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COACH PROFILE SHANE DALZIEL Current Positions held: Head Coach Alexandra Headlands SLSC Talent Identification Coach, Sunshine Coast Queensland Canoeing Coaching Qualifications & Experience: Level 3 Accredited Surf & Kayak Coach with 20 years’ coaching experience including:

Responses in this submission have been contributed by: Bo Hanson – 3 times Olympic medalist (rowing), Coaching Consultant and Director of Athlete Assessments Peter Green – Alexandra Headland SLSC Swim Captain Andrew Buhk – Director, Alexandra Headland SLSC Photos Courtesy of Jackie Eaton-Sinclair Compliation & Design Jacki Hull - Stimuli Marketing & Design Leanne Holman - Stimuli Word Architect

• Coach of the Australian Surf Lifesaving teams in the Tri Nations Championships • Coached over 35 National Medalists in Surf Lifesaving / Kayaking / Outrigging and Nippers • Member of the National High Performance Coach Panel • Developed many of the Surf Sports greatest athletes including; Kristy Munroe, Kerrie Thomas, Allira Richardson, Michael King, Ben Allen, Dean Mercer, Hayley Bateup, Nathan Day. Personal Sporting Achievements Surf Lifesaving • Australian Representative 5 years - 2 x Australian Men’s Open Ski Champion • Captain of the Queensland Team 4 years • Queensland Representative 10 years Kayaking • Australian Representative 2 x World Sprint Championships • Australian Representative 1 x World Marathon Kayaking Championships Gold Medalist


HOW HAS THE COACH CONTRIBUTED TO THE OVERALL ORGANISATION, PROMOTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF SURF / KAYAKING ON THE SUNSHINE COAST? Shane has created a much-needed bridge between kayaking and surf skiing, as well as surf sports in general. Through his dedication as volunteer kayaking coach (prior to becoming the Sunshine Coast Talent Identification coach for Queensland Canoeing) he has created a large squad of more than 30 athletes who train with him both in the flat water discipline and as surf sports competitors through the Alexandra Headland SLSC.

He involves experienced former competitors as assistant coaches to contribute their different skills in specialised areas appropriate to surf life saving. For example, Shane encouraged the appointment of Janelle Pallister (nee Elford), a former Olympic swimmer, to support the development of swimming technique.

Shane has also developed a pathway taking juniors and beginners trough to intermediate and advanced open competitions. His Shane’s commitment to training these program has been extremely successful as athletes has boosted the competitive shown by the Alex Heads SLSC U/15 boys membership of the Alexandra Headland team dominating the Australia Surf Life SLSC to the point where it is now a major Saving Titles in 2011-2012. The squad won force in surf sports carnivals, despite the club three out of a possible four different team being smaller in size than rival competitors events and came second in the fourth event. such as Northcliffe and Mooloolaba. Three boys achieved places of 1st, 3rd and 5th in the overall men’s point score for those As Head Coach of the Alexandra Headland titles. These great results emphasises the SLSC, Shane has developed a variable program impact of Shane’s coaching on the squad. encompassing all competitor skill levels.

Nik Green won Ironman @ 2012 Australian Titles

Often the mark of a successful coach is in their ability to develop untapped and even unrecognised talent and to help those athletes realise the possibilities of being a great performer.

IN WHAT WAY(S) HAS THE COACH BEEN EFFECTIVE IN ASSISTING ATHLETES ACHIEVE THEIR PERSONAL GOALS IN SURF / KAYAK? The mark of a successful coach is their ability to develop untapped and even unrecognised talent, and to help those athletes realise the possibilities of being a great performer. Shane has done this particularly with athletes from Alexandra Headlands SLSC, Jy Duffy, who represented Australia as a Kayaker in 2012, and Alyssa Bull who qualified for the 2012/13 Kellogs NutriGrain Ironwoman Series, as well as others who are prospering at different clubs. He develops a personal plan for each athlete with his or her ultimate personal goals in mind. His programs are designed to push the athlete’s boundaries to be the best they can be both mentally and physically. His programs also professionally prepare them for that next competition. This was evidenced in 16 year old Alyssa Bull whose ultimate goal was to become a competitor in the Nutri-Grain Ironman series. Shane devised a program for Alyssa at the beginning of the year to help her compete in the Coolangatta Gold U/19s event. Alyssa’s preparation was such that she won that event by a huge margin, beating much older competitors.

Shane’s coaching developed Alyssa’s belief in her own ability and shifted her goals higher. Just a few months later, Alyssa entered the Nutri-Grain Trials and came second, achieving her goal of becoming not only a Nutri-Grain iron woman, but also the youngest competitor for the 2012-13 series. He works individually with athletes to manage their goals and expectations to help them reach performance levels without undue stress or pressure. His approach is to “compete with maximum ambition but minimum expectation”. The result is that the athletes continue to have fun with their sports. Shane has never been selfish in his ambitions for his athletes and this is a remarkable characteristic. Many coaches prevent their athletes from leaving them, but Shane encourages his athletes to look for new opportunities where they exist to help further develop the individual. He has as a clear goal to see his athletes be successful for their own personal pride and benefit, not his own.

How has the coach inspired and encouraged athletes to progress in their sport? Shane has a massive passion for what he does. It is rare to see an athlete who has become a coach, remain as passionate about their sport as Shane has. He advocates being a life long learner in your chosen sport, and to always look for ways to improve. This is a wonderful example for younger athletes who are encouraged to see sport as something that becomes a part of their life forever. He shows his athletes that they too can make a contribution to the surf club they are part of. As a coach it is important to realise that not all athletes have the same skills. A coach needs to be able to identify the skill that each athlete has inside them, to nurture that talent with enthusiasm and motivation, and when that talent develops, polish it with hard work. An example of this is the raw talent Shane identified in Jy Duffy. As a junior, Jy enjoyed surf lifesaving sports, competing in swim and board events. He was an athlete who worked extremely hard for a moderate amount of success. Shane recognised his ability and at the appropriate time encouraged him to take up ski paddling and kayaking. Jy showed promise and with Shane’s expert tutelage progressed quickly from a novice who had never paddled a ski or kayak to the point that he is now a top ranked ski paddler in his age group.

Coaching Lake Kawana

With Shane’s continuing encouragement and commitment, Jy pursued kayaking and won a place in the Australian Representative Team to contest the Olympic Hopes Regatta in Hungary. Jy came home as the 5th fastest kayak paddler in the world in his age group in the K1 1000m event. Shane spent endless hours coaching Jy through the winter months, all on a voluntary basis with a selflessness that is truly rare. His dedication to his athletes is second to none Shane’s own achievements in surf and kayaking and his willingness to be on the water training with his athletes, and showing them from his own experience offers great inspiration. He then reinforces his training by involving other high quality athletes or former athletes to provide ongoing advice and guidance to help his athletes be the best they can. Shane also shares his passion with the older “masters” athletes who he helps prepare for club representative events. He does not diminish their goals when compared to the younger “elite” athletes. He clearly represents a coach who knows that all athletes have their personal goals to achieve and he helps in whatever way he can to ensure they attain what they are working for. Shane trains senior and junior members of the surf club together so that they learn from one another, and so that the younger members aspire to level of the senior members.

2012 State Titles

What is the conduct of the coach? Is the coach a positive role model for the athletes and for the other coaches and parents? There is a saying, “You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”. This is Shane’s approach to coaching. With a big squad of up to 50 competitors of mixed ages ranging from pre teen to open, it would be understandable if a coach would get frustrated and occasionally shout. Shane doesn’t find this necessary. He prefers to talk to the athletes individually, to offer advice on technique and assurance on their progress. This encouragement is vital for the younger and more vulnerable athletes so they enjoy what can be a very physically demanding sport. Shane provides an excellent balance of discipline and friendly interaction with the athletes. His conduct is wholly and solely aimed at bringing the best out with the kids by being a coach who has to be tough at times, by being a friend who can have a joke or listen to problems, and by helping the athletes develop as young adults as members of the community – not just athletes. All parents rightfully feel that their child is special and want them to be treated as such; Shane’s enthusiasm and support of all athletes make him a very appreciated and respected coach by both athletes and parents. Shane is renowned in the Club for conducting himself in a respectful manner with everyone he coaches. His knows his actions and behaviour are a role model for the behaviours and actions he wants to see in his athletes.

Does the coach provide stable and consistent leadership qualities? Each and every time Shane trains he gives his best, even on days when he has been coaching for up to 7 hours in a harsh outdoor environment. This is enormously tiring, yet he finds it a wonderful thing to be able to do. His consistent approach is a great strength and it makes it impossible to not want to train hard when Shane is showing the commitment he makes to you as his coach.

and conditions. They fulfill an integral role as not only peers but also mentors to the younger members, whilst learning a valuable leadership role.

Athletes need to understand their coach’s methods and motives. Shane talks to every athlete about his or her goals and the commitment required to obtain them. As with his encouragement, his discipline is also delivered individually. His stable and consistent approach allows a relationship to form between coach and athlete and permits the athlete to concentrate on their performance.

• Dual Olympian Janelle Pallister (nee Elford) - swimming • Triple Olympic medalist Bo Hansen (rowing), who spoke about training and motivation • Dr Fiona Pelly - a nutritional expert from the Sunshine Coast University spoke of the importance of nutrition and hydration, and • Physiotherapist Tim Elsmore regularly takes the squad through a stretching program for the prevention of injuries.

In addition, Shane is devoted to developing leadership skills among the athletes he trains. He has appointed a leadership group within his athletes to enhance their personal development. Each person in the group is required to assist in coaching and the speak to the squad before and during competition, to motivate, encourage and discuss tactics

Shane believes to achieve your best you must have the best information. With this attitude he invited the following experts to speak to his squad:

Shane has a well thought out and totally balanced program to ensure the physical, emotional and personal development of his squad.

2012 World Lifesaving Championships - Alex Masters Ladies

2012 Australian Lifesaving Championships

Does the coach teach and practice cooperation, self-discipline and respect? Surf life saving and kayaking competitions require a lot of equipment. Shane teaches his athletes that “many hands make light work”. He is always first to assist with erecting a tent or loading a ski/kayak trailer. His ‘leading by example’ approach has enveloped a wonderful team spirit and a willingness to help other members of the squad. This has continued with the squad respecting and supporting each other in not only sporting events but in social situations as well. By coaching all levels of athletes from juniors to masters Shane provides an excellent balance of dealing with new and developing skills through to elite competitors and then on to mature athletes, potentially looking to face new challenges in sport as a master. Shane goes out of his way to manage equipment and personnel resources to ensure everyone gets the best possible opportunity to achieve their goals, whether it is basic skills or elite refinement to achieve high-level results. He has significant skills in dealing with a wide range problems, social and psychological issues that arise for all members of the club, whether it is junior children, adolescent teenagers, elite athletes or mature/aging athletes. Shane pushed to appoint a female assistant coach to ensure that the needs and specific issues associated with both genders can be managed well within the club so that all prosper.

Has the coach shown a professional attitude and excellent dedication? To call Shane dedicated would be an understatement. Shane’s professionalism is outstanding. Being on the kayak course or beach at 5.00am almost every morning and then back there again till 6.30-7.00pm each night, plus coaching on weekends at competitions and all the preparation of training programs, gear and equipment and entries for competition takes time and dedication. He is always at every training session on time, or if needed he will organise a highly experienced replacement. All his squads are made available not only to the open competitors but also to masters and any member of another club. This year Shane has had athletes from local clubs as well as competitors from North Queensland, Tasmania and Trigg Island Western Australia training with him. He ensures the athletes can show up to competitions and be assists in every way to achieve their goals. He speaks with all athletes before their events to discuss conditions and tactics, picks up athletes psychologically when they need it, and discusses positive actions to help them improve if a performance doesn’t turn out as planned.

Shane believes the best way to watch and understand an athlete is to be in the water with them, training right beside them. This dedication and professionalism further brings cohesiveness to the coach – athlete team relationship. The additional aspects of Shane’s coaching environment that make it challenging is the uncontrollable factors of always being in a surf environment and often in difficult elements. Shane manages to stay highly composed at all times which is very difficult to do when you have such responsibility for others’ well-being. Often, when out in a surf environment, the training is actually secondary to ensuring your athletes are always 100% safe. Shane has a wonderful record of managing injury and this is because he is so tuned in to how his athletes are coping with and managing the conditions. There have been occasions where Shane actually paddled Coolangatta Gold Competitors’ surf skis to the start line because the surf was too big for them to paddle through. That is his level of care for others, which showcases his dedication and professionalism.

2012 Australian Lifesaving Championships

Has the coach shown commitment to personal development in their coaching? “I personally have worked with Shane in the role of a coaching mentor for several years now and make recommendations to read and develop in numerous ways. Shane always has an open mind approach to further developing himself. He is constantly looking at technical models, doing courses on physiology and, through the work we have done together, creating a better understanding of his athletes’ personality as well as building his own self-awareness on his coaching style.� (Bo Hanson, Director, Athlete Assessments).


Submitted via email

Shane has been our coach for the past four years. During this time he has helped us win Australian Medals as well as several competition medals at Branch and State Level. He as a coach has not only developed our craft skills and improved our ability to read surf conditions but also assisted with the development of our metal attitude to improve our self belief. He has also advised us on nutrition and given advice leading into competition. He focuses on technique and makes sure we understand why technique is important. His own personal experience is invaluable to his training regime. Over the past two years during in what is supposed to be the “off� season, Shane supported us both to assist us with training for the Coolangatta Gold. This competition is very different for the short course style of racing that we train for all year. He developed a training schedule that would reflect the conditions that we were to expect during this event. He also gave consideration to our studies and part time job commitments, whatever time we could get there Shane would always make himself available. Shane has over the past four years has played a vital role in building what is today a great team of athletes here at Alexandra Headland Club. He shows commitment, dedication and immense passion for the sport which makes training with Shane enjoyable, fun and beneficial to achieve our goals in this sport. Regards Sam and Alyssa Bull

Scott Duffy Buderim Qld Ph 0411 239 527 26/07/2012 I first met Shane Dalziel some years ago through his role as Head Coach at the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club, where my son Jy competed as a “Nipper”. As Jy progressed into the senior ranks of the club, Shane suggested he “come and try kayaking” at some sessions he was running as volunteer coach for the Kawana Waters Canoe Club. That was in July 2010. Shane obviously recognised something in Jy, as in the 2 years since he has taken him from not being able to sit in a kayak to winning 4 bronze medals at the 2012 National Sprint Kayak Titles and being selected as a member of the Olympic Hopes Australian Team to travel to Hungary in September 2012. Shane’s generous giving of his time, his knowledge of the sport of kayaking, his attention to detail, and his uncanny ability to get his message across to paddlers of all ability levels, combine to make him a wonderful mentor to any aspiring athlete. I have been privileged to watch Shane over the past couple of years, and his ability to impart his extensive knowledge of paddling technique and the disciplines associated with paddling are most impressive. He interacts well with paddlers of all levels, and is particularly adept at getting the best out of young paddlers. Through his skills and approach he has been instrumental in introducing many new paddlers to both the surf club and the kayak club. He is a first rate coach and an outstanding role model for young paddlers. His devotion to the sport means he would be an outstanding asset to any organisation who engaged him in a coaching capacity. Shane has my utmost support and recommendation for any coaching position he pursues.


Scott Duffy Ph 0411 239 527

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