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49th Annual Industrial BBQ

The California Healthcare Facility Opens a New Era for Stockton PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO 461 STOCKTON CA

Cover photograph courtesy of Erika Gorath, Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

YOU DON’T PROFIT FROM SICK EMPLOYEES. WHY DOES YOUR HEALTH PROVIDER? In an industry built on fee-for-service care, Kaiser Permanente succeeds because we’re built around prevention and the highest quality care. One Harvard Business Review article described our care as “untainted by any economic conflict of interest.”* And in an industry report by The Economist, Kaiser Permanente’s care was described as promoting economy and quality care with “no financial motive to order unnecessary procedures.”†

Discover a better way.

* Lew McCreary, “Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation on the Front Lines,” Harvard Business Review, September 2010. †

”Another American Way,” The Economist, May 1, 2010.


The California Healthcare Facility Opens a New Era for Stockton

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Programs and Public Policy Department


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49th Annual Industrial BBQ

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Official publication of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. Serving the Greater Stockton area business community since 1901.

From Your President... by: Steven Crabtree


As you know, the Prison

PRESIDENT Steven Crabtree, Herum/Crabtree

Hospital was dedicated last

SR. VICE PRESIDENT Blain Bibb, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance

month with the prospect of

FINANCIAL VICE PRESIDENT Judith Buethe, Judith Buethe Communications

bringing approximately 2,800 new jobs to San Joaquin County.

VICE PRESIDENT Dan Durst, Durst Contract Interiors

Your Chamber led the charge

VICE PRESIDENT Bakul Patel, Dorfman Pacific Co.

to obtain favorable local hire

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Gary J. Long, Gary J. Long Jewelers CHAMBER DIRECTORS Michael Cera, SMG /Stockton Arena/Bob Hope Theatre Donna DeMartino, San Joaquin Regional Transit District Pat Filippone, Stockton Ports Baseball Club Dr. Lewis Gale, University of the Pacific Eberhardt School of Business Rick Goucher, CBRE, Inc. Clint Harless, Stockton Auto Glass/ Quick’s Glass Service Mikey Kamienski, Charterhouse for Families Deitra R. Kenoly, The Record/San Joaquin Media Group Robert Melrose, Brookside Optometric Group Darryle Oakman, San Joaquin County Rental Property Association Justin Redman, Bank of Agriculture & Commerce Joey Steelman, Lord’s Gym Joy Sweger, All About Numbers Diane Vigil, Dameron Hospital Foundation CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr. 209.547.2766 PROGRAM & PUBLIC POLICY DIRECTOR/ BEA Frank Ferral 209.547.2763 SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR Heidi Altamirano


STAFF ACCOUNTANT Lia Her 209.547.2768 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Margaret Sacchet 209.337.2723

provisions and the mitigation of additional costs that otherwise would have been imposed on our local governments and hospitals. Today, your Chamber and the California Department of Corrections enjoy a cooperative relationship that was forged out of conflict. It is a relationship in which local concerns are considered in making decisions so that the people of San Joaquin County and its businesses will benefit from the presence of the Prison Hospital in our community. Being your voice in important matters such as the Prison Hospital is just one reason why all businesses should be members of the Chamber. With a united message, your Chamber can be a more effective advocate for all business. If you are not a member, then please consider joining the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. Our success with the Prison Hospital is just one reason why you should!





BEA COORDINATOR Frances Richardson


@ San Joaquin, USA

RECEPTIONIST/ CUSTOMER SERVICE Mai Vang 209.547.2770 PUBLISHER Stockton Chamber of Commerce 209.547.2770 GRAPHIC DESIGN Never Boring

Grow it, make it & ship it! • Northern California's center of commerce serving the western US and Asia. The best location solution for expanding manufacturers and supply chain providers


ADVERTISING Victor Randolph


PRINTING Snyder Parks 209.466.9026 MAILING Snyder Parks 209.466.9026

• The San Joaquin Partnership provides centralized confidential information and connection to key business and community decision makers

Connect with the San Joaquin Partnership.

Greater Call Mike at 800-570-5627 • •

GREATER STOCKTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203 209.547.2770 fax 209.466.5271

From Your CEO... by: Doug Wilhoit

construction. Those I have constant contact with in CDCR say that they have learned a new paradigm in dealing with communities they are located in as they work hard to meet all the needs forced upon them by the federal government mandates, but also how best to work with communities on an ongoing basis. To that end, in 2012 your Chamber at its annual Small Business Awards luncheon, held at the Hilton Hotel, a great Chamber member, awarded a Community Partner Award to both Granite-Hensel Phelps and Clark- McCarthy, the two general contractors of the project for not only surpassing the local hire commitment they made, but also for giving back to the community through donations to non-profits who do so much for the entire community. Granite-Hensel Phelps is continuing in the same manner on the construction now going on at the old Youth Our 2013-14 President Steven Crabtree said it well in his article this month that not only did your Chamber lead the way in making sure that the federal courts and the state did not run ripsaw over this great community during the prison hospital process, but it was a continuum of the 112 year history of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce leading the way on tough issues and doing what is best for not only the business community but also the community as a whole. President Crabtree is so correct to state that this is another example of why membership in the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce is so important for the overall well being of all. Many businesses were not only utilized in the construction of the prison hospital, mainly due to the hard fought settlement agreement led by the Chamber and joined by the City and County, but several were facing huge downsizing and the agreement we arrived at helped not only to keep them operating, but also allowed many folks to continue working during the height of the economic downturn. It is important to remind you and give praise to the members of the Chamber Board who were seated at that critical time in 2008-09 who took it upon themselves to reach into their own personal pockets to move the litigation forward and allowed our attorney of record, Steve Herum (a past president of the Chamber) to start what was to be a landmark process that now CDCR is using throughout the state as they continually meet the challenges in prison remodel and new 6


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Authority Dewitt Nelson Facility, which was not part of the settlement agreement, in hiring locally, which is very helpful to our good friends and partners in the trades. At the 2013 Small Business Awards luncheon, also at the Hilton, the Chamber awarded Chris Meyer, CDCR Construction Program Director; Mike Meredith, Prison Hospital Construction Manager; and Kim Peterson, Prison Hospital Employment Outreach Director, for their dedicated work in making sure the settlement agreement led by your Chamber not only met the intent, but exceeded expectations. I can without any hesitation tell you that without the vision and foresight of your Chamber Board of Directors back in 2008-09 the previous paragraphs would not have been written! Thank you to all! Hopefully all of you who have stood with us during hard times will encourage others to join us as we work our way out of an economic chasm and move to the top of the mountain. To that end, on the evening of Tuesday, July 9, 2013, the Stockton City Council took a huge step up that mountain by voting 7-0 to place the ž% sales tax on the ballot in November 2013. Your Chamber, represented by Chamber Financial VP Judith Buethe, was there to make the following statement to the council (edited for space allotted for this article): “Good evening Mayor Silva and Council members. I am here tonight representing not only our Chamber President, Steven Crabtree, but also the Board of Directors of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce to support placing the ž% sales tax on the November 2013 Special

Election Ballot…The Chamber Board was polled on June 27th, 28th and July 1st and a majority agreed to ask you to place the tax measure on the ballot so that the people of Stockton can determine their own destiny in this very crucial time we are facing as a community…I must make it very clear that this recommendation is only for placing this matter on the ballot and not to the merits of the ballot measure nor an

Programs and Public Policy Department by: Frank Ferral

endorsement…It has been and will continue to be the time-honored practice of the Chamber to fully vet and examine an issue before a position is taken on any matter. Clearly, the importance of the issue at this time and place merits full examination to determine the best position to take not only for the community at large, but also for the business community as a whole.” Watch for updates as we proceed with our tried and true process to bring a recommendation to all of you! Knute Rockne said: “An automobile goes nowhere efficiently unless it has a quick, hot spark to ignite things, to set the cogs of the machine in motion. So I try to make every player on my team feel he’s the spark keeping our machine in motion. On him depend our successes.” The council, city staff and dedicated citizens have done their part; now it is time for us all to put aside politics and personalities and do what is right for Stockton now and into the distant future!

Chamber Gears Up for Valley Green Team Effort The “Valley Green Team” project is a collaborative effort between private businesses; municipal, county and state government agencies; school districts; economic development professionals and communities throughout the Central Valley. The Valley Green Team has been developed to educate, demonstrate and inspire communities in the Central Valley to replicate the award-winning Green Team San Joaquin programs in their regions and to address environmental and economic development issues as it relates to the cost of doing business. The Chamber proposes to do this by collaboratively working for regional solutions through presentations, REACON Assessments, surveying, recognition programs and promoting the general awareness of environmental stewardship. The intent of this effort is to demonstrate the role that increased recycling, use of clean energy and changing business policies

2013-2014 SEASON

can play in improving quality of life and addressing air quality

Fiddler On the Roof

September 4 - 29, 2013

A Christmas Carol November 13 December 8, 2013


January 8 - 26, 2014

Avenue Q

March 5 March 30, 2014

It Runs In The Family May 7 - 25, 2014

SPAMALOT June 25 July 20, 2014

Box Office (209) 473-2424 (Hours: Tues-Fri, 9am-2pm) 2312 Rosemarie Lane ~ Stockton, CA 95207

Tickets Online:

challenges in the Valley. The Valley Green Team/REACON Team will consist of staff from the participating jurisdiction the Stockton and local Chambers of Commerce and investors from the energy, recycling and air conservation fields. Valley Green Team will start making presentations to jurisdictions from Stanislaus to Kern County starting in August. If you have a Valley-wide presence and would like to become an investor, please contact Frank Ferral at

THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS GREEN TEAM SAN JOAQUIN SPONSORS: American Recycling • Carpenters Local Union 152 CBC Steel Building • City of Stockton • Diamond Foods, Inc. Dorfman Pacific • Durst Contract Interiors • Granite Construction Co. Healthy Air Living • Modern Energy Concepts • The Newark Group Onsite Electronics Recycling • Pacific Gas & Electric Company Queirolo’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. • Real Good Solar San Joaquin Council of Governments • San Joaquin County Public Works San Joaquin RTD • SAWS • ServiceMaster Clean • Sims Metal Management Surtec • Universal Service Recycling • Valley CAN




by: Heidi Altamirano 49th Annual Industrial Technology Barbecue One of our most popular events of the year is the Industrial Technology Barbecue, a festive fall get together honoring new

Taking Care of Business Program 2013-2014 Sign up now for the most bang for your buck! The Taking Care of Business Program offers our member

and expanding businesses in our county. So mark your calendars

businesses a wealth of marketing and sponsorship opportunities

for Wednesday, September 11 at 5:00 p.m. at the University Plaza

for the upcoming year. This popular program was created to give

Waterfront Hotel, 110 W. Fremont St., Stockton 95202.

Chamber members an excellent way to receive exposure throughout

We’re proud to have the distinguished and continuing support

the year at a dramatic discount off normal pricing.

of our founding sponsors: Pacific Gas & Electric Company, SJC

Taking Care of Business Sponsors Help Fund Key

Economic Development Association and San Joaquin Partnership.

Chamber Programs

Their dedication to honoring those companies that enhance our

Taking Care of Business also ties closely to the Chamber’s work

revenue and employment base is a testimonial to the emphasis we

in business retention and development activities, and helps fund

place on encouraging a healthy business economy.

committees and programs designed to keep Greater Stockton

Various Industrial Technology Barbecue sponsorship levels are

businesses healthy and growing. Committees supported include the

available, and if you take action now, you’ll receive maximum

Manufacturers Industrial Distribution Roundtable and other business

marketing exposure in upcoming promotions. Act now and help

development programs.

us honor these great companies! For more information, please contact Timm Quinn at 209.547.2960 or

$1100 GOLD SPONSOR Exclusive sponsorship. Sponsorship includes eight dinner tickets, two pre-event Honoree Reception tickets, recognition in all pre-event publicity and mailings (with name/logo of company), ad in the dinner program, recognition from podium during event, company signage at table.

$800 SILVER SPONSOR Sponsorship includes four dinner tickets, recognition in all preevent publicity and mailings (with name of company), recognition from podium during event, company signage at table.

$600 BRONZE SPONSOR Sponsorship includes two dinner tickets, recognition in all pre-event publicity and mailings (with name of company), listing of company in the program night of the event, recognition from podium during event.

Sponsors receive recognition at such events as the Industrial Technology Barbecue, State of the City, Annual Golf Tournament, Chamber Tradeshow & Showcase Mixer and Chamber Business Awards. Popular Awards programs such as ATHENA Awards are also included, as well as the Annual Installation Dinner.

Advantages Available to Taking Care of Business Supporters Sponsoring companies typically select several options from the events line up. The Chamber allows its members to wisely choose a yearlong program that meets their marketing, consumer exposure and community involvement goals. Package prices enable sponsors to select from several marketing and promotional opportunities at a significant savings. For more information on stretching your marketing dollars through Taking Care of Business, contact Heidi Altamirano, Events Director, at 209.547.2764 or e-mail

Ag Hall of Fame Requests Nominations The San Joaquin County Agricultural Hall of Fame is requesting nominations for outstanding agricultural leaders and mentors in our community. Now in its 29th year, the Agricultural Hall



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Heidi Altamirano: 209.547.2764

of Fame honors those individuals who have contributed to

people you know and then consider nominating them for

agriculture and to their community in significant ways. Each

this year’s prestigious ATHENA Award. On November 21,

year, awards are given to at least three living recipients, as well

at a luncheon at Stockton Golf & Country Club, we’ll honor

as posthumous ones.

an outstanding individual as our 2013 Stockton Chamber

All those previously recognized in the Agricultural Hall of

of Commerce ATHENA recipient and the ATHENA Young

Fame have their photographs and biographies on display at

Professional Leadership Award recipient. The deadline for

the San Joaquin Historical Society & Museum in Micke Grove

nominations is 3 p.m. on August 30.

Park and in the lobby of the new Robert J. Cabral Ag Center. Nomination forms are available from the Greater Stockton

Our reigning honorees are Phyllis Grupe and Jennifer Torres Siders. These awards are presented to individuals in

Chamber of Commerce and must be submitted by August 16th

our community who strive for the highest level of professional

in order to be considered. For more information, please call

accomplishment, excel in their chosen fields, demonstrate

Timm Quinn at 209.547.2960 or visit the Stockton Chamber of

support for the advancement of business and professional

Commerce website at and click on

women, devote time and energy to their communities in a

the Ag Hall of Fame link in the Events section.

meaningful way and open paths so that others may follow. For more information and to download a nomination form,

2013 ATHENA Awards Nominations Sought

visit Click on the ATHENA Awards

Take a few minutes to think about the exceptional business

tab in the Events dropdown menu.

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8 8 8.274 . 4 4 8 6

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C13-087 Stockton Chamber Ad FINAL.indd 1

5/10/13 2:41 PM




Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960

Convention & Visitors Bureau by: Wes Rhea

Summer in Stockton Looking for fun activities for the whole family this summer? The SCVB has launched a new microsite,,

Ribbon Cuttings For additional information go to or e-mail Margaret at For more ribbon cutting photos, visit

Attending Ambassadors Ojesa Asejo-Clark, Rabobank Gloria Blaine, Basket Caravan Joe Furtado, Omega Insurance Ella Holman, Collins Realty Inc. Carly Jimenez, Keller Williams Jeff Kaminski, Stockton Ports Baseball Jennifer Lewis, Hilton Teri Manley, Stop the Presses Ross Moerman, Doctor Data Tim Pasisz, Stockton Convention Visitors Bureau Victor Randolph, Never Boring Dora Ruiz, EZ Network Systems Glenn Sides, Stockton Ports Baseball

an easy-to-search “Summer in Stockton” guide. The site highlights all of the exciting summertime events and attractions in Stockton, breaking down all the happenings into eleven popular categories, including: Kid-Friendly, Music Lovers, On the Water/Delta and Free/Low Cost Activities. Check it out and start planning your summer in Stockton today! Visit or call

Airtech Heating & Air 1113 E. Roosevelt Street


209.938.1555 to get your event listed!

Stockton Beer Week Returns to Celebrate Craft Brewing Stockton Beer Week, an event celebrating craft and micro brewing, will take place in locally owned breweries, bars, pubs and restaurants across Stockton from August 10 through 18. The

Sylvan Learning Center 878 W. Benjamin Holt Drive


second-year event has been expanded to cover two full weekends! Participating venues will host specialty beer tastings, brewer talks, beer dinners, tap take-overs, food pairings and more! Stockton Beer Week is designed to promote the appreciation

Delta Protective Services 141 E. Acacia Street


of craft beer and its history in our region. To learn more about Stockton Beer Week, visit or call the SCVB at 209.938.1555. You can also stay up-to-date with the event by following them on and (#StocktonBeerWeek).

Stockton Women’s Network 17 E. Sonora Street


Wes Rhea: 209.938.1555

Be sure to become a fan on our Facebook page


AUGUST2013 11

Leadership Stockton by: Timm Quinn

Become a Certified Green Business! Save money & gain customers by:

Congratulations again to Reducing the Leadership waste

area and dining hall of the facility. The

Conserving Stockton Class of 2013 for all ofwater your and hardenergy Gospel Center Rescue Mission offers food, Protecting public health Using to recycled-content in your products work and dedication the class and to shelter, safety and a second chance to the

making Stockton a better place to live.

homeless and addicted.

2013 endeavored to create for Stockton’s homeless families. The Class found it especially heart warming to interact with residents of the

Their hard work in their yearlong projects The first step in completing the projects

Stockton Shelter for the Homeless and to

at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission SMALL BUSINESS was the “Strike out Homelessness”

experience firsthand their gratefulness

and Stockton Shelter for the Homeless fundraiser HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL * held in December 2012 at Affordable Hazardous Waste Management for Your Business were a great example for the community Pacific Avenue Bowl. Chaired by Donnie A Program of San Joaquin County Public Works to show what a group of people can get(209) 468-3066 Hernandez, the event included teams i Low cost way to safely dispose of hazardous materials. accomplished when they workontogether. (Costs depend your waste types.) from throughout the community. i Documentation that you properly manage hazardous waste. See below for an outline of what they did! Underwritten by Farmers and Merchants i Assurance that the material will be disposed of properly. Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQG) During the Retreat in *September 2012, Bank and ServiceMaster, the bowling

for our presence. The experience was

the Leadership Stockton Class of 2012-

Chanda Bassett, Blain Bibb, Adam

event raised a total of $12,623. In addition,

2013 chose to help the Stockton Shelter the class also raised $2,377 at a Stockton We also accept universal and electronic waste. for the Homeless and the Gospel Shelter for the Homeless event. Green Your Center Bottom Line

Product Stewardship! Rescue Mission with for their yearlong projects. The smell of fresh paint, the special Economic benefits abound: Thereduced Stockton Shelter for the savings, Homeless operating costs, energy reduced disposal costs, the creation of green jobs.

bedspread, sheets and pictures on the wall gives each of us that sense of security

both humbling and inspiring to witness the good work of those who work on a daily basis to provide a safe haven for Stockton’s homeless. Members of the 2012-2013 class are: Cheshire, Mary Ann Dahl, Angelo Giannini, Nou Hendricks, Alicia Hernandez, Donnie Hernandez, Shelly Jersey, Chris Kay, Roseanna Montez,

project included completely redecorating,

Scott Rivinius, Tony Sajor, Jr., Katrina

Design it Green it Clean | Conserve Resources | Reduce Toxics | Take it Back! painting and| Make installing new flooring in | Reuse | Eliminate and well-being for a good night’s sleep,

Scott, Nate Scott, Jehna Steinwert, Nick

two of the family rooms. The Gospel

all tucked in with the warmth and

Trulsson, Christa Vandarwarka, Candy

Center Rescue Mission project included

feeling of home. This is the environment

Vargas, Danny Victoria, Diane Vigil and

installing new flooring in the common

the Leadership Stockton Class of 2012-

Julie Whitehouse.

Networking Mixer Stockton Athletic Hall of Fame @Stockton Arena


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION PREPARES ALL SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY KIDS FOR COLLEGE AND CAREERS! San Joaquin County Office of Education provides educational leadership, resources, and services to support San Joaquin County schools. With its highly regarded programs innovative staff, and community partnerships, SJCOE ensures that every student in San Joaquin has the opportunity of a quality education.

Be sure to take advantage of our upcoming TECH Clinics.

Find out more information about programs by visiting AUGUST2013 13

THE CALIFORNIA HEALTHCARE FACI L On July 15, 2013, a new stage in San Joaquin County

according to Lieutenant Michael Gomez, who serves as Public

history began. That was the day when the first set of inmate

Information Officer for the facility. The additional staff will

crew workers stepped into the brand new California

be added over the next 6 months—drawn from both new

Healthcare Facility on Austin road in Stockton. This brand

hires in San Joaquin County and from existing staff members

new facility represents the culmination of over five years of

already employed in California—as the facility is populated

planning and two years of construction on an institution

by a relative trickle of inmate patients. “We’re going to be

that will mean big business—and many advantages—for the

receiving about 10 or 20 inmate patients a day until we’re at

Greater Stockton community.

full capacity,” said Gomez. “That will give us time to review

More than a Prison Hospital

files and best serve the patients’ healthcare needs.”

On the most basic level, the California Healthcare Facility

A large portion of the 1,700 patients will include inmates

is a prison hospital. But look beyond the surface and the new

with chronic medical and psychiatric illnesses, said Gomez,

local institution offers much more than just beds behind bars.

and all patient inmates will be transient. “We’ll have the

The new 1.2 million square foot facility is an intermediate-

patient-inmates here for from 30 days to six months. Once

level medical and mental health care campus serving a wide

they level out, we will send them back where they came from.”

range of inmates from across California’s prison system. The

This means that the new institution will have a continually

hospital was planned and constructed here in Stockton in

revolving population of patients who most need the high-end

order to take advantage of our area’s central location in the

care the facility will specialize in.

state. This advantage means big savings and better care for

The facility will include state of the art inpatient medical

California’s large incarcerated population who will benefit

care, outpatient services for patient-inmates, dental services,

from a centralized facility in which medical and mental health

comprehensive psychiatric and rehabilitative treatment for

issues can be treated by highly qualified and specialized staff.

acute and chronic conditions as well as a large portion of

At full capacity, the California Healthcare Facility will

mental health crisis beds for patient-inmates in psychiatric

house more than 1,700 inmate patients and employ around

crisis. The facility has also forged a multi-year partnership

2,800 workers on its 140-acre campus in San Joaquin County.

with San Joaquin General Hospital for care not available

More than a thousand staff members—including doctors,

at the new facility. Patient-inmates in need of such

nurses and specialists as well as custodians, office techs and

specialized treatment will be housed in a separate guarded

correctional officers—are already working on the campus

unit at the hospital.

ITY OPENS A New Era for Stockton

by: Justin Souza

in the neighborhood of 6,900 jobs and about $1.1 billion of

Economic Impact

economic activity each year in the greater Stockton area,

The California Healthcare Facility has already been a boon to

according to the study.

the local economy, and is certain to boost the Greater Stockton

Gomez said that a strong partnership with San Joaquin Delta

area for years to come.

College will ensure that local professionals have the skills necessary

According to the findings of an economic impact study prepared by the Sacramento Regional Research Institute

to fill future jobs at the facility. Under the contract, Delta will

in 2009, the California Healthcare Facility has already

expand its accredited psychiatric technician program to fill

significantly contributed to Stockton’s economy. Contracts

currently needed positions at the California Healthcare Facility and

established during the planning phase mean that a

prepare students to fill positions as they become available in the

significant portion of the construction of the high-tech

future. Delta continues to ramp its program up and is expected to

high-security 1.2 million square foot facility was handled

graduate 270 qualified students in the next three to four years. Over the next decades, the California Healthcare Facility

by local firms and contractors. Lt. Gomez indicated that the facility actually surpassed all guidelines for local hiring

is certain to prove itself a beacon of opportunity for the San

and estimated that construction alone is estimated to have

Joaquin County region. According to the economic impact

made a $1 billion economic impact on the local economy, as

study, the facility will produce a ripple effect in the economy as

well as creating more than 5,000 regional construction jobs.

a result of the facility activities, suppliers of goods and services

In addition to these direct gains, the facility has contributed

and spending by the 2,800 direct employees who will all live in

more than $3 million to roadway improvements, and nearly $1.4

the region. This ripple effect is most likely to exhibit as a large

million in direct contributions to local schools and government.

uptick in the activity of the health & social services, retail and

Construction material purchases are estimated to have added

governmental sectors. Each of these industries is expected to

more than $1 million of sales tax revenue to the San Joaquin

show some significant gains over the coming years. “Our annual payroll will be nearly $250 million,” added

County coffers, as well. Once the facility is at full capacity, which is expected by 2014,

Gomez. “Most of our employees will be out buying homes,

it will become one of the area’s largest employers. Ongoing

buying cars, buying groceries and paying taxes in the

operation of the facility is expected to directly support

Stockton region. This is a win win for the area.”

2,800 high-paying jobs and contribute over $675 million in output to the regional economy. Including direct, indirect

To find out more about the California Healthcare Facility, visit

and induced benefits, the new facility is expected to support Photographs courtesy of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

AUGUST2013 15

Making a DIFFERENCE one family at a time!

- No-cost and low-cost healthcare coverage - Hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists - Easy access to your personal doctor - Choice of hospitals and pharmacies - Local and nationwide emergency care - Free 24/7 advice nurse - Serving San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties Eligibility guidelines apply and may be based in part on household income. Plan availability varies by county.


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


1-888-936-PLAN (7526)

News Briefs

Submission Guidelines: News Briefs must be submitted before the first of each month to Please put “PORT O CALL” in the subject line. Submissions must be no longer than 50 words total and should include contact information. News Briefs will be included on a space available basis and may be edited for content.


The Stockton Symphony opens

Autumn Pops: September 21 at 6 p.m. and September 22

its 2013-14 season with an

at 2:30 p.m., Atherton Auditorium – SJ Delta College. For

invigorating, highly energetic

more information, contact or

evening. Celtic Soul features


a breathless virtuoso fiddle

Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul

performance by an original star of

“Sales is Not A Four-Letter Word”. Victoria Buckmann is the

Riverdance, Eileen Ivers, known

founder of Programmed For Wealth and has 25 years of sales

for her electrifying concerts that

experience combined with coaching and training expertise. This

bring audiences to their feet. Ivers is

dynamic presentation by Buckmann will take place Wednesday,

joined by her ensemble, Immigrant

August 7, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. at the Stockton Womens Network

Soul; local Irish dancers; and the

luncheon. For reservations, call 209.472.0359.

full Stockton Symphony.

Lincoln Center Since it was established way back

Throughout its long history, Lincoln

community focus with a bevy

in 1951, Lincoln Center has been a

Center has always been more than

of fun activities offered to the

foundational center of Stockton’s

simply a shopping center. When

Stockton area. The Center’s

vibrant local economy. Over

it was established, the Center was

monthly Live! Events—themed

the last 62 years, the shopping

envisioned as a key part of Lincoln

family-friendly evenings featuring

center that once included 25,000

Village, an innovative planned

live music, giveaways and special

square foot shopping area with

community which included

activities hosted throughout the

16 neighborhood stores under

homes, schools, churches and

summer months—are always major

“The Big L” has become a local

recreational areas, all anchored

community draws, but the activities

shopping icon with more than

by a retail environment filled with

don’t end there. The Center’s

90 retail, restaurant and service

locally-owned shops, restaurants

events calendar includes everything

storefronts spread across 35 acres

and more. From the beginning the

from weekly wine tastings hosted

of land on both sides of Benjamin

Center offered more than simply

by individual retailers, walks/runs

Holt Drive.

convenient retail storefronts. Long

through Lincoln Village every

time locals fondly remember the

Tuesday evening, charity activities

According to Janelle Nelson,

many community attractions the

and of course, the Center’s popular

Marketing Director for Lincoln

Center has offered over the years.

semi-annual sidewalk sales. The

Center, the Center’s 90

Anyone who remembers coming

shopping center is perhaps as

merchants include many locally-

to the Center as a child is sure to

much community hub as it is an

owned and family-operated retail

mention the shopping center’s

exciting local retail environment.

stores, restaurants and service

Astro Slide, which was a popular

businesses. “Our merchants are

pastime for area children starting in

For more about the great things

dedicated to quality and service,

the 1950s.

Lincoln Center offers to the

as well as proud to be part of the

Stockton community, visit the

second oldest shopping center

Over the years, the Center

shopping center on the web at

west of the Mississippi!”

has continued this tradition of

AUGUST2013 17

We’ve been here for 80 years. It’s time to have some friends over! Join us for a fun, exciting and informative 2-hour boat tour of your Port of Stockton every Saturday. And it’s FREE!

ALL HANDS ON DECK FOR OUR 80th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Every Saturday in through September, we’re conducting free tours of the Port of Stockton. It’s your chance to see the history, current activities and future developments of the Port from the best vantage point available – the water! It’s a fun, informative experience the whole family will enjoy. Register for your free tickets now! TOUR DETAILS: • FREE two-hour tours every Saturday through September July and August registration is closed – standby is available on a first come, first served basis September registration will open on August 5 – 4 people per registration • Tours depart at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4 p.m. • Tours on the “California Sunset” depart from the Stockton Marina: 445 W. Weber Ave. in Downtown Stockton • Refreshments will be available for purchase • Register at or call 209.259.3815 PORT OF STOCKTON BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: Chairman Stephen Griffen, Vice-Chairman Victor Mow, Commissioner R. Jay Allen, Commissioner Elizabeth Blanchard, Commissioner Gary Christopherson, Commissioner Michael Patrick Duffy, Commissioner Sam L. “Butch” Toccoli, Port Director Richard Aschieris.

Become a CPA. Enroll in Pacific’s new Master of Accounting. Classes begin in fall 2013.

The “California Sunset”

Top 10 Ranking for the Most Diverse Business Schools | | 209.946.2629


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Contact the Chamber at 209.547.2770 for more info

New Members Air Conditioning & Heating – Sales & Service

Security Service

Indoor Environmental Services

Universal Protection Service

1512 Silica Avenue, Sacramento

1816 Tribute Road #150, Sacramento Security Guard & Patrol Service



Lodi Health Just the Tip Vapors

Calendar August 2013

975 S. Fairmont Avenue, Lodi


August Networking Mixer @ Never Boring and Parks Printing, 445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 124A Stockton, CA 95203 Ribbon Cutting 4:30 p.m., Mixer 5:15-7:15 p.m.


New Member Meeting 10:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

7 Leadership Stockton

Class of 2014 Orientation 3:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Manufacturers Industrial Distribution Roundtable 7:30 a.m. @ TBA

9305 Thornton Road #B, Stockton


Leadership Stockton Leadership Dynamics Session 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. @ SJCOE

9 Government Relations Council

7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

12 Liason Meeting

12 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room Be sure to bring a lunch!


Green Team San Joaquin 9:00 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

21 Executive Committee Meeting

7:00 a.m. @ Stockton Golf & Country Club


Effective Strategies Group Meeting 9:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Government Relations Council 7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room Business Education Alliance 3:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

28 29

Chamber Board Meeting 4:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

9/5 September Networking Mixer

5:15 p.m.–7:15 p.m. @ Servpro of Stockton, 2334 Stagecoach Road, Ste. J, Stockton

Information Session August 13, 2013 Call for details or to register.

Get a real MBA. Enroll in Pacific’s Part-time Flexible MBA. Classes begin in fall 2013.

Top 10 Ranking for the Most Diverse Business Schools | | 209.946.2629

AUGUST2013 19

Port O Call - August 2013  

Stockton Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine

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