine if there was a link between rheumatoid arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the population of BC. She did determine a link, which lends us to believe that proper control of inflammation and regular check-ups and screening for COpD is even more important for RA patients. Her study was presented at the American College of Rheumatology in San Francisco in November. In addition to her research, Katherine has been accepted to the UBC Ultimate team.

Thank You to Our 2014–2015 Stratford Hall Supporters On behalf of the students of Stratford Hall, we would like to thank you for all the ways in which you contribute to making the school a wonderful place to learn. Whether you contribute time, services or funds, we want you to know that every act of kindness you extend is greatly appreciated. Without your support, Stratford Hall would simply not be the school it is today. In keeping with the Stratford School culture, we have chosen to list our donors alphabetically, rather than by the amount they have contributed. Once again, thank you for your support.

Sandra & Michael Abley Ahvasi Family Aiyaz & Rubina Alibhai Anonymous (11) Bob and Elizabeth-Anne Armstrong Gloria & Alan Au Norm Au & Heather Burgess Tim and Kelly Au Greta Bartsch The Bauman Family Karim Bhimani & Karima Bawa Jugana Bicic Candice Birch Lisa Blachut The Blaneys Michael Jason Breger & Armansa Glodjo Chris Brogan Rick D. Campanella Familia Carranza-Hilton Ian CavĂŠn & Judy Rochette Peter & De-Ann Chan Stephen & Elaine Chan Larry Chin & Patricia Chong David & Valerie Christie Chris Chum & Glenda Hendson David & Katharina Coleman Jeffrey Conatser & Ada Christopher Thomas Courtney Roger Cross & Josephine Jacob

Cutting Edge Custom Painting Inc. Catherine Daniel The Dar Family Mandeep Dhaliwal & Koml Kandola Vinay and Harp Dhaliwal Dhar & Harv Dhanda Gurmej K. Dhanda Karim & Ashifa Dhanji Dr. Sukh & Angela Dhiman Avtar & Gurpinder Dhinsa Antoine Do & Liz Tran Tony & Terran Dosen Janine Erickson Final Choice Construction Inc. Andrew Fielding & Lynda Lazosky Raymond, Winnie, Ethan & Arianne Fong Christopher & Julie Frketich Gracen Chungath & Mathew George Jagmal & Randeep Ghag Feda Ghaleb Ashef Gillani & Shelina Harji Ahmed & Finka Glodjo Guadalupe Gomez Juan Gomez & Gabriela Hernandez Jeff Gravistin & Nancy Mitenko Boyd Grealy Iqbal Grewall & Sabinder Sheina

Miriam Grob Grzybowski Family Jennifer and David Gunasekera Guiying Han Julie Harris Sarah Hart Tia and Josh Haughian Dr. Chantal Haussmann & Dr. Andrzej Kotlicki Matthew & Alexandra Haussmann Tina He Gayle Henderson Cedric & Felice Ho Crispin Horng & Yujie Chen Shu-Chi Huang Sophia & Keira Jamal Ming Jang & Marie Louie Jang Byron and Josphine Jung Steve Kamachi Susan Christie Kamachi Karim & Rehana Kassam Shamsh & Karima Kassam Irving & Sharon Kates Rouzanna Karapetian Tony & Rebecca Keung Raheem & Farzana Kherani John & Minji Kim Dave Knight Kong Family Aleksandar & Ivana Kragl Jennifer Kramer

Kwan Family Olivia Law Marissa Le & Family Harry & Elaine Lee Alex Lee & Camilla Qiu Julian and Cynthia Lee Ken Lee & Leeann Liew Victor Pang & Angelee Lee Harold & Maegen Leishman Oscar, Rose & Mary Leishman Dwight Leung & Olivia Chiu Jeremy and Cindy Leung Sunny Leung Diana Li Dan Lin Gillian Louie Suzanne and Lach MacPherson Joseph & Fides Madrid Alexis Malinowski Fayaz & Salima Manji Danielle Minichiello John & Lee Marinelli Jim & Maureen McConnell Michael McGuire & Diane Lacaille Laura Moriarty Igor & Kirsten Morozov Faraz Muhammad & Summaiya Tabassum Katie Nation Steve & Katherine Naylor David & Gail Nelson

Nova Drywall Ltd John & Sharon Ong Ottahal Family Greg Oyhenart & Colleen Lowe Meg Penafiel Victor, Angelee & Desmond Pang Magnus Pau & Renee Seto Earl & Barbara Phillips Sarah Phillips Steven Pii & Sandra Lee Alain & Linda Quennec Dragana Radmanovic Amyn, Shein & Alykhan Rajan Fareed Raza & Arfa Dalmir-Raza Bryce & Jackie Reid Dave Ritchie Craig & Charlene Rodrigues Michael Rowley & Sarah Culver Sarah Sakaki Sanajko-Peterson family Dave Sangha & Beverly Ginder Sanghera Family Anna Schmidt Gertrude Schmitz Ron Schmitz & Hazel Lew Sarah Scott Kul & Jas Shahi Minaz & Shenaz Shajani The Sicherman Family Peter Skipper Jenna Skipsey

Brad Smith Alan & May Soon Greg Stanford & Ghita Ohm Sylvia Star Vanessa Tam Inderjit Teja Scott Trebilcock & Anna Lim Andrew & Valerie Tsui Weihua Wang Amit Venugopal & Liliana Posada Sandeep & Anju Yadav Craig Yamashiro & Lisa Mah Rui Yang & Haixia Lu Ana Ver Bill & Audrey White Bev Willms Best Jeff Wong & Charmain Lam Judson & Maggie Wong Ken Wong & Karen Li Simon Wong & Wendy Louie Sandeep & Anju Yadav Edward & Eugenie Yeung Jennifer Yeung Lorne Yip and Gloria Wong Ivy Yu and Gary Tang Wendy Qi Shun Zhang Patrick Zhao & Cathy Zhang Dave Zhao & Sarah Lu

Thank You to Our 2014–2015 Stratford Hall Supporters On behalf of the students of Stratford Hall, we would like to thank you for all the ways in which you contribute to making the school a wonderful place to learn. Whether you contribute time, services or funds, we want you to know that every act of kindness you extend is greatly appreciated. Without your support, Stratford Hall would simply not be the school it is today. In keeping with the Stratford School culture, we have chosen to list our donors alphabetically, rather than by the amount they have contributed. Once again, thank you for your support.

Akash and Raj Sablock Alex Lau and Anna Kaye Danny and Andria Wench Anthony Chu and Anita Hui Bill and Nicole Clendinning Cameron McLellan and Rikia Saddy Darrick Mayne and Maari Hirvi Mayne Gary Tang and Ivy Yu Harold and Maegan Leishman Ian Ross and Tami Crawley John and Wendy Keenlyside Lauren Lowe and Ray Weind Meg Andersen Rajbir and Mini Grewal Nathan Slee and Merel Veldhuis Richard and Marlane Press Rob Atwal and Meena Hans-Atwal Robert and Katherine Hooley Ron Cheung and Daisy Ng Sandro and Gabriella Moscone Ian Byers and Silvana Costa Sukh Dhiman and Angela Haer Tom Syer and Tamara Little Wes Carson and Barb Womersley Alan Walker and Patty Carmichael Angus and Kate An Anna Schmidt Brain Yang and Angelique Schnerch Bruno and Shamina Vahedi

Chiemi Endo Chris Webber and Darlene Prosser Daniel and Rosa Bosa Dave Howard and Shalini Verghese David and Carol Chiang David and Grace Chong David Bursey David Perry and Ritu Mahil Deena and Roshni Verappan Glen Powell and Dawne Bringeland Greg Carswell and Michelle Fedosoff Ivor and Ivy Ting James Smeaton and Kelly Wu Jennifer Kramer Keith Chan and Pearline Er Kelly and Roop Saran Lawrence and Lisa Liu Michael Hunter and Sheila Bertoldi Perry Saran and Rupi Kaila Peter and Maureen Skov Phil Jones and Peggi Peacock Rikki and Arti Puri Roger Singh and Meena Anand Salim and Shaina Adatia Samantha MacKinnon Scott Bell and Natasha Broemling Scott Fidler and Mariam Karim Shirley Lee Thomas and Clare Steiner Todd Bell and Chris Buchner

Tony and Rebecca Keung Victor Pang and Angelee Lee Victoria Prevot Vipul & Pratibha Pachchigar Will Wong and Angie Yee Brian and Won Ng

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Report to the Community 2014-2015  

The annual Stratford Hall Report to the Community for the 2014-2015 school year.

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