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Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

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4 Plantation Oaks Aquatics - ELM

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center







Nocatee Splash Park ELM


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

“…working with ELM has always been easy.” Ken Wilson, client Gate Land Company

Plantation Oaks Aquatics - ELM


Pool and Aquatic Design Experience: Anthem – Henderson, Nevada Sun City Grand Aquatic Center – Surprise, Arizona Sun City West Aquatic Center – Peoria, Arizona Las Brisas de Santo Domingo – Santo Domingo, Chile Las Brisas de Chicureo – Santiago, Chile The One&Only Palmilla – Los Cabos, Mexico Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, California The Lodge at Ocean Hammock – Palm Coast, Florida Hammock Beach Resort – Palm Coast, Florida South Hampton – St Augustine, Florida Cape House – Jacksonville, Florida Waterchase – Tampa, Florida St Johns Forest – St Johns, Florida St Johns Golf & Country Club – St Augustine, Florida “Splash” Aquatic Park at Nocatee – Ponte Vedra, Florida Amelia National – Fernandina Beach, Florida Camp Heritage – St Augustine, Florida Laterra – St Augustine, Florida Tidewater – Jacksonville, Florida RiverTown Aquatics – St Johns, Florida Oakleaf Aquatics – Clay County, Florida Plantation Oaks Water Park– Clay County, Florida Palmetto – Oakleaf, Florida 5000 Town – Jacksonville, Florida

Client: Del Webb Terravita Corporation Client: Del Webb Corporation Client: Del Webb Corporation Client: Inmobilario Las Brisas Client: Inmobilario de Manqeuhue Client: Goldman Sachs Client: Lowe Enterprises Client: Lowe Enterprises Client: The Ginn Company Client: The LandMar Group Client: The Development Group Client: Taylor Woodrow Client: Taylor Woodrow Client: Sampson Creek Comm. Dev. Dist. Client: Town of Nocatee Client: Amelia National Golf Club Client: Six Mile Creek Comm. Dev Dist. Client: Intrawest/Playgrounds Client: ICI Client: RiverTown Comm. Dev. Dist. Client: Double Branch Comm. Dev. Dist. Client: Middle Village Comm. Dev. Dist. Client: Whitehall Partners Client: Bove Development Company

References: Tom Spence RusMar email: telephone: 813 927 6161

Rick Pariani Davidson email: telephone: 904 940 5050


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

PERSONNEL Team Organization Chart City of Walla Wall Parks & Recreation Jim Dumont Parks & Recreation Director

Walla Walla City Council

City of Walla Walla Administration

Decisions Landscape Architecture / Architecture / Project Management ELM Steve Lovett, ASLA - Principal-in-Charge / Project Manager Chris Overdorf, ASLA - Principal/Project Landscape Architect Tim Miller, AIA - Principal/Project Architect Jeff Gibson, ASLA - Landscape Architect Aquatics Engineering North American Aquatics Terry Wilmotte Paul Foster

Geotechnical TBD

Civil TBD

Mechanical/Electrical/ Plumbing Powell / Hinkle Lane Hinkle, PE Thomas Elder, PE Structural TBD

Environmental TBD

Code/Permitting TBD

North American Aquatic Design (NAAD) has been selected to provide design guidance and technical leadership with respect to the design of the pool and water-feature plumbing and mechanical systems. Over the past 20-years, NAAD’s principals have designed dozens of pools, water parks, and aquatic facilities and have exceptional expertise in creating unique water play environments that are operationally-friendly and provide ease-of-maintenance. NAAD’s experience includes recreational and competition pools, interactive water features, water slides, lazy rivers, splash pads, spraygrounds, wave pools, and other specialty aquatic play elements. Powell & Hinkle has been selected to provide mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering services, and have a unique expertise in the requirements of high-capacity aquatic and recreational facilities. The technical requirements of the site and building in an Aquatic support facility (bathroom, break room, concessions/food service,etc.) will vary considerably based upon capacity, temperature, moisture, time-of-year, and other factors. In all cases – whether the facility is at capacity or virtually empty – it is crucial that buildings perform appropriately and at maximum efficiency. This expertise is unique to this type of facility and is crucial in serving the needs of guests and staff. Powell & Hinkle is licensed and has current projects in Washington State. Local Expertise will be crucial in the successful execution of the project. ELM will rely on a local consultant team that is most familiar and qualified for the specific needs of the Family Aquatic Center project. We anticipate a Walla Wallabased consultant team to provide structural, environmental, geotechnical, survey, materials testing, hazardous materials abatement, permitting, and civil engineering expertise. ELM suggests working with the City to identify and select the most qualified local experts in these disciplines. The City will gain the greatest value will through ELM’s specialized Aquatic and Water Park expertise, partnered with a Walla Walla-based team of experts that is most familiar with the particulars of the site and local administrative and political process. 8

PROJECT UNDERSTANDING, APPROACH, AND SCHEDULE “...describe the tasks that must be accomplished to complete the project and a narrative description of how your team proposes to execute the tasks in the most cost effective way.” ELM follows a highly-structured and integrated work plan on each project, organized sequentially ensuring the appropriate opportunities for client input, consultant coordination, and construction cost review throughout all project phases. It is crucial that technical issues are identified and resolved prior to becoming problems during construction, requiring costly repairs or field-adjustments. Because of our extensive Aquatic and Water Plan experience, we understand the unique requirements and coordination demands of demolition and construction including: site access and circulation, building programming, building design/use/operation, slide tower design, pool plumbing, pool mechanical/filtration systems, stormwater/drainage, site lighting and power distribution, sound/speakers, landscape plantings, site furnishings, irrigation, paving, fencing, storage, maintenance, and other related improvements. ELM’s multi-disciplined approach practices site (landscape architecture) and building design disciplines (architecture) together, allowing continuous matter-of-course communication and coordination throughout the project. Much of the success or failure of any project is in “how you treat the edges”, and with ELM’s structure there are no-edges that go unresolved or design issues left to chance. For the Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center, ELM suggests the following tasks be completed in accordance with a clearly defined, sequentially-phased Scope of Work: Phase I – Programming/Data Collection & Research Task A – Data Collection/Base Sheet Set-up Task B - Programming & Stakeholder Engagement Task C – Project Research/Familiarity/Technical Understanding Phase II – Schematic Design Task A – Landscape Architectural Schematic Design Task B – Architectural Schematic Design Task C – Subconsultant Schematic Design Task D – Schematic Construction Cost Review Phase III– Design Development Task A – Landscape Architectural Design Development Task B – Architectural Design Development Task C – Subconsultant Design Development Task D – Outline Specifications Task D – Design Development Construction Cost Review Phase IV – Construction Documents Task A – Landscape Architectural Construction Documents Task B – Architectural Construction Documents Task C – Subconsultant Construction Documents Task D – Specifications/Project Manual Task E – Bid Submittal Phase V – Bid Assistance/Permitting Task A – Bid Assistance Task B - Permitting Phase VI – Construction Administration Task A – Construction Period Assistance Task B – Pay Application Requests/Administration Task C – Project Closeout 9

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

“...describe how the team plans to utilize local resources and how the team will collect or verify required data in a timely and cost conscious fashion.” Utilizing Local Resources ELM realizes this is a huge investment for the residents of Walla Walla, especially for a recreational facility in these challenging economic times. The Family Aquatics Center can be a big contributor to Walla Walla’s quality of life, and we know that the expectation to create a fantastic amenity and to maximize the value of this investment is very high. This is why ELM has formed the very best core team of design experts and specialists in the Aquatic and Water Play design industry – to serve the City and to bring unique talents that do not exist within the Walla Walla community. However, for this project to be successful it needs to be firmly grounded in the culture, and character of Walla Walla’s community and landscape. Beyond the core team of design experts, ELM will partner with local experts, engineers, and consultants – individuals and firms who understand the nuances of the site, the city, the process, and the values of the community. We will work with the City to identify the most capable local members of the project team including: surveyors, civil engineers, geotechnical consultants, environmental consultants, and others, and expect that those local experts will comprise the majority of our project team. ELM’s best work is a result of our collaborative culture. We look forward to immersing ourselves in Walla Walla, working directly with the city and community in an open and collegial way to find out what’s most important and to learn about their goals and objectives. At the same time, we will draw on the expertise and familiarity of local consultants and experts to collect and verify data in the most timely and costeffective manner and help galvanize the project’s local ownership and pride of authorship Ultimately, this project will belong to the citizens of Walla Walla – and we believe it will become one of the regions great social and recreational assets. We care for the legacy of our work in the community, feel a great obligation to help deliver the best project possible, and have assembled a team and structure designed to ensure the most positive outcome.

“...describe particular challenges which you foresee this project presenting and your approach for addressing these challenges.” Project Challenges The proposed Family Aquatic Center represents a complex design assignment, and more importantly represents a major recreational opportunity for the community. It is crucial that all potential challenges be identified as early in the process as possible, and resolved successfully in the design and execution of the project. We have identified six key challenges in this project. Please find each of those identified below, together with our approach to addressing them: Social Challenges: A family aquatic facility is created as a place for fun. A place for interaction with water and with others. The facility must be designed to inspire children (of all ages), encourage dynamic interaction and play with water in a variety of forms, and provide active and passive venues for multiple generations of guests. ELM has an uncommon depth of understanding about how people play and interact with water, how to design for multiple generations, and how to create a sense of wonder and inspiration through design. We also understand the needs of non-swimmers, and the design of pools for children to learn to swim, as well as the ability for parents to maintain visual and supervisory control over children of different agesLanding as a part Aquatics of the facility’s design. ELM will work with the client and project stakeholders from Heritage theELM outset of the project to understand the goals of the project in the community, and develop program and design solutions to achieve those objectives. 10

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

Functional/Operational Challenges: Water parks and Aquatic facilities have unique operational and functional needs, both to serve guest and staff requirements. Lessons learned through the completion of dozens of projects gives ELM a unique perspective on the staffing, maintenance, and operational needs of a facility. ELM suggests working as early as possible in the design process with the facility’s management team to determine specific issues, preferences, protocols, and programmatic requirements – and establishing design solutions that create efficiency and enhanced performance. To this end, a feasibility study will also be conducted on the existing bathouse structure to determine it’s suitability for partial reuse. Technical Challenges: A well-designed Aquatic facility requires more technical coordination than virtually any other type of recreational facility. The facility needs to perform optimally for as many months of the year as possible - when it is both full-to-capacity, or when it is virtually empty – and issues of constructability need to be understood. ELM’s team is familiar with all aspects of the technical challenges of pool and aquatic facilities, and the unique requirements with respect to governing Department of Health codes and regulations. ELM has the technical expertise necessary to design for wet and dry surfaces, as well as issues of heat, humidity and capacity in buildings’ mechanical ventilation and air handling systems. Additionally, it is understood that the project is a Public Works Project, and that all specifications, bid documents, construction administration services, and other aspects of the project work will be required to comply with Washington State Public Works and the City of Walla Walla requirements and process. Ecological Challenges: Butcher Creek is located in close proximity to the proposed Aquatic Center improvements, and a comprehensive stormwater strategy will be required as an integral part of this design effort to accommodate the site work, new construction, and to maintain or enhance the creek’s water quality. ELM has extensive experience in Low Impact Design and natural resource planning, and will work together to develop strategies that integrate sustainable stormwater strategies into the project’s design. Cultural Challenges: Every community is different, and the design of this facility should represent the authentic culture and character of Walla Walla. We recognize that water play is fun and can be whimsical, however, we suggest that “off the shelf” water play elements and site treatments may not reflect the quality and character that the citizens should expect, nor are they necessarily the most cost effective. Our team has experience in designing custom spraygrounds, splash pads, pools, and water play elements, and adapting manufactured slides and components into features that are special and have integrity to the communities in which they are located. ELM will work closely with the client and stakeholder groups to identify key cultural “stories” or particular design requirements based on Walla Walla’s history, landscape, civic character, demographics, and anticipated guest needs. Aesthetic Challenges: Evidence shows that enduring value is added through beauty and creativity, and that an “ordinary” prototypical aquatics facility will not achieve the same success as one that is unique and intentionally well designed. An attractive facility will invite new guests, entice guests to stay longer, and be a better representation of the aspirations of the community. ELM’s experience suggests that good design doesn’t need to cost more or sacrifice technical performance. Cost Control & Certainty: Perhaps the most important aspect of this project is the assurance that the project’s design is consistent with the approved budget. ELM takes the stewardship of project budgets and resources very seriously, and has a Project Total Cost (PTC) management system that is designed to ensure consistent budget and cost evaluation at every phase of the project. ELM’s efforts in evaluating estimated construction costs during the project design phases consistently results in projects that are designed with greater constructability, and within budget. 11

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documents

60 Days

60 Days

90 Days

Bid Process

Construction Period

45 Days

10 Months

August 1, 2013

June 15, 2013

March15, 2013

January 15, 2013

November 15, 2012

45 Days

Grand Opening June 2014

Programming, Data Collection & Research

September 20, 2012 September 30, 2012

Kickoff Meeting

“...provide a schedule for completing the project.”

We believe that the City of Walla Walla’s timeframe is realistic for a Grand Opening in June 2014, and ELM has established a Work Plan to meet that schedule. ELM will commit the full resources of the firm to meet established timeframes and deadlines, and will have the constant Partner-level leadership and accountability throughout the project to ensure the highest level of service. In order to facilitate the extent of client and team communication, coordination, and input necessary to ensure a successful project, ELM will have recurring meetings scheduled on-site weekly or bi-weekly as necessary based upon the phase of work. ELM’s system of management, communication, and coordination results in projects that are well-coordinated, technically-sound, and delivered on time and within budget.

12- ELM St. Johns Forest

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Relevant and Directly Related Project Experience

“Splash” Water Park at Nocatee Client/Owner: Tolomato Community Development District Project Size: Approximately 7-acres Cost: $16.8-million Budget: $18-million Completed: 2010 Contact: Mr. Greg Barbour 4314 Pablo Oaks Court Jacksonville, Florida 32224 e t (904) 992-9750

RiverTown Aquatics Client/Owner: Rivers Edge Community Development District Project Size: Approximately 6-acres Cost: $7.1-million Budget: $7.1-million Completed: 2012 Contact: Mr. Chris Kuhn 39 Riverwalk Boulevard St Johns, Florida 32259 e t (904) 358-6018

Camp Heritage Aquatic Park Client/Owner: Six Mile Creek Community Development District Project Size: Approximately 4-acres Cost: $6-million Budget: $6-million Completed: 2005 Contact: Mr. Rick Pariani 100 East Town Place – Suite 100 St Augustine, Florida 32092 e t (904) 940-5050

Oakleaf Aquatics Client/Owner: Double Branch Community Development District Project Size: Approximately 4.5-acres (part of a 20+ acre park/athletic facility) Cost: $5.3-million Budget: $5.3-million Completed: 2005 (Phase I), 2010 (Phase II) Contact: Mr. Don Hinson 3030 Hartley Road – Suite 300 Jacksonville, Florida 32257 e t (904) 262-7718

Plantation Oaks Aquatic Center Client/Owner: Middle Village Community Development District Project Size: Approximately 9-acres Cost: $9.2-million Budget: $9.2-million Completed: 2007 (Phase I), 2011 (Phase II) Contact: Mr. Don Hinson 3030 Hartley Road – Suite 300 Jacksonville, Florida 32257 e t (904) 262-7718


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center

“…they practice very personally, with a tremendous amount of respect for their fellow professionals, and how they related their service role to their client.” Rick Pariani, client Davidson

Oakleaf Plantation - ELM


Nocatee’s “Splash” Aquatics Park is the focal point of the 75-acre Community Park and serves as an important link to the community’s neighborhoods, amenities and roadways. It is the primary social and recreational amenity for a burgeoning community. ELM provided comprehensive programming, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and construction administration services for the Town of Nocatee’s primary community clubhouse, fitness center, concessions building, and water park.



9,000 s.f. Lagoon Pool with Zero Entry

Social Clubhouse “Crosswater Hall” with Ballroom, Catering Kitchen, Resident Services & Admin Offices

Concessions Building 470 foot long Lazy River Water Slide Tower – with two slides (36’ ht, and 22’ ht.) Kids Spray Ground with Tolomato River theme

Fitness/Wellness Center with separate Cardio & Group Fitness Social Cabana with Outdoor Kitchen, Social Gathering, and Restrooms

Client: Tolomato Community Development District Cost: $16.8 million (budget: $18 million) - completed 2010


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


“Camp Heritage” is the primary social and recreational amenity within the family-oriented Heritage Landing community. Designed to reflect the rural character of historic north Florida fish camps and the unique William Bartram Scenic Corridor, the clubhouse and site have an informality and naturalistic “fit” with the region’s indigenous flora. Designed to have a impact on the site, the project emphasizes community gatherings, social engagement, recreation, wellness/fitness, and competition and recreational aquatic activity.



9,000 s.f. Clubhouse

High-capacity Water Play

Additional Fitness Building

Informal Pool Design

Poolside seating with shaded arbor and active water columns

Manatee Springs Plaza Splash Play

Heated Social pool with zero entry, and iconic 36-foot tall water-slide tower

Integration of low maintenance/native landscape Designed for four-season use

Competition six-lane Junior Olympic Pool Manatee Springs plaza spray area Client: Six Mile Creek Community Development District Cost: $6 million (budget: $6 million) - completed 2006


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Designed to provide a dynamic recreational amenity and to preserve and celebrate the site’s unique natural character, Plantation Oaks Park has become the social and recreational hub of an 11,000-resident community. Located amidst a canopy of mature live oaks and a Loblolly Pine forest, Plantation Oaks Park is the second major amenity in the Oakleaf neighborhood,. A two-story classical antebellum-style clubhouse anchors the nearly 40-acre site. ELM’s design for the park included: the Plantation Oaks Club; a major pool and aquatics facility; a “tennis garden” with eight courts and pro shop; playground; basketball; baseball fields, trails, and lakefront pavilion. ELM recently expanded the park, creating an eight-lane competition lap-pool and associated restroom and pavilion structures. FACTS


9,000 s.f. Lagoon Pool

Integrates planning, architecture, and landscape architecture

Six-lane Junior Olympic Competition Pool Kids Spray Ground with Tilting Bucket

High-qualtity tennis facility, supports league play Baseball/Softball fields

Poolside Concessions Building

Multi-generational, designed all ages

28’ Dual Water Slide: Tunnel Flume and Open Flume

Enhances landscape character

Zero Entry Pool feature Client: Middle Village Community Development District Cost: $9.2 million (budget: $9.2 million) - completed 2006


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Designed to provide a social and recreational hub for a growing community, RiverTown’s Aquatic Center offers a dynamic array of active and passive water play. The Aquatic Center at RiverTown is designed for families, providing active water-oriented recreation for all ages. Created for flexibility and high capacity, the facility’s plan provides opportunities for play and discreet pavilion structures to host multiple picnics, parties and special events simultaneously. A 21-foot tall water slide creates an architecturally impressive landmark and reflects the unique character and culture of the region.


BENEFITS Designed for family & multigenerational use


Programmed to support multiple parties and events Flexible to accommodate high-capacity family use


Client: Rivers Edge Community Development District Cost: $7.1 million (budget: $7.1 million) - completed 2012


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Oakleaf Community Park is an active athletic and recreation complex designed for high capacity use for a fast-growing residential population. An impressive array of sports fields and recreational amenities creates a strong “Central Park” for the community it serves. Serving one of the nations fastest growing regions, Oakleaf Community Park is the first major park amenity in the 6,400-acre Oakleaf community. Consisting of approximately 30-acres, ELM provided planning, architecture, and landscape architectural design services and construction administration for all elements of the park, including: pool, aquatic play, and waterslide; playground; fitness trail; tennis courts; basketball courts; fitness and social buildings; field house/concessions building; and six full size soccer fields.



6-lane Junior Olympic Competition Pool

High capacity facility

Concessions Building Interactive Lagoon Pool Kids Spray Ground with themed Water Tower Poolside Shade Cabana 28’-tall Water Slide

Designed to host sports teams and leagues of differing ages Design & planning integrates building and site improvements Encourages four-season use and multipurpose programming Original plan is adaptable, supports additional/new uses

Client: Double Branch Community Development District Cost: $5.3 million (budget: $5.3 million) - completed 2004


Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Principal/Project Landscape Architect

Chris is a planner and nationally certified landscape architect that believes to create strong resilient communities we need to engage our neighbors and together implement land use decisions and design treatments that serve as examples for the next generation to build upon. For the past 25 years he has worked in a broad range of interconnected parks, recreation and land use projects that have helped his clients realize the importance of our parks and open spaces as our biggest legacy. His work includes both site and regional scale specific interventions that support each other including strategic parks & open space planning, community visioning, outdoor recreation planning, green infrastructure planning, scenic conservation & visual impact analysis, transportation planning, urban forest planning, and ecosystem services valuation. Prior to heading up ELM’s Seattle office, he spent 10 years with Jones & Jones (the last five years as a partner) working on parks & open space, wildlife conservation and green infrastructure projects ranging in scale from thousands of acres to small pocket parks.


RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Washington Parks SoundFriendly Plan, Des Moines, Belfair, Coupeville,Washington Colman Park Restoration, Seattle, Washington Necanium Estuary Parks Plan, Seaside, Oregon Balboa Park, San Diego, California Semiahmoo Spit Parks & Open Space Plan, Blaine, Washington

Principal/Project Architect

Tim Miller is a talented registered architect with more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction documentation of a variety of project types and clients. Mr. Miller is currently registered in the states of Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, and has the unique combined talents as a gifted innovative designer and proficient technician. During his career, he has extensive experience in the design of unique office/ commercial buildings, resort and club facilities including golf clubs, fitness, spa, and wellness facilities, community amenities, places of worship, and residential buildings and homes.

Relevant Experience

Known as a great team leader and collaborator, Tim has lead complex multidiscipline design teams on complex projects, primarily in the southeastern United States. A student of architectural history, Tim seeks to find solutions based in the traditions of craftsmanship, community, and sustainability. He received his Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Florida in 1981 and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University in 1987. While at the University of Florida he pursued a diverse field of study which emphasized historic preservation and passive solar design.

Plantation Oaks Amenity Center and Play Fields, Clay County, Florida

Oakleaf Plantation Amenity Center, Community Park and Play Fields, Clay County, Florida Nocatee Amenity Center St. Johns County, Florida Heritage Landing Amenity Center and Community Parks, St. Augustine, Florida

RiverTown Clubhouse and Aquatics, St. Johns, Florida

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Landscape Architect

Jeff Gibson is a registered Landscape Architect with over 10 years experience. He has professional experience in a wide variety of project types but has focused primarily on the development of resort style community amenity centers and associated recreational facilities. His creativity, curiosity, and technical understanding have provided a unique contribution to numerous successful projects. Jeff understands the interface between building and site, resulting in superior design solutions. His attention to detail and intuitive understanding of construction issues ensures that all aspects of design are properly executed. Jeff has a drive to exceed client expectations and the commitment to deliver results.


Relevant Experience Amelia National Clubhouse, Fernandina Beach, Florida Riverside Presbyterian Day School Playfield Expansion, Jacksonville, Florida Johns Creek Amenity, St. Johns, Florida TideWater Amenity Center and Fields, Nassau County, Florida RiverTown Amenity Center and Aquatics, St. Johns, Florida

Aquatic Design

Mr. Wilmotte is the founder and President of North American Aquatic Design, inc. and has over 43 years of related engineering experience. Prior to joining TLC as a Senior Aquatic Engineer, Terry was in charge of Plumbing, Fire Protection and Aquatic design for the engineering firm of Evans and Hammond, Inc. and to his credits, designed systems for numerous projects that include hotels, clubhouses, resorts, naval and educational facilities.

Relevant Experience Animal Kingdom Lodge Pools, Walt Disney World Resorts, Orlando, Florida Disney’s Hong Kong and Hawaii Resorts Saratoga Springs Resort, Walt Disney World Resorts, Orlando, Florida

Terry has designed a variety of pools, spas and fountains for a variety of clients such as Walt Disney World, Florida universities, YMCAs, and Port Orleans Resort, Walt Disney World Resorts, numerous country clubs. Orlando, Florida

Marriot Grande Lakes, Orlando, Florida

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Aquatic Design

Prior to joining North American Aquatic Design, inc., Mr. Foster provided aquatic design for the engineering firms of TLC and Evans and Hammond. His 35 years of design experience includes educational facilities, gymnasiums and natatoriums, military facilities, hotels and clubhouses, aquatic centers and water theme parks. Paul has vast experience in construction administration.

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Silver Springs Wild Water Park, Silver Springs,Florida The Swimming Hole Water Park, Hannibal, Missouri Shipwrecked Island Water Park, Panama City, Florida FantaSea Water Park, Wichita, Kansas Vacation Club Resort and Pools, Walt Disney World Resorts, Orlando, Florida


Mechnical, Plumbing, Electrical

Mr. Hinkle holds professional registrations in both mechanical and electrical engineering with over 24 years experience in the field. Prior to joining Powell & Hinkle Engineering, Mr. Hinkle worked at various facilities within the Lockheed Martin Corporation. This gave Lane a broad exposure to project management, research and development, manufacturing, and office/storage facility design/implementation. Since joining Powell & Hinkle Engineering, Mr. Hinkle has been responsible for the design and project management of projects including commercial/retail, condominium/resort, industrial and institutional facilities. This experience includes new construction and renovations in both design bid and design build project teams. Lane holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of South Florida and certificates from General Electric Co.: Engineering A, B & C Courses.

Relevant Experience Fernandina Beach Aquatic and Recreation Center, Fernandina Beach, Florida Palencia Swim and Fitness Center St. Augustine, Florida Brooks Family YMCA, Jacksonville, Florida Joint Base Lewis/McChord Warrior Zone, Fort Lewis, Washington NFL Youth Education Town, Jacksonville, Florida

Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center


Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical

Mr. Elder has over 15 years experience in the field of electrical engineering and construction. Prior to joining Powell & Hinkle Engineering, Mr. Elder worked as a Journeyman Electrician and has hands-on experience in both industrial and commercial electrical systems installations. Since joining Powell & Hinkle Engineering, Mr. Elder has been responsible for the design for a broad array of projects and is currently responsible for all electrical engineering projects at Powell & Hinkle Engineering. His experience includes lighting analysis, pointby-point photometric plans, power system distribution, emergency power generation, UPS systems, low voltage network cabling and fire alarm system design. Mr. Elder’s hands-on experience coupled with his education and design experience make him a highly effective design engineer with a practical and cost effective outlook. Tom holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.

Relevant Experience Fernandina Beach Aquatic and Recreation Center, Fernandina Beach, Florida Palencia Swim and Fitness Center St. Augustine, Florida Brooks Family YMCA, Jacksonville, Florida Joint Base Lewis/McChord Warrior Zone, Fort Lewis, Washington NFL Youth Education Town, Jacksonville, Florida

“Splash” Water Park at Nocatee Walla Walla - ELM Family Aquatic Center

The Maritime Building 911 Western Avenue Suite 575 Seattle WA 98104 206 859 6485

planning architecture landscape architecture urban design interiors environmental graphics

RFP - Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center  

ELM's submittal for the Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center Project

RFP - Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center  

ELM's submittal for the Walla Walla Family Aquatic Center Project