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Chapman Chapman Essential Marine Knots Dominique Le Brun From Chapman-the boater's trusted source-comes an illustrated guide to 40 essential nautical knots, including all the traditional loops and ties. With detailed instructions showing each stage of looping, and the tasks each knot can handle, this is a must-have resource for every boater. Also included: information on all types of cord, and a glossary

Chapman Knots for Boaters Brion Toss, illustrated by Gae Pilon This classic reference (in print for almost 20 years) from one of America’s best-known knot authorities and professional riggers is as indispensable as ever. Whether you want to tie lines together, lash oars in place, attach a sail to a boom, or extend a towing line, the right knot is here, along with variations for specific conditions. The presentation is invitingly simple, with step-by-step illustrations and instructions that cover more than 65 knots, splices, belays, and coils, plus fancy work that transforms a plain knot into an adornment for handles and wheels. Author Brion Toss explains knotting jargon and encourages readers to develop a concise repertory of knots for their own day-to-day boating routines. In addition, there are practical tips on safe winching, proper tackle set-ups, and … (See More)

Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 66th Edition Charles B. Husick With millions of copies sold, Chapman Piloting has been the leading reference for both power and sail boaters for nearly a century. Now this absolutely essential guide—with 928 pages, 1,500 full-color illustrations and charts, and exploded views and cutaways—is thoroughly updated with all the latest information on US federal laws, regulations, and fees. In fact, NO competing book is more current on this ever-changing sport. Chapman covers the newest technology; the most recent laws; the most up-to-date rules of boat handling, navigation, safety, and etiquette. Anyone who puts a craft on water needs the vital information in this world-recognized bible of boating. REVISIONS INCLUDE: - Most up-to-date Federal laws, regulations, and fees - The latest developments in outboard motors and inboard … (See More)

Chapman The Boater's Handbook The Indispensable Look-It-Up Book Elbert S. Maloney Elbert S. “Mack” Maloney, author of Chapman Piloting & Seamanship, brings his lifetime of hands-on experience to this newly updated and highly portable guide. Think of it as a take-along mini-version of the Chapman “boating bible” that’s perfect for onboard use. Whether it’s dealing with emergencies, complying with safety regulations and government requirements, refreshing your knowledge of seamanship and piloting, reading charts, assessing weather conditions, or just figuring out what flag to fly, this facts-at-your fingertip reference has the answer. Tides and currents, electronics, life on board, maintenance: it’s all here, handily arranged for easy look-up. Numerous charts, tables, and line drawings amplify the text; thumb tabs make finding everything … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2011 120 pages 978-1-5881-6874-0 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 5 1/2 X 7 3/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2009 192 pages 978-1-5881-6778-1 $9.95 ($12.95 Canadian) Paper 5X8

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2009 928 pages 978-1-5881-6744-6 $59.95 ($71.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 5/16 X 10 7/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2008 304 pages 978-1-5881-6751-4 $12.95 ($13.95 Canadian) Flexibound 5 1/2 X 8 1/4


CosmoGIRL! CosmoGIRL Cool Room 35 Make-It-Yourself Projects Mark Montano Every CosmoGIRL deserves the room of her dreams…and New York City designer Mark Montano helps her get it. Montano—the celebrity author of The Big Ass Book of Crafts and contributor to the TLC network series While You Were Out—wrote CosmoGIRL ’s enormously popular “Cool Room” column. Now that column’s a book filled with information-packed pages and smart answers to decorating dilemmas, with ten different room schemes and 35 hip and easy-to-make projects that dazzle and wow. From funky organizers that keep closets neat to fantastic ideas for painting your wall, this has the creative and crafty ideas a CosmoGIRL needs.

CosmoGIRL The Ultimate Quiz Book Discover the Real You! The Editors of CosmoGIRL If there’s anything a teenage girl can’t resist, it’s finding out more about herself. That’s why magazine quizzes are so popular—and CosmoGIRL Ultimate Quiz Book collects more than 120 from its bestselling series. They’ll help the inquisitive CosmoGIRL learn the answers to all her pressing questions: What’s my fashion style? My personality type? Who am I, really? How do I come across to my friends—and (of course!) to guys? She’s the star of this fun and revealing collection—and she’s going to love it.

CosmoGIRL! Quiz Book: All About You The Editors of CosmoGIRL You’re cool, you're confident, you’re a CosmoGIRL!—and you’re the shining star of these fun and insightful quizzes. What do your clothes say about you? What first impression do you give? You are your own favorite subject, and there’s no better way to study it than with questions like these: “What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?” No—it’s not about what you like to eat, it's about what kind of person you are. Just test yourself and see: On a Saturday afternoon, you’d most prefer: a. Biking in the park b. Writing poetry and playing your guitar c. Scoping out cute guys at the mall d. Shopping with friends Your choices will show if you're a comfortable, friendly vanilla; intense coffee, romantic and creative

Publisher: Hearst Published: June 2009 96 pages 978-1-5881-6742-2 $7.95 ($8.95 Canadian) Hard 5 1/2 X 6 3/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: June 2009 496 pages 978-1-5881-6775-0 $12.95 ($16.95 Canadian) Paper 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2004 112 pages 978-1-5881-6381-3 $5.95 ($6.50 Canadian) Paper 5X7

Cosmopolitan chocolate, or lively, lovable … (See More)

Cosmo's Official Cocktail Book The Sexiest Drinks for Every Occasion The Editors of Cosmopolitan Because nothing's hotter than a girl who can whip up a killer drink, here's a bar-full of cocktail recipes served up Cosmo style: colorful, sexy, and luscious. This tasty collection features dozens of the magazine's most delicious and easy-to-make drinks, organized by mood or occasion. Plus, there's a special Cosmo touch that makes this book stand out from any other: enticing “Conversation Starters”-like “Guess why this one's called a Naughty Schoolgirl?”--as well as Cool Facts and Bonus Tips that will turn the reader into an irresistible, seductive mixologist.

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6887-0 $17.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7


Cosmopolitan Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets The Ultimate Guide to Looking Gorgeous The Editors of Cosmopolitan Want to be the sexiest chick in the room? Cosmo can make it happen. Each month, millions of young women turn to the pages of Cosmopolitan for advice on how to look and feel their absolute hottest. Now the magazine’s definitive get-gorgeous bible is coming out in paperback: Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets. This stunning book serves up hundreds of insider tips and tricks on scoring a flawless complexion, creating perfectly tousled, flirty locks and working the latest makeup trends. Plus, experts reveal the looks that men find so alluring—along with decadent home-spa ideas and easy strategies for fixing common beauty blunders. And now, this paperback edition has something new: a special interactive dial on the cover that you can spin to read beauty tips and find the page for more … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2010 192 pages 978-1-5881-6829-0 $16.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Paper 7X8

Country Living Country Living 150 Ways to Dress Your Windows A Decorating Guide to Curtains, Sheers & Shades The Editors of Country Living Sure to inspire, this beautifully photographed book showcases many drapes, shades, and window treatments, explaining the different styles, fabrics, colors, and finishing touches that are available today. Readers will learn the about the various types of window fashion, why to choose one over the other, and how to integrate it into their overall décor. With so many classic and innovative treatments shown for every room in the house, it's easy to put together a look you'll love for years to come. Country Living is a leader in the home decorating market, with 11.7 million readers each month.

Country Living 500 Kitchen Ideas Style, Function & Charm DeVito, Dominique Country Living steps into the kitchen with 500 new and exciting ways to transform the heart of the home. Packed with winning photographs of warm and inviting rooms, this inspiring guide covers color and pattern, floors and walls, storage, appliances, sinks, work surfaces, windows and lighting, and other charming accessories. A stunning image accompanies every tip: see how a small kitchen becomes cozy when it’s filled with warm tones and natural materials; how a checkerboard backsplash brings black cabinets and white walls together; and how a modern refrigerator can work in a retro room—if it’s hidden by a rustic door. Mix surface styles, add an archway to create a separate eating area, and turn an antique cabinet into an attractive place to store and display dishware. There’s … (See More)

Country Living 500 Quick & Easy Decorating Projects & Ideas DeVito, Dominique The ultimate decorating reference—now in paperback! This amazing collection from the pages of Country Living is an invaluable resource, whether for giving a room a facelift or doing a gut renovation. With 500 beautifully photographed rooms and ideas to inspire, it covers everything from choosing colors to transforming found objects into functional accessories. The end result: a home that’s unique, personal, and attractive. And this has the same attractive and easy-to-follow format—with superbly organized numbered tips—as the highly popular Country Living 750 series; a layout readers absolutely love. Every page helps eliminate the intimidation homeowners often feel when they gaze at an empty (or dull) room, and gives them confidence in their own decorating skills.

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6546-6 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Hard 8X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2008 480 pages 978-1-5881-6695-1 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 3/8 X 6 3/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2009 480 pages 978-1-5881-6783-5 $19.95 ($25.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 9 3/8 X 6 3/4


Country Living Country Living A Bit of Velvet & a Dash of Lace The Fabulous Interiors of Magnolia Pearl Robin Brown In 2001, Texas Hill Country textile artist Robin Brown established Magnolia Pearl—a design company showcasing her unique and remarkable style. Almost instantly, she became a cult figure to the fashionable young women who snap up her fantastic bags and couture clothing at high-end boutiques across the country. Now, in her first lavishly photographed book, Robin explains her interior design philosophy and shows us all how much you can do with just “a bit of velvet and a dash of lace.” In her fresh, young, and truly one-of-a-kind approach to home decoration, Brown combines colors, textures, and materials to create environments of endlessly fascinating detail. Her incredibly ornate rooms feature an eclectic mix of Victorian, oriental, and vintage American décor—yet … (See More)

Country Living Aged to Perfection Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home Inside & Out Leslie Linsley Lavishly illustrated and inspirational, this guide reveals the secrets to adding old-world charm and character to any home-even newly constructed houses. From heirloom furniture to classic window treatments, ideas abound for creating a beautiful rustic effect. Add simple architectural details such as crown molding. Or try paint techniques like crackling, mosaics, and staining to keep a new house from seeming too new. Gorgeous photographs show what's possible with a wide variety of homes.

Country Living Cottage Style Marie Proeller Hueston Now more than ever, you can give any home, anywhere that cozy cottage feel. This charming guide--updated, expanded, and redesigned, with additional text and photographs, and four brand-new house tours--features traditional takes and fresh twists on country style, ranging from a California bungalow furnished in flea market finds to a New York apartment straight out of the English countryside. The lavish photographs are as educational as they are inspirational: use them as models to copy in your home.

Country Living Deck the Halls Christmas Notecards, Labels, Ornaments, and Other Festive & Fun Projects Katy McColl 'Tis the season, and what better way to celebrate than by inviting a bit of Country Living into your home? Stuffed with do-it-yourself Christmas gifts, crafts, and decorations, from pullout recipe cards, table toppers, and creative wrapping solutions to ornaments, gingerbread-house templates, and more, Deck the Halls is fa-la-la-labulous holiday fun and the perfect all-inclusive package to help plan a no-holds-barred festive celebration.

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2008 160 pages 978-1-5881-6578-7 $24.95 ($26.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2010 192 pages 978-1-5881-6773-6 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hard 8 1/2 X 10

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6873-3 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hard 9 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2012 196 pages 978-1-5881-6923-5 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Paper 7X8


Country Living Country Living Decorating with White Edited by Gina Hyams From whitewashed walls and clawfoot tubs to faded cream fabrics in antique quilts, Country Living Decorating with White showcases a beautiful new vision of how to use this classic hue. Punchy, inviting, and striking images go room by room, explaining the art of choosing the right shade of white and blending it with other colors and objects. The book is packaged with a stunning wicker-textured cover.

Country Living Merry & Bright 125 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas The Editors of Country Living Make this Christmas season Merry & Bright with this delightful volume from the editors of Country Living. Every page is breathtaking, with 125 enchanting ideas for celebrating and sharing the most wonderful time of the year with family and friends. From decorations and gift wraps to recipes and simple crafts--and eight pages of gift tags exclusively designed for the book--this perennially popular collection is the happy holiday must-have.

Country Living Perfect Patterns for Walls, Floors, Fabrics and Furniture Marie Proeller Hueston From stripes to checks and even novelty designs, patterns can make a room spectacular. But the choices can be intimidating: Can stripes and florals go together? Will a large-scale check work on a small-scale sofa? By showcasing their favorite looks, the editors of Country Living answer these and many other questions, offering tips on how to mix and match patterns for coordinated and eye-pleasing rooms.

Country Living Simple Country Wisdom 501 Old-Fashioned Ideas to Simplify Your Life Susan Waggoner Has life become a bundle of stress and mess? Top-selling author Susan Waggoner has the solution. This ingenious, fun-to-read illustrated guide--newly in paperback--offers tried-and-true household hints and practical solutions to everyday problems, from the “A-to-Z Guide to Food” to “The Tao of Laundry.” Whether it's a no-scrub trick to make bathroom faucets gleam or surefire advice on keeping your house harmonious with as little fuss as possible, Country Living Simple Country Wisdom is the key to creating a home that's cheerful, welcoming, and warm.

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2013 160 pages 978-1-5881-6860-3 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hard 8 1/2 X 10

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2011 128 pages 978-1-5881-6907-5 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: February 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6876-4 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 8X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2011 224 pages 978-1-5881-6850-4 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 6X9


Country Living Country Living Simple Sustainable Style Ways to Make a House Your Home Randy Florke with Nancy J. Becker This highly accessible decorating primer gets a beautiful new cover. Designer Randy Florke--who has been featured in Country Living, the New York Times, People magazine, and on the Today show--showcases his warm, homey, and sustainable heartland sensibility. Florke explores his "three muses" of design--comfort, economy, and color--and presents real-life examples of rooms that radiate charm. Comfort resides in line-dried quilts and overstuffed sofas. Economy means items chosen from flea markets, thrift stores, or grandmother's attic. Country color is the faded blue of crockery and the pale shades of damask tablecloths. Anyone hoping to transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary will find thrifty and stylish ways to design, plus a numerous "Quick Fix" sections with cheap, fast solutions to common … (See More)

Country Living Storage Style Pretty and Practical Ways to Organize Your Home Lesley Porcelli

Country Living The Farm Chicks Christmas

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2012 192 pages 978-1-6183-7052-5 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 1/2 X 10

New In Paperback Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2012 160 pages 978-1-5881-6994-5 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 8X9

New In Paperback

Merry Ideas for the Holidays Serena Thompson For “Farm Chick” Serena Thompson, Christmas means a house overflowing with ornaments, lights, cherished treasures, and the welcoming aroma of baking cookies. The Farm Chicks Christmas, now in paperback, celebrates the magic of the season with ideas for entertaining, decorating, tree trimming, and crafting, plus 17 recipes for yummy holiday sweets. As in The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, Serena shares delightful stories of her family and friends, reminding us of the importance of tradition at this special time of year. Includes three pages of adorable note cards and stickers!

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2012 128 pages 978-1-5881-6973-0 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 9X9

Country Living The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2010 144 pages 978-1-5881-6866-5 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 9X9

Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much Teri Edwards & Serena Thompson “Mompreneurs” Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards have achieved super-success, winning a following with their family-friendly food and craft projects. In a few short years, they established an annual antiques fair, created a line of products, and became contributing editors at Country Living. And fellow Farm Chicks across the country have embraced them, inspired by their warm motto: Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much. Now, fans can enjoy the duo's first book, which serves up 50 tasty recipes and 19 easy projects to bring Farm Chick style to your kitchen.


Country Living Country Living The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen Live Well, Laugh Often, Cook Much Teri Edwards & Serena Thompson Meet The Farm Chicks! “Mompreneurs” Serena Thompson and Teri Edwards have achieved super-success, winning fans everywhere with their creativity and family-friendly food and craft projects. In just a few short years, they’ve established an annual antiques fair, created a line of products (jewelry, clothing, stationery), and become contributing editors at Country Living. Now, the pair has written their first book, which tells their inspiring story while also serving up 50 simple and tasty recipes. Interspersed throughout are 19 easy projects to bring Farm Chick style to your kitchen.

Country Living The Handmade Home 75 Projects for Soaps, Candles, Picture Frames, Pillows, Wreaths & Scrapbooks The Editors of Country Living Country Living knows that beautiful handcrafted accents are as essential to home-sweet-home as a comfy cushion to sink into at the end of a long day. Whether it's richly indulgent herbal soaps, vintage-inspired woven pillows, a keepsake family album, or beeswax tapers to illuminate a dinner party, the 75 projects in this varied collection will warm your heart…and give a personal touch to every room in the house.

Country Living The Little Book of Pies & Tarts 50 Easy Homemade Favorites to Bake & Share The Editors of Country Living Nothing says “home sweet home” like the aroma of a freshly baked pie. Now it's easy to bring that sweetness into your kitchen! From basic ingredients and tools to essential techniques, this magnificent little cookbook explains everything needed to make perfect pies and tarts with ease. Rolling, shaping, and baking piecrusts will be a joy with the 50 foolproof recipes organized by difficulty-from a simple Banana Cream Pie to a savory Pesto and Ricotta Quiche to a sophisticated Strawberry Tart with a rosemary- and tarragon-scented crust.

Restore. Recycle. Repurpose. Create a Beautiful Home Randy Florke with Nancy J. Becker Renovation that’s eco-friendly…AND economically smart From Country Living contributing editor Randy Florke (Your House, Your Home) comes a gorgeous guide to decorating sustainably and inexpensively. Providing inspiration as well as instruction, Florke shows how everyone can achieve a look that’s both harmonious with the environment and beautiful. Color photographs show examples of rooms, all radiating country charm, created on a budget, and designed with the three “R”s in mind: restore, reuse, and repurpose. Florke clearly explains why going green is so important, how to use what’s already there, find a focus for every space, and determine what makes something environmentally friendly. Anyone hoping to transform a home from ordinary to … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2009 144 pages 978-1-5881-6729-3 $27.95 ($35.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: March 2011 224 pages 978-1-5881-6828-3 $17.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 8 X 9 1/2

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2011 144 pages 978-1-5881-6856-6 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2010 192 pages 978-1-5881-6769-9 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 1/2 X 10


Country Living A Very Modest Cottage Tereasa Surratt The amazing story of the charming little cottage that could—and the woman who rescued it "Tereasa's journey of renovation and resurrection proves that any one of us can make a difference when it comes to preservation." –James Peters, President, Landmarks Illinois

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2010 176 pages 978-1-5881-6797-2 $24.95 ($31.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 1/4 X 7 1/4

When Tereasa Surratt decided to restore a dilapidated old cabin to its original state AND move it 245 miles from Illinois to Wisconsin, everyone said she was crazy. But she saw potential where others saw junk, and knew that with hope and a hammer there is always a way. To her, this cottage was not just a building, but a precious piece of her childhood and hometown that she was determined to keep alive. A Very Modest Cottage follows Tereasa’s adventures as she rescues this gone-to-ruin cabin and gives it new … (See More)



Ideas & Inspirations for Celebrating in Style Marie Proeller Hueston Everybody has a little country in their heart, and this is for the bride who wants to embody the essence of country on her wedding day. Weddings presents page after page of evocative photos demonstrating how to infuse this most special of days with quintessential country touches that will appeal to a range of tastes. Broken into three sections—Choosing a Location, Designing the Day, and A Wedding Primer—brides are taken step by step through the planning of the perfect country wedding. Learn how to assess the pros and cons of various locations—both indoors and out—and the logistics involved, from setting up a catering area to obtaining the necessary permits. Then choose a theme and all the elements that go along with it, such as stationery, flowers, favors, and a wedding cake. … (See More)

Delish A Home-Baked Christmas 56 Delicious Cookies, Cakes & Gifts From Your Kitchen The Editors of Delish From a magnificent Gingerbread House and Mini Christmas Puddings to beautiful centerpieces and edible gifts, this luscious collection from has recipes for everybody's favorite holiday treats! Christmas will be especially merry with these thoughtful, beautiful, and tasty treasures, all presented in lavish and whimsical illustrations. With everything triple-tested for assured success, this will become an indispensable source of cherished family memories.

Delish Cooking School Learning to Cook Step-by-Step The Editors of Delish Delish Cooking School is in session! The very first cookbook from not only presents 450 fabulous triple-tested recipes; it's also a complete cooking course. With step-by-step photographs and detailed explanations of essential techniques--such as poaching a perfect egg, stuffing a chicken, glazing a ham, preventing pasta from sticking together, and more--this invaluable kitchen companion teaches beginners all the basics and helps more experienced cooks improve their skills and spice up their repertoire. Many of the recipes feature fail-safe, how-to advice that assures great results every time, whether you want to make a tender meatloaf, prevent pies from sagging in the middle, or bake really fudgy brownies. The delicious recipes include: Black Olive Tapenade * … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2010 144 pages 978-1-5881-6745-3 $19.95 ($25.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2012 128 pages 978-1-5881-6932-7 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7 eBook 978-1-58816-935-8 $9.99

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2012 688 pages 978-1-5881-6930-3 $34.95 ($41.95 Canadian) Hard 7 3/8 X 9 1/2


Delish Delish Cupcakes by Color More Than 100 Cupcakes to Dazzle and Amaze The Editors of Delish Seductively sweet cupcakes made 102 colorful ways are right at your fingertips with these mouthwatering recipes from, the leading website for home cooks everywhere. With this adorable spiral-bound cookbook, you'll learn to whip up gorgeous cupcakes--color by color, just right for every occasion. Spread the love on Valentine's Day with divine pink- and red- frosted treats loaded with decadent Chocolate Truffle Hearts. Celebrate summer with sunny yellow Fruity Citrus Wedges. Embrace the Christmas spirit with charming Christmas Berries and Minty Snowflakes cupcakes. Each tiny delight is a feast for the eyes and treat for the tongue.

Delish Family Slow Cooker Easy, Delicious Meals The Editors of Delish Want a meal that tastes like perfection? That's quick, easy, and affordable, too? Take it slowly! There's nothing more mouthwatering, more filled with flavor, than food prepared in the slow cooker--and the culinary experts at are here to show you how it's done. From hearty soups and stews to delectable roasts, zesty curries, and to-die-for desserts, this appetizingly photographed cookbook presents fresh-from-the-farm ingredients and marvelously simple cooking techniques. It has all the basic slow-cooker information you need, from which settings to use to how much liquid to add to what cuts of meat work best.


Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2012 136 pages 978-1-5881-6934-1 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7 eBook 978-1-58816-931-0 $9.99

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2012 136 pages 978-1-5881-6933-4 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9 eBook 978-1-58816-936-5 $9.99

The luscious recipes include: Balsamic and Port Beef Shanks * Chicken with Leeks and Artichokes * Ratatouille … (See More)

Esquire The Meaning of Life Wisdom, Humor, and Damn Good Advice from 64 Extraordinary Lives Edited by Ryan D'Agostino, introduction by David Granger From Esquire’s popular “What I’ve Learned” column comes a stunning collection of candid interviews with 64 actors, directors, musicians, economists, politicians, and other leaders. Every one of the impressive figures profiled here offers insights that reveal the humanity behind the famous face. Their words—often unguarded, open, and vulnerable—appear exactly as they were spoken, and the dramatic portraits accompanying each interview showcase photography’s brightest talents: Brigitte Lacombe, Bruce Davidson, Peggy Sirota, and Nigel Parry, among others. The lessons these larger-than-life personalities convey are funny, inspirational, very down-to-earth—and always captivating. The profiles include: Robert Altman - George Carlin - George … (See More)

Esquire The Rules A Man's Guide to Life The Editors of Esquire Magazine Now in paperback, this men's manual to life in the 21st century is out just in time for Father's Day! Derived from the magazine's popular feature, Esquire The Rules provides plenty of lighthearted reading, manly musings, and good advice. It's entertainment to live by, covering work to sex and everything in between-including Rule Number 581: If the bartender has a mullet, ordering a martini is probably a bad idea.

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2009 160 pages 978-1-5881-6646-3 $22.95 ($27.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 1/2 X 11

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2011 256 pages 978-1-5881-6881-8 $9.95 ($11.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 5 3/8 X 6


Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping Best-Loved Desserts More Than 250 Scrumptious Recipes The Editors of Good Housekeeping Desserts are a universal favorite, and this comprehensive collection, now available in paperback, has a sweet ending for any occasion! Mouthwatering color images present irresistible treats, from refreshing Grapefruit Sorbet to sinful brownies and elegant Baked Alaska. And every scrumptious recipe has been triple-tested for reliability and taste in Good Housekeeping’s famed test kitchens. Each chapter includes a “Basics” section with the techniques needed for that type of dessert, so anyone can master these pastries, soufflés, custards, cakes, meringues, ice creams, granitas, sauces, toppings, and more!

Good Housekeeping Blend It! 150 Sensational Recipes to Make in Your Blender The Editors of Good Housekeeping A new look for a popular Good Housekeeping cookbook! What could be better than a delicious, fast, and easy treat that’s simple to make and requires little cleanup? From frappes and smoothies to savory soups and delectable dips, here are 150 sensational recipes to make in your blender—all triple-tested for success in the famed Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen. There’s even a section on frozen cocktails. Enjoy a Blueberry Blast, curl up with a cup of Butternut-Apple Soup, and delight family and guests with Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip or Roasted Eggplant Dip with Herbs. Or try salad dressings, sauces, even batters for pancakes, crepes, and popovers. If there’s a blender sitting on your countertop, these recipes will keep it whirring!

Good Housekeeping Brownies! Favorite Recipes for Brownies, Blondies & Bar Cookies The Editors of Good Housekeeping Brownies, blondies, bars, squares, shortbread, and more: Good Housekeeping has packed nearly 100 triple-tested treats in this delectable cookbook. With its fresh look and a handful of new recipes to tingle the taste buds, this updated classic has a treat for everyone. You'll even find easy recipes for dressing up box mixes and a recipe for low-fat brownies (Healthy Makeover Brownies-with only 95 calories!).

Good Housekeeping Budget Dinners! 100 Recipes Your Family Will Love The Editors of Good Housekeeping Budget-friendly meals—many for $10 or less These days, we all want to spend less, eat better, and save time—and with this new cookbook, the experts from Good Housekeeping’s Test Kitchen show us how, with more than 100 low-cost, full-flavor, triple-tested recipes. Budget Dinners! goes beyond the usual “cheap eats.” With delicious dishes such as Pasta Ribbons with Chunky Vegetables, Chicken & Rosemary Dumplings, Braised Caraway Pork & Cabbage, and Szechuan Eggplant-Peanut Stir-Fry, no one will suspect that you’re making your dollars holler! But there’s more on the menu than just recipes. The Good Housekeeping experts also serve up creative shopping and cooking tips, including a 2-Week Super Savings Menu; Money-Saving Tips for Making Over … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: March 2010 384 pages 978-1-5881-6779-8 $19.95 ($25.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2010 176 pages 978-1-5881-6807-8 $14.95 ($19.50 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2010 160 pages 978-1-5881-6824-5 $14.95 ($19.50 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: March 2010 176 pages 978-1-5881-6812-2 $14.95 ($19.50 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9


Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping Chicken!

Revised Edition

Our Best Recipes from Easy Weeknight Stir-Fries & Grills to Succulent Roasts & Stews The Editors of Good Housekeeping Chicken is always a mealtime favorite because it's versatile, and easy and fast to prepare. Now home cooks will never run out of ways to serve this popular staple, thanks to this invaluable cookbook. It's filled with Good Housekeeping's most successful triple-tested chicken recipes, including Basil Chile Chicken Stir-Fry, Chicken Tostadas with Avocado Sauce, and Grilled Whole Chicken with Lemon and Garlic. Includes a step-by-step guide to roasting and carving a chicken, as well as other helpful how-tos.

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2012 160 pages 978-1-5881-6548-0 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9 eBook 978-1-58816-940-2 $9.99

Good Housekeeping Chocolate!

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2010 176 pages 978-1-5881-6825-2 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Favorite Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Puddings & Other Sublime Desserts From the Editors of Good Housekeeping Got a craving for something sinfully delicious? Just looking at the photographs of these more than 100 sweet sensations will make your mouth water: Dark Chocolate-Walnut Caramel Pie, Swiss Chocolate Almond Tort, and the willpower-melting Chocolate Nemesis. From cakes and cookies to pies and puddings, every recipe is delectable and each step easy to follow.

Good Housekeeping Classic Home Cooking 300 Traditional Recipes for Every Day Allen, Beth Home cooking never goes out of style—and neither do these dishes, from Southern Fried Chicken to New England Clam Chowder. Good Housekeeping presents the best of traditional American cuisine in one big, beautiful book, complete with delectable photos and the history of each dish--and now availabe in paperback. These are the time-tested, classic choices that families love and home cooks keep coming back to again and again, like Barbecued Ribs, Skillet Cornbread, and Strawberry Shortcake. Historical sidebars inform and entertain the reader with information on a variety of culinary subjects, from Friday Night Fish Fries to Victory Gardens.

Good Housekeeping Comfort Food! Scrumptious Classics Made Easy The Editors of Good Housekeeping Brought to you by America's most trusted authority on cooking: yesterday's favorites updated for today! Good Housekeeping presents a kitchen-full of home-style dishes that will warm heart and soul and leave your family with a lifetime's worth of wonderful memories. From perfect pastas to steaming soups and stews, crowd-pleasing classics to everyone's favorites sides, and, of course, sinfully delicious cookies, pies, and puddings, this is food like Mom used to make-all triple-tested to perfection. Comforting favorites include: New England Clam Chowder * Macaroni and Cheese * Chicken Gumbo Pot Pie Roasted Chicken with Winter Vegetables * Tuna Melt with Carrot-Raisin Salad * Potato Gratin with Gruyère * Sausage and Pepper Baked … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2010 368 pages 978-1-5881-6785-9 $19.95 ($25.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6884-9 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9


Good Housekeeping The Good Housekeeping Cookbook 1,275 Recipes from America's Favorite Test Kitchen Westmoreland, Susan In honor of the magazine's 125th anniversary, here is the revised and expanded edition of Good Housekeeping's trusty cook's companion! Filled with 1,275 delicious recipes, this indispensable kitchen reference also offers dependable information on cooking techniques, tools, ingredients, food handling, and nutrition. In addition to popular favorites like Southern Fried Chicken and Strawberry Shortcake, there are 168 new recipes attuned to today's lifestyles, all-new chapters devoted to Canning and Freezing, ideas for holiday celebrations, and mouthwatering new photography. And, as always, every recipe has been triple-tested and perfected for ease, reliability, and great taste in the famed Good Housekeeping Test Kitchens.

The Good Housekeeping Cookbook: The Bridal Edition 1,275 Recipes from America's Favorite Test Kitchen The Editors of Good Housekeeping Magazine This elegant bridal edition of Good Housekeeping's trusty cook's companion will help newlyweds get off to a delicious start as they launch their new life together. Featuring a 32-page color insert on outfitting, organizing, and maintaining the couple's shared kitchen, it includes 1,275 triple-tested recipes plus indispensable cooking and entertaining advice. More than just a cookbook, this special gift to the bride and groom will be an enduring symbol of best wishes in years to come. Topics include: -Selecting cookware, bakeware, appliances, and utensils from must-haves to aspirational items -Kitchen cleanup advice for floors, countertops, the refrigerator, and oven -Strategic decluttering, presented zone by zone -And much more!

Good Housekeeping Cookies!

Favorite Recipes for Dropped, Rolled & Shaped Cookies Hayes, Joanne Thanks to Good Housekeeping, the cookie jar will never be empty again! Whether fudgy or chewy, crisp or golden, the more than 100 triple-tested treats in this tempting collection pack loads of flavor in just a few luscious bites. Whip up warm kitchen memories with the best Linzer Cookies ever concocted, irresistible Butterscotch Fingers, Healthy Whole-Wheat Sugar Cookies, and Lemon Hearts that will melt in your mouth. With yummy-looking photos for nearly every treat, this cookbook boasts hot-from-the-oven perfection.

Good Housekeeping Drop 5 lbs The Small Changes, Big Results Diet Heather K. Jones, RD, and the editors of Good Housekeeping Sometimes it's the simple choices-like switching diet soda for regular; selecting a less-caloric sandwich at the fast food joint; stopping at just one dip into the candy bowl; filling up on salad rather than bread before your main course; or taking the kids for a bike ride instead of hanging out in front of the TV-that make the pounds melt away almost effortlessly. Whether you're a junk food junkie, an emotional eater, or even a mindless muncher, Good Housekeeping Drop 5 Pounds offers hundreds of ideas for small and very doable changes in your diet that can add up to significant weight loss. The Diet Decoder quiz right at the start helps you pinpoint your particular eating patterns and food pitfalls, priming you for a transformation. Then, follow the icons to identify customized strategies that ‌ (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2010 752 pages 978-1-5881-6813-9 $35.00 ($42.00 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 1/2 X 9 5/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2013 784 pages 978-1-5881-6904-4 $35.00 ($42.00 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 1/2 X 9 5/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2010 176 pages 978-1-5881-6826-9 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2010 272 pages 978-1-5881-6786-6 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 6X8


Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping Easy Gluten-Free! Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Every Meal The Editors of Good Housekeeping Going gluten-free is easy, thanks to Good Housekeeping's user-friendly and enticing new cookbook. It takes the challenge out of preparing tasty dishes for every meal. In addition to mouthwatering recipes for Morning Glory Muffins, Spaghetti Squash “Pasta” Puttanesca, and Flourless Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake, this collection contains a wealth of information on how to eliminate gluten from your diet. It helps you tell if you may benefit from a gluten-free diet; shop for, and cook with, readily available gluten-free ingredients; avoid hidden gluten in packaged foods and pantry staples; and prepare favorite foods… minus the gluten. With yummy dishes like Oven-Baked Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Tikka Masala, you'll almost forget you're eating gluten-free!

Good Housekeeping Fast Weeknight Favorites! Simply Delicious Meals in 30 Minutes or Less The editors of Good Housekeeping “What's for dinner--quick and easy?” That's the question anyone with a family to feed faces each day. Good Housekeeping's Test Kitchen experts come to the rescue with triple-tested recipes that taste great, work every time, and take just 30 minutes or less to prepare. These fast and easy meals can be made using a variety of methods, from stovetop to grill, and some don't even have to be cooked at all! Includes surefire family favorites like Low 'n' slow Pulled Pork, Skillet chicken Parmesan, Pesto & Mozzarella Pizza, and more.

Good Housekeeping Grains! 125 Delicious Whole-Grain Recipes from Barley & Bulgur to Wild Rice & More From the Editors of Good Housekeeping Nutritionists agree: it’s important to add more whole grains to the diet. Smart home cooks want to follow that advice—but how do they prepare such exotic foods as quinoa and kamut ? And will their families actually eat these unfamiliar grains? Good Housekeeping comes to the rescue with triple-tested, whole-grain rich recipes for every meal, all packaged in the popular 6 x 9 concealed spiral format that’s so easy to work with in the kitchen. The array of delicious choices include healthy versions of traditional favorites that even kids will love (Whole-Grain Gingersnaps, Multi-Grain Mac and Cheese) as well as new tastes packed with both flavor and fiber (Bulgur Bean Burgers, Warm Quinoa & Broccoli Salad with Carrot-Ginger Dressing). An introduction provides … (See More)

Good Housekeeping Grill It! Mouthwatering Recipes for Unbeatable Barbecue The Editors of Good Housekeeping Fire up the grill! America loves to barbecue, and the experts at Good Housekeeping have a bestselling collection of 100 sure-fire recipes-including ones new to this edition! Of course you'll learn how to make the perfect burger, but you'll also find Grilled Pesto and Mozzarella Pizzas, Mojito-Rubbed Chicken with Pineapple, Baby-Back Ribs Supreme, Shrimp Sonoma, Campfire Corn with Herb Butter, and much more. All the basics are here, including advice on accessories, terrific marinades, ideas for flavoring the fire, and instructions for preparing many faves indoors in a grill pan.

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2012 176 pages 978-1-5881-6870-2 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6877-1 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: February 2010 208 pages 978-1-5881-6728-6 $14.95 ($19.50 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2012 160 pages 978-1-5881-6939-6 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9


Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping Grilling More than 275 Perfect Year-Round Recipes The Editors of Good Housekeeping Fire up the grill-and everyone's appetite! America's favorite test kitchens and cooking method come together in Good Housekeeping's cornerstone title that serves up more than 275 delectable recipes to prepare both indoors and out. From panini to pizzas to 35 kinds of burgers--plus advice on techniques and informative sidebars--this is truly the complete grilling guide.

Good Housekeeping Light & Healthy Cooking 250 Delicious, Satisfying, Guilt-Free Recipes The Editors of Good Housekeeping Great-tasting food and guilt-free eating pleasure: with this brand-new collection of 250 light, healthy, and delicious recipes from Good Housekeeping, you don't have to sacrifice flavor to eat right. From a scrumptious homey lasagna to a strawberry-rhubarb crisp you'll be proud to serve, all these dishes are family-friendly. Not only do the recipes incorporate healthful ingredients, and have 30 percent or fewer calories from fat, but many take less than a half-hour to complete. You'll even find slimmed-down versions of beloved comfort foods like burritos, burgers, pizza, pastas, and brownies. With invaluable tips on counting calories, understanding food labels, sensible shopping, and more, this cookbook makes eating well simple and satisfying.

Good Housekeeping Pasta! Our Best Recipes from Fettucine Alfredo & Pasta Primavera to Sesame Noodles & Baked Ziti The Editors of Good Housekeeping Everyone loves pasta! This collection of Good Housekeeping's 100 all-time family favorites is sure to please. From cheesy raviolis to hearty baked casseroles, seafood classics, and whole-grain noodles with veggies, there's a triple-tested recipe for any occasion. Tips on selecting, preparing, and storing pasta--and the accompanying sauce--ensure great pasta every time.

Good Housekeeping Simple Vegan! Delicious Meat-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes Every Family Will Love The Editors of Good Housekeeping Whether you're embracing a vegan lifestyle, adding a few vegan dishes to your meal plan, or cooking for a guest, this book is your road map to delicious vegan food! From Pumpkin Waffles to Polenta with Spicy Eggplant Sauce to Deep Chocolate Cupcakes (and even Mac and Cheese!), this tasty collection offers 100 irresistible recipes the whole family will love-all triple-tested by the Good Housekeeping test kitchens.

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2011 304 pages 978-1-5881-6714-9 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: March 2012 304 pages 978-1-5881-6836-8 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6875-7 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: March 2011 160 pages 978-1-5881-6868-9 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9


Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping Stain Rescue! The A-Z Guide to Removing Smudges, Spots & Spills The Editors of Good Housekeeping Get that ketchup off your shirt and the crayon out of your couch with this ultimate A-Z stain-removal guide from the experts at The Good Housekeeping Institute. Now with a vibrant new design and photography, Stain Rescue reveals how to remove hundreds of stains from fabric, upholstery, and carpeting--quickly and easily. Organized by type of stain, it provides information on bleach, tools, and must-have products; mystery stains, stain prevention, and treating and storing heirloom textiles. You'll even see how to remove the top ten kid stains!

Good Housekeeping Step by Step Cookbook More Than 1,000 Recipes * 1,800 Photographs * 500 Techniques Westmoreland, Susan It’s all here: More than 1,000 time-tested delicious recipes, 1,800 photos, and the backing of America’s most trusted authority on food. Good Housekeeping Step by Step Cookbook features hundreds of techniques, all photographed. From stuffing beef tenderloin to fluting a pie crust, this kitchen essential shows you how to achieve flawless results. Charts display the proper temperatures for cooking each type of meat. Individual sections cover nutritional guidelines, foods for various diets, entertaining advice, and choosing wine. Of course, the dishes are enticing—from chili meat loaf to couscous stuffed artichokes, from salmon teriyaki to holiday feasts and tasty sweets. It’s a must for every home cook!

The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook Essential Recipes for Every Home Cook The Editors of Good Housekeeping Here is the first ring-binder cookbook from the famed Good Housekeeping test kitchens--where every dish is triple-tested for ease, reliability, and great taste. These 375 delicious recipes, specially selected by the test kitchen as any home cook's essential go-to collection, are paired with irresistible color photographs and the magazine's unmatched kitchen know-how.

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2012 288 pages 978-1-5881-6938-9 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2008 576 pages 978-1-5881-6760-6 $29.95 ($32.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 8 1/2 X 10 7/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2011 690 pages 978-1-5881-6905-1 $29.95 ($35.95 Canadian) Hard 6 1/2 X 9 1/2

- Recipes include colorful icons to indicate at-a-glance low-calorie, heart-healthy, 30-minute meals, make-ahead, and slow-cooker choices. Chapters cover everything from appetizers to desserts, and there are special chapters on one-dish meals, vegetarian main meals, and fast weeknight meals. - Includes smart phone tags that link to 35 helpful Good Housekeeping how-to cooking videos. The user simply scans the tags with a free … (See More)

The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookie Lover's Cookbook Gooey, Chewy, Sweet & Luscious Treats The Editors of Good Housekeeping What's tasty and tempting enough to follow hot on the heels of Good Housekeeping's Test Kitchen Cookbook? Yummy cookies and brownies! This superlative collection straight from the magazine's famed Test Kitchens features 250 of the most luscious recipes ever created, along with irresistible photos, a handy ringbinder format, and links to 20 cookie-making videos. Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookie Lover's Cookbook features: -Triple-tested and tasted recipes guaranteed to work in any conventional oven with any brand of ingredients, no matter what -Chapters on cookie-jar favorites, easy-to-shape cookies, brownies, blondies and bars, health-conscious cookies, and holiday cookies -Baking advice, tips, and essential techniques from the Test Kitchen pros -More than 200 color photographs

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2012 444 pages 978-1-5881-6963-1 $29.95 ($35.95 Canadian) Hard 6 1/2 X 9 1/2


Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping The Cookie Jar Cookbook 65 Recipes for Classic, Chunky & Chewy Cookies The Editors of Good Housekeeping Includes tear-out perforated cards! Who put the cookies in the cookie jar? Good Housekeeping…and you! From Thumbprint Jammies and Chocolate Chunk to Whole-Grain Gingersnaps and Triple-Nut Biscotti, these 65 treasured recipes guarantee you'll have a something yummy in the kitchen for every occasion. Whether for after-school snacks, coffee breaks, holiday get-togethers, or midnight munchies, each of these triple-tested treats is guaranteed to come out perfectly. Plus, the book features tear-out perforated blank recipe cards-great for cookie gift giving.

Good Housekeeping The Great Bake Sale Cookbook 75 Sure-Fire Fund-Raising Favorites From the Editors of Good Housekeeping “Mom—I need 3 dozen cupcakes for the school bake sale…tomorrow!” Here’s the book to grab when you hear those words. Good Housekeeping comes to the rescue with 75 tasty favorites for sure-fire fundraising success. From cupcakes to brownies, jumbo cookies to spiced nuts, these triple-tested recipes have been specially selected for this collection. You’ll find long-time favorites and fresh new ideas—all easy to make and easy to portion and package for sale. An extensive introductory chapter covers the basics of bake sales—from organizing tips to creative ideas for packaging and display. And there’s a set of removable decorative labels included, with plenty of room for listing the price and ingredients of your baked goods.

Good Housekeeping The Great Christmas Cookie Swap Cookbook 60 Large-Batch Recipes to Bake and Share The Editors of Good Housekeeping Butterscotch Fingers, Chocolate Crinkles, Gingerbread Cut-Outs, Peppermint Meringues: all these Christmas cookies sound delectable, but nobody can bake dozens of recipes at the same time. The solution? A swap! All across America, families, neighbors, community, and church groups gather at Christmas cookie swaps, where each participant brings a large batch of his or her favorite recipe to share. Everyone fills a plate or tin with samplings of the tasty treats; the more people, the merrier—and the more kinds of cookies to try. It’s a fun way to enjoy a variety of Christmas tastes without doing all the work yourself—and to celebrate with those you love. Good Housekeeping helps home bakers enter into the joy, camaraderie, and pure deliciousness of this tradition with a new collection of … (See More)

Good Housekeeping The Little Book of Baking 55 Homemade Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes & Pies to Make & Share The Editors of Good Housekeeping You don't need to be an experienced baker to turn out sweet sensations with these 55 triple-tested, no-fail recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and tarts straight from Good Housekeeping's test kitchens. Tips from the pros and easy-to-follow directions ensure satisfying success. You'll find the classics plus new delectable treats, including Oatmeal Chocolate-Cherry Cookies, Chocolate-Almond Meringues, Strawberry Cheesecake Pie, Mango Tart, and more. Plus: perforated blank recipe cards for gift giving!

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2011 128 pages 978-1-5881-6838-2 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2009 192 pages 978-1-5881-6787-3 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2009 160 pages 978-1-5881-6757-6 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2012 128 pages 978-1-5881-6972-3 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7 eBook 978-1-58816-977-8 $9.99


Good Housekeeping Roast It! Good Housekeeping Favorite Recipes More Than 140 Savory Recipes for Meat, Poultry, Seafood & Vegetables The Editors of Good Housekeeping A popular Good Housekeeping cookbook gets a whole new look! Roasting is a great way to prepare a scrumptious meal with a minimum of fuss. The experts at Good Housekeeping show how to get superb results every time, with 140 savory (and sometimes sweet) recipes that yield crisp yet juicy meats, moist and succulent fish, and tender vegetables. From low-stress weeknight suppers to show-stopping holiday dinners, Roast It! has something for every occasion, including Classic Roast Turkey with Giblet Gravy, Maple-Glazed Salmon, Roasted Green Beans with Mint and Oregano, and Roasted Vanilla Pears.

Stain Rescue! The A-Z Guide to Removing Smudges, Spots & Other Spills From the Good Housekeeping Research Institute Ink, chocolate, makeup, grass: whatever the stain, Good Housekeeping’s new, amazingly comprehensive guide explains how to get it out. Ketchup spots on a shirt? Crayon scrawls inexplicably decorating the couch? Scuff marks tracked on the floor? Go straight to this A to Z reference for The Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s immediate, easy-to-follow answers for removing stains from clothes, upholstery, and carpets. And that’s not all: you’ll get invaluable information on the best ways to use bleach, which stain-removal tools and products really work, how to identify mystery messes, and more. There’s even advice on treating the top ten kid-created stains! For more than a century, The Good Housekeeping Research Institute has offered guidance to grateful … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2009 224 pages 978-1-5881-6806-1 $14.95 ($19.50 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 6X9

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2007 288 pages 978-1-5881-6478-0 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Harper's Bazaar Harper's Bazaar Fashion Your Guide to Personal Style Lisa Armstrong, edited by Meenal Mistry, foreword by Glenda Bailey With nearly three million sophisticated readers, Harper's Bazaar has an audience with a well-honed eye for style. That's why the magazine's newest guide will quickly become the must-have accessory for fashion-conscious women everywhere. Through fabulous photos-including a gallery of gorgeous celebrity shots, from Kate Moss to Michelle Obama-Harper's Bazaar Fashion helps readers express their personality, create a “uniform” they can build on, and choose the right pieces to put a distinctive stamp on their wardrobe. Harper's Bazaar Fashion both inspires by exploring iconic moments in the history of personal style and instructs by offering the rules of dressing for every occasion from the office to an island getaway.

Harper's Bazaar Great Style Best Ways to Update Your Look Jenny Levin, foreword by Glenda Bailey “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” —Coco Chanel

With 2.9 million sophisticated readers, Harper’s Bazaar has an audience with an eye for style. That’s why this elegant and lively guide—filled with fabulous fashion and celebrity photography demonstrating the best looks—will quickly capture their attention and become the must-have accessory. Written by the magazine’s Senior Fashion News Editor, it reveals the secrets of the world’s most fashionable women, and how to identify the look that’s just right for you. And this is not about here-today, gone-tomorrow fads, but practical know-how about timeless style. From building a perfect wardrobe to the ten commandments of dressing, from flattering your figure to choosing … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2010 208 pages 978-1-5881-6865-8 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2010 240 pages 978-1-5881-6800-9 $19.95 ($25.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 7X8


House Beautiful The Finishing Touch Details That Make a Room Beautiful Carol Spier Details bring a room to life—and House Beautiful shows how to make every room special by accentuating exquisite finishing touches. Packaged in the same appealing format as House Beautiful The Apartment Book, this gorgeous compendium showcases the magazine’s favorite looks and explains exactly why they work. Each chapter covers a different room, focusing on such eye-catching features as colorful crockery on open kitchen shelves, elaborate glass chandeliers shimmering with light in the dining room, scenic wall treatments, and crystal beads sparkling on pillows. From glamorous to minimalist, there are beautiful examples for every taste, and each chapter has an introduction, a gallery of photos, tips, and three sidebars focusing on popular decorating styles. Quotes from top designers appear … (See More)

House Beautiful 1000 Sensational Makeovers Great Ideas to Create Your Ideal Home The Editors of House Beautiful The ultimate showcase of House Beautiful's best home decorating tips--in one spectacular volume! Brimming with hundreds and hundreds of stunning photos, and a thousand inspiring ideas from two of House Beautiful's most successful books--500 Sensational Ways to Create Your Ideal Home and 500 Makeovers--this lavish collection is packed with suggestions for every type of home renovation project. Whether you're planning a large-scale transformation or doing a quick touch up, you'll find terrific advice in easy-to-manage bite-size doses, all organized by room or design element.

House Beautiful 500 Makeovers Great Ideas & Quick Changes The Editors of House Beautiful Magazine You don’t have to revamp everything to revive your home; little things actually do make a big difference. Approaching your space with a fresh eye can lead to simple changes that miraculously create a whole new look overnight. Whatever the scope of your project—small space or large, minor update or major overhaul—House Beautiful can help. The 500 professional-quality ideas found in this comprehensive, lavishly illustrated book will help clarify your decorating vision and make the task ahead seem wonderfully manageable…even enjoyable! The guide is organized by basic design elements—Balance, Simplicity, Impact, Function, Details, and Color—that provide the foundation for any decorating project and an easy-to-understand roadmap to re-dos. Apply them to any aspect of a … (See More)

House Beautiful 750 Designer Secrets Exclusive Design Ideas from the Pros Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. House Beautiful gives us an inside look at how interior designers create their magic. It's savvy, elegant, inspiring, and sure to equal the success of 750 Decorating & Design Ideas, which has sold nearly 65,000 copies. Even those of us with great taste and a natural talent for decorating know that there are certain insider design skills and secrets accessible only to professionals with years of experience. House Beautiful: 750 Designer Secrets gives everyone access to this precious knowledge. This spectacular, expansive collection of more than 400 photographs leaves no doorknob unturned, as some of the country's most creative decorators reveal their design know-how. They'll help amateurs understand scale and proportion, as well as how to decorate with color and pattern, add atmospheric lighting, … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2009 272 pages 978-1-5881-6701-9 $24.95 ($26.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 6 3/4 X 8 1/2

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2011 960 pages 978-1-5881-6889-4 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 3/8 X 6 3/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2008 480 pages 978-1-5881-6694-4 $24.95 ($26.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 3/8 X 6 3/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2005 448 pages 978-1-5881-6476-6 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 9 X 12


House Beautiful House Beautiful Blue 350 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with Blue Lisa Cregan The definitive book on the most popular color in decorating--beautifully wrapped in gorgeous blue fabric. Filled with hundreds of decorating ideas that professional interior designers have used successfully in their own rooms, House Beautiful Blue explains how to showcase blue throughout a home and how to mix it with other colors and patterns. From wall paints and fabrics, furniture and accessories, the stunning blue palette you'll live with happily for years is right here.

House Beautiful Colors for Your Home 300 Designer Favorites The Editors of House Beautiful Magazine What transforms a room from monotone to magical? Color! So, if you’re nervous about splashing that white with bright, this conveniently portable primer based on House Beautiful’s most popular column will help. With special insider advice from top designers, plus a directory of actual paint swatches, this book is the most comprehensive and appealing color resource available today. All the colors are searchable by shade and by room, and every paint is accompanied by its manufacturer, name, and number, so you can match what you want right from the book. The guide’s unique format makes everything easy. Noted designers with long and distinguished careers offer suggestions for every room and mood. They provide advice on which shades to start with and which to experiment with, the classic … (See More)

House Beautiful Decorating with Books

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2011 272 pages 978-1-5881-6823-8 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2008 288 pages 978-1-5881-6739-2 $16.95 ($19.95 Canadian) Flexibound 5X7

New In Paperback

Marie Proeller Hueston Now in paperback, this stylish guide offers a wealth of inspiring photos and ideas for using books as a decorative element in any home. You know that a good book can transport you to another world. But did you realize that books can also transform your home? In the words of legendary designer Billy Baldwin, books are “the best decoration.” From grand bookcases in home libraries to casual stacks artfully arrayed on chairs, House Beautiful presents countless eye-catching ideas for displaying and arranging your hardcovers, paperbacks, encyclopedias, and even valuable first editions to bring warmth, color, and character to a room. From traditional interpretations to contemporary visions, these concepts write a new page in design.

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2012 144 pages 978-1-5881-6847-4 $19.95 ($23.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 8 1/2 X 10

House Beautiful Fabrics for Your Home

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2010 288 pages 978-1-5881-6741-5 $16.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Flexibound 5X7

340 Designer Favorites Jennifer Boles House Beautiful’s follow-up to the popular Colors for Your Home A great book deserves an equally impressive sequel—and House Beautiful Fabrics for Your Home provides the perfect mix of practical information and inspiration for the home decorator. This conveniently portable primer will help novice and expert alike select and match the ideal fabrics for every room. Featuring advice from more than 60 top designers, along with actual swatches gathered by the editors of House Beautiful, it allows readers to select the fabrics that will add style and charm to their home. BOOK INCLUDES: - 24 mix-and-match fabric combinations, drawn from the well-received “Instant Room” columns that run each month in House Beautiful - 48 examples of fabrics blending harmoniously in … (See More)


House Beautiful House Beautiful Kitchens Creating a Beautiful Kitchen of Your Own Lisa Cregan A beautiful, large-format follow-up to House Beautiful's Home Book.

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2012 336 pages 978-1-5881-6900-6 $40.00 ($48.00 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 X 11

Kitchens big and small, old fashioned and coolly modern, stylish and inviting: House Beautiful presents the ultimate designs for the most loved and used room in the house. Some of the country's finest designers usher you through the kitchens they created--often their own--explaining how they arrived at their decorating choices and showcasing eye-catching options. The styles range from “Farm Nouveau” to quintessential Scandinavian to a bold, bright “Rhapsody in Blue.” “Stalking the Look” sections help you source everything from lamps to unique appliances, and breakout sessions focus on special issues, such as planning, color consults, and energy efficiency. Includes kitchens designed for … (See More)

House Beautiful Style 101 400 Designer Secrets to a Beautiful Home Lisa Cregan Want to change your home? Baffled by all the available design choices? House Beautiful helps you define your style--and get the look you love in every room. With advice and insider tips from dozens of designers, this entry in the magazine's popular pocket guide series (which includes Colors for Your Home and Fabrics for Your Home) simplifies all your decorating decisions. A fun visual quiz helps you get started. Then an overview of hallmark elements and designers for five distinct decorating styles leads into room-by-room insider advice on selecting everything from furnishings and colors to carpets, window treatments, and lighting. It's a fresh approach to decorating!

House Beautiful The Apartment Book

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2011 288 pages 978-1-5881-6883-2 $16.95 ($19.95 Canadian) Flexibound 5X7

Revised Edition

Smart Decorating for Any Room – Large or Small Carol Spier This updated edition of House Beautiful's classic The Apartment Book features a fully revised interior design and new photos but retains its focus on making your first apartment a showpiece of style. Arranged room-by-room, the book surveys a wide array of decorating techniques, showing professionally decorated rooms and real-life examples of before-and-after projects. Informative sidebars provide the how-to for storage, lighting, painting, entertaining, hanging art, and more. Available in hardcover for the first time, The Apartment Book will inspire you to make your living space personal, upscale, functional, and beautiful!

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2012 272 pages 978-1-5881-6986-0 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hard 6 3/4 X 8 1/2

Marie Claire Healthy Eating

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2012 192 pages 978-1-5881-6808-5 $17.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 8 X 10

Marie Claire Eat Right to Look Great The Editors of Marie Claire It's true: you really ARE what you eat! Eating healthfully can transform your skin, your hair, your body, and even boost your self-confidence. This lavish new book will help you select tempting, delicious foods that will keep you looking and feeling your very best. Top dermatologists, physicians, personal trainers, dieticians, and makeup artists share a wealth of knowledge, explaining the nutritional science behind food in simple, no-nonsense language. You'll learn that making changes to your diet can be easy as well as pleasurable. As a bonus, dozens of simple menus and recipes are provided, designed to boost your energy, improve your complexion and hair, or incorporate a trouble-free detox into your daily routine.


Marie Claire Marie Claire Outfit 911 Fabulous Fixes for Every Fashion Emergency Joyce Corrigan Got a fashion emergency? Here's your lifeline, anytime, for any occasion! Marie Claire Outfit 911 has the 411 on wardrobe essentials, whether you're heating things up for an all-night beach party or dressing to impress in the boardroom. Filled with inspiring images of the most fashion-forward celebs, this style safety manual showcases time-tested tips from the magazine's editors as well as the design world's most astute gurus like Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan. And these accessible, classic pieces are adaptable to a range of ages and budgets. Featuring a cute design and an eye-catching package, Marie Claire Outfit 911 is the answer to every woman's prayers.

Publisher: Hearst Published: February 2012 184 pages 978-1-5881-6871-9 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 7X8

Popular Mechanics The Boy Mechanic Makes Toys 159 Games, Toys, Tricks, and Other Amusements The Editors of Popular Mechanics It’s vintage fun! This follow-up to The Boy Mechanic—Popular Mechanics’ collection of can-do ingenuity from the early 1900s—features more than 200 unique toys and games that anyone with a basic tool kit will want to make, plus the unusual and attractive rounded, flexibound format. Charmingly designed to capture that old-fashioned flavor, every imaginative project remains as engaging today as ever, with its appeal fully intact. There’s amusement for little kids, including a toy donkey that nods and wags its tail; a child’s playhouse and a miniature windmill; magic tricks, such as an “X-Ray” pack of cards and mystery coin box; items for the great outdoors, which range from a homebuilt canoe to a diving tower; plus gizmos and gadgets, … (See More)

The Boy Scientist 160 Extraordinary Experiments & Adventures The Editors of Popular Mechanics Science has never been so much fun! The Boy Scientist offers all the vintage appeal of Popular Mechanics’s popular Boy Mechanic series combined with daring adventures in the laboratory. Taken from the turn-of-the-twentieth-century issues of Popular Mechanics magazine, these 160 experiments—based on chemistry, math, and physics—carry on the Popular Mechanics’s tradition of making science engaging and entertaining. And even though technology has changed, and our knowledge of how things work has grown, the underlying scientific principles behind these activities remain sound. The projects include constructing a homemade mariner’s compass; microscope without a lens; telescopic rangefinder; figuring out the height of a tall tree with the help of the sun; magnetizing watches … (See More)

How to Carve a Turkey And 99 Other Skills Every Man Should Know Petersen, C. J. Written in the same witty yet authoritative tone as When Duct Tape Isn’t Enough, this newest compilation from Popular Mechanics teaches 100 essential skills that every man should master. Sure, you can pay someone to do any job, but any man worthy of the title will resist the temptation and take charge himself, competently tackling everyday tasks, occasional duties, and whatever emergency the world throws at him. How to Carve a Turkey teaches the necessary skills that will impress friends and family—and sometimes save a life: With these step-by-step instructions, real men: - Handle critical situations: learn how to escape a sinking car, put out a fire with an extinguisher, escape a burning building, and stop a bleeding wound - Are handy around the house: rewire a lamp, paint a room, and move … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: June 2007 272 pages 978-1-5881-6639-5 $9.95 ($11.95 Canadian) Flexibound 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2009 240 pages 978-1-5881-6771-2 $9.95 ($12.95 Canadian) Flexibound 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2009 192 pages 978-1-5881-6753-8 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7


Popular Mechanics Man Crafts Leather Tooling, Fly Tying, Ax Whittling, and Other Cool Things to Do The Editors of Popular Mechanics As its servicemen returned home at the end of World War II, the U.S. Army turned to Popular Mechanics to help them find new and lucrative occupations. A series of ten pamphlets was created, teaching skills that were “fun to do and profitable too.” Reprinted here for the first time in a single volume, and featuring all of the original artwork, these mini instructional courses will entertain men of all ages—even if their workbench is really the living room coffee table! From leather crafts and bookbinding to block printing and cartooning, there’s a hobby to be found here for anyone. More ambitious readers may consider learning coping saw techniques, or even axe crafts, which entail making rustic furniture and fixtures using a single hatchet. As charming today as it was industrious … (See More)

Popular Mechanics 75 Tools Every Man Needs And How to Use Them Like a Pro James Kidd What shoes are to women, tools are to men--and while guys want them all, they need to know which ones are really essential for their arsenal. Welcome to Popular Mechanic's ultimate toolkit guide, filled with facts on 75 tools that every man should own. It covers not only the expected choices (a sledgehammer, drill, and circular saw), but also some surprises that make perfect sense when you think about them-like earmuffs, a cold chisel, and a chalk line. Purchase tips, plus details on what each tool does and how to use it, make this book as indispensable as a hammer and wrench.

Popular Mechanics How to Charm a Bird Create a Backyard Haven with Birdhouses, Baths & Feeders The Editors of Popular Mechanics What does it take to get birds of all feathers to flock together in any backyard? These crafty birdhouses, baths, and feeders—presented in a charming retro package, complete with vintage illustrations drawn from the Popular Mechanics archive—will having them flying right over! How to Charm a Bird reveals the practical tips and little-known tricks necessary to tempt birds into your yard and garden—a feat that’s actually a little more difficult than it might first appear. This lovely volume includes chapters on subjects like: - Customizing birdhouses and baths to attract particular species - Attracting birds in the colder months as well as spring/summer - Building feeders that stay safe from predators such as cats or squirrels

Popular Mechanics Shed Nation Design, Build & Customize the Perfect Shed for Your Yard Dan Eckstein Become a citizen of Shed Nation! With hardworking advice from Popular Mechanics on designing, building, and customizing a shed for any yard, this is the ultimate inspirational handbook for every homeowner. There are innovative plans for building several sheds, each with a different practical use, as well as contributions from Popular Mechanics readers who share their own designs. The sheds include: - Small Is Beautiful: A 6’ x 8’ shed with solid framing, plywood sheathing, and cedar siding. It’s big enough to hold a variety of tools, but won’t dominate the backyard. - The Groundskeeper: This 9’ x 13’ shed with a spacious layout and a crisp, no-frills design is ideal for the beginning DIYer. - The Big Red Shed: This handsome shed is a … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2009 176 pages 978-1-5881-6793-4 $9.95 ($11.95 Canadian) Paper 5 X 7 1/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2011 176 pages 978-1-5881-6872-6 $14.95 ($17.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: June 2010 176 pages 978-1-5881-6720-0 $9.95 ($12.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 5 X 7 1/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2010 192 pages 978-1-5881-6712-5 $19.95 ($25.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 7X8


Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics The Amazing Weapons That Never Were Robots, Flying Tanks & Other Machines of War Gregory Benford Between 1910 and 1970, scientists and military experts made hundreds of predictions in Popular Mechanics about the future of warfare. Some of those prophecies were downright nuts, while others veered eerily close to reality. This collection of vintage articles, with their stunning original art, will spark the imagination of every military buff, retrophile, and futurist. And the jacket unfolds into an amazing 24” x 19” poster of fantastic machines, blasters, and flying tanks. Astrophysics professor, science-fiction author, and NASA advisor Gregory Benford provides an introduction to every chapter.

Popular Mechanics The Art of Mechanical Drawing A Practical Course for Drafting and Design William F. Willard Before our modern age of computer-aided design, apprentice draftsmen perfected their art by hand. Manual drafting was once a lovingly nurtured and prized skill. Now, the editors of Popular Mechanics have revived their classic handbook in a compact and beautifully produced new edition. Graphic designers, engineers, artists—in fact, anyone who appreciates the craft of hand-drawn design—will be fascinated by this lovely volume. More than an introduction to a different era, this practical course will teach a beginner everything he or she needs to know, including explanation of the tools required, geometric exercises for various difficulty levels, and an expansive glossary of terms. A special course for novices teaches the fundamentals of drafting in seven easy steps. With its brand new … (See More)

Popular Mechanics The Complete Boy Mechanic

359 Fun & Amazing Things to Build The Editors of Popular Mechanics The Boy Mechanic--bigger and better! This handsome hardcover features every one of the fantastic vintage projects and handy advice from both The Boy Mechanic and The Boy Mechanic Makes Toys.

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2012 200 pages 978-1-5881-6862-7 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2009 176 pages 978-1-5881-6759-0 $9.95 ($10.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 4 1/2 X 6 5/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: February 2012 536 pages 978-1-5881-6859-7 $12.95 ($14.95 Canadian) Hard 5 X 7 5/8

Taken from the turn-of-the-last-century volumes of The Boy Mechanic, these 359 projects are still doable and delightful today. Like a miscellany for the home how-to crowd, the book offers instructions for making toy boats and planes, hammocks, sleds, skates, and special equipment for your own spy lab (such as periscopes), as well as fortunetelling tricks, illusions, games, and more. Charming original illustrations throughout make this an appealing, nostalgic, and fun guide for everyone.

Popular Mechanics The Pocket Genius 563 Facts That Make You the Smartest Person in the Room Randol, Susan Which 1958 invention can be used to repair a broken taillight, reassemble a vase, close wounds, and lift fingerprints? How fast (in milliseconds) does a batter have to react in order to hit a fastball hurtling in at 90 mph? What's the easiest way to demagnetize a screwdriver? Test your grasp of scientific trivia with this handy pocket-sized book, complied by the editors of Popular Mechanics. It's chock-full of brainteasers, multiple-choice questions, and amazing facts on cars, home how-to, nature, sports, science and technology, and much more.

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2012 176 pages 978-1-5881-6879-5 $9.95 ($11.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 5 3/8 X 6


Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics The Wonderful Future that Never Was Flying Cars, Mail Delivery by Parachute, and Other Predictions from the Past Gregory Benford Between 1903 and 1969, scientists and other experts made hundreds of predictions in Popular Mechanics about what the future would hold. Here are the very best of them, complete with the original, visually stunning retro art plus chapter introductions by astrophysics professor, science-fiction author, and former NASA advisor Gregory Benford. “Endlessly fascinating.”-- Booklist. “ A wonderful coffee-table book that you will also want to read page-by-page.”--Joe Haldeman, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of The Forever War. “All these fantastically fabulous futures, and I get to live in none of them--and no, having an iPod Touch does not make up for it--but at least I have this book, which almost does.”--John Scalzi, bestselling author of Old … (See More)

Popular Mechanics What Went Wrong

Investigating the Worst Man-made and Natural Disasters William Hayes and the editors of Popular Mechanics Combining original reporting with dramatic photographs and detailed illustrations, Popular Mechanics looks at the science behind the most devastating events of the past 100 years—including San Francisco’s 7.8 earthquake in 1906, the Gulf oil spill, the Apollo 13 Space Mission, and Hurricane Katrina’s devastating landfall near New Orleans. Plus, each chapter includes practical advice on surviving disasters, from industrial accidents to deadly tsunamis. Coverage spans from 1900 to today, and includes: Earthquakes • Volcanic Eruptions • Fires • Blizzards and Avalanches • Tornadoes • Hurricanes • Floods • Aviation and Space … (See More)

Popular Mechanics When Duct Tape Just Isn't Enough Quick Fixes for Everyday Disasters C. J. Petersen Popular Mechanics knows: there are two types of people in the world—those able to fix whatever goes bust, and those who beg the first group for help when something goes wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because this easy-to-follow guide will give anyone the basics to tackle those frustrating (and sometimes nerve-wracking) quandaries that crop up around the house: plumbing problems, electrical snafus, appliance failures, computer and electronics breakdowns, pest infestations, and furniture in need of renewal. They range from the serious to the merely annoying, but every one is cause for concern. So, whether the issue is a fast repair for a running toilet or a leaking pipe, or a simple, inexpensive way to keep deer from pillaging the garden, it’s all in here.

Popular Mechanics Who's Spying On You? The Looming Threat to Your Privacy, Identity, and Family in the Digital Age Erik Sofge, Davin Coburn and the Editors of Popular Mechanics It's not paranoia; we ARE being watched. Today, thanks to technology and new media--cell phone GPS, backscatter scanners, online financial transactions, cloud-stored medical records, Facebook and Twitter--our every activity can be quietly monitored. And now that inexpensive gene sequencing seems imminent, even our bodies' secrets may be up for grabs. This groundbreaking investigation shows how America's privacy is under assault--and what we can do to protect ourselves. Covering everything from the News of the World hacking scandal to identity and credit theft, Popular Mechanics Who's Spying On You? features stories of real people whose privacy has been violated. It looks at the technology powering those intrusions, reveals the advances in security that may eventually … (See More)

New In Paperback Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2012 208 pages 978-1-5881-6975-4 $17.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2011 240 pages 978-1-5881-6545-9 $24.95 ($29.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2007 216 pages 978-1-5881-6565-7 $12.95 ($13.95 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2012 176 pages 978-1-5881-6858-0 $17.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Paper 5 1/2 X 8 1/4 eBook 978-1-58816-946-4 $9.99


Popular Mechanics When Changing a Lightbulb Just Isn't Enough 150 Ways to Slash Your Household Bills & Save Energy, Too Anderson, Emily There are many environmental reasons to go green—but did you know that eco-friendly choices are often financially smart choices, too? These Popular Mechanics–approved strategies offer double the value, conserving both money and natural resources at the same time. Best of all, you’ll get many simple solutions for common problems to implement in your own home. So if thinking globally seems too daunting, think locally—because even small changes can really add up. Want to lower your carbon footprint…and your bills? Popular Mechanics can help! - Find out how to reduce energy use, from insulating and greening the materials you use in and around the house to selecting the right appliances - Save water on your lawn care (and save on water bills) - Retrofit your car to lower harmful … (See More)

Why a Curveball Curves


The Incredible Science of Sports Foreword by Robert Lipsyte, edited by Frank Vizard Sports. They get our blood pumping and our hearts racing. Fans scream and cheer as their favorite athletes run, throw, pedal, dive, or swing their way to victory. But what makes an athlete successful? Why do some players excel when others fall behind? In Why a Curveball Curves, the experts at Popular Mechanics, along with top athletes, coaches, and sports journalists, explore the science behind sports. Fluid dynamics, biomechanics, and technology determine everything from speed in cycling to protection in football to performance measurement in all sports. This book is designed for both the player and the fan, helping athletes become better-prepared and giving enthusiasts a more complete understanding and appreciation of competition. The issues discussed range from Tiger’s swing to Lance’s … (See More)

Seventeen 500 Beauty Tips Look Your Best for School, Weekend, Parties & More! Seventeen Magazine You always want to look great! So the editors of Seventeen, the fashion and beauty guidebook for teen girls and young women, have collected 500 of their best expert tips to ensure that you look great for any occasion. Inside, you’ll find easy-to-follow tricks for school, a party, or just hanging out with the girls. You’ll learn how to tame your hair, play up your skin tone, bring out your natural glow, soothe sensitive skin, make lips look fuller, and highlight your personal style—whether it’s flirty, fun, glamorous, or wild! And every tip takes no time at all—so you won’t spend all day in front of the mirror.

Seventeen 500 Health & Fitness Tips Eat Right, Work Out Smart, and Look Great! Foye, Meghann With Seventeen's great workouts and nutrition advice, any girl can get in super shape in time for spring break-without resorting to unsafe or fad diets. The third in Seventeen's popular 500 Tips series, this chunky, colorful volume focuses on eating right rather than dieting, and takes real life into account by suggesting better choices at the fast-food joints where friends typically gather. Fitness guidance comes from Seventeen's celebrity trainers, who reveal how their clients got their tight bodies and offer 33 star-proven, butt-blasting, boredom-ending workouts. They're designed specifically to keep your energy high, and include: o Radu Teodorescu's Workout in the Park o Ramona Braganza's Event Ready in Two Weeks o Keli Roberts's 17-Minute Total Body Workout

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2009 208 pages 978-1-5881-6748-4 $14.95 ($19.50 Canadian) Concealed Spiral-Bound Hard 5X7

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2009 224 pages 978-1-5881-6794-1 $17.95 ($23.50 Canadian) Paper 7 3/8 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: November 2009 528 pages 978-1-5881-6642-5 $9.95 ($11.95 Canadian) Paper 4 X 5 1/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2011 528 pages 978-1-5881-6768-2 $9.95 ($11.95 Canadian) Paper 4 X 5 1/8


Seventeen Seventeen 500 Style Tips What to Wear for School, Weekend, Parties & More! Favilla, Emmy No more stressing in front of the closet, debating what to wear! Seventeen has 500 amazing fashion ideas for every occasion—school, the pool, a party, girls’ night out, a hot date, and more! This illustrated style guide shows how easy it can be to make the right statement no matter what your style. Find out how to update a plain pair of jeans, layer two tops together in the chicest way, and choose accessories that’ll get noticed at any gathering. Plus, you’ll learn how to flatter your figure perfectly: “Fit tips” throughout provide smart advice on dressing for different body types, from the pieces that add the right amount of curves to the jacket that’ll highlight your middle.

Seventeen Mega Traumarama! Real Girls and Guys Confess More of Their Most Mortifying Moments! Seventeen Magazine More drama…more trauma! Seventeen Traumarama is such a success that the magazine’s editors have created yet another irresistible collection of real-life crushing, mortifying, and totally entertaining teen confessions. What happens when a girl thinks a cute boy is flirting with her—but it’s her friend’s number he wants? When a guy likes a chick flick more than his gal (and he even tears up, too)? When there’s a cyber-slipup and the wrong person gets the message? From crush nightmares to family embarrassments, from school mishaps to fashion faux pas, these torrid tales will have readers cringing and laughing at the same time!

Seventeen Real Girls, Real-Life Stories: True Crime From the Editors of Seventeen Magazine From pranks gone wrong to sexual abuse and murder, these stories will motivate readers to reflect on their own lives. In one case, 14-year old twin girls rob a bank in a desperate bid to save the family home, while another tale tells of a mother who makes a horrifying decision for her pregnant daughter. These people share their personal trials and tragedies in the hopes that others can learn from their experiences. Includes a 16-page color photo insert.

Traumarama! Real Girls Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments Ever! Seventeen Magazine Seventeen magazine's wildly popular column about the embarrassments and humiliations we all endure is now collected in one hilarious volume. One thing's for sure: we can ALL relate... Each month, Seventeen magazine rounds up the most hysterical bloopers from real girls' lives in its "Traumarama" column--a consistent favorite of Seventeen readers. Now the editors of Seventeen have compiled the best stories into one hilarious book. From totally un-planned wardrobe malfunctions to saying the absolute wrong thing in front of the absolute right guy, these are tales everyone can relate to. And, as if the stories themselves weren't enough for a huge laugh-fest, fantastic full-color illustrations appear throughout to capture the complete embarrassment it all it's glory! Traumarama will be in-stores in … (See More)

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2008 528 pages 978-1-5881-6641-8 $9.95 ($12.95 Canadian) Paper 4 X 5 1/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2009 256 pages 978-1-5881-6730-9 $7.95 ($10.50 Canadian) Paper 4 X 5 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: June 2007 128 pages 978-1-5881-6648-7 $4.95 ($5.50 Canadian) Paper 5 X 7 1/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: December 2005 256 pages 978-1-5881-6517-6 $6.95 ($8.95 Canadian) Paper 4 X 5 1/4


Town & Country At Home with Town & Country

New In Paperback

Sarah Medford At Home with Town & Country opens the doors to 30 distinctive dwellings, providing rare glimpses of lives being lived in sleek urban showplaces and luxurious rural retreats alike. These remarkable homes, lavishly photographed, include Tadao Ando's avant-garde dwelling for the Benetton family in northern Italy; Chatsworth, the 400-year-old ancestral seat of the Dukes of Devonshire; Ralph and Ricky Lauren's 1920s-era family estate in Bedford, New York; and Spike and Tonya Lee's historic Manhattan townhouse.

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2012 384 pages 978-1-5881-6988-4 $35.00 ($42.00 Canadian) Paper with flaps 9 X 11

At Home with Town & Country

Publisher: Hearst Published: September 2010 384 pages 978-1-5881-6697-5 $60.00 ($72.00 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 X 11

Sarah Medford At Home with Town & Country, the first-ever home book from the magazine that is the last word in defining the affluent lifestyle, opens the doors to 30 distinctive dwellings, providing rare glimpses of lives being lived in sleek urban showplaces and luxurious rural retreats alike-and offering advice and inspiration for creating stylish, soul-sustaining spaces of your own. These remarkable homes, lavishly photographed to the publication's singular standard, reflect the latest developments in residential architecture and design, including the “Invisible House,” Tadao Ando's avant-garde dwelling for the Benetton family in northern Italy and Antoine Predock's art-filled Dallas retreat for Deedie and Rusty Rose. But classic design also plays a part: here, too, are Chatsworth, the … (See More)

Town & Country The Bridesmaid's Companion The Complete Guide to Attending the Bride Valerie Berrios Sometimes, the bride’s support system needs a little support of her own—and who better to turn to than the wedding experts at Town & Country? This indispensable guide will help any bridesmaid fulfill her duties with elegance, grace, and aplomb. It explains, in a clear and practical way, what her position entails, the proper etiquette for carrying out her tasks, and even crisis management. The Bridesmaid’s Companion covers contemporary concerns, such as the appropriate (and inappropriate) use of email, bachelorette and shower ideas, and financial tips for getting through a sometimes-costly process. And, because the book is organized chronologically, with time lines, checklists, and strategies, nothing will get lost or forgotten in the excitement. Highlighting the practical … (See More)

Town & Country Toasts for Every Occasion The Editors of Town & Country Whether the event is formal or relaxed, whether there’s a large group listening or a party of one, Town & Country knows more than anyone there’s a saying appropriate to any occasion. Words to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays; salutes to luck and good health; loving acknowledgments to parents; sweet somethings for an intimate evening: all this and more appear in this astonishingly comprehensive collection of sophisticated quotations. Discover the how-tos of tasting and say, “cheers!” in many languages. Sidebars provide classic toasts and tips for adding a personalized touch.

Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2010 160 pages 978-1-5881-6795-8 $16.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 5 X 7 1/8

Publisher: Hearst Published: March 2007 224 pages 978-1-5881-6655-5 $9.95 ($12.95 Canadian) Paper 5X7 eBook 978-1-58816-817-7 $9.99


Veranda The Houses of VERANDA Lisa Newsom Veranda invites you to step inside the finest interiors, all decorated by the world's best and most influential designers.

Publisher: Hearst Published: May 2012 288 pages 978-1-5881-6927-3 $60.00 ($72.00 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 10 X 12

The readers of Veranda expect escape: every issue presents stunning interiors in lush layouts. And that's exactly what this dream book delivers. These 30 homes are among the most spectacular ever featured in the magazine, with breathtaking rooms both traditional and modern plus everything in between. With a whisper of gracious text, this beautiful collection draws you into a world where you can imagine your own pied-Ă -terre in Paris, your aerie in the Hollywood Hills, and your home-away-from home on Barbados.

Victoria The Charms of Tea Reminiscences & Recipes From the Editors of Victoria Magazine With beautiful writing, exquisite art and photography, and 63 traditional recipes, this elegant volume pays tribute to the joys of teatime. This centuries-old ritual is serene and intimate, and each page reveals a special way to celebrate the occasion. Take tea (properly brewed, of course) with English savories and sweets, and an elegant setting of fine china. "Attend" the Mad Hatter's tea party through excerpts from Alice in Wonderland. Lose yourself in the tea-inspired thoughts of M.F.K. Fisher, Marcel Proust, and Henry James. Then try some recipes for classic dishes, such as Cucumber Sandwiches, Lemon Curd Hearts, Salmon Mousse, Currant and Pecan Scones, and Meringue Kisses. And, of course you'll learn about the wonderful variety of teas-from mint and orange pekoe to vanilla milk and iced clove ‌ (See More)

Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas Celebrate the Season in Splendor Kimberly Meisner Have a Christmas to remember with these fabulous suggestions for decorating, baking, wrapping, and all things holiday! Brimming with beautiful color photographs, Victoria 500 Christmas Ideas provides the inspiration and instruction needed to surround yourself and your family with the beauty of the season. Create a winter wonderland in your front yard or an intimate table setting that sparkles. Bake delicious cookies good enough to leave for Santa himself. Load the Christmas tree with lovely decorations and uniquely wrapped gifts boxes. Display a handmade wreath on the door to welcome your guests. Many projects take only moments, while others need a little more time and attention. Either way, Victoria will bring the best of Christmas to your home.

Victoria Beautiful Wedding Flowers More than 300 Corsages, Bouquets, and Centerpieces Diane Wagner The ultimate guide to creating gorgeous corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces for a beautiful wedding is now in paperback! Brimming with stunning photographs, Beautiful Wedding Flowers shows how to create a magical wedding filled with lovely floral decorations, handcrafted wreaths and ornaments, pretty corsages, and of course the bouquet of every bride's dreams. From fast and easy projects that offer instant gratification to elaborate and glorious designs, here is a veritable garden of floral ideas.

Publisher: Hearst Published: August 2003 96 pages 978-1-5881-6311-0 $12.95 ($13.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 7 1/4 X 9 1/4

Publisher: Hearst Published: October 2009 480 pages 978-1-5881-6766-8 $24.95 ($31.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 9 3/8 X 6 3/4

New In Paperback Publisher: Hearst Published: January 2013 224 pages 978-1-5881-6987-7 $17.95 ($21.95 Canadian) Paper with flaps 9 X 9 1/4

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Victoria Writing Personal Notes & Letters Jennifer Williams and the Editors of Victoria Magazine In our e-mail era, a handwritten, personalized note is extra-special—a treasure that will be read with appreciation again and again. Filled with indispensable advice from the experts at Victoria magazine, Writing Personal Notes & Letters--now in a keepsake hardcover edition--explains how to communicate graciously, whether the occasion calls for an invitation, a thank-you, a joyful congratulations, or a thoughtful letter of condolence. Examples of memorable and appropriate letters for every situation are included, providing both help and inspiration.

Publisher: Hearst Published: April 2010 192 pages 978-1-5881-6818-4 $12.95 ($16.95 Canadian) Hardcover with Jacket 5 1/2 X 8 1/4


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