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THINK BOOKS. Books increase the exposure of your message and: — Promote your company, brand, product, message, and vision. — Support literacy and are educational. — Have high perceived value but low production cost. — Are easily customized. — Identify your company as intelligent and innovative. — Are rarely thrown away, so they stay around forever!



BUILD YOUR COMPANY’S BRAND: — Gifts with purchase — Self-liquidating offers — Added-value items — Subscription premiums — Employee or client incentives — Retail promotions — Corporate gifts



STERLING HAS THE BOOK TO CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE. — Arts and Crafts — Health — Cooking and Lifestyle — Sports — Reference — Puzzles and Games — Children’s — General Non-Fiction



ALIGN YOUR PROMOTION WITH ONE OF STERLING’S EXISTING PUBLISHING PARTNERS: — AARP — American Museum of Natural History — Begin Smart — Esquire — Chapman Nautical Guides — Cosmopolitan — Country Living — Popular Mechanics — Good Housekeeping — Hasbro — House Beautiful — Magic Lantern Guides — Marie Claire — Seventeen — USA Today 10


So what can


do for your company?

STERLING CAN: — Create a new custom book. — Customize existing books. — Meet your budgetary guidelines. Sterling offers many options, from creating a special cover that features your logo and binding in a personalized letter, to reproducing a book to a specific size and page count, or changing the format.

The ideas are endless…



SUCCESS STORIES: We have taken many ideas and executed them to complete successful premium promotions with hundreds of companies, including: — Microsoft — Home Depot — Gillette — Sony Picture Home Entertainment — Smith & Wollensky — McKee Foods — Jewelry Television — Kimberly-Clark

You can be next! 14





PRODUCT Good Housekeeping The Complete Household Handbook, Revised Edition



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SunSetter Awnings did a mailing to existing customers offering them a free book with any purchase of a SunSetter accessory. Program was a BIG success!



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SunSetter Awnings

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CLIENT Thomasville

PRODUCT House Beautiful’s Welcome to the Table

IDEA Recent Thomasville Cabinetry purchasers from The Home Depot will receive a thank-you mailer, congratulating them on their new kitchen. Upon presentation of the attached certificate at their nearby Thomasville store, the customer will receive the free cookbook, a thank you gift just for visiting Thomasville. Results = In total, volume generate by cabinetry purchasers on the mail file generated just under $100,000 in written sales.



PRODUCT Popular Mechanic’s Why a Curveball Curves, Good Housekeeping Cookbook, Marie Claire Hair, House Beautiful Colors for Your Home

IDEA Sears ran a Golden Wish Ticket program for the 2008 Holiday season. 5,000 of the prizes were Sterling books. A redemption site gathered customer information and book choice.


CLIENT Albertsons

PRODUCT Good Housekeeping Light & Healthy Cookbook

IDEA Albertsons held a Heart-Health promotion where customers received a free book where customers got a free book when they bought two products that were featured in the promotion during February (American Heart Month).


CLIENT Popular Mechanics

PRODUCT Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual

IDEA Popular Mechanics ran an advertorial in their magazine offering the book for free to readers that register on their Web site.


A BRILLIANT IDEA FOR YOU! Call us Premium Sales today at 646.688.2467 or Call today at 646.688.2468 or email Paulina e-mail specialsales @, Tokarczyk so we we can canhelp helpyou you brainstorm brainstorm on on an an Idea. idea. so We’ll create a fantastic promotion to fit your We’ll create a fantastic promotion to fit your or or your client’s needs! your client’s needs!

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