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Shorthorn Country april 2019 issue 4 • volume 46

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=Show Reports 2019 San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo - Junior Show................. 25 2019 Illinois Beef Expo..................................................................... 26 2019 ISU Redbird Rumble Jackpot Show....................................... 28

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The April cover was taken by Hannah Olsen, Wisconsin.

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shorthorn country = april 2019


= Shorthorn Update

7607 NW Prairie View Rd. • Kansas City, MO 64151-1544 816-599-7777 • FAX: 816-599-7782 Montie D. Soules, asa executive secretary/CEO montie@shorthorn.org Matt Woolfolk, director of performance programs, performance data & commercial acceptance • matt@shorthorn.org Heather Lange, director of customer service, registrations & DNA • heather@shorthorn.org Shelby Rogers, director of youth activities, marketing & communications • shelby@shorthorn.org Emily Velisek, director of events, show & membership activities • emilyv@shorthorn.org Rochelle Wilson, director of finances • rochelle@shorthorn.org

ASA Board of Directors Rick Leone, president 719-468-1981 Nancy Grathwohl-Heter, vice president 785-587-7947 Hugh Mooney, executive director 916-319-0488 Tom Turner, 614-499-5248 Robert Alden, 816-632-8509 Joe Bales, 615-330-2342 Dave Greenhorn, 937-470-6552 Toby Jordan, 219-819-4603 John Sonderman, 402-641-0936 Shorthorn Foundation Bill Rasor, president American Junior Shorthorn Association Jake Nikkel, president National Shorthorn Lassies Shay Bakenhus, president

ASA Dates of Note June 18-21 BIF Annual Convention, April Brookings, SD April 10 AJSA Junior Board Candidate July Application Deadline July 4 ASA Office Closed https://juniorshorthorn.com/jr- November board-application/ April 19 ASA Office Closed - Good Friday Nov. 22- ASA Annual Meeting, Forum & Nov.23 Awards Banquet, Hilton Kansas May City Airport May 1 Junior National Cattle Ownership & Entry Deadline May 1 AJSA Scholarship Deadline 2019 NJSS Judges https://juniorshorthorn.com/ Owned Show: Mark Hoge opportunities/scholarships/ Bred & Owned Show: Tom Hawk May 15 Junior National Late Entry Deadline ShorthornPlus Show: Kevin Hafner May 27 ASA Office Closed - Memorial Day June Showmanship: Bruce & Amy Stertzbach June 17-22 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference, Lebanon, TN

Junior National Entry Information ONLINE ENTRY ONLY at juniorshorthorn.com CATTLE OWNERSHIP & ENTRY DEADLINE: May 1, 2019 LATE ENTRY DEADLINE (increased fees): May 15, 2019

Attention Juniors! • Junior members turning 22 in 2019, your Junior membership is good through Dec. 31, 2019. To receive the adult membership for 2020 at a transitional rate, you must complete the application on the back of the expiring junior member letter mailed out in November 2019 and return it along with payment to the ASA office by March 1, 2020. All memberships converted from junior to adult will become WHR breeders. • Junior members 7 years of age are eligible to show at the Junior National. The Junior member has to be 7 on January 1 of the year the Junior National is taking place to be eligible to show at the Junior National. For example, if a child turned 7 on December 31, 2018 they are eligible to show at the 2019 National Junior Show in Lebanon, TN. If they turned 7 on January 10, 2019, they are not eligible to show at this years Junior National.


shorthorn country = april 2019

WHR Breeders WHR Assessments for 2019 were sent in November. If you have not received yours, please contact the ASA office as soon as possible. 1. WHR inventory assessments must be completed and paid in full prior to registering calves born in the current assessment period, (i.e. 2019 assessment on a dam must be completed and paid in order to register her calf born in 2019.) 2. Included with each assessment is the registration of a calf born to the dam in the year she was assessed (if calf is registered prior to one year of age) and a free transfer of said calf (if recorded within 60 days from the date of the sale.) (i.e. cost to register a calf born in 2019 to an assessed 2019 dam will be $0, if calf is registered within 12 months) 2019 ASSESSMENT FEE SCHEDULE: March 1 - December 31, 2019 $25 *Calves born in previous year(s) to unassessed dams will incur additional fees as described below

New WHR Non-Assessed Cow Ruling - Effective Jan. 1, 2019 WHR Breeders: as of January 1, 2019, penalties will be added to WHR breeder registrations for calves born to dams not assessed in the year the calf was born. To avoid penalties, assessment of all dams in the herd must be completed by December 31 of that year. Registration fees of calves born to unassessed dams from previously closed assessment years: • under 12 months of age - $75 • 12-24 months - $95 • over 24 months - $135 *This applies only to animals registered to a dam which was not assessed in the year the calf was born.

2019 ASA Membership If you have not paid your 2019 ASA membership as of March 1, 2019, you are no longer a member in good standing. If you are a TOC Member and your membership was not paid by February 28, 2019, you will become a WHR Member when you renew your membership. How to renew your 2019 ASA membership: Log into your account on DigitalBeef. The $100 membership fee will automatically be charged and the membership end date will be advanced to 12.31.19. You can pay your bill online or mail a check.

Regular Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time Zone

2019 International Year Code: G

shorthorn country = april 2019


= Association Outlook

Montie D. asa executive Soules secretary/CEO

ASA Board Strategic Planning


n February, the ASA Board met with Kevin Ochsner for a strategic planning and board governance session. Breed association boards meet periodically to remain focused and realign in the areas important to the membership and the association. At times, ASA Staff is included with the Board members to share ideas, visions and other information to provide an overview of association activities. Kevin Ochsner is well known for hosting Cattleman to Cattleman on RFD, but his normal business is performing strategy sessions for companies and associations. To begin the session, Kevin defined the roles of a board and a staff. He also brought attention to the importance of making decisions based on what is best for the breed and association, rather than individual preferences. I must say, in my six years of serving as the ASA Executive, your Board of Directors have continuously served as representatives of you, the membership, and have not brought personal agendas to the Board Room. Kevin also emphasized the importance of discussing items in a professional manner and expressing unification as a group, even if a board member opposed the majority vote. The entire board should be unified on the decision. (DC politicians could take a lesson from our Board.) It would be unfair to this Board or the previous Boards with which I have worked not to sing praises of their accord and (mostly) unanimous decisions. They are a cohesive group who put the ASA above all else to make this

breed first-rate. Kevin pointed out that the Board makes policy and the staff is here to carry out that policy. The strategic planning began with the staff included. Kevin began by challenging the group to share their thoughts on different activities and areas relative to breed associations and memberships. The list is long and as the information extracted from the Board and staff, many common ideas began to surface. By challenging the group, viewpoints and mindsets blended and a new Mission, Vision and Core Strategies for ASA were created. The groups’ concepts included: Technology advancement is outpacing education in applying that technology; Potential increase in divergence of show ring and the performance industry; Misperceptions that Shorthorns are not purebred; Consumer preference demand for less antibiotic or hormone treatment; Increase in local and/or niche markets; Loyalty of our breeders to Shorthorn red, white, and roan; Increased focus on data analytics; Amplified use of convenience traits; Augmented use of genomics; The labor shortage in the industry and Growth in online sales and marketing. These are just a few of the comments the Board and staff shared in the process. Next, the responsibilities of an association and Board were addressed, such as: Representation of the many different membership interests; Oversight of resources and finances; Integrity; Educate and inform membership; Decision making and setting policy; Good communication and

Remain focused on Mission and Vision Statements. After one-and-a-half days of focusing on this task, the Board authored a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Strategies which are listed at the bottom of this page. One phrase included in these Statements and Strategies that the entire Board feels strongly about and one that I personally am proud to see that they felt important is the “Family Friendly Environment� that is engraved in this breed. Aside from all the technology and changes that we deal with in our industry, there is an importance in the people of the breed and how they interact. These statements and strategies are directed toward serving the membership and breed growth. In the future, these commitments will remain on this page, much like the Initiatives the Board scripted after the Impact 2015 Conference. Those initiatives have, for the most part, been accomplished and the time has come to grow and move on. Exercises like this are important, not only for the Board and Staff, but for the membership of any association. The Board worked diligently on this project. Trust me they were exhausted after 2 days of demanding activity. The Board has defined a great Vision and Mission Statements which will benefit our breed along with the Core Strategies that we will act on and refer to in the upcoming months. The American Shorthorn Association and its membership now have = a unified direction!

American Shorthorn Association Mission Statement The mission of the American Shorthorn Association is to serve all members and enhance the value of the Shorthorn breed by managing data, maintaining the integrity of the herdbook, educating members and communicating the value of Shorthorn cattle resulting in the expanded use of Shorthorn genetics in the U.S. beef industry.

American Shorthorn Association Vision Statement

Be recognized in the industry as a viable British breed that creates profitability in beef cattle production, with a family friendly environment.

Core Strategies Educate, equip and empower our members


Increase commercial interest in Shorthorn genetics

shorthorn country = april 2019

Continue to develop and support the Junior program

Invest in research and development to enable breed improvement

shorthorn country = april 2019



shorthorn country = april 2019

THE ONE-PIECE TAG. PERFECTED. If you’re looking for more from a one-piece ear tag, take a close look at Y-Tags from Y-TEX®.

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One-piece tagging system

To learn more, visit www.y-tex.com or call 888-600-YTEX. *Y-Tags Feedlot tags are printed using ink jet print and are not guaranteed for the life of the animal. ® © 2019 Y-TEX Corporation. Y-TEX is a registered trademark of Y-TEX Corporation. Y-Tags™, Surgi-Tip™ and PureLaser™ are trademarks of Y-TEX Corporation.

= Beef Business

The Myostatin Mutation: A Basic Overview While the weather was anything but spring-like, The ASA Board of Directors met in late February for their spring board meeting. During the course of the meeting, the topic of breeder education came up many times and on different topics under the umbrella of Shorthorn cattle production. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of purebred cattle production, and the board is committed to utilizing some of our resources as an association to help explain and grow the knowledge of our membership. One point of interest that the Board of Directors feels is worthy of some educational information is myostatin in beef cattle and how the mutation works from a genetic standpoint. It does not operate the same as other mutations and genetic mechanisms you are already familiar with, so some background information and explanation will hopefully be helpful. Technically, myostatin is a protein produced by the body to control muscle growth. The myostatin protein is what tells the body to quit producing new muscle fibers and stop muscle growth. There is a mutation of the gene that produces a different protein in place of myostatin that is much less effective in controlling muscle mass development. Without the presence of the myostatin protein, increased muscle mass (what we refer to as “double muscling” in the beef cattle industry) is exhibited by the animal. The cattle that exhibit the double muscled look don’t actually have two copies of a muscle, but rather their muscle fibers are just larger than normal. The genes that control myostatin

production are actually found in all mammals, not just beef cattle. The mutation of myostatin can be found in all breeds of beef cattle, including Shorthorns. In some breed populations, it can be seen more commonly. Breeds such as the Piedmontese and Belgian Blue are prime examples of the presence of the myostatin mutation. These cattle are known for their extremely heavy muscle patterns and high carcass yield, due in large part to the myostatin mutation and selection for this type of cattle. In beef cattle, there are three common variants of the myostatin mutation (nt419, E226X, and F94L). Each of the three most common mutations results in the extremely muscular phenotype, but can vary in some others traits that might also be expressed; such as calving dystocia or inadequate fertility. Cattle that are homozygous for any of the three mutations will fully express the double muscled trait. What makes the myostatin mutation unique is that animals can have one copy of the gene and exhibit some of the characteristics associated with the mutation to a lesser degree than an animal that has two copies of the gene. Genetic tests for variants of the myostatin mutation have been around for many years, and it is available to determine if an animal possesses any of the three common variants in the Shorthorn breed. To date, there have only been 11 head tested through ASA. Within DigitalBeef, the results are presented a little differently. Each of the three common variants (nt419, E226X, and F94L) are listed in the database. This is due to the fact that the DigitalBeef

Matt director of Woolfolk performance programs

platform is used by multiple breeds, and different breeds have different variants more prominently in their population. At this point, only the E226X variant has been seen in our ASA testing. Animals tested by GeneSeek are listed in DigitalBeef as either “Free” (0 copies of the mutation, myostatin functions normally in the animal) or “Carrier” (1 copy of the mutation). Breeding a bull that is a myostatin mutation carrier to a cow that is also a carrier would result in a 50% chance of producing a calf that is a myostatin mutation carrier, and a 25% chance of producing a homozygous, double muscled calf. It should be noted that while the additional muscle expression might be an interesting idea, being a carrier of these variants can lead to significant problems that are not desirable in the herd in any way, such as calving difficulty and subpar fertility. Also, even with the multiple variants of the myostatin mutation, breeding a carrier of one variant to a carrier of a different variant can still cause these issues and undesirable consequences. Doing such matings is not advised. I will admit this is certainly a confusing trait to wrap one’s head around, as it can almost be viewed as backwards in the way it presents itself. It’s best to try to remember that myostatin is the protein that causes normal muscle patterns. When the gene mutates to produce one of the abnormal variants is when we see some changes in the body type of beef cattle. As always, if you have questions on the myostatin mutation or testing for the mutation, please feel free to contact the ASA office. =

National Show Winners of the Year will be featured in the May/June issue Be sure to advertise your winner! May/June issue will be mailed 5/17/19. 12

shorthorn country = april 2019

shorthorn country = april 2019


= Beef Blurb...

Shelby director of youth activities, Rogers director of marketing & communications

AJSA Junior Board Meeting Recap On March 9, the American Junior Shorthorn Association board met in Kansas City for their Spring board meeting to discuss their duties and finalize details for the 2019 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference. The ASA senior board had a strategic planning and board governance session in February. As a result, Montie Soules, ASA Executive Secretary/CEO, came in to help the junior board learn more about their roles and how they can better themselves as board members. From the session led by Montie, the board has an honest assessment of their strengths and weakness. This helped them

with ideas to carry forward to help grow and improve themselves and the AJSA. One of the top priorities for the board is to become a more unified team. They realized the importance of supporting each other in and out of the board room. They discussed the importance of communication among each other and always working to improve their team. Another goal of the junior board is to work more closely with the senior board to help both associations be united as a whole. The junior board also recognized their many roles, but agreed that they are an important factor in encouraging involvement of older junior members and then helping to ensure those junior members transition to senior members. 925 E.session 400 S. This was beneficial in Washington, IN 47501-7533 outlining some general goals the Dale - 812-254-6185 junior board wants to initiate for bovine08@gmail.com the betterment of the AJSA. While in Kansas City, the junior board also finalized some detailsDOB:for the 2019 NJSS. They 10/19/16 worked on their plans for the junior SIRE: FREE K-KIM HOT COMMODITY DAM: HOMEPLACE FAIR LADY 1211

Homeplace Farms

Burke N. Allison & Co.

board’s ‘grand entry’ during opening ceremony; you won’t want to miss their entry this year! The junior board made some fun videos about the NJSS contests to help remind exhibitors of rules and any other contest updates. Be sure to watch the AJSA Facebook page for these videos leading up to the NJSS. This year will be the second year of the state cookoff contest and tailgate party. The junior board would like to encourage states to participate by cooking and bringing some tailgate style games! After the state cook-off, the Confederate Railroad will be performing for an evening of dancing and live music for attendees. We will be Strumming a Shorthorn Tune for the exciting concert!! The junior board members are hardworkers and had a great meeting to make sure this will be the best NJSS yet! Be sure to visit juniorshorthorn.com for all the up-to-date information on NJSS. The entry and ownership deadline is on May 1st and the final entry deadline is May 15th. We can’t wait to see you in Lebanon, Tennessee, in June. =

2019 ASA Annual Meeting, Forum & Awards Banquet November 22-23, 2019

NEW Location:



Hilton Kansas City Airport 8801 NW 112th St. Kansas City, MO 64153

CED: 16; BW: -1.6; WW: 45; YW: 65; MK: 30; TM: 52; CEM: 12; ST: 16; YG: -0.45; CW: -14; REA: 0.18; MB: -0.03; FT: -0.12; $CEZ: 56.38; $BMI: 153.40; $F: 50.43

He is top 2% $BMI; top 3% CEM; top 10% in BW & $CEZ.

Semen $25/unit; non-certificate bull 14

shorthorn country = april 2019


Phone: (816) 891-8900 - Call hotel for Reservations - Group: American Shorthorn Association

shorthorn country = april 2019



shorthorn country = april 2019

shorthorn country = april 2019



Roger Steiger, 81, of rural Delavan, passed away at 10:00 pm Friday March 8, 2019 at Hopedale Nursing Home. He was born March 19, 1937 in Lincoln to Wilbur and Edna Miller Steiger. He married Lynette Downs on December 28, 1968 at St. Peters Lutheran Church in Emden, and she survives. Roger and Lynette just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December. Also surviving are one son, Brian (Sonia) Steiger of Delavan; one daughter, Michelle (Stuart) Sell of Beloit, Wisc.; three grandchildren, William Steiger, Callie and Lilly Carlton. He was preceded in death by his parents and one brother, Lowell. He graduated from Delavan High School and from the University of Illinois with a degree in animal science. Roger farmed in Boynton Township where he raised purebred Shorthorn and Red Angus cattle. He worked for USDA and the State of Illinois as a meat inspector for 20 years. He served in the United States Air Force. Roger was a lifetime member of the St.

Peter’s Lutheran Church, where he was baptized and confirmed and served on the church council and in other capacities. He was a member of the meats and live animal evaluation team, Olympia School Board, Illinois Farm Bureau and many cattle groups, was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, and was a Clerk for the Boynton Township He was a die hard St. Louis Cardinals and University of Illinois Basketball fan. Memorials may be made to Hopedale Nursing Home Activities. Frances K. Johnson, 87, passed away on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at Knox Community Hospital with her husband and children at her side. She was born in Lafferty, Ohio, on December 12, 1931, the daughter of John and Antonette (Landowski) Kukalak. She and her husband, R. Lee Johnson, and their six children moved from Flushing in Southeast Ohio the original farm site to the Fredericktown area in 1967. Frances was a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Mount Vernon. Frances was extremely devoted to being the matriarch of her family. She was a

loving wife and cherished being a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She was actively involved with the management of the farm and cultivated a large garden to provide many healthy meals for her large family and those that worked at the farm. She was especially dedicated to preparing meals and providing hospitality to anyone visiting the Mill Brook Farm. She was a big fan of Ohio State sports and also enjoyed watching LeBron James. Most of all she loved being around her family. She is survived by her husband, her daughter and son-in-law Kathy (Greg) Fisher, their three children and their seven grandchildren, her son Ron Johnson, his three children and three grandchildren, her daughter and son-in-law Chris (Tom) McGuire and their three children, daughters Cindy Johnson and Francine Johnson, and son and daughter-in-law Rob (Lisa) Johnson and their two children. Frances is preceded in death by her parents and a brother and sister. Memorial contributions may be made to Charity of One’s Choice. =

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shorthorncountry country==april july2019 2007 shorthorn

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shorthorn country = july 2007


ONLINE SALE APRIL 9, 2019 Extended bidding begins 8 PM EST

Offering Shorthorn & Shorthon Plus Opens, Breds, Pairs, Semen & Embryos

Hosted by DP Online Sales dponlinesales.com

oan for theRoses

Roan for theRoses







SUGARBIRD SHORTHORNS AT RESPITE FARMS Mike Cavey • 859-621-8932 1040 Hume Bedford Road Paris, KY 40361 sugarbirdshorthorns.com shorthorncentral.com Follow our website and Facebook pages for more information.






S&G CATTLE Gary & Sarah Whaley

SULLIVAN FARMS John Sullivan & Family


shorthorn country = april 2019


= Junior Corner To Anyone and Everyone In approximately 100 days everyone will be heading to Lebanon, Tennessee, to attend Shorthorn Junior Nationals! Well, let me tell ya, the Junior Board is stoked! This year’s theme is “Strumming a Shorthorn Tune,” since we are in Tennessee and Nashville is the music capital of the world. We will be having many familiar events and a few new ones such as Thursday Evening, following the state cook off, CONFEDERATE RAILROAD WILL BE PERFORMING LIVE! For those of you who are unaware about who they are, they perform American Country and Southern Rock Music! Regardless if you are familiar with their music or not, it will be a great time and something different to add to the list of fun times with fellow Shorthorn advocates. After that, involvement at Junior Nationals is not required, but highly encouraged. While we are there for a week, it is beneficial to attend different activities to meet new people and gain friendships that you will have for the rest of your show career and life. While working to build

lebanon, tn



shorthorn tune national junior shorthorn show & youth conference


Kendall ajsa Nelson director

connections, there is a unique opportunity this year for those who want an experience that not everyone can say they had, being on the American Junior Shorthorn Board. This year there will be four openings! Members will have the opportunity to earn the chance to have a 1-Year Term, or three 3-Year Terms. Regardless of the term length, the opportunity is second to none and provides you to be able to network and interact with other Shorthorn enthusiasts across the nation! Applications are due April 10, 2019. Be sure to visit juniorshorthorn.com to find more details. In conclusion, as everyone continues to calve cows and work through the harsh winter that has been frustrating at times, I hope that barn fever is starting to set in and people are becoming anxious for the summer show season! I highly encourage members to consider getting involved with the Junior Board. As a newly elected Director, I can tell you that it has been a very intriguing experience and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact one of the Junior Board Members. I had little

experience with the process last year, but everyone is helpful and makes sure you are prepared and knows what is going on so that it is an enjoyable time! Hopefully warm weather will be here soon, and we will be having some fun in Lebanon, Tennessee! Look forward to seeing everyone there! =

Upcoming Junior Nationals 2019 • Lebanon, TN June 17-22, 2019

2020 • Abilene, TX 2021 • Louisville, KY 2022 • Kansas City, KS 2023 • Des Moines, IA * Tentative Locations. Subject to Change *

Entries are online ONLY!!! Visit juniorshorthorn.com/entry-form to enter Entry Deadline: May 1 Ownership Deadline: May 1 Late Entry Deadline: May 15

The Junior Board Application is due April 10, 2019. Visit juniorshorthorn.com for the application. There are 4 available spots for new junior board members. *Three spots are three year terms and one spot is a one year term.*

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a leader for the AJSA!


shorthorn country = april 2019

shorthorn country = april 2019


= Show Results

Dixie National 2019 - Regional Show Jackson, Miss. by Emily Velisek

Grand Champion Shorthorn Bull, EGL Neptune MX 759, exhibited by Evea Ennis, Martinsville, Ind. Picture Not Available Grand Champion Shorthorn Female, Rolling Hills Coke Float, exhibited by Carlin Whaley, Waldo, Ark. Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Bull, DFF Revolution, exhibited by Lanie Sutherland, Petal, Miss. Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Female, CF TF No Foolin 897 UR X ET, exhibited by Camryn Clapp, Montezuma, Ind. Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Bull, BFC Mr. Fireball, exhibited by Brett Forgy, Caddo, Okla. Picture Not Available Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female, SMF EGL Copper Penny, exhibited by Eden Ennis, Martinsville, Ind. Reserve Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Bull, Fireball, exhibited by Carlin Whaley, Waldo, Ark. Picture Not Available


shorthorn country = april 2019

Reserve Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female, H/G Jesse 7E, exhibited by Hannah Grace Childress, Thorsby, Ala.

Welcome! ASA staff member Heather Lange and husband Matthew Lange, are pleased to introduce a new addition to their family. Parker Dean Lange was born March 6, 2019, weighing 7lbs, 10.7oz and 20 inches long.

2019 ASA Membership If you have not paid your 2019 ASA membership as of March 1, 2019, you are no longer a member in good standing. If you are a TOC Member and your membership was not paid by February 28, 2019, you will become a WHR Member when you renew your membership. How to renew your 2019 ASA membership: Log into your account on DigitalBeef. The $100 membership fee will automatically be charged and the membership end date will be advanced to 12.31.19. You can pay your bill online or mail a check.

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= News & Notes 2019 Iowa Shorthorn Honored Breeder - Mike Studer Thank you for this dedication of the 2019 Iowa Royal. I have seen many great people chosen for this honor in previous years. I started this dedication process when I was the president of the Iowa Shorthorn Association and the first dedication given was to my grandfather Ben G. Studer. Since that time, my brothers Richard and Dale have also received this honor. I am a Vietnam era veteran. After returning home from the service I served on the Iowa Shorthorn board for 12 years; serving as President 3 of those years. We had 200 members in the Iowa Shorthorn Association in a single year at that time. For many years, I was an Iowa delegate for our National Shorthorn Association’s annual meeting. In my younger years, I judged

numerous state shows and county fairs. Also, I did quite a bit of showing cattle at the state and national level and had the national champion bull “MTS Special Effect” in 1994. I have shown numerous champions over the years including at the Iowa Royal where I had many top sellers - too many to mention. Brother Richard and myself were the ground floor of the appendix program. One of the most famous females at that time was B Bar B Eleanor Rigsby - you can ask Robert Alden about her! Brothers Dale, Richard and I registered some of the first dual purpose cattle in the breed. It hasn’t always been about the money- it is the love for the breed and the wonderful memories - nothing ever compared to the “Wonderful World of Shorthorns” at the Hilton in downtown Chicago in 1971. I am married to my lovely wife Deb and we have two wonderful children: Ben and his wife Jennifer and Rebecca and her husband Aaron. Our children

have blessed us with two amazing grandchildren Adrian and Savannah. Along with my work with cattle during my lifetime I worked at Snap-On tools for 30 years in my spare time and now I do a lot of community service, maintain a small herd of 25 cows, do some Al and put in a few embryos each year. I could write at least one or two books about my many years of cattle related experiences and friendships - love them Shorthorns!! - MTS =

Mike Studer and Family

Cattlemen’s Youth Hold Celebrity Showdown to Benefit Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) BEST Program for youth ages 8-21 years hosted the BEST Celebrity Showdown at the Clark County Cattle Battle to benefit Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The event, in its seventh year, was held on Friday, January 25, 2019, at the Champions Center in Springfield, Ohio. The Clark County Cattle Producers, an OCA County Affiliate, assisted in coordinating the event. To participate in this year’s community service project, youth were responsible for raising a minimum of $100. They were then able to dress up their cattle and present them to the celebrity judge, The Ohio State University Marching Band Drum Major, Konner Barr, of Gahanna, Ohio. Through donations from family, friends, their local community and members of OCA, youth participating in the 24

shorthorn country = april 2019

Celebrity Showdown raised $7,293. Additionally, a silent auction was held with numerous items selling, and thanks to the many generous supporters, an additional $6,062 was raised for Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. In total, the event raised $13,355 of its $20,000 goal to help grant the wishes of local children battling life-threatening medical conditions. In the past seven years, participants and supporters have raised more than $95,000 for Make-A-Wish. Incentive prizes will be awarded to the event’s top fundraisers at the OCA BEST Program Awards Banquet on May 4, 2019. Donations to Make-A-Wish will continue to be accepted after the Celebrity Showdown until the BEST Banquet. New in 2019, anyone can donate conveniently online at www.ohiocattle.org/best/community-service. Donations can be attributed to a

BEST participant’s name through the online donation form as well. Online contributions must be made prior to May 4, 2019 to be accredited to a BEST participant’s cumulative fundraising total for the year. The BEST Celebrity Showdown at the Clark County Cattle Battle is part of the Kids For Wish Kids® program. It gives students the opportunity to help make wishes come true. Students develop fundraising ideas under the supervision of a teacher, principal or club advisor and help share the power of a wish. About Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. For more information, visit oki.wish.org, or call 1-877206-9474. =

San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo - Junior Heifer Show Thursday, February 7, 2019, San Angelo, Texas • Judge: Deb Core, Pleasantville, Iowa Submitted by Mary Bass, Texas State Shorthorn Association Publicity Officer 38 Shorthorn heifers were shown in the Junior Shorthorn Heifer Show at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo on Thursday, February 7th. Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer and Senior Champion Heifer honors went to SS Queen Strut exhibited by Mackenlee Evans of Idalou FFA. Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer and Champion Junior Heifer, was awarded to CF

Cumberland 7128 EV ET exhibited by Tori Copeland of Greenville FFA. Other Division Winners: Champion Heifer Calf - 4D Classy Star 18, exhibited by Craig Chumley, Burkburnett FFA. Reserve Champion Heifer Calf - AV VF Adalynn’s Mirage 83, exhibited by Finley Jones, Parker County 4-H. Reserve Champion Junior Heifer - SULL Mary 7656E ET, exhibited by

Grant Cox, Joshua FFA. Reserve Champion Senior Heifer MJS Carrie BH Jennifer, exhibited by Will Young, Nazareth FFA. Showmanship Winners: Champion Junior Showman Mackenlee Evans, Idalou FFA. Champion Senior Showman Hayley Basham, Hunt County 4-H. =

The May/June Shorthorn Country is the Show Region Winners issue. Be sure to advertise your Winner. Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer - SS Queen Strut, Mackenlee Evans.

Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer - CF Cumberland 7128 EV ET, Tori Copeland.

shorthorn country = april 2019


2019 Illinois Beef Expo Junior Show Saturday, February 23, 2019, Springfield, Ill. Market Animal Judge: Amanda Schnoor, Chowchilla, Calif. Breeding Heifer Judge: Jirl Buck, Madill, Okla.

Champion Shorthorn Heifer - Kyle Bird, Princeville, Ill.

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer Kesler Collins, Flanagan, Ill.

Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - Brett Schiller, Brighton, Ill.

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer - Mason Campbell, Windsor, Ill.

Champion Shorthorn Steer - Brian Clapp, Le Roy, Ill.

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer Jocelyn Krueger, Jerseyville, Ill.

Champion ShorthornPlus Steer Kashen Ellerbrock, Atkinson, Ill.

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Steer - Kylie Gillespie, Toulon, Ill.

L: 2019 Illinois State Lassie Queen Madilynn Barker; R: 2019 Illinois State Lassie Princess - Grace Rincker


shorthorn country = april 2019

Bright Beginning Leads To Success Clayton Poppe is a perfect combination of hard work and enthusiasm. He is quick to give credit to his step-family, Tom and Ron Moore, for giving him the opportunity to work in the cattle industry and gain experience in the show ring. By Codee Schlipf As soon as Clayton was old enough to follow his step-grandfather, Tom Moore, around the family farm he took advantage of every opportunity and never looked back. “Clayton is my oldest grandchild out of seven and he’s learned more about cattle farming and work ethic than most kids would at such a young age,” Tom said. Clayton’s grandpa Tom and great uncle, Ron Moore, run a registered shorthorn operation in Jerseyville, Ill. In addition, they also farm around 2,000 acres of row crops and have 100 head of sheep. When Clayton was not sitting in a classroom he was in the show barn with the cattle or driving a tractor. “I have never known anything different,” said Clayton as he talked about growing up in the agriculture industry. Clayton’s livestock adventures began at age eight when he joined 4-H at the urging of his grandpa. Clayton began showing wethers for his first two years in 4-H then moved on to cattle. Ron and Tom have many years of experience showing cattle and taught Clayton everything they know. “My brother Ron and I showed at the Illinois State Fair for the first time in 1975, and my family has not missed a year since,” Tom said. “Most of the time I stay home from the cattle shows and take care of the cow herd. Ron and Clayton have the show thing all under control; I just expect them to keep me updated.” Clayton remembers going out to the feedlot on the farm and picking out his first steer with his grandpa. “He has been with me every step of the way, and I am thankful for that,” Clayton said. Clayton also learned to watch the people that found success in the show ring. He observed their hair care routines, fitting methods, and asked about the best nutritional programs. He soon realized that there was a whole new level of intensity that had to be reached in order to compete, and he endured it. “When I started to show cattle, I was

content with hanging out with my friends and leading a calf in the show ring. This all changed when I realized that I didn’t want to be in it for the fun, I wanted to compete”, Clayton said. “Showing cattle became an obsession. My favorite place to be is at a cattle show.” Clayton’s desire to showcase his cattle to the best of his ability did not go unnoticed. The past five years, Clayton has been in the top ten of the IJBA Points Show Program. This year, Clayton will be recognized at the Illinois Beef Expo in February as the 2018 IJBA Points Show winner. “My grandpa has always been a huge supporter of county fairs, and I really enjoyed showing at them. My friend, Justin Wadlow, and I traveled to several different cattle shows around Illinois; it was a fun summer,” Clayton said. “I owe all of my success to my grandpa, Ron, and my family because if it wasn’t for them, I would not be where I am today.” Other role models and mentors in the agriculture industry entered Clayton’s life when he became involved with Jerseyville’s high school FFA program. Clayton served as an officer three of the four years, and was elected president his senior year. “That was a big deal for me because I know my family members have held that position and Tom was the vice president of his chapter back in the day. The kids in my class were not only fun to work with, but they set the bar high for students to follow,” Clayton said. Clayton credits his agriculture teacher, Jeff Getten, who grew up on a dairy farm, with being a mentor who encouraged him and taught him about many aspects of farming. “He may be one of the wisest people I know and he pushed me to my limits because he wanted me to be prepared for life after high school,” Clayton said. The assistant livestock judging coach, Tiffney Phillips, also served as an excellent role model and kept him on the right track when it came to academics. Clayton is currently a student at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Ill., and is working

towards a degree in precision agronomy and fertilizer. He is going to put this knowledge to use at his internship this summer for Tri-County FS in Jerseyville. Once he graduates, he will return to work for FS to pay off his scholarship. Even though he is looking forward to that experience, he also realizes it will limit his time to compete in the show ring. Eventually, Clayton would like to return to the farm full-time and help his grandpa with the cattle, perhaps involving his younger sister and three brothers in showing livestock. “I encouraged him to go to college and look at all of the opportunities the agriculture industry has to offer. The farm will be here,” Tom said. “It is important to build new relationships and meet new people because you are only young once.” Clayton mentioned that one of his favorite shows to travel to is the Shorthorn Junior Nationals. This past summer, Clayton and his family had a very successful run in the show ring as they exhibited the 4th Overall Bred and Owned Female and had several division winners. “This was a very humbling experience, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the whole team,” Clayton said. “It truly is a team effort around our farm because we value Clayton’s opinion when it comes to making decisions,” Tom said. “My dad once told me that he didn’t want to make hired men out of us, he wanted to make partners out of us.” Clayton believes that the life-long friendships and the overall experience make showing livestock worth the time and money. “The people in the livestock industry are the best, and if you watch the ‘big dogs’ and see their intensity as they work their cattle, you will learn that winning drives you to do even better,” Clayton said. Congratulations to our 2018 IJBA Points Show Program Winner and best wishes to him as he pursues his goals in the agriculture industry. =

shorthorn country = april 2019


2019 ISU Hoof N’ Horn Club Redbird Rumble Jackpot Show Saturday, March 9, 2019, Bloomington, Ill. Ring A Judge: Chad Holtkamp, West Point, Iowa. Ring B Judge: Bob May, Mineral Point, Wisc.

Champion Shorthorn Heifer, Ring A & B & 5th Overall Heifer, Ring B - John Gellerman. Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer, Ring A & B - Kessler Collins.

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer, Ring A & B - Brian Clapp.

Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer, Ring A - Sam Nightingale.

Reserve Champion AOB Steer (ShorthornPlus), Ring A - John Lukach

Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer, Ring B & Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer, Ring A - Brett Schiller.

Champion AOB Steer (ShorthornPlus), Ring B - Kylie Gillespie.

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer, Ring B Brady Werner.

Champion Shorthorn Steer, Ring A & B & 3rd Overall Steer, Ring B - Aidyn Barber.

ISU Hoof N’ Norn Club.



If 2019 assessment is paid between these dates

Pay this amount per head

November 1, 2018 - January 9, 2019


January 10, 2019 - February 28, 2019


March 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019


shorthorn country = april 2019

Lee Ranch - Spring Branding, Atkinson, NE

Copyright © 2019. Intervet Inc., doing business as Merck Animal Health, a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. VISTA is a registered trademark of Intervet Inc., or an affiliate.

Lee Ranch’s brand is more than a brand. It’s a reputation, earned each year by producing quality calves. And it starts with Vista vaccines. ®

“I think the biggest challenge on this ranch is preventing problems rather than fixing them,” says Jason Held, ranch manager. “Vista is really good insurance for us and the feed yard.” Only Vista vaccines offer the most complete, longest-lasting respiratory protection for your cattle — and one-dose fetal protection for your cow herd.1,2 Get reliable protection. Talk to your veterinarian about Vista vaccines. Visit MAHCattle.com to learn more. Duration of Immunity Comparison for IBR and BVD Types 1 and 2; and M. haemolytica and P. multocida Vista Once, Vista 5 and Vista 3 product labels; Bovi-Shield Gold® One Shot™ product label; and Pyramid®5 + Presponse® product label Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot is a trademark of Zoetis. Pyramid 5 + Presponse is a trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim. All Vista vaccines are labeled for use in pregnant cows and calves nursing pregnant cows. 1


shorthorn country = april 2019


Cagwin Farms

Home of Studer’s Crunch Time 22C

Visitors Welcome . . . Stop by any time!

-Top 5% in the breed for WW, YW, TM, CW, and $F


Don Cagwin, owner

Jason Smithers & girls - 217-491-2140 jasonsmithers74@gmail.com Greg & Pam Smithers - 217-285-6280 36739 205th Avenue • Pittsfield, IL 62363

Farm located five miles east of Virginia on Route 125, 1.Quality cattle for sale at all times. Located just a few miles south of Route 36/I-72. 2. then one mile south of the elevator at Philadelphia, Illinois.

Wayne Hinderliter Family

Route 2, Box 55 Beecher City, Il 62414 home: 618-487-5559 Trey: 618-367-0764 Steve: 618-267-3229



Steck’s Shorthorns

Stop by any time - four miles east of I-74 on Route 34.

Check our website for our current list of herd sires. 9020



Hugh: 618-729-4448 • Tom: 618-498-5848 Ron: 618-729-3258

Scott Horton, Owner


SULL Roan Goose

31056 Old Fidelity Road • Jerseyville, IL 62052

Horton cell: 630-965-1710 Wernicke cell: 815-739-7754 4N010 Town Hall Rd. • St. Charles, IL 60175 Office: 630-365-1444

Darrel: 309-375-6568 Dave: 309-342-0813 cell: 309-299-0335 2413 US Hwy 34 Wataga, IL 61488

contact: L.E. Mathers III:

cell: 309-678-4230 • cattle@leveldale.com or Scott Wall, Herdsman: cell: 309-212-5450 swall_otg@yahoo.com Farm: 10442 N Co Rd 2980 E • Mason City, IL 62664

Hugh W. Moore, Jr. & Sons

Horton farms Shorthorns 7.


Trey & Hailey Wright Steve & Marsha Wright

629 Co. Rd. 350 North Albion, IL 62806 home: 618-375-7047 Wayne: 618-384-8250 Doug: 618-384-1932

Visitors always welcome! Cattle usually for sale. Four miles north of I-64. Exit 130 on Illinois 130.

1963 Kelley Road • Caledonia, IL 61011 815-885-3679 cell: 815-494-5588 Come visit us any time. Heifers, bulls and steers for sale.

Wright Cattle Co. Leveldale Farms

Sunnyland Farms


Dale Muck

P.O. Box 77 • Virginia, Illinois 62691 office: 217-452-3051 cell: 217-341-7552 Kerry Johnston cell: 217-370-6033 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell: 217-370-6034 cagwincattle@casscomm.com • cagwincattle.com

- Semen: $30/unit

Bulls, Females, Club Calves For Sale at all times. Full Irish calves available. 40 miles north of St. Louis.

Cattle always For Sale at the Farm.

Luke, Amanda, Madeline, Gavin, Callie, Alexa & Josie Turner 9.


Chesnut Shorthorns Visitors Welcome

Bulls, heifers and steers for sale at all times.

Gary Chesnut Family 16145 N 100 East Road • Fithian, IL 61844 217-260-6144 11.

2519 Cty Rd 200E • Mahomet, IL 61853 217-202-2484 mainstreetfenching@yahoo.com


Quality seedstock for sale at the farm Dale & Ryan Wernicke 12611 Fisher Rd • Lena, IL 61048-9754 Dale: 815-369-2857 Ryan: 815-739-7754 ryanwernicke@yahoo.com Watch For Our Annual October Online Sale

Dennis and Terri Jordan

545 E. 900 N. Road • Sibley, IL 61773 217-784-4854 • cell: 217-202-2865  email: jordan@prairieinet.net

Amanda, Layne, Ty and Ely Harden, 217-417-8335 Jason, Tasha and Isabella Bunting, 815-252-5520 Ashleigh, David, Dakota and Dalton Hall, 217-979-7531 13


Bred females for sale at all times. Albert Larry Hill


shorthorn country = april 2019

7272 NCR 3350 E • Mason City, IL 62664 217-737-1023 •  217-482-3765




Get on the map!


For details contact: Cindy Cagwin-Johnston, 217-452-3051 or Darryl Rahn, 217-473-1124

17 10

This ad runs six times a year. What better way to insure your customers can find you?


14 15


6 9



18 2

20 19 5

1 8


Zwilling Family Shorthorns Becky, Jason and Clay

Bob and Mark Gordon


1160 600th Ave. Middletown, IL 62666 Bob: 217-737-7159 Mark cell: 217-737-7905 Shelden Tibbs, Herdsman mark.gordon@plantpioneer.com

Morris and Lloyd

2230 90th Ave. • Aledo, IL 61231 Located 40 minutes from I-80 and 30 minutes from I-74. Zwillings: 309-754-9158


Farm: 309-582-2727


Rolling Hills Farm

Doug & Rhonda North 5544 Stone Road Clinton, IL 61727 217-622-4466

22698 E. Co. Rd. 920 N • Ashmore, IL 61912 217-349-8366 email: hbirch@agrisolutions.com

Driving directions from Ashmore: two miles west on Rt. 16 to Enon Baptist Church sign; then one mile south to farm 19.


Ten Mile Farm Shorthorns

Investing in top genetics for over 30 years. Visitors Welcome! The Birch Family Harold, Regina, Richard and Hope




shorthorn country = april 2019


2019 ASA Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, Board Liaisons and Staff Representatives Shorthorn Commercial Acceptance Committee Chair, Lee Miller - 330.231.6834 - lee@paintvalleyfarms.com Vice Chair, James Parnell - 334.259.4408 - jrparnell@bellsouth.net Board Liaison, Toby Jordan - 219.819.4603 - tojo@waukaru.net ASA Staff, Matt Woolfolk - 731.694.6469 - matt@shorthorn.org

Shorthorn Junior Advisor’s Committee Advisors: Representing ASA Board - Joe Bales - 615.330.2342 - no3putts1@comcast.net Appointed AJSA - Jim & Bev Freed, Charlie Curtis ASA Staff, Shelby Rogers - 214.676.9225 - shelby@shorthorn.org

Shorthorn Genetic Evaluation Committee Chair, Cory Bollum - 507.433.2612 - cdbollum@hormel.com Vice Chair, Scott Loving - 620.786.1369 - scott@lovingfarms.com Board Liaison, John Sonderman - 402.641.0936 - jmsonderman@frontiernet.net ASA Staff, Matt Woolfolk - 731.694.6469 - matt@shorthorn.org ShorthornPlus/Composite Committee Chair, Susan Jordan - 719.469.8836 - 5jfarmsemail@gmail.com Vice Chair, Ethan Gilman - 515.360.1445 - cgilmanshorthorns@gmail.com Board Liaison, Dave Greenhorn - 937.470.6552 - davegreenhorn69@gmail.com ASA Staff, Matt Woolfolk - 731.694.6469 - matt@shorthorn.org ASA Staff, Montie Soules - 918.645.4322 - montie@shorthorn.org

Shorthorn Senior Show Committee Chair, Jeff Bedwell - 580.822.5590 - jeff.bedwell@okstate.edu Vice Chair, Denny Jordan - 217.202.2865 - jordan@prairienet.net Board Liaison, Robert Alden - 816.632.8509 - robert.alden@gfgagservices.com ASA Staff, Emily Velisek - 816.599.7777 - emilyv@shorthorn.org ASA Staff, Montie Soules - 918.645.4322 - montie@shorthorn.org Assigned Show Committee Members per Animals shown Sullivan Farms, John Sullivan - 712.263.0263 - john@sullivansupply.com Cates Farms, Tyler Cates - 765.576.0035 - tylerncates@yahhoo.com RC Show Cattle, Ron Rutan - 937.603.1319 - rcshowcattle1@gmail.com Show Committee elected by Exhibitors Term 2018 to 2020 Robert Alden - 816.632.8509 - robert.alden@gfgagservices.com Nancy Grathwohl-Heter - 785.587.7947 - ngrathwohl@me.com Ron Moore - 618.535.5849 - smoore68@gmail.com Bill Rasor - 214.850.4690 - bill.rasor@gmail.com Cory Schrag - 608.941.5241 - schrag@goldenwest.net

Shorthorn Promotion Committee Chair, Aaron Hahn - 309.645.4488 - aaronhahn83@gmail.com Vice Chair, Mark Gordon - 217.737.7905 - mark.gordon@plantpioneer.com Board Liaison, Hugh Mooney - 209.712.6692 - hmooney@cde.ca.gov ASA Staff, Shelby Rogers - 214.676.9225 - shelby@shorthorn.org Shorthorn 150th Anniversary Celebration Committee Chair, Tom Turner - 614.499.5248 - tom@turnershorthorns.com Vice Chair, Joe Bales - 615.330.2342 - no3putts1@comcast.net ASA Staff, Emily Velisek - 816.599.7777 - emilyv@shorthorn.org ASA Staff, Montie Soules - 918.645.4322 - montie@shorthorn.org

Nominating Committee for 2019 Board Candidates Chair, Ed Kruse - 719.252.1084 - kruseranch@gmail.com Jim Freed - 405.370.1482 - doublejf@msn.com Les Mathers - 309.678.4230 - mathers@leveldale.com Rick Osterday - 605.281.1175 - rsosterday@venturecomm.net Steve French - 989.798.8223 - resinex@nethawk.com

* If you are interested in becoming a committee member contact Emily at emilyv@shorthorn.org. Committees take volunteers as members except for the Show Committee and Shorthorn Junior Advisors Committee. The Nomination Committee members are appointed by the Executive Committee and the Show Committee is elected by exhibitors.

American Shorthorn Association Board Meeting Minutes ASA Board Meeting Minutes November 29, 2018 American Shorthorn Association Office, Kansas City, Mo. President, Dr. James Freed called the meeting to order Nov. 29, 2018, at 8:15 am. Present: President Jim Freed, Vice-President Rick Leone, Ed Kruse, Robert Alden, Tom Turner, Nancy Grathwohl Heter, Hugh Mooney, Joe Bales, and Executive Secretary Montie Soules. David Greenhorn arrived at 10:00am due to airline delays. Year-end Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were reviewed and discussed in detail. The Sept. 25 -26 Board Meeting Minutes were unanimously approved. Rochelle Wilson and Montie Soules presented financial reports through Oct. 31, 2018. The Board unanimously approved the financial report. The Auditor’s final report for FY17/18 (Sept. 1, 2017 - Aug. 31, 2018) was presented and approved unanimously. The Board went into executive session with Montie included at times for the rest of the morning. 150th Anniversary Celebration reports included the approval by the National Western to use Shorthorn calves for the 2021-2022 Catch-a-Calf event in Denver, compilation of a 150th anniversary book of the breed by Bob Hough and Bert Moore plus confirmation that the Shorthorn Country will publish a 150th Celebration issue in July 2022. The Board unanimously approved to have the 2019 annual meeting in Kansas City and approved a change of venue to be determined by Montie & staff. ASA Counsel, Steven Crow presented possible by-law changes due to liability exposure of the Association. The board unanimously approved to amend Article 9 of the by-laws per recommendation of ASA Counsel to read as follows:

No state shorthorn organization will be considered an “affiliate”, as defined by 15 U.S.C. 1681 et.eq. No state may use American Shorthorn Association’s Federal Tax ID Number without express written permission. Each state must acquire their own Tax ID Number, if necessary. Each state organization shall become its own legal entity or unincorporated entity, as the state organization may choose. Each state organization will become an American Shorthorn Association licensed entity, able to use any American Shorthorn published materials for promotional activities. A state organization may, with written consent, use the American Shorthorn Association name and logo. The state organizations, with written permission from the Executive Director or Board of Directors, can jointly sponsor activities and events with American Shorthorn Association. No State Organization can bind in any form or manner American Shorthorn Association, its Executive or Board of Directors without written consent of the American Shorthorn Association Board of Directors.

The Board reviewed reports presented by Shelby Rogers for Junior activities and Marketing and Communication activities.


shorthorn country = april 2019

The Board unanimously approved as requested by the AJSA Board to change the percentage of Shorthorn to 25% for ShorthornPlus Steers to be eligible to show only at the Junior National. (This rule does not change the 50% percent required for ShorthornPlus females to show). The Board unanimously approved the 25% allowance for ShorthornPlus Steers to Show at the Junior National as a pilot project for the next 2 years and will be re-evaluated after that time. Matt Woolfolk provided a report on performance activities and detailed information about the API index used by IGS. The Board moved to look into the feasibility (time and cost) to develop or create a unique EPD similar to the API EPD used by IGS at this time. The motional failed 4 votes for and 5 votes against. The Board reviewed reports from staff for DNA, Registration Activities, Shows, and Member Communication and Event Activities. The Board adjourned at 5:00 pm The Board reconvened at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino on Nov. 30, 2018, at 4:40 pm at the request of David Ragsdale who wished to address the Board. David addressed the Board regarding lowering the percentage of ShorthornPlus required from 50% to 37.5% or 25% to show at national sponsored shows. After discussion of David Ragsdale’s request, the Board decided to leave the percentage required for ShorthornPlus to show at National shows as is at 50%. The Board also reviewed two emails from membership regarding the asterisk in the registry and positive comments on customer service. The special session adjourned at 5:30 pm.


ASA Board Conference Call - December 11, 2018 Present on the call: Rick Leone, President, Nancy Grathwohl Heter, Vice President, Hugh Mooney, Tom Turner, Robert Alden, Joe Bales, David Greenhorn, Toby Jordan, John Sonderman, and Executive, Montie Soules President, Rick Leone called the Conference Call meeting to order at 7:00 A. M. Call Purpose: Approval of date change for the 2019 Annual Meeting. The Board unanimously approved to change the Annual Meeting dates to Nov. 22 & 23, 2019. Montie reported on his trip to the Junior National venue in TN. Conference Call Meeting adjourned at 7:20 A.M.



JULY 2019 “the most read issue throughout the year”

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Cindy Cagwin-Johnston 217-370-6034 cagwincattle@casscomm.com

Darryl Rahn 217-473-1124 drahn@casscom.com

JULY 2019 - HERD REFERENCE ISSUE DEADLINES Early Discount Deadline - May 15th

Receive a 5% discount for submitting your copy, picture & payment. Final DEADLINE May 31st.

shorthorn country = april 2019


= Tartan Plaid Lassie Q & A What better way to learn about lassies than from past lassies? I asked “hasbeens” various questions about their experience in the tartan and beyond. What is your favorite memory you had while in the kilt? I can’t pick one specific memory rather my trip to Denver as a whole. It was my first time ever at the National Western Stock Show and experiencing the yards was truly unforgettable. My other favorite memory was from the Great Shorthorn Revival. There is always “little lassies” at the sale and they were able to assist me in passing out gifts and pre sale activities. - Sydney Miller, 2013 Alt Nat’l Queen - Michigan. My favorite memory in the kilt would have to be when I was crowned Alternate National Lassie Queen. It was surreal and I’ll never forget it. - Riley Francis, 2015 Alt Nat’l Queen - Minnesota. What was the best trip you took as queen? The best trip I took as queen was Denver (National Western Stock Show)! I was working in addition to serving as queen and learned a lot and met a lot of people as a result. - Riley Francis, 2015 Alt Nat’l Queen - Minnesota. The best trip I took as Queen was Denver! Having been previously, when I attended as Queen I got to see the National Western through a whole new lens and I gained a deeper appreciation

Sydney National Shorthorn Miller Lassie Secretary

for all aspects of the show not just the yards or the hill. Nothing beats catching up with old members and meeting new ones when walking through the yard. Though it was a non sanctioned Queen event, when I traveled to South England I got to visit two Shorthorn farms, one commercial, one show. Both visits were extremely insightful. I learned more in-depth history of our breed and the economic impact Shorthorns brought to the region. Truly a neat opportunity and one I’ll never forget! - Victoria Obsurn, 2013 Nat’l Queen - Texas. How has being a queen affected your future? It provided me more connections that are always a valuable piece when looking at job and career options. - Christine (Sisung) Heverly, 2005 Alt Nat’l Queen - Michigan. Among many career skills gained, I can easily say that because I was queen I am better able to network at events. I can more confidently and comfortably strike up conversation which has been especially beneficial. Also I have been able to continue growing my passion by advising and assisting state and national queens and serving state and national lassie boards. - Sydney Miller, 2013 Alt Nat’l Queen - Michigan. Advice for girls interested in being queen? I’d tell Queen prospects and candidates

to network! Establishing relationships within and outside of the breed is extremely beneficial. Those relationships open the door for you building your resume as a Queen candidate. It makes the whole experience more meaningful when you end up getting to wear the crown because you know exactly who you’re an ambassador for and it reminds you why you’re doing it when things get tough. - Victoria Obsurn, 2013 Nat’l Queen - Texas. Go into the experience ready to learn and grow! Be confident in yourself and don’t have doubts but don’t be arrogant. - Christina (Ippensen) Wenderski, 2003 Nat’l Queen - Illinois. Why did you run for queen? I ran for queen as an chance to be more actively involved in the shorthorn breed and because of that involvement my love for the breed grew and I made lifelong friends. - Christine (Sisung) Heverly, 2005 Alt Nat’l Queen - Michigan. I grew up watching the ladies and had so much respect for how they represented the breed. I always wanted to represent the breed and utilize the opportunity to promote agriculture. Christina (Ippensen) Wenderski, 2003 Nat’l Queen - Illinois. Have more questions or interested in becoming a state or national queen? Contact any board member or past queen! =

Shorthorn Country Advertising Rates 1 page 2/3 page 1/2 page-island 1/2 page 1/3 page 1/4 page 1/6 page Business card (1 1/2”) Color Rates 4 color = $200


shorthorn country = april 2019

1x $565 $420 $335 $315 $240 $195 $135 $41

11x $505 $385 $310 $290 $225 $175 $120 $330/year

shorthorn country = april 2019


= Sale Reports Iowa Royal Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

10 Bulls....................... $ 26,150 $ 2,615 4 Bred Heifers............. $ 11,200 $ 2,833 18 Open Heifers......... $ 39,850 $ 2,213 8 Plus Open Heifers... $ 14,300 $ 1,788 40 Live Lots............... $ 91,500 $ 2,288 2 Embryo Pkgs........... $ 1,950 $ 975 6 Semen Pkgs.............. $ 6,620 $ 1,103 Sale Gross $100,070

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Iowa Beef Expo, Des Moines, Iowa Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Managers: Cagwin Cattle Serives, LLC by: Darryl Rahn

A continuation of the harsh winter weather had a negative impact on the attendance at the Iowa Beef Expo. Those in attendance for the Royal Shorthorn Sale found the usual high quality offering that always is offered. There again was a top selection of herd bull prospects and a top group of bred heifers and open heifer calves. Top prices were given for the top individuals in all categories. $5,000 - Lot 12 - Bred Heifer Gilman’s Sweet Lady 40E ET. A red, polled, March 2017 daughter of Gilman’s Envied 448BK and out of SM Sweet

Lady ET selling bred to Gilman’s Revive 28E for a March 2019 calf. This one was really good and had a lot of friends. She has the overall dimension everyone likes along with the correct structure that will make her a top matron for many years. Offered by Gilman Shorthorns and purchased by Will Reever of Glidden, Iowa. $4,500 - Lot 9 - Bull - AV VF Fast Track 835 ET. A roan, polled, March 12, 2018 son of Turnercrlh Deception 2 and out of AF RJA Carrie Jane 804. This was a very popular young sire with the bull buyers. He is long bodied with the extension up front that make him a favorite. Couple that with a the bone and thickness he has make him a leading herd sire prospect. Offered by Vaughn Farms and purchased by Matt Davis of Kansas, Emily Cech of Nebraska and High Ridge Shorthorns of Quebec, Can. $3,900 - Lot 6 - Bull - Gilman’s Showcase 45F. A rwm, polled, February 19, 2018 son of Crooked Post Stockman 4Z and out of Saskvalley Myrtle 81Z. This was another favorite by those viewing the sale cattle. He has a great muscle pattern to go with the bone

structure and great depth of side. Add to this an impressive set of EPD numbers and you have one that will work as a herd sire. Offered by Gilman Shorthorns and purchased by Chuck Brooks of Farragut, Iowa. $3,800 - Lot 17 - Open Heifer - Berg’s Crystal’s Sally. A r/w, polled, February 22, 2018 daughter of JSF Broker 157Z and out of SULL Crystal’s Lilly 6653 D ET. This fancy show heifer has already been a winner in the show ring and will continue to do so. She has tremendous style and balance to go with the potential to be a leading donor female. Offered by Berg Shorthorns and purchased by Moffett Stock Farm of Indianola, Iowa. $3,200 - Lot 15 - Bred Heifer - DSF Delight 129E. A roan, polled, July 2017 daughter of Bar N Coalpit 15B and out of Muridale Delight 121A selling bred to JSF Goldenrod 57U for an April 2019 calf. This one has a world of depth and spring of rib to go with the style and look of a brood cow. She will be a top addition in her new home. Offered by Brock Studer and purchased by Leon and Ross Mosteller of Burn, Kan. =

Shorthorns & Friends Sale Summary

1 Bull.......................... $ 4,000 $ 4,000 10 Open Heifers......... $ 15,175 $ 1,518 6 Open Plus Heifers... $ 9,525 $ 1,588 2 Maintainer Open Heifer $ 3,150 $ 1,575 1 Chi Open Heifer..... $ 1,200 $ 1,200 2 Simmental Open Heifers. $ 2,150 $ 1,075 1 Hereford Open Heifer.$ 2,250 $ 2,250 1 Crossbred Open Heifer.$ 975 $ 975 24 Live Lots............... $ 38,425 $ 1,602 2 Embryo Pkgs........... $ 2,140 $ 1,070 7 Semen Pkgs.............. $ 5,899 $ 846 Sale Gross $46,464

Saturday, February 23, 2019 Illinois Beef Expo, Springfield, Illinois Auctioneer: Monty Lowderman Sale Managers: Dwyer Cattle Services & Cagwin Cattle Serives, LLC by: Darryl Rahn

The feature of this all breed sale is the offering of a set of top show heifer prospects. This year there were several to choose from. High quality heifers of all breeds. Also this year there was a really good herd bull prospect that was 36

shorthorn country = april 2019

in demand. Top Selling Shorthorn Lots $4,200 - Lot 16 - ShorthornPlus Open Heifer - Lorenz’s Chantilly Lace’s Image. A black, polled, May 5, 2018 daughter of Lorenz’s Slim Shady ET and out of Chantilly Lace. This was the WOW heifer in this offering. Super long bodied with an extended front end. She is thick topped with a very correct structure and ample bone. She will be seen again this coming show season. Offered by Lorenz Farms and purchased by Lexi Lane of Jay, Okla. $4,150 - Lot 2 - Shorthorn Open Heifer - QK Summers Gem 1806. A roan, polled, May 25, 2018 daughter of DJS The Outsider and out of QK Sonnys Diamond. Many buyers stopped to take a long look at this fancy youngster. She is thick made with a sleek front end to go with a very correct body structure. She will be shown many times this coming season and will demand attention. Offered by Quad K Shorthorns and

purchased by Tim Noll of Cross Plains, Wisc. $4,000 - Lot 1 - Shorthorn Bull DMW Base Drum. A rwm, polled, February 15, 2017 son of JA Drummer HC 4J32 and out of DJS Cherri SP 301. The is a really good two year old that has already seen service in the pasture. He is long sided and very complete. His foot and bone structure is of very high quality. Offered by Dav Mar Way Farms and purchased by Chesnut Shorthorns of Fithian, Ill. $2,375 - Lot 4 - Open Heifer - DMW Prairie Rose DRM. A r/w, polled, May 8, 2018 daughter of JA Drummer HC 4J32 and out of JKN Sonny Rose 206Z ET. This fancy young prospect is very easy to look at as she shows the great show ring style that all want to see. She has Hot Commodity and Sonny in her pedigree that makes her even more attractive. Offered by Dav Mar Way Farms and purchased by Mallory Rutz of Alhambra, Ill. =

Kentucky National Show and Sale Sale Summary

16 Open Heifers......... $ 2 Bred Heifers............. $ 5 Plus Open Heifers... $ 1 Plus Cow/Calf Pair.. $ Sale Gross.................. $

30,600 $ 1,913 2,700 $ 1,350 9,050 $ 1,810 1,700 $ 1,700 44,050 $ 1,836

Saturday, March 2, 2019 Kentucky Beef Expo, Louisville, Kentucky Auctioneer: Bruce Brooks Sale Managers: Aegeter Marketing Serices, Inc. by: Darryl Rahn

The buyers in attendance were greeted with a top selection of show heifer prospects as well as bred females. Always a feature in this sale are the Fall open heifers that will surely make good show heifers for their new owners. They will be fun to watch. $4,500 - Lot 18 - Open Heifer - MFK HR Rosebud 348K X. A roan, polled, September 18, 2018 daughter of MFK

Hot Rebel 26K X and out of MFK H Rosebud 215K X. This fancy youngster drew many lookers during the show and prior to the sale. She has a great profile to go with power when you view he from behind. She will compete and then be a top matron. Offered by MFK Shorthorns and purchased by Jessica Thomas of Pikeville, Tenn. $4,000 - Lot 6 - Open Heifer - Sharben Dream Lady Val 960. A rwm, polled, March 3, 2018 daughter of SULL Red Value 5011 ET and out of SULL Dream Right 5118 ET. This one was a leader in the Spring division. She is deep sided with a load of natural thickness. She has a great pedigree with Red Reward and Right Direction in her bloodlines. Offered by SharBen Shorthorns and purchased by Jessica Thomas. $2,700 - Lot 23 - ShorthornPlus Open Heifer. A bwm, polled, May 6, 2018 daughter of HETN No Worries 138Z

and out of M/F Augusta Pride RS 26D. This heifer was at the top of the Plus division and needed to be. She is very attractive and is an eye catcher. She will be a top show heifer and then can raise the type of show cattle everyone wants. Offered by Meyer Farms and purchased by Craig Wilson of Nicholasville, Ky. $2,600 - Lot 16 - Open Heifer Martindell C Model 898. A white, polled, September 13, 2018 daughter of Sharben RS DAP Advantage and out of Martindell C Model 9065. This fancy white heifer will make a top show heifer and then have a top career as a mother cow. Red Stallion on the top side and Deerpark Improver 2nd on the bottom make her a top prospect. Offered by Martindell Farms and purchased by Cheyenne Cattle Co., of Ashland City, Tenn. =

Loving Farms 9th Annual Predictable Genetics Proven Performance Sale Sale Summary

27 Fall Yearling Bulls... $ 124,400 $ 4,607 18 Spring Yearling Bulls.$ 57,600 $ 3,200 45 bulls...................... $ 182,000 $4,044 27 Replacement Heifers.$ 42,300 $ 1,567 72 Live Lots............... $ 224,300 $ 3,115

Saturday, March 2, 2019 Loving Farms, Pawnee Rock, Kansas Auctioneer: Kyle Elwood Sale Managers: Loving Farms by: Darryl Rahn

The comment has been heard many times, “someone needs to create more commercial acceptance for the Shorthorn Breed� and then they wait for someone to do it for them. At Pawnee Rock, Kansas, Marty and Scott Loving have created their own market through several decades of hard work. They started with a plan and then, more important, they worked their plan. They do extensive testing as well as pay attention to nutrition. Then they promote their product in areas where they have customers Their hard work has created a leading market for their bulls as they are readily accepted every year. This is evidenced by the number of repeat buyers in this sale. Congratulations to Marty and Scott for

making their own path and then going down that path. Special Note: There were 45 bulls sold. ONLY TWO (2) were purchased by Purebred Shorthorn Breeders. All the others were purchased by Commercial Producers.

$8,000 - Lot 22 - Fall Yearling Bull Ashvalley Optimus 7570. A red, polled, October 2017 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and out of Ash Valley Lady 2754. This is one of the top indexing bulls in this sale. He is in the top 25% of the breed for seven different trait indicators. The sire of his dam, Kaper 4508, is a Pacemaker sire. Purchased by a Commercial Producer from Neb. $7,500 - Lot 18 - Fall Yearling Bull Ashvalley Optimus 7552. A red, polled, October 2017 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and out of AV Cumberland 1217 ET. This bull is also an EPD leader in seven different categories. His dam is a Pacesetter dam in the breed. He had a 121 index for ADG and 149 for conversion. Purchased by a Commercial Producer from Kan. $7,500 - Lot 7 - Fall Yearling Bull

Ashvalley Optimus 7518. A red, polled, September 2017 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and out of Ash Valley Maiden 4748. This bull has a very balanced trait profile. He is in the top 10-20% for growth and carcass. He is also a trait leader in eight categories. Purchased by a Commercial Producer from Neb. $7,500 - Lot 2 - Fall Yearling Bull - Ashvalley Optimus 7539. A red, polled, October 2017 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and out of Ash Valley Morgan 3054. This top bull is a trait leader in eleven EPD categories. His ADG was 3.84. Just another of the top performance bulls in this sale. Purchased by Commercial Producer from Okla. $6,000 - Lot 27 - ShorthornPlus Fall Yearling Bull - Ashvalley Capitalist 7503. A black, September 2017 son of Connealy Capitalist 028 and out of Ash Valley Jasmine 5709. This good Plus bull was the highest Plus bull in terms of feed efficiency. He also had indexes of 103, 106 and 101 for BW, WW and YW. Purchased by a Commercial Producer from Kan. =

shorthorn country = april 2019


Tennessee Agribition Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

2 Bulls......................... $ 4,400 $ 2,200 1 Bred Heifer.............. $ 3,000 $ 3,000 21 Open Heifers......... $ 40,950 $ 1,950 8 Plus Open Heifers... $ 15,500 $ 1,944 32 Live Lots............... $ 63,850 $ 1,996 4 Embryo Pkgs........... $ 1,600 $ 400 3 Semen Pkgs.............. $ 325 $ 108 Sale Gross $65,775

Saturday, March 9, 2019 Tennessee Agribition, Lebanon, Tennessee Auctioneer: William McIntosh Sale Managers: Tennessee Shorthorn Association by: Darryl Rahn

To say it was damp at the Agribition would be a huge understatement. Never mind the torrential rain storms, the cattle on display for the Shorthorn sale were top quality. There was a large crowd that gathered prior to the sale to walk the isles and make their choices. The bidding was active with top individuals bringing top prices. $4,400 - Lot 36 - ShorthornPlus Open Heifer - AJ Red Tamale ET. A

b/w, polled, July 17, 2019 daughter of SULL Red Knight and out of SULL Red Tamale. This was an added entry that was very special. Just a July with a great pedigree. You will see her again in the show ring including the Junior National right back here in Lebanon. Offered by AJ Cattle Co., and purchased by Jessica Thomas of PIkeville, Tenn. $3,600 - Lot 1 - Open Heifer - WL Revival 205. A roan, polled, November 2, 2018 daughter of SLF Red Hot Commodity and out of SS Revival 234. This is a special young heifer. Very long sided with the correctness of structure that will make her continue to be a good one. As she matures, she will be better and better. Offered by Windy Lane Shorthorns and purchased by Morgan Vondra of Mineral Point, Wisc. $3,250 - Lot 7 - Open Heifer - WL Mona Lisa 203. A red, polled, May 25, 2018 daughter of SLF Red Hot Commodity and out of KJG WM Mona Lisa 2811 ET. This is a really fancy May show heifer that has Hot Commodity and Aviator in her pedigree. She will

continue to get better and better. Offered by Windy Lane Shorthorns and purchased by The Robertson Family of Speedwell, Tenn. $3,000 - Lot 21 - Bred Heifer - LSF MD Augusta Pride 716. A red, polled, June 2017 daughter of LSF Rob Joy Rock Solid and out of LSF MD Augusta Pride 428 selling bred to a purebred Angus bull to calve in June 2019. This is an impressive bred female. Deep sided and thick topped with a good structure of her feet and legs. She is built for longevity. Offered by Leemon Stock Farm and purchased by Daniel Powers of Manchester, Tenn. $2,600 - Lot 3 - Open Heifer Sharben MS Right Mona Lisa 993. A roan, polled, September 24, 2018 daughter of Sharben Mr Right 738 and out of 7P Mona Lisa B2. This one had many friends prior to the sale. She will definitely show and then be a top brood cow. Offered by SharBen Shorthorns and purchased by Sara Clanton of Bartow, Fla. =

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Burke N. Allison & Co. 925 E. 400 S., Washington, IN 47501-7533 Dale - 812-254-6185 • bovine08@gmail.com


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276644 444th Ave. Marion, South Dakota 57043 Cory: 605-941-5241 • Melissa 605-941-3546

E: schrag@goldenwest.net schrag605.com

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Cory, Melissa, Samantha & Jaxon Schrag





P.O. Box 77, Virginia, IL 62691 Office: 217.452.3051 • Fax: 217.452.3053 Don Cagwin cell • 217.341.7552 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell • 217.370.6034


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JULY 2019 - HERD REFERENCE ISSUE DEADLINES Early Discount Deadline - May 15th

Receive a 5% discount for submitting your copy, picture & payment. Final DEADLINE May 31st. 42

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ASA Point Show System for 2019-2020 Show Season: April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020

Region 1: Northeast

Region 4: South Central

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia

Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana

Region 1: Northeast Regional Shows

Super Regional ...........WV State Fair Regional ………….Indiana State Fair Regional …………….Ohio State Fair

Region 2: Southeast Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi Region 2: Southeast Regional Shows

Super Regional…Kentucky State Fair* Regional …….Appalachian State Fair Regional ………………Dixie National*

Region 4: South Central Regional Shows

Super Regional ...………..Tulsa State Fair Regional ……………….Kansas State Fair Regional ………………….…Tri-State Fair

Region 5: West Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California

North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska Region 3: North Central Regional Shows

Super Regional ...…Illinois State Fair Regional …………….Iowa State Fair* Regional ……...Minnesota State Fair

Regional Shows st

1 : 5 points nd 2 : 4 points rd 3 : 3 points th 4 : 2 points th 5 : 1 point Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

4 points 2 points 7 points 5 points

Super Regional Shows Region 5: West Regional Shows

Super Regional ……. California State Fair Regional ………….Washington State Fair Regional …..…..Western Idaho State Fair

5 - National Shows Region 3: North Central

Point Distributions:

North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO Keystone International Livestock Exposition, Harrisburg, PA American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, MO Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, TX


1 : 6 points nd 2 : 5 points rd 3 : 4 points th 4 : 3 points th 5 : 2 points Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

5 points 3 points 9 points 7 points

5 National Shows st

1 : 8 points nd 2 : 7 points rd 3 : 6 points th 4 : 5 points th 5 : 4 points Division Champion: Reserve Division Champion: Grand Champion: Reserve Grand Champion:

* - If there is an * next to a show, they have not officially accepted to be a point show for the 2019-2020 show year.

7 points 5 points 11 points 9 points

6B’s Guardian ET

HD Bloodstone 603 X Ash Valley Kendra 7142

T Kane Captain x

JSF Goldenrod 57U X KOLT AA Lady Reward 1Y

T Ash Valley Right Choice x Ash Valley Prestige 0590 X Ash Valley Duchess 9622

SULL Master of Rose x

JSF Master of Jazz X SULL Rose Mary

T FAIR Red, White & Roan

Jake’s Proud Jazz X KG Cinderella 939

JM Vortecs Rider ET

JM Vortec X Rider’s Gerogina 850

CSF Backdraft 703 RR ET *x

SULL Red Reward 9321 X WHR LS Demi 8931 ET


Free K-Kim Hot Commodity X GCC Turners Margie 542 E ET

R-C WG Damn Proud *x

Jake’s Proud Jazz X WG RC Golden

T DMH Cherry Fillet Western Trademark 3rd X Maid of Promise H 189th

T Saskvalley Yesterday

Saskvalley Wholesale x Saskvalley Navajo

DJS The Outsider *x

MAV Chrisma 906W X DJS SC SP Anndelle J 921

T Homedale Creole 135

GFS Creole 9590 ET X Homedale Ruby S 914

T Bar N Creedence 540C Prospect Hill Alarado 33A X  JDMC Miss Remedy 124Z

T BFS Master Prince *x Jake’s Prince of Jazz x KL Prime Time Paymaster

T JSF Mr Right 151Z

Leveldale Righteous 084 X KL Notable Nita

BS Ghost Rider

Jake’s Proud Jazz 266L X HA First Ruby

BWCC Jack of Spades x

Ace of Diamonds X Desert Rose 928 W ET

T Muridale Jaxson 4A x

Buster 14K X Bonanza daughter

T SULL Red Sensation 6554

Red Reward X SULL Rose Mary 636-3

FSF Near Perfect

SRV Quiet Man (THC) 3BC Hard Rock X CHSC Elegant Queen

HP Manimal 1C *s

FSF Bearcat 37Z ET X FSF Madeline’s Rose S247 ET Saskvalley Bonanza X JSF Rosewood

Hill Haven Firestorm

DF Waco 6W X Hill Haven Breathtaker 35Y SEXED SEMEN Available

FSF Perfection 812

FSF Near Perfect X FSF Sierra Crystal

CF Focus *x

Hot Commodity x CF Lucky Charm

DF Talledega 3X ET x

T Leveldale North Face 562 *x

Studer’s Taylor Made 7Y X Leveldale Nan Again 110Y

T Creekside Amp 32W x

Alta Cedar Signature X Banner Julia Ann 34J

T Bar N Ripper 99A x

JDMC Remedy X JDMC Rocksie

T Alta Cedar Code Red x

Bloodstone 603 ET X Poppin Girl 2R01 ET

Alta Cedar Code-Red 24S X Lassie 16T

MSC Sarge *x

T CSF/Lakeside Rooster 394 ET

Captain Obvious x Sonny

SVFI Rooster 561R X RS Lindakay 006 04


www.cattlevisions.com T Calving Ease HS SWAGGER 802 ET *x

WHR RT Augusta Sunrise X HD Reflection


SULL Roan Blast 0301 ET

SULL GNCC Asset ET X SULL Beauty Queen 570 ET

shorthorn country = april 2019

CLF Foolin’ Around 1401 ET x Sonny X SULL Fool Me 508 WT

SULL Right Knight 5664C E ET x CF Trump X K-Kim Mona Lisa 10T ET SEXED SEMEN Available

= Sales Calendar Apr. 6 - Paint Valley Farms / Byland Polled Shorthorns “A New Brand Bull Sale”, Millersburg, Ohio. Apr. 6 - Oklahoma Sooner Shorthorn Sale, Duncan, Okla. Apr. 8 - Sullivan Farms Younger Fall Multi Breed Online Sale, Dunlap, Iowa, hosted on cwcattlesales.com. Apr. 9 - Sugarbird Shorthorns at Respite Farms, Roan for the Roses Online Sale, Paris, Ky., hosted on dponlinesales.com Apr. 13 - “Lazy Bar F and Double G Shorthorns “Red Dirt Treasures “ Production Sale, Seminole, Okla. Apr. 14 - Little Cedar Cattle Co “Springtime Revival”, Earlsboro, Okla. Apr. 27 - Blue Ridge Classic Online Sale, Crescent Livestock Arena, Iva, SC, hosted on amsonlinesales.com 2019 FALL SALE DATES Aug. 31 - Cates Farms, “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, Ind. Sept. 15 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, Ill. Sept. 16 - Tadmore Farm Show Heifer, Bred Heifer, and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, Texas hosted on amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 22 - KOLT Cattle Co/Aegerter Cattle Co “Simple Choices” Production Sale, Seward, Neb. Sept. 28 - Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, Mich.


Sept. 29 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, Neb. Oct. 5 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make a Difference” Production Sale, Waynesville, Ohio. Oct. 12 - Schrag 605 “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD. Oct. 12 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, Iowa. Oct. 13 - Sullivan Farms, “Maternal Legends” Production Sale, Dunlap, Iowa. Oct. 19 - “Keystone Autumn Klassic Shorthorn Sale, Waynesburg, Pa. Oct. 19 - “Shorthorn 500” Production Sale, Lawton, Okla. Oct. 26 - Lauer Polled Shorthorns, “Herd Dispersion” Abilene, Kan. Nov. 2 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, ND. Nov. 17 - Greenhorn Cattle Company “Where Future Generations Are Created Sale”, Louisville, Ky. Nov. 25 - Bar N Shorthorns Holiday Classic Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, Minn., hosted on amsonlinesalescom Dec. 7- Paint Valley Shorthorns and Byland Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Sale, Millersburg, Ohio. Dec. 10 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND hosted on amsonlinesales.com =

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Apr. 6 - Paint Valley Farms / Byland Polled Shorthorns “A New Brand Bull Sale”, Millersburg, OH.

Apr. 8 - Sullivan Farms Younger Fall Multi Breed Online Sale, Dunlap, Iowa.

Apr. 13 - Lazy Bar F and Double G Shorthorns “Red Dirt Treasures “ Production Sale, Seminole, OK. Apr. 14 - Little Cedar Cattle Co “Springtime Revival”, Earlsboro, OK. Apr. 27 - Blue Ridge Classic Online Sale, Crescent Livestock Arena, Iva, SC, hosted on amsonlinesales.com Aug. 31 - Cates Farms, “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, IN. Sept. 15 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, IL. Sept. 16 - Tadmore Farm Show Heifer, Bred Heifer, and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, TX hosted on amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 22 - KOLT Cattle Co/Aegerter Cattle Co “Simple Choices” Production Sale, Seward, NE. Sept. 28 - Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, MI. Sept. 29 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, NE. Oct. 5 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make a Difference” Production Sale, Waynesville, OH. Oct. 12 - Schrag 605 “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD. Oct. 12 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, IA. Oct. 13 - Sullivan Farms, “Maternal Legends” Production Sale, Dunlap, IA. Oct. 19 - “Shorthorn 500” Production Sale, Lawton, Okla. Oct. 26 - Lauer Polled Shorthorns, “Herd Dispersion” Abilene, Kan. Nov. 2 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, ND. Nov. 17 - Greenhorn Cattle Company “Where Future Generations Are Created Sale”, Louisville, KY. Nov. 25 - Bar N Shorthorns Holiday Classic Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, MN hosted on amsonlinesalescom Dec. 7 -.Paint Valley Shorthorns and Byland Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Sale, Millersburg, OH. Dec. 10 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND hosted on amsonlinesales. com

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Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc. Jeff K. & Darla Aegerter 402.641.4696 jeff.aegerter@gmail.com www.aegertermarketing.com

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= Ad Index 605 Schrag...........................................41 AAA Shorthorns..................................39 Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc........45 AJ Cattle Co.........................................39 American Shorthorn Association.........13 Bennett Land & Cattle...........................9 Berg Shorthorns...................................39 Bigelow Farms.....................................39 Blue Ridge Classic Sale.......................38 Bowman Superior Genetics...................9 Bridle Path Ranch................................39 Brooks, Bruce......................................42 Bye Well Shorthorns............................39 Byland Polled Shorthorns....................39 Cagwin Cattle Services LLC...............42 Cagwin Farms................................... IBC Cairns Shorthorns................................39 Cates Farms..........................................39 Cattle Visions.............................7, 42, 44 Crawfdown Farms................................39 Dedmon Shorthorns.............................39 DJS Shorthorns....................................39 Double C Shorthorns...........................39 DTR Cattle Co.....................................39 Duis Farms...........................................39 Farrer Stock Farms......................... IFC-3 Fischer Cattle Company.......................40


shorthorn country = april 2019

Gallagher USA.....................................29 Greenhorn Cattle Company, LLC........40 Haumont Shorthorns............................40 Homeplace Farms..........................14, 40 Hub Ranch Shorthorns.........................40 Humble Stock Farm.............................40 Illinois Breeders Unitd For Impact.30-31 Inness Shorthorns.................................40 Iroquoian Shorthorns...........................40 James F. Bessler, Inc............................42 Jester Farms.........................................40 Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm..................40 Keystone Shorthorns............................40 KSS Keystone Shorthorns...................40 KW Cattle............................................40 Labans Roanoke Farm.........................40 Leveldale Farms...............................9, 40 Little Cedar Cattle Co..........................40 Little Cedar Management......................5 McKee Family Shorthorns...................40 Merck Animal Health...........................29 Meyer Family Shorthorns....................41 Meyer Farms........................................41 NILE Valley Farm/Henderickson Trust...41 Norman Farms.....................................41 Oler Farm.............................................41 Phildon Farms......................................41

Pickens, Greg & Stephanie..................46 Pyramid Beef.......................................10 Respite Farms LLC ‘Sugarbird Shorthorns’.19 Richardson Farms Shorthorns..............41 Robjoy Shorthorns...............................41 Rockin G Land & Cattle......................41 Rocky Branch Shorthorns....................41 Sears Marketing Services, LLC...........42 SharBen Shorthorns.............................41 Singing H Shorthorns...........................41 Smoky Mountain Farm........................41 Springtime Revival Sale.....................BC Stangl Shorthorns.................................41 Stone Springs Shorthorns.....................41 Sullivan Farms.....................................41 Sullivan Supply....................................42 Sutherland Shorthorns..........................41 Top Notch Stock Farm.........................42 Trans Ova Genetics..............................15 Turner Family Shorthorns....................42 Tynywtra’s............................................42 Warner Ranch.......................................42 Waukaru Shorthorns.............................42 Wendt, Kevin.......................................42 Wilson Livestock Agency....................42 Y-Tex.................................................... 11

Evolution Daughter


FLUSH SELLS GCC Evolution Charm 7102 ET 2018 NAILE Junior Show Grand Champion

May ‘18 Premium Reward x K-Kim Foxxy

FIRST Roses Are Red embryos TO SELL! Heifer Embryo Package sired by Red Knight

Exclusive AVIATOR Heifer Embryos from three leading Schrag Shorthorns Donors! FULL SISTER TO LOT 1 CYT Missing Mirage 2120

CYT Max CY Rosa 1110

SULL Myrtle Bo 9154

Her package of 4 IVF Embryos sells! Current Commodity x Picture Perfect

MARGIE FULL SISTERS Offering the FIRST Sexed Hot Commodity EMBRYOS from BOTH females!

CF Margie 119 SOL – 2012 NAILE Grand Champion Sexed Hot Commodity Embryos sell

FIRST MATINGS SELL Full sister to NAILE GC Female Margie 119 SOL ET Sells with Final 4 Bull Calf. Plus HC Sexed Embryos!

SULL Current Commodity

HERD BUILDERS! Cow/Calf Pairs sell

2013 Roan Cow & Dec. ‘18 Heifer Calf at side, and bred back to Hot Shot


Nov. ‘18 Colburn Primo x Margie 610S

Hot Commodity, Evolution, Aviator, Viper, Wingman, Knighted Man, Knightly Force, 15 Exclusive Semen Packages Sexed Sexed Omaha, Low Rider, Cabrera, Taylor Made, Compass, Bellringer, Red Reward, Ferrari