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may/june 2021

The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed.

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may/june 2021


may/june 2021 issue 5 • volume 48

The May/June cover photos were taken by Crystal Halousek, Malin,Oregon and Ashley Fickbohm, Newell, S.D.

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Shorthorn Country

The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed.

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2021-2022 Show System................................................................... 11 Meet the 2021 Interns....................................................................... 16 2020-2021 National Show Winners of the Year............................. 17 The Summit Youth Leadership Conference................................... 29 Junior Board Candidates.................................................................. 30 2021 Junior National Updates.......................................................... 31 Builder of the Breed Nominations.................................................. 44

Sale Reports

Ohio Beef Expo “Keith Moore Memorial Shorthorn Sale”.......... 36 Sun Country Shorthorn Sale............................................................ 37 WHR Shorthorns “Lone Star Edition XXVII”............................... 37 Paint Valley Farms & Byland Polled Shorthorns “The Bull Sale”....... 38 Red Dirt Treasures............................................................................. 38

Departments Update..................................................................................6 Association Outlook..........................................................8 In the Know.......................................................................10 Tartan Plaid.......................................................................12 Junior Corner....................................................................28 Sales Calendar...................................................................45 Ad Index............................................................................46


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WHR Breeders WHR Assessments for 2021 were sent in November. If you have not received yours, please contact the ASA office as soon as possible.

Shorthorn Update American Shorthorn Association 7607 NW Prairie View Rd. Kansas City, MO 64151-1544 816-599-7777 • FAX: 816-599-7782 www.shorthorn.org Montie D. Soules, asa executive secretary/CEO montie@shorthorn.org Matt Woolfolk, director of performance programs; performance data & commercial acceptance • matt@shorthorn.org Heather Lange, director of office operations; customer service, registrations & DNA • heather@shorthorn.org Shelby Diehm, director of youth activities, marketing & communications • shelby@shorthorn.org Cassie Reid, customer service specialist; co-director of shows, events, & member services • cassie@shorthorn.org Wade Minihan, customer service specialist; co-director of shows, events, & member services • wade@shorthorn.org Accounting • accountmgr@shorthorn.org

ASA Board of Directors Hugh Mooney, president 209-712-6692 Joe Bales, vice president 615-330-2342 Dave Greenhorn, executive director 937-470-6552 John Sonderman, 402-641-0936 Toby Jordan, 219-819-4603 Jerrell Crow, 580-585-2522 Lee Miller, 330-231-6834 John Russell, 832-588-8604 Mark Gordon, 217-737-7905 Shorthorn Foundation Bill Rasor, president American Junior Shorthorn Association Lexi Wetzel, president National Shorthorn Lassies Sommer Smith, president

ASA Dates of Note May May 1 AJSA Scholarship Deadline May 1 Junior National Cattle Ownership and Entry Deadline May 4 AJSA Junior National Online Fundraiser, amsonlinesales.com May 15 Junior National Late Entry Deadline May 31 ASA Office Closed - Memorial Day June June 1 All NJSS photography, graphic design & career development entries due via email to contests@shorthorn.org June 21-26 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference, Louisville, Kentucky June 22-25 BIF Annual Meeting & Research Symposium, Des Moines, Iowa

July July 5 ASA Office Closed July 26-29 The Summit Youth Leadership Conference, Canyon, Texas August Aug. 1 Builder of the Breed Nominations due to ASA Aug.10-12 NCBA Convention and Trade Show - Nashville, Tenn.

ASA Office Closed During Junior Nationals The American Shorthorn Association office will be closed June 21-25, 2021 while staff is at Junior Nationals.

2021 NJSS Judges Owned Show: Dave Allan Ring 1: Chad Zehnder Ring 2: Will Coor Showmanship: Cary & Sarah Aubrey and Danny & Jill Harker

2021 Junior National Entry Information ONLINE ENTRY ONLY at juniorshorthorn.com Photography, Graphic Design & Career Development entries due via email to contests@shorthorn.org by June 1, 2021. 6

shorthorn country = may/june 2021

1. WHR inventory assessments must be completed and paid in full prior to registering calves born in the current assessment period, (i.e. 2021 assessment on a dam must be completed and paid in order to register her calf born in 2021.) 2. Included with each assessment is the registration of a calf born to the dam in the year she was assessed (if calf is registered prior to one year of age) and a free transfer of said calf (if recorded within 60 days from the date of the sale.) (i.e. cost to register a calf born in 2021 to an assessed 2021 dam will be $0, if calf is registered within 12 months) 2021 ASSESSMENT FEE SCHEDULE: March 1 - December 31, 2021 $25 *Calves born in previous year(s) to unassessed dams will incur additional fees.

Shorthorn Beef Locally Raised Visit shorthornbeef.org to see the availability of Shorthorn meat from Shorthorn producers. Contact shelby@shorthorn.org to get on the map or for more information.




ESTD 1872

A.I. Certificates In order to have A.I. certificates released on a bull, it must be DNA tested as an A.I. Sire. However, if the bull is deceased, the calf can be DNA tested instead.

Non-Certificate Bulls To make a bull non-certificate, ALL DNA requirements for an A.I. Sire must be completed before we will make them non-certificate.

The Summit

IGS Youth Leadership Conference July 26-29, 2021 Canyon, Texas • Registration Deadline July 1st • https://juniorshorthorn.com/events/summit/

Regular Office Hours Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time Zone

(ASA Staff Meeting Wednesday’s 10:00-11:00 AM)

2021 International Year Code: J

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Association Outlook

Montie D. asa executive Soules secretary/CEO

The Real Competition


e as Shorthorn breeders and livestock producers need to take note of actions currently taking place across the country, specifically in Colorado, that could have a major impact on animal agriculture nationwide. Colorado’s Governor, Jared Polis, proclaimed a “meat out” day in March which asked his constituents to give up meat for a day and thus promoted vegan products. The nationwide reaction of the cattle industry was immense with thousands of Facebook posts supporting beef - real beef – not fake meat products and supporting the ranching families that produce it. However, many of these supportive social media posts were only seen by other livestock producers as we have a habit of preaching to the choir. Make no bones about it, these new vegan products are the real competition – just look at the dairy industry and the rise of “milk” made from almonds, oats and who knows what else. Yes, we compete against the other beef breeds for the bull market and show heifer market, but if there is no demand for beef - real beef from the cow - then those markets will eventually dry up. The State of Colorado is considering the ‘Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation’ – or ‘PAUSE’ Act. It’s gaining strength and its backers hope to get it on a ballot to become Colorado state law. This act would make it a felony to breed a cow AI, pregnancy check a cow through rectal examination, collect semen from bulls or castrate bulls. The people behind this act are declaring these processes as sexual molestation of animals. They do not understand or care about animal agriculture and the safe animal husbandry practices that we employ. And they’re getting ready to take our livelihood away. It’s easy to say or think, “This is in Colorado; it won’t happen in our states.” I beg to differ with 8

you. If this gains steam in Colorado, it will move to other states. What can we do? First be united, and work with other industry organizations to defeat initiatives like PAUSE. Second, be aware of the changes taking place among consumers who want to continue eating beef; they want to know our cattle are well cared for, that we take care of the land, that we raise livestock responsibly. We need to work hard to inform consumers about the safe practices we use on a daily basis animal husbandry. The gentle nature and disposition of Shorthorn cattle make our breed ideally suited for telling this story. Indeed, the Shorthorn breed is the Family, Friendly Breed – and this is the basis of our future and the real opportunity. It’s a breed that children can care for with their junior projects. For ranches across the land, it’s also a breed that combines genetic advancements to improve production attributes and beef quality. Indeed, Shorthorns offer everything modern ranches are looking for - low birth weights, structural soundness and easy fleshing. The breed has the performance to convert feed and forage into protein easily and efficiently. Also, the beef we produce is both nutritious and delicious. These are not really things we consider sharing when reaching out to customers to purchase a Shorthorn rather than another breed, but it is relative. If Shorthorn cattle are looked on as a

shorthorn country = may/june 2021

more efficient converter of protein, it will represent a different view to the marketplace while also maintaining a happy life in the pasture. This is our story – one that began 150 years ago. Today, we are closer to consumers, their wants and demands, than at any time in our history. We need to pay attention and promote a little different image of the breed that the consumer will embrace. Will this change things immediately? Probably not, but over time, the breed will start to take on a new image directed at our real consumer and market competition from other breeds. It is time to think outside the box and take Shorthorns to a special place in the market chain. The breeders of Shorthorn cattle are special people who keep their animals’ interests a priority. As a breed, we are proud of the taste of Shorthorn beef and the nutritious value it has. Are we selling a branded product? The answer is yes. But it is not branded like you think of the other brand programs out there. Through our continued hard work, we’re going to create an industry-leading Shorthorn brand for having special traits and being associated as a consumerfriendly product from the Family, Friendly Breed! By doing this, we’ll play a role in helping our industry stay vibrant and strong, to defeat the efforts those who stand against the livestock industry. =

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 9

In the Know

customer service specialist; co-director of shows, events, & member services

Wade Minihan

Cassie Reid

2021-2022 ASA Show System Announced The excitement for our favorite season has finally reached culmination… Show Season has arrived! Over the last couple months, we have worked to secure show locations for the 2021-2022 Show Season. As mentioned previously, our goal is to highlight Shorthorn cattle and exhibitors at as many shows as possible. We are finally prepared to release our 2021-2022 ASA Show System. We hope that this system stands the test of time and all included shows come to fruition. On the next page, you will find our outlined system and show level assignments. This system is very similar to our previous system in past years with the addition of two Super National Shows. This year’s Super Nationals were selected as they present themselves to be our largest shows, allowing us to highlight our breed in the highest ability. Points earned at a Super National Show will count toward an animal’s National Awards point total. Super National Shows for the 20212022 Show System will be the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky and Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Many factors were considered when selecting our 2021-2022 Super Nationals; a designation that will be evaluated on a yearly basis. These shows present strong

numbers with the anticipation for continued growth. Many exciting changes are expected at the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress including an expanded trade show, cowboy clubs, additional electrical sources, added wash racks and increased spectator attendance. These improvements position Cattlemen’s Congress to become a superior cattle exposition for years to come. For these reasons, ASA is excited to commit our support to the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress as a Super National Show and host location for our National Summit Sale. We look forward to our membership’s participation in our selected shows and cannot wait to see you there! As we get closer to the show later in the year, we will provide our breeders with more exciting updates and details. Important Show System Details: Region Assignments :: Map No changes have been made to a state’s regional assignment. National Awards National Awards will be calculated based on seven total National Shows: five National Shows and two Super National Shows. An animal MUST exhibit at 2 shows on the National level to be considered for National Awards.

National Awards consist of National Show Female, National Show Bull and divisional awards. Regional Awards Each Region consists of four total shows: two Regional shows, one Super Regional Show and one National Show. Regional Awards will be calculated based on points earned at each of these shows. To be considered for Regional awards, an animal MUST exhibit at 2 shows within a region. Regional Awards will consist of overall awards & divisional awards. Runner-up awards will not be selected. Point Distribution Points will be distributed based on the provided point scale, with Regional Shows receiving the fewest points, and Super National Shows receiving the most points as indicated. An animal’s earned points will be recorded with the Association and used to calculate Regional and National Awards. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the 20212022 Show System. Wade, wade@shorthorn.org Cassie, cassie@shorthorn.org

Registrations Reminder: When registering cattle, there is a “status” drop down list toward the right-hand side of the screen. Do not change the status of an animal if the animal is still alive! This is predominantly there for those who are recording deceased calves. If you, for example, give your calf the “sold after weaning” status, and then want to transfer the calf, you will not be able to. Giving it that status culled it out of your account, and it is no longer active. Leave the box blank, and you will be able to transfer the animal.


shorthorn country = may/june 2021


2021–2022ShowASA Point Show System Season: April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022 *Individual show schedule subject to change


Northeast Region :: CT, DE, IN, ME, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV National Show :: Keystone International Livestock Expo Super Regional Show :: Ohio State Fair Regional Shows :: Maryland State Fair & State Fair of West Virginia Southeast Region :: AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN National Show :: Dixie National Super Regional Show :: Kentucky State Fair Regional Shows :: Appalachian Fair & Tennessee State Fair at Wilson County Fair

South Central Region :: AR, KS, LA, OK, TX National Show :: Fort Worth Stock Show Super Regional Show :: Tulsa State Fair Regional Shows :: Kansas State Fair & Oklahoma State Fair West Region :: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY National Show :: Northern International Livestock Exposition Super Regional Show :: Western Idaho Fair Regional Shows :: National Western Stock Show & Washington State Fair

*Regional Awards calculated from Regional, Super Regional & National Show within each region. Animal must exhibit at 2 of 4 shows to qualify.

Regional 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point 4 Points 2 Points 7 Points 5 Points

North American International Livestock Expo :: Louisville, KY Cattlemen’s Congress :: Oklahoma City, OK

National Shows :: 5 total, 1 in each region Northeast :: Keystone International Livestock Expo :: Harrisburg, PA Southeast :: Dixie National :: Jackson, MS North Central :: American Royal :: Kansas City, MO South Central :: Fort Worth Stock Show :: Fort Worth, TX West :: Northern International Livestock Exposition :: Billings, MT

North Central Region :: IL, IA, MO, MN, NE, ND, SD, WI National Show :: American Royal Super Regional Show :: Iowa State Fair Regional Shows :: Illinois State Fair & Minnesota State Fair

Placing 1st in Class 2nd in Class 3rd in Class 4th in Class 5th in Class Division Champion Reserve Division Champion Grand Champion Reserve Grand Champion

Super National Shows :: 2 total

*National Show Bull & National Show Female points accumulated from 7 total National & Super National Shows listed above. Animal must exhibit at 2 of 7 shows to qualify for National Show Awards.

ASA Point Show System Point Distribution Super Regional 6 Points 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 5 Points 3 Points 9 Points 7 Points

National 8 Points 7 Points 6 Points 5 Points 4 Points 7 Points 5 Points 11 Points 9 Points

Super National 11 Points 10 Points 9 Points 8 Points 7 Points 10 Points 8 Points 14 Points 12 Points

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 11

Tartan Plaid

Pam National Shorthorn Dressen Lassie Board Treasurer

2021 National Shorthorn Lassie Queen Contest to be Held at Junior Nationals The National Shorthorn Lassies are very excited to announce that the National Shorthorn Lassie Queen contest will be held at Junior Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky this summer. The week will begin with an introduction of the queen candidates on Tuesday, June 22, at the Opening Ceremony. Thursday, June 24, at 10:00, will be the Lassie Princess Hour followed by Lassie 101. All are welcome to join the Lassies for Lassie Princess Hour. It will include a fun activity and is a social gathering that includes snacks. Lassie 101 is designed to help future Lassie Queens learn about being a lassie queen and to ask questions. That evening the National Lassie Board will host a dinner with the candidates. Friday, June 25, will be the crowning of the National Queen and Alternate Queen. The crowning will take place at the Awards Ceremony. The Lassie Queen in her tartan plaid is a special symbol of the Shorthorn breed. Your financial support is vital. Your dues help fund and sponsor the National and Alternate Shorthorn Lassie Queens. It

also gives financial support so that the National Lassies can offer additional youth programs at Junior Nationals such as the Lassie Princess Hour and Lassie 101. Even if you are not a member of a state Lassie Association and would like to give financial support to help continue to provide opportunities for young women to promote and educate the public about the Shorthorn breed, we would be grateful for your donation. Dues are $10 per member and payable to the National Shorthorn Lassies. Please send them to: Pam Dressen, Treasurer N4787 515th St. Ellsworth, WI 54011 We thank you for your continued support. =

Lassie Activities and Events at Junior Nationals Tuesday, June 22 5:30 PM - Queen Candidate Introduction at Opening Ceremonies Thursday, June 24 10:00 AM - Lassie Princess Hour 11:30 AM - Lassie 101/Lassie Social Friday, June 25 6:00 PM - Crowning of the National Lassie Queen and Alternate Queen at the Awards Ceremony



shorthorn country = may/june 2021

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 13

Home of Studer’s Crunch Time 22C

Cagwin Farms Visitors Welcome . . . Stop by any time!

-Top 5% in the breed for WW, YW, TM, CW, and $F


Quality cattle for sale at all times. Located just a few miles south of Route 36/I-72.

Sunnyland Farms Wayne Hinderliter Family 629 Co. Rd. 350 North Albion, IL 62806 Wayne: 618-384-8250 Doug: 618-384-1932 4.

Visitors always welcome! Cattle usually for sale. Four miles north of I-64. Exit 130 on Illinois 130.

Farm located five miles east of Virginia on Route 125, 2. then one mile south of the elevator at Philadelphia, Illinois.

Route 2, Box 55 Beecher City, IL 62414 home: 618-487-5559 Trey: 618-367-0764 Steve: 618-267-3229


cell: 309-678-4230 • cattle@leveldale.com or Rob Bruce, Herdsman: cell: 217-737-0692 Farm: 10442 N Co Rd 2980 E • Mason City, IL 62664 Check our website for our current list of herd sires. SULL Roan Goose



31056 Old Fidelity Road • Jerseyville, IL 62052 Hugh: 618-729-4448 • Tom: 618-498-5848 Ron: 618-729-3258 Bulls, Females, Club Calves For Sale at all times. Full Irish calves available. 40 miles north of St. Louis.


Cattle always For Sale at the Farm.

Luke, Amanda, Madeline, Gavin, Callie, Alexa & Josie Turner 9.

2519 Cty Rd 200E • Mahomet, IL 61853 217-202-2484 mainstreetfenching@yahoo.com


Quality seedstock for sale at the farm Dale & Ryan Wernicke 12611 Fisher Rd • Lena, IL 61048-9754 Dale: 815-369-2857 Ryan: 815-739-7754 ryanwernicke@yahoo.com Watch For Our Annual October Online Sale

Chesnut Shorthorns Visitors Welcome

Bulls, heifers and steers for sale at all times.

Gary Chesnut Family 16145 N 100 East Road • Fithian, IL 61844 217-260-6144 11.




Dennis and Terri Jordan

545 E. 900 N. Road • Sibley, IL 61773 217-784-4854 • cell: 217-202-2865  email: jordan@prairieinet.net

Amanda, Layne, Ty and Ely Harden, 217-417-8335 Jason, Tasha and Isabella Bunting, 815-252-5520 Ashleigh, David, Dakota and Dalton Hall, 217-979-7531 13.


Hugh W. Moore, Jr. & Sons

Shorthorns 10.

contact: L.E. Mathers III

Trey & Hailey Wright Steve & Marsha Wright


WATAGA, IL 61488 contact: Dave Steck home: 309-342-0813 cell: 309-299-0335


1963 Kelley Road • Caledonia, IL 61011 815-885-3679 cell: 815-494-5588 Come visit us any time. Heifers, bulls and steers for sale.

Wright Cattle Co. Leveldale Farms

Scott Horton, Owner


Dale Muck

VI P.O. Box 77 • Virginia, Illinois 62691 RG IS INIA, ILLINO office: 217-452-3051 cell: 217-341-7552 Kerry Johnston cell: 217-370-6033 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell: 217-370-6034 cagwincattle@casscomm.com • cagwincattle.com

Horton farms Shorthorns Horton cell: 630-965-1710 Wernicke cell: 815-739-7754 4N010 Town Hall Rd. • St. Charles, IL 60175 Office: 630-365-1444


Don Cagwin

- Semen: $30/unit

Jason Smithers & Girls - 217-491-2140 jasonsmithers74@gmail.com Greg & Pam Smithers - 217-285-6280 36739 205th Avenue • Pittsfield, IL 62363


Bred females for sale at all times. Albert Larry Hill


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

7272 NCR 3350 E • Mason City, IL 62664 217-737-1023 •  217-482-3765



Get on the map!


For details contact: Cindy Cagwin-Johnston, 217-370-6034 or Darryl Rahn, 217-473-1124


This ad runs six times a year. What better way to insure your customers can find you?


10 17 21 13

15 6




18 2


20 23 19

Bob and Mark Gordon


1 8

4 17.

1160 600th Ave. Middletown, IL 62666 Bob: 217-737-7159 Mark cell: 217-737-7905 Shelden Tibbs, Herdsman mark.gordon@plantpioneer.com


14 18.

Rolling Hills Farm


Ten Mile Farm Shorthorns

Investing in top genetics for over 30 years. Visitors Welcome! The Birch Family Harold, Regina, Richard and Hope

Doug & Rhonda North 5544 Stone Road Clinton, IL 61727 217-622-4466

22698 E. Co. Rd. 920 N • Ashmore, IL 61912 217-232-8366 email: hbirch@agrisolutions.com

Driving directions from Ashmore: two miles west on Rt. 16 to Enon Baptist Church sign; then one mile south to farm 19. 20.






shorthorn country = may/june 2021 15


meet the

interns Michelle Noggle communications intern Michelle Noggle is from Casey, Ill., where she grew up showing both cattle and pigs. She is a senior at Oklahoma State University (OSU) where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications. Throughout her time at OSU, Michelle has been an active member of Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen’s and the Swine Club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading

and painting. Michelle looks forward to serving as the ASA communications intern this summer. Her classes at OSU have prepared her to assist in social media planning, website updates, and design projects. She is excited to learn more about the cattle industry and agricultural communications.

Bella Chaffin registrations intern Bella Chaffin is currently a Junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying agricultural and environmental science communications. In her three years at the university she has been involved in several organizations such as Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and her sorority, Kappa Delta. She developed a passion for agriculture at a young age on her family’s acreage raising and showing sheep. Post-

graduation she hopes to use her passion to advocate for agriculture through outreach and education. Bella is excited to start her internship as the registrations intern with the ASA. She looks forward to work with the junior members this summer and learning more about the Shorthorn breed and association.

Amelia Schatz youth activities intern Amelia Schatz is a second-year student at Kansas State University, studying Agricultural Communications & Journalism. She is originally from Le Center, Minnesota, where she grew up on a small Limousin operation showing Limousin and Shorthorn cattle. Amelia is currently part of K-State’s Meat Judging team and is very active within our Block & Bridle club. As an active member in the club, she hs developed


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

skills in communications, relationship development and team management that will be a benefit to her in this position. Amelia is very excited to be working within such a great association, surrounded by such talented individuals. She looks forward to serving as the youth activities intern working closely on the contests for the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference.


National Show Winner Qualifications With 2020-2021 bringing so many hurdles to jump through for the cattle industry, the ASA had to adjust the Show Points system since many of the Super Regional and Regional shows were cancelled this past year. The ASA Board of Directors approved to give out awards for the National Show Female and Bull of the Year as well as National Show Division Winners. The Board made the decision that at least two National Shows had to take place in order to do this. Luckily, three National Shows did take place, which are where the points for the year were calculated from. The three shows consisted of the following: American Royal Livestock Show 2020 North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) 2020 Cattlemen’s Congress 2021 In order to qualify to be a National Show Division Winner, you needed to attend at least 2 of the 3 shows. The same point breaks that are usually used for National Shows were used for these division points too. You can see those below. National Shows Point Distribution 1st: 8 points 2nd: 7 points 3rd: 6 points 4th: 5 points 5th: 4 points

Division Champion: 7 points Reserve Division Champion: 5 points Grand Champion: 11 points Reserve Grand Champion: 9 points

*Please note that National Division Winners are special to this year, as majority of super and regional shows were cancelled due to Covid-19. View the show system schedule for more details on the plan for this coming year.

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 17



Steck WSCC Chelsie HC 911G Keagan Steck - Woodstock, Minn.

CF S/F Upper Hand X ET Cates Farms - Modoc, Ind., Simon Farms - Rockford, Ohio, & Shoufler Shorthorns - Fortville, Ind.


shorthorn country = may/june 2021





CF CSF Mona Lisa 934 Primo ET Samantha VanVorhis - Bowling Green, Ohio.



SS Southern Comfort 908 Schrag Shorthorn Farms - Marion, S.D. & Harlan Cattle Co. - Bells, Texas.

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 19

2020-2021 National Shorthorn Division Winners:

SHORTHORN FEMALES Late Spring Heifer Calf Winner: SS Myrtle Bo Bubbly 053 ET Mackenlee Evans, Lorenzo, Texas.

Late Spring Heifer Calf Runner-Up: CF Mona Lisa 099 SOL X ET Mackenzie Laughery, Royse City, Texas.

Early Spring Heifer Calf Winner: SS Max Rosa Magic 019 ET Cash Lehrman, Spencer, S.D.

Early Spring Heifer Calf Runner-Up: CSF Dream Lady 2118 AV ET Cornerstone Farms, Winchester, Ind.

Junior Heifer Calf Winner: CF CSF Crystals Swan 015 EV X ET Houston Ferree, Sullivan, Ind.

Junior Heifer Calf Runner-Up: SS Missing Mirage Miami 013 ET Rick Hogue, Newcomerstown, Ohio.

Senior Heifer Calf Winner: SULL Red Crystal 9850G ET Cyrus Kornegay, Tulsa, Okla.

Senior Heifer Calf Runner-Up: CF Veronica 9124 SOL X ET Jackson Harlan, Bells, Texas.


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

Intermediate Champion Female Winner: Steck WSCC Chelsie HC 911G Keagan Steck, Woodstock, Minn.

Intermediate Champion Female Runner-Up: Bratcher Mona Lisa 932 Abby Bratcher, Elizabeth, Ind.

Junior Champion Female Winner: BFS Margie LL 950

Mikayla Wetzel, Faribault, Minn. & Little Cedar Cattle Co., Beaverton, Mich.

Junior Champion Female Runner-Up: CF S/F Margie 998 BW X Skylar Ward, New Paris, Ohio.

Senior Champion Female Winner: CF V8 Mona Lisa 935 SOL X ET Miller Smith, Pendleton, Ind.

Senior Champion Female Runner-Up: SULL MFS Dreamin Big 9203G ET Avery Wood, Sabina, Ohio.

2020-2021 National Shorthorn Division Winners:

SHORTHORN BULLS Early Spring Bull Calf Winner: CF Maskerade 070 BW X

Cates Farms & LSA Shorthorns, Royse City, Texas.

Early Spring Bull Calf Runner-Up: Bergs Fireball Kaitlyn Berg, Osage, Iowa.

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 21

Junior Bull Calf Winner: SS SL Train Station 010

Fred Ripberger, Sidell, Ill., Donald W St. Ledger, Albion, Ill. & Schrag Shorthorn Farms, Marion, S.D.

Junior Bull Calf Runner-Up: SFF Ragweed 003 B ET Miller Smith, Pendleton, Ind.

Senior Bull Calf Winner: CFS Ghost Rider 123G

Clark Farms Shorthorns, Pleasantville, Iowa.

Senior Bull Calf Runner-Up: ASM Maga Sophia McCune, Benton, Kan.

Junior Bull Winner: SULL Dream Maker 9141G ET Sara Sullivan, Dunlap, Iowa.

Junior Bull Runner-Up: Little Cedar Worldwide 1979 ET Little Cedar Cattle Co., Beaverton, Mich., Enix Farms LLC, Centennial, Colo. & Armstrong Farms, Saxonburg, Pa.

Senior Bull Winner: CF S/F Upper Hand X ET

Cates Farms, Simon Farms & Shoufler Shorthorns.

Senior Bull Runner-Up: Hahn Surprise Me C17F Bright Lights Show Cattle, Beloit, Wis. & Hahn Family Shorthorns LLC, Minonk, Ill.

Editor’s Note: Shorthorn Country assumes no responsibility for partial or incomplete listings of multiple ownership of animals. Ownership information was provided by the American Shorthorn Association. We regret any errors or omissions which may have occurred.


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

2020-2021 National Shorthorn Division Winners:

SHORTHORNPLUS FEMALES Late Spring Heifer Calf Winner (Tie): Miss Twisted Blue Grace Fry, Roachdale, Ind.

Late Spring Heifer Calf Winner (Tie): KKW Calamity Jane 205 Clover Kadin Kinder Worthington, El Reno, Okla.

Late Spring Heifer Calf Runner-Up: R-C Miss Moon 05 ET RC Show Cattle, Eaton, Ohio. No Picture Available

Early Spring Heifer Calf Winner: WGR Chelsie 201H Hannah Wetzel, Faribault, Minn.

Early Spring Heifer Runner-Up: CSF Lady Crystal 2112 ET Allyssa Obrecht, Harlan, Iowa.

Junior Heifer Calf Winner: SULL S/T Dream Come True 014H ET Makenna Hoppa, Fremont, Mich.

Junior Heifer Calf Runner-Up: SULL Lady Chip 0129H ET Reid Utterback, Elwood, Ind.

Senior Heifer Calf Winner: LDB Merci’s Serena 923 ET

Lane Blankinship, Orlando, Okla.

Senior Heifer Calf Runner-Up: LWFS Lady Crystal P 1929 ET Addison Obrecht, Harlan, Iowa.

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 23


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 25

Intermediate Female Winner: BOY Brandi 987 Abigail Thorton, Amanda, Ohio.

No Picture Available

Intermediate Female Runner-Up: Sangria Reality Red 519 Kadin Kinder Worthington, El Reno, Okla.

Junior Female Winner: WSCC Steck Chelsie 930G ET

Whitney Walker, Prairie Grove, Ark.

Senior Female Winner: CF CSF Mona Lisa 934 Primo ET

Samantha VanVorhis, Bowling Green, Ohio.

Senior Female Runner-Up: SULL Wild Prime 9005G ET Houston Ferree, Sullivan, Ind.

2020-2021 National Shorthorn Division Winners:

SHORTHORNPLUS BULLS Late Spring Bull Calf Winner: HCC-1701-Yellowstone Peace Maker Colton Hulsey, Red Oak, Okla.


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

Early Spring Bull Calf Winner: Harper’s Red Head Living Color Roanee Harper, Prattsville, Ark.

Junior Bull Calf Winner: SMCK Jameson Caitlyn Kruyer, Holly, Mich.

Senior Bull Calf Winner: Baker’s Sparklebutt

Kara Lea Baker, Jones, Okla.

Intermediate Bull Winner: SSRB Mr Black Stuff

Stepping Stone Ranch, Edson, Kan.

Junior Bull Winner: SS Southern Comfort 908

Schrag Shorthorn Farms & Harlan Cattle Co.

Junior Bull Runner-Up: H49 Prince H49 Grant Rowley, Chase, Kan.

Senior Bull Winner: LDB Premium Reward Apache 911 Brittany Blankinship, Orlando, Okla.

No Picture Available

Senior Bull Runner-Up: Fieser’s Hoss Dayson Cash, Fay, Okla. & Fieser’s Polled Shorthorns, Plains, Kan.

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 27

Junior Corner

Tayler ajsa Bacon director


The Red, White and Roan Safari Set back and buckle up as we get ready to board the Shorthorn Safari in Louisville, KY. As many of you know the National Junior Shorthorn Show is the best time of year and we have many fun new contests and fundraisers for attendees this year. The NJSS was voted 2020 Best of the Barns “most enjoyable junior nationals” so what do you say we make it happen again! I don’t want to give anything away yet but one of the new fundraisers that we will have this year at junior national is very hands on (but you aren’t allowed to touch it) and will last the entire week. It is like elf on the shelf but with a twist, also have in mind a Shorthorn family you would want to prank. I don’t know about you, but the Shorthorn junior national has always

been our “vacation”. Every year a different place and theme, but always with the same Shorthorn family. This is why it is always one of my favorite times of the year. A week filled with friends, activities that advocate the great Shorthorn breed and good food (if you know me, I’m all about the food). Juniors if you are reading this article make sure you tell your parents thank you. I know I’m guilty for never saying it enough. We are so lucky to be a part of this great breed and industry. There are many life lessons that I have learned being a part of the Shorthorn breed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to see you all in Louisville! It’s going to be a ROARING good time! =

Junior Board President :: Lexi Wetzel Vice President :: Gabriella Leone Secretary :: Allyssa Obrecht Public Relations :: Korbin Collins Director :: Kendall Nelson Director :: Tayler Bacon Director :: Faye Smith Director :: Miller Smith Director :: Colton Hulsey

Upcoming Junior Nationals 2021 • Louisville, KY June 20-26, 2021

2022 • Kansas City, MO 2023 • Des Moines, IA 2024 • TBA * Tentative Locations. Subject to Change *

For those “senior” AJSA members, send 3-4 photos and your answers to the following questions to shelby@shorthorn.org to be featured in the exhibitor folder this year! - Shorthorn Jr Nationals Participated In: - Current/Future Plans: - Favorite NJSS Contest: - Favorite Quote: - Favorite Livestock Related Trip and why: - Favorite AJSA/Jr National memory: - Advice to younger members:


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

Words of Advice

“Dream big and set your goals high because you can do anything you set your mind too.”

Is it your last NJSS?

July 26-29, 2021 . Canyon, Texas Open to all youth ages 14 to 21 years of age as of January 1, 2021

The AJSA has teamed up with the American Gelbvieh Junior Association and the American Junior Simmental Association for The Summit, IGS Youth Leadership Conference. The Summit is open to all youth ages 14-22 in the beef industry but be sure to register soon, only 100 spots are available and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration deadline is July 1, 2021. Register at https://juniorshorthorn.com/events/summit/ NEW LOCATION INFORMATION: On behalf of the American Gelbvieh Junior Association, American Junior Shorthorn Association, and the American Simmental Junior Association, we inform you that the 2021 IGS Youth Leadership Conference; The Summit will no longer take place July 28-August 2 in Washington D.C. It has recently come to our attention that the National 4-H Conference Center, scheduled lodging, and conference center of The Summit has been sold. In doing so, the National 4-H Conference Center has been forced to cancel all in person events scheduled for 2021. The Gelbvieh, Shorthorn and Simmental junior associations are saddened by this news rendering this summers event unable to take place in our nation’s capital. However, we are excited to announce that we will host the 2021 IGS Youth Leadership Conference; The Summit at West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas. The planning committee, along with the generous support of industry professionals and educators in the area are working tirelessly to put together the world class learning and leadership experience you have grown to expect. We hope to release a detailed schedule very soon but encourage you to mark your calendars for the dates listed below in the meantime: • •

Monday, July 26, 2021 Thursday, July 29, 2021

Delegates Arrive in Canyon, Texas Delegates Depart Canyon, Texas

Be sure to follow The Summit Leadership Conference on Facebook for the most current details and information. Contact shelby@shorthorn.org if you have questions about this event!

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 29

Junior Board Candidates Lane Blankinship will be attending Oklahoma State University this fall where he plans to obtain a degree in Veterinary Medicine. He plans to start his own vet practice, increase his show cattle production and raise exotic deer. Lane is the son of Mark and Mandee Blankinship of Orlando, Oklahoma. Lane has been exhibiting Shorthorn cattle for the past nine years and believes his experience will help him on the junior board. Lane has been active with his local FFA chapter, serving in multiple officer positions and winning awards for his projects. He also has been active in sports on the baseball and basketball team. He has served as the secretary and treasurer of the Oklahoma Junior Shorthorn Association. “With the growing number of American Junior Shorthorn Association membership, the AJSA board has an opportunity to make AJSA one of the most desired junior programs,” Lane said. “With my background and experience, I think I would be a great addition to be board.” Merideth Behrens will be attending Redlands Community College this fall on a full scholarship as an Ag Ambassador and member of the Beef Show Team. She will be studying animal science with a minor in agricultural education. Merideth is the daughter of Justin and Stephanie Behrens of Calera, Oklahoma. Merideth was raised in a Shorthorn operation and attended her first NJSS in 2012. She loved watching opening ceremonies, she thought it was one of the coolest things she had seen and still feels that way now. Merideth has been very active in the Oklahoma Junior Shorthorn Association serving as president and vice-president. 30

Merideth was a Shorthorn Lassie from 2016-2019. She has exhibited cattle at many local, state and national shows. “I have learned that anyone can wear a red jacket, but it is the person in the jacket who makes the difference,” Merideth said. “I not only want to wear a red jacket, I want to represent the AJSA.” Ryan Lane is graduating from Grove High School this year. After graduation, he will attend Northeastern Oklahoma College for two years to judge livestock. After NEO, he plans to attend Oklahoma State University to obtain a degree in agricultural business. Ryan is the son of William Lane of Jay, Oklahoma. Ryan is a third generation Shorthorn producer; his family raises commercial and registered Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus cattle. Ryan has attended nine junior nationals and many other shows on the national level. He served on the Arkansas Junior Cattlemen’s Association board for five years and held many officer positions. Ryan was awarded the Arkansas Junior Cattlemen’s Association Breeder of the Year. He was active in 4-H and FFA serving as officers and competing in different contests. He also was a committee member for the Arkansas Spring State Fair and helped organize the team fitting contest. “I have looked up to the members of the AJSA board, they have mentored and encouraged me and other juniors to do our best,” Ryan said. “It is my desire to be that same type of leader in this association. I want to be part of the group that makes decisions that continue to positively impact our association.” Sheridan Fox is graduating from BelmondKlemme Jr. Sr. High School and will be attending Iowa State University in the fall to study animal science. Her goal

shorthorn country = may/june 2021

is to become a pharmaceutical rep after she graduates from college. Sheridan is the daughter of Brian and Emily Fox of Kanawha, Iowa. Sheridan has shown Shorthorns for many years and exhibited champions all over the country. Sheridan has been active within the Iowa Junior Shorthorn Association, even serving a vice-president. She has also been active with the Belmond-Klemme FFA Chapter and Iowa Hawkeyes 4-H Club. She received the AJSA Red Coat Award in 2014. “I have known that I would like to be an AJSA Director since my very first junior national when I was six years old,” Sheridan said. “I remember my first junior national when I was scared to talk to people the big kids in the red coats helped me meet new people from across the country that I can still today call my friends.” Xavier Ferris is currently a freshman at Oklahoma State University where he is studying agricultural business. He plans to grow his Shorthorn herd while pursuing a career in the ag business field. Xavier is the son of Brian and Andrea Ferris of Whiteland, Indiana. Xavier has attended the National Junior Shorthorn Show nearly every single year since 2006. He is a seventh generation Shorthorn producer. Xavier was active in high school sports as part of the baseball and basketball time. He has been active in his community as a mentor to children with disabilities. He was also active in FFA and received many awards for livestock and leadership. “Becoming an AJSA board member has been a goal of mine since attending my first junior national in Des Moines, Iowa in 2006,” Xavier said. “I took a picture with the junior board candidates and from that moment on I knew I wanted to be a mentor to the youth. I want to be part of a group of people that want to make the Shorthorn breed the best in the industry.” =

NJSS SchedulE of Events Sunday, June 20 Cattle allowed in tie-outs only

2021 Accomodations

Monday, June 21 9:00 a.m. Cattle allowed in the barns 1:00 p.m. Junior board meeting 1:30 p.m. State advisor meeting 2:00 p.m. Cattle check-in begins 2:00 p.m. Contest check-in begins 7:00 p.m. ALL cattle & contests must be checked-in

HEADQUARTER HOTEL Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport | 830 Phillips Lane, Louisville, Kentucky Price: $129 | Cutoff Date: May 18, 2021 Call 502.367.2251 for reservations | Block Name: SHO

Tuesday, June 22 8:00 a.m. State Advisor Packets due to office 8:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

(opening ceremony, state delegate and team contest information due)

Cattleman’s Written Test Team Salesmanship Youth Conference I Shorthorn SideKicks 1 Speech Contest Line up for state photos Opening Ceremonies Meal Served Sullivan’s Ultimate Warrior Boot Camp

Wednesday, June 23 8:00 a.m. Sullivan’s Showmanship Contest 1:00 p.m. Youth Conference II 1:30 p.m. Shorthorn Sidekicks 2 2:00 p.m. Beef Cook-Off Contest 3:00 p.m. Junior board interviews 4:30 p.m. Stock Show University 6:00 p.m. Top 10 Senior Showmanship Fitting and Showmanship Finals Thursday, June 24 8:00 a.m. Sullivan Supply Fitting Contest 10:00 a.m. Lassie Princess Hour 11:00 a.m. Youth Conference III – Voting Delegates Only 11:30 a.m. Lassie 101/Lassie Social 12:00 p.m. Quizbowl 3:00 p.m. Judging Contest 5:30 p.m. State Cook-Off Friday, June 25 8:00 a.m. Ring 1: Bred & Owned Female Show, Bred & Owned ShorthornPlus Female Show, Bred & Owned Bull Show Ring 2: ShorthornPlus Female Show, ShorthornPlus Prospect & Market Steer Show, Purebred Prospect & Market Steer Show 6:00 p.m. Awards Ceremony

Hilton Garden Inn | 2735 Crittenden Dr, Louisville, Kentucky Price: $134 | Cutoff Date: May 21, 2021 Call 502.637.2424 for reservations | Group Code: ASA2021 RV Reservations | Call 502.367.5380

Health Requirements ALL animals being exhibited at the 2021 NJSS are required to have the following: ALL: • USDA Official ID required (i.e. 840 series electronic tag, NUES tag, registration tattoo with papers) • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days prior to entry • Additional import requirements for MICHIGAN (see below) MICHIGAN: • Import Permit shall be obtained and recorded on CVI by issuing veterinarian at 502-782-5901, plus • ALCONA/ALPENA/MONTMORENCY/OSCODA COUNTIES: Whole herd Tuberculosis (TB) test on all animals twelve (12) months of age and older within one (1) year of movement & incoming animal(s) two (2) months of age and older tested within sixty (60) days of entry, unless originating from an TB Accredited Herd. ** IMPORTANT NOTE: According to 302 KAR 20:065, Section 2 (3) (c) states that ‘Cattle or other bovine species infected with warts, ringworm, or any other communicable disease shall not be eligible for exhibition** For more information, visit https://www.kyagr.com/statevet/ Facility Address for Health Papers: 937 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209

Saturday, June 26 8:00 a.m. National Junior Shorthorn Female Show 12:00 p.m. Release of all Arts Etc., Posters, Graphic Design, etc. ALL DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 31

iT’s safari time Entry Costs Enter May 1: $40 per entry Bedding/Stalling: $45 per animal

Enter after May 1: $60 per entry Extra Shirts: $15

Exhibitor Fee: $50 (includes shirt & meal packet) Meal Packets: $30 (includes two tickets)

The Kentucky Expo Center requires parking passes. You can purchase these during entry for $10/vehicle.

**Please Note: If you plan to show an animal in multiple shows, you must pay an entry fee for each show they will be exhibited in. For example, showing in the bred &owned show and the owned show, you would pay $80 entry + $45 bedding. **

Things to Know • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Online entries will include entry fee (per show) and stalling/ bedding fee for each animal in the barns only, exhibitor fee, and additional options. Entries must be paid online at time of entry or they will not be processed. There will be NO refunds on entries. See General Rule #6. Entry fee is $40 per entry. If you are showing an animal in more than one show it must be entered for each show. There is a $45 stalling/bedding fee per head. Tie-out bedding is NOT included. You will tie to trailers for tieouts this year. You can bring your own bedding or purchase it on grounds. Exhibitors must pay the $50 exhibitor fee during online entry. Exhibitor fee includes: show shirt, contest fee and 2 meal tickets. Additional meal ticket packets can be purchased during online entry for $30 for two tickets. No show entries after final deadline of May 15, 2021. No entry substitutions allowed after May 15, 2021. All animals must be registered in the sole name of the junior member who will be showing. Ownership deadline is May 1, 2021. (No farm or family names allowed) Cattle will be allowed on the fairgrounds on Sunday, June 20, in tie outs ONLY. Cattle will be allowed in barns after 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 21. All cattle must tie out in designated area. They may be tied to trailers for tieouts ONLY. You can not tie out to trailers during the day. Must bring registration papers and health papers to the show for check-in. We will not verify tattoos at check-in but animals tattoo must match the corresponding registration papers. Entries not

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

matching will be disqualified from show. See general rule #9. ONLY steers will be weighed at check-in. Individual contests must be entered by going through contest registration, Monday, June 21, starting at 2 p.m. Group contests will be entered by state advisors. They will be provided the group sign-up sheets to return to the junior director and interns. Each exhibitor will be given colored-coded meal tickets at check-in. The color-codes will correspond to the meal. Electricity – People should come prepared with generators and extension cords. All generators must be housed outside. No generators or gas cans will be allowed inside the barn and must meet local fire codes for inspection by fire marshall. Exhibitors are reminded that portacools and butt fans are not allowed in the barns. Pets are allowed on the fairgrounds, but NOT in the coliseum/ show ring area for any reason or at any time. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. In accordance with grounds policy and this youth event, consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. If the junior member is unable to show their animal due to illness or health, follow the procedure in the show rules. See General Rules #4, #5, #13. Animals will NOT be allowed to enter the show ring after the judge has given the signal to walk. See general show rule #18. ALL photography, graphic design and career development entries must be submitted by June 1 to contests@shorthorn.org There have been some contest rule changes. Be sure to carefully read rules to know all the updates! Follow the AJSA Facebook for all updates and changes related to the NJSS.

final entry deadline May 15 32

shorthorn country = may/june 2021

National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference Check-in

Please note that contest and cattle check-in is on Monday, June 21 beginning at 2:00 p.m. All contest and cattle must be checked in by 6:00 p.m. Cattle must be on grounds by 6:00 p.m.


The Kentucky Expo Center requires all vehicles entering the grounds to have a parking pass. You can purchase these during online entry for $10/parking pass. If you do not purchase parking passes during online entry, they will charge you each time you enter the grounds. Be sure to purchase passes for ALL vehicles that will be in attendance with your group. You will receive your passes during check-in, so on arrival just tell the gate attendants you are there for move-in until you receive your pass. You will not need the pass until checkin is complete. At that time they will begin charging for entry.

2021 Show Judges Dave Allan :: Owned Show Chad Zehnder :: Ring 1 Will Coor :: Ring 2

Board of Directors

Lexi Wetzel, President Gabriella Leone, Vice-President Allyssa Obrecht, Secretary Korbin Collins, Public Relations Chair Kendall Nelson, Director Tayler Bacon, Director Miller Smith, Director Faye Smith, Director Colton Hulsey, Director

Sock Drive Help us to collect socks for those in need while earning points for your state; donate new socks, by the pair or the package. Socks will be tallied and totaled by state (calculated using the percentage of exhibitors from each state) The top 5 states will win the following points (1st - 8 pts; 2nd - 6 pts; 3rd - 4 pts; 5th - 1 pt) towards the Outstanding State Junior Association.

Watch the Show LIVE!

For those of you unable to attend the show, you can view the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday shows LIVE with Walton Webcasting.


For those “senior” AJSA members, send three to four photos and the brief write-up of your time as a member of AJSA to shelby@shorthorn.org. We will include the information and fun photos in the Junior National exhibitor handbook for everyone attending to enjoy!

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 33

National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference CONTEST TIPS!! Contest Age Divisions (as of Jan. 1, 2021)

Prospector I: 5 to 9 years :: Prospector II: 10 to 12 years :: Intermediate: 13 to 16 years :: Senior: 17 to 21 years If any individual participates in a “team” contest with someone of a different age division, the team must participate in the oldest contestant’s age division unless the contest rules don’t allow competing in a different age division. For showmanship, the Prospector I age division matches show rules (must be 7).

Contest Topic Changes and Deadlines BEEF COOK-OFF CONTEST

Product cooked will be the same for all teams. This year’s choice of meat will be any cut from the “Rib Primal.”


All entries must be emailed by June 1 to contests@shorthorn.org. Entries will not be accepted at NJSS. Entries must be 8.5x11 to fit Shorthorn Country Guidelines. (Live Print Area is 7.485” x 9.833”)


ALL Entries must be emailed by June 1 to contests@shorthorn.org. Entries will not be accepted at NJSS.


Senior Topic: Explain the importance of exporting beef to the American cattlemen. Intermediate Topic: Why should Americans consume US beef instead of imported beef? PII Topic: What are some good qualities of Shorthorn beef? PI Topic: Why are you ‘Wild’ about Shorthorns?


Senior Division: Present a Shorthorn business plan to the bank to receive a loan. The senior team will come prepared to the competition (no scenario given as in past) and they will base their plan on them just graduating college with $500, 10 cows and owning no land. Intermediate Division: Selling Shorthorn Beef – information on the new Shorthorn beef program can be found at shorthorn.org Prospector I & II: The team will bring an animal to the competition area to present, promote and “sell” the entry to the judges.


Teams will now be FOUR people and they will have 20 minutes to fit their animal.

New Career Development Contest for Seniors!

The purpose of the this contest is to help prepare AJSA members for their future. Through creating a resume, cover letter and the interview, participants will gain many skills that can help them in their future career. 1) This contest is for the senior division only. 2) Participants must submit a resume, cover letter and their selected job description in PDF format by June 1 to contests@shorthorn.org. a) Resumes cannot exceed two pages in length. Resumes will be evaluated by the judges on organization, content, grammar, layout and relevance. b) Cover Letter is limited to one page, describing additional job qualifications and background to accompany the resume and job description. c) Job Description is limited to one page. Position must be a full-time listing, no internships or part-time job descriptions. Participants can find a listing online that they would desire for their career. 3) Contest judges will receive participants resume, cover letter and job description before the contest to review. 4) Only judges, contestant and junior board or ASA staff member will be allowed in the room for this contest. 5) Interviews will be a maximum of 15 minutes. Interview order will be set at 20 minute intervals. 6) Participants are allowed to bring copies of their resume, cover letter and job description. No other materials are allowed. 7) Participants should wear business casual or business professional attire for the interview portion. 8) Participants will receive written comments and critique on their material and interview to be returned after the awards ceremony. 9) Judges will place participants based on their resume, cover letter and interview.

How is High Point Award Calculated?

The purpose of the High Point Contest is to recognize the top five AJSA exhibitors in each age division for their participation and placing in contests throughout the week. The point system breakdown can be found at juniorshorthorn.com. Exhibitors receive points for each contest they choose to participate in during the week of NJSS. They also will receive additional points for placing in these contests. Points are only based on participation and placing, not scoresheet totals. Ties for all age divisions and states will be broken based on the number of higher placing contests. 34

shorthorn country = may/june 2021

Shorthorn Country The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed

Subscription Form To subscribe, complete the following information and return with payment via cash, check or credit card.

Farm Name





United States Subscribers One Year (1 yr)........................$24.00 Two Year (2 yr) ........................$38.00 Three Year (3 yr) .....................$52.00 First Class - One Year ..............$54.00

Credit Card #


Canadian Subscribers (All First Class) (US$) One Year (1 yr)........................$60.00 Two Year (2 yr) ........................$110.00 Three Year (3 yr) .....................$130.00

Other Foreign Subscribers (Air Mail) (US$) One Year (1 yr)........................$120.00 Two Year (2 yr) ........................$220.00 Three Year (3 yr) .....................$300.00



Mail completed form & payment to: 7607 NW Prairie View Road, Kansas City, MO 64151 Fax completed form & payment to: 816-599-7782 Questions? Contact us at 816-599-7777

shorthorn country = may/june 2021 35

Sale Reports Ohio Beef Expo “Keith Moore Memorial Shorthorn Sale” Sale Summary

5 Bulls...........................$ 13,400 ................$ 2,680 1 Plus Bull.....................$ 3,400 ..................$ 3,400 9 Open Heifers...............$ 27,850 ................$ 3,094 11 Plus Open Heifers....$ 27,300 ................$ 2,482 26 Breeding Lots........ $ 71,950 ..............$ 2,767 1 Embryo Pkg...............$ 900 .....................$ 900 Sale Gross $72,850

Saturday, March 20, 2021 Ohio Beef Expo, Columbus, Ohio Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt Sale Management: Cagwin Cattle Services, LLC by: Darryl Rahn

The Ohio Beef Expo was back in business this year and in a big way. A large crowd gathered in the Shorthorn isles prior to the sale and then moved to the auction arena. There was a top group of Shorthorns on offer in all categories from a top group of consignors. The snappy sale saw strong prices given for top quality cattle. Congratulations to the consignors and all involved to make this sale a success. It was

the top Expo sale for this past Spring. $5,500 - Lot 10 - Open Heifer- DKSN Mac Rosa 226. A roan, polled February 26, 2020 daughter of SULL Red Power 6971D and out of SULL Max Rosa 7605E ET. This one was a crowd favorite at the sale. Very complete with the natural dimension and style that will make her one of the top show heifers this next show season. Offered by Dickson Cattle Co and purchased by Oakview Shorthorns of Nevada, Iowa. $3,750 - Lot 16 - Open Heifer - J-F April WG 2066 JR. A roan, polled July 6, 2020 daughter of J-F Lady’s Man 1608 and out of J-F April WG 1245. This was another favorite in the barn. This youngster has the overall look and design to be a leading prospect this year. She has the it factor when you see her. Offered by Jester Farms and purchased by JD & Terry Christy of Hillsboro, Ohio. $3,750 - Lot 4 - Bull - TOF Oaks Warrior 15H. A rwm, scurred February 10,2020 son of Lakeside Powerplay 2P and out of TOF Bella #1. This was a very popular young bull. He is a long sided and

smooth fronted young sire. He moved very athletically on a big foot. He will be a good sire in his new herd. Offered by Twin Oaks Farms and purchased by Adam Gualke of Allegan, Michigan. $3,700 - Lot 1 - Bull - TOF Outlaw 9H. A roan, scurred January 8, 2020 son of CSF Evolution HC and out of TOF Jewel 9D ET. Another good young bull that has the built in performance that will make him a top sire of the right kind of cattle. His depth of side and rib shape are very good. Offered by Twin Oaks Farms and purchased by Brandon Yoder of Burbank, Ohio. $3,700 - Lot 12 - Open Heifer - Paradise Proud Fool 2007 ET. A roan, polled April 10, 2020 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of BRH Proud Fool 1720. This was another popular young show prospect that has a great show ring look. She has purple ribbons in her background and she will also see the winners circle. Offered by Paradise Cattle Co and purchased by Justin Shonkwiler of London, Ohio. =

What is your favorite activity outside of AJSA? Playing basketball and riding my horses

What is your favorite color of shorthorn? White

What is your one must- have item at a cattle show? My Parents because my dad is my helper and my mom is my cheering section.


shorthorn country = may/june 2021

Junior Sp li t w h Peyton Davis aGE: 14

Emmitsburg, MD

Sun Country Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

18 Two Yr Old Bulls.....$ 110,600...............$ 6,144 18 Yearling Bulls............$ 104,050...............$ 5,780 36 Bulls....................... $ 214,650 ............$ 5,780 15 Open Heifers...........$ 49,200.................$ 3,280 51 Total Head............. $ 263,850 ............$ 5,174

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada Auctioneer: Ward Cutler Sale Management: Sun Country Group by: Grant Alexander

The 2021 Sun Country Sale was held this year under different circumstances as provincial Covid restrictions limited the sale crowd allowed to 30 people in the auction ring. A large number of people inspected the sale offering, the two days prior to the sale and on sale morning. Most returned home to bid on the offering from their home computers. The sale was broadcast live by DV Auctions. Over 95% of the bulls offered sold to commercial producers at very strong prices.Volume buyer was Roan Bear Ranch, Shell Lake,

SK who purchased 3 bulls and 3 heifers. The top selling bull was lot 1, HC Hollywood 6H, at $24,000. He was a son of HC Bluebook 22B who also topped this sale at $32,000 in 2015. He sold in a hotly contested bidding contest to Major John Gibb, Glenisla Shorthorns, Perth, Scotland. This bull was defect free and myostatin free, and homozygous polled. Second high selling bull was HC Hardcopy 12H at $13,000. He was also a son of HC Bluebook 22B. He sold to the good commercial herd of T4 Land and Cattle Co. Ltd, Heward, SK. The top selling open heifer was lot 110, HC Strawberry Hope 39H, at $5000. She is a daughter of HC Cruiser 59C. The buyer was Diamond Creek Cattle Company, Weyburn, SK. Another daughter of HC Cruiser 59C, HC Leah’s Haven 40H, was the second top selling female at $4750, selling to Brad Lamont, Hopkinton, Iowa. Other high sellers included: $7750 – H Bar D Apollo 22G, lot 15, (Lamontagne Holdings) to Jake Wedman,

Edmonton, AB. $7000- H Bar D Pioneer 108G ET, lot 21, (Lamontagne Holdings) to Lane Easton, Kennedy, SK. $7000- H Bar D Rama 104G ET, lot 17, (Lamontagne Holdings) to Don & Darlene Martens, Aberdeen, SK. $7000- HC Harrison 19H, lot 5, (Horseshoe Creek) to Century Lane Farms Ltd, Stoughton, SK. $6750- H Bar D Apollo 16G, lot 19, (Lamontagne Holdings) to Fairlane Farms Ltd, Hartney, MB. $6500- H Bar D Pioneer 107G ET (Lamontagne Holdings), lot 10, to D&D Shorthorns, McDonald, Kansas. $6500- HC Hashtag 22H (Horseshoe Creek), lot 8, to Renegade 4S Livestock, Garafraxa, ON. $6250- Rocking L Bulletproof 14G (Rocking L), lot 25, to Joe Krowicki, Oungre, SK. $6000-Rocking L Bulletproof 5G (Rocking L), lot 24 to Don and Darlene Martens, Aberdeen, SK. =

WHR Shorthorns “Lone Star Edition XXVII” Sale Summary

3 Bulls...........................$ 34,500.................$ 11,500 32 Fall Open Heifers.....$ 367,300...............$ 11,478 13 Spring Open Heifers..$ 108,050...............$ 8,312 2 Plus Open Heifers......$ 6,250...................$ 3,125 10 Bred Heifers.............$ 82,000.................$ 8,200 60 Live Lots................ $ 598,100.............$ 9,968 3 Embryos Pkgs............$ 12,600.................$ 4,200 6 Semen Pkgs................$ 4,620...................$ 770 Sale Gross $615, 320

Sunday, March 28, 2021 WHR Shorthorns Van Alystine, Texas Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Management: Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

A full house gathered for the Lone Star sale this year. What they found was a superb group of Shorthorn cattle that were presented at 12 o’clock in their condition. The open heifers were of the highest quality and the bidding proved that fact. The snappy sale saw active bidding at the sale and the internet was on fire. When the smoke cleared there were 18 lots that sold at $10,000 and higher. Congratulations to all at WHR for the presentation of another great one.

$70,000 - Lot 1 - Open Heifer. WHR HS Montana Morning 0931 ET. A roan, polled September 20, 2020 daughter of NBS Low Rider 42W ET and out of WHR Montana Matron 4906 ET. There is a reason an individual is selected to be Lot 1 in a sale. There was not question that this great young lady deserved that honor. Her balance, style and overall dimension was just outstanding. She will find a donor pen in her future. Purchased by Rick Hogue of Newcomersville, Ohio. $45,000 - Lot 3C - Open Heifer. WHR HS Montana Beauty ONO8 ET. A roan, polled November 11, 2020 daughter of Hill Haven Fire Storm 28C and out of WHR Montana Matron 4906 ET. This was one of 3 full ET sisters to sell and what a group they were. This one was a favorite of many at the sale. She is a maternal sister to the Lot 1 heifer and has a great look to go with a really good muscle pattern. Purchased by Sutton Shires of Denison, Texas. $39,000 - Lot 3B - Open Heifer. WHR HS Montana Memory ONO7 ET. A red, polled November 10, 2020 full ET sister of the Lot 3C heifer and another really good one. Like her sister, this one has the style and look to be a top show heifer and then

be a leading matron in any program. She has that great feminine look that all like to see. Purchased by Blake Madewell of Commerce, Texas. $26,000 - Lot 50 - Bred Heifer - WHR Cumberland 8DO7. A red, polled 2018 daughter of Shadybrook Momentum 7C and out of WHR Cumberland JR 6018 selling bred to Ash Valley President 5710 for a Spring 2021 calf. This was a standout in a super group of bred heifers. She has the dimension and structure that will make her a great mother cow. The Cumberland line continues to be a leader at WHR. Purchased by David Chumbley of McKinney, Texas. $25,000 - Lot 38 - Bull - WHR TS Texas Pride 0924 ET. A roan, polled September 18, 2020 son of NBS Low Rider 42W ET and out of Tristar Augusta Pride 4009. This young bull is special. He has a world of muscle and style. This is a top son of Low Rider. The Augusta Pride female line only makes his potential as a sire off the charts. Purchased by The Texas Pride Group that includes, CMF Shorthorns, the Fallon Family of Texas, Ripberger/ Norman of Illinois, Bratcher Shorthorns of Indiana, Gene Witherspoon/Mike Holcomb of Texas. =

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Paint Valley Farms & Byland “The Bull Sale” Sale Summary

66 Bulls....................... $ 403,250.............$ 6,110

Saturday, April 3, 2021 Paint Valley Farms Millersburg, Ohio Auctioneer: Ron Kreis Sale Management: Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

What A Day!!! All Spring, the Shorthorn Bull sales have been just outstanding. Demand for quality Shorthorn bulls has been at a high level. This sale raised the bar even farther. Paint Valley and Byland Polled Shorthorns offered a great group of bulls with the performance and trait numbers that all were impressed with. This snappy sale saw very active bidding not only from the large crowd in attendance, but also the internet was on fire. When the smoke cleared, there were 41 bulls (out of 66) that sold for $5,000 or more. Talk about impressive. Congratulations to Lee Miller, Jeff and Jon Byers and all their crews for presenting a superb event. $15,500 - Lot 24 - PVF High Cotton 98H. A white, polled March 26, 2020 son of Byland Soggy Dog 7TM73 and out of PVF Royal Rose 46Z. This high indexing

bull has a world of thickness and muscle. He is well balanced and smooth in his front third. He was well received by the crowd at the sale and was a favorite while in OKC. Offered by PVF and purchased by Larry Jerome of Barron, Wisconsin. $13,500 - Lot 13 - PVF Excel 33H. A red, polled February 18, 2020 son of BSG Profitwise 1767 and out of Byland Victoria 6M100. This was another favorite at the sale. The Profitwise sons were favorites of many. He is super long sided with great structure to go with rugged bone and a big foot. He has a great EPD profile. He will be a top herd sire in his future. Offered by PVF and purchased by Sam Braun of Wapakoneta, Ohio. $12,500 - Lot 42 - Byland Bullseye OSD5O. A roan, polled March 5, 2020 son of Byland Soggy Dog 7TM73 and out of Byland Lassie 6G52. Another of the super made Soggy Dog sons that were so well received in this sale. He has the thickness and style that the Soggy Dog sons have. He is deep and massive in his structure and is a trait leader in important categories. Offered by Byland and purchased by Stone Springs Farm of Troy, Ohio. $11,000 - Lot 20 - PVF Buckwheat 1H. A red, polled February 1, 2020 son of JSF Gauge 137W and out of Byland Golden

Chain STM33. This bull has great balance and style. His dam is from a great cow family at Jungels Shorthorn Farm in North Dakota. This is one of the best Gauge sons to sell anywhere. He has the extended front that all like to see on a herd bull. Offered by PVF and purchased by Ed Meyer of Rushville, Indiana. $10,500 - Lot 41 - Byland Red Dog OSD44. A red, polled son of Byland Soggy Dog 7TM73 and out of Byland Ellen 3R27. He has great structure and balance with thickness from front to rear. He has a great combination of body together with top EPD numbers. Offered by Byland and purchased by SharBen Shorthorns of Sharpsburg, Kentucky. OTHER TOP SELLERS: $10,000 - Lot 21 - From PVF and purchased by Bar N Shorthorns of Bellview, Minnesota. $10,000 - Lot 40 - From Byland and purchased by Merideth Land & Cattle of Fayette, Missouri. $10,000 - Lot 23 - From PVF and purchased by Kempfer Cattle Co of St Cloud, Florida.

$9,000 - Lot 56 - From Byland and purchased by Nic Job, Royalla Shorthorns of Australia. =

Red Dirt Treasures Sale Summary

22 Open Heifers...........$ 101,900...............$ 4,632 11 Cow/Calf Pairs.........$ 35,400.................$ 3,218 8 Bred Females..............$ 15,350.................$ 1,919 3 Bulls...........................$ 8,050...................$ 2,683 44 Breeding Lots........ $ 160,700.............$ 3,652 3 Embryos Pkgs............$ 8,950...................$ 2,983 18 Semen Pkgs..............$ 21,695.................$ 1,205 1 Steer............................$ 2,000...................$ 2,000 Sale Gross $193,345

Saturday, April 13, 2021 Grissom Sale Facility Seminole, Oklahoma Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Management: Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

A good crowd gathered on a cool morning for this year’s Red Dirt Treasures sale hosted by Double G Shorthorns and Lazy Bar F Shorthorns. What they found was an super sound set of Shorthorn cattle offered for sale. Led by a top set of open heifer show prospects, and a strong group of pairs and bred females. There was active bidding throughout the sale from the seats as well as on the internet. Congratulations to all the consignors for the presentation of


a top event. $9,000 - Lot 1B - Open Heifer - 2G Myrtle Beau 51H F4. A roan, polled November 23, 2020 daughter of Little Cedar Final 4 ET and out of SULL Moore Beau’s Girl ET. This one was fancy, fancy for sure. She lit up the auction when she hit the ring. There were bids from the seats, on the phones and on the internet. She is a special prospect. Offered by Double G and purchase by Reid Tipton of Lumberton, Texas. $8,750 - Lot 5A - Open Heifer - MAV Emily 082H ET. A rwm, polled October 14, 2020 daughter of MAV Charisma 906W and out of MAV Emily 734T. The folks from Weeping Fox Ranch brought just a great group of full ET sisters to the sale and this one rose to the top. She is stout made with great bone structure to go with the overall look of a winner. Offered by Weeping Fox and purchased by Stacey Lewis of Porum, Oklahoma. $8,000 - Lot 5D - Open Heifer - MAV Liz 084H ET. A rwm, polled September 27, 2020 daughter of MAV Charisma 906W and out of MAV Emily 734T. A full sib to the lot 5A and another looker. She is super feminine and has a great structure

shorthorn country = may/june 2021

from the ground up. A complete program can be built with one like this. Offered by Weeping Fox and purchased by Barb Houser of Mount Orab, Ohio. $8,000 - Lot 4A - Open Heifer - /F Margie 027 ET. A rwm, October 17, 2020 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of Little Cedar Margie 1520. This one was a favorite of many at the sale. She has the length and style that make her super attractive. Her length of body and feminine front only add to her completeness. Offered by Lazy Bar F and purchased by The Gana Family of Martell, Nebraska. $7,300 - Lot 2A - 2G Demi 73H HC ET. A roan, polled September 9, 2020 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of 2G Demi’s Desire C015 ET. This young lady is super fancy. She has show prospect written all over her. Her dam was a winner at a Junior National and this one will follow in those footsteps. Her power and dimension make her a winner already. Offered by Double G and purchased by Rock’n G Land and Cattle of Middletown, Illinois. =

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May 4 - AJSA Junior National Fundraiser, amsonlinesales.com 2021 FALL SALE DATES Sept. 4 - Cates Farms “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, IN

May 4 - AJSA Junior National Fundraiser, amsonlinesales.com. 2021 FALL SALE DATES

Sept. 11 - Shadybrook Farms “Decades of Excellence” Production Sale, West Brome, Quebec, Canada

Oct. 2 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make A Difference”, Waynesville, Ohio.

Sept. 19 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, IL

Sept. 4 - Cates Farms “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, Ind.

Oct. 6 - Mitchell Family Shorthorns Online Sale, Waverly, Iowa, cwcattlesales. com.

Sept. 4 - Smith Family Farms, “Cattlemen’s Cut” Open House, Pendleton, Ind.

Oct. 9 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, Iowa.

Sept. 5 - Cornerstone Farms “Born to be Rockstars” Online Sale, Winchester, Ind., cwcattlesales.com.

Oct. 9 - Schrag 605, “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, S.D.

Sept. 5 & 6 - Turner Shorthorns “Somerset Sensations” Open House and Private Treaty Sale, Somerset, Ohio. Sept. 6 - Meyer Family Shorthorns “Elite Heifer and Steer” Online Sale, Greensburg, Ind., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 8 - Highland Farms “Land of Lincoln” Show Steer & Heifer Online Sale, Pittsfield, Ill., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 11 - Shadybrook Farms “Decades of Excellence” Production Sale, West Brome, Quebec, Canada. Sept. 13 - Smith Family Farms, “Cattlemen’s Cut” Online Sale, Pendleton, Ind., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 19 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, Ill. Sept. 20 - Tadmore Farms Show Heifer, Bred Heifer and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, Texas, amsonlinesales.com.

Sept. 20 - Tadmore Farms Show Heifer, Bred Heifer and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, TX, amsonlinesales.com

Oct. 16 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, Okla. Oct. 16 - “Keystone Autumn Klassic” Production Sale, Waynesburg, Pa. Oct. 17 - Bedwell Cattle Co & Lost Diamond B Ranch, “Lasting Impressions” Sale, Isabella, Okla. Oct. 23 - Alden Farms and Friends Production Sale, Hamilton, Mo.

Nov. 6 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm, “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, N.D. Nov. 9 - Highland Farms Show Heifer & Bred Female Sale, Pittsfield, Ill., cwcattlesales.com.

Oct. 16 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, OK Oct. 17 - Bedwell Cattle Co & Lost Diamond B Ranch, “Lasting Impressions” Sale, Isabella, OK

Oct. 30 - Leveldale Farms, “Investment Sale”, Mason City, IL Nov. 6 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm, “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, ND

Nov. 14 - Greenhorn Cattle Co, “Where Future Generations Are Created”, Louisville, KY

Nov. 14 - Greenhorn Cattle Co, “Where Future Generations Are Created”, Louisville, Ky.

Nov. 21 - Norman/Ripberger “Breeders Alliance”Sale, Newman, IL

Dec. 7 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, N.D., amsonlinesales. com Dec. 11 - Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Production Sale, Millersburg, Ohio. =

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Oct. 2 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make A Difference”, Waynesville, OH

Nov. 8 - KAW Red Angus “Maternal Magic” Sale, Seward, NE, amsonlinesales.com

Sept. 25 - The Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, Mich.

Sept. 30 - Meyer Farms Show Heifer Online Sale, Rushville, Ind., cwcattlesales. com.

Sept. 26 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, NE

Oct. 23 - Alden Farms and Friends Production Sale, Hamilton, MO

Oct. 30 - Leveldale Farms, “Investment Sale”, Mason City, Ill.

Nov. 22 - Bar N Shorthorns, “Holiday Classic” Online Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, Minn., amsonlinesales.com

Sept. 29 - Shoufler Shorthorns “Multi Breed Show Heifer” Online Sale, Fortville, Ind.

Sept. 25 - The Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, MI

Oct. 9 - Schrag 605, “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD

Sept. 21 - Berg Shorthorns Online Sale, Osage, Iowa, amsonlinesales.com.

Sept. 26 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, Neb.

Sept. 21 - Berg’s Shorthorns Online Sale, Osage, IA, amsonlinesales.com

Dec. 7 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND, amsonlinesales.com Dec. 11 - Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Production Sale, Millersburg, OH

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