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Weathering the Storm A Conversation with Superintendent Mick Founts PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO 461 STOCKTON CA

Photograph by: Arturo Vera, Arturo Vera Photography


Weathering the Storm


Photograph by: Arturo Vera, Arturo Vera Photography



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Leadership Stockton Class of 2010 Project

17 Installation Dinner Coverage


Don’t Miss! Chamber Mixer Delta Discovery Cruises Thursday, August 5, 5:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. Behind the Waterfront Warehouse 445 W. Weber Ave.

PORT CALL Official publication of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce. Serving the Greater Stockton area business community since 1901. CHAMBER OFFICERS PRESIDENT Rick Goucher, CB Richard Ellis Commercial Real Estate SR. VICE PRESIDENT Dick McClure, Woodwork Institute FINANCIAL VICE PRESIDENT Debbie Armstrong, Old Republic Title Company VICE PRESIDENT Gary J. Long, Gary J. Long Jewelers VICE PRESIDENT Stephen Barney, F&M Bank IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Dennis Goldstrand, Goldstrand Planning Group CHAMBER DIRECTORS Phil Acosta, Delights Waterfront Eatery Blain Bibb, ServiceMaster Judith Buethe, Judith Buethe Communications Steven Crabtree, Herum Crabtree Dan Durst, Durst Contract Interiors Bill Harr, Hormel Foods Corporation George Kaplanis, Hilton Stockton Dan Keyser, Grupe Commercial Company Kenneth Levy, Wells Fargo Advisors Mike Long, Bekins/ Pacific Storage Co. Rich McDonald, Class One Safety Fred Walkover, Comcast Tina Williams, Pacific Gas & Electric Bob Young, Stockton Golf & Country Club CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Douglass W. Wilhoit, Jr.
















GRAPHIC DESIGN Never Boring Design Associates


ADVERTISING Amanda Calhoun


PRINTING Snyder Lithograph


MAILING Stockton Mailing & Printing Inc.



Photo by: Arturo Vera Photography/Tidewater Gallery

GREATER STOCKTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 445 W. Weber Avenue, Suite 220, Stockton, CA 95203 209.547.2770 fax 209.466.5271


by: Heidi Altamirano

46th Annual Industrial Technology Barbecue One of our most popular events of the year is the Industrial

Various Industrial Technology Barbecue sponsorship levels are available, and if you take action now, you’ll receive maximum

Technology Barbecue, a festive fall get together honoring new

marketing exposure in upcoming promotions. Act now and help us

and expanding businesses in our county. So mark your calendars

honor these great companies!

for Wednesday, September 15, at 5:30 p.m. at the Lexington Plaza

For more information, please contact Timm Quinn at 547-2960, or

Waterfront Hotel, 110 Fremont St. We’re proud to have the distinguished and continuing support of our founding sponsors Pacific Gas & Electric, SJC Economic

Host a mixer in 2011!

Development Association and San Joaquin Partnership. Their

Want to get more exposure? Are you a Chamber member?

dedication to honor companies that enhance our revenue and

Why not host one of the monthly Chamber mixers? Mixer dates are

employment base is a testimonial to the emphasis we place on

filling up quickly for 2011. Call Timm Quinn at 547-2960 or e-mail

encouraging a healthy business economy.

him at to get more information and get your name on the list!


$1100 Gold Sponsor

$800 Silver Sponsor

Exclusive sponsorship. Sponsorship includes eight dinner tickets, two pre-event Honoree Reception tickets, recognition in all pre-event publicity and mailings (with name/ logo of company), ad in the event program, recognition from podium during event, company signage at table.

Sponsorship includes four dinner tickets, recognition in all pre-event publicity and mailings (with name of company), company name listed in the event program, recognition from podium during event, company signage at table.

Heidi Altamirano: 209.547.2764

$600 Bronze Sponsor Sponsorship includes two dinner tickets, recognition in all pre-event publicity and mailings (with name of company), company name listed in the event program, recognition from podium during event.



From Your President... by: Rick Goucher

My main theme for this new Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) year is to grow

municipal and county jurisdictions, economic

your GSCC so we can be even more effective. You

development professionals, educators, students and

saw what we did with the hospital prison issue. Now

the community of San Joaquin County together to

add to that the announcement I just received from

demonstrate the financial benefits of the product

Alison Hudson, San Joaquin County Public Works

stewardship and green business practices.”

Solid Waste Division: “It is my pleasure to inform you that the GSCC

current membership, I extend hearty congratulations to our Green Team San Joaquin— chaired by board

Award’ for Coalition Building. This top award

member Blain Bibb, and the driving force behind

recognizes businesses for outstanding leadership,

Green Team San Joaquin, Frank Ferral, GSCC

innovation and partnership in product stewardship

Program and Public Policy Director.

“The GSCC is recognized for developing


On behalf of myself, your board and our

has won the California Stewardship ‘Golden Arrow

and green design.”


Your effort regularly convenes private businesses,

This is just one great example of the benefits of Chamber membership! Thank you for being a

‘Green Team San Joaquin’, a comprehensive program

member and we invite a larger number of businesses

advocating environmental responsibility, green

to join us as we continually work together to move

design, material reuse, and product take-back.

the Chamber and the community forward.

Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

From Your CEO... by: Doug Wilhoit

All of us here at your Chamber hope you had a wonderful 4th of July with family and friends! Hopefully it was not just the safe and sane fireworks or the grilled food that made it great, but also taking time to reflect on how lucky we are to be living in the United States of America with so many freedoms, protected by the sacrifices of so many since the founding of this country! It is all of us who live, work, play and pray day in and day out in a law-abiding, personally responsible and legal way that is the foundation of this country. Traveling the byways and highways of our community, state or nation not blaming someone else for our shortcomings is the way it is supposed to be done. Sad to say we see more and more people blaming someone else and expecting someone to fix the problem while they stand by hoping to reap the benefits. Those of us on the byways and highways, not the folks hidden away in the Beltway of D.C., are the ones with the responsibility of making our nation work! William James, an American philosopher and psychologist born in New York City in 1842, said it best: “The deadliest enemies of nations are not their foreign foes; they always dwell within their borders. And from these internal enemies civilization is always in need of being saved. The nation blessed above all nations is she in whom the CIVIC GENIOUS OF THE PEOPLE does the saving day by day, by acts without external picturesqueness; by speaking, writing, VOTING reasonably; by smiting corruption swiftly; by

makes a commitment to study the issues, the candidates and then

good temper between parties; by the people knowing true men

vote not only in November 2010 but every election thereafter.

when they see them, and preferring them as leaders to rabid partisans and empty quacks.” My purpose of emphasizing some words in the quote

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and yes, as is always the case, we have had some pleasant and some very hot days. But consider the folks who live farther down the Valley like

by Mr. James is that we as citizens have an absolute duty and

Fresno or Bakersfield who have, in most cases, the same daytime

responsibility to educate ourselves on the issues and candidates

temperatures but do not have the Delta breezes we have. For

before us and then go to the polls armed with knowledge and

example, both our daytime temperatures are maybe 102. By 10:00

conviction to make sure those who WE elect to represent us do

p.m. our temperature will be in the 60’s and theirs are still in the

so with US in mind and not their own little self-serving “beltway”

high 80’s to low 90’s and that as good as it is going to get. My

world. The dismal number of CITIZENS who voted in this last

dad gave me a saying many years ago, “I complained when I had

primary and past elections (thanks to you who did vote) is an

no shoes until I saw a man with no feet.” Well some complain

embarrassment and I would hope that each of you right now

about the heat—it is summer you know—but believe me it continued on page 20



Leadership Stockton by: Timm Quinn

Leadership Stockton Class of 2010 Project Summary The Leadership Stockton Class of 2010 is proud to announce the

To increase funds, a fundraising opportunity was put into motion in partnership with De Vinci’s. The generous restaurant allowed the

completion of their community project. After visiting many worthwhile

class to sell lunch and dinner tickets and keep 60% of the ticket price to

organizations in Stockton, they saw tremendous opportunity in

invest in their project. This activity, with thanks to too many people to

renovating a shelter for victims of domestic violence, run by the

mention, raised over $3,600-combined with earlier donations-for a total

Women’s Center of San Joaquin County.

of more than $9,000.

The shelter provides short-term housing for women and their

“The Women’s Center is so very grateful to have been selected by

children while they get back on their feet. Its residents are offered

the Leadership Stockton Class of 2009-2010 for its community project.

supportive programs during their stay including counseling, support

The class members created a serene and safe place for the children to

groups, and legal assistance. The shelter is home to several families, and

play. Their tireless efforts provide a wonderful respite for the children

once offered a small backyard that had succumbed to neglect and a

and their mom’s at DAWN House,” said Joelle Gomez, director of the

children’s playroom in need of a renovation.

Women’s Center.

Starting with the unkempt backyard used for junk storage, the

Speaking for the class, participant David Diskin reflected, “It was

group spent the better half of a day cleaning out and hauling away

hard to choose which organization to support, but the Women’s Center

truckloads of trash and prepping the ground for a professional

is an amazing organization and we knew our efforts would be put

landscaper. With funds collected from the community, including

to good use.” He added, “Each of us are already working on smaller

sizable donations from the Stockton Olive Oil Project Charitable

projects for other, equally deserving groups.”

Organization (SOOPCO) and Herum Crabtree (et al), the

As the Women’s Center project was being undertaken, the

landscaping company arrived and turned the empty yard into a

Leadership Stockton Class of 2010 also established a self-sustaining

children’s grassy paradise. Additional funds were then spent on a

recycle program with Langston Hughes Middle School of the Aspire

new bench and outdoor recreational toys and games to entertain the

Charter Schools. The goal is to expand the program to six other Aspire

children in their new backyard.

schools in San Joaquin County and use the proceeds for school projects and programs such as music, art, and sports.



Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Timm Quinn: 209.547.2960

Programs Department by: Frank Ferral

Chamber Member is Engaged in the Community Condor Earth Technologies, Inc. has been providing civil,

a unique, relatively inexpensive, sustainable tool used by teachers and students that is having a dramatic impact on student participation in the

geotechnical engineering, and environmental services to Stockton

classroom and overall learning. The KleenSlate Paddle is a hand-held,

and surrounding San Joaquin County for nearly 30 years. The firm

dry erase whiteboard with a built-in dry erase pen and attachable eraser

has supported the development of Mountain House, the Burlington

that snaps into the handle of the paddle. The hard-plastic paddle has

Northern Santa Fe Intermodal facility, the new San Joaquin County

two dry erase surfaces that can be cleaned using soap and water and are

Administration Building, Stockton hospitals, and area schools

easily replaceable. The pens contain low-odor ink and writing points

along with many other projects. Condor has provided support to

that do not push into the marker when a student uses heavy pressure.

various departments of the City of Stockton and participated in

The product is delivered in a classroom set with enough to provide every

the development of new facilities at the Port of Stockton. They call

student a KleenSlate Paddle. There is also a set of classroom exercises

Stockton home.

developed by teachers currently using the paddles in their classrooms.

In 2010 Condor initiated a program, Partners in Education,

For more information on Condor’s Partners in Education

to help address the needs of our schools. As we are all too aware,

program, contact president Barry A. Hillman at bhillmancondorearth.

California budget issues are having a significant impact on schools

com. For more information regarding Condor and the services they

throughout the State. Among other issues, the result has been an

provide, please see our website or contact Ron

increase in student class size and fewer resources for classroom supplies,

Skaggs at or at our office off of French

including paper and writing implements. Condor became aware of

Camp Road.

Transformation awaits. 800.214.5113

Š 2010 University of Phoenix, Inc. All rights reserved. RW1_LH1836


For more info, contact Frank Ferral at

AUGUST2010 10

Conference & Visitors Bureau by: Wes Rhea

Restaurants Wanted for Annual Event The Stockton Conference & Visitors Bureau is looking for

Stockton Restaurant Week was created in 2009 to highlight Stockton as a diverse dining destination and allow our many local

restaurants to participate in a citywide promotion of fine cuisine,

foodies and families an opportunity to enjoy special prix-fixe three-

culinary diversity and simply great food.

course menus from a diverse selection of participating local restaurants.

Restaurants across Stockton’s dining

Considering the current economic climate, this weeklong event will

scene will come together for what has

allow diners to discover new restaurants in Stockton and enjoy all their

become one of Stockton’s most anticipated

favorites at a reduced price. With these affordable prices, Stocktonians

culinary events, Stockton Restaurant

will have the opportunity to dine out all week.

Week, to be held September 19-25, 2010.

The official Stockton Restaurant Week website,

During Stockton’s second-annual weeklong, will list participating restaurants

event, participating restaurants will offer

offering prix-fixe lunch menus for $9.95, and dinners for $15, $20 or

special three-course menus that will showcase some of the region’s most talented chefs and the culinary diversity of Stockton. The prix-fixe menus will be priced at $9.95 per person for lunch, and $15, $20 or $25 per person for dinner, exclusive of beverages, tax and gratuity.

$25, exclusive of beverages, tax and gratuity. The Stockton Conference and Visitors Bureau (SCVB) will produce Stockton Restaurant Week annually. For general information about Stockton Restaurant Week, please contact Wes at 337-2721 or

A top-ranked private university Hundreds of concerts and lectures NCAA Division 1 sports One of America’s most beautiful campuses STOCKTON •



Proud to be in Stockton since 1924 @

Wes Rhea: 209.337.2721

Be sure to become a fan on our Facebook page

AUGUST2010 12

New Members

For more information on becoming a new member, please contact Teri Manley at 209.337.2723 or email Please allow up to 90 days for your listing to show.


Payroll Services

Delta Bay Entertainment


720 N. Center Street Stockton

2365 Iron Point Road, #240 Folsom

Day Spas Kharma Spa & Boutique 2009 Pacific Avenue Stockton

July 14 Mixer @ St. Teresa’s Comprehensive Cancer Center

Weight Control Take Shape for Life

2700 Tiilburg Circle Modesto Seth Shapiro, Kimberley Borgens, Gregory Walther

July 14 Mixer @ St. Teresa’s Comprehensive Cancer Center

Roy Uydea, Denise Sexton, Paul LaMarche

Russell Ballew, Veronica Contreras, Chris Handsor, Jennifer Krantz, Sam Ward, Shelby Riley, Jenn Becerra

Melissa Vongtama, Dr. Dan Vongtama

Stockton Scavengers Working to Meet Your Needs

Waste Disposal, Recycling, and Portable Sanitation Solutions for:

Stockton Scavengers Waste Disposal & Recycling 209.946.5721

• Industry & Manufacturing • Commercial Businesses • Construction • Special Events • Agriculture

We Also Provide: • Equipment Storage Containers • Trash Compactors • Recycling Balers

Portable Sanitation 209.538.2210

Serving San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Merced Counties

• Portable Toilets • Trailer Units • Handicap Units • Handwashing Units • Prompt Delivery

Containers up to 40 cubic yards. We’ll help you manage a wide variety of waste and recyclable items in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Waste Management - Committed to Customer Service Give us a call. We’ll tailor a program to meet your specific needs.


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Ribbon Cuttings

4G Wireless 4663 Pacific Ave., Suite A Stockton

For additional member info, go to

Windsor Elmhaven Care Center

San Joaquin County Fair 1658 S. Airport Way Stockton

6940 Pacific Ave. Stockton

Attending Ambassadors Annie Randazzo Allied Waste

Bob Hurst Education Psychology

Carol Clemons Angel’s Caring Helpers

Chris Steele Coldwell Banker Commercial

Cindy Ward Xango

Geri Blas Stockton Post Office

Gloria Blaine Basket Caravan Gourmet Gifts

Jeannie Compton Camlu Assisted Living

Jill Tabaco Coffee News

Justin Redman Central Valley Community Bank

Kamie Long Mainstay Staffing

Katie Gorden Clarion Inn and Suites

Marsha Saulsbury Dazzlin’ Cleaning Service

Michelle Mills Delta Blood Bank

Monica Ahumada Bank of the West

Patti Gulick New Image Sign Co.

Richard Valenzuela Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors

Rowena Ramirez Golden Haven

Sam Ward Xango

Shannon Ding Assemblymember Bill Berryhill

AUGUST2010 14


Weathering the Storm A Conversation with Superintendent Mick Founts by: Matthew Andrews

San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools Mick

in his almost boundless optimism, does not fail to recognize. The

Founts jumps out like a three-dimensional scrapbook. The walls,

state’s chronic budget deficit as a result of the economic downturn

bookshelves and desk are covered in mementoes, books, and artwork.

has forced regular budget cuts that go deeper and deeper into the

Behind each of these items is a story that Founts recalls with ease

wallets of local school districts. Meanwhile, performance standards

and enthusiasm. Many relate to former students from the past, and

have not decreased and costs continue to rise every year, meaning

they remind him of all the ways the public school system can make a

that schools have to do more with less. “We’re funded almost dead

difference in a child’s life.

last in the nation,” says Founts, “and there are no state standards that

This kind of nostalgia seems appropriate in an era when headlines about budget cuts are a regular occurrence; when the storm comes, one always wishes to remember the sunny days. Except

exceed ours. We’re expected to meet first world standards with third world funding.” One of the most obvious and detrimental aspects of the lack of

Founts’ journeys into the past often take him into the present, causing

funding has been its impact on faculty. Most of the schools’ budgets

him to relate with equal enthusiasm, the way that schools are making

go toward salaries, explains Founts, and when schools are in a place

a difference in the lives of children today. To Founts, the stories where

where they need to cut costs, it is often good people who care about

kids prevail in paving the way for their future success are the daily

kids who lose their jobs. “The only way to deal with huge cuts is to

narratives that help him weather the storms.

reduce personnel,” he says. “And not just teachers, but the support

“Every school has a story to tell,” he says, “too often we focus on the negative things that plague us rather than on what is good

staff that make the schools run.” Also affected by budget cuts are many of the extracurricular activities that help students become well-rounded individuals. These

and working.” Achieving that level of positivity can be difficult when the

programs, which include music, drama, arts, sports and technical

negatives can be so overwhelming. This is a truth that even Founts,

courses, teach students to exercise their creativity and prepare for future occupations. With the possibility that these programs could be cut, Founts fears that schools will become too myopic to be effective. “Kids learn in different ways,” he explains. “Schools need that flexibility. Unfortunately, we’re moving away from that right now.” But while budget cuts have left voids in the schools’ operations, members of the community and business world have rushed in to fill them. Founts believes that these partnerships represent a unique opportunity for children to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to the world at large: “Having businesses come out to the schools brings education to life.”


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Venture Academy Family of Schools’ Mock Trial program, Tracy High School’s Culinary Arts programs, agricultural programs

But while budget cuts have left voids in the schools’ operations, members of the community and business world have rushed in to fill them.

throughout the county, and extracurricular academic activities like Academic Decathlon and Science Olympiad as examples of ways that students are using their education to prepare themselves for college or the workplace—the ultimate goal of any school. These programs succeed in spite of inadequate funding because individuals from all sides sacrifice and work to make sure that they stay alive. “The reasons [that programs succeed] are all the same,” says Founts. “It’s site administrators who believe in programs and sacrifice to support them, it’s teachers who spend time getting them prepared,

As an example, he points to the county’s adopt-a-school

it’s parents who sacrifice to make sure their kids are in the programs,

program, in which businesses and organizations adopt schools and

but above all, it’s the power of the human spirit that these young

then bring their expertise into the classrooms. They talk about how

people have.”

the fundamentals of education translate in their respective fields.

Founts acknowledges that the school system is facing a time of

One of the most exciting partnerships, in Founts opinion, is the

unparalleled challenges, but he also acknowledges that the forward

partnership between Hamilton Elementary School and several of the

ambition of the human mind is

county’s major healthcare providers. Each provider adopts a grade

stronger than any budget cut.

level and then sticks with the class for five years, pledging to come

With the continued efforts of

into the classrooms at least once a month to give kids hands-on

students, parents, faculty

instruction in the sciences.

and the community

Whether it’s Leadership Stockton renovating baseball diamonds

at large, schools will

and playgrounds at Nightingale Elementary, or University of Pacific

persevere through the

students and Kleinfelder Engineering professionals teaching kids

storm and see sunlight

math and science at John R. Williams Elementary, members of the

once again.

community are stepping up like never before to make sure kids get the education they need. But what Founts finds most heartening are the triumphs and continued successes of kids who are getting the education that they deserve, in a time when doing so is harder than ever. He points to

Cover story photography by Arturo Vera, Arturo Vera Photography

AUGUST2010 16

Installation Dinner

Photographs by: Arturo Vera, Arturo Vera Photography


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Paid Advertisement


E. & J. Gallo Winery Honored with the Dale Carnegie Leadership Award. ABOUT E & J GALLO WINERY Established in 1933 in Modesto, California, E. & J. Gallo Winery has become the world's foremost winery in the art of grape growing and winemaking; and in the distribution and marketing of wines worldwide. With seven wineries strategically located in various parts of California and access to grapes from vineyards in all of the premier grape-growing areas of California, Gallo produces wines in every category, to suit every taste. Gallo also imports wines from nine wine growing countries in the world. Gallo’s wine portfolio totals over 60 unique brands including Gallo Family Vineyards, Barefoot, Turning Leaf, Redwood Creek, Black Swan, Ecco Domani, Red Bicyclette, Whitehaven, Clarendon Hills, Martín Códax, Don Miguel Gascón, Louis M. Martini, MacMurray Ranch, Mirassou, and Rancho Zabaco.

From left: Frank Marcus - General Manager, Executive Development for E & J Gallo Winery, Peter Handal, Steve Sprinkle - National Sales Vice President for E & J Gallo Winery, Victor Delgado, Rebecca Collier.

The Dale Carnegie Training® Leadership Award is presented to companies dedicated to the philosophy that their people are as important to the overall success of their organization as any technology, patent or business strategy. These businesses are committed to improving their organizational performance by developing their people. The award criteria includes recognition as an industry leader or benchmark entity, having a strategic plan that includes driving performance via professional development, and sustaining that commitment for a minimum of 5 years. Established in 1985, this prestigious award has been presented to approximately 300 organizations worldwide. Past recipients have included The Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola, Adidas, Boeing, Four Seasons Hotels, Daimler-

Chrysler and SAS Scandinavian Airlines. E. & J. Gallo Winery, one of the world’s largest wine producers is the first organization in its category to receive the Dale Carnegie Training® Leadership Award. The recognition was awarded to Gallo as an industry leader committed to the development of their employees. Accepting the award on behalf of Joseph E. Gallo, Co-Chairman, President and CEO for E. & J. Gallo Winery was Steve Sprinkle, National Sales Vice President. The award was presented by Peter Handal, Chairman, President and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training® during Gallo’s annual conference hosted at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California.

News Briefs

Submission Guidelines: News Briefs must be submitted before the 1st of each month to Please put “PORT O CALL” in the subject line. Submissions must be no longer than 50 words total and should include contact information. News Briefs will be included on a space available basis and may be edited for content.

St. Mary’s High School 23rd Annual Scholarship Golf Classic will be

the Stockton community, as well as a love and passion for symphonic

held Monday, September 20, 2010 at Stockton Golf & Country Club.

music. New directors include Gene Acevedo, Doug Hunt, Bonner

Come join us for a great day of golf, course games, BBQ lunch, dinner,

Mendez, Gerald Oliver and Joe Sublett.

and live auction. All proceeds to benefit student academic scholarships. For more information, call 957.3340 ext. 180.

The Haggin Museum’s two special exhibitions - “Bustles & Balustrades: The Link between Victorian Fashion and Architecture”

Every two seconds someone needs blood! The blood you donate with

and “California Impressionism: Selections from The Irvine Museum”

Delta Blood Bank stays here in our community, supporting local

- will close Sunday, August 15. Visit for

hospitals and local patients. For more information or to request a

more information.

speaking engagement, please call Michelle Mills at 800.94.BLOOD or visit our website

Oak Valley Community Bank Supports FDIC’s Partners in Education. Oak Valley Community Bank recently partnered with Mark Twain Jr.

The Symphony is pleased to announce that five new community leaders

High to teach students about managing money and the importance

have been elected to the Symphony’s Board of Directors. Combined,

developing good financial habits. For the second consecutive year,

these new directors represent decades of leadership in business and

Bank staff taught the FDIC’s Money Smart to about 450 students in one week.

New Symphony Directors

Gene Acevedo

Doug Hunt

Gerald Oliver

Joe Sublett

Bonnie Mendez

“We Do Windows”

A Q W by Chitwood Construction

Over 30 years of quality service


Evening Appts • Free In-Home Consultations Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty © Never Boring Design •

Storefront Commercial Residential

Also specializing in custom remodels & new construction

Visit Our Showroom… 2233 Cherokee Rd. Stockton

Cal. Lic 284101 Bonded & Insured


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

Window Replacement Patio Doors Glass Replacement

Senior & Veteran Discounts


Cont’d from pg. 6

These early philosophers had it right and what they felt and

could be worse! We live in a wonderful part of California and our Nation and hopefully not only will we understand that but herald

taught is as true today as it was then! With that in mind, since the

it to all. Promoting the virtues of our community and working as

beginning of your Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce in

one to improve upon what is not so virtuous! Standing back and

1901, the importance of education in our community has been at

complaining like the man with no shoes is not the way to improve

the forefront of the mission of the Chamber. Not only to prepare

our community, stepping to the plate and educating ourselves on the

students for the workplace but also to instill, as stated above,

issues and needed improvement is. All of us should roll up our sleeves

“honesty and virtue!” Your Chamber, through its Business Education Alliance

and join hands as one to improve the lives of all our fellow citizens! As you can see from this month’s Port O Call cover, we are

(BEA) and our entire membership, works closely with the school

heralding education as students prepare to start a new school year.

districts of San Joaquin County to make sure they prepare their

We all know that education is so important for all citizens, for it is

students for the future. In the times we live in the task is not easy,

through education one can move closer to his or her dreams and

but working together we can and will succeed. Join us in making the future bright for you, your family and

God-given potential. Sometime between 384-322 B.C. Aristotle said, “Educated men [women] are as much superior to uneducated

this community by being or becoming an ACTIVE member of

men [women] as the living are to the dead.” And between A.D.

your Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce!

46-120 Plutarch stated, “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in a good education.”

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AUGUST2010 20


August 2010

University of the Pacific Intercollegiate Athletics and the Pacific Tigers Athletics Association request the pleasure of your company at

The 11th Annual Orange & Black Ball

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Alex G. Spanos Center

8/5 - Chamber Networking Mixer — 5:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. @ Delta Discovery Cruises, Behind the Waterfront Warehouse

The Pacific Tigers Athletics Association (PTAA) would like to invite you to join us for what has become one of the premier Stockton events. Enjoy a fun-filled night of wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, fabulous dinner by Angelina’s, auctions, live entertainment and dancing with the Big Booty Bob Band. Come take advantage of the complimentary photo taken as you check-in at the 11th Annual Orange & Black Ball! Doors open at 5:30 p.m 5:30 p.m. - Cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres & Silent Auction 7:30 p.m. - Dinner and Live Auction 9:00 p.m. - Dancing with Live Music


*$45 for PTAA members Table of 8/10 for $320/$400 *$55 for Non-PTAA members Table of 8/10 for $440/$55

RSVP with Jim Dugoni, PTAA Executive Director, by August 20th at (209) 946-2387


New Member Orientation – 10:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Chamber Networking Mixer – 5:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. @ Delta Discovery Cruises, Behind the Waterfront Warehouse


Liaison Meeting – 12:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Leadership Stockton Orientation – 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Manufacturers Industrial Distribution Roundtable meeting – 7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Government Relations Council – 7:30 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Leadership Stockton Leadership Dynamics Session – 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. @ San Joaquin County Office of Education


Green Team San Joaquin Greenzone Workshop – 9:00 a.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Business Education Alliance meeting – 3:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room


Board Meeting – 4:00 p.m. @ Chamber Conference Room

also don’t miss... 9/2 - September Chamber Mixer — 5:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. @ St. Joseph’s Occupational Health


Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce


Contact the Chamber at 209.547.2770 for more info

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Port O Call - August 2010  

Stockton Chamber of Commerce monthly magazine

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