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7607 NW Prairie View Rd. • Kansas City, MO 64151-1544 816-599-7777 • FAX: 816-599-7782 Montie D. Soules, asa executive secretary/CEO montie@shorthorn.org Matt Woolfolk, director of performance programs, performance data & commercial acceptance • matt@shorthorn.org Heather Lange, director of customer service, registrations & DNA • heather@shorthorn.org Shelby Rogers, director of youth activities, marketing & communications • shelby@shorthorn.org Emily Velisek, director of events, show & membership activities • emilyv@shorthorn.org Accounting • accountmgr@shorthorn.org

ASA Board of Directors Rick Leone, president 719-468-1981 Nancy Grathwohl-Heter, vice president 785-587-7947 Hugh Mooney, executive director 916-319-0488 Tom Turner, 614-499-5248 Robert Alden, 816-632-8509 Joe Bales, 615-330-2342 Dave Greenhorn, 937-470-6552 Toby Jordan, 219-819-4603 John Sonderman, 402-641-0936 Shorthorn Foundation Bill Rasor, president American Junior Shorthorn Association Jake Nikkel, president National Shorthorn Lassies Shay Bakenhus, president

ASA Dates of Note July July 4 ASA Office Closed August Aug. 1 Builder of the Breed Nomination Deadline Aug. 1 Ballots for delegate voting will be mailed to members in good standing Aug. 24 National Shorthorn Field Day, University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. Aug. 31 Keystone International Livestock Expo (KILE) entry deadline Aug. 31 ASA Fiscal year ends: All registrations counted for Century Club must be registered September Sept. 2 ASA Office Closed - Labor Day Sept. 3 All ballots due in ASA office for electing delegates Sept. 16 American Royal ownership and entry deadline

October Oct. 1 NAILE entry deadline Oct. 5 KILE National Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus Show Oct. 6 KILE Junior Shorthorn and ShorthornPlus Show Oct. 24 American Royal Junior Shorthorn Show and National Shorthorn Show November Nov. 16 NAILE - Jr. ShorthornPlus Show Nov. 17 NAILE - Jr. Shorthorn Show Nov. 18 NAILE - National ShorthornPlus Show followed by National Shorthorn Show Nov. 20 NWSS entry deadline (Open/Junior/Yards) Nov. 22-23 ASA Annual Meeting, Forum & Awards Banquet, Hilton Kansas City Airport Nov. 28-29 ASA Office Closed - Thanksgiving and day after

2019 NAILE Hotel Info Hilton Garden Inn Louisville Airport 2735 Crittenden Drive, Louisville, KY 40209 • Phone: 502-637-2424 Cutoff Date: 10/14/19 - Group: American Shorthorn Association

2019 ASA Annual Meeting, Forum & Awards Banquet November 22-23, 2019 NEW Location: Hilton Kansas City Airport 8801 NW 112th St., Kansas City, MO 64153 Phone: (816) 891-8900 - Call hotel for Reservations Group: American Shorthorn Association 6

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Upcoming Committee Conference Calls Genetic Evaluation Committee July 8 5:00 pm CT Sept. 9 5:00 pm CT Commercial Acceptance Committee July 15 5:00 pm CT Sept. 9 5:00 pm CT ShorthornPlus Committee July 15 5:00 pm CT Sept. 9 5:00 pm CT Promotion Committee July 15 5:00 pm CT Contact emilyv@shorthorn.org if you would like to participate in these committee calls.

WHR Breeders WHR Assessments for 2019 were sent in November. If you have not received yours, please contact the ASA office as soon as possible. 1. WHR inventory assessments must be completed and paid in full prior to registering calves born in the current assessment period, (i.e. 2019 assessment on a dam must be completed and paid in order to register her calf born in 2019.) 2. Included with each assessment is the registration of a calf born to the dam in the year she was assessed (if calf is registered prior to one year of age) and a free transfer of said calf (if recorded within 60 days from the date of the sale.) (i.e. cost to register a calf born in 2019 to an assessed 2019 dam will be $0, if calf is registered within 12 months) 2019 ASSESSMENT FEE SCHEDULE: March 1 - December 31, 2019 $25 *Calves born in previous year(s) to unassessed dams will incur additional fees as described below

New WHR Non-Assessed Cow Ruling - Effective Jan. 1, 2019 WHR Breeders: as of January 1, 2019, penalties will be added to WHR breeder registrations for calves born to dams not assessed in the year the calf was born. To avoid penalties, assessment of all dams in the herd must be completed by December 31 of that year. Registration fees of calves born to unassessed dams from previously closed assessment years: • under 12 months of age - $75 • 12-24 months - $95 • over 24 months - $135 *This applies only to animals registered to a dam which was not assessed in the year the calf was born.

Regular Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time Zone

2019 International Year Code: G

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shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


= Association Outlook

Being Responsible


he herd book issue is a great time to look back and review activities at the ASA, but I think the time is even better spent to look forward and share some activities that will be coming your way as members of the American Shorthorn Association. As I write, the office is preparing to leave for the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference in Lebanon, TN. Entries this year total just under 800; a record-breaking number. The event continues to grow with great enthusiasm, proving the importance of the Junior program to the future of the ASA. This truly exemplifies that our breed is “The Family Friendly Breed”. I personally want to thank all the breeders who donate and support this event and all the Junior programs. I encourage all members and breeders to advise the youth in the cattle industry about the advantages of being a Junior Shorthorn Member. The AJSA onetime membership fee is good until the end of the year the Junior turns 22 years old; not like other associations that required annual membership fees from Junior members. Another activity to mark down is the National Shorthorn Sire Test Field Day on Aug. 24 at the University of Illinois. This is the 2nd year for this sire test and field day. Some new speakers will address the needs of the industry and the importance of the information we are receiving for the breed from tests like this. Also, Matt and Patrick Wall have been working with Iowa State University on a new testing project for Shorthorn cattle focusing on

Montie D. asa executive Soules secretary/CEO

feed efficiency and how it compares to fertility. We will ask breeders to commit to sending Shorthorn females to participate. If you are interested, email Matt at matt@ shorthorn.org. I am happy to announce that Eric Grant, of Grant Company, St. Joseph, MO is coming on-board with a threeyear agreement to assist with future advertising campaigns. Eric and his team are currently in California doing the first Shorthorn photo shoot today as I write this. The company will be traveling across the US this summer, stopping at various Shorthorn breeders farms and ranches to take video and still photos. This will help build a library for future use in breed promotion. This move will aid in giving the breed a positive image in the cattle industry. For those who are not be aware, Eric Grant was responsible for the “I am Angus” campaign a few years ago. He has a talented team in place and does work for a number of agriculture related companies. Some of his staff also does work for the Kansas City Chiefs. This is top-of-the-line talent working to promote the Shorthorn Breed in conjunction with the ASA staff. We will begin to see the results of building the campaign this fall. Speaking of breed image and promoting Shorthorns to the industry, during some committee conference calls the topic of how members or breeders can affect the Shorthorn image to the industry. The conversations became in depth and we determined that this topic should be addressed at our Annual Meeting Forum. In fact, the comments expressed during

the committee calls motivated Matt and I to share our thoughts on the topic as our feature joint article in this issue on page 22. We will be using the theme, “Building a Positive Breed Image” for the educational forum in conjunction with the annual meeting. We plan to have some wellknown industry leaders speak on this topic and its importance to the future of a breed. Notice: The annual meeting date and location have changed a bit this year. It will still be in Kansas City, but the location is the Hilton Airport Hotel, which is more convenient for those traveling from a distance. The dates are Nov. 22 & 23, 2019; the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving. The ASA Board of Directors felt that moving the date ahead of the holiday would help members attend. We are planning a full schedule of Association Workshops, Committee Meetings and Educational Forums for those attending and of course the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. Please mark this on your calendar; it is always a fun time for great Shorthorn fellowship, idea sharing and futuristic information. These are just a few activities being planned in the breed to help create a positive image of Shorthorn Cattle to the industry. Your Board of Directors and ASA staff are continually working to help add value and a positive image for the breed. This image is a direct result of every member and breeder accepting the obligation to be a responsible Shorthorn breeder! =

American Shorthorn Association Mission Statement The mission of the American Shorthorn Association is to serve all members and enhance the value of the Shorthorn breed by managing data, maintaining the integrity of the herdbook, educating members and communicating the value of Shorthorn cattle resulting in the expanded use of Shorthorn genetics in the U.S. beef industry.

American Shorthorn Association Vision Statement

Be recognized in the industry as a viable British breed that creates profitability in beef cattle production, with a family friendly environment.

Core Strategies Educate, equip and empower our members


Increase commercial interest in Shorthorn genetics

shorthorn country = july 2019

Continue to develop and support the Junior program

Invest in research and development to enable breed improvement

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shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


= President Outlook Proud and Humbled Greetings to all the Shorthorn enthusiasts reading the Country this month. It’s an honor to be able to address you from this platform as president of your association. Whether I think of the rich long history of our breed as we approach our 150th year celebration or the cutting edge technology we are using to propel our relevancy into the beef industry, I am both proud and humbled. The staff we have developed and been fortunate to have in place are taking the steps to put us in a position that we can succeed in. By developing science based programs to document, identify and promote cattle that can be maternal, grow, yield and remain docile, our cattle can demand attention and consideration in commercial beef production. Please don’t underestimate the commercial sectors need for predictable perfor-

mance and the absolute relevancy of performance data, EPDs and genomics to satisfy this need. The most recent sire test substantiated the ability of our cattle’s performance data and EPDs to predict their progeny’s performance as they grew and performed in a feed lot setting. These type of tests are absolutely what we need to support that we are the docile maternal British breed that can grade and create profit for those operations that choose Shorthorn genetics. We are rich in breeders that understand cattle breeding and selection and are willing to invest considerable time and money in improving our cattle. I personally believe we have never had so much quality in the cattle we are showing and displaying around the country. This matters and it’s important and vital to our breeds success. Whether it’s a county

Aug. 31 - Cates Farms ‘Star Search’ Production Sale, Oct. 12 - Studer Family Shorthorns Family Legacies Modoc, IN Genetic Event Sale, Creston, IA Sept. 15 - Ripberger/Norman ‘Eyes On The Midwest’ Oct. 13 - Sullivan Farms ‘Maternal Legends’ Production Production Sale, Newman, IL Sale, Dunlap, IA Sept. 22 - KOLT Cattle Co., ‘Simple Choices’ Production Oct. 19 - Heart of the Prairie Production Sale, Rush Sale, Seward, NE Springs, OK Sept. 28 - Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, MI Nov. 2 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm ‘Durham Nation’ Sept. 29 - Fall Harvest Shorthorn Production Sale, Production Sale, Kathryn, ND Columbus, NE Nov. 30 - Trennepohl Farms Production Sale, Oct. 5 - Greenhorn Cattle Co., Production Sale, Middletown, IN Waynesville, OH “Many Thanks to all of our friends & customers. We appreciate your trust & confidence.”


shorthorn country = july 2019

Rick ASA Leone president

fair, a field day, or a national show it is these activities that keep us on the mind and in consideration by many cattlemen considering their future purchases and decisions. Our ability to advocate for our breed and the larger agricultural industry will determine all of our future success. I ask each of you to look for commonality with other breeders. Learn from each others successes and failures and understand the application each breeder finds to cattle production. The diversity our breed has is great and is absolutely a strength that we can all share in. United and with the same goal of making better cattle and promoting the Shorthorn breed we can all find greater success. We can all take ownership and involvement in our upcoming 150th year celebration that will encompass an entire year of activities. It will include a historic book written about Shorthorn cattle, exhibits at national shows, celebrations and national advertising campaigns. It will be a very rewarding and exciting time to be involved in the Shorthorn breed. Finally I want to express my profound gratitude to all of you. Thank you to my wife Trish, daughter Gabri and son Val, that have supported the time and expense to allow me the great honor to serve as your president. It took all of us for me to have this opportunity. The kindness and character found in our breeders is unequaled in any other breed. The honesty and good will we are rich in makes all of the events and activities rewarding and enjoyable. For so many of us, the time we devote to our operations and time spent working together as a family is the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of our lives. I know for me it most definitely is. Thank you to the great staff led by Montie Soules at the association office that work daily to ensure we have a successful, profitable, and reputable breed organization. Thank you to all the current and past board members I have had the privilege of working with; what an honor that has been for me. I look forward to meeting and visiting with more of you this fall at sales and events. Collectively, it is all off you that are members and breeders that make this breed so great and such an honor to be part of. =


shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


“Do Your Individual Decisions Affect the Entire Breed?” Shorthorn Breed image is a frequently visited topic during our ASA committee conference calls; including the Commercial Acceptance Committee, the Genetic Evaluation Committee, the Promotion Committee and the ShorthornPlus Committee. Excellent discussions regarding ways to shine brighter lights on the breed as well as worthy ideas have developed out of those committee calls.

Montie D. asa executive Soules secretary/CEO Matt director of Woolfolk performance programs

In one committee, the discussion progressed from general ideas of what the entire Shorthorn breed could do, to a more specific path of what individuals could accomplish to improve the image of Shorthorn cattle. Some of the questions below were asked and discussed by breeders during the conference call. We were asked for our thoughts on the subject, so instead of dragging out the conference call, we put our thoughts on paper:

What do we mean by affecting the entire breed? MDS: The actions and decisions made by each member are a reflection of that individual. The same breeder actions and decisions determine how a breed is judged and perceived. One simple fact holds true for every breed: each time a breeder presents an animal in a sale or a show, or a member hosts an ag-related group, the entire breed is judged by those who see it. Their perceptions will be shared by the attending group and a breed image is formed, fair or not. We each have a responsibility to hold our breed in high regard and to expose good cattle that will be appreciated and provide a good identity and reputation for the breed and the herd.

MW: Simply put, it’s making some sort of impact on Shorthorn cattle. We’re all involved in the breed in some way, either as a breeder, marketer, employee, or just a fan of Shorthorns. We have the opportunity to set the course of where Shorthorn cattle go in the future, especially as breeders.

Why should you care about affecting the breed? MDS: The image of the breed has a direct effect on each member of the association and vice versa. The better the perception of the animals in the breed, the higher the value becomes for each breeder. When this happens, more folks want to be part of it and will join in, expanding the market and adding value. It is all relative to producing cattle with phenotype and performance regardless of your marketing goals. Bull producers and show heifer producers have similar issues. They need the industry to view our breed with respect and gain an understanding of what Shorthorns can offer them. Providing a quality product concerns everyone in the breed.


shorthorn country = july 2019

MW: By raising Shorthorn cattle, you are a part of this breed no matter if you are active in your state association or ASA. You obviously have a love and commitment to the breed to devote time and resources to raising Shorthorns. To some, you may be their only interaction with the breed. You have the opportunity to open their eyes to what Shorthorns can offer to their herds. Successful encounters can lead to future growth for Shorthorns if new breeders become more involved. Growth and enthusiasm for the breed is good for everyone involved. The current climate of the entire beef cattle industry seems to be shifting towards a need for different crossbreeding solutions to use on the blackhided cows in America’s commercial herd. If Shorthorns are going to become a part of that conversation, it will take effort from everyone pushing the breed forward.

What are the most important decisions to make in your operation to positively affect the breed? MDS: The most important decision a Shorthorn breeder will make is to always have a goal of breeding cattle that have a positive influence on our breed. Be a breed improver and contributor, not just “Be a breed improver a multiplier! Members who make the conscious decision to raise and and contributor, not just a multiplier!” produce breed improving cattle become leaders in the breed and have a positive influence on the breed image.

MW: I think there are two major decisions that have to be made at your place to make a positive impact on the breed. First, the decision has to be made to commit to breeding better cattle every year. Regardless of goals or herd size, there’s always something that you can improve in your cows. Whether it is breeding to fix a phenotypic flaw, collecting more data for your customers, or choosing to AI more cows or flush a new donor, there are always avenues that can be taken to breed a better Shorthorn. Second, you have to make the decision to stand behind the cattle that you sell and provide outstanding customer service. Service before and after the sale are vital in this business. Just like none of us want to deal with bad service at the local feed store or restaurant, we shouldn’t provide that type of service to our customers. Answering questions, working with delivery, and finding fair solutions to any issues that arise are all important to keeping a customer satisfied.

Are there short or long term consequences to not doing these things? MDS: Producing breed-improving cattle has both short-term and long-term effects. If we do not produce the kind of animal recognized as a breed and industry improver, Shorthorns will receive no attention outside of our breed. When newcomers choose to try our breed, we must ensure they receive a superior product to maintain their interest. This is true regardless of your operation or marketing strategies. It works for show heifers and bull customers. We only get one chance to make a good first impression. If their experience is not good, they may never come back, and worse yet, they likely will share their bad experience with others. The need for high quality cattle with proper performance data is essential to both long-term and short-term success. Those who are short-sighted and sell an inferior animal can have a very negative effect on the overall breed image long term!

MW: In the short term, your customers (especially repeat customers) will certainly notice if you’re not making an effort to breed better cattle with each calf crop. It was brought up during the Commercial Acceptance Committee conference call that with many commercial customers, breeds like Shorthorn usually only get one shot to impress a new buyer. If the cattle don’t do what the customer needs them to do (or what the seller claimed they could do), not only is your chance to build a relationship diminished, but also the rest of your friends in the Shorthorn breed can lose that potential customer forever. “One bad experience One bad experience with any breed with any breed of of cattle can ruin it for all breeders, cattle can ruin if for all so it’s important to raise and continually improve on your stock breeders” to satisfy the customer. Even worse, a buyer will take notice if you don’t treat them correctly if something goes awry with their purchase. Having to trade bulls or take back a heifer that won’t breed is a hassle in the short term, but I guarantee it’s less problematic than if you don’t take care of the customer. You don’t want to be the one that the cattlemen are talking poorly about at the local cafe. In the short term, you’ve likely lost that customer. The negative publicity they may give you will hurt your reputation and ability to market your cattle in the long run. Bad news always travels faster than good news, so we should all be motivated to not give customers a reason to spread bad news.

What Shorthorn breeders should be concerned with this issue? Commercial seedstock breeders? Show cattle producers? MDS: Breed image is every Shorthorn breeder and ASA member’s responsibility. This includes breeders producing bulls for the commercial industry, commercial replacements, show heifers, donor cows, herd bull producers for purebred herds, and yes even junior members. We are all graded by the outside industry continually and each breeder must produce individuals that deserve attention from the entire industry. Yes, we are all representing ourselves first, but we are also always representing the Shorthorn Breed!

MW: It should matter to every cattle producer in the United States, regardless of what type of operation you run. Every serious cattle producer and their operation has a reputation for the product they market, whether it’s their commercial calves at the sale barn, the bulls they sell, or the string of champions they exhibit. Obviously, everyone wants to be known as a reputable outfit with a quality set of cattle to offer to customers.

shorthorn country = july 2019


How do we take the next step with this idea of breed image and our effect on the breed? We’ve taken the idea of continuing to build a more positive breed image and used it as a theme for planning this year’s annual meeting. Our speaker lineup will include folks from within and outside our breed discussing topics relative to this overall goal of a positive breed image. The roles and responsibilities of all breeders will be addressed, plus the impact they can make both


shorthorn country = july 2019

positive and negative, for the breed and the individual. The speaker roster isn’t set in stone yet, but you’ll want to hear what some of these industry leaders have to say. We are reaching out to successful operators from several breeds asking them to share their goals with us at the next annual meeting on Nov. 22 & 23 in Kansas City, MO.


shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


Photo on the left: L to R: Cameron Catrett, was the recipient of the Don Longley Memorial Scholarship; Riley Sleichter, was the recipient of the Don Longley Memorial Scholarship; Macy Bakenhus, was the recipient of the John Miller Scholarship; Tejlor Strope, was the recipient of the Mike Dugdale Memorial Scholarhip; Bill Rasor; Jim Freed; Evan Wolfe, was the recipient of the Jesse M. and Jennis S. Duckett Memorial Scholarship; Gabriella Leone, was the recipient of the Lyle and Katharyn Dewitt Memorial Scholarship; Callie Prochaska, was the recipient of the Charles B. “Check” Leemon Memorial Scholarship; and Alexis Wetzel, was the recipient of the John C. “Jack” Ragsdale Scholarship. Not pictured Cade Goldsmith, was the recipient of the Don Longley Memorial Scholarship; and Grace Clark, was the recipient of the Don Longley Memorial Scholarship. Photo on the right: L-R: Jim Freed; Jennifer Bedwell; Diane Bedwell; Jeff Bedwell and Kane Aegerter, recipient of the Jared and Justin Bedwell Scholarship. The Shorthorn Foundation is dedicated to building the Shorthorn breed’s opportunities in the cattle business, educating cattlemen and Shorthorn youth, and promoting the benefits and advantages of using Shorthorn genetics. Honor the history of the Shorthorn breed while Building Shorthorn Opportunities. Make a donation to The Shorthorn Foundation today! The Shorthorn Foundation qualifies as a tax exempt organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the internal Revenue code. Contributions to The Shorthorn Foundation are deductible by donors as provided by the IRS code.


shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


= Vice President Outlook

What Is Your Legacy? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do you raise cattle?” Maybe more specifically, “Why do you raise Shorthorns?” Just recently, one of my urban friends asked me, “Why do you want to farm/ ranch when you can’t control the weather? Why do you want to work so hard?” It can be hard for someone to understand if they don’t share the same passion. This year has been one for the record books for cattle producers and farmers. The weather in many parts of the country has been more than challenging. Living in central Kansas, we usually have to worry more about drought than excess moisture. Unfortunately, this year the weather is just the opposite. To say the least, the flooding is causing lots of challenges. Our friends in Nebraska, Iowa, and other parts of the country have faced devastating obstacles, yet most remain committed to this life we love. They will rebuild and continue their families’ legacy with a stronger passion than ever before. No one would blame these ranchers and farmers for throwing in the towel, especially when most have spent their lifetime building an operation only to start over. Hard work and dedication are traits that serve as a foundation in the


shorthorn country = july 2019

agricultural industry. Many of us may take them for granted, but we should be proud of the work and commitment we put into our operation on a daily basis. I hope the population in urban settings have seen how the agricultural community comes together to help one another. Loads of hay have been donated, as well as fencing supplies, labor and household supplies to aid fellow producers they have never met. To someone not involved in Ag, it may be hard for them to understand the common bond that runs deep in this industry. Not to mention, the passion and tenacity that it requires to rebuild after facing devastation. All of these events have caused me to do a lot of thinking. As I reflect on the Shorthorn breed and my family, I feel fortunate to be involved in this industry even with all of the challenges we face. My husband, Ryan, and I have two children, Josie (9) and Ryder (7). We couldn’t imagine raising them any other way. We are grateful to raise a breed of cattle where the friends we make are like family. As I write this, we are only a month away from the National Junior Shorthorn Show. Growing up, the week spent with kids across the nation showing my

Nancy ASA Grathwohl-Heter vice-president

cattle and participating in contests was my favorite time of year. This was due to the great people involved in our breed and the outstanding junior program; both of which hold true today. I am excited that my kids are sharing the same experiences I did growing up all while developing their love for cattle. Now, as a breeder, one of the things I enjoy most is visiting with other breeders and learning about their operations. Living in different states and environments, we may have different individual goals but we all share a passion and want to make the Shorthorn breed better. I believe the diversity of our breed is one of our greatest strengths. There are so many things we can learn from each other. Our greatest resource is our network of breeders. I will never grow tired of hearing stories about the great Shorthorn cattle from the past and the present. I remember listening to my dad and Lawrence telling stories about our cattle growing up, and I miss those two now more than ever. As I think about my family and our legacy, I am proud that it lies in the Shorthorn breed. All the more, I am excited for the future. =

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


STEPPING STONE RANCH PEARSON AND BUSSE By Pat Schiefen Shirley Pearson and her husband Ron Busse are enjoying following their passion of raising Shorthorn cattle and its more enjoyable since their retirement from their jobs. Shirley was as a nurse for 46 years and Ron was a postal rural route carrier for almost 30 years. He said, “Raising cattle is a full time job everyday.” The couple have Shirley with calf. carefully bred their herd to be docile and easy calving with a high quality carcass. They raise their cattle on pastures only supplementing their show cattle. Currently they have around 60 cows with the total herd being around 80, counting replacement heifers and bulls. The couple said the largest their herd had reached was 125, containing Shorthorns and ShorthornPlus. Shirley said, “We are not big in 34

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numbers but we emphasize high quality. Their first two bulls from artificial We sell the best beef we can.” insemination were Socks and Royal, both Ron said they take a lot of pride in the sons of Right Knight, whose bloodlines management of their herd. This includes go back to Cunia. They also used Petro pasture rotation, fence upkeep, cattle II, which gave them the bull they called health, weather changes, parasite Bottom Line. Ron said, “He was known control (internal and external), for his tremendous snake bites, and checking salt, carcasses.” mineral and water requirements. From 1996 Management decisions include to 2007 they which bull to use for artificial used the insemination and which bull bull Bottom to use naturally and how many Line, as their cows for each method. main herd They bought their first sire. He gives Shorthorn heifer over 30 years ago This bull is an example of the his offspring longevity of their bulls. from the Kansas Shorthorn Futurity. longevity. Ron He is 10 years old. Heifers were added yearly from Scotts said, “He was so Shorthorns, Blue Gate Shorthorns and mellow, that young kids would get on HUB Shorthorns. Shirley and Ron his back and take a ride” leased a bull from Blue Gate Shorthorns When taking yearling bulls to Denver, called BG Samson for a couple of years Ron said, They have had as high as 18to build up their herd and kept all the inch rib eyes. Most of the time they replacement heifers. After that they average 16-inch. started artificial insemination. Ron said, they calf in April and May

because he and Shirley were too old have been going to the this show over 30 the Northwest Kansas District Free Fair to fight the weather in years but Ron has been there for in Goodland and the Tri-State Royal for January and February. over 50 years and has enjoyed the last three years. She had been a leader By calving later the grass many types of weather. for the Prairie Dale 4-H Club for eight would be greening up At the end of the seven years years. Another big honor for her was and the pairs go right to of drought several years ago being fair parade marshal in 2017. pasture. Birth weights their herd dropped down to 25 Her parents had dairy cows when she would average around 80 cows. Since cows are primarily was growing up, she said. She was 10 pounds. grass fed, it took 30 to 40 acres her parents when they switched to beef They have sold heifers for a pair. Normally they figure cattle. in 40 plus states and 10 acres per pair. Ron grew up on a ranch next to the Canada. Shirley and The couple follow a strict famous Kuhrt ranch where he developed Ron have shown lots vet protocol due to the his knowledge of different cattle breeds. of bulls and heifers and amount of wild His grandpa had winning lots of awards. game on their Shorthorn cattle Their latest win besides ranch, such as 1890s. His father, w sho the for dy Getting rea the National Western Stock white tail deer, mule Paul Busse, also raised in Denver. Show in Denver was a steer deer, occasionally cattle. The brand they they sold that was Reserve G r a n d an elk, raccoons, coyotes use is his father’s, and Champion Steer at the Minnesota State and others. Their ranch inverted p with a b. Fair FFA Show. When they both worked, lies on the Beaver Creek in The couple said they they primarily went to the National Northwest Kansas. like helping 4-H and Dam of Reserve Gran d Champion Steer. Western Stock Show in Denver and the Shirley was secretary for the FFA members with Kansas State Fair. Kansas Shorthorn Association their cattle projects Shirley said Denver is one of the elite for 10 years and is currently serving her a n d they like seeing them cattle show in the Country. “We have third turn on the board, with t h r e e succeed. Both Ron and Shirley were 4-H done well,” said Ron. “We have met years on the board. She has members and showed people from all over the world.” They announced the cattle show at

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cattle for 10 years. “We like seeing the kids succeed,” said Shirley. “We want them to succeed if they buy a calf and will help them if they ask.” The couple live in what Shirley calls “God’s country.” They are located 30 miles from town in northeast Sherman


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County, Kansas. Sherman County is a large county of 1,056 square miles located on the Kansas Colorado line. The county is only one of four Kansas counties remaining on Mountain Time. The county had a population of around 6,000 according to the 2016 Census. Pastures are typically Buffalo Grass, side

oates, grama along with several other grasses. A stream with water in it is an exception in this county. The only river is the Smoky Hill River that is basically dry most of the time. The couple said, they enjoy raising and showing their cattle and intend to = continue as long as they can.

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= Beef Business

Feed Efficiency: Making Cows Pay Their Way I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m a “numbers guy”. You don’t develop my love for baseball or take a job like this one without getting some enjoyment out of figures and statistics. This article is one where I spent as much time using the calculator as I did the keyboard to get to the end product. With feed efficiency being a hot topic in our industry, I wondered if there was anything to gather from looking at the data we have in our system to study the trait. Discussion of feed efficiency usually focuses on a feedlot situation. After all, measurements of feed intake are measured at a feed bunk. Most of the data collected in the Shorthorn database is on feeder cattle, largely from the National Sire Test (NST), as well as bulls that were sold into commercial cattle operations. The data helps us identify bloodlines to potentially improve efficiency. However, efficiency of the cow in production has a valuable impact on the bottom line. Cow feed costs are one of the largest expenses in most enterprises. Identifying females that can adequately perform on less input can decrease feed costs down and increase profit potential over their lifetime. Looking at the data from the NST at the University of Illinois, there is significant variation in levels of intake. Within the set of over 140 head on feed in the NST, daily dry matter intake (DMI) ranged from 13.06 lb to 23.62 lb per day, with the group average being 18.62 lb. With the calves on feed for over 6 months, the difference in dry matter consumed from the calf that ate the most to the calf that ate the least is about one ton of dry matter. Based off cost estimates for the diet fed to the NST cattle, there is a difference of $90-100 in feed costs between the animal with the highest and the lowest intake. Those cattle on the high end of the intake spectrum were

doing a good job of literally eating away the profit margin. To analyze further, I divided the NST cattle by sex and then ranked them for DMI. I won’t bore you with all the numbers crunched here, but I think a couple highlights are worth exploring further. When comparing the 18 heifers that ate the least (Top 25%, Low DMI) to the 18 heifers that ate the most (Bottom 25%, High DMI), differences in feed costs were $39.63/head over the NST feeding period; which was the stage of life from weaning to yearling. Suppose we were able to keep these females in production, and the cost differences for feed stayed stable throughout their lives. By the time they have a calf, that’s a cumulative $120 gap in feed expense. When they turn 5, it’s grown to $440. And for the lucky girls who make it to be 10 year olds? There’s over $800 difference in feed to maintain them in your operation. At weaned feeder calf prices, a High DMI cow has to produce the equivalent of an extra calf over her lifetime to make up the difference from her low-intake counterparts. Feed intake shouldn’t be the sole determining factor in selection. After all, a lot of cattle that don’t eat much don’t grow much either! Measuring individual feed intakes allows us to identify the ones who have a better growth rate than their intake suggests, thus doing more work with less groceries. In the NST data, there is a heifer, 380E, who is in the top 25 for Low DMI. She ate 102 lb less than the average of the heifer group, while gaining 126 lb MORE than average. Identifying cattle that perform like 380E, and then breeding more of them, is worthwhile to a seedstock producer. Likewise, finding the freeloaders who eat too much and don’t gain enough to earn their keep might be even more meaningful! Opportunities such as the heifer

National Shorthorn Field Day Saturday, August 24, 2019

Matt director of Woolfolk performance programs

feed efficiency project that ASA has partnered on with Iowa State University give breeders the chance to measure these traits on replacement females and document their genetics. It’s harder to manage what isn’t measured, and making improvements is difficult without data. Whatever the trait of importance, there must be information available to make educated selections, and selecting for more feed efficient cattle is no different. While it is still in its infancy, all data of this nature that is collected will go into the IGS data bank for the eventual development of an EPD to give us another genetic tool to aid in selection for traits of interest. All cattlemen are trying to breed better cattle to fit their market, regardless of breed, color, or marketing strategy. Evaluating your genetics for efficiency is another avenue in which cattle can be improved. Personally, I don’t believe there’s a magic number for DMI that makes the perfect cow, or the ideal ratio of feed consumed to pounds gained to turn a profit. Finding only the animals that eat the least amount can be a slippery slope as well, as other species that have made selections along these lines did not reach the end goals they desired. It’s a balancing act between minimizing inputs (feed) while still maintaining sufficient outputs (growth).To close with a non-cattle example, think about buying your next farm truck. Do you make your choice on which model has the smallest fuel tank? Likely not. You analyze for what you need your truck to do on the farm, find the one that fits all your performance needs, then you can look at which model does it all with the best fuel economy. Like that truck sitting in the barnyard, your efficient, performing brood cows will pay for themselves in the long run if they’re working right. =

Location: University of Illinois, Champaign, IL 42

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= Beef Blurb...

Shelby director of youth activities, Rogers director of marketing & communications

Always Show Your Values As agriculturalists, we live in a world that is surrounded by technology that continues to become more common and advanced. We use it on the farm for crops and cattle to make improvements. Many times, technology provides a positive outcome for the industry but sometimes, it shows the negative parts of the industry as well. By now, many of you have seen the backlash Fair Oaks Farms – a dairy and agritourism destination in Indiana – has received due to a video that was released on June 4 by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM). Fair Oaks Farms produces the FairLife milk brand that is distributed by Coca-Cola.

The video released by ARM showed employees of Fair Oaks Farms abusing animals while working on a dairy owned by the company. ARM employees had gone undercover at the farm to find this footage. Fair Oaks Farm issued a statement after the video release expressing their disappointment in their employees. They did state that some of the employees had already been fired before the release of the video due to other employees witnessing their abuse and reporting them to management. The video released by ARM has been viewed 7.4 million times on the video site it was originally posted and been shared over 19,000 times on Facebook. This doesn’t include news media that has shared the video. Since it was released, I have seen it on my Facebook feed being shared by people who support Fair Oaks Farms and the statements they have made about the care and safety of all animals. I have also seen posts shared that are negative towards the farm because of the video. This is one of the many

instances that media has shown the negative parts of the industry. It is important to remember as farmers and ranchers that there are always people watching what we are doing with our animals. The decisions we make impact the industry as a whole. One instance of animal abuse by a family member or an employee could affect your entire operation, the breed and the industry. People outside of the industry do not understand the day-to-day tasks we have while raising cattle. They don’t understand our love for our cattle and desire to treat them with care. It is our job to make sure they understand the values we have as cattle producers to care for our animals. Montie and Matt have talked about the decisions ASA members make and how they affect the Shorthorn breed. Your decisions as cattle producers also affect the entire beef industry. Remember, people outside of the industry are watching your actions. It is very easy to take a video on a phone and post it on social media within seconds. Be aware of your surroundings and be sure that your employees share the same values as you. In a world that has technology everywhere with the ability to share instantly, be sure to have a goal of being the most responsible producer you can to provide the best image of the industry to those not involved. Don’t let the ease of technology cast negativity on the industry we love. =

Regular Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time Zone


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= Show Bull & Female of the Year 2018: Show Bull of the Year, TJH Bo’s Maxim H7; Show Female of the Year, Steck Chelsie C 704 ET; ShorthornPlus Bull of the Year, CCF Nicholas C59E; ShorthornPlus Female of the Year, SULL Black Cherri 7217E ET. 2017: Show Bull of the Year, SULL RGLC Legacy 525 ET; Show Female of the Year, CF CSF Demi 650 SOL ET; ShorthornPlus Show Bull of the Year, KOLT Blue the Roo 940; ShorthornPlus Show Female of the Year, 5J Gustus 24E. 2016: Show Bull of the Year, JM Vortecs Rider ET; Show Female of the Year, SULL Dream On 5158 ET x. 2015: N/A


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2014: Show Bull of the Year, CF V8 Fascination X x; Show Female of the Year: KOLT Gentry 363 ET x. 2013: Show Bull of the Year: SULL Master Rose *x; Show Female of the Year: GCC Lucky Sunshite 153 ET *. 2012: Show Bull of the Year, CF BCL HBO X ET *x; Show Female of the Year, GCC Achiever Charm 71 ET *. 2011: Show Bull of the Year, CF Flex *x; Show Female of the Year, SULL Salute Destiny 9001 *x. 2009: Show Bull of the Year, SB PFC Proud Venture WH ET *x; Show Female of the Year, Miss V8 Mona’s Hip Hop

ET *x. 2008: Show Bull of the Year, Mr. V8 D’Brickashaw 11552 *x; Show Female of the Year, Miss V8 Mollie Jo 93S2. 2007: Show Bull of the Year, AF KF VG Step Ahead 525 x, Show Female of the Year, Miss V8 Dionne D 50R7. 2006: Show Bull of the Year, HD Big and Rich 204 *x; Show Female of the Year, SULL Sara’s Sable *x. 2005: Show Bull of the Year, COR Fear Factor 11702 *x, Show Female of the Year, Miss V8 Can’t Fool Me *x. =

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Father-son duo Jimmy and James Robert Parnell check cows on their Stanton, Alabama, farm.

Jimmy and Robin Parnell with their children James Robert and Anna Grace


For Jimmy and Robin Parnell, there’s and attending shows is something we no place like Stanton, Alabama, with its still enjoy doing as a family.” rolling hills, lush pasture land and stands The Parnell progeny first forayed into of towering timber. showing cattle through There’s nothing like family time 4-H at age 9. Although for the Parnells, either, who raised he didn’t initially show their children, James Robert and Shorthorns, James Robert Anna Grace, to enjoy farming — was steered that direction at and taught them life lessons in the age 12. cattle barn. “I told Dad that everyone “Some families play ball showed black cattle, and I together or do other sports, wanted to show something but my kids showed calves, and Robin and Jimmy different,” said James Robert, that was something we all did Parnell on their farm now 26. “James Shropshire in Stanton, Al abama had one red Shorthorn heifer together,” said Jimmy, 54, a fifthgeneration farmer whose family owns at their spring club calf sale. Parnell Inc., a diversified cattle and It was the only different colored one in timber business. “The time we spent in the barn, so that’s the one I wanted. Our the cattle barn kept us close when James interest in Shorthorns snowballed from Robert and Anna Grace were growing there.” up. Working with our Shorthorn cattle Today, they have 150 Shorthorn cows 54

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and a commercial cow herd. That’s in addition to 2,000 head of stockers, a number James Robert is working to increase since returning to the farm five years ago with an agricultural economics degree. Jimmy earned the same Auburn University degree in 1985 during the farm crisis. “I don’t know James Robert Parnell of anyone I was in agricultural economics with at Auburn who went back to the farm except me,” Parnell said. “Our family was a little different because we were diversified. Forestry, perhaps, wasn’t as impacted as row crop farming. When I got back to the farm, I realized what

looked bad was actually an opportunity. We were able to buy land at a really good price, which laid the groundwork for our family’s future.” Patriarch James H. Parnell started the family business in 1960. Jimmy played a key role in day-to-day operations until 2012, when he was elected president of the Alabama Farmers Federation, the state’s largest farm organization serving 335,000 members. He’s also president of Alfa Insurance, and its affiliates, which provides insurance to about 1 million customers in 11 states. Today, Jimmy’s brothers, Jeff and Joseph, manage Parnell Inc.’s logging division, which cuts timber in a 50-mile radius of its Maplesville headquarters. Crews daily produce 100 loads of wood and cut between 40-80 acres of timber. “On weekends and when I’m off, I want to be working cows or doing something on the farm,” Jimmy said. “I’m still involved in decision-making but not as much on a daily basis.” Managing the cattle farm is in James Robert’s wheelhouse. He’s implementing

techniques to improve the farm, like raising corn for silage to feed cattle — and breeding commercial cows with Shorthorn bulls. “We like what Shorthorn contributes to our crossbred cattle,” he said. “We get really good carcass traits and docility. Since we have stocker cattle, too, we retain ownership of those Shorthorninfluenced calves and have seen that they perform really well. Most people view Shorthorns as a novelty breed, but we like practical cattle and wouldn’t keep them if they weren’t.” It’s a message James Robert is spreading as vice chair of the National Shorthorn Commercial Acceptance Committee. “We’re trying to inform commercial bull buyers that Shorthorns have a lot to bring to the table and can do as good or better than what they have now,” he said. Back in the show ring, 21-year-old Anna Grace wrapped up her junior career in June. Showing Shorthorn cattle was a natural fit for the recent Oklahoma State University (OSU) graduate in animal science-business, who entered the

arena as James Robert began focusing on Shorthorns. “My favorite thing about showing Shorthorns has been the lifelong friends I’ve made, influential people I’ve met and the opportunities this industry has given me,” said Anna Grace, who also traveled with OSU’s livestock judging team. James Robert said Shorthorns are an uncommon sight in the South, mostly due to the heat, but they’ve sold cattle around the U.S., from South Dakota to Oklahoma to Florida. Since Shorthorns are a smaller breed compared to Hereford or Angus, breeders are close-knit and personable, he added. “We travel, help families and advise on daily care,” he said. “We’re with them every step of the way.” From the show ring to the sale barn, James Robert said agriculture is the most rewarding work he can imagine. “You see results of your labor from day to day,” he said. “Whether you go pull a calf in the middle of the night, see them win a banner or ship them to a feed yard, it’s empowering.”

Anna Grace showing her Shorthorns.

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Father-son duo Jimmy and James Robert Parnell check cows on their Stanton, Alabama, farm.

The Parnells are spread out from home in Stanton these days, with Jimmy working out of the Federation’s home office in Montgomery and Robin directing Judson College’s nursing program in nearby Marion. Anna Grace is busy at Auburn, too, researching beef advocacy while earning a master’s degree in animal science.


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And although James Robert and Anna Grace still travel to national open shows, the family says their most meaningful banners were earned a little closer to home. “We won Supreme Champion Heifer at the Junior Beef Expo in Montgomery (Alabama’s capital) twice with a Shorthorn,” James Robert said. “That

was a personal goal of mine. Anna Grace was showing, but the accomplishment was still the same. We were all in it together.” To contact Parnell Inc., about their Shorthorn cattle, call James Robert at (334) 259-4408. =

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Frequently Asked Questions for Shows, DNA & Registrations

Heather director of customer Lange service, registrations & DNA

Emily director of events, Velisek shows & membership activities



Do you need the “x, *, s, S” that is in front of the Registration numbers when entering a show?

No, when you are entering any show you do not need those. For purebred animals all you will need is the numbers from the registration number, (example: 4158319). For ShorthornPlus animals you will need to include the “AR” that is directly in front of the registration number, (example: AR4158319).

What percentage do ShorthornPlus animals need to be to show at a National Show?

ShorthornPlus animals must be 50% in order to show at any National Shorthorn Show, i.e. KILE, American Royal, NAILE, NWSS and FWSS. If your animal is not 50%, they will not be allowed to show.

Who does the stalling?

It depends on the show. At KILE, they do the stalling. At American Royal & NAILE, ASA does the stalling. At NWSS, they do the stalling through a barn boss. At FWSS, the superintendent for each breed at the show does the stalling.

Do we need the original registration papers for check-in?

The answer to this is that it really depends on the show. For the open shows at the majority of the National shows, ASA will accept any form of the registration; that includes digital or paper. At FWSS, they do require you have a hard copy of the registration; however digital beef allows you to print your own and they will accept those. The junior shows are the ones that require the hard copies of the registration papers. That is why it is stated in most premium books to have a hard copy.

When DNA testing my cattle, do I send the samples directly to the lab?

No, you send the samples to our office in Kansas City along with the completed DNA submission form (available on shorthorn.org).

Can I test my animal if it isn’t registered?

Yes, just be sure to include the tattoo or ID number for differentiation. If you’ve started a registration in Digital Beef, be sure to check the “Pending Registration?” box on the DNA submission form.

What is the best way to test my animals?

The lab prefers either a blood card or TSU sample. They still accept hair, but it has a higher likelihood of needing a retest. There is also a $2 upcharge for hair samples. Be sure to submit hair samples on a hair card- not in a baggie.

I have an ET calf to register, but I’ve never done it before. What is different about ET calves vs. naturally bred or AI calves?

ET calves require that both the Donor Dam and Sire have all genetic testing (TH, PHA, DS AND Parentage) on file. If either of the parents are missing any of these pieces, the ET calf can be tested for that (or those) missing tests. You might need an AI certificate on the Sire, if he is still a certificate bull.

How do I add breeding information when transferring a bred animal?

When on the “Animal Transfer Entry Form” you will complete the regular transfer and then in the bottom right corner of the box, as long as the animal is old enough to be bred it will say “Enter/Verify Breeding”. Once you have clicked on that it will come up with “Breeding/Exposure Information,” in this box you can put multiple bulls for if you AI’ed the female and then exposed her. You will need to know the bull’s registration number and the dates of AI or exposure to the female. Once you have completed that information you will “Validate” the rows you used and continue with the transfer process. =


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shorthorn country = july 2019


shorthorn country = july 2019


= Builders Of The Breed 1945: Thomas E. Wilson; James Tomson; L.E. Mathers, Sr.; Wharton Allen; Wallace Campbell; Albert Hultine; and Paul Teegardin. 1946: Russell Kelce; Fred Hubbell; T.D. Jones; Charles Broughton; Will Dryden; L.W. Thieman; and Charles Lynn. 1947: Josef Winkler; Homer Clausen; R.D. Arnold; C.M. Caraway; W.J. Russell; H.L Straus; and Bert A. Hanson. 1948: William Bartholomay, Jr.; Frank W. Harding; E.M. Sims; Dale Bellows; George E. Day; George E. Smith; and Fred A. Johnson. 1949: Byron Hawks; Luther K. Rice; Fred Lee; Otis A. Carter; Fred Blomstrom; and Harold Thieman. 1950: D.M. Gregg; James Napier; George Struve; Kenneth E. Deacon; J.W. Bennett; and Charles H. Nickel. 1951: S.A. Donahoe; W.A. Cochel; George N. Fisher; Stewart G. Bennett; Russell Blomstrom; and Cleo Hultine. 1952: Frank Scofield; C.K. Tomson; Carl Greif; J.W. Durno; Harry McCann; and Carl M. Johnson. 1953: H.H. Allen; W.N. Anderson; Dewey Carnahan; Harold White; J.R. Kenner; and John Bertz. 1954: John C. Blume; Reford Gardhouse; B. Hollis Hanson; Carl W. Retzlaff; Grant Campbell; Gerald Clodfelter; and E.P. Laughlin. 1955: Allan C. Atlason; Cyrus S. Eaton; Autrey Caraway; W.L. Lyons Brown; Miss Emma Allison; W.W. Rapley; and Walter H. Larson. 1956: Louis Cadesky; Stanley G. Harris; Robert A. Collier; A.R. (Sandy) Cross; Otto Thiede; James L. Adams; and Fred W. Smalstig. 1957: Alex Cross; S.J. O’Bryan; John F. Shuman; Dr. O.W. House; Phil J. Sauer; W. Henry Dilatush; F.T. Brown; and P.S. Troubadour. 1958: W.W. Donaldson; John Alexander, Sr.; Thomas B. Hawkins: Don James; Harry Ackerman; B.W. Cooper; and Miles Wertz. 1959: R.E. Smith; David S. Graham; Gilbert Elken, Jr.; W.C. Jones; Wayne A. Carr; F.E. Jackson; and Byron D. Reser. 1960: Robert G. Heine; James G. Tomson; Raymond P. Duer; Miss Betty Royon; Harvey B. Wilson; Ray Clodfelter; and Roland G. Magill. 1961: W.H. Boutell; George T. Richardson; L.E. Mathers, Jr.; Sumption Brothers; W.A. Warters; Daniel J. O’Conner, Jr.; and Jacob Walter, Jr. 1962: C.D. Swaffar; Otto H. Grosse; Levi Johnson; Cecil Steinmetz; Clarence Worden; George Garvin Brown; and 64

shorthorn country = july 2019

W.P. Hix. 1963: Louis Wernicke; Henry Dietz; Charles Ewald; Russell Held; Louis Latimer; George R. Gallatin; and Fred E. Smalstig. 1964: Mervin F. Aegerter; R.B. Stimson; Dr. Arthur H. Weiland; True Buckmaster; George DePape; Jack Ragsdale; and Otto Johnson. 1965: Ted L. Aegerter; Max L. Cardey; Paul Potter; E.H. Stoltz; Mrs. Hugh Fenwick; Harry McCabe; and Charles Hix. 1966: Dwight McCoy; Herman R. Purdy; Carroll Latimer; Cary A. Colburn; Lyle Brooks; Dave Brockmueller; and Lou Laughlin. 1967: William H. Roda; J.E. Halsey; Albert J. Hamann; Clyde G. Harlow; J.E. Klokkenga; Harry T. Peters, Jr.; and Chris R. Bertz, Jr. 1968: A.C. Buehler; Roger Applegate; Orlyn Oswald; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lorenz; Norman D. Hogg; Roy R. Rutledge; and Ed Rocker. 1969: Burke N. Allison; Jos. Biglands; Ben G. Studer; Ed Hoyt; Howard Snethen; Charles B. Leemon; and Bill Hoewischer. 1970: Truman Kingsley; Bob Gordon; Mrs. W.C. Pitfield; Dewey Lunstra; Mrs. Glenn Miller; Joe Huckfeldt; and Jim and John Humphreys. 1971: James A. Brennen; Mrs. George Garvin Brown; Dick Braman; John Draper; Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Long; Martin Nold; and Milton Nagley. 1972: Lyle V. DeWitt; R. Lee Johnson; Rudolph Kaehler; Mr. and Mrs. Arch Allen; George Inness; William Cruickshank; and Wendell Lovely. 1973: Dr. L. Eugene Byers; Jerry Taylor; Richard Prentice; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coats; Mrs. Frank J. Haumont; Larry A. Hart; and Lloyd Hatch. 1974: Mrs. T.C. Stuart; Mr. and Mrs. Vic Taylor; Dover Sindelar; Wertz Bros.; Robert Hahn; Harvey Fulton; and Bert Kessi. 1975: Mark L. Graham, Sr.; A.D. Tilley, Jr.; Buck Bardwell; W.J. Boake; Barry Jordan; Lloyd Waters; and Ernest Esau. 1976: Earl Fieser; R.W. Parrott; Edgar Philpott; Bill Scott; Don and Pat Stout; Louis M. Womack; and Joe Woods. 1977: Robert Miller; Robert Raisbeck; Val and Bev Kjernisted; Gary Englehorn; Charles DeBusk; Donald Kaehler; and W.O. “Bill” Jennings. 1978: Horace Curtis & Sons; Herbert and Harry Krug; Joseph T. Christen; George and Janice Alden; Lester Love; William and Wayne Hartman; and Russell M. Sloan.

1979: Thomas Elias McGee; David W. Clark, Jr.; F.A. Heckendorf, Jr.; Duane Rocker; Sandra and Bert Pepper; Virgil Wegener and Steve Washburn; and Otis W. Rothlisberger. 1980: Donald W. Schlegel; Harvey W. Schulhauser; Carvin H. Guy; Gilbert Lee Miller; Ronald B. Hofstrand; Richard D. Yarnell; and Rex, Brian, and Randy Cates. 1981: Ric and Judy Hoyt; M.R. and Lil Boake; W.N. and Harriett H. Moore; Scott Dau; Steve and Tom Torgerson; Orville A. Stangl; and Max Tribbett Family. 1982: Robert Dahl; Stanley Melroe; Roger Steiger; Orville and Kendrick Berg; Paul Schrag; Mike Dugdale; and Darrel, Dave, and Dean Steck. 1983: N. Gerald and Grant C. Alexander; Ralph and Don Pope; James A. McAnear, Jr.; Sherman Berg; Edgar and John Wise; Don Cardey; and Archie and Gary Hansen. 1984: Wayne Clark; Stanley H. Harper; Odis A. Lowe, Jr.; William McCullough; Dr. and Mrs. George M. Smith; Dick and Wilma Russell; and Damar Farms, Inc. 1985: Kadel Urice; Howell F. Eyler; Duane Sicht; Roy D. Dedmon; Darrell and Denny Jordan; Art and Luke Bakenhus; and L. Jack Bedwell. 1986: Eddie and Judy Grathwohl; Gladys Dau; Bradley Eisiminger; Gary and Pam Naylor; Jim Scott; Calvin and Steve Hiatt; and Dale Louis Wernicke. 1987: Dale Rocker; Keith H. Lauer; Gary and Chuck Buchholz; G.M. “Mike” and Linda Kahoa; Hugh, Jr., Tom, and Ron Moore; Steve and Linda Haywood; and William Earl Wilson. 1988: Hale Charlton and Jim McCollum; Alfred and Darrell Ippensen; Doug Schrag; Bill Smithers; Herbert Symington; and Paul Wharton & Sons. 1989: Gordon Brockmueller; Don Hoyt; Dr. W.L. Munson; and Charles Meisner & Sons. 1990: Robert and Ronald Alden; Phil and Chuck Johnson; Robert and Dorothy Connell; and Duane and Evelyn Greeley. 1991: Neil and Mary Davis; Bruce and Sandra Wallace; Arden Preheim; and Joseph O. and Joseph F. “Sam” Erhnthaller. 1992: Wayne C. Neely; George W. Slater; Bernie and Norma Bolton; and Mary and J.O. Bass III. 1993: Jesse Duckett and Larry Kohlstaedt. 1994: Don Cagwin and Frank and Mary Kaehler.

1995: William H. Hoskins and James A. Cato. 1996: Gene McDonald and North Dakota State University. 1997: Bill Rasor and Lyle Ewald. 1998: Wayne Temple Sr. & Family and C.F. Martin. 1999: Dr. George Ahlschwede and Rick and Sandy Osterday, Stangl Shorthorns. 2000: Dale Studer Family Shorthorns and Steve Melroe & Family, Melroe Shorthorns. 2001: Merl Welch, Green Ridge Shorthorns and A. Lorne Edmondson, Bromelee Shorthorns. 2002: The Bertz Family, Meadow Lane Farms and Ronald Gooch, Greenbelt Shorthorns. 2003: Harold and Kay Good, Good Family Shorthorns, and Donald McMillan & Sons, McMillan Shorthorn Ranch. 2004: Dave McFarland Family, Diamond M Shorthorns and Richard C.

McElhaney, McElhaney Stock Farm. 2005: Jim and Beverly Freed, Double J Ranch/Jeepetta Cattle Co. and Dick Hahn, Hahn Family Shorthorns. 2006: The Jim Williams Family, V8 Shorthorns and Verl Shell, Milestone Cattle Co. 2007: Nick Steinke Family, Steinke Shorthorns and L.E. ‘Les’ Mathers III, MD, Leveldale Farms. 2008: Randy & Nancy Griffis, Carolina Cattle Company and George & Gail McLachlan, Lakeside Farms. 2009: Ralph S. Larson, Y Lazy Y Shorthorns and John R. Hagie, Cyclone Trace Cattle Co. 2010: Steve & Laura McGill, South Starr Farm, Robert ‘Bob’ & Joyce Wilson, Dr. Larry Wilson, Robjoy Shorthorns 2011: Scott & Janet Leemon & Family, Leemon Stock Farm and Dr. Raymond Ediger, Green Spring Farm. 2012: Derek Jungels, Jungels Shorthorn

Farm and Edward Meyer, Meyer Farms. 2013: Marty Loving, Loving Farms, Steve & Julie French, Little Cedar Cattle Company and Don Washburn, Iroquoian Shorthorns. 2014: Charles and Judy Obrect, O-Dale Farms and Virginia Davis, KV Cattle. 2015: Kevin & Kari Vander Wal, Vander Wal Shorthorns; Sammy Richardson, Richardson Farms, and L. Martin Haliton Jr., Wind Crest Farm. 2016: Penny, Caleb, Seth & Courtney Vance, Bill & Jane Hale, Hale Farms; and Scott Horton & Family, Horton Farms. 2017: Laurence Pathy, Shadybrook Farms and John Sullivan, Sullivan Farms. 2018: Dave Greenhorn, Greenhorn Cattle Company, and Jon Byers & Jeff Byers, Byland Polled Shorthorns. In Memoriam:  Hal Longley; Don Longley; and Horace Walker. Honorary: Charlotte MacLeod. =

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


= News & Notes Farewell Louis ( Lou ) Leon Mann Sr., (81) passed away on April 22, 2019 at the Eureka Nursing Center after a long battle with Alzheimer’s and a short battle with lung cancer. He was born March 30, 1938 in the family home at Utopia, Kansas. The son of Clyde and Martha Edna Mann. He graduated from Tonovay High School class of 1957 with his high school sweetheart and future wife Betty where they were homecoming King and Queen. They were united in marriage on July 5, 1958 and had three children Louis Jr., Patsy and Bradley. He worked as an electrician for his Uncle till he started to work as the yard foreman at the Eureka Livestock Auction for 20 years and finished his working for Eureka water department until he retired. He grew up working on the family farm where they raised Shorthorns since the mid 1930’s. In 1973 he decided to raise registered Shorthorns with his two

sons as Louis Mann & Sons Shorthorns, with stock from Lester Love and Paul T. Lloyd. Louis Mann & Sons have been members of the American Shorthorn Assoc. since 1977 and are still members today. Carried on by Louis Jr., he also was a member of the Kansas Shorthorn Assoc., and the Greenwood County Cattlemens Assoc. He is survived by his son, Louis Mann Jr. and Daughter-in-law, Alice with their 5 children; daughter, Patsy Hebert and husband, John of Owaneco, Ill. with their 4 children, 14 great grandkids. Which he was proud to say he got to see and spoil. He was proceeded in death by his Wife (Betty), his parents Clyde and Edna Mann, and his son Bradley. Memorials may be sent to the Eureka Nursing Center, Alzheimer’s unit, or The Good Shepard Hospice. Don “Granddaddy” Walker Lewis was born April 24, 1938 in Denison, Texas to Frank Lewis and Idell Tally Lewis. He married Barbara Joy Whitten on May 29, 1959 in Colbert, Okla. They were married 51 years when she passed away in December 2010. He passed away June 5, 2019 at his home in Trenton, Texas surrounded by his family at 81 years of age.

Don was a life long machinist. He owned and operated several businesses and was the owner of Accurate Automatic Mfg in Wylie for the last 35 years. He was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Trenton. Don LOVED children. He was a founding member of the ASA, Allen Sports Association. Kids and sports were his passion. He loved to coach girls softball, boys soccer, and peewee football. He was active with the youth of Allen and later Trenton. Don with his family owned and operated 3L Shorthorns Cattle Ranch where he raised registered Shorthorn cattle. He would travel with his family all over the United States for cattle shows and sales. If any kid needed help with an Ag project he was there to help. Children everywhere called him “Granddaddy”. He dearly loved his family. He was loved and will be greatly missed. He is survived by daughter, Tracie McCroan and husband Richard of Trenton; son, Kyle Lewis and wife Jill of Trenton; son, Chris Lewis of Trenton; grandchildren, Ashley McCroan Lewis and husband Michael, Wade McCroan, Marquise Goodwin and wife Morgan; Garrett Lewis and wife Taylor, Tyler Lewis, Jordan Holly Lewis; and Julia Lewis Brown and husband Jake; great-grandchildren, Eisley Lewis, Clara Brown, and Whitten Lewis. He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Barbara Lewis; granddaughter, Whitney Dawn McCroan; and brother, Bill Lewis. =



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OCA BEST Program Celebrates 20th Year and a Successful Season (MARYSVILLE, Ohio) – The 20182019 Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) BEST (Beef Exhibitor Show Total) program came to an end on May 4th with its annual awards banquet held at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. This season celebrated the 20th year of the BEST program. “This year celebrates the 20th anniversary of the BEST program,” says Stephanie Sindel, OCA Director of Youth Programs. “Throughout the years, the committee’s focus has been to keep a progressive, family engaged program while utilizing cattle as a tool to help educate and raise the next generation of leaders. The BEST program boasts numerous successful professionals that have walked through the ring at BEST shows.” Several representatives from program sponsors were on hand to help present awards, totaling more than $60,000 in belt buckles, luggage, show materials and other awards. The BEST Sponsor-

ing Partners for 2018-2019 were Ag-Pro – John Deere, Bob Evans Farms, M.H. EBY, Frazier Farms, Farm Credit Mid– America, Garwood Cattle Co. LLC, Kalmbach Feeds – Formula of Champions and Weaver Leather Livestock. “The banquet is a time to celebrate the many achievements of our BEST participants, both in and out of the show ring,” says Sindel. “Each participant is recognized for their hard work by family, friends and BEST supporters alike.” This year’s BEST program featured 15 sanctioned shows that wove their way across the state. Over 431 youth participants showed 618 head of market animals and heifers throughout the course of the 2018-2019 program. Champion Shorthorn Heifer – McKala Grauel, Morrow County (TIE) Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer – Skyler Ward, Preble County (TIE) Reserve Champion Shorthorn

Heifer – Emma McLaughlin, Monroe County Third Overall Shorthorn Heifer – Alyssa Carter, Warren County Fourth Overall Shorthorn Heifer – Amanda Annett, Knox County Fifth Overall Shorthorn Heifer – Karly Goetz, Ottawa County Champion Shorthorn Steer – Garrett Agle, Clark County Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer – Logan Schroeder, Defiance County Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer – Haley Frazier, Jackson County Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer – Kathy Lehman, Richland County Champion ShorthornPlus Steer – Alex Linder, Huron County Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Steer – Hannah Lang, Wood County =

ASA Nominating Committee Report Your nominating committee is starting the search for persons interested in serving as a Director on the ASA Board to be elected at the next Annual Meeting; Nov. 22-23. If you would like to serve or if you know of someone that you believe would be a good Director, please contact Ed Kruse, the nominating committee chair. We will then be in contact with those persons and discuss the possibility of being nominated as a Director. Remember this is a member driven organization and it can only be as good as the inputs from our members.

Nominating Committee Members: Chair, Ed Kruse - 719.252.1084 - kruseranch@gmail.com Jim Freed - 405.370.1482 - doublejf@msn.com Steve French - 989.798.8223 - .resinex@nethawk.com Les Mathers - 309.678.4230 - mathers@leveldale.com Rick Osterday - 605.281.1175 - .rsosterday@venturecomm.net

Rochelle Wilson Leaves ASA The ASA would like to extend our gratitude to Rochelle Wilson. She began working for the ASA in December of 2015 as the Director of Finances, however, if you’ve called the office, you’ve likely spoken with Rochelle about registrations, AI certificates, and even DNA at times.Her ambition and humor will be missed around the office, but we wish her nothing but the best of luck in her future endeavors. If you have billing questions, please direct your emails to jason@shorthorn.org.

shorthorn country = july 2019


C P Livestock Named Progressive Breeder by Mary Bass, Texas Shorthorn Association Publicity Officer C P Livestock, Collinsville, Texas was plying show animals for the grandsons. named the 2019 Progressive Breeder of Christian is past president of the Texas the Year by the Texas Shorthorn AssociJunior Shorthorn Association. ation at the annual meeting in Van AlsKen and Dawn have served as adult tyne. advisors for several years and are chairing C P Livestock is owned by Ken, Dawn the show committee for the National Juand Christian Purcell and was started in nior Shorthorn Show in 2020 in Abilene, 2013 when Christian began exhibiting Texas. = cattle in FF A. Prior to that time he had exhibited swine. The herd numbers seventeen cows and a bull. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer are utilized in their program. They market animals on their face book page, the state association membership directory and sale, and personal contacts. Now that Christian is a student at Tarleton State University, the firm is sup-

C P Livestock, Ken, Dawn and Christian Purcell, were honored with the Texas Shorthorn Association’s 2019 Progressive Breeder Award which was presented April 27 at the association field day at WHR Shorthorns in Van Alstyne. Pictured are Dawn Purcell, Dr. John Russell, association president, and Ken Purcell. Seated at the table is Linda Scott, association secretary.

Lewis Elected Texas Shorthorn Association President by Mary Bass, Texas Shorthorn Association Publicity Officer woods Red Vision*. They also utilize arKyle Lewis, 3 L Shorthorns, Trenton, tificial insemination. The farm raised the Texas was elected the association’s 20192017-18 South Central Region Female of 20 president during the annual meeting the Year. in Van Alstyne. Lewis had served several Dr. John Russell, Caldwell, Texas was years as a director and was the vice-preselected vice-president. Linda Scott, Hurst ident the past two years. Lewis has been was re-­ elected secretary-treasurer and married 32 years to Jill, a preschool teachMary Bass, Olton, was re-elected publicer, and they have three children, Garrett, ity officer. Members elected to a 3-year Tyler and Jordan and one grand daughter, term as a director include Katrina Evans, Eisley Jayne. Lorenzo; Victoria Osburn, Celina; Barba3 L Shorthorns was founded in 1983 ra Russell, Caldwell; and Larry Carney, by Don Lewis and sons, Chris and Kyle. Collinsville. Other directors include Dale The first Shorthorn was a steer shown at Spurlen, Dublin; Marc and Tracy Laughthe Fort Worth Stock Show. They began ery, Rockwall; Ken Purcell, Collinsville; purchasing females in 1984 and currentSmaller then 1/2 sub card_Clear Focus 6/17/19 2:48 PM Page 1 W. B. Maples, Copperas Cove; Rebecca ly run 35 cows and two registered bulls, Bates, Rising Star; Justin Carney, CollinsWHR Bentley and PVF Master 1036. ville and Dr William Simpson, Eastland. = Prior to that they primarily used Sher-

2019-2020 officers of the Texas Shorthorn Association elected April 27 during the annual meeting in Van Alstyne include (L to R) Dr John Russell, Caldwell, vice president; Mary Bass, Olton, publicity officer; Linda Scott, Hurst, secretary/ treasurer; and Kyle Lewis, Trenton, president

Shorthorn Country Subscription Farm Name

ASA account number



Email address

Phone number Credit Card Type

Credit Card #

United States Subscribers

o One Year..................................$24.00 o Two Year ..................................$38.00 o ThreeYear ................................$52.00 o First Class - One Year ..............$54.00





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Canadian Subscribers All First Class

o One Year ..................$60.00 o Two Years ..............$110.00 o Three Years ............$130.00

Expiration Other Foreign Subscribers o One Year Air Mail ..............$120.00 o Two Years Air Mail ............$220.00 o Three Years Air Mail ..........$300.00

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shorthorn country = july 2019

New WHR Non-Assessed Cow Ruling Effective Jan. 1, 2019 WHR Breeders: as of January 1, 2019, penalties will be added to WHR breeder registrations for calves born to dams not assessed in the year the calf was born. To avoid penalties, assessment of all dams in the herd must be completed by December 31 of that year. Registration fees of calves born to unassessed dams from previously closed assessment years: • under 12 months of age - $75 • 12-24 months - $95 • over 24 months - $135 *This applies only to animals registered to a dam which was not assessed in the year the calf was born.

shorthorn country = july 2019


= Junior Corner The Final Ride First off, I want to thank everyone who came out and participated at the 2019 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference. This is such an incredible event for the Shorthorn youth. Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers who put in so much of their time to make this event run smoothly. Juniors, I know we all hear it time and time again from the judge, but please thank everyone who helps you to get to participate in a junior national whether it’s your parents or extended family, remember to thank them for what they do for you. I can’t wait to see everyone again next year. As for me, it’s been a fun ride! Just three short years of being a member of


shorthorn country = july 2019

Jake ajsa Nikkel president

the Shorthorn Junior Board are ending and it is very bittersweet for me! I’ve got to work with and meet so many great people and I look forward to maintaining those relationships for many, many years. I’ve been going to junior nationals since 2012, and trust me I don’t plan on stopping soon. As I transition from my junior years to growing up, I will always keep Shorthorns a part of my life. Thank you to everyone who believes in this breed and thank you to all the family, friends, fellow board members, and staff for making my time as a junior incredible. I look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville, Denver, and especially next summer in Texas! =

Upcoming Junior Nationals 2020 • Abilene, TX

June 22-27, 2020

2021 • Louisville, KY 2022 • Kansas City, KS 2023 • Des Moines, IA * Tentative Locations. Subject to Change *

Alden Farms

Ron and Judy Alden 32570 225th St Hamilton, MO 64644 Ron: 816.465.0777 Judy: 816.465.0353

Cattle for sale at all times! Herd Sire: Byland Decisive x

CIRCLE K Cattle Company The Korthaus Family 19593 272nd Ave Udell, Iowa 52593

Marlan: 641-895-2295 Cody: 641-895-2391 mbkorthaus@gmail.com

shorthorn country = july 2019


= Tartan Plaid Why Would You Want to be a Lassie Queen? You have seen the ladies in plaid in all the pictures and watched them lead the classes in at Denver, Junior Nationals


shorthorn country = july 2019

and Louisville. Why would you want to be a National Lassie Queen? It is so much more.

Sommer National Shorthorn Smith Lassie Board Member

If you ask the past queens, you will get various answers depending on their personal situation. However, there is a common thread. “It was a fabulous experience”. “I met so many people”. “I had the opportunity to travel”. The opportunity to be a national representative for our breed is a special experience. The Lassie outfit alone is a fabulous conversation starter wherever you go; especially elevators! Many have heard of an elevator speech, 1530 seconds to get your point across. A Lassie queen has ample opportunity to give that elevator speech to promote not only the beef industry, but specifically the Shorthorn industry. A Lassie queen is whatever you want it to be. Some queens take the opportunity to see the country and visit as many breeders as possible through different events. Other queens use the experience to focus on the larger events they may or may not have attended previously. Many of the queens have used the networking to extend their education and career goals. The ladies in plaid are so much more. Younger kids, not only little girls, look up to them as a role model in costume and out of costume. There is something about a crown that draws in the human experience and being able to relate to that individual on some level can be life changing. The queens often work on philanthropic projects which may or may not have anything to do with cattle or kids, but it gives them the chance to further their influence as representative of the breed, industry and ag community. So why would you want to be a Lassie Queen? =

shorthorn country = july 2019


Millvale Shorthorns Robert Miller Family

6010 Hwy. 32 • Fordville, ND 58231 800-807-6499 • 701-284-6844 cell: 701-331-1153 • millvale@polarcomm.com Gene & Roberta Francis, Crosley, Riley & Phoebe Gene: 815-867-2192 • Roberta: 701-331-2403 email: rfrancis1@live.com

Bulls, Open & Bred Females For Sale at all times. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MillvaleShorthorns/

David, Fran and Lane McCall

1745 Clore Jackson Rd • Shelbyville, KY 40065

David: 502-494-9644 • Fran: 502-836-9523 mccallfran@gmail.com Six generations of raising Shorthorn cattle since 1898!

Sandy Ridge

SHORTHORNS Calves for sale from these popular sires Red Sensation and Diesel. Roger & Dianna Dickson

4281 S. Bolton Rd. • Freeport, IL 61032 815-235-3242 •815-275-3424 rdshortn@icwifi.com


shorthorn country = july 2019

Wanted Send us your News • Engagements • Wedding Annoucements • New Babies • Cover Photos, we are always in need of cover photos send us your photo and it may end up on the cover Shorthorn Country!

shorthorn country = july 2019


= Show Results 2019 Black River Spring Thaw April 14, 2019, Black River Falls, Wisc. Judge: Bodee Schlipf

Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Evan Rowe Taylor Fearing

Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - Bailey Abney

Champion Shorthorn Steer Claire Duch

Champion ShorthornPlus Steer Reserve Champion Shorthorn- Mackenzy Meschke Plus Steer - Julia Brost

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer - Kaitlyn Clark

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - Abigail George

Exit 69 Royal Rumble May 4, 2019, Mauston, Wisconsin

Ring 1 Reserve Champion Ring A & B Champion Shorthorn Heifer, Kyle Vondra. Shorthorn Heifer, Courtney Stelzer.

Ring A, 5th Overall, Champion ShorthornPlus, (Champion Ring B) Landon Rehberg.

Ring A, Reserve Champion ShorthonPlus, Macah Reimer.

3rd Overall & Champion Shorthorn Steer - Brian Clapp

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer - Jenna Starman

2019 James Flach Memorial Day Show May 26, 2019, Lincoln, Ill. Judge: Matt Claeys

4th Overall & Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Kyle Bird


Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Colby Metzger

shorthorn country = july 2019

2019 Illinois Junior Shorthorn Association State Preview Show May 27, 2019, Lincoln, Ill. Judge: Cody Hadden

Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer & B&O Grand Champion - Kyle Bird

Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Jenna Starman

B&O Reserve Grand Div. 1 Champion Shorthorn Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Heifer - Laci Wernicke John Gellerman

Div. 1 Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Callie Turner

Div. 2 Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Dalton Johnston

B&O Div. 2 Reserve Div. 3 Champion Shorthorn Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Heifer - Grace Rincker Isabella Forbes

Div. 3 Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Kesler Collins

B&O Div. 3 Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Isabella Bunting

Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - Grace Rincker

Reserve Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - Nathan Miller

B&O Grand Champion Shorthorn Bull - Kendall Nelson

B&O Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Bull Alyson Utegg

Grand Champion Shorthorn Steer - Brian Clapp

Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Steer - Bailey Brown

Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Steer - Levi Hinshaw

shorthorn country = july 2019 83

Texas Junior Shorthorn Preview Show May 27, 2019 • Belston, Texas

Grand Chapion Shorthorn Female, Cate Norris.

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Female, Brayden Deborde.

5th Overall Shorthorn Female, Grand Champion Kanin Cleere. ShorthornPlus Female, Harley Sargent.

3rd Overall Shorthorn Female, 4th Overall Shorthorn Female. Creed Evans. Cate Norris.

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Female, Kanin Cleere.

Debbie Vansickle Kathy Shoufler 5574 N Fortville Pike Greenfield, IN 46140

317-326-1442 redbarndesigns@myninestar.net Be sure to check our newly designed website

Creating Keepsake Awards, Gifts & More

www.shopredbarn.com Selling Sullivan Show Supplies at the store.


shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


Home of Studer’s Crunch Time 22C

Cagwin Farms Visitors Welcome . . . Stop by any time!

-Top 5% in the breed for WW, YW, TM, CW, and $F


Don Cagwin, owner

Jason Smithers & girls - 217-491-2140 jasonsmithers74@gmail.com Greg & Pam Smithers - 217-285-6280 36739 205th Avenue • Pittsfield, IL 62363

Farm located five miles east of Virginia on Route 125, 1.Quality cattle for sale at all times. Located just a few miles south of Route 36/I-72. 2. then one mile south of the elevator at Philadelphia, Illinois.

Sunnyland Farms Wayne Hinderliter Family 629 Co. Rd. 350 North Albion, IL 62806 home: 618-375-7047 Wayne: 618-384-8250 Doug: 618-384-1932


Visitors always welcome! Cattle usually for sale. Four miles north of I-64. Exit 130 on Illinois 130.

Steck’s Shorthorns Darrel: 309-375-6568 Dave: 309-342-0813 cell: 309-299-0335 2413 US Hwy 34 Wataga, IL 61488 10.

Stop by any time - four miles east of I-74 on Route 34.


contact: L.E. Mathers III:

Trey & Hailey Wright Steve & Marsha Wright Route 2, Box 55 Beecher City, Il 62414 home: 618-487-5559 Trey: 618-367-0764 Steve: 618-267-3229


cell: 309-678-4230 • cattle@leveldale.com or Scott Wall, Herdsman: cell: 309-212-5450 swall_otg@yahoo.com Farm: 10442 N Co Rd 2980 E • Mason City, IL 62664 SULL Roan Goose

Check our website for our current list of herd sires. 9020



Hugh W. Moore, Jr. & Sons 31056 Old Fidelity Road • Jerseyville, IL 62052 Hugh: 618-729-4448 • Tom: 618-498-5848 Ron: 618-729-3258

Scott Horton, Owner


1963 Kelley Road • Caledonia, IL 61011 815-885-3679 cell: 815-494-5588 Come visit us any time. Heifers, bulls and steers for sale.

Wright Cattle Co. Leveldale Farms

Horton farms Shorthorns Horton cell: 630-965-1710 Wernicke cell: 815-739-7754 4N010 Town Hall Rd. • St. Charles, IL 60175 Office: 630-365-1444

Dale Muck

P.O. Box 77 • Virginia, Illinois 62691 office: 217-452-3051 cell: 217-341-7552 Kerry Johnston cell: 217-370-6033 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell: 217-370-6034 cagwincattle@casscomm.com • cagwincattle.com

- Semen: $30/unit


Bulls, Females, Club Calves For Sale at all times. Full Irish calves available. 40 miles north of St. Louis.

Cattle always For Sale at the Farm.

Luke, Amanda, Madeline, Gavin, Callie, Alexa & Josie Turner 9.


Chesnut Shorthorns Visitors Welcome

Bulls, heifers and steers for sale at all times.

Gary Chesnut Family 16145 N 100 East Road • Fithian, IL 61844 217-260-6144 11.

2519 Cty Rd 200E • Mahomet, IL 61853 217-202-2484 mainstreetfenching@yahoo.com


Quality seedstock for sale at the farm Dale & Ryan Wernicke 12611 Fisher Rd • Lena, IL 61048-9754 Dale: 815-369-2857 Ryan: 815-739-7754 ryanwernicke@yahoo.com Watch For Our Annual October Online Sale

Dennis and Terri Jordan

545 E. 900 N. Road • Sibley, IL 61773 217-784-4854 • cell: 217-202-2865  email: jordan@prairieinet.net

Amanda, Layne, Ty and Ely Harden, 217-417-8335 Jason, Tasha and Isabella Bunting, 815-252-5520 Ashleigh, David, Dakota and Dalton Hall, 217-979-7531 13


shorthorn country = july 2019

Bred females for sale at all times. Albert Larry Hill


7272 NCR 3350 E • Mason City, IL 62664 217-737-1023 •  217-482-3765




Get on the map!


For details contact: Cindy Cagwin-Johnston, 217-370-6034 or Darryl Rahn, 217-473-1124

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Bob and Mark Gordon


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16. 4

1160 600th Ave. Middletown, IL 62666 Bob: 217-737-7159 Mark cell: 217-737-7905 Shelden Tibbs, Herdsman mark.gordon@plantpioneer.com

Zwilling Family Shorthorns Becky, Jason and Clay Morris and Lloyd

2230 90th Ave. • Aledo, IL 61231 Located 40 minutes from I-80 and 30 minutes from I-74. Zwillings: 309-754-9158

Farm: 309-582-2727


Rolling Hills Farm

Investing in top genetics for over 30 years. Visitors Welcome! The Birch Family Harold, Regina, Richard and Hope 22698 E. Co. Rd. 920 N • Ashmore, IL 61912 217-349-8366 email: hbirch@agrisolutions.com



Driving directions from Ashmore: two miles west on Rt. 16 to Enon Baptist Church sign; then one mile south to farm 19. 20.

Ten Mile Farm Shorthorns Doug & Rhonda North 5544 Stone Road Clinton, IL 61727 217-622-4466





shorthorn country = july 2019


2019 Shorthorn World Tour Australia will host the 2019 World Shorthorn Congress in September, with the tour and conference itinerary designed to provide the trip of a lifetime for International Shorthorn enthusiasts. The tour will commence 24th September in Adelaide, South Australia and conclude in Sydney, New South Wales with a dinner tour of the famous Sydney Harbour on October 10th. Along the way, participants will visit 20 Shorthorn herds, both stud and commercial, across a variety of different environments. On 29th September, visitors will stay in Melbourne, Victoria for the Shorthorn judging at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Show. Traveling North, visitors will be given a tour of the JBS Australia Feedlot, Prime City, a 35,000 head feedlot and farm, featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure and feeding systems. Prime City is one of two key feedlots feeding Shorthorn cattle for the JBS Australia Thousand Guineas Shorthorn breed brand. The following two days, visitors will be able to attend the 2019 World Shorthorn Congress Conference. The 2019 World Shorthorn Congress Conference will be held on the campus of Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW. The two day event will feature key guest speakers along with Shorthorn Association country reports, a wonderful dinner menu featuring Shorthorn beef and local Australian wines and produce. The dinner will conclude with the Ruby & Roan International Genetics Auction. Attendees will hear from guest speakers including, • Lisa Sharp – Chief Marketing Officer, Meat & Livestock Australia to discuss the role of the Australian Beef industry in the global beef market. • Leading Australian Chef to discuss Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Beef and the key requirements of Australian Chefs and consumers.


shorthorn country = july 2019

• Joe Walsh – China & South east Asia Sales Manager, JBS Northern to discuss Asian demand for Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Beef and beef more generally. • Graham Truscott – former CEO of Angus Australia and the Australian Wagyu Association will provide fascinating insights from his experience taking two breeds to the very top of the Australian Beef industry. • Montie Soules – CEO, American Shorthorn Association to discuss the opportunities for the global Shorthorn brand. • Dr. Mahdi Saatchi – Lead Genomicist, International Genetic Solutions to discuss the International genetic solutions evaluation. • Dr. Wade Shafer – Executive Vice President, American Simmental Association to discuss the philosophies that drive the principles behind International Genetic Solutions. • Dr. Ben Hayes to discuss the progress of the large scale Northern Genomics Project in Australia. • Dr. Ced Wise, Ced Wise Artificial Breeding Services with the topic “The troubles I have seen after 40 years in the ET business” will discuss his experiences in artificial breeding across Northern Australia. Following on from the conference, attendees will again travel North, to visit the 2019 Shorthorn Youth Expo at Dubbo on 6th October. Whilst the highlight of the tours will certainly be visiting some of Australias leading Shorthorn herds, the tour will take in some of the most amazing experiences in Southern Australia including the Grampians National park, Yalumba Winery, the world famous Penguin Parade at Phillip Island, the Murray River and the Warraumbungles National park. Multiple tour options are available and begin at $5,060 per person. Bookings are available through Quadrant Tours Australia at bookings@qudrantaustralia.com. =

Shorthorn Country Advertising Rates 1 page 2/3 page 1/2 page-island 1/2 page 1/3 page 1/4 page 1/6 page Business card (1 1/2�) Color Rates 4 color = $200


shorthorn country = july 2019

1x $565 $420 $335 $315 $240 $195 $135 $41

11x $505 $385 $310 $290 $225 $175 $120 $330/year

2019 WHR ASSESSMENT FEES If 2019 assessment is paid between these dates

Pay this amount per head

November 1, 2018 - January 9, 2019


January 10, 2019 - February 28, 2019


March 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019


shorthorn country = july 2019


STATE ASSOCIATIONS d i r e c t o ry




California californiashorthorns.com Colorado Florida - see South Carolina Georgia - see South Carolina Illinois Indiana indianashorthorn.com Iowa Kansas kansasshorthorns.com Kentucky Louisiana Maryland marylandshorthorns.com Michigan michiganshorthorns.com Minnesota mnshorthorn.com Missouri missourishorthorn.com Missouri - Ozark Montana

Matt Bigelow Gary Witte Jeff Cooksey Rick Leone

President Vice President President VP/Secretary


mjbigelow@hotmail.com 559-868-6411 witteshorthorns94@yahoo.com 777-423-1571 cookc4cattle@rtebb.net 303-849-5214 peakviewranch@hotmail.com 719-468-1981

Scott Horton President 7shorn@concast.net 630-365-1444 Ron Moore Vice President 618-498-6368 John Kretzmeier President kretzmeier5@msn.com 765-583-4889 Toby Jordan Vice President tojo@waukaru.net 219-819-4603 Ethan Gilman President cgilmanshorthorns@gmail.com 515-360-1445 Josh Berg Vice President jaberg03@gmail.com 641-832-7772 Kevin Gibler President kjgibler@hotmail.com 816-809-7148 Ross Mosteller Vice President rmostell@ksu.edu 785-541-1012 David McCall President mccallfran@gmail.com 502-494-9644 Jason Martin Vice President jasmar@scrtc.com 270-774-2283 Ricky Guidry President ricky@rlcattlecompany.com 337-540-2825 Donnie Braun President mdorgdbraun@aol.com 301-974-7901 Sean Hough Vice President smhough13@gmail.com 443-745-5146 Carla McLachlan President carla@lakesideshorthorns.com 517-242-2395 Caleb Vance Vice President halefarms@gmail.com 517-667-4575 Terry Morrison President TerryMorrison@frontiernet.net 612-419-2139 Eric Schoenbauer Vice President scattle@gmail.com 952-237-3836 Diane Bolinger President bolingerfarms@embarqmail.com 816-695-3669 Brian Kohlstaedt Vice President bkohlstaedt@yahoo.com 816-934-2510 Janet Fritter President mammafritt@sofnet.com 417-742-0508 Katie Stewart Vice President kstewart@crinet.com 417-839-3184 W. Joel Jackson President jjackson082705@yahoo.com 406-491-6597 montanashorthornassociation.org Tom McClelland Vice President short1hornmaybe@gmail.com 406-989-1548 Nebraska Steve Supanchick President ss_shorthorns@hotmail.com 308-440-6660 Bill Bos Vice President tbbos@megavision.com 402-564-5621 North Carolina - see South Carolina North Dakota Roberta Francis President 701-799-4568 Ryan Galbreath Vice President showpigs@mlgc.com 701-799-4568 Ohio Jeff Winkle President cattlejock9@yahoo.com 937-694-1871 ohioshorthorns.org Duane Miller Vice President 303-231-3431 Oklahoma Jerrell Crow President jerrellcrow@crowcreekfarms.com 580-585-2522 Terry Whisenhut Vice President Terry.whisenhunt@qaoac.com Pennsylvania Charles Bomgardner President lightacandle@live.com 717-507-1927 Don Cowden Vice President South Carolina Kevin Simpson President ksimpson@broadwaywaterdistrict.com 864-348-3221 Eastern Shorthorn Association, Steve McGill Vice President steve.mcgill@merial.com 864-376-9407 FL, GA, NC, SC South Dakota Rick Osvog President kbegalka@itctel.com 605-237-1116 Tennessee Luke Teeple President teeple@hotmail.com 931-761-3043 Charles Curtis Vice President doublecshorthorns@gmail.com 931-498-2847 Texas Kyle Lewis President kyle@aamconline.com 832-588-8064 txshorthorns.org John Russell Vice President tadmorefarms@gmail.com Washington Hailey Griffin President Haileykins101@gmail.com 253-244-0769 Wisconsin Dennis Schlimgen President dreamy280@mhtc.net 608-575-6848 wisconsinshorthorns.com Jason Fearing Vice President jfearing@robseeco.com


shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019


2018 Wisconsin Juniors at the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference.

Bad Water Cattle Company Steve, Pam, Gavin, & Morgan Denzer N1115 Maple Rd, Pulaski, WI 54162 920-655-4292 • denzers@netnet.net Bleeding Hearts Cattle Co. Crystal Schuster 1462 Hwy 19, Marshall, WI 53559 608-692-3620 • cmschuster18@gmail.com www.bleedingheartscattle.com Boettcher’s Brookview Acres Clarence & Brandon Boettcher W16163 US Hwy 10, Fairchild, WI 54741 715-597-2036 • 715-533-2470 Brandon cmboettcher@centurytel.net www.brookviewacres.com Bright Lights Show Cattle Joe & Mackenzie Cash 9019 South County Rd H Beloit, WI 53511 608-728-3238 • 608-728-0402 mackenzie@brightlightsshowcattle.com www.brightlightsshowcattle.com Cheerful Acres Shorthorns Doug, Michelle, Landon, & Jackson Britzke Connie Terlunen W7992 Island Rd, Delavan, WI 53115 262-949-9646 • mbritzke81@gmail.com City-Side Farms Eric Beisbier E7177 Junction Rd Reedsburg, WI, 53959 608-393-9863 • dbeisbier@gmail.com Country K Shorthorns Kylene, Mark, Keely, & Kenzy Everson 1945 Townline Rd, Stitzer, WI 53825 608-943-8850 • 608-778-6761 cell countrykshorthorns@yahoo.com D’n A Farms Dan & Ann Jennings W3876 Old B Rd, Rio, WI 53960 920-992-5515 • 608-697-3341 cell Door Creek Shorthorns Jan & Mark Bakken • Nicole Bakken 2541 Door Creek Rd, Stoughton, WI 53589 608-444-3083 • jsbshorthorns@gmail.com Dreamy 280 Cattle Co. Dennis, Lisa, Patrick, & Hope Schlimgen 2792 Cave of the Mounds Rd Blue Mounds, WI 53517 608-437-8074 • dreamy280@mhtc.net www.dreamy280.com Fearing Cattle Co. Jason Fearing E5605 Churchill Rd, Reedsburg, WI 53959 608-524-7778 home • 608-415-0974 cell jfearing@robseeco.com


shorthorn country = july 2019

WSA Board of Directors: Melinda Orebaugh- Treasurer, Hope Schlimgen, David Olsen, Dennis Schlimgen – President, Jeff Swenson, Mackenzie Cash – Secretary, Jan Bakken, Jason Fearing – Vice President. (not pictured) Hannah Olsen – WJSA President, Lisa Schlimgen – WJSA Advisor & Lassie Advisor

Ganhs Farm Davin & Anna Ganhs W6885 Quinney Rd, Elkhorn, WI 53121 262-749-4919 Anna • 262-749-4920 Davin aganhs0405@gmail.com Hahn Family Shorthorns, LLC Richard, Jeremy, Aaron, & Matthew Hahn 74 County Rd 2700 E, Minonk, IL 61760 309-645-4488 hahnfamilyshorthornsllc@gmail.com www.hahnshorthorns.com Hidden Paradise Ranch Devin & Damin Hadorn-Papke E6250 Hickory Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701 715-878-4088 • 715-271-5018 Devin@Johnsonlitho.com • www.hpcattle.com Hilke Dale & Holly Hilke W617 E Waushara St, Berlin, WI 54923 920-420-1775 • hhilke@charter.net Johnson Valley Shorthorns Eric & Cindy Johnson 6630 Lee Rd, Dane, WI, 53529 608-516-4125 Eric • 608-516-7323 Cindy ecjvs@hotmail.com

Oakwood Farms Dick & Marj Colby • Rick Colby 1099 County Road A, Grand Marsh, WI 53936 608-584-5396 • 608-547-1722 cell 608-339-2206 Rick • oakwood1@maqs.net rcolbyjr@maqs.net Olsen Family Shorthorns David, Becky, Hannah, & Catelyn Olsen W562 County Rd D, Berlin, WI 54923 920-987-5826 olsenfamilyshorthorns@centurylink.net Orebaugh Family Shorthorns Allan & Melinda Orebaugh Caleb, Kara, Emilea, & Ian Orebaugh W5306 County Rd W, Holmen, WI 54636 608-526-2578 Allan • 608-769-1922 Caleb mgorebau@gundersenhealth.org Orebaugh Family Shorthorns & Davis Show Pigs Aaron, Raeanne, & Jack Orebaugh Jake, Emma, & Max Davis 10700 E CR 700 South, Selma, IN 47383 608-769-2458 Aaron • 765-729-8279 Raeanne akorebaugh@gmail.com

Jordan Shorthorn Farms Brien Jordan 1481 Main Rd, Washington Island, WI 54246 920-535-0043 • brientbjcorp@gmail.com

Riola Shorthorn Farm Joe & Linda Elmore 1824 Washington Harbor Rd Washington Island, WI 54246 920-847-2678 • 920-857-7991 ljelmore1972@gmail.com

Justamere Farms Inc. Steven Olson 3058 Old Stage Rd, Stoughton, WI 53589 608-575-4381 • sao48@litewire.net

Rock Valley Ranch Kyle & Victoria Dembny N4328 County Rd O North, Delavan, WI 53115 262-745-4898 • rockvalleyranch@sbcglobal.net

KSS Keystone Shorthorns Joe Hilger 22021 175th St, Cornell, WI 54732 715-202-0594 Joe • 715-202-0593 Kathy ksshorthorns@gmail.com

SamanthaRose Cattle Company Roseann Hoffman N3605 County Rd S, Antigo, WI 54409 715-610-1877 • rhoffman_cpa@frontier.com

Laban’s Roanoke Farm Joe & Linda Laban 26864 S Garryowen Rd, Bernard, IA 52032 563-879-3154 • 563-542-3155 cell jjlaban@yahoo.com Lehman Cattle Company Kurt Lehman & Connie Lehman E2759 Marshall Rd, Cazenovia, WI 53924 608-434-4484 Kurt • 608-434-3799 Connie lehman@mwt.net Nollswood Shorthorns Tim & Jan Noll 5260 Otto Kerl Rd, Cross Plains, WI 53528 608-798-2342 • tnoll@chorus.net Nollswood Shorthorns Jim & Holly Vondra & Family 6141 Cassidy Rd, Mineral Point, WI, 53565 608-987-2636 home • 608-341-9000 Jim 608-574-0304 Holly • vondrafam@hotmail.com

Solin Cattle Company Matt & Samantha Solin W6217 Hattes Lane, Bryant, WI 54418 715-610-3640 • samantha.solin@yahoo.com The Siegler Family Jerry, Marleen, Jeremie, Dakota, & Savannah Siegler 5260 State Rd 50, Burlington, WI 53105 262-210-9800 Jerry • 262-210-5200 Marleen jmsiegler@tds.net Vaughn Johnson Cattle Co. Vaughn & Judy Johnson 8367 S Butterfly Rd, Beloit, WI 53511 608-751-4261 • vaughnandjudy@aol.com VanEgtern Farm Lucas VanEgtern N11290 Cty Road M, Waupun, WI 53963 920-948-5281 • lucasvanegtern@gmail.com

shorthorn country = july 2019


STATE Junior Advisors d i r e c t o ry




Alabama Arkansas California Colorado Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Missouri- Ozark Montana Nebraska New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Wisconsin

Ashley Catrett ashleyocatrett@gmail.com Blake and Tracy Morrison tracy_morrison@hotmail.com Krista Vannest fourvannest@yahoo.com Amy Cooksey cookc4cattle@rtebb.net John Reasor j_reasor@yahoo.com Tasha Bunting tbunting@ilfb.org 309-307-3546 Amanda Jordan aharden00@hotmail.com Larry Wilson lwwilson@illinois.edu Dennis & Kathy Shoufler shoufler@hrtc.net Pam Berg petepamberg@yahoo.com Jennifer Obrecht ddojo@fmctc.com Nancy Grathwohl-Heter nancy.grathwohl@zoetis.com David McCall mccallfran@gmail.com Fran McCall mccallfran@gmail.com Faye Korthaus mfkshorthorns@gmail.com Ken Fairchild brccshowcattle@yahoo.com Heidi Bowman bowmanfamilyshorthorns@verizon.net Sydney Miller sydneysharon93@yahoo.com Tammy Bennett mojohooterman72@aol.com Stacy Bettinghouse stacybettinghouse14@gmail.com Mike & Lisa Wetzel wgrcattle@yahoo.com Nadelyn Sutherland nadelynsutherland@gmail.com Karen Lott rodeoclown98@yahoo.com Laura Long laura.long@spsagu.com Beverly Klise klisefarm@rallstech.com Janet Fritter mammafritt@sofnet.com Debbie Sokoloski dsokoloski2001@yahoo.com Greg Crawford gcfshorthorns@gmail.com John & Nancy Yates njiii@msn.com 505-227-4804 Jessica Simpson Kevin & Kari VanderWal kevin.vanderwal@sdstate.edu Katie Cull katie.cull@okstate.edu Scott Winkle jswinkle18@aol.com Jerrell & Stephanie Crow jerrellcrow@crowcreekfarms.com Michael & Tracey Mills millsblan@yahoo.com Erin Eldridge cowqueen1998@yahoo.com Sharon Allison pjsbadviser@gmail.com Jessica Simpson Kevin & Kari VanderWal kevin.vanderwal@sdstate.edu Dana Pollock pepollock@gmail.com Jeff Sargent jrsarge@gmail.com Lisa Schlimgen dreamy280@mhtc.net



shorthorn country = july 2019

334-527-3533 870-404-9764 209-656-9398 423-290-6002 217-979-1991 847-814-7301 317-326-3249 641-220-3233 712-744-4300 785-587-7947 502-494-9644 502-836-9523 502-649-6475 318-282-7411 301-651-0852 517-749-1931 517-230-2306 616-780-9212 507-491-6464 601-408-7267 601-543-6001 573-248-7769 573-248-4056 417-742-0508 406-208-9075 402-423-3944 605-627-9409 402-380-0404 937-681-1550 580-585-2522 405-323-8074 541-619-7008 412-720-5444 605-627-9409 931-993-1559 903-624-7265 608-576-1313

shorthorn country = july 2019




shorthorn country = may/june 2019

& Family

1099 E 1000 N Linden, Indiana 47955 765.366.5481 wafug50@yahoo.com Stop by for a herd visit. Cattle for sale at all times.

COMMON PEOPLE WITH UNCOMMONLY GOOD CATTLE Homeplace Farms Burke N. Allison & Co. 925 E. 400 S., Washington, IN 47501-7533 Dale - 812-254-6185 • bovine08@gmail.com

shorthorn country = july 2019



Bill Fugate

Myrtle Bo X Pretender 96th grandson Moonbeam X HS Instant Enticer

WANTED Top Quality Photos of cattle in the pasture for the Covers of Shorthorn Country. Shot Verically Please

Jane Mary X Pretender 96th granddaughter Julie X Mapleton Gus 3D

Email High Resolution Photos to Shorthorn Country tracy@shorthorncountry.org amy@shorthorncountry.org

Roseabell X Mr Minot Annie X Pretender 96th granddaughter



Annie X Pretender 96th granddaughter Playmate X Pretender 96th granddaughter

The deadline for all advertising is the first of the month prior to publication (ie. March 1st for the April issue). We go to press the 15th of month.

Rebecca X Pretender 96th grandson


shorthorn country = july 2019

shorthorn country = july 2019



Cory, Melissa, Samantha & Jaxon Schrag 276644 444th Ave. Marion, South Dakota 57043 Cory: 605-941-5241 • Melissa 605-941-3546

E: schrag@goldenwest.net schrag605.com


shorthorn country = july 2019

SHORTHORN BREEDERS Keep your contact information easy to find by taking out a business card for just $330 a year. Your business card will run every month for 11 months. Plus you will receive a 5% discount on any additional advertising.



P.O. Box 77, Virginia, IL 62691 Office: 217.452.3051 • Fax: 217.452.3053 Don Cagwin cell • 217.341.7552 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell • 217.370.6034 cagwincattle@casscomm.com • cagwincattle.com


shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

= Show Schedule Fair California State Fair California State Fair North Dakota State Fair North Dakota State Fair Ohio State Fair Ohio State Fair Montana State Fair Montana State Fair Ozark Empire Fair Indiana State Fair Ozark Empire Fair Indiana State Fair Wisconsin State Fair Indiana State Fair Illinois State Fair Iowa State Fair Illinois State Fair West Virginia State Fair Wisconsin State Fair Illinois State Fair Iowa State Fair Wyoming State Fair Missouri State Fair West Virginia State Fair Wyoming State Fair Iowa State Fair Missouri State Fair Appalachian State Fair Appalachian State Fair Kentucky State Fair New York State Fair Western Idaho State Fair Western Idaho State Fair Kentucky State Fair Maryland State Fair New York State Fair Maryland State Fair Colorado State Fair Colorado State Fair Colorado State Fair Nebraska State Fair Michigan State Fair Michigan State Fair Minnesota State Fair Eastern Idaho State Fair Evergreen State Fair Evergreen State Fair Minnesota State Fair Nebraska State Fair South Dakota State Fair Kansas State Fair Tennessee State Fair Tennessee State Fair Washington State Fair Kansas State Fair New Mexico State Fair New Mexico State Fair Kansas State Fair Tri-State Fair Tri-State Fair North Alabama State Fair Oklahoma State Fair Oklahoma State Fair AkSarBen Livestock Show


Location Show Sacramento, CA Junior Show Sacramento, CA Open Show-Super Regional Minot, ND Open Show Minot, ND Junior Heifer Show Columbus, OH Open Show-Regional Columbus, OH Junior Show Great Falls, MT Junior Heifer Show Great Falls, MT Open Show Springfield, MO Junior Show Indianapolis, IN 4-H Heifer Show Springfield, MO Open Show Indianapolis, IN 4-H Steer Show Milwaukee, WI Junior Heifer Show Indianapolis, IN Open Show-Regional Springfield, IL Junior ShorthornPlus Show Des Moines, IA FFA Heifer Show Springfield, IL Junior Shorthorn Show Lewisburg, WV Junior Show Milwaukee, WI Open Show Springfield, IL Open Show-Super Regional Des Moines, IA 4-H Heifer Show Douglas, WY Open Show Sedalia, MO Junior Show (4-H/FFA) Lewisburg, WV Open Show-Super Regional Douglas, WY Junior Heifer Show Des Moines, IA Open Show-Regional Sedalia, MO Open Show Gray, TN Junior Heifer Show Gray, TN Open Show-Regional Louisville, KY Junior Heifer Show Syracuse, NY Junior Heifer Show Boise, ID Junior Show Boise, ID Open Show-Regional Louisville, KY Open Show-Super Regional Timonium, MD Junior Heifer Show Syracuse, NY Open Show Timonium, MD Open Show Pueblo, CO Junior Heifer Show Pueblo, CO Open Bull Show Pueblo, CO Open Female Show Grand Island, NE Open Show Detroit, MI Junior Heifer Show Detroit, MI Open Show St. Paul, MN Open Show-Regional Blackfoot, ID Open Show Monroe, WA Junior Show Monroe, WA Open Show St. Paul, MN Junior (FFA) Show Grand Island, NE Junior Heifer Show Huron, SD Junior Show Hutchinson, KS Junior Market Show Nashville, TN Open Show Nashville, TN Junior Show Pullyup, WA Open Show-Regional Hutchinson, KS Junior Heifer Show Albuquerque, NM Open Show Albuquerque, NM Junior Heifer Show Hutchinson, KS Open Show-Regional Amarillo, TX Junior Show Amarillo, TX Open Show-Regional Muscle Shoals, AL Junior Heifer Show Oklahoma City, OK Junior Show Oklahoma City, OK Open Show Grand Island, NE Market Beef Show

shorthorn country = july 2019

Date Time Judge 7/13 8:00 AM 7/18 10:00 AM 7/21 8:30 AM 7/24 8:00 AM 7/27 10:30 AM 7/28 12:30 PM 8/1 1:00 PM 8/1 following 8/2 8:00 AM 8/3 8:00 AM 8/3 8:00 AM 8/4 8:00 AM 8/6 8:00 AM 8/7 9:00 AM 8/8 TBD 8/8 10:00 AM 8/9 TBD 8/10 12:30 PM 8/10 8:00 AM 8/12 8:00 AM 8/13 7:30 AM 8/14 1:00 PM 8/16 8:00 AM 8/16 9:00 AM Andrew Foster 8/16 9:00 AM 8/17 9:00 AM 8/17 8:00 AM 8/19 9:00 AM 8/21 9:00 AM 8/22 8:00 AM 8/22 1:30 PM Shane Jennings 8/22 9:00 AM 8/22 10:00 AM 8/23 Noon Ron Moore 8/23 6:00 PM 8/24 9:00 AM Shane Jennings 8/25 2:00 PM 8/26 10:00 AM 8/27 9:00 AM 8/28 8:00 AM 8/29 9:00 AM 8/30 Noon 8/31 10:00 AM 8/31 8:00 AM Chris Cassady 9/1 1:00 PM 9/1 1:30 PM 9/1 3:30 PM 9/1 9:00 AM Chris Cassady 9/1 7:30 AM 9/2 8:30 AM 9/7 9:00 AM 9/7 9:00 AM 9/7 9:00 AM 9/7 10:00 AM Britney Creamer 9/8 8:00 AM 9/9 1:00 PM Ashley Judge 9/12 9:00 AM Parker Henley 9/13 9:00 AM Justin Adcock 9/14 9:00 AM Travis Begley 9/15 9:00 AM Dr. Clint Rusk 9/20 7:00 PM 9/21 9:30 AM 9/21 9:30 AM 9/28 8:00 AM

Fair Location Show Date Time Judge Tulsa State Fair Tulsa, OK Open Show-Super Regional 9/28 8:00 AM Brady Ragland AkSarBen Livestock Show Grand Island, NE Breeding Heifer Show 9/29 8:00 AM Alabama National Fair Montgomery, AL Youth Heifer Show 10/5 8:00 AM Georgia National Fair Perry, GA Junior Heifer Show 10/5 8:00 AM Keystone International (KILE) Harrisburg, PA Open Shorthorn Show-National 10/5 8:00 AM Keystone International (KILE) Harrisburg, PA Open ShorthornPlus Show-National 10/5 following Tulsa State Fair Tulsa, OK Junior Show 10/5 8:00 AM Keystone International (KILE) Harrisburg, PA Junior Heifer Show-National 10/6 8:00 AM Arkansas State Fair Little Rock, AR Junior Show 10/12 8:00 AM Arkansas State Fair Little Rock, AR Open Show 10/13 Noon NILE - Northern Int. Livestock Expo Billings, MT Junior Show 10/13 Noon NILE - Northern Int. Livestock Expo Billings, MT Open Show 10/13 following State Fair of Texas Dallas, TX Open Show 10/18 8:00 AM State Fair of Texas Dallas, TX Junior Show 10/19 8:00 AM American Royal Kansas City, MO Junior Shorthorn Show-National 10/24 11:00 AM Graham Blagg American Royal Kansas City, MO Open Shorthorn Show-National 10/24 following Donnie Robertson NAILE Louisville, KY Junior ShorthornPlus Show-National 11/16 TBD NAILE Louisville, KY Junior Shorthorn Show-National 11/17 TBD North Florida Fair Tallahassee, FL Junior Heifer Show 11/17 1:00 PM NAILE Louisville, KY Open ShorthornPlus Show-National 11/18 8:00 AM NAILE Louisville, KY Open Shorthorn Show-National 11/18 following National Western Stock Show Denver, CO Pen Show 1/18/20 9:00 AM National Western Stock Show Denver, CO Junior Show-National 1/19/20 11:00 AM National Western Stock Show Denver, CO Open ShorthornPlus Show-National 1/19/20 following National Western Stock Show Denver, CO Open Shorthorn Show-National 1/20/20 11:30 AM Fort Worth Stock Show Fort Worth, TX Open Shorthorn Show-National 2/2/20 TBD National Junior Shorthorn Show Abilene, TX Junior Show 6/22/2020-6/27/2020

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

6B’s Guardian ET

HD Bloodstone 603 X Ash Valley Kendra 7142

T Kane Captain x

JSF Goldenrod 57U X KOLT AA Lady Reward 1Y

T Ash Valley Right Choice x Ash Valley Prestige 0590 X Ash Valley Duchess 9622

SULL Master of Rose x

JSF Master of Jazz X SULL Rose Mary

T FAIR Red, White & Roan

Jake’s Proud Jazz X KG Cinderella 939

STAR Patriot CS179E *x

MAV Bellringer x Hot Commodity

CSF Backdraft 703 RR ET *x

SULL Red Reward 9321 X WHR LS Demi 8931 ET


Free K-Kim Hot Commodity X GCC Turners Margie 542 E ET

R-C WG Damn Proud *x

Jake’s Proud Jazz X WG RC Golden

T DMH Cherry Fillet Western Trademark 3rd X Maid of Promise H 189th

T Saskvalley Yesterday

Saskvalley Wholesale x Saskvalley Navajo

DJS The Outsider *x

MAV Chrisma 906W X DJS SC SP Anndelle J 921

T Homedale Creole 135

GFS Creole 9590 ET X Homedale Ruby S 914

T SULL Red Sensation 6554

Red Reward X SULL Rose Mary 636-3

FSF Near Perfect

T Bar N Creedence 540C

SRV Quiet Man (THC) 3BC Hard Rock X CHSC Elegant Queen

HP Manimal 1C *s

FSF Bearcat 37Z ET X FSF Madeline’s Rose S247 ET Saskvalley Bonanza X JSF Rosewood

Prospect Hill Alarado 33A X  JDMC Miss Remedy 124Z

Hill Haven Firestorm

T BFS Master Prince *x

DF Waco 6W X Hill Haven Breathtaker 35Y SEXED SEMEN Available

Jake’s Prince of Jazz x KL Prime Time Paymaster

T JSF Mr Right 151Z

Leveldale Righteous 084 X KL Notable Nita

BS Ghost Rider

Jake’s Proud Jazz 266L X HA First Ruby

TKA TC Purple Haze 07E *x

ALM Chiller x Daybreak Express

T Muridale Jaxson 4A x

Buster 14K X Bonanza daughter

FSF Perfection 812

FSF Near Perfect X FSF Sierra Crystal

CF Focus *x

Hot Commodity x CF Lucky Charm

DF Talledega 3X ET x

T Leveldale North Face 562 *x

Studer’s Taylor Made 7Y X Leveldale Nan Again 110Y

T Creekside Amp 32W x

Alta Cedar Signature X Banner Julia Ann 34J

T Bar N Ripper 99A x

JDMC Remedy X JDMC Rocksie

T Alta Cedar Code Red x

Bloodstone 603 ET X Poppin Girl 2R01 ET

Alta Cedar Code-Red 24S X Lassie 16T

MSC Sarge *x

T CSF/Lakeside Rooster 394 ET

Captain Obvious x Sonny

SVFI Rooster 561R X RS Lindakay 006 04


www.cattlevisions.com T Calving Ease HS SWAGGER 802 ET *x

WHR RT Augusta Sunrise X HD Reflection

SULL Roan Blast 0301 ET

SULL GNCC Asset ET X SULL Beauty Queen 570 ET

CLF Foolin’ Around 1401 ET x Sonny X SULL Fool Me 508 WT

SULL Right Knight 5664C E ET x CF Trump X K-Kim Mona Lisa 10T ET SEXED SEMEN Available

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ASA Point Show System for 2019-2020 Show Season: April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020

Region 1: Northeast

Region 4: South Central

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana

Region 1: Northeast Regional Shows

Super Regional ...........WV State Fair Regional ………….Indiana State Fair Regional …………….Ohio State Fair

Region 2: Southeast Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi Region 2: Southeast Regional Shows

Super Regional…Kentucky State Fair Regional …….Appalachian State Fair Regional ………………Dixie National

Region 4: South Central Regional Shows

Super Regional ...………..Tulsa State Fair Regional ……………….Kansas State Fair Regional ………………….…Tri-State Fair

Region 5: West Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska Region 3: North Central Regional Shows

Super Regional ...…Illinois State Fair Regional …………….Iowa State Fair Regional ……...Minnesota State Fair

Super Regional ……..California State Fair Regional ………….Washington State Fair Regional …..…..Western Idaho State Fair

North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO Keystone International Livestock Exposition, Harrisburg, PA American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, MO Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, TX


shorthorn country = july 2019

Regional Shows st

1 : 5 points nd 2 : 4 points rd 3 : 3 points th 4 : 2 points th 5 : 1 point Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

4 points 2 points 7 points 5 points

Super Regional Shows Region 5: West Regional Shows

5 - National Shows Region 3: North Central

Point Distributions:


1 : 6 points nd 2 : 5 points rd 3 : 4 points th 4 : 3 points th 5 : 2 points Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

5 points 3 points 9 points 7 points

5 National Shows st

1 : 8 points nd 2 : 7 points rd 3 : 6 points th 4 : 5 points th 5 : 4 points Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

7 points 5 points 11 points 9 points

shorthorn country = july 2019


At Byland Farms emphasis is also placed on: • Calvability without assistance • Efficient, easy fleshing cows that are productive on a grass and hay diet outside year round • Carcass quality traits/ we feed out our own cattle; market them on the rail and collect carcass data.

Byland Soggy Dog x4252850

CED: 15; BW: 0.1; WW: 55; YW: 81; MK: 20; TM: 48; CEM: 12; ST: 15; YG: -0.48; CW: -16; REA: 0.26; MB: -0.15; FT: -0.12; $CEZ: 48.51; $BMI: 151.02; $F: 54.00

JSF McCoy 39Z *x4190259

CED: 22; BW: -2.4; WW: 43; YW: 65; MK: 24; TM: 46; CEM: 17; ST: 14; YG: -0.70; CW: -26; REA: 0.46; MB: -0.24; FT: -0.16; $CEZ: 74.48; $BMI: 169.30; $F: 48.35

Byland Rolex 7RX69 x4252846

CED: 10; BW: 1.8; WW: 55; YW: 91; MK: 28; TM: 55; CEM: 7; ST: 16; YG: -0.33; CW: 0; REA: 0.09; MB: 0.11; FT: -0.11; $CEZ: 31.22; $BMI: 129.09; $F: 56.85

JSF Wall Street 106C ET x4228704

CED: 14; BW: 0.5; WW: 63; YW: 92; MK: 27; TM: 58; CEM: 10; ST: 18; YG: -0.28; CW: -18; REA: -0.20; MB: 0.13; FT: -0.09; $CEZ: 43.75; $BMI: 156.69; $F: 60.75

Studer’s Taylor Made 7Y x4176051

CED: 20; BW: -1.1; WW: 53; YW: 78; MK: 18; TM: 45; CEM: 14; ST: 12; YG: -0.30; CW: -22; REA: -0.05; MB: -0.16; FT: -0.07; $CEZ: 64.63; $BMI: 146.09; $F: 52.36

Studer’s Snapchat 22B x4207892

CED: 14; BW: -0.9; WW: 63; YW: 88; MK: 19; TM: 50; CEM: 8; ST: 20; YG: -0.23; CW: -26; REA: -0.15; MB: -0.07; FT: -0.06; $CEZ: 45.50; $BMI: 144.50; $F: 58.97

Leveldale Rolex 7RX69 x4252846

CED: 10; BW: 1.8; WW: 55; YW: 91; MK: 28; TM: 88; CEM: 7; ST: 16; YG: -0.33; CW: 0; REA: 0.09; MB: 0.11; FT: -0.11; $CEZ: 31.22; $BMI: 129.09; $F: 56.85

JSF Gauge 137W x4164807

CED: 13; BW: -1.1; WW: 51; YW: 65; MK: 32; TM: 57; CEM: 7; ST: 18; YG: -0.14; CW: -33; REA: -0.18; MB: 0.28; FT: -0.01; $CEZ: 44.12; $BMI: 145.96; $F: 54.63; $Fescue: 93.96

Byland Global 5M10 x4224565

CED: 16; BW: -0.9; WW: 27; YW: 37; MK: 35; TM: 48; CEM: 12; ST: 16; YG: -0.56; CW: -20; REA: 0.38; MB: -0.22; FT: -0.13; $CEZ: 60.33; $BMI: 144.76; $F: 39.27; $Fescue: 101.76

BSG Profitwise 1767 x4272032

CED: 14; BW: 1.2; WW: 63; YW: 91; MK: 20; TM: 51; CEM: 9; ST: 20; YG: -0.27; CW: -12; REA: -0.08; MB: -0.04; FT: -0.09; $CEZ: 42.52; $BMI: 145.22; $F: 58.37. US Semen Rights.


shorthorn country = july 2018

Studer’s Universal 10B x4207767

CED: 8; BW: 3.0; WW: 65; YW: 93; MK: 28; TM: 60; CEM: 7; ST: 20; YG: -0.17; CW: -14; REA: -0.06; MB: 0.29; FT: -0.04; $CEZ: 24.12; $BMI: 144.78; $F: 62.23

JSF Skyfall 135E *x4263480

CED: 6; BW: 2.6; WW: 61; YW: 89; MK: 23; TM: 54; CEM: 6; ST: 19; YG: -0.28; CW: -12; REA: -0.09; MB: -0.02; FT: -0.09; $CEZ: 18.83; $BMI: 126.63; $F: 56.91

Jeff Byers, D.V.M. 419-651-7293 jeffbyersdvm@gmail.com Jon Byers, Polled419-651-0501 Shorthorns jon@buckeyebigbuckclub.org Mrs. L. Eugene Byers, Owner 500 Township Road 2802 Loudonville, Ohio 44842 Find us on Facebook at bylandpolledshorthorns

shorthorn country = july 2019



shorthorn country = july 2019

= Sales Calendar Aug. 31 - Cates Farms, “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, Ind. Sept. 1 & 2 - “Somerset Sensations” Open House & Private Treaty Sale, Turner Shorthorns, Somerset, Ohio Sept. 9 - Smith Family Farms, Cattlemen’s Cut Online Sale, www.wlivestock.com Sept. 15 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, Ill. Sept. 16 - Tadmore Farm Show Heifer, Bred Heifer, and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, Texas hosted on amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 17 - Meyer Family Shorthorns, “Focus on the Future” Online Sale. Greensburg, Ind., on cwcattesales.com Sept. 22 - KOLT Cattle Co/Aegerter Cattle Co “Simple Choices” Production Sale, Seward, Neb. Sept. 24 - Berg Shorthorns Online Sale, Osage, Iowa hosted on amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 24 - Wasinger Cattle Company Online Sale, Winnebago, Minn. Sept. 28 - Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, Mich. Sept. 28 - Farrer Stock Farms, 45th Annual Club Calf Sale, Royal Center, Ind. Sept. 29 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, Neb. Sept. 29 - Hill Haven Selection Sale, Duntroon, Ontario, Can. Oct. 3 - Meyer Farms, Show Heifer Online Sale, Rushville, Ind., on cwcattlesales.com Oct. 5 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make a Difference” Production Sale, Waynesville, Ohio. Oct. 5 - Eastern Ohio Shorthorn Association Fall Sale, Dover, Ohio. Oct. 8 - Mitchell Family Shorthorns Online Sale, on cwcattlesales.com.


Oct. 12 - Schrag 605 “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD. Oct. 12 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, Iowa. Oct. 13 - Sullivan Farms, “Maternal Legends” Production Sale, Dunlap, Iowa. Oct. 19 - “Keystone Autumn Klassic Shorthorn Sale, Waynesburg, Pa. Oct. 19 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, Okla. Oct. 22 - Illinois Shorthorn Association Online Sale, on cwcattlesales.com. Oct. 26 - Lauer Polled Shorthorns, “Herd Dispersion” Farmers & Ranchers Sale Pavilion, Salina, Kan. Nov. 2 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, ND. Nov. 2 - “Breeders Alliance” Sale. Hosted by Norman/Ripberger, Newman, Ill. Nov. 3 - DJS Shorthorns Production Sale, Laurel, Neb. Nov. 9 - Bowman Superior Genetics, “Form To Function” Sale, Greensfork, Ind. Nov. 17 - Greenhorn Cattle Company “Where Future Generations Are Created” Sale, Louisville, Ky. Nov. 24 - Farrer Stock Farms, Dynamic Dams Bred Cow Sale, Royal Center, Ind. Nov. 24 - Kohlstaedt and Friends, “Genetic Power” Sale, Wellington, Mo. Nov. 25 - Bar N Shorthorns Holiday Classic Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, Minn., hosted on amsonlinesalescom Dec. 7- Paint Valley Shorthorns and Byland Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Sale, Millersburg, Ohio. Dec. 10 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND hosted on = amsonlinesales.com

Upcoming Issue Focus

Issue ^ Advertising



Junior National Results • Fall Sale Ads


Fall Sale Ads • Semen Sales • ET Sales


Fall Sale Ads • Semen Sales • ET Sales


Fall Sale Ads • Semen Sales • ET Sales


Spring Sale Ads • Semen Sales • ET Sales

Sale Management • Online Sales • Private Treaty Sales

Aug. 31 - Cates Farms, “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, IN. Sept. 15 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, IL. Sept. 16 - Tadmore Farm Show Heifer, Bred Heifer, and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, TX on amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 22 - KOLT Cattle Co/Aegerter Cattle Co “Simple Choices” Production Sale, Seward, NE. Sept. 24 - Berg Shorthorns Online Sale, Osage, IA hosted on amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 28 - Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, MI. Sept. 29 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, NE. Oct. 5 - Greenhorn Cattle Co., “Where Great Females Make a Difference” Production Sale, Waynesville, OH. Oct. 12 - Schrag 605 “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD. Oct. 12 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, IA. Oct. 13 - Sullivan Farms, “Maternal Legends” Production Sale, Dunlap, IA. Oct. 19 - “Shorthorn 500” Production Sale, Lawton, Okla. Oct. 26 - Lauer Polled Shorthorns, “Herd Dispersion” Farmers & Ranchers Sale Pavilion, Salina, Kan. Nov. 2 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, ND.

Nov. 3 - DJS Shorthorns Production Sale, Laurel, NE. Nov. 8 - The Autumn Classic Show and Sale, Turlock, CA. on amsonlinesales.com Nov. 9 - Bowman Superior Genetics, “Form To Function” Sale, Greensfork, IN. Nov. 17 - Greenhorn Cattle Company “Where Future Generations Are Created” Sale, Louisville, KY.

Nov. 24 - Kohlstaedt and Friends, “Genetic Power” Sale, Wellington, MO. Nov. 25 - Bar N Shorthorns Holiday Classic Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, MN hosted on amsonlinesalescom Dec. 7 -.Paint Valley Shorthorns and Byland Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Sale, Millersburg, OH. Dec. 10 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND hosted on amsonlinesales.com

Online sales with a personal touch.

Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. Jeff K. & Darla Aegerter 402.641.4696 jeff.aegerter@gmail.com www.aegertermarketing.com

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= Ad Index 605 Schrag.........................................102 AAA Shorthorns..................................98 Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc..11, 115 AJ Cattle Co.........................................98 Alden Farms.........................................59 American Livestock/Markel................61 Bennett Land & Cattle.........................98 Berg Shorthorns...................................98 Bern-A-Dale Shorthorns....................100 Bigelow Farms.....................................98 Bollum Family Shorthorns...................33 Bowman Superior Genetics...........19, 98 Bridle Path Ranch................................98 Bruce Brooks...............................73, 103 Buckels Shorthorns..............................87 Bye Well Shorthorns............................98 Byland Polled Shorthorns98 Byland Polled Shorthorns............ 98, 112 Cagwin Cattle Services LLC..12-13, 103 Cairns Shorthorns................................98 Carolina Cattle Co................................40 Carper Family Shorthorns....................77 Cates Farms..................................IFC, 98 Cattle Visions.....................................109 Cattle Visions.....................................103


shorthorn country = july 2019

Cedar Lane Farm..................................43 Circle K Cattle Company.....................77 Cornerstone Farms...............................98 Crawfdown Farms................................98 Crow Creek Farms..........................20-21 Deckert Stock Farm.............................77 Dedmon Shorthorns.............................98 Dennis Hoffrogge.................................85 DJS Shorthorns....................................98 Double C Shorthorns...........................58 Double J Cattle Co...............................44 Dreamy 280 Cattle Company...............98 DTR Cattle Co...............................53, 98 Du-Lyn Farms......................................32 Duis Farms...........................................99 Fairview Stock Farm............................97 Farrer Stock Farms...............................62 FH Shorthorns......................................77 Fickbohm Farms Shorthorns................99 Fieser Family Polled Shorthorns..........68 Fischer Cattle Company.......................99 Fugate Shorthorns................................99 Galbreath..............................................69 Gallagher USA.....................................81 Gellerman ............................................76

Gilman Shorthorns...............................26 Greenhorn Cattle Co., LLC..............9, 99 Greg Crawford Family.........................24 GTG Cattle Co.....................................41 Hansen Shorthorns...............................77 Haumont Shorthorns......................17, 99 Hill Farm..............................................75 Hill Haven Shorthorns.........................49 Hillside Farm......................................30 Homedale Farms..................................39 Homeplace Farms................................99 Hub Ranch Shorthorns.........................99 Humble Stock Farm.......................75, 99 Illinois Breeders Unitd For Impact.86-87 Illinois Shorthorn Association.............93 Inness Shorthorns.................................99 Iowa Shorthorn Association.................79 Iroquoian Shorthorns...........................99 James F. Bessler, Inc..........................103 JCC Jeepetta CattleCo..........................44 Jester Farms.........................................99 Jordan Acres...........................................8 Jungels Shorthorn Farm............. 118-IBC Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm..................99 Key Ridge Shorthorns..........................73 Keystone Autum Klassic......................67

Keystone International ........................50 Keystone Shorthorns......................69, 99 KSS Keystone Shorthorns...................99 Labans Roanoke Farm.........................99 Lakamp’S Willow Branch Shorthorn Farm..77 Langhoff Family Shorthorns................75 Lathrop Livestock Inc..........................80 Lauer Polled Shorthorns.................... 111 Lazy Bar F Shorthorns.......................101 Leveldale Farms.............................27, 99 Little Cedar Cattle Co..................15, 102 Little Indian Cattle...............................87 Loving Farms.....................................105 Martindell Farm...................................52 McCall Show Cattle.............................80 McKee Family Shorthorns.................102 Meyer Family Shorthorns..................102 Meyer Farms......................................102 Millvale Shorthorns.............................80 Minnesota Shorthorn Assoc. Group....90-91 Mitchell Shorthorns.............................38 Moore Shorthorns................................47 NILE Valley Farm/Henderickson Trust..102 Norman Farms.............................43, 102 Oakview Shorthorns...........................108 Ohio Shorthorn Breeders Assoc. .........95 Oler Farm...........................................102 Paint Valley Farms............................. 113 Peak View Ranch.................................29 Phildon Farms....................................102 Pine Manor Farms................................97 ProFit...................................................80 Red Barn Designs................................84 Respite Farms LLC Sugarbird Shorthorns...25 Richardson Farms Shorthorns............102 Riola Shorthorn Farms.........................18 Ripberger Farms...................................43 Robjoy Shorthorns.............................102 Robsten Shorthorns..............................80 Rockdale Shorthorns............................80 Rockin G Land & Cattle..............57, 102 Rocky Branch Shorthorns............58, 102 Ron Alden............................................77 Sandy Ridge Shorthorns......................80 Sargent Show Cattle.............................78 Sears Marketing Services.............16, 103 Shady Maple Farms.............................69 Shadybrook Farm...................................5 Sharben Shorthorns....................102, 104 Shorthorn Foundation..........................28 ShorthornPlus Foundation...................80 Singing H Shorthorns.........................102 Six Shorthorns......................................66 Smith Family Farms.............................51 Smoky Mountain Farm................84, 102 South Starr Farms................................77 Stangl Shorthorns.........................73, 102 Stepping Stone Ranch..........................37 Stone Springs Shorthorns........... 102, 117

Sullivan Farms............................103, BC Sullivan Supply..................................103 Sutherland Shorthorns..................63, 103 Tadmore Farms....................................14 Top Notch Stock Farm............... 103, 116 Turner Family Shorthorns..................103 Turner Shorthorns................................78 Tynywtra’s..........................................103 Warner Ranch...............................31, 103

Waukaru Shorthorns................... 103, 114 Wendt, Kevin.....................................103 White Birch Farm................................70 WHR Shorthorns....................................7 Wilson Livestock Agency..................103 Wisconsin Shorthorn Association........94 Woodrange Farm................................100 World Shorthorn Conference..............89

shorthorn country = july 2019