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may/june 2020

The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed.

Shorthorn Country may/june 2020 issue 5 • volume 47

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Meet the 2020 Interns....................................................................... 15 2019-2020 National Show Winners of the Year............................. 16 2019-2020 Regional Show Winners of the Year............................ 18 2020-2021 Show System................................................................... 30 Iowa State Heifer Trial Report......................................................... 32 Udder Scoring: A Quick Review..................................................... 33 Junior Board Candidates.................................................................. 36 Builder of the Breed Nomination.................................................... 41

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Update..................................................................................6 Association Outlook..........................................................8 Beef Business.....................................................................10 Since you asked.................................................................12 What You Need to Know.................................................14 Junior Corner....................................................................34 News & Notes....................................................................40 Tartan Plaid.......................................................................44 Sales Calendar...................................................................53 Ad Index............................................................................54

Shorthorn Country

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shorthorn country = may/june 2020

may/june 2020

The May/June cover photo was taken by Cindy-Cagwin Johnston

The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed.

=Advisory Council Montie Soules, ASA representative Don Cagwin, Durham Management Co. =Subscriptions US: 1 year- $24 • 2 years - $38 • 3 years - $52 1 year First Class - $54/year Canada: 1 year- $60 • 2 years - $110 • 3 years - $130 Other Foreign: 1 year- $120 • 2 years - $220 • 3 years - $300 SHORTHORN COUNTRY (ISSN 0149-9319) Published monthly by the American Shorthorn Association, 7607 NW Prairie View Rd., Platte Woods, MO 64151. Subscription rates are $24.00 for 1 year, $38.00 for 2 years, and $52.00 for 3 years in the U.S.; $60.00 for 1 year, $110.00 for 2 years, and $130.00 for 3 years to Canada and $120.00 for 1 year, $220.00 for 2 years, and $300.00 for 3 years to other foreign countries. Periodicals postage paid at Kansas City, MO and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: send address changes to SHORTHORN COUNTRY, 7607 NW Prairie View Rd., Platte Woods, MO 64151.

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Shorthorn Update

7607 NW Prairie View Rd. • Kansas City, MO 64151-1544 816-599-7777 • FAX: 816-599-7782 Montie D. Soules, asa executive secretary/CEO Matt Woolfolk, director of performance programs, performance data & commercial acceptance • Heather Lange, director of customer service, registrations & DNA • Shelby Diehm, director of youth activities, marketing & communications • Emily Velisek, director of events, show & membership activities • Accounting •

ASA Dates of Note May May 1 AJSA Scholarship Deadline May 25 Junior National Ownership & Entry Deadline May 25 ASA Office Closed - Memorial Day June June 1 All NJSS photography & graphic design entries due to June 8-12 BIF Virtual Online Symposium June 22-27 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference, Abilene, Texas

July July 3 August Aug. 1

ASA Board of Directors Nancy Grathwohl-Heter, president 785-587-7947 Hugh Mooney, vice president 916-319-0488 Dave Greenhorn, executive director 937-470-6552 Joe Bales, 615-330-2342 John Sonderman, 402-641-0936 Toby Jordan, 219-819-4603 Jerrell Crow, 580-585-2522 Lee Miller, 330-231-6834 John Russell, 832-588-8604 Shorthorn Foundation Bill Rasor, president American Junior Shorthorn Association Kane Aegerter, president National Shorthorn Lassies Sommer Smith, president

ASA Office Closed

Builder of the Breed Nominations Due to ASA December Dec. 4 Shorthorn Social at the ASA Office Dec. 5 ASA Annual Meeting, Forum & Awards Banquet - Kansas City, MO

New Contest Rule NJSS Photography & Graphic Design entries must be submitted via email by June 1. Send entries to

2020 Junior National Entry Information ONLINE ENTRY ONLY at


May 25, 2020 no late entries accepted

2020 NJSS Judges

Owned Show: Jirl Buck Bred & Owned Show: Andrew Foster ShorthornPlus Show: Lydell Meier

2020 ASA Annual Meeting,Forum & Awards Banquet December 5, 2020 - Hilton Kansas City Airport - Kansas City, MO

8-8:30 a.m.- Eric Grant, The Grant Company 8:30-9:15a.m.- Advertising/Social Media, Danielle Starr 9:15-9:40 a.m.- Break 9:45-10:45 a.m.- Marketing for Your Sale, Panel - Jeff Aegerter, Christy Collins, Brett Spader 10:45 a.m.-12 p.m.- Marketing Your Program, Tom Field 12-1:30 p.m.- Lunch * Join us for a Shorthorn Social 2-4 p.m.- Annual Meeting at the ASA Office on 4-6 p.m.- Social Friday night, December 4th. 6-8:30 p.m.- Awards Banquet


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

Upcoming Committee Conference Calls Genetic Evaluation Committee May 11 12:00 pm CT July 13 12:00 pm CT Sept. 14 12:00 pm CT Commercial Acceptance Committee May 13 12:00 pm CT July 14 12:00 pm CT Sept. 14 12:00 pm CT ShorthornPlus Committee May 12 12:00 pm CT July 14 12:00 pm CT Sept. 14 12:00 pm CT

Contact if you would like to participate in these committee calls.

WHR Breeders WHR Assessments for 2020 were sent in November. 1. WHR inventory assessments must be completed and paid in full prior to registering calves born in the current assessment period, (i.e. 2020 assessment on a dam must be completed and paid in order to register her calf born in 2020.) 2. Included with each assessment is the registration of a calf born to the dam in the year she was assessed (if calf is registered prior to one year of age) and a free transfer of said calf (if recorded within 60 days from the date of the sale.) (i.e. cost to register a calf born in 2020 to an assessed 2020 dam will be $0, if calf is registered within 12 months) 2020 ASSESSMENT FEE SCHEDULE: March 1 - December 31, 2020 $25 *Calves born in previous year(s) to unassessed dams will incur additional fees.

A.I. Certificates In order to have A.I. certificates released on a bull, it must be DNA tested as an A.I. Sire. However, if the bull is deceased, the calf can be DNA tested instead.

Non-Certificate Bulls To make a bull non-certificate, ALL DNA requirements for an A.I. Sire must be completed before we will make them non-certificate.

Transferring Bred Females Bred females being transferred must have all the breeding information including name and registration number of sire(s), type of service, date of service and/or pasture exposure dates.

Regular Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time Zone

2020 International Year Code: H

= Association Outlook 2020 Annual Meeting and Junior National

Montie D. asa executive Soules secretary/CEO


his month, I am writing this article scheduling a definite time slot supported their Brand” centering on a number of methods and from my home office. The ASA decision. Focusing on show preparations and avenues for marketing registered Shorthorn staff and I have been working from activities comes first for those exhibiting and cattle. Information will be provided on using our homes for over a month now. The entire the remaining time is not adequate to conduct Social Media, Cattle Videos, Sale Managers, world is experiencing unprecedented times this important ASA event in the proper format Online Auction Options, Sale Catalog due to the Coronavirus. This affects everyone. at the NAILE. Information, and the Importance of Building Agricultural commodities are well below profit The 2020 Annual Meeting, Forum & a Relationship with Customers. margins and grocery stores are experiencing Awards Banquet will be Check page 6 and empty shelves. Who could have thought we held in Kansas City on The 2020 Annual Meeting, Forum & 14 for the Dec. 5th would ever see this day? Dec. 5, at the Hilton Awards Banquet will be held in Kansas programming schedule; There are new phrases in our vocabulary Kansas City Airport. City on Dec. 5, at the Hilton Kansas including the speakers City Airport. such as “social distancing”, “stay-at-home There is a full day of who will share these orders” and “closing all except essential activity scheduled for important tools and businesses”. We have all made adjustments to the 5th from 8:00 am through procedures. The featured speaker our lives as we look forward to a brighter future the Awards Banquet that A special attraction for will be Dr. Tom Field who gave when we return to some form of normalcy. evening. A special attraction membership will be an pre-game rally talks for a major ASA Social at the ASA Hopefully no big changes are required for membership will be an college football team. This will be office at 5:00 pm on in the Shorthorn world. We are aggressively ASA Social at the ASA office an excellent program. Friday, December 4th. moving forward with plans for the National at 5:00 pm on Friday, Dec. The Annual Meeting will be in Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference 4th. The office is just a short the afternoon when new directors in Abilene, Texas as distance from the hotel for the ASA Board will be elected. Followed by scheduled the third week We are aggressively moving forward with and the hotel shuttle a social and the Awards Banquet that evening. in June. Deadlines for plans for the National Junior Shorthorn service will be available The traditional Committee Meetings will be entries and ownership is Show & Youth Conference in Abilene, for membership to use done virtually ahead of the annual meeting day. May 25th. So, get your Texas as scheduled the third week in June. at your convenience. (check the Shorthorn Country and ASA Insider entries in before then as Many of you have never for times and source of meetings) This will there is no late entry this year due to pushing been to the ASA office, so this is an excellent allow more folks to be part of the committees back the entry deadline. If the need comes to opportunity to see your Association facilities and not have to choose just one. The customary postpone the 2020 National Junior Shorthorn and enjoy some good old-fashioned Shorthorn breakout session for staff to share information Show & Youth Conference, the last week of hospitality provided by the ASA staff. There with membership will be done virtually as well. July has been reserved at the Abilene Facility. will be hors d’oeuvres and refreshments to The Coronavirus has forced us to find new Either way, we plan on seeing you in Abilene enjoy along with friendship ways to communicate and videoconferencing The focus is this summer! and sharing Shorthorn has become and will continue to be a popular to provide One week after the ASA Board of Directors’ enthusiasm. method going forward. membership with March meeting in Kansas City, the entire The theme for this tools and ideas After all the lock down and stay at home world was turned upside down with threats year’s Annual Meeting & to help market rules, this will be a great time to get out and of the Covid-19 virus. At that meeting, after Forum is “Building Your their products by see old friends and make new friends in the a hard look at the available time between the Brand”. The focus is to “Building Your Shorthorn Family. This is a Family Friendly shows and junior fundraiser at the North provide membership with breed and now is a great time to share that Brand.” American in Louisville, the Board voted to tools and ideas to help friendship by attending these two main move the 2020 ASA Annual Meeting back to market their products, by “Building Your Shorthorn events, the Annual Meeting and the Kansas City, on Dec 5th. The uncertainty of Brand”. A program has been designed to give National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth the show schedule and the risk associated with you diversity and direction to “Build Your Conference in 2020. =

American Shorthorn Association Mission Statement The mission of the American Shorthorn Association is to serve all members and enhance the value of the Shorthorn breed by managing data, maintaining the integrity of the herdbook, educating members and communicating the value of Shorthorn cattle resulting in the expanded use of Shorthorn genetics in the U.S. beef industry.

American Shorthorn Association Vision Statement

Be recognized in the industry as a viable British breed that creates profitability in beef cattle production, with a family friendly environment.

Core Strategies Educate, equip and empower our members 8

Increase commercial interest in Shorthorn genetics

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

Continue to develop and support the Junior program

Invest in research and development to enable breed improvement

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Beef Business

Matt director of Woolfolk performance programs

Essential Some articles come easier than others for me. This month falls on the end of the spectrum as one of the more difficult for me to write. Discussing any aspect of performance testing, data, or cattle breeding almost feels insignificant at the moment. I promise not to get too deep into anything we’ve heard on the news or seen on social media in recent days. That’s not my job, and we are all probably tired of hearing that information repeated over and over. But I do hope you bear with me as I put some thoughts on paper. I’m writing this article from a makeshift “desk” set up on top of my bedroom dresser. Normally the top left drawer of my workspace is home to office supplies. But now? It’s full of socks. The current situation dictates that things be done a little differently, but being taken out of our “normal” surroundings and having to adapt is no excuse for lack of effort or results. I can guarantee you that anyone associated with the agricultural industry doesn’t have the thought of giving up crossing their mind. That’s not how our farmers and ranchers think. The current economic outlook already wasn’t the friendliest to those in agriculture. Even in times that are like nothing any of us have seen before, our farmers and ranchers still get up and go to work. They do what they must to put food on the table for their family and everyone else

across the nation. The calving cows don’t care that there is no toilet paper to be found in town. The feeder cattle are still hungry, and they aren’t going to socially distance themselves from the feed bunk. The phrase “The show must go on!” is as true as ever when it comes to the attitude of our nation’s farmers and ranchers. The federal government may have designated the ag industry as “essential” during this time, but I think that is only because there’s not a stronger, more significant designation in their vocabulary to relay just how important the industry is. None of us know when things will get back to “normal”. I would wager a lot of money that by the time this issue hits mailboxes, things won’t be like they are while I write this, as things keep changing daily. I pray that it’s an optimistic outlook by then and that we are coming closer to the end of this significant event than the beginning. Thankfully, the current situation has given me the opportunity to slow down the pace of life. I hope it has for you, as well. I don’t mean that work is getting done slower or less frequently, but rather being more intentional about taking it all in. Waking up to birds singing and a beautiful sunrise are a great start to each day that used to go unnoticed more often than not. Even though we can’t come together as communities right now, people are still coming together.

Watching schools pack meals for those around town that need them, teachers carrying out lessons for their children in innovative ways, collecting necessary supplies for our health care professionals, and seeing so many churches find a way to virtually gather the congregation on a Sunday morning sure are refreshing. I’ve talked to folks who say that they’ve been able to get back to the routine of family dinners again, which their hectic schedule didn’t previously allow. Every night is family game night! Even in a time of uncertainty and questions, good things are coming from it! As I watch grass begin to green up and signs of spring arrive, all that is missing for me is a pasture of cows to take an evening walk through. Green grass and cow-calf pairs always give me hope. As folks in agriculture, keep up the good, hard work. We need you. As human beings, I hope we all take advantage of this chance to slow down a little bit and enjoy some of the finer things in life that we might have been missing. There’s always good, even in the toughest of situations. You have my word that I will go back to writing about cows and numbers for the summer issues. Until then, I will keep trying to break myself of the habit of putting my pens and notepads away in my sock drawer at the end of the day. =

Read the Iowa State University/ASA Heifer Trial Report on page 32. 10

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Since you asked...

Heather director of customer Lange service, registrations & DNA

AI Qualified Sire Sales Our board of directors met in early March and discussed some topics that need a little light shone on them. The first of which pertains to transferring ownership of bulls, specifically centered around AI certificates. That said, it seems there is no time like the present than to delve into how transfers as a whole should work for both sellers and buyers, as well as the middleman - the ASA. According to our rules, animals can have up to 3 owners. If you want to split it evenly, you’d set a 3-way transfer up as 33%-33%-34% ownership. You’ll only see the percentage ownership on the “ownership” tab of the animal. Looking at a pedigree of an animal who has multiple owners only lists the owners’ names. No ownership percentages show up on pedigrees. Any transfer of an animal that results in a charge (refer to our fee schedules) is set to fall on the account of the seller. If you (buyer and seller) came to an agreement that the buyer is to pay for the transfer, just let us know. We can easily move a charge to the buyer’s account.

Transfers can be done online by the seller or by the ASA. If you’d like the ASA to process the transfer for you, please send a paper copy of the pedigree with the transfer section on the back completely filled out. These can either be sent by snail mail, email, or fax. We cannot take transfer information over the phone. Transfers must be paid for before the new pedigree will print and be sent out. To double-check if you have a balance, just click “View” under “My Account” on the left-hand side of your screen. If the animal you are buying/selling is AI sire qualified – meaning he has all DNA on file necessary to have semen sold on him – all owners listed after the sale will have access to issue AI certificates on the bull. Let’s say the seller wants to retain a 1% semen interest in the bull. The only way to set this up is for them to retain what we would call 1% ownership. Again, because both names will still be listed as owners, even the 1% owner can release AI certificates on the bull. AI certificates generate a $20 charge on a per-certificate basis. This $20 will

be placed on the account of whoever issues the certificate. If you (as the owner/issuer) wish for the person buying the AI certificate to pay for it, simply contact the ASA office and we can move that charge to them. Circling back a bit to AI sire qualified bulls, once all DNA is on file for a bull, the owner(s) can make the bull noncertificate. If there is more than one owner on the bull, we have to have consent from each of these owners in order to make him non-certificate. Making a bull non-certificate is irreversible. Once he is made non-certificate, he cannot be reinstated as a certificate bull, even if his ownership changes. If there is any confusion about whether or not a bull is AI sire qualified, or if he requires AI certificates, do not hesitate to contact our office, or you can refer to the lists in Digital Beef. *Please note that verbal agreements between seller and buyer will not translate to any transfers through the ASA. Please be sure to get any agreements in writing. =

The red arrow below is where you can find a list of AI Qualified Sires in the ASA Digital Beef registry.


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= What You Need to Know

Emily director of events, Velisek show & membership activities

Do you want to be an Ambassador? Ambassadors are volunteers that are a liaison for the American Shorthorn Association to share updated information and hand out promotional material in their state. These ambassadors need to be members of the ASA in good standing and be willing to attend state functions such as; field days, annual meetings, shows, sales or any other state activity

requested. When given the opportunity they should be prepared to speak to the group in attendance and share updated information sent to them from the ASA. If this is something that sounds of interest to you then please contact Emily at or call the office and ask to talk to her. =

2020 ASA Show Committee Shorthorn Senior Show Committee Chair, Jeff Bedwell (580) 822-5590 Vice Chair, Mark Gordon (217) 737-7905 Board Liaison, Dave Greenhorn (937) 470-6552 ASA Staff, Emily Velisek (816) 800-2782 ASA Staff Montie Soules (918) 645-4322 2020-2022 Assigned Show Committee Members per Animals Shown Cates Farms, Tyler Cates (765) 576-0035 Schrag Shorthorns, Cory Schrag (605) 941-5241 Peak View Ranch, Rick Leone (719) 468-1981 Show Committee Elected by Exhibitors - Term 2020 to 2022 Hahn Family Shorthorns, LLC, Aaron Hahn (309) 645-4488 WHR Shorthorns, Bill Rasor (214) 850-4690 RC Show Cattle, Ron Rutan (937) 603-1319 Robert & Beverly Alden, Robert Alden (816) 632-8509 Little Cedar Cattle Co., Steve French (989) 798-8223

Upcoming Committee Conference Calls Genetic Evaluation Committee May 11 12:00 pm CT July 13 12:00 pm CT Sept. 14 12:00 pm CT Commercial Acceptance Committee May 13 12:00 pm CT July 14 12:00 pm CT Sept. 14 12:00 pm CT ShorthornPlus Committee May 12 12:00 pm CT July 14 12:00 pm CT Sept. 14 12:00 pm CT Contact if you would like to participate in these committee calls.

2020 ASA Annual Meeting,Forum & Awards Banquet December 5, 2020 Hilton Kansas City Airport - Kansas City, MO 8-8:30 a.m. - Eric Grant, The Grant Company 8:30-9:15a.m. - Advertising/Social Media, Danielle Starr 9:15-9:40 a.m. - Break 9:45-10:45 a.m. - Marketing for Your Sale, Panel - Jeff Aegerter, Christy Collins, Brett Spader 10:45-12 p.m. - Marketing Your Program, Tom Field 12-1:30 p.m. - Lunch 2-4 p.m. - Annual Meeting * Join us for a Shorthorn Social 4-6 p.m. - Social at the ASA Office on 6-8:30 p.m. - Awards Banquet

Friday night, December 4th.


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

meet the

2020 Interns Abigail Sartin

communications intern

Abigail Sartin is an upcoming senior at the University of Georgia studying Animal Science and Agricultural Communication. She is from Rome, Georgia where she was involved with her FFA chapter and showed Simmental and Angus cattle. Throughout college, Abigail has been involved in Block and Bridle, has served as various committee chairs for the planning of the Great Southland Stampede Rodeo, is currently an officer for UGA’s Cattlemen’s chapter, and

Kendall Harshman

registrations intern

Kendall Harshman is a senior at Oklahoma State University majoring in Agricultural Communications with a minor in Agricultural Leadership. She grew up in small town Frederick, Maryland, where she has raised mostly Hereford cattle, sheep, goats and swine with her family while competing on a local and national level. At school, Kendall is involved with Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club (a club that excels on a national level). Kendall has a passion for promoting agriculture and has landed multiple internships, one being with OSU’s College of Agriculture Science and Natural Resource as a communications

Cassidy Catrett

was on the collegiate livestock judging team. In the future, Abigail’s ultimate goal to use her love for photography and graphic design combined with her passion for production agriculture to market livestock and promote a positive image for the industry and producers within it. She is very excited to serve as the communications intern and looks forward to networking with the other interns and staff at ASA this summer!

intern, as well as one with Legacy Livestock Imaging. After working for the National Junior Hereford Association last summer as an ambassador and now as the registration intern for the Shorthorn Association, Kendall hopes to gain the experience needed to one day work for a livestock breed association. Along with that goal, Kendall just recently started her own photography and design business, Kendall Ann Photography and Design and is excited to see where that will take her in the future. Kendall can’t wait to build relationships with everyone and get to work at the American Shorthorn Association.

youth activities intern

Cassidy Catrett currently attends Mississippi State University pursuing dual degrees in Poultry Science and Animal and Dairy Sciences. She grew up in rural Luverne, Alabama on her family farm where they raise Purebred Shorthorn cattle and run a Shorthorn bull on their commercial herd. Cassidy is a servant-leader as evidenced by her prior experiences as Alabama Junior Cattlemen’s President and Alabama FFA State Secretary. She has exhibited cattle

and competed in a variety of livestockbased competitions at the local, state, and national levels. At Mississippi State, she is active in a variety of social and professional organizations with a particular passion about her work as a Resident Advisor and with the Livestock Judging Club as a past-team member. Cassidy looks forward to putting her passion to work for Shorthorn families as the ASA Youth Activities intern this summer!

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


National Show Female and Bull of the Year 2019-2020 National Points are based off of the 5 National Shows only. No regional points go into the National Winners total. Points are tallied based on the following: Class placing: 1st place: 8 points, 2nd: 7 points, 3rd: 6 points, 4th: 5 points, 5th: 4 points Division Champion: 7 points, Reserve Division Champion: 5 points; Grand Champion: 11 points, Reserve Grand Champion: 9 points





CF CSF Margie 830 AV X ET Mark Inskeep, Lafayette, Ind.

SULL Crystal Blue 8076F ET Abigail Burkhart, Dunlap, Iowa.


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

CF S/F Upper Hand X ET Cates Farm, Modoc, Ind. Shoufler Shorthorns, Fortville, Ind. Simon Farms, Rockford, Ohio.

LDB Premium Reward Apache 911 Brittany Blankinship, Orlando, Okla.


Show Region Winners Winners will be recognized at the American Shorthorn Association’s Awards Banquet. * Editor’s Note: Winners are selected through a point tally process based on points earned at various Regional shows and provided by the American Shorthorn Association and the Regional Shows. Point amounts are based on the show and number of head exhibited. As with the reporting of show results, Shorthorn Country assumes no responsibility for partial or incomplete listings of multiple ownership of animals. Ownership information was provided by the American Shorthorn Association. We regret any errors or omissions which may have occurred.

Regional Qualifications To Qualify for Regional Points, an animal must be exhibited at a minimum of two (2) shows within the region. Any combination of the following shows will meet the regional qualifications: • Regional Show • Super Regional Show • National Show within the designated region Only shows that are attended within that region count towards that region’s points. A National Show within its region will count towards Regional Points, BUT Regional Shows do not count towards National Points. In order to be awarded the Regional Show Bull or Show Female of the Year and Runner-Up, you must win a division within that region. In the event that the regional show does not use the provided ASA Division breaks, the following policy will be used: Any points that an animal receives at a regional show where ASA division breaks are not used, the animal and points will be moved to the proper division that the animal qualifies for based on ASA Show Classifications.

Point Distributions for 2019-2020 Regions Regional Shows

Super Regional Shows

National Shows within the Region

Class Placings:­ 1st: 5 points 2nd: 4 points 3rd: 3 points 4th: 2 points 5th: 1 point

Class Placings:­ 1st: 6 points 2nd: 5 points 3rd: 4 points 4th: 3 points 5th: 2 points

Class Placings:­ 1st: 8 points 2nd: 7 points 3rd: 6 points 4th: 5 points 5th: 4 points

Division Champion: 4 points Reserve Division Champion: 2 points Grand Champion: 7 points Reserve Grand Champion: 5 points

Division Champion: 5 points Reserve Division Champion: 3 points Grand Champion: 9 points Reserve Grand Champion: 7 points

Division Champion: 7 points Reserve Division Champion: 5 points Grand Champion: 11 points Reserve Grand Champion: 9 points


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


Northeast Region

Region 1 Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia


PVF Independence 114F

Benjamin P. Allen, Saxonburg, Pa.

Whitney Miller, Millersburg, Ohio.



John M. Allen IV, Saxonburg, Pa.

Turner Shorthorns, Somerset, Ohio.



Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - TRNR Valley Rosetta 259, Turner Shorthorns Early Spring Heifer Calf Res. Champion - TRNR Amanda’s Pearl 219, Turner Shorthorns Junior Heifer Calf Champion - Key Ridge Rose 1139, Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm Senior Heifer Calf Champion - Armstrong Lilac 1820, John M. Allen IV Senior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - Key Ridge Sairis 1115, Gage A. Workman Intermediate Champion Female - Little Cedar Felecia 1830 ET, Benjamin P. Allen Intermediate Res. Champion Female - PVF Mystic 106F, Derek Miller Junior Champion Female - MVF Velvet 79F, Windy Knoll Farm Junior Res. Champion Female - Key Ridge Rose 1080, Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm

Junior Bull Calf Champion - TRNR London 109, Turner Shorthorns Junior Bull Calf Res. Champion - Key Ridge Stockmarket 1132, Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm Senior Bull Calf Champion - Key Ridge Dillybean 1107, Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm Intermediate Champion Bull - PVF Independence 114F, Whitney Miller Junior Champion Bull - Key Ridge Buckeye 1065, Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm


SHORTHORNPLUS FEMALE RUNNER-UP CF Judy’s Style 85 X ET Haley N. Frazier, Jackson, Ohio.


BFC Dream On G001

Brandywine Farms Cattle Company, Carthage, Ind.


Brandywine Farms Cattle Company, Carthage, Ind.


Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - Armstrong Sara’s Dream 1903, Henry J. Allen Junior Bull Calf Champion - BFC Dream On G001, Brandywine Farms Cattle Company Junior Heifer Calf Champion - TRNR Sabrina 59, Turner Shorthorns Junior Champion Bull - BFC Blackjack F064, Brandywine Farms Cattle Company Senior Champion Female - CF Judy’s Style 85 X ET, Haley N. Frazier


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


Southeast Region

Region 2 Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi


VCC Ain’t No Foolin’ 1701 ET

Xavier Ferris, Whiteland, Ind.

Cedar Lane Farm, Cedarville, Ohio.



John W. Cox, Flemingsburg, Ky.

James Parnell, Stanton, Ala.



Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - Sharben Lovely GG Myrtle Bo, Eden Ennis Junior Heifer Calf Champion - SFF Hot Cherri 909 HC ET, Miller Smith Junior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - M&R Mia 001, Mattie Williams Senior Heifer Calf Champion - Hahn Elizabeth C43F ET, John W. Cox Senior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - Sharben Lovely Dottie 984 ET, Sharben Shorthorns Junior Champion Female - NR Quantum Queen 470F RS ET, Xavier Ferris Junior Res.Champion Female - Bratcher Myrtle Bo 812 ET, Craig Bratcher TIE: Senior Champion Female - CF NNN Ruth 857 BW X, McCall Show Cattle TIE: Senior Champion Female - WJM Red Veronica D2F, Anna Phelp

Early Spring Bull Calf Champion - Sharben Prerogative 1050 ET, Sharben Shorthorns Junior Bull Calf Champion - CF S/F Top Flight 923 ET, James Parnell Senior Champion Bull - VCC Ain’t No Foolin’ 1701 ET, Cedar Lane Farm


Austin Martin, Tomkinsville, Ky.

Sharben Right Resolve 7431

Sharben Shorthorns, Sharpsburg, Ky.



Senior Heifer Calf Champion - Circle J SJ Spice 011, Austin Martin

Early Spring Bull Calf Champion - Sharben Right Resolve 7431, Sharben Shorthorns


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


North Central Region

Region 3 North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska


NF Red Hot Pursuit

Kendall Nelson, Seneca, Ill.

Kendall Nelson, Seneca, Ill.



Lauren Berg, Osage, Iowa.

Craig Shorthorns, Lowery, Minn.



Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - Bergs Macey Renaissance, Kaitlyn Berg Early Spring Heifer Calf Res. Champion - BWR Zelda, 6B Farms TIE - Junior Heifer Calf Champion - DSF Fantasy Girl 19G, Brock Studer TIE - Junior Heifer Calf Champion - DSF Fantasy Girl 1G, Brock Studer Junior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - BWR Crystal’s Angel, Makenna Brouwer Senior Heifer Calf Champion - Bergs Emma No Foolin, Lauren Berg Senior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - Bergs Cindy Picture Perfect ET, Madeline Berg Intermediate Champion Female - Bergs Ashley Rose, Madeline Berg Intermediate Res. Champion Female- Homedale Silver Duchess 887, The Kaehler Family Junior Champion Female - MTS Party Gal 2018, Brock Studer Junior Res. Champion Female - DSF Missie 87F, Rose Family Senior Champion Female - SULL Max Rosa 8036F ET, Kendall Nelson Senior Res. Champion Female - F C Goose’s Bo 806 ET, John Morrison Champion Cow/Calf Pair - DSF Sonya 11E, Brock Studer

Early Spring Bull Calf Champion - Bergs Red Warrior, Craig Shorthorns Junior Bull Calf Champion - Studer’s Gunner 4G, Dale Studer Family TIE - Junior Bull Calf Res. Champion - Bergs Jimmy, Madeline Berg TIE - Junior Bull Calf Res. Champion - F C Navigator 906G, John Morrison Senior Bull Calf Champion - NF Red Hot Pursuit, Kendall Nelson Senior Bull Calf Res. Champion - F C Maverick 861F ET, John Morrison Intermediate Champion Bull - Bergs Sherman, Kaitlyn Berg


WINNERS WILL BE RECOGNIZED at the ASA Awards Banquet SULL Crystal Blue 8076F ET Abigail Burkhart, Dunlap, Iowa.

SHORTHORNPLUS FEMALE RUNNER-UP Bergs Josy Miss Izzy Madeline Berg, Osage, Iowa.

SHORTHORNPLUS FEMALE DIVISION WINNERS Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - Josy Miss Izzy, Madeline Berg Junior Champion Female - AF VF Advance Zoe, Abigail Green Senior Champion Female - SULL Crystal Blue 8076F ET, Abigail Burkhart


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

DECEMBER 5, 2020 at the Hilton Kansas City Airport, Kansas City, MO

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


South Central Region

Region 4 Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana


JS Captivation ET

Merideth Behrens, Colbert, Okla.

Dayson Cash, Fay, Okla.


SHORTHORN BULL RUNNER-UP Fieser’s Mr. Impact 517

Lane Blankinship, Orlando, Okla.

Dayson Cash, Fay, Okla. & Fieser’s Polled Shorthorns, Plains, Kan.



Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - ASM Maple ET, Anaya McCune Early Spring Heifer Calf Res. Champion - JVCC Lassie 903, Kale Jones Junior Heifer Calf Champion - LDB Mirage Premium Brave 901, Lane Blankinship Junior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - M&E Cumberland 974, M & E Shorthorns Senior Heifer Calf Champion - WHR RHS Demi 9158 ET, Merideth Behrens Senior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - FSC 4GC Miss Mirage 58FA ET, Brett Forgy Intermediate Champion Female - JCB Bo’s Max Rosa 8B05, Abbi Scott Junior Champion Female - M&E Mary’s Cumberland 952, M & E Shorthorns Senior Champion Female - BFS Augusta Pride SW 809 ET, Brayden DeBorde TIE-Senior Res. Champion Female - 3B Miss Summer, Koralee Bayer TIE-Senior Res. Champion Female - MJS C Gabriela’s Jaz, Macee Parkey

Senior Bull Calf Champion - TMF Cumberland’s Element ET, John & Barbara Russell Senior Bull Calf Res. Champion - TSW Captain Fireball F21, TSW Cattle Intermediate Champion Bull - JS Captivation ET, Dayson Cash Junior Champion Bull - TJH Bo’s Maxim H7, Crow Creek Farms Senior Champion Bull - Fieser’s Mr. Impact 517, Dayson Cash & Fieser’s Polled Shorthorns Senior Res. Champion Bull - HCC-1701-Thor’s Echo, Colton Hulsey


LDB Premium Reward Apache 911



Merideth Behrens, Colbert, Okla.

Kylie Harlan, Bells, Texas.

Brittany Blankinship, Orlando, Okla.

Colton Hulsey, Red Oak, Okla.



Early Spring Heifer Calf - Reckless Sweetie, Ashlyn Larman Junior Heifer Calf Champion - MBEH Miss Flo’s Annie 202G, Merideth Behrens Junior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - JVCC Prim Mystic 901, Jared Jones Senior Heifer Calf Champion - HCC Primo’s Girl 0914 ET, Kylie Harlan Senior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - KKW Savannah 1118, Kadin Kinder Worthington Intermediate Champion Female - JVCC Guinevere 807, Chloe Carlisle Senior Champion Female - LDB Reckless Mulan 803, Lane Blankinship Senior Res. Champion Female - AJC Classy Stella, AJ Show Cattle

Early Spring Bull Calf Champion - Order Up, Ashlyn Larman Senior Bull Calf Champion - LDB Premium Reward Apache 911, Brittany Blankinship Senior Bull Calf Res. Champion - TMF Primo 1108 ET, John & Barbara Russell Senior Champion Bull - CCF Paxton C14F, Colton Hulsey Senior Res. Champion Bull - FSC Mr Fireball, Brett Forgy


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


West Region Picture Not Available

Region 5 Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California


LC Funny Face 3192

GSC Gold Label 2585

Don Cardey, Turlock, Calif.

Don Cardey, Turlock, Calif., Lindsay & Andrew Eldred, Bellingham, Wash.



Aaron Kerlee, Denair, Calif.

J T Ranch, Turlock, Calif.



Late Spring Heifer Calf Champion - GSC Sweetheart 3425, Greg Cardey Early Spring Heifer Calf Champion - JT Betty Angel 3352, J T Ranch Early Spring Heifer Calf Res. Champion - LC Augusta Pat 3280, Don Cardey Junior Heifer Calf Champion - LC Funny Face 3192, Don Cardey Junior Heifer Calf Res. Champion - LC Funny Face 3197, Don Cardey Senior Heifer Calf Champion - GSC Princess 2998, Greg Cardey Intermediate Champion Female - KRLE Myrtle Bo Juliet 814 ET, Aaron Kerlee Intermediate Res. Champion Female- LC Welcome Lady 2954, Don Cardey Junior Champion Female - LC Augusta Pat 2817, Don Cardey Senior Champion Female - LC Welcome Lady 2704, Don Cardey Senior Res. Champion Female - JT Betty Angel 2564, J T Ranch Cow/Calf Champion - LC Augusta Pat 2314, Don Cardey Cow/Calf Res. Champion - GSC Sweetheart 1453, Greg Cardey

Late Spring Bull Calf Champion - LC Studer 3411, Don Cardey Early Spring Bull Calf Champion - CTC Studer 3298, Chris Cardey Junior Bull Calf Champion - LC Studer 3219, Don Cardey Junior Bull Calf Res. Champion - JT Studer 3189, J T Ranch Senior Bull Calf Champion - J T Studer 2987, J T Ranch Senior Bull Calf Res. Champion - GSC Studer 3041, Greg Cardey Intermediate Champion Bull - GSC Studer 2946, Greg Cardey Intermediate Res. Champion Bull - LC Studer 2869, Don Cardey Junior Champion Bull - LC Gold Label 2685, Frank Costa TIE - Junior Res. Champion Bull - GSC Studer 2865, Greg Cardey TIE - Junior Res. Champion Bull - JT Studer 2741, Greg Carey Senior Champion Bull - GSC Gold Label 2585, Don Cardey & Lindsey and Andrew Eldred Senior Res. Champion Bull - CTC Studer 2323, Chris Cardey

2019-2020 Regional Shows Regional points for the 2019-2020 show season were awarded at these listed shows. Region 1: Northeast Regional Shows Super Regional..... WV State Fair Regional........... Indiana State Fair Regional........... Ohio State Fair


Region 2: Southeast Regional Shows Super Regional...... Kentucky State Fair Regional................ Appalachian State Fair Regional................ Dixie National

Region 4: South Central Regional Shows Super Regional..... Tulsa State Fair Regional................ Kansas State Fair Regional................ Tri-State Fair

Region 3: North Central Regional Shows Super Regional...... Illinois State Fair Regional................ Iowa State Fair Regional................ Minnesota State Fair

Region 5: West Regional Shows Super Regional.... California State Fair Regional...............Washington State Fair Regional.............. Western Idaho State Fair

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


ASA Point Show System for 2020-2021 Show Season: April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021

Region 1: Northeast

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia Region 1: Northeast Regional Shows

Super Regional ..........Ohio State Fair Regional …….……...State Fair of WV Regional ….…….Maryland State Fair*

Region 4: South Central

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana Region 4: South Central Regional Shows

Super Regional ………….Tulsa State Fair Regional …………....….Kansas State Fair Regional …….….…..Oklahoma State Fair

Region 5: West Region 2: Southeast

Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi Region 2: Southeast Regional Shows

Super Regional ....Kentucky State Fair Regional ……...Appalachian State Fair Regional ….……Tennessee State Fair

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California Region 5: West Regional Shows

Super Regional ………Western Idaho Fair Regional ……….….Washington State Fair Regional ………..…...California State Fair

5 - National Shows Region 3: North Central

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska Region 3: North Central Regional Shows

Super Regional ….….Iowa State Fair Regional …….……..Illinois State Fair Regional …...….Minnesota State Fair

North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO Keystone International Livestock Exposition, Harrisburg, PA American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, MO Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, TX

Point Distributions: Regional Shows

1st: 5 points 2nd: 4 points 3 points 3rd: 4th: 2 points 5th: 1 point Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

Super Regional Shows

1st: 6 points 2nd: 5 points 4 points 3rd: 4th: 3 points 5th: 2 points Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

5 points 3 points 9 points 7 points

5 National Shows

1st: 8 points 7 points 2nd: 3rd: 6 points 4th: 5 points 5th: 4 points Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

If there is a * next to a show then they have not officially accepted to be a point show for the 2020-2021 show year.


4 points 2 points 7 points 5 points

7 points 5 points 11 points 9 points

National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference Schedule of Events Sunday, June 21 Cattle allowed in tie-outs only Monday, June 22 9:00 a.m. Cattle allowed in the barns 1:00 p.m. Junior board meeting 1:30 p.m. State advisor meeting 2:00 p.m. Cattle check-in begins 2:00 p.m. Contest check-in begins 5:00 p.m. All cattle must be stalled 6:00 p.m. ALL cattle and contests must be checked-in Tuesday, June 23 8:00 a.m. State Advisor Packets due to office 8:30 a.m. Cattleman’s Written Test 9:30 a.m. Team Salesmanship 1:00 p.m. Youth Conference I 1:30 p.m. Shorthorn SideKicks 1 2:00 p.m. Speech Contest 4:15 p.m. Line up for state photos 5:30 p.m. Opening Ceremonies 7:00 p.m. Meal Served 7:00 p.m. Sullivan’s Ultimate Warrior Boot Camp 7:30 p.m. Water Balloon Fight hosted by Junior Board Wednesday, June 24 8:00 a.m. Sullivan’s Showmanship Contest 1:00 p.m. Youth Conference II 1:30 p.m. Shorthorn Sidekicks 2 2:00 p.m. Beef Cook-Off Contest 3:00 p.m. Junior board interviews 4:30 p.m. Stock Show University 6:00 p.m. Top 10 Senior Showmanship Fitting & Showmanship Finals Thursday, June 25 8:00 a.m. Sullivan Supply Fitting Contest 10:00 a.m. Lassie Princess Hour 11:00 a.m Youth Conference III – Voting Delegates Only 11:30 a.m. Lassie 101/Lassie Social 12:00 p.m. Quizbowl 3:00 p.m. Judging Contest 5:30 p.m. State Cook-Off 7:00 p.m.

Flatland Cavalry Concert

Friday, June 26 8:00 a.m. Ring 1: Bred & Owned ShorthornPlus Female Show, Bred & Owned Female Show, Bred & Owned Bull Show Ring 2: Purebred Prospect & Market Steer Show, ShorthornPlus Female Show, ShorthornPlus Prospect & Market Steer Show 5:30 p.m. Meal Served 6:00 p.m. Awards Ceremony Saturday, June 27 8:00 a.m. National Junior Shorthorn Female Show 12:00 p.m. Release of all Contest Projects

Health Requirements ALL animals being exhibited at the 2020 NJSS are required to have the following: General Requirements: 1. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI): Cattle are to have a valid certificate of veterinary inspection that was issued within the past 30 days, if they are to be exhibited, or originate from the DSA*. 2. Trichomoniasis (Trich) Test for Exhibition ONLY: All breeding bulls must be officially individually identified. Out-of-State bulls 12 months of age and older must be tested within 60 days or be accompanied by an entry permit. 3. Tuberculosis (TB) Test: All sexually intact beef cattle 18 months of age or older originating from a less than free state or zone status, must have a negative TB test within 60 days prior to entry or originate from an accredited free herd. Test results or accredited herd number must be recorded on the certificate of veterinary inspection. EXCEPTION: Cattle coming from a state with less than “Free” or “Free Zone” status must contact the TAHC at 1-800-550-8242 ext. 777, prior to movement. 4. Brucellosis Test for Exhibition or Exhibition and Sale: Cattle from Designated surveillance areas in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming are required to meet testing ask about import requirements for show cattle. Visit for more information or call 1-800-550-8242 for questions. Facility Address for Health Papers: Taylor Co. Expo Center | 1700 TX-36 | Abilene, TX 79602

Flatland Cavalry - LIVE!! Enjoy the ‘Texas Country’ band, Flatland Cavalry, live at NJSS on June 25th!

ALL DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE All cattle released following completion of show Saturday. All cattle and tack must be out of barns by Sunday morning.

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


Matt Woolfolk director of performance programs

When the Iowa State University (ISU) Beef Extension team approached us about the ability to develop a feed efficiency testing program for replacement heifers, we felt that was an opportunity that ASA had to take advantage of. The ISU team was particularly interested to study the potential correlation between feed efficiency, growth, and the onset of sexual maturity in growing heifers. The trial was conducted at the ISU Beef Nutrition Farm. The participating breeders delivered their groups of six heifers in mid-October. They were given a period of acclimation to the diet and eating out of the Feed Intake Monitoring System (FIMS). The 98-day feed intake collection on the FIMS system began November 12. The heifers were scanned for carcass characteristics on the initial start date, to gather measurements of initial body condition. Heifers had body weights recorded every two weeks throughout the trial. The study concluded on February 18 with final weights taken, as well as the official carcass ultrasound data that was submitted to the ASA database. All heifers were 50k tested to get genomically enhanced EPDs.

The diet specifications for the trial are as follows (Dry matter basis): 45% corn silage 15% grass hay 20% Sweet Bran 18.5% dried distillers’ grains 1.5% mineral

50 NEg (Net Energy for gain) 15.6% Crude Protein 74.5% TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) At each of the weigh-ins, the heifers had blood collected to test their progesterone levels. The level of progesterone in these tests was a measure to pinpoint when these females started cycling. The reproductive tracts were scored via ultrasound imaging on December 10, January 21, and February 18. Additionally, pelvic measurements were recorded on the last day of the trial.

Results As always, I believe it is best to let you draw your own conclusions from the information on specific pens of heifers, but I will highlight some of the main data collected on the group as a whole. Heifers started the trial at an average weight of 547 lb., and had grown to an average of 805 lb. by the conclusion. That pencils out to a daily gain of 2.63 pounds per day. Going out, the heifers ranged from 623lb to 989lb. The heifers averaged an 11.5 sq. inch ribeye area with a 5.32% intramuscular fat on carcass ultrasound. The backfat was 0.42 inches. The average dry matter intake was 16.54 pounds per day per heifer, ranging from 10.37 to 23.36 pounds per heifer. They converted this feed into pounds at a rate of 6.36 pounds of feed per pound of gain. The heifers ranged from 3.98 to 10.47 on their individual feed to gain. For the sake of comparison, we have one major data set to analyze feed conversion rates in this breed: the National Sire Test data. The 2018 crop that was harvested this past fall consumed 21.13 lb. of dry matter and had a feed to gain ratio of 6.59 pounds on the heifers in that trial, ranging from 3.95 to 9.43 feed to gain. Even though the specifications of these trials (length and diet) are not the same, it at least gives us some indication of what to expect from Shorthorn-sired females. From visiting with ISU, they indicated that the feed to gain conversions on these heifers was more efficient than other similar research trials they had conducted or studied in scientific papers from other universities. That’s a victory for the Shorthorn breed! At the time this report was started, the Iowa State team was working on the blood testing and data analysis of the reproductive information. Since then, the university has implemented strict social distancing and work from home protocols due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Hopefully, they will be able to return to a sense of normalcy soon and we will be able to learn more about this information from the trial in the near future. The chart below displays pen averages for each of the seven pens of heifers in the study.

ASA/Iowa State Heifer Trial Pen Averages Pen # Breeder

Start Wt Weight Weight Final Wt 1/12/19 12/10/19 1/21/20 2/18/20

1 Peak View 550 610 2 Peak View 561 606 3 Leveldale 545 611 4 Bowman 548 619 5 Forni 547 610 6 Hoffrogge 493 554 7 Gilman 588 638 Averages 547.33 607.00 32

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

Test ADG

723 812 750 824 730 787 739 814 758 826 650 723 781 852 732.86 805.33




Test DMI Test F:G

2.67 11.8 4.74 0.42 15.65 5.94 2.68 12.5 5.39 0.47 16.20 6.07 2.47 11.0 4.50 0.32 16.67 7.12 2.71 12.0 7.11 0.43 16.96 6.28 2.85 10.2 4.91 0.45 17.04 6.00 2.34 11.0 5.15 0.38 14.81 6.30 2.70 11.8 5.46 0.46 18.44 6.84 2.63 11.47 5.32 0.42 16.54 6.36

What Have We Learned? As a breed, this study helped us further establish a baseline for where our cattle stand on the traits that surround the newly explored realm of feed efficiency. As we continue to have feed intake data collected from various sources, we will be able to better gauge where Shorthorns stand from a general feed efficiency standpoint. Programs like this help us collect that information. One of the goals was to gain insight on the necessary length of a feed efficiency test for breeding heifers. Another hypothesis might have developed along with that, as there might be something to learn on when in their life cycle that heifer feed efficiency testing should be done. With heifers reaching sexual maturity towards the end of the trial, there was a disruption in the efficiency of some of the older females. This potentially coincides with heifers cycling and exhibiting the usual behaviors of heifers in heat. Obviously, that can be stressful and bothersome to a feeding pattern and conversion, especially in a confined space. It will be interesting to study this thought further to see if there is a need to put females on feed efficiency testing at a younger age to avoid the possible stress from a pen full of cycling heifers.

Final Remarks As with all ASA performance and research endeavors, I want to thank the breeders who agreed to participate in this program, as well as ISU for allowing the breed to be a part of it. Hopefully, the relationship between ISU and ASA can continue with this program in future years. I believe it will be important to the growth of the breed to maintain and develop more of these opportunities. We are moving forward with plans to do another round of this test in late fall 2020. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months! =

Thanks to Our Participating Breeders Bowman Superior Genetics, Greens Fork, Indiana Forni Farms, Granville, Ohio Gilman Shorthorns, Stuart, Iowa Dennis Hoffrogge, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota Peak View Ranch, Fowler, Colorado Leveldale Farms, Mason City, Illinois

Udder Scoring: A Quick Review

Udder scores in beef cattle are based on two characteristics: udder suspension and teat size. An udder score includes a 1-9 rating for both the suspension and the teat size. You need to record a score for both traits (scores are twodigit numbers). A score of 9 is a tighter suspension or smaller teats, while lower numbers indicate poorer suspensions or larger teat size. Udder scores are easy to collect. Ideally, scoring should be done within 24 hours of calving. The score should be based off the WORST quarter of the udder, and the same person should be scoring all udders to ensure consistent scoring. It’s important to be honest with yourself when udder scoring your cow herd. While many of you do have herds of cows with great udders, they’re not all worthy of a “99” score. The accompanying diagram illustrates what to look for at various levels of scoring. One of the most common mistakes I see in the breed is udder scores entered into the system on an inverted scoring scale. There are a lot of “11” scored udders reported, and as the diagram show, a 11 score should almost certainly be a cullable udder that would be tough for a calf to nurse. Accurate data is important for all traits, udder scoring

included. Become familiar with the scoring chart and start turning in those scores on your cows! =

Matt director of Woolfolk performance programs

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Junior Corner Keep Your Head High Tayler ajsa Bacon directory

My name is Tayler Bacon, I am from Hiawatha, Kansas, and I’m a fourthgeneration Shorthorn breeder. This will be my 14th Junior National and I will be finishing my first year on the Junior Board. First, I just want to thank everyone who bid and bought items from our April junior fundraiser. We appreciate all of the support and wouldn’t be able to have events like Junior Nationals without you all. This spring has been anything but normal when it comes down to getting to go to jackpots and other spring shows. In times of uncertainty let’s look to the positives. Being at home gives us ample opportunities to work calves and hair! This year’s Junior Nationals will be one for the books; we have lots of fun things planned. Any of you that know me,

know Junior Nationals is my favorite week of the year. One thing I can’t wait for is the mentor-apprentice activities. It is one of my favorites because I looked up to my mentors when I was young. The Junior National is so much more than just another cattle show, it’s a time were we get to see our other show families that we don’t always get to see throughout the year. It is also a time where we as juniors get to learn about ourselves through contests like the speech contest and team salesmanship. Always remember it’s not just about walking away with a banner, it’s about the people you meet and the memories you make along the way. I try to remember during these times of hesitancy the following quote: “So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling,

because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” -Marilyn Monroe =

Upcoming Junior Nationals 2020 • Abilene, TX June 22-27, 2020

2021 • Louisville, KY 2022 • Kansas City, KS 2023 • Des Moines, IA * Tentative Locations. Subject to Change *

On June 25, after the state tailgate party & cookoff, there will be a concert for all NJSS attendees! Last year, everyone had fun at the concert and this year will be even better.

Flatland Cavalry

The ‘Texas Country’ band Flatland Cavalry will be live at 7:00 p.m. on June 25th. You can find their music on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube!


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

National Junior Shorthorn Show :: Entry & Ownership Deadline May 25 *no late deadline or late fee this year*

Important Entry Details • • • • •

Online entries will include entry fee (per show) and stalling/ bedding fee for each animal, exhibitor fee, and additional options. Entries must be paid online at time of entry or they will not be processed. There will be NO refunds on entries. See General Rule #6. Entry fee is $40 per entry. If you are showing an animal in more than one show it must be entered for each show. There is a $45 stalling/bedding fee per head. Tie-out bedding is included.

• • • • • •

Exhibitors must pay the $40 exhibitor fee during online entry. Exhibitor fee includes: show shirt, contest fee and 2 meal tickets. Additional meal ticket packets can be purchased during online entry. No show entries after final deadline of May 25, 2020. No entry substitutions allowed after May 25, 2020. All animals must be registered in the sole name of the junior member who will be showing. Ownership deadline is May 25, 2020. (No farm or family names allowed)

General Things to Know • • • • • • • • •

Cattle will be allowed on the fairgrounds on Sunday, June 21, in tie outs ONLY. Cattle will be allowed in barns after 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 22. All cattle must tie out in designated area. They may not be tied to trailers. Tents allowed in tieouts on June 21 ONLY. Must bring registration papers and health papers to the show for check-in. We will not verify tattoos at check-in but animals tattoo must match the corresponding registration papers. Entries not matching will be disqualified from show. See general rule #9. ONLY steers will be weighed at check-in. Individual contests must be entered by going through contest registration, Monday, June 22, starting at 2 p.m. Group contests will be entered by state advisors. They will be provided the group sign-up sheets to return to the junior director and interns. Each exhibitor will be given colored-coded meal tickets at check-in. The color-codes will correspond to the meal. Electricity – People should come prepared with generators

Accommodations Headquarters: MCM Elegante Suites 4250 Ridgemont Drive, Abilene, TX 79606 Phone: (325) 698-1234 | Price: $ 104 | Cutoff Date: May 20th Holiday inn Abilene-North College Area 3525 West Lake Road, Abilene, TX 79601 Phone: (325) 673-1400 | Price: $ 109 | Cutoff Date: May 20th RV Reservations Check to reserve RV reservations for $50/night

• • • • • • • •

and extension cords. All generators must be housed outside. No generators or gas cans will be allowed inside the barn and must meet local fire codes for inspection by fire marshall. Exhibitors are reminded that portacools and butt fans are not allowed in the barns. Pets are allowed on the fairgrounds, but NOT in the coliseum/ show ring area for any reason or at any time. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. In accordance with grounds policy and this youth event, consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. If the junior member is unable to show their animal due to illness or health, follow the procedure in the show rules. See General Rules #4, #5, #13. Animals will NOT be allowed to enter the show ring after the judge has given the signal to walk. See general show rule #18. ALL photography and graphic design entries must be submitted by June 1 to There have been some contest rule changes. Be sure to carefully read rules to know all the updates!


We are still planning to have the National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference in June. In the case that we must postpone, we have back-up dates in late July.

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


Junior Board Candidates Colton Hulsey is a senior at Wilburton Public High School. After graduation, he plans to attend Eastern Oklahoma State College for two years to obtain an Associate degree in Animal Science. After graduation from Eastern Oklahoma, he plans to attend Oklahoma State University to get a degree in Agribusiness. Colton is the son of Brian and Arla Hulsey of Red Oak, Oklahoma. Colton began raising Shorthorn cattle when he was in middle school with the purchase of two Shorthorn heifers. He continues to grow his herd and has a goal of owning 100 breeding females. Colton has been very active in FFA over the years including serving as local chapter president for two years. He was a member of many FFA teams, competing in contests for many years. He also attended the FFA national leadership conference. Colten has been active in his community, decorating for Fall Festival, planting flowers and wildfire relief. “When I joined the AJSA, I had no idea how valuable this organization would be to the development of who I am today,” Colten said. “As an AJSA director, I would use my past opportunities I have to encourage, guide and educate AJSA members.” Emily Dahse is currently attending Colorado State University, studying Animal Science. She hopes to become a food animal veterinarian with a focus on bovine reproduction. Emily is the daughter of Matt and Angie Dahse of Thurman, Ohio. She has been a part of the Shorthorn breed since she was eight years old. She first fell in love with Shorthorns when looking at a Shorthorn Country. Emily is a member of the CSU Block and Bridle Club and helped with the 36

Green and Gold show they host in conjunction with the Showtimes Blackout Jackpot Show. She has been active in the Ohio Junior Shorthorn Association, serving as the treasurer in 2017 and secretary in 2018. Emily has also attended the Ohio State Fair for many years exhibiting Shorthorn cattle. “I have always admired the Red Coats,” Emily said. “I have wanted to apply for the board for a few year and this year I decided it could be my year.” Faye Smith is currently attending Kansas State University where she is pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. Faye is the daughter of Troy and Sommer Smith of Walton, Kansas. Her family has raised Shorthorn cattle for many years and she exhibited her first Shorthorn at NJSS in 2009. Faye was active in her high school FFA chapter, serving as an officer, and helping develop ways to raise money. She was the editor-in-chief for her high school newspaper and a recipient of the Wichita Business Journal Young Achievers Award. Faye served as the National Alternate Lassie Queen and is a Kansas Junior Shorthorn Association officer. While at Kansas State, she is a member of the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma and is an Agriculture Ambassador. “As a young girl, I have seen the importance of being a strong leader to everyone around me,” Faye said. “Through many organizations I have been able to enhance myself as a leader, communicator and problem solver to prepare me as an advocate for this association.” Merideth Behrens will be a junior at Colbert High School. After high school she plans to attend Texas A&M or Oklahoma State University with plans to get a degree in Agricultural Education to become an ag teacher. Merideth is the daughter of Justin and Stephanie Behrens of Calera, Oklahoma. Merideth was

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

raised in a Shorthorn operation and attended her first NJSS in 2012. She loved watching opening ceremonies, she thought it was one of the coolest things she had seen and still

feels that way now. Merideth has been very active in the Oklahoma Junior Shorthorn Association serving as president and vice-president. Merideth was a Shorthorn Lassie from 2016-2019. She has exhibited cattle at many local, state and national shows. “It has been a dream of mine to wear a red jacket and be an AJSA director since I was a little girl,” Merideth said. “I want to represent the AJSA to help the breed grow and show we are the best and one of the fastest growing breeds in the nation.” Miller Smith is a senior at Pendleton Heights High School. He plans to attend Purdue University study Animal Science. He plans to be an animal nutritionist while also raising show cattle. He hopes that the combination of nutrition knowledge and raising show cattle, he can create a less expensive feed for producing quality show animals. He is the son of Neal and Jennifer Smith of Pendleton, Indiana. Miller’s family started raising Shorthorns 17 years ago when his brother purchased his first Shorthorn heifer. His family has raised and exhibited many national champions over the past few years. Miller has been active in 4-H and FFA serving as an officer. He has served as the Indiana Junior Shorthorn Association president. He was on the varsity football team and was academic all-state for football. He participated in livestock judging, National Beta Club and was a Purdue FFA top academic junior. “I always looked up to those wearing the red coat,” Miller said. “I want to be

a role model to others, as past directors were to me. I feel that being in the past leadership positions will prepare me for this role.” Ryan Lane is a senior at Grove High School. After graduation, he will attend Northeastern Oklahoma College for two years. After NEO, he plans to attend Oklahoma State University to obtain a degree in agricultural business. Ryan is the son of William Lane of Jay, Oklahoma. Ryan is a third generation Shorthorn producer; his family raises commercial and registered Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus cattle. Ryan has attended eight junior nationals and many other shows on the national level. He served on the Arkansas Junior Cattlemen’s Association board for five years and held many officer positions. Ryan was awarded the Arkansas Junior Cattlemen’s Association Breeder of the Year. He was active in 4-H and FFA serving as officers and competing in different contests. He also was a committee member for the Arkansas Spring State Fair and helped organize the team fitting contest.

“I have looked up to the members of the AJSA board, they have mentored and encouraged me and other juniors to do our best,” Ryan said. “It is my desire to be that same type of leader in this association. I want to be part of the group that makes decisions that continue to positively impact our association.” Elizabeth Jabs is a senior at Saint Charles Public Schools. After graduation, she plans to attend Iowa State University to obtain a degree in genetics. Elizabeth is the daughter of Lowell and Nicole Jabs of Saint Charles, Minnesota. She grew up raising and exhibiting Shorthorn cattle because her family has registered Shorthorns since 1916. She plans to be involved with cattle production with her family as well as expanding her own Shorthorn herd. Elizabeth has been active with the Minnesota Junior Shorthorn Association, serving as junior board member and president (2019-2021) and Shorthorn Lassie Queen. She has also been the Minnesota Shorthorn Sale Assistant Manager. She has also been involved

with FFA, serving in officer positions and competing on the livestock judging team. Elizabeth also attended the Minnesota and National FFA Convention as well as competing in creed speaking and on the ag issues team. She has attended the NJSS for many years where she has competed in many contests. “I would like to be a director because I care about the Shorthorn breed, Shorthorn breeders and future breeders,” Elizabeth said. “I am confident in my ability to be a leader in the junior organization.” =

3 open positions Eligible seats are elected each summer during the Youth Conference at the National Junior Shorthorn Show by their peers to lead the organization and carry out activities, programs, and events for the association. With the mission to positively impact the leaders of tomorrow and today by committing themselves to the Shorthorn breed, its members, and each other, makes this a tremendous opportunity for learning about teamwork, responsibility and leadership. Retiring board members will pass off their red jacket during the awards ceremony Friday, June 26.

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference CONTEST TIPS!!

We have had some contest rule changes, check below for these changes and other important rules for the contests at the National Junior Shorthorn Show. To view the full rules visit ART & ETC. CONTEST

There is a division for “refurbished” items. These items must be used for intended purposed ot be entered in refurbished. (ex: refurbishing a lamp to still use as a lamp.)


Product cooked will be the same for all teams. This year’s choice of meat will be wholesale cut “tri-tip.”


Each test will have 5 additional questions that are only used for breaking ties. They will not be used for grading of the test.


All entries must be emailed by June 1 to Entries will not be accepted at NJSS. Entries must be 8.5x11 to fit Shorthorn Country Guidelines. (Live Print Area is 7.485" x 9.833")


If you buzz-in before question is complete you will not get rest of question or answers. They have 10 seconds to answer. Answers are final by supervising ASA staff or ASA board.

Contest age divisions (as of January 1, 2020) : Prospector I: 5 to 9 years Prospector II: 10 to 12 years Intermediate: 13 to 16 years Senior: 17 to 21 years If any individual participates in a “team” contest with someone of a different age division, the team must participate in the oldest contestant’s age division unless the contest rules don't allow competing in a different age division. For showmanship, the Prospector I age division matches show rules (must be 7).


Prepared Speaking Senior Division Topic: How do you explain to the consumer the sustainability in the beef industry and cattle impact on the environment? Intermediate Division Topic: How do you convince someone to eat beef compated to meatless options? PII Topic: What are some unusual beef by-products you use? PI Topic: Why Shorthorns? Extemporaneous Speech Contest (Senior Division only)


Each basket will be auctioned off in a silent auction. ½ of the proceeds will be given to the state that created the basket the other ½ will be given to the AJSA.


States will participate in the state cook-off contest to win points for outstanding state. This will take place outside similar to a tailgate.


The contest is suggested to include 4 classes (8 min. per class, 10 minutes for questions classes). There will be 10 questions.

A team shall consist of three persons, of any sex and from any state combination. Points will be awarded towards individual high point awards, no points will be awarded towards the Outstanding State Group Award.




ALL Entries must be emailed by June 1 to Entries will not be accepted at NJSS.


All entries should be on regular poster board (22”x28”) and be light enough for hanging.


Any junior who has paid the exhibitor fee can compete. The same animal must be used for the duration of the showmanship contest. No bulls allowed.


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

Senior Division: The senior team salesmanship topic will be new! Senior competitors will present their Shorthorn business plan to the bank to receive a loan. This senior team will come prepared to this competition (no scenario given as in past) and they will base their plan on them just graduating college with $500, 10 cows and owning no land. Intermediate Division: The team shall consist of two juniors, the team will be selling any “Westway Feeds Product” Prospector Division I & Division II: The team will bring an animal to the competition area and will present, promote and “sell” the entry to the judging panel.

National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference Sock Drive


Help us to collect socks for those in need while earning points for your state; donate new socks, by the pair or the package. Socks will be tallied and totaled by state (calculated using the percentage of exhibitors from each state) The top 5 states will win the following points (1st - 8 pts; 2nd - 6 pts; 3rd - 4 pts; 5th - 1 pt) towards the Outstanding State Junior Association.

Headquarters: MCM Elegante Suites 4250 Ridgemont Drive, Abilene, TX 79606 Phone: (325) 698-1234 | Price: $ 104 | Cutoff Date: May 20th

Show Judges Owned Show: Jirl Buck Bred & Owned Show: Andrew Foster ShorthornPlus: Lydell Meier Showmanship: Gary & Kathy Buchholz Jeremy & Andrea Clarke

Board of Directors

Kane Aegerter, President Sammi Schrag, Vice-President Lexi Wetzel, Secretary Gabriella Leone, Public Relations Chair Kendall Nelson, Director Allyssa Obrecht, Director Korbin Collins, Director Whitney Miller, Director Tayler Bacon, Director

Watch the Show LIVE!

For those of you unable to attend the show, you can view the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday shows LIVE with Walton Webcasting.

Holiday inn Abilene-North College Area 3525 West Lake Road, Abilene, TX 79601 Phone: (325) 673-1400 | Price: $ 109 | Cutoff Date: May 20th

Check-in Please note that contest and cattle check-in is on Monday, June 22 beginning at 2:00 p.m.

State Cook-0ff and Tailgate Party On Thursday, June 25, the states are encouraged to participate in the state cook-off and tailgate party. States will cook about 500 samples of food to share with exhibitors. This food item can be your state speciality item (ex: Wisconsin cheese curds) or anything you think that exhibitors would enjoy! Exhibitors will vote on which food they like best and the state with the most tickets will be awarded points towards outstanding state. This tailgate party is a great way for states to come together and for exhibitors to have fun!


For those “senior� AJSA members, send three to four photos and the brief write-up of your time as a member of AJSA to We will include the information and fun photos in the Junior National exhibitor handbook for everyone attending to enjoy!

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= News & Notes Farewells Merl Welch was born on July 8, 1929 in the family home in Edinburg, Illinois to Merl and Meda (Kelley) Welch. An older sister, Fern, and a younger brother, Glenn were part of this family as well. In June of 1946, Merl, and three local boys joined the Marine Corps. The three boys eventually went to the Panama Canal, but Merl went to Oceanside, California for Radio School. He was stationed in Guam and then returned to San Diego and Corona-

do California where he was part of training troops in the Amphibious Landing Troop Training Unit from 1947 to 1949. Merl married Janet Weiser of Edinburg, Illinois on February 2, 1947. They had five children, Cheri (Dave) Culbertson, Kathi (Steve) Schilling, Brad (Crystal), David (Ayten), and Mike (Brenda). In 1949 he found a job working for the Blount Brothers at a grain elevator in Sharpsburg, Illinois, south of Edinburg. He successfully learned the grain business, and for the next 30 years he and at first his brother Glenn, then later his oldest son Brad and his son-in-law, Steve Schilling, ran three of the four grain elevators that he owned in central Illinois.

In the late 1970’s, Merl purchased a cattle ranch Northwest of Urbana, Missouri, and permanently moved there in 1981. Raising cattle ended up being the love of his life, and he was very successful raising champion Shorthorn heifers and bulls. In September of 1987, Merl married Eileen Mabary of Urbana. She brought to the marriage four sons: Dale, Danny, Jerald, and Darryl. Merl was preceded in death by his wife, Eileen; his parents; and his brother, Glenn. He is survived by his sister, Fern; his first wife, Janet; his children and stepchildren; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. =

Samuel Robert Drager was born March 14, 1953 in Clovis, New Mexico to John P.A. and Virginia (Hines) Drager. He died Wednesday, March 11, 2020 in Lubbock, Texas. Samuel was baptized into Christ April 5, 1953 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Rhea, Texas. In the summer of 1967, prior to beginning high school and after the completion of Biblical instruction in the central teachings of the Christian faith, Samuel publicly confessed his faith and was received into communicant membership at Immanuel. Samuel graduated from Friona High School. He was married to Carrie Hasel-

off at St. John Lutheran Church of Lariat on January 2, 1976. Samuel was a member of St. John Lutheran Church for many years, having served in various offices in the congregation. He was also active in raising show animals with his sons and he worked for over twenty years at Clovis Livestock Auction, where he suddenly took ill the night before his passing. Son Cody showed at the 1997 National Junior Show in Lawtone, Oklahoma. Drager Cattle Co. was a member of the Texas Shorthorn Association from 20022009. They used the cattle prefix ZIA. Preceding him in death were his par-

ents, John P.A. and Virginia Drager. Surviving Samuel are his wife, Carrie; three sons, Cody Drager (and Christi) of Muleshoe, TX; Eric Drager (and Marissa) of Bridgeport, TX; and Zane Drager of Bridgeport, TX; and one daughter, LaMicah James (and Quincy) of Clovis, NM. Also, his sister, Elizabeth Jesko (and Wayne) of Lazbuddie, TX; and his brother, Aaron Drager (and Ginger) of Clovis, NM. Five grandchildren also survive Samuel: Ethan Drager, Maddox Drager, Mason Drager, Maesa Drager and Jackson Prewett. =

Helen Pauline Cates, 91, of Modoc, IN passed away April 8, 2020 at Summers Pointe of Winchester, IN. She was born June 24, 1928 in Randolph County, IN, the daughter of Paul and Idris (Wood) Clevenger. Pauline retired from Peoples Loan & Trust/Old National Bank after more

than 25 years at the Modoc and Lynn branches. She was a past member of the Modoc United Methodist Church and the Eastern Star. She enjoyed spending time with her family, working in the yard and gardening. She leaves to cherish her memory three sons, Steve Cates (wife, Jane) of North Canton, OH, Brian Cates (wife, Angela) and Randy Cates (wife, Janet), all of Modoc, IN; eight grandchildren, Marcus Cates (wife, Nicole), Stefanie Cates, Stacy Pickard (husband, Mark), Tyler Cates

(wife, Cortney), Logan Cates (wife, Leslie), Natalie Winegardner (husband, Tyler), Garett Cates and Tanner Cates; seven great grandchildren; a brother, Jim Clevenger (wife, Jean Ann); a sister-inlaw, Marilu Clevenger; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; a loving husband, Rex; and four brothers, Donald, Max, Gordon and Keith Clevenger. =

are James and Lori Bass of Olton, TX. He was welcomed by siblings MaKayla and Weston McCarver and Brittyn Bass. Grandparents are J.O. and Mary Bass of

MJ Shorthorns, Olton, TX and Charley and Joye Haney, Plainview, TX. =

Welcome! Langston James University Medical TX on February 18, long and weighed 8 40

Bass arrived at Center, Lubbock, 2020. He was 20� lbs., 6 oz. Parents

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

Flashback In 1989, Andy Rahn had a good Shorthorn steer that he was very successful with that summer. Upon returning to school in the Fall, his English class had a section on poetry composition. The class assignment was to compose a poem that told about something they had done in the summer. Following is what Andy wrote: “WEDGE” by Andy Rahn My project for 4-H this year Was a red and white Shorthorn steer. I bought him from Stacey Knight Because my Dad thought he was just right. I fed and brushed him every day, Special foods to gain weight, lots of hay. I showed him at the National Junior Shorthorn Show. We traveled all the way to Troy, Ohio. “Reserve Grand Champion” he was chosen; But soon he will be in the locker frozen. Even though I love my Shorthorn steer “Wedge”, 4-Hers know their beef projects end up dead. =

shorthorn country = may/june 2020


Home of Studer’s Crunch Time 22C

Cagwin Farms Visitors Welcome . . . Stop by any time!

-Top 5% in the breed for WW, YW, TM, CW, and $F


Quality cattle for sale at all times. Located just a few miles south of Route 36/I-72.

Sunnyland Farms Wayne Hinderliter Family 629 Co. Rd. 350 North Albion, IL 62806 home: 618-375-7047 Wayne: 618-384-8250 Doug: 618-384-1932

Visitors always welcome! Cattle usually for sale. 4. Four miles north of I-64. Exit 130 on Illinois 130.

Farm located five miles east of Virginia on Route 125, 2. then one mile south of the elevator at Philadelphia, Illinois.


Stop by any time - four miles east of I-74 on Route 34.

contact: L.E. Mathers III

Trey & Hailey Wright Steve & Marsha Wright Route 2, Box 55 Beecher City, IL 62414 home: 618-487-5559 Trey: 618-367-0764 Steve: 618-267-3229


cell: 309-678-4230 • or Scott Wall, Herdsman: cell: 309-212-5450 Farm: 10442 N Co Rd 2980 E • Mason City, IL 62664 Check our website for our current list of herd sires. SULL Roan Goose



31056 Old Fidelity Road • Jerseyville, IL 62052 Hugh: 618-729-4448 • Tom: 618-498-5848 Ron: 618-729-3258 Bulls, Females, Club Calves For Sale at all times. Full Irish calves available. 40 miles north of St. Louis.


Cattle always For Sale at the Farm.

Luke, Amanda, Madeline, Gavin, Callie, Alexa & Josie Turner 9.

2519 Cty Rd 200E • Mahomet, IL 61853 217-202-2484


Quality seedstock for sale at the farm Dale & Ryan Wernicke 12611 Fisher Rd • Lena, IL 61048-9754 Dale: 815-369-2857 Ryan: 815-739-7754 Watch For Our Annual October Online Sale

Chesnut Shorthorns Visitors Welcome

Bulls, heifers and steers for sale at all times.

Gary Chesnut Family 16145 N 100 East Road • Fithian, IL 61844 217-260-6144 11.




Dennis and Terri Jordan

545 E. 900 N. Road • Sibley, IL 61773 217-784-4854 • cell: 217-202-2865  email:

Amanda, Layne, Ty and Ely Harden, 217-417-8335 Jason, Tasha and Isabella Bunting, 815-252-5520 Ashleigh, David, Dakota and Dalton Hall, 217-979-7531 13.

Hugh W. Moore, Jr. & Sons

Steck’s Shorthorns Darrel: 309-375-6568 Dave: 309-342-0813 cell: 309-299-0335 2413 US Hwy 34 Wataga, IL 61488


1963 Kelley Road • Caledonia, IL 61011 815-885-3679 cell: 815-494-5588 Come visit us any time. Heifers, bulls and steers for sale.

Wright Cattle Co. Leveldale Farms

Scott Horton, Owner


Dale Muck

VI P.O. Box 77 • Virginia, Illinois 62691 RG IS INIA, ILLINO office: 217-452-3051 cell: 217-341-7552 Kerry Johnston cell: 217-370-6033 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell: 217-370-6034 •

Horton farms Shorthorns Horton cell: 630-965-1710 Wernicke cell: 815-739-7754 4N010 Town Hall Rd. • St. Charles, IL 60175 Office: 630-365-1444


Don Cagwin

- Semen: $30/unit

Jason Smithers & Girls - 217-491-2140 Greg & Pam Smithers - 217-285-6280 36739 205th Avenue • Pittsfield, IL 62363


Bred females for sale at all times. Albert Larry Hill


shorthorn country = may/june 2020

7272 NCR 3350 E • Mason City, IL 62664 217-737-1023 •  217-482-3765


Get on the map!



For details contact: Cindy Cagwin-Johnston, 217-370-6034 or Darryl Rahn, 217-473-1124

7 24

This ad runs six times a year. What better way to insure your customers can find you?

10 17 21

14 15






18 2


23 20 19

Bob and Mark Gordon


1 8



1160 600th Ave. Middletown, IL 62666 Bob: 217-737-7159 Mark cell: 217-737-7905 Shelden Tibbs, Herdsman



Rolling Hills Farm


Ten Mile Farm Shorthorns

Investing in top genetics for over 30 years. Visitors Welcome! The Birch Family Harold, Regina, Richard and Hope

Doug & Rhonda North 5544 Stone Road Clinton, IL 61727 217-622-4466

22698 E. Co. Rd. 920 N • Ashmore, IL 61912 217-349-8366 email:

Driving directions from Ashmore: two miles west on Rt. 16 to Enon Baptist Church sign; then one mile south to farm 19. 20.





shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Tartan Plaid Round-Up The Lassies Desirae National Shorthorn Logsdon Lassie Queen

During this time of COVID 19 and the new norm of social distancing, we need to look down the road to brighter times. We can do this by looking forward to the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference, a fun-filled and action-packed week in Abilene, Texas. Now is the time to plan to be a part of this wonderful opportunity. The National Shorthorn Lassie Organization and the National Shorthorn Lassie Queen, Desirae Logsdon, would like to formally invite all state queens, princesses, and any girl interested in learning about the Shorthorn Lassie program to the Princess Tea and Lassie 101 that is currently scheduled to begin Thursday, June 25, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. After being in quarantine, this will be a time that we can celebrate being together once again. The National Lassie Queen, Desirae, has put together several interactive and fun activities to involve ladies of all ages that wear or dream of


wearing the Royal Steward Plaid! Some of the excitement will include Shorthorn coloring pages, puzzles, games, crafts and dressing up for a photo booth. All princesses are welcome to come out to enjoy socializing with our national and state Shorthorn royalty while enjoying entertainment and light refreshments. Part of the National Shorthorn Lassie Queen’s mission is to cultivate closer relationships and stimulate greater activity within the Shorthorn breed and industry. The Lassie Princess Tea is a wonderful way for state Shorthorn Queens to participate in the activities and interact with the younger girls who are interested in becoming Lassies. With the coming out of a worldwide pandemic, the spread of kindness will be vitally important during this week of shorthorn fellowship. With that in mind, this year the National Queen’s community service project is going to be a way of spreading the much-needed

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

goodwill across our nation. After all, kindness rocks! There will be “kind rocks” for the state queens and younger girls to paint with inspirational and encouraging images and phrases during the Lassie Tea. These “kind rocks” will then be hidden around the fairgrounds. As the rocks are found, our youth will be asked to post pictures to the National Shorthorn Lassie Facebook page and then take them home and continue the spread of kindness and goodwill in their hometowns and states. We would like to invite all state Lassie Queens to help with the tea, pass out awards in the show ring, and assist with the awards ceremony. If you are interested and able, please reach out to the National Lassie Queen, Desirae Logsdon. We look forward to seeing all the young ladies in plaid in Abilene, at the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference. =



shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Sale Reports Ohio Beef Expo Online Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

2 Purebred Bulls ........ $ 4,500................$ 2,250 2 ShorthornPlus Bull..... $ 7,000................$ 3,500 12 Purebred Heifers... $ 32,500..............$ 2,708 8 ShorthornPlus Heifers..$ 20,150..............$ 1,650 24 Live Lots..............$ 64,150............. $ 2,673 2 Embryo Packages..... $ 2,100................$ 1,050 4 Semen Packages....... $ 1,675................$ 419 Sale Gross $67,925

Saturday, March 21, 2020 Columbus, Ohio Hosted Online At: Sale Manager: Cagwin Cattle Services, LLC by: Darryl Rahn

With major health concerns in the United States, the 2020 Ohio Beef Expo was canceled. The Ohio Shorthorn Association chose to go ahead with the Shorthorn sale and have it as an online sale. It turned out to be a good choice. The sale saw very active bidding with the sale going two hours overtime. When it was over, there were buyers from 11 states. From California to Maryland and West Virginia to Georgia and to Oklahoma and Texas, as well as many states in the Midwest. A special thank you goes out to Cindy

Cagwin-Johnston for her hard work, time and dedication to this sale making every effort to see that it went well. $4,500 - Lot 24 - Open Heifer J-F Cornerstone 1923 ET. A roan, polled April 15, 2019 daughter of CSF Evolution HC and out of J-F Lady Cornerstone 1404 ET. This top young prospect had a lot of action during the sale. She has the overall look and design that will make her a top show heifer and then a great breeding piece. Offered by Jester Farms and purchased by Jeremy Bayer of Gainsville, TX. $4,500 - Lot 11 - Plus Bull - BCSC In Style ET. A black, polled March 17, 2019 son of Silveiras Style 9303 and out of HVF MS Margie 7Z ET. This is a stout made, beautifully designed bull that will make not only a top show bull this year but then a top herd sire. His dam’s side includes D&D Margie’s Beauty 610S ET, one of the top donors in the breed. Offered by Drew Cowden and purchased by Gary Berkebile of Accident, Maryland. $3,800 - Lot 17 - Open Heifer J-F Lady 1909 EV ET. A red, polled February 20, 2019 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of J-F

Lady Cornerstone 1404 ET. This is a beautiful dark red show prospect that has all the parts to make her one to contend with. Her dam is also the dam of the top selling lot 24 in this sale. Offered by Jester Farms and purchased by Andy Lattimore of Rodney, Michigan. $3,500 - Lot 22 - Open Heifer - Rain’s Soft Stormy SRPS. A white, polled April 4, 2019 daughter of K’s Soft Rock and out of Rain’s Sonnet Storm R27S. This is beautiful white show heifer that has already had success in the show ring. She will surely have more winning in her future. She has the design that makes her a favorite. Offered by Chance Rains and purchased by Andrew Hollenbeck of Utica, Ohio. $3,500 - Lot 38 - Plus Open Heifer COOL Mona Lisa Sugar. A red, polled April 30, 2019 daughter of GCC Red Alert 10 ET and out of COOL Mona Lisa Nikki 55E ET. This fancy show heifer has already seen the green shavings at the NAILE this past Fall. She will see many more show rings this show season. Offered by Cool Cattle Company and purchased by Brant Friest of Hubbard, = Iowa.

Wauakru Farms “The Gathering” Sale Summary

43 Bulls...................... $ 180,815............$ 4,205 21 Females ................ $ 39,375..............$ 1,875 Sale Gross $220,190

Saturday, March 21, 2020 Waukaru Farms, Rensselaer, Ind. Hosted on SmartAuctions Sale Manager: Waukaru Farms by: Toby Jordan

On March 21, 2020 Waukaru hosted its twentieth annual spring bull sale at the farm in Rensselaer, IN. Though the current health concerns prevented a large crowd, active bidding was prevalent on order, phones, and via the internet. 43 bulls and 21 replacement females sold into eighteen states and Canada. High selling bull at $8,250 was Waukaru Rawhide 9001. Waukaru Rawhide 9001 caught the attention of many and was selected by the partnership of Miller Farms and Kory Cummings of Lodi, WI. This homozygous polled son 46

of Prime Time Teddy ranks above the top 20% of non-parents for nine traits and possesses far-reaching growth with excellent calving ease. Nearly flawless in his phenotype, big bodied and powerful, Rawhide 9001 will be leaving a big impact for these two progress Shorthorn breeders. CED 17 BW 0 WW 72 YW 108 MK 16 CEM 8 ST 13 CW 23 REA .23 MB -.05 $CEZ 52 $BMI 150 $F 63. Second high selling bull at $7,500 was Waukaru Abbott 9078. Heath Keiser of Gothenburg, NE, selected this son of the new herdsire at Waukaru, South Starr Red Rx S514. Abbott 9078 is a powerfully designed, stout made herd bull that is bold chested and big ribbed. He stood out in the group as one of the biggest topped, widest hipped bulls in the group. Abbott 9078 is homozygous polled and from the Cumberland cow family. His impressive EPD’s land in the top 1% for REA and growth. CED 9 BW 1.4 WW 70 YW 106 CEM 6 ST 18 CW 19 REA .46 MB -.16 $CEZ 24

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

$BMI 138 $F 61. Selling at $5,500 was Waukaru Empower 9006. This homozygous polled son of South Starr Red Rx S514 is from a Top Gun, Teddy first calf heifer and was selected by Chad Conard of Parker, CO. Waukaru Empower 9006 is a ruggedly constructed, sound moving bull that bridges gaps between calving ease and growth as well as marbling and real muscle. Waukaru Empower 9006 is in or above the top 20% for all traits. CED 16 BW -1.4 WW 62 YW 95 MK 22 CEM 10 ST 21 CW 3 REA .2 MB .25 $CEZ 49 $ BMI 150 $F 62 Dover Ranch of Billings, MT, was the volume bull buyer, purchasing four bulls. Partin Ranches of Kenansville, FL, purchased three bulls. Westridge Shorthorns of Valley City, ND, was the volume buyer of open females at five, and as most of the female purchasers, elected to leave them at Waukaru to have them synchronized and AI bred. =



shorthorn country = may/june 2020


Sun Country Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

30 Bulls...................... $ 142,900............$ 4,762 11 Heifers.................. $ 31,300..............$ 2,845 41 Head....................$ 174,200........... $ 4,249

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada Auctioneer: Ward Cutler Sale Manager: Sun Country Group by: Grant Alexander

A beautiful early spring day greeted a full house at the Sun Country Shorthorn Sale this year. After having raging blizzards on sale day the last three years, it was good to get back to normal conditions. This day may have been one of the last few normal things to happen in 2020. There was also a huge crowd who viewed this sale online through Over 90% of the bulls again sold to commercial producers. Cattle sold to four Canadian provinces

and three US states. The top selling bull at $10,000 was Lot 1, HC Gold Card 3G ET, a son of Shadybrook Qantas 2B and Waukaru Lassie 2024. This bull had a sale day weight of 1341lbs and has tremendous capacity and muscle shape. Several leading herds bid on this bull, and when the dust settled, he was owned by Diamond Creek Shorthorns, Weyburn, SK. He was consigned by Horseshoe Creek Farms and Martyn Moore from England. Second top seller at $9,000, was Lot 9, HC North of 49 55G, a son of HC Cruiser 59C. This stout made bull was selected by Wernacres Farms, Lena, Ill., and he was consigned by Horseshoe Creek. Close behind the two top selling bulls was Lot 8 at $8,750. This red neck roan ¾ Shorthorn/ ¼ Simmental bull is also

a son of HC Cruiser 59C and he sold to T4 Land and Cattle Co., Heward, SK and he was consigned by Horseshoe Creek. The top selling replacement heifer at $3,800, was Lot 104, HC Picture Perfect 1G selling to Donald Jack, Flesherton, ON. She was a daughter of Leveldale Boardwalk 530C. Other top sellers: $6,500 - Lot 25, Rocking L Magnum 9F (Rocking L Cattle Co) to Kelly Shaver, Bengough, SK $6,000 - Lot 32, Maplestone Admiral 2F (Lamontagne Holdings Ltd) to Justin Marcotte, Torquay, SK and Dr.Carmen Langevin, Weyburn, SK. $5,700 - Lot 6, HC Gambler 17G (Horseshoe Creek) to Calvin Fickbohm, Newell, S.D. =

Lone Star Edition XXVI Sale Summary

30 Fall Open Heifers.....$ 294,350...............$ 9,812 18 Spring Open Heifers...$ 120,000.................$ 6,667 3 Plus Open Heifers... $ 7,850................$ 2,617 7 Bred Heifers............ $ 27,000..............$ 3,857 5 Bulls........................ $ 26,500..............$ 5,300 63 Live Lots..............$ 475,700........... $ 7,551 2 Embryo Packages..........$ 5,100......................$ 2,550 3 Semen Packages.............$ 2,100......................$ 700 Sale Gross $482,900 Junior Donation Lots $26,640 (for the Junior National Show in Abilene, Texas) Total $509,540

Sunday, March 29, 2020 WHR Shorthorns, Van Alstyne, Texas Hosted on CCi.Live Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Manager: Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

The serious health climate in the world today dictated that the format for this leading Shorthorn sale be changed. The decision was to go ahead with the sale as a live internet auction. This decision was a great one. The sale went on at the ranch with only a minimum number of people in attendance. However, the internet was on fire. There were over 600 logged on to view the sale with 158 of those registered as bidders. The result was a snappy sale with active bidding from everywhere. The outstanding set of Shorthorns offered were very well received. Congratulations to Bill and Becky Rasor and all who worked so very hard to make this sale a great success. $30,000 - Lot 33 - Open Heifer WHR MTY Stormy Janet 0102 ET. A roan, polled January 2, 2020 daughter of Hill Haven Fire Storm 28C and out 48

of WHR Pure Janet 4926 ET. This tremendous baby was thought to be one of the very best in this sale. Already part of a winning cow/calf pair, this one will continue to gets looks this next show season. She is fancy, fancy. The Janet family on the dam’s side has been a favorite of many for years. Purchased by Rick Hogue of Newcomersville, Ohio. $24,500 - Lot 1A - Open Heifer WHR HCAT Cecilia 9901 ET. A red, polled September 1, 2019 daughter of NBS Low Rider 42W ET and out of WHR SRVM Cecilia 2907 ET. The Fall show heifer prospects are always a feature in this sale and this one was at the top of that group. She has the style and overall design that will make her a winner. She comes from a truly great female line at WHR. Purchased by Sutton Shires of Denison, Texas. $20,000 - Lot 25 - Open Heifer WHR RHS Valerie 3259 ET. A roan, polled March 25, 2019 daughter of HD Bloodstone 603 ET and out of GCC Princess Val 4128. This outstanding Spring heifer was a leader in this strong age group. She is super complete with the color pattern to get her noticed in any show ring. Another really good Bloodstone. Purchased by Holcomb Cattle Co of Tyler, Texas. $18,000 - Lot 12 - Open Heifer WHR Augusta Pride 9918. A roan, polled September 10, 2019 daughter of NBS Low Rider 42W ET and out of WHR RHS Augusta Pride 1 ET. This was another of the top Fall show prospects in this sale. The Low Rider progeny always are in demand and couple that with the

shorthorn country = may/june 2020

great Augusta Pride female line and you have a female that will be a top addition to any herd. Purchased by the Gus Parker Family of Ardmore, Oklahoma. $15,000 - Lot 24 - Open Heifer WHR RHS Picture Perfect 2289. A red, polled February 28, 2019 daughter of Hill Haven Firestorm 28C and out of SBF Picture Perfect 5A ET. This one had a lot of likes from everyone. Tremendous overall dimension to go with the bone and big foot all like to see. She has a beautiful extended front end that makes you take a second look, Purchased by Shadybrook Farm of West Brome, Quebec, Canada. $15,000 - Lot 1C - Open Heifer WHR HCAT Cecilia 9904 ET. A red, polled September 6, 2019 daughter of NBS Low Rider 42W ET and out of WHR SRVM Cecilia 2907 ET. A full sister to the second top seller in this sale. She is another of the super fancy Fall prospects that were offered in this sale. She comes from long line of Champions in the Cecilia line of females. This one will be heard from. Purchased by Emery Robertson of San Marcos, Texas. $15,000 - Lot 1D - Open Heifer WHR HCAT Cecilia 9N09 ET. A red, polled November 8, 2019 daughter of NBS Low Rider 42W ET and out of WHR SRVM Cecilia 0907 ET. Still another from this leading group of full sisters. This one is in a different age group and will be a contender in that Winter Heifer class. It will sure be fun to watch all these sisters this next show season. Purchased by Ryan Lane of Jay, Oklahoma. =

The Bull Sale Sale Summary

43 Purebred Bulls....... $ 187,250............$ 4,355 5 Plus Bulls................ $ 9,700................$ 1,940 Sale Gross $196,950

Saturday, April 4, 2020 Paint Valley Farms, Millersburg, Ohio Hosted on Auctioneer: Ron Kreis Sale Manager: Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

This was another sale in which the social distancing dictated the format. This sale was also presented as a live internet auction. The top set of herd bull prospects offered here were on display for several days prior to the sale and there was a lot of traffic that viewed the sale offering. The auction saw active bidding from the small crowd in attendance and those registered on the internet as well as on the phones. Congratulations to Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns for presenting a great set of bulls that were very well received. $25,000 - Lot 52 - Byland Flash 9U106. A roan, polled April 8, 2019 son of Studer’s Universal 10B and out of Byland Cindy Beauty 5M106. This is a beautifully made, powerful bull that

has all the style and eye appeal to be a great one. He is from a leading female line at Byland. The bidding on this youngster was super active. There were several bidders on this bull not only on the internet but also at the sale and on the phones. Offered by Byland and purchased by Beckler Shorthorns of Wooster, Ohio and Paint Valley Farms of Millersburg, Ohio. $11,000 - Lot 11 - PVF Justice 3G. A red, polled February 5, 2019 son of Byland Soggy Dog 7TM73 and out of PVF Beauty Queen 133W. This bull was extremely popular with many bidders in this sale. His overall dimension makes him a favorite of all who have seen him. His sire is the very popular young sire at Paint Valley and this guy will be a top sire in his own right. Offered by Paint Valley and purchased by Stangl Shorthorns, Rick and Sandy Osterday of Java, South Dakota. $8,000 - Lot 38 - Byland Unbounded 9GL116. A roan, polled April 19, 2019 son of Byland Global 5M10 and out of Byland Victoria 4RD107. This bull had a lot of friends. He is a beautiful red, neck roan that has a tremendous amount of muscle and overall dimension. This

was another bull with great numbers across the board. This one can sire show heifers as well as show steers. Offered by Byland and purchased by Leemon Stock Farms, Hoopeston, Illinois. $7,500 - Lot 33 - Byland Trademark 9TM11. A rwm, polled February 10, 2019 son of Studer’s Taylor Made 7Y and out of Byland Ellen 7WS91. This was another really good bull that has a great pedigree. A Taylor Made son out of a female sired by Wall Street. A great combination. He is so well made and has high growth rate traits. He has a Performance Dam and a Pacemaker Sire in his pedigree. Offered by Byland and purchased by David and Barbara Miller of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. $7,250 - Lot 12 - PVF Grand Slam 26G. A roan, polled March 3, 2019 son of GCF Exchange 702E and out of PVF Roseanne 7A. This bull is long sided with a powerful build and a big foot. He has breed leading carcass traits to go with a solid set of numbers across the board. This masculine youngster will make a great breeding sire for his new owner. Offered by Paint Valley and purchased by Beckler Shorthorns of Wooster, Ohio. =

Red Dirt Treasures Sale Summary

4 Bulls........................ $ 11,700..............$ 2,925 6 Bred Females........... $ 18,850..............$ 3,142 7 Cow/Calf Pairs........ $ 20,900..............$ 2,986 5 Bred Heifers............ $ 8,600................$ 1,720 17 Open Heifers......... $ 43,050..............$ 2,532 5 Plus Open Heifers... $ 10,800..............$ 2,160 44 Breeding Lots.......$ 113,900........... $ 2,589 1 Steer........................ $ 1,000................$ 1,000 18 Semen Packages...........$ 10,905....................$ 606 Sale Gross $125,805

Saturday, April 18, 2020 Grissom Sale Facility, Seminole, Okla. Hosted on CCi.Live Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Manager: Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

This was another sale that was changed to a live internet auction due to the health issues in the country today. Hosted by Lazy Bar F Shorthorns and Double G Shorthorns along with their guest consignors, the sale resulted in another success. The show heifer prospects are always a feature in this sale and there was a strong set of those on offer. Also, there was a really good set of cow/calf pairs and a super set of herd bulls. The snappy sale saw active bidding from the limited number of people in attendance as well as very active internet

bidding. $4,500 - Lot 41 - Bred Cow - BFS FR Augusta Pride P3 ET. A rwm, polled 2013 daughter of SULL Primetime ET and out of SULL Augusta Pride 9014 ET selling bred with sexed heifer semen to SULL Master of Rose for an early September 2020 calf. This is a donor type female in her prime. A great pedigree to go with the dimension and style that all like to see. She will have a great one by Master of Rose. Offered by Double G and purchased by Richard Kealy of Waterloo, Illinois. $4,000 - Lot 1 - Heifer Pregnancy This was a sexed heifer pregnancy due on September 21, 2020. The calf will be sired by Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of Little Cedar Margie 1520 ET. A great mating here. A Hot Commodity and out of a daughter of the great Modoc Margie. It will be a can’t miss heifer calf. Offered by Lazy Bar F and purchased by Jimmy Parnell of Stanton, Alabama. $4,000 - Lot 10 - Open Heifer 2G Cumberland 25G LG. A roan, polled September 5, 2019 daughter of 2G Legion 29D ET and out of JA Cumberland HC 3J38. In a super set of Fall Open Heifers, this one rose to the top of the group for many. This one

is sired by the great young herd sire at Double G. With her dam from the famed Cumberland line, this one has success written all over her. Offered by Double G and purchased by Bryce Wuthrich of Milford, Tennessee. $3,900 - Lot 35 - Spring Heifer Pair - FC Pleasant Dreams. A roan, polled 2014 daughter of FC Pay Day and out of FC Severance’s Matty. At side was an April 4, 2020 heifer calf sired by Little Cedar Final 4. This was an outstanding young pair. A super designed mother cow and a really nice baby at side. This will be a great addition to her new herd. Offered by Double G and purchased by Larry Carstens of Loup City, Nebraska. $3,700 - Lot 24 - Shorthorn Plus Open Heifer - /F Augusta Pride 0781. A blue roan, polled January 7, 2020 daughter of KBSC Simplify 22C and out of Augusta Pride 7781. Just a January baby, this one has all the potential to be a great show prospect. Thick made with the bone and hair that make her one to contend with in the show ring. The great Augusta Pride line makes her a can’t miss. Offered by Lazy Bar F and purchased by Jerry Arthur of Chickasha, Oklahoma.=

shorthorn country = may/june 2020



shorthorn country = may/june 2020




May 25, 2020 no late entries accepted





2020 Junior National Entry Information



shorthorn country = may/june 2020


= Sales Calendar May 23 - Oklahoma Sooner Shorthorn Sale, Duncan, Okla. 2020 Fall Sale Dates Sept. 5 - Cates Farms “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, Ind. Sept. 5 - Smith Family Farms “Cattleman’s Cut” Open House, Pendleton, Ind. Sept. 6 & 7 - Turner Shorthorns “Somerset Sensations” Open House & Private Treaty Sale, Somerset, Ohio. Sept. 8 - Cornerstone Farms “Born to be Rockstars” Online Sale, Winchester, Ind., Sept. 8 - Meyer Family Shorthorns “Elite Heifer and Steer” Online Sale, Greensburg, Ind., Sept. 10 - Highland Farms “Land of Lincoln” Show Steer & Heifer Online Sale, Pittsfield, Ill., Sept. 12 - Shadybrook Farms “Decades of Excellence” Production Sale, West Brome, Quebec, Canada. Sept. 14 - Smith Family Farms “Cattleman’s Cut” Online Sale, Pendleton, Ind., Sept. 20 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes On The Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, Ill. Sept. 21 - Tadmore Farms, Show Heifer, Bred Heifer and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, Texas, Sept. 26 - The Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, Mich. Sept. 27 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, Neb. Sept. 30 - Shoufler Shorthorns “Multi Breed Show Heifer” Online Sale, Fortville, Ind., Oct. 1 - Meyer Farms Show Heifer Online Sale, Rushville, Ind., Oct. 3 - Greenhorn Cattle Co., “Where Great Females Make A Difference”, Waynesville, Ohio.


Oct. 4 - Du-Lynn Farms, “Share The Vision”, Berlin, Ohio. Oct. 7 - Mitchell Family Shorthorns Online Sale, Waverly, Iowa., Oct. 10 - Schrag 605, “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, S.D. Oct. 10 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, Iowa. Oct. 11 - Sullivan Farms, “Maternal Legends” Production Sale, Dunlap, Iowa. Oct. 17 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, Okla. Oct. 17 - “Keystone Autumn Klassic” Shorthorn Sale, Waynesburg, Pa. Oct. 18 - Bedwell Cattle Co. & Lost Diamond B Ranch “Lasting Impressions” Sale, Isabella, Okla. Oct. 24 - Alden Farms, “100 Year Anniversary” Sale, Hamilton, Mo. Oct. 31 - Leveldale Farms “Investment Sale” with Cagwin Farms, Mason City, Ill. Nov. 6 - “Autumn Classic” Online Sale, Turlock, Calif., Nov. 7 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm, “Durham Nation”, Production Sale, Kathryn, N.D. Nov. 10 - Highland Farms Show Heifer & Bred Female Online Sale, Pittsfield, Ill., Nov. 15 - Greenhorn Cattle Company, “Where Future Generations Are Created”, Louisville, Ky. Nov. 23 - Bar N Shorthorns, “Holiday Classic” Online Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, Minn., Dec. 8 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, N.D., amsonlinesales. com. Dec. 12 - Paint Valley Shorthorns and Byland Polled Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Production Sale, Millersburg, Ohio =

Sept. 5 - Cates Farms “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, IN Sept. 12 - Shadybrook Farms “Decades of Excellence” Production Sale, West Brome, Quebec, CAN Sept. 20 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes On The Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, IL Sept. 21 - Tadmore Farms, Show Heifer, Bred Heifer and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, TX, Sept. 26 - The Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, MI Sept. 27 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, NE Oct. 3 - Greenhorn Cattle Co., “Where Great Females Make A Difference” Production Sale, Waynesville, OH Oct. 4 - Du-Lynn Farms “Share The Vision” Production Sale, Berlin, OH Oct. 10 - Schrag 605, “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD Oct. 11 - Sullivan Farms, “Maternal Legends” Production Sale, Dunlap, IA Oct. 17 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, OK Oct. 24 - Alden Farms, “100 Year Anniversary” Sale, Hamilton, MO Oct. 31 - Leveldale Farms “Investment Sale” with Cagwin Farms, Mason City, IL Nov. 6 - “Autumn Classic” Online Sale, Turlock, CA, Nov. 7 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm, “Durham Nation”, Production Sale, Kathryn, ND Nov. 15 - Greenhorn Cattle Company, “Where Future Generations Are Created”, Louisville, KY Nov. 23 - Bar N Shorthorns, “Holiday Classic” Online Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, MN, Dec. 8 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND,

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