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Three things you like about yourself: I’m a caring person, spiritually grounded and “physically “ my legs! My OMG moment was finding out that I will be doing this with the Express OMG Magazine. Photographer:

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Performance Anxiety

Dealing with a Workaholic Spouse A spouse who is consumed by work may not mean to be absent or inattentive, but you need some relief and cooperation to manage the pressure that inevitably results. Discover ways to save the relationship and your sanity. Step 1 - Maintain schedule

Keep a strict schedule. Avoid enabling the workaholic’s erratic behaviour. Don’t adjust meal times and don’t keep the kids up late to see the parent – break the cycle.

Step 2
- Sacrifice but speak

Understand their pressures, but insist that they be sensitive to how this affects everyone else. You’re not a saint, so speak up.

Step 3 - Journal feelings

Keep a journal of your feelings to air it out, and comfort yourself by tracking events and analysing your situation. This is tough and for now you may be your best and only friend.

- Don’t convince yourself that they’re suffering and want to get better. Workaholics may feel trapped at times, but nobody’s stopping them from solving the addiction.

Step 4 - Accept for a while

Accept their workload as part of a short-term plan. Seventy-hour work weeks might make short-term sense, as long as both partners agree to a plan to cut back soon.

Step 5 - Be good to yourself

Create your own place of happiness and be good to yourself. Maintain sanity, not as a matter of selfishness, but for survival.

Tip - Studies have shown that after eight to 10 hours of work, productivity decreases. Everyone needs rest and balance. Step 6 - Frame requests positively

Pose requests for time and attention respectfully and in positive terms. Crabbing at the partner or fighting will only drive them away and encourage them to claim that no one understands.

Step 7 - Schedule them

Schedule free time for the two of you as a necessary ritual. Take bike rides and walks together, or go on date nights to establish timeouts for intimacy. Make your partner put it in the planner as any business client might expect them to do.

Step 8 - Find supporT

Find a 12-step programme that deals with your particular problem. Whether or not you can convince a partner to go, sit in on a few sessions to get insight and support during the crisis.

Step 9 - SEEK therapy

Go to couples or marriage therapy if necessary to discuss and get to the root of the problem. This is a partnership and you both need to be on the same page – your relationship is worth it.

Don’t let nerves keep you down. Get back in the game with these tips.

Step 1
Understand it

Come to grips with the problem. Some erectile dysfunction is biological and can be treated by a doctor. Performance anxiety is a psychological pattern that can stem from intimacy issues and low selfesteem. If left unchecked it can worsen self-esteem problems and lead to feelings of rejection in your partner.

Step 2
- Check your health

Stick to a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise both affect erectile function; plus, if you feel great about the way you look, you’re less likely to get jittery before doing the deed. 
Certain medications such as anti-depressants can impair the sex drive as well as arousal.

Tip - Certain medications such as anti-depressants can impair sex drive as well as arousal. Step 3 - Talk to your partner

Reassure your partner. Explain that your trouble between the sheets is due to anxiety, not loss of interest. Honest communication will ease tension and get you back on track to bedroom bliss.

Step 4
- Relax

Enjoy your partner and relish the moment. Obsessing about being “good in bed”, or whether or not you and your partner will climax can ruin a sexual experience.

Step 5
- Have fun

No intercourse? No problem. Experiment with other techniques to drive each other

wild. Not only will this maintain intimacy between you and your partner, it’ll also boost your confidence, and add a few new moves to your carnal bag of tricks.

Step 6
- Look into therapy

See a therapist to help manage stress so you don’t bring it into the bedroom. If you’ve established a long pattern of performance anxiety, try seeing a sex therapy specialist.

Tip - Ask your therapist about sensate focus techniques, guided exercises for couples to increase intimacy and reduce tension. Step 7
- Use medication

If the problem persists, talk to a doctor about erectile dysfunction medication. A pattern of performance anxiety can often be broken with a temporary prescription that’ll help you get your groove back.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 20, 2012 Page 5

email your

He’s not ready to marry I want to marry my boyfriend of almost three years. He’s been married before and so have I. I’m completely in love with him but I’m afraid of wasting any more time. He’s already said that he’s not ready to get married anytime soon. He never even talks about OUR future.

The feeling of being shy

I hate it when I’m shy and nervous to talk to a girl. A lot of times it has happened to me either travelling in a car, maxi or maybe somewhere public or in my workplace and the only thing I can say is either “hi” or “morning” or “evening”. It’s either I’m afraid that I might say something that will create an awkward moment or I just might get the big “Brace”. I just hope I can get the courage and the confidence to talk to them and just maybe I may find the right one. PS: why courage/confidence aren’t sold in a bottle (lol)!

My friend’s undies One time when I stayed over at my girlfriend’s house, I got up and realised I didn’t have any clean underwear to put on for work, so she gave me a pair of hers. They weren’t that comfortable and all day I kept thinking about how I was wearing my girlfriend’s underwear and nobody knew it.

Really Weird? Sometimes I bite my nails and shove my nails into my gums. It hurts, but I don’t mind it. It’s weird, I know.


s n o i s s e f n co t g m o @ s n io s confes nfessions to

mously y n o n a s t h g pest thou e e d r u o y s onfes A place to c

Lending a

helping hand I am a person who likes to help someone when they are down and out. I help friends in need of a job or even help the people where I work. But sometimes there are people who need help the most and they are being ignored. So try not to be like those unworthy people. Try helping someone in need. You don’t have to help in a big way but even the smallest thing can help someone in the future or save a life and who knows, you will be rewarded with gratitude for what you do!

Dreaded acne back there

I have really bad butt acne. I wash and change my underwear every day but the acne won’t go away. Everywhere else on my entire body is perfectly clear. What the hell! I’m thinking of trying Pro-active….. you know, the acne soap Jessica Simpson endorses..

I Don’t

want to die!

I am deeply saddened by my mortality. I’m not so much afraid of dying as I’m just pissed that I can’t live forever. Every time I think about the fact that my kids will see all the new technology and wonders of the future, and I won’t see anything beyond 2070 or so, it just makes me feel depressed and angry at the world. I have a good job, a good wife, and good health, but it doesn’t seem to really matter at all if I’m gonna die eventually anyway... the whole thing just seems so futile. Sure, living is fun and all, but I wish there was something deeper.

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Cafe Brulée & Cocktail Bar This week the OMG team visited Cafe Brûlée, a lovely new eating establishment just off the ChurchillRoosevelt Highway at the UWI intersection in St Augustine. It is a cozy bistro-like cafe, established just eight months ago by Averline Scott who was a delight to meet with her big infectious laughter and warm personality. She was happy for us to taste and experience what the “Brûlée” had to offer. We were first introduced to mixologist Martin James, who welcomed us with one of his special blends, the Orient Express. This was an exciting cocktail, using a bit of Asian influence, which opened our palettes. It was followed by an addictive passion fruit margarita and Averline’s

favourite – the Brûlée Classic. We also sampled dishes prepared by Executive Chef Jude Figueroa. We were blown away by the curry. And in terms of taste and presentation his other dishes were great too. The atmosphere at Cafe Brulee was warm and friendly and ideal for a relaxed evening of drinks or a quick tasty lunch during the week. This is a great place to relax and have a drink and eat great food comfortably not with noise but soothing music. It’s a place where you and your spouse or friends can sit and socialise and spend quality time in comfort. One lucky OMG Magazine reader and a guest will be going to Cafe Brûlée and Cocktail Bar. Just “like” the Express OMG Magazine page on Facebook and say, “I want Cafe Brûlée” and you could be the lucky winner. If you are in the St Augustine area and are looking for a nice hideaway to get away and enjoy a great meal and some drinks, we suggest you give Cafe Brûlée a call at 663-5936.

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J.Angelique Model

Brittany Victor Photographer

Cecil Evans Photographer’s Assistant

Thion Lord Make-up Artist

Derval Barzey Stylist

Jamilia Alexander location


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Simba Armani has been making his mark on the local music scene for about five years now and is working towards finding that special song that will give him wider recognition. Originally from Cushe Village, Rio Claro, he has been living in Trincity for about half his life and when he is not on stage, he is known as Kurtly Ravello. He creates mostly reggae music and recorded his first track – “Hello” – in 2008. He has also done dancehall, soca and acoustic performances. He writes most of his songs and has had one collaboration recently – the song “Closer” with Xplicient Entertainment. Simba says he must be able to feel the vibe of the song before he can commit to it; if he cannot feel it, he won’t be able to do it. Tell me about your first song, “Hello” “Boy that song came from meh heart. It was really based on a girl I saw. Yuh see I’m the type of person, if I see someone and find them attractive and get the butterflies in meh stomach kind ah feeling, well I have to go up to them and say something, because they will be on my mind. At least until the next person comes along.” You are that brave? “I real straightforward yuh know. It doesn’t necessarily mean I tracking that person, but if it is I find you beautiful as a woman, I will tell you. It depends on the woman’s vibes. Some may misinterpret things, because I doh want to come across as a ‘tusty-man’.” What about your early days with music? “I had many influences from my family. My uncle was a DJ, my family from Moruga was into parang, so I could play certain instruments with a parang side. I was in different choirs and always around music. I stuck with it because I saw it as a great form of expression and not everyone can do it, so it feels like it is a gift given to me and something to nurture. People tend to like my vibe and my energy so that tends to motivate me to do more.” Who are some of the people you have shared the stage with? “Well recently I opened for Sizzla at Woodford Café. I also opened for Junior Gong, Nas and Jah Cure at their concert here. I opened for Morgan Heritage in London. My music has taken me to some big stages, so I feel I’m appealing to people and they are loving my music.” Where is Simba Armani the artiste now? “I don’t want to come across as cliched, but currently I am in a kind of rebuilding process. I am really trying to find my image and create an iconic identity that will define and differentiate me as an artiste. Based on my appearance most people know me as a reggae artiste, so when

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 20, 2012 Page 9

Tuning into his vibes Photography and Interview Stephen Doobal

I jump out with a dancehall or soca it will seem contrary to the image I have now. I just want to focus on creating a brand that can do all the different types of music.” So does it mean you will have to cut your “ras” to match your new identity? “Nah, ah mean ah will not cut my hair, but my hair doesn’t define me. Although the hair means something to me and it makes a statement, it can go tomorrow, it could go the day after. It is not something I hold on to. It is who I am today. I will not cut it to create a new image. I mean, although I want to tap into the mainstream vibe and do music that is relevant or popular now, I want to stay true to me and my music and the messages I want to get out there. It is really all evolving right now.” What would you like your music to do for your fans? “I am really involved with youths on a daily basis, so I want to set a better example for them. I listen to all types of music, from the very explicit to the uplifting, but I know how to not let what I hear influence how I act and behave. But many young people cannot tell the difference and they have developed a behaviour to the music they listen to. People say you are what you eat. I seeing many of our youths becoming what they listen to. I want to influence some positive behaviours through my music, I want to make young men and young ladies respect themselves more. Just like how the negative messages in music is popular culture, I want to make positive and self-empowering behaviour into popular culture.” What does the future hold for Simba? “I want to get my reggae music out there, into the world, because there are a lot of reggae music festivals in Europe and Asia that take place during their summer and I want to try for that large audience with big shows and

real reggae fans. Actually that is where reggae music lives right now. So one of my goals is to get my music there and perform. I am also working hard and I am very excited about Carnival 2013 and I have some songs I want to drop and build momentum from there.” How do you go about creating your songs? “It’s not ‘obeah’, it’s not magic, but I does just get ah vibe and I feel like the music come to me from somewhere else. It started in secondary school. I would be in a boring class and these ideas would come to me. While the teacher teaching, I writing ideas in my book. These melodies that come to me feel like a gift. They feel like a message and for most of my songs that is exactly how it happened. It wasn’t something I forced. I would hear rhythms that carry me and move me and I write according to the rhythm I hear and feel.” Tell me about one of your personal challenges? “How should I say it? It would have to be, put technically, dysfunctional communication. Sometimes it hard to get people to understand basic things you are trying to tell them. I am saying one thing and they are hearing something else. I am trying to get my point across and it just would not reach them. That is the most frustrating thing to me. I feel it has nothing to do with intelligence or ignorance but just I feel some people set up themselves to not understand what you have to say.” Your OMG moment? “The first time I heard my song on radio I was actually lying down and I thought my mother had put on my CD. When I heard them announce my name, I ran outside in my drawers and started to call friends fast to turn on their radio to hear it. That moment was one of my ‘Oh My Gosh’ moments.”

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Cecilia Salazar, Nigel Auguste and Debra Boucaud Mason




Nigel Auguste takes to the stage again for final two nights in “Eat Ah Food”, a hilarious look at politics, crime, sex and what people do to “eat ah food” in T&T today! This is a hilarious comedy that will have you wanting more. Take a look at the politics of the day mingled with intrigue, sexual misconduct and running confrontations with the media. “Eat Ah Food” comes from the producers of the critically acclaimed “Mary Could Dance”, “De Biggest Macco”, “Yuh Lying Again Jack”, “Love Thy Neighbour”, “Maneater” and “Men Are Dogs” and it was written by Ricardo Samuel. An avid financial supporter of the ruling political party is mysteriously shot dead and an investigation is launched by the police which reveals some startling truths. Is a high-ranking government minister having an affair with the murdered man’s wife? Is the minister implicated or is it the wife? Who is the mysterious SIA agent?

And what does Section 34 have to do with sexual favours? Can the media be bought or will all be revealed in a crushing headline that brings down the government! What do three prostitutes and a footballer have to do with anything? Is the Minister of National Security involved? Mix in an inquisitive maid and a secretary who is “passionate” about her job, a reporter who is attacked, and the never-ending bacchanal unfolds to a dizzying and hilarious conclusion. Limited numbers of tickets are available for tonight and tomorrow only at Cipriani College. Featured among the stellar cast are the likes of Debra Boucaud Mason, Cecilia Salazar, Nigel Auguste, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Leslie Ann Lavine and Ria Ali. The play is directed by Richard Ragoobarsingh. It is important to note that this is a story of fiction and any resemblance to any living person is sort of coincidental. For info call 338-6024 or 744-7581

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 20, 2012 Page 11

Are you really in love? by Ian Royer

You say that you love him or her. The question really is, what do you love him/ her for? These days it’s so hard to figure out if people are in love with the person you are inside or for the life you live. Let’s do a little test to see what you’re in the relationship for. Take a moment and answer some of these questions: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

What does he/she drive? What’s their greatest fear? Where does he/she work? What’s their comfort food? Where was their last vacation? What’s their biggest ambition?

How many of these questions were able to answer? Let’s be frank. If you didn’t know the answers to questions 2, 4 and 6 then you’re with that person for their lifestyle and not for the intrinsic parts of who they are.

The best thing about falling in love with someone is to do it for the right reasons. If you can learn to love the internal workings of your partner’s mind, their fears, hopes, dreams and life experiences, then you can truly start forming a relationship that can last a very long time. So what do you decide? Being in love with the life a person lives or who they really are?

Gerelle Forbes pursues her passions…

gerelle forbes

Gerelle Forbes is an emerging talent in Trinidad and Tobago. She has been involved in the pan world as a player and songwriter. Gerelle is a music teacher and as an actress has performed in “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Rabbit Hole”, “Rent” and “ Beauty and the Beast,” just to name a few productions. Now she has widened her repertoire, working alongside and performing with pan pioneer Ray Holman. Gerelle is soon to release two songs with Holman for the upcoming Carnival season and is very excited about them. Working with Holman has given her a deeper appreciation for the local music industry.

Rome the Artiste “Rome the Artiste”, born Jerome Precilla on January 6, 1986, planned to become an entertainer since he was a little boy. He pursued his love for music and entertainment from the tender age of seven, singing his first calypso in Standard Two at Arima Boys’ RC School. He continued singing all the way up to Form Three at St Mary’s College. With a primary focus on his education driven by his father, he attained a solid academic foundation, acquiring his BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Engineering Asset Management at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. Jerome’s resume is filled with achievements in entertainment, from appearing in numerous TV and print advertisements, to hosting and co-hosting cultural and charity events. He worked with all of the major local TV stations as a presenter of local productions: Synergy TV –Party Flava and

De Scene in 2005, ISTAND in 2007 on TV6 – Bounce in 2008, Trailer Park’s New Year Countdown in 2010-2011, International Power and Groovy Soca Monarch Finals in 2011 for CNC 3, as well as CNMG’s This Is It in 2012. Rome is the co-owner of Rave Management, an events management company responsible for their signature events, Sahara Cooler Fete at Maracas beach and their Old Year’s party, Out with the Ole. Now that his focus is on developing himself as a music artiste, Rome has identified his market among the nation’s party goers for his first soca single for Carnival 2K13 entitled “Push it Back.” The song, an island pop mix produced by Madmen Productions, was released on October 10 and has been taking the airwaves by storm, going viral on Youtube and Facebook. This ambitious, energetic, talented young man has a number of ongoing and upcoming projects, so be sure to stay tuned!

She recently released “Champions,” her pan song for the 2013 Carnival season, which was co-written with Carlon Harwood and sung by Chucky Gordon. Gerelle wants to study for a degree of Fine Arts in specialising in Musical Theatre, but this four-year programme is not offered in Trinidad, so to make it a reality, she will be putting on a series of solo performances one of which is free to the public, at Fiesta Plaza, Movietowne, Port of Spain today. Gerelle will be performing for an hour set with a band of her own. Her cast of musicians for the evening are Modupe Onilu, Kashiff Wilson, Shaquil Noel, Joshua Caines and Anton Ricardo. Other talents in the show will be Janine Charles Farray, Jeuelle Archer, Kevin Humphrey and Tony Paul. Gerelle promises an evening of entertainment, exploring genres she has never done live before, like funk and techno.

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Get More Sleep There are plenty of proven ways to improve your sleep and most of them are pretty simple. Step 1 Chill the room

Step 5
Establish a routine

Turn down the heat or turn up the airconditioning. Research shows that people sleep best in rooms that are between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. But wear socks to bed if your feet are chilly; though your core body temperature should be cool, your feet should be toasty.

Set up a pre-sleep routine; it will prime your body to wind-down. Try to go to sleep and wake up at approximately the same time every day – even on the weekends.

Step 2
Have a comfortable bed

Settle into bed with a book or magazine about 30 minutes before lights out. Reading relaxes your brain, as opposed to watching TV or using a computer, which are stimulating.

Sleep on a firm, thick mattress, and make sure it stays in good shape by replacing it every 10 years or so. An uncomfortable bed can cost you 42 minutes of sleep per night, according to one sleep expert.

Tip - If you sleep on your side, put a pillow between your legs to take stress off your hips and back muscles. Step 3 Keep it dark

Keep your bedroom as dark as possible by installing blackout curtains and covering LED displays on clocks and other devices.

Step 4
Get some exercise

Physical exercise is a must every day. Just skip the strenuous stuff three hours before bedtime.

Tip - In one study, older adults who took up the ancient Chinese martial art of tai chi reported significant improvements in their sleep quality.

Step 6 Enjoy a bedtime story

Step 7 Unplug yourself

Turn off your cell phone. Results from one study indicate that the radiation emitted from mobile phones may delay and interrupt sleep.

Step 8
See a doctor

If nothing helps, make an appointment with a sleep specialist who can rule out medical conditions that may be causing your insomnia.

How to Reduce Stress

over Money

Get organised. Learn how not to spend more than you earn, and you’ll soon find thinking about money makes you a lot less anxious. Step 1
- Observe your spending

Tip - Consider a financial counselling service to help you reorganise your debt. Even one meeting will lend perspective.

Step 2 - Anticipate stress

Step 4
- Live in the moment

Spend one month tracking everything you spend. Don’t try to change anything, just observe what you spend and write everything down. Use this information to make a budget.

Put together a monthly budget and a financial plan. Decide on what you’re saving for, or whether you’d like to have extra money to pay down debts. Then, find items in your budget on which you can cut back, no matter how small they are. Add the leftover money to savings or debt repayment.

Step 3 - Look to friends

Get emotional support from people who care about you. With close friends and family, be honest that money stresses you out, suggest free and low-cost activities you can do together, and ask them to suggest some, too.

Consider unhealthy reactions to stress and do the opposite to reduce the risk. Don’t give in to dwelling on worst-case scenarios.

Step 5
- Try hobbies

Find cheap or free hobbies to add to your routine. The repetitive motion and focus of needlework can create a meditative state that slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Cooking at home can also be a fun way to unleash your creativity and save money on eating out at the same time.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 20, 2012 Page 13

Who will walk away with the crown? by Ian Royer

Over the last few weeks we have watched the girls of Miss Trinidad and Tobago really push the envelope in their quest for the crown. Tomorrow we all wait for bated breath to see who walks away with the title and continues to represent us in Las Vegas in December. We got a chance to ask the girls one final question before the show (of course we cheated and asked two): “Why should you be Miss Trinidad and Tobago?” and “What edge would you bring to win Miss Universe?” Their answers:

Amanda Chedu:

Why should she win: “I would love to be the next Miss T&T because I believe that I am a true representative of Trinbagonian women; representing us, my home and everything good that it stands for and has to offer to the world, not just myself.” Edge at Miss Universe: “An equilibrium of grace, strength, panache and beauty, inside and out. Being a girl who wants to be a direct part of giving her country recognition on the international stage only in a positive light; one who genuinely wants to engage in issues pertaining to HIV and gender equality regardless of the title; and above all, one who has what it takes to succeed in this arena.”

Avionne Mark:

Why should she win: “I have the experience required to represent my country on an international platform (as an experienced model, brand ambassador and tourism student), which gives me the competitive edge to win. My in-depth affection for my country, its continuous growth and

From Top left- Amanda Chedu, Avionne Mark, Jessica Didier, Latoya Franklyn, Mauricia de Peza, Mary Esdelle, Renee Bhagwandeen, Ria de Costa, Sarah Jane Waddell, Sheneille Leelah

movement away from colonial days and my desire to be a part of its future.” Edge at Miss U: “I am resolute that I am that woman. I am very business-oriented. I love the reality of balancing school with work and chasing my dreams. The Miss Universe title is not simply a beauty-inspired competition, but it also opens avenues for a young woman ready and willing to mix business with adventure.”

Jessica Didier

Why should she win: “I represent a true Trinidad & Tobago woman, someone with a strong self-confidence and openness that is indicative of the natural, warm, welcoming nature of our people. An all-round and well-rounded individual who can hold my own in any situation and who can reflect the vibrant, cosmopolitan energy of Trinbago people.” Edge at Miss U: “I believe that I possess a passion for our unique culture here in T&T and I am never afraid to show it. In fact I am eager to show to the world if given the chance. Therefore I see myself as bringing a new dimension to the meaning of the phrases, ‘T&T beauty’, ‘T&T intellect’, ‘T&T warmth’, ‘T&T woman’.”

Latoya Franklyn

Why she should win: “My confidence, charisma, intelligence, and unique inner and outer beauty will stand out at the Miss Universe pageant. My academic background and career as an attorney will be a refreshing addition to the pageant’s recent history of winners.” Edge at Miss U: She would like to ...“Incorporate more community service projects into the reign. I would specifically like to conduct workshops with teenage girls about the importance of self-esteem.”

Mauricia de Peza

Why she should win: “This has been a lifelong dream to me. I would love to be a role model for young women, especially those coming from underprivileged communities, showing them that they can be anything they desire through faith and perseverance.” Edge at Miss U: “I possess a perpetually optimistic attitude which gives me confidence, undying faith and determination to endure life’s challenges”

Mary Esdelle

Why she should win: “I want to show that the title can remain tangible and within reach of any young woman in Trinidad and Tobago. There’s always joy and satisfaction in representing something you believe in and I believe in my country and myself.” Edge at Miss U: “My ability to connect with people and have them share in my life story is a universal trait that can be appreciated. My love for our culture makes me a natural ambassador for representing the heart of 1.3 million people on an international stage.”

Renee Bhagwandeen

Why she should win: “It would mean waking up out of my oldest dream and living my magical reality. I would be able to become a beauty ambassador for my country and proudly show the world the uniquely talented and culturally diverse nation in which I come from.” Edge at Miss U: “When I dream of being Miss Trinidad and Tobago I think of Princess Diana who used her title to help those in need. I believe I have within me the strength, the patience, and the passion to do the same myself.”

Ria de Costa

Why should she win: Because, “It is an opportunity for a young woman to

challenge herself and grow into the best woman she can be, physically and mentally. It allows her the chance to reach her full potential, in turn using her newly developed strength and intelligence to give back to the community, the economy, and to the lives of others.” Edge at Miss U: “I believe my reliability and warmth give me a unique competitive edge and will help me to shine. Furthermore, these are qualities that will help me to continue succeeding and doing good work when I do win.”

Sarah Jane Waddell

Why should she win: “Miss T&T’s role is not only that of an ambassador, but a young woman who can excite people, make them proud, and remind them that their own dreams can come true. I believe that I have the skills and the tenacity to represent our beautiful country.” Edge at Miss U: “My academic career based in languages and diplomacy has always complemented my natural Trinbagonian ability to relate well with people from all walks of life.”

Sheneille Leelah

Why she should win: “I have been inspired this year of the 50th Anniversary of our Independence by the highlights of the many Trinbagonians who have made their mark on the world stage.” Edge at Miss U: “I believe that my natural beauty and ‘curves’, attributes that Trinbagonian women are famous for the world over, will give me an edge over the other contestants.” OMG – we are excited to see who wins, between the photos and our insights from this article we think any of these young ladies would do us proud! Look out for an exclusive OMG interview with the winner!

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Wolverine Meets His

Match of the Day PSY is playing Sydney today, so he prepped for his performance with a “Gangnam Style” visit with Hugh Jackman on The Wolverine set.

top5 music videos of the week Hugh jackman and psy


Bruno Mars “Locked out of heaven”


Usher “Numb”


Wiz Khalifa ft 2 Chains “It’s Nothing”


Meek Mills ft Big Sean “Burn”


Nelly: He Didn’t Bring Contraband On Bus

jason derulo and jordin sparks

The XX “Chained “

SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to see this week’s Top5 Music Video


1 2 3 4 5

Psy Tweeted: Had a great time with @RealHughJackman #GangnamStyleWolverine~!!! lol.

Amberlin “Self -Starter” Bobby V ft Future “Tipsey Love” Pink - “Try” Papa Roach “Wish You Never Met Me “

Trent Reznor’s “How to Destroy Angels”

Jordin Sparks

discussing marriage? Wedding bells might be in the future for Jordin Sparks! The lovely American Idol alum spoke to Us Weekly on the red carpet of the City Of Hope Honors on Wednesday, and admitted that she and boyfriend Jason Derulo have already discussed marriage. It’s been a rough year for the two love birds; Jordin had to cope with the loss of her friend and Sparkle co-star Whitney Houston, and Jason broke his neck during a freak dancing accident! But they’ve found strength in each other, and are starting to talk about taking things to the next level. “It’s not a conversation that we’re scared about,” Sparks

told the magazine. “Before, we both went through tragedies this year. He broke his neck and then Whitney passed. So before it might have been a little too crazy.” All of the hardships not only brought them closer together, but made them realise what really matters in life. ”You really see the people you love and you go ‘I don’t want to lose you,’ ” she continued. “So it’s a conversation we have, but we’re not in a rush.” Although she admitted that she “hopes” he does eventually get down on one knee. And so do we! Although they’ve barely been together for over a year, the sweetness between these two is undeniable

Rapper: nelly Nelly’s tour bus was stopped in Texas at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca. Police raided Nelly’s tour bus at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, discovering heroin, marijuana and a loaded gun. According to TMZ, cops pulled the bus over and performed a search. During the inspection, they discovered 36 small bags of heroin totaling .64 ounces, over 10 pounds of marijuana in a large green duffle bag and a loaded .45 pistol. Seven people were on Nelly’s bus at the time, including the rapper, and were all detained during the inspection. One of the passengers named Brian Keith Jones admitted that the contraband was his. Nelly and the others were released. This is the same checkpoint

where celebrities including Fiona Apple, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have been pinched for drugs over the past few years. Nelly has denied any involvement with the bust on his bus last night. In a statement to TMZ, he says that it all lies in the hands of the sole individual who brought the contraband on the bus. “It is my understanding a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto our tour bus that resulted in his arrest this morning,” said Nelly. “Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these on board. Law enforcement officials did not press charges against anyone other than that individual.”

Zero Dark Thirty For a decade, an elite team of intelligence and military operatives, working in secret across the globe, devoted themselves to a single goal: to find and eliminate Osama bin Laden. Zero Dark Thirty reunites the Oscar winning team of director-producer Kathryn Bigelow and writer-producer Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) for the story of history’s greatest manhunt for the world’s most dangerous man.

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James Bond’s Daniel Craig

says sorry to Shahrukh Khan! Shahrukh Khan might be interested in playing James Bond, but Hollywood superstar Daniel Craig managed to bag the special role of the secret agent 007 in Skyfall.

Daniel Craig Shahrukh Khan!

Shahrukh Khan has been desperate to dial the sexiest number ever – the famous 007! The King Khan has always nurtured the dream of playing James Bond at some time in his career. But that dream is not easy to turn true as Craig who has portrayed the secret agent in films like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace plays the gun-toting macho character yet again in Skyfall. In fact, he’s also confirmed that he has signed on the dotted line for two more films as 007.

Daniel knows that Shahrukh is eyeing the much sought-after role and he’s also aware of Khan’s incredible popularity. “Yes! (I know SRK) With some trepidation… Well, the job is taken. Good luck to Shahrukh Khan!” said the blonde British actor. Remember the scene from a previous Bond film in which Daniel is shown emerging from the sparkling blue waters in his sexy swimming trunks? It created such a frenzy – far more than a certain Abraham… John Abraham…managed to with his yellow mini-shorts in Dostana. We think Shahrukh should try doing the bum-deal act in his desi blue chaddis in Don 3 (if they are making that one!), if not in a Bond film. How interesting would that sight be, we wonder!

Rolling For Diabetes: Chocolate Gaming Dice Set $8 seems a little steep for something I’m going to pour into my mouth and be done with in twenty seconds. Chance, Chocolate, Diabeetus, Dungeons And Dragons. Games. I like The taste of regular dice just fine thank you very much. If you accidentally roll one onto the floor I get to it eat. Those are the rules. Numbers. Roll those tumbling dice.

This is an $8 chocolate gaming dice set from ThinkGeek. It comes with all the dice in the picture (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20). It sucks because I love those d2s. “What’s a d2?” Those chocolate coins that come wrapped in gold! “Technically those have three sides.” Whatever you do, don’t eat the dice if you decide to game with them because if you think your friends wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, you’re in for a surprise. Thanks to one player, who bragged about eating two of the player pieces. Oh yeah, well I ate them all, so there! Plus most of the cards. “I ate the board AND the box.”

Wyclef Jean’s Yele Charity Goes Under, Singer Found Using

Funds For Personal Expenses Wyclef Jean’s Haitian relief charity Yele goes under, leaving behind a mountain of debt and unfinished projects.

An audit revealed that $3 million were spent on expenses between the years 2005 to 2009, with $256,580 spent on illegitimate benefits paid out to Wyclef Jean and other board members. Here is where it gets interesting.

The Haitian born hip hop star came under scrutiny in 2010 after reports surfaced alleging that his charity Yele is misusing funds. The Former Fugee singer denied the allegations.

According to the audit, $24,000 was spent on chauffeur services for Wyclef, and $30,763 spent on a private jet that transported actress Lindsay Lohan from New Jersey to Chicago for a benefit rally.

According to a report by New York Times, Yele’s financial problems devastate the organization and left no mark in his homeland Haiti. In the in dept report by the Times shows that most of the millions of dollars raised by the organizations goes into workers salaries including Wyclef Jean, consultants fees, legal and travel expenses.

Yele’s expenses ballooned to as much as $9 million in 2010, with nearly half of that going into traveling. $1.4 million was spent on office over heads, while another $37,000 was spent on rental fees for a Manhattan studio own by Wyclef Jean.

Wyclef Jean

“ Breathe in deeply the sweet,powerful fragrance of this now moment. This is the time to fully & truly live.”

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