The Steppingstone Foundation – 2012 Annual Report

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Annual Report

We talk a lot about the things that


count here at Steppingstone. Almost every time they meet, for instance, Steppingstone's young Scholars recite a pledge committing themselves to values such as excellence and respect. On the desk of every employee sits a statement of the organization’s core principles. It reads: “We are results driven, setting and holding ourselves to high standards.” It goes on to add: “We work as a team with a clear and measurable purpose.” The decision, then, to focus this year’s annual report on Steppingstone’s impact came quite naturally. Since we are measuring outcomes and tirelessly tracking results all the time, why not share more of them with you? Why not demonstrate the difference our work is making in the lives of Scholars and their families? In school communities and workplaces across the Boston area? In the philanthropic aspirations and satisfactions of donors? Steppingstone's ambition to send ever more students to college drives much of what we do and, therefore, much of what we measure. Initiatives such as the National Partnership for Educational Access and the College Success Academy continue to grow out of our stubborn desire to serve greater numbers of underserved students. NPEA counts more than 240 organizations as members. Only in its second year, the College Success Academy is bringing Steppingstone's hallmark academic rigor, college readiness, and support services to scores of middle-school students in three Boston public schools in Allston-Brighton. Our programs and services have expanded and extended their reach to prepare and support Scholars over a 10-year arc, all the way to their college graduations.

Meanwhile, the very first Scholars to complete a program at Steppingstone are in their mid-30s and beginning to write the main chapters of their adult lives. Their stories, their families, and their remarkable achievements are in many ways reckoned as our own. As you’ll see in the following pages, we count a lot of things each year: how many schools we partner with; how many Scholars we admit, prepare, place, and support; how many pencils, books, and backpacks we need to accomplish our work; how many hours and dollars we spend doing it all. In addition to all the performance metrics, the things we count, there are also all the people we count on– those whose help truly advances our transformative work: a dedicated and experienced staff, as well as hundreds of parents, donors, school partners, and volunteers. Without each of you, we could never accomplish what we do. We could never set so many Scholars on the path to college, year after year. We could never report the quantifiable and recurring successes you’ll see documented and celebrated in the pages ahead. Our gratitude to you, and to our many partners and supporters, is just about the only thing included here that defies measurement. So, thank you for helping us to post the results we have to report for 2012. We count ourselves fortunate and we count ourselves proud. Brian J. Conway, Board Chairman Michael P. Danziger, Founder Kelly D. Glew, President & COO

Board of Directors

Board of Ambassadors

Amy Smith Berylson Todd Bland Chuck Brizius Brian J. Conway, Chairman Michael P. Danziger Michael Denning Mary Driscoll Bart Epker Lucy Galbraith Thomas F. Gilbane, III Andrew Hahn William Helman Allison Johnson Darlene Jordan Isabelle Loring Dr. Richard I. Melvoin A. Peter Monaco, Jr. Mike Pascucci Brent Edward Shay John G. Simon John S. Weinberg Christina Wing-O’Donnell

Pamela Albright Julie Barron Jennifer Berylson Block Linda Borden Katie Bramley Rob Broggi Tricia Claudy Erin Condron James Coughlin Laura DeBonis Darren Donovan Betsy Edie Rick Edie Jennifer Mugar Flaherty Jonathan Goldstein Blair Hendrix Scott Jaeckel Jana Karp, M. Ed. Gord Kluzak Joshua Levy Libby Mallon Anne Mitchell Marsha Perreault Emily Phillips Drew Pluhar Christian Porter Rachel Rock Pixley Schiciano Anthony Schweizer Rob Small Jennifer Weymouth

Board of Advisors

Ann Coles, Ed.D. William Fitzsimmons, Ed.D. Chris Gabrieli Paul Grogan Joanna Jacobson Thomas Payzant, Ed.D. Karl Reid, Ed.D.

IFC Leadership Letter 2 Scholar Profile: Louise Barias, The Steppingstone Academy '08, Boston Latin Academy 2014 4 Placement Schools 4 Program Highlights 6 School Partner Profile: Mary Driscoll,

Principal, Thomas A. Edison K-8 School 8 Family Profile: the Denaud

Massenat Family

College Success Academy

10 Workforce Impact: Amanda Northrop,

Vice President, State Street Foundation 12 College Graduation List 13 Gift Report


The Steppingstone Academy


19 Donor Feature: Pixley Schiciano 20 Financial Report

% of Scholars are admitted to independent, Catholic or public exam schools

% of Scholars graduate from high school


The Steppingstone Academy

% of Scholars who graduate from independent schools go on to attend four-year colleges


% of Scholars earn degrees from four-year colleges within six years


Louise Barias '08 in her chemistry lab at Boston Latin Academy in Dorchester.




Scholars receiving support services from Steppingstone

468 2,5


Extra days of school logged by each Scholar in The Steppingstone Academy


Petite and soft-spoken, Louise Barias ’08 can charm you with the low-key manner in which she recounts her considerable accomplishments. An honor roll student at Boston Latin Academy, member of the debate team, leader in the Muslim Student Association, and lab assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Louise is not only a Peer Leader with Steppingstone, but also a Crimson Scholar at Harvard University, where she has attended summer classes. “It’s been a lot of hard work,” says the 17-year-old South End resident, a steely focus in her eyes. “I wasn’t always sure I was seeing the fruits of my labor, but I can say now the sacrifices have all been worth it.” She hasn’t even graduated high school yet, but Louise knows she’s heading places where too few of her peers will go. “Most of the kids I went to middle school with are now either high school dropouts or have children already,” she points out. “In fact, if it weren’t for Steppingstone,


New Scholars enrolled in 2012

68 2,542

Additional hours of academic work completed by each Scholar in the College Success Academy

I might have gone down the same path. I doubt, for instance, I would have known anything beyond my own neighborhood. And I probably would have ended up in a high school without the resources I needed to succeed.” Instead, this burgeoning young scientist will travel to Costa Rica this summer to volunteer at an orphanage, before applying to large research universities this fall to get her degree in microbiology. She’s already begun visiting college campuses, thanks to the tours Steppingstone runs. “My parents never would have been able to take me to the campuses I’ve seen,” Louise notes. With help from Steppingstone’s college services, Louise can confidently expect to become the first in her immigrant family to attend college in the fall of 2014. The scholarship she won this spring helps assure it. The Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship, which Steppingstone helped Louise earn, guarantees that up to half the cost of the college of her choice will be covered. Despite everything else she juggles, in what passes for “free time” during her busy junior year, Louise still manages to tutor younger Scholars in

Steppingstone’s Saturday SMASH program—“because I came to every single SMASH session when I was a young Scholar,” she explains. “And not just for the homework help, but for the community.” Of the many Steppingstone services and experiences that have enriched Louise’s life—first, as a Scholar, then as a Peer Leader, tutor, and volunteer—what’s made the biggest difference? “The study skills and the Latin I learned at Steppingstone really gave me an advantage going into Boston Latin Academy,” she says. “But what’s mattered most is the support I received afterward. I talk to my Steppingstone Advisor all the time, and the relationship has really grown over the years. She’s seen me through a lot of things. So, it’s not just the training I got and the classes I attended—although they did make me a more organized and disciplined student—it’s really the people who have carried me since.”

Changing Lives, One at a Time


Hours of tutoring and homework assistance provided by Steppingstone

Steppingstone reaches all over the city of Boston to recruit, select, prepare, and support motivated students. We serve 1,400 Scholars each year. We do it one by one. But the numbers add up.


The Steppingstone Academy Placement Schools


Beaver Country Day School Belmont Day School | Belmont Hill School Boston College High School | Boston Latin Academy Boston Latin School | Boston Trinity Academy Boston University Academy Brimmer and May School Buckingham Browne & Nichols School Cambridge School of Weston Commonwealth School | Concord Academy Dana Hall School | Dedham Country Day School Deerfield Academy | Derby Academy Dexter School | Fay School | The Fenn School The Fessenden School | The Governor’s Academy Holderness School The Meadowbrook School of Weston Milton Academy | Newton Country Day School Noble and Greenough School John D. O’Bryant School The Park School | Phillips Academy Phillips Exeter Academy | The Rivers School The Roxbury Latin School | St. Mark’s School St. Paul’s School | St. Sebastian’s School Shady Hill School | Southfield School Thayer Academy | The Winsor School Xaverian Brothers High School College Success Academy Schools

Thomas A. Edison K-8 School Gardner Pilot Academy Jackson/Mann K-8 School

The Steppingstone Academy

College Success Academy

It’s hard to overstate the lasting impact that The Steppingstone Academy continues to have on thousands of young people and hundreds of institutions, well beyond the city of Boston. Few organizations committed to expanding educational access and improving educational opportunities can point to the kinds of results we continue to see. Scholars who complete The Steppingstone Academy’s rigorous program of academic preparation are 800% more likely than their peers in a public district high school to complete a bachelor’s degree. It’s a fairly staggering contrast, but the odds and the data show that today only one in 10 ninthgraders enrolled in a Boston Public high school (that isn’t an exam school) will complete a four-year degree by the time he or she turns 25 or so. For Steppingstone Scholars, eight out of 10 will earn a college degree before they reach that same age. Consider that 1,682 Scholars have completed The Steppingstone Academy’s 14-month-long academic program to date, and you’ll get a sense of what our work has achieved over the past 23 years. Steppingstone Scholars studied at more than 40 independent, Catholic, and public exam schools in the Boston area last year. Alumni Scholars could be found on the campuses of more than 100 different colleges. In 2012, more than 200 Scholars attended The Steppingstone Academy’s summer and after-school programs. They came from every neighborhood in the city of Boston and from families with average incomes of less than $40,000 a year. Many will be the first in their families to attend college. But like the hundreds of Scholars who’ve gone before them, most will be framing a college diploma by 2025.

Launched in July 2011 with the aim of setting more Boston public school students on the path to college, the College Success Academy currently serves middle-grade students from three partner Boston public K-8 schools: the Edison School, the Jackson/ Mann School, and the Gardner Pilot Academy. Scholars participate in a rigorous summer and after-school program, based on The Steppingstone Academy model, that begins the summer before fifth grade and continues through the summer after eighth grade. Math, English/language arts, and science are the foundation of the curriculum, and advisors track Scholars’ academic and social-emotional development throughout the program. Once in high school, Scholars will receive support and college-readiness services to ensure they stay on track to graduate from high school, and ultimately a four-year college. In 2012, the College Success Academy continued to post promising early results. Scholars began to outperform peers on several key academic measures. During their fifth-grade year, the pilot class of College Success Academy Scholars made greater gains in both reading and math than peers across the country, according to the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), a widely used diagnostic assessment tool aligned to state standards. The Scholars’ MAP results also demonstrated that the College Success Academy’s summer program is successfully preventing summer learning loss. In addition, the number of Scholars achieving Advanced or Proficient scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exams increased in the spring of 2012.


Scholars have completed The Steppingstone Academy’s 14-month academic program to date

96 $39,981 % of College Success Academy Scholars qualify for free or reduced meals

Average income of families participating in The Steppingstone Academy



Underrepresented students served by the National Partnership for Educational Access in 2012

% of College Success Academy Scholars are English Language Learners


States in which NPEA members serve students

National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA)

The National Partnership for Educational Access marked its fifth year by adding 36 new members in 2012, bringing the total number of organizations it served to 242. Launched in 2007 to share best practices among nonprofits dedicated to providing college access to underrepresented students, NPEA has steadily expanded its services and its reach. Last year, member organizations in 33 states helped more than 150,000 students. NPEA’s annual conference, held in Chicago in 2012, drew 321 attendees who benefited from workshops, discussions, and practical tools for improving college access and collaboration. Through NPEA, organizations like the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority and The Boston Foundation can engage with and learn from organizations such as the KIPP Foundation, A Better Chance, and Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. Meaningful programmatic improvements often result. “Whether it’s attending one of the local meet-ups, participating in a webinar, having students attend a college tour, or using the website to connect with colleagues as passionate about serving students as I am, NPEA coordinates services for members that I can’t find in any of my other professional memberships,” says Pamela Pleasants, Assistant Dean of Admission, Milton Academy.


Running a school with no extended learning day, and more than 700 students who ride buses from as far away as East Boston, principal Mary Driscoll understands what it means to have a partner like Steppingstone: It means more students gain access to extra academic instruction on-site. It means students who lack resources and live at a distance can take advantage of a supportive community. But, most of all, it means more students can dream of going to college. “Steppingstone’s College Success Academy takes students and whole families by the hand, beginning in fourth grade, and tells them it’s possible to think about college,” says the principal of the Thomas A. Edison K-8 School in Brighton. “It creates a core of college-minded middle-school students, who become a leaven in the dough of the whole school community.”


Now in the second year of its three-year pilot, the College Success Academy currently operates at Driscoll’s Edison School, as well as the Jackson/Mann School, where additional Scholars from the Gardner Pilot Academy also attend. Modeled after Steppingstone’s first initiative, The Steppingstone Academy, the College Success Academy runs summer and after-school programs for middle-school students in Boston public schools who want to ready themselves for a college prep curriculum in high school. “We have this cohort of students that spends extra time during the summer and three afternoons a week during the school year on academics,” reports Driscoll. This year, nearly a third of Edison’s fifth-graders enrolled in Steppingstone’s rigorous program. “They begin to understand how to become good students and how to conduct themselves in the world,” she observes. “This tends to rub off on peers and the rest of the school

community. Having even a handful of Scholars in a classroom helps teachers get more traction with the entire class.” But the impact the College Success Academy has on the school community doesn’t stop at the classroom threshold, Driscoll points out. “Many of our families are immigrant families. They don’t speak English, and they don’t necessarily understand school culture in this country.” In fact, more than 40 percent of Edison students are English language learners. “The College Success Academy builds another bridge for them. It teaches them that college can be within reach.”

+ 57

Independent, Catholic, and public schools that partner with Steppingstone



5 129

Alumni enrolled in four-year colleges

Enriching School Communities Scores of schools, colleges, and universities benefit from the difference that Steppingstone Scholars make in their communities. Here are a few of the ways in which we count ourselves proud.


Scholars currently enrolled in independent, Catholic, and public exam schools

+ 7

Awards for academic, extracurricular, and personal achievements received by Scholars in 2012

Principal Mary Driscoll at the Thomas A. Edison K-8 School in Brighton.



5 29

Scholars elected as class presidents


Colleges currently attended by Steppingstone Alumni



Different countries where Scholars were born Financial aid dollars awarded in 2012 by independent and Catholic schools to Steppingstone Scholars and their families

$6,769,723 8


Families received financial aid counseling from Steppingstone

180 Families attended Steppingstone’s fall conference to learn about college admissions, readiness, and financial aid

When the envelope from The Roxbury Latin School arrived that cold Saturday in March, Monique Denaud watched anxiously as her son, Alvin, opened it, read it, and then broke into a smile. He’d done it. He’d gotten into one of the most selective and storied independent schools in Boston. And in that moment, Alvin’s mother, who came to Boston from Haiti, could see a future for her son that she’d scarcely imagined the year before. “I never would have known this kind of opportunity might be a possibility,” she says. While Alvin Massenat’s acceptance at Roxbury Latin resulted from his own hard work as a Steppingstone Scholar, it is also the upshot of his family’s tireless efforts. In addition to caring for Alvin and his two sisters, Saika and Atamawa, Monique works at a nursing home in Brookline and is studying part-time to become a registered nurse. “Although it is sometimes hard,” she confides, “this is the time for me to help my kids find schools where they have the best chance at a future.”

When Alvin began his academic preparation with The Steppingstone Academy last July, Monique had hoped Steppingstone would give him the focus and confidence he needed to find a school that would both challenge and nurture him. It did. “The teachers and staff at Steppingstone were so helpful in organizing us and making us feel comfortable looking at different schools,” she observes. Currently a sixth-grader at the Rogers Middle School in Hyde Park, Alvin will bring his love of math, guitar, and running to the campus of RL as a seventh-grader this coming fall. A generous financial aid package will help make it possible. “Without Steppingstone, I never would have thought about trying to afford the cost,” notes Monique. “I can’t even really put into words how I feel,” she adds. “I’m trying to give my kids the best life possible. I had heard how great Steppingstone was. Now, I know it’s true.”

Alvin Massenat '13 with mother, Monique Denaud, and sisters, Atamawa and Saika, in their home in Mattapan.

Helping Families When Steppingstone comes into the life of a Scholar, possibilities are changed. So are families. For generations.



Philanthropic partners like the State Street Foundation understand the impact Steppingstone has on Boston’s workforce and economy. Having supported our work for 20 years, the foundation, and its parent corporation, State Street Bank, have both seen the return on their investment. They’ve seen it in the hundreds of Scholars our programs have helped prepare for employment in the job markets of today and tomorrow, and among the ranks of State Street’s own employees, where some young Steppingstone alumni can now be found. Here’s how Amanda Northrop, Vice President of State Street Foundation, explains the difference that Steppingstone makes: “We have deep roots in the city of Boston, and the focus of our work is improving the employability and economic self-sufficiency of vulnerable people. That’s why the State Street Foundation has been supporting the work of Steppingstone since 1992. Steppingstone’s holistic approach and its long-term work with Scholars

assures that more young people graduate from high school and are prepared to apply for and make sound decisions about college. “The impact of Steppingstone’s work extends well beyond what happens in the classroom, however. It really prepares Scholars for life and careers. Workers today need resilience, critical thinking, and an ability to both communicate effectively and relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. We need to make sure our local communities are producing job-ready young professionals with these kinds of skills. Steppingstone helps us do that.”

Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce Steppingstone’s impact doesn’t end with alma maters. It continues in the careers of alumni and in the workplaces that hire the qualified young professionals we help prepare.

Three alumni who worked for State Street Bank in 2012: Donavan Brown '95 Thayer Academy 2001 Tufts University 2005 The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, Masters degree in International Business, 2011 Analyst, Professional Development Program, State Street Bank Currently Assistant Vice President, Relationship Management Group, Brown Brothers Harriman


Kevin Tran '94 Boston Latin Academy 2000 Boston University 2004 Intermediate Associate, State Street Global Markets


Scholar parents hired by Steppingstone's Admission Department in 2012

Students worked as peer leaders, teaching assistants, and interns in 2012

Alumni in the workforce

Krystal Brooks '93

Boston Latin School 1999

36% of alumni work in business or finance

4% in law 7% in non-profit organizations

University of Massachusetts, Boston 2006

Audit Specialist, State Street Global Advisors 21% in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields

11% in arts and entertainment

21% in education

Hours of employment, jobreadiness, and leadership training provided to students and families by Steppingstone in 2012



Steppingstone Scholars have graduated from the following colleges and universities:


Amherst College (2) | Babson College (4) | Barnard College (3) | Bates College | Becker College Bentley College (2) | Berklee College of Music | Boston College (13) | Boston University (19) | Bowdoin College (4) Brandeis University | Bridgewater State University | Brown University (7) | Bryant University (2) Bryn Mawr College (3) | Carnegie Mellon University | Centre College | Cheyney College | The Citadel Military College Clark University (3) | Clarkson University | Colby College | College of the Holy Cross (6) | College of Wooster Columbia College, Chicago | Columbia College, SC | Columbia University (8) | Connecticut College (2) Curry College (2) | Dartmouth College (7) | Duke University | Eastern Nazarene College | Eckerd College Emerson College (2) | Emmanuel College | Endicott College (2) | Fisk University | Fitchburg State College Florida A&M University | Fordham University (4) | Framingham State University (2) | George Washington University (5) Georgetown University (2) | Georgia Institute of Technology | Georgia State University | Gordon College Hamilton College (3) | Hampshire College | Hampton University (3) | Harvard University (14) | Howard University Johns Hopkins University | Johnson & Wales University (2) | Lasell College (2) | Lesley University Maine Maritime Academy | Marlboro College | Manhattan College (2) | Massachusetts College of Art & Design (3) Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science (5) | Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2) Middlebury College | Morehouse College | Mount Holyoke College | New York University (2) | Nichols College Northeastern University (21) | Pace University | Pine Manor College (4) | Providence College | Rollins College Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Rhode Island School of Design | Salem State College (1) | Santa Clara University Savannah College of Art & Design | Simmons College (7) | Southern Connecticut State University | Spelman College (6) Springfield College | St. Francis College | St. John’s University (2) | Stanford University | Stonehill College (2) Suffolk University (4) | Syracuse University (7) | Temple University (5) | The New School | Trinity College, CT (2) Trinity College, D.C. | Tufts University (8) | Tulane University | Tuskegee University | Union College University of California, Berkeley | University of California, Davis | University of Connecticut University of Massachusetts, Amherst (19), Boston (15), Dartmouth (2), Lowell (2) | University of Miami University of New Hampshire (2) | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill | University of Pennsylvania (4) University of Pittsburgh | University of Rhode Island (2) | University of Richmond | University of Rochester University of Southern California (3) | University of Vermont (2) | University of Virginia University of Wisconsin, Madison | Wellesley College (4) | Wentworth Institute of Technology (2) Wesleyan University (2) | Williams College (4) | Yale University (6)

Founders’ Circle $50,000+

2012 Gift Report

Anonymous F Anonymous D Anonymous (2 gifts) L.G. Balfour Foundation Mrs. Leonard Block H Brian & Karen Conway F Betsy & Michael Danziger H The Ford Foundation V Charles Hayden Foundation F Joanna & Jon Jacobson F Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc. F Isabelle & Ian Loring D Holly McGrath & David Bruce/ Highland Street Foundation D A. Peter Monaco H Medha Sinha & Arthur G. Epker III F Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation V

President’s Circle $10,000 - $49,999 Anonymous D Anonymous (2 gifts) H Anonymous F Abrams Foundation V Bain Capital Children’s Charity LTD F Bank of America Foundation F John G. & Amy Smith Berylson F C. Hunter Boll F The Boston Foundation Linda & Mark Borden Deb & John Brennan/Hunt Street Fund D Kate & Chuck Brizius F Cabot Family Charitable Trust Julie & Kevin Callaghan Mrs. Peter H. O. Claudy F The Clipper Ship Foundation Devin & Erin Condron John & Stephanie Connaughton D Kerrie & James Coughlin D David & Victoria Croll F Peggy & Dick Danziger H Dean Welfare Trust D Sandy & Paul Edgerley D The Evans Family Foundation F Fidelity Investments V Sandy & Dozier Gardner D Debbie & Keith Gelb Kate & Tom Gilbane D Kaia & Jonathan Goldstein D

Barbara & Amos Hostetter D Kimberly Hsu-Barber & Jeffrey Barber D Olga & Scott Jaeckel F Abby Johnson & Chris McKown Allison & Edward Johnson F Darlene & Gerald Jordan Karen Kames & Christopher Gaffney F Karp Family Foundation D J. C. Kellogg Foundation D Mary Beth & Adam Kirsch F The Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund, Inc. H Linde Family Foundation D Anne R. Lovett & Stephen G. Woodsum F The Ludcke Foundation Carolyn & Peter S. Lynch Peter Lyon Paul Maeder & Gwill York Tristin & Martin Mannion F Andy & Linda McLane F Kristin & Stephen Mugford D Brooke & William Muggia Marion & David Mussafer D Thomas O’Donnell & Christina Wing-O’Donnell/The Karen Wing Family Charitable Foundation F Amelia Peabody Foundation Red Sox Foundation Stephanie & Adam Rogers V The Richard Eric Rosenberg Foundation F Pixley & Kenneth Schiciano F William E. Schrafft and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust F John & Susan Simon H Christine & Robert Small F State Street Foundation V The Tudor Foundation, Inc. D Amanda & John Waldron Amy & John Weinberg F Jenny & Sandy Weymouth/Hess Foundation D Connie & Sankey Williams V

Scholars’ Society $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous (3 gifts) Melora & Andrew Balson D Mr. & Mrs. James A. Block F Jennifer & Jonathan Block F Marina & Walter Bornhorst D Katie & Don Bramley V Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Charity Fund D Constance B. Coburn & James DeK. Houghton F The Cosette Charitable Fund D Lisa & Todd Cronan D Laura DeBonis & Scott Nathan V Gretchen Effgen & Anthony Schweizer D Cynthia A. Fisher & C. James Koch Jennifer Mugar Flaherty & Peter G. Flaherty II D Nancy & Richard Friedman H Abigail Ross Goodman & Mark Goodman Blair & Jacqueline Hendrix D Mariem Horchani & Stephen Murphy Anne & Colin McNay V Barbara & Richard Melvoin F Anne & Jeff Mitchell V Martha Mugar V Northern Trust Pappendick Family Marsha & Justin Perreault V Michael & Emily Phillips Emily & Drew Pluhar D Reebok Foundation Lindsey & Matthew Russell Jeanne & Bob Savitt F Ellen & Steve Segal D Richard, Ann, John & James Solomon Foundation Jennifer & Seth Stier V Suzie Tapson & Gordon Burnes D Resa & John Wing

H Denotes donors who have made gifts for at least 20 consecutive years. F Denotes donors who have made gifts for at least 10 consecutive years. D Denotes donors who have made gifts for at least 5 consecutive years. V Denotes donors who have made gifts for at least 3 consecutive years.


Benefactors $1,000–$4,999


Anonymous (2 gifts) D The Sidney & Beatrice Albert Foundation V Pamela & Bear Albright Nichole & Richard Aldrich/ RA Capital Associates V Kristen & James Atwood V Fiona & James Benenson Meg & Tomas Bergstrand V Tricia & Tim Blank F Elizabeth & Seth Brennan Bruce Breimer & Lorna Doran F Jessica & Rob Broggi Maribeth & Mark Brostowski Robin & Marcia Brown Bill & Barbara Burgess D Cindy & Warren Burroughs, Jr. D Susan Okie Bush D Kristin & Joseph Casey Katherine Chapman Christensen-Dunn Early Foundations Fund F Dr. John & Bette Cohen V Wendy & Travis Connors V Peter Cornetta Sheena & David M. Danziger F Margot & Jon Davis V Motoko & Gordon Deane Coleen & Ted Dinneen F Deanna & Tony DiNovi Darren J. Donovan Sadhana & Rick Downs D Michael & Barbara Eisenson F Lee & Jack Englert F Mara & Stuart Feldman Mark & Janelle Fisher V Joan FitzGerald V Betsey & Charlie Gifford Lynn & James Gilbert The Goldman Sachs Foundation Brad Goldstein/Oxbow

59 Boston schools from which The Steppingstone Academy drew Scholars

Sharon Grady Judy Grant & Jon McLaughlin Liz & Art Greenwood Jeffrey & Victoria Hadden Jeanne & Thomas Hagerty Alex & Abbe Hocherman Abigail Housen & Harry Lasker Skip Hughes & Barry Tubman V Virginia Hutcheson V Susan Jefferson & Paisley Boney Char Joslin & Les Cheek V Charlotte & Charlie Kline D Tania & Gordon Kluzak F Diana & Todd Knightly Cynthia & Jeffrey Leach Sondra H. Levenson Kate Lubin & Glen Sutton D Rania Matar & Jean Abouhamad Pam & Stuart Mathews D Rebecca Melvoin/Melvoin Foundation Jim & Lisa Mooney D Kelley Murphy D Kathleen & Mike Nilles Pete Oberle Laura & Steve Peck V Carolyn & Phillip Perelmuter V PNC Foundation Amy Feind Reeves & Douglas Reeves Rachel Rock & Joshua Levy Jean Weinberg Rose & Jeff Rose F Carol & Bill Sahlman Holly & Louis Salemy Sue & Ted Saraceno Caterina & Dan Schwinn F Robert G. Segel & Janice L. Sherman F Kristine & Ned Shadek The Shane Foundation F Barbara & Edward Shapiro Brent Edward Shay H Lori & Matthew Sidman Esther Simon Charitable Trust H Peter J. Solomon Family Foundation Abby Sosland & Mark Goodman D Sovereign Bank Foundation Colleen Spencer Jill & Michael Stansky Paige & Rick Sutphin Polly & Ming Tsai Linette & Geoff Van Flandern Diane & Ralph Vogel Eve Waterfall & Claire Walton Catherine & Scott Webster Marilee Wheeler F Linda Wisnewski & William Collatos

Patrons $250–$999


Anonymous (3 gifts) Anonymous Anonymous Alli & Bill Achtmeyer Erica Adler Russell Ain Martina Albright & Jon Bernstein D Dave Alexander V Mark & Kathy Alperin Maren Anderson & Duke Collier Marie & Alex Attia Sara & Charlie Ayres Jennifer & Bracknell Baker Pam & Jesse Baker Robert P. Ball F James Barry Susan Barry Maryann & Paul Bell Elizabeth & Coleman Benedict V Fred & Tricia Bentley F Sheri E. Berman & Gideon Rose/ The Baobab Fund F Elizabeth Berylson Tyler Blackwell Amy & Ben Bloomstone D Kristin Blount Elaine Boltz Tarah & Allen Breed Charles & Kathryn Brown Liese & David Brown Elizabeth Bryant Chris Burke Gail & Matt Burr Jonathan Busch Katie & Paul Buttenwieser F Ania & Carlos Camargo V Jane Carr Nicolette Clifford Adam Cohen Claire J. Cohen Dimitri Cohen V Ashley B. Coleman Jessica & Brian Collins Casey & Christina Condron Sarah & Lance Conrad Drew & Kim Conway Molly Conway Hope & Louis Crosier F David Crowley/Crowley & Cummings, LLC Lindsay Deane Kristen Deane

Scholars taken on Steppingstone college tours Dick & Maryellen Denning Emily & Michael Denning Rob & Dubs Dickey D Rose DiSanto & Stephen Starnes F Trevor Doe MaKenzie & Daniel Domb David Donahoe Laurie B. Donahoe F Jeaniene & Mark Donovan Beth & David Drubner Beth Duggan D Betsy & Rick Edie H Tim Ehrlich Jennifer & John Eielson V Epstein/Carver Family Foundation F Caroline Erisman V Katherine Fabiani Katie & Mike Fahey June Ferestien & Michael Winton Laurel & Ken Ferretti D Michael Flaherty V Valerie & Doug Fleishman Leslie & Michael Franchella Timothy Furcillo Adele Gagne & Rick Hardy Beth Gilbert-Bono & Mark Bono Kelly & Michael Glew F Deborah Glotzer V Allison & Matthew Godoff Andrew Gorgone V Melissa Gorham Eric & Katie Green Jessica Greenberg & Rob Bombardier Donald & Martha Greenhalgh F Andrew & Liz Hahn H Elizabeth & Edward Halloran Meredith Hanrahan Michael & Chinita Hard D Danielle & André Heard F

Zachary Heath Robert & Ross Henderson Tamara & Peter Hermann Molly Hogue Carrin Holborn The Hoppin/Thomas Family Charles Hovsepian Joan Howland & William Webber F Charles Humber Barbara & Thomas Israel Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts – Hope and David Jeffrey Fund F Julia & Peter Johannsen V Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Johnson 3d D Ann & Ed Kania Thomas Karthaus Will & Chris Kendall Nicole & Arvind Khanna V Erin & Hyung-Do Kim Louise Totten Knabe F Connie & Peter Lacaillade William Laub Christina & David Lavalle Mr. & Mrs. David S. Lee F Mr. & Mrs. Jon R. Lind D William T. Lynch & Ingrid G. Larson F Melissa & William Lyons Alice & Todd Markson Liz & Michael McCabe Lynne Menichetti Karen Meyers & Jay Zagorsky Brian Morris Victoria Moskowitz & Lee Glickenhaus V Nicole & Terry Murray Elizabeth & Todd Needham James Nicoletti Amy & Tom Olivier Anne O’Neil & James Ricotta Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. PellegrinoV

Tom & Trish Perlmutter Christian & Russ Porter V Katie & Brooks Porter Stephen Richard Ken & Kathryn Robinson Brad Roblin Kristin Roda Mr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Root D Christina Ros Jenna Rothbard Maggie Sahlman Anni & Charles Santry Tedd Saunders Alys & George Scott Robert F. Shapiro, Jr. H Justin Shaw Mark R. Simmons, Jr. V Adrienne & Curtis Smith Mason Smith & Gordon Green Steven M. Smith Kendrin Sonneville Barbara G. Starnes Thomas Stemberg & Katherine Chapman Robert A. M. Stern F Rachel & David Stettler Karen Welt Steeves & Jeff Steeves Zoe & Brad Stoesser Carol & Howard Stoner V John & Leslie Stonestreet Shannon Stowell David Sullivan Mark & Katie Sullivan Victoria Svirskiy Derek Taff Amy Tassendorf Kerry & John Tavernese Sandra & Bob Taylor V Marah Thornhill Christina Tiemann Arzu & Murat Tuncata V Rachelle Waiting Courtney Jacobs Walsh Lucas Walsh Dix & Alexandra Wheelock Sylvia D. Whitman Regina Joseph Winslow Jeremy Wintersteen Doug & Abby Wolfson Elizabeth & Robert Wood Kate & Hamilton Wood D Sara L. Wragge F Daphne & Yishai Zohar

Friends Up to $250 Anonymous D Anonymous (4 gifts) Anonymous (2 gifts) V Kristin Achtmeyer Erica Allen Nancy Allison Michael Andreini Michael Ansman Alycia Aube Joanna Aven Howarth Stuart Badrigian Maria Baimas-George Samantha Bain Jennifer Baker Nell Beattie Emily Beck Audrey Bell Cheryl & Adam Bendtsen Adam Benson Cam Berjoan Brian Berube & Susan Wolff F Robert Biederman Helen Black Nancy & Todd Bland Kevin Bodkin Kathryn & John Boger James Bomberg Patricia Bowler & David Wendell V Dr. William Boyd & Ms. Deborah Blish D Tara Brady Meghan Brahm V Hilary Brayton Matthew Breuer Teves Brighton Jamie Brod Nate Buffum Alexandra Burns Iris Butnaru Shirley & Eugene Buzderewicz V Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Byrnes Robert J. Carpenter David Carson John Carter Liza Casella Young May Cha Bruce Chafee Jae Chang Jane B. Clark Megan Clark Sara & Gregory Clark Franklin Cohen & Frances Ginn Claire Cohen


Samantha Cohen Andrew H. Cohn D Casey Coleman Damon Coleman Ann S. Coles Allie Conway Christina Corda Alison Corey Jessica Courtney D Cornelia Cronan Jessie Cronan Chris & Meredith Danis Constantine Davides Molly Davidson Michelle & Thomas Davis Drew Davis Caitlin Day-Lewis Juliet DeFrancisco Brian & Katy Denning Charles Devens III V Patrick Devlin Students Margaret Dinan V applied to The Mark Dolan Steppingstone Jamie Donelan Academy Courtney Doran Andrew Dresner Christine Driscoll V Mary Driscoll & Luke Hill Mihaela Dumea Molly & Stephens Dunne Elizabeth Geller Katie Dunphy Bianca Germain Sarah Dussault Raya Gildor V Laura Eliason Tom & Jeremy Glenn Valerie Eliason & Matthew Bennett Robert Glor Sharon & Stephen Engler D Nicolle Goldfinger Taylor Evans Alex Gonzalez John Faubert & Elizabeth Pratt D David Gould Julie & Mike Fay Christine Govern Kathleen Federico Angela Grant Kate Femino Marisa Greenwald Marlene Ferrante Tyler Griffith Mark & Tobey Fidler F Skylar Griggs Nancy & Barry Fisch Jackie Grodin Edward Fish Sean Grover Rachel Fish Michael Hacker Andrew Flick Antony Haivanis Sarah & Charlie Forbes Julia Halleran V Patrick Ford Maura Halloran V Marc Fortier Rachel Haltom-Irwin David Foster Yasmin Hamed Beth Friedman Rachel Hamilton Elizabeth Friel V Mike & Leslie Hammer H Courtney Gardner Jenna Hardy Laurence A. Geffin & Yurika Hashizume Rebecca Harris Geffin

522 Books purchased for Scholars

Baron Hartley D Tom & Emily Haslett F Mr. & Mrs. George Hatsopoulos F Emily Hawkridge Pat & Jeff Hayden Robert Hayes F Kelly Heard Kate Heffernan Katherine Hein Mary & Winder Heller Aaron Herr Ann Hickey Barbara & William Hickey Polly & Prentiss Higgins David Hill Jonathan Hill Diana Hoffman Richmond Holden Joe Horgan William Hughto Ben & Lisa Humphreys V Elizabeth Hutchinson Emily Ingardia Raymonde Jacquet Sufia & Yasin Jamal V Mary Lee Jamieson




Megan Wells Jamieson Doris & Robert Janowski Matt Javitch David & Mary Johanson F Megan & Ted Johnson Jack Kane Lauren Kaplan Brad Karelitz Julia Karol Sarah Kaster Dana Katz Margot Kearney D Nell Kelleher Brian Kelly V Monica Kelly Keith Kenney V Allison Kent Trumbull & Robert Trumbull Kimberly Kerivan Matt Kessler Lindsay Kneen Carter Knight Jeff Krafchick Erica Krueger Zachary Kubetz Colleen & Rob Kurson Kate Lagana Dana Lampert Joshua Langsam Laura Moberg Lavoie & Brian Lavoie Elena Lee Meredith Legg Liane & Lloyd Levenson Stephanie Levy Claire Lewis Janet Lewis Jennifer Lewis & Christopher Buell D Tyler Lewis John Lieb Beckham & Robert Lindon Lauren & James Lipscomb Cara Lodigiani Heather Long Evan Lorey Stephen Losordo Jr. Kevin Love Elizabeth Lyle Hallie Mabrey Bridget Mackey Clara Maddox Mr. & Mrs. Francis Maher F Holly Maloney V Josh Mandel Alicia Manning Ivette & Ivan Manrique

Teachers on our summer faculty

Ashley Marlenga V Michael Marshall F Stefanie Matthews Peter & Porter May F Abby Mayer Shontel McAlpine Joyce & Joseph McCaffrey Claire McClintock Katie McEvoy Tricia & Geoffrey McGean F Erin McGrath Doreen McGuire V Molly McInerney Joe McKeever Colin Mckelligan Jill Medvedow & Richard Kazis Molly Melican Shannon Milillo Abigail Moffat Eleanor Molyneux Laura Montgomery Sarah Moore Veronica & Eric Morganti Peter A. Mullin D Anne M. Murphy Colleen Murphy Jessica Murphy Julia Murphy Melissa Murray & Kristin Arcangeli Taraneh Naghieh Anaide Nahikian Elizabeth & Marshall Neilson F Marianne & John Nelson F Max Nibert D Alexandra & Jonathan Nichols Monica Niedermeyer Emily Nixon Daniel Noonan Troy Norris Jeffrey Nowil Christopher O’Brien Michael O’Brien Ryan O’Connor Caitlin O’Hara Matt O’Malley

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell F Robert & Sara Ohlheiser Jessica Orsina Elizabeth Owens Danielle Palihnich Elizabeth Parfit Meggie Patterson Camille Payne Kay & Rodger Payne Tom & Ellen Payzant V Richard Peaver Josh Peck Hadley Pennington Heike Pfaeffle Karen Pick F Laura Pierce Gina Placanico Thomas Poaps Marisa Porter Julie & Michael Posternack Amanda Powers Caitlin Previdi Arthur Price Christian Price & John LoBue Tyler Price Chris Primiano Alec Radzikowski George & Fernande Raine Elizabeth Rampolla Elizabeth Ratto & Roy Y. Liu Kyle Rattray Sebastian Roervig Jess Rowlands Robert Rutkowski Ellen Ryan Gail Ryan Emily Salema Allison Elizabeth Savage Patrick Scanlon Magda & Stephen Schleicher Anne Schwabenbauer Suzy Schwartz Ilana Sclar Rachel Segall & James Hurley

Hilary Segar Jesse Shaw & Elizabeth Lyons Mary Sheehan Gretchen Sherwood Nathan Shippee Amy Shirk Richard Silverman F Jacqueline Sims Rahul Singh Eleanor Smith Jill Snider Natalie Sperling Vivian & Lionel Spiro Sara Steele-Rogers Joan & Robert Stein Margaret Stewart & Ted Merritt Molly Storer William Stout David Stringer Griffin Sullivan Joseph Sullivan Mary Sullivan John Switchenko Anne Taylor Lynne Mooney Teta & Anthony Teta Rebecca & Kevin Tidmarsh D Warren Tolman Belinda & Seth Traub James P. Tremble Katie Tully Nancy & Tony Ullman H John Van der Stricht Jane Viner Katie Wadsworth Andrea & Greg Wagoner David & Gwen Wanger F Elizabeth Ward V Valerie Weed Michael Weiler Andrew Weiner Linda Weinstein Chris Westlund Betsy Wheeler Jackie White Mike White Brandon Wilson-Evitt & Steven Evitt Raymond Wu Samantha Yanofsky This report is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We sincerely apologize for any errors or omissions.

Steppingstone would like to thank the following corporations for their generous support: $5,000+ The Charles Hotel Di Santo Design Ropes & Gray LLP

Up to $4,999 AAA Artu Rosticceria & Trattoria Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro Belmont Day School Blue Ginger Boston Organics Boston Public School DELTAS Bristol Lounge Cape Cod Country Captain John’s Charters The Cambridge School of Weston Castanea Partners Delicious Desserts Dexter and Southfield School East Boston Savings Bank East Meets West Catering Exhale Fay School Fenn School Four Preppy Paws Goodwin Procter, LLP The Governor’s Academy/ Dr. Peter H. Quimby Gretta Cole Harvard Business School Student Association Hingham Savings Bank in-jean-ius Ippolita JoJo Loves You L’Espalier La Campania Life in Synergy Local 149 Lucca Mandarin Oriental Hotel Matthew Bennet Photography The Meadowbrook School of Weston Mint Julep Mistral Newton Country Day School North End Yoga North River Outfitter

The Overlook Golf Club Pam Walker Interior Design Park School Recycle Studio The Ritz-Carlton Roomba The Roxbury Latin School Sammy Leigh Photos Samuel Adams Sara Campbell Ltd. Savenor’s Market Shady Hill School Simple Details Events Smith & Wollensky Tennis & Racquet Club Tickets for Charity Tie Your Apron Towne Manicure Twilight Urban Decay Veritas Tutors, LLC W Hotel Watermill Management Company The Winsor School Winston Flowers Zipcar Zocalo

Steppingstone would like to thank the following corporations for their matching gifts: Anonymous (2 gifts) Adobe Systems Incorporated D American Tower Bank of America Foundation BNY Mellon Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation V Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC Insurance Services Office, Inc. State Street Foundation Verisk Wells Fargo Foundation D

Gifts were made to Steppingstone in honor of the following individuals: Jennifer & Jonathan Block Kerry Brennan Buckingham Browne & Nichols Class of 1997 Brian J. Conway Zora Davis Caitlin Day-Lewis Spencer Gaffney Kate & Tom Gilbane Kelly Glew Alison & Matthew Godoff Kenneth Goulin Allison Johnson Julia Karol Michael Lefebvre Alison & Craig Levy Ian & Isabelle Loring Camille Payne Emily & Michael Phillips

We are so grateful for the generous support of Steppingstone Alumni. A special thanks to Alain Davis ‘91, Eric Andrew ‘94, and Timothy O’Connell ‘96 for their leadership gifts. Names in bold denote gifts of $100 or more. Leo Boatswain ‘91 Alain Davis ‘91 Katie O’Leary Keegan ‘91 Natasha Velickovic ’91 Ivan DeJesus ‘92 Timothy Healey ‘92 Lois Bonsu ‘93 Colgan Johnson ‘93 Eric Andrew ‘94 Alex Bien-Aime ‘94 Kevin Tran ‘94 Donavan Brown ‘95 & Lauren Brown D Stephond Goler ‘95 Marcus Haymon ‘95 J. P. Jacquet ‘95 Johane Alexis ‘96 Channel Baez ‘96 Joy Kogut ‘96 V

Timothy O’Connell ‘96 Kaitlin Barry Pellerin ‘96 & David Pellerin Cynthia Nguy ‘97 D Emely Orellana ‘97 Kousha Bautista-Saeyan ‘98 V A.T. Desta ‘99 Darian Reid-Sturgis ‘99 Lamarr Rollins ‘99 Robyn E. Gibson ‘00 V Craig Groves ‘00 Keanna Hagood ‘00 Roshaun LaForce ‘00 Sophia Tsakmaklis ‘00 Tran Vu ‘00 V Marissa Bias ‘01 Max Clermont ‘01 Donald Medor ‘01 Courtney Monahan ‘01 Samantha Salfity ‘01 Shanelle Walker ‘01 Tinyan Chan ‘02 Anthony Mathieu ‘02

72 Care packages (which included encouraging letters, ramen noodles, highlighters, and more!) sent to college freshmen before their first final exams

15 Languages spoken in the homes of Steppingstone families


234 School visits by Steppingstone staff


National Partnership for Educational Access

Berylson Fund for Leadership Development

We are grateful to the following organizations for their support of NPEA.

Amy Smith Berylson and John Berylson established The Berylson Fund for Leadership Development to provide Steppingstone’s staff with high-quality professional development opportunities that would enable them to better serve the needs of a growing organization. In 2012, the Fund generously supported programs of professional development for three Steppingstone staff members. President and Chief Operating Officer Kelly Glew attended a course entitled “Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management,” offered by Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative. The program cultivates mastery in nonprofit leadership, with the aim of improving organizational effectiveness. Megan Wells, Director of Scholars and Families, and Audra Peek, Admission Senior Associate, participated in Boston University School of Management’s Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Over the course of nine months, these talented members of the Steppingstone staff learned best practices in team, project, and financial management, in addition to core leadership skills. We are grateful for the support of the Berylson Fund, which continues to foster excellence and high levels of professional competency among Steppingstone’s hard-working staff.

Anonymous A Better Chance ACT, Inc. The Associated Colleges of Illinois Boston College Law School Buffalo Prep Cate School Chicago Scholars The College Board College Possible The Common Application Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund DePaul University Center for Access and Attainment DePaul University Center for Intercultural Programs ERB John Fanning, in honor of The Partners Program at The College Preparatory School High Jump Meredith Laban, in honor of Horizons at Dedham Country Day School Horizons for Youth Illinois Network of Charter Schools Indian Springs School inRESONANCE Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Latin School of Chicago Milton Academy National Scholarship Providers Association New Jersey SEEDS Ninde Scholars Program Oberlin College Odyssey Phillips Exeter Academy Pine Manor College Polk Bros. Foundation Prep@Pingree at Pingree School Project Grad Atlanta Rainier Scholars Reach for Excellence Peggy Sarkela, in honor of REACH Prep School and Student Services by NAIS Schuler Scholar Program SSATB St. George’s Independent School Foundation

147 397

Donors giving for five consecutive years or more

Dollars raised at our annual gala


35 New donors


Donors who gave in 2012

47 97

Each year, hundreds of individuals



Corporations and foundations supporting Steppingstone


Pixley Schiciano, member of Steppingstone's Board of Ambassadors and a donor since 1999, in her home in Wellesley, Mass.

and philanthropic organizations lend their support to our work. You donate your time, your expertise, your dollars. We are humbled by not only what you give to Steppingstone, but also why you give. The reasons for your generosity continually reward and inspire us. Consider why Pixley Schiciano supports Steppingstone, and you’ll see what we mean: “Steppingstone and the Scholars it serves are just so inspirational. They remind me all the time of why we care and why our philanthropic support matters. My daughter’s best friend is a Steppingstone Scholar. My son’s Latin teacher is also an alumnus of Steppingstone. So, my family has benefited directly and personally from the impact that Steppingstone is making in the world. “I’m fortunate enough to have had a lot of wonderful opportunities in my life. What Steppingstone provides is the chance to spread opportunities around to others. But aside from the great work, the people who are drawn to this mission also inspire and impress me. I get to share the passions of an entire community of committed people. And that’s just thrilling, rewarding, and easy. It gives me such a sense of fulfillment that I can honestly say to myself: ‘This is something I really want to go out and be a part of today.’”

Gratitude Steppingstone’s donors know their generosity changes lives. Including their own.


Statements of Financial Position

Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets


Operating Revenue and Support:

Current Assets

Cash and cash equivalents Current portion of accounts and pledges receivable Other receivables Prepaid expenses

$1,132,233 $1,038,617 7,235 62,003

Fundraising events Less - cost of direct benefit to donors Net fundraising events revenue

Pledges Receivable, net of current portion and discount 923,716 128,251 Property & Equipment, net Deposits 45,428

Contributions and grants Conference In-kind revenue Membership income Other income Interest income

Total assets

Total operating revenue and support

Total current assets



$909,640 (89,576) 820,064 $3,581,783 $136,930 $107,331 $69,887 $10,636 $1,431 4,728,062

Operating Expenses:

Liabilities & Net Assets Current Liabilities Accounts payable, accrued expenses and other Deferred revenue Total current liabilities Deferred Rent

201,790 118,205 319,995 75,287

Total liabilities


Net Assets


Unrestricted: Operating Property & Equipment

1,057,858 128,251

Total unrestricted


Temporarily restricted


Total net assets


Total liabilities and net assets


Program Services: Steppingstone Academy College Success Academy National Partnership for Educational Access Replication

2,315,678 783,654 410,786 83,768

Total Program Services


Supporting Services: General and administrative Development

582,146 835,156

Total supporting services


Total operating expenses


Changes in net assets from operations


Other Revenues: Unrealized gains (losses) on investments Investments impairment allowance Changes in net assets Net Assets, beginning of year Net Assets, end of year

(8,691) (76,698) (368,515) 3,310,716 $ 2,942,201

Financial Statements for December 31, 2012


The Steppingstone Foundation, Inc.

The Steppingstone Foundation

Founded in 1990, The Steppingstone Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that develops and implements programs that prepare underserved schoolchildren for educational opportunities that lead to college success. Based on the premise that, regardless of circumstance, children can achieve at high levels academically with effective preparation and support, Steppingstone programs emphasize rigorous standards and achieve meaningful results. The Steppingstone Foundation runs three programs in Boston: The Steppingstone Academy prepares underserved middle-grade students for admission to competitive independent, Catholic, and public exam schools through a rigorous 14-month academic component, followed by comprehensive support services to ensure that Scholars thrive, graduate from high school, and earn degrees from four-year colleges. Each year, The Steppingstone Academy serves 1,000 Scholars in grades five through 12, and an additional 400 Alumni Scholars in college.

The College Success Academy,

which welcomed its pilot class of 46 Scholars in July 2011, provides after-school and summer academic programming to the students attending three partner Boston public K-8 schools: the Jackson/ Mann, the Edison, and the Gardner Pilot Academy. Scholars participate in a program of academic preparation, modeled after The Steppingstone Academy, which spans four academic years and five summers. Scholars attend their first six-week summer session before fifth grade, and attend after-school classes three times a week during the school year. In high school, Scholars will receive comprehensive support services, including academic mentoring, social/emotional counseling, and college guidance.

The National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) is a membership association that supports organizations providing college access programming to underserved students across the country. NPEA has more than 240 members in 33 states, collectively serving 150,000 students. Through an annual national conference, regional meetings, and professional development offerings, NPEA serves as a convener, disseminating best practices and key findings to programs across the country, in order to strengthen the field of college access. Visit NPEA at


The Steppingstone Foundation is grateful to 23 staff members who contributed to the research, reporting, and creation of this report. We also thank the following firms that donated or discounted their services to make the design and printing of this annual report possible: BARTON PRODUCTIONS DI SANTO DESIGN BILL MILES PRODUCTIONS PRINTSYNERGY SOLUTIONS

The Steppingstone Foundation is committed to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals. Š 2013 The Steppingstone Foundation This brochure has been printed on 10% post consumer recycled paper.

997 +1,247 +793 Scholars


+44+242 +129 Alumni


NPEA Members

Colleges and Universities


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Look for our new website at: Connect with us on: Facebook: Twitter: @Steppingstone90




Faculty and Staff

Steppingstone Community

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