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Myles Yorke 18 Belmont

Three things you like about yourself and why? I like playing sports especially football. It is my passion and I want to make it my career. I enjoy my time with friends, going to clubs, parties and having a good time. Keeping my body fit, because I think it important for a healthy future. Your OMG moment? I was talking to these two girls next to a pond. I was rocking back on a chair while talking to them and the legs for the chair slipped and I fell into the pond. It was like OMG! Stylist

Nigel F. R. Celestine


Ronaldo Roberts Photographer

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He needs a reality check

I cried my eyes out silently in bed because not once in our 6 year relationship has my boyfriend ever called me beautiful I don’t know why that got to me. I’ve always maintained that I didn’t need anyone’s approval, that my self-worth shouldn’t be based on someone’s opinion of me. But it does. It always has done and it always will. Today I saw an article about the expression on the groom’s face when they see their bride for the first time walking up the aisle. About how they have tears in their eyes and you can just see the adoration that they have for each other. I won’t ever be that happy. No one will ever look at me like that. This isn’t an attention-seeking post. I just need to write it out. I’ve held it in for so long. I just want to be loved.

My husband proclaims all the time that he’s losing weight and that’s why his pants hang lower on his body. In reality he’s gaining weight and his pants have nowhere to go but down. Since he has no ass to speak of, there’s nothing to stop his pants. As a result, his ass crack shows all the time. It’s embarrassing and sad. He thinks I’m nuts if I suggest he buy bigger pants or shirts. He’s wearing a size medium shirt but needs to be in XL. He tried putting a belt on his pants to hold them up but got this perplexed look on his face when he couldn’t get the belt ends to reach all the way around and meet in the front. He said I just don’t understand it -- if my pants aren’t staying up then I’m losing weight but I can’t get this belt to fit right. I’ve gently tried to get him to see he’s gained weight but he gets all offended and denies it

I just broke all contact with the girl I'm still in love with I love her, I would take a bullet for her. But yet I can’t stay in touch with her unless I want to get my heart broken again. She thinks I’m over her. I can’t confess my love to her…

Back Street Boys


I am obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and if I come across a BSB CD I steal it. I’ve stolen over 30 BSB CDs from family and friends and have multiple copies. Nobody knows I am the Backstreet thief. I’ve never, and would never steal them from a store though. I have a whole cd booklet of them.

I can go anywhere in the world... ..but I have no will to go. A family member of mine works for an airline company, so a perk is you get to fly standby for any flight to anywhere. I always read on the various self-help articles about how you need to travel to improve yourself, but I really don’t want to. I mean, I’ve been all over the country and to different parts of the world, but it’s like...I really don’t want to go anywhere. I’d love to go to Akihabara in Japan but I can’t make myself go. I feel like I’ve been gifted some great ability that other people would love to have, and I’m a shitty person for not going.

I'm afraid to

work out …Because I don’t want my boobs to get smaller. I should work out, not necessarily just to lose weight but I want to tone up. I am happy and accepting of my body and confident with who I am but I wish I were stronger and more toned. I just don’t do anything because I am worried I will lose weight and my boobs will shrink. I like how they are now and I feel like I would be sad if they were any smaller. Kind of a silly confession but it was just something I was thinking about today.

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Have you stopped

Dreaming? I haven’t been much fun to be around since the New Year. I’ve been in a funk. Unmotivated. Defeated and resigned to the state of my life (a state I wasn’t happy with). In fact, now that I’m looking back, I realize that I began this downward spiral into a state of resignation this summer -resigned to all the things that went along with taking a steady full-time job with a reliable paycheque instead of trying to make a living from my passions. Resigned to sitting inside at a computer all day with no direct sunlight (I’m not good with no light. And I’m not good with not moving all day. Ask my office mate -- It’s not pretty). Resigned to the fact that if I ever want to have financial stability, this was just going to have to be my life now. Resigned to the fact that in order for me to survive this, I’d have to stuff down all my desires and dreams. I wasn’t exactly conscious that I was stuffing down my dreams. But I was conscious of the fact that I was getting used to the “Sunday night blues,” my dreaded weekly visitor. I was getting used to having to step outside my office to have sporadic crying spells throughout the day, getting used to feeling like a robot just going through the motions in order to get through my day. The way I was living started to affect my friendships ... I was just too tired and didn’t have the energy to see my friends, let alone be there for them. But when I did see them, I wasn’t even present. And it was affecting my relationship with my boyfriend because I wasn’t myself. The always “up,” optimistic girl he fell in love with was replaced by a pessimist. Finally, one day, he turned to me and said, “I’ve been trying to ride this out with you, supporting you as best I could. But it’s enough. I love you, but this isn’t you. When did you stop dreaming?” BAM. That question hit me like a triple shot of espresso (and I’m sensitive to caffeine). It woke me up. I started bawling uncontrollably, letting the months of repression come out. It wasn’t the job that was making me unhappy -- because truthfully, I like what I’m doing at my job. But it was all the meaning I had attached to having the job. For some reason I had equated having a reliable full-time job with being a failure at achieving my dreams, so I had decided that I might as well stop dreaming, because hey, dreams never come true anyway. Um, hello, of course I was depressed all the time! What a horrible way to think and live. My entire life, I’ve had BIG dreams. Those dreams filled me with excitement. And when some of those dreams didn’t come true (like being the first Academy/Grammy/Tony Award winner to also be an astronaut and a veterinarian), they were always replaced with new dreams. I didn’t let the non-achievement of one dream get me down for too long. One of my good friends Danielle has called me a “choo-choo” train that just keeps on going no matter what. But this train had been derailed. My boyfriend was right; somewhere along the way, I did stop dreaming. And with that loss of dreaming came a loss of zest for my life, a loss of passion, a loss of drive.

I spent the next few weeks at work just lightening up on myself a bit. I did the same things, but I had a shift in attitude. I started getting reacquainted with my most recent dreams -- dreams of taking the holistic weight loss program I so excitedly created to the next level, dreams of helping people heal through the holistic approach of body/mind/soul using Reiki and Physical Fitness, dreams of the book I had been writing which is a new take on dating and relationships for women. And in tapping back into those dreams just a little bit, in just sort of allowing myself to think about them and feel them again, things started to change. “Out of the blue,” I had three people contact me about giving them healing sessions. “Out of the blue,” an opportunity showed up for a training and certification program that would allow me to take my fitness knowledge further so that I can be better at what I do. I was still at my job (and “funnily” enough really started enjoying it more ... hmm), but just by reconnecting to my dreams, the universe started bringing me little things to have the opportunity to start living my dreams again. The energy I put out boomeranged back. We may not have the luxury of quitting our jobs. We may not have the luxury of going after our dreams fulltime. But we have the luxury of remembering that our unhappiness or lack of excitement or disconnection from our dreams is NOT our job’s fault. We have the power of choice. We have free will. We can tap into our dreams no matter what our circumstances are. They’re still there, though they may be suppressed way deep down by years of society or parents telling you you can’t and it’s not possible, by years of feeling like a failure because certain dreams didn’t come true, by a life-time of believing that you’re not worthy... by years of your own self-doubt.... by years of your own disconnection from your dreams as a means of protection (not seeing a dream realized is painful so the logic is that it’s better just not to dream at all). But when we stop dreaming, we have nothing really to look forward to. We have nothing really to be excited about. As we yell in this month’s intenSati fitness class - “I am ready for all I’ve dreamed... I release my fears. I believe! I dare to dream! I dare to believe! I keep reaching higher to achieve my dreams!” Starting now, today, DARE to dream again. Just start to allow yourself to do it, one tiny little bit. There’s a kabbalistic saying, “Open me an opening the size of the eye of a needle (you know, where the thread’s pretty minuscule) and I will show you the supernal wonders.” One little moment of dreaming, that’s it. That’s all you’ve gotta do.

The high cost of always being ‘right’ After years of coaching successful professionals in a variety of disciplines, I’ve come to see that when conflicts arise, many of us tend to care more about being “right” than we do about finding the best course of action. I’m sure you’ve experienced this in your own life, at the office and perhaps at home too. A disagreement arises, and we’re so afraid of “losing” that we won’t even admit there’s a possibility that there might be more to the situation than we can see. In our determination to “win,” we refuse to acknowledge the other person’s perspective.

As is often the case when we let ourselves be guided solely by our emotions, there are substantial consequences. Here are the three biggest ones. 1. We Stop Listening. It makes sense that if I already “know” what’s true, I don’t need to entertain the idea of another perspective. We see this happening both at home and at the office in the lives of the people we coach. Instead of having a dialogue about the best possible solution, there are two people simply doubling down in their positions.

Tip: Any time you’re in a fervent disagreement with someone, remind yourself to focus on what’s right rather than who’s right. 2. We Stop Exploring. Many of us hold onto beliefs, even about our own lives, that aren’t accurate. We tell ourselves “I’m good at, but I have never been good at,” or “I could pull off, but I could never pull off.” These unexamined mantras often turn into self-fulfilling prophecies, because we subconsciously seek to validate our position. Yes, we want to be proven “right,” even if what we’re right about keeps us from growth and change.

Tip: Whenever you catch yourself thinking “I can’t do that” or “that isn’t possible,” stop and ask yourself how much energy and commitment you’ve ever really put into trying. 3. We Stop Learning. Everyone believes that his or her view is the right one (otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have it). While a person’s view may not be optimal or even fully accurate, it’s always useful to try to understand how they came to it. Even if we don’t agree with their position, we can learn a great deal if we simply seek to understand where they’re coming from. Conversely, when we dismiss an idea out of hand, we never get the chance to expand our own perspective, and that’s a high price to pay.

Tip: Resist the urge to write people off as uninformed or just plain wrong, and instead ask yourself, “What can I learn from this person?” We don’t have to agree with someone to learn from them. The ultimate impact of righteousness is that we stay trapped in our current mindset. If we are always right, we never get to be different. And if we never get to be different, then we will always get more of what we have right now. Let go of the need to be right, seek first to understand, and you’ll discover a new sense of growth and possibility.

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Evolution of compassion Compassion like love has a spectrum and has a number of stages and levels. The general term learned in society about compassion is somehow different from a more expanded version of it. And also it differs from society to society and the modernity of it. In general, compassion is viewed as a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the desire to alleviate the pain. Here, compassion is a form of emotion, a feeling that is acting and flowing. An active emotion can be used both as a positive force and a negative one. This form of compassion may also include an element of pity and mercy, which ordinarily can be positive forces to encourage us to help someone with the healing process. However, from a more expanded version, this feeling of pity may affect a person’s sense of empowerment and that they have the power to change many elements of their life to cope with the ones they can’t change. This pity may make them into victims and not the powerful creator they have within. Pity is also considered by some as an active form of judgment where one sees

the suffering of another as a bad thing. It is not surprising that many self-aware people dislike being pitied. So, in some senses, from a spiritual perspective, this form of compassion could have disempowering effects and should be evaluated with the right intention and awareness. A higher state of compassion is a deeper form of awareness, it is being aware of another person’s suffering but without the judgment of seeing it as bad or good, and without wanting to control the situation and to relive the pain. It is more about a non-judgmental appreciation of whatever value it may have and having the desire that the person can benefit from its hidden and potential value. It is about trusting the depth of life. This needs a lot of mind expansion to really be able to look beyond the tip of the iceberg. This type of compassion is not an easy one, and not everyone can comprehend or understand it. It takes an expanded mind to be able to go far enough to feel another person’s point of being and to accept it as is. While at the same time, at this non-judgmental level, one is open to helping the way that is more logical than emotional -- in other words, the help would not be with the expectation of a certain outcome but to see what, if anything, one can do to bring some form of positive to this person’s life. At this stage, there is no sacrifice or feeling of obligation but desire and an optional choice. To experience a higher-level compassion, one must learn to let go of all judgment of a situation and analysing another’s suffering. We must realise that our help should be done in a rational way so that we don’t block the person from learning the cause of their pain. We also need to realise that short-term goals for relief of the pain are not always productive. It is more and more clear to an expanded mind that we have access to a free will that can only be fully gained through the awareness of mind and the purification of the heart. Awareness of the mind can be done though cognitive modification, challenging irrational thought, letting go of judgmental and negative thoughts, and increasing one’s awareness and knowledge. And the purification of the heart can be attained through emotional healing and letting go of irrational negative feelings like fear, anxiety, anger, jealously, fixations, hate, resentment, grudges, etc. This is the level where you realise that there is a lesson in every experience and that the lesson has value in it. In other words, this earth is a free-will place. Our shadow is the part that creates pain and sometimes, until we experience it, we won’t realise it. If we don’t learn our shadows, we are ignoring half of who we are. Shadow is nothing mysterious or illogical. Carl Jung, who was one of the most recognised psychologists, defined it as a part of the unconscious that the conscious part does not recognise and reflects or is ignorant of. As a result of this ignorance toward the shadow, it becomes negative. However, once the person starts identifying it, the shadow can work greatly and hand-in-hand with the light side of the person. Jung says about the shadow, “the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” Jung also added that the shadow is more based on an instinctive and irrational base and as a result is prone to projection. Projection is when the person turns a feeling of personal inferiority and makes it into a judgment of some kind of a moral deficiency in another. I have noticed that a lot of people are running away from facing the dark side; they deny, avoid, repress or simply run away from the subject. They also misinterpret it. This is creating a lot of dishonesty, fakeness, and confusion along with chaos and conflict based on misunderstanding. If we learn to let the shadow come out, not only do we become more authentic, we also learn ways to turn it into something positive and let others see the true us and be able to make choices as to how they want to interact. Shadow transformation is possible only after admitting that there is such a thing, and it also makes us complete if we know how to work with it. In the end, be yourself and learn what your complete self really is and you will be amazed how much positive you can do. Also, stop wanting to control and judge other people who are seemingly suffering, or their life. And remember that an ignorant and egoistic help is sometimes much worse than no help, as it can add to the problem in the long run.

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How to create romantic gift ideas Surprising the person you love with the perfect gift that shows your love can get complicated and stressful. You want to give them something that truly shows how you feel. Here are some ideas.

Step 1

Keep it simple. Many prefer diamonds and this is the perfect gift for them. Others want to see exactly what it is that keeps you loving them.

Step 2

Make a huge card. Go to your local store. Get a poster board. Fold the card in half. Use your own creative way to decorate it with objects. Keep it neat. Inside of the card write down all of your feelings for this person. This could go wrong if you don’t possess many. A huge love card. The perfect way to show every feeling you want to express.

Step 3

A meal with all of their favorites. Who doesn’t live a nice home cooked meal filled with love. Set up candles and nice plates. Be sure that the food is hot when they make it. No one likes cold food

Step 4

Hot bath and hot oil massage. Go out to a store that carries hot oils, candles, rose pedals, bath salts, and soap. Also you can purchase a nice bottle of wine. Play nice, soft, calming music. Not your a personal massage therapist. This shows that you have so much love.

Step 5

Coupons. Make coupons full of favours that you are willing to do. This can be used in any relationship, including family. Put the favour at the top, include a time that fits your schedule, be sure to include an expiration date. For couples the favours can be a little more interesting. You can dance, date night, no nagging for a week, fun things. And for family, you can make offers to do the dishes, extra chores, or cooking. It’s a ready interesting and fun gift.

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How to

Love studying These tips seem for girls only but guys also can do that :) If you have trouble with studying, here are some ideas to make it fun and enjoyable.

Step 1

Learn for yourself, not for exams. Most of students think they must learn it or they won’t have a job etc. No, that is the first false point. Be interested in things you learn in school. Like history, it can be pretty interesting if you listen to your teacher without thinking you learn it for the exams.

Step 2

Go stationery shopping. Buy yourself large cute notebooks which have simple life quotes or something you like on thecover, buy some colourful pens, highlighters, sticky notes, stickers, anything you need for studying! That will motivate you.

Step 3

Tidy your room! You don’t want to study because your room probably is messy. Right? It definitely distracts you. Just clean it up and organise your desk and bookshelf which your studying materials are in.

Step 4

Power off your computer. Or your ipad/mobile phone. Forget about internet. If you go online much, delete your accounts. Concentrate on your future life and your plans/dreams.

Step 5

Most of people think music is not right for studying. But not for everyone! Make a playlist full of songs that have no lyrics. Like electronic/techno or classical/jazz. I mean instrumental. Don’t go for

a studying with music without making a playlist because you have to change the song and try to find the right one every single track ends.

Step 6

Set your desk on the right place. If you like simplicity, throw away your unnecessary stuff on the desk. If you like a cozy and candid places instead, organise your desk by your contents. For example, mount a board that you can stick your study notes.

Step 7

While studying, make sure the door is closed. So it will block the noise coming from other rooms and you can focus more.

Step 8

Use your colorful pens, stickers etc. Write the important notes on your sticky notes and stick them on your notebook. Use related stickers on your notes.

Step 9

You can eat snacks while studying, and drink some juice. You can eat snacks while studying, and drink some juice.


You don’t have to have a daily plan, like “1 p.m. Study maths” do a plan like “study 2 hours maths today”. It helps you to not to be bored.

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Fast-Growing companies use social-media marketing BY DIANA RANSOM

Here's a sampling of how growth-minded businesses use social media to ring in sales. Between conversing with customers and connecting farflung employees and operations, social media has become a prized resource for small businesses. And many business owners now say their efforts are paying off. Four in 10 women-led business owners attributed an increase in revenue to their social media efforts, with 10 percent reporting a "significant" revenue jump, according to a survey conducted by Women Presidents' Organization. The data is based on the responses of 259 women-led companies that submitted applications for the annual Top 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies ranking. The list was released this week by WPO, an advisory group for multimillion-dollar women-owned businesses. And while 40 percent of respondents said they haven't seen sales improve from social media, 31 percent of them remained "hopeful," as they cited other benefits such as building credibility or bolstering recruitment efforts. Just 16 percent reported no use of social media. But for those who have achieved bottom-line success in part by socializing their companies, what's their secret? Consider the social-media strategies of these three fast-growing from the WPO ranking.

BrightStar Franchising

Shelly Sun is the co-founder and CEO of BrightStar Franchising, a Gurnee, Ill.,-based homecare service. Shelly Sun is the co-founder and CEO of BrightStar Franchising, a Gurnee, Ill.,-based homecare service. Shelly Sun, co-founder of BrightStar Franchising [ranked No. 1], says there's no question her social media marketing is paying dividends. Not only has BrightStar's Web traffic nearly doubled to total 55,000 unique monthly visitors, compared with 33,000 just a year ago, annual sales also surged 60 percent to $99.6 million in 2010, compared with the previous year. She expects the climb will continue in 2011 with projected annual sales of $150 million. What's BrightStar's secret? Never a big dabbler, Sun who is also chief executive of the Gurnee, Ill.,-based homecare service, hired a dedicated staffer in 2008 to manage the company's social media efforts as well its online reputation. Today, BrightStar employees blog about the industry as well as post practical tips and advice on a range of topics from a new-babysitter checklist to hiring a homecare aid. Staffers also post links to relevant health and aging news stories on BrightStar's Facebook page, and they'll upload the occasional marketing video or event footage onto YouTube.

Sun's advice: Cultivate in-bound links. By serving as an information resource for caregivers and people who need them, she's been able to attract more than 72,000 in-bound links -- links to her site from other sites -- up from 600 a year ago. She says posting in-bound links to the site from online press releases and having nearly 200 franchisees all undertaking their own social media marketing helps. "Everything we do with social media is trying to direct people to our site," says Sun. Rebecca Minkoff New York-based accessories and apparel designer Rebecca Minkoff. New York-based accessories and apparel designer Rebecca Minkoff [No. 6] uses social media to break down barriers that traditionally separate fashion designers from customers. "I'm never going to be a designer who will sit in an ivory tower," she says. "My die-hards know that they can email me and I'll be the one responding." Minkoff says quantifying the success of her social media efforts can be hard, but she's convinced it's paying off by looking at her online results: nearly 23,000 Twitter followers and more than 15,000 Facebook fans. Minkoff, whose designs can be found in 300 U.S. stores, also more than tripled her annual sales last year to $17.5 million, up from $5.5 million in 2008. Minkoff's advice: Host Web-centric events. For example, to mark her company's five-year anniversary, Minkoff gave away several of her clutches called Jack a MAC. The online/offline event, which Minkoff orchestrated through Twitter and Foursquare, attracted 500 to 1,000 participants. "On the last day, we had to give away two bags because people started fighting." Minkoff also found that teaming up with web communities like Polyvore, which lets users learn about new fashion trends or create their own, can deliver tremendous results. In another contest that Polyvore ran, 6,000 people entered for the chance to help Minkoff choose outfits for her runway show last August.

Camp Bow Wow

Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of the doggy daycare and overnight camp franchise based in Boulder, Colo. Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of the doggy daycare and overnight camp franchise based in Boulder, Colo. At Camp Bow Wow [No. 10], connecting with clients via social media is a no-brainer, according to Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of the doggy daycare and overnight camp franchise based in Boulder, Colo. "Pet lovers love to talk about their pets online," Ganahl says." Our clientele is really tech savvy -- evidenced by web cams at the camps." Camp Bow Wow's so-called "Live Camper Cams"

give clients a real-time look at their animals during their stay. The company says the footage, which is viewable from a local camp's site, sets clients' minds at ease about being away from their pets. Ganahl also expects many of the company's Facebook fans and Twitter followers to socialize the Camp Bow Wow's Furry Fitness Challenge in June, as they consider entering their pooches. The national promotion, which people can sign up for online by submitting a picture and registration information, is designed to showcase exercise at the camp and its in-house dog-walking service. It's a way to promote the various services Camp Bow Wow provides without the pressure of a sales pitch, says Ganahl. It's also a way to boost sales -- if indirectly. Last year the company's annual sales catapulted to $51 million, up from $36 million. "It's been fabulous," she adds. Ganahl's advice: When it comes to connecting with customers through social media marketing, the more touch points the better. With roughly 150 franchisees, Ganahl says 90 percent use social media as a marketing tool, which she advocates through the company's formal social media training sessions and monthly marketing calls. They're also encouraged to blog, and Ganahl provides templates and tools to help franchisees get started. But even if you don't have an army of franchisees behind you, staying relevant to your customers will always serve you, says Ganahl. "At the end of the day, clients really want us to be up to speed on the latest website stuff and communication tools," she says. "You have to keep it fresh and innovative."

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Why your business goals might need a reality check BY PUNIT ARORA

Make your best employees even more profitable BY MATT GARRETT

Unfortunately, some of my worst decisions involved hiring the wrong employees. That said, some of my luckiest decisions, have been hiring the right employees. A bad employee will set you back months, if not years, and a good employee will pay for themselves tenfold. So the real question becomes: How do you get the best performance out of good employees? Some would argue you just hire the right people and get out of their way, but I would submit that's not enough. Employees, even the brightest ones, need to be set up for success. That requires putting goals, systems and processes in place for them. My experience also tells me that people react well to incentives and no employee, regardless of their talent and drive, will succeed in a poorly architected or maintained business. All of this boils down to the fundamental principle of ensuring that business goals are aligned with employee performance standards. Doing so can quickly turn average employees into good ones and good employees into great ones. It's something I've been working on at my own firm as we grow and these rules are transferrable to other companies. So with that, I offer you my four rules for aligning individual employee goals with that of your business: 1. Use a business model that outlines company profit by employee. Here's what I mean: At my company, TGG Accounting, we sell accounting services through trained professionals who control their schedules, billable hours and the quality of service. We control their base salary costs. Understanding this, I set minimum standards for quality and performance that lead to a minimum 45 percent gross profit. I control the fixed costs, and I keep them below 35 percent. Therefore, my firm is set to make 10 percent or ten cents of every dollar my accountants bill. Here is our business model: $1 of revenue - $.55 of accountant costs

to deliver our services - $.35 of overhead costs to support our accountants = $.10 of profit per employee. 2. Set appropriate standards of behavior. This is important because certain standards may not be applicable for specific employees. In my case, I only want to judge my team members based on things they can control. For TGG Accounting, that means judging how well our accountants control their schedules and the quality of the work. Those are the two standards on which they are judged. To that end, I cannot gauge my accountants' profitability based on overhead costs or new sales. 3. Tie performance standards to compensation. My accountants make a base salary that is barely enough to pay for their living expenses. They receive monthly performance bonuses for hitting minimum gross profit and quality standards. This bonus is strictly designed to reward excellent behavior. Then, my accountants receive something we call "The Big Bonus" for excellent client results. Each of these bonuses is designed to reward behavior that is within their control and directly in-line with the best interests of our clients and our business. 4. Track and publish results. I view each employee is a profitable unit. However, the entire organization must function together to hit our goals. By tracking the results of performance closely and publishing them publicly, positive peer pressure emerges and peak performance is reached. At this point, you may be thinking, "That works great for a service business, but my business is different." While each company is different, all organizations need employees to support their company's overarching strategic goals. There is always a way to provide the right business architecture and incentives to your employees. Regardless of industry, all companies are basically going after the same thing: Provide something that someone needs at a profit. You need your employees to be aimed at the same thing.

Have you ever wondered why nearly every business plan you come across involves more zeros than you can count? While the pressure to show j-curve or "hockey stick" growth plays its part, often a bigger reason for all these zeros is entrepreneurs' own overoptimistic expectations. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-of-heart. You need a fair dose of optimism to succeed as an entrepreneur. But a very thin line separates optimism from illusion. A prominent study of 2994 entrepreneurs, for example, revealed that about 81 percent rated their odds of success at seven out of 10 or higher and a remarkable 33 percent foresaw their chances of success as being 10 out of 10. How do you square this with the reality that nearly nine out of 10 businesses fail within five years of founding and a significant number never get off the ground? We could argue that entrepreneurs need to be optimistic precisely to be able to take on those kinds of odds. But unless you have a fat bank balance to fall back on or a love for the adrenalin rush of gambling, I advocate practicing optimism based on reality. Let's step back and talk about how we get into this trap of thinking we've discovered "the next big thing," which could be killing our chances at success. When making decisions involving potentially large gains or losses, we are far more likely to seek evidence that backs our favored outcomes because it makes us feel better. We get so emotionally invested in our decisions that we tend to ignore information that contradicts our beliefs. As our desire to achieve the favored outcome goes up, so does our expectation that the desired result will actually occur. Interestingly, the larger the gains we anticipate from our decisions, the higher the chances we will fall prey to overconfidence. Behavioral economists explain that we tend to regard our current situation as unique and often ignore past negative outcomes for similar actions. Many times this happens because our predictions are based on plans that are specifically designed to show how we are going to achieve what we want to achieve. Any guesses on how many of those billion-dollar business plans actually ver make a dime? We know from research that excessive optimism is often the most common and damaging error of judgment we make. It makes us all rush into the "hottest" industry of the day, be it, social media or Web 2.0. Of course, we can do better than Facebook and everyone else out there working on the same challenge, right? This excessive optimism can be particularly damaging for those entrepreneurs who are

looking to enter industries that are rapidly changing and new to them. A study of 2,304 entrepreneurs by researchers at INSEAD revealed that a founder's previous experience in the same industry both reduced overoptimistic bias and improved their expectations about their new business. It also showed that the benefits of having previously worked in the same industry were most apparent in high-tech. In a similar study researchers suggested that in fast-changing industries, those entrepreneurs who were moderate in optimism were more likely to do better than those who were highly optimistic. It is easy to see why. Since it is hard to make reasonable predictions in advance, optimistic but cautious people are more likely to make the effort necessary for more informed decisions. On the other hand, research also shows that since optimism can help endure repeated failure, over-optimistic entrepreneurs are more likely to give it another and yet another shot, hopefully, with more reasoned expectations. If you want to practice cautious optimism, here are some options worth considering: 1. Know your industry. When searching for new business opportunities, either look within the industries you know best or get some inside experience before pursuing unfamiliar territory further. You could do this by enlisting a cofounder (or an early employee in an executive role) who shares your passion, but also has inside knowledge of the industry you are looking to get into. This inside knowledge should help you get a more realistic perspective. 2. Ask: "What if?" If you find yourself too upbeat about your business, start asking yourself contrarian questions: "What if"? Enlist knowledgeable friends and family members to help you with hypothetical simulations. 3. Get advice. Seek experienced mentors, advisors or board members who are not hesitant in asking you tough questions. Ideally, these mentors should have a different background and experience from you. Diversity of perspectives helps ground expectations. 4. Do thorough testing. Finally, Test, test, test. Follow Steve Blank's advice religiously and validate your idea at every stage of your business idea's development. Consumer interest is the ultimate determinant of whether you will be a billionaire, a pauper or somewhere in between. If, after all this, you still have that billion-dollar business idea, I couldn't be happier for you. Carpe diem -- Seize the day!

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Music Festival Comes to T&T


Go to “OMGTT’ on Facebook and say ”I Want Major Laser”

Major Lazer is an electronic dancehall DJ project which features Trini DJ Chris ‘Jillionaire’ Leacock they are the headline act at the first ever WeTT REPUBLIC Music Festival: at the O2 Park in Chaguaramas, on September 23rd, the festival goes straight into our Republic Day holiday. On stage with them will be Bunji and Renzo with endless excitement planned for this music festival crowd, who must dress to get wet. We have the exclusive hook-up for you, with free tickets for one OMG Magazine reader and a guest. Just search for ‘omgtt’ on Facebook, like our page and say “I want Major Lazer” on the Festival Flyer.

Bunji Garlin freestyles on

BBC 1Xtra The Viking of Soca - Bunji Garlin baffled BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ, who attempted to put him on the spot, testing his lyrical skills live on-air. Bunji stepped up to the mic and blew the Brits away... here’s a taste.

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'How The Light Enters' by Kwynn Johnson

Saturday 14th September at 10 am till 4 pm Exhibition continues until October 10. Soft Box Studios is located at 9 Alcazar Street, St Clair. Due to the nature of this exhibition there is limited viewing space. Art lovers have been specially selected to attend a private viewing of this exhibition on September 12 and 13 between 5 pm-7pm, whichever day is more convenient to them. They are asked to contact the organisers as to their preferred date. This exhibition of drawings is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Studies from UWI St. Augustine’s Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies. The drawings featured in “How The Light Enters”, were created over the past three years on location in Jacmel in Haiti. Extracts from it have been exhibited in Guadeloupe, New York, Florida, Grenada, and at the UndercurrentsTanks Programme at the Tate Gallery in London. This exhibition is the first showing of the entire body of work. In November 2013 it will also be exhibited at the Alliance Français in Jacmel. Two peer-reviewed journal publications of this work are forthcoming.

Johnson’s first creative encounter with Haiti was in 2004 for the Haiti Now conference at UWI. She created her first set design for The Haitian Earth, a play written and directed by Derek Walcott. Johnson is a Trinidadian visual artist with a BA Visual Arts and an MA in Cultural Studies. She has had six solo exhibitions, and has also exhibited in group shows in Trinidad, Guyana and Texas. In 2011 she participated in the 2nd Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Kwynn is a curatorial specialist at the National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago. This recent body of work represents absence and continuity in the Jacmelian “ruinscape” in Haiti. Her photography was published in Earth Science Week – Our Ever Changing Earth. Seismic Research Centre. University of the West Indies 2011.

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Paragon Hockey Club is hosting its first hockey youth indoor tournament Paragon Hockey Club will host its first Hockey5 Youth Indoor Tournament from September 13-15 at the Woodbrook Youth Facility. The 2013 edition of the tournament will follow the new indoor rules, which reduces the number of players on the field of play from six to five per team. The tournament, feature male and female under-21 players (from local club teams and secondary schools) who will compete for trophies, medals and a variety of individual prizes including being called to the club’s ALL STAR TEAM, a tradition that continues from the inaugural tournament which took place in September 2011. The 2011 FEMALE ALL STAR TEAM included Elise and Amie Olton, sisters representing Shandy Carib Magnolias, Jade Piper and Kristin Abreu representing Ventures Hockey Club and Brittney Hingh who played as a guest of Paragon Hockey Club. Keturah John-Baptiste of Paragon Hockey Club was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. On the male front, Mark Ayen of Queen’s Park Cricket Club, Leary Inglesbirth and Joshua De Four of Malvern Sports Club, and Quinn Clarke and Jordan Vieira of Fatima Hockey Club were named to the 2011 MALE ALL STAR TEAM. Jordan Vieira was also named as the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. Kristin Abreu said of the 2011 tournament that it was “refreshing to have been offered such a dynamic age group tournament”. Those sentiments were echoed by many of the other ALL STARS, including Elise Olton who said that she appreciated that the youths “were given a chance to show off their talents.” Once again “The three-day event aims to give young players a chance to showcase their talent while testing the new 5-a-side hockey format,” said Danielle Thompson, tournament director, of the 2013 installation of the tournament. “It also seeks to reignite public interest and broaden exposure of hockey in Trinidad while highlighting the skill and expertise of the multitude of junior players.” When asked for any advice they would have for their even younger counterparts, our 2011 ALL STARS offered some sage counsel. Jordan Vieira, the male MVP, whose favourite

position is midfield stated that “Once you always give your best, you will never be disappointed.” Jade Piper, offering sound advice well beyond her years, warned young players to “take care of your bodies; practice proper stretching routines, wear protective gear, etc, as the effects on your body after years of any sport can be devastating.” The ALL STARS were also asked to name some of their hockey heroes, who ranged from international sensations to our very own local talent. While Quinn Clarke identified Christopher Zeller from Germany as his hero, Leary Inglesbirth named our very own Dwayne Quan Chan (part of the Trinidad and Tobago Senior Men’s team who earned a bronze medal at the recently concluded Pan American Cup), who he admired for his mental approach to the game. With this second installation, Paragon Hockey Club seeks to rebuild the momentum gained in 2011 by encouraging and motivating our youth’s development through sport. [Due to National Team obligations, the tournament could not be held in 2012]. It is the club’s hope that offerings such as the ALL STAR team will serve as motivation for the young hockey players to give of their best and maintain the high standard set in 2011. It is also the club’s way of recognising the efforts of more than just the one player named as MVP. In the case of Joshua De Four, he stated “I felt honoured that I made that selection. I worked very hard for it.” Amie Olton also said that “Being selected for the 'Starting 6' All Star boosted my

confidence as a young player, I felt proud of myself, it showed me that I'm improving in my game but there's still more to learn.” For full access to the interviews of the ALL STARS and for more information about the tournament, including updates, visit Paragon’s Facebook page at PHC’s Youth Indoor Tournament. Paragon Hockey Club has also been fortunate to have the assistance of corporate Trinidad on the last occasion, as well on this one in facilitating the hosting of the tournament. In this regard, assistance was received from Anthony P Scott, DHL, Coca Cola, Kenny's, Sunshine Snacks and Republic Bank, which greatly contributed to the success of the 2011 tournament. Returning sponsors for this year's tournament are DHL, Coca Cola, Kenny's and Sunshine Snacks, whilst new to the sponsorship line-up are NLCB, Incorp Ltd., Gosein Enterprises, Mouttett Jewellers, Trinidad Trophies and FCB. Tournament registration cost $300 and both clubs and schools were allowed to register a maximum of 10 players and enter up to 2 teams. For more info call tournament committee chairperson at 682-0545, Danielle Thompson, tournament director at 730-9526, Richard Roach, club secretary at 788-4136 or Avion Ashton, Club PRO at 773-0332 or email

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Mary Could Dancethe goodbye shows 2 NIGHTS - FRIDAY 13TH & SATURDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER QUEEN’S HALL AUDITORIUM SHOWTIME: 8.30 PM Final 2 Shows for those who could not get in Port Of Spain and South. “Mary Could Dance” written by Richard Ragoobarsingh is the most popular, loved and awarded play in the history of theatre in Trinidad and Tobago. The dynamic play which is heralded as an unparalleled exemplar of theatre in Trinidad and Tobago is finally coming to an end after several showings as part of a farewell tour that commenced in 2012. The play has actually ran for 16 years and has been showcased in Grenada, St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia and Ireland where it has been received consistently with standing ovations. Mary takes her last dance with its original cast, emotionally drops the curtain of what inarguably has been a quality benchmark of local theatre, in fact copping 11 of 15 Cacique Theatre awards, a record that stands to this day. The play was directed by Raymond Choo Kong and features a stellar cast which includes Penelope Spencer, Cecilia Salazar, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Glenn Davis, Dionne McNicol and Roger Dickie.


624-1284 EXT 1 338-6024 / 744-7581 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT

Alextronics, Corner Prince & Sanchez Street Arima next to TT Post(667-0724), Bhagan’s Drug Store, Price Plaza, Chaguanas (672-9514) Cleve’s, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain (624-0827), Bluestar Drugs, Movietowne (upper level) (623-0542) and Mandy’s, Trincity Mall (upstairs next to Scotiabank) (640-5553) Jabili Rahway, 140 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna (next to Hosein’s Roti Shop) (663-7477)

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Interview Stephen Doobal | Story Amelia C. Ramjarrie

Think about this for a few moments. There is a door in front of you with the label “Opportunity” on it. Inside you know what’s waiting. It is the chance for you to attain your dreams. Will you just stare at the door, wondering if you can really do this? Or will you go out on a limb and grasp it as quickly as you can? There are numerous people who want the same door of “Opportunity”, so do you want to say to yourself at the end of the day, you didn’t make your dreams into reality because you were scared? As someone once said, “If we allow risk to be a fear, then we are sure not to succeed”. Team OMG presented Daniella Cassano-Mohammed with an opportunity to be the host of our brand new weekly entertainment report in the Friday Night TV6 News broadcast. She came to the screening and nailed it. Daniella never allowed fear to keep her from obtaining her dream of becoming a broadcaster. Before grasping her dream, she has walked a road of both hard work and risk-taking. At only 23 years old, she’s a living testament to those four simple words: hard work pays off. Early in Daniella’s life, when she was attending Waterloo High School, she was selected for “My Dream Job”, an initiative that was put together by the Ministry of Education. She selected broadcasting as her dream job and for two weeks she had to observe Errol Fabien’s morning programme on Gayelle. When “My Dream Job” was coming to an end, Daniella hosted the programme. It was there and then she became 100 per cent positive that she wanted to get into broadcasting. Although many people tried deter saying her dream was far-fetched, Daniella

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never let that change her mind and continued walking along the path of success. She was the host for the Ms. Cultural Trinidad and Tobago pageant and hosted many poetry shows in both UWI and in Movie Towne, all of which finally led up to her broadcasting activities. Simultaneously, Daniella is pursuing a degree in Literatures in English at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine and expects to graduate at the end of the academic year 2013/2014. If you ever met Daniella you would describe her as a very socially conscious person which isn’t strange seeing that she wants to be in broadcasting. Being socially conscious is a quality that not many people have in Trinidad. Many people are passive about so many issues or situations, that it’s refreshing to know someone so unique. Daniella is also utilising her convictions to create a charity drive for children and women who are victims of domestic violence. This is set to take place at the end of the year. Like all the talented people we have featured in OMG magazine in the different fields of sports, art, music and entertainment, Daniella has an OMG moment. Her moment was when she fell in the streets of London while wearing boots. She was so excited about wearing the stylish boots because in Trinidad she was unlikely to wear them. She said she was really embarrassed as she fell in the midst of many people. She even recalled many people asking her if she was okay but all the while her mother was snickering away at her.

Clothing and Accessories

Eastern Avenue

Store# 3 27 Frederick Street , Gulf City Mall, High Stree Sanfernando Lighting/Retouching by

Ronaldo Roberts Photo by

Stephen Doobal

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Pumping Parties

lime .tt where the real limers go in Trinbago!

Alive & Kicking – A Charity Fundraiser - 5th Sep 2013

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Pumping Parties

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lime .tt where the real limers go in Trinbago! Evolve 2013 - 7th Sep 2013

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DJ GR Interview Stephen Doobal | Story Amelia C. Ramjarrie

Jouvert isn’t for the weak-hearted. If you are playing Jouvert then be prepared for four things – mud, oil, paint and powder. For many Trinbagonians Jouvert is the sweetest morning of the year. DJ Greg wanted to indulge in this Carnival Monday morning joy and craziness by having his own Jouvert band – ICANDY. Yes people, DJ Greg, WIN Radio and WIN TV personality, has been the force behind this band for the past three years, 20112013. ICANDY was formed in 2011. No a stranger to promotions and marketing, Greg decided to have his band launched with a cooler party. His vibes and charisma attracted over 2,000 persons and he impressed them with the image and concept of the band as well as the entertainment provided at the launch, thereby recruiting many to ICANDY’s mission of “creating a new experience each year”. Many were impressed and that year, when it was time to hit the streets for Jouvert, Greg’s band had 800 revellers. These funseekers had decided that ICANDY was the best band to watch the sun rise in, listen to music whilst drinking alcohol and chip and prance through the streets of Chaguanas. In the next two years, 2012 and 2013, this was the “it” Jouvert band and thus its numbers increased to over 1,000. The band was a big success. With this first rate reputation, many are thirsty for ICANDY’s 2014 Jouvert presentation. Greg now wants to establish a legacy of having a consistently exceptional Jouvert band in the coming years. He also plans to have his own mas band. He has the skills, ambition and talent so I am positive he will accomplish his goal. OMG magazine didn’t miss the opportunity to find out about his OMG moment which was in 2011 when he saw his Jouvert band in the heart of the Jouvert morning celebrations in the streets. He was amazed at how many people were in his band. He also felt a great sense of accomplishment. It was the first time he undertook something like this, and he was very successful. Want to be part of ICANDY’s incredible Jouvert experience? Then don’t miss DJ Greg’s Jouvert band launch, Saturday 30th November at Pier One.

REG Lighting/Retouching by

Ronaldo Roberts Photo by

Stephen Doobal

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Is exercise the key to a healthy brain? Regular physical activity -- even walking -- may be key to maintaining a sharp mind as we get older, two new studies suggest. While that’s not a new discovery, the studies plug critical gaps in the scientific literature and corroborate previous reports linking exercise to reduced rates of mental impairment in older adults. The message is now clearer than ever: “If you stay physically active, you’re buying protection for your brain,” says Eric B. Larson, M.D., the vice president for research at Group Health Cooperative, a nonprofit health-care system based in Seattle. The studies appear in the July 25 print edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine and were published online today to coincide with the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, taking place this week in Paris. One of the studies included 2,809 women over the age of 65 who had a history of heart disease or stroke, or at least three risk factors for those conditions. That’s noteworthy because most previous studies on exercise and dementia have focused on healthy people, according toDr. Larson, who wrote a commentary accompanying the new research. Exercise may be particularly important for these women, since unhealthy cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and other conditions that affect blood-vessel health have been linked to the memory and language problems known as cognitive decline, which often precedes Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Researchers in Paris and at the Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston, reanalyzed data from a study originally designed to examine the role of antioxidant vitamins in heart health.

Beginning in 1995, the women answered biennial surveys on how often they engaged in various types of exercise (such as jogging, swimming, walking, and climbing stairs). Several years later, the researchers then gave them a series of telephone-based cognitive and memory tests on four separate occasions spread out over a four- to six-year period. The more active the women were, the better their performance on the test. And they didn’t have to be marathoners. The most active women, who were getting the equivalent of 30 minutes or more of brisk walking every day, experienced much slower cognitive decline than those who got little or no exercise. According to the researchers, the difference amounted to being five to seven years younger, cognitively speaking. The strong link between activity and a lower risk of cognitive decline was all the more notable given the “very crude” telephone tests used by the researchers, Dr. Larson says. A second, smaller study addressed a common weakness of the existing research on exercise and dementia: the reliance on the participants’ own description of their exercise habits, which can be unreliable. In addition to using surveys, researchers used various laboratory tests to gauge the total amount of energy expended by 197 men and women in their 70s over a twoweek period. The tests involve drinking chemically altered water and measuring (via blood and urine samples) how quickly the body breaks down the chemicals. Compared with more sedentary individuals, the people who expended the most energy over the two weeks had 90 percent lower odds of developing cognitive decline over

the five- to seven-year follow-up period -- a “really strong” reduction in risk, says the lead researcher, Laura E. Middleton, Ph.D., an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario. What’s more, the participants’ lab-tested energy expenditure was more closely linked with cognitive health than their subjective accounts of how much exercise they typically get, which suggests that everyday activity, and not just exercise, may help maintain brain health. “It’s not only that type of purposeful physical activity that’s important; it’s also the less intense work ... stuff like just standing up more often and walking more often,” Middleton says. “It’s bad news for those of us, including myself, who sit at a desk all day,” she adds. “It means that we really need to find some way to get up and move.”

How to live


until death

Health is a huge issue among all of us today. As you know, health is something that needs effort, though. Wanna be healthy? Just follow this guidelines and health is just ahead of you! Step 1

Try to avoid over-eating. This not only leads to obese, it also leads to a lot of minor problems such as indigestion, heart burn and others. Eat the amount you need, not the amount you want. There is no need to go on a diet, just watch out for your own needs and take in food in adequate amount. This is already a very good way to stay healthy.

Step 2

Next, reduce fat foods. This means that you should cut down on junk food and fast food. Both of them harm your body more than you can imagine. This is not difficult, if you really want to keep fit.

Step 3

Quit smoking and drinking. Alcohol harm your body if the intake is in excessive amount, so you know what to do. Stop going to the pub so often, unless you need to. Quitting smoking is not easy, but there are a lot of products out there that can help you. Go to the pharmacy and treat yourself now!

Step 4

Exercise. Everyone knows it but the problem is doing it. Trying to maintain an exercise schedule is more difficult than what we’d thought. So, don’t stop exercising your body while you can. Continue to run on treadmills. Listen to some music while exercising. This helps to make you exercise longer. Exercise thrice a week is enough with every session lasting about 30 minutes.

Step 5

Be happy. Pessimistic people don’t usually have have a healthy body even though they work out really hard. Laughter is the best medicine. Don’t stress yourself too much. Think of the happy things in your life!

Step 6

Get your medical check up ever year. It helps to detect any disease that you are suffering. It is a life saver of most cancer patients.

Step 7

Eat more fruits. They help in digestion. Their fat content is also very low. They are yummy too!

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The many health benefits

How to keep healthy and be happy Good health and happiness are important goals in life. Who wouldn’t want to know how to be joyful and enjoy good health, too? Step 1

Eat balanced meals. Try to follow the food pyramid. Eat a lot of fresh fruits of vegetables, some whole grains and fiber, a little bit of dairy, a little bit of meat, and very little sugar and fat.

Step 2

Exercise regularly. To exercise you can run, do sit-ups, push-ups, etc., lift weights, play DDR, or walk briskly around your neighborhood.

Step 3

Establish regular sleep patterns. Health care professionals recommend getting eight hours of sleep daily, but it differs from person to person. It is best to get at least seven hours of sleep a day because lack of sleep can harm not only your physical health but your mental health. Sleep deprivation can cause lapses in concentration. To establish a regular sleep pattern, go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. It may seem hard at first, but it will get easier after you’ve done it for a while.

Step 4

Have a positive attitude. Instead of being pessimistic and thinking you can’t achieve your goals, be positive and thrive on your challenges.

Step 5

Keep yourself busy. This is good because it prevents you from having bad habits, such as smoking and drugs. It is also important to keep occupied with positive tasks. Worrying is harmful, and work is good for the mind as well as the body. To keep yourself busy you can work around the house, spend time with your pets, write in a journal, do a sport, or spend time doing a hobby you enjoy.

Step 6

Be social and have friends. Have fun with them, spend time with them, and talk with them, but make sure you steer away from gossip and slander. As long as you keep yourself free from negative talk, being with people satisfies the soul.

Step 7

Remember that nothing is worth sacrificing health and happiness, so avoid anything that destroys them. Do not do anything harmful to yourself such as doing drugs, smoking, or hanging around and being influenced by negative people.

1. Yogurt can give you flat abs. Eat 18 ounces a day and you can drop a jeans size. People who ate that much -- in conjunction with cutting their total calories -- lost 22 percent more weight and 81 percent more belly fat than dieters who skipped the snack, according to research from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. They also retained one-third more calorie-torching lean muscle mass, which can help you maintain weight loss. “Fat around your waist produces the hormone cortisol, which tells your body to accumulate even more belly flab,” says nutrition professor and lead study author Michael Zemel, PhD. When you eat yogurt, the calcium signals your fat cells to pump out less cortisol, making it easier for you to drop pounds, while the amino acids help burn fat. 2. Most brands of yogurt contain good-foryou bacteria. The words “live and active cultures” on the container mean that your yogurt has probiotics, beneficial bugs that live in your digestive tract and help crowd out harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infections. (Only a very small number of companies put yogurt through a post-pasteurization process that kills off all bacteria.) But many varieties now also contain special strains of probiotics meant to help regulate your digestion or strengthen your immune system. The research on them isn’t conclusive, however. “If you suffer from a particular health problem, like bloating or diarrhea, it’s worth trying one of these products for a couple of weeks to see if it helps,” says FITNESS advisory board member Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD. Otherwise, save a few dollars and stick to conventional brands. 3. Yogurt is loaded with vitamins. One serving is a significant source of potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Yogurt also contains B12, which maintains red blood cells and helps keep your nervous system functioning properly. “Vitamin B12 is found mostly in animal products, such as chicken and fish, so strict vegetarians can easily fall short,” says Jackie Newgent, RD, a FITNESS advisory board member and author of Big Green Cookbook. Eating more yogurt can help close the nutrient gap: An eight-ounce serving contains 1.4 micrograms of the vitamin, about 60 percent of what adult women need daily.

4. A cup of yogurt a day can help you recover faster after a workout. With the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates, yogurt, particularly high-protein Greek yogurt, makes an excellent postsweat-session snack. “The perfect time to grab a container is within 60 minutes of exercise,” says Keri Gans, RD, a nutritionist in New York City. The protein provides the amino acids your muscles need to repair themselves, Gans explains, and the carbohydrates replace your muscles’ energy stores, which are depleted after a hard workout. It’s a bonus if you drink a bottle of water along with it: The protein in yogurt may also help increase the amount of water absorbed by the intestines, improving hydration. 5. Not all yogurt is equal when it comes to calcium and vitamin D. Since it naturally contains calcium, you’d think the amount would be the same no matter which yogurt you pick. Wrong. “The levels can vary widely from brand to brand, so you really need to check the label,” Newgent says. How much is in a container depends on processing. For instance, fruit yogurt tends to have less calcium than plain because the sugar and fruit take up precious space in the container. “Vitamin D isn’t naturally in yogurt, but because it helps boost calcium absorption, most companies add it,” Newgent explains. Reach for brands like Stonyfield Farms Fat Free Smooth and Creamy and Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy, which contain at least 20 percent of your daily value for both nutrients.

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Katy Perry - “Roar”




Eminem “Berzerk”

French Montana “Julius Caesar”

Justin Bieber ft. Tyga - Gucci Mane feat. Chief Keef & “Wait a Minute” OJ Da Juiceman “No Patience”

Iggy Azalea ft. T.I.

- “Change Your Life”

Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”

Sean Kingston Ft. Yo Gotti “Hold That”

Rick Ross Feat. Future “No Games”

Bun B Feat. Rick Ross, 2 Chainz & Serani “Fire”

Ariana Grande “Baby I”

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Take a taste of the hottest movie trailers on the planet...


Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


See our full line-up of movie trailers every Friday @ 5pm and Saturday @ 5:25pm... Exclusively on

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Ryan Ramoutar 19, CHAGUANAS

Interview Stephen Doobal | Story Amelia C. Ramjarrie

What you sow is what you will reap! Ryan Ramoutar epitomises this statement. Ryan is 19 years old and 13 of those years have been dedicated to martial arts. He spent ten of those 13 years at Purple Dragon and the other three at Elite Phantoms where he earned his black belt in Shudokan. In addition he attained his first degree in freestyle martial arts. Ryan has taught at the Black Tiger and White Tiger institutions. His students ranged from the very young to adults. He said that whilst teaching and equipping his students with skills and techniques, he too was able to learn new approaches, techniques and executions. At present Ryan is training to compete in the Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting (CUFF) competition and the synchronised form of martial arts. He hopes to be as successful in these as he was in the competition he participated in Florida recently. He took first place in categories such as Extreme Forms, Creative Weapon and Musical Forms and placed second in Musical Weapons. We know of Ryan’s past and present so what are his plans for the future? Ryan wants to compete in the World Martial Arts Championships in Quebec, Canada and wants to push himself as far as he can so he can be the best he can be. As stated before Ryan’s life is truly testament to the statement, what you sow is what you reap. His 13 years of dedication, hard work and sacrifice has paid off so far and there seems to be even more dividends to come. Ryan’s OMG moment came when he attended the US Open ISKA championships. He came face to face with all the people who influenced and motivated him to push himself forward in the sport. He said what was more unbelievable was receiving compliments about his fighting skills and capabilities from them.

Lighting/Retouching by

Ronaldo Roberts Photo by

Stephen Doobal

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Sachin Tendulkar and son Arjun

Sachin Tendulkar: Let my son Arjun live like a normal 14-year-old By Jaideep Vaidya In a first, legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, who is likely to play his 200th Test match in November, requested the media to let his son Arjun live his life “like a normal 14-year-old”. Arjun, who has taken up cricket following in his illustrious father’s footsteps, played in his first Kanga League match on Sunday for the Young Parsee Cricket Club. Tendulkar, 40, has attained demi-god status among India’s billion-plus population after breaking numerous international records and has been constantly under the spotlight for the majority of his 23-year playing career. Tendulkar made the fatherly request at an awards ceremony hosted by the Sports Journalists’ Association of Mumbai (SJAM), where he was felicitated for completing 100 international centuries. “I’m going to take this opportunity to be a protective father,” said Tendulkar, towards the end of his speech. “My son has played a match today — his first club match, an official match. He is passionate and madly in love with cricket. I would appreciate if everyone allows him to be himself, have his own identity and enjoy his cricket. “When I started playing cricket, though my father was a professor and in the literary field, at no stage did I have this pressure from anyone to follow my father’s footsteps. At no stage of my life, there were comparisons.

Recounting the incident, Tendulkar said, “We were only teenagers and somebody had to look after us; so, at that time the rickshaw ride was really comfortable with all our kit bags, compared to travelling in trains and buses. Even Mr Sunil Gavaskar, who had just retired, was present. It made it even more special.” Tendulkar’s humble request to the media thus came at a perfect occasion, when several journalists, young and old, from his hometown Mumbai were present under one roof. Tendulkar even thanked sports journalists for their role in shaping the lives of sportspersons. “Sports journalists play huge role in making players and supporting players,” he said. “Any sportsperson and sports journalist, the relationship is interlinked.” “I would be failing in my duty if I did not acknowledge the support I have received from you. There have been opinions, criticisms, some fiction along the way. But I cannot complain about the entire package,” he said. Tendulkar also remembered his first interaction with journalists. “It was in ‘86-87 and the questions were longer than the answers. I’ve tried to make my answers longer by the years,” he said, to the amusement of the gathering. In a few words of advice to young and upcoming sportsmen, Tendulkar said, “Enjoy every moment. There will be challenges...embrace them. Don’t take shortcuts.

“My son has just started his career and it’s a humble request to let him live his life like a normal 14-yearold, without thinking about anything else but falling in love with the sport.”

“To be able to perform consistently over the years, the mental frame of mind has to be positive at all times. Trust your instincts and don’t think about anyone else,” he said.

Tendulkar’s association with SJAM goes right back to the year 1988 when he first came into the spotlight for sharing a record-breaking 664-run stand with Vinod Kambli in the Harris Shield. At the time, he was taken from suburban Bandra to Willingdon Sports Club in the island city by a rickshaw to be felicitated by the association, as was revealed at Sunday’s function.

Among other sportspersons felicitated at the function were: Tanvi Lad (badminton), Mahesh Mangaonkar (squash), Armaan Jaffer (cricket), Dipika Joseph (kabaddi), Poonam Raut (cricket), Abhishek Nayar (cricketer of the year), Ajit Agarkar (Mumbai Ranji Trophy-winning captain), Rahi Sarnobat (pistol shooting; Sportsperson of the year - female), Aditya Mehta (cueist; sportsperson of the year - male).

Kochadaiiyaan first teaser: Rajinikanth enthrals in his dual avatar! by Purva Khole

The much awaited teaser of the Superstar’s next film is finally out. Take a look!

a royal warrior, which is a treat for his fans. Kochadaiiyaan is India’s first motion capture technology film being made on the lines of Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin.

After waiting for almost five months since the first motion poster of Kochadaiiyaan akaKochadaiyaan was released, we finally got the first teaser of the Rajinikanth starrer.

Though the film also has names like Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Sarath Kumar, Shobana, Aadi Pinisetty and Nassar in the cast, it’s Rajini all the way in the teaser. The film is directed by the Superstar’s younger daughter Soundarya R Ashwin and is jointly produced by Eros International and Media One Global Entertainment.

The teaser of the 3D animation film gives the viewers a feel of the premise of Kochadaiiyaan, but not much is really revealed about the plot. The promo is a visual treat to Rajinikanth fans especially because they can see their Superstar in a completely new and double avatar! In the film, Rajini plays Kochadaiiyaan and Rana. The former is the loyal commander of a great emperor and his son Rana is a warrior. Rajini adds his signature style and charm to his character of

AR Rahman has composed the music and also the background score of the film. Resul Pookutty has done the sound design. The music will be released on October 13, 2013.

Kochadaiiyaan The Legend

Is Katrina Kaif really the

OMG Magazine | Thursday 12th September, 2013 • PAGE 43

sexiest woman of 2013? by Shweta Parande

A poll by FHM magazine says so. But do you agree? Ranbir Kapoor said in an interview that he would give his life for current girlfriend Katrina Kaif. We understand why. Kat is as sexy as sexy can get! And rightly so, feel her fans, the Chikni Chameli babe has been voted as 2013’s Sexiest Woman by FHM India magazine. She has topped the list yest again – for the fourth time if we’re not wrong – showing how much of a fave she is for Bollywood audiences. But does Katrina still ooze the same oomph as when she was younger? What do you think, BollywoodLifers? Looking at the Dhoom:3 teaser, wethinks she’s definitely a hottie and we cannot seem to take our eyes off her. But does she have no competition from the newer, younger heroines in terms of sex appeal? Voting her as the sexiest woman over and over again ahead of heroines like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra seems a bit too much! After all, Kat has had no film release this year yet, with Dhoom:3 coming out on December 20. And Deepika has just delivered a super duper hit with Chennai Express. And Priyanka is ever popular what with her movies like Zanjeer 2.0, her Babli badmaash item songs and international singles like Exotic and In my city. As for Anushka, wethinks her long legs worked better in the bore fest Jab Tak Hai Jaan than Kat’s charm. But if you think Kat deserves the hottest woman ka khitab, tell us what you like about her that makes her so desirable, peeps!

Katrina Kaif

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Mavado suing a Jamaican politician for millions Dancehall star Mavado is going after a politician after a business deal went sour. According to reports, Mavado has hired attorney Tamika Harris to file a lawsuit against a prominent Member of Parliament over the sale of a home in the upscale Norbrook neighbourhood in Kingston. Although details are still sketchy, the suit is believed to be for millions of Jamaican dollars. Mavado recently released a duet with Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj titled “Give It All To Me.” The single has been creating waves in dancehall and hip-hop since its debut last month. Mavado, Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled have also shot a video for the single in New York.

Dancehall star Mavado

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis is somebody's dad now, surprise! You might not know this, but Zach Galifianakis is a pretty amazing human being. He’s also an amazing human being who has a semi-secret wife, and that semi-secret wife went into super secret labour a few days ago, which means that at this exact moment in time, Zach Galifianakis has a little baby or will have one very, very soon. And isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve heard all day?

Nobody even knew that Zach was going to be a dad, except Zach himself and his wife and probably some family members or whatever. The only reason we know about it is because he was supposed to be at a movie premiere recently, and when he didn’t show up the director ran his mouth to everybody. But he also said that “Zach is going to be the best dad in the world,” so that makes up for it a little, right? But really, this is just the most darling thing. Sure, we’ll never get to see a picture of this little baby, or of Zach gently cradling her or him, or probably even the name, but isn’t the precious little image enough?

Rakim Mayers AKA A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky charged with assault after slapping fan A$AP Rocky has been charged with assault. According to TMZ, A$AP allegedly slapped a female fan at the Made In America concert in Philadelphia last weekend. The female fan, Lisa Wade, says she A$AP Rocky was making his way through a group of female fans who were grabbing onto his shirt when he swung his hand and hit her in the face. Wade filed a criminal complain to the DA’s office and A$AP Rocky was charged.

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‘Siberian Mowgli’ emerges; boy lived in Russian forest for 16 years The Huffington Post |  By Ryan Grenoble

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth wants to end things with Miley Cyrus? Breakup rumors resurface Is Liam Hemsworth really fed up with fiancee Miley Cyrus’ raunchy behavior? That is indeed the case, if you believe the rumours. According to latest reports, the couple -- who’ve had to deal with their fair share of breakup/rebound rumours since getting engaged in June 2012 -- are more roommates than lovers these days and Liam is ready to call it quits for good. “He is over her and wants to make a clean break,” a source told Us Weekly while another source adds that though they are still living together at Miley’s home in L.A., “They’re not even sleeping in the same room.” Liam has also reportedly asked for the ring back. In addition, gossip site HollywoodLife claims the two “barely see each other,” quoting a source that says: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they split for good soon.” According to the site, Miley doesn’t even care at this point if Liam decides to walk.

Russian officials near the town of Belokurikha, in southern Siberia, have discovered a 20-year-old man who appears to have lived in the forest for the past 16 years.

family brought with them when they left society behind.

Dubbed the “Siberian Mowgli” in homage to the boy in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” the forest-dweller had been living in a mud hut in the forest since 1997, the year his family made a conscious decision to leave society, reports AFP.

A local woman, concerned the man would not survive the Siberian winter on his own, reportedly brought him to the attention of local authorities. After a brief encounter, the man then fled back to his hut in the forest, where RIA Novosti reports he is believed to be “getting ready for winter, collecting firewood.”

His parents appear to have abandoned him in May of this year, leaving the man to fend for himself. “He has no education, no social skills and no ideas about the world beyond the forest,” said Roman Fomin, a prosecutor in Belokuriha, to Russia Today. Oddly, however, he does understand at least rudimentary English, thanks to a dictionary his

“I’m living well thank you,” he told The Siberian Times in an interview. “We are living well. This is the reality we have that we live here, and it’s quite a good reality.”

Due to his unique situation, the man does not have the proper documents required to secure him state support. A Russian court is expected to issue him an ID, after which the prosecutor’s office has said it will “definitely help” him.

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'That's So Raven' Star

sentenced to 180 days in jail It just keeps getting worse ... “That’s So Raven” star Orlando Brown is behind bars, 2 weeks into a 180-day sentence ... in one of the craziest, most drawn-out DUI cases we’ve ever seen. Law enforcement sources tell us, Brown was remanded into custody on August 23 following a hearing ... where he failed to show

proof he completed court-ordered alcohol education classes for his 2011 DUI arrest. The only good news for Brown is L.A. County jails are way overcrowded -- so, he’s expected to be released after only 27 days ... on September 19. Brown’s been crazy lucky until now -- in the last year four bench warrants were issued for his arrest, after he repeatedly failed to follow various court orders.

"That's So Raven" star Orlando Brown

Pippi Longstocking star OK, fine ... I'll release sex tape

tami erin

Pippi Longstocking’s sex tape is one step closer to coming into your home ... ‘cause the chick who played the famous freckle-faced girl has now decided to allow a porn company to release the footage., TMZ has learned.

Now, Tami has decided to stop fighting ... because she’s convinced the tape is going see the light of day anyway ... and as long as it’s going to happen, she wants to get paid.

We broke the story ... someone has been shopping footage of 39-year-old Tami Erin getting down and dirty with an ex-BF. Last month, Tami appeared on ‘TMZ Live” and claimed to be furious about the situation ... calling her ex a “piece of s**t.”

Tami tells TMZ, “My ex boyfriend is trying to release it with or without me. I’m beating him to the punch.”

We’re told Tami is currently accepting offers from various porn companies and will most likely sell to the highest bidder.

Pippi Longstocking

Make a dress out of shorts with this handy tutorial

OMG Magazine | Thursday 12th September, 2013 • PAGE 47

Oh, no -- it's laundry day! Are you out of clean shirts? Have no fear: One Tumblr user has taught us to multitask. Yes, you can make a dress out of basketball shorts. (at last!) On Tumblr, Sol Solomon demonstrates how to step entirely in one pant leg and use the other leg as a sleeve to create a one-shoulder minidress. Tres chic! Check out Reddit users’ attempts at the trend below:

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