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YOU DON’T PROFIT FROM SICK EMPLOYEES. WHY DOES YOUR HEALTH PROVIDER? In an industry built on fee-for-service care, Kaiser Permanente succeeds because we’re built around prevention and the highest quality care. One Harvard Business Review article described our care as “untainted by any economic conflict of interest.”* And in an industry report by The Economist, Kaiser Permanente’s care was described as promoting economy and quality care with “no financial motive to order unnecessary procedures.”†

Discover a better way.

* Lew McCreary, “Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation on the Front Lines,” Harvard Business Review, September 2010. †

”Another American Way,” The Economist, May 1, 2010.

PORT CALL Celebrating Stockton At Work: The 49th Annual Industrial Technology Barbecue Honors Antonini Enterprises & Seven Other Local Businesses

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Leadership Stockton

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Stockton Restaurant Week 2014

DON’T MISS! NETWORKING MIXER Hosted by SERVPRO of Stockton 5:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. @ 2334 Stagecoach Road, Ste. J, Stockton




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Cover Story


New Members


Fall Tradeshow and Business Showcase Mixer 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. @ University Plaza Waterfront Hotel 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton



5 3


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Commercial Painting Services Offered:

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San Joaquin County Office of Education provides educational leadership, resources, and services to support San Joaquin County schools. With its highly regarded programs innovative staff, and community partnerships, SJCOE ensures that every student in San Joaquin has the opportunity of a quality education.

Find out more information about upcoming clinics and programs by visiting



Official publication of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. Serving the Greater Stockton area business community since 1901.

It is time for the Chamber’s


Industrial Technology Barbecue,

PRESIDENT Steven Crabtree, Herum/Crabtree

which will be held Wednesday, September 11th at the University

SR. VICE PRESIDENT Blain Bibb, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance

Plaza Waterfront Hotel. I hope

FINANCIAL VICE PRESIDENT Judith Buethe, Judith Buethe Communications

to see you all there. This is

VICE PRESIDENT Dan Durst, Contract Interiors

always a fun event, but more

VICE PRESIDENT Bakul Patel, Dorfman Pacific Co.

importantly, it provides a forum to honor those companies that

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Gary J. Long, Gary J. Long Jewelers CHAMBER DIRECTORS Michael Cera, SMG /Stockton Arena/Bob Hope Theatre Donna DeMartino, San Joaquin Regional Transit District Pat Filippone, Stockton Ports Baseball Club Dr. Lewis Gale, University of the Pacific - Eberhardt School of Business Rick Goucher, CBRE, Inc. Clint Harless, Stockton Auto Glass/Quick’s Glass Service Mikey Kamienski, Charterhouse for Families Deitra R. Kenoly, The Record/San Joaquin Media Group Robert Melrose, Brookside Optometric Group Darryle Oakman, San Joaquin County Rental Property Association Justin Redman, Bank of Agriculture & Commerce Joey Steelman, Lord’s Gym Joy Sweger, California Nuggets Diane Vigil, Dameron Hospital Foundation CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr.

have enhanced the economic base of our community during


the last year through their expansion plans, new jobs

created or their environmental stewardship. Such events are important because they allow the business community to emphasize the contribution that business makes to our community in general. In this day and time, people need to hear that we owe our economic livelihoods to private


PROGRAM & PUBLIC POLICY DIRECTOR/BEA Frank Ferral 209.547.2763 SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR Heidi Altamirano 209.547.2764 STAFF ACCOUNTANT Lia Her 209.547.2768 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Margaret Sacchet 209.337.2723 SPECIAL EVENTS/ LEADERSHIP STOCKTON COORD. Timm Quinn 209.547.2960

enterprise, especially when it is willing to invest in the community. It also presents a great opportunity for our membership to network, which is just another reason to be a member of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. I would ask all of our members to consider inviting a guest to this event who is not currently a member of the Chamber. It would present a perfect opportunity to show your guest why they should become members. Let them know what they have been missing.

SCAP COORDINATOR Dylan Bacon 209.337.2730 SCAP-SE COORDINATOR Michael Morales


BEA COORDINATOR Frances Richardson


RECEPTIONIST/ CUSTOMER SERVICE Mai Vang 209.547.2770 PUBLISHER Stockton Chamber of Commerce 209.547.2770 GRAPHIC DESIGN Never Boring 209.526.9136 ADVERTISING Victor Randolph


PRINTING Snyder Parks 209.466.9026 MAILING Snyder Parks 209.466.9026



445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203 209.547.2770 fax 209.466.5271

Grow it, make it & ship it! @ San Joaquin, USA

• Northern California's center of commerce serving the western US and Asia. The best location solution for expanding manufacturers and supply chain providers • The San Joaquin Partnership provides centralized confidential information and connection to key business and community decision makers

Connect with the San Joaquin Partnership. Call Mike at 800-570-5627 • •



To those that don’t see these long-term improvements, I can only

Franklin D.

say get your eyes examined and look at what is happening and will

Roosevelt once

only continue to get better. For example, we recently experienced a

said, “The future

great dinner at French 25 during which a packed house was served

lies with those wise

efficiently and tastefully prior to most of the diners attending the

political leaders

Jerry Seinfeld show at the BHF (yes, we walked to the performance

who realize that

safe and sound). Keep in mind the recent sellouts at the Stockton

the great public is

Banner Ball Park as major league ball players completed their rehab,

interested more in

the new management team and affiliation for the Stockton Thunder

Government than

(if the owner and new affiliate did not have faith in the venue and

in politics.”

the community they would not have made the commitment and

Today, not only in Stockton, but

we thank them), and the very successful boat tours of our very important Port of Stockton leaving and returning to the Marina.

also in the State of California and Washington D.C., we are seeing

Yes, there were mistakes made in this process, but we will learn

how politics are getting in the way of good government and a

from them. Many of us truly believe that if the decisions made to

prosperous and proud citizenry. Let me put it another way: I learned

build these venues had not been done back then, the odds are very

a long time ago about the four P’s and one E that diminish proper

good that they never would have appeared on our city’s skyline and

governing. These are decisions based on: Politics, Personalities, a

the before mentioned would not have happened here in Stockton.

rigid Philosophy and Private (and sometimes selfish) agendas!

To stress the comment above, let me quote from a press release

Any and all of these combined do not make for good or Proper

(thank you, Chris Kay) from our great Arena et al. Management

Public Policy! Add in EGO and you will see those who practice

Company SMG on the Stockton-Con held at the Arena (yes, the

these four P’s and E on a regular basis may like the headlines

one built and in place with some still being unrelenting naysayers):

they make and the boost to their egos, but their actions, words

“Stockton, California: Guests young and old [I guess meaning Andy

and unyielding to commonsense and decency hurts all who need

Prokop] from FAR AND WIDE, and with costumes ranging from

to be helped the most.

t-shirts to the elaborate descended into the Stockton Arena on

We are at a point in Stockton’s history where the four P’s must

Sunday, August 4th for Stockton-Con, leading to the event’s largest

not have a place anywhere in our community, and commonsense,

attendance ever. 7,500+ enthusiastic fans followed the event, in its

decency towards others, hard work and patience must be the pillars

second year, after outgrowing the Spanos Center on the campus of

that hold up our city for many years to come. We are as strong as

the University of the Pacific [my note: thank you Pacific for again

the weakest link and if that link does not understand the simplest

leading the way]. Stockton-Con featured vendor booths selling

of terms under which we shall overcome our current issues then

everything from comic books and figurines, to artist displays, to

that link must be made to understand by the strong and honest

celebrities like Richard Hatch and Linda Blair [again, my comment:

cohesiveness of the positive and honest links that bind us

that ought to make one’s head spin]. Every part of the Stockton

as a community.

Arena had something to offer. The main floor housed exhibitors

We also know that there are those that still look at the short-

and artists, the Fan Deck had celebrity guests, Cosplay, The Record

term and not the long-term, which is “short sighted” (I guess a pun

Press Club, welcomed a gaming area for Magic, the Gathering and

was intended). Consider the Ball Park, the Arena, the University

HeroClix, and the Kings Room was set up for panel discussions on

Plaza Hotel, the Cineplex, the new French 25 (formerly Paragary’s),

topics such as creating a costume to a lively costume contest. Even

the beautiful renovation of the Fox (Bob Hope) Theater and the

outside the Stockton Arena was utilized, as Pro Wrestling Bushido

Downtown Stockton Marina.

put on a wrestling show on the east side of the building. The event



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

is a charitable fundraiser, with proceeds going to the United Way of

can learn a great deal from Mr. Millerick on how to do what is

San Joaquin and St. Mary’s Dining Room.”

right for all!

Stockton-Con founder and producer Mike Millerick said this in

And finally, a BIG thank you to Mike Cera and his SMG team

The Record: “The staff and professionalism of the arena has been

who did so much to make the Stockton-Con and the Seinfeld

awesome. Every little thing I asked for, they never said ‘no’ or ‘you

show happen with professionalism that will resonate throughout

didn’t tell us that.’ They just said, ‘Let’s see how we can do that.’”

the industry and bring more and more great events to Stockton

Mr. Millerick, we thank you. There is at least one other “slick”

to be enjoyed by so many citizens and families.

so-called producer who tried to bully his way into Stockton. He

EVENTS BY: HEIDI ALTAMIRANO October 3rd Fall Business Tradeshow & Passport Mixer

2013 Agricultural Hall of Fame If you appreciate the valuable

photographs and biographies on display at the San Joaquin Historical Society &

contributions growers have made to

Museum in Micke Grove Park and in the

Tradeshow and Passport Mixer! Space is

our county, join other Ag supporters at

lobby of the Robert J. Cabral Ag Center.

given on a first-come, first-served basis, so

our Agricultural Hall of Fame Banquet

don’t wait or you may risk missing your

on Thursday, October 17, at the Robert

celebratory event! For tickets, sponsorship

opportunity to participate. Reserve your

J. Cabral Ag Center, located at 2101 E.

opportunities or further information,

space today!

Earhart Avenue in Stockton. We will be

please call 209.547.2960.

Sign up now for the Fall Business

The Fall Tradeshow will be held on

honoring those individuals who have put

Thursday, October 3 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00

countless hours and much love of the land

p.m. at the University Plaza Waterfront

into improving the agricultural industry

Hotel, located at 110 W. Fremont Street

throughout the years.

in Stockton. Admission to attend the Fall

The evening will begin with a no-host

Tradeshow is free and open to the general

social hour at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at

public. Tables are $250 for Chamber

6:30 p.m., followed by a program lauding

members and $350 for non-members.

the outstanding physical and emotional

Reserve your space ASAP to be part of the

investments made by our exceptional award

pre-mixer publicity!

recipients. This year’s honorees will be

For more information about exhibiting at

We look forward to you joining us at this

announced the first week of September and

or attending our Fall Business Tradeshow

will be featured in the October issue of Port

& Passport mixer, call Timm Quinn at

O Call. All those previously recognized in


the Agricultural Hall of Fame have their

MANY THANKS TO OUR MUCH-APPRECIATED SPONSORS! PLATINUM John Kautz Farms R & S Erection of Stockton, Inc. San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation GOLD Neumiller & Beardslee SILVER Builders Exchange of Stockton Moss Adams, LLP Roland Construction, Inc. Stockton East Water District (as of 8/20/13)

PROGRAMS AND PUBLIC POLICY DEPARTMENT BY: FRANK FERRAL Valley Green Team Investor Spotlight: RGS Energy/Real Goods Solar Real Goods Solar is a leading national residential and

The power of the sun provides enough energy in one hour to supply the world’s energy supply for an entire year, and the

commercial solar energy provider. The company has 35 years

Central Valley gets an abundance of this reliable, renewable

of experience in solar, beginning with selling one of the

energy. Real Goods Solar not only provides homeowners and

first retail solar electric panels in the United States in 1978.

businesses with a path toward energy sustainability, but they

Their expertise, professionalism, longevity and quality are

also offer a financially viable solution to save money on electric

unparalleled in the solar industry, with over 14,500 solar power

utility costs. By taking full advantage of plentiful resources

systems installed, totaling 100MW+ of clean energy.

like soil and sun, our region will thrive and grow to meet

The company operates with 13 fully staffed offices in six states. Real Goods Solar customers span all fifty states and all ten Canadian provinces. The company’s projects include

the demands of the future. The success of our region’s future depends on prudent and well-planned choices.  RGS Energy, the commercial and utility division of

grid-tied and off-grid residential solar systems, as well as

Real Goods Solar, offers businesses and organizations the

numerous large commercial solar projects including wineries,

opportunity to explore options to reduce the ever-escalating

manufacturing facilities, water facilities, agricultural projects,

cost of doing business by lowering and fixing electric costs.

reta i l stores, cor porate bui ldings, universities a nd

These options allow for using funds saved on utility costs

school districts.

toward capital improvement for property or facilities. Tax


Get in. Get out. Get ahead.®

Heald College is an established, private postsecondary college offering Associate of Arts and Associate of Applied Science degrees in Business, Healthcare and Legal.

Let Heald College be your private headhunter, and we’ll send charge to you. If you would like to develop a partnership with Heald College – Stockton’s NO-COST employment program, contact me at the information provided below. Monique Griffin, Director of Career Services • 209-473-5213

1605 East March Lane, Stockton, Ca 95210 For More Information, Visit



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Heidi Altamirano: 209.547.2764

credits, state incentives and grants make solar a viable solution for lowering operational costs. Many new loan, lease and Power Purchase Agreement finance options are available. Solar provides organizations with the f lexibility to utilize extra cash from lower electrical expenses.  Real Goods Solar measures its success by the satisfaction of its customers. Using proven technologies, high-quality engineering and professional installation practices, Real Goods Solar enables its customers to transition to a clean and cost-effective energy. They lead by providing inspirational education, promoting community and

THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS GREEN TEAM SAN JOAQUIN SPONSORS: American Recycling Big Valley Ford Carpenters Local Union 152 CBC Steel Building City of Stockton CRResourceContracting, Inc. DART Container Diamond Foods, Inc. Dorfman Pacific Granite Construction Co. Healthy Air Living Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions Onsite Electronics Recycling

Optony Pacific Gas & Electric Company Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. RGS Energy/Real Goods Solar San Joaquin Council of Governments San Joaquin County Public Works San Joaquin RTD SAWS ServiceMaster Clean Sims Metal Management Surtec Universal Service Recycling Valley CAN

demonstrating stewardship through action.

RIBBON CUTTINGS For additional information go to or e-mail Margaret at For more ribbon cutting photos, visit

Just the Tip Vapors

GMA Garnet

9305 Thornton Road, Stockton

1627 Tillie Lewis Drive, Stockton

Attending Ambassadors Carol Clemons, Angel’s Caring Helpers Alan Freeman, Servpro Chester Lum, ABC Wallace Teri Manley, Stop the Presses Jon Peterson, CCT Telecomm Dale Prout, CCT Telecomm Victor Randolph, Never Boring Annie Wilson, Allied Waste

AMBASSADORS IN ACTION BY: MARGARET SACCHET, MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) encourages its members to be as involved as possible. This can best be described by CEO Doug Wilhoit who said, “A Chamber of Commerce is like a gym…If you don’t use it, it doesn’t work.” The GSCC offers many different groups for members to take part in, one being the Ambassadors/Welcome Squad. Chamber Ambassadors attend all events ranging from ribbon cuttings to the monthly mixers. Ambassadors get the first opportunity to meet new businesses and to make new contacts. These events are important when it comes to successful networking in the Stockton community. Contact the Membership Department for more information on how to become involved at 209.337.2723.

SEP 2013


Be on the lookout for our pins!


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960

CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU BY: WES RHEA Dates for Upcoming Certified Tourism Ambassador Classes Monthly Certified Tourism Ambassador classes are available and open to the general public. Learn how you can turn every visitor encounter into a positive one! Upcoming CTA classes: September 25th, October 29th, December 7th and February 6th. Special thanks to those organizations who took an early lead in having employees certified: Best Western Plus Heritage Inn, Children’s

Stockton Restaurant Week Has Moved to January

Museum of Stockton, City of Stockton, Courtyard & Residence Inn by

Mark your calendars! Stockton Restaurant Week has moved to

Marriott, Downtown Stockton Alliance, Greater Stockton Chamber of

January 17-26, 2014. The move to January coincides with the state’s

Commerce, Haggin Museum, Hilton Stockton, Holiday Inn Express,

push for dining out during California Restaurant Month. January is

Kansas City Life, Pacific Pedicabs, San Joaquin County, San Joaquin

traditionally the slowest month for the restaurant industry, so we’re

Delta College, Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau, SMG Stockton,

trying to change that! We expect over 25 restaurants to offer three-

Stockton Forward, Stockton Sister Cities, Stockton Police Department,

course fixed-price menus starting at $15 throughout Stockton.

Sysco Foodservices and the University Plaza Waterfront Hotel.

Follow us on Facebook for a chance to win dining gift certificates!

Program details, including the curriculum and enrollment information, can be found at,

For more information, visit or call 209.938.1555. or by calling the Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau at 209.938.1555.


Wes Rhea: 209.938.1555

Be sure to become a fan on our Facebook page

SEP 2013 11

LEADERSHIP STOCKTON BY:TIMM QUINN THE GREATER STOCKTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IS PROUD TO PRESENT THE 2013-2014 LEADERSHIP STOCKTON CLASS The class embarked on their 11-month journey into community leadership on August 7th. Participants meet monthly to explore issues facing the greater Stockton community and participate in a community service project. Dylan Bacon Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Jimilynn Dorough University of the Pacific

Felisha Baker San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office

Allison Dumas University of the Pacific

Michael Ball County of San Joaquin

Randy Gibbs San Joaquin County Office of Education

Michael Basso Law Office of Joseph Barlupo

Teresa Gomez El Concilio, The Council for the Spanish Speaking

Steve Blankenship Dorfman Pacific Co., Inc.

Jovanna Gonsalves First 5 San Joaquin/Human Services Agency

Bill Carlson Herum Crabtree

Michael Gotschall Gospel Center Rescue Mission, Inc.

Stephen Crosby San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office

Michael Johnson Stockton East Water District

Ashley Davies Just the Tip Vapors

James Lenzi San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office

Erin Diego Port City Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Rudy Lovato San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office

Josh Dobernec Stockton Police Department

Michael Mark Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 104

Shelby Riley Central California Safety Council Annette Sanchez El Concilio, The Council for the Spanish Speaking Monica Slingerman Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau Brittnie Smith Area Wide Exterminators Kim Sparrowk Farmers & Merchants Bank Margaret St. George San Joaquin County Office of Education Brandy Thurman San Joaquin County Office of Education Luis Villa Downtown Stockton Alliance

The Bank of Agriculture & Commerce Welcomes Simon Heuansavath Vice President & Financial Advisor Call Today For A Complimentary Portfolio Review (209) 944-1519

Investments are Not FDIC Insured * Not a Deposit * Not Bank Guaranteed *May Lose Value * Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN insurance agency) Member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. 2001 West March Lane • Stockton, CA 95267


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960

NEWS BRIEFS Submission Guidelines: News Briefs must be submitted before the first of each month to Please put “PORT O CALL” in the subject line. Submissions must be no longer than 50 words total and should include contact information. News Briefs will be included on a space available basis and may be edited for content.

OLLI@Pacific at University of the Pacific will hold its Back to School Party and Art Reception, Friday, September 13, 2:30 p.m. –5 p.m. in the DeRosa University Center. School

Sports Illustrated writer to speak at Haggin Museum Stockton native George Dohrmann, a senior writer

isn’t just for kids; discover why lifelong learners, age 50 and better,

for Sports Illustrated, will join Bob Highfill, sports

enjoy a variety of educationally stimulating programs without

editor at The Record, for a discussion about

the pressure of homework, tests or grades. RSVP by calling

sports journalism at The Haggin Museum on

209.946.7658. For more information, visit

Thursday, September 19, at 7 p.m. Dohrmann won a Pulitzer Prize in 2000 and primarily

Herum named a top lawyer

works on investigative projects, but also

For the ninth consecutive year, Steven Herum has been named

writes about college basketball, college

a Northern California Super Lawyer by the prestigious Law &

football and soccer. This event is held in

Politics magazine. This selection was made after Law & Politics

conjunction with the special exhibition

surveyed approximately 47,000 lawyers in Northern California and

“Pro Football and the American Spirit:

represents a compilation of the top five percent of lawyers.

The NFL and the U.S Armed Forces” from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Complimentary wine and snacks will be available as part of the museum’s 1st & 3rd Thursdays series. For more information, call 209.940.6315 or visit

Lesson #1



What sets us apart from our competition….dependability.

printing • mailing • fulfillment • promotional items • cross media marketing

SEP 2013 13



ach fall, the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

and distributors. The Tracy-based business serves the truck

gathers local business leaders together to recognize some of

equipment needs of California’s largest gas, power, water and

San Joaquin County’s strongest industrial-sector businesses at the Industrial Technology Barbecue. Recognition at the IT BBQ has become a singular honor for

telecom service providers. In 2013, the company chose to make a significant expansion in San Joaquin County by adding 35 employees, and investing $1.75

companies that do business in San Joaquin County. The strict

million in a new 100,000 square foot facility.

criteria for inclusion in each year’s group ensures that this honor

Antonini Enterprises, LLC

proves meaningful growth, significant capital improvement

Antonini Enterprises, LLC traces its Stockton lineage back

and a commitment to building San Joaquin County’s industrial

to 1926, when Virgilio Antonini established Antonini Fruit

marketplace in major ways. Honored businesses must have created

Express as a way to transport farmers’ products to market.

20 new jobs in San Joaquin County, added 20,000 square feet of

Antonini Enterprises has come a long way from those humble

facility space or made at least $1 million in capital investment.

beginnings. Today, the corporation provides a range of

On September 11, 2013, eight businesses will be recognized for meeting these criteria at the 49th annual IT BBQ.

Advanced Polymer Technologies Advanced Polymer Technologies, LLC was founded at the Port

shipping services throughout the state—from general freight to agricultural hauling. The company, a longtime member of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, has five major terminals in Elk Grove,

of Stockton in 2002. Over the last 11 years, the company, which

Huron, Modesto, Stockton and Yuba City and has recently

manufactures plastic stock shapes for machined parts, has seen

completed a major move of its company headquarters to Lathrop.

consistent expansion in capabilities, facility space and employees.

Over the next few years, Antonini looks to continue to grow its

Earlier this year, APT announced its largest investment to date

capabilities and facilities, as well add to its current staff of over

with the relocation of its manufacturing facility to a nearly 60,000

130 employees.

square foot facility in Stockton.

Ecologic Brands, Inc.

This expansion has meant continued employment for the

Ecologic Brands, Inc. is an innovative designer and

company’s 25 county residents as well as greater efficiency

manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions founded

in the firm’s manufacturing processes. “We expect this to

in Oakland in 2008. Today, the company makes a range of

improve internal and external communication and our ability

functional packages constructed primarily of corrugated

to fulfill our customer’s requirements,” said APT General

cardboard for a variety of well-known products.

Manager John Sharpe.

American Truck & Trailer Body Co., Inc. Since 1992, American Truck & Trailer Body Co., Inc. has been one of California’s premier truck equipment manufacturers 14 PORT CALL

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

This past year, Ecologic expanded into a new $3 million, 60,000 square foot facility in Manteca and added 30 additional employees to its ranks. The new facility was selected because of its proximity to partners who could provide corrugated material

which could be upcyclced into the company’s eco.bottles. By

1st Light Energy

choosing San Joaquin County, Ecologic will be able to lower

Established in 2005, 1st Light Energy Inc. is a New Jersey-

costs while improving both the quality and consistency of its

based solar energy company serving residential and corporate

productions processes and will benefit from convenient access

customers throughout the country with turnkey sales,

to the County’s skilled manufacturing workforce and placement

installation and service for cost saving—and green—solar

along transportation corridors.

energy systems.

Pacific Coast Producers

This past year, 1st Light decided to grow its booming West-

Lodi-based Pacific Coast Producers is a grower owned

coast operations with an expansion of its Moffat Blvd. location

cooperative and private label company which represents over

in Manteca. “We started our California operations in Manteca

160 growers and 3 canning facilities in the Central Valley. The

and we are very pleased with the business climate in San Joaquin

company packages, labels and ships food products in cans and

County,” said a company spokesperson.

single serve plastic bowls. The company’s annual 54 million case

Michael & Company Precision Metal Fabrication

output is ultimately shipped worldwide under one of over 5,000 different brands.

Michael & Company is a full service metal fabricator based in Galt that has manufactured structural steel for the construction

Over the last year, Pacific Coast Producers chose to expand its

industry since 1991. Over the last three years, the company has

Lodi facility by nearly half a million square feet in order to reduce

experienced rapid growth and recently saw the need for a larger

costs and eliminate the need to lease storage space off-site. This

facility to handle its expanded customer base and product line.

renovation represents a $23.5 million investment in the San Joaquin

In 2012, Michael & Company accomplished these goals with

County industrial sector, a gain of 10 net jobs and a strong belief that

the construction of a new 50,000 square foot facility in Lockeford.

the Valley continues to be a great place to do business.

The project, which cost an estimated $3 million, also enabled the

Tuff Shed

company to add 15 additional employees to its rosters.

Since 1981, Tuff Shed, Inc. has been the leading nationwide provider of long lasting installed storage buildings and garages.

Award Ceremony Representatives from each of the above businesses will be

Over the last 32 years, this Colorado-based company has grown into

recognized during the IT BBQ festivities, which will begin at

a market leader with 43 company-owned manufacturing facilities

5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 11 at the University Plaza

and roughly 800 employees serving customers across the country.

Waterfront Hotel in Stockton.

In October, 2012, Tuff Shed cut the ribbon on four Northern-

In addition to these honorees, the Greater Stockton Chamber

California facilities, including three new facilities in Sacramento,

of Commerce is proud to present the 2013 PG&E Green Award to

Fairfield and Concord and a new 20,000 square foot location for

California Ammonia Company CALAMCO.

the company’s Stockton warehouse. This Stockton area relocation

For tickets or more information, contact the Greater Stockton

enabled the company access to a more advantageous location and

Chamber of Commerce at 209.547.2770. Tickets are $35 each, pre-

paved the way for the addition of six new employees.

paid reservations only.

2013 IT BBQ SPONSORS Founding Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce PG&E San Joaquin Partnership, Inc. SJC Economic Development Association

Herum\Crabtree MANEX Consulting Neumiller & Beardslee San Joaquin Delta College United Way of San Joaquin County

Platinum Sponsors Dorfman Pacific Co., Inc. Moss Adams, LLP Premier Staffing Pacific Records Management R & S Erection of Stockton, Inc.

Silver Sponsors ARDEX Americas Builders Exchange of Stockton Collins Electrical Company, Inc. - Stockton Branch

Greater Stockton Employer Advisory Pak Mail Centers of America 102 Proline Media Roland Construction, Inc. Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau Stockton East Water District Ulmer Photo (As of 8/20/13)

SEP 2013 15

Since 1926, the Antonini group of companies has supported supply chain activities via ocean, rail, air and over the road. If you are involved in goods movement, we may be able to offer you an integrated solution that will lower your overall costs and free you up to focus on your core business.

 Agricultural Transportation Division  Flatbed and Dry Van Division  Ocean Freight Division  Intermodal Rail Division

 Container Yard and Chassis Pool Division  Transload Division for International/Domestic


Locations: Lathrop, Stockton (2), Port of Oakland, Yuba City, Elk Grove, Modesto and Huron, CA

701 D’Arcy Parkway Lathrop, CA


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

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Making a DIFFERENCE one family at a time!

- No-cost and low-cost healthcare coverage - Hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists - Easy access to your personal doctor - Choice of hospitals and pharmacies - Local and nationwide emergency care - Free 24/7 advice nurse - Serving San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties Eligibility guidelines apply and may be based in part on household income. Plan availability varies by county.


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


* Contact the Chamber at 209.547.2770 for info 1-888-936-PLAN (7526)



Computer Hardware/ Software Supplies & Consultants

Computer Link

4343 Pacific Avenue #E2, Stockton

Social Service Organizations

Parents by Choice

2423 W. March Lane #200, Stockton

Solar Products – Dealer & Services

RGS / Energy

3109 N. Miami Avenue #101, Fresno

Coffee Roasting/Coffeehouse


222 N. El Dorado Street, Stockton




September Networking Mixer 5:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. @ SERVPRO of Stockton, 2334 Stagecoach Rd, Ste. J, Stockton


Green Team San Joaquin Meeting 9:00 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Industrial Technology Barbeque 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. @ University Plaza Waterfront Hotel, 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton


Government Relations Council 7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Executive Committee Meeting 7:00 a.m. @ Stockton Golf & Country Club

20 Leadership Stockton Retreat 21 @ Camp Tuolumne Trails, Groveland, CA




Manufacturers Industrial Distribution Roundtable 9:00 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Business Education Alliance 3:30 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Chamber Board Meeting 4:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Government Relations Council 7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room Fall Tradeshow and Business Showcase Mixer 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. @ University Plaza Waterfront Hotel, 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton


(Rated G)

September 4th – 29th

Music by Jerry Bock ~ Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick ~ Book by Joseph Stein

Directed by Jim Coleman Original Jerome Robbins Choreography Recreated by Jennifer Hastings

2312 Rosemarie Lane ~ Stockton, CA 95207 Box Office (209) 473-2424  (Hours: Tues-Fri, 9am-2pm)

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STOCKTON’S FUTURE IS BRIGHT We’re no fortune tellers, but if you ask us, Stockton’s future looks very bright. Maybe






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swanky new office. Maybe it’s just because you can now get the worldclass marketing and advertising you are looking for right here in San Joaquin County. Whatever the reason, it’s got all 23 of our creatives wearing shades.

Modesto AGENCY 1016 Fou rt eenth St . Modesto, CA 95354 tel 209.526.9136

Modesto CUSTOM SIGNS/Promotional Solutions 1025 Needham St. Modesto, CA 95354 tel 209.593.5844

Stockton SAN JOAQUIN OFFICE 445 W. Weber A ve., Ste. 124A Stockton, CA 95203 tel 209.593.9136 800.317.9136

Port O Call - September 2013  
Port O Call - September 2013  

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