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Saturday October 27, 2012 • VOL 1- 31

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Jabari St Cyr

Age 19, Chase Village Chaguanas

Three things you like about yourself: I have a more mature way of thinking about things compared to most young people today.




OMG FAshion


Rising Sport star

Stephen Doobal

Patrick Ifill


My natural ability with computers and technology in general. DIRECT SALES MANAGER


Layout and Design

Real Company Limited


Sean Guevara Kyle Madray Mario Francis

Andy Sieupresad

Group Marketing Manager

Jelan Cumberbatch

Stephen Doobal



Charlene Gaspard-Johnson




Because of my personal training experience I have the ability to transform and develop my body.

Your OMG moment? It has to be today, because there was no way I could have done this photo shoot, but everything just changed. I was able to leave work early, there was no traffic and I am here doing this. When a few hours ago it was impossible…here I am... OMG!

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How to Plan Cheap Dates

that Seem Expensive You have a date this weekend, but your bank account balance is low. Plan an inexpensive outing that won’t make you look cheap. Step 1Dress up a little. Put some thought and care into your outfit. Step 2-

Make a fancy dinner. Lay out a nice tablecloth, your finest dinnerware, and a couple of wine glasses. Pick classy meals that are cheap to make, such as eggplant parmesan. Serve a bottle of wine.

Tip Decorate the plates with a garnish, and drizzle any sauce over the dish in patterns to make it look professional.

How to Handle Saying

Someone Else’s Name During Sex Oops! The name you uttered – or screamed – during sex is not the name of the person you’re with. Awkward! Recover fast with these tips. Step 1- Ignore it

With any luck, your partner was too into the action to notice. And even if they did, chances are they’d just as soon pretend it didn’t happen too. Either way, no good will come of bringing it up if they’re willing to overlook it.

Step 2- Deny it

If confronted, deny, deny, deny. Unless they’re recording the encounter, they’ll have no proof you said someone else’s name during sex.

Tip- Try breaking the tension by saying you refuse to answer any more questions without the presence of an attorney. Step 3- Trivialize it

Downplay it by retorting, “Oh, like… you’ve never

said someone else’s name during sex.” If you act like it’s no big deal, maybe they will too.

Step 4- Deflect it

Redirect your blunder with psychobabble: Include the words “subconscious”, “fixation”, “validate”, “safety”, and “inner child” in any combination that at least approaches a logical explanation.

Step 5- Explain it

Come up with a plausible, innocent explanation why someone else’s name popped out of your mouth at such an inopportune time. Yeah, good luck with that one.

Step 6- Apologize

Say you’re sorry. Because, at the end of the day, you owe your partner a big apology for saying someone else’s name during sex. PS: An expensive gift wouldn’t hurt either.

Step 3-

Attend an independent or experimental theatre where the tickets cost less than those of a professional theatre company.

Step 4Visit a museum or an aquarium. Many museums offer free admission one evening of the week. Step 5Go to a free wine tasting at a local winery. The ambiance of the winery will add to the illusion. Step 6Take your date to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Many restaurants offer cheaper lunch menus with smaller portions. It will look like you can afford to go to an expensive restaurant even when you can’t.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 27, 2012 Page 5

email your


s n o i s s e f n co t g m o @ s n io s confes nfessions to

mously y n o n a s t h g pest thou e e d r u o y s onfes A place to c

I need some


Rolling with

the bottle

I’m kind of going out with this guy.
He loves me. He adores me. He needs me.
But I love flirting with other guys. It’s so much fun, and sometimes I fall for them a little.
I would like to break up with my guy but I know it would break his heart and I couldn’t bear doing that.
And so I am stuck. I don’t want to hurt him, but I’m dying for some freedom!

Baby due soon, but… I drive drunk so often that I have almost become an expert. I can get out of a driving under the influence rap about 99.9 per cent of the time.

I have a baby on the way; due in one month. I love and respect my girlfriend but there are days where I just wanna leave the country. I am torn between my desire for personal happiness and freedom versus my responsibilities. I am deeply saddened right now because of the situation and for having these thoughts of leaving.

Payback time Priceless lesson I’m kind of happy I became sick because if I never did I wouldn’t see how important life really is.



I pretend to be modest so that people can like me. In all honesty, I am completely infatuated with myself. I can stand in front of a mirror for an hour, just checking my naked body out. I think that I’m way hotter than most of those Hollywood girls. I’m afraid that I will never be as attracted to anybody as much as I am to myself.

I met up with a very old friend of mine, a friend I have not seen in over seven years. He was the first person I had ever been with and I was madly in love with him or at least I thought I was in love. However I was much younger than him, so for me it was love but for him it was just sex. I had made a huge mistake and I have regretted it ever since. Seeing him after all this time just brought back some painful memories, and I wish I could make him pay for hurting me so bad. He wants us to meet up and pick up from where we left off; little does he know I have another plan for him. I plan to make him feel the same pain he made me feel. Karma could be such a bitch when you’re on the receiving end of it. Ha-ha-ha-ha…

I love the

new guy

Sigh... I love my boyfriend but I’ve recently befriended this guy who is just like me! My boyfriend and I are two completely opposite persons and have nothing in common but he loves me... I just don’t think I love him... The other guy is just great! Perfect in every way! And we do like each other... It’s just scary to think that if I leave my boyfriend for him the relationship won’t work because karma is a bitch and I’m afraid she kicks my butt! Yikes!

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KAVA is an exciting café located on the ground floor of the Kapok Hotel in St Clair that offers casual dining. It is all you need if you are looking for great food, some excellent drinks and a relaxed ambience. This café boasts of its brick oven pizzas which the OMG team sampled and we can tell you it was a great experience which would cost you about $100. The pizzas were garnished with fresh basil from their herb garden; they make their own dough and, believe me, you can taste the difference “fresh” makes. Heath Marcoviche and his team were happy to whip up some dishes just for us. I had the beef burger with sweet potato fries and Mario had cream of whipped potato with grilled vegetables and pan-fried butterfish. Both were excellent; they were very well seasoned and filling – I could not complete my burger. KAVA’s decor is lovely and you can enter from the

outside the hotel or sit on the patio for a great lime with friends. The bartenders mixed two mojitos for us with fresh mint from their herb gardens; what can we say – simply delicious. The KAVA pizza is their signature item and it has been a hit since they opened their doors three months ago. You can also get main courses like grilled pork chops with blue cheese, pasta dishes and wings; you have the option of a light salad with a glass of wine or a cappuccino with a slice of cake. Heath says you will not leave KAVA without finding something you like, from the finger foods to the main courses. Currently KAVA is open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday and will soon be opening for lunch. As usual one lucky OMG Magazine reader and a guest will get to enjoy the KAVA experience. Just “like” the Express OMG Magazine page on Facebook and say, “I want KAVA” and you could be the lucky winner. If you are in the mood to treat yourself and not break the bank, then check out KAVA. You will not regret it. Just give them a call at 622-KAVA.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 27, 2012 Page 7

style Caribbean Fashion Plus Week 2012 puts ‘Pan In Style’ Prepare to slip into something comfortable and stylish with the annual Caribbean Fashion Plus Week 2012 set for next week. All eyes will be on the Caribbean and host country Trinidad and Tobago for the largest plus size fashion week event in the region. Caribbean Fashion Plus Week is hosted by Carivog International with support from Cascadia Hotel and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism. From the November 1 to 4, signature events will lead the way toward two major runway shows which will be held on the weekend. The first event will be “Pan In Style” – a fashion show and after party affair to be held on November 3 at 6.30 p.m. at Sforzata panyard, corner Harris and Evans Street, St. Augustine. Tickets cost $125 for both the fashion runway and the party that follows. To attend the party only you pay $60 at the door. The “Pan In Style” event is being hosted in partnership with the management of the Sforzata Steel Orchestra and promises to be a colourful explosion of steelband music and fashion on one fantastic night. The second major event will be “Runway Caribbean” which will be held on Sunday 4th November, 6 p.m. at The Ballroom, Cascadia Hotel, St

Ann’s. Tickets cost $200. Both fashion runways will showcase models and designers from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada, Guyana, South Korea and USA along with fashion designers from the Caribbean who will all come together to exhibit the latest trends in plus size fashion. In preparation for the “Pan In Style” event, noted photographer Antony Scully and fashion designer Wayne Sankar came together with Carivog International to create a “Pan In style” photo shoot in conjunction with the Sforzata Junior Pan Ensemble. This creative and colourful photo shoot was a successful first experiment of the exciting fusion that can be expected at the “Pan In Style” fashion show at Sforzata panyard next Saturday. Caribbean Fashion Plus Week is an exciting, innovative, fun-filled fashion week, which will include 16 emerging and established fashion designers some of whom are debuting their first ever plus size collections and bringing plus size audiences the latest trends in apparel, hair, beauty, accessories and lifestyles. To book tickets for both runway events please call: Carivog (South) – 764-5473; Wazir Pharmacy (East) – 295-3940; Closet Red (Port of Spain) – 293-4341 and Photo Sunny, opp. Express House; Plan Plus 3 Consulting (St Joseph) – 662-9805 or email caripsfw@ For more information on other events including seminars happening during the Caribbean Fashion Plus Week, please visit www.facebook. com/TheCFPW or This fashion week embraces and incubates colour and creativity and each event has a distinct flair for the theatrical. This vibrant energy is one that you will have to experience for yourself!


Kandace Phillip Nakeefa Huggins Pete Ann Bartholomew Camevel Cova Sonja Pollonais Stacy Castle

“Pan In Style” Photographer:

Antony Scully


Wayne Sankar Designs Location: Sforzata pan yard Orchestra: Sfrozata Junior Steelpan Ensemble

Shazelle has to be one of Trinidad and Tobago’s best kept secrets. The OMG team came across some of her music videos a few weeks ago and we were totally enchanted. Not only is Shazelle beautiful, she is also very talented. We contacted her and discovered that she is also very pleasant, down to earth and great to work with. We sat down with Shazelle at the Chaguanas home and beauty salon of Pamela, her childhood friend, where she got her hair done while we did this interview. Who is Shazelle? Well basically I am a Chaguanas girl and I am absolutely blessed to be living my dreams. When I was younger I sang in choirs, at school, in church. Then I started singing in a pop rock band and that was a crazy experience. It did not work out too well, but it is actually when I was in that band I realised that this is something I had to do. But I could not just say, “mummy, daddy I want to sing” and get their blessing. It would not be that easy. They did not have the opportunity to go to school and further their education, so to them education was extremely important and I understood that too. So I finished school and did my degree in marketing and management. I got a great job and loved doing it but my passion for singing and writing was still haunting me. One day, going to work in the two-and-a-halfhour traffic from Chaguanas into Port of Spain, in the middle of this five-seater taxi, between the driver and a passenger at five in the morning, I heard this ad on the radio saying, “do you want to be in the music industry? Are you trying to become a writer for the music industry?” So I am puzzled and shocked because this is all that has been going through my mind for the past few months. I wondered if I was dreaming or was he talking to me? I felt like heaven opened up and a bright light was shining on me, so I called work and told them I couldn’t come and headed to the

conference at Crowne Plaza. There is where I met Ivan Berry and everything changed. We became friends over the period of a year. We would talk. I would send him my songs and I would ask questions about how to get things done. He was interested in me as a songwriter, so I had some vacation from work and he invited me to work with his business partner who is an accomplished Canadian songwriter. So I went up to Canada to work with him and on one of the songs we wrote together I did the demo for it and he suggested that I should record the song. Ivan trusted him and agreed and that is how it happened – I recorded “Elevator”, my first song. I came back to Trinidad. Work was really hectic and a couple months later we were getting ready to shoot the video and then a next song and eventually I had to make a decision between my job and if I wanted to go further. So I chose my dreams and went full speed ahead into my singing and songwriting career. So all your videos were done in Canada? Well, two were done in Canada, two in Romania and one was done in Trinidad. I have been fortunate to tour with a guy called Massari from Canada who is Lebanese-born and is a huge Middle Eastern superstar. I opened for his Middle East tour in 2008 and we performed in Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Australia, so that was an amazing time for me because just to be able to travel to these countries was a dream for me. But Egypt was my most memorable moment performing because I felt even though they didn’t know most of my songs the crowd just went crazy when I went on stage. It was unbelievable. Everything I ever pictured for myself being a performer, that was it. How many songs have you released? I have six songs. There is “Elevator”, “Stronger, Faster”, “Pick Me Up”, “I Need Love”, “State of Emergency”, “Power Inside”. What about your Trinidad fans, do you have them? I have stations such as Hott 93 and 95.1 playing my music and it’s been a little bit harder to get airplay on other stations because they say I don’t fit their format or whatever their excuses are. But over the past year I feel more stations have been playing my songs but I would say Hott 93 is my main supporter. I try not to focus too much on trying to get the stations here to play my music. I am not trying to isolate my supporters here because I do have a lot of Trini fans who go berserk every time they see me which is so encouraging and so wonderful, but because I am trying to make it internationally my goal is to try to position myself. But I love Trinidad. Home is home to me. I’ve travelled the world and there are wonderful places out there, but there is no place like home. My intention has always been to be an international artiste coming out of the Caribbean and my strategy is to focus on that.

So are you recording now? I have been signed recently to a company called CTW Music which is a Caribbean publishing company that signs songwriters. So the last year I’ve been travelling every month to different camps and top producers and songwriters in the world are invited along with the CTW songwriters. Like last month we had it in Jamaica and RCA asked us to write for Jennifer Hudson, so the entire camp was focused on writing songs for her. The month before we were in Nevis writing for Rachel Crow and Amber Riley and songs we wrote were chosen. Just to know that we had the opportunity to write songs for these artistes is amazing. We even had a camp for Rihanna. So for the last year I’ve been working on honing my skills as a songwriter as well. I have also signed with Universal Canada, Universal Middle East and Japan. So how has all of this happened for you? Everything has happened because of my management – Ivan Berry – the entire positioning of me as an artiste and all the exposure. What about you and your family? I have one brother. He is two years younger than me and I have my mom and dad, a tiny family. Pamela, who is doing my hair right now, is like my sister. I feel lucky and blessed to have amazing friends around me. What about love and relationships? I am open to love and relationships, but right now that is totally difficult. Right now my life is kicking off and everything that I need to happen is happening. My personal and professional life is very demanding and not set in stone. Today I could be here, tomorrow I could be in New York, next evening I could be back in Canada or St Vincent. So I can never say where my day or time is going to be and it is difficult to nurture a relationship in that environment. It is not fair also, so the time is not right for a relationship right now. I mean I definitely believe in love. I am looking forward to a family one day. I love kids, so that’s all part of my future but not right now. Your OMG moment… When I went back to work after recording “Elevator”. We had to shoot the video and it was crazy to get time off because I was working at an advertising agency, so we decided to shoot the video on a Sunday. So after work on Friday I flew out of Trinidad to Canada, on Saturday I got my wardrobe organised and Sunday we shot the video and Sunday night I was back on a flight to Trinidad and Monday morning I was back at work. I said “OMG, can you believe this just happened. Who would ever believe I just did this”. I was living my dream. Visit and Email

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Conrad Paris, Rachel Bascomb, Raymond Choo Kong, Abeo Jackson and Kearn Samuel



Come November 7 in the Central Bank Auditorium, the curtains will rise on a spanking new play by a spanking new producer. Dinner With Friends is a Pulitzer Prize-winning play produced by Abeo Jackson in collaboration with the renowned Raymond Choo Kong Productions.

Ms Jackson carries over 25 of her soon-to-be 29 years of performing experience in her bag of tricks and has now immersed herself in the world of theatre production, a formidable and often daunting task. Since returning from studying abroad in 2007, she has appeared in several productions by Raymond Choo Kong and is

poised to blaze a new trail via her own company – AbeoJacksonProductions. Her maiden voyage: Dinner with Friends. It is a journey that has thus far fearlessly broken many of the unspoken rules of commercial “tong” theatre and is “bold-faced” enough to hope to be a small catalyst in the inevitable revolution within the theatre community that is set to take Trinidad and Tobago audiences by storm. Catching Dinner with Friends is a bound-to-mustsee! Call, come down, book your tickets early at the following outlets from November 5. For tickets and other information call 487-6547/319-2099. Abeo’s and Rachel’s clothing courtesy: Carnaby Street/Marty’s Fashions Photography by Nigel P. Reid

Abeo Jackson

Get Loose with Konata Listen to Jadel’s release for 2012

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 27, 2012 Page 11

Villagers come

members of the Prem Dhaara Bal Vikaas

together to celebrate


Divali is the most popular Hindu festival in Trinidad and Tobago and is celebrated with splendour by the national community. It commemorates the homecoming ceremony of Shri Ram (God in human form) from the forest, as told in the ancient Hindu epic, the Ramayana. This year villagers from Cunjal Road in Barrackpore will be hosting four nights of a Divali Village. Spokesperson for the event, Ganase Samuel, indicated that preparations for the event are already in high gear and the organisers expect thousands to flock to the venue to participate in what is expected to be the largest Divali celebration outside of the Divali Nagar in Chaguanas.

Ricky Rambhajan, vice president of the Cunjal Community Council, said last year’s celebration ran for three nights and attracted thousands to the small village. He said in an effort to expand and improve on the celebrations and to ensure that the religious aspect of Divali is not lost, an additional night has been added in honour of Mother Lakshmi. Mr Rambhajan further stated that MP for the area, Clifton De Coteau, and Councillor Rafi Mohammed have been very supportive of this event for the past three years. The Divali Village begins on November 7 and closes on November 10. Opening night performers include Indian vocalist Satnarine Ragoo together with Vinayaka Productions Drama Company, Surya Stars Tassa Drummers and the dancing twins of the Bollywood Dance Company. One the following nights, the Rampersad Brothers, Next Generation Dance Company, Bollywood Dance Company, Vybz Indian Art Orchestra, Country Boys Tassa Group, Evolution Tassamanias and the Shakti Devi Dance Company are expected to perform. Organisers indicated that food booths and various other game and accessories shops will cater to the happy frenzy that engulfs the country during the Divali season

New Music with Books TriniBoi Joocie & bites! The Allen Prize for Young Writers is having a fundraising event today. We are an NGO that gives prizes and training to young people aged 12-19 years old who write. Today’s event is a used book sale and we’ll also be selling coffee and baked goods. The event is at Alice Yard, 80 Roberts Street, Woodbrook, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

and will be a major feature of this village. The event climaxes with a grand fireworks display. Meanwhile the Ramsarran Trace Hindu Mandir will celebrate Divali in grand style at the temple grounds. This year features an exciting show put together by the youths of the community. “This year has seen a renewed interest by the youths in the area in this celebration and it certainly gives us a ray of hope that Indian culture certainly isn’t dying,” says the mandir’s PRO, Ramanan Hardeo. Secretary of the mandir, Raju John, emphasised that this year their main theme is strengthening ties with God together with building a strong community spirit. The evening begins with Hindu prayers, followed by dances, vocal items, violin performances, a skit, tassa-playing, a fashion show and a special appearance by a youth choir, Prem Dhaara Balvikas, from Felicity. The show is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Mr Hardeo also indicated that those who have contributed towards the growth and development of the community will be honoured with tokens of appreciation. He invites the public to come and be a part of this celebration. The programme will be hosted by Pageant International Model and Miss India-T&T second runner-up Sita Esau.

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How to Know if HOW


You’re Boring

How to Teach Life Skills

Mentoring dependents with the life skills to develop confidence ensures they will have the tools to be productive members of society. The bonus is the bond you form with them. Step 1Instill confidence

Develop confidence through high expectations for children and students, requiring them to make decisions and resolve conflicts on their own. Examples abound of kids in special education or with disabilities who accept setbacks and still triumph, against all odds.

Tip Making mistakes is how most people learn. Let children fall down and figure out their next step instead of saving them from the consequences of their actions. Step 2Assign chores

Assign chores around the house, and don’t spare them from nasty ones like cleaning the toilet or cleaning up after the pets. They will have a home some day and will have to make a bed and mop a floor, as well as fix a drippy faucet, change a light bulb, or shovel the walk. Start now and they’ll thank you later.

Step 3Growing a garden

Read about or take classes with your children and plan a garden together. Allow them to choose what they will plant, tend, and harvest. Growing and eating food is the most literal way to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Tip Don’t give them an allowance for what is an honourable routine of pitching in for the family. Everyone who makes the garbage should also bag it and take it out to the curb. Step 4Develop a work ethic

Guide them in demonstrating the right attitude, manners, and commitment for getting a job. Learning how to behave on the job and to stick with it even when the going gets rough will develop a work ethic for life.

Step 5Make them earn their way

Show them how to handle a bank account and cheque book, shifting the responsibility for purchasing their extras, paying for their cell phones, and going to concerts with friends. If they want something, they will need to figure out how to save up for it.

Step 6Cook meals

Help them plan a menu, buy, prepare, and cook a meal. They will need to fend for themselves eventually, and eat healthy on their own as a matter of survival. No better time than the present.

Tip Enrolling your child in a scout troop will challenge them to learn how to find food, make a fire, and maintain safety in the wild as part of a group. Joining scout troops has also been known to build character, self-esteem, and other important life skills. Step 7Taking care of clothes

Teach them how to separate clothes and use appliances for their laundry. Show how to safely use an iron. Give them the basics of sewing and repairing their own things, and perhaps eventually learning to make their own clothing. Now, rest assured knowing that your child has gained the proper life skills to survive.

We’d all like to think we’re fabulously fascinating at all times. But it’s good to know the signs that you’re boring someone, just in case. Step 1 Check out their eyes

Check out the other person’s eyes. Are they darting around the room, as if looking for an escape? Or, worse, are they completely unfocused, as if they’ve lapsed into a coma?

Tip Check out their feet, too; if they’re pointed away from you, they’re poised to run. Step 2 monitor their responses

Be aware of their responses. If your discourse isn’t eliciting anything more than polite nods, the occasional “really?” or a monotone “wow,” it’s time to change the topic – or let the other person speak.

Step 3 Watch for topic switches

Be on the alert for sudden topic

switches. If you’re waxing poetic about one topic, and your listener suddenly introduces a whole new one, consider that a clear sign you’re boring.

Tip Avoid talking about your dreams. An informal study showed that most people find other people’s nocturnal fantasies a major snooze. Step 4 Question a lack of questions

Don’t assume that someone who isn’t interrupting you or asking questions is spellbound. More likely, they’ve mentally checked out of the conversation.

Step 5 Look into your heart

If someone is boring you, look into your heart. Boredom is often a two-way street.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 27, 2012 Page 13

Tyler Francis

18 years old, Champs Fleurs TRACK AND FIELD

“I was always interested in running but never took it seriously. I did other sports like football, swimming, cricket and basketball. However when I was in form four the coach from Aberdeen Wild Cats Runners recruited me and I started training with them. I am now running with Alpha Athletics and in my first year in the amateur circuit I was able to make the finals for the National Junior Championships. I was however injured and could not compete. This year I made some strides.” Tyler’s best events are the 200 and 400 metres. He again sustained injuries at a meeting that would have seen him qualify him for the national Olympic trials. He is just out of rehab for his injuries and is getting ready for the 2013 season, where he

intends to make his mark. His best times are 22.22 seconds in 200 metres and 48.3 seconds in 400 metres. Tyler is an intense-looking young man but when he gives you one of his rare smiles you see a totally different person. He is very focused on getting his training routine back in place. He works with his father during the day and spends his spare time pursuing his other passion which is music and rapping. His long term goal is to make the Trinidad and Tobago team for the Rio 2016 Olympics. “I have this dream since I was small to break the 400 metres Olympic record, because it’s standing there for over 16 years now and nobody has been able to do it, so I want to do it for Trinidad and Tobago.” Tyler’s OMG moment was getting injured before the Senior Champs Competition for the Olympic team. “I had it in my mind that even though my time wasn’t up to mark. I had one race before where I was in good form to make the time. To make the Olympic team I would have had to at least placed sixth, but then I got injured and was not able to even compete.”

Page 14


Flavor Flav

arrested for assault

top5 music videos of the week


Aerosmith “ What could have been love”


Justin Beiber ft Nicki Minaj “Beauty and the Beat”


Lana Del Ray “Ride”


Enrique Iglesias ft Sammy Adams “Finally found you”


Ryan Leslie“Swiss Francs”

Flavor Flav, former member of the trailblazing rap group Public Enemy and connoisseur of oversized clock necklaces, was arrested in Las Vegas recently for assault. Flav, whose real name is, shockingly, William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., was William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and (AKA Flavor Flav)

Beyonce and Jay-Z

baby ‘Blue Ivy’ lose first legal battle Hip Hop’s royal family lost their first legal battle involving Blue Ivy Carter. According to reports, Beyonce and Jay-Z lost a legal showdown over the name Blue Ivy. The couple recently filed a suit against Boston based events planning company Blue Ivy Events. However, Blue Ivy Events owner, Veronica Alexandra,

SCAN the QR CODE with your SMARTPHONE to see this week’s Top5 Music Video

Beyonce and Jay-Z


1 2 3 4 5

Keyshia Cole“Trust and Believe” Neyo ft Wiz Khalifa“Don’t make Em’ Like you” The Script “Six degrees of separation” Sean Kingston ft Cher Lloyd“Rum & Ray bans”

Shiny Toy Guns“Somewhere to Hide”

misdemeanor domestic violence after Las Vegas police received a call at 3:30 a.m. from a woman claiming that her fiancé, allegedly Mr Flav/Drayton, was threatening a 17-year-old with a knife. She also claimed that the former Flavor of Love Casanova had assaulted her.

Blue Ivy Carter successfully defended her company’s name. This means the Carter family has no legal right in keeping the name Blue Ivy to themselves. The company has been in operation since 2009, long before Beyonce conceived her first child, Blue Ivy Carter. Both Beyonce and Jay-Z, real name Sean Carter, wanted to trademark the name. Allegations are that the couple want to start a baby clothing line with the name. Blue Ivy Carter turns one year old in January.

Print Your Very Own Psy Halloween Mask Halloween is right around the corner, and an outlet called Popdust is providing the best pop culture-inspired get-ups of 2012. Costumes serve as both required entry fare into a spooky party and a conversation piece, so why wouldn’t you want this year’s ensemble to reflect your own musical tastes? They’ve got a full roster of looks to offer, matching your pop preferences from the last 12 months. First up: The

“Gangnam Style”-singing, horse-riding K-Pop crossover sensation, Psy. Sure, you can do the dance, but do you look the part? Allow their handmade recreation of what’s become a familiar bespectacled mug to complete your DIY look. Add a touch of neighbourhood-specific Seoul style with a colourful tuxedo jacket and bow tie. After that, it’s up to you to charm the likes of Britney Spears, Scooter Braun and the rest of the world. We recommend getting started by shouting “Sexy Ladies” at all who cross your path—it’ll likely earn you a few new friends, and hopefully only one or two punches to the face.

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE | Saturday October 27, 2012 Page 15

Could your pencil do this? Aamir Khan with mother Zeenat Hussain

Superstar Aamir Khan leaves for Mecca on Hajj pilgrimage with his mom Zeenat Hussain Aamir was first introduced as a child artiste in the 1970s hit Yaadon Ki Baaraat. He then concentrated on school and also became a state tennis champion for Maharashtra. He also found time to fall in love with the girl next door. He proposed to her the day he turned 21 and she accepted. But apparently there was opposition since she was from a Hindu family while his kinfolk were devout Muslims. So they eloped, got married and returned to their homes. Aamir’s wife Reena even appears in the song, “Papa Kehte Hain”. Despite his busy work schedule and professional commitments, Aamir has taken time for the fortnight-long holy trip in order to keep a promise he made to his mother. He left for Mecca dressed as a Hajji on a direct flight that departed from Mumbai on October 19, along with his mother, eight other relatives and a maulvi. This is Aamir’s first Hajj trip.

He is scheduled to return on November 3, after which he will get busy with the pre-release promotions of his next film, the eagerly anticipated Talaash, a psychological crime thriller. Talaash is slated for a November 30 release, which means Aamir will straightaway get into the hectic grind of promotional activity on returning from his pilgrimage. “Aamir has hardly had time to rest since returning from Chicago on Thursday,” a source said. “He launched the music of Talaash on Friday and then left for Mecca the same evening. As soon as he returns, he will get going with promoting the film along with his co-stars Rani Mukherji and Kareena Kapoor.” Apart from visiting Mecca, Aamir and his family will also visit the neighbouring city of Medina, burial place of the Prophet Muhammad.

Diego Fazio is a 22-year -old self-taught artist living in Italy. He began his career designing tattoos and perfected his photorealism technique over a period of several years. In his home country, he won an award in 2011 for Best New Artist and has been gaining fame and accolades ever since. With art like this, it’s easy to see why.

‘Iron Man 3’: Is This The End Of Tony Stark? The official trailer for Iron Man 3 has been released, and along with everything you’d expect — flying, explosions, etc. — there’s also one major surprise: The complete absence of the cocky, wisecracking Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) we know and love. In his place is a fragile, self-conscious shell of Tony Stark, who doubts that he can keep Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) safe against the threat of pseudo-terrorist The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley).

Diego Fazio

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