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Saturday November 10, 2012 • VOL 1- 33

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012



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Age 23, San Juan

Three things you like about yourself? I like my positivity, perseverance and spirituality.


Relationship HOW TO’s

Nevash Rambaran

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In life once you can keep positive, never give up and have trust in God, everything comes up in your favour . Your OMG moment? When the West Indies won the T20 World Cup this year. OMG!

OMG FAshion

credits Editor


Stephen Doobal

Patrick Ifill


Charlene Gaspard-Johnson DIRECT SALES MANAGER


Layout and Design

Real Company Limited


Sean Guevara Kyle Madray Mario Francis

Andy Sieupresad

Group Marketing Manager

Jelan Cumberbatch



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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012

How to Go on a Date with Someone You Met on the Internet You’ve met someone online who shares your interests. Now it’s time to take it to the next level and meet in person. Step 1- Meet in public

Meet in a public place with plenty of other people around.

Tip- Meet during the daytime. Step 2 - Drive yourself

Drive yourself to the date. Don’t rely on the other person to give you a ride.

Tip- Check for a wedding ring tan line, especially on men. Thirty percent of married men use online dating services. Step 3 - Tell friends

Tell a friend where you’re going to be and for how long, and keep your cell phone with you.

Step 4 - Be prepared

Be prepared to meet someone who looks different than you expected. If your date misled you about their looks, you might not

be able to trust them and should rethink dating them.

Step 5 - watch the alcohol

Refrain from drinking too much. Getting drunk on your first date makes a bad impression and can be dangerous.

Step 6 - Be realistic

Be realistic. Keep the conversation light, have fun, and don’t expect too much from the first date.

Tip- End the date if something about the other person seems out of place and gives you a bad feeling. Step 7 - Assess the date

Assess the date and decide what your next step should be. If you hit it off, you may want to keep dating. But if you had no chemistry, keep looking for that special someone.

How to Make Up

After a Fight We will all encounter conflict with our boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife at many, many points of our relationship. Resolve your issues and focus on making up after a fight. Step 1 - Communicate

Talk honestly with each other about the issue. Keep an atmosphere where you and your lover can both comfortably speak your minds.

Step 2 - Apologize

Make the first move and say sorry.

Step 5 - Love

Express to them how much you love them.

Step 6 - Spend time together

Spend some quality time together and have fun. Do something both of you enjoy.

Tip - Make sure to laugh.

Step 3 Forgive

We all make mistakes.

Step 7 - Get intimate

Step 4 - Forget

Resolve the conflict and forget about the past. Focus on the future.

Enjoy the best part of making up and get intimate.

“Passively accepting your sadness is the same as forgetting to build your own happiness. Happiness is more than a mood. It’s a long-lasting state that is more accurately called well-being.”

— Deepak Chopra

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012 Page 5

Stage fright

email your


s n o i s s e f n co t g m o @ s n io s confes fessions to

ymously n o n a s t h g u epest tho e d r u o y s s onfe A place to c

Wow, finally!! I can’t go whenever I have to pee in a public restroom with other guys in it. I can stand there in front of a urinal for several minutes with the goods hanging out and having to pee so bad it hurts, but nothing will come out. My worst nightmares include urinals with no privacy panels and the goddamn troughs at stadiums. I can’t even pee with my wife watching.

Hopeless romantic? I would love for someone to want me... Tell me that I am beautiful and that everything will be ok, like in the movies. I do understand that this is not a movie but that doesn’t mean that my life cannot be the way I want it to be. I have spent so much time of my life being depressed and not knowing how to deal with it. Can I grab that happiness and hold on to it.... Close my eyes and not worry about anything... To not let anyone hurt me and make me feel worse. To be really happy with myself.....



I’m deathly afraid that I may never have the chance to raise children of my own.

Wow! Finally you open your eyes and realised that we are never going to be.... I am proud of you, finally you are not living in fantasy land anymore ... You will never have me. You know it. It was time for you to admit it!



I’m kind of happy I became sick because if I never did get ill I wouldn’t see how important life really is.

I TASTE GREAT! I really like the taste of flesh. I like it so much that I think I could cannibalise someone given the chance. That first salty taste of someone’s skin always makes me salivate at the idea of taking a chunk out of them. I regularly eat small pieces of myself. Nothing big enough to really be noticed but I just love it.

They really

finish last! You know the Nice Guys Finish Last thing? It’s true. I’m more popular now that I’m a jerk than I ever was when I was being myself

Shoplifting I have been shoplifting for about a year or so. Nothing real big. Nothing over, say, $50. And honestly I don’t even know why I started doing it. I never did it in the past. And I know it is wrong but I will continue to do it.

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012

Vietnamese Rolls

Tiki Village Restaurant Tiki Village Restaurant is located at Kapok Hotel, Cotton Hill, St Clair. You will be treated to a wonderful view of the Maraval hills as the elevator takes you to the eighth floor. The doors open up to a decor made up of rustic-style wood finishes. The walls are decorated with beautiful art done by copper master Ken Morris and his son Glendon Morris and you are surrounded by a most beautiful view as if you are perched atop a treehouse overlooking the city. The daytime views are stunning and the nighttime is very romantic. We were greeted by managing director Diana Cohen-Chan who says the restaurant has been around for generations. They have made Tiki Village part of the family celebration ritual. Children who came with their parents many years ago now bring their own children and even grandchildren. It is a place very much for special occasions – anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposals. It has such a history of special moments for so many people. Tiki Village also boasts of a great lunch menu that many business people and friends enjoy daily. The chef whipped some

delectable dishes for us to sample, including their signature “Polynesian Platter” which is a great starter before your main course. We also had the Vietnamese Rolls which was shrimp and basil rapper in tender translucent skin, wanton cups,Treasure of the Sea, which was a variety of seafood sautéed with Chinese vegetables and served in a nest, crispy pork skin, Chow Har Look and black pepper beef. Every dish was expertly made and tasted great. We were very full after this experience and then we washed it down with the Tiki Village signature drink.

Wanton Cups

As usual one lucky OMG Magazine reader and a guest will be going to the Tiki Village Restaurant. Just “like” the Express OMG Magazine page on Facebook and say, “I want Tiki Village” and you could be the lucky winner. If you cannot wait to try out Tiki Village, then just give them a call at 622-5768 or email or and book your special evening out, we are sure you will have a special time.

Polynesian Platter

crispy skin pork

Chow Har Look

Treasure of the sea

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012 Page 7


OMG Magazine met with budding stylist and accessories designer Miguel de la Rosa aka Spaceboi who put together this “Urban Street Style” scene. He was assisted by Sharde Titus and Mario Francis on location at One Woodbrook Place in St James. When asked what is “urban street style” Spaceboi says, “Urban Street Style cannot be bought off the racks at fashion stores. It is an eclectic mixture of personal style, creativity and craftsmanship to develop a look that is uniquely you.


Justin Wang, Shonika Greenidge and Shawn Dhanraj Stylist:

SpaceBoi de la Rosa Email:

Stylist Assistant:

Sharde Titus Makeup:

Mario Francis email:

Clothing - Male:

Terminal 4 1868 - 299-2294

Female :

Fashion Chase 1868-398-2788

Venus vs Mars Accessories BB Pin: 22AED9C3

Sunglasses : Silly Shades Tobago BB Pin: 21C49FEF

Photographer: Stephen Doobal

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012

Denice Millien (Dee Dee) has recently emerged on the local music scene. She is just 18 years old but she has already gained the attention of many music fans, with her sultry, Aaliyah-like ballad, “Stuck on You”. We have a QR code on this page, so you can scan and hear the song for yourself. “Stuck on You” is professionally produced by her brother David Millien (Millbeatz Entertainment), mastered by Johann Seaton – Madmen Productions and written by Denice, Steve Sealy, Emmanuel Rudder and Dale Ryan. We feel this song can hold its own with any song on the Billboard charts. Dee Dee is pleasant to be around, stunningly beautiful and is quickly maturing into not only a fresh new voice on the local music scene; she can also write, play some instruments and dabble with recording and editing her own tracks. OMG Magazine was excited to meet Dee Dee. We called in budding stylist and accessories designer SpaceBoi and Sharde Titus to style her for the photo shoot along with make-up artist Mario Francis. It was very encouraging to see the room filled with young people – from teens to early 20-year-olds – these young talents in make-up, styling and singing coming together to support each other’s budding careers, Trinidad is filled with talent and the next generation is even more so. We sat down with Dee Dee and found out more about her. You are obviously in a musical family. Tell us about that. Well, Daddy, Mummy and my family on both sides have always been involved in music, so I was born with that musical gene. My brother David took a music production course and he started producing songs and I was basically always around to help sing back-ups and just looked on at the whole process. My brother would always encourage me to give it a try or help him out with this song or the other. We also had a piano at home while I was growing up so I always would go on it and try to play songs I would hear. I am good with my ear. I dislike musical theory and learning the technical aspects of it, but I can hear a tune and play it. How did you step from being in the background to becoming a singer? I really didn’t plan for all of this. It started when I sang in a calypso competition at primary school and I came first. That was motivation for me to keep at it. However dance was always my number one passion. Music was always there and after David did his music production course I was always around so he roped me in to do background vocals. I never really wanted the spotlight. I thought nothing of it nor did I take it too seriously. It was just normal. But by doing that it opened doors for me because other big artistes

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012 Page 9

Interview and photography by would praise me on my voice. But David was always encouraging and Mummy was the biggest motivator and critic and Daddy was always there, supportive. Then I started taking it seriously and did vocals for Chucky, many of the soca artistes, the Millionaire Family. Then it went to bigger doors like Sizzla, Maxi Priest and a few others I can’t remember. So what was your first song? My first official track on my own would be “Blessing From Above” and now, well, it’s “Stuck on You”. I heard your song at the end of TV6 News last Saturday? Yes!! Yes! I wanted to cry. I was so happy. That song “Stuck on You” exceeded my expectations. You know Trinis are a hard crowd to please, so I am shocked how people have gravitated to this song. I am just shocked and thankful about how it is going. I have not one bad review on Youtube, nor I have heard one person who had a negative comment. Most people feel it sounds totally international. Are you going to stick with R&B? I started off with soca and calypso and I love our music, but I feel I want to give the international song a try first. Who are some of the singers you look up to? I love Destra and think she is a great singer. Internationally I would have to say Aaliyah. She inspires the vocals for “Stuck on You”. Her voice is like an angel. Like most people who hear my voice they say I have the same tones as her, the same soft angelic tones. Has your team tried to push the song internationally? No. We will however, after the video is produced. I also have some other great songs I am working on that are not just R&B. I have reggae, pop and I want to try the soca but something more in the groovy vain. What about your future, what do you see? I don’t see myself as big as a Beyonce but I want to be able to travel the world singing my songs, sharing my talent, maybe come back home one day and open a business. Is your family big? Well it’s eight of us, three boys, three girls. I am the third to last so I have two younger brothers and, well, mom and dad. We may fight at times, but I love all of them. What makes Dee Dee happy? Food! I love lasagna… food, genuine friends and my family. I don’t care to go to parties. You just see the same people posing for pictures to put on Facebook, like if they are just there to take the picture but not have a great time. It so defeats the purpose Make-up:

Mario Francis Make-up By Mario

Stephen Doobal

of a party, a place to enjoy yourself. Instead they are all caught up in what they can post. I am 18 but I don’t think like one, I think because I grew up with plenty adults around me. Your dislikes? Fake, small-minded people. I dislike people who judge you. I must confess I was guilty of being like that, very judgmental of other people. I don’t do it anymore because I know how it feels, so I wouldn’t do it to anyone else. I dislike people who lie, call your name in things that never happened. All the things I used to do I hate, because I am no angel. I used to do those things. I was bitter and revengeful. But deep inside I felt I was not that. I was a gentle, loving person. So I am growing, learning and changing into the person I want to be. I have learn to pull back and examine myself and see my faults and bad habits and fix the things I feel I need to change. Do you write your own songs? I think the whole writing process has helped me to change, by exploring my feelings. I can start to write a song but never finish. I think it is lack of confidence mostly. Steve Sealy, Emmanuel Rudder and Dale Ryan are some really talented writers and they have really helping me to become a writer, or a better writer. I am also interested in the music production aspect. I would sometimes go in the studio and record myself when David can’t do it and he would come and fix it and put the final touches. I am also working on another song that I am really excited about, because I was sleeping and dreamt I was singing this really beautiful song at the Grammy awards. So I jumped up and recorded what I could remember on my phone. Then I went on the keyboard and I sang and played the chords and recorded it on the keyboard. I played it for David and he loved it and the writers I work with they loved it too, so I am really excited to get this song out. It is really nice and dramatic. This song is dear to me. Your OMG moment… Oh gosh I have so many! One that happened recently is when I had this performance at Woodford Café. I was in the audience awaiting my time and this guy came up to me, very flamboyant individual, and was telling me about how gorgeous and fabulous I was and that I should be a Miss Trinidad and Tobago, no a Miss World and really showering me with lots of love and praises. I however overheard that it was his birthday and when I went on stage and it was 12 o’clock, I stopped the music and called him up on stage and wished him a happy birthday. He did not expect it. He was so overwhelmed, so emotional, he was like, “oh my God” and he hugged me and would not let go and the whole crowd went off… It was one of my most special moments. It made my evening and gave me great energy for my performance.


Stylist Assistant:

Clothing And Accessories:

SpaceBoi de la Rosa

Sharde Titus

Eastern Avenue The Celebrity Store 624-0684


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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012

Buffalo and Back -

Made right here in T&T by Ian M S Royer

Jeff Wight and Andrew Mc Intosh (also a producer) the singing and songwriting team, formed an unlikely partnership in June after a chance meeting through a mutual friend. The music they started was born of the desire of Wight to use his music as a way to reach his then lover in an attempt to save their profoundly broken relationship. What resulted was an eclectic sound with touching lyrics that quickly took the social media spaces of Trinidad and Tobago by storm. Mc Intosh, the former front man and producer of the very successful alternative band Skid”Nevely, was on a break from the local scene and was focused on his burgeoning EDM music which was slowly taking hold in the underground entertainment scene of T&T. What attracted him back to the band’s indie style was that Jeff’s unique voice and talent with words offered him a chance to just focus on the music. The pairing of the two obviously works as their soul-

touching music and unique Youtube videos have sparked great interest not only in the Caribbean but internationally. This pushed the intriguing duo to create a debut album set to be released before the end of the year. What’s going to make them special? The mad geniuses are able to mix genres such as indie, alternative, ragtime, folk pop and experimental sounds into an enchanting yet fairly acoustic set up with lyrics that can melt even the coldest heart. If you’re a fan of Keaton Henson, Bon Iver, The Beatles, Blink 182, Avalanche City, Death Cab for Cutie, or even a Perfect Circle then there is a song here for you. Be sure to look out for Buffalo & Back who have managed to move their clean sound, quirky lyrics and touching music videos to 50,000 views on Youtube and climbing. Not bad at all for newbies with a fresh sound from an island known best for its soca, calypso and pan? Just remember to click “Share” after you fall in love with them! Find them on facebook: http://www. and youtube:


Roger Seepersad

left - Jeff Wight and Andrew Mc Intosh

Miss City of San Fernando

working to educate the city’s youth Miss City of San Fernando, Britney Alvarez, working in collaboration with the Carnegie Free Library of San Fernando, organised an art exhibition on October 18 at the library in San Fernando. Ms Alvarez was at the library along with one of San Fernando’s eminent historians, artists and craftsmen, educating the children and the general public on the history of San Fernando and Trinidad and Tobago. The exhibition was geared towards making them more aware of the city’s history. The items on display came from historian Louis Homer who presented pieces from the “Chest of China”. Mr. Homer chose to display those pieces because at the time we were celebrating things Chinese. Other items displayed were from artist Clarence Drakes

who presented paintings and photographs with a history theme. On display from sculptor Junior Bisnath were displays of wooden pieces with a strong history theme. The presenters brought words of encouragement to the students who are preparing for upcoming exams and also expressed gratitude to the teachers and principals of schools that participated in the event. Over 300 students came from various schools in and around San Fernando including: Harmony Hall Presbyterian Primary School; Pointe-a-Pierre Government Primary School; La Romaine Government Primary School; Pleasantville Government Primary School; Grant Memorial Primary School and many more. Miss City of San Fernando has pledged continue her work with the youth of the city for the remainder of her reign.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012 Page 11

‘Eat Ah Food’ brings down

curtain on theatre season at NAPA

RR & RS Productions Trinidad and Tobago’s number one quality theatre producers, who brought us mega hits like the critically acclaimed “Mary Could Dance”, “De Biggest Macco”, “Yuh Lying Again Jack”, “Love Thy Neighbour”, “Maneater” and “Men Are Dogs” now comes the controversially funny and poignant “Eat Ah Food” written by Ricardo Samuel and Directed by Richard Ragoobarsingh for the closing of the theatre season for two nights only at NAPA (National Academy for Performing Arts) on November 17 and 18. Richard Ragoobarsingh and Nigel Auguste

An avid financial supporter of the ruling political party is mysteriously shot dead and an investigation is launched by the police which reveals some startling truths. Is a high ranking government minister having an affair

with the murdered man’s wife? Is the Minister implicated or is it the wife? Who is the mysterious SIA agent? And what does Section 34 have to do with sexual favours? Can the media be bought or will all be revealed in a crushing headline that brings down the government? What do three prostitutes and a footballer have to do with anything? Is the Minister of National Security involved? Mix in an inquisitive maid and a secretary who is “passionate” about her job, a reporter attacked and the never ending bacchanal unfolds to a dizzying and hilarious conclusion. Featured among the stellar cast are the likes of Debra Boucaud Mason, Cecilia Salazar, Nigel Auguste, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Leslie Ann Lavine ,Ria Ali, Fabrice Barker and Leston Paul. It is directed by Richard Ragoobarsingh. It is important to note that this is a story of fiction. Any resemblance to any living person is sort of coincidental. Box Office at NAPA is open 11a.m. to 6 p.m . 625-4224 or 627-1104 For info call 338-6024 744-7581

T&T Drinks Festival: Souk T&T Drinks Festival, “Souk”, was an experience to say the least. It is a promising event with lots of opportunities for growth. We had a great time there and so did everyone else! The overall design and décor was excellent and the turnout and cross-section of suppliers of food and drink was impressive. We particularly enjoyed More Vino/More Sushi, The Wine Alley, Whiskey Time, Tanqueray, Jaggermeister, De Kuyper Circus Coktails, The Puncheon Shots (yes, we were brave) and the Mojitos from Absolut Vodka! What made the event suffer a little however was the concept of trading coins for samples and full portions – believe us when we say

the vendors set things right with their service!

by Ian M S Royer

Another delight was in the showcase of local talent. We enjoyed seeing our own perform and were particularly impressed with Halogen Sunset – a quartet that left us begging for an encore and having local artist Darren Chee-Wah develop a beautiful mural while we perused the festival. All in all we give the Pepper Events kudos for another great event. They did very well for their first attempt; so much so that we would actually be curious to see what they come up with next! Photography:

Brent Wilson of The U.G.G.L.Y

Beauties of the wine alley

having a time at souk

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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012

Let’s support

John John Meet John John, an R&B singer/songwriter from right here in our hotbed of talent and culture that’s making its mark on the global audience. John John is the first Trinidadian artiste using Kickstarter to help fund his latest project and hopefully reach outside T&T’s shores with his music & passion. This project is for his latest music video “Let’s Make Music”, a precursor to his debut album, Citagrandson. All John’s previous recordings and videos have been a labour of love supported by friends, family and fans. He now hopes, through Kickstarter, to reach another level of exposure and support to make this music video a world-class effort.

How to Offer Constructive Criticism

Pick your words and prepare your manner carefully if you really want to help with advice and criticism Step 1 - Reflect and prepare

account their compromised power to absorb information in such a tense circumstance.

Step 2 - Maintain respect

Step 6 - Criticise the behavior

Reflect on what you want to say to the person and prepare a clear message. Be honest with yourself regarding any ill will you might harbor.

Maintain unconditional respect for the person. Everyone, including you, is doing the best they can.

Step 3 - Know the situation

Document and praise the other’s efforts, intentions, and accomplishments. Before raising reservations about their performance, be complimentary.

Tip - Try to conduct the conversation privately, away from prying eyes. Step 4 - Listen closely

Ask questions and invite them to explain their view of things. This could change the criticisms you offer.

Step 5 - Consider their power to absorb

State your case, taking into

Criticise the behavior, not the person. Accept criticism as well, knowing that mistakes are normal for everyone.

Tip - Follow the Golden Rule of treating others as you would be treated in all your dealings with others. Step 7 - Expect realistic results

Expect no more from others than you would from yourself. Craft achievable goals with their participation so you’re both on the same page.

Step 8 - Reinforce the message

Reinforce the message to get agreement on what both parties understood, and what the plan for correction will be.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012 Page 13

Take a taste of Trinidad and Tobago’s freshest Soca releases for Carnival 2K13, just scan the QR codes with your smartphone and enjoy...

MX Prime

Nisha B


Michelle Xavier


Dinese Belfon




Gimme More



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WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012

Child Mauled To Death By African Dogs at US Zoo

top5 music videos of the week


Tyrese“ Best of me”


Ladacris ft Kelly Rowland “Representin”


Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj (Inferno remix)“Girl on fire”


Sky Ferriera“Sad Dreams”


One Direction“Little Things”

A two-year-old boy was killed by 11 painted African dogs after he fell into their pen atthe Pittsburgh Zoo. Tragedy struck at zoo on November 4. Zookeepers failed to lure the pack of endangered species away from the helpless boy. “The screams just kept coming and coming: ‘Someone help. Someone has to do something,’” Angela Cinti, 20, of Bethel Park, who was visiting the zoo today with her boyfriend Nick Kramer, 16, told The Pittsburgh PostGazette. Zoo President and Chief Executive Officer Barbara Baker said the child was visiting the zoo with his mother when African Dogs with bits ofchild’s he fell over a wooden railing and off of clothing At Pittsburgh Zoo a mesh barrier, entering the African dog

display. According to the report, the wooden railing is 4 feet high and the lower mesh barrier is 14 feet above the open exhibit space. Zookeepers removed 7 out of the 11 dogs from the exhibit as the child’s life remained in danger. The staff continued to shoot darts into the exhibit in hopes of scaring the dogs, but, “unfortunately, the dogs were in packmentality and not responding.” “There were three dogs: one at his head, one on the left side of his neck and another one down by his leg… A [zoo employee] got there and hopped over a fence with a rake and he was banging…trying to distract the dogs but theywouldn’t move,” said Angela

Aerosmith: A Tumbling Down,

Then A ‘Magic Moment’ SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to see this week’s Top5 Music Video


1 2 3 4 5

3 Doors Down“One Light” Ne-yo“Cracks in Mr. Perfect”

They were there in the 1970s,through the ‘80s and on into the ‘90s. Aerosmith has managed to become one of the most enduring bands in American rock history. Now, the group is releasing its first studio album in 11 years. It’s called Music from Another Dimension!, and it’s out this week. The album is a labor of love, one that lead singer Steven Tyler says almost didn’t happen. Speaking with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Tyler points to a particularly rough experience in the time between albums: the day in 2009 when he fell off the stage during a live performance. “No one in the band called me for a bunch of weeks. I was so unearthed by that,” Tyler says. “The pain meds they gave me, I just went off on. I’m a good drug addict and a recover-

ing alcoholic, and I did what we all do well — which was abuse the drugs again.” Tyler entered rehab at the Betty Ford Center. He says that when his stint was finished and he reconnected with the band, everything changed. “I apologized to the guys. We did two months of laying tracks down. The music started falling out of the sky,” Tyler says. “The band was what we were in the beginning — it was such a magic moment again.” Here, Tyler speaks with Martin about growing up around classical music, collaborating with John Lennon’s son Julian, what he learned as a judge on American Idol and Aerosmith’s pact to be “the last band standing.”

Baby Takes Out

Dragon With

Kung-Fu No need for knights in armor riding white horses, as long as you’ve got Dragon Baby. Watch as he karate chops the evil black dragon of doom. Sure, he takes a hit or two, but he bounces right back up off of his diapered butt and lands a nice roundhouse right in the dragon’s gut before knocking the stuffing out of him. Dragon Baby is my hero!

Nicki Minaj“Freedom” Flyleaf-

“Call you out”

Meek Mill“Dreams and nightmares”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 The astonishing conclusion to the series, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, PART 2, illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday November 10, 2012 Page 15

Priyanka Chopra

Will Priyanka Chopra collaborate with Pitbull for her second single?

After making her international debut as a singer with her first single In My City featuring, Priyanka might join hands with another pop sensation Pitbull for her second track. Just a couple of months back Priyanka Chopra unveiled her much awaited music single In My City. The peppy number featured the American music giant and was

declared platinum in the US market. Priyanka’s album is being produced by the veteran music sensation RedOne in tandem with Brian Kennedy. PeeCee certainly surprised everyone with her ability to croon on par with some seasoned singers and looked incredibly hot at the same time in the video of the making of the song. Many from B-town, including Salman Khan loved Priyanka’s album. Bhai, in fact, gave his special salaam to Priyanka. Now we hear that the dusky babe is in talks to collaborate with American rapper, songwriter and music producer Pit-


bull! With the able backing of the giant producer Red One, who has worked with international biggies like Lady Gaga, Jenifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and One Direction, it is quite easy for our desi girl to get Pitbull on board, right? In fact, the ‘Krazy’ sensation has teamed up with Red One for many of his creations. Looks like Priyanka and Pitbull are in the same boat and they could surely make a heady combination for PeeCee’s second track. There has been no official announcement from PeeCee or her producers yet but we hear that there might be an announcement soon.

Woman sells virginity for $780k

Catarina Migliorini

Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old physical exercise student, had volunteered to sell her virginity as part of a documentary by Justin Sisely. The auction was reportedly finalised with a Japanese man, identified only by the name Natsu, agreeing to pay $780,000. Mr Sisely told reports that Ms Migliorini is ecstatic about the sale and had not expected this

The winner, Natsu, fended off strong competition from American bidders Jack Miller and Jack Right as well as an Indian national, Rudra Chatterjee. Mr Sisely said the act would be consummated in the following weeks. “We will fly over the winner to Australia and obviously, for the sake of the film and privacy, we can’t disclose where and when the act will take place,” he said. “I have to leave some details for the documentary.” Ms Migliorini has come under fire after news of the auction made headlines, with many likening the sale to prostitution. “If you do it once in your life than you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automati-

amount of interest. “The auction closed at 10 pm and Catarina is extremely excited. She was speaking to her family in Brazil online, and they were extremely happy for her,” he said. “But I guess they didn’t expect her to do something like this.”

cally make you a photographer,” she said. “The auction is just business, I’m a romantic girl at heart and believe in love.” Some media reports have said Ms Migliorini would donate the money to charity, but Mr Sisley said that was not his understanding. “Catarina said she’ll be helping out her family and friends in Brazil but it is all media speculation,” he said. “When we were talking last night about it, I told her it’s about setting up her life. Sure she’ll donate some money but it’s a lie she’ll donate the majority of her earnings.” Migliorini signed up two years ago to be part of Mr Sisely’s documentary when she saw an advertisement by Thomas Wil-

Living walls and self-healing concrete are the future of architecture Concrete is the most widely used structural material on the planet, but it has a niggling habit of breaking down over time, giving rise to cracks, pits and holes that require expensive repairs or replacement. But what if concrete could mend itself? It turns out such a material already exists — and it could be used in a building near you in as little as two or three years from now. The material in question is called “bio-concrete.” Born out of a collaboration between microbiologist Henk Jonkers and concrete technologist Eric Schlangen, the cost-saving, selfhealing material is a living mixture of concrete, bacterial spores, and microbe-sustaining nourishment in the form of calcium

lactate. When the biomaterial is exposed to water (one of the many things known to contribute to the degradation of concrete), the bacteria set to work converting calcium lactate into calcite, which fills in surrounding cracks. According to the BBC, Jonkers and Schlangen have demonstrated the bacteria’s ability to repair cracks up to half a millimetre wide (see the video below for a side-by-side comparison of cracks and holes before and after healing). Now, the researchers are bringing their concrete out of the lab for some practical, real-world testing. Jonkers says the system could be ready for commercialisation in twoto three years. Assuming all goes well, he says the biggest hurdles will be in upscaling — producing the bacteria in large quantities, and ensuring that they can survive the mixing process..

liams Productions called ‘Virgin’s Wanted’. “I came up with the idea because I was sick of what other directors were producing and trying to emulate Hollywood,” said Mr Sisely. Under the terms of the auction, a condom is compulsory for the act and Natsu will be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases prior to the encounter. “We’ll be wrapping up the filming around mid-November,” said Mr Sisely. “I’m looking forward to my audience’s response to the film.” Ms Migliorini’s male counterpart, Alex Stepanov, a 21-yearold Sydney student, sold his virginity for $3,000 to a Brazilian woman.

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