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HOTTY Marc Abbott Age: 20


Three things I like about myself:

1: My versatility, ability to adapt and do almost every task I am given. 2: My ambition and general need to keep making myself better. 3: My sometimes arrogant and overconfident ways and mannerisms – bona fide legacy of my alma mater.... need I say Queen’s Royal College?

OMG Moment:

One day during flight training for my pilot’s licence I encountered a hazard known as icing. Basically ice froze all over the aircraft I was flying and I had to land it without seeing anything. While it was scary I survived the incident and lived to laugh about it.


Stephen Doobal



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Mend a friendship


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Resolve an argument before it turns into a fight Step1 - Breathing and relaxation exercises

Practice breathing and relaxation exercises in anticipation of resolving a conflict. This skill will help you maintain your calm during an argument.

Step 2 - Show that you’re committed

Let the other person know that you’re committed to understanding them and resolving your differences.

Step 3 - The other person’s feelings

Validate the other person’s feelings by listening to them, repeating what they’ve said and showing that you accept and respect their feelings.

Step 5 - Express your needs and discuss the problems

Talk about your needs so the other person is aware of them, and discuss the problems as you see them. Be honest about your role in where things went wrong.

Step 6 - Leave the past alone

Don’t bring up past wrongs or a history of resentments. Focus only on the situation at hand.

Step 7 - Work together on resolving the problem

Show patience and willingness to make amends as you work with the other person to resolve the problem.

Step 4 - Ask questions

Ask open-ended questions and encourage them to talk about their needs. Ask them what you can do to help them meet their needs.

feeling e ’r u o y r e g n a ntrol any o c d n a lm a ensive. c f y e d e h t n o Tip – Sta n o other pers e h t g in t t u p to avoid

Get a date with absolutely anyone deliver an opening line that includes both a “we” statement and a personal question that involves the person’s feelings, such as, “If the band is as good as I’ve heard, we’re in for a great night. Are you into rockabilly?”

No one is out of your league if you know how to woo them.

Step 1 - Dress nicely

Dress nicely, but don’t overdo it. Being overdressed or too sexy makes you seem desperate, which is always a turn-off.

Step 2 - Smile

Smile at the person who’s caught your eye—but do it the right way. For women, that means smiling while eyeing his body appreciatively. For men, it means holding her gaze.

Step 3 - Approach with a good opening

Approach the person and say “hi.” Then

Tip - Note to men: stay away from sexual innuendo—a big turnoff to women—and go with gallantry, like rescuing a woman from the guy who’s serving up the smut. Step 4 - Learn names

Memorize the person’s name and use it. People find it flattering, and transfer those good feelings to you.

Tip - Note to women: tell him he has beautiful eyes. One survey found this is more successful in scoring a guy’s interest than offering to buy him a beer.

Step 5 - Ask quirky questions

Ask quirky questions. A study of speed daters found that the woman picked for a date by every man was not the prettiest; she was the one who asked, “What’s your favorite pizza topping?”

Step 6 - Talk about agreeable things

Steer the conversation to agreeable topics. Yelling about nuclear disarmament or which God is the real God is best left for after the third date.

Step 7 - Offer to buy dinner

Seal the deal by asking the person to dinner. Not drinks, which makes you seem uncommitted. Not coffee, which makes you seem cheap. Actual dinner.

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s n o i s s e f n o

email your


omgt @ s n io s s e f n o c nfessions to


onymously n a s t h g u o h deepest t r u o y s s e f n o A place to c

Wham Bam

Thank You Ma’am!


Night Dip Some friends and I once sneaked into someone’s pool. The owner had apparently broken down the wall to build a higher replacement for more privacy. So basically we sneaked in and were bathing quietly in their pool for a while until some lights came on at which point we grabbed our stuff and hightailed it out of there. The next day I was passing there, just to see it again when suddenly a gay couple came out the house pointing and yelling some nonsense. I just ignored them, like I heard nothing (lol). First and last time…just hope they weren’t watching us bathe….

A lot of people think I am a womaniser because I just go with women to get what I want and leave. People may only see it that way but don’t know my real reason. I kind of see myself like the avenger for guys. All the girls who play with guys’ emotions and get laughs about it afterwards… I come to return the favour. Don’t worry bro’s, I’ve got what is coming to them. Call me the heartbreaker… because that’s all I am ever going to do…

Too ugly to love

Coulda Woulda Shoulda It was really nice to see your face after all these years. Your smile is still as bright as the first day I saw you. All that went wrong then just felt like I imagined it. Amazing how time really does heal all. I always wondered what it would have been like if all that didn’t happen. Sigh. I stopped hating you sometime now… you’re basically family… just wish you were my wife instead of my sister in-law…

I need my

‘me time’

I’m a single parent of two children and I’m sooooo fed up. All I want once in a while is some “me” time. Yet every time I go out (which is once in a blue moon), even in the night when the kids are asleep my mother calls a million times to find out when I’m coming home. I think the next time I go anywhere, I’m gonna take off my phones.

Truth is I am so sorry that I was not attracted to him. I could barely even look him in his face for too long. At a distance he was perfect and if I closed my eyes I was in love. He was very loving, very kind and very sweet. But he was too unattractive for me. His skin, his face, his acne scars. I loved him but I couldn’t even look at him. Even though his inner beauty was grand his physical condition was too much for me to love. I’m sorry “M”. I hope you go on to find someone who loves you for who you are.

You’re hot but your sister is hotter!! How do I start. I slept with my girlfriend’s sister and eventually fell in love with her. When we started she had no boyfriend. And then it all changed when she started seeing this guy. I got very angry and jealous and depressed. A few years have passed, she is single again and we are still together. I am not going to leave my girlfriend for anyone. And her sister knows this. I would like us to finally move on with our lives, but I don’t know if I can handle seeing her with another guy. And I don’t know how to tell her that it is time for us to move on. I am afraid to hurt her feelings. But I am ready to move on. I wished that I could just fly away to a far away country to get over her. What do I do?

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Texas de Brazil is tucked away upstairs Fiesta Plaza at Movietowne, Port of Spain. To find it, all you do is grab the elevator on the ground floor, hit “2” and as the doors open you will be struck by the stunning decor and ambience, a perfect mixture of modern contemporary design and rustic charm. As you enter you are greeted by a floor-to-ceiling wine cellar and the Beijos Bar and Lounge to the left, ready with all your favourite cocktails and drinks. Texas de Brazil is carving out a whole new experience in fine dining. The restaurant is an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria” or steakhouse that combines the cuisines and styles of southern Brazil and Texas. Director of operations, Ryan Chin took us over to his special select spirits display where he showed us a bottle of Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII that was $1,000 a drink. Someone had already savoured a special drink from that bottle. As Chin took us through the dining room we were impressed by the gigantic floral centrepiece on the serving centre in the middle of the room surrounded by over 50 plus dishes to choose from. Texas de Brazil, we are happy to report, is a continuous dining restaurant, so yes, you have 50 plus dishes to try plus various cuts of meats. You are given a circular Texas de Brazil coaster when you sit at your table

and when you are ready for your meats, you just turn the coaster on green and a troop of gauchos descend on your table to generously treat you to some of the finest meats, perfectly seasoned, and grilled over fire and coals. We were struck by the unique taste of the food, featuring a beguiling blend of spices. It is a mouth-watering experience. They also have their signature Brazilian cocktail called “The Caipirinha” which you must try. The desserts are to die for and they don’t give you a list to choose from – they bring samples of all, so these delights are even harder to resist. If you are thinking all this fabulous feasting is out of your reach, well maybe you deserve it on that next special occasion. The lunch is $245 and dinner is $350. Of course these prices will go up if you choose to go with the sea food a la carte menu. The wines and desserts are separate so if you are on a budget, just ask your waiter what is included so you are clear about your options and costs. We enjoyed everything we selected. We almost forgot to mention the staff who treated us really great. Texas de Brazil is a excellent way to treat you and yours and we urge our OMG readers to give it a try. To make reservations you can call 623-0022 or log on to As usual one lucky OMG reader and a friend will be going to experience Texas de Brazil. Just log on to Facebook, search for “Express OMG Magazine”, like our page and say “I want Texas de Brazil” and be patient. Winners will be announced soon.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday June 23, 2012 Page 7

How It Hang It Swing! The reigning King of Comedy, the Sultan of Satire, the Father of Farce, the Chinee Man, is coming your way again, this time with “How It Hang It Swing!” from June 20-24 at the Central Bank Auditorium. Raymond Choo Kong rose to fame in the early 80’s as a leading man in the Trinidad Tent Theatre – led by Helen Camps. Seasoned theatre-goers will remember him from “M Butterfly”, “Bent”, “Cinderama” and “Jouvert”. In the 90’s and early 21st century he directed and produced comedy cassics such as “Norman is that You?”, “Dat is Man”, “Out of Order”, “Everybody Loves Raymond” – his Cacique Awardwinning one-man show. Fifteen years ago he honed and directed T&T’s longest-running local smash hit, “Mary Could Dance”. In recent times, the new generation has seen acclaimed productions such as “The Sound of Music”, the “Choo Kong and Penny” trilogy, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”and “Death at a Funeral”. “How It Hang, It Swing!” is set in the posh district of Pax Vale, Santa Cruz, the home of the deputy mayor of Port of Spain who has just shot himself. Though only a flesh wound, four couples are about to experience a severe attack of “ridiculousness”. Gathering for their tenth

wedding anniversary, the host lies bleeding in his bedroom and his wife is nowhere in sight. His lawyer, Ken and wife Chris, must get the story straight before the other guests arrive. As the confusions and miscommunications mount, the evening spins off into classic farcical hilarity. “How it Hang, it Swing!” combines the best of many worlds with its multi-ethnic and multi-talented cast: Cecilia Salazar has done it all, from prostitute to politician, mother and sister, in plays such as “Doubt”, “Miss Miles… Woman of the World”, “Twilight Café”, “Rated X” and Liz in “Mary Could Dance”. Among the supporting cast is Conrad Parris, Abeo Jackson – aka Abi, from STAR 94.7FM, Cacique Award winner - Sasha Serran Clarke, Rachel Bascombe, Trevon Jugmohan – producer of the family classic, “The Sound of Music”, Marlon Mottley and YMCA councillor - Christopher Smith. There will be a 4.30 pm show today where senior citizens (with IDs) will be charged a special price, followed by an 8.30 show. Tomorrow’s finale starts at 6:30 pm. Ticket price is $100.

Tickets are at: Central Bank Auditorium Box Office From 12 noon – 6 pm 623-0845

Scan the QR code to visit How It Hang It Swing facebook page

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Anya Ayoung Chee is no stranger to design; as a matter of fact, her first steps in the field in its broadest sense came as a child when her naïve drawings became the basis of her mother’s innovative clothing and lifestyle brand, Wee Pals. Despite an academic focus in the sciences, her curiosity about the creative fields led her to study Art at St Joseph Convent and then formal training as a graphic designer at Parsons The New School of Design in New York City. While she has always had a sense of style, her real exposure to fashion design and styling came during her reign as Miss Trinidad and Tobago when she was instrumental in developing her various looks for the competition.

Ready to take on

the Fashion World

What we saw on Project Runway 9 was Anya really owning her unique perspective on fashion, personal style and bravado. When asked what defined her fashion point of view she said, “Being exposed to Carnival and to the Caribbean fuels my creative work more than any other influence in my life. Having a culture as diverse and rich as ours in Trinidad and Tobago is

unrivalled and is the life source of my work. Sometimes it allows me to see other cultures with a very open-minded lens, and other times our varied history gives me a constant point of reference for anything I see and absorb, both at home and abroad. The fact that this perspective is my default perspective only enriches my approach to the design and development of fashion for a wider market.”

A true Carnival baby, Anya has now crossed over into costume design with her debut in Tribe’s 2012 presentation Take Me to the Runway. This year, for Barbados Crop-Over, she designed Baje – which sold out within hours of the band’s costumes being open for sale. She muses, “Designing for Carnival is a really new and exciting experience for me (Tribe was my first time designing for Carnival, and Baje the second), because I get to think about very specific needs of the masquerader. Whereas with my clothes I focus on creating pieces that are unconstrained, flow on the body and are sexy and sensual in a more understated way, contemporary pretty mas carnival costumes MUST show off the body (as demanded by the masquerader!); glitz and glamour are paramount; simply put, there is nothing subtle about pretty mas!” Just this month Anya debuted her first collection since her win: The Summer 2012 capsule collection launched in New York at a fashion gala called COLOUR + SOUND, which was inspired by the flora of Tobago. The latter half of 2012 will be a hectic one for the PR9 Star, marketing and selling her first collection on her website, designing for Fashion Week in NYC as well as developing her third Carnival section for Tribe 2013. When asked how she is coping with the pace she said, “To design several collections in a year requires tremendous focus, clear scheduling and the ability to shift gears from one day to the next with ease. I suppose from a mental and spiritual standpoint it requires living in the moment and allowing each event to exist and then dissolve into the past as quickly as it happened. This is a process I am still learning to master! But it is exhilarating to engage in the constant flow from one moment to another and allow myself to truly listen to my inner voice. From the inner voice comes the purest inspiration so sometimes what this process requires is simply to slow down and take a few breaths in between the madness.” Speaking of glitz and glamour, her OMG moment comes from that fateful night on the final judging of Project Runway 9. “I think when I stood on the runway with Joshua and realised I could actually win... I was in a complete daze... I didn’’t realise till that moment that winning the whole thing was a possibility!” Keep up with Anya, her designs, work as our latest Tourism Ambassador and more OMG moments via her website

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday June 23, 2012 Page 9

Al Maun Muhammed 20 years old, MALONEY GARDENS FOOTBALLER Coach Trevor Spicer of the El Dorado youth football team was eager to introduce us to Al Maun, whom he says has been working really hard to improve his game over the past seven years. Al Maun has had many successes over the years but Spicer sees a new fire and determination in the player and he wants to encourage that. We asked Al Maun if his friends had another name for him but he says no, “everyone knows me as Al Maun”. His objective is to make it to the national team and he has hopes and dreams of international success. Al Maun says hard work is what makes all the difference. “When I started playing football I was not very good but I worked hard and continued to train hard at every opportunity I got. I can see the difference. Lots of fellas start off this game with real natural talent but talent is not all you need to succeed. You have to be able to stick to the training. Do the fundamentals and just keep working at getting better at your game. Those same naturally talented players are nowhere to be found now, so you have to really

want to do the work to get better. The hard work and discipline will surpass natural talent with lazy attitude any day.” Maloney-based coach Sherlan David has also been working with Al Maun to improve his basic skills. Al Maun comes from a large family and has two brothers and four sisters. He enjoys spending time with his family and learning more about his religion, Islam. He dislikes it when one player who doesn’t work hard on the field holds back the rest of the team. Al Maun is glad to know there are so many opportunities for younger footballers today but stresses it is up to them to seize those chances by doing the hard work to be ready. He says even if you are not academically strong, you can make a good living through sport. His OMG moment came when he was captain of his team playing in the Joe Public Under-17 Youth Pro League against St Ann’s Rangers. “We were leading 2-0 and the game had five minutes to go, then Rangers scored, so it was 2-1. I picked up the ball from my midfield but I lost it and they scored another goal, so it as 2-2 with only two minutes left in the game. I was feeling so guilty for losing that ball but in the last seconds the ball came rolling at the top of the box and I ended up hitting it real hard and scored the goal that won us that game.”

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Pretha Rekha

Bang Bang





Anderson Pierre Shaina Brown for P. Noire. Vou Image and LIGHTING Promotion Agency Stephen Doobal Tread ID

Ronaldo Roberts


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Mend a friendship Disagreements with your best friend will happen from time to time. Take the initiative and mend a missed and broken friendship.

Step 1 - Assess situation

Examine the situation and figure out what went wrong.

Step 2 - Reach out

Be humble and reach out to your lost friend. Write a letter, send a card or an email, and invite them to talk or get together.

Step 3 - Express your feelings

Say how you feel about the situation that broke the friendship. Be honest, calm, and polite.

Step 4 - Say Sorry

Apologise to your friend. If you feel you did not cause the broken friendship, take the initiative and apologise for how you reacted.

Step 5 - Be sympathetic

Listen sympathetically to your friend’s point of view.

Step 6 - Accept change

Acknowledge and accept that your friendship may never be the same.

Step 7 - Value your friendship

Cherish your friendship and make time to grow and keep your connections strong.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday June 23, 2012 Page 13

Kennedy Simon 42 years old, Lopinot, Arouca

Kennedy is by every definition of the word a fine artist. Once he starts talking about his work you realise the passion and perfectionism he puts into every piece. He is first an airbrush artist who has customised many winning cars for display and car show competitions. You may have seen his Lord of the Rings car and assumed it was a digital printout and wrap, but hard as it may be to believe those expressive scenes were hand-painted, down to every strand of hair. Kennedy has done themes on cars like Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Final Fantasy, to name a few. He has always been passionate about art since childhood and is constantly developing and perfecting his skills. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to pay for talent like Kennedy’s, not when they can go and get a digital printout and put together artwork using Photoshop. This has forced Kennedy to do airbrush training and customise pieces for people who can still appreciate the work of a fine artist. Besides customising work, he can also do graphic artwork on vehicles, regular paint jobs and simple body repairs. He dreams of refocusing his skills, finding his new customer base, establishing a really professional shop with staff and bring back artistry by hand to the market. “While a hand-made piece of artwork will be more expensive to create than doing a printout, the hand done art means you have a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that will always be an original. I want to work for people who value that.”


Kennedy can be contacted at 722-9765 or email him at

artistof the week

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Lil’ Kim becomes Charo:

Evolution of the Queen Bee Lil’ Kim has long been an artist who likes to make headlines with her looks as much as her lyrics.


Ever since she first broke out of the Junior M.A.F.I.A. to begin her solo career in 1996, she’s been dressing up, and down in the skimpiest of outfits, exaggerating her features with all sorts of dramatic make-up, and catching our eyes with a variety of hairstyles and wigs and coloured contacts. All the while, she’s also been altering her face under

music videos of the week


Trey Songz ft t.i. ‘‘2reasons”


Usher ft Rick Ross ‘‘Lemme see’’


3 kingston ft ti “Back to life”


TI- “Love this life”


Omarion ft Rick ross“Lets Talk”

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Jeremih ft Fabolous “ Ahh shit “

Lil’ Kim

the skin with a number of surgical procedures. So, when she showed up in West Hollywood on Saturday to perform for the L.A. Pride festival and looked more like a latter day Charo impersonator than a Brooklyn rapper, we shouldn’t have been surprised. And yet, we kind of were. Because that face, that leotard, that make-up … it just took our breath away. Anyway, take a look at Kim’s evolving look, from 1996 to today, just to prove to yourself that this was not an overnight transformation.

Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song break off their engagement Well, this is going to make the engagement party awkward…not to mention the bi-monthly family screening of The Social Network! Just days after Miley Cyrus announced her engagement to boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, brother Trace Cyrus reveals that he and actress Brenda Songare calling it quits. “Brenda and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Trace said in a statement. “We split up a couple of months ago. We will continue to focus on our careers.” Hmm…could it be that only one Cyrus can be engaged at one time in order to maintain order in the universe? Has anyone

seen Cabin In The Woods? No spoilers, but….really makes you think, doesn’t it? Song and Cyrus have been engaged since last October, a fact made even more tragic by the realisation that “Song and Cyrus” would make an amazing band name. Meanwhile, we’re wondering what happened to those Trace/Brenda pregnancy rumours that were swirling around last summer. “I wish Brenda the best and much success in the future,” Trace concludes. “I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation.” Oh, don’t worry, Trace. As soon as the media catch Miley trying on veils, no one’s going to remember your heartbreaking romance even existed.

Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song

Abhishek Bachchan hasn’t spent enough time with his baby The Bol Bachchan actor hasn’t had time to indulge in fatherly duties like changing nappies and feeding his darling daughter.

Demi lavato “Give your heart a break” Ne-yo ft Timberland “Hands in the air” R Kelly“Green light” Tweet “C 4 ever“

Abhishek Bachchan

At a party hosted by Keith Vaz, Britain’s MP of Indian origin, Ash’s hubby Abhishek Bachchan revealed that he is guilty of not spending enough time with his darling daughter and gorgeous wife. The reason that AB’s baby has been shunning fatherly duties is work. Barring a few weeks, Abhi has been busy working round the clock for Bol Bachchan. A few weeks before Aaradhya’s birth he was in Jaipur shooting for the Rohit Shetty film. We told you that

recently he worked days and nights to wrap up the dubbing of the larger-than-life entertainer, but that was not so that he could free up hours for Aaradhya! Meanwhile, at the party Ash reaffirmed that she isn’t yearning to return to the razzamatazz of the arclights and greasepaint. The former beauty queen loves playing the role of Mommy now and insists that being a mother is her top priority and is the most blissful time of her life. Of all the roles Ash has played so far, we think the real-life part of Mommy looks like her favourite role, one that we think she is performing to the best of her abilities.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday June 23, 2012 Page 15

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