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Daniella CassanoMohammed 23, Freeport

Three things about yourself that you like and why? I believe in having a voice and using it. Therefore I like my ability to show confidence in front of a crowd. It drives my passion for broadcasting and teaching. I am very family oriented and cooking is my favourite hobby. I like that I am not a judgemental person. I respect different lifestyles and encourage people to express their individuality. What is your OMG moment? My OMG moment would be falling down in the middle of the street during my vacation in London, with total strangers asking if I was okay whilst my mom was in the corner laughing at how funny I looked...Trini reaction!.. Totallllly OMG!

Zadora Fits To Flatter #10 Golden Doors Plaza, POS ) Lighting

Stephen Doobal Photographer /Retouching

Ronaldo Roberts

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s n o i s s e f con

email you

mgt o @ s n o i s s e f on ions to c r confess

ously m y n o n a s t h g u o pest th e e d r u o y s s e f A place to con

I keep turning to sex to fight the loneliness It’s been about six months since my last real relationship and for most people, that’s probably nothing, but for me, for some reason, that seems like an eternity. I can usually ignore it, but then I see all my friends in these happy, committed relationships and I wonder what did I screw up to end up alone, especially when I see my ex’s (who I keep a healthy friendship with), in these happy relationships, much more happy then they were with me.

I’m a grown ass man but I love all the Disney Princess movies That’s it I guess. Nothing big or scary, just something I don’t tell friends.

When I see that, I get this stupid feeling of loneliness and I end up going to any available guy for sex. I don’t know why I do. I guess I just like to pretend for a moment someone out there still thinks I’m beautiful and honestly cares if I wake up the next morning, but I know in the back of my head each time I’m just sex for them and it makes me hate myself that much more. I want to stop. I don’t like being dependent on other guys to make me feel like I’m worth something. I don’t know what to do.

I can’t listen To any peoples problems Anymore I’m a 21-year-old male. I just can’t. I spent four (important) years of my life listening to all problem, and finding solutions for my friends. My head was full of other people’s problems. it made me crazy. I had nightmares so real I wouldn’t want to sleep anymore. I ran into a major depression.

I have an extreme hatred for men who disrespect women As a man this is something that has always bothered me. I literally cannot stand to see another man disrespect women, hit a woman, call a woman a bitch, etc. I believe it’s better to ignore a woman and walk away completely rather than disrespect her. When we disrespect a woman we are disrespecting all of humanity. There is just something profoundly wrong with it. When my friends talk about girls they’ve “f..ked” I secretly want to punch them in the face and tell them to show some respect. I just don’t understand why anyone would do that. Women are special and deserve to be respected.

My 20 year old employee is a cheeky flirt and it’s driving me insane I’m 35, she’s just 20. She’s very flirty with me. I’m naturally a little flirty back but never cross the line, or even go near it. I sense that she wants me a little. Or maybe she just wants me to want her. If that’s the case, while I’ll never show it, she’s doing a good job.

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How to let go of regret

Regret is poisonous. Here’s how to ditch it. By Ashley Williams

The 9 Words That Changed Maya Angelou’s Life Forever Dr. Maya Angelou wrote her new book, Mom & Me & Mom, to better understand the life of her mother, Vivian Baxter. Dr. Angelou lived with Vivian until she was seven and resumed living with Vivian when she was 13. Though Dr. Angelou says Vivian was a “terrible” mother for young children, she was a “fantastic” mother for young adults. When Dr. Angelou was 22 years old, Vivian told her something that changed her life forever. Watch to find out what it was.

CLICK HERE TO SEE... The 9 Words That Changed Dr. Maya Angelou's Life Forever

If you’re still beating yourself up for, say, letting an old flame go, you might want to cut yourself some slack. A recent study reveals one secret to staying cheerful well into old age: leaving regret in the past. German researchers found that subjects over 65 who were happiest in their lives did not show remorse over opportunities missed as part of a game of chance, while those who were depressed did. We asked psychiatrist James S. Gordon, MD, author of Unstuck, for advice on dispelling the shoulda, coulda, wouldas.

time. Tell yourself that your choice made sense to who you were then, and remind yourself how different you are now.

Q: Regret is such a tough emotion to deal with. Where do we start?

A: The next time you have to make a major decision, breathe slowly and deeply before asking yourself, “Does this feel right to me?” Pay attention to your body’s response and what you hear in your mind. If you don’t immediately feel a strong yes or no, just wait a moment. It’s the relaxed, aware mind that is least likely to have regrets and—when they do occur—to let them go most easily.

A: Admit what you didn’t do, what you lost, or what you got that you no longer want. If you pretend you’re not truly upset, you’ll never get past it. Q: But doesn’t indulging our sadness just make us feel worse about our choices? A: Not at all. A decision may seem lamentable five years down the road, but it’s likely you made it for reasons that were logical at the

Q: Then what? A: Even though we know better, we often think we’re the only ones who’ve done something regrettable. So find a caring friend and tell her how bad you feel about what happened. You don’t need her to fix you—you don’t even need her to say what you did was okay. But you have to recognise that other people have made similar decisions and carried on. Ask your friend if she’s had a comparable experience; 99 times out of 100, you’ll find she has. Your feelings of regret may not go away entirely, but sharing them should bring some relief. Q: How can we feel less regret in the future?

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Becoming the person you were meant to be: Where to Start By Anne Lamott -

We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvellously who we were born to be. The only problem is that there is also so much other stuff, typically fixations with how people perceive us, how to get more of the things that we think will make us happy, and with keeping our weight down. So the real issue is how do we gently stop being who we aren’t? How do we relieve ourselves of the false fronts of peoplepleasing and affectation, the obsessive need for power and security, the backpack of old pain, and the psychic Spanx that keeps us smaller and contained? Here’s how I became myself: mess, failure, mistakes, disappointments, and extensive reading; limbo, indecision, setbacks, addiction, public embarrassment, and endless conversations with my best women friends; the loss of people without whom I could not live, the loss of pets that left me reeling, dizzying betrayals but much greater loyalty, and overall, choosing as my motto William Blake’s line that we are here to learn to endure the beams of love. Oh, yeah, and whenever I could, for as long as I could, I threw away the scales and the sugar. When I was a young writer, I was talking to an old painter one day about how he came to paint his canvases. He said that he never knew what the completed picture would look like, but he could usually see one quadrant. So he’d make a stab at capturing what he saw on the canvas of his mind, and when it turned out not to be even remotely what he’d imagined, he’d paint it over with white. And each time he figured out what the painting wasn’t, he was one step closer to finding out what it was. You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren’t. You take the action, and the insight follows: You don’t think your way into becoming yourself. I can’t tell you what your next action will be, but mine involved a full stop. I had to stop living unconsciously, as if I had all the time in the world. The love and good and the wild and the peace and creation that are you will reveal themselves, but it is harder when they have to catch up to you in roadrunner mode. So one day I did stop. I began

consciously to break the rules I learned in childhood: I wasted more time, as a radical act. I stared off into space more, into the middle distance, like a cat. This is when I have my best ideas, my deepest insights. I wasted more paper, printing out instead of reading things on the computer screen. (Then I sent off more small cheques to the Sierra Club.) Every single day I try to figure out something I no longer agree to do. You get to change your mind—your parents may have accidentally forgotten to mention this to you. I cross one thing off the list of projects I mean to get done that day. I don’t know all that many things that are positively true, but I do know two things for sure: first of all, that no woman over the age of 40 should ever help anyone move, ever again, under any circumstances. You have helped enough. You can say no. No is a complete sentence. Or you might say, “I can’t help you move because of certain promises I have made to myself, but I would be glad to bring sandwiches and soda to everyone on your crew at noon.” Obviously, it is in many people’s best interest for you not to find yourself, but it only matters that it is in yours—and your back’s—and the whole world’s, to proceed. And, secondly, you are probably going to have to deal with whatever fugitive anger still needs to be examined—it may not look like anger; it may look like compulsive dieting or bingeing or exercising or shopping. But you must find a path and a person to help you deal with that anger. It will not be a Hallmark card. It is not the yellow brick road, with lovely trees on both sides, constant sunshine, birdsong, friends. It is going to be unbelievably hard some days—like the rawness of birth, all that blood and those fluids and shouting horrible terrible things—but then there will be that wonderful child right in the middle. And that wonderful child is you, with your exact mind and butt and thighs and goofy greatness.

Dealing with your rage and grief will give you life. That is both the good news and the bad news: The solution is at hand.

Wherever the great dilemma exists is where the great growth is, too. It would be very nice for nervous types like me if things were black-and-white, and you could tell where one thing ended and the next thing began, but as Einstein taught us, everything in the future and the past is right here now. There’s always something ending and something beginning. Yet in the very centre is the truth of your spiritual identity: is you.Fabulous, hilarious, darling, screwed-up you. Beloved of God and of your truest deepest self, the self that is revealed when tears wash off the makeup and grime. The self that is revealed when dealing with your anger blows through all the calcification in your soul’s pipes. The self that is reflected in the love of your very best friends’ eyes. The self that is revealed in divine feminine energy, your own, Bette Midler’s, Hillary Clinton’s, Tina Fey’s, Michelle Obama’s, Mary Oliver’s. I mean, you can see that they are divine, right? Well, you are, too. I absolutely promise. I hope you have gotten sufficiently tired of hitting the snooze button; I know that what you need or need to activate in yourself will appear; I pray that your awakening comes with ease and grace, and stamina when the going gets hard. To love yourself as you are is a miracle, and to seek yourself is to have found yourself, for now. And now is all we have, and love is who we are.

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How to “Cheat - Proof” a Relationship Do you want to make sure that you can keep each other from cheating ? There really is no way to keep someone from doing this awful thing, or to know when they’re about to cheat, but there are some things you can (both) do to help ensure the best choice for each other: to stay faithful and loyal. Step 1

Step 5

Step 2

Never overlook the power of negotiation. Sometimes people cheat because they feel trapped. Bringing things to the table and being willing to reorganise your relationship could give your union a fresh new perspective. Because relationships change when we don’t change with them this leaves gaps for cheating opportunities.

Make your relationship (and each other) a priority. Simply make time for it (the relationship) and each other. Even if you have to write it down in a calendar, schedule times and dates to be together and connect or bond or be intimate with each other in every way, on all levels, and in every area possible. Have a weekly date with each other, and make the most out of your days off together. Go out once in a while and stay in once in a while. Alternate.

Always tell the truth. Many people lie for many reasons even if they don’t know they are lying. Cheating is not about being not being monogamous, as many have been tricked into thinking; cheating is about deceit.

Work on your relationship every single day, work out the problems when they arise (effectively), whatever you can do to make your relationship more healthy, close, intimate, or make it better between you two, DO IT.

Step 6

Step 7

Never try to be someone you are not: This is a form of lying that people overlook. If you are broke, don’t pretend you have money. If you hate sports don’t pretend you love them. If you hate to cook, please don’t play like it’s your favourite pastime. If you don’t like sex, be up front, because you will be found out later in the relationship.

Step 3

Have some time away from each other and some space (physically and emotionally...etc). Don’t neglect other areas of your life – such as your friends, family, work, school, time for yourself, etc.

Step 4

Communicate with and support one another as much as you can. Remember; you have the Internet, magazines, books etc. Use these resources as an advantage to your relationship.

Don’t abuse each other in any way shape or form. Work towards having a healthy and loving relationship with each other. Have fun together – laugh and smile with one another. Joke around – have a good time. Be upbeat and positive etc.

Step 8

Instigate a talk about cheating. Don’t be accusatory, defensive, etc. Try to be neutral, i.e. “I can’t believe how many relationships suffer from infidelity, I’m sure it wouldn’t happen to us, but if something were to happen I want to be able to tell you and vice versa.” Ask your partner how they feel about the relationship and if there’s anything they want to try, more time apart, more time together, etc. Gain insight into their views on cheating.

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Complaining without Sounding Like a Jerk Sometimes you just have to complain, but there are ways to get your point across without throwing a hissy fit. STEP 1 - WRITE IT DOWN

Take notes as soon as you notice something is wrong and you can’t call immediate attention to it. This way you can get all the facts straight when you tell your side of the story.

Tip – Keep a paper trail that includes dates and names of people you talked to if your complaint goes further than one rung up the ladder. STEP 2 - GET TO THE POINT

Be direct about what it is you are complaining about. Don’t ramble and go on a tirade. Just state succinctly what it is you are upset about.

STEP 3 - Recognize who is responsible

Recognise who is responsible for the mistake. Your waitress didn’t cook your meal, so why blame her for it? If you accuse someone of something, be sure that they are at fault.

Tip – Pepper in some compliments, for example, “I really like the way you cut the bangs, but I think the colour is too dull.” STEP 4 - Don’t DELAY

Don’t wait to complain and stew in your anger for days before writing a scathing review of the offending company on the Internet. Complain while the company still has the opportunity to fix the problem.

STEP 5 - State what you expect

State what you expect to happen as a remedy. Just remember not to go overboard.

STEP 6 - Be nice

You won’t get anywhere yelling and screaming and name-calling. Remember the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated.

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Casey Hamilton male Outfit Courtesy/


#10 Golden Door Plaza, Frederick Street, Port of Spain Makeup Artists

Charisse Harris Lighting/Retouching

Ronaldo Roberts Photographer

Stephen Doobal

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3 Toxic Employees

You Need to Fire Now

From a thoughtful hiring process to a thorough training programme, you’ve done everything you can to find and prepare the best employees for your company. But no system is foolproof and sometimes a few bad apples can slip through the cracks. 
Of course, some people just need a simple redirect to fall in line, so trying to correct the behaviour should be your first step. But other times, employees can be so toxic, they can poison your workplace, says human resources consultant Suzanne Benoit, founder of Benoit Consulting Services. “You can have someone who is a very good technical performer but that makes other people in the office go home crying,” Benoit says. “If you have people who are interfering with the performance of others, you need to consider letting them go.”

It’s a good idea to consult legal counsel before you terminate someone for their behaviour to ensure you’ve protected yourself. But, in her experience, Benoit says these three types of employees usually just have to go.

1. The Untouchable –
If someone has made him or herself “invaluable” or closely aligned with a powerful person within the company and is using that position to bully others or get preferential treatment, the situation can be damaging to your business, Benoit says. She’s even seen situations where the company owner has relinquished so much control to an assistant or subordinate that he or she is afraid to let that person go. Perhaps your assistant is stepping over the line with his authority or a junior salesperson whose mentor is your top performer is ordering others around. If you see this kind of behavior or you sense bad blood between employees, it’s probably time to investigate the source. Related: 4 Ways to Keep Employees From Checking Out on the Job 2. The Pot-Stirrer–
This is the person who pits office mate against office mate using gossip, rumour and innuendo. The Pot-Stirrer can usually be found at the centre of any office

drama, possibly with popcorn in hand. And while the arguments may seem like petty nonsense, this person is causing repeated disruptions in the workplace and costing you productivity and employee engagement.

When there is repeated discord in your office, keep an eye out for the person who seems to be orchestrating it – perhaps trying to act as an intermediary or even “confiding” in you about various events going on around the office to try to get you involved. Then, have a frank discussion with that person about your expectations about how people behave in the office. If that doesn’t work, it might be time for a pink slip. 3. The Renegade – Despite training and repeated correction, this person just doesn’t follow rules and puts your company at risk. Whether it’s not wearing a helmet on construction sites to “winging it” in customer service matters and making decisions that he or she is not authorised to make, Renegades are determined to do things their way. The fallout could range from lost customers to safety hazards. And, worse, when other employees see that not everyone has to follow the rules, you may find yourself with more Renegades. Lay down the law or them free.

How to Talk Money With a Sales Prospect

How to Talk Money With a Sales Prospect It’s always a challenge to bring up the subject of fees with a potential new customer. As a result, people often waste time with prospects who can’t afford them, says marketing expert Ilise Benun. So determine in the first

conversation if the potential client is a good fit for your business. Mention a minimum amount to gauge reaction, then follow up by asking them about their budget. Then, put your number on the table, she says.

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How to Make Sure Your Business Gets Paid BY ENTREPRENEUR.COM STAFF The cornerstone of collecting accounts receivable on time is making sure invoices go out promptly and accurately. If you sell a product, get the invoice out to the customer at the same time the shipment goes out. If you’re in a service industry, track your billable hours daily or weekly, and bill as often as your contract or agreement with the client permits.

The sooner the invoice is in the mail, the sooner you get paid. To eliminate any possibility of confusion, your invoice should contain several key pieces of information. First, make sure you date it accurately and clearly state when payment is due, as well as any penalties for late payment. Also specify any discounts, such as discounts for payment in 15 days or for payment in cash. Each invoice should give a clear and accurate description of the goods or services the customer received. Inventory code numbers may make sense to your computer system, but they don’t mean much to the customer unless they are accompanies by an item description. It’s also important to use sequentially numbered invoices. This helps make things easier when you need to discuss a particular invoice with a customer and also makes it easier for your employees to keep track of invoices. Before sending out an invoice, call the customer to ensure the price is correct, and check to make sure prices on invoices match those on purchase orders and/or contracts. Know the industry norms when setting your payment schedules. While 30 days is the norm in most industries, in others, 45- or 60-day payment cycles are typical. Learn your customers’ payment practices, too. If they pay only once a month, for instance, make sure your invoice gets to them in plenty of time to hit that payment cycle. Also keep on top of industry trends and economic ups and downs that could affect customers’ ability to pay. Promptness is key not only in sending out invoices, but also in following up. If payment is due in 30 days, don’t wait until the 60th day to call a customer. By the same token, however, don’t be overeager and call on the 31st day. Being too demanding can annoy customers, and this could result in you losing a valuable client. Knowledge of industry norms plus your customers’ payment cycles will guide you in striking a middle ground. Constant communication trains customers to pay bills promptly and leads to an efficient, professional relationship between you and them. Usually, a polite telephone call to ask

about a late payment will get the ball rolling, or at least tell you when you can expect a payment. If any problems exist that need to be resolved before payment can be issued, your phone call will let you know what they are so you can start clearing them up. It could be as something as simple as a missing packing slip or as major as a damaged shipment. The first 15 to 20 seconds of the call are critical. Make sure to project good body language over the phone. Be professional and firm, not wimpy. Use a pleasant voice that conveys authority. Respect the other person’s dignity. What if payment still is not made after an initial phone call? Don’t let things slide. Statistics show that the longer a debt goes unpaid, the more difficult it will be to collect and the greater chance that it will remain unpaid forever. Most experts recommend making additional phone calls rather than sending a series of past-due notices or collection letters. If several phone calls fail to generate any response, a personal visit may be in order. If the customer refuses to meet with you to discuss the issue or won’t commit to a payment plan, you may be facing a bad debt situation and need to take further action. There are two options: using the services or an attorney or employing a debt collection agency. Your lawyer can advise you on what is best to do.

The majorit y of men me et with failure bec ause of th eir lack of persist ence in c reating new plans to take th e place of those wh ich fail. Napoleon


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THEME: A PROMISE IS A PROMISE: STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN On 8th March, 2013, International Women’s Day was observed around the world. The theme for this year was “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women.” At San Fernando East Secondary School, a special assembly was held to commemorate this occasion. The program was organized and hosted by the male staff members, who highlighted the role of

women in our society. Several female teachers were recognized for their success and contribution to the school. These teachers included: Ms. Patricia Pitt, Mrs. Deborah Manning, Mrs. Therese Ragoonanan, Ms. Karen Bahall and Mrs. Doreen Pegus - Ransome. These teachers had succeeded despite the obstacles that they faced. The students were encouraged to persevere even when they face challenges. Students were inspired when they realized that their teachers had faced and conquered similar difficulties in their lives. Students and staff were further motivated by the poems written

by students of Forms 1 to 3. The students had earlier been challenged to write poems, which reflect the theme of the day: “A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women.” The students’ poems were quite inspirational and thought provoking. Their ability to deal with such a mature topic at this young age not only reflected their great potential but also the need for society to address this serious problem of abuse against women. Even the guest speaker, Mrs. Karen Piper Taylor, an attorney at law stated, “I came to inspire you at San Fernando East Secondary School but these poems have truly inspired me.”

I AM A WOMAN AND I DESERVE MORE by Debra John - Form 3:2

I’m not here to be taken for a ride, I’m not here for your sexual drive, I’m not here for you to beat up on, Then come back and say “You’re my only one.” I’m woman and I deserve more. I’m not here for you to abuse, I’m not here for you to use, I’m not here for you to get what you want Take what you want and leave me to the side, never at the front. I’m woman and I deserve more. I’m not here for you to hurt me, I’m not here for you to kill me, I’m not here for you to have sex with me, You just believe me I’m woman and I deserve more. I’m not here to be your side fling, I’m not here for you to make me sing, I’m not here for you to keep me behind closed doors. Is this what I’m really here for? I ‘m a woman and I deserve more. I’m not here for you to tell me your bitter lies, I’m not here for you to squeeze my heart until it breaks, Until I cry tears of pain, Help me Father! Hear my cries. I’m a woman and I deserve more More than what you’re giving me, I’m a diamond; I’m a jewel, Why are you so cruel? Beating, beating, beating me, Is like you want me to go insane with pain? I’m pulling out my hair, And you just don’t care. I’m crying, I’m crying tears of blood, I’m dying inside, C.P.R, I’m in a relapse. My heart is going to the pearly gates, Last tear of blood rolling down my face and hits the floor. I’m a woman and I deserve more.

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At 13 years old many of us were struggling with puberty and the changes it brought. That’s about the time Dexter John Stewart (Blaxx) began his musical career. His father, Jerry Stewart, who owned his own band called Jerry and New School, allowed him to develop his talent for music and helped mould him into the amazing performer, entertainer and singer he is today. Dexter then joined another band, Succession. It is only then he adopted the name we are all familiar with – Blaxx. As the years went by he expanded his horizons and joined some very popular bands including Atlantic, Succession Brass, Blue Ventures, and Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires. The year 1999 was the watershed year in which Blaxx’s life changed dramatically. Roy Cape asked him to join his All Stars band. He soon realised it was more than a band – it was a family who shared the same musical vibes and vision – take soca to higher heights and conquer the world. Blaxx feels blessed. He is happy doing what he loves. “Leggo” has been his most successful song to date. He and the Roy Cape team have been on the road since Ash Wednesday this year and they have not stopped. He says he has so many people to thank for all they have given him, especially his musical director “Juiceman” Carlyle Roberts. He mentions the many producers out there who have worked with him and says he must thank them because the way the sound goes into the studio and how they transform it into the final product is always phenomenal and he is forever grateful for their support. “Leggo” was written by Olatunji Yearwood. It changed a lot of things for him. The way the song was received by the public not only locally but everywhere in the world they perform reinforces his conviction that it has something special. It was one of the hardest songs Blaxx ever worked on because renowned producer Julio, he says, is a very tough guy and made him do the work to get this song right; he was not letting him get off lightly. It took over four and a half hours to lay down the vocals and that is very unusual for an experience singer like Blaxx. The team has been travelling non-stop, doing almost three cities in the States on an average weekend, like New York, Miami and Boston, along with many other performances in the Caribbean – St John’s, St Thomas, St Vincent – and he was actually just back from Antigua and Barbados and after this interview they are heading to Tobago and next week they are going back to Barbados for Wednesday-to-Friday shows. Then they leave for Toronto on the weekend, then it’s back to Greneda. That is how his schedule has been. Just blessed, that is all he could say about the experience. Blaxx, as we all know, is not only an excellent performer but an amazing singer, so that all of his fans will be pleased to know that one of his aspirations is to step out of the soca genre and explore others and also have his own concert. As for his immediate goals, he’s working on collaborations for Carnival 2014. Some of these collaborations will include Skinny Fabulous, Lil Rick and finally after talking with Bunji Garlin for about five years he feels there will be a collaboration this year. Blaxx’s dream is for us to start being good Trinidadians. “Please, please people, let us all start being good to each other; let us be good human beings on this planet, please.” As for Blaxx’s OMG moment he excitedly told us that it was last Friday in Antigua. Destra was on stage performing and he was not carded to perform but she called him up on stage. He says it was 14 seconds of destruction on that stage between them and the crowd went mad. It was totally unexpected and a very memorable moment for Blaxx.

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Interview by Stephen Doobal and written by Amelia C. Ramjarrie

Tanti Woi NO GETAWAY Tusty Leh Go

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Pumping Parties

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lime .tt where the real limers go in Trinbago! Cocoa – Nice People, Dirty Fun-

14th Jul 2013

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Pumping Parties

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Cocoa – Nice People, Dirty Fun-

14th Jul 2013

lime .tt where the real limers go in Trinbago! I LOVE MY TEAM 3-20th Jul 2013

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Rechez Lindsay 19, Diego Martin Interview Stephen Doobal | Story Amelia C. Ramjarrie

Have you ever heard of the Golden Girls? No, not the TV comedy show from the Lifetime channel but the Trinidad and Tobago women’s volleyball team. One of the best players in the team is Rechez Lindsay who is only 19 years old. Hailing from Diego Martin, this volleyball queen has been excelling in the libero position. She credits the senior players who have been aiding her in developing her technique. Team OMG recently chatted with Lindsay and tried to find out more about her and what makes her tick. Her volleyball career began at age 14 when she became a part of the team at her secondary school, Holy Faith Convent. Like the beginning of many a romance, Rechez hated volleyball at first but as time passed she fell in love with it. Rechez recalled the time a scout in search of players for the national team came around but she wasn’t chosen. Her best friend was selected but such was young Miss Lindsay’s passion that she decided she would accompany her friend. Whilst on the trip, the scout realised that she was persistent and had enormous potential. So she ended up living her dream of playing volleyball for the national team and got to be with the love of her life every day. In addition she was able to travel to many countries such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Nicaragua and Peru. She said that the experience was indescribable as she was able to experience various cultures. Rechez has many goals for her future. She would like to obtain a scholarship at a university in Florida to study business. I have no that she will be able to accomplish this goal because determination radiates from her. When we asked about her OMG moment, Rechez said that it was when she got hit in the face by a ball from of her teammates during a CBL league game in Trinidad last year.

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Benjamin Baldini Interview Stephen Doobal | Story Amelia C. Ramjarrie

I have always been intrigued by stunt riding. Often my dad would reminisce about the times he would do stunts and dream of being a stunt rider. But due to society’s expectations and constraints, he abandoned his dream and became a regular working Joe. I never had the courage to ask him why something that appeared to be a very dangerous sport was his dream. However, after OMG’s encounter with stunt rider Benjamin Baldini I am closer to understanding the pull of the stunt world. Baldini is a French stunt rider who recently visited Trinidad. He began his career at age 17 on a scooter and with determination and talent on his side, he moved on to motorcycles. His love for the sport has withstood the test of time; his enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed as is evident in his many stunt performances available for viewing online. So why is Benjamin, like many other riders, willing to fall off his motorcycle a million times and risk his life to perfect his skills? The answer is his passion for the sport and his burning desire to master it. For many here that is all the reward they need because in Trinidad and Tobago, stunt riding isn’t a “big” sport like football and cricket. Therefore it doesn’t attract a lot of money or perks. Benjamin’s visit to Trinidad was to motivate those who are interested in stunt riding. You can eventually be as good as or even better than him in the sport. My advice? Don’t give up your dream just because you believe there aren’t opportunities for you to showcase your skills. The sport is highly recognised throughout the world! Apart from motivation, I was also able to grasp a life lesson from Benjamin. For him to be as successful as he is now he had to fall off his motorcycle several times, but he always got back on because he remembered how great it felt to ride. In other words, attaining your dream it isn’t going to be easy but if you keep your mind focused on your goal and don’t give up, eventually you will achieve it. Benjamin was invited to Trinidad by Bin Ali, our local stunt rider and promoter of the sport. Bin said he saw Benjamin’s work on-line and invited he and his wife to spend a couple weeks in Trinidad free of charge and show our local riders how it is done. Benjamin graciously agreed and amazed all the local riders with his humility and skills. Bin Ali and his team plan to host several stunt riding events and they will be keeping OMG informed of their activities. He says he is very grateful to the management at the Larry Gomes Stadium who allow them to practice in the stadium car park and also wanted the public to know that stunt riding is not a dangerous sport. It is a sport of skill and the bikes travel at about three to four miles an hour during actual stunts. He assured that he and his fellow practitioners are never reckless on the roads and are always aware that they can be hurt, so they take all possible precautions to make the sport as safe as possible. The OMG moment for this story came from the OMG team who got to witness Benjamin Baldini do his tricks for our cameras…he was simply spectacular and we can’t wait to attend the next event from Bin Ali and the BIN STUNTIN CREW.

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How Can I Tell If My Body is Missing Key Nutrients? By David L. Katz, MD


Are there blood tests that can determine which nutrients my body may be lacking? —Sharon La Macchia Saukville, Wisconsin


Such blood tests are commonly used in alternative medicine circles. Some of the analyses look for nutritional deficiencies, but those are rare in our country, so your results are likely to be normal. Other tests supposedly tell you whether you fall short on “ideal” nutrient levels, but they have not been well validated and may be misleading since we don’t even know what ideal blood levels are or how they fluctuate. I would recommend the standard tests any internist would order, including measuring blood cell counts, glucose, cholesterol, major electrolytes, and both liver and kidney function. If everything is normal, you’ll probably gain little by further testing. Instead, focus on a balanced, healthful diet, and as an insurance policy, take a multivitamin. I also suggest fish oil capsules, which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Of note, while most of us are relatively deficient in omega-3s, this is not likely to show up on a blood test—the very point I’m making.

The Simple Blood Test That Could Save Your Life By Nancy Kalish for

You probably know your blood pressure, and whether your cholesterol is high, low, or normal. But what about your CRP? Short for C-reactive protein, CRP is an indicator of inflammation within the body—a condition that can contribute to a host of serious ills. “Over time, chronic inflammation can do serious damage to healthy tissues,” says Mark Liponis, MD, corporate medical director of Canyon Ranch and author of Ultra-Longevity: The Seven-Step Program for a Younger, Healthier You. “For one, it triggers a cascade of chemicals and processes that can lead to blood clots and accelerate the buildup of

plaque in the arteries.” According to the American Heart Association, people with high CRP are twice as likely to suffer cardiac arrest as those with low levels. “This makes CRP the most important cardiovascular risk factor we have for men and women over age 50—more indicative than cholesterol, blood pressure, age, family history, and whether you smoke,” says Liponis. However, because CRP testing is relatively new, it’s not yet standard procedure at most doctors’ offices. Ask for the simple blood test at your next physical. And don’t do it just for your heart: A flood of research shows that elevated levels are linked to stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, arthritis, poor brain function, even Alzheimer’s. Knowing your CRP—and bringing it down if it’s high—is one of the best things you can do for your health.

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Soursop The many health benefits 1. Curing Cancer By eating the fruit soursop we can help to attack the cancer cells safely and naturally, without side effects such as nausea, weight loss, or hair loss. 2. Increase Immune System Substances contained in soursop fruit such as acetogenins, annocatacin, annocatalin, annohexocin, annonacin, annomuricin, anomurine, anonol, caclourine, gentisic acid, gigantetronin, linoleic acid, muricapentocin. It makes our body stay fit and improved. Help us against disease 3. Kill malignant cancer cells Soursop leaf has an effective target and kill malignant cells for 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer. Power works 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with adriamycin and chemo therapy is commonly used. 4. High Vitamin C Vitamins are the most dominant in soursop fruit is vitamin C, which is around 20 mg per 100 grams of fruit flesh. Requirement of vitamin C per person per day (ie 60 mg), have been met only by consuming 300 grams of meat soursop fruit. The content of vitamin C is high enough on soursop is an excellent antioxidant to increase endurance and slow the aging process (stay young). and is one of the benefits of soursop fruit that we can take 5. Medicine for hemorrhoids and pain reliever In addition to juice drinks are also good to cure hemorrhoids, waist pain, and help your appetite so our appetite good. 6. Rich in Fiber In addition to nutritional components, soursop fruit is also very rich in nonnutritional components. One of them is to contain a lot of fiber (dietary fiber), fiber is very good for digestive health. 7. Preventing Osteoporsis Soursop fruit contains phosphorus and calcium is high enough. Very good for strong bones and to prevent osteoporosis. 8. Increase Energy The content of fructose in soursop can keep you fresh, and can drain energy. This is because fructose is a simple sugar

(monosaccharide) found in many fruits. This could be a good natural source of carbohydrates for the body. 9. Help cure many disease Soursop fruit juice, taken twice daily, can help overcome kidney disease, liver problems, urinary tract infection (also known as urethritis) and hematuria (blood in the urine or) 10. Preventing Bacterial infections The fleshy part of the fruit, if applied to any cuts will accelerate the healing process and also prevent bacterial infection. 11. Prevent nerve damage and maintain a healthy heart The content of vitamin B1 able to accelerate metabolism, blood circulation, prevents nerve damage, restoring the edges and central nervous disorders. The content of vitamin B2 is required for the body's energy production, fat storage, nervous system function, and maintenance of the heart muscle.

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Mac Miller Ft. Niki Randa “I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)”




Lindsey Stirling - “My Immortal”Evanescence

Ariana Grande “Baby I”

Jeremih “Ex-To-See”

Leona Lewis “It’s All For You”

Far East Movement ft Riff Raff -

“The Illest”

Kelly Rowland

- “Dirty


Jason Derulo Feat. 2 Chainz -”Talk Dirty”

Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj - “Love More”

AFI“I Hope You Suffer”

Limp Bizkit ft. Lil Wayne -

“Ready To Go”

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Take a taste of the hottest movie trailers on the planet...


Seventh Son

Thor 2 : The Dark World


See our full line-up of movie trailers every Friday @ 5pm and Saturday @ 5:25pm... Exclusively on

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artistof the week

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Shanice Smith

21, ARoUCA

Interview Stephen Doobal | Story Amelia C. Ramjarrie

Take a minute or two and observe your garbage. I would presume there are cartons, corks and paper. This is your typical garbage of course, and because it’s garbage you may see no use for it again. What would you think if I said you were wrong? Shanice Smith, or Curly Sue as her friends call her, would agree with me. At only 21 Shanice describes herself as an interdisciplinary artist; she is “a maker of beautiful things”. She is versed in drawing, painting and hand crafting. So how does garbage connect with Shanice? I am pleased to tell you that Shanice can transform those same items listed above into things useful and beautiful. She can turn the cartons into wallets, the corks into earrings and the paper, which she is most versed in, into jewellery. Many may think she has hoarding tendencies judging by the amount of paper she collects, but when you see what she does with that paper, you will change your mind instantly. Shanice explained that she makes the beads out of the paper, glazing them and letting them dry.

After, she can use the paper beads for earrings or necklaces. The end product is, in two words, “amazing and beautiful”. I am sure that many are dying to know if she makes an income from this. Yes she does. She gets to exhibit and sell her products at many craft shows including Bits and Pieces, the Alternative market, the Outlet market and others. Shanice also has goals she wants to accomplish including getting more people to support and be a part of the Trinidadian edition of Miami Free Art. She has created the Trinidad and Tobago Free Art Friday page. Its an international ‘movement’ that started in Australia. The idea is to leave pieces of art so people can find and they can enjoy and appreciate it. Shanice wants to study art abroad so she can return and expand the art diaspora in Trinidad. Her OMG moment came with the realisation of how supportive her father is now after he criticised her pursuits, warning her she won’t make money from her craft. He’s is very supportive now. Shanice stated that she began working on paintings recently with a theme of birds and was most surprised when he asked her if he took a photo of a bird that comes outside at evenings, would she paint it. She was like, “OMG, he finally loves what I do!”. That makes Curly Sue very proud and happy.

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Esha Gupta goes green for PETA! The Raaz 3 babe dons a green bikini to promote vegetarianism We love Esha Gupta. The deliciously curvy babe tickles our naughty imagination with her deadly oomph… And today we have a very special reason to praise Esha even more. Now if you think that we are going overboard with our appreciation for the sexy siren just because the curvaceous bombshell recently wore a sexy two-piece for a promotional campaign (actually that is a major reason why we have a satisfactory glow on our faces), you are wrong. The hottie was recently spotted advocating vegetarianism for the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). “Being a vegetarian really saves lives. If you love animals, please don’t eat them. If you want to live a longer, healthier life of at least ten years more, then I think being a vegetarian is a better way!,” maintained the star. And now we are confident that many a man will turn vegetarian after Esha’s noble endeavour. But before that happens, let a lucky few feast their eyes on this meaty… err…leafy picture!

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Salman Khan Embraces Shahrukh Khan

Is the Salman Khan – Shahrukh Khan war really over? When Salman Khan greeted Shahrukh Khan at a recent party, everyone believed that the duo had let go of the past. But, Sohail Khan’s statement came as a dampener – “Salman & Shah Rukh Khan just greeted each other, nothing else”. For everyone who thought that this was a new beginning in Salman-SRK dosti chapter Sallu’s brother hints that this was just a casual meeting. Does this mean that the friends turned foes will never be friends again? Well, going by Sohail’s statement this looks no less than mission impossible! Earlier Report: Sunday evening definitely was a special time with an even more special moment – it seemed like the Khan vs Khan war was over after five years! It was something we have all been waiting for. Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hugged and made up at an iftaar party held by politician Baba Siddique. And it was Salman who extended the olive branch to SRK, we are told. An onlooker confirmed that Sallu walked up to SRK and patted his shoulder…and then the duo exchanged a warm hug. Awwww! Trust the Khans to throw you a surprise when you least expect it! Shahrukh and Salman have avoided each other studiously, timing their entries and exits perfectly at social gatherings and events so as not to make any contact, even with a look. But the day before the gathering at Mehboob studio was surprised to spot the two mega-stars’ vanity vans parked next to each other. While the Dabangg Khan was there to shoot for the next season

of Bigg Boss, King Khan had an ad shoot scheduled around the same time. Everyone expected fireworks. But no, there was a bigger surprise in store for avid onlookers. And that came the next evening. Not many knew that Sunday evening would be the closing of the Khan war chapter and new beginning to a long lost friendship. And what a moment it was! SRK gave us a peek-aboo of what transpired between him and Sallu when he tweeted, “Finally u realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world, becos there is so much more to the book than the page u were stuck on”. So now that the two Khans have moved on from what happened at Katrina’s birthday party in 2008 and are willing to be friendly to each other again almost five years later, is this the next chapter in their turbulent relationship? Have they moved to a new state of being best buddies, like they were in the good old days? Will they come back onscreen together? Do we see filmmakers already queuing up to sign them on? We hope that this truce lasts and the bond gets stronger – with the Khan men, no one can ever predict what will happen next. For now, the least we can expect is to see SRK on Sallu Bigg Boss to do some promoting of Chennai Express. Don’t you think so?

The first look of the film doesn’t seem to have gone too well with a Tamil activist party Naam Thamizhar (We Tamils), a Tamil activist party, has sought a ban on John Abraham-starrer Madras Cafe for showing the members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as terrorists in the recently released trailer of the movie. “We have requested the government of Tamil Nadu to intervene and stop the film from releasing. We would like to see the film before its release as it is learnt from the trailer that LTTE cadres were shown as terrorists,” Tamil filmmaker Seeman, who heads the party, told IANS. He added, “how can these members who fought for Sri Lankan Tamils be shown in such poor light. We don’t want to make assumptions and, therefore, request that the film be shown to us before release. We wouldn’t allow the release of the film in Tamil Nadu until it’s shown to us.”

Madras Cafe, a political-thriller with John Abraham in the lead is directed by Shoojit Sircar. The film dealing about terrorism and civil war was reportedly shot in Sri Lanka and India. Seeman says his party will urge Tamilians in other countries to not watch the film. “We will request all our Tamil brothers to not watch the film. It’s become a fad to show LTTE members as terrorists in cinema lately. Thousands of Tamilians were killed in Sri Lanka during the 2009 genocide. Why doesn’t anyone make a film on the genocide,” he asked. “If we don’t find any scene in the film objectionable, then we will be more than happy to allow its release. I hope the government will get in touch with producers of the film and come to an amicable agreement on this matter,” he added. Madras Cafe also features Ayushmann Khurrana, Nargis Fakhri, Rashi Khanna and Leena Maria.

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Photo Caption- Some of several hundreds nudists stand on the beach in an attempt to break the skinny dipping world record in Vera, Spain, on July 21, 2013. (Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

Skinny Dipping World Record set by 729 nude swimmers in Vera, Spain Beachgoers in Vera, Spain, may have caught an eyeful recently as a large group of exhibitionists went for a swimsuit-free dip in the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to break the skinny dipping world record. The 729 nude swimmers were apparently successful, surpassing the previous world

record set by 506 festival goers in New Zealand last year, local news sources report.

According to the Europa Press, about 600 people were expected at the event. Vera Mayor José Carmelo Jorge was pleased with the turnout, calling the mass nude swim a “tremendous success.”

throngs before disrobing and taking a collective dip in the Mediterranean around noon. Though funds raised during the event will be donated to charity, the recordbreaking attempt was meant to bolster tourism in the small resort town of Vera, which is home to several naturist beaches and residential zones.

Organised by the town of Vera and the Spanish Naturism Federation, the swimmers showed up to Playa El Playazo beach in

While the 506 swimmers in New Zealand are believed to hold the skinny dipping world record, Guinness World Records

confirmed to The Huffington Post that the current record for “largest skinny dipping (swimming naked)” at one venue was set by 413 people in South Wales, U.K., in June 2011. Another group of naked swimmers sought to break the world record in New Zealand in December. However, since the crowd was split between two beaches, the attempt did not qualify under Guinness’ rules.

Lauryn Hill says she's adjusting to prison life

"I cannot deny the favor I have encountered while in here," writes the former Fugee Late last month, Lauryn Hill published an essay on her Tumblr titled “MLH On Racism.” In the post, the former Fugee likened the tax laws that landed her in jail to slavery and institutional racism. Since then, Hill has begun serving a three-month prison sentence for three years of tax evasion. This past weekend, the 38-yearold New Jersey native shared another message, telling fans that she is adjusting to her new circumstances.

Lauryn Hill

“I have known since very young to look for the purpose and lesson in everything, including the trials,” reads the post, which was published on Tumblr by an associate of Hill’s. “Although it has taken some adjustment, I cannot deny the favour I have encountered while in here, and general warm reception from a community of

people who despite their circumstances, have found unique ways to make the best of them.” Hill has reportedly received a lot of mail since beginning her stint at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut. She ended her brief note by acknowledging the support she’s felt recently. “Thank you for the letters of concern and well wishes that I receive in the mail every day. Although I may not be able to write everyone back, please know that they have been received, read, acknowledged, and appreciated.” She signed the letter “With Love back,” and included a list of people she wanted to personally thank for their “words of encouragement and support.” Read the whole post via Hill’s Tumblr. Back in April, Hill confirmed that she signed a record deal with Sony which earned her a $1 million advance. That agreement allowed her to pay her $900,000 tab with the government, and also yielded the new track “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix).”

OMG Magazine | Thursday 25 July, 2013 • PAGE 43

TLC’ S remaining members tionne “t-boz” watkins and rozonda “chilli” thomas

Just a Reminder: TLC is coming back Posted by Samantha Martin

Multi-platinum superstars tlc return with new album, biopic and surprise announcement. The bestselling female r&b group of all time returns with a new phase of tlc. This is an email we just received from epic records that has us got us feeling crazy and sexy

and cool all over again. Tlc is the group behind such classic r&b/hip hop/soul classics as “baby-baby-baby” and “waterfalls”; kids, you wouldn’t be labeling anyone a “scrub” without ’em. Although one member, lisa “left eye” lopes, is no longer with us, remaining members tionne “t-boz” watkins and rozonda “chilli” thomas are poised for a comeback in honour of their fallen sister.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus of course i'm not singing about ecstasy, you idiots Here’s a shocker ... Miley Cyrus just admitted she actually is singing about ecstasy in her new song “We Can’t Stop” – claiming she and the song’s producer originally lied about the song’s real lyrics in order to get radio play.

The song’s producer insisted the line was actually “dancing with Miley” – but the singer is now saying it was all a lie.

You’ll recall, the song caught a lot of flak for its overt drug references – including a line that sounds like “dancing with molly” (aka MDMA).

And if that wasn’t clear enough, she added, “I don’t think people have a hard time understanding that I’ve grown up. You can Google me and you know what I’m up to – you know what the lyric is saying.”

Miley told the Daily Mail, “If you’re aged ten [the lyric is] Miley. If you know what I’m talking about then you know. I just wanted it to be played on the radio and they’ve already had to edit it so much.”

Oh, super, Lady Gaga's back now Oh, that headline, guys, that was sarcasm. Sarcasm born from the worst emotional pain and inner turmoil imaginable. Because Lady Gaga, that bizarre pop star who is all right sometimes but who is usually just annoying, is truly, for real, back after taking a few months off to undergo hip (???) surgery. And guys. Those few months weren’t nearly enough.

It’s just that it’s impossible for Lady Gaga to just be around: she has to be around and inside and outside and just entirely everywhere. She’s on every magazine, every song is on every radio station all the time, and it’s just too much. Lady Gaga wasn’t even gone long enough for anyone to miss her, and now she’s right back at it. Being naked on top of a chair for “V” magazine. It’s happening again. Heaven help us all. And also, her face looks different. Sorry, but it just does

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J. Cole issues genuine apology to the autistic community over drake song "I feel real shame. You have every right to be angry." J. Cole might be a Born Sinner, but the chart-topping artist has done a good deed by issuing a genuine and thoughtful apology for a recent lyric that caused controversy. Bucking the trend established (most recently) by Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, the North Carolina MC laid himself at the feet of the offended and asked for forgiveness for his faux pas: using “autistic” and “retarded” as disses in his “Jodeci Freestyle” verse alongside Drake.

Paris Hilton

Get ready, world: Paris Hilton is about to shoot the music video for her new single

“Last week, when I first saw a comment from someone outraged about the lyric, I realised right away that what I said was wrong,” Cole wrote on his website, Dreamvillain. “I was instantly embarrassed that I would be ignorant enough say something so hurtful ... I feel real shame. You have every right to be angry.”

It’s been five years in the making, but Paris Hilton is finally getting ready to release her sophomore album. After inking a deal with Birdman’s Cash Money Records to release the long-awaited disc, Hilton’s now moving forward with the filming of her big comeback music video. The most prolific socialite since Zsa Zsa Gabor has also been in the studio with a few urban hitmakers over the past couple of weeks, including Play-N-Skillz (Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’”) and songwriter, Taura Stinson, who’s previously written for Destiny’s Child and Deborah Cox. No word yet on whether Hilton’s recording some hip-hop tracks, but both she and Birdman have previously stated that the album will be EDM-driven. The “Stars Are Blind” songstress also DJs and has a residency in Ibiza coming up, so we’re expecting to hear some big club tunes from her soon. Hey, don’t laugh: In case you’ve all forgotten, Hilton already has two No. 1 Billboard club hits to her name.

J. Cole

He began by addressing the overall issue of “rappers saying something offensive, only to be attacked for it in the media and pressured to apologise,” adding that he resents that idea as a general rule, but that there are times when a mea culpa is necessary. “I view rap similar to how I view comedy. It’s going to ruffle feathers at times,” he continued. “With that said, this is not the case today. This letter is sincere. This apology IS necessary.”

American fighter jets drop 4 bombs on the Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the world’s largest coral reef system. It’s so large, in fact, you can see it from outer space. The area is important due to the life that it supports across its 2,900 reefs and 900 islands, which is why it is classed as a World Heritage Site and Marine Park.

drop four bombs into the Marine Park. The bomb drops were no accident, more out of necessity. Both jets were out on a training exercise carrying a total of four bombs. Two were unarmed, the others inert. The mission tasked the pilots with dropping the bombs on a bombing range at Townshend Island, but the area ended up containing hazards meaning it wasn’t safe to drop them. Those hazards took the form of civilian boats.

With low fuel the options were limited and ultimately all four were dropped within the park. Thankfully their location is 50 metres away from any coral so no immediate damage was done, and the US military believes they will cause no threat to shipping and the environmental impact is “minimal.”

The area isn’t without its problems, though. Climate change, changes in water quality due to pollution, fishing, shipping, and the problem of crown-of-thorns starfish all threaten the survival of the Great Barrier Reef, so it doesn’t help matters when two American AV-8B Harrier fighter jets

In such a situation the obvious thing to do is return to base and try again at another time, however, carrying the bombs caused two problems. Both jets were low on fuel meaning they couldn’t make it back while still carrying the bombs–they weighed 4,000 pounds in total. Also, the

Both environmentalists and Australia’s Green party are outraged by the incident. An investigation is underway with the end result being either map updates to show the location of the bombs, or a retrieval operation carried out by the US Navy.

Harriers can’t land with the bombs still attached, so they had to be dropped somewhere.

OMG Magazine | Thursday 25 July, 2013 • PAGE 45

Drake is accused of doing THE UNTHINKABLE . . . with Lil Wayne's fiance!!!

Drake Drizzy Drake may have just pulled a Tony Montana Scarface move! Rumours are swirling that Drake has been trying for months – to seduce Lil Wayne’s fiance Dhea. And the streets say that he may have hit! Here’s what we know. spoke with two independent sources affiliated with Young Money. And both

Lil Wayne and Fiance Dhea Sodano

tell us that Lil Wayne and Drake have had issue with each other for years. Lil Wayne’s issue with Drake is that he feels the young rapper is not “respectful” enough. And Drake’s issue with Lil Wayne is that he feels he’s giving up too much money to the label, and to Wayne in particular. But those are minor squabbles compared with what is being whispered about among the top brass at the label. According to an insider, Drake reportedly had Lil Wayne’s fiance Dhea

over at his Los Angeles home last week. And while no one know exactly what went on . . . . Drake has supposedly had a crush on the boss’ chick for years. And the two were in Drake’s home alone. . . . We’re told that Wayne just found out about this over the weekend. Expect fireworks shortly .

Kelly Rowland lost at sea, rescued after 12 hours send out an SOS! Kelly Rowland encountered a scary boat ride recently when the private craft she rented with a few friends broke down off the shores of Provincetown, Massachusetts. The group originally set sail for a day of whale watching, when their vessel became “disoriented in the five-to-six-foot waves and fog that had rolled in,” an employee at TowboatUS Provincetown confirmed to E! News. “The US Coast Guard was able to triangulate their position” after learning that the group needed help, the employee added.

Kelly Rowland and her rescuer, towboat captain Noah Santos, a day after her high seas ordeal.

While they were being escorted by the Coast Guard back to Provincetown, Rowland’s boat broke down. The party then had to be towed the remaining four miles to shore.

The former Destiny’s Child singer, her friends and the crew arrived on land at around 10 p.m., after being at sea for 12 hours. In the end, the entire group was said to be “tired and thankful,” the employee added. “They just wanted to get off the boat.” But the scary incident didn’t seem to put a damper on the 32-year-old’s time in the New England town. She posted cute photos of her trip on her Instagram account and shared with fans how much she adores spending her downtime there. Rowland took one pic of The Little Red, a local store, that had a sign out front saying, “Best store ever! Love & Happiness.”

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