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Vol. 58 No. 7

november 2012

Leadership Stockton Class Community Project CVB Welcomes New Team Member

Engendering Change in the Community:


On the Cover: ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award recipient Jennifer Torres Siders and ATHENA Award recipient Phyllis Grupe

Main Photograph by: Arturo Vera, Arturo Vera Photography.

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Engendering Change in the Community: The 2012 ATHENA Awards

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Leadership Stockton Class Community Project

8 10

CVB Welcomes New Team Member

Don’t Miss Networking Mixer

Atria Bayside Landing 3318 Brookside Rd. November 1, 5:15 -7:15 p.m.


Best Painter

Commercial Painting Services Offered:

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PORT CALL Official publication of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. Serving the Greater Stockton area business community since 1901.

From Your President... by: Gary J. Long

On behalf of the Board of Directors,


volunteers and staff of your Greater Stockton

PRESIDENT Gary J. Long, Gary J. Long Jewelers

Chamber of Commerce may I begin my

SR. VICE PRESIDENT Steven Crabtree, Herum Crabtree

November column by wishing you all a very

FINANCIAL VICE PRESIDENT Blain Bibb, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance

Happy Thanksgiving and at the same time

VICE PRESIDENT Judith Buethe, Judith Buethe Communications

sending a big thank you to all of you who make this community so great by knowing that we

VICE PRESIDENT Dan Durst, Durst Contract Interiors

are in very difficult times and are not giving

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Debbie Armstrong, Old Republic Title Co. CHAMBER DIRECTORS Michael Cera, SMG/Stockton Arena/Bob Hope Theatre Donna DeMartino, San Joaquin Regional Transit District Patricia V. DeSoto, Patricia V. DeSoto, CPA Pat Filippone, Stockton Ports Baseball Club Lewis Gale, Eberhardt School of Business Clint Harless, Stockton Auto Glass/Quick’s Glass Service Mikey Kamienski, Charterhouse Center for Families Dan Keyser, Grupe Commercial Company Darryle Oakman, San Joaquin County Rental Property Association Bakul Patel, Dorfman Pacific Justin Redman, Central Valley Community Bank Tina Williams, Pacific Gas & Electric Company Diane Vigil, Dameron Hospital Foundation Bob Young, Stockton Golf & Country Club CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr.









up easily and banding together like the Love Stockton, Stockton is Magnificent and the ministers who gathered in Oak Park on the same day as the other groups to let everyone know that WE can solve our problems. They will not give up on their community nor will their fellow law abiding, honest, non violent, hard working (yes remember to SHOP LOCAL where 70 cents of every dollar stays here) citizens who make this community so great. I want to congratulate some true hero’s, in the eyes of many, who really are what “area code 209” is and shall continue to be all about and they are, to just name a few: The 2012 Ag Hall of Fame honorees Bruce Burlington, Gail Kautz, Henry Long, David Simpson and Robert “Bob” Croce! 2012 Good Will Helping Hands Award Recipient Marion Jacobs, the 2012 Athena Phyllis Grupe, the 2012 young Athena Jennifer Torres-Siders, the 2012 Athena Community Organization, The Women’s Center of San Joaquin, the honoree’s at 48th Annual Industrial Technology Barbecue, the past and new Chamber Leadership Stockton classes for


great projects helping so many, the Board of Directors and staff of the San Joaquin


County Fair for working hard to bring the Fair back to being a true community


BEA/ SCAP ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Dylan Bacon 209.547.2770 RECEPTIONIST/ CUSTOMER SERVICE Mai Vang 209.547.2770 PUBLISHER Stockton Chamber of Commerce 209.547.2770 GRAPHIC DESIGN Never Boring Design Associates 209.526.9136 ADVERTISING Kristin Bowker


PRINTING Snyder Parks


MAILING Snyder Parks


event and also the dedicated and continuing year round work of the Board of Directors and staff of the Best Food Fest in the West and the communities largest fundraiser, the Stockton Asparagus Festival. These are just a few examples of the folks that work hard, do not have ego involved nor do they beat their chests nor moan and groan but just get the job done for others and the community! There are so many other folks out there doing just the same thing and to them a very big Thanksgiving wish!  Remember to keep your shopping dollars here.


GREATER STOCKTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203 209.547.2770 fax 209.466.5271



From Your CEO... by: Doug Wilhoit

Ricky Barnes Charity Pro-Am held on Monday October 8th at the Stockton Golf and Country Club. It is even more telling the captioned quote by Kathy Barnes, Ricky’s proud mother, “This is a really good thing for Stockton and our community. It’s important to Ricky and Suzanne (Ricky’s wonderful wife who was raised in Linden) to help the place where they grew up. In the printed program there  was a message from Ricky which read:  “Welcome – The Ricky Barnes Foundation was established by my wife, Suzanne and me to promote the physical and mental well-being of children.  We will be reaching out to children in the San Joaquin County, many of whom come from low-income homes.   On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to thank all our generous sponsors, donors, corporations and personal contributors.    With this support we hope to make an impact on the youth in our community.” Some have accused me of, when it comes to my hometown

The event was a huge success and benefitted The First Tee of

Stockton, California Area Code 209, of wearing “rose colored

San Joaquin and the Obesity Prevention for Youth in San Joaquin

glasses” or do not see the forest for the trees when it comes to

County. That success was not due only to Ricky and Suzanne

the problems we all face here in Stockton. To those folks I say

proudly giving back to their home community (they should get

I can understand where they are coming from for they have a

the lion’s share of gratitude) but also to the many residents of

pessimistic attitude about life in general and usually are the ones

Stockton, San Joaquin County and outside friends (including 8

who think reality is a television show or a video game! They are

other PGA Touring Professionals who participated all day) of the

the ones that think carrying a baseball bat to a public forum and

Barnes’s and Stonebarger family (Suzanne)! They served on the

disrespecting people who work every day to do the best they can

Executive Committee, the Core Committee. The major sponsors

is a “wonderful thing!”

were Davis and Associates Insurance Brokers, American AgCredit

Well, to that I say “balderdash” for I know that for every one

and Chase Chevrolet, the too many to list of hole sponsors, donors,

negative or bad thing that happens here there are hundreds of

tee prize sponsors, the wine donated by the Klein family Rodney

good things that good people of Stockton do to help others and

Strong Vineyards, the silent and live auction (I was honored to be

say thank you to their place of birth or others who have come

the auctioneer) donors, the Stockton Golf and County Club staff

here from elsewhere also show there community spirit and pride.

from the golf shop to the food and beverage staff, a very special

Please see President Long’s article other examples that reinforce

congratulations to Don Miller who is the Executive Director of

that belief and below I will outline how a golf club is more positive

the First Tee of San Joaquin and his staff and volunteers who did

than a baseball bat!

a wonderful job not only on this day but all through the year with

Case in point is the Tuesday October 9, 2012 Record Sports

a great program.

Page headline “Hometown Booster” and the accompanying story

The energy of the day and evening was so powerful that I

by Record Sports Editor Bob Highfill on the very successful

wish I could have bottled it and be able to spoon feed it to the



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

sit back and do nothing but complain pessimists who are truly a

– the ability to make a decision or form an opinion. A decision

small part of your community but seem to permeate the air with

reached after consideration.

negative dark cloud. But each and every day there are people like

Hope you will  share these  basic human core values   with

I saw on the 8th, and in President Long’s article, who help let the

family, friends and co-workers!  It would also be great if you

sun shine through and I know we will be a better community for

reached out to the First Tee of San Joaquin and/or so many

it due to many just like them.

other nonprofit groups in Stockton and San Joaquin County

All present and who participated in so many ways showed

who are really dedicating themselves to make a real difference

Ricky and Suzanne that they are truly appreciated as REAL AND

in so many lives and would be forever grateful for your help of


any kind.

support not only those most in need here but I know they are active in many other areas. Thank you Ricky, Suzanne and all

those who are showing the real way to be a community made up of good people who will   be here no matter how difficult a task the community is facing and are truly “part of the solution and not part of the problem!”


by: Heidi Altamarino

The First Tee Nine Core Values are something that is so greatly needed more than ever today and they are : HONESTY– the quality or state of being truthful; not deceptive. INTEGRITY —strict

Chamber Diversity Mixer December 6 Make sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, December

adherence to a standard of value or conduct. Personal honesty

6, because you are not going to want to miss the Chamber’s

and independence. SPORTSMANSHIP – observing the rules of

annual Business Diversity Mixer from 5:00 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. at

play and winning or losing with grace. RESPECT—to feel or show

the Haggin Museum in Stockton. The Greater Stockton Chamber

deferential regard for; esteem. CONFIDENCE –reliance or trust.

of Commerce, in partnership with the Hispanic Chamber, the

A feeling of self-assurance. RESPONSIBILITY – accounting for

African-American Chamber and the Asian American Chamber,

one’s own actions; dependable. PERSEVERANCE – to persist in an

will each feature food tastings reflecting their specific ethnicity.

idea, purpose or task despite obstacles. COURTESY—considerate

Come kick off the holiday season in style and make some great

behavior toward others. A polite remark or gesture. JUDGMENT

business connections while you’re at it.


Heidi Altamirano: 209.547.2764



Oak Valley COmmunity Bank

We Mean Business

Become a Certified Green Business! Leadership Stockton Save money & gain customers by:

by: Timm Quinn

Reducing waste Conserving water and energy Protecting public health Using recycled-content in your products

Leadership Stockton Class Picks Community Project During Annual Retreat Leadership Level Sponsor: Financial Center Credit Union Pilot Level Sponsor: DeltaSCenter the Arts MALL for BUSINESS

HAZARDOUS WofASTE DISPOSAL * community The Leadership Stockton Class 2013 chose their class Affordable Hazardous Waste Management for Your Business project at A September’s retreat at Community of the Great Program ofovernight San Joaquin County Public Works Dr. Thomas Bianchi and Dr. William Marweg of Delta Endodontics with Loretta Trevena, Stockton Branch Manager, 209-320-7856


“We love the efficiency and convenience of our new Remote Deposit Capture system and the service and support we receive from Oak Valley is terrific.” - Dr. Thomas Bianchi & Dr. William Marweg, Delta Endodontics

Experience business banking the way it should be – the perfect blend of oldfashioned personal service and modern technology to meet your every need. Let us make your banking, our business.

(209) 468-3066

Commission in Forresthill. The beautiful camp welcomed the class for i Low cost way to safely dispose of hazardous materials. on your waste types.) their Retreat with(Costs open depend arms and great weather. i Documentation that you properly manage hazardous waste. The class started the with an expectations and that i Assurance thatretreat the material will be disposedexercise of properly. Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG)

got them thinking about what to expect in the next day and a half. Then Chris Stevens, President, Summit Solutions Consulting, LS Class of 2007, took over and led the class through some leadership theory and We also accept universal and electronic waste. fun team-buildingGreen games. Your Bottom Line

Product The afternoonwith brought a fun littleStewardship! game called “Little Known Fact

Economic benefits abound: reducedwhere operating savings, Bingo” the costs, class energy learned fun random facts about each other. reduced disposal costs, the creation of green jobs.

After that, the class an exercise learning the finer points of Voting

1.866.844.7500 •

Design it Green | Make it Clean | Conserve Resources | Reduce | Reuse | Eliminate Toxics | Take it Back! vs. Consensus and how they as a class will determine how to choose

their community project. Then it was time for presentations on the three potential community projects the class was to choose from. After the presentations, the class was free to enjoy the great outdoors for the evening, including s’mores around the campfire. The morning light brought a hearty breakfast followed by a discussion of the pros and cons of all three projects. After a little discussion, the class chose their project and planned out the leadership, subcommittees, action plan and timeline for their project. The Class of 2013 has chosen a “homeless assistance project” where they will be helping the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless and the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. It is going to be a great project! We would like to thank Ramon Valez and Chris Stevens for coming and sharing their expertise and working with this year’s class. Please look for future updates on this year’s project as we follow the class of 2013 on their journey through Community Leadership or visit for all of the latest. If you would like more info on Leadership Stockton or wish to sponsor an upcoming session, please contact Timm Quinn at 209.547.2770 or



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960

Convention & Visitors Bureau by: Wes Rhea

CVB Welcomes New Team Member The Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau is

visitor encounter into a positive experience. The premise is simple. If front-line employees and volunteers

proud to announce the hiring of Heather Duffett

(those who come into immediate contact with the visitor) provide

to manage the bureau’s marketing and graphic

quality service to visitors (convention attendees, sports groups, leisure

design functions.

and business travelers, etc.), the visitor is more likely to have a positive experience.

Duffett obtained a design certificate from San Joaquin Delta College in 2008 and a BA in graphic design from the prestigious Savannah

Visitors who have a positive experience are more likely to return at some point in the future. And, they will share their perceptions with

College of Art & Design in 2011. Heather previously worked as a

their friends. Everyone benefits – visitors, hospitality workers and their

graphic designer for Never Boring Design in Modesto.

employers, and the local and regional economies.

Heather currently lives in Valley Springs with her husband Matt, but

This nationwide certification program is rapidly being adopted by

was born in Stockton and still has many family ties here. She enjoys

CVBs across the country. Over 8,000 individuals have achieved the

baking, riding jet skis, reading and shopping.

CTA designation nationwide to date, and the number continues

Heather joined the SCVB team on September 17th. You can reach

to grow. This huge initiative begins in October and we anticipate the kickoff

out to her at

of the citywide program to take place in May 2013. We hope to certify

New Initiative Focuses On The Visitor The Stockton Tourism Ambassadors Program will be a certification

at least 100 of our front-line employees during the first year of the

program that serves to increase tourism by inspiring front-line

Stockton Tourism Ambassadors Program. For more info call

hospitality employees and volunteers to work together to turn every

Wes at 209.938.1551.

Lesson #1



What sets us apart from our competition….dependability.

printing • mailing • fulfillment • promotional items • cross media marketing 10 PORT CALL

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Wes Rhea: 209.938.1555

Be sure to become a fan on our Facebook page


For more info, contact Frank Ferral at

nov2012 11

New Members

For more information on becoming a new member, please call Brittney Doty at 209.337.2723 or Please allow up to 90 days for your listing to show.


Educational, Consultants – Educational, Youth Organizations

Fritz Chin Photography, Inc.

Kern Community College District

2014 Pacific Avenue Stockton

Marketing / Advertising & Marketing

320 Lincoln Center Stockton

2100 Chester Avenue Bakersfield

Retail Shops Theatres – Live Trailers Rental Service

Cimoli Media Innovations

McKinney Trailer Rentals

205 Marina Lane Waterford


1021 S. Stockton Street Stockton

Dr. James L. Rore D.D.S.

Graffiti Removal & Cleaning


45 W. Weber Avenue #120 Stockton

3817 Steve Lillie Circle Stockton

SBG Breastfeeding Center 2821 N. California Street, #2 Stockton

1744 Pacific Avenue Stockton

Valley Caps 7333 Tam O’ Shanter Drive Stockton

Consultants Educational

Graffiti Abatement Society of S.J., Co. Inc.

That’s Show Biz

Social Service Organizations

Nena’s Mexican Restaurant

4255 Pacific Avenue, #12 Stockton

Service Organizations Stockton Sunrise Rotary

Investment Advisory Service Venture Leverage Group 3520 Brookside Road Stockton

Grocers Retail Neighborhood Market 1189 E. March Lane Stockton


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Programs and Public Policy Department by: Frank Ferral

What does the theme “Divert and Convert” mean? With the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce’s annual

In support of this goal, recycling needs to be considered not just as an environmental activity, but as a fundamental consideration

Holiday luncheon fast approaching on December 12, many

of land use and economic development for every region in the

people have asked the question, “what does Divert and

state, and as a vital component of California’s infrastructure for

Convert mean”.

implementation of AB 32.

Diversion The City of Stockton current diversion rate is over 68%, which

For more information on the BIN Coalition, contact Frank Ferral at .

exceeds the goals set under AB 939. Under the new 75% recycling goal that took effect in the State of California on July 1, 2012, certain businesses are required to increase their recycling and

Thank you to our generous Green Team San Joaquin Sponsors:

divert more material from going to the general trash. This is

American Recycling

actually a cost savings to the business. In the City of Stockton, your

Carpenters Local Union 152

franchised waste hauler can provide you with a complimentary

CBC Steel Buildings

recycling container (please check with your service provider for

City of Stockton

details and availability) that should reduce the amount of trash

Dorfman Pacific

pickups at your place of business.

Durst Contract Interiors

Currently, approximately 5-20% of the recyclable materials collected in California remain in the State for remanufacturing; the majority of the recycled materials are shipped to other parts of the United States or to global markets. In other words, 80-95%

Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. San Joaquin Council of Governments San Joaquin County Public Works SAWS

Granite Construction Co.

ServiceMaster Clean

Healthy Air Living

Sims Metal Management

Modern Energy Concepts


of our recyclable materials are leaving California, specifically to

The Newark Group

overseas markets. So too, are our jobs, tax revenue and commerce.

Onsite Electronics Recycling


Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Valley CAN Universal Service Recycling

Public Resources Code (PRC) Section 41000(c) emphasizes that recycling market development is the key to successful and cost-effective implementation of the 50% landfill diversion requirement throughout California, Also, pursuant to Section 42001 of the PRC, the state must take a leadership role in encouraging the expansion of markets for recycled products by working cooperatively with the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The Recycling Build Infrastructure Now (BIN) Coalition— which is composed of a diverse set of partners seeking to address these joint economic and environmental goals—declares its intent to build upon Public Resource Code Section 42001 to develop, stabilize and expand domestic markets for recyclable materials

Grow it, make it & ship it! @ San Joaquin, USA

• Northern California's center of commerce serving the western US and Asia. The best location solution for expanding manufacturers and supply chain providers • The San Joaquin Partnership provides centralized confidential information and connection to key business and community decision makers

Connect with the San Joaquin Partnership.

generated in California, expanding economic activity and job creation in the process.

Call Mike at 800-570-5627 • •

nov2012 13


Engendering Change in the Community:

The 2012 ATHENA Awards by: Justin Souza


or 26 years, the Stockton

are recognized as women under 40 who

As Board Chair of the Partnership,

community has presented the

are powerful and active leaders in the

Grupe has helped countless families find

prestigious ATHENA award

Stockton community.

steadier footing over the last 14 years.

to deserving women in the community.

This year’s ATHENA Award recipient is

“We work with families to identify their

Honorees are women who have

local philanthropist Phyllis Grupe. The

particular needs and to help build on

demonstrated excellence, creativity and

Young ATHENA recipient is University of

their strengths so that they can move to

initiative in their business or profession,

the Pacific Community Relations Manager

the next level.”

contributed time and energy to improving

Jennifer Torres Siders.

Grupe said that twenty years ago, she

the quality of life for others in the

Phyllis Grupe

had no idea she’d be working in some of

community and actively assisted women

Phyllis Grupe, this year’s ATHENA

the most at-risk areas of the community.

in realizing their leadership potential.

Award recipient said she was floored by

“It’s been a pretty amazing trip and a

The ATHENA Award was created in

the honor. “This is a wonderful group of

wonderful education for me. I’m very

1982 to help inspire women in the

women who have shown great leadership

proud to have been part of forming this

business community to reach their

in our community and I’m just honored to

and watching it grow along the way.

full potential and to create balance in

be included in their number.”

When you see the positive results, it just

leadership worldwide. Nearly 500 different

Grupe has dedicated her life to helping

makes you want to do more. I’ve also

communities hand out the awards

her community through a variety of

learned that you can’t outgive God: the

annually to honor notable local women

nonprofit and faith-based organizations.

more you give, the more is given to you.

who have made a real difference in their

Since 1998, Grupe has led and developed

I’m very grateful for that.”

local or regional areas.

the Community Partnership for Families,

According to Grupe, many inspiring

Within Stockton, dozens of women

a group that ties together the many

women have shaped her life. “All the

have been honored with the awards.

organizations and programs that offer

women in my life have inspired me to do

Recipients of the ATHENA Award are

help and support to women and families

whatever my heart led me to do. I had

chosen by a committee of past recipients

in at-risk and other communities

a great mom and a great grandmother

and community leaders and are each

throughout San Joaquin County. The

and there have been so many other

recognized for having made a lasting

Partnership establishes resources centers

women who were active in their families,

impact in the Stockton community.

in high risk neighborhoods that serve

communities and businesses who have

Recipients of the ATHENA Young

around 5,000 families a year with basic or

taught me that you can really enjoy

Professional Leadership Award recipient

advanced social services.

success in many facets of your life.”


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

This is a wonderful group of women who have shown great leadership in our community and I’m just honored to be included in their number. –Phyllis Grupe

Jennifer Torres Siders

Right now, only around 36% of San

The ATHENA Awards will be presented at

Jennifer Torres Siders said she was

Joaquin county kids are reading at grade

the annual ATHENA Luncheon at 11:30

very surprised by the Young ATHENA

level by third grade.”

a.m. on November 15, at the Stockton

Leadership Award, as well. “It’s humbling

Torres Siders also serves the community

Golf and Country Club. Tickets for the

that anyone would think I deserved this

through leadership on the board of

event are available by calling the Greater

sort of honor,” said Torres Siders. “What

the Stockton Community Council

Stockton Chamber of Chamber

means the most to me is that people I

for the United Way, the Community

at 209.547.2770.

respect and admire would nominate me.”

Neighborhood Renaissance Committee

As a writer who worked for over seven

and El Concilio, an organization

years at the Record before taking

which supports the Spanish speaking

her current position as Community

community of San Joaquin and Stanislaus

Relations Manager at University of the

Counties. “It’s very valuable to be part

Pacific, Torres Siders has spent many

of an organization that does so much

years encouraging and fostering youth

in the community for very vulnerable

education in San Joaquin County.

populations,” said Torres Siders. “They

In her role at Pacific, Torres Siders helps

have programs for people starting from

lead the Beyond Our Gates initiative

prenatal care for expectant mothers all

which brings together community

the way through seniors. I think some of

leaders to direct the University’s efforts

the most exciting work they do is with

to tackle challenges in the Stockton and

preschool and parent education, which

San Joaquin County communities. Torres

ties in nicely with our early literacy goals.”

Siders has helped develop and implement

Torres Siders said that she sees the award

a Reading By Third goal. “We know that

as a challenge. “I am very fortunate to be

if kids can’t read proficiently by the end

supported by strong professionals, to have

of third grade, they will very likely fall

had a good education, to have had access

behind and they become much more at

to many opportunities. With that comes

risk of dropping out in the future. That

an obligation to give back and also prepare

third grade benchmark is sort of a make

young women and young people to do the

or break moment in a child’s education.

same things in their lives.” Phyllis Grupe and Jennifer Torres Siders Photo by Arturo Vera

Ribbon Cuttings

For additional information go to

Attending Ambassadors Sylvester Aguilar, Bank of the West Tim Aguirre, Impact Promotions Tim Aragon, Telepacific Communications Ojesa Asejo-Clark, Rabobank Gloria Blaine, Basket Caravan & Gourmet Gifts Geri Blas, United States Postal Service Tracee Bucio, Hands on Healing Carol Clemons, Angel’s Caring Helpers Alisa Cline, Costco Becky Deal, Rabobank Shannon Ding, Assemblymember Bill Berryhill’s Representative Kristen Dyke, Port City Marketing Sally Fandrich, Allied Waste Gary Ghan, Brooksfalls Water Steve Glovsky, Kamps Propane

Patti Gulick, New Image Signs Blair Hake, Ameriprise Financial Services Alex Halcon, City of Stockton Nick Harbut, Eco Chic Salon Elaine Harlan,

San Joaquin County Fair 1658 S. Airport Way

The River, KRVR 105.5 Tom Hobbs, Park West Self Storage Jeff Johnson,

Patriot Logistics Stockton

4447 S. Airport Way


Central Valley Business Journal Glenn Jose, H.O.P.E. Loretta Lee, CA DEPT of Rehabilitation Jennifer Lewis, Stockton Hilton Chester Lum, ABC Wallace Funeral Services Frank Martinez, H.O.P.E. Reggie Martinez, UEI College

Marilyn Mason, RHA Mark McDonald. Legal Shield Rich McDonald, Dale Carnegie John Medina, H.O.P.E. Ross Moerman, Doctor Data Aldo

Montijo, Premier Chiropractic Tyler Moran, Central California Safety Council Gillian Murphy, Small Business Development Center at SJ Delta College John Paval, Kansas City Life Ellen Powell, Assemblymember Cardoza’s Representative Rich & Cherie Pruitt, RP Painting Specialists Annie Randazzo, Allied Waste Diana Reyes, St. Joseph’s Employee Assistance Program Maria

Rosado, California Human Development Vince Rosato, New Image Signs Fernando Ruelas, Kaplan College Dora Ruiz, EZ Network Systems Zack Sharkey, Stockton Ports Baseball Club Michelle Sherlock, Optimal Hospice

Venture Leverage Group 3520 Brookside Road

Care Melanie Speer, Costco Max Vargas, Assemblymember Galgiani’s

Stockton Breastfeeding Center Stockton

2821 N. California Street, Suite 2


Representative Gregory Walther, Press F1 Computer Services Ed Wanket, WorkNet Sam Ward, Xango Vernel Wofford, Vernel’s Photography, Inc.

Networking Mixer October 4, University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
 Photography by: Ulmer Photo


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

News Briefs

Submission Guidelines: News Briefs must be submitted before the first of each month to Please put “PORT O CALL” in the subject line. Submissions must be no longer than 50 words total and should include contact information. News Briefs will be included on a space available basis and may be edited for content.

Musical Evening to Honor

by liking us on Facebook-Leadership

Erna Murphy

Stockton 2013 page.

The Stockton Opera Guild and Opera Association are proud to recognize the contributions of Erna Murphy at Erna Murphy


The tournament will be held on Saturday, December 1st at Pacific Avenue Bowl, 5939 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207,

“The Curtain Goes Up” on November

from 11:00am-3:00pm with 2 bowling times, 11:00am-1:00pm and

1, 2012 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. at the

1:00pm-3:00pm. To get more information on sponsoring, donating

Stockton Golf & Country Club, 3800

a raffle prize or to sign up your bowling team please contact Donnie

West Country Club Blvd.

Hernandez at (209) 482-6075 or

Guests will enjoy fine wines and a dinner buffet plus musical entertainment. Cost is $50 per person. The event benefits the

The Stockton Chorale will a “Make a Joyful Noise” for the Holidays

Stockton Opera Guild’s Kathe Underwood Scholarship fund. Info:

at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, November 30 at the Central United


Methodist Church, 3700 Pacific Avenue, Stockton and at 3:00 p.m.

on Saturday, December 1 at St John’s Episcopal Church, 1055 S. Lower Sacramento Road, Lodi. Single tickets are $20 in advance

Gordon Zuckerman, a successful retired

from or Chorale members or $25 at the

businessman who was born and raised in

door for adults and $5 for students.

Stockton, will be signing copies of his new book “The Sentinels: A Matter of Importance” at The Haggin Museum on Thursday, November 15, at 7 p.m. Now retired, Zuckerman is the director of The Brubeck Institute and several private companies. His debut novel, “The Sentinels: Fortunes of War,” was a No. 1 best-seller on in the WWII thrillerfiction category. Call 209.940.6312 or visit Strike Out Homelessness Fundraising Bowling Tournament Saturday, December 1st, 2012 Pacific Avenue Bowl 5939 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. The Leadership Stockton Class of 2013 has chosen to upgrade the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless and the Gospel Rescue Mission for their year-long community service project. You are invited to join with us in supporting these worthy projects by sponsoring and participating in the “Strike Out Homelessness” Bowling Tournament fundraiser. Please help us spread the word

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Calendar November 2012

Highlights 11/1- Networking Mixer – 5:15 - 7:15 p.m. @ Atria Bayside Landing

3318 Brookside Rd

Networking Mixer – 5:15 - 7:15 p.m. 1 @ Atria Bayside Landing

Executive Committee Meeting – 7a.m. @ Stockton Golf & Country Club


ATHENA Committee Meeting – 8:00 @ Chamber Conference Room


2012 ATHENA Luncheon – 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. @ Stockton Golf & Country Club

Leadership Stockton Economy Session – 8:00 -5:00 p.m. @ Stockton Metropolitan Airport



Liaison Committee Meeting – 12 p.m. - 1p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

Manufacturers Industrial Distribution Roundtable – 7:30 a.m. 8 @ TBA


Effective Strategies Group – 8 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room



Business Education Alliance – 3:30 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Government Relations Council – 7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room



Government Relations Council – 7:30 a.m 30 @ Chamber Conference Room

Liaison Committee Meeting – 12 p.m.-1p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room Chamber Offices Closed in observance of Veteran’s Day

also don’t miss... 12/6 - Business Diversity Mixer - 5:00-7:15 p.m. @ Haggin Museum 1201 N.Pershing Ave.

12/12 - Munchies at the MuRF Holiday Luncheon

A Unique Community Banking Experience

We Help You Succeed Claudia Cozad

Eddie Lira

VP, Commercial Banking Officer 209-473-6857 Member FDIC


VP, Commercial Banking Officer

It’s not our promises that are unique ... it’s our ability to fulfill them! *

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The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the U.S. Department of Energy and the City of Stockton for their support of the REACON program !

Our collaboration is reducing the cost of doing business through environmental stewardship!


Port O Call - November 2012  

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