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Saturday September 29, 2012 • VOL 1- 27

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

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Relationship HOW TO’s

Vyshaia Singh

AGE: 22, Port of spain

Three things you like about yourself and why. My high ambition – I’m always striving for greater accomplishments My humility – I’m able to find peace and happiness in the simple things of life

Justin Wang

My loyalty – I stand up for things I believe in Maraval Age 19, My OMGthings Moment:you like about Three When my heel got stuck in a yourself: crevice on stage at a band launch and I almost fellown in front of I can bring my creations to life thousands through design and creativity. I can turn a dull moment into mad fun. PHOTOGRAPHER:

Nigel Reid





credits Editor

Group Marketing Manager

Stephen Doobal

Marcus Chin Aleong



Charlene Gaspard-Johnson



Andy Sieupresad


Layout and Design

Real Company Limited




My hilarious personality. MY OMG moment... That would have to be when I showed my first line of bikini throwovers at an event recently. I was proud of how the crowd received it and that I accomplished that goal. PHOTOGRAPHER:

Stephen Doobal

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

Getting Over your Girl

How to Build Bridges Whether you are trying to build a personal or professional relationship, the following tips will help you build interpersonal bridges. Step 1 - Listen

Take time to listen to the other person. Do not attempt to dominate every conversation.

Tip – Don’t insist on winning every argument or on always having the last word. Step 2 - Forgive

Be willing to overlook faults in the other person. Tip – Remember that you, too, have faults.

Step 3 - Seek out mutual benefits

Don’t approach the relationship as a source of gain for only yourself; instead, seek out mutual benefits.

Step 4 - Look for common ground

Seek out common ground. This will establish mutual expectations.

Step 5 - Be funny

Use humour to smooth over rough moments in the relationship.

Tip – Remember that life is 10 per cent what happens to you and 90 per cent how you react to it. Step 6 - Stay spontaneous

Keep the relationship spontaneous. Don’t let the monotony of life’s day-to-day challenges bring you down. Instead, try something new! Enjoy your relationships!

It feels bad at first, but we all have to move on. Don’t delay and risk getting mired in self pity. Find out what’s great about you without her. Step 1 Begin immediately

Start your life anew immediately after a breakup with a girlfriend, whether the reason for the breakup was that you were being cheated on, growing apart, or she moved out of the country. The reason doesn’t matter and begging to save the relationship won’t work.

Step 2 Check out your friends

Seek the company of family and friends, if only to avoid being alone. Distract yourself from the pain by doing guy things with your buddies – anything that doesn’t involve women.

Step 3 Find physical activities

Get involved in activities – the more physical the better. Go to the gym, play a sport. Breathe, feel good, and live again. Dwelling on the past can paralyse your spirit and foster depression.

Step 4 Resist impulsive behaviour

Resist the impulse to meet women on the internet or visit psychics in the hope they can predict a different outcome.

Step 5 Dump her stuff

Rid your house of all of her things, cleansing the environment of all reminders to start the healing process. Don’t return her stuff or attempt to get your stuff back. Make a clean break of it.

Step 6 Meditate or read

Meditate or read positive, life-affirming books on accepting one’s situation. Tomorrow is another day.

Step 7 New places, new faces

Make this an opportunity to meet new people and do different things. Something must have been wrong or the relationship would have lasted. Get out of the rut. Remember the cliche, “nothing gets you over the last one like the next one”.

Tip – Try to avoid music right now – especially sappy songs with sentimental lyrics. Sentimentality is the last thing you need right now.

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s n o i s s e f on

@omg s n io s s e f n o c to our confessions

email y


onymously n a s t h g u o h r deepest t u o y s s e f n o A place to c

I hate

A setup or a

letdown? Sometimes I feel like I’m in love with her, but I’ve only been seeing her for a few months. I think I’m setting myself up for a very painful disappointment.


Boogers! I put boogers under desks, tables, chairs, sofas - you name it, I’ve put boogers under it. The other day, at work, I grabbed my desk to pull my chair forward and my hand came out all crustified from the boogers. I looked under there and it was like that episode of Ren and Stimpy, “Nose Goblins”.

Only If…

I am in constant fear of what people are thinking about me. Lately, I have become more and more disgusted with how I look. I feel like less of a man because of it.

Okay men, I am ready now! I am a single woman who took a two-year break from men to do… ME. Yes, you can call me selfish but this selfish woman has travelled, lost weight, joined some groups and has learned that having a life and living a life are two very different things. Yay to loving me! Men, where are you, because I am ready now!

I lie

to be liked I lie constantly about the things I’ve done to try and make people like me more. I tend to believe those lies and while they aren’t groundbreaking things, I’ve been carrying on with some of them for about seven years now.

Pushing him away If I had no inhibitions at all, I would constantly be nude and sing and dance and hug everyone I meet…

I have feelings for a very close friend of mine and every time I feel like we’re okay, something comes along and messes things up. I have never had a friend who I can tell everything and anything to. I am pushing him away even when I don’t want to but I can’t help it. I’m afraid I pushed him away for good this time. Maybe he is better off not knowing everything about me. I wish I can be what he wants me to be (I’m not sure what that is but I’d do it for him).

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

Owner and executive chef Saji Thankappan

Ghazal Restaurant Chef Saji Thankappan came to Trinidad ten years ago and worked at the popular Apsara Restaurant before moving to the Rassam Restaurant. Eight months ago he opened his own place, Ghazal Restaurant, located at the corner of Ariapita Avenue and Ana Street in Woodbrook, just opposite Wendy’s Restaurant. The OMG team met Chef Saji and was treated royally to some excellent dishes that had us totally mesmerised. We started with a superb sea food soup, an assortment of sumptuous appetisers and then he surprised us with a sizzling octopus smoked right at the table in a copper pot. We ended our meal with an assortment of curries and basmati rice. Everything tasted great. The entire meal was absolutely delicious and was clearly well prepared by chef Saji. The word “ghazal” means a romantic melody or music and this restaurant lives up to its name. It is cozy with

seating for just a few, so dining here will not be a noisy experience but rather an intimate affair. The decor is very ornate and regal and the service was not bad either. Chef Saji wants you to come and dine like an king or queen. He wants his guests to be treated like royalty and urges diners to try something different. Step away from the norm. He is also offering a freshly prepared Thali lunch special that will be quick and easy for just $100. One lucky OMG Magazine reader and a guest will be going to dinner at Ghazal Restaurant. Just like the OMG Magazine page on Facebook and say, “I want the Ghazal”. You could be the lucky winner. If you would like to check out Ghazal Restaurant on your own, just give them a call at 222-8006 or Facebook at

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012 Page 7

Hair is all the rage! So in order to effect these coiffures, the art, or should I say the science, of weaving plays a significant part. I like to call it hair theatre, because it’s about illusion. No longer does your hair, grown from the scalp, have to be real. It just has to look real. So in come weaves, wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions, pony tails, lace fronts, banana combs, bangs, clip-on pieces, hair accents, hair raiser combs, hair wraps, head band wigs, jaw clips and switches. This is how the illusion is created! It’s all a matter of performance, so you can become the personality you want to project. So hair makes thespians of us all! Don’t get me wrong! This does not say that the fabulously coiffed is fake. It’s just that they are costumed better! This is the added advantage of great hair days. For it’s all about perception and if you can manipulate the perception of others for the collective good, it’s a win-win situation!

Essenese Sambury Yes, a simple get-up topped off with a trendy cut creates the requisite stir. It’s all about revival and evolution of trends. Today’s hair looks have become composites of modernist style uniquely infused with the iconic style of the 20th century.

Make your first impression last with great style and aplomb. I visited The Weave Centre at Kantac Plaza, Arouca and I was amazed at the options and alternatives that would give you a whole new attitude and put some spunk in your persona. I spoke to the resident hair expert, Marsha Sullivan, and she basically reiterated that life can imitate art. She declared that in today’s cosmetic age “we can approximate any given style with the help of hair additives. We can make anything real. It’s all about pulling it off – wear it like it’s yours and it becomes you”. She told me the Weave Centre will be showing off their skills on October 5 from 11 a.m. at Trincity Mall. It’s going to be a visual treat! Hair wizardry at it’s finest. A team of experts including diva stylist Essenese Sambury will be on hand to raise hair.


g n u o Y d r a h with Ric

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

Debra Boucaud Mason is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most popular stage actresses and theatre directors. She has played many characters in her life but none is more special than the one she has grown to know and celebrate intimately – she herself. It has been a process of growing into her skin, observing and absorbing the events of her life as if she were studying for her greatest part and constantly shaping her experiences to achieve clarity and simplicity. During the past 50 years, Debra has been working on finding out who she really is and being at peace with that. She is now keenly aware of what makes her happy and is now sufficiently self-assured to say “no” to the things that will not make her the best she can be for herself and those around her. OMG sat down with Debra who discussed her joy at turning 50. “I’m really excited about turning 50, I don’t know why; I’m just excited. I think just to reach 50 is such an accomplishment and to reach 50 healthy, happy and in your right mind, just living and enjoying life, that to me is the highlight of 50. I have never felt the need to hide my age. It is what it is and I have always been proud to be whatever age I was. I finally feel comfortable with who I am. I get up energised and ready to go to work. I don’t get up and bawl, ‘oh gorm, another day at work? Why ah cyah stay home? Ah wish it was a holiday. Ah feel to call in sick’. I think that is the difference. I love what I do. I am still passionate about being a teacher Monday to Friday and then I have this other life that I go to on evenings, which is my work in theatre, which I love also. In fact, none of it feels like work. The kids at school and my friends in theatre are people that I love being around, so variety and two experiences that fill my soul I think are what makes me happy.” What do you know at 50 that you didn’t know when you were younger? “This might sound clichéd but I am a lot more aware of who I am. Now I understand me a lot better, so I am now making decisions I could not make five or ten years ago. For example, I say ‘no’ a lot more now. Because I understand me and what I need to make me happy. I understand what fulfills me, satisfies me. I know what I want to feel and I know now that I can say ‘no’ to something that does not fulfill

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012 Page 9

Photography and Story Stephen Doobal

my passion, will not satisfy me, will frustrate me more than anything else, no matter how much money is attached to it. Before, I would have done things for the money or the person who asked me, because I respected them and did not want to let them down and tell them ‘no’. Now, it is the easiest thing for me to say, ‘I’m sorry but I cannot do it’. Because there is something inside of me that understands, that at the end of the day, it is not about anybody else, but about me and how I feel about the things I am doing. I am saying that but I still help people, I still do what I can for all those around me, but I now recognise the things that will disrupt my spirit and not bring me peace. If I agree to do something for you and every time I come to do it, I frustrated, I saying ‘oh God, ah should have tell Stephen no, ah fed-up’. I don’t want to go through that. If I tell you ‘yes’, I want to come to you energised and passionate and happy to give you 100 per cent. It is all about peace of mind, so I ask, when I go to bed at night, I’m I going to sleep well or is it going to bother my spirit and that is how I make my decisions.” Wouldn’t you lose out on opportunities? “A perfect example is where I teach. The principal is retiring and I am next in line for the post and I was offered the job and I said ‘no’. Because I am not interested in a principal post, head of department, dean, nothing, and it’s not because I can’t do it or I am not interested. It is simply because I understand that my purpose is to be a class teacher; my purpose is not to be an administrator. I understand that. The only thing I know that I want to do and I am passionate about when I get up in the morning is to teach children in a classroom. I do not want to be in an office administrating the affairs of the school. I do not want to be in charge of big people. I want to be a teacher for children. All the people I left training college with are now senior people in the teaching service, principals, vice principals. I congratulate them, I celebrate them, I give them 100 per cent energy, love and support, but I don’t want it because I am sure the only thing I want to do is teach. The only place I want to be is in the classroom, loving children, disciplining them, moulding their lives, helping them understand themselves, helping them to understand life. Just being in their energy is really all I want to do. I know that is my purpose.” What is one of your behaviours that challenged you? “I have a controlling spirit. Whatever I say goes. I was very judgmental; it had to be my way or no way. My sister and brother, in school, my theatre colleagues, would be upset with me for that behaviour. I had a way where I had the vision and I control the outcome. That is how I behaved. I knew what was best for you. I think that is why I like directing also, because what I say goes. I have learned to become more tolerant of people and who they are. I have learned that my way is my way and your way is your way. How my brain functions is not how your brain functions, so I have become very accepting of whatever people do, how they do it and what they want to do. Before, I was judgmental of that and got angry and said, ‘yuh cyah see is so to do it, why yuh didn’t do it so, ah tell yuh to do it so, yuh shoulda listen’. I’m not there anymore. Now it is, ‘that is how yuh want to do it darling? Go right ahead, lovely’. What I say now is my brain does not function like that. The same way I feel passionate about how I feel for me, I think you obviously feel the same way about how your brain functions and what works for you, so why should I change that and deny you that? If that is want you think will work for you, I try not to control that anymore. This change just happened recently eh, thanks to my sister. When I would react badly it was always her to take on it. She told me something one day that changed my life totally. I am quarrelling, fighting, rah, rah, rah; she said, ‘Debra, people doh listen to God, who is you?’

And it click! What the hell! They doh listen to God, why they must listen to you, who are you, what makes you feel you so important. That changed my perspective.” How do you feel about love and relationships? “Ha-hai… Love and relationships. Hmmm, yuh know what, I have been single for seven going on eight years now. I have been separated from my husband. The problem is not I and my husband don’t love each other. The problem is he is in a place in his life where we cannot have a relationship. He has to find himself and come out of where he is. So there is no divorce, there is separation because we cannot live together. I cannot live that way. Since we’ve been separated I have been single because I live by the principle that a married woman cannot commit adultery. I have very clear biblical principles that I live by and I am still married, therefore I cannot have a relationship with anybody else. Not that I looking either, because I am enjoying this singlehood so much. I don’t need sexual gratification to feel complete. I have good relationships with friends, co-workers, I have great relationships with family members and I have a full life. There is no loneliness. There is aloneness, which by the way I enjoy immensely. Yes, I miss my husband. I miss being married. There is something about being married that I like, the whole companionship thing, doing things for each other and being there to support someone else. But if the marriage didn’t work, on whatever level, I am not going to rush back into to it yuh know…. unless it’s Idris Elba (British television, theatre, and film actor) ha-hai… No, yuh have to live up to some kinda standard. Any man that comes into my life has to be able to do for me what I can do for myself or more. I treat myself very well. I give myself the best, so yuh have to come real good or better… Idris Elba or buss.” What about your love for theatre? “There is a command that actors have. It is so magical and they really put the audience into a different space and I wanted to be able to affect an audience the way I was affected by what I saw on stage as a young girl. As soon as I graduated from school, I realised that wait, I am just going to work, coming home and not doing anything. So I decided to go and try theatre and that is how I ended up in Trinidad Tent Theatre and met Raymond Choo Kong, Christine Johnston, Godfrey Sealy and the rest of them. If Raymond did not believe in me and give me work and give me parts and roles and so on, I would not be here today. It is really because Raymond took a chance on me, so I grew and developed under him. I never felt I was good, but he always believed in me. The thing with the stage is just the ability to entertain an audience. Take an audience into another state and let them enjoy that reality. I like that. What I also like about theatre are the people I’m on stage with. I have such fun working with them. Being on stage is always such a refreshing, relaxing yet beautiful experience. Having Richard Ragoobarsingh on stage with Penelope Spencer and Raymond, just working with these people is so amazing. Working in the early days with Richard and Raymond with “Boeing Boeing”, “Norman Is That You?” – those were the days. I would love to see both Richard and Raymond on stage together. You know how long that has not happened? That is one of my goals, to do a play with Richard and Raymond in the cast, because that is some of my best experiences in theatre.” Tell us about your future. What do you want? “You know, I tell people there is nothing that I want, nothing that I must have. I just want to be at peace and I just want to be healthy. Continue living the way I am living. I try to treat people well. I try to serve and do as best as I can. Do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I try to live that as much as I can. Because I think one of the things that causes

conflict and takes people into the messy situations they might be in, is because they don’t do unto others as they would have them do unto themselves; simply that. It’s just about treating another human being like a human being – with compassion, love and respect. We would have less conflict, less anger, less crime and violence. Just do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What is Debra’s OMG moment? “My OMG moment has to be the first time I saw Idris Elba. It was 2004, I was watching “Soul Food” and he was in it. I am lying down in my bed watching the movie and he came on the screen. I sat up in my bed and said, ‘who is that man?’ Nobody has ever affected me, in one second, like that man. But that was it. So I continue flicking, watching TV and then I saw him again acting in “The Wire”. All of a sudden he was everywhere. Yuh see a man on television, yuh have to be stupid to think you will meet the man in real life. Well, I met him. Now there has to be something special there. Of all the people to come to Trinidad for Carnival… Idris Elba. He was at the Hyatt and he was at Soca Monarch. Well, I had to put myself in place! I had to wuk ah plan! I met him twice. We exchanged cordials. I told him how much I admired his work and he was generous and gracious as expected… what better OMG moment. I could not meet him in Hollywood, New York or England. He came all the way to Trinidad and I met the man of my dreams… OMG!”

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

HILARIOUS HIT COMEDY PREMIERES AT QUEEN’S HALL A new comedy premiered at Queen’s Hall yesterday that takes a bold and brash look at the politics of the day mingled with intrigue, sexual misconduct and running confrontations with the media. From the producers of the critically acclaimed “Mary Could Dance”, “De Biggest Macco”, “Yuh Lying Again Jack”, “Love Thy Neighbour”, “Maneater” and “Men Are Dogs” now comes the world premiere of the funny and poignant “Eat Ah Food” written by Ricardo Samuel.


An avid financial supporter of the ruling political party is mysteriously shot dead and an investigation is launched by the police which reveals some startling truths. Is a high ranking government minister having an affair with the murdered man’s wife? Is the minister implicated or is it the

wife? Who is the mysterious SIA agent? And what does Section 34 have to do with sexual favours? Can the media be bought or will all be revealed in a crushing headline that brings down the government? What do three prostitutes and a footballer have to do with anything? Is the Minister of National Security involved? Mix in an inquisitive maid and a secretary who is “passionate” about her job, a reporter attacked and the never-ending bacchanal unfolds to a dizzying and hilarious conclusion. “Eat ah Food” continues tonight and ends its three-night run at Queen’s Hall tomorrow. Featured among the stellar cast are Debra Boucaud Mason, Cecilia Salazar, Nigel Auguste, Richard Ragoobarsingh,

Leslie Ann Lavine and Ria Ali. It is directed by Richard Ragoobarsingh. It is important to note that this is a story of fiction and any resemblance to any living person is coincidental – well, sort of. Tickets are available at the box office at Queen’s Hall from noon to 6 p.m. (6241284 Ext 1). They are also available at the following outlets: Alextronics, corner Prince and Sanchez Streets, Arima, next to TT Post (667-0724); Bhagan’s Pharmacy, Price Plaza, Chaguanas (672-9514); Cleve’s, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain (624-0827); Bluestar Drugs, Movietowne (upper level) (6230542); Mandy’s, Trincity Mall (upstairs next to Scotiabank) (640-5553); Jabili Rahway, 140 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna (next to Hosein’s Roti Shop) (663-7477); Hi-Lo Food Stores, Gulf City Mall (657-0721).

Oktoberfest Launches in WOODBROOK Munich, New York, Delaware, Cincinnati, Toronto and now Port of Spain! Cities all over the world are launching versions of Oktoberfest – the famous German Festival which celebrates good beer.

SCAN to listen to


Carib Brewery launched Trinidad and Tobago’s first grand staging of the festival yesterday at Coco Lounge, Carlos Street in Woodbrook. This event started a month of celebrations dedicated to Trinidad and Tobago’s beer and will culminate in two days of local and German cultural activities on October 26 and 27 on Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain.

Nesta Boxill

SEKON STA Nesta Boxill, who performs under the sobriquet Sekon Sta, is a man of many talents. At age 23, this young man from La Horquetta is not only a singer and composer, but also an announcer on the progressive urban radio station Slam 100.5. As one of the faces of Vibes Fusion International, Sekon Sta is perhaps best known for his animated antics on the airwaves and in parties. But what many may not know is that he has already been a finalist in the International Soca Monarch and the National Extempo Monarch competitions. In fact, in 2005 Sekon Sta became the youngest person ever to qualify for the Groovy Soca Monarch finals where he sang “Cool Meh Down”.

The ladies at 2012 Fremont Oktoberfest, seattle, usa

He may have come to national attention when he participated in Season Five of Synergy Soca Stars, but Sekon Sta first took to the stage at age 11 – following in the footsteps of his calypsonian father, Dennis Franklyn Williams – better known as Merchant. Having worked with producers Leston Paul, Junior “Ibo” Joseph, Kehsav Singh, Kasey Phillips, Starblu, Carl Beaver Henderson and Pelham Goddard, Sekon Sta has helped inaugurate the Carnival 2013 with his first release – “Stick It” – from Advokit Productions. By no means a newcomer, this young artiste is ready to bring his vast experience and many talents to the Carnival stage.

Young people enjoy Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich, Germany

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012 Page 11

The world famous Zen The name says it all and over the years they have proven that they have the right to flaunt the title. We wanted to experience the place a few times before we wrote this review and we are happy to say they have delivered every time. Creating a cutting edge entertainment space has been the bread and butter of the club’s owners and this time they have not just revamped the club itself but are upping the ante where the music is concerned. Whatever your flavour and beat is they have it. So far we have done Friday’s Electronic Dance Music Infusion (don’t worry, they mix the music up in the new Dragon Lounge space) and on

Saturday nights we have to admit we never left the dance floor. In addition to the music mixers they have incorporated new service plans – drinks just keep flowing with no hassle! What really blew our minds were the lighting and video upgrades and the dance performers. Picture if you will, you dancing to your favourite soca song and boom – a man drops from the ceiling, Cirqué du Soleil - style! We don’t want to give out any more secrets about the experience but it is definitely worth checking out, just don’t forget your dancing shoes! Our OMG moment: celebrities mixing with the crowd – no really, we took a wine next to soca stars, Olympians and everybody in between, right on the dance floor!

Covered by

johnny soong with guest at zen

The newly revamped zen night club

The zen girls

Ian Royer

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

How To Slow Down the HOW



How to Stop


Is your cursing and cussing out of control? Stop the profanity with this behaviour modification plan. Step 1 - Realise why you’re cursing

Figure out why you’re swearing: it’s often just a lazy way of expressing rage or frustration. Learn other anger management coping skills and you may not be so tempted to curse so much.

Step 2 - Hear how unattractive it is

Pay attention the next time someone else lets a few choice words rip. Is that really how you want to sound to others?

Step 3 - Learn some new words

Scan a thesaurus for satisfying stand-ins for your favourite swear words. A good vocabulary allows you to be as cutting and colourful as you want to -- without the foul language.

Tip – Try using silly substitutes, like “fudge” and “fiddle-deedee”. You’ll feel so stupid, you’ll probably swear off swearing. Step 4 - Imagine an audience

The next time you’re on the verge of a fourletter tirade, ask yourself if you’d use this language around a young child, an elderly person, or a clergy member. That should stop the swearing.

Step 5 - Bombs away

Go ahead and drop the F-bomb – if you’re in pain. A group of researchers concluded that cursing intensifies our fight-or-flight response, making us better able to withstand pain by minimising our perception of it. Guess that explains all the swearing in hospital delivery rooms!

You can’t stop the clock, you can’t turn back the hands of time, blah, blah, blah. But you can age more gracefully. Step 1 - Eat blueberries and walnuts

Include blueberries and walnuts in your diet. Two Tufts University studies found that just a cup of blueberries or an ounce of walnuts a day can protect the body against age-related nerve damage that can affect thinking, motor skills and coordination.

Tip – Blue fruits in general–purple grapes, blackberries, plums, boysenberries, black currants–top the list of anti-aging foods. Step 2 - Floss without fail

Maintain the habit of flossing at least once a day. People with clean teeth don’t just look younger, they live up to 46 per cent longer than those who don’t, because healthy gums help prevent strokes and heart disease.

Step 3 - Eat dark chocolate

Have some dark chocolate. It contains magnesium and flavonol, which improve the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Step 4 - Drink red wine

Enjoy a glass or two of red wine every day. The resveratrol found in red and purple grape skins contains impressive anti-aging properties, according to a Harvard study.

Step 5 - Work your brain

Do some crossword puzzles; play Sodoku; join a bridge group; learn to speak Italian. Research shows that doing anything to exercise your brain keeps it sharp and prevents Alzheimer’s.

Step 6 - Get moving

Work that body. You don’t need to kill yourself with push-ups and jogging. Studies show that doing anything active – gardening, dancing, running around the mall – keeps your muscles in shape, your heart rate elevated, and your neurons firing.

Step 7 - Cut down on sugar

Eat less refined sugar. It hardens the fibres and elastin in cells, making skin as tough and dry as an alligator’s.

Step 8 - Get a life

Develop interests. Have a hobby. People with interests outside of work report less depression, get fewer illnesses, and have a lower rate of Alzheimer’s. In a survey of 600 folks over age 80, 93 per cent credit their hobbies with helping them live longer.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012 Page 13

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 29, 2012

Michael Stipe with an Afro?

top5 music videos of the week


DJ Drama ft2 Chainz, Meek Mill & Jeremih “My Moment”


Nelly Furtado “Parking Lot”


Rockie fresh ft Rick Ross “You a Lie remix “


Miguel “Do you”


Ryan Leslie “Dress You To Undress You”

Michael Stipe - 1977

Michael Stipe is one of the world’s most famous musicians. As the lead vocalist for R.E.M., Stipe was an instrumental force in the band’s three decades of politico-social activism. He also had a hand in managing the band’s image, a factoid that’s unsurprising to those familiar with Stipe’s strong personal style. But while he’s known for minimalist looks that compliment his now-shaved head, Stipe didn’t always rock such a simple hairstyle. In fact, he had quite the afro. Check out his 1977 yearbook photo.

Michael Stipe

First official image of Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine

Hugh Jackman

This couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve become so used to seeing Hugh Jackman looking gaunt and, well, miserable, in Les Miserables that we almost forgot how great he could be in that role we love to see him in — Wolverine! We’re all going to get a serious fix when his upcoming film, the James Mangold-directed, The Wolverine releases next year in July. It’s going to be the sixth installment in the X-Men series, as well as a stand-alone sequel to the 2009 movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and we can’t wait

to watch it! Luckily, the kind folks at Twentieth Century Fox have released the first official of Hugh as ‘The Wolverine’ on their Facebook page and he looks unbelievably ripped! Very different from the pictures we saw of him on-set last month, right? Scraggly beard and hair gone! The movie’s IMDB page says that, “Wolverine travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior” so you know the action sequences are going to be unreal. How does one even get abs like that.

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Ke$ha “Die Young”

Rihanna “Diamonds” Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd “Remember You” R Kelly “Feelin Single” Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sandé “Wonder”


Lindy Booth and Robert Emms

First look at Jim Carrey and Lindy Booth on ‘Kick-Ass’ set Universal’s Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall, started filming in Toronto this month. Last weekend we got a first look at Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars, the ex-mafia born-again Christian who co-founded the superhero group Justice Forever. Other members of Justice Forever are also on display here, including Lindy Booth as Night Bitch.

She’s joined by Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass, Robert Emms as Insect Man, Donald Faison as Doctor Gravity, Clark Duke as BattleGuy, and the Remembering Tommy duo. We’re not sure why Carrey is holding a hotdog in the photo above, but we’re already poised to edit that into the

background of our family photos. Carrey also seems to be wearing the same dumb eyebrow prosthetic Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears in Looper. We really hate that prosthetic, but they totally won us back by putting a star-spangled mask on his dog sidekick, Sofia.

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Kimba and K Rich on the Treasure Queen tonight! KIMBA SORZANO

Did we tell you the name of this experience? Well, it’s “Oh Bacchanal!” and Kimba and K Rich want to see you there! Treasure Queen, Pier 2 Chaguaramas. Boarding time is 7 p.m. Vessel departs at 8 p.m. sharp.

For tickets and more information, call 792-2839 or 779-8513. You can check out their Facebook page at

Tickets are just $150. It’s going to be a bacchanal!


Watch the serial kisser taking more than a small risk in new thriller

Emraan Hashmi

There is a reason why filmmakers like to work with Emraan Hashmi – not just because he is a huge draw at the box office. We found out that he is a thorough professional and stands by his directors, no matter what. A case in point is his forthcoming film Rush, in which he has been paired with hottie Neha Dhupia. After the sad demise of its director Shamim Desai, this thriller’s fate was in the doldrums. Emraan came to the makers’ rescue and helped complete the project. Once the post production was done, the release date was rescheduled more than once for various reasons. And now, Rush will finally be released this October. The challenge for Emmi is that he is very busy working on three films simultaneously – Ghanchakkar, Ek Thi Daayan and Unglee. Any other actor wouldn’t have bothered to take time off from such prestigious projects and promote a film by a relatively unknown filmmaker. But Emraan seems to have immense faith in Rush, because of which he has managed to find time to promote it. In a recent interview he said, “I always aspire to make sure that no one is disappointed with my films.

The audience also realises that this guy does not take us for granted and probably that’s what worked.” Kudos to ‘Hitman’ Hashmi for his highly professional attitude, and we hope some other stars learn from him. Watch the trailer of this thriller movie and tell us what you think!

Missy Elliot hopes Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim can live and let live Missy Elliot is back on the airwaves after taking a seven-year hiatus from rap. During her stop on RapFix recently, Missy was asked to weigh in on the infamous Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim beef. Instead of choosing sides, the platinum-selling rapper calls for unity among females in hiphop. “I felt like that situation divided us,” Missy told Sway Calloway of MTV’s “RapFix Live.”

“There’s enough room for everybody,” Missy added. “I wanna see everybody get it. I love to see women just have on their own. You watch the guys do it all the time. They go out on the road with each other, probably don’t like each other. Go on and get that money.” “She’s out there hustling, can’t be mad at that,” she said about Nicki Minaj. Missy Elliot said Lil’ Kim, whom she recently did a collaboration with, is like a sister to her. “Lil’ Kim is my sister. I’ve known her for years and I never turn my back on her,” said Missy Elliot. Missy said she hopes both Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim can move past their issues and show respect for each other.

Missy Elliot

The Prototype the union between man and machine A trailer involving a scientist, a humanoid robot, and technological singularity has leaked onto the internet, and it’s for a movie called The Prototype. In what looks like the near future, this scientist creates a robot that the military is classifying as “the next generation of unmanned drone technology.” The Prototype is being written and directed by Andrew Will and produced by the Bandito Brothers. This team’s last movie, Act of Valor, was made for only $12 million but received rather

tepid reviews. According to Deadline, this movie is getting a much higher $40 million budget that actually puts it above District 9’s $30 million price tag. While money alone doesn’t guarantee success, we like what we’ve seen thus far.

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