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Saturday September 15, 2012 • VOL 1- 25

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012

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Guillermo Rauseo

Three things you like about yourself and why. The skill level I have been able to achieve in karate - I am now a black belt. Teaching younger students in karate, passing on what I know. I enjoy watching them grow and develop. It encourages me to do more. My performing and dancing ability on stage is also another thing I love. YOUR OMG Moment: It happened at the Pan Caribbean Martial Arts Championships which took place at the Hyatt. I hit a guy an axe kick to the head and he had to be rushed to hospital. PHOTOGRAPHER Stephen Doobal


Andy Sieupresad


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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012

Avoid the worst relationship mistakes Avoid hurting your mate – or yourself – by considering the ways relationships can falter. Tip – Forgive rather than nurture injured feelings. Sometimes we have to let cherished illusions go. Step 5- Confront jealousy

Step 1- Seek stability

Surround yourself with good, stable friends. Keeping up and socialising with old buddies can help you maintain the critical connection to good advice and needed perspectives.

Tip – Before starting a new relationship, make sure you are over your previous one. Step 2- Discuss sexual problems

Face up to and work on sexual problems rather than ignoring the destruction

that can result if they persist. Seek to experiment and challenge discomforts rather than let things worsen.

Step 3- Pull back

Retreat and recharge periodically, and don’t be afraid to say no when life is getting confusing or too busy. Have some fun once in a while and turn off the brain.

Step 4- Stop yourself

Do not reject the other person before – as you might fear – they reject you. Learn to accept yourself or your self-doubt and confusion may sink the relationship.

Deal with jealousy before trust and intimacy are destroyed.

Tip – Everyone needs a degree of privacy, including the desire not to share past lives and relationships. Step 6- Require trust first

Earn trust and require the other to earn theirs before sharing your secrets and declaring

Make up after a fight We will all encounter conflict with our significant others at many, many points of our relationships. Resolve your issues and focus on making up after a fight.

Step 1- Talk about the issue

Communicate honestly with each other about the issue. Keep an atmosphere where you and your lover can both comfortably speak your minds.

Step 2- Apologise

Make the first move and apologise.

Step 3- Be forgiving.

Forgive. We all make mistakes.

Step 4- Forget

Resolve the conflict and forget about the past. Focus on the future.

Step 5- Love is the answer

Express to them how much you love them.

Step 6- Spend time together

Spend some quality time together and have fun. Do something both of you enjoy.

Tip – Make sure to laugh. Step 7- Get intimate

Enjoy the best part of making up and get intimate.

feelings of love. Respect yourself and take time to know someone.

Step 7- Model healthy relationships

Create a good, healthy relationship for the children. Keep children away from negative situations, such as a partner if you’re planning on ending the relationship – it will only make matters worse in the end.

s n o i s s e f n o

ssions@om e f n o c to our confessions

email y


anonymously s t h g u o h t our deepest y s s e f n o c A place to



It makes me sick to watch her lie to others about her life. She has no self esteem and she always brings me down. She lies about her family, her intelligence, everything. The girl can’t say one truthful thing. And she writes garbage about me all the time on tumblr, calling me a horrible person when she is the manipulative one. God help me rid my life of this woman

How do you expect me to stop being intimate with you if the very thought of you turns me on... let alone being near you... I don’t know what’s going to happen between us ... if you’re going to stay with her or not ... I know you’re not happy with her and I can’t believe she doesn’t see it ... How blind can she be to not notice that she doesn’t make you happy… I don’t get it, I don’t understand why you’re still with her if I can give you all that you need and more... I love you...


over Brains

I’m beginning to think beauty matters more than brains. I’m 25 and I’m pretty but I always believed in working hard for what I want. Now I see some of my friends have gotten married to well-off men and I’m still struggling at work. I’ve had many offers in the past and I’ve turned them all down. But my relationships don’t really make sense. I’m in love with a guy who’s 26 and he doesn’t want to get married until he is in his 30s. Also he lives overseas. I kicked a guy out of my life who could have given me the world but I knew I would have unhappy since he’s 25 years my senior. I’m beginning to think that I’m stupid and that I live in a false reality. But although I want nice things I also want to be happy and have peace of mind.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012 Page 5

It’s safer this way Please, stay away from me. I am begging you to never come near me. I am off limits. Are you aware of the risks involved with coming closer to me? Please, I beg and urge you to stay away, for your benefit as well as mine. Let’s just keep the “love thing” in our dreams. It is safer this way. No one will get hurt.

Lovestruck It seems no matter What the day It’s you I’m thinking of. For you touch my world With beauty As you touch my heart With love. With you Curwin I know I’m not alone in anything I do. You’ve given life a meaning that it never Had before and day by day In every way I love you more and more.

How do I say it’s over ? I’ve been with this guy for umpteen years; it’s a bad relationship. I’m not happy at all. He hits. But lately I have gotten involved with my sister’s best friend. It just happened… I think he enjoys it more than me. We hook up often. He wants me all to himself but I can’t go live with him. How do I say it’s over without hurting her, my true love?

Ahhhhhh! I hate my ex (kids’ dad) and his family so much. They’re so immature and stupid. I actually feel sorry for my kids because they’re related to those fools. Sometimes I even wish my ex and his family were dead so that way I’ll have a reason not to ever see them. I sometimes wish I could go back in time and change things but then I won’t have my beautiful babies (the only good thing I ever got from my ex). I’ve reached my limit for crap from them and I really don’t know what else to do.

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012


Queen’s Park Oval Jaffa opened just after the cricket World Cup in August 2007 at the Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain. The entrance to this restaurant is located on the Oval’s Tragarete Road side. It is owned and operated by renowned chef Joe Brown who previously ran the legendary Solimar Restaurant. Just the smells we encountered going up the staircase leading to the restaurant were enough to get the OMG team members’ mouths watering. The decor is elegant and inviting and the staff is pleasant. We sat down with Chef Brown who told us the story of how the place got its name. He said the word “Jaffa” came from a cricket commentator during an on-pitch encounter between spin bowler Shane Warne (Australia) and batsman Mike Gatting (England) in 1993 where Warne delivered an exceptionally well-bowled, practically unplayable ball to Gatting and in the excitement the announcer said, “What a jaffa of a ball”. Joe thought, “great, what a perfect name for a restaurant at the Oval, because that is what we do, perfect food and exceptional service”.

Jaffa offers an exciting and extensive lunch buffet that includes sushi and a glass of wine at $190 per person. The restaurant was pretty heavily booked when we got there. Jaffa is popular among managers and executives who lunch there regularly. They also do teas on Thursdays, an innovation that has quite a following according to Chef Brown. There is also a brunch on Sundays. Tables must be booked in advance. The cuisine is international fine dining and the menu is always being changed and updated to keep devoted customers happy. Chef Brown’s cooking is world renowned and from the many people we saw there it is worth the effort to treat yourself. Jaffa is available for functions and they also cater for events anywhere in Trinidad. Mr Brown says the quality of his food does not go down as the number of people they serve increases. That is something he prides himself on – exceptional food and service every time.

We are happy to let you know that one lucky OMG Magazine reader and a guest will be going to lunch at Jaffa at the Oval. Just like the OMG Magazine page on Facebook and say, “I want Jaffa”. You could be the lucky winner. Check them out on Facebook

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012 Page 7


At OMG we are proud supporters of Trinbagonian beauty and this week we are happy to have no less than Lee-Ann Forbes, Miss Trinidad and Tobago for Miss World 2011, adorn our fashion page. We were also very intrigued to learn that TRIBE has taken over the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe franchise. They discovered three Tobagonian beauties at their screenings last Sunday and they are set to take over the Hilton Trinidad tomorrow, September 16, from 9 am to 1 pm. We can’t wait to see which beauties make the final cut. We have a question: Do you think you’re it, do you think you have what it takes? We had the opportunity to find out what they are looking for (aside from beauty – that’s a bit obvious). The franchise holders said: “We are looking for a girl the universe will remember, a girl who is not just smart but interesting, bold and dynamic and able to represent us in the best possible light.” For more on what they are looking for visit or their website www. We look forward to seeing the final list – we think they will be OMG fantastic!


Lee-Ann Forbes

Miss Trinidad & Tobago World 2011 Make-up:

Mario Francis Make-up By Mario Stylist:

Lori Antoinette Clothing And Accessories:

Eastern Avenue The Celebrity Store 624-0684 Photographer

Stephen Doobal

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012

The OMG team met Patrice Roberts at her home in Arima and sat down to interview her while she got her hair done by one of her friends in preparation for our photo shoot. She did her own make-up and had a range of great outfit options ready for the camera. She decided on the little black dress and red spike-studded shoes. Patrice has been a vibrant part of T&T’s soca landscape for seve years now. She has always been a songstress performing since the age of nine when she left her home in Toco at the tender age of 17 to come into Port of Spain to make it. By the age of 19 Patrice was able to purchase her first home. She has always been a determined and headstrong young woman, driven by a passion to do better, and while she’s immensely grateful for all the opportunities, knowledge and success her tight partnership with Machel Montano and the HD family has brought her, she has that burning desire to one day step out on her own.

How can you go solo and still be part of the HD band “The band has been performing since Carnival this year till now, non-stop. The entire arrangement is very structured. We have a strict itinerary, so I know when I will have free time and when we will be on the road. I do my solo gig when I can, like right now I have been in the studio preparing for Carnival, getting the tracks down, working hard on my music. I want to be a solo artiste away from the band, and not always be in the shadow of the band. Machel has been a really strong mentor and support in my life and I’m just trying to be more mature as an artiste and do things on my own. Right now I am trying different producers and spreading my wings, trying to find my sound.”

Tell me how it was in the beginning? “I started to sing calypso at the age of nine. I was born and raised in Toco, a happy and humble environment. I started off singing with the late Lady B, may God rest her soul. I actually found myself winning every single year in the competitions in the area, so that became boring for me. I wanted to do more. I saw Machel, Destra Garcia, Fay-Ann and Bunji, everybody performing in the soca arena and I wanted to be where they were, I was so hungry for it. I met Kernal Roberts and he started to guide my career from there. I


en s,



d? s




WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012 Page 9

Photography and Story Stephen Doobal

started off by singing “The Islands” with Bunji, then he introduced me to Machel in 2004. We were just hanging out like three friends. Kernal said he heard this song and felt it would be really good with me on it. At that time Machel really believed in me as a person and we just made it happen. We sang ‘Band of The Year’ and won 2006 Road March.”

response to soca is overwhelming. These different races and cultures that have not grown up in soca, to see them embrace soca music, it really blows my mind every single time I perform, especially in Asia. Soca music is really accepted everywhere, we just need to work hard, come together as artistes and really take the music to the world.”

You have such a close relationship with Machel from the beginning. How he feels about you wanting to move on? “Machel, since I’ve known him, the seven years I have known him, has always been a helpful person. He is always trying to help everybody, not only me. Zan, Farmer, everybody who is part of his team. He tries to make sure we all grow. Personally I just feel it’s time for me to do things on my own. I feel like Machel does all the work. I mean I work really hard, but I just complement what he is doing. I feel like he is toting me on his back. I just feel it’s time to step out on my own and really do the work.”

What gets Patrice angry? “When people judge me and really don’t know anything about me. In everything you do there is always talk, but when people say things that are not true, that really gets me angry.”

So what can we expect from Patrice for Carnival 2013? “I have a lot of songs, but this year I am working on four strong songs to release. For me I feel I had two mediocre years, but this year I am on my way back up the ladder. I could say that comfortably, my song ‘Ah Little Wine’ is doing really great. This song is growing daily. I get a lot of love on Twitter and on Facebook. My fans really support this song, so I am really happy about where I am right now. My focus is to actually put out my album next year. I am working with my management on that and just pushing myself to make things happen in the right direction.” Tell me about your look and style? “My style is youthful, trendy and sexy. It took me a while to actually figure out who I am in terms of image and style. Coming from the country, I tended to be a little… not old-fashioned, but kind of reserved, not comfortable to try new things. It took me a while to change, but now I am open to a lot of styles and fashion. As soon as my fans see me I want to impress them so they want to find the same looks and style to emulate.” What is an HD tour like, where have you been? “We have gone everywhere; we’ve travelled so much I have forgotten many of those places. It is really fun though, actually going out on a tour, being able to perform alongside Machel and the rest of the crew, it is fun, it’s like one big family. The

What makes Patrice happy? “Being alive. I have encountered many situations where I almost lost my life and being alive makes me happy, being around my family and my loved one.” You almost lost your life? ‘‘Yes, two years ago we were preparing to go abroad, but during the Carnival season I was getting these pains, but I was trying to not take it on and keep going. I am immune to pain, pain doesn’t do me anything, pain makes me stronger. But the pain became overbearing. Machel and the others were in the airport waiting for me, we were going to Jamaica but I actually collapsed. They took me to the hospital only to find out that my appendix had ruptured. Somehow they were able to save me. I had to be home for six months. I could not work, I could not function.”

SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to listen to Patrice Ah Little wine

You said you had many near-death situations, what were the others? “I will only share one today (lol).” How do you relax? “I go to the gym, that’s my relaxing moment. I am a ‘gymaholic’, I love to work out, it strengthens my mind, it strengthens me, it enhances my body. I am really addicted to the gym.” What is your biggest OMG moment? “I am one girl who has had many OMG moments. One that stands out for me is when I went into the studio and sang the theme song for the Soca Monarch Competition. I recorded it but had not really memorised the words and I was invited to sing at the press launch for the Soca Monarch show. When I started to sing, I could not remember the words, the look on everybody’s face was epic…. OMG!”

SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to listen to Patrice SLOW wine

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012

Come experience movies made in T&T For those of you who don’t know, the trinidad+tobago film festival 2012 (ttfc/12) starts on September 19 and ends on October 2. There will be an opening night gala next Wednesday at Queen’s Hall, from 6 pm, with limited tickets for sale, so if you want to be a part of this, get your tickets now. There will be a cocktail reception, followed by the opening night film, the critically acclaimed documentary, Marley, which traces the story of Bob Marley’s life from his early days growing up in poverty in Jamaica to his rise to international superstardom. The director of Marley will be

present to introduce the film so we invite you to get your tickets early. For ticket information call 621-0709. This is the seventh year of the trinidad+tobago film festival and this year there will be over 120 films from 30 countries. More than half of these films are from T&T and most of them will be making their world premiere. The ttff/12 screening of the movies takes place at venues across the country, including MovieTowne (Port of Spain and Tobago), the Little Carib Theatre, the University of the


Director Steven Taylor

Director Steven Taylor is trained in Special Effects and Make-up Artistry and recently completed his BA in Film Production and Film Studies with a focus on directing. Last year he participated in an internship with US actor Will Smith in Philadelphia, USA. OMG had

West Indies, Studiofilmclub and Medulla Art Gallery. Tickets are $25 at MovieTowne and the Little Carib, while all other locations are free. For the full line-up of films, including summaries of all films and the locations, dates and times they are playing, log on to You can also get the schedule booklets at the venues or on-line at Three of the local films that got OMG Magazine’s attention are Buck, Where the Sun Sets and A Story About Wendy.

a full interview with Steven and will be bringing it to you soon. Synopsis: A rural taxi driver sets aside his reluctance to adopt a Guyanese baccoo (buck) for the sake of saving his failing domestic relationship. This gamble takes a turn for the worse when death knocks at his door. Show times Saturday 22nd

September, 5 pm, UWI, Student Activity Centre; Monday 24th September, 6.30 pm; MovieTowne, POS, Q&A, Sunday 30th September, 1 pm, MovieTowne POS. FACEBOOK YOUTUBE

Director Ryan Latchmansingh

WHERE THE SUN SETS Director Ryan Latchmansingh is a Trinbagonian filmmaker based in California. He received his BA in Film and Television Production from Loyola Marymount University in 2010 and received the

Golden Lion Award for most outstanding senior level film. He has since worked with many notable directors and producers. Synopsis: Ten years after a tragic accident claims the life of his mother, Luke Singh struggles to make ends meet while working as a fisherman. Unable to

take care of himself and his sick grandmother, Luke is presented with an opportunity to make a lot of money, but the decision comes at a much greater cost. Show times Friday 21st September, 8 pm, Little Carib Theatre; Q&A, Tuesday 25th September, 5.30 pm, Little Carib Theatre.

Director Sean Hodgkinson

A STORY ABOUT WENDY Director Sean Hodgkinson holds an undergraduate degree in Geography and Environmental Policy and a Certificate in Filmmaking from the London Film Academy. A Story About Wendy is his first film.

Synopsis: Wendy Phillips’ life spirals out of control after the sudden departure of her fiancé. Forced to move back in with her parents, Wendy hopes that landing a job with famed TV presenter Simone Davies will help get her back on her feet. Simone, however, has other plans for Wendy.

Show times: Saturday 22nd September, 6 pm; MovieTowne, POS; Q&A, Thursday 27th September, 5.30 pm; MovieTowne, Tobago, Tuesday 2nd October, 5.30 pm, Little Carib Theatre. A STORY ABOUT WENDY photos courtesy Marlon Rouse (

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012 Page 11

Here comes Ill Payne (Oronde Martin). He is the latest hip hop artiste to emerge from the HitMC Records camp. Ill Payne comes from Arima and takes pride in being a hiphop artiste whose strong Trini roots is reflected in his music. With his street album “Talk of the Town” (TOTT) he hopes to open the gates of stardom and have his music heard all over the world. “Talk of the Town” is a 15-track compilation that displays Ill Payne’s versatility. Although he is known as the punch line guru to his hardcore fans, Ill Payne’s versatility stretches from emceeing to sound engineering to songwriting and producing. Ill Payne has been in the business since 2008, releasing radio singles and online mix-tapes. “Talk of the Town”, which

Hottmouth Granny Reloading again!! It was destined to happen, the Queen of Comedy and the King of Clowns in one show. Yes, Randy Glasgow Productions is bringing together the number one hit comedy of the year with the phenomenal Nikki Crosby and Learie Joseph in “Hottmouth Granny Reloaded with The King of Clowns Learie Joseph”. A double barreled night of non-stop laughter. This is a pre-Republic Day show that also features Penelope Spencer, Debra Boucaud Mason and Kevon Brooks. The show’s three-night run ends tonight at 8.30 pm. Venue is Queen’s Hall in St Ann’s and patrons pay $100 for general tickets and $150 for VIP seats. Tickets are available at Queen’s Hall Box Office (623-1284), Crosby’s in St James, Cleve’s on Frederick Street, Cache, West Mall & Corner Prince and Henry Streets in POS, Xtra Foods Supermarket in Grand Bazaar and Chaguanas and Laxmi Jewellers, High Street, San Fernando.

“The most satisfying project you will ever undertake - and a mark of a complete human being - is to discover how to build a sense of happiness that no one can take away from you...” — Deepak Chopra

can be found on twitter @#TOTT, is a project that is the first of its kind for Ill Payne. The compilation contains 100 per cent original music; it is a collaborative project between Ill Payne and his producer Jaydotbeatz (Jaydobeatz created the beat and Ill Payne wrote the lyrics). “TOTT” features fresh talent, Dre Star (from Jamaica) Rapiny (from Trinidad) and also Flipo, who is featured on a very controversial track called “Krypton”, where both artistes take a look at the local music industry and world oppression. Ill Payne has a track off his street album called SOCA which means “Swagged Out Caribbean Attitude”. It features Jamaican dancehall artiste/dancer Dre Star. The song mentions other popular Caribbean artistes Machel Montano and Vybz Kartel. One of the most surprising things about this song is that it is not a soca track and has almost nothing to do with soca music but more to do with Caribbean culture, style and fashion. The song describes the interest and love foreigners have for the Caribbean aesthetic. You can take a listen now. Just log onto Express OMG Magazine on Facebook or click the QR code.

Do you know the artiste Simba? Well, OMG has two tracks from him for you to take a listen to. He performed recently at Woodford Café, Movietowne, where he opened for Sizzla.

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012


How to Get Get anyone to spill the beans a Secret Out with these sneaky strategies. little hint they drop know if you’re on Step 1 Ask them of Someone – it will encourage the right track. TO’S outright Look them directly in the eye, ask them outright –and then don’t say another word. Stare at someone long enough, and they’ll say almost anything to fill the silence.

Step 2 Ask for a hint

Still not talking? Ask for a hint. If you can get them to take that first step, you might be able to ease them into telling you everything.

Tip – Act duly impressed by the

How to Choose Foods to

Boost Your Mood A cupcake may briefly lift your spirits, but these dietary changes can keep you happier in the long run.

Step 1 Munch on walnuts Munch on a handful of walnuts. They’re a rich source of vitamin B6, which the body needs to produce serotonin, a brain chemical involved in staving off depression. Sunflower seeds and wheat germ are also good sources of B6.

Step 2 Fill up on fish Eat at least two servings of fish per week. The omega-3 fatty acids in seafood increase serotonin levels, and some research indicates that people who eat fish less than once a week have about a 30 percent higher incidence of depression.

them to divulge more.

Step 3 Take a guess

Say, “let me guess,” and then give it your best shot. If they think that you already have some of the information, they’ll feel less guilty about spilling the rest of the beans.

Tip – Carefully monitor their reaction to your guess so you’ll

Tip - Wild fish has higher concentrations of omega-3s than farmed fish.

the production of serotonin. Researchers have found that people who are deprived of tryptophan fall into a depression.

Step 3

Step 5

Increase your intake of folic acid Eat foods that contain folic acid, also called folate -spinach, lentils, asparagus, and peas. Researchers have found a possible link between depression and low levels of this B vitamin.

Pass the pasta When you’re feeling stressed, eat complex carbohydrates like whole-grain breads and pasta. Carbs enable tryptophan to enter the brain.

Step 4 Have the fowl Enjoy chicken and turkey; both have tryptophan, an amino acid that is essential to

Step 6 Sprinkle sesame seeds on salads Eat tahini or snack on sesame seeds. They’re rich in the amino acid threonine, a deficiency of which has been linked to depression.

Step 4 Tell them a secret

No dice? Tell them a secret – and make it juicy. This kind of offer often makes people feel obligated to return the favour.

Step 5 Act uninterested

Are they still holding back? Change the subject. Now that they’ve lost your attention, they may feel that revealing the secret is worth keeping you in their thrall.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012 Page 13

Darrell Seignoret Portrait Artist Darrell Seignoret is a portrait artist who discovered his passion for art while at St Joseph Boys’ RC School where he drew cartoon characters for his friends. Then at St George’s College he began selling some of his drawings to classmates. This encouraged him to draw even more. He always loved doing landscapes but as a teenager portraits became his obsession. “I found it fascinating, the ability to capture someone’s personality on a canvas or sheet of paper. It was almost like taking that blank canvas and bringing it to life. That was really amazing to me as a young boy.” After leaving secondary school he went to UWI where his creative eyes were really opened to a lot of new ways of making art. This new experience, coupled with stimulating lecturers like Ainsworth Ovid, Pat Bishop, Eddie Bowen and Steve Ouditt, gave him a whole new approach to his art and an understanding of the artist’s role in society. In recent years he has done a few group exhibitions as well as having his work displayed on the Queen’s Park Oval perimeter

artistof the week

wall – a portrait of an African girl clinging to her mother’s leg. “I work mainly in chalk, pastel and acrylic, and in my pieces I always try to portray a sense of vibrancy and warmth. The reason for this is that I want everyone to be able to connect with my work, whether you know the subject in the portrait or not. I want persons to see the natural beauty that God has blessed all of us with as I see it, raw and undiluted. When people see my work they always comment on how talented I am, but to me it’s more determination and hard work than talent, but that’s just my opinion.” “While there is some appreciation for art in modern Trinidad society, many are of the tragic view that art is not a serious career and should be relegated to being a hobby. However, throughout history artists have always played a major role in shaping culture, being the immutable voice of the working class. If not for art and design how visually and ergonomically deprived our world would be!” Seignoret currently teaches at Fatima College where he says there is a great appreciation for the arts, not only on the part of the students, but also on the part of the principal and staff. “For this I am truly fortunate because it creates a fertile environment for me to pass on my passion, knowledge and skill to the younger generation. In the future I can only hope to keep growing as an artist as I try to master my skill and wish that the public would continue to appreciate and support not only my work, but the work of all our talented artists here in Trinidad and Tobago.”

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012

Taliban vows to ‘kill or kidnap’

Prince Harry 1

PSY “ Gangnam Style”


Little Mix-


Keke Palmer“Dance Alone”



Bridgit Mendler“Ready or Not”


Xzibit“ Napalm”

SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to see this week’s Top5 Music Video

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is being targeted for death in Afghanistan - so says a rep for the Taliban (yes, they have a rep). Harry – a helicopter pilot in the British military – is currently on a four-month tour in Afghanistan, where he is reportedly fighting Taliban insurgents on the front lines. Obviously, his presence has pissed off the Taliban and now terrorist spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tells Reuters the group has made it a top priority to kill or kidnap the Prince. “We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping,” Mujahid said during a phone interview either conducted in a cave or a suburb in Pakistan. During the interview Mujahid, who referred to the Taliban plans as the “Harry Operations”, added, “we have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him”.

Shahrukh Khan to romance Penélope Cruz?

Spanish actor Penélope Cruz confesses to being an ardent Shahrukh Khan fan and is eager to shoot a film with him. It’s a well known fact that Shahrukh has fans all over the world. So it came as no surprise when gorgeous Penélope expressed a desire to do a film with him in a recent interview with a newspaper. She revealed that she loves Bollywood and has been a great fan of Shahrukh for a while now. The actress also said that she already owns the rights to a book based in India and is planning to shoot the movie very soon. The Spanish beauty owns the rights to Javier Moro’s novel “Pasion India”, which details the true story of 17-year-old Spanish flamenco dancer Anita Delgado, who married Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Punjab and became a princess at age 18. There are rumours that Shahrukh may play the role of the Maharaja, romancing Penélope across the lush plains of Punjab. A crossover Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in the making? Fingers crossed! Shahrukh and Penélope could make a great pair on screen.

Penelope Cruz

Shahrukh Khan

First Look: Avengers #1

Get a delicious taste of Jerome Opena’s amazing pages from the first issue


1 2 3 4 5

Daughter“Smother” Flyleaf“New Horizons” Ciara”Sophomore” Machine Gun Kelly ft Alex fitts“Stereo” Muse-


Jerome Opena has been in the comics industry since roughly 2005. However, it wasn’t until his recent work on Uncanny X-Force with Rick Remender that the artist really started to turn heads. And it was that gorgeous work that landed Opena the biggest gig of his career to date – Avengers with writer Jonathan Hickman. Hickman and Opena will be collaborating on the brand new title, Avengers, this November as part of Marvel Now! which Marvel released the first preview pages from issue #1. With Hickman’s high concepts and Opena’s beautiful pencils, Avengers SCAN the should be a title QR CODE with your at the top of SMARTPHONE to everyone’s mustfollow JEROME buy list come OPENA’S WORK November.

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Bond who, you ask? JOSH PECK

‘Drake’ and ‘Josh’ star

The shirtless peck-tacular! After shedding his baby weight in the last few years, former “Drake and Josh” star Josh Peck showed off his worked-out svelte physique on the beach in Hawaii recently. The 25-year-old former child star has grown up into quite a handsome man. Josh is definitely enjoying his moment in the sun. Daniel Craig is back as agent 007 James Bond in Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the longestrunning film franchise of all time. In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as M’s past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.


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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday September 15, 2012

Express OMG Magazine Issue 25  

The Trinidad Express Newspapers presents the latest entertainment news, relationship issues, juicy confessions, meet rising sport stars, fas...

Express OMG Magazine Issue 25  

The Trinidad Express Newspapers presents the latest entertainment news, relationship issues, juicy confessions, meet rising sport stars, fas...