The Steppingstone Foundation Annual Report (FY 2017)

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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Life is built on transitions. We talk about them constantly at Steppingstone. Whether a Scholar is starting 6th grade at a new school where he’s one of the few students of color, studying for her first midterms at a college hundreds of miles from home, or practicing for a job interview at the company of his dreams, the decisions they make and the support they receive can help shape their futures. More than usual, 2017 was a year in which Steppingstone was defined by our own set of transitions. One of these long-planned transitions was preparing to pass the leadership of Steppingstone’s Board of Directors from Brian Conway, who’s led the organization for the past 17 years, to Isabelle Loring, who first got involved with Steppingstone in 2005 and joined the Board in 2009. As we’ve laid the groundwork for this transition, I’ve had the unique pleasure of watching Isabelle and Brian work together and use their shared passion to build a stronger future for Steppingstone. I am so grateful to Brian for his guidance, commitment, and integrity. And I cannot wait to work with Isabelle during this next chapter of Steppingstone’s story. Sadly, transitions are not always times of optimism and excitement. Steppingstone ended 2017 on a heartbreaking note when Michael Danziger, our co-founder, passed away. We take comfort in knowing that Mike would be thrilled to see how his role at Steppingstone has been passed on to those he admired most: the Scholars. Today, Scholars serve on Steppingstone’s Board of Directors, Board of Ambassadors, and Board of Young Professionals. They help with outreach during admissions season, ensuring our programs spread to new communities and reach new families. They work in the classroom as Steppingstone teachers and in our office

as Steppingstone advisors. They give keynote speeches at Steppingstone events, help pass out Steppingstone diplomas, and mentor and tutor their younger peers.

Mike’s pride in Steppingstone was only surpassed by his joy and gratitude for all that Scholars accomplish—from their achievements in the classroom, to their contributions in our community, to their innovations in the workforce. He could not have been more grateful for all the ways they share their gifts and passions and make Boston a better city for us all. As Mike told us in 2015, “I’m not sure what my hopes were for the Scholars. Whatever they might have been, Scholars have exceeded them, and that has made me happier and prouder than I could possibly explain.” I think it was this joyful spirit, boundless gratitude, and exuberant character that made him such a beloved figure at Steppingstone. And the messages that have poured in since his passing—especially those written by Scholars and Alumni—have shown us that his spirit will never truly be gone from our work. We hope you’ll enjoy reading these tributes (on pages 8 & 9) as much as we have, and that you’ll think of Mike with a smile, knowing that his legacy is in the hands of Scholars and Alumni, where it will continue to thrive and grow.

Kelly D. Glew President


UPDATE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR Over 20 years ago, Mike Danziger invited me to visit classes as an introduction to Steppingstone, and to see the Scholars in their classrooms. What I saw humbled me and inspired me. That was my first exposure to the infectious optimism, resilient character, and admirable work ethic shared by Steppingstone Scholars. I joined the Board not long after that visit, and three years later, when Mike and John Simon invited me to Chair the Board, I accepted without hesitation. For the past two decades, it’s been my privilege to work with the dedicated and talented Board and Steppingstone team to help shape Steppingstone’s vision, trajectory, and growth. Vision and growth are abstract, aspirational concepts, that matter to Boards, but I learned the human measures of success that truly define Steppingstone. I heard the compelling personal narratives of many Scholars, who all shared the common experience of overcoming obstacles that no 10-year-old should have to face. I saw the vital importance of Steppingstone to the Scholars’ families, and the hope and trust these families invested in the program. I met volunteers and donors who believed in the Scholars and Steppingstone’s mission. I shared the pride of Scholars who became teachers, lawyers, engineers, and parents. I heard from a friend of my son, “Steppingstone changed my life, it changed my brother’s life, and it changed the lives of my parents.” Through my work on the Board over the last 10 years, I watched Isabelle “Izzy” Loring become a committed advocate for Steppingstone, devoting her time, energy, and passion to our mission. It is my honor to pass the role of Board Chair to Izzy and give Steppingstone the opportunity to learn from such a thoughtful, empathetic leader and dedicated member of the Boston community.

Though Izzy won’t take up her role as Board Chair until September, she has already thrown herself wholeheartedly into the responsibilities that leadership brings. Whether you’ve already had the pleasure of working with Izzy or will be getting to know her for the first time, I hope you will join me in welcoming her warmly into her new role. I’ve seen firsthand how committed Izzy and Kelly Glew are to building a productive partnership, and it will be my honor to continue to serve on Steppingstone’s Board under their leadership. I am confident Izzy and Kelly will take Steppingstone to new heights.

I want to thank each of you for the countless ways you’ve supported Steppingstone during my tenure. I am so grateful that you’ve joined Karen and me in championing this organization and supporting the incredible Scholars it serves. Without you, Steppingstone could never accomplish everything you’ll read about in the following pages. I am humbled by your overwhelming generosity and by your ongoing faith in the importance of Steppingstone’s mission. With all my heart, thank you.

Brian J. Conway Board Chair



It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Mike Danziger, co-founder of Steppingstone, who passed away in November. All of us at Steppingstone are eternally grateful to Mike for the organization he created, which has touched so many lives in Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia. In the words of John Simon, Mike’s partner in starting Steppingstone: “Remember all the many wonderful things about Mike— including, but not limited to, his sense of humor, his caring and concern for others, and his willingness to do often extraordinary things for others. Steppingstone is clearly one of those extraordinary things and he was so proud of it.” Mike was only 26 years old when he first dreamed up Steppingstone. It was 1990, and he and John were eating pizza on a cold February day. As Mike told it: “I was complaining about the disparity in education and John said, ‘You have two choices. You can keep complaining or you can start an organization that solves the problem.’” One month later, they started Steppingstone. Since those early days, Steppingstone has grown in leaps and bounds—often thanks to Mike’s generosity, persistence, and optimism.

Today, 1,600 Scholars and their families, 80 Boston teachers and staff members, more than 1,000 supporters, and 800+ Alumni are part of the incredible community Mike and John created. Here—on the following pages—are just a few of their favorite memories of Mr. Danziger.


IVY MARTINEZ ’00 I’m not sure where I would be in life without the doors that Steppingstone opened for me —not only in college and career but also in my confidence and sense of self. I am so grateful to Mike for his care and innovation—he had such a big impact on my life and the lives of so many others. EFFIE-MICHELLE METALLIDIS ’96 The memory that lingers is Mike Danziger, polo shirt tucked, bowling shoes on, lanky form bent to the ear of a child no more than half his height. We were at one of our reunions, and there was a student who had reappeared after years of absence. He was eager to know how they were; what they had done; how he could help now. More than his humor, it was his quiet determination that always struck me. From him, I learned that acts of generosity don’t need to shout. JOANNE JACQUET ARAUJO ’98 What a tremendous loss. I rode the train into Boston last week and was gushing about Steppingstone to a person I just met who was interested in getting involved with an education nonprofit. There are no words to describe how much of an impact Steppingstone has had on our family, and Mr. Danziger played an integral part in that. We are forever grateful, and we will continue to make him proud through his legacy. DALINDA IFILL-PRESSAT ’99 Mr. Danziger made his mark here on earth, impacting so many lives that would not have been what they are without Steppingstone. Rest peacefully, Mr. Danziger. I will never forget admiring how you wore the coolest socks. Your legacy will forever live on and you will be greatly missed!

DONALD MEDOR ’01 I remember Mr. Danziger sitting in my 6th grade English class as we read through To Kill a Mockingbird. We had a lively debate and I, a shy 12-year-old boy at the time, finally spoke in class, adding significantly to the discussion. Later that day, Mr. Danziger pulled me aside and said, “Donald, great point! Keep reading. You’re doing great.” His words of encouragement meant a lot to me. I thank people like Mike who believed in me and went far and beyond to believe in my potential when no else did. I am forever grateful for you, Mike. Your legacy will live on through us. EFE OSIFO ’01 In Steppingstone, I had teachers who really cared about me and knew me. I made lifelong friends. I chose my career in part because of the program. I got into Boston Latin School, Suffolk University, Boston University, and Teach For America because of Steppingstone. I didn’t know Mike Danziger well, but his vision saved my life. His desire to fix a system helped hundreds, if not thousands, of kids get a stronger opportunity to change our trajectories. MIRANDA HAYMON ’05 Mr. Danziger changed my life. I am forever indebted to him and the organization he created. I will remember his kindness, his incredible outfits, and the smile that would

emerge almost immediately upon spotting one of his Scholars. Every time I saw Mr. Danziger, he would give me a big hug and say, “I am so, so proud of you, Miranda.” I remember the first time he said it to me, when I commenced from Steppingstone in 2005. I remember the last time he would ever say it to me, when I retook my seat next to him after delivering Steppingstone’s commencement address this past summer—over 10 years later, but just as earnestly. Mr. Danziger’s spirit for life and the pursuit of education for all will forever remain in the hearts and minds of everyone he has touched. Thank you for everything, Mr. Danziger. I will never stop making you proud. FELIX LIANG ’06

“I thank people like Mike who believed in me and went far and beyond to believe in my potential when no else did. I am forever grateful for you, Mike. Your legacy will live on through us.” DONALD MEDOR ’01

Mr. Danziger never seemed to view himself as a champion. Quite the contrary, you were more likely to find him engaged in a fierce round of four-square or solving a polynomial equation alongside Scholars than holed up in an office. That’s because his work was truly personal. Mr. Danziger lived and breathed Steppingstone. He saw himself in the eyes of every student who took on that fourteen-month commitment. Each Scholar’s struggle was his own, and each success celebrated as if that of his own child. Perhaps this intimate passion is why Steppingstone’s impact is so profound and special...Whatever I accomplish, it will without a doubt be traced and owed to Mr. Danziger and the community that he brought together. BRUNA LEE ’09 Mr. Danziger’s investment in my education— and that of other Steppingstone Scholars—has fundamentally changed me. Today I am an educator because of the love that educators like Mr. Danziger had for me and my future. REMEMBERING MIKE | PAGE 9


We created The Michael P. Danziger Teaching Fellowship to help support the outstanding teachers who are so essential to Steppingstone programs. By giving to this fellowship, you’re helping expand Mike’s legacy to include the teachers who will follow in his footsteps and impact thousands of lives. Thank you. Anonymous (2) Karen Ackman Pam & Bear Albright Abby D. Ames Diana & Henry Asher Virginia Barnes Judy & Michael S. Bernstein Barbara & James Block Mrs. Leonard Block Margaret Boasberg & Chris Bierly Susan Jefferson Boney & Paisley Boney Kerry P. Brennan Anne & Toby Brown Anamaria & Carlos Camargo Yully Cha Henry Claudy Karen & Brian Conway Kerrie & James Coughlin Katie Danziger & Steven G. Horowitz Frederick M. & Lucy C. Danziger Peggy & Dick Danziger Dana & Mark DeAngelis Laurie B. Donahoe Betsy & Rick Edie Laura & John Fisher Hilary & Chris Gabrieli Penny & Jim Gold Pat & Chris Greeley Pam & Bill Holding Barbara & Amos Hostetter Megan & Ted Johnson Karp Family Foundation M. Scott Knox John Lieb Isabelle & Ian Loring Suzanne Lubell Meredith & Jonathan Meeks Catharine & Duncan McEachern Tricia & Geoff McGean Mary & Anthony P. Monaco MD Marion & David Mussafer

Dr. Christine Olsen & Robert Small Linda & Whit Painter Kate & Hendon Pingeon Pamela Pleasants Shara & William Pollie Julie & Michael Posternack Sue & John Simon Medha Sinha & Bart Epker Janet Smith & Ted Martellini Arzu Tuncata Tarimcilar Laurie & Peter Thomsen Polly & Ming Tsai Nancy Ullman Tracy & William Ullman Catherine & Scott Webster Peggy & Michael Weymouth Jenny Weymouth & Connie Williams


We’re so grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support and kindness following Mike’s passing last year. We know Mike would be honored, as we are, by your commitment to his legacy and to Steppingstone’s mission. Anonymous Hope Bach Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Beckwith Belmont Hill Family Group Kate & Chuck Brizius Danielle Bynoe ’04 Jane R. Cahn Karen Cepek Susan Chapro Marilyn & Robert Cohen Karen & Brian Conway Debra Costanza Pamela & Noel Cott John Curtis DiSanto Design Lorna Doran & Bruce Breimer Robin Easton Brooke Eaton Daniel Edelson Margot & John Ernst Mrs. & Mr. Fred K. Foulkes Kathy Garson Frank Mundt Fund Glorianne Gamzon Linda Geatches & Steven Gecha Aileen & Peter Godsick Jan Fullgraf Golann & Steven Warner Golann

Louise Grunwald Jane & Randy Guggenheimer Liz & Andrew Hahn Marcus Haymon ’95 Danielle & André Heard Susan & Robert Hermanos Pamela & Alan Henrikson Jeremy Holland Adilia James ’97 Jones Family Fund Virgina Karabell Lorraine Kemp Alison & Craig Levy Felix Liang ’06 Wendy Mackenzie Cathy Mara Linda Weil Margolies Sara Mattes Jane & Gary McGuirk Jonathan McLaughlin John W. Morris Diane Meier & Rolfe Sean Morrison Margaret & William Morton Marianne & John Nelson Nancy & Morris Offit David Paradela ’06 The Park School Peckler Family Kaitlin Barry Pellerin ’96 & David Pellerin Trish & Tom Perlmutter Emilie & Richard Powers Darian Reid-Sturgis ’99 The Riverside Company Casey Rowland Melissa Rubin Tracy Rubin Abby & Reid Ruttenberg Nancy & Henry Schacht Joan Schuman Katherine & Steven Seiden David B. Stettler/The Fessenden School Niraj & Jill Shah Jane Simon Ann & Chris Stack Hilary Steinman Jennifer & Seth Stier Bonnie & Tom Strauss Barnard & Nancy Straus Yvonne Dabreo Swaim ’95 & Bryan Swaim Kevin Tran ’94 Dan & Sally Vallimarescu Tran Vu ’00 Nguyet Vy Vu ’96 Mary & James G. Wallach Foundation Claire Walton & Eve Waterfall Petterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP Susan West Ann & Hamilton Wood Sara L. Wragge

“Remember all the many wonderful things about Mike—his sense of humor, his caring and concern for others, and his willingness to do often extraordinary things for others. Steppingstone is clearly one of those extraordinary things and he was so proud of it.” JOHN SIMON Co-founder of Steppingstone




IN THE U.S. Generations of systemic racism and income inequality have made college impossible for many students across the United States.

Only 31% of students who graduate Six years later, only half of from a Boston public high school* the students who enrolled in enroll at four-year colleges. college have earned a degree. *excluding the three exam schools

WHAT YOUR DONATION MAKES POSSIBLE Each year, Steppingstone supports


Scholars and their families.

More than

Every Scholar commits to college from a young age and receives

of Scholars are first-generation college students, and all Scholars demonstrate a need for our free collegeaccess programs.

12+ years

It’s our job to help Scholars navigate barriers on the way to achieving their college, career, and life goals.

of support through Steppingstone— from middle school to high school to college and beyond.




Scholars apply to our programs as early as 4th grade, dedicating themselves to their education when they are only 10 or 11 years old.

They prepare for future college success by taking rigorous classes with Steppingstone during the summer and after school.

Then, they work with Steppingstone to place into the independent or public school that best fits their needs and goals.




Next, Scholars work with Support Services to ensure they thrive in middle school and high school and stay on the path to college.

Through College Services, Scholars work to graduate on time, avoid burdensome debt, and begin building their careers.

After graduation, Alumni contribute to our community in amazing ways—and regularly return to support young Scholars.


...studying persuasive writing and CRAFTING arguments based on evidence and critical thinking. Topics include current issues such as DACA, gun control, and school start times.




...DESIGNING their own theme parks using ratios and proportions.

...reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and learning about the Holocaust. This spring, Scholars are EXPLORING what it means to be a refugee with a guest speaker from UNICEF, making connections between Jewish refugees during WWII and the refugee crises occurring around the world today.


FEBRUARY Middle school Scholars explore college life firsthand while TOURING CAMPUSES with Steppingstone during February break.

It’s time for Steppingstone’s ANNUAL OVERNIGHT RETREAT. The event’s full of fun, community-building activities, like Mind, Body, Voice, a chaotic game where blindfolded Scholars must rely on their teammates’ shouted directions as they race to collect balloons of a certain color.


APRIL Scholars spend their Saturday learning from real-life college role models when Tufts’ Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists (SOLES) leads a full day of workshops during Steppingstone’s FIRST-EVER SCIENCE EXTRAVAGANZA!

...INVESTIGATING how socioeconomic dynamics influence which communities are most affected by asthma.

...reading Seedfolks, about a diverse group of people who start a community garden. In addition to discussing the book, Scholars have been CREATING their own book chapters in writing class and using geometry and graphing to complete gardening related projects in math class.


MAY Scholars team up to raise money for Project Bread during Boston’s annual Walk for Hunger—one of the many COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENTS Scholars participate in through Steppingstone.




...PREPARING for the ISEE with an online program called Test Innovators. This is our first year using the program, which provides individualized guidance based on student performance and gives Scholars access to test prep materials outside of class.

AUGUST 70 Scholars and parents cram into Steppingstone’s kitchen to participate in our COLLEGE APPLICATION BOOTCAMP for high school seniors.

More than 100 Scholars from grades 6-11 join in at our annual COLLEGE READINESS CONFERENCE—a day filled with workshops covering every aspect of preparing for college.





of Scholars graduate from high school

enroll in a four-year college


graduate from a four-year college within six years

Scholars have earned degrees from 172 different colleges


Education 21%

Non-Profits 20%

Other 12%

800+ ALUMNI are making their mark all over the professional map.

Steppingstone’s 2017 Alumni survey found that:

75% of respondents who graduated from

Health/ Medicine 17%

Law 5%

Gov/ Politics Finance/ 5% Banking 9%

STEM Fields 11%

college are currently working full-time. With 67% working full-time in their career field of interest.

88% of respondents are satisfied with their current position. 66% plan to enroll in a graduate or non-degree program in the future. The average current salary of those who graduated from college and are working full-time is

$50,000-$74,999. With 12.4% earning $100,000 or more. 62% of the Alumni who took the survey are located here in Greater Boston.

41% of respondents are currently involved in their community through volunteer work, board membership, advisory committees, and other activities outside of their careers.

“Steppingstone, in my opinion, is the leading organization for supporting students from underrepresented neighborhoods​so they can​gain access to the more rigorous schools in the Boston area.” JERRY HOWLAND

Program Director, Intrepid Academy at Hale Massachusetts Teacher of the Year, 1995


A GLIMPSE OF SCHOLARS’ ACHIEVEMENTS CAIRON HARRISON (GRADE 6) was elected by his 6th grade class to The Fenn School’s student senate. AANIYA RIDDICK & EVAN SEYMOUR (GRADE 6) both earned The Annette Raphel Scholarship for

Leadership and Diversity from Belmont Day School. The award is given to students who show leadership, strong academic potential, and a commitment to the school’s core values of honesty, caring, joy, responsibility, respect, and excellence.

YAMILETT LOPEZ (GRADE 9) was elected president of student council. She was also highlighted by El Mundo and the Fundacion Dominicana del Arte y la Cultura de Boston for being a positive member of the Dominican community.

EMILY CASTELLANOS & CARMEN ESQUIVEL (GRADE 11) were selected to participate in the

Ignation Family Teach-In for Justice. They traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in discussions about social injustice and brought those conversations back to their school.

BERGELINE HILAIRE (GRADE 11) is busy driving change at Boston City Hall. In addition to working with

the Boston Center for Youth and Families three days a week, she also serves on the Mayor’s Youth Council. In her role as a youth budgeting specialist, Bergeline helps decide how $1 million of the city’s money is spent.

ADONIS LOGAN (GRADE 12) was one of 60 Greater Boston students to be selected as a Posse Scholar. He

plans to study environmental science when he heads off to Centre College on a full scholarship. A dedicated member of his community, Adonis is part of the Melrose Alliance Against Violence, he mentors youth at the Boys & Girls Club, and he serves as president of his school’s Do The Right Thing Club, which leads discussions about social justice and current events.

KARLA MENDOZA (GRADE 12) raised $1,000 to provide reusable feminine products to 100 girls in Nicaragua, ensuring that they don’t have to miss school when their periods start.

FIONA PHIE (UNDERGRAD) co-founded WOKE (Working on Knowledge and Equality), an initiative that

creates opportunities for Boston students to discuss race relations in their communities. She and her co-founder appeared on Boston Neighborhood Network News to discuss the program.

DASHAUN SIMON (UNDERGRAD), now a student at Brown University, earned Brimmer and May’s Blazer

Award, which is given to a student who has left their mark and embodied the school’s ideals. Dashaun was awarded the prize by last year’s winner (and fellow Steppingstone Scholar!) Simon Acevedo.

SEUN AJEWOLE (ALUMNUS ’00) was featured by Adobe for his innovative use of Adobe Creative Cloud to infuse artistry into his corporate work. He’s currently earning his MBA from Northeastern University.

ERIC ANDREW (ALUMNUS ’94) was named an outstanding young alumnus by Beaver Country Day School. ERNESTO ARROYO-MONTANO (ALUMNUS ’93) was featured in the Bay State Banner for his work partnering with the ACLU of Massachusetts to help fight mass incarceration.

MAX CLERMONT (ALUMNUS ’01) is Chief of Staff for the University of Chicago Trauma Center. Max’s work focuses on curbing violence on the South Side of Chicago.

DARAIHA GREENE (ALUMNA ’02) is Head of Multicultural Engagement for Google’s CS in Media team. She’s played an integral role in Google’s efforts to broaden opportunities in tech for America’s most underserved communities.

MIRANDA HAYMON (ALUMNA ’05) is the 2017-2018 Directing Fellow at The Roundabout Theater Company in New York City.

DAVID MEDINA (ALUMNUS ’99) was promoted to Strategic Research Analyst at Polaris, where he focuses on

building an in-depth typology of how human trafficking manifests in U.S. agriculture and developing corresponding road maps for eradication.

TRAN VU (ALUMNA ’00) was the lead artist of a public mural in Fields Corner, Dorchester. The project is a tribute to the Vietnamese American narrative and local residents.


DR. CHRISTOPHER EMDIN—Associate Professor of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University, and bestselling author of For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too— gives an electrifying keynote address at NPEA’s 2017 conference in Boston.

YOUR NATIONAL IMPACT The National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) is a membership organization that connects the people, practices, and innovations essential for eliminating barriers to educational access and college and career success for underserved students.

CONNECTING PEOPLE, PRACTICES, INNOVATIONS In 2017, the National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) celebrated its

10th anniversary. Today, more than

2,000 educators

join together through NPEA’s network.





who collectively work with more than

35 states

underserved students nationwide.



best practice and data sharing

professional development

collaboration and innovative thinking

annual conference and regional events

45 0

SNAPSHOT OF 2017 450 education professionals came together for NPEA’s 9th annual conference in Boston.

In 2017, NPEA launched a new

strategic plan navigating a changing educational landscape.

In 2017, NPEA workshops discussed... How alumni data can inform programming and enhance learning • Supporting first generation students in accessing and succeeding at selective colleges • Finding the career in college and career readiness • Identity development and spoken word • Laying the foundation for success for middle school students • Establishing university-sponsored college access programming • And more! • Participants left NPEA’s 2017 conference with concrete takeaways, best practices, and tips to use in their organizations and schools.

Last year, NPEA welcomed

67 new members.

Including organizations from

2 new states (Michigan & Iowa).

MEMBER TESTIMONIAL “I just finished my NPEA registration and I had to tell you how much I appreciate this organization. I’ve registered for well over 20 other conferences in my professional life, and I am never satisfied with the sessions across the board. No other conference do I say to myself, “Ugh! I wish I could do ALL of these!” I also feel that no other conference reacts to the changing landscape of our profession quite as well as NPEA. So thank you for all that you and your team does to keep me professionally engaged and encouraged to keep doing this work. I appreciate you and NPEA.”

- Gina King, Director of College Counseling, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Baltimore, MD)

“No other conference reacts to the changing landscape of our profession quite as well as NPEA.” GINA KING

Director of College Counseling Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Baltimore, MD



Steppingstone works with 46 schools in the Boston area. Our strong relationships with these partners ensures that Scholars, families, and school communities benefit from Steppingstone’s work. COLLEGE SUCCESS ACADEMY PARTNER SCHOOLS Thomas A. Edison K-8 School Gardner Pilot Academy Jackson/Mann K-8 School Donald McKay K-8 School THE STEPPINGSTONE ACADEMY PLACEMENT SCHOOLS Beaver Country Day School Belmont Day School Belmont Hill School Boston College High School Boston Latin Academy Boston Latin School Boston Trinity Academy Boston University Academy Brimmer and May School Buckingham Browne & Nichols Cambridge School of Weston Commonwealth School Concord Academy Dana Hall School Dedham Country Day School Deerfield Academy Derby Academy Dexter Southfield School Fay School The Fenn School The Fessenden School Governor’s Academy Holderness School The Meadowbrook School of Weston Meridian Academy Milton Academy Nashoba Brooks School Newton Country Day School Noble and Greenough School John D. O’Bryant School The Park School Phillips Academy Phillips Exeter Academy The Rivers School The Roxbury Latin School Shady Hill School St. Mark’s School St. Paul’s School St. Sebastian’s School Thayer Academy Ursuline Academy The Winsor School


Steppingstone Scholars have graduated from the following colleges. American InterContinental University American International College Amherst College Ashford College Assumption College Babson College Barnard College Bates College Bay State College Becker College Belmont University Bentley College Berklee School of Music Boston College ✤ Boston University ✤ Bowdoin College Brandeis University Bridgewater State University Brown University Bryant University Bryn Mawr College Bucknell University Cambridge College Carnegie Mellon University Catholic University of America Centre College Cheyney College The Citadel, Military College Clark University Clarkson University Colby College Colgate University College of the Atlantic College of the Holy Cross ✤ The College of Wooster Columbia College, South Carolina Columbia College, Chicago Columbia University ✤ Connecticut College Cornell University Curry College Dartmouth College ✤ Drake University Duke University Eastern Nazarene College Eckerd College Elon University Emerson College Emmanuel College Emory University Endicott College Fairfield University ✤ Fisk University Fitchburg State College Florida A & M University Fordham University

Framingham State University George Mason University George Washington University ✤ Georgetown University Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia State University Gordon College Hamilton College Hampshire College Hampton University Harvard College ✤ Hobart College Howard University Jacksonville University Johns Hopkins University Johnson & Wales University La Salle University Lasell College Lehigh University Lesley University Loyola University, Chicago Maine Maritime Academy Manhattan College Marlboro College Mass. College of Art & Design Mass. College of Liberal Arts Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences ✤ Massachusetts Maritime Academy Massachusetts Institute of Technology Merrimack College Middlebury College Morehouse College Morgan State University Mt. Holyoke College Mt. Ida College The New School New England Institute of Art New York University Newbury College Nichols College Northeastern University ✤ Northwestern University Norwich University Pace University Pennsylvania State University Pine Manor College Princeton University Providence College Quinnipiac University Regis College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rhode Island School of Design Rochester Institute of Technology Rollins College Sacred Heart University Salem State College Salve Regina University Santa Clara University Savannah College of Art & Design School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Simmons College ✤ Smith College Southern Connecticut State University Spelman College Springfield College Stanford University St. Francis College St. John’s University Stonehill College Suffolk University ✤ SUNY Stonybrook Syracuse University ✤ Temple University Trinity College, CT Trinity College, DC Tufts University ✤ Tulane University Tuskegee University Union College University of California, Berkeley University of California, Davis University of Connecticut University of Hartford University of Maine University of Massachusetts Amherst ✤ University of Massachusetts Boston ✤ University of Massachusetts Dartmouth ✤ University of Massachusetts Lowell University of Miami University of Michigan University of New England University of New Hampshire University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Pennsylvania University of Phoenix University of Pittsburgh University of Rhode Island University of Richmond University of Rochester University of Southern California University of Tampa University of the Arts University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Vermont University of Virginia Wagner College Wellesley College Wentworth College Wesleyan University Western Governors Westfield State University Wheaton College Wheelock College Williams College Worcester Polytechnic Institute Yale University



STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION For the twelve months ended June 30, 2017

ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of accounts and pledges receivable Prepaid expenses

$989,547 1,109,427 104,229

Total current assets 2,203,203 PLEDGES RECEIVABLE, net of current portion & discount 586,254 PROPERTY & EQUIPMENT, net 99,050 DEPOSITS 109,503 Total assets


LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITIES Accounts payable, accrued expenses and other Deferred revenue

$68,583 153,544

Total current liabilities




Total liabilities


NET ASSETS Unrestricted Operating Board Designated: BJC Fund for Scholars Property and equipment

$240,288 456,734 99,050

Total unrestricted


Temporarily restricted


Total net assets


Total liabilities and net assets






Fundraising events Less – cost of direct benefit to donors

$743,244 (89,214)

$558,293 -

$1,301,537 (89,214)




3,114,641 306,166 116,242 43,391 30,680

423,872 -

3,538,513 306,166 116,242 43,391 30,680

638,566 566,440 464,501

(638,566) (566,440) (464,501)





Net fundraising events revenue

Contributions and grants Conference Membership Other In-kind revenue Net assets released from restrictions:

Satisfaction of purpose restrictions Satisfaction of time restrictions - events Satisfaction of time restrictions - other Total operating revenue and support OPERATING EXPENSES Program services: The Steppingstone Academy College Success Academy National Partnership for Ed. Access Replication

2,203,263 1,003,352 489,103 18,709

2,203,263 1,003,352 - 489,103 18,709

Total program services


- 3,714,427

Supporting services: General and administrative Development

Total supporting services

Change in net assets from operations OTHER EXPENSES Changes in net assets

460,974 777,291

Total operating expenses

Cancelled pledges


460,974 777,291

1,238,265 -








- (721,000) (721,000) 981,965



NET ASSETS, beginning of period




NET ASSETS, end of period

$ 796,072

$ 1,755,547

$ 2,551,619


“I couldn’t be more excited and ready to re-enter the education sector in three years equipped with the tools to lead at the system level—especially on behalf of students like me, students like Steppingstone Scholars, who are motivated and resilient and who need more doors of opportunity to open so that their inner brilliance can be shown to the world.”


Steppingstone Alumna, Class of 2000 Board Member, The Steppingstone Foundation Harvard University, Doctoral Candidate



AMY SMITH BERYLSON Director, Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation

PEG FLANAGAN Trustee, Grace Edwards Scholarship Fund

TODD BLAND Head of School, Milton Academy

LUCY K. GALBRAITH Managing Member, Kindred Capital Advisors LLC

DONAVAN D. BROWN ’95 Vice President, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.


A. PETER MONACO, JR. Managing Director, Raptor Capital Management MARIEL M. NOVAS ’00 Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University MIKE PASCUCCI Principal, Rose Grove Capital Management, LLC


DENISE JEFFERSON CASPER U.S. District Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts

JONATHAN M. GOLDSTEIN Senior Advisor, TA Associates

DR. VINCENT W. CHIANG Vice Chair, Department of Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital

ROBERT P. HENDERSON, JR. Education Consultant, Resource Group 175

BRIAN J. CONWAY, CHAIR Chairman, TA Associates

PAM HOLDING Co-Head of Equities, Fidelity Management and Research

BETSY LIND DANZIGER Lower School Admissions Associate, The Fessenden School

DR. RICHARD I. MELVOIN Head of School, Belmont Hill School

DR. STEPHANIE PINDER-AMAKER Director, College Mental Health Program, McLean Hospital; Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School TRICIA SCHADE Director, Visual Thinking Strategies JOHN G. SIMON Managing Director, Sigma Prime Ventures

JANA M. KARP Executive Director, Boston Youth Sanctuary, Inc.

MICHAEL DENNING Head of Upper School, Noble & Greenough School

JOSHUA S. LEVY Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP

MARY DRISCOLL Instructional Superintendent, Boston Public Schools

ISABELLE LORING, VICE CHAIR Director, Nantucket Conservation Foundation

HILARY N. STEINERT Trustee, Nashoba Brooks School JENNY WEYMOUTH CHRISTINA WING-O’DONNELL Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School






JAMES COUGHLIN Fidelity Investments

EMILY PHILLIPS Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School



DREW PLUHAR Abrams Capital

BETSY & RICK EDIE Dedham Country Day School


NGOZI ANIDI ’98 Akin Gump LLP JOANNE JACQUET ARAUJO ’98 Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

BART EPKER PAR Capital JEN HAWKINS Jen Hawkins Events



JULIE BARRON Wilmington Trust Company

ALLISON JOHNSON Allison Johnson Design

JENNIFER BERYLSON BLOCK MATCH Charter Public School Smith Family Foundation



GORD KLUZAK Goldman Sachs

LINDA BORDEN Engineering Outreach Programs, MIT




CHUCK BRIZIUS 1251 Capital Group LLC

ANTHONY MATHIEU ’02 Boston Latin Academy






BOARD OF ADVISORS ANN COLES, ED.D. Senior Associate, Institute for Higher Education Policy; College Access Senior Fellow, uAspire WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS, ED.D. Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard College

CHRIS GABRIELI Chair, Massachusetts Board of Higher Education

KARL REID, ED.D. Executive Director, The National Society of Black Engineers

PAUL GROGAN President, The Boston Foundation

JOHN S. WEINBERG Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, Evercore

JOANNA JACOBSON Founder and Managing Partner, Strategic Grant Partners; President, One8 Foundation



In January 2017, Steppingstone launched the Board of Young Professionals, a new leadership group designed to engage community members in their 20’s and 30’s in support of Steppingstone’s mission. This group of 14 individuals, five of whom are Steppingstone Alumni, represents a variety of career fields and shares a common commitment to advancing Steppingstone’s efforts through volunteering, fundraising, and building a network of like-minded people in their communities to support college access. In its first year, the Board of Young Professionals focused on identifying and building its volunteer initiatives with Scholars and chose to support the newly conceived College Services program, Professional Connections. Through this program, each young professional works directly with a college-age Scholar to create and revise resumes; brainstorm and create a list of professional references; write cover letters; conduct mock interviews; and ultimately, prepare the Scholar to meet with a professional in their career field of interest for an informational interview. As the Board of Young Professionals looks ahead to 2018 and their second year together as a group, they are looking forward to focusing their fundraising initiatives around the Boston Marathon.

JEFF DOREMUS Cambridge Associates DEAN EBOZUE ’04 Morgan Stanley MARGUERITE FULTON Cambridge Associates SEBASTIAN GOMEZ American Institutes for Research ANGIE ISAZA-LOAIZA ’06 ​US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management KYLE LAYNE-ALLEN ’03 The Roxbury Latin School KATIE RILEY Fidelity Investments MEGAN RILEY ’04, CO-CHAIR Deloitte CUSAJ THOMAS Joint MBA/JD candidate Boston College



Steppingstone’s Board of Directors created the Brian J. Conway Fund for Scholars to commemorate Brian’s 20 years of commitment, leadership, and generosity. Your gift to the fund will support services at the heart of Steppingstone’s work, while also ensuring our organization’s long-term sustainability. Thank you!

$100,000+ Anonymous (2) Anita & Josh Bekenstein Charitable Fund Bill Collatos Dee & Kevin Conway Karen Swett Conway Donna & Richard Tadler

$50,000+ Anonymous Deb & John Brennan/Hunt Street Fund Bill Helman Isabelle & Ian Loring Andy & Linda McLane Andrea Okamura & Jeffrey Chambers Hope & Mike Pascucci Kristen & Thomas Roberts Charlotte R. Cramer Wagner & Herbert S. Wagner, III Amy & John Weinberg

$25,000+ Ellen & Michael Berk Julie & Kevin Callaghan Stephanie & John Connaughton Todd Cronan Barbara & Amos Hostetter Allison & Edward Johnson Landry Family Foundation G. Barrie Landry Kimberly GwinnLandry Jennifer Landry Le Polly & Kevin Maroni Aliya & Ajit Nedungadi Pixley & Ken Schiciano Sue & John Simon

$10,000+ Anonymous Dr. Patricia Nilles & C. Hunter Boll Katie & Don Bramley Kate & Chuck Brizius Sandra & Paul Edgerley Deborah & Philip Edmundson Nuha El Sayed & Hythem El-Nazer Kate & Tom Gilbane Kaia & Jonathan Goldstein Jeff & Vicky Hadden Pam & Bill Holding Dawn & Roger Kafker Tristin & Martin Mannion Peter Monaco & Nancy Pallotta Shelly & Ofer Nemirovsky One8 Foundation Rachel Rock & Joshua Levy Luly & Maurice Samuels Anna & Jack Sommers Stephanie & Brian Spector Gwill York & Paul Maeder

UP TO $5,000 Maren Anderson & Duke Collier Amy S. Berylson & John G. Berylson Nancy & Todd Bland Tim & Tricia Blank Amy & Ben Bloomstone Kerry P. Brennan Katie & Paul Buttenwieser Barbara & Bill Burgess Kathryn & Tim Conway The Cosette Charitable Fund Kerrie & James Coughlin Emily & Michael Denning Dubs & Rob Dickey Mary Driscoll & Luke Hill Barbara & Michael Eisenson Liz & Andrew Hahn Julia Ross Henderson & Robert Henderson Alex & Josh McCall Robert E. Davoli & Eileen L. McDonagh Charitable Foundation Barbara & Richard Melvoin Emily & Drew Pluhar Tricia & Chris Schade Axel Schupf Madeline & Charles Searle Brent Edward Shay Ellen & Bruce Shain Janice L. Sherman & Robert G. Segel † Hilary & Langley Steinert James & Sarah Treco Amelia & Jason Werlin Tricia & Nick Winton †


BOARD TRANSITION When Steppingstone marked its 25th anniversary in 2015, I couldn’t help but marvel at all the organization has achieved. We’ve launched new programs in Boston and across the United States. We’ve forged partnerships with new schools, leaders, and community groups. And we’ve deepened our long-term commitment to each Scholar and family. Reflecting on these milestones inspired me to look ahead to Steppingstone’s next chapter and offered the perfect opportunity to begin planning for a new leader to take the helm. While my commitment to Steppingstone will never waver, I believe strongly in good governance principles and the benefits of fresh ideas and new energy for any Board, and I am pleased that Isabelle Loring has agreed to take on the role of Board Chair when I step down in September. As those of you who know her can attest, Isabelle’s passion for Steppingstone is unmatched. Isabelle has been a leader on the Board since joining in 2009, earning the respect and admiration of her fellow directors as well as Kelly Glew and the Steppingstone team. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Isabelle over the past months, and it is already apparent to me what a positive impact she will have in this role. I look forward to seeing the many ways Steppingstone will thrive under her guidance, and I hope you will join me in congratulating and supporting Isabelle—and Steppingstone—as we begin this next important chapter.

Brian J. Conway Board Chair


2016 GALA SPONSORS $50,000 Amy & John Berylson Denise Jefferson Casper Karen & Brian Conway Michael Danziger † Allison & Edward Johnson Hope & Mike Pascucci Medha Sinha & Bart Epker

$25,000 Pam & Bear Albright Sandra & Paul Edgerley Fidelity Investments Kaia & Jonathan Goldstein Pam & Bill Holding Abigail Johnson & Chris McKown Isabelle & Ian Loring Christina & Tad O’Donnell Tricia & Chris Schade Pixley & Ken Schiciano Sue & John Simon Amy & John Weinberg

$10,000 Anonymous Jennifer & Jonathan Block Susan & Paisley Boney Katie & Don Bramley Alison Brown & Greg White Erin & Devin Condron Kerrie & James Coughlin 5AM Ventures Debbie & Keith Gelb Kate & Tom Gilbane Granite Telecom Jackie & Blair Hendrix Karen Kames & Chris Gaffney The Karp Family Brooke & Conan Laughlin Kate Lubin & Glendon Sutton Peter Monaco & Nancy Pallotta Alison & William Monaghan Shelly & Ofer Nemirovsky Northern Trust Marsha Perreault Emily & Drew Pluhar Plymouth Rock Foundation Rachel Rock & Josh Levy Ropes & Gray LLP Dr. Christine Olsen & Robert Small Hilary & Langley Steinert Suffolk Cares Jenny & Sandy Weymouth Wilmington Trust

SCHOOL SPONSORS The Meadowbrook School of Weston Milton Academy Nashoba Brooks School The Roxbury Latin School †





This gift list reports on the 12-month period from July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017. Symbols denote donors who have made gifts for at least: ✹ 20 years

✦ 10 years

✤ 5 years

Steppingstone’s fiscal year now runs from July 1 - June 30. Any gifts received after June 30, 2017, will be reflected in our FY2018 annual report. We’re grateful to everyone on this list, and to all the donors who’ve already contributed to our upcoming year. Thank you!

Devon & Peter Briger Karen & Brian Conway ✹ Allison & Edward Johnson ✹ Isabelle & Ian Loring ✦ One8 Foundation ✦ Hope & Mike Pascucci ✤ Medha Sinha & Bart Epker ✦


PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $50,000 - $99,999

Since its founding in 1990, the following individuals and foundations have given over $1 million to Steppingstone. Anonymous Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation: Richard Smith, John & Amy S. Berylson & James Berylson, Jonathan Block & Jennifer Berylson Block, Robert Katz & Elizabeth Berylson Katz, Robert & Dana Smith, Debra S. Knez, Jessica Knez & Andrew Knez Mrs. Leonard Block Karen & Brian Conway Michael P. Danziger † Peggy & Dick Danziger Isabelle & Ian Loring One8 Foundation Hope & Mike Pascucci Medha Sinha & Bart Epker

FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE $100,000+ JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous (2) ✦ Anonymous ✹ Amy S. Berylson & John G. Berylson ✦ Mrs. Leonard Block ✦ The Boston Foundation ✤ †


JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous ✤ Anonymous ✹ Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee ✹ Denise Jefferson Casper ✤ Kate & Tom Gilbane ✦ Kaia & Jonathan Goldstein ✦ Charles Hayden Foundation ✦ The Hearst Foundation, Inc. Barbara & Amos Hostetter ✦ William Kaiser The Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc. ✹ Liberty Mutual Foundation ✦ Wellington Management Foundation

LEADER’S CIRCLE $10,000 - $49,999 JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous ✹ Anonymous ✤ Anonymous ✦ Abrams Foundation ✤ Nancy Adams & Scott Schoen Pam & Bear Albright ✤ Bain Capital Children’s Charity LTD ✦ Barneys New York The Baupost Group, LLC. ✤ Anita & Josh Bekenstein Charitable Fund ✦ Jennifer & Jonathan Block ✦

Susan Jefferson Boney & Paisley Boney ✤ Linda & Mark Borden ✤ Jan & Virgil Bourgon Katie & Don Bramley ✤ Kate & Chuck Brizius ✦ Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation Cabot Family Charitable Trust Julie & Kevin Callaghan ✦ Camille & David Carlstrom The Cedar Street Foundation ✦ Erin & Devin Condron Stephanie & John Connaughton ✦ Kerrie & James Coughlin ✦ Victoria & David Croll ✦ Todd Cronan ✦ Cummings Foundation Michael P. Danziger ✹ † Peggy & Dick Danziger ✹ Dean Welfare Trust; BNY Mellon Trust of New England, Corporate Trustee ✦ Sadhana & Rick Downs ✤ Sandra & Paul Edgerley ✤ Deborah & Philip Edmundson ✤ Barbara & Michael Eisenson ✦ Nuha El Sayed & Hythem El-Nazer Cyndy & John Fish/Suffolk Cares Hilary & Chris Gabrieli ✤ Debbie & Keith Gelb ✤ Jeanne & Tom Hagerty ✤ Bill Helman ✹ Jackie & Blair Hendrix ✦ Franklin W. Hobbs Pam & Bill Holding ✤ Hunt Street Fund ✤ Kimberly Hsu-Barber & Jeffrey Barber ✤ Jen Hawkins Events ✤ Karp Family Foundation ✤ Mary Beth & Adam Kirsch ✦ Brooke & Conan Laughlin Linde Family Foundation ✤ Lovett-Woodsum Foundation ✹ Kate Lubin & Glen Sutton ✦ Tristin & Martin Mannion ✦ Polly & Kevin Maroni †


Linda & Andy McLane ✦ Barbara & Richard Melvoin ✦ Peter Monaco & Nancy Pallotta ✹ Alison & William Monaghan ✤ Morgan Family Foundation Marion & David Mussafer ✦ Shelly & Ofer Nemirovsky ✤ Northern Trust Christina Wing O’Donnell & Thomas O’Donnell ✦ Dr. Christine Olsen & Robert Small ✦ Marsha Perreault ✤ Emily & Drew Pluhar ✤ The Plymouth Rock Foundation ✦ Rachel Rock & Joshua Levy ✦ Ropes & Gray LLP ✤ Luly & Maurice Samuels ✤ Tricia & Chris Schade ✦ Pixley & Ken Schiciano ✦ William E. Schrafft and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust ✦ Sue & John Simon ✹ Stephanie & Brian Spector Laurene & Scott Sperling State Street Foundation, Inc. ✦ Hilary & Langley Steinert The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation The TJX Foundation Charlotte R. Cramer Wagner & Herbert S. Wagner, III Amy & John Weinberg ✦ Jenny & Sandy Weymouth/Hess Foundation ✦ Tona & Robert White ✤

SCHOLARS’ SOCIETY $5,000 - $9,999 JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous ✦ Serra & Adam Abramson Kristen & James Atwood ✦ Deb & Steve Barnes Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Inc. Marina & Walter Bornhorst ✦ Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund ✦ Maureen Chiquet Melanie & Jason Chiverton

Constance B. Coburn & James DeK. Houghton ✦ Lucy C. & Frederick M. Danziger ✹ Coleen & Ted Dinneen ✦ Deanna & Tony DiNovi ✦ Makenzie & Daniel Domb Laura & John Fisher ✦ Robert E. Griffin, Jr. Ellie & Phil Loughlin M&T Charitable Foundation Francine & Allen Maltz Marriott Daughters Foundation Jacqueline C. Morby Dr. Patricia Nilles & C. Hunter Boll ✦ Emily & Michael Phillips ✤ Stephanie & Adam Rogers ✤ The Richard Eric Rosenberg Foundation ✦ Ellen & Steve Segal ✤ Rachel Segall & Tony Hurley ✦ Simon Brothers Family Foundation Richard, Ann, John & James Solomon Foundation ✦ Jennifer & Seth Stier ✦ Kerry & Brendan Swords Suzie Tapson & Gordon Burnes ✦ The Craig B. Tate Foundation Polly & Ming Tsai U.S. Trust Naomi Weinberg & Ted Berk Wells Fargo ✤ Wilmington Trust

“Thank you for supporting Steppingstone and my dreams!” Alex, age 11

BENEFACTORS $1,000 - $4,999 JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous (2) Nichole & Richard Aldrich/RA Capital Associates ✦ Maren Anderson & Duke Collier Eric Andrew ’94 Leslie & Howard Appleby Diana & Henry Asher Fiona & James Benenson Berkshire Bank Lisa & Robert Bertelson Nancy & Todd Bland Tricia & Tim Blank ✦ BNY Mellon ✤ Barbara & Bill Burgess ✦ Cindy & Warren Burroughs, Jr. ✦ Susan Okie Bush ✦ YOUR GENEROSITY | PAGE 41

Katie & Paul Buttenwieser ✦ Christensen-Dunn Early Foundations Fund ✦ Wendy & Travis Connors ✤ Sarah & Lance Conrad ✤ The Cosette Charitable Fund ✤ Kate & Read Coughlin ✤ Chris Cournoyer & James E. Bryant Stacy Cowan Sheena & David M. Danziger ✦ Claudia Davidoff & Joseph Kahan Emily & Michael Denning ✤ DiSanto Design ✦ Lorna Doran & Bruce Breimer ✹ Betsy & Rick Edie ✦ Gretchen Effgen & Anthony Schweizer ✤ Lee & Jack Englert ✹ Kate Enroth & Dana Schmaltz Mara & Stuart Feldman The Fieldstone Foundation, Inc. ✦ 5AM Ventures Valerie & Doug Fleishman ✦ Melissa & Joseph Foley Sara & John Fox Frost Productions Bertha & Kyle Gardner Betsey & Charlie Gifford ✤ Kelly & Michael Glew ✹ Abigail & Mark Goodman Jonathan Goodman ✤ Daniel Greenberg Greenhill Family Charitable Fund Liz & Art Greenwood Susan Halby Julie & Kevin Hayes Carrin Holborn Julia & Peter Johannsen ✤ Char Joslin & Les Cheek ✦ Nathaniel & Ellen Kellogg /J. C. Kellogg Foundation ✦ Trisha & Mike Kennealy Erin & Hyung-Do Kim ✤ Diana & Todd Knightly Mary Byrne Krier & Bob Krier Cindy & Doug Lareau Marissa & John Lazor Susan & Tony Lisa Daniel W. MacDonald Laurel & Zachary Martin/The Martin Foundation ✤ Melissa & Alex Marx Pam & Stuart Mathews ✦ The Meadowbrook School of Weston Rebecca Melvoin/Melvoin Foundation ✤ Milton Academy Kelley Murphy ✦ †


Nicole & Terry Murray ✤ Karen & Farhad Nanji Nashoba Brooks School Natixis Asset Management Advisors Rona & Randolph Nelson Foundation ✤ Anju Nohria & Bharat Anand Kathy & Joe O’Donnell Kate Olmsted & John Grossman Gerson Pakula Kim & Greg Pappas Alexandra & Troup Parkinson Padmaja & Kush Parmar Allison & Stephen Pellegrino ✦ People’s United Community Foundation Sarah & Quentin Reynolds Virginia & John Ritchie Debby & Joseph Robbins Liz Robinson/Mia Carta Design Carol & Steve Rosner The Roxbury Latin School ✤ Megan & Jeff Russel Bernadette & Matt Santangelo Jeanne & Bob Savitt ✦ Maggie Seelig Kelly & Oliver Segal The Shane Foundation ✦ Stefani & Leonard Shavel ✦ Brent Edward Shay ✦ Janice L. Sherman & Robert G. Segel ✦ † Hope Sidman, Matthew & Lori Sidman, & Paula L. Sidman ✤ Esther Simon Charitable Trust ✹ Sarah & Steven Smith ✤ Geula & Josh Solomon ✦ The Jackson E. & Evelyn G. Spears Foundation Jill & Michael Stansky ✤ Isabelle Stillger & Scott Chappel Cathleen D. & James M. Stone Donna & Richard Tadler ✦ Mary & Steve Tamasi Ann & Bill Teuber Susan & Michael Thonis Diana & Ralph Vogel Kendra & Peter Wilde ✤ Winston Flowers Raymond Wu ✤

ADVOCATES $500 - $999 JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous ✦ Anonymous ✤ Abby Ames Matthew Applegate Earlene & Danilo Avalon Robert P. Ball ✹ Amy & David Beckwith Belmont Day School ✤ Tricia & Fred Bentley ✦ Sheri E. Berman & Gideon Rose /The Baobab Fund ✦ Marjorie & Robert Bland Boston College High School Kerry P. Brennan The Brimmer & May School ✦ Lauren & Donavan Brown ’95 ✤ BTIG, LLC Carlos Castillo ’94 Ann S. Coles Megan & Joe Craigen Katie & James Crawford Carolyn Volpe Cunningham Dana Hall School Motoko & Gordon Deane Dana & Mark DeAngelis Dedham Country Day School Michelle DeRoche & Lonergan Harrington Stacylyn Dewey Dubs & Rob Dickey ✦ Michael Doore Gale & Donald Druga Jennifer & John Eielson ✦ Trey Eppes Fay School ✤ The Fenn School Kristan First Julia Frost-Davies & Jason Davies Genentech, Inc. Givetwig The Governor’s Academy Sharon Grady ✤ C.J. & Michael Hacker Liz & Andrew Hahn ✹ Rachel Hershfang & Wes Williams Beth & Robert Junkin Ann & Ed Kania ✤ The Knox Family Donor Advised Fund Ingrid G. Larson & William T. Lynch ✦ Candace Lau-Hansen Mrs. & Mr. David S. Lee ✦

“I am so honored to be a part of this program. It helps me express myself, explore all opportunities, and make my path to college a little easier. Thank you so much for helping Steppingstone!” Dorlie, age 13


PATRONS $250 - $499 JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Deborah Levin Margaret & Emmett Lyne Jasmine & Paul Mashikian Maura McCurdy & Luis Santiago Sarah & Alfred McGuire Anne & Colin McNay ✤ Karen Meyers & Jay Zagorsky ✦ Brennan Mulcahey Newton Country Day School ✤ Cindy Nguy ’97 & Temitope Ogundele Noble and Greenough School Deborah & Albert O’Neal Julie & Rob Ocko Claudia Olivetti Andrea Patton Michaela & Steven Popeo Amanda & Jon Pratt Kathryn & Ken Robinson David Runde St. Sebastian’s School Marla & Terry Sanford Lara Shkordoff & Senam Kumahia ’96 Leslee Shupe Abby Sosland & Mark Goodman ✦ Shady Hill School Robert A. M. Stern ✦ Shannon Stowell ✤ Allison Taff & Alexander Migel Liz & Derek Taff Thayer Academy José Vega ’95 Teri & Barry Volpert Jean & Chris Wilmerding Susan Wilson The Winsor School ✤ Abby & Doug Wolfson ✦

Anonymous Adobe Systems Incorporated ✤ Joe Amsler Bank of America Foundation ✦ Biogen Idec Kathryn & John Boger ✤ Kathryn & Charles Brown ✤ Liese & David Brown ✦ Shirley & Eugene Buzderewicz ✤ Hope & Louis Crosier ✹ Yully Cha & Chris Leonardi Betsy Danziger ✹ Mary Driscoll & Luke Hill Barbara & John Emery ✤ The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Michael Flaherty ✤ Nicholas Fok Beth Friedman The Goldman Sachs Foundation ✤ Danielle & André Heard ✹ Julia Ross Henderson & Robert Henderson Tamara & Peter Hermann ✤ Howland Capital Management LLC Joan Howland & William Webber ✦ Mary Lee Jamieson ✤ Julie Lin & David Frank Nicole Mack Michael Marshall ✹ Christina McKennerney Microsoft MIT’s Sigma Nu Fraternity Anne & Bruce Pomeroy Tereza & Garry Prime Jennifer Schmelter & Juan Rivera Mark R. Simmons, Jr. ✤ Arthur Stanton ✦ Tanja & Josh Tatelman Kerry & John Tavernese Rochelle Williams-Belizaire ’94 & Jonas Belizaire Patrick Zimski

FRIENDS UP TO $249 JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Anonymous Anonymous (2) ✤ Lois Abdulai ’93 & Emmauel Abdulai Chris Addis Johane Alexis-Phanor ’96 ✤

Nancy Allison ✤ Amazon Smile Christina & Malcolm Baker Rochelle Ballin ’98 Kousha Bautista-Saeyan ’98 Martha Boss Bennett & Oliver Bennett Sherri and Fermo Bianchi Mary Bland Shawna & Mack Borgen Paton & Cecil Cadwallader III Ania & Carlos Camargo ✤ Ellen & Jeff Campbell Robert J. Carpenter ✦ Holly Claunch Alt Clemons Alison & James Connolly Carlos DeAndrade ’93 Ashley Diaz ’02 Stephanie Dodson Domino’s Pizza Laurie B. Donahoe ✦ Dean Ebozue ’04 Sharon & Stephen Engler ✦ Estee Lauder Companies Global Philanthropy & Corporate Citizenship Etsy Reginald Farina ’94 Tobey & Mark Fidler ✦ Josh Fischel Maria E. Flores Sarah & Charlie Forbes ✤ Eli Gerstenlauer Lisa & Matthew Golden Lynne & Robert Golden ✤ Google, Inc. Matt Gray Daraiha Greene ’02 Alana Guadagno Evelyn Guir & Carlos Pacheco ’96 Leslie & Mike Hammer ✹ Baron Hartley ✦ Daphne & George Hatsopoulos ✦ Robert Hayes ✦ Marcus Haymon ’95 ✤ Jane & Bart Henderson

“I am grateful for Steppingstone because they support me constantly and provide me with skills I’ll need for the future.” Trezzure, age 12


David Hernandez ’06 Andrea Holland Gabrielle Hopkins Lin-Ya Huang Dalinda Ifill-Pressat ’99 Intel Corporation Margarita Javier ’01 Mary & David Johanson ✦ Megan & Ted Johnson James Jones Roudna Joseph ’03 Lisa Kautz Debbie Knee Danielle Lamontagne Courtney & John Lawrie David Lawton ✤ Kyle Layne-Allen ’03 Mabel Lee ’05 Amy & Jon Leibowitz Felix Liang ’06 Heather Long & Jack Sinnott ✦ Lisa Luo ’04 Donna & Francis Maher ✦ Stephen Mak ’97 Porter & Peter May ✦ Alex & Josh McCall ✤ Tricia & Geoffrey McGean ✦ McGraw Hill Education Nikolas Medrano ’03 Mary-Margaret Oppus Mollicone ’97 Mary Breda Morrissey & J. P. Jacquet ’95 ✤ Victoria Moskowitz & Lee Glickenhaus ✤ Peter A. Mullin ✦ Kiran B. Muthappa Monique & David Nerrow Max Nibert ✤ Regina Nixon Troy Norris ✦ Mariel Novas ’00 Beatrice & James Nuland Thomas L. P. O’Donnell ✦ Donna & Robert O’Leary ✤ Linda & Whit Painter Elizabeth Parfit Trish & Tom Perlmutter ✦ Kaitlin Barry Pellerin ’96 & David Pellerin Karen Pick ✦ Elizabeth Pittard Poulos Christian & Russ Porter ✤ Julie & Michael Posternack ✤

Elizabeth Pratt & John Faubert ✤ Bridget Purdie Darian Reid-Sturgis ’99 Megan Riley ’04 Lindsey & Matthew Russell ✤ Tedd Saunders ✦ Emily Seaman Richard Silverman ✦ Phyllis D. & John A. Sims Jr. Mason Smith & Gordon Green ✦ Morgan Stanley Lucas Tamayo ’01 Carliana Teixeira ’06 Hal Tepfer Lynne Mooney Teta & Anthony Teta Camlinh To ’04 Warren Tolman Kevin Tran ’94 ✦ Khrista Trerotola Richard Tucker Amelia & Stewart Tucker Mark Vaughan Gwen & David Wanger ✦ Elizabeth Ward ✤ Wegmans Marilee Wheeler ✦ Whole Foods Brandon Wilson Evitt & Steven Evitt ✤ Kate & Holtie Wood

MATCHING GIFTS JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Steppingstone would like to thank the following corporations for their matching gifts: Adobe Systems Incorporated ✤ Bank of America Foundation ✦ Biogen Idec BNY Mellon ✤ Estee Lauder Companies Global Genentech, Inc. The Goldman Sachs Foundation ✦ Google Inc. Intel Corporation Liberty Mutual McGraw Hill Education Microsoft Natixis Asset Management Advisors The Plymouth Rock Foundation ✦ State Street Foundation, Inc.

GIFTS IN HONOR JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

Gifts were made to Steppingstone in honor of the following individuals and organizations: Amy S. Berylson & John G. Berylson Kerry P. Brennan Denise Jefferson Casper Laurel & Ken Ferretti Bill Helman Allison & Edward Johnson Isabelle & Ian Loring Allen Maltz Barbara & Richard Melvoin Cindy Nguy ’97 Christina Wing O’Donnell & Thomas O’Donnell Lillian Stevens

ALUMNI GIVING JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

We are so grateful for the generous support of Steppingstone Alumni. Lois Abdulai ’93 & Emmauel Abdulai Johane Alexis-Phanor ’96 ✤ Eric Andrew ’94 Rochelle Ballin ’98 Kousha Bautista-Saeyan ’98 Donavan Brown ’95 & Lauren Brown ✤ Carlos Castillo ’94 Carlos DeAndrade ’93 Ashley Diaz ’02 Dean Ebozue ’04 Reginald Farina ’94 Daraiha Greene ’02 Evelyn Guir & Carlos Pacheco ’96 Marcus Haymon ’95 ✤ David Hernandez ’06 Dalinda Ifill-Pressat ’99 Margarita Javier ’01 Roudna Joseph ’03 Kyle Layne-Allen ’03

“I am grateful for all of you for providing things for me and my fellow Scholars to help us learn. I know I will have a chance to go to college, since you are supporting me.” Aliyana, age 11


Mabel Lee ’05 Felix Liang ’06 Lisa Luo ’04 Stephen Mak ’97 Nikolas Medrano ’03 Mary-Margaret Oppus Mollicone ’97 ✤ Mary Breda Morrissey & J. P. Jacquet ’95 ✤ Cindy Nguy ’97 & Temitope Ogundele ✤ Mariel Novas ’00 Kaitlin Barry Pellerin ’96 & David Pellerin Darian Reid-Sturgis ’99 Megan Riley ’04 Lara Shkordoff & Senam Kumahia ’96 Lucas Tamayo ’01 Carliana Teixeira ’06 Camlinh To ’04 Kevin Tran ’94 ✦ José Vega ’95 Rochelle Williams-Belizaire ’94 & Jonas Belizaire

NPEA JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2017

We are grateful to the following groups for their support of Steppingstone’s National Partnership for Educational Access. A Better Chance (NY) The Boston Foundation (MA) Association of Independent Schools in New England (MA) Belmont Hill School (MA) Brown University Pre-College Programs (RI) Buffalo Prep (NY) Cate School (CA) Charles Hayden Foundation (NY) City Year (MA) The College Board (NY) College Greenlight (IL) The Common Application (VA) Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund (IL) The Enrollment Management Association (VA) Erin Condren ( (CA) The Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc. (NY) Give Something Back (NJ) HBX – Harvard Business School (MA) Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (MA) Holy Ghost Preparatory School (PA) InRESONANCE (MA) Invite Education (NY)

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (VA) Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (MD) Making Waves Foundation (CA) MEFA, Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MA) Milton Academy (MA) Nashoba Brooks School (MA) School and Student Services By NAIS (SSS By NAIS) (DC) National Association for College Admission Counseling (DC) The Nellie Mae Education Foundation (MA) New Jersey SEEDS (NJ) Noble and Greenough School (MA) Phillips Academy (MA) Phillips Exeter Academy (NH) The Malcolm Coates Prep@Pingree Program at Pingree School (MA) Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation (MA) The Princeton Review (MA) Private Schools with Public Purpose (CA) Reach for Excellence (GA) The Roxbury Latin School (MA) Signal Vine (VA) St. Sebastian’s School (MA) Suffolk University (MA) Tufts University (MA) Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MA) The Wight Foundation (NJ) Yale Young Global Scholars (CT) World Ed (MA)


Special thanks to: BERYLSON ISEE PREP COURSE John and Amy S. Berylson, James Berylson, Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block, Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz BERYLSON FAMILY ACADEMY @ STEPPINGSTONE John and Amy S. Berylson, James Berylson, Jonathan Block and Jennifer Berylson Block, Robert Katz and Elizabeth Berylson Katz PETER H. O. CLAUDY VISUAL THINKING STRATEGIES The Claudy Family

TSF COLLEGIATE SCHOLAR FUND to provide last dollar scholarship funding to Scholars in college

Foundations Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee Cabot Family Charitable Trust Cummings Foundation Karp Family Foundation


“I am grateful for Steppingstone because this program changed my life, my family’s life, and every Steppingstone Scholar’s life.”

Anonymous (4) Kimberly Hsu-Barber & Jeffrey Barber Amy Smith & John G. Berylson Linda & Mark Borden Donavan Brown ’95 & Lauren Brown Julie & Kevin Callaghan Maureen Chiquet Karen & Brian Conway Kerrie & James Coughlin Michael P. Danziger † Coleen & Ted Dinneen Debbie & Keith Gelb Kate & Tom Gilbane Liz & Andrew Hahn Isabelle & Ian Loring Laura & Greg Mulready Nicole & Terry Murray Marion & David Mussafer Rona & Randy Nelson Hope & Mike Pascucci Emily & Drew Pluhar Tricia & Chris Schade Our work wouldn’t be Rachel Segall & Tony Hurley possible without the consistent Sue & John Simon generosity of multi-year Jenny & Sandy Weymouth donors. Thank you for your /Hess Foundation exceptional support.

Cameron, age 10

Your dedication means we can commit to working with each Scholar for more than 12 years—from age 10 through college graduation.



Professional photography by Jourdan Christopher, Sebastian Gomez, Sam Moody, and Thad Russell. This report is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions. The Steppingstone Foundation is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals.

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