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There is no one identikit Georgian; rather we are a community of vibrant and positive young women, who achieve great things. We are extremely proud of attaining academic excellence. Whether your daughter’s talents lie in art, music, sport or drama, or are as yet undiscovered, St George’s will ensure that these are developed to the full. We are very proud that girls leave St George’s ready to take on the world. Do come and see for yourself.

Welcome to St George’s, Ascot, where your daughter will be nurtured and challenged to become the very best version of herself. Mrs Rachel Owens Headmistress


To be a Georgian is

At St George’s we aim to

something very special. St George’s provides an

provide an environment in which learning can flourish

outstanding all-round education for your daughter

and be enjoyed, not just as a means to good examination

in an environment where she can grow as an

results but as an interest for life. Our longer school day

individual, learn to think

means that everyone can

We are passionate advocates of girls-only education and strongly believe that girls do better when educated separately. Our aim is to foster a life-long love of learning and to give young women the confidence and skills to succeed in the modern world. for herself and aspire to be the best that she can be. Whilst St George’s is in many ways a traditional girls’ boarding and day school, we offer girls the most up-to-date curriculum and a full range of opportunities in order to prepare them for life beyond St George’s.


take part in extra-curricular activities and make the most of our facilities. Girls have a communal prep period each evening, so that they learn structured working habits. They are given increasing freedom and responsibility as they progress through the school; by the time they leave the Sixth Form they are prepared for university life.

St George’s, Ascot offers

In the classroom there is

a broad and stimulating all-round education that

a strong emphasis on striving for excellence,

is a modern, dynamic and exciting experience.

developing academic stamina and confidence,

Pupils are supported, challenged and encouraged

and encouraging selfdiscipline and a pupil’s

within an environment of diverse academic and

own accountability. Girls are encouraged to have

cultural enrichment.

open and enquiring minds.

Expectations are high; the girls are nurtured and encouraged to always give of their best.

Girls are encouraged to establish good study skills and develop a mature work ethic right from the start. This enables them to make the most of their potential, both when working in a team and also when engaged in independent learning.


Approximately half the girls at St George’s are boarders and the houses are lively and welcoming. St George’s has a unique boarding structure known as Tailored Boarding, which allows you and your daughter to find the best combination for her needs.

Boarders have more time to concentrate on their work; they enjoy community life to the full; they become more independent and self-sufficient; and most importantly, they learn to live with, get on with and respect others.

In addition to the traditional Full Boarding and Day places, St George’s offers girls the option of boarding four, five or six nights a week, choosing the nights depending on their commitments in school. Tailored Boarding encourages girls to get the best out of school and home life.


St George’s prides itself on the excellent range of activities on offer to the boarders in the evening and at weekends. We aim to make the activities challenging and fun and to include important cultural experiences, as well as informal days out.

The Sixth Form is, without a doubt, the most exciting stage of school life. Girls are studying subjects that suit them best and small class sizes help to create our excellent results. St George’s has a huge range of A Level subjects on offer and we build the

Our aim for the Sixth Form is to ensure that girls are happy, confident and excited about life after St George’s.

timetable to fit our pupils’ choices. Girls also enjoy a more mature relationship with their teachers and are set aside from the rest of the school with various privileges.

opportunities available to enrich our girls’ experience and ensure that they receive an all-round education.

With freedom comes responsibility, and there are many opportunities for girls to lead, either on the Head Girl’s Team or within other areas of the school. A Levels obviously form the core of a Sixth Former’s day, but there are many other extra-curricular

The Model United Nations Society, Politics talks at Eton, Wine Tasting and Sixth Form Discussion Evenings are just some of the extra opportunities that we offer our Sixth Formers, helping them to bridge the gap between school and university life.

Sport is an important part

Other facilities include a

of school life for everyone at St George’s. All girls

fully-equipped Sports Hall that can be converted into

participate in curriculum sports and clubs, and

four badminton courts, one netball court, one volleyball

practices are offered throughout the week

court, or one tennis court, and also has a dividing net

during tea break and club time, through into

to allow multi activities to take place at the same time.

the evening.

We encourage all girls to participate in sport, to help maintain a healthy lifestyle but also to learn about team-work and competition. St George’s competes in team sports in Athletics, Netball, Lacrosse, Polo, Rounders, Squash, Swimming and Tennis. Many girls are also selected for local and county clubs and some have represented their country.


St George’s School boasts outside facilities including a 25m four-lane swimming pool, six netball courts which convert into eight tennis courts, and three lacrosse pitches which are also used for athletics and rounders in the summer.

Also incorporated into the Sport Centre are two glassback squash courts, a fitness suite/dance studio and a viewing balcony. Private coaching is available for Tennis, Squash, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Pointe and Conditioning, Pilates, Zumba, Golf and Polo.

In addition to regular clubs, academic clinics and educational trips on offer to the girls, St George’s offers a wealth of opportunities to broaden the girls’ cultural horizons. Activities take place at lunch time, during evenings and at weekends. They range from Young Enterprise and Debating to Polo and from Cookery to Jazz Group. We also ensure that every girl experiences a ballet, opera and classical concert during her

We believe that school does not end with the last lesson of the day. Enrichment beyond the classroom is a very powerful complement to our specialist curriculum. time here, and that every girl will have performed in a House play or competition, taken part in declamation and publicspeaking, competed for a team at sport and raised substantial amounts for charity. She will also have experienced formal dinners and events with staff, parents and students from other schools.


St George’s has a dynamic and contemporary Art Department. We promote a culture of investigation and reflection that encourages pupils to develop imaginative and conceptual thought, to

Art and Design helps us to understand, organise and communicate our experiences in ways which are powerful alternatives to the written and spoken word. inform personal expression. This encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning. We offer Fine Art and Textiles at GCSE and Fine Art, Textiles and Photography at A level, as discrete subjects. We also encourage a crossover between all disciplines.

The strength of the Art Department attracts Sixth Form entries to the school and 40% of students in the Sixth Form take one or more of the three disciplines we offer.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students: both their examination results and their consistently successful entry into leading London Art Colleges. We have regular prize winners in Art Competitions and have had student work selected for the Saatchi Gallery.

‘Music for all’ is the

The thriving Drama

fundamental principle behind the Music

Department produces a wide variety of high-standard

Department’s work. Girls are encouraged to take part in

performances throughout each year which will appeal

music at all levels, and find it a part of their education

to a range of performers. Girls audition for ‘SL5’,

and time at school that they value highly. As many

the St George’s Theatre Company, and all girls also

girls as possible are involved in the concerts

take part in House Drama and Declamation. They also have the opportunity to undertake LAMDA examinations under the direction of a specialist coach.

and the music which forms part of House events, House parties and the House Music competition.

Participation in music and drama inspires loyalty, confidence, an appreciation of excellence, a feeling of community, a point of essential social contact and an aesthetic dimension to the girls’ development. Excellence of performance is also characteristic of the music here. The Chapel Choir in particular enjoys an enviable reputation for its work.

Dance is also very popular and a major dance show is held each year in the theatre.

There is a very strong sense of community at St George’s which is highly valued by the girls, parents and staff. The small class sizes and tutor structure ensure that each girl is supported academically and pastorally. The House system encourages girls to make friendships across the year groups. This creates a unique atmosphere throughout the school.

At St George’s, a strong emphasis is placed on helping others in the local community and around the world. In addition to fundraising for the charities chosen by each Tutor Group every year, the school raises substantial funds for a school in India. Older girls have the opportunity to visit India and work in the school.

St George’s is a Christian school in the Church of England tradition; however, girls of all faiths, and indeed none, are a welcome and integral part of our community. All girls attend regular chapel services which offer an opportunity for the school community to come together within the context of worship, with music provided by the Chapel Choir.


St George’s is set in 30 acres of beautiful grounds with magnificent views. We are just a stone’s throw from the worldfamous Ascot racecourse and


Windsor Great Park, less than 25 miles from London and 15 minutes from Heathrow Airport.

Most girls join St George’s in the First Year (age 11+), Third Year (age 13+) or Sixth Form (age 16+). Girls may also join at other times, but we are not able to accept students into the Fifth Year or Upper Sixth. If you are considering St George’s for your daughter, we encourage you to visit us either individually, as a family, or on one of our Open Mornings. Admissions are coordinated by the Registrar, who will be very happy to answer any questions that you might have.


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