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Hello and welcome to our 2017 Girls Of Summer sales offering, As I sit down to pen this welcoming letter, the day is March 1st and it won’t be long and I will be in

Sale Day Phones Cory Thomsen 605-730-2397 - Kevin Mears 937-533-0169 Sale Representative Blake Nelson, AMAA Executive Vice President, 918-441-3433 Jacob Tusa 979-324-9326 - Brian Martin 806-683-5092 Dustin Glover 580-280-0188 - Brent Tolle 502-905-7831 Ryan Johnson 605-999-5576 Marketing Agent Kevin Mears, Stock Options Marketing, 937-533-0169 Accommodations Comfort Inn, 580-226-5109, Ardmore, Oklahoma Best Western, 580-223-7525, Ardmore, Oklahoma

Oklahoma enjoying the great Red Dirt weather and hospitality, and I can’t wait. While I live in Ohio and the weather has been great this winter here… I always love the spring in Marietta. There are many places for you to make your show animal purchase and we thank you for considering us. We strive to offer unparalleled quality in multiple breeds and composites. Study our program and you will find no other program has the record of champions produced in so many different breeds, as we do. You may know we have moved our operation headquarters to our new ranch, Timber Creek Ranch in Texas. Steve Robinson, the owner of Bushy Park Farm purchased this ranch last year about this time. While we are work on building our Texas program, we still hold this Oklahoma sale dear to our hearts! The last 12 months have been just crazy with the move to Texas. We dispersed a large number of cows to make the move possible, or at least a little easier and we basically are moving forward with just the “BEST OF THE BEST WITH HONORS”! We have had a great fall and winter show season with champions being named in Louisville, Denver and highlighted by the Supreme Champion Female over all breeds at the San Antonio Stock Show, which was sold by us! Cory Thomsen, who is manager Bushy Park Farms, has done an incredible job putting this set of cattle together. There is truly something for everyone. I love the fact we sell them in everyone’s price range and almost half of the offering will sell under the $5,000! We always want them to sell well, as we are in the business to make money, but we love the fact so many of these cattle sell to 4-H and FFA families in the area. Bushy Park Farms owner, Steve Robinson grew up not far from Marietta, over east of Durant in Bokchito, Oklahoma. Steve was active in the FFA program. He felt a top program offering top end show prospects at a fair value to the youth was something he thought was missing when he showed. All of us with Bushy Park take great pride in this sale, because our families like yours grew up in the junior show programs. We look forward to seeing you sale day. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about the offering or if I can help in any way, remember we can arrange affordable trucking nationwide. If you cannot make it, please feel free to allow me to assist you in sight-unseen selections or absentee bidding.

Sale Location Bruce Brooks Sale Facility - Marietta, Oklahoma Directions from I-35: Take Exit 15 at Marietta. Go East on HWY 32, at T intersection turn right and go south for 100 yards at next stop sign turn right and proceed through Downtown. Cross the railroad tracks, then turn North on N.E. 2nd Street. Follow to sale facility.

Bushy Park Farm

420 Camp Cypress Trail • Winnsboro, TX Steve Robinson, Owner Cory Thomsen, General Manager, 605-730-2397 Dustin Dunford, Show & Sale Cattle, 405-570-5891 On-line at: • Visitors always welcome!

Stock Options Marketing

Sale Management Kevin Mears, Stock Options Marketing, 937-533-0169 6136 Black Road, West Alexandria, OH 45381

sale terms & conditions We will be using the buyer number system at this auction. You will have to register with the clerks prior to the bidding. Terms will be cash or good check with proper ID. All cattle are to be paid for immediately following the sale and are not to be loaded until settlement has been made. All animals sell to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will settle any disputes and his decision will be final. Genetic Material- Bushy Park Farms reserves the right to collect genetic material (DNA) for cloning purposes on all animals sold. This right transfers with the ownership of the animal for the life of the animal. Retained flushes- Bushy Park Farms reserves the rights to one successful flush or may partner with the buyer on two, at the buyers convenience. Semen Rights- Bushy Park Farm keeps a semen interest on bulls sold to utilize for in-herd use only. Breeding guarantee- All animals offered for sale are guaranteed in accordance with the recommend terms set forth by the applicable breed association. Guarantee, buyer forfeits any guarantee if calf is not paid in full within 14 days of sale.

Trucking- Bushy Park Farms and sale management will be happy to assist customers with trucking arrangements. We will group cattle and get them headed in your direction at a reasonable rate, but neither Bushy Park Farm nor sale management assumes any responsibility for the pricing of trucking or the collection of trucking fees. Health- As calves, all cattle were vaccinated and booster shots were giving in the fall for IBR, BVD, P13, BRSV, 7-Way Pasteurella, Haemophilus, Vitamin A, D, & E, and have been poured with Ivomec. All animals will be accompanied by an interstate health certificate. Insurance information will be available sale day. Herd Health- Lakeview Veterinary, Mitchell, SD - Dr. Jim Beatty. Liability- Persons in attendance of this sale do so at their own risk. Owners, sale facility, sale management or its staff, cannot be held responsible for accidents that may occur. Animals become the new owner’s property and assume all risk at the fall of the hammer. It is understood that the auctioneer, sale management, and its staff serve only as agents between the buyer and seller, thus cannot be held responsible financially, or otherwise, for any duties or warranties expressed or implied. This catalog was compiled by the sale management with information supplied by the seller and is believed to be honest and accurate as presented. Sale management will in no way warranty pedigrees, breeding information, age, or health, neither respiratory nor reproductive. Any and all adjustments are between buyer and seller. Absentee bidding- We suggest you give the sale management and staff, consignors, or consultants, a call to visit about the

lots you’re interested in, if you are unable to attend: Allow our marketing team to assist you. We would be honored to visit with you about the cattle and assist in finding lots that fit the bill for your program. The staff and consignors will be glad to work with you to find cattle that are within your budget and get the most VALUE for your money. For absentee bidders, we take special care in filling your order with the best cattle in the dollar amount you give us to work with. By using our representatives, we can suggest cattle that you may not have chosen based on their catalog photos alone. Stock Options Marketing and its associates will select cattle with your needs in mind and represent the cattle in a fair and honest manner. We will accept your bids with confidence and integrity to act on your behalf. For sight unseen purchases, place your bids with confidence. To use our marketing team, call Kevin for more information at 937.533.0169. This is a free service, but you MUST pre-register and have a bidder number assigned to you to use it. To pre-register, please call Kevin at 937.533.0169 or Cory Thomsen at 605.730.2397, preferably before 10:30 sale day. Absentee bidders must preregister before the start of the sale. You may be required to list your Drivers License Number and a credit card. Note: all info will be kept confidential and is only used to verify a potential bidder’s validity if unknown to the sale staff or consignors. Payment for all absentee bidders must be secured in full before cattle leave the sale, the consignors, or the marketing agent’s possession. NO EXCEPTIONS. Supplements & Corrections- Announcements made sale day take precedence over materials printed in this catalog. Additional lot information will be available on the Internet at www., and as well as the clerk’s desk on sale day.




Babe 6091D

DOB. 5/12/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled BPF Beast WSC Katie Babe

Irish Whiskey Gridmaker Monopoly Heat seeker x Carly

6 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Katie Babe - Dam of Lot 1 What a way to start this outstanding offering of livestock. This is one that is bred to stand the test of time. This is a daughter of the three time National champion MaineTainer bull, BPF Beast. This powerful specimen is as stout built and wide as her daddy. She is out of WSC Katie Babe, a past National Champion herself. It’s hard to find one with the true width and dimension in such an elegant package and that has the quality genetics generations back in her pedigree. Step up to the plate here, because this one is headed out of the park.




DOB. 5/10/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled Unstoppable


This Unstoppable daughter is as big middled and as stout made as you will find Maine cattle. She is backed by a Chi cow that goes back to Total Play himself. The Total Play cattle were some of the best looking show cattle in the industry for years. Be sure and check out the video on this one! For all the power and width that this one has-- she gets around with so much grace and agility. This one will suit a wide variety of cattlemen.

LFCC Lady K 727T Total Play

Miss Total Play


march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm




BPF Nicky


DOB. 5/5/2106 • MaineTainer • Polled Monopoly

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Cowan’s Ali

ReimanN Ranch 9/916


8 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Grand Champion Steer, 2017 NCC Full sib to Lots 3, 4 & 5

Nicky 9/916 - Donor dam of Lot 3

This is the first of three full sisters out of our new donor, Reimann Ranch Nicky 9/916. We have high hopes for this cow’s future in our program. This is the first flush of offspring and these are the first and only three heifers that will sell this year out of 9/916. The five steers last fall averaged $8,500 with the top seller brought $17,500 and was just named Champion Steer at the Nebraska Cattleman’s Classic in Kearney. He sold to Tracy Goreska last fall and the second high seller out of the flush sold to Jarod Aurther. Ladies and gentlemen, if you can sell cattle to those two boys right there, then you’re doing something right. Be sure to check these three sibs out as they are bred in the purple.



BPF Nicky


DOB. 5/14/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled Monopoly

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Cowan’s Ali

ReimanN Ranch 9/916


These three are backed by a very maternal built and great uddered Ali cow. This one here might be the squarest built of the flush. She has the look of a great brood cow to her and will be a solid addition to your herd no matter what direction you want to go. Res. Grand Champion MaineTainer Heifer, 2016 Royal Grand Champion MaineTainer Heifer, 2016 NAILE Res. Grand Champion MaineTainer Heifer, 2017 NWSS Shown By Mason Walker Raised by BPF



BPF Nicky


DOB. 5/4/2016 • MaineTainer • polled Monopoly

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Cowan’s Ali

ReimaNn Ranch 9/916


This one may be the heaviest constructed one in the whole set when it gets down to it. If you’re looking for one that shakes the ground when she walks then lot 5 is one you need to study hard. With all that width, this one still gets out and moves like a cat. Be sure to check out the video on this one, as she is unique.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm




BPF Anita

Loan 71D

DOB. 7/4/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled RCL Lookout

BC lookout 702 RCL Barb 9C Sooner

BPF Anita Loan 04Z

Anita Loan

10 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

BPF Anita Loan 04Z Donor dam of Lot 6

Anita Loan - Donor grandam of Lot 6

Here’s where you can get more cow power right here. This one is a granddaughter of the past many time champion and Supreme Champion at the Kansas City Royal, Anita Loan. Lot 6’s mother had a $10,000 dollar steer out of I-Believe last fall. 04Z was also one of the top sellers in our Major Herd Reduction sale in Dunlap, Iowa last December. This one is out of our deep sided, maternal made BC Lookout son that has delivered some awesome females for our herd.



BPF Princess


DOB. 6/18/2106 • MaineTainer • Polled RCL Lookout

BC lookout 702 RCL Barb 9C SLC Sooner

BPF Excitement 102Y

TBSC Excitement 315C

Power in the blood sells here! In my 20+ years in the Maine business, I have never seen a sire win all four national shows before and BPF Middle Man was close he won Kansas City, Louisville, Denver and was Reserve in Fort Worth. This year, BPF Beast Boy had a 4-peat at the four major shows for the Benes, Gana, and Walker crews. Congratulations to all those involved! This lot 7 female is a maternal sister to BPF Beastie Boy and is sired by our BC Lookout son. This one is a smooth built and sound structured one that will make an extra special flat built, maternal bred heifer. Beastie Boy Maternal sib to Lot 7

RCL Lookout - Sire of Lots 6, 7 & 8



BPF Princess


DOB. 6/10/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled RCL Lookout

BC lookout 702 RCL Barb 9C DCC Hard Drive

BPF Princess 151W

JMC Miss 707J

Here’s one that is climbing the ladder fast. She is extra sound built and has that extra length and agility that you get from using an Angus sire. She is very good haired and has tremendous leg hair, which is never a bad thing when picking out a show heifer. Be sure to check this one out on sale day.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 11



BPF Cool

Girl 39D

DOB. 5/10/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled I-80

Daddy’s Money

JSC Velvet 112W


Monopoly Irish Whiskey

The Daddy’s Money cattle are taking the nation by storm in the Maine breed. This one exemplifies why these cattle are picking up steam. Lot 9 is extra flat and maternal in the way she’s made. She’s has a ton of flexibility off of both ends and absolutely floats as she moves around the pen. If you want to study high quality structure, be sure to check the big feet and extra stretch this one has.

Daddy’s Money - Sire of Lot 9 & 10




Babe 012D

DOB. 5/7/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled I-80

Daddy’s Money

JSC Velvet 112W

WSC Katie Babe

Monopoly Heatseeker x Carly

Here’s another Daddy’s Money backed by the same donor that lot 1 is out of, WSC Katie Babe. This one has a shot more punch to her than most Daddy’s Money sired individuals have, but yet still gets out and goes with the same soundness that these cattle are known for in the industry. This one is a registered half blood Maine, who gives you a lot of opportunity in mating decisions.

Katie Babe - Dam of Lot 10

12 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Grand Champion MaineAnjou Steer, 2016 OYE Maternal Sib to Lot 11

Drive on Driver Maternal sib to Lot 11



BPF Miss

Belle 101D

DOB. 5/21/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled I-Believe

Believe in me bpf miley 80t Cowan’s Ali

BPF Miss Belle 49S

Strictly Business

BPF Miss Belle 49S Donor dam to Lot 11

Here’s another one backed by one of our most proven donor cows, 49S. Belle 49S is the mother to BPF Drive on Driver, one of the best bulls we’ve ever raised and she is also the mother of the Champion Maine steer at the Oklahoma Youth Expo last spring. She was the mother of two out of the three bulls in our 2016 champion pen of three bulls at the Denver Stock Show and several other top selling show heifers in our fall production sale every year. 49S was one of the top selling cows in our December herd reduction sale and sold to our good friends at the Reimann Ranch in Ree Heights, SD. Lot 11’s pedigree is book worthy and has the phenotype of all her brothers and sisters before her.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 13



BPF Princess


DOB. 9/15/2016 • MaineTainer • Horned Monopoly

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Cowan’s Ali

BPF Princess 157W


14 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

We lead the fall division of MaineTainers off with one of the very best one’s that we’ve ever loaded up and brought to Oklahoma. We don’t know what more you can ask of a female. She has the body, structure, hair and bone that it takes to operate on the highest level you want to play. It is worth your drive to Marietta to take a long hard look at this female--she will not disappoint you.



BPF Princess


DOB. 9/2/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled Hard Whiskey B14

Hard Drive 138R

This one is out of the popular sire, Hard Whiskey. She is extremely big footed and legged with an added dimension of muscle. We believe this one will make a tremendous show heifer and an even better donor cow. She’s a herd building kind. This one will be sure to catch your eye on sale day.

JSC Katie 5S Solid Gold Who Made Who

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 15



BPF Smokin

Hottie 700D

DOB. 9/28/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled Smokin Hottie

Heat Wave Madrid DCC Hard Drive

BPF Selena 917X

TC Selena 1M

This is truly one of the special finds in the sale this year. We loved the Smokin Hottie bull in Denver years ago and we loved the steer that won the Indiana State Fair a year later out of him. Furthermore, we are in love with this Smokin Hottie daughter that sells here as lot 14. This one has a whole bunch of things headed in the right direction. She has the hair quality of her grandsire, DCC Hard Drive. We know you will love this female. TH & PHA testing information will be available ahead of the sale. Results available online at and at the sale location on the sale supplement sheet.

Hawn 717D



BPF Goldie

DOB. 10/27/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled Walks Aone

Walks This Way

Habanero Yellow Jacket

BPF Goldie Hawn 99Y Maine

Here we offer a full sister to the $15,000 high selling steer on our September online sale. These Walks This Way sired cattle are so sound and practical for club calf genetics. Lot 15 is one of the youngest females in the sale, but don’t hold that against her. She is solidly built from nose to tail and her dam, the 99Y donor, is an up and coming cow in our herd that is worth her weight in gold.

High Selling Steer 2016 BPF Pasture Sale

16 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer



BPF Stillwater


DOB. 6/10/2016 • MaineTainer • Polled Stillwater MAINE X ANGUS

irishman Cunia X High Voltage Maine Angus

Lots 16 and 17 are out of an Irishman son called Stillwater, who was raised by Bryan McCay in Oklahoma. This one is the wider pinned and stifled one of the two full sisters. Lot 16 is extra sound as she goes away from you and is so elegant up thru her head, neck and shoulders.

We will be happy to nominate any Maine-Anjou or MaineTainer heifer for the 2017 She’s A Lady Futurity. The 2017 Futurity will be held in Hutchinson, KS in conjunction with the 2017 Junior National Shows. Please let us know at the conclusion of the sale, if you would like your Maine-Anjou or MaineTainer heifer nominated.



BPF Stillwater


DOB. 6/4/2016 • MaineTainer • Horned Stillwater MAINE X ANGUS

irishman Cunia X High Voltage Maine Angus

Another daughter out of the new McKay sire, Stillwater sells here and we think this one has big time bred heifer wrote all over her. She has that super flat shoulder and huge body cavity that reminds us of the Hassenbeck family’s champion commercial female at the Oklahoma Youth Expo in 2015.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 17

BPF Miley 80T Full sib to Lot 18



BPF Merecedes


DOB. 6/4/2016 • High Maine • Polled CMAC Hard Core

DCC Hard Drive

MVH Miss Pinnacle 4J Dr. Who

DCC Merecedes 701P


18 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

BPF Mercedes Benz Maternal Sib to Lot 18

DCC Merecedes 701P Dam of Lot 18

Power in the blood sells here! This is one of the last full sibs to BPF Miley that will ever be sold at BPF. Miley is the mother to I-80 and I-Believe along with countless other promotional cattle and high sellers nationwide. The Maine breed has revolved considerably around the whole 701P cow family, recently. Here’s a chance to own one of the last direct daughters of Mercedes 701P, herself. These cattle generate quality and have a story behind them that has a bunch of pages in it. Get in on the ground floor of a factory right here.



BPF Hanky

Panky 716D

DOB. 10/4/2016 • High Maine • Polled I-80 BPF Lexi 112Y

Cowan’s Ali 4M

Here’s a fall born high percentage Maine show heifer that we believe will be really competitive around the country. This I-80 daughter has the super sound skeleton that you need in the show ring and more importantly to generate repetitive quality. In you are in the market for a high Maine-Anjou show heifer, be sure to look this one up on sale day. She’s been an early favorite and continues to get better everyday.

BPF Miley 80T WLW Serious Business DCC Lexi 183M

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 19



BPF Dakota

Dakota 322H - Grandam to Lot 20

DOB. 7/6/2016 • High Maine • Polled I-80

Daddy’s Money

JSC Velvet 112W DJ Digger

DCC Playmate 50S

DCC Dakota 322H

20 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Another daughter of the popular Daddy’s Money sells here. Man these cattle are so soft sided and extra flexible in their build and design and lot 20 will show you what it’s all about. She combines an old school pedigree that includes DCC Dakota 322H, one of the building blocks of the DeRouchey program. You’ll love the extra depth of rib and flank in the powerful brood cow prospect.



BPF Super

Model 723D

DOB. 5/12/2016 • Chiania • Scurred Monopoly

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Heat wave

BPF Miss Me 11Y

FBF Miss Mail Me 055M

FBF Miss Mail Me 055M - Grandam to Lot 21

You will drive the tires off the pickup trying to find a Monopoly daughter as flat shouldered and breeding cattle built as this one is. She gives you a striking pose from any angle and moves like a kitty cat. She is backed by an own daughter of 055M, the cornerstone of our Chi program. 055M has generated more dollars than any cow in our herd. We lost her this winter, but thankful for the daughters she gave us to produce cattle like this one. If you’re on the hunt for a big time Chianina breeding heifer, then this one needs to be on your radar.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 21




Man Chu 732D

DOB. 5/21/2016 • Chiania • Polled Fu Man Chu

Monopoly Bounty Hunter Hard Core

DCC Playmate 72S

gloria 1h

22 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

The Fu Man Chu cattle have been taking the nation by storm this year and this heifer will show you why. She’s got a neck on her that flys high out of the top of her shoulder blades, she’s got the big ole sweep to her rib cage, and she has the feet and legs of a thoroughbred. This one dual registers as a Maintainer female as well, if you need some diversity in breeds. We think she fits best as a Chi with the cocky cool look that she has, but we’re not going to blame you if you decide to prove us wrong.

Pictures, Videos & More -

Grand Champion Chianina Heifer, 2017 Ft Worth Direct Daughter of 055M

BPF Chimaker - Sire of Lot 23



LKC Miss

Daisy 92ZD

DOB. 4/3/2016 • Chiania • Polled BPF Chimaker

Monopoly FBF MS Mail Me 005M GVC Closing Bell 10U

GVC Tammy Fae 92Z

Miss Green Valley 864U

FBF Miss Mail Me 055M Donor dam to Chimaker

Lot 23’s sire BPF Chimaker sold in our 2014 Production Sale to the Kersten Family in Nebraska. Chimaker was sired by Monopoly and was backed by the Miss Mail Me 055M cow herself. 055M was the mother of the 2017 National Champion Female at Fort Worth. We purchased lot 23 from the Kerstens last fall, because we thought she was a special female and we loved the way she was bred. We were able to incorporate the 055M cow family and a cow family that is sired by the Simmental legend, Driver himself. We think this one is destined for big things. Also if you’re looking for one for a younger child, look at this one as she has a sweetheart attitude.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 23



BPF Magnificent


DOB. 5/6/2016 • Chiania • Polled Carnac

Heat Wave Went Blacks #46 Dr. Who

BPF Gonna Get Who 908P Maine

Who doesn’t love a baldy? This motley-faced beauty will grab your attention when you first lay eyes on her. But take away her cool colored markings and you’ll see she has a lot of things going the right direction. The rib shape and dimension of this one is outstanding and she gets out and goes with extra flex. You will not find many of these young Carnac daughters for sale anymore. The ones out there in the country get their job done well. The Core family owns a Carnac cow that after show career was over 5 years ago, has risen to be one of the most prolific steer raising cows in the country. Think of the beautiful baldy cattle you could make with this one in the front pasture.



BPF Country

Girl 925D

DOB. 5/3/2016 • Chiania • Polled Dry County

Monopoly Irish Whiskey PCC EL Patron

SLC MS Elway 320S

SLC MS Elway 025P

Here’s another one backed by a powerful Chiangus cow base. The Email cow families have echoed quality throughout our herd and this one is a prime example. The neck extension and look this one gives you is outstanding and she has those cool feet and legs that you get with the old Chiangus cattle. She is sired by Dustin Glover’s proven sire, Dry County. Dry County is a bull that we haven’t seen or used a lot, but we just haven’t seen a bad calf out of him. They are very consistent and solidly constructed cattle. Lot 25 will be an asset to your herd.

24 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer




in a Million 705D

DOB. 9/24/2016 • Chiania • Polled One and Only

Heat Wave 109 Monopoly

BPF Miss Me 564B

If you’re looking for a big time fall born Chianina show heifer you need to take a look at this one. Here’s one out of the Wade Rodger’s sire. One and Only that is built right from the ground up. She is right and true in her structural design and still has more than enough shape and power to satisfy any cattleman. This one will stand on her own at any level of competition. This is another one that has the influence of a direct daughter of 055M. These 055M daughters will be the future of our program and will make a name for themselves in the Chi breed in the next few years.

FBF Miss Mail Me 055M

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 25



BPF Daddy’s

Girl D705

DOB. 9/3/2016 • Chiania • Horned Big Papa

Who Made Who 411F TTBR MS Pride 884U Paddy o Malley

BPF Miss Paddy 801W Angus

26 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Here’s one out of the old school bred sire, Big Papa. Troy Beckett had one of these calves this year that brought $70,000 in his fall production sale. The combination of Who Made Who with old maternal Chi genetics gives the Big Papa cattle a new outcross pedigree from some of today’s most popular genetics. In our opinion, lot 27 is cut from the same model as the Big Papa heifer Troy sold this fall. She is so stout built, but yet is so elegant and sound in her design. This one will have a bright future ahead of her in the show ring at any level you want to play.



BPF Princess


DOB. 5/4/2016 • Simm. Solution • Polled Monopoly

Man Amougst Boys

Another beautiful baldy sells here as lot 28. This one is a picture perfect, momma cow that embodies everything that the SimmSolution program offers. She of course has the baldy head and white flank. But she also is blessed with the rib and body shape that low percentage Simmental cattle possess. The structure on this one is as good as you can find in SimGenetics, especially for as much bone, width, and power she brings to the table.

96T (Hard Core) Meyer Ranch 734

KASS Rumor S38

DCC Playmate 290K

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 27



BPF Voodoo

Majic 709D

DOB. 9/24/2016 • Simm. Solution • Polled GCC Whizard

SVF Steel Force S701 Miss Chill WW Representative 58R

BPFC Mindy 823W

BPF 0823S(Angus)

28 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

It’s no secret this one is one of the boys’ favorites at the barn. She has a lot of things going for her to say the least. Sired by Griswold’s Whizard bull, she is flat built and has the angular look with extra step in her giddy up. We love the extra neck extension, along with the long-term show heifer and brood cow look this one gives you. She will get her picture taken a bunch very soon. We hope she ends up in a great home, as we think she could truly be a special one.



BPF Erica


DOB. 10/25/2016 • Simm. Solution • Polled HOC Broker CR Erica 4138

SVF Steel Force S701 JM BF H25 TC Gridmaker PB Angus

Lot 30 is the first of two full sisters, who sired by Broker and out of our Erica 4138 donor. 4138 is an Angus cow that is the dam to the mother to BPF Beast 510Z ($27,000 high seller in our herd reduction sale), Cade Brackers’ Steel Force daughter, and countless other high sellers and champions. She is our cornerstone Angus donor, no doubt about it. It was because of the success that Cade had with his Steel Force daughter that convinced us to use the popular Broker bull back on 4138 and boy are we glad we did. They are just as good as the Steel Forces, but with a little more punch to them. This baldy heifer we offer here is one of the younger ones in the offering and she has a bright future ahead of her. She is backed by a solid cow family from the heart of our herd.

BPF Beast Maternal Sib to Lots 30 & 31 & popular AI Sire

CR Erica 4138 Dam of Lots 30 & 31



BPF Erica


DOB. 11/5/2016 • Simm. Solution • Polled HOC Broker CR Erica 4138

SVF Steel Force S701 JM BF H25 TC Gridmaker PB Angus

This Broker daughter is a full sister to lot 30 and is backed by the Erica 4138 cow herself. This is one of the youngest ones in the sale and wasn’t quite old enough when we weaned. She is coming on strong though and with the genetics she has behind her she will get better every day of her life.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 29



J6 Lady


DOB. 3/20/2016 • High Simmental • Polled MR NLC Upgrade U8676

Mr. TR Hammer 308A

SVF/HS Expecting A Dream GKS Re-Hab

WF Forever Lady Z165 WF U165

30 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

We lead this powerful set of Simmental cattle off with this stout made, good looking one raised by the J6 Ranch in Nebraska. This is a stout made daughter of Hammer. She is as pretty as a picture and for a purebred Simmental she has a solid set of running gear underneath her. She is backed by one of J6’s most proven donor cows. If you’re in the market for a great high percentage Simmental female, be sure and look this one up and study her.



BPF Miss

Utah 720D

DOB. 10/3/2016 • High Simmental • Polled Utah BPFC Sadie 63X

GCC Hard As Steel 144W Miss Yardley T170 Dream On Playmate 1L

This one is an absolute freak show. Her front end alone will propel you to the front of the class. She has been a standout since birth and we can’t wait to show her off in Marietta. If you’re in the market for a fall born purebred, then you’re search will end here.

Grand Champion Simmental Female, 2016 NAILE Shown By Sara Sullivan Raised by BPF & Bloomberg



BPF Silver

Fox 702D

DOB. 9/23/2016 • Char. Comp. • Horned Monopoly Samari 10Y

Heat Wave Century Touchstone Samari PB Charolais

This female is miles better than the picture we got of her. When you see her on sale day you will find that she is one of the flattest shouldered, biggest bodied low percentage Charolais females that we’ve ever brought south with us. We love the extra depth of rib that this one brings to the table. We think she make an awesome, big, bred show heifer.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 31



BPF Smoke

Show 711D

DOB. 10/6/2016 • Char. Comp. • Horned Monopoly PB Charolais

Heat Wave Century Touchstone PB Charolais PB Charolais

Monopoly has been the go to choice for Charolais cows all over the country and cattle like this will show you why. Lot 35 is an attractive fronted female that will grab your eye on sale day. This was a planned mating and this is the third heifer calf that this momma cow has put in this sale. We love the consistency of this mating.





DOB. 11/3/2016 • Char. Comp. • Polled Firepower

Firepower - Sire of lots 36 & 37

lot 36




lot 35

TR Mr Firewater ACD Ms Dynasty 7117 Pump Daddy

Marsh Mellow


Here is the first of two daughters sired by Firepower, the incredibly built herd sire at Willow Springs Cattle. She is backed by a powerful young donor at WSCC that is sired by the hot, Horn sire Pump Daddy. This female’s grandmother, Jenny is a past junior national’s division champion and most proven producer at WSCC. Here’s one that isn’t the biggest, or the stoutest or the oldest one in the offering, but if you take time to study her, you’ll find that’s she is just a little younger and with time she will be a major contender.


DOB. 11/4/2016 • Char. Comp. • Polled Firepower

TR Mr Firewater ACD Ms Dynasty 7117 PB Limousin

Bella (PB Dan Sullivan Limmpusin) PB Limousin

You won’t find one bred quite like this everyday. She is sired by the Firepower bull that is a stout made individual that will overwhelm you in his phenotypic quality. Maternally, she is out of a top purebred Limousin heifer that is backed by Dan Sullivan’s most proven Limousin cow family. This combination worked well, as it resulted in this cool built, younger female that will have a bright show career ahead of her.

32 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

lot 37



BPF felt Dahlia


DOB. 1/10/2016 • Angus • Polled Silveiras Style 9303

Nelsons style 4418

Nelsons Blackbird 0418

We haven’t had an Angus for a couple years in this sale, but when we first laid eyes on this one we knew she was something special. She is built how cattle need to be built in order to be successful. She is huge bodied with tons of spring to her rib cage, extra long bodied, and still has a stylish eye-appealing look that will get the judges’ attention. If you’re looking for an Angus show heifer that you can build your program around, then take a long hard look at this one.

SAV Bonanza 9111

JMAK Miss Bonanza Y132

SA PRIM Lassie 348

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 33





DOB. 3/25/2016 • Hereford • Polled Ribeye 88X

SHF Rib Eye M326 R117 NJW 9126J Dew Domino 98S CRR About Time

SULL TCC Harley 312

LCC Two Timin 438

34 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Full Sib to Lot 39 - Division Champion Heifer, 2016 American Royal, Res. Division Champion, 2017 Here’s a purebred, polled Hereford that NWSS & Ft Worth Stock Show

has quite a genetic package behind her. Sired by the Ward raised and Colyer sire, 88X and out of the Bushy Park Farm and Willow Springs Cattle Company up and coming donor, Ima. Ima is an About Time daughter that is out of the Two Timin “Harley” cow herself. Lot 39’s full sister was calf champion in Kansas City and reserve calf champion in Denver and Fort Worth. The Ima cow is proving herself as a consistent producer of high quality phenotypes and it all revolves around the Harley donor. Here’s your chance at some high-powered genetics.




Diana 6192 ET

DOB. 5/7/2016 • Hereford • Polled TF Union 4037 734

RW DM Remington 734

RW DM Avery 18U 2016 ET TH 64U 719T Victor 26X

TCC BPF Diana Z06

TCC Diana 01

This one is sired by the Rockin W raised sire, Remington. Remington is owned by Express Ranches and the Tucker family in Nebraska. He is proving to be quite a sire. You can study the bottom side of her pedigree and it won’t disappoint you at all. Her mother is the 755T first natural calf out of Diana 01, the two time national champion, as well as last year’s high seller in Sullivan’s Hereford dispersal, and flat out one of the best females that we have ever had anything to do with period. Lot 40 is a culmination of an awesome pedigree and flawless phenotype into one package. Don’t miss out on this one.



BPF Harley


TCC Diana 01 Grandam to Lot 40

Supreme Champion Heifer, 2017 San Antonio Shown By Carlisle Braman Sold by BPF

DOB. 11/5/2016 • Hereford • Polled NJW FHF 9710 Tank 45P

PF SFCC D96 Sherman A308

KLD BR Rosie D96 ET Midas

TCC SULL Harley 313

LCC Two Timin 438

This trio of Herefords are bred for success. Lot 41 is out a past $27,000 dollar high seller at Sullivan Farms, who is a full sister to TCC Shelby, the mother of TCC Diania 01. We have high hopes for the 313 cow in our herd. Her daughter that we sell here is an absolute freak show. She is as cool necked and as freaky fronted as a purebred Hereford can be. You will standout in the crowd for sure with this good looking red and white female. Her sire, Sherman is a bull raised by the Sims family in Oklahoma. Sherman was the sire of our $15,000 dollar high selling Hereford last year that the Braman family in Texas bought. She went on to be second in a very competitive class at junior nationals last summer.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 35



BPF Alright

Already 728D

DOB. 10/10/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Right Ahead Miss Summit

Right On Donor 710 Summit 8103 Summit 8103 x 5005 Heatwave

36 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Big time opportunity offered here. If your goal is to raise the best Hereford marked steers in the south, you will need to take a long hard look at lot 42. We have seen a lot of steer producing cows over the years and we fully believe this one could be one of the very best we’ve ever offered and that is why we have decided to retain half embryo interest in her. She was raised by Donnie Begalka in South Dakota, which is a name notorious for raising top-notch Hereford seedstock and steer producers. We saw with our own eyes, two full brothers to this female this winter that sold to Mark Copus and Bob Bruns in Texas. They will flat out be tough to tangle with this upcoming show season. We believe in consistent genetics and we fully believe that lot 42 offers you just that. - Retaining 1/2 embryo Interest.



BPF Right


DOB. 9/28/2016 • Crossbred • Horned Right Ahead Miss Summit

Right On Donor 710 Summit 8103 Summit 8103 x 5005 Heatwave

Here’s a full sister to lot 41 that has the same genetic base. She came in a little bit thinner, but if you study her, you’ll see she has the same type of build and design in a bigger outlined package. This doublebred Summit cow is flat out getting the job done at Begalka Livestock. If you’re in the Hereford steer producing business, then these genetics are very valuable.



BPF Miss

Battle Cry

DOB. 8/6/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Battle Cry

Made Right Hereford Heat Wave Leddy Hi Voltage

Miss Hi Voltage

Rausch Commander Son

We like to surround ourselves with people that have success. Our good friend Jason Jensen raised this next Hereford marked female. Jason is notorious for raising some of the best steers and heifers in the state of South Dakota and they always fetch some of the top dollars in the state. When we first saw this daughter of the popular Battle Cry bull, we begged and pleaded with Jason to let us take her south. This is a star studded cast this year of Hereford marked crossbreds and they are crazy good.

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 37



BPF Doing

it Right 163D

DOB. 8/12/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Lovin The Business

Business Done Right

Ammo 386 Heat wave

Miss Heat wave


38 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

In God We Trust - Full sib in blood to lot 45

Here’s a full sister in blood to the Horn bred sire, In God We Trust. We have a lot of faith in the way this one is bred and much hope that the In God We Trust cattle will live up to the hype that you hear across the country. If you’re in the steer production business or just looking for a high quality female to jackpot, then this silver darling will not disappoint you at all. She is huge footed and square built as they come and has the extra sound feet and legs underneath her. Don’t miss out on this genetic opportunity.




It Done 733D

DOB. 6/12/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Lovin The Business

Business Done Right

Here’s another one out of the clean Horn bred sire, Business Done Right. This one is big middled and you will love the structural build and integrity of this one. She is so powerful and wide built in her design. Brandon Horn says the Business Done Rights are making awesome momma cows across the country. This one right here will for sure make the donor pen.


Monopoly X Angus


march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 39



BPF Moon

River 729D

DOB. 9/4/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Moonlight Miss Twister

Man Among Boys Hoo Doo 351 Texas Twister 996(Troubadour x Heat wave)

40 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer

Here’s another one that originated from Donnie Begalka in South Dakota. Donnie’s had a lot of success with the Moonlight sire owned by Brian Martin and Phil Lautner and lot 47 will show you why. This one is truly special in a bunch of different aspects. She is so freaky in the way she’s put together in her front one-third, but yet opens up into a stout wide skeleton with plenty of meat and muscle to make a steer-making donor. Here’s one that will stand out in the crowd at the jackpot shows and make some wild colored show steers.



BPF Surprise

Surprise 718D

DOB. 9/19/2016 • Crossbred • Polled No Surprise Miss Red Hot

Monopoly Legally Blonde Red Hot Maine

This female is sired by the Griswold and Doris sire, No Surprise. We’ve seen this bull up at Luke’s running on cows in the past and fell in love with the build and design of this great young sire. Lot 48 has awesome color to raise the top quality Shorthorn marked steers that are in demand right now. If you look at all the online sales that happen every night this time of year, it is really hard to find Shorthorn marked steers. You could own a share a great niche market with this stout built, chubby ground sow in your donor pen.



BPF Superstar


DOB. 9/3/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Rockstar Miss Solution

Man among boys troubadour full sister Total Solution Maine

Rockstar is a Monopoly son that many producers have had success with in South Dakota. This lot was raised by our good friend Herb Barbar in Wessington Springs. Herb’s got a tremendous cow herd and has great success with the Total Solution daughters he’s kept over the years like the mother of lot 49. Here’s another wild colored one that you can raise many different breeds of show steers from in the future. Take away her color and here is one that is just very solid in her build and design. Check out the video of this roan female, as she will not disappoint you!

march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 41



BPF Special

Lady 719D

DOB. 9/2/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Extra Special Barbar X429

Real Deal KC Maine/Angus Walks Alone Carney Man

Here’s another one that Barbar’s in South Dakota raised. She is sired by Wade Rodger’s sire, Extra Special. Extra Special is an outcross Airhart bred bull that is making a name for himself. Extra Special is filling the gap for a clean, pedigreed club calf sire that will add a shot of maternal value and milk to his momma cows. Lot 50 is out of a cool looking Walk Alone x Carneyman cow that is straight out of the heart of Herb’s herd.



WSC Dragon

Lady 6526

DOB. 11/3/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Steel Dragon

Red Dragon 3194N (Hoo Doo) Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz X Angus Angus

Lot 51 is out of a past top seller at Mid Continent Farms that was purchased by Willow Springs. They call him Steel Dragon. By the first few calves we have seen, we think this bull sure has his place in the world. You will like the structure of this female. She is one of the youngest and thinnest in the sale, but yet she is so flawless in the way she’s put together. The Steel Dragon calves all have big feet and bone for young calves. This young female will climb the ladder fast the next month.

42 | BUSHY PARK FARM • girls of summer



BPF Merecedes


DOB. 10/18/2016 • Crossbred • Polled Solid Gold

Heat Wave Charolais Donor 01 Monopoly

BPF Merecedes 12A

DCC Mercedes 701P

Big Rig Maternal sib to Lot 52

DCC Mercedes 701P Maternal grandam to lot 52

We round out the offering with this dark, cherry red female that is back by one top young donors in the herd, BPF Mercedes 12A. Lot 52 is a maternal sister to the Lautner sire, Big Rig and is also a sib to the champion Maine and sixth overall steer at the Nebraska Cattleman’s Classic. This young female will make a front pasture kind of momma cow with the Mercedes 701P donor, who is the mother of Mercedes Benz and grandmother to I-80 in her pedigree. march 25, 2017 • 4:30 pm

| 43

420 Camp Cypress Trail Winnsboro TX 75494

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BPF Girls of Summer 2017 Catalog  

Be sure to check out the 2017 Girls of Summer offering. This is the best set yet from Bushy Park Farm. Cattle sell March 25th in Marietta, O...