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Celebrating our Diversity

From the President Dear Friends of St. Paul's High School, After five years as President of St. Paul's High School, I have been missioned by my Provincial Superior to a new posting in Montreal, effective September 1st, 2018. With the creation of the new Province of Canada, a fully bilingual Province of the Jesuits, I will be heading up the yet-to-be-created Translation Office, responsible for ensuring that all communication from the Province is in both English and French. That office will expand in the near future to become the Translation Office of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States and add Spanish to the mix. In addition, I will serve as the Province Secretary, handling all of the official documentation required by the Society of Jesus, which essentially consists of communications with the General “Headquarters” in Rome. And finally, I will continue to serve as the Provincial’s Assistant for Secondary and Pre-secondary Education, providing leadership and coordination for our five schools across Canada, and linking with the Jesuit Schools Network of Canada and the US. These past five years at St. Paul’s have been among the happiest of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the various constituents of the St. Paul’s community and have fallen in love with Winnipeg and St. Paul’s. It will be a difficult separation. But over 50 years ago I made my commitment to the Society of Jesus with vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. So when my Superior tells me he wants me in Montreal, there is no question in my mind about going. And I know from my past experience that the grace of God will sustain me in my new work, just as it has sustained me in all my previous assignments. We have already begun the work of finding a new President. A Search Committee has been named and is in the process now of creating an advertisement for the position. That committee will later be expanded to become a Selection Committee to review and evaluate the applications that result. I am hopeful and optimistic that we will find the right person to move the school forward in its continuing development. I ask you to join me in sincere prayer to the Holy Spirit to help us in the process. I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your generous support both for me personally and for our wonderful school. You are St. Paul’s and you make this school the outstanding institution that it is. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve you; I hope I have served you well. Please pray for me.

Fr. Len Altilia, S.J.


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the crusader m a g a z i n e f o r t h e a l u m n i , p a r e n t s & f r i e n d s o f S t. P a u l’ s H i g h S c h o o l

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Catching up with Fr. Earl Smith, S.J.

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2017 Tribute Dinner honouring Mr. Stephen '68 and Mrs. Ruth Chipman

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Thank you to the following contributors: Fr. Len Altilia, S.J., Dennis Costa, Stacy Dainard '88, Rob Gardner, David Havixbeck '97, Darla Hooker, Tyler Kelsch '06, Greg Matthew '72, Jeff McMillan, Chris Regehr, Diane Samyn, Johnston Smith '67, Jarrod Stadnyk '00, Randy Van de Mosselaer '86, Lloyd Voth, John Yunyk '03

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Around the School




The JV Football Team had a hard fought regular season finishing in fourth place. The team played the undefeated Vincent Massey Trojans in the Provincial semis and pulled off a huge upset and won, which was only the second playoff upset in the eight-year history of the JV league. The team gave a great effort in the finals but ultimately came up short. The AAA Football Team began the season looking to overcome a lot of change, replacing 31 positions from graduating students. The AAA's would take a little while to find themselves, improving as the season progressed. The AAA Crusaders went undefeated during the regular season in the Potter division of the WHSFL, saving its best football for the final two weeks. The AAA team was able to capture the 2017 ANAVETS Bowl with a thrilling 35-0 victory on November 9th, 2017.

Between December 8 - 10, 2017, the St. Paul's High School Dramatic Society presented the Christmas classic "It's a Wonderful Life". The 29 person cast told the story of George Bailey and his personal struggles on Christmas Eve. Mr. Comeault and Ms Lussier with the assistance of student assistant director, Christopher Dowhan ’20, directed the stellar cast while the set was designed and built by Mr. Adair, Mr. Sterner, Ms Janzen and the students of the Stage Crew. Costume and makeup were a daunting task as many of the characters had multiple costume changes and aged significantly over the course of the production. Many thanks to Mrs. Samyn, Mrs. Bergen, Mrs. Monasterski, Mrs. Trimble, Mrs. Samyn, Mrs. McGill, Ms. Malkiewicz and Mrs. LouizosGerwing for all their help!

The Grade 9 Maroon Volleyball Team finished with a 3-2 record in regular season, putting them in second place. The team faced Acadia in the finals and were defeated. The Grade 9 White Volleyball Team started off the season strong winning its first six games. Unfortunately a tough quarterfinal loss to Arthur A. Leach left the White team in a disappointing fifth place finish. A very busy and fun year for the JV Crusader Team saw them grow as a team and improve their skills with consistent daily practices. Season highlights include AAAA JV Provincial finalists and WWAC finalists. The Varsity Volleyball Team went undefeated in WWAC league play. The Crusaders made it to the Provincial semifinal, before losing to Selkirk in four sets. The team also travelled to Kamloops and Brandon for tournament play.

Then and Now: The Walk THEN - 1985


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

NOW - 2017

Campus Ministry

Cross Country

Performing Arts

This year twenty-eight grade 12 leaders planned the Freshman Retreat around the theme of ‘ROD’ - Rising Over Differences. Over the course of the retreat, grade nine students heard from a number of different speakers including Mr. Watson, Mr. McMillan and Wajih Zeid ’11, each of whom spoke about their faith journey. Later on in the retreat, the grade nine students volunteered at schools, seniors’ homes, and soup kitchens, providing a taste of the Christian Service program. After that, the boys had some well-deserved recreation time, leading towards the most important part of the retreat: the Friday evening prayer service hosted at one of the grade 12 leaders’ houses. The impression of the retreat was quite positive and we look forward to another successful retreat next year as we welcome the Class of 2022.

The 2017-18 Crusader Cross Country Team will go down in the history books as one of the most successful ever. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during the fall of 2017, close to 40 runners gathered in the morning to train. This dedication and hard work resulted in many significant milestones for the program. The JV and Varsity Cross Country Teams were both crowned champions of the Winnipeg West Athletic Conference (WWAC). Both teams went on to represent St. Paul's at the Milk MHSAA Provincial Championships with over 1,300 athletes competing. With pure determination, the CRU captured both the JV and Varisty Championship titles. Jack Taylor '18 also became the first Crusader in school history to win the Individual Provincial Championship.

On November 7th, 2018 the Senior Jazz Band performed at the 24th annual Tribute Dinner followed by the Grade 11/12 Concert Band’s performance on Remembrance Day. On November 28th, 2017 the annual Advent Concert was held in the Richardson Gymnasium and featured the Intro Band, grade level Concert Bands and the Junior and Senior Jazz Bands. The Senior Jazz band wowed guests at our Information Evening in January. In the first term, the Senior and Junior Choir program learned a traditional advent song, in Latin, which was sung at the Advent Concert. This term, the St. Paul's choir is joining voices with St. Mary’s Academy and St. Boniface High School for a collaborative concert on May 23th, 2018 at St. Bernadette Parish. St. Paul's has been working for over a year to create a Catholic School Choir.


Murray Hall

A big thank you to the St. Paul's High School Parent Guild and current parents, Mr. Lenny and Mrs. Mary Baranyk of Pratt's Food Service for providing our students with four brand new, commercial microwaves for the cafeteria. They are a welcome and much needed addition! Thank you!

During the summer and fall of 2017, major improvements and upgrades occured in Murray Hall. The original roof of Murray Hall was replaced after the required abestos removal was completed. The interior of the roof was fitted with new ceiling tiles and more modern, energy efficient lighting. Finally, in order to improve our drama facilities, the original stage floor was replaced and the tech and lighting room received some technological upgrades.




Presented by:

On Thursday October 19th, 2017, the Alumni Association hosted Lawrence Warwaruk ’88, co-founder of Farmery Estate Brewery. Lawrence entertained our alumni with his story of starting a family-run brewery in rural Manitoba and ended the evening with product samples for everyone in attendance.

ALUMNI DRAMA RECEPTION On Friday, December 8 , 2017 the St. Paul's High School Alumni Association held the first annual Alumni Drama Reception. A group of 25 alumni gathered prior to the winter production "It's a Wonderful Life" where they were able to reconnect with other drama alumni, enjoyed some refreshments and VIP seating to the show. We hope to see you at next year's reception! th


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

ALUMNI FOR OTHERS On December 21st, 2017 a group of alumni, family and friends got together to deliver hampers for the Christmas Cheer Board. Afterwards, the group headed to Torque Breweries to share some Christmas cheer and reminisce about another successful year gone by. Thanks to our hosts at Torque, John Heim ’83 and Matt Wolff ’01. Already in our second year, this is a great way for alumni to give back at a special time of year. See you next year!

UPCOMING EVENTS The Alumni Association has some exciting events planned over the next several months. For more information or to register, please contact Randy Van de Mosselaer '86 at (204) 831-2332 or rvandemosselaer@stpauls. We hope to see you there!

Catching up with Fr. Earl Smith, S.J. “CRUUU-SAAAD-er!” Alumni from 1988-2006, especially those who played Crusader Hockey, will remember the piercing cry of Fr. Earl Smith, S.J., urging the boys on to victory. He is also remembered fondly by the many alumni whom he counseled, who sang in the mass choir, who took the Spiritual Exercises under this direction or who just would be greeted in the hall by his cheerful smile.

Richard Grover, who was a huge booster of Crusader hockey comments, “Earl "walked the talk" about the Crusaders (and other things in life). He said mass for the hockey players and then went to their games. You knew Earl was at the game because he would lead the fans with his very loud “CRUUUUUUUUSADERS”. Earl knew that singing and cheering a team to victory has always been part of the St. Paul’s tradition.”

Marshall McFeetors '93 offers a personal story about the effect Fr. Smith had on his life as a student at St. Paul’s: “When I think about Earl Smith (other than his being the officiant at my wedding which will always be the highlight!), I think back to Religion classes in the 11th and 12th grade when Father Smith, sensing (through his counsellor’s sensitivity, or perhaps just looking at the upcoming football schedule!) that the stress levels in the class had reached a tipping point, would have us gather in the chapel for a Prayer of Visualization. We would all lie down on the floor and close our eyes, and he would play the soundtrack from the movie The Mission on in the background and then in his calming voice leading us on a reflective journey that he had created. At the end of the 30 minutes I always felt refreshed and relaxed and better able to cope with the stresses of the day. Every time I hear a song from The Mission soundtrack I think back fondly on those Visualization Prayers.”

In 2006, Fr. Smith was sent to work in the Jesuit Center of Spirituality in Halifax. His ministry included training directors to lead others in the Spiritual Exercises, organizing parish missions and workshops on themes in spiritual formation and in conducting on-going spiritual direction of others.

Fr. Smith was born in Halifax in 1956 (though he was not a priest at the time!) into a family of four brothers and one sister. Mostly through his mother (who is 99 and just last year moved out of the family home) he has 75 cousins, most hailing from Cape Breton! In his youth, Fr. Smith loved books, movies and sports, especially hockey. “Neighbourhood street and school year hockey was one of my greatest early life passions! Later, in my teens, I developed a love for long distance running,” he recalls. He attended St. Mary’s University and, having been raised as a devout Catholic, he sought the influence of the many Jesuit fathers who taught there. Although he did consider a vocation to the priesthood, initially, he discounted his suitability for the Society of Jesus. “I did not much recognize my scholastic abilities nor my everyday prayerful desire to serve God. That the Jesuits were a world-wide (missionary) Religious Order

clearly caught my attention but… Indeed, in hindsight, I earnestly desired to be like my admired Jesuit teachers/mentors yet I lacked self insight and confidence to believe that I could happily join them in a life of Religious profession.” Fortunately for St. Paul’s and for people affected by the many ministries in which Fr. Smith has served, Fr. Alex Kirsten, S.J., who was taking a one-month course at St. Mary’s, befriended the young Earl Smith. “He asked me simply, ‘Why have you never considered being a Jesuit?’ The short answer was that no one had asked me to consider this as a legitimate option. This encounter and subsequent occasions to share my life with Alex and other Jesuits strengthened my resolve to apply and enter the Society of Jesus.” He entered the Society of Jesus in 1977. Fr. Smith was sent to St. Paul’s in September, 1988, for a one-year stay….which lasted 18 years! In his early years he served as a teacher and as a counsellor. In later years he became the Chaplain along side his friend and mentor Fr. Rob Brennan, S.J. “I got great satisfaction from my association with the Maroon and White Society, from participating in 25 Kairos retreats and from assisting in giving the Spiritual Exercises to senior students,” Fr. Smith remembers. Tom Bailey-Robertson '03, who was one of the earliest students to take the Spiritual Exercises, says of him, “Fr. Earl recommended me to the Director of Chaplaincy at St. Paul’s College for a Catholic student conference—the moment that sparked a calling to lay ministry in my life. I still haven’t forgiven him for making that phone call! Seriously though, I cherish the presence he was at SPHS—he took the time to listen and share a laugh. He believed that us students were important and spending time with him helped us believe that, too.”

Currently, Fr. Smith is in St. John’s, Newfoundland where he is the Local Superior for a community of seven Jesuits, the Director of Ministry for the community and the pastor of St. Pius X Parish. “I have a mandate to assist in the ministries of spiritual formation in NL. This includes the work of the Spiritual Exercises and my giving parish missions. I teach a single course in spirituality at Queen’s College, MUN. I am also a member of the St. Bonaventure Board and offer ministry there as time and my regular duties allow.” Fr. Smith and I became great friends during his time at St. Paul’s. I particularly value his counsel and admonition during my time as an administrator in the school. Together in the early 2000s we designed a program for giving the Spiritual Exercises to grade 12 students, a program which persists to this day. Fr. Smith welcomes contact from alumni who would care to get in touch. At his request, I have included his email address: Keith Macpherson '96 summarizes his experience of Fr. Smith in this way, “Earl Smith was one of the first conduits who opened my heart and mind to a deeper awareness of spirit. He was one of the first to share with me the deep insights and gifts that each present moment can bring and for that I am truly grateful". I believe that Keith speaks for the hundreds of people who got to know Fr. Smith at St. Paul’s. By: Johnston Smith '67 (Full disclosure: I am not related to Fr. Smith but would be very proud if I were!)

To no one’s surprise, Fr. Smith became a keen supporter of Crusader Hockey, serving as manager for a number of years and as an avid fan for many more. “I worked beside Coach Rick St. Croix for several ‘glory’ years in the 1990s. I also celebrated several years assisting Coach Andrew Harder '93 in various ways.”



Steve ’68 and Ruth Chipman honoured with the 2017 Ignatian Challenge Award On Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, in front of more than 900 friends, family, alumni and supporters, St. Paul’s honoured Mr. Stephen ’68 and Mrs. Ruth Chipman with the Ignatian Challenge Award. The Ignatian Challenge Award, St. Paul’s High School’s highest honour, is presented at the annual Tribute Dinner to men and women who embrace the ideals of St. Ignatius Loyola, and reflect the character and qualities inherent in a Jesuit education at St. Paul’s High School: faith, generosity, a commitment to justice, and a willingness to serve. President of St. Paul’s High School, Fr. Len Altilia, S.J., celebrated Steve and Ruth and “their years of devoted and unstinting service to the poor through the Immaculate Conception Drop-In and other charitable endeavours especially in the north end, their commitment to the Christian Life Community and to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, their leadership in the business community, their devotion to their family, all of which stands as testament to the legitimacy of their selection as this year recipients. Even more so the unfailing humility, spiritual freedom and good humour with which they go about all that they do.” The Tribute Dinner also serves as an inspiration and example for the St. Paul’s community – its students, staff, alumni and friends. Fr. Altilia explained “Ruth


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

and Steve do not like being in the limelight. So I had some convincing to do to get them to see that even this is an act of service because it allows us to use their example of humble and generous service to inspire the rest of our community, and most especially our students to do the same. Thank you, Ruth and Steve, for letting us benefit from your leadership in service.” In accepting the Ignatian Challenge Award, Mr. and Mrs. Chipman explored their relationship with the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and their inspiration from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, their profound experience at the Immaculate Conception Drop-In, the community they serve and the hope and inspiration they draw from the diverse people they meet on a weekly basis. They also explained how receiving the Ignatian Challenge Award wasn’t so much an honour for something “in the past, an accomplishment - but rather what are we called to do in the future.” Using a quote from Pope Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Chipman explained what we are all called to do. “We are drawn out of the safe spaces of our life. We are called to help others to lead an authentic life, which means a life that is always one that serves others. In the end, living authentically is a question of interdependence, of committing one’s self to the common good. It is, in its most basic reality, a question

of a person coming to the understanding that one’s good, that your good, is intimately tied to the good of everyone else. And that an authentic life is one that embraces a responsibility, a responsibility to the society in which one is a very, very small part.” Mr. Chipman, a former junior high teacher, did not end without giving the audience some ‘homework’, challenging those in attendance to participate in the daily examen made famous by St. Ignatius. “It is the replaying of the day’s events, in your mind. Paying particular attention to where you saw goodness, in you and around you. And perhaps where you and others may face challenges or difficulties, and perhaps were not your best self. In this very, very busy world, the daily examen gives you the opportunity to stop and reflect, to be grateful, to dream big and to become the best version of yourself.” The 2017 Tribute Dinner Raffle included nine amazing prizes graciously donated by members of the St. Paul's community. This year's raffle raised an additional $53,050 for the St. Paul's High School Bursary Fund, surpassing our goal of $50,000. The St. Paul's High School community is extremely grateful for the support of our 24th annual Ignatian Challenge Award Tribute Dinner and would like to thank everyone for making this year's dinner possible.

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Celebrating our Diversity “People have different gifts, but it is the same Spirit who gives them. There are different ways of serving God, but it is the same Lord who is served. God works through different people in different ways, but it is the same God who achieves his purposes through them all. The Spirit openly makes his gift to each person, so that all may use them for the common good.” (1 Cor 12: 4 - 7) As you walk the hallowed halls of St. Paul's High School you will notice many things: an immaculate facility, the hustle and bustle of students trying to reach their class before the bell rings, the sound of music from the band room, basketballs hitting the floor in the gym and other colourful displays of daily life in a busy high school setting. These are but a few of the examples of what makes St. Paul's so unique, so revered among its students, staff, parents and alumni. This year, as a school community, we wanted to take a look at - to celebrate - something less tangible but equally important to the character and uniqueness of our school - our diversity. The common perception is that St. Paul's is an affluent, Catholic, predominantly white, "south end" school. However, this perception couldn't be farther from the truth. A rich mosaic of different experiences, ethnicities, faiths, personalities and socio-economic backgrounds make up our school community. We have students and families that attend our school from over 60 junior highs in Winnipeg and from over 55 different postal codes. With this in mind, our theme for this school year is "Celebrating our Diversity" and how blessed we are not only to be a part of this community, but how we are enriched by our interactions and shared experiences. It’s a very sad commentary on the state of our culture that people who are different and those who support them are branded the enemy and excoriated, humiliated, and persecuted in what now passes for public discourse. Any pretense of civility has disappeared, with the trend being aided and abetted by politicians and media outlets. We are resorting to distasteful means of communication where the preferred response to anyone who expresses a


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

different opinion is to attack the person rather than the idea. “Ad Hominem” is the weakest form of argument and is indicative of an inability or unwillingness to address the real issues intelligently and rationally. How radically different this is from the values of the Gospel that tell us that every human being is created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Honouring this divine image in the very being of every person is the foundation of genuine social justice. Gospel justice demands a reverential respect for the dignity of every person, regardless of their cultural, social, religious, or political status. It is a challenge for educators to direct our students toward a more Christian and more respectful approach to societal diversity, opening up opportunities for genuine encounter and dialogue that presumes the value of the person while being free to discuss ideas and address social issues. We have to teach our students that it’s okay to have different opinions on important matters, that such opinions are free for debate and disagreement, but that it is not okay to attack the person who holds a different opinion.


As humans, we should be kind to one another not because our religion or society tells us to but we should do it because we owe it to each other. We owe kindness and respect to each person for that is what it means to be human.


-Christopher Dowhan '20

We also have to teach our students that the diversity in the school community is a blessing that enriches the life of the community. By entering into honest dialogue with those who are different we can become more deeply conscious of the beautiful kaleidoscope that makes up the human family. Our school is a microcosm of this family, with people from many different backgrounds bringing a richness of experience, vision, and personality to our community. Our community is very blessed by the rich diversity of our population, with students coming from so many different cultures, religious traditions, language groups, ethnic origins, etc. This offers to all of us the opportunity to grow in awareness of and appreciation for the beautiful pastiche that is the human family. Therefore, I have a challenge for our community this year. I ask everyone associated with our school to make a special, conscious, and deliberate effort to speak and act respectfully toward every person they meet, regardless of perceived differences or distinctions. So, whether a person is Caucasian, African, First Nation, Asian, Latino, Indian, or of any other origin, whether a person is Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Baha’i, or of any other religious tradition, whether a person self-identifies as straight, gay, bi or any other sexual orientation, whether the person is a talented athlete, or artist, or actor, or thinker, or musician, or singer, or technician, or has any other gifts, each is to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Just as God loves each person as a reflection of divine love, so must we seek to love one another and to see one another as God sees us. Only in this way can we truly live the Gospel mandate given to us by Jesus. And only in this way can we confront the destructive pattern of sectarianism, tribalism, and discrimination that is ripping apart the human family. The mean-spirited reaction is fuelled by what is seen in the public forum. To counteract this we have created a new approach with the support of students and faculty.


Being part of the Human Rights Initiative is about accepting that there is still so much we can all learn about acceptance and diversity. The Initiative creates a welcoming environment for students who are open to growth and ready to learn from one another.


-Tate Kolton '18

The student-led Human Rights Initiative was created at the beginning of the year to offer a place for students and teachers to gather for an open conversation about important social issues that we deal within our school. The intention of this conversation is first to ensure that every student, regardless of his ethnic or cultural identity, religious adherence, or sexual orientation, knows that he is valued and appreciated as a member of our community, and second, to encourage students to contribute positively and constructively to the promotion of human rights in the broader community. Secondly, in an effort to address the societal shift toward exclusion and fear of others, St. Paul's hosted its first annual Culture Day to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity in our community. This event took place on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 and saw the Eddie Cass Gym transformed into different pavilions, each showcasing the culture and food of our various school communites. It is our hope that our students will grow in their appreciation of the wonderful richness that diversity bestows on our community through learning more about the various cultures represented by their classmates. It is our hope for the future that the St. Paul's community will be an example of respect for all members of the human race so that together we can all work to create a just and loving society.



2017 Annual Giving Report Gift Allocation The following graph represents the gift allocation of all donations received in 2017, according to donors’ wishes.

Each year, St. Paul’s High School and its partner organizations, such as the Alumni Association, Parent Guild and Parents for Others plan, organize and host many events and initiatives to help raise funds to help fulfill the mandate of the school.

Student Programs 1%

Adopt-a-Student 8%

Fundraising Events and Initiatives

Building Fund 22%

The net profits raised through the events and initiatives below are invested into numerous areas of the school such as the bursary fund, magis fund, grad rings, student programs and capital improvments, to name a few. Tribute Dinner

$269, 042

Crusader Raffle

$55, 688

Annual Giving Campaign

$51, 667

Parent Guild Fashion Show

Named Bursaries 30%

Partners in the Mission Campaign 17%

General Bursary Fund 5%

Maroon & White Golf Tournament Phon-a-thon

$54, 190

$18, 320 $28, 050

The following amounts were raised through various social outreach initiatives and forwarded directly to the charity, organization, family or person in need. Project El Salvador

$24, 262

Mission Fund

$12, 552

Christmas Hampers

$6, 649

Unrestricted 18%

Named Bursaries Over 130 alumni and friends of St. Paul’s High School have formally supported the mission and vision of our school by creating and funding a named bursary. These bursaries are supported not only by the founder but also by various members of our community who wish to support a particular named bursary. In total, named bursaries account for $7, 058, 465 of the Bursary Endowment Fund, which helps fund successful bursary applicants each year. Trevor Acheson ’93 Richard Cadieux ’95 Memorial * Paul Albrechtsen * John Alevizos ’85 Alumni Class Bursaries 1926-2014 Class of 1976* NEW: Class of 1976 Bursary #2 A.M. Barkwell Memorial Barrett-Hamilton Family Martha & Raymond Beaubien Memorial Bedard Family Derek Bergen Marcel Bessette Memorial Richard Borody ’69 Memorial Fr. Patrick Boyle, S.J. Memorial Paul Bozyk ‘36 Memorial Fr. Lawrence Braceland, S.J. Memorial Arnold Brigden Helen Browne Bridget & Michael Burke Memorial William & Katherine Driscoll Burke Pierre & Doris Campeau Family Fr. James Carlin, S.J. Memorial Henry & Theresa Caron Memorial Eddie Cass Memorial Albert Chivers Memorial


Fr. Barry Connolly, S.J. John Costello Memorial Fr. Arthur Cotter, S.J. Memorial Msgr. M. Cournoyer Memorial E.J. Coutu ’62 Family Fr. David Creamer, S.J. Fr. Paul Crouch, S.J. John ‘39 & Betty Crowley Marg/Mary & John Crowley Todd Davidson ‘04 Believe in the Goal Dennehy Family Mark Dooley ’97 Memorial Michael Dowling Memorial Joan Mowat Downs Memorial Fr. Joseph Driscoll, S.J. Raymond and Louise Dubois Memorial Future Leaders Michael English Memorial Patrick English ‘39 Memorial Stella English Memorial Michael Evans ’75 Filmon Family Rev. Alan J. Fogarty, S.J. Fr. Ubald Furlan John Gillis Memorial Mr. & Mrs. W Gorman Joseph Gosselin Memorial

T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

Graham Family Kevin Grant Fr. John Grimes, S.J. Chris Gyles Memorial Haddin Scholarship Samuel & Helen Hale Memorial Hawaleshka Family Bursary Fr. John Holland, S.J. Memorial Msgr. Hubicz Memorial D. Jackson Memorial Jesuit Investment Fund Jesuits of Winnipeg Inc. Judy Kaczmarz Kavanagh Family Pauline Kerfoot (Bruneau) Memorial Paul Kirouac ’84 Memorial Ian Klassen ’90 Memorial Gary Kleysen ’56 Memorial * Paul Gerard & Paul Jeffrey Knight Joseph & Helen Kolt Memorial Paul Labossiere Kenneth LaMonica ’70 Memorial Nick Laping ’61* Helene Long Memorial Mark Long Memorial Loyola Jesuit Community (Mtl) D. I. & Peggy MacDonald * Barb & Alan MacInnes Family

Arthur Mauro Rev. Francis McAulay Memorial McFeetors Family Maude Mary McGarrity Memorial Msgr. Owen McInerney Annunziata Militano Giovanni Militano Damian Mills Memorial Gene Moldowan Memorial Paul Moloney ’95 Memorial Fr. St. Clair Monaghan, S.J. Archbishop Murray Memorial Rev. John Murray, S.J. Memorial Dr. William Norrie Tribute G .Dennis O’Brien Rev. Obrigewitsch, S.J. Terance & Gertrude O’Connell * E.J. Okins Scholarship Fr. Oroskovits Memorial Pilley Memorial Robert Pitts ’36 Memorial Jean Polet Memorial Bursary Judy Pound Puchniak Family Bob ‘65 & Marnie Puchniak * Fr. Stanley Puchniak OMI Memorial * Fr. John Pungente ’56, S.J. Dr. Andrew Pura Memorial

Thomas Rathwell Senior Memorial Brian Rebeiro ’82 Memorial Helene Riese Memorial Dr. Patrick Riordan Memorial * Schlingerman Family * Sellors Family Archbishop Sinnott Alex Small Memorial Sons of Italy - Garibaldi Lodge SPHS Alumni Association Golf SPHS Scholarship & Bursary Trust * Joseph Stangl KSG CM St. Ignatius Loyola Brad Southam ’87 Memorial Dr. Emőke Szathmáry Tennant Family Bursary * Lucille Tonkin Memorial Fr. James Toppings, S.J. Memorial Dr. & Mrs. J. M. ‘47 Trainor William Treblicoe ’37 Kathleen Van Hoorenbeck Vis Family Daniel Woolfe ‘76 Scholarship * denotes a fully endowed named bursary

Thank you for your generosity In the following listing we gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our donors by recognizing the total gifts received in the 2017 calendar year. This includes gifts to the Partners in the Mission Capital Campaign, the Bursary Endowment Fund and Unrestricted Giving to name a few. Tribute Dinner sponsorships are not represented in this listing as they are acknowledged separately in this publication. Every effort has been made to present an accurate record. Please contact the Advancement Office with errors and accept our sincere apologies. Thank you for your continued generosity to the mission and vision of St. Paul’s High School.

GIFTS OVER $50,000 Anonymous GIFTS OVER $25,000 Anonymous Estate of Albert Ostrander '35 GIFTS OVER $10,000 Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Brian Hardy '76 Dr. Adrian Hawaleshka '87 Mr. and Mrs. Grant Johnson Mr. Eric Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson The Laing Family Foundation Mr. Donald MacDonald '76 Mr. Eric Moscarella '48 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rabb GIFTS OVER $5,000 3687661 Manitoba Ltd Birchwood Automotive Group Limited Mr. James Buchok '75 and Mrs. Pamela Clarke Coughlin Insurance Brokers CWS Logistics Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Diamond '83 Mr. Chris Douglas '78 Mr. Ryan Downey Ms Deborah Dubois Ms Margaret Guertin Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hechter Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Els Kavanagh Mr. and Ms Paul Mahon '81 Normandeau Roofing Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McFeetors Mr. Stephen Schwarz '85 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Steinke The Winehouse Inc. GIFTS OVER $1,000 Anonymous (3) Dr. and Mrs. Burton Abbott Dr. and Mrs. D. Wayne Acheson '67 ACP Orthodontics Alewyn Petrus Vorster Medical Corp. Allco Electrical Ltd Mr. Michael Guttormson and Mrs. Peggy Alto Ambassador Mechanical Mr. and Mrs. Troy Argo Mr. Douglas Barrett and Mrs. Donna Devins Mr. Paul Beaudry '86 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bielik Bird Construction Mr. Harry Blackwood and Dr. Vicki Taraska Mr. Craig Braschuk Brite Smile Dental Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brown Ms Janice Burke Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cadieux Mr. and Mrs. Guido Caputi Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Caron '72 Mr. Kevin Cleghorn '76 Mr. Edward Coutu Jr '94 Crown Cap Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davison

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Downey '81 Dr. Victoria Taraska Medical Corp. Mr. Donald Duerksen and Ms. Janice Siemens Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Dufresne Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duncan Ms Pamela Dupuis Mr. Tim Edginton and Mrs. Joan Hardy Mr. Daniel Erickson '76 Mr. James Ewatski '76 Exchange Income Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fiorentino '81 Mr. Alan Flannagan '83 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Frizzell '90 G. Perreault Financial Inc. Mr. Michael George and Ms Janet Racz Dr. Tom Gerstner and Dr. Janice Blampy Mr. Shael Glesby '76 Mr. and Mrs. David Golas Ms. Susan Graham and Mr. Adam John Pankhurst Green Brand Windows and Doors Mr. and Mrs. Andre Kriening Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Hanson '69 Mr. Bernard Hoeschen '57 Mr. Bernard Hueging and Mrs. Lesley-Ann Thomas Integrated Medical Centres Investors Group Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Kiazyk '70 Mr. Dwaine King '69 Dr. and Dr. John Klaponski Mr. William Klassen Mr. and Mrs. James Komishon '76 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick LaMonica '72 Mr. and Mrs. BJ Langdon Mr. Wade Lawrence '86 Lawson Consulting & Surveying Ltd Mr. Yugen Liu and Mrs. Chang Lu MacDon Industries Ltd The Honorable and Mrs. Alan MacInnes '60 The Honorable Christopher Mainella '86 Mr. Darrell Makarenko '76 Mr. Eric Mann '74 and Ms Pamela White Dr. Ralph Masi '68 Dr. Arthur Mauro McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited Mr. John McGoey '69 and Ms. Celma Pinto MEL Cartage Ltd Dr. and Mrs. Barry Mills Mr. Alex Mirecki '08 Modular Building Solutions Inc Monarch Industries Ltd Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Moncrieff Mr. Gregory Morhun '75 Murray & Brennan LLP Northland Ready Mix Mr. and Mrs. Robert Obirek Mr. James Vis '87 and Ms Meghan O'Laughlin Mr. and Mrs. William Parrish Payworks Mr. Jan Pedersen '76 Mr. Jose Pereira and Ms. Edith Kovacs Mr. Lloyd Plueschow '76 Randall Homes RD Photo Corp Mr. and Mrs. David Sachvie Sellors & Associates Mr. and Ms Robert Semchyshyn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sherbo '69 Dr. Eric Sigurdson Sigurdson Financial Group Inc

Mr. and Mrs. David Skromeda St. Mary's Academy St. Paul's College Static Electric Ltd Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Stewart Super Auto Centres Mr. and Mrs. Michael Swistun Dr. and Mrs. Mark Tachie Mr. Daniel Taylor '79 TD Commercial Banking Mr. and Mrs. James Tennant '66 Mr. John Tennant '69 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thiessen Ms. Meredith Thoendel Mr. John Whyte '43 Dr. Gregory Wilson '87 Winnipeg Building and Decorating Ltd Mr. and Mrs. John Wright GIFTS OVER $500 Anonymous (3) 2922739 Manitoba Ltd Ms Maria Abad Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abiusi Mr. Matthew Adams '07 Ardent Retirement Group Ltd Artista Homes Mr. Cameron Baldwin and Ms Colleen Grant Dr. Jerry Baluta and Ms Olga Kandia Dr. Darin Banmann and Mrs. Rachel Suarez-Banmann Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Baranyk Mr. and Mrs. David Beeston '76 Dr. Nicholas Bennett '81 Mr. Sean Bennett and Ms. Elizabeth Matyi Mr. Alexander Boersch '09 Dr. and Ms Brian Book Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boucher Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Brigg Mr. Gary Brownstone '76 Mr. and Mrs. David Burdz The Catholic Foundation of Manitoba Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Chambers Mrs. Mary Clarke Mr. Darren Clouston and Dr. Kathleen Clouston Congregation des Filles De La Croix Mr. Ron Cornell Mr. Douglas Crabb '88 Dr. Fouad Daayf and Mrs. Jouwairia Lahboub-Daayf Mr. Stacy Dainard '88 and Ms. Jennifer Rattray Mr. and Mrs. Marco DeLuca '91 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dech Mr. Robert DeLuca '93 Estate of Victor Deneka Mr. Michael Deroche '76 Destefano Consulting Services Dornn Eye Care & Optical Dr. Lorne Acheson Dental Corp Dr. S. Harms Medical Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Emeric Duha '78 Ebbco Food Services Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Eisbrenner Mr. Geoffrey Meadows and Mrs. Carolyn Eva - Meadows FABCA - PMG Projects Ltd Mr. Michael Fagundes Mr. and Mrs. Brent Fawkes Mr. and Mrs. William Fenton Fidelity Investments



Thank you for your generosity Mr. Jason Churko and Ms Marcia Fifer Fillmore Riley LLP Mrs. Catherine Filmon Mr. David Filmon '84 Mr. Charles Fontaine '92 Dr. Donald Forbes '58 Mr. David Galbraith '77 Mr. Ronald Giesinger '55 Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gillis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guertin '76 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Healey Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hirst Mr. and Mrs. Tarsis Ilyas Jeff Van Norman Painting Mrs. Carol Kennedy Mr. and Ms. Craig Kitching Mr. Reg Kowalchuk '59 Ms Tracey Kucheravy Mr. Ken Kustra '96 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lagace '76 Mr. and Mrs. Juancho Angeleo Las Mr. Russell Lavitt '87 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewin Mr. Geoff Grawberger and Ms Nahannai Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Roger Loewen Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lussier Ms. Li Yin and Mr. Guoxiang Ma Mr. and Mrs. Quentin MacCharles '80 Dr. and Mrs. Peter MacDonald '76 Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Macdonell '92 Ms Evangeline Marcelino Mr. Oscar Marx '76 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maurice Mr. Glenn McConnell and Ms. Danilla Brunel Mr. and Mrs. James Miln '52 Mr. and Mrs. Don Minarik Mr. and Mrs. Paul Monney Mr. Steven Moon '90 Mr. and Mrs. Craig Murray Mr. and Mrs. William Myers Mr. Jongbum Na and Mrs. Queehyung Nam Mr. Kirk Penner and Mrs. Lori Nieman - Penner Mr. Michael Cesario and Mrs. Miriam Ortega Ceasrio Mr. Sanghee Park and Ms Heejin Baik Ms Barbara Pawlyshyn Mr. Richard Pelda '69 and Ms Mary Louise Bemister Mr. J.G. Perreault and Mrs. Sheila Stark-Perreault Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips '62 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Piche Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Plett Mr. Gilles Ponsin and Mrs. Celine Malawski-Ponsin Dr. and Mrs. Jean Prenovault '81 PriceWaterhouseCoopers Priority Restoration Mr. Adam Prokopanko '05 Major Paul Adams and Dr. Trenna Reeve Dr. Navneet Rehsia and Mrs. Sona Rehsia Mr. Christophe Rodrigue '91 Mr. Daniel Roscoe '77 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Samyn Mr. Julio Saravia '05 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Semchuk Mr. Timothy Simpson '90 St. John Brebeuf School Mr. and Mrs. David Stackiw Dr. David Steven '89 Mr. Scott Stewart and Ms Daryla Christie Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Stubbings SWOB Group Benefits Inc Dr. Travis Takeuchi and Dr. Elizabeth Hrycak Mr. and Mrs. David Tan Fr. Mark Tarrant Mr. and Ms. Dino Tavares Dr. Hugh Taylor '80 Mr. Derek Thille and Dr. Suzanne Thille Dr. George Thomas and Mrs. Tinu Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Todd Thornton Capt. and Mrs. Colin Timmons Mr. Denis Tsai '83


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner Sr Mr. and Mrs. John Vandewater '87 Mr. Edmond Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wagner '89 Mr. and Mrs. John Waller Mr. James Waytt and Mrs. Joanne Halliday-Waytt Mr. Ross Webster '69 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wiebe Will's Sargent Foodmart Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zaplitny GIFTS UNDER $500 Anonymous (17) Mr. and Mrs. Edgardo Abanto Mr. and Ms. Joel Adair Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams '75 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Albrechtsen Dr. John Alevizos '85 and Mrs. Darcie Single-Alevizos Ms Anna Anderlic Mr. Ron Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Michael Angers Mr. Kurt Anos '10 Rev. Samuel Argenziano Mr. James Arkle '08 Mrs. Jane Arnott Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Arran Dr. and Mrs. Constantine Athanasopoulos Mr. Edward Attallah Mr. and Mrs. Hedley Auld Mr. Gerard Ayotte '65 Mr. John Bachmann '66 Mr. Jeff Baigrie '81 Ms Theresa Balamatowski Mrs. Savitrah Balciunas Ms Renee Baldwin Mr. Scott Baldwin '78 Mrs. Marisol Barajas Mr. Geardo Barcelona Dr. Paul Barchet '78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baril '66 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Barrientos Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bartmanovich Mr. Douglas Baxter Mr. Basil Karahalios and Mrs. Sheila Bayda-Karahalios Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beaudoin Mr. and Ms. Brian Benedictson Mr. and Mrs. John Bento Dr. Oliver Bereznay '78 Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Bergen '88 Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Bernjak '70 Mr. Randy Bettens Mr. and Mrs. Brian Beveridge Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bilan Mr. Peter Januszewicz and Ms. Nicole Bindoo Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bird Mr. Joel Carlson and Mrs. Cathy Bizruchak Mr. Stuart Blake '82 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Blankstein Mr. Josh Blatt Mr. Doug Blight Ms Deborah Boardman Body Logic Massage & Laser Therapy Ms Nancy Bohemier Mr. Henry Bohncke '60 Mr. Ed Bohncke Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bohonos '81 Mr. Gregory Bohonos '56 Ms Georgina Borkofski Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Borsboom Mr. Shane Bostrom Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bouchard '82 Ms Yvette Bouchard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boulet Rev. Denis Bourbonnais, OMI '47 Mr. Philippe Bourbonnais '48 Mr. Guy Bourbonniere '79 Bowline Yachts Ltd Mrs. Carol Boychuk Mr. James Bradshaw '48

Mr. and Mrs. Anders Brandstrom Mr. Jason Braun Mr. Thomas Breen '65 Mr. Colin Brentnall '03 Ms Evelyn Brooks Mr. Peter Robertson-Stovel and Ms Tanya Brothers Mr. and Mrs. John Brownell Mr. Pavel Brzak and Ms. Rayna Brzak Mr. Donald Buccini '61 Dr. Carmen Buchok Mr. Matthew Buchok '11 Mr. Gerald Buhler Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar Buksowicz Mr. Brock Bulbuck Ms CariLyn Buller Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burczynski Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burke '70 Mr. Charles Burns '11 Dr. Christine Butterill Mr. and Ms. William Byers Mrs. Josephine Cabeliza Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cadieux Mr. and Mrs. Renato Calesso Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Caligiuri Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Alessandro Campomanes '88 Mr. Robert Cantafio '89 Mr. and Mrs. Virgilio Jr. Caparas Mr. and Ms Peter Carabatsakis Mr. John Carthy '60 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Casciano Mr. Ryan Casson '98 Mr. Ron Castelane '48 Mr. Gregory Chartier '76 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chartier Ms Theresa Chartrand Mr. and Mrs. David Chaze Mr. and Ms David Chell Dr. Daniel Chenier '93 Mrs. Andrea Chevrier-Lenton '73 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chimuk Mr. Arthur Chipman and Ms Karla Berkson Mr. and Mrs. Elias Cholakis '87 Mr. and Ms Kevin Chorney Mr. and Mrs. Dino Chouzouris Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chudley Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Chugunov Mr. and Mrs. Mario Cianflone Dr. and Ms Nestor Cisneros City Of Winnipeg Mrs. Valerie Clancy Mr. Vic Clavelle '67 Mr. William Cleghorn '71 Ms Aynsley Cockshott Mr. James Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cole Mr. and Mrs. Damiano Coniglio Mr. Joseph Constant '71 Mr. and Mrs. George Constantinides Mr. Carlos Cordeiro '93 Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Cornejo Mr. and Mrs. Beda Cortez Mr. and Mrs. Brian Coughlin Mr. Thomas Crew '74 and Mrs. Stephanie Dmyterko Mr. Robert Crowley '71 Mrs. Mercedes Cruz Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cudmore Culligan - Stewart Water Conditioning (1982) Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Derek Cumming '86 Mr. Jason Cyr '89 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cziffra Mr. Justin Daman '10 Mr. and Mrs. Titus Dano Mr. Hart Dashevsky '85 Mr. and Mrs. George Dawson '61 Mr. Joseph De Guzman Mr. Pat De Jong Ms Karlene Debance Mr. and Mrs. Kevin DeBlaere '86 Ms Sandra DeBrouwere

Your support changes lives. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel DeCaire Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeJong Mr. and Mrs. Pat Delaquis Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Demarin '84 Mr. and Mrs. Orest Deneka Mr. and Mrs. Martial Desaulniers Ms Marie Anne Desorcy Mr. Emmanuel Huletey and Mrs. Juanita Desouza-Huletey Mrs. Gina Devos Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dewar Di Santo Foods Mr. Kahlil Diaz-Hammond '12 Dr. Robert Dixon '84 Mr. Taras Dlugosh '12 His Excellency Gary Doer '66 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Donnelly '76 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dornn Mr. Robert Dowhan and Mrs. Cynthia Olson Mr. and Mrs. Jay Downey Dr. J. Mezibroski Dental Corp Mr. and Mrs. Garth Drake Mr. Robert Dreger '83 Mr. Christopher Driedger '12 Dr. Glen Drobot '88 Mr. and Mrs. Chandrajeet D'Souza Mr. and Mrs. Heiko Duehrsen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dufresne Mr. John Duggan '53 Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Duha '80 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Duma Dr. Tim Dumore Mr. and Mrs. F. Angel Duna Mr. and Mrs. Ron Duncan Mr. Thomas Dunn Dr. William Dutka Mr. Brian Dyce '00 Mr. Robert Dyce and Ms Amanda Younka Mr. Lloyd Dyck '74 Mr. and Mrs. Keith East Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Egan '71 Mr. Zsolt Egey-Samu '90 Mrs. Jo-Anne Eilers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eilers Mr. Tom Papaioannou and Ms. Brandy Ellerbrock Dr. Wael El-Matary and Mrs. Amany Ezow Mr. David Elvers '08 Empiricus Medical Corp Inc Mr. Howard Engel '79 Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Estabillo Mr. Jorge Esteves and Ms Rosa Militano Mr. Clancy Ethans and Ms Andrea Weber Ethans Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Evans Mr. and Mrs. Michael Evans '75 Even Spray & Chemical Exchange Group Mr. Paul Fagan '59 Mrs. and Mr. Lynda Falloon Mrs. Donna Faryon Mr. Jorge Feldman and Mrs. Lily Bale-Feldman Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Ejaz Ferozdin Mr. Timothy Scott and Mrs. Shauna Filuk Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finnbogason Mr. and Mrs. Warren Finnigan Ms Manuela Fontes Mr. Ken Foran '59 Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Forest '47 Mr. Eric Fossay '83 Mrs. Joanne Fostey Mr. and Mrs. Ken Foubert Mr. and Mrs. Larry Franz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Franzmann Mr. Kenzie Fraser '10 Mr. William French '75 Mr. Ryan French '88 Mrs. Stefanie Frischbutter Mr. David Frobisher and Mrs. Sheryl Smith Frobisher Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fulcher Mr. and Mrs. Joe Funk

Mr. Louis Furlan '68 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fustey '81 Mrs. Glenda Fyvie Ms Maria Gabriel Ms Elizabeth Gage Mr. and Mrs. Asitha Gajaweera Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garlinski '80 Mr. Christopher Garrick and Ms. Laryssa Semchyshyn Mr. and Mrs. Murray Gartner Dr. Derek Gaudes Mrs. and Mr. M. Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gawryluk Mr. and Mrs. Ronald George Mrs. Rose Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D. Gibson Ms. Mary Ann Gilmour Mr. Eric Glass '75 Mr. Matthew Glavin '00 Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Gorenstein Mr. Rod Inman and Ms Nicole Goshawk Mr. William Gould '06 Mr. Joseph Goulet '57 Mr. and Mrs. George Goulet '51 Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Gowler Grace & Company Ltd Dr. Steve Graham '82 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham Mr. Alan Gray '75 Ms. Patricia Gray Mr. Keith Griffin '56 Mr. Larry Grift '61 Mrs. Rita Groleau Mrs. Annabelle Grospe Mr. Paul Grover '73 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grover Mr. Andre Lewis and Ms. Caroline Gruber Mr. Samson Hu and Mrs. Amy Gu Mr. Virgilio Guerra Dr. Steven Gall and Ms Alana Gunn Mrs. Rosie Gupta Ms Elaine Haas Mr. Donald Hack and Ms. Kristine Corbett Mr. Santiago and Dr. Hai-Santiago Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Halayko Mrs. Aruna Hall Mr. Robert Hamill '58 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hamnett Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus Mr. Jed Hansen Mr. Brian Harack Dr. and Mrs. Stefan Harms Ms Lisa Harper Ms Eileen Harrison Mr. Malcolm Harwood '73 Mr. and Mrs. Troy Haugen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Havixbeck Mr. Bradley Havixbeck Mr. Will Hazell Mr. Benjamin Hecht and Ms Sara Fleisher Dr. and Mrs. David Hedden Mr. David Henderson '88 Mrs. Molly Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Hibbert Mr. Ted Higham and Mrs. Sandra Ross-Higham Mr. Bruce Hnatowich Mr. Kurtis Hodge '09 Mr. Daniel Hodgert and Ms Rachael Andrew Mr. Michael Hoffer '71 Ms Rhonda Hogg Mr. Stuart Holbrook Ms Kate Holden Mrs. and Mr. Karen Holden Mr. and Mrs. A Russell Holmes '68 Mr. David Hood Ms Darla Hooker Ms Kristen Hordyk Mr. Leo Horodyski Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Horvath Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Houvardas

Mr. John Hreno and Ms Carrie Solmundson Mr. Ren Huang and Mrs. Hui Qin Dr. Lorne Hurst '76 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hurton Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Hutsulak Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hutter Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hyworon Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Iannone Independent Fish Co Ltd Ms. Andrea Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jackson Mr. Christopher Jacyk '86 Mr. Marcel Jamault Ms. Christine Janzen Mr. Derrick Jestadt '78 Mr. and Mrs. Sukhjit Johal Mrs. Shannon Johnson Mr. Claude Jolicoeur Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Jones Mr. Joe Jose Ms Leslie Joshi Mrs. Janeen Junson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kaiser '88 Mr. and Mrs. George Kaminsky '61 Kaos Spa Services Inc. Mr. Jean-Rene Kwilu Mondo and Mrs. Blandine Kapita Kama Mr. Erhard Kasper '69 Mr. William Katerynuk and Mrs. Olga Happychuk Katerynuk Mr. Gordon Kaufman '84 Mr. and Mrs. Anil Kaul Mr. James Kautz Mr. James Kavanagh '87 Mr. and Ms. Raymond Kazadi Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keatch Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Kelsch '06 Mr. Burton Kennedy '60 Mr. and Mrs. Brent Kerslake Mrs. Beverly Kinahan Mr. Gary Kincaid Ms Lisagh King Mr. Gregory Kingdon '85 Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Kirby '70 Mr. Gary Kirkpatrick '63 Dr. and Mrs. Larry Klassen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kleysen '76 Ms Ashley Klimpke Ms Michelle Klus Mr. Bruce Knoll '82 Mr. Wojciech Kobylinski '97 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kolt '82 Dr. and Dr. David Kolton '89 Mr. Walter Konowalchuk '85 Mr. Thomas J Kormylo '71 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Koshowski Mr. and Dr. Scott Koskie Mr. Ed Kosowski and Dr. Gisele Morier Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kotowich Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kowalec '68 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kowaliszyn '68 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kozak Mr. and Mrs. Danny Kozera Mr. Dave Kozuska Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kratt Mr. Roger Krawzuk '63 Mr. and Mrs. James Krovats Mr. Donald Kruk '70 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kulyk Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kuzenko Dr. Doris Kyeremateng Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kyryluk Mr. Oskar Lakatos '72 Mr. and Mrs. David Lalama Father Paul Lampman and Mrs. Heather Skublics-Lampman Mr. and Mrs. Bob Langdon Mr. John Langstaff and Ms Barbara MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Laping '89 Mrs. Bev Laping



Thank you for your generosity Ms Susie Laping Mr. William Larner '62 Mrs. Rosemary LaTourelle Mr. Ian Laxdal '80 Mr. Darryl Lazarenko and Mrs. Kelly Render-Lazarenko LCS Holdings Ltd Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lee Mr. and Dr. Robert Lee Mr. Carmel Legal Ms Catherine Leiendecker Mrs. Frances Lemieux Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Leong Mr. and Mrs. Brett Lesperance '86 Mr. Roley Leyson '06 Mr. and Mrs. Aproniano Leyson Mr. Ariel Leyson '09 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lillie Linden Ridge Chiropractic Mr. James Llewellyn '58 Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Lock Mr. and Mrs. Nick Logan Mr. and Ms John Logan Mr. and Mrs. Celso Lomibao Ms Laura Lomow Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lothian Mr. Nicholas Louizos '97 Mr. Daniel Lussier '00 Ms Claire Lussier Mr. David MacAngus Mrs. Tanya Macchia Mr. and Mrs. Miles Macdonell '90 Mr. Douglas MacInnes '89 Dr. Barbara-Ann Mackalski Mr. and Mrs. William MacKay Mr. and Mrs. Gord MacKay Mr. John MacKinnon '74 Mr. and Mrs. Keith MacLaren Mr. and Ms Peter Maconachie '83 Ms. Pat MacRae Mr. and Mrs. Dean Magnus '71 Dr. Doug Maguire and Ms Becky Slater Mr. Winston Maharaj Mrs. Lucille Mahon Ms Caitlyn Mahoney Mr. Myron Majcher '90 Mr. Christopher Malkiewicz '11 Margot B. Pilley Dental Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Dean Marino Mr. Anthony Maros Mr. and Mrs. H.M. (Nan) Marques Mr. and Mrs. Victor Guerra Mr. J Lindsay Marrin '49 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Martell '58 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Martens Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Martin Mr. Don Martin Dr. Eddsel Martinez '95 Mr. and Mrs. John Mascarenhas Mr. Christopher Masi '01 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mastin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Matchett Dr. M Mathen and Dr. Mary Orr Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mattes Mr. and Mrs. Greg Matthew '72 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mayda '54 Dr. Paul Mayer '86 Mrs. Stella Mazza Ms Carol McArton Ms Dawne McCance Mr. and Mrs. Michael McDonald Mr. and Mrs. James McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Keith McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Randy McElhoes Mrs. Colleen McFadden Mr. Kevin McGarry '70 Dr. Andrew McKay Mr. Blaine McKillip '80 Mr. and Ms James McLandress


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

Mr. Andrew McLandress Mr. and Mrs. Craig McLean Mr. and Mrs. Brent McLean Mr. Shawn McLeod and Ms Darcy Dansereau Mr. Doug McNeil and Ms Julie Frederickson Mr. Ward McVey '76 Ms Darlene Meakin Mr. and Mrs. Erhard Meier Mr. Donald Meilleur '93 Mr. John Menary '68 The Honorable and Mrs. Gerald Mercier '59 Mr. Robert Merello '89 and Ms Erin McCance Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Mesman '62 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Metcalfe Mr. and Ms. Scott Meyer Dr. and Mrs. Joe Mezibroski Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mikawoz Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Militano '76 Mr. Shawn Miller '02 Mr. Andrew Mills '76 Ms Cressida Mills Mr. Robert Miln '88 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mitchell '00 Mr. Steve Miville '73 Mr. Faiz Mohy Ud Din and Mrs. Kashfeen Faiz Ms Rebecca Mollard Mr. and Mrs. Alan Monasterski Ms. Kerri Moore Mr. and Mrs. Adam Moore Mr. Frank Morrison Mr. Randall Demchuk and Mrs. Jacqueline Morrison Demchuk Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Morton Mr. and Mrs. Ajay Moudgil Mr. Bill Muloin and Ms Anne Sikora Prof George Murphy '47 Ms Meagan Mutchmor Mr. and Mrs. Tim Muys Ms Denise Myers Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Nahorny '70 Mr. Gary Timlick and Mrs. Aideen Nash Mr. and Mrs. Karl Nekrep '66 Mr. Garth Nemy '78 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nemy Neptune Properties Inc Mrs. Carol Neufeld Dr. Nicholas Newman '72 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nieman '81 Mr. David Guberman and Mrs. Joni Nikolov Dr. Frank Schweizer and Dr. Teruka Nishikawa Mr. Vincent Nocida '78 Mr. David Nolke '63 Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich Nolting Number 10 Management Group Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connor '58 Mr. and Dr. Don O'Hara Mr. and Mrs. Joe O'Neil Mr. and Mrs. Darren Ostapovich Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ostermann Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ostermann '57 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ostermann '56 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ostir Mr. Darrell Ostrowski Mr. Dale Oughton Ms Megan Out Mr. and Mrs. David Owczar Mr. and Mrs.Kenneth Owens Mrs. Francine Panagapko Mr. Dillon Panagapko '00 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pankiewicz Mrs. Monika Panos Ms. Youmi Park Mr. Kris Parr Dr. Joseph Partyka Mr. Matthew Paschak '04 Mr. Kerry Pashak '62 Patio World Inc Mr. and Mrs. Russell Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Paull

Mr. and Ms Daniel Peng Mr. Joe Grande and Mrs. Elvira Pepe Mr. Barrie Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Perron Mr. Howie Pham and Mrs. Linh Tran Mr. Varinder Phangureh and Mrs. Loreta Stukaite Phillips Aiello Barristers & Solicitors Mr. and Mrs. Jean Piche Mr. Raymond Piche Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pidhirniak Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pilbeam Mr. Kenton Pilek Mr. Stephen Plotkin '71 Point West Technologies Ltd Ms Flora Poirier Mr. and Mrs. Chris Polakoff Mrs. Rhonda Poole Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prendergast Mr. Aidan Prenovault '14 Mr. Paul Prenovault '79 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Press Priority Group of Canada Mr. and Mrs. Alan Prychitko Mr. and Mrs. Robert Puchniak '65 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Puchniak '89 Mr. Michael Puchniak '99 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Quesnel Mr. and Mrs. John Quinton '78 Mr. Mike Radcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Michael Radcliffe Dr. and Ms Lawrence Rados '80 Ms Marlene Rae-Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rakowski '69 Ms Joanne Ramjug Ms Jennifer Ramos Mrs. Virgina Rarog Saunders Mr. Maurice Ratte '55 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rawluk Mr. Felipe Garcia and Ms. Angela Recio deGarcia Mr. and Mrs. David Reid Mr. Matthew Reimer '99 Mr. and Mrs. John Restall Mr. Edward Rewucki '49 Ms Beverley Rhoades Mr. and Mrs. Glen Richardson Mr. Martin Woods and Ms Janice Ricken Mr. and Mrs. R. Robert Mr. and Mrs. Alan Roberts Dr. Anne Robinson Mr. Tim Robinson '89 Mrs. Janet Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roche Mr. John Roffey Mr. Derek Rolstone '86 Mr. Edmond Rootsaert '60 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rosenby Mr. Stephen Rosenfield '72 Mr. Leonard Rossnagel '69 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rowan '68 Mr. Edmond Sabourin '45 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sabourin Mr. and Mrs. John Saj Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Salangsang Ms Letizia Sandron Ms Anna Sanduliak Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Santarsieri Mr. Charles Scerbo '76 and Mrs. Joanne Albi Mr. and Mrs. Vince Scerbo '90 Mr. Perry Schenkeveld '78 Dr. and Mrs. Brian Schmidt '74 Ms Tammy Schock Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schultz Mr. James Scollan '59 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scott '85 Mr. Marius Scott '02 Mr. Mikael Sears Mr. Andrijko Semaniuk '06 Mr. and Mrs. Orest Semus Mr. and Mrs. Len Seredynski '59

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Donald Henderson Mrs. Molly Henderson Edmond Sabourin Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hawley Fr. Eugene Rudachek Ms Barbara Pawlyshyn Greg Bozyk Dr. Christine Butterill Ms Carol McArton Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zubriski Heather Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cameron Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Dennehy '58 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Iannone Mrs. Rosemary LaTourelle Mr. David MacAngus Ms Denise Myers Mr. and Mrs. Harold Press Mr. Martin Woods and Ms Janice Ricken Dr. Anne Robinson Mrs. Janet Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sherbo '69 Larry Licharson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rosenby Malvina Acheson The Hon. and Mrs. Alan MacInnes '60 Marcella Mathewson Mr. and Mrs. Brent McLean Paul Chipman Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chimuk Sigi Redmann Mr. and Mrs. Patrick LaMonica '72 Sterling McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chimuk Trevor Acheson '93 and Richard Cadieux '95 Mr. and Mrs. John Restall

IN HONOUR OF Jean Polet on her 76th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Polet '93 Allister Bermisa's Baptism Dr. Darin Banmann and Mrs. Rachel Suarez-Banmann George Steciuk's Half Marathon Run Mr. Kris Parr Mr. Don Martin Liam Mitchell's Baptism Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mitchell '00

IN MEMORY OF Art Chimuk Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chimuk Bernard Toni Ms Audrey Toni Cheryl Lynn Hasker Ewatski Mr. James Ewatski '76



Fr. Holland’s Corner New job? Celebrating a special milestone such as a wedding or birth of a child? We want to hear from you! Send your updates to and they will appear in the next edition of The Crusader.



Chris Scatliff is now in his fourth year of full retirement, having failed at early retirement in 2000 by succumbing to "entrepreneurialitis", for which there are few cures. He and his wife Helen now make their primary residence in The Bahamas and Miami Beach, but keep a cottage on Treaty Island in Lake of the Woods to stay in contact with their family and friends. His son Chris, daughter Megan, and three brothers (John, Tim and Mike) still live in Winnipeg with their families. His younger son Jeff and daughter Gillian live in Prince Albert and Toronto respectively. "All the very best to Crusaders everywhere!"

Since retiring from the City of Winnipeg, Lloyd Plueschow has kept quite busy. Lloyd and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2015. Lloyd is still a very active First Aid Instructor having easily trained thousands of participants and attends related conferences as often as possible. As an avid videographer, Lloyd has been attending film classes at Red River College and The Winnipeg Film Group to further his education in that area. His area of expertise is training videos. He is presently involved with a video project at St. John's Cathedral, creating a video tour of the facility with Rene Jamieson. Come summer, this project will extend to the cemetery tour. Lloyd is very involved with music, partaking as a guitar player, with an international music collaboration web site KOMPOZE, that allows musicians to co-create music together on a professional level. He has had drummers from Italy and Chile play on his compositions; he has played on other musician's music from all around the world and he tries to play in Church when he can. Lloyd, along with his wife Susan, love to travel and have been to Germany, France, Italy, South America including Cape Horn, many US states, England, Ireland, Hawaii, Mexico and have a trip for Scotland lined up.

1963 George Melnyk, who is Professor Emeritus of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary, published an essay titled “ What the Eye Sees, the Heart Feels” in The North End Revisited: Photographs by John Paskievich published in October 2017 by the University of Manitoba Press. The essay reflects on his growing up in Winnipeg before moving west and may be of interest to other Winnipeggers and ex-Winnipeggers.

1970 James Trottier is a fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, a lawyer (Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto), a media commentator on international affairs and a former career Canadian diplomat who directed the political/economic (diplomatic) programs at the Canadian Embassies in South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines and has served at the Permanent Mission of Canada to the UN in New York and managed political relations with the EU. He was accredited to North Korea and led four Canadian diplomatic delegations to North Korea in 2015 and 2016. He also served as a diplomatic liaison to US/UN Forces in South Korea. After St. Paul's, Frank Mills went to U of Michigan Engineering. Most of Frank's career was in the automotive business in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Now he is retiring and looking forward to more family time, golf, and travel. "Many thanks to St. Paul's and the great influence it has had on my life; very much appreciated!"

1975 On January 9, 2018, Phil Chiapetta was presented with the Governor General’s Award for Outstanding Indigenous Leadership. The description for Phil was as follows: "For more than 35 years, Chiappetta has worked with Rossbrook House, an inner-city drop-in centre for at-risk youth. His dedication to helping troubled adolescents has saved many lives and inspired others to volunteer."


T HE C RU SA DE R | WI NT ER 2 01 8

1979 After spending eight years in China once before, Paul Henderson is back teaching at a high school with a Canadian (Nova Scotia) / Chinese curriculum. Paul is located in Shenbei, which is a rather simple, older Chinese suburb district of Shenyang, north of Beijing.

1980 Peter Joseph van Ginkel professed his Solemn Vows at Abby Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, Muenster, Saskatchewan on 11 July 2017. and is now known as Br. Benedict van Ginkel OSB. Paul Soubry received the University of Manitoba 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement. In a statement, the U of M described why Paul was chosen as this year's recipient: "Paul Soubry [BComm/84] thinks big. For that reason, Canada’s top CEO has accomplished in his career what few can do in a lifetime. He has transformed two Manitoba companies into Canada’s greatest international success stories and revolutionized product development in the aerospace and transportation industries."

1981 On January 9, 2018, Mitch Bourbonniere was presented with the Governor General’s Award for Outstanding Indigenous Leadership. The description for Mitch was as follows: "Bourbonniere, a social worker, has devoted his career and his personal time to mentoring, counselling and supporting at-risk youth in Winnipeg. He has changed the

lives of hundreds of young people leaving the foster care and the criminal justice systems, dealing with addiction or struggling to cope with mental health challenges by combining Indigenous traditions and the doctrine of helping yourself through helping others."

1982 Chris Bisignano is celebrating 25 years in downtown Winnipeg. Chris wishes to thank all of the alumni who have made Concourse Sports/ Ergonomic Physiotherapy their choice for their orthopedic treatment needs. Check out www. for more information.

1985 Adrian Hawaleshka published his second children's book "A Cloud Named Joleen" following the sucess of his first book "The Chair by the Side of the Road". Adrian is still working as an anesthetist in Winnipeg and is going on his third medical mission to the Ukraine in May 2018 where he will operate on wounded soldiers. Adrian is married to his wife Joleen and they have a son, Luka, who is six years old. Don Shay has been recently promoted to Vice -President of Sales & Business Development; Canada, U.S. for Sagiper North America Inc.

1988 Alan Carruthers was recently appointed President of a fellow Jesuit instituiton, St. Louis University High School (SLUH). SLUH was founded in 1818 and is the oldest private Catholic high school west of the Mississippi River. Carruthers is an established leader in Jesuit secondary education with over 22 years of experience, first as a social studies teacher, head lacrosse coach and assistant football coach at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo. (19952000), then as Vice Principal and teacher at St. Paul’s High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba (2000-12), and most recently as Principal at Regis Jesuit High School – Boys Division in Aurora, Co. (2012-present). After graduating from St. Paul’s, Alan earned a B.A. from the University of Manitoba/St. Paul’s College and a B.Ed. from the University of Manitoba. In addition, he has completed the Jesuit Schools Network’s seminars in Ignatian Leadership, and a Masters in Jesuit Administration from St. Joseph’s University, the Jesuit university in Philadelphia. After 20 years of living and working in Europe, Trpimir Renic and his family are back in North America, living 2500 km south of Winnipeg near Houston, Texas. Trpimir was recently appointed E.V.P. of Strategic Planning of CEMEX USA, Inc. His daughter Karla (20) is studying Journalism at King's College University in Halifax, while Nikolina (18) and Marko (16) are attending high school in Katy, Texas.




Henry (Rico) Damota was elected as a Town Councillor in Jasper, AB.

After graduating from the University of North Dakota School of Law, Kirk Knudsen accepted an internship with Hockey Canada called the Bill Hay Future Leader’s Internship. At the conclusion of his internship in February, Kirk will be transitioning into the role of Coordinator of Player Development.

In late December 2017, Kris Uschold travelled to Belfast, Northern Ireland as a member of the U19 Canadian National Rugby Team. Kris will return to the UK this spring for a second tour, with the possibility of a third later this year.

1990 In October 2017, at Comic Con in Winnipeg, Sean Piper married his American sweetheart. They currently live apart but Sean will soon be moving to Phoenix to join her and her two sons. They plan to live in Phoenix for a couple of years while the oldest son completes high school, then return to Manitoba to pursue their dream of a sustainable homestead.

1996 Muraly Srinarayanathas was selected as one of Canada's top 50 most diverse and eligible board candidates by PhaseNyne. The list outlines highly-qualified and diverse candidates in search of corporate board roles, which could help Canada's largest companies source the top-level talent needed to compete globally. Muraly's selection was explained in the press release as follows: "Currently Chief Strategy Officer at Computek College. Muraly Srinarayanathas is a successful business professional committed to creating positive impact within his community. With over 15 years experience in international business and leadership, Muraly possesses a unique global perspective and the ability to bring diverse groups of people together behind a common goal. Muraly has lived and worked in several countries and has developed a keen understanding of global business affairs. Notably, Muraly has worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Mohammad Yunus, promoting the concept of Social Business on a global scale. Having recently become a father, Muraly hopes to build a strong future for his family and community.

2000 On Saturday, October 14th, 2017 at 11:32pm, Matthew Stanicky along with his wife Trish, welcomed their first child, Jack Douglas Paul Stanicky.

2001 Dana Gregoire was hired as an associate lawyer at Fasken in Toronto in July 2017. Dana is building a practice in corporate/commercial, securities, and public M&A, and is also doing government relations work. Dana also got married in October of last year to Katherine Skene.

2003 On Wednesday, November 1st, 2017, Michael Challes along with his wife Daniella, welcomed their first child, Zachary Jacob Challes.

2005 Adam Prokopanko earned his Master of City Planning degree from the University of Manitoba and is working as an engineer and planner at Dillon Consulting. This summer, he was engaged to Teresa Looy, originally from Edmonton, and they will be married at Christ the King Chapel at St. Paul’s College in August 2018.

2010 In 2011, James Dunn enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Aerospace Engineering Officer and was subsequently commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after completing his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at the Royal Military College in 2015. In the summer of 2016, James was posted to 414 Electronic Warfare Support Squadron in Ottawa, ON where he was assigned as the Electronic Warfare Systems Engineer for the CH147F Chinook Medium-to-Heavy-Lift Helicopter. Since that time, James has participated in various engineering activities including major Test and Evaluation projects at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, ON as well as the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake, California. In August 2017, James had the pleasure of deploying on Operation Reassurance in support of Canadian operations in Romania. Based on his exceptional performance, he was promoted to the rank of Captain and appointed to the position of Lead Tactical Aviation Systems Engineer. During the summer of 2017, Daniel Kulas climbed Mount Fuji in Japan.

2011 Riley MacCharles married Casie Gauthier in a beautiful fall wedding October 6, 2017. Riley graduated as a pharmacist in 2016 and is working with Shoppers Drug Mart in Steinbach, MB.

2015 Upon graduating from St. Paul's, Brendan Phillips was accepted into an Aboriginal College in south eastern Ontario called First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI). Brendan is enrolled in the Aviation program where he has since obtained his private license in his first year, commercial license in his second year and is now finishing his final year where he will be obtaining a multi-engine rating in the Piper Aztec, Instrument Flight Rating (IFR), IATRA and Instructor rating. After his commercial flight test, at the end of his second year, Brendan was offered a job at the FNTI College upon graduating as a flight instructor. As of September 2018, Brendan will be working with the college to assist other aboriginal people obtain their flying licenses (private and commercial license). After working for the college, Brendan's long term goal is to fly for an airline such as Air Canada. FNTI is the only aboriginal college that offers aviation in Canada. It is situated on a Mohawk Territory called Tyendinaga, roughly 2 hours east of Toronto and 2 1/2 hours west of Ottawa. The airport first opened in 1916 and was used to train pilots during World War I and during World War II was used for the British Commonwealth in providing instrument navigation to pilots. It is currently used for the FNTI College.

After his interest in drama was sparked while attending St. Paul's, Ryland Bird is now attending St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia where he is enrolled in the Music/Jazz Studies program. Ryland also recently appeared in the role of Billy in the production of Cerulean Blue at the Theatre Antigonish.

In Memoriam Malvina Acheson, mother of Wayne ’67 and Gary ’70; grandmother of Marc ’95 and Scott ’06 Donna Anhalt, mother of Ed '77 David Balciunas, father of Brendan '17 Greg Bozyk ’78 Margaret Connelly, mother of Peter '76 Ronald (Sam) Fabro, father of Jim '76 Rev. John (Paul) Francis '74 Marion Gosselin, mother of Don '77 Paul Havixbeck, father of Brad '89 and David '97 John Hickman '49 Calvin Hewitt '72 Patrick Johnson ’90 Kathleen Kinahan, grandmother of Quinn '20 Tom Kinahan '44, grandfather of Quinn '20 Fr. Alex Kirsten, S.J. Brian Kobylak '62 Paul Kovacs '76 Rolland Landry, grandfather of Marc '04 Rollande Landry, grandmother of Marc '04 Glen Lester '48 Larry Licharson, father of Thomas '11 and Michael '15 Mel Peaslee Michener ’47 William Barry James Moffat '70 Paul Moore '78, son of Paul '45, brother of John '85 Keith Pearch ‘89 Gunter Plueschow, father of Lloyd '76 William (Bill) Prins '57 Edmond (Ted) Sabourin ’45 Giovanna Sartor, mother of Maria Cerminara Alan Shade, father of John '77 and Everett '80 Pat Sowsun '45 Hugh Taylor, father of Hugh '80 Ray Turnbull, father of Reg '09 and Al '09 George Weber ’57

If you would like to celebrate the memory of a loved one please contact our Chaplain, Fr. Michel Boutlilier, S.J., at to arrange a mass intention for our 8:00am daily mass in the Canadian Martyrs' Chapel



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