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Saturday August 25, 2012 • VOL 1- 22

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Three things I like about myself and why:

My creative ability as an artist, my ability to get along with people from all walks of life and my height.

OMG Moment:

When my first solo exhibition in 2009 was completely sold out



Andy Sieupresad


Reanna Harrynarine Sean Guevara Kyle Madray Group Marketing Manager




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Resist the urge to

call YOUR ex Struggling not to call your ex? Discover a few ways to increase your mental resolve.

Step 1- Find a distraction

Explore activities that distract you from thinking about your ex. Ask for new responsibilities at work, take up a hobby, read the classics – anything that pulls your attention away from staring at the phone.

Tip – You can choose an activity your ex would hate to make the time even more pleasurable. Step 2 - Tap the network

Call your friends and family whenever you find yourself thinking about your ex. Talk out your own issues, or just listen to them for a little while.

Step 3 - Pick a prize

Tip – Don’t reward yourself with alcohol – this is not the time to lower your inhibitions. Step 4 - List their faults

Make a list of your ex’s negative qualities and take it out and read it every time you reach for the phone. Soon, you’ll shudder at just the thought of dialling their number.

Step 5 - Take out the trash

Still having trouble? Purge your ex from your life. Throw out mementos, cut ties on social networks, and delete all contact info -- it’s a lot easier to resist the urge to call if you don’t have their number in the first place.

Resisted the urge for a few days? Reward yourself! You’ll train your brain to associate not calling your ex with positive reinforcement.

Building trust For most people, the ability to experience building trust in relationships begins in childhood. As we grow older, the way we build trust doesn’t change much.

Step 1 - Maintain open lines of communication

Make sure the lines of communication with the person whose trust you wish to acquire are open. Trusting relationships require that each party in the relationship be able hear the other.

Step 2 - Recognise the need for risk

Recognise that the extension of trust always involves an element of risk. There is no guarantee that the other person is deserving of your trust, but once the trust has proven well-founded, it can create even greater levels of trust.

Step 3 - Improve your listening sKills

Work on improving your listening skills. Give the other person your full attention when they are speaking, and stay focused on what they are saying. Give feedback aimed at showing you understood what they said.

The relationships formed in a strong team, in an enduring marriage, and in healthy families are held together by mutual trust.

Step 4 - Share your thoughts and feelings

Take time to share your thoughts and feelings with the other person.

Step 5 - Spend time with the other person

Spend time with the other person, and be open to offering special time if the need arises.

Step 6 - Look for new ways to connect

Look for new ways to connect with the other person. After all, building good relationships to begin with is a better way to inspire trust than trying to win it back.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday August 25, 2012 Page 5

s n o i s s e f n co

email your

ssions@o e f n o c to confessions

anonymously s t h g u o h t t es s your deep s e f n o c o t A place

Kids frustrating me!

Every time I turn my back to tend to the baby or go to the toilet or anything the other children are up to mischief. All day, every day: “leave your sister alone”, “leave the baby alone”, “do your homework”, “leave the cat alone”, “the sitting room is for sitting”, “if you want to run around shouting, go outside”, “if you’re hungry sit down at the table to eat”. If I leave the baby to

deal with the others he cries like he’s been abandoned for hours. When I tend to the baby the others do everything they’re not allowed to do, just to try to get attention.

He has me wondering… My boyfriend is acting so strange lately and he has been sending me weird text messages when we’re apart. Then he got angry with me for no reason. It was as if he wanted to pick a fight. Then he apologised and was all loving. He won’t give me straight answers when I ask him what the hell is that all about. Hmm….

Bad skin

It’s a non-stop merrygo-round of domestic torture! I could happily walk out the door with the baby and never return. But then who will cook hubby’s dinner and clean up after the human tornados? No-one! I feel like some kind of nannyhousekeeper-chauffeur hybrid.

Things look

I am so embarrassed by my skin! I can’t stand it! I HATE the acne! It makes me feel insecure and self conscious! All I want is to be able to wear a cute tank top or strapless dress without having to think of the painful bumps everywhere on me. I’ve tried every drug store product and gone to the dermatologist. I hate how society automatically equates acne with gross and nerdy people! I’m not like that at all and I try all the time but to no avail.

What? I can’t hear you… When my girlfriend throws a tantrum I just turn to her, smile, pop in my favourite CD, put on my headphones and crank it up! Then she finally realises that I’m ignoring her and calms herself down…..

hopeless I am so tired of struggling. I’m trying my best to support my household of six as well as help my mother who lost her job right before my husband lost his. I thought things would be better by now. I’m not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s so depressing to feel like a failure.

My lesser-

known life I’m a “good girl” but I LOVE rock ‘n’ roll, smoking, alcohol, and etc. I’m convinced I was born at the wrong time and should have been a Led Zeppelin groupie or something...


I yelled out “BEAST!” during a workout to keep me from collapsing and hey, it worked! Lol!

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Flair Restaurant & Bar

Corner Ariapita Avenue and Taylor Street, Woodbrook. This week the OMG crew discovered Flair Restaurant on Ariapita Avenue and was given the tour by partowner and executive chef Jason Huggins. Flair’s modern, elegant decor complete with outside deck lends itself to just hanging outside with some cold drinks and appetisers or going indoors for a cozy dinner for two, a celebration with the family or just a wonderful dinner with friends. Jason wanted all to know that parking is available on both sides of the Avenue between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 p.m. until… so patrons should have no fear of being wrecked, once they obey the law. Lunch is big at Flair; it can be quick or you can slowly savour the experience; you can enjoy a soup, salad and dessert buffet style with the main course brought to you from the menu. Lunch is $193 and that includes all taxes and a glass of wine.

This is his first time wearing the owner’s hat. He says they cater for all events at Flair or at external venues; they have hosted from birthday parties and office celebrations to weddings.

The food at Flair is described as a bit of fusion and eclectic, with a local twist and international “flair”, so you can have from wings and burger to delectable dishes like cassava-stuffed shrimp on a moho slaw to pan-seared scallops with wild mushrooms in a truffle foam. Jason comes from a fine dining background. He has worked in the industry since he was 17 and has worked as a chef at Solimar and Jaffa restaurants. So he brings all that experience to the table, so to speak.

You can call Flair at 628-1606 to book your special evening and remember one lucky OMG Magazine reader and a guest will be going for lunch at the Flair Restaurant and Bar. Just like the Express OMG Magazine page on Facebook and say on the message board, “I want Flair Restaurant and Bar” and you and your friend can be chosen for this fantastic experience.

Wednesdays is Flair’s steak and ribs night, but their a la carte menu is still available. You can get 20-ounce tenderloin for two rolled in secret spice and a touch of coffee, chili and molasses ribs, grilled lamb chops and the chef says they also create a mixed grilled platter for two which is an excellent treat for meat lovers. Jason reports that many people say they are intimidated by the elegant and sophisticated look of the place, so they are not inclined to take their Avenue lime into Flair; he wants such folks to know that Flair welcomes them; just come on in and give it a try – a great time awaits.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday August 25, 2012 Page 7

style Designer

Saleem Samuel MODEL

Nishana Khan Make-Up & Styling

Richard Young PhotographY

Stephen Doobal

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Photography and Story Stephen Doobal

Scan the QR code to listen to “Subha Hona Naday”

Scan the QR code to listen to “Go So Nah”

Scan the QR code to listen to “Happy Indpendence”

Sally Sagram, who took the $250,000 second prize in last Saturday’s 50th Independence Anniversary Chutney Soca Monarch finals in San Fernando, is a beautiful and bubbly 27-year-old. OMG interviewed Sally at the home of Keisha Emrit, whom she called her BFF (Best Friend Forever). Keisha, who is the sister of T&T cricket all-rounder Rayad Emrit, is a talented make-up artist and did Sally’s make-up for her photo shoot with us. Although we did this interview very late at night Sally was energised, confident and a pleasure to be around. Sally gave much thanks and praise Rikki Jai, who won the Independence Anniversary competition and who wrote her song. “I am really happy for Rikki Jai’s support and even to be associated with such an icon in the Chutney Soca arena is an absolute honour for me.”

She is a seasoned entertainer who has been singing and performing since the age of eight, so with over 19 years of experience under her belt Sally is ready to pursue her passion and art as far as it will take her. “I always wanted to be a dancer and not a singer. I was begging to go to dance classes and my father said ‘no, you are going to be a singer’, because everyone in the family were singers. On my father’s side of the family there is Prematee Bheem and Anil Bheem and the Bheemers and on my mother’s side there is the Beena Sangeet Indian Orchestra. So my family life was totally musical and everyone was into music and entertaining. From a little girl I always looked up to Prematee Bheem. Seeing her dressing in her sari and going out to perform, I always said one day I want to be just like her. However my father died when I was 10 years old and my uncle, Suresh Sugrim, took both my sister and me and entered us in Mastana Bahar. I placed second in the finals and then I started performing with Beena Sangeet even before I started high school. I did many ‘cookings’, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations for many years and gained a lot of experience. My real breakthrough started when I joined Spread Pal Crew. The band was really popular and we started touring New York and

Canada. Everyone just wanted Spread Pal. I did that for about five years and then went solo, performing with various bands and now I my own band called Extreme, so we are called Sally Sagram and the band Extreme. We are now about three years old.” Sally is excited about getting into the studio to work on her first soca track for Carnival 2013. She is working with songwriter and producer Shaft who produced songs for Nadia Batson, Machel Montano and Meagan Waldron this year. Collaborations with Rikki Jai are also in the works. Besides performing, rehearsals and studio work Sally also has a full time job that she has to juggle. She says, “I could not do any of this without my mom and my brother Shivan. They have always been there for me and my two sisters who make up the rest of this Sagram team. Mom had to raise all of us without a spouse and we are all where we are today because of her strength and determination to do right for all her children. We are really a close bunch and my happy times are when I am with them. Although I am not the baby in the family they all treat me like that and are always around to give support and encouragement.” Her younger brother Shivan is her manager and is the one who convinced her to have a band. “He handles the band, set-up and all the arrangements and I get to just go on stage and perform and I really do appreciate what a big support that is. The biggest blessing for us is that we have all grown up well educated and employed and we can take care of our mom. She does not have to work. We would be nowhere without her and we get the chance to show her our gratitude”. Sally says her “me time” is spent enjoying Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice-cream and their rockslide brownies by herself or with her few close friends. She sees herself in the future as an international artiste, not just a chutney singer, but someone who can reach the world. She says, “based on what credible people in the industry told me, I know I can make it. I can see myself as an international artiste”. She also wants to complete her degree in marketing management, because she knows that could help her in her job now and in her future career. She is

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday August 25, 2012 Page 9

also passionate about the work she is doing with the Rape Crisis Society, the Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Families In Action, whose aim is to put a stop to violence against women. Her OMG moment happened when she was a singer in Spread Pal Crew. “We were performing at a party in Penal and this very old man came up to me and asked me to sing his favourite old movie song. I wanted to make him happy so I changed the set and sang his song and he started dancing and enjoying himself, but suddenly he held his chest and sat down in a chair. I could not believe it! He passed away, he had a heart attack. I was totally distraught. I was crying. The only good thing is the family said I should not feel bad; he went enjoying his favourite song. But that was not a great moment for me.”

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Outer Reef and Rhythms is on tomorrow! Outer Reef and Rhythms, T&T’s extreme sports playground and community, opens its doors tomorrow with its OuterRR Launch. This event will be held at St John’s Ambulance Compound, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be skateboarding and BMX contests, music, freestyle dance contests, giveaways and more. The organisers of Outer Reef and

Rhythms say their mission is to bring cultures together in one place and with one event. They are sending out an appeal: “Help us build a better T&T through action sports and good vibes, for today’s generation and tomorrow.” Admission is free. If you are interested in learning more about Outer Reef & Rhythms, visit the following links to get more information on all the activities the company is currently involved in. Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

The NIGHT GALLERY/ BOHEMIA presents Adele Todd: Police an’ Tief 2012

A series of thirty-five embroidery works on the theme of violence in Trinidad and Tobago. Can eight years of commitment to the topic of violence in boys as they grow to adulthood, culminating in the show Police an’Tief really change a nation? It is an acknowledgement and commentary on the state of crime in our island as captured through the lens of crime scene photographers and the media. The show runs till the 30th August.


WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday August 25, 2012 Page 11

OMG!!A local short film!

The Mighty Sparrow

teams up with

The Enginear Anton Blackman, armed with a degree in structural engineering from the US, came back home in 2005 with a renewed appreciation for all things Trini and a passion for hip-hop. He says, “I gave birth to my own sound and talent ENGIN-EAR – it is the lyrical engine in your ear – enginEAR”. The Enginear, as he now calls himself, has perfected his style to represent who he really is – Trinidadian. His blend of hip-hop and kaiso, he says, “is poised to become the new sound to represent Trinidad”. His first single, “Doh Interfere”, from his debut album “Foundation”, features The Mighty Sparrow and sets

the tone which The Enginear will use to “build” his career. We got hold of his video and have provided the QR Code and YouTube Link ( com/watch?v=XtSt2WdVnl8) so you can experience the work for yourself.

You know we are big supporters of doing it 100 per cent local – so imagine our delight when we came across the trailer of A Story About Wendy, starring Heidi Walcott as the title character. Summed up in one sentence the short film tells us “After her world falls apart Wendy Phillips moves back home with her parents and hopes that things would get better, if only she knew...” This plus the beautiful energy of Ms Walcott means one thing – one hot bacchanal on the silver screen!” The short film is set to premiere at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival/12 in late September and from the buzz that we are getting, we are very excited to see it. For more on the film, trailers and exclusive photos check them out on facebook:http://www.facebook. com/astoryaboutwendy

Director Sean Hodgkinson speaks to LEAD ACTRESS Heidi Walcott

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Get a little healthier while staying lazy Sure, you’d love to get healthy – so long as you don’t have to do anything. Couch potatoes, rejoice: it’s possible to reap the rewards of a slightly healthier lifestyle while still enjoying the pleasures of a slothful one.

Step 1- Rest up

Go ahead, hit that snooze button. And again. Getting plenty of sleep boosts your immune system, reduces your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, and helps keep your weight down.

Step 2- Schedule errands early

Unavoidable errands or chores? Do them early. Raising your metabolic rate now means it will remain elevated even when you’re at rest. And here’s a crazy thought: since exercise actually increases your energy level, you might be more likely to keep moving.

Step 3 - Walk backward

You may look like a fool doing it, but if you walk backward part of your day, you’ll burn up to 119 percent more calories than walking forward the same distance. Who’s laughing now?

Step 4 - Have a healthy appetiser

Do you turn into a human vacuum at mealtimes? No need to starve yourself! Just munch an apple, eat a salad, or have a bowl of low-calorie soup before the main course. You’ll feel fuller, so you’re likely to eat fewer overall calories.

Step 5 - Socialise

Hang out with friends. Making social connections helps maintain the brain’s serotonin levels, enhancing your mood and possibly even staving off depression. And who else is going to force your lazy self to visit the doctor now and then?

Step 6 - Laugh

Now get back on that couch. But turn on a comedy instead of drama, and you’ll burn up to 20 percent more calories while watching TV. Seriously. No ambition necessary.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday August 25, 2012 Page 13

Kavita takes Youtube to her oven

Kavita Radhay is a 24-year-old from Couva who loved doing art when she attended Naparima Girls’ High School in San Fernando. She, however, did not pursue it at A Level and went after the more practical choice at the time. She graduated from UWI in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

artistof the week

Her passion creativity took over in September 2011, when she went on the Internet and checked Youtube for tutorials on how to bake and decorate fondant cakes. She was shocked at how well they came out and the response from the images of her cakes she posted on facebook. “My friends loved it! So I started doing birthday cakes for my best friends and my family. Soon my friends’ friends and my family’s family and even my

co-workers started asking me to bake cakes for them, so I decided to turn my hobby into a little business!” Kavita says she is completely self-taught, using YouTube, cake blogs and other Internet sources in general to acquire information. “A lot of trial and error was involved as well and I’d like to thank my friends and family for always being willing to be my taste-testers (such a hard job... right?)”. She feels like she has rediscovered her love for art again eight years after CXC, but now her designs are on cakes and not on paper. You can check out Kavita’s cakes on Facebook https:// or email her at kavita_

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Crazy Lightning Tattoo

top5 music videos of the week


Trey songz ft young Jeezy & Lil Wayne “Hail Mary”


A$ap Ferg “Work”

3 4 5

A lightning tree tattoo was the left over mark after Winston Kemp was stuck by lightning during a spring storm. He didn’t even realise he was hit until the marks began to appear an hour later on his arm. He didn’t get any medical attention because he didn’t believe it was necessary and there was no pain.

trailer marks Schwarzenegger’s comeback

TI “Go get it”

The former California governor gets back into action mode with JeeWoon Kim’s American feature bow.

David Guetta ft sia“She Wolf”

While the action star-turnedpolitician makes an appearance in Expendables 2, he makes his true, leading man return in Korean director Jee-Woon Kim’s American

SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to see this week’s Top5 Music Video

1 2 3

Faith Evans “Tears of Joy ”


Cassie ft Young Jeezy “Balcony“


Zedd Spectrum ft Matthew Koma “Lately”

Ciara “Living it up” Tamia ”Still”

After the lightning strike the marks were much more colourful but faded after a few days. Kemp assumed they would disappear over time, but they have stayed the same shade for several months.

‘The Last Stand’

Dj Khald ft Movado “So suicidal”


The lightning tree effect can happen when an electrical charge is introduced to a conductive/ insulating material such as glass, resin, or human skin.

debut, in which he plays a bordertown sheriff nearing retirement. The plan for relaxation gets waylaid, however, when a drug cartel makes the very careless mistake of deciding that, with all the unpatrolled land along the American-Mexican divide, it has to choose the small, arid patch the hulking lawman has sworn to protect, no matter the cost in blood or vehicles.

Video games can have health benefits? Video games can be used as therapy for “lazy eye” in adults. Sufferers of amblyophobia can use video games to improve their vision! Amblyophobia is a condition that affects the eyes. Because of a brain disorder, vision does not develop properly in one eye. It is the most common disorder, which causes lack of vision in one eye for youth and adults who are middle-aged. For most children, the treatment for “lazy eye” is wearing an eye patch on the good eye. This forces the brain to use and exercise the underdeveloped eye. This works very well for young people, but for adults, the patch has limited use. Previously,

there really was no treatment for adults. Now, adults can load up on videogames and sit in front of a TV for therapy time! Several studies have shown the value of videogames in improving “visual acuity and 3-D depth perception.” Researchers Dr. Roger Li and Dr. Dennis Levi have engineered studies to prove the effectiveness of video games in improving lazy eye. They estimate that video game therapy could cause a 30-40 per cent improvement in sight.

Bobby Brown in rehab Singer Bobby Brown has entered a rehab facility after a tumultuous few months that included the death of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, in February, and a DUI arrest the following month. Attorney Christopher Brown confirmed reports that the singer had entered treatment in a statement to People magazine: “Mr Brown takes his agreement very seriously and admitted himself three weeks after concluding his honeymoon in Mexico during a break from the New Edition tour ... Bobby is doing well and receiving services that comply with his agreement with the State of California.” Brown was arrested in Los Angeles on March 26 on suspicion of drunk driving. He was later charged with three misdemeanors -- two DUI-related charges and one count of driving with a suspended license -- and faced up to six months in jail. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, and later copped a plea deal to avoid additional jail time. According to TMZ, Brown was sentenced to 36 months probation and one day in jail, which he had already served at the time of his arrest. In addition, the singer is required to complete a 90-day rehab programme. This is just the latest step for Brown, who has been dealing with the aftermath of Houston’s death. He received backlash in the media when he didn’t immediately fly to his daughter Bobbi Kristina’s side upon hearing the news of Houston’s death, and also caused a stir at her memorial and left the service early after a seating dispute. Brown tied the knot in Hawaii in June, and his wife, Alicia EtheredgeBrown, released a statement about his rehab treatment. “Bobby’s children and loved ones are very proud of him. We appreciate his fans’ prayers and well wishes. Bobby is mentally in a good place.”

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday August 25, 2012 Page 15

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Express OMG Magazine Issue 22  

The Trinidad Express Newspapers presents the latest entertainment news, relationship issues, juicy confessions, meet rising sport stars, fas...

Express OMG Magazine Issue 22  

The Trinidad Express Newspapers presents the latest entertainment news, relationship issues, juicy confessions, meet rising sport stars, fas...