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I n t r o d u c t i o n t o   E L M Planning Architecture Landscape Architecture Urban Design Interiors Environmental Graphics

ELM is  an  integrated  mul1-­‐disciplinary  Environmental  Design   firm  of  experienced  planners,  architects,  landscape  architects,   designers,  and  staff  commi?ed  to  making  the  world  a  be?er   place. Serving  clients  na1onally  and  interna1onally  from  studio  offices   in  Florida  and  Sea?le,  the  firm  is  recognized  for  its  commitment   to  sustainable  prac1ce,  innova1ve  design  excellence,  and   technical  proficiency.  ELM’s  work  encompasses  projects  in   natural,  learning,  cultural,  resort,  commercial,  recrea1onal,   visual,  urban,  and  living  environments.

E x p e r i e n c e a n d   D i v e r s i t y ELM’s  team  has  uncommon  diversity  and  established  experience   in  large-­‐scale  natural  resource  planning,  strategic  conserva1on,   park  &  recrea1on,  zoological  design,  urban  planning,  mixed-­‐use,   mul1-­‐family,  hospitality  and  resort,  health  care  and  senior  living,   commercial  development,  educa1onal  campus,  park  and   recrea1on,  residen1al  community  planning  and  design,  as  well   as  signage  and  environmental  graphics.   Since  the  firm  provides  professional  services  in  mul1ple   disciplines  and  project  types,  ELM  is  oKen  called  upon  to  lead   very  large  complex  mul1-­‐disciplined  assignments  oKen   encompassing  several  years,  as  well  as  providing  focused   exper1se  in  a  single  discipline  working  in  collabora1on  with   other  design  professionals  on  very  small  site-­‐specific  projects.   The  firm  tailors  its  services  to  the  unique  requirements  of  each   assignment;  always  for  the  purpose  of  adding  value  to  the  work   of  each  client. The  applica1on  of  the  lessons  learned  through  years  of   experience,  the  con1nues  pursuit  of  crea1ve  solu1ons,   combined  with  personal  service  and  extensive  experience  within   many  unique  market  niches  at  the  principal  level  is   fundamentally  important  to  unlock  the  greatest  value  for  each   of  our  clients  on  every  consul1ng  assignment.

H i s t o r y o f   E L M Ervin   Love?   Miller   was   established   in   Jacksonville,   Florida   by   partners  Russ  Ervin,  Steve  Love?,  and  Tim   Miller  in  2001  for  the   purpose   of   applying   the   combined   craKs   of   planning,   architecture,   and   landscape   architecture   for   the   admi?edly   idealis1c   purpose   of   “making   the   world   a   be?er   place”.   The   firm’s  clients  have  benefi?ed   from   the   partners’  combined  65-­‐ years  of  professional  experience  encompassing  a  wide  variety   of   project  types,  scales,   and  geographies.  During  the  past  ten  years   the  firm  has  earned  numerous  commissions  from  repeat  clients,   ELM’s   work   has   contributed   posi1vely   to   the   communi1es   in   which   they   are   located,   and   numerous  projects   have   received   recogni1on  for  quality  and  design  excellence. In   2011   the   firm   expanded,   opening   an   office   in   Sea?le,   Washington   and   adding   a   new   Principal,   Chris   Overdorf,   formerly   a  Partner   in   the  well-­‐known   firm   Jones  &  Jones.   This   expansion  allows   ELM  to  be?er  serve  its  clients  na1onally  from   its  west-­‐coast  office,  and  augments  the  firm’s  capabili1es,  today   recognized   as   an   innova1ve   leader   in   large-­‐scale   natural   resource  and  conserva1on,  park  and  recrea1on,  and   zoological   planning  and  design.

B u i l d i n g R e l a t i o n s h i p s In  contrast  with  larger  consul1ng  firms  offering  similar  services,   ELM  uses  a  smaller  mul1-­‐disciplinary  studio  and  highly-­‐ experienced  team  that  focuses  on  understanding  and   interpre1ng  each  client’s  vision  and  objec1ves  and  applying   crea1vity  and  providing  excep1onal  personalized  service.  ELM’s   clients  benefit  from  the  firm’s  agile  structure  -­‐  designed  to   create  efficiency,  foster  crea1vity,  and  ensure  accountability.     Presently  the  firm  is  comprised  of  an  integrated  mul1-­‐ disciplinary  team  of  fourteen  talented,  experienced  designers   and  staff  commi?ed  to  their  craK,  providing  a?en1ve  service  to   clients  and  focused  on  the  crea1on  and  preserva1on  of  great   places.  Because  of  the  small,  integrated  nature  of  the  firm,  ELM   purposefully  limits  the  number  of  projects  that  it  accepts  at  any   given  1me  and  significant  principal  involvement  occurs   throughout  every  phase  of  each  project. We’ve  found  that  a  smaller  prac1ce  structure  allows  us  to   provide  be?er  service,  build  stronger  rela1onships,  and  have   more  fun.

Sustainability Sustainability goes  far  beyond  the  tradi1onal  defini1ons,   dimensions,  and  clichés  of  “Green  Building”.  While  it’s  true  that   the  crea1on  of  Sustainable  Places  must  emphasize   environmental  sensi1vity  and  ecological  performance,  there  are   many  other  factors  that  play  into  a  project’s  true  sustainability.   ELM  refers  to  these  as  PERFORMANCE  VALUES,  and  believes   that  successful,  sustainable  places  perform  across  these   mul1ple  dimensions—without  exploi1ng  or  compromising  any   other.   The  achievement  of  the  highest  possible  performance  and   greatest  value  for  our  clients  and  those  who  experience  our   work  is  the  measure  of  our  success.  

SOCIAL PERFORMANCE “…places that support happiness and positive, responsible, authentic human experience.”

ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE “…places that are financially sustainable and that add perpetual value by any measure that is applied.”

CULTURAL PERFORMANCE “…places that embody the spirit and character unique to their location and to those who influence and inhabit them.”

AESTHETIC PERFORMANCE “…places that represent nature’s beauty while celebrating human creativity, design, and the wonder of discovery.”

FUNCTIONAL PERFORMANCE “…places that serve the purposes and people for which they are created; sensibly, with dignity, order, and quality.”

ECOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE “…places that enhance the long-term environmental health and ecological systems of their site or region.”

HEALTHY PERFORMANCE “…places that support and encourage healthy habits and promote long-term physical well-being.”

Environmental design Natural Environments Living Environments Cultural Environments Recreational Environments Urban Environments Resort Environments Commercial Environments Visual Environments Learning Environments

The term “Environmental Design� describes the process of bringing broad expertise together across different disciplines to focus on the total experience and performance of the places we plan and design within each market niche we serve. We have the skill and experience ranging from large system-level watershed-scale regional planning projects, to small-scale site specific architectural or landscape architectural assignments, and we add value and reduce compromises and conflicts by applying the concepts of Environmental Design and the total experience in every project, no matter the size, or the extent of our role. We are experienced in urban settings and wild natural places, and our work is committed to the enhancement of the built and natural environments and systems – together, without compromise. Our role may be as comprehensive or focused as appropriate for any given client or project.

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